Newspaper of Evening Star, July 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 11, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WAHHLVGTON CITY: WED!fFSDAY J?ly 11, 1*60 Hpint / the M?riln( PrfM. The Comstitwtwn treats npon the evil fruits of Douglasistn, a* illustrated by the late Oregon election The InttlUgenter publishes and compliments the Hon Edward Everett's Fourth of July Oration at Boston. riT-Tbe Spanish and Mexican fractions of a ? - * 1 a .* AV _ DLII.J.I.kU uuilai ire uu lunierr rrtcivi-u m iuc ruiiouctpuia Mint, at their nominal value, in exchange for the n?w centa. The cauae ia aaid to be the over-iaaue of the latter coin. IE7" In reply to an inquiry, Mr. Sumner write* *o a friend in New York city: "You aiked for tha auhject of my addreaa It will be the 'Republican Party; lta Origin, Necessity, and Perma enc?.' God bleaa it!" H7" An Indian princeaa who recently went from Canada to England to represent to the Queen the wrongs done to her people by the Indian Department in Canada, haa been very kindly received by the Queen and the nobility. 1L7" A banquet was given at the Lafarge House, New York, on Friday, to the offlcera of the Great Kastern, Mr. George S?. Phillips presiding. Peter Cooper, James T. Brady, and other well-known citizens were prtseut. and letters were read from distinguished persons who could not attend The festivities were continued till early dawn. N'iw Mrsic?From Metzerottwe bave received a capital work byC. H. Kink, containing one hundred volnntafles, preludes, and interludes, fot the organ, harmonium, or melodeon : Dltson. publisher. Also, "Fly not yet" and "The Brown Girl," two songs by Briuley Richards; and " Fenillet d'Alburn," for the piano, by Carl Mayer. Thk Powkr or Medk-ink ovkr Disease ? TV a Wn/vut ~ U..H 111...* *1 ' ' * - ? ? biivw v* uu wriicr musiraUUll UI ID 11 MCI IDfll) tbe wonderful eflecta of the Oxygenated Bitters, !u eradicating from tbe human system dyane|?ia nnd all functional diseases of tbe stomach, and restoring impaired digestion It is no new remedy. Ten veara of trial by tbe public has established it as a standard medicine ; and no family In the country should be without it as a safe and sure remedy with both sexes In all ages In our large cities it has been much used by the regular phyalclana, and is indorsed by some of the strongeat certificates from well-known individuals For ale by all the drugg ists.? Wrtkl y Mm-ciUt'e. nrff?NAT'ONAL GUARD. COM TAW A, Lk_3 ATTENTION !?The regular nionthlv meeting ol'the Corps will lie h?lcl at the Columbian Armory THIS (Wednesday > E Vfc,N 1 \G. at e ght o'olock. Important business require* the presence of e\rery member. By order Capt. J A3. O. TAIT. BEN. F^LLOYD, Sec y. It* rT#"* THE SUPPORTERS OF BRECKINLk_3 ridge and l.ane are requested to meet at the bouaeof.Mr Murray,corner nl F and Ninth sts.. on THI'RSD v Y EVE.NlSiG i.ext, n: 8 o'clock, (or the purpose of organizi n_- a National Constitution al Democratic Association for th*< District of Co luinlia. Let us meet witu th? true Democratic bpirt, and re col re that the Constitution of the United States, a.? it was mttrpreinl and trans mi ted l>y our Patriotic Fathers, shall Ik> maintained and preserved by their sons. It LEGION. ff5=?BANK OF WASHLNGTON, July 3. 1860.lk_3 Th?? trustees of this Bank have declared a divident of three per cent, out ol'the arnftta ?f tl.e last six mouths, payable t<> SMckho'iderii <>n do wand. JAMES ADAMS, jy 9 3? Cashier. NEW Ml SI1' received semi-weekly. and forwarded by mail free of postage. if 11 JOHN F. ELI.18 I^OR PHILADELPHIA.-The steamer < . C. ? AUer, Captain h'ontou, now * reoeivin< freight for the aoove to sa 1 on Friiar iiioruutz. Apply t?> HYDE * DAVIDSON. jy 11-2t* Water fct.. Georgetown. IPRUIT CANS! FRUIT CAN^ M PRINCE S IMPROVED'AIRTIGHT SELFBEaLIN'G CANS.l'or *ale cheap '>y J. P. BARTHOLOW, jy 11 Seventh street. n? ar Canal. f^RKAT BARG AINS IN PIANOS?either for - - ?o,o ->r rent?aew and seoond band, from ali the reliable maker* of toe country. IllHN F Rl.I.lft. iy II 306 Pa. av.. hotw. 9rh and Utn eta. l^OR PA 1,E?For the want of use. a span of fine V northern HuKSKS? good iu ninvle or fry double harness ; perfectly kind. au?l K'x?l t; aveiera Also, a fine jrounj: Saddle Horse.^"Can be se<*n for a few days only at SMITH'S Stables, Nineteenth St., near the Av-enue. jy ll-3t* C'IDllR MILLS! CIDER MILLS!! New improved Cider Mills, at factory pricci. J. F BAKTHOLoW, Seventh otreet. near Canal, South of Fenna avenue. Agricultural Seed and Guano Depot. jt 11 npHE SECOND ANNUA I. ?w?v J. Mr. J. H COMBS' tnfl.ih and classical Hich School will commence on the first Monday lu September next. Applications sliouid !>e ma in in July, a* the number of pupil* n limited. F??r terms, 4c.. ?oe circulars, Ac., or < all at Mr. C.*.? residence, No 303 Sixth street, near New Voik avenue. it ll-xflw' MKW ICE CREAM FREEZER ! The attention of House-keepers, Hotel-keepers, and Confectioners is called to AUSTIN'S MAGIC FREEZER, tiie best Freeaor in use. For sale by J F. BAR THOLOW, jy 11 Seventh street, n ar Canal. A SPECIAL NOTICE. TTENTION is respectfully called to the Kale, b? virtue of a decree of the Circuit Couit of the Di>trict of Columbia, of Lot No.9, in Square No. fi42 fronting 33 fa't 10 inches on south street and 129 f*et on Delaware avenue Sale to t*k? ni*y? ?? rdurnday. Jul* 12. at * o'clo.k, on the premises. Thu ik a. fin? iarer? eorner lot. and the sale offers a fine oppuriuuitv for invntm>>nt. Oil AS S WALLAC H, Trustee. jy il-2t J. O. ?'ol?l'IKK A CO., Auct'r . INSTRUCTION IN "HAWING AND PAINTING Mr. \VM. MACLEOD Announce* that h? will r wtine rii" <-1hssos through th"> auminer. affording vouth %'iJ otrers an opportunity of taking lemon* iiurir* vacation. C!as? Room third utory front of No. IT Loumara avenue, heiween 8th and 9th nts Cla*" Day* \V t-diirinlay and Saturday, between 9 and 1IH o'clock a. m. Tsbmh (invariahly in advance>? For Drawing, 2 )e?*or? per w"t k. per quarter of 11 weeks, ?6 ; (or Oil P?iuting, do . do., $15. jy 11 eo3t WHEELER A WII."ON"S HEWING MACilNK AOKJICV KEstov*i) to No. 346 Pa. Av . near Tth St. Knconraeeft by the >-ut>slan!i&l and rapidly in creasing popularity of Wnecler A. Wilson's n o quailed Frniily Sewina Yachines, which fo- the last eight Tears have nios'triumpt a'?!> inaintnir>e<t their superiority. a' a farnih institution, over all competitors for popular favor, the A*ent ha# tak> n ?<no of tlie tno new store* lately erect d on Pa a\ rnue. near 7th at . wher* a beautiful aawrt nt of all the various st?le* may at all times b<* ae?n. There were of theae S-wm* Machines sold in th? yea' 185N. Ladie? are invited to call ami s~e them, together with certificates fro ii manv of th l?eet c.tixen* of Washington and Georgetown, in relati' n lu iK<*ir w?n - ? J *L . uaiimo inii">il;iil) teste<l ?uperi?>rit? If an* ladies cannot call. It them n-nd for a circular by all uuans It ix hw h tun* * e * lam l? i the laad was surp led with oif ?>f the*e health and lif? savin* instruments. Full inotruclions, >>?th printed and verlal. given free of uliarge al the hoine of the purchaser P.J STKKR, Agent, No 31ft Pa. av<*nue, jj 11 Between 6th and 7'h sts. T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGKTO WN, Ao. Whereas, At the present season of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, CHOL1C, I dybenterya_ i vi oreraiAi D fcB) LITY. &o., Ac., prevail to an alarming extent: And \ckerta.<. It muit be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY at once Soft, Sp*edy, and Ejficarn>ut, DR. MONTARDE. or Pasik. offers kis MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER u the ino*t CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINT? la order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that do imposition 1- intend*! in the sal* of this Orodt ' 0106 THE MONEY WILL BE kEFUNDED i? all eases wken the aiedioine fails to give entire satisfaction. MIB u > ?* * Airt AlLLhRi taAa M directed, and if not perfectly satisfied, 4S Street and PennaylvMi* A venue, who trill reftu.d your money. Prioe?33 and 20 Centa par Bottle. For aala at all Druf Stores everywhara. ,Aft *.DO^LU if U-eobn Baltimore. WASHINGTON WKW? AMD GOSSIP. Th* Pboposid Union, ac ?We i?* no reason ai yet to doubt the correct new of the impression expressed a few day* since, (In the Star,) that a union of the entire opposition to the Republican party in what are regarded as being the uncertain States of the North, is Hkely to be necesastry to compass the defeat of the Republican electoral tickets in each and all of them The mere union of the Breckinridge and Douglas forces appears very unlikely to accomplish that result in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Indiana The course of Mr. Douglas and his leading friend* ha* as thoroughly aboiltionized a considerable portion of the rank aud file of hit follower*, a* that of Mr. Seward has, by degrees, served to abolitlonize the whole Republican party; a large wing of which, until Mr. Seward became a so intensely antl-slaveryite. were certainly as conservative as any other portion of the Northern Whig party. So, if the proposed union takes place, it is but fair to calculate that a large per centage of the present Douglas party will slush off to the Republicans. The latter have already gained Immensely from the opposition of Douglas to the Democracy In the Lecompton contest In that contest he occupied a position identical with that of the Republican party; preaching the samp doctrines, laboring to the same *nd, and acting in at complete conjunction with them as though he had never been identified with the Democracy Thousands at the North, of antislavery tendencies, which had up to that time been restrained by the apparent return of the Bufi'alo-ite leaders to the Democratic party fold, seiz?-d upon the tergiversation of Douglas to give license to their secretly cherished sentiments; and elevating hiin (D ) for the nonce into the position of their ?(eity, (political,) shouted him into his Present nrnmincni-f I " " When, in hi# subsequent contest with Lincoln, he saw at to protest (for effect) that they had misunderstood the length to which he had gone in favor of abolitionism and against the Democracy, a very large wing of his followers refused to follow him back to his quasi position of renewed identilication with the Democratic party. Mr Hickman and John B Haskin are fair types of that wing; while Montgomery, of Pennsylvania, and Morris, of Illinois, are as fair types of the winy of bu followers who accompanied liini hark at far as he came hark. That is to say; just enough to enable him to break up the party for the time being, on finding it impossible to Induce It to accept an anti-slavery heresy for the convenience of his nominal consistency. On the whole, the refusal of a portion of his followers tofollowhim even partially back totenrd.> the I>emocratic party's positions, was the real cause of the Democracy's 1 our of the ascendancy in th<* House of Reprmentatives They voted for the Republican candidates in every northern district where the congressional contest whs between a Republican and a straightout Democrat; and in almost every case they did so directly by the advice of Douglas himself and his council of managers, who have been acting f()f t It P la?I llVi VAara nrv^rv 41 4 t_ I _ * * ...w . ? v j vut o uj?uu iuc iu.tra klidl 11 IB Ufll policy to force the South to accept him as its candidate for the Presidency, was thus to make it as plain as possible that no aspirant for any position north of Mason "sand Dixon's line, at the hands of the people, claiming connection with the Democracy, could hope for election unless Identified with bli?Douglas's?fortunes. Hence has resulted most of the weakness which the Democratic party proper has exhibited at the North since he (Doug liis) first openly became the ally of Seward ic Co in tbe Lecompton contest. His game to force the | South to accept him as its standard-bearer having failed as signally at lialtlmore as at Charleston, and with it all hope of securing fur Douglas a single electoral vote, It is very < ertaln that those nominal Democrats at the North who Lave gone farthest with him In his now open and bitter war upon the South, will abide hu n? ouiitun 7 ? . ? -w MV VVUiltlUIi W tweeu the Democracy under the Breckinridge tlag, the Union party, and the more moderate of the Douglasites. Our belief it, that on the consummation of any such union electoral ticket as we mention above, thousands of the L>ouglasites in every State where the junction may be attempted will go over to the Republican party; and therefore it is that we reK*rH a junction of the <Aree aiiti-Rrpubiican party farces as being absolutely necessary to carry any doubtful northern State. It is already apparent that the hostility of a large wing of the fouglns party to the South is even more Intense than that i>f the Republican party at this time. This is so evident in the tone of their newinaDert and nub ? listed speeches, as that no man who keeps up (in bis reading) with the politics of the times fails to comprehend its truth. Kvery man at the South who fails to give in his adherence to the propriety of the Douglas plan for insuring (by means of tbe pretended sovereignty of tbe creatures of abolition emigrant aid societies) that no slave State shall hereafter be admitted Into the Union, Is being denounced as a disunion 1st, while every stale argument of tbe abolitionists against the South, its institution, and its intentions, is being used by the Douglasites in the current contest with gusto and vehemence not even second to those manifested by Wendell Phillips and his avowed co-laborers. This policy on their part at the North. - - ?1 will of course insure that, by November next, Douglas will have as few avowed followers In the South as Lincoln has now. Hence our belief that his caudidacv cannot possibly endanger the uccew of the Democratic electoral ticket in any slaveholding State; for all men In all parties in them arc- frst coming to realize that he and bis northern followers are as intensely hostile to everything southern, as Van Buren and his followers were in the contest of True, In every southern State, a dozen or two plunder mongering and brazen-faced speculators on the credulity of the people, long since ostracised by their nominal party organization, may continue to shout for bim, because 110 decent and honest party in their respective bailiwicks will support either of them even tor the orti<e of county constable; but the laci mat tney are found shouting for him will only serve to render it more plain to the world that be it without the shadow of respectable support anywhere, where the community are directly interested in the preservation of southern rights under the Constitution. - Postage to British Possessions in Asia, via Marseilles and Sckz.?We are requested to state that notice has been given by the French Post office that on and after the 1st of July Inst , letters from the United states addressed to the British possessions in Asia, via Marseilles and Suez, and prepaid to the point of debarkation of the British packets in the Indian sea will go forward to destination without additional postage. The present rates of postage by British mail, via Marseilles, will therefore be In full to desti A 1 iinmu. Pacific Telegraph Service.?The Secretary of the Treasury has invited proposals, till the Kith of September, for the use by the Government of a line or lines of magnetic telegraph from the wtst line of Missouri to San Francisco, under the rfcent act of Congress, the lowest otter to be accepted, and guaranty given for the performance of the service. ? + I The Potomac Aqitedcct ?The types yester day. by omitting an extract from 44 Ion's" letter to the Baltimore Sua, dated I'th inst , which we intended to copy, made ua attribute tc him part of our remarks As most of our readers, however, must hav?? rwftirnii^H ?K? ?? ? ? ? ram 11<iMi?t . nc uicieiy call attention to it in this manner. VVi usdebstasii that the President baa received an autograph letter from Her Majesty Queen Victoria, announcing the intention of her son, the Prince of Walea, under the name of1 Lord Renfrew, to come to Washington during hia contemplated visit to the British provinces. - Wi UNDtisTAND that the reason that Gov Wise did not address the Breckinridgt and Lane ratification meeting in this city on Monday night ! last, was that be has deferred any participation In the canvass till after the Virginia Democratic 1 State Convention shall have acted QZ7" Hoffman, the alleged defaulting secretary of tte Pact fir Mall i- ?' ....f. y , IU 11PW , York, endeavored to ahoot the officer who arrealtd til in . ami afterwards fought like a tiger to get away frotn hia captora. C7Tbe Cashmere goat is said to flourish floely on tke eut coast of Florida. Q F F I C 1 A L_. ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. T&bascrt D*ka*tmk>t. July in, imo. PRoro?AL* will be received at thi* l>rp\rtment until the t-?:ith day of next, pursuantl> the fohowini act of Concress : As Act to facilitate oomraumoition between the At an tic and Paoifio State- ht electric telecraph. B* it Kathd fcy tk' Sennt* and House of R-prefntat of the Unit'd States of America in (??trtst assembled, That the Secretary of toe Treaeu y, ui.d'T the direction of the Preeident of the Unit*d states, i? hereby authoMied and directed to advertise for scaled proposal*, to b* received for W) days aft *r the passage ot this act,(ani) the fulfilment of which sha:l te guarantied hy responsible parti**. a* in the easeofbids for inaii con tracts,) for the uso hy the (jovernmei t of a line or lines of magnetio telegraph, to be constructed wi'h in two years from the thirty-first day of July, eight en hundred and sixty, from aom-> point or p ants on the west line cf the State of Missouri by any route or routes which the said contractors may elect. (connecting at such poiut or points by telegraph withtbeoitiesof Washington. N-^w Orleans. N?w Vork, Charleston. Philadelphia. Boston, aud other cities in the Atlantic. Southern, and Western States ) to the city of San Francisco, in th* State ot California, for a peuod of ten years, ar.d hall award the oontract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, provided suoli proffer does not require a larger airnunt per iear from the United States than fort* thousand dollars, and permission ia hereby granted to the said parties to whom said nnntra/it mair Ka i nr ummrit. ?->? V*.? ??? .mm-amj w wwntuw ?f vi < ??l VI Hinilll and their assigns, to use until the end of the mid term, such unoccupied public iands of the United State* as mat be necessary for tho ngnt of way and for the purpoKCi of establishing "tAtions for repairs along sanl line.i.ot exceeding at any station one quarter seotion of iand,such stations noi to exceed one in fnteen miles on an Average of the whole distance, unlets >aid landi shall be required by the Government of the United States for rail road o' other purpose?, and provided th-t no right t > pre empt any 01 said lands und- r the laws of th? Unite i States shall inure to s*id company, their Agents or servants, or to any other person or per son* whatsoever: Providrti, That no such con tract shall be trade until the rai*t line shail be in ac'ua! operation and payments therennder stall cease whenever the cont actors fan to comply with the contract; that the (jovernment lial I. stall times, be eutitled t?> prim i y in the use of the Iineor lines, and shall have the privilege. wh*n authorized by i r - - -. i; - - ic? w 9 t-i uuiiuruvj 11% raiu n il P8 ny I0i6|r&pn wi'h anjr military posts of th> Ur.i'cd Stat-s, and to use the name for tiover 111 ut purpose*: And provide'/ also, Thar said one or lines, except sucn a* may he con t*ucted by the Government to connect said line or lines with the inihtary posts of the United S ates, shall be open to the use of a'l citiz 'iss ol the United S.atea curing the term of said oont act, on paym nt of the regular charges for transmission ox dispatches: Ami provided, also. That such charges shah not excee-d three dollars for a sine.e dispatch o! ten words, with the usual proportionate deduct!) ns upon dispatches o| greater let gtH, provided that no hing her lnontained shah coufer npou tin raid parties an? nolirsive i ight to construct a telegraph to the I'aci fio, or der ar the Government of the United 8t\to? Irom granting, from time to lime, similar fian ohises and privileges to other parties Sec. 2. And bt u further ennrt'i}. That the 6atd contractors, or their assigns shall have the right to oonstrmt an I maintain, through an* of the Ter ritorios olthe United States, a branch line, so as to o nuect their raid line or lines with Oregon; and that triey shall have the permanent light of *aj s r. puiu iiuv- vi itiiuDi uijuti , ui una pprop iat-?d public lands and waters in the said Jerntone* by any route or rout * winch the ?aid con tractors niayselfct with the tree ueeduriug the raid term <>f such lands, as may Ik? neoo? * > for th? purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said line or lines, not exceeding, at auy station. one quarter section ot land, sucn stations not to exceed one in hlteen mi!es on an average of the whole distance; but should any of Kaid qua~ter sections l>e deemed essential by the Government or any company acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the ?aid contractors shall relinquish the occupaucy ot so muoii as may he necessary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount of iand for like us? in its steac. peo 3 And be it /ur'&r enacttd. That if, in any >ear during the coi tn.umice o| the said contract, th? business done ft-r th? Government as hereinbefore niMitioncd by such corit<actors or their assigns, sha::. at the ordinary rat ot charges or priva'e inesf-a^e-, exesed tlie price contracted to Ka P?lH a f.i 1 << * !.*? -* ?? "" ?W r""v* u.uivcaiu, UI lilC IT CflS IIry shah, upon said account* being auly authenticated, certify the amount of suoli px'mi to O. n grei^: Provided, Thattheusoof the line ha given ftf any tune, froo of cost, to the Coast Purvey, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National <>ti-er vatory, for scientific purpose*: And pror-'led further, 1 hat messajes received from any individual, company, or corporat'on, or from any telegraph lines connecting with this line at either of its t-rmini, shall he impartial y transmitted in the order of their reception, excepting that the despatch"* of the Government shall have priority: A"*/ fro ruled further. That shall at an? tune have the right to alter or amend this act. Approved J une 16, I860. The lowest offer for the use of auch telegraph, for the public service, will be accepted, provided the terms and conditionsexp ess<?d in the act shall lie fully set forth and stipulate t in the proposals, which must l>e accompanied by a guarantee, in oonformity with thelrtth section of the act of Jniy i, 1R3?, in regard to mail service, to the effect that the l<ne or lines saall be oomp etud within th? time preeonbed, and that the guarantor shall then enter inio oonitauon to the United States (or the perlorinanoe of the service for t:ie (ioveriime nr, uii'iei said act. at the rates offered 111 tl.e p"<'po?als. !*uch cuarantee may b? in the following form: "The undersigned rending at , in ttio ptnte of . undertake and promise that if fheSecretAry of the Treasury shall accept th? within pro ponalF, under the not of June 16, 1H60, the ime or lines i' iii%k net is tolegraph ?hail he completed ai d put into opera'ion on or hefore the thnestatid lu the act, and that we will then execute with the patties M?ning the within proposals an obliga tiou to the llnitfd Stales, in due form, as sure ties for the performance of the ?<?rvice, a<"o?irdin* to the rerun and oinditious contained in such proposals. ' Dated at . The above guarantee must be aoeomnnmed with the certificate of a United States di?trict attornr, or district judge, stating that he acquainted with each of the persons signing the guarantee, and know^l them to be men of sufficient property to make good tlie above guarantee. The proposals ami guarant e must berraledup and direoted to "the Secr?ta-y of the Treasury, Washington, D. C and endorsed "Pio?osai? for P*cific Telegraph." HOWKI.L CORK, jy 11 2awtd.\V 48. Secretary of the Tre< iry GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otker (itorKetotm advertisements set first PLEASE CAI.L AND EXAMINE NEW STYLE CORK WAT KB COdl.KRS. and WILLOLGHBY'S PATENT AIRTIGHT SCREW C <\ NS (the laJi<*s'favorite Can for I'roservinc Fresh Fruits ami Vegetable*. Also, M ASSER'S PATENT FIVE MINUTE R APID FREEZER, the best in use?operation simple; result certain. T. A. LAZE* BY, jy 9 3t No. 1'2T Bridge gt , Georgetown. |V FISH! FISH'' llEW ST. 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LICENSES.?All persons whose Licenses from the Corporation of oeo getown expire on the J"th inst., are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, otherwise they will subject theinaelves to a fine, and the law is eompnlso > upon th? proper ?>| ficera of the Corpoiation to enfo ce said hne against all delinquents. je 2R-3tawtjv 10 W.M. I.AiRD. Clerk. WANTS. ADRI'G CLERK (well recommended) wanted l>> WM. A. GRAY, uortli ast corner of .\lasKaohusL'ttsav.and F. urtli st jy ll .it* FOR R KNT?One FRAMK flOTTAG K HOUSE, containing ti rooms, aituaWI <>n .?.a saohimrttK avenue, twiweon Hth and loth st- 1 "??r particu'ais apply on tho premises. Rental" per month. jy H jt VI/ANTED? I wish to give .*500 ca?li mi l 32" ?? acres Missouri land for a house, either brick or frame ; or exchaoK* several larin* for oiti property Address "Minimus," Star Office, jy 11-at* A FIRST-KATE OPERATOR ON WHKEl, ER A WILSON'S SRNVING MAC I! I E ca:i Ixi obtai-ied by addressing, immediately,"Z V r/ >? U * /?/r- ?>? A, ruju/iuco, v> sMiingion. It* WANTED?By a respectable dingle man, who has a th<> oiit;h knowledge of horaeK.aml i* a good driver,a SITUATION a* coachman Goo'l citv refrr?nc? given. Apply at the Intelligence Office, 4!?4 llth nt. It* l/MRST-ChASS MAR BER WAMTK1) IM.MKr diatoly by LEWIS SANDER, No. ?iS Bridge St. Georgetown. jy 10-2t* (COUNTRY FLACK VVANTKD for the sum J liter,(house ready fnrnishe<I,) within 4 inilen of the city. Apply at the Star Office. jy 10-3t* APPRBNTICE.?A lad. aped 15, who write* a lair ham! and i? acquainted with figures. would be glad of einplo> nient in a ctore, or a* apprentice to any mechanical occupation. Aline to ,f\V." left JK _.lll .? < 1 !? ? n.ii fuiw, wm iic nni'iiutxi fi. jy }-3t* %A'ANTED?To have everybody know that they "" can find a Fine and Well ?eleoied Stock cf CLOTHING end FURNISHING GOODSatthe PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S ? ORE, No. 460 Seventh ?t., opposite Pott Offioe Department. ap6 3m %J|7aNte0.?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh ?t., char fee fair prioee (ur hi* Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh ?t., to cwFyoar HATS and CAPS. ap 6-8m D DENTAL NOTICE. K. LOOM IS 11m cloaml ina otfiee for the sea on, and will be absent, as unial, during the buiii niAr mO'ltllK Will rAHima ar???iAA - * -* - r , - ... - ?..." jr. wv>*w niivui Uir I?l til Oct l>or, of winch further notice will be given _ir 10-tf _ IV?> .Mrzzi?k?: I# DOG MITZZI.K3! Juit in time to save vour d?c. Call an,I get one before it is too late. Koraalelijr JO?. L SAVAGK, Sign of Gilt Haw. jy lo-3t Pa. av., between loth and 11th it*. # AMUSEMENTS. AT ODD FKLLOWS' H A I.I.,Chan|e ofscenes. NewVifwun! Fi(utf?. VflrRSDAY K\ K \ING. July 12, second night of ihe beautifu^ M*fije of Plymouth J*ound, with a view of Kreak Waters, brake's Island. Ac. This pla-e u noted a* iha starting point for t*e la* ing of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable. Aftar which the heautitul representatioa of INapoleon crossing the Alps wrh hia Army of Alao. Rome, the Automaton Kopo Vaulter. Storm at Sea. Ac Immediately at clo* r f exhibition. 25 macm6r?nt and costlj Present* will be gi*en to the patrons of the far-tamed Tliiodon's Museum of Art?. Among the gifts ar?Goid and Silver Watehe., Silver ptate<1 Cake and t'ard Haskets.beautiful c\storout Cru? t?,tt"I<1 Broochw, B'acelets, Bijouterie, Ac. Ticket* ?5 et* . for *?! at Semken s, S? Pa. av., where the present* ma* he seea. jy 11 Schmidt s summer garden.?<*n suth street. I>etween C and Louisiana a-..A . A m*? be found at a'] tunes one of the m->?t popular, genial, urbane, ami intelligentJLLlHaL Restaurant Keeper*, who backs up his reputation with LAGKK BKER from the Citt or BkhthiiLY IjOvk, Philadelphia ; with RRAND1ES from tiM choicest vineyard* of France; with WINES unexcelled on the htl 1.-* of the with an article of WHISKY whioh smacks strong'* of th? ttu? flavor of the Monongahela and Bonrrton Palatable a? either of these mir he indi vidualU , lie has sought to make them still more so br the erection th? rear grounds ef hit favorite establishment of a spactoii' Arl>or. where his gu**ats bv dar may enjoy the cool breeze and be free froin J-ol's too anfant rays; and. at "tbt witchiiu hoar of night," qiiatT h?s ice-coo! Lager without fear of kit t'lnrr tliAIr An inucnAnt .! ... n AX A. i I... - " % fa 1 .. . no? mi*1!! viiivj niru? in ian ii?:.m?t d?w. Such indiioentent* trill. douf>?l??i>. cam? m*n? of our readers to drop in and t%k? * nolo uf nothing el*e. i and, most likely, many of those who *o wtti Koasain. In addition te all this, he ha? engaged the Pros peri hrothurs and their aftsonatefcto dis-'ott^se their choicest pieces of hiumc Ever? \Ye?lne?daT ?nd Saturday evening. j* ICi-ltn Fr* FREE CONCKRT8! iRNST LOKFFLKR, Af?ir York arrnue, b?tiC'tn 1st and 2d *trr*t*, would reapertf.i!It state to the public that A CONVERT o(UWjt SKLECT MUSIC will foe riven over* M<>N >i?* DAY and THURSDAY KVENIN'GS during the season. at his Pavilion, commencing at. 3 o'clock acd ending at 10 p.m. Previous to ?he Cono?rt. trie Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the mazy da'uee. ICE CREAM. WATKR ICES, and every Uercription of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prices. Parties desiring the Garders for Pio Nic pur poars. are requested to give adav or two notice. iAlO Q.? JO IO Olll FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other "For Sale and Rent" advertisements, tee first page ] FOR RENT?Twooomfortable thrre -att rjrl>>i<-k HOUSES. bix rooms anil kitrben each, situated on Eleventh at., between B and C. R^nt *12.*' p?-r month Apply to GKO. F. hl'tirKLV. a' F. S. MyetV Office, Eishth at. jy 11 tin' UVMMKR RESIDENCE FOR RENT at --' ? i rut*!? anu iianflsonjeiv lumished rottaRe. a most healthy part of the L)l?trict, and halfan hour's fruiii th? HresidAntiil Mmi>iud. Appv to If JOST, l*?l Pa. avenne. u ll-f?>3t* POR RKNT?With or without the Furniture. a r Hi ec story BRK'K HOI'SK. N". j'J6 II ?t.. Iietwrn l.jth Ft. anil Vermont av?nue. App\ to Mr. Dlj* VA I., corner of Mh an<1 I sts^ j? 10-3t* iH RKNT-A neatly furnished BRICK HOI'SK, containing 10 rooms, ?iMial? l on H, Ivtwm n 17th and 18th st-eets. supplied w t' n sud water and all requisite appendages. Apply to J.. I.. I,OVI\(i,4th Auditor's Office. jy 10 3t FjH>R RKNT-A STORK and CELLAR, - n the corner o| Fourteenth and I Ktrret?- a *ood stand for 8n? kind of husine??. Inquire within. C*OR RKNT-A three gtorv BRM'K DWKI.r LINO HOI !*l". on II ?t l#twK*n l?th a>'d 13 It ?t*..No 4 <i t Apply to.I KIRKWOiil). 47*. Wth Ktroet J \ *? t f F" <?It RKNT A d?? |M? I VRICK II?iCj?K . with two htor* hack hull.linn. M.le i- I.- i-?i- -- ??- - ???*, uur ?ycnti, imkii mum, sjn'*, wiipr, af.?i mn*r eonvenieuc-e nec?N--arv t.i u:?k* h- uselterpm^ ea?y. Ail excellent pump of wat??r near the iloor. Situated on 1) street north. Ixjtween 1st and 2d >U. west?No. 4*?5. Now occupied by Mr. C. Hruimdi. Possession mren about the 16th inrt Apply io Z. W. McKNKW,at Capitol. Office Superintendent Pabl e Printing. jy jMN DOR8AI.ROR RENT?A BRICK DWEI.b INC HOFSE, containing fl room* and a kiteh en, on Sixth street we?t. between M and \. A pply next door north. ft/(>R RKNT? A comfortable two story-and-attic r IIR1CK DWELI.INO. Mtuated-in the Fir.t Ward?on (j. between aoth and ?l?t ktr?i't.? Apr to Mrs. KU/AHKTH KDWARUS. No. 17 1 2*1 st., b-tweon I ai.d I'a. avenue; er to GHoRGK F. K ID W Kl.l. rorner K iin.l lit I. i- " ? LTOR RKNT-Th?t demrabie UWKLI.INfi "n " Tw*m leth st.. I?ft?"n M and \ *t* w->t. ontainin* C room*. K-n' $ n?? p -r >rar Apply ?n the prowl***, or to W.M. R L'Tll ER FOR D. at fil? Marhl* Work*, K ?t., between l^th and 13th ?t*. jv 6-2w* FOR SAI.KOR RENT?The two atnry l?R ICK HOI -K. No. 17'2 Four-and-a-half *treet l??t*.'en Virginia avenue ?nd south K *tr?et I'o*wspkmi iivnii immediately. App'y to McO"?'BB ADODGE, 63 \N ater *t., tieorRetown. jy 5 fi'* F'OK RENT-TInfin*FRAMEHOUBBkijwa a* " French Kvana' Home." *ltuat-d on M *t. north, I?>tween 9ih and l<th itroati, No. 3;JO, one of the most desirable private residence* in Waaiiinxton. This ii> u*e ia aurrounded iiy fruit tree* and zreat numliem of currant tui?hr* of variuuK kind*. and fine shade tree*, with Ifi.mO l-<-t of % on rid. walled 111 Apply to J. 0. COOK F.iichth jit. ht tvi'Hn I) ami ! * ? r 1 ? * ... _ J t .? 1 w l/OR R E N T?The three-?tor\ brown front I HOUSE. No. New York avenue, between 10th and llth struct*, north idw. con'airinc hlteen room*. This bonne i* convenient to the Patent Ofhce, Treasury, etc.; is lighted by ga? and in every wa> ouitable for a Iniarding house Rtv t moderate. Ar>pl? next door or to A. G FOWLER. No. * <> \\ in I r*H Building. || S-lw QTORK ROOM FOR RKNT-'?n the south r? *!?#t corner of Penn. avenue aud Tenth ?tr<?et, heretofore used a? a rrooerj Aop'y at the room or of J AS. F. H ALI DAY, City HaI. jt 9 -tf \ VALUABLE FARM FOR SAI.E in Prinoe George's county, situated at out 1 mile Un Biadpnab'irg, 1>? from the Agricultural College, and 6 from Washington, containing 5* acre?, 9 acres in Fine and Oak Timber. It is under a good fence, and is in a high *t%te of cultivation A or"i ard of Fraeh's, Apples, and a variety ol other u,_.i _ -r c ? > - nmua ui iru:i; rirawwrriM ana Apparatus in at>undano*. It is on the east side ?f the Baltimore an<i Washington Railroad, on the Al>in<ton road, adjoining Col. Carter and Lawyer Stevens. It ho? on H a small Hous? oontainine four rooms, Spring &'<d Spring House. and oiitliaildincs Person* dehiring t>> purchase wil please os.ll on the premises. or at stand No. 517 0 Center Market. j? * MRS. MORTIMER. ti'OR RENT?That ii'W&nd well arran* >d three ktor> URICK IIOL>K. No. ?? ?. on <i street, iK-twf^n lith andanth sts.. First Ward, la'-C-lv occupied b> Air. Bodi?oo, Russian Legation. P>??s < sion givn inmi?diately. Inquire ol Mr. SOI'TH EV S. I'ARKKR next door ea>t. ma 16-eotl }^OR RENT?A new FRAME HOUSE, >n Pearee st.. Iict*rwn New Jersey av. and First St nottli,containing 8 rooms and cellar, with a fine .. _.i _ 11 n - ' imu r>ifwu nower Harden in iront I'll? not will i>e made moderate to a good and punctual tenant F<?r particula f inquire oi Mr. JOHN WlfrL KOK *, next door ; or to FRANCIS S. OBOl D, CapitolJlill. jv M.* D* G<<>R V K NT?Two beautiful new BRICK r HOCVcS.oii Ki?hth*t eet went. betwen Si and N htuTtt no'th, wivf ?ide. App y to MARV C. HAISLJP, No. 3^1 Ninth street went,or Dr. K F. ASBfcY, No. 33*i Pa. avenue. between 9th and 10t?? streets. je 12 bw* I \V ABrTNL. K ~ WATCH MAKER. \ / No. 34 Foi r anp H?i.r St . Will cloi.? Ins W ateli Repairing hsiahliitiment on. th?2&l Militant, and reopen in Octobor. jy 10 3t' _________ Dcard. R. ROBI.RT HI" \ KR.or Ntw Yojtn, P*? unit a Jot vnd Opintor on all A ftciione of the Throat I unc an<l Htart. I)R. IIFNTF.R will meet In* patients and those cleoirilie to consult him in Washington at !i60 Pa. av-enue, on Tliurxday ' nd Friday, 12th and 13th instant. A h hut ?tay will he absolutely limited to tho*e t otlayfc. he requests his patients and thosi deM iiic to become such to call upon him at the earliest period of hi** vial'. jy !<?-? v o \ /'/wiuo nut- * ?? Ur\ i uuvi/o ^nr<Ar FOR THK MILLION ! Gall early and get lia'gains. We 0'>iiim?noe toda? sei'in* i IT all Fancy l?ress Silk?, O-jandy Rob*s, iiareee ? ohes, t r?*noh Lavo'. and Organdy Mucins. by the yard. Feared ai d l\ain Ba retec, at rreatly reduce J (ricoi, many at half price, to reduce gtock this month. Also, in st?re a full Rtook of first e ass tMap e and Dom<*stto Good*, adapted t<> the ceneral wnts of families, all of whioh we are selling at the lowe*t ca- fa vrioes. J W.OOLLKY A CO., jy 10 lot Seventh St.. above Pa. av. 486 IN rKRIOR DKCORAT1?NB- 4^(5 Person? needin* WINDOW SHADES or PAPEilH ANiJlNGS will find at No. 4*6 Seventh street a k-ood a^ortm--nt. o( warranted Gold Band WINDO W sfl % 1 ES. Gold, Velvet, ard Common PAPERS. FIREHOARD PKINIS. PICTl/KE CORK \ND TASSELS. -HADE HOLLANDS. Ac. Orders for I'aperlmnitinK or Window >haden *xe?ut?d promptly, in city or country. Thankful f r the liberal patronage received, 1 respectfully soheit a continuance. Kemeuiber the number! J. MARKR1TKK. No. 4*6 j\ 9-6teo* Seventh ?t., 8 doo-n above O. P. Hail. WA. BATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYK. For Salr at Gibbs * Hair Store, Pit* Arrnut, btrirte* 12/4 and !3fA Sti. W h?r? Ladiea can aiao have it applied if d?*ired. A fall a??ortraect of TOILET ARTICLES jeneraliT. jy ft ly WG ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE. 5I?!I Va. AV., Rktw. 11TH AMD ISrH ST*., North side. Mill an1 Wharf foot of Seventeenth it., inal7-tf Helov War Pepartment. tf-UBBS' HAIR AND PKRFUMF.RY STORK, Vw Pmn. A' tuut, brtvern 12th and IS* A St$. LADIES' WIGS. HALF WIGS, BRAIDS ud CI Rl.S alwaja oii kind, or in*de to order in 'he beat aty lea. Alao, Hair Work repaired or taken in exonaote. j? &-ly l>ARGA1.NS IN PIANOS Uat have bm be Js IS&H- iskis % TlUS, " ' je 30 306 Pa. avenue. | EXCURSIONS. PIC NICSJtc. j\I ric nicT iNaTIONAI. guard battalion.?The National Guard Battiiiwi rfpeot /sn>*, ' fully announce to ih?ir f land* an.t patron* that thay purpose civint nffvor^l!! Graa<l Pio Nte a* ANI,l\(iT(>\ Sf'KINUJ*. ?*a MON DAY, tha 23d of Jal). Particular* in futura advertisement. jy la 4t /^RAND ANNUAL BXCl RSI ON VI or THE Union Engine Company, Ho. 2, r# ULYMOST PAVIl wit. MONDAY, Jilt 16. The Cornpan* . having nu?.1?i ever* n'ranc'iienl for th? pUa.ure. roinloit an>t amine m*nt <?f th<*i- rna*t?. reapertfully at: nftnncA that t i??ir Aununl tlinuttionMHHfe will come off klioit mentioned. and p'edge them?f,voi that no exertion on their part will t?e spared to make it a p eaaant and agreeable day. Pro*peri will furnish music for the occasion. Meals and refreshment* will he fnrnisheil h* the gentlemanly proprietors, Jones and Miller. Tiie steamer I'm MX will leave Georgetown ?t 7},; Stone House 8; Sixth streets)*- Blagden's \\ harf. Navy Yard, 9 a. m. Afternoon?Mone House IS; J?ixth street 2 o'clock ; returning at *ra?oi)at>le hour du>uig the Night. Oinr itiuses wi1! leave the corner of Seventh and L sts at > o'clock a m. and !S p. m. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and I ad tea. Committ?. Win. K. Martin, rhaa Davis. Johr Ve?*i, M.H. Kuhnr. John Hill, jy I* it UOWifti AIVOCUTIOR! The members of the WASHINGTON HOWARD ASSOCIATION Beg have to announce to their fnen ?? And the public A Special Family Pic Nic, At AKLI\GTO\ irilM. On THl'RSDA Y.July ?. Withers' full Bra?* ami !?trins Bum! ha* b?e? en gas'^d. R*rr*ihm?nU, D nner.Ae., furni*h?<t >?> tlie Pro pr'etor. Ticket* Fifty Co it? ; Lathe*. Children. and S<*r v?nt# free. Fantilie* oM have omnibus** t<? rail at th*ir r???idon<*<*K at an? hour of the da* l?* it?\uic word with Mr. Potter. tl:?' acei.t, at HhmhII ? hat *tore. 7th st.. near Louisiana ar. Our ihuseii will leave hoti'h the co?n?#r of 7'h *t and Pa av for tlif >p ru e*. al?". Ji** train*- ?ieo. W. Rues will ply 14*ii ?t strict hridce. on the Ca^al, aad the Spnas. Th<* atoauw Fiwnc Cloud will run hourly betwenn (inir^rtown aud the Utoutxts. Jk snkrsl tfcs * 7 ?t COM OP AK R ANGKMENT8. A P I C N 1 C 1 FOB THE BKNKFIT OF THK POOR Will l>e given by the society ol r>t Vincent ol Faul, At ASALOSTAX On . Jii > 1*. Professt F.fpnta** CihxenV ftoml haa l?eeri eng*H"l for thr necMKin. j| *? ^ H"n tvill run oorn-tantljr H n' in? the da* ft Mill Ul? Stn B l|r?t|.<? W i*r| (foot of G ?L. Wa-hinjton.> ami th?dock f?nit of llijili *t.. Geor*eto* 11. No chance lor feiriage, gome or retnrrin,:. Get.tleni''ii> ticket* Vi rent* . ladiec* tirk't* 24 cents ; children's tickets 10 nenta. Ticket* ran l>e pr<tonred at the usual plane*, and from inemfwi * of the Sfoon-t? ? Richard II. < larke.K.-<| , ?'.S. Jon^s. Km., t 'npt. J F.flMMefe . Hww> Ruchtt, E^., 1.1?nt. J. C. |ve*. I.. Yi * m. K*q.. NacholMCallan. hsq , Joh'i Saul, I" Th"?. Frran. Ksq.. W ni. KH!>, Baq., .I.Carroll Brent. Kaq.. I. H Knott. Kt>q , P. C. Howie. K*<4., P. Gallant, Km , Gr?>^ory Enr.i-, cn).. Win A. Itiown. , Win. Rr?ti. K;^.. P. Jo'dan K?q . .1. I). Ho^mi. li.-'i. ! ?<? MkrvAv I .ma M. T. Mi Mah .n. I- K MoriM, h?<i., R F 0'lleirn?. Tim??- VVi'hama. K*q., Win I.. K?'| . I.. J. l>'np'-r. K>?( . Edward IHiIm, J'?h? <"riaptiia . John I". M?t?. E*<|^ M. I"itt*-T*l?l. K*q , Ttiom.C"k&ii. Ei-'i . Jo*. K"''ffr. K?? . I. H. Tumldet* L>(., Victor B<*ck*r. K"j.. Jas F. Crown, Esq., Ja?. Fitzpati ick. E*|. _j? j td TVOTICE TO NORFOI K AND POTOMAC 1A TRAVFLF.R!?: PINKY POINT, POINT L' OK-Ol'T, OLD POINT, NOhbOLK AND PORTSMOCTH. T'.e oomni'vJioua anl nwift iimut BALTIMOHK. naving lx?en thoroushij jl k overhauled and lefitu*! with boilers and machinery, Ac . will Saced on tne above r< ute .MONDAY, the 9th of uty.and contiuu# daring the t>athun eauon, ii.akmn ?<?mi wt?*klT trip*. ie*\ inc Wmhin(t>io MONDA Y8 and THt' K^DA VS at o clock a m. R? turfing will leave Norfolk on TI'KSDAVS* and FRIDAYS at 3 iVnek P m., making all the r:vcr landing* going and returning. Fart tj I .miuuij * 9 iI ?pe S ,w' Sandy Poin' 1-S' Blackistone's 2 W CJuantioo I J? BioffP? int Liverpool Point 15') Marsha is Pavilion 2.-"0 B>->d'? Hole 2 <*'i Piney Point 2.<? Matthia? Point.? 2.?r|Po'nt Look oat. 2.<W l e Old Point and Norfolk 95. inc'uiinp mea i. Round trip tiokets to Norfolk and OH Point, good for the sea?<:n. f * Children under t?n ?ears. and ervanU.haiffae. Fr?eoo!ored persons $4 Fraich'a at usual iate* ard must be prpraid. The i tramer Baltimore l*inf th* fa?te?t boat on the Potomac, will convej p?**engets to Point Look <ut in A hours, making Uie trip down this beautiful river t?y da\ icli' For tlck?-t? and further i- f rmMion apply on board to ('apt. CHaS. E MITCHELL, or at Company's rorner Pe-.n avenue an 1 Sixth sire* t, under tlie National H <>t-l GEO. E. MATTINGLY. 6?neral Ticket Agent Jj 6 7t (Int.) Potomac Steamboat CompMiv. TSTKAMBOAT NOTICE. HE STEAMER FHEMX Ha* moved her Wt>arl from E;.'veiith ftreot to Vai -II ^ Keswn-S's WtH'f. font of Sixt!i >t. r All or<tern left with Mr. Kenwirk. *" Joioi Vu Reawick * office, will >? attended to. The Pflitix ruixtu AI?u?lii?on the days the Tliom*? Oollyer goes to Mount Vernon. Csrno*.?Don't believe mix (tin e the ((fnti or runners of tli? other liu? may my ; for the Pnbnik w II always t>e on hand for Excursion*. Fi>lu;ig Parti***,&c. E. A. RVTHER, jy 9 3teo* Captain. THK STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HAV1N6 undo gonea thoroucb examina- Jl h ti<H. by the cover meat ti speetor, I* _C*~ gf -rifc i n i* ready for Excursions to th?>^ Treat Falia or to any points on the river not ever an miles distant. She will run to A'liiiKton f oni Four eenth street, or any wharf in \fc a?hin?ton at *>ornts for the round t'ip. or'Scents for the >>ityt'e trip, or fro?r? Georcttown, l?? w*.t of the can , far '.Scents round trip; l1? oent? single t'ip. l-10'i tiHiy# tu the Insane Astlnm every WEDNtHDAV AFTERNOON, ?>t?<ting from litmriN tn?B st 1?o'floclr m , wd stopp nc at fMone Mill u -l. ?? -- ? --?= wiibiv"! 111 ??ssnincion. ao M to rMnh tl e ABjlum by I o'oii'ck. if 3 culm JOHN MOOR E, Propurtor. BOARDING. \1 R K O H BIN S HAVING TAKEN THE i"l la^g* and con>?no'!i >iis ho>.i?>e uj hird tr^et we?t,co ner ofMibKOiiri avemi#,directly oppo?ut?? the Capito! gronii'ta, formerly known the V?rnf?n wher? ?he i" iiipw p"-?j>ared t?? VTOinmodat* C?ntleinen with KI'KNlSliKD ROi'MN. either with <>r without BOARL), combined with man* comfort", luch as s&s. bath,Ac A health* lot-* tion.a beautilnl pio>-peot. <tiHi a delightful uinmer rerioence, ou niiiiiediat*' application T?*rmii reasonable. j? i-?w 'F sPEt'lAI. NOTICE. 1 HK a'tention of capital i?t? and other* i* call*! to ti?e >al". b* virtue of a decree o! the Circuit Court of tiie 1)1 strict of Columbia, to take place on the pr'iniac*. THl'RfDA Y.July 12th. atS o'clock, of that V ALIA BI.E PROPERTY MtwMjt the i uiu't oi .-"voiim ana r. urr*i,oppowi te the Oenerh1 fokt Cilice. Tin* in without doubt owe of the hent tni?iiie?it location* In tjie city of \Va?fciugton, and will be *old separately accoroiMg to the improvameata viz: two three *tory Brick Dwelling HouMtc on E Ktrxet aid three -*tory Brick Buildiiw at the'oorne- ofJ*ev. nth *treet?, with a fine St^re Room, occupied many vear* a* a fir?t claa* Druf Store, and a two *tory Building on Seventh ?tre?t. occupied as a Book and I'erodioal Store aud Olfice room* above. It ii believed that this *a|e offer* the finest opportunity for good inve*tmenta of any that haa been made in thi* city for some time, jy 9-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucta. LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Tim or Piack, Piipaii roi \V?! F. LaBARRE, S?*tkw**t rrwr of )0ck and C st MxxcrACTf??? or PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Recpeetfnlly announce* to the puHio of Wa*hiuc ton ana vicinity that be I* prepared to execute a:, order* for ereoting Lightning Condaotor* on the mait approved aojentifio principle*, o^nstraeted of us ygr j u?it 01 materia.i, on very moaerate lrm?. All Plat;oa tipped Points which are maun facta red by me will be atamped with my name. Weather Vanea of any deeicu made to order. jy ?-?w T*HK SAND HILLS OF JUTLAND, By Hana 1 Christian Auderaou; price 75 oeuU. Reeollectiona. by the late Chanea Robert Leeiie, R. A , edited with a pr f? tory ea*ay on Lee ie aa an artut, and a?lecltw a from hia oorreapondenoe, hy mm i ay.or, K?|.. with portrait: prioe #1. 5. J net pabl a tied act for aale at PHiLP k. SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookatore. 339 Penn ar , jy 6 between th and 10th au. U A RPER'S M AG AZ' NE, lft CE N TS, ISoent*. n 15 eenta. IS eenta IS eenta, IS oenta, IS oenta. IS sent*. ISeenta?payable in adtanee Ca 1 an>l pay for A ocu at number. R r Hibbaid'a well-Itnown CIRCASSIAN B * l.M. the moat remarkable hoaler m the wt.rld, for aale. Seebma a. HI N T K B . i* 9b !?? it?? ...-.i?-' ? i iHim ENGINKER'S OFFICK. AuiJUM * 1W. MANAH8AS ?\f MAlttoAU , S X HLNDKF.D MKN WANTEDS of Ihia road from Nit Jackson lo ?*arfi?oabjrg. aK^ffi&w?rs??EEr.,3is: pan?'a OIn, Alexandria, je 28 dtJT?4?twAa?*l?tw8?r. 1 AUCTION SAM*?. lit THW. DoWl.l>'<?. AacttoMff. Grrrrtl?rm, D.C. I ARfiK PTOCIt OF CHISA, <'?<w K KR f . I t M : a ? \V a > W * -w >H */! ?. C ? TL aa?. 4c., rao* Niw ) on, to at ?otn ? itboi r M k >?>v|.-W* a hail c-'mtnouo* <>a TM lf? . V t. NINO,(and oontiana m^ a nr an 1 f?rMin? of#*, day unti tha whola atook .? di-p< **4 ofTlto *!! a wi large a?d sa aat atuak I tha Vnxla, mf? aa Viu, ?'up? and teaoan, Piat**. piahaa. 'a?*ra a, Basins, aad_Kv-r?, i ,#r?, Ac. ??aa Hovn, PllkM.VVlwn. !- *?. v?^ri. ^alen-a. Lanterna. 'itchrra. Mra??. **r."5 * jnn hi r P?i<itod Win low ia Rtoh au4 l<Nltlfk! Oil Clotii I aWa k;e?rr?. _ . ^ vo*y Roi ??wl Umk T?W*C?tifr?, p >ck*t.and port k> vm. d i vVatciiea, Jewelry. and a of Fancy b????da. *o I The Entire ?tock t?> be ao!d w.lhoat r?*rv? m ! oUfo aait ?urchaaor?. (Lr0ood? at private ?ala. jt 11 ?t THOt* PilWI.INT,, Aac?. B* WALL A BARNARD. Aaotion?ari. SCOW AN" B\TTEAl' AT Pl Bt.lC AVC i Tin* -On PATlTRl?AY aFTKRNOONT Mth mat. at 4 o'clock. w* wi I at tb? wharf foe' ..f 14'b atreet, a Wnud or !*aad f*c?> w IHt t*o f?r Ion* by fourteen fo?t h'nod. an<1 fo?r feet hold with aaifa, rtfcmc. and t?eklit>( e'inif.ri*. Alao n?? Bfctteaa aiiturn fret loor. Tarma eaah. jyll WALL* BARNARD. Aim. FUTURE DATS. ___ By J C. Mo??l IKK A CO . A uoU<>r>e*>r?. / 'OVKRN'MKNT J*AI.F OF HAY O* T?K il Pmithcom an Gaoim* ?Oa THI ISDA\ AF TliK NOON, Ju * lith, at 4 o> ock. on lh? outh front of the {* frith no man tir>unda we iht.l Mill" V> }*tark? of very >up?ri?r Hm; to h* r?n?T?d within five da?* from 'he ''ay ?f Ml*. Terira oash; i?> <*?rfcrt far,<ia. i? lt> d J. C. Mefil'lRBft CO^Aaata. By J. ?' IKf. a C<> . Aactioeeera. PKRKMTTORV PALK <?F CIGAR* ANI? TaaACC?.?On THI KXPAV A F I>.K NOON . July Wtii, at ?H o'clock at the Auction It' <>ai. a* kail ? > w,t i i < * u t '* r* \ . < li.on^Clear* of eariou* B'anda. U B<>xo? I <<li?rc.> of various ?u* iti<'? T'rma: $"?>i and undar <a?S;over that anm a o>adit of tr and 91 -la** for. *ati?laclorily in* -ra^t note* haarinc in threat. jy?4 J. C Mo'iUI R F. A CO.. AweU. By A. CiKKKN. Aaetianeer. L'RAMF ROL'J*F. AND I.OT AT 4??CT10N. I" Ob THCRPDAY, July Wi l?ti* ? i ' of the p'viiiims at 6 o clook p in., carl >>{ Lot No. >, in Square S51. hiviti a front of It fn*t 4V? iim-Hm on Q street, n)?r the corner of Third street vest, eon taming 2.1AK feet iikI the improvements, whit .1 are a frame house. Ac. Terina?tine half cash: liaianoe in IX. and 1' months, for notes l?*arirg interest from <lay < ! ale. lle'-d given Bad deed of tru?? taken. j*9 4t A. OK KKN. A net. \| \ RhHAI.'l! HA I,fi ?In virtue of two * rits of 1*1 hen facias, isni"1 fr??ti the t'ierk's ofKo* of theCtreait Court of the IMstnot of Cnlsmlni. I>? the county of Washington, and to me dir?*t"d.f Will expose to pul> 10 Ml*, for Mill, in I out of th* oourt houae door of said count*, on MO\|)A\. th* 9th day of Ju'y nest. Ima* a'. U < > < <"l 1*.. tt>? following property, to wit; All defendant*'1 ngM. title, claim and in an<1 to I,n? No. I. in Square So Ml, in the aitf ol W ukinfion, 1) C. together with nil l?nd until tr the inirr"i?m?otk tti#reon. <'i*ed and l*vlM *?ng ? tli? property ? # Andrew Roth weil. *nd wi I ?? <1 to min't Ju rtieia * \o? **4 tnd 21.4, U. Oot' ?>er term IH9?. hi favor of Pfco pi A kin* man. W. HKLDFN. I'. S*. Marshal for th? Diatri't of Oumlna je u dt? 117* THF. Alio?K SAI.F IX r< !?THiM I' n til FRIDAY, the m?'an? nn' ho?r a< d p'ac*. W. Kl DtiN. If 9 <1U r P. Nk'thtl Ht A. GRKKN. Alirl'onw. 'PR rSTKK'!* ?AI>: OF VAI I'ABLK IM 1 rtnvn Pboi-ektv.?L'aler and i>y rirtw o| a d?ed < ( tru^t ?an tit iiat* l:.r if n d?? of V i?n b?r, A- I) . ItM and d?!t record'd in I.ifier J . No. ?w. loiioi 3fi?. Ac one of the anfl reoord* of Washington eountj D. C , I ?hal! ??li, *t auction, on MoN L?A V. J !? J^h. at 6 c'eloofc p. m . in front of the p-enii***. th?- e**ter? half < I Lot T. in Wm A. B'adley' e??idiyi?ioa of Lo't 7 ?, io ar.a u. in ^nftrc nnmi?e:eo 4*i. j*?ta '? i n? f l/o( T front* ISMKon Maryland a-enti". M?'rii 4)4 and 6th tre*t?. ai.d rum l?ck wi'h that widtu 4 tr.* depth ?f naid lot t<> an al.e* Twmt of aai*: On? third nuh: r?aiduc inequa' p%Tm*ntiat*i 9t'.d 12 month* from date of *>, with interest a*oured by a deed of trust on the p-emise?. If the term* of sale a'f not eomp i*d with w thin i dat(, ttir tru>t*? rtixtv^ to hiw^f tin? rifht In r??eeli at the oo?t and ri^k of tn* h'?t puro; a?? . upon advartiaing three time* in the Nawnual Intel Iiienoer. Convejancin* at the ?i?wm of r??rrha?e'. C AJ?IIKOR I) Trails*. ja? WASUf ?' A. > R KK.ft . Au<*l Br A 8IKKN( Aaeti??ne?r. VALl'AHI.F COASTING J*M?OP o? AnOI T 2" tox? acathiri. ji? w?>g. i<. hpook, a r??t AILIR. AT Arcrio On WKHNK^UAY. I?h 13 o'cioo* m , I aha i aeli at Mr. T- W. Riiaj'i wharf, the tiand?r ni? and fact *ai?mc <?>r G. L. Broom, of a Seat *? t>>n? ?-?rtUen. }>h? i? in ord?r, wa.l net d and rctdt for iwiue dial* BK?. -lorin* ca-h K. HARNKK Capt jf Vo- Aiit < Ba t !*nn.? A.GRKP.M. Au?t LOST AXDTOUND. i ? !T BBWAID - IIN I I C*' July, Tom the *ul?o<ril^r. a .a K ilatk reil COW. with wide horn*. f fie K>^ al*>ie reward will i.e <iven for information J^Jbv tiiat will lea<: tu her n-coven ALKX. Rl TMI-RFORO. I Marble Yard.I 1 jjll Iw Pa. avenue. I>*tw Jth and 1.JH ?t? LOW?^On tb?9th ifixtant. I#tnn <?alt*? Jeweirv Store and the corner of S^vei th ami H *t?.. a HAIR BKfcASTPIX. A? it contain* the hair ?*r #i.A ....? . -i? a ? - > - vri ?!?- ?' w u' i - ur? '-?iru n*' r . ; i * VP r* it w pn**?d. Tb? hnde' vri I t)f tU'iallj r?T?r?le.t b* |*?Tim it >1 tiili odw. j* U> St* I Cs)i| RKWAK D?Loit. nr Mon<to<,thrltliin ?3?VI slant. SIXTY D(?1.I,AKS. it. tt<e+ (?#> Hank of \Va>hin(t >u in pa?mnc ?b??-? Kif t enth at. to Van %>? '? wlarf. The finder will JC wiw the ? ove reward t?T motim it at A. IV HO< ?VKR*Ji, 331 I'a. av. JjlOSt* A GTRAYED?On th?> 39th J irte ?idea< W7 ol tlie i>u' i"vil?er. on Capita Hill, \o. rv 31* l>elaware avei.ue. a <lark rhrrnot nor- i rcl IIOK^K, a i ill 1? iitmlr c> : nfavjcEZi. ^ built; he te probabl) UjearnaM : he **? -at ?e^ in Virginia, and lie mat be on the Hicbts of Georc town. A liberal reward wil. lie Riven to tut peraou r?tnruing bun to nie. jyjl_? \VM K. PI RCELL C* * RK.WARD. Str?>ed or *tr>|?iB fmn tlwatiL' I t>cil?er t?ni?i' ytiitf MARK. ?fC?i r\ in the fo eh^a^ No other ma-k- recol ,** l^rteil. Tbe above rr? art] ?-|tl he miH tr* ant on" returning bor to L WILLIAM!*. Pa av.. n?ar 17th at j% 9 3f t* .* R I. V\ A H l>? I l i i '.i <>| i ,^4 t&Kf h< >i*r cnri;"r ' i 1 i> *1 FWll M A N I SCM I I'Th-oi* ? It i?tor? oftha inn? of Ch?*ne?. <froin V(*r?' Jou'i'?l 111 W." Ala", a Scrap Itoolc. 1*l??nt;:tiK to L. XV. An? one ntaruiRf T)-?* i-am* to ?! * fr*> offic villooiif^r air> at laxor aud r?c?rf UtoWnt ( reward. j? ? * IOST OR STOI.K\-TH*KE rR<?MI-sn is RY XOTtS.?,r??r.i l>* H\rK>ar 6 S#n?me? in > favor of Win. I.. Hail'*, Tr^M.. lor #IW r*cti. 1 iateil Fi'iMn*r? 7. !??',? ,?! patatr'e in 4. t. an! 1.' nioQtlis, w tli interc >?. Sai'l n<?t ar* not Mirtor?d. and the public if cauti?>ii~<1 ata:u?t tMm. a? na\ net it lia* ttceu >-t< pp?*'t. A ivJ *- ?N. L. BAILEY. I PKMONiL ~ ! fit W f\ i't'a * ? ? ? * ?'?? ' |'"U v. r..-\ j !? ri r. v? Alt V Mr IH? return <>1 tut 1 apprentice. August lii auger ; and al persons are wt ued acauo>t harboring m? aid apprentir*. > as I will put the law in force a.*am?t th?m for so diing. HKNRY r?CHAF? KR. It Barhnr. K street. n ar 7th A^m RESPONSIBLE AGENT F??R TRIM CM S | is w?..te<l. to ncafr in the rale of George K. | Sloat A Co.'s unrivalled lockstitch Jawing Ma- J chin**. Our unproved Elliptic i* the n? > mhrm V of all sewing machinoa, containing sever*. impott I ant improvement* over the W tieeler 4 WiIhju machines; work* without leather pad or breaking \j needle*. an<1 is a model of beaotj. nea nee*. and simplicity. Our improved Shuttle Machines have M o superiors and tew equals. ^pplv a* Brown's Hotel. (sitting room.) to THO&. J. bYLF.9. Gene A ral Ages'. _ jjrist* jp NOTICE.?Persons liaving claim* against alia aaM due from the Tinted Stit"* to James Her I ry Seaman. decea?!?d. are hereby notifcerf lo pre I sert them at the oftce of the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury within two months from tue date of this notice. A. J. ??. RANNOV _jjr ll-3t Fourth Anditor. . Nl OTICE.?The fallowing sum* have l?ee? receivwrt bT the Secretary o: the 1 ea-urr * I Mwd 10 the credit of the Ti>a?urer olthe l'nit.<1 I Natai,viB: j Kifkty itino dollar* *ii.1 lili, tv<> oe?it?, tie.* ii I o#nt? di^oujiton pjvp^r.) rereired in ? no?? tinted % New ^ ork. Ju y S. I win, mtnol L ? II., ftated to t?e on aecouut of dbtie* unrhumlml dollar* re iA 1,1 nwt* Pw>Im<(. Oiwmi. July I. O lwnt urned Henry Pre?Jer. ?fatod hj him to I# au i overpaid n* the Gar^nMN'. I TtltH'H PlI AK rM>*T. jflj U_ Tm His H> T(> CERTIFY TO THE FV'BLIC that I. JOHN' N EMT will not k. rNfMihl* for foo<t? or < he!tie?, or any mar. >er of matract.'?i by Mar??iila? or Burn- tt Wert, jj 1ft-at' IVJOTICK.-I bereti) caution all f?nw?? from 1^1 giving credit to any <? m) account a* I will per no d?h?? contracted m my i.ame after thu I date eaoept by mynelf i Ji 10-91 ?K\JA?IIN Bl'KX'S. MADAMK NORIIICK, TRIGiut Aitiolo l?T AMD D?cni*?, jM>t from nubly ?ift d aad intelligent ady cat be eooaaited on 1 be Paet. Present ai d Kut<t Eeeote. Ca.. at *- ??* < ?! H U * J vv ??hl?Cton. ' )?* n?~ CKI.I.1NG OFF ' SKI. LING OFF? T<> ?1a? wa hall r<Miiiii'*ric? rtiai.iu* oU <?nr Mtirc tnek of? Biaok I am Shawl* awl Burnous Black Lao<- aa?< I'laia ftik M^nuilu. A Gray Cloth &n? Barage MantiJiaa. f All at icr?atiy rarineari prtras. man; at tk? actual ft coat of imaoctaUaa. VSr J. W. COLLEY A CO , W I jy 9-5t 58S Seventh at., above Pa av. I

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