Newspaper of Evening Star, July 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 12, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ODE TO THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1*60. AH hail to the Birth of the happiest land That the Sun in His journey is proud to awaken; H-re Kwr??-Enterprise*? Knowl?d*e "omnia <1, By obstaoie strensthen'd ? hy danger Mshaken! V1 rtue, valor unite \ Our Standard so bright To uphold, as it * aves in tne morn's radiant light! Oh.' proud beat our hearts, and our valor swells high, Oa the Birthday of Freedom?the Fourth of July! long was the conflict, and doubtful the fray. When to strike for our rights the Fiat descended; But Justice, in ticnant, decreed us the dar. And Heaven our virtue aid valor befriended. Then oar Chieftain beloved. Aiul Compatriots approved, Fronn the Camp to tn? !*enato. in majusty mov'd. W> Freeman were bora, and we Freemen will , And this oath wo renew on each Fourth of July! This Day?tho* few vet'raim limp gaily about, And point t > their scars as the stars of their Thista/their desc'ndents do fearleealy shout For their aires, wh> live in Fame's deathlesa tor;. !*wef t peace to the dead. Whose spirit* are fled. And now for their Palms to Elysium have sped ! Tn? Marty s of Freedom look down from the sky. . And crowd 'round their Chief, on the Fourth of J?i?: The Lyr of th? Bard, the Historian's page. Shall our Chieftain rewound 'till Fame's clarion ever; Th? Hero? the Statesman?thf Christian?the Sa?o, Who laws bound with Freedom in Union forever. A I __ v- a _ ? < ? nnu i?n : w:m rum uwt<> Lafayettp's name so bright, IVho left Title and Fortune our battle* to fight. Oar hearts to Mount Vernoa sa?t pilgrims will hie. To w >ep at His shrine, on tho Fourth of July! Hear Genius his badges respected ?ray wear; Ambition gain freely the hights of Promotion ; H-r? \ eoraanrj whistle unarm'd at his sha e ; Religion choose safely her sUriua of devotion ; Here ir.udeaty roves In song-laden groves. Lik* Innocence Pxl by the (irai-es and l<ove?. Ye Banls of this i n on, to no Helicon fl?, The theme shall inspire?'tis the Fourtho| July! Here Commerce exulting now spreads her broad wings; Iiera the Fields, breathing perfume, wave golden their tresses; To the liaae rumbling wheel here the shrill anvil rings, A ad the taper's late vigil pale study confesses. W here's a Country on earth So divine in her birth? Can boast ot more prowesv, more beautv, more worth ? W tin Lfttraa Ks? ?? *?*? 1 1 a~ -? IV * '* wva HID twumij nuosn 'I IPV mm iljf Nor recollect Concord? thia Fourth of July ! When Fa-lion?Encroachment?Oppression Arm We instinctively turn to our good Constitution Tn? Cynosure, in fur political skies? The Oracle, knowing nor change nor pollution. l.o ! the eye of the Seer In Futurity's year ?**e America Kmpress or nations appear! To th? treat God of Annies, who marshals the sky. Let our gratitude rise on this Fourth of July! Though the Fiends of Duunion would disturb our peace. And on horrible banquets of carnage run riot, Y"t the Bird of America our Flag will releaoo From Harpies who'd rand ore? a star from its quite. Hope espies from afar Freedi?m's bright beaming star Bmileon Peace, while dovn hurling Disunion and War. Feal tour cannon in triumph?your streamers bid fly! Who dare think of Disunion ? 'Tis the Fourth of July! t. a. j fry*. IfTIn a manslaughter case In New York last week. the defence plead that tbe accused was in ?..c iiviu iiiwi>ciii?n wnen ne commlilert the crime. Judge Gould Mid that it was only recently that even insanity- produced by drink was received as anything in mitigation of murder He held that a party who put his reason out should be held responsible for what he d!d in the dark The prisoner was sentenced to five years hard labor in the State prison. lH7"The Qu-iker City, at New York from Havana, brings a Urge number of Cubans, who with their faini lies, come to spend the hot months at our watering places Admiral bsprado, of the Spanish navy, with his family; the Marchinn?-ss or Nillalba. the Countess O'Reily, Madame Nicolas!, and D Pedro F Crlado are among the additions to our fashionable society. \?T The Troy Budget says that John Morrissev left Troy last Friday ni^at, for New York, his object being to meet Heenan, and to see whether th it pugilist wishes to back up his recent challenge by money. ILT" Later advices from Mexico do not confirm ?uc report mat miraroon bad been defeated The vangaurd of bU army, however, had been met and beaten by Col. Cheesrnan, and it was thii fart, no doubt, which has given rls- to the rumor. U7~It appears that the French goverment has given Its cunsent to a loan In France for the Pontifical goverment The sum required is twentyfive millions of francs, to be raised by subscription at five per cent, interest. |C7"Frank Hoffman, who was arrested on the charge of over issuing thesto?*k of the PacifiMail Steamship Company, and other offences, has been discharged from custody. JH" The grain movements at Chicago are strong > and a daily average of 2U0.UU) bushels is about the amount of the receipts. 0~A company from New York city have leasedpart of the farm of Anson Squire, of New MUford, and are digging for fine porcelain clay. irrWe learn from the Nashville Union that General Gideon J. Pillow has signified hisinten non or supporting Breckinridge. Excursion trains to go to New York and ee the Great Eastera are advertised in various quarters. |?v"lThe Serenth Regiment of New York !s now encamped on Staten Island, calling their encampment Camp Scott. AtitilVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?H F Led't, La; V H Be;H N Co, do; B H Urathle, do; J M Oonioue, Pen; W J Howard, dw, E G Talbot ar.d lady. NY; J P Roberta, Pa; A Rulhincer, do; S J Mattarset do: H A Heybert a ad lady, do, J Bower and ia/1*\ N V ; N Lepaat, La; J Norment, Va; .M rs W H Winston, do: D W Norment. do; C L Nel son. 1 (do; J F Nelson, do; J H Brink ley. do; ft W Hi lary an t lady, M<J; Mrs Bait, do; Mm William, do: K M Jones, do; SH Fnniips, Pa; W H Mortwi. La; 8 Biatrborn, L Brown, NC;C Herbert, l^a; P K Eva. Ga; J R Magradar. Va; G Norris, 5 K 8ewa>dand lady, Texas; Miss Saward,(! ; D Chamberlain, do; O A Genua, La; T A Buck land aad lady, Mo; Mrs Tripleu, do; Miss Wadoll, do; 1 Soybert, do. MATIflN A I. HOTRI ? B? ?-? _ *% tfiuwu, j usrdiner, E M So<?tt, Md; C? l Grat-diue, N i: t f itu e:b<irter. SO; W Kicnelburrer, Mima; A Thornton NY; L Cox and sitter, O; T Everett, Ga; l)r Burton and I* ly. Mi as Burton, H?; K Allan. NY; H Da Boer, Fa; W McPuffi*. NY; J MoClmrook, H Solon. M Constable. H Walker, m?: J MoDhtiU, enn; G Thoiaa-. Ky; F Dolgeand la<l?. NU;A lion, NY: H KnUl e. Va; W Amen, H SmilJi, Pa; H Clvtatt, Va; W Raj, Pa; H Walker, J Holme*, Mtu Holinoa. \V MaComb, J Leake and fam. La: H Cooler, G Roberta, lit; Mra Herriok, Tex; K J Doraey.Md. ? KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?H Bennett, Man; J W Smith Md; J A Haddock, NVj B Davis and on. Va; A Craig, do;K B Pegram, U8N; Oo> De Rmsej,lT9A 1. W Todd, do: y W Coleman. Vs; ?? B Kinoh, do; P C Martin, Miaa Martin, do; Mia* S ConnolU, do; MsCafiray, do; S Uwcns aud daughter. Pa; C 8 WASHINGTON HOUSE.-W Bnrwell. Va: E Br*?adle, p Vanderhoof and lr,J fehrul, SY; C E Dodridge, D 1; Hon P Brooohaa, Mo. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING HAYS From the Lmitbd States St'am*Ti. Lmm. for. Dayt. Adriatia -...New York Havre Jety 14 Teotoma New York . Hamburg,. .Juiy 16 York . Liverpool ...J>ilv 18 j?ta*.._ New York...Liverpool ..Jaly 1? Qo.dtn Fleeoe. New York. ..Galwej July 19 rnlton Ne* York-.!!tTR...r.Jily 81 Boiloi. Liverpool. ...July 2S anderbilL.._?.New York...Havre ...July 8* From Europe Arabia Liverpool Boston June*' ^rMo .....Niutti'Unn ,.N?w Wirk Ju'y 4 avaria. ftoath'ptoa .New Yori.. July 4 Jura Liverpool New York...Jely 10 The Havana raaii atnamera leave New York on the 2d. !ith, 17th, and 37th of eaoh month, and Char lee ton on toe 4th and 19th, The California mail leave New York on He sth and iutb ofii*1 month. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Nnt Drawing or tM Royal Havana Lot tatj. oo^duoUd by Uie Sea aHk Government, ender the supervision ef the Captain General of Caba? will take piaoe at Havana oa TUESDAY. Jplt 17, 1S60. mlrrn vrmeen nnn.-.? ? ___.w Kjt\uinjiniu, CAPITAL PRIZE 91*0,000. 1 priMof 910M?i VrriMCoC ?tjm i u ?,?> 4* "* 1 Jo 30,mo Mi do ?00 l 4?> ?.a? so appro*. ijne 1 do ?.. 10,0001 IX ALL iSi PRIZES. Whol* TltkfU, OtiO-HalTw, 910?Qiartara, 99. PriiMoaohad at tightatlnr omLdiaaout Sill* oa ail *oi vaat Uaoka taken at far. A drawHM^wiU fc? bnmrM aa aoea aa tha racalt^ j* 3? tr nar* of City Poat. OWt?ton. H. C. fsmsBfaap*' RR4M9 an t >v fclGHT#. V MISCELLANEOUS. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS 1*1 -ND OTHERS Who are soon to retnra to their homes, and who would add to the comfort aid beauty of I heir ho-*#*, are rftspectfuily innt?d to our warehouse. Pem ylvama avenue. Market s*paoe, No. 4, third door l *t of tNinth street, where they may find a full and com> plete assortment of? Elesant Wilton Velvet Carpetings, from ?1.25 to 81.75 per yard, Rich English Brussels do. atfrom90cts. to 81 10, n: -l. iT _i_ <m/ it. _ _ i i .a rvicn iiiip*-iiw i nroB-oiy, ids. 10 ine yard,; 11 from 87>4 cents to A 1.10, Splendid real imported Double Ingrain do., 70 to 80c. Very good do. do. do. at40to6Oe., Also. ?li width* twilled a d plain Venetian do., for hail* and passages, 25 to 75 cents. Also, elegant wide Oilcloths, for rooms, hall*, passagos. nt?p<, 4c., which we out out to order. Also, new style Cocoa and Canton Mattinzs, Kioh and oxtensive variety of Velvet and Brussels Rug* and Druggets, in Iwders and by the yard. Door Mats ic gr<at variety. Superior a- d very cheap All Linen Sheetings, Real Silioia 'I alile Iiarnask*. from 6-4 to 12 4 wide, Table Cloths in all sizes, 8-4 by 8-4 to 12-4 by 24-4, Napkins to match. Also, To*.?llings, Toilet Quilt*, and other Toilet Goods, in pleasing and great abundanoe, very cheap. CI'RTAIN MATKRIALS. Our stock of rich and appropriate materials for Curtains is not to be surpassed, in point of elegance, variety, and reasonableness of price, any wnere. We have? Klegant Satin Brocatels, which are nearly 2 yards widi, at from 62 cents to #6. Damask and Satin I,ain?p, from 50 cent# to Extra rich Embroidered Tap?stry, a new article for curtain*, richer than brocatels. Reps and Turkey Clo hs. 111 embroidered patterns and by the >ar<l. at astonishingly low prices, Also, mi peril Eiub oidcred Lace and I'naerCurtains, at from 12J* cents to ?3 par yard, And all the i ornice?. Side Bauds beautifully representing flowers anl frmts, with rich Centre and Side Cords, and Tassels and Gimps to match In consequence of the advanced sta?e of the season. we have determined to run off any of the above good* nt inst about the first cost, and at prices warranted to be less than the same can bs had elsewhere. AH goods sold to go to a distance will be carefully packed for transportation and sent off free of extra oost. je 18-10teo CLA9ETT A DODSON. B [No.6f.O] Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED UT A r? l_"U oimctpi In pursuance of law. I, Jams* Bcchahas. President ot the United State* ot Amerioa. do hereby declare arid make known that public tal?a will be held at the under-meutmned l.and Office* in the Territory uf Nebraska, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Lard Offioe at Rrow.ikvillb, oommencine on Monday, tne Hih da? of August next, for the disposal of the publio lauds within the following townships, viz: North of (As base I in* tind east of the tirth principal meridian. Townships 1,2,3. 4, 5 and 6, of range 3. Townships 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, and fi. of range 2. Townships 1,2,3 4, 5. and 6, ol range 1. North of the base lint and west of the sixth principal meridian. Iownships 1, 2,3, and 4. of range 1. owusuips 1,2, 3, and 4. of range 2. At the Land Oflico at Urow.nsville, commencing on Monday, the 2oth dar of Aucust next, for the disposal of the publio lands within the following townships, vii: North of the base line and weft of the sixth principal mrrvitan. Townships 1,3,3 and 4, of range 3. Township* 1,2, 3 and 4, of range 4. Township* 1,2,3 and 4, of range 5. Townships 1,2,3 and 4, of range (5 To vnships 1,2,3 and 4, of range 7. Townships 1, 2,3 and 4, of range 8. At the l^and Office at Nbbraska City. oninineno ing on Monday, the 2<itn da? of August next, for the disposal of the pub.ic lands within the follow ing townships, viz: North of the base line and east of the firth principal meridian. Township 16.and fractional township 17, of rangeft Township* 7, 8, 9, in, P. 12, 13, 14,15, and 16, and fractional town?lup 17, of range 5. Townships 7,8, 9, in, II, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, and fractional township 17. of range 4. Townships 7,8,9, and in, of range 3. A t tli; Land Office at Nebraska City,commenc ing on Monday, the 27th day of August next, for the disposal o( the publio lands within the following townships, vix: North of the base line and east of the sixth principal //ienatan. Townships 11. 12, 13 14, and 15, and fractional townships 16 and 17, of range 3. Townnhips 7, 8,9,10,11,12.13,14, and 15, and fraction*; township ib, of range 2. Township* 7, 8, 9,10, U, 12.13,14. and 15,and fractional township 16, of range 1. At the Land Office at Omaha Citt, commencing ou Mondav, the 13th day of August next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following townships, viz: Korlk of the base line and east of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 23 and 23, of range 8 Townships 22 and 23. of rang* 7 Townships 22 and 23, of range 6 Townships 22 ai d 23, f range 5 Townships 22 and 23, of range 4 Fractional township 17, and townships 18,19. 20, 21, 22, and 23, ot range 3 t- ractional towuslup 16, and townships 17,18, 19, 20, 21. 22, and 23, of range 2 F actional township 16. and townships 17,18, 19, 20, 21,22, and 23, of range 1. At the Land Offiie at Dacotah Citt, commencing on Monday, the6th day of Anrau next, for the disposal of the publio lands within the following townships, viz: V..?L ?/ <L. L... I-? - ? * ? nvrm uj >IK WHIIIK un i ram OJ IM HZl/l principal mrrulian. The parts of township 24 utside of the Indian reservation, of ranges 6, 7, and 8 ? The parts of townships 24, 25, 26, and 27 ontside of 'he Indian reservation, and townships 28, 29,90, 31 and 32, of range 5 Townships *4,25, 26, 27,28, 29, 30, 31, Mid 32, of range 4 Townships 24,25, 26 , 27, 28,29, 30, 31, ar.d 32, of rang* 3 , Townships 24, 2S, 26, 27, 28 , 29,30, 31, 32, and 33, of range 2 At the Land Office at Djicotah Citt, com men cing on Mondar, the 2?>th day of August next, for Hie disposal of the public lands] within the following townships, viz: North of the base tin' and raft of the firth principal meridian. Townships 24 25. 2b. *7, 28, 29,31, 31, 32, and 33, of range 1. North of the bate line and west of the tixth princ ipa meridian, Townships 25,26,27,2", 29,30, 31, S2, and S3, of range 1 Townships 25,36, 2', 28, 29. 30, 31.32, and 33, of rang* 2 Townships 25,28,27,28, 29, at, 31, 32, and 33, of range S. Land appropriated by law for the use cjf schools, In lian. unlit* , and other purposes, will be excluded from the ales. The off-rir.g of the ai*ove lands will l>e commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which th<y are advertised, until th? whole shall lia^e been oflerea and the sales thus cloned ; hut no sale shall be k*pt open lonttr tkan .'?eo v*rk*, and no private entry ofanv of the lands will beadmittod until alter -he expiration of the two weeks. Given under m? hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth day of April, Anno Domini oue thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos 8. Wilsok, Com nil ssi oner ol the Ueneral Land NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right ol pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships al>ove enumerated, is reanirert to ? - tatmsh the nmc t?> the satisfaction of the register ?':d receiver of th? prop?r land office, arid make payment therefor as aoon as practicable alter seeing tins notice. and l>efor<i the day appointed for the commencement of tbe public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise suoh claim will be forfeited JOS 9. WILSON. Commissioner t?f the General I .and Ofhce. Note ?Under the regulations of the department, an heretofore and now existing, no payment can he made for advertising proclamations except to saoh publishers as are fjrrcniUy nutkorixui to publish by Uie CoutntiMioner of the General Land OAoe. ma 2-W,13w - NHI EW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON vill leave Alexandria and Washington for New Vork EVERY WEDNESDAY, at /olook p. m.. and New York for wash-4^^* ins ton every Saturday. atS o'elook p.m. Passengers can join tbe ship at Alexandria at aay time before tbe hoar of the steamer's departure. N. B.?Id the event of the steamers Inability to sroasthe bar in oonse^ieneeor low water, all goods will be aromptly lightered to and from the suamer hv thd 'Par freight or Hitus ti^lr to MOR&AN & RHINKHART, ac g S.MtTtr Wwstorn Whurvw W^m ? A 8 F 1 X T V R E 8 . K Have id store, and are daily receiving, OAS FIXTVii SS of entirely New I'attorni and Designs and Finish. superior in stole to anything heretofore offered in this market. we invito citizen* ceneral !y to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the bast elected stock in Washington. Ali Work in tba above line mtraated to oar care will be promptly attended to. MYERS A MsGHAN. mar S-tf 37? D street. Nmm" |> WILLIAM BRADLEY BEOS TO lit inform the public and his friends that he has on hand a large stock of Marbla Mantels, qtnie a new *tyle. Also Monument Head Stonca. Table T??pi. 4o , which he has to dispose of at prices to suit the time*. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to, ina2S-9meo Pa. a v., bet. 18th and 49th sta. Baltimore life inbukanck co.-in COBPOKATXD I83U ? JoHK L DORiUMR, PrM.i yiiWrKkMfaVZ" - BU?? Deeoriptiva pamphlet* mar be obtained at .the Company's Agency for Ua Distriat af Co turn bis, *oe of Lewis Johnson 4 C<S, Bankers. 10th streS A mm YKLI.OW PINE LyMBBft. | LL Descriptions of the above Lumber, for JOY fc It ETC A LP. TiftelS'iWUrf1 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. RALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. L> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHA58B or Hofrs. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th. 1880, train* will ran aa follows: Leave W&ahington at 6 20 and 7.4" a. m. Leav? Washington at 3^ and 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. in. Leave Baltimore st 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.30 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the Ea?t will take train* at 8^0 and 7.40 a. m and3 2>'p m. For th? West at 14-' a. m. and 3.2^ p. m. For Annapolis at7.40 a m and &2P p. ni. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. On Saturday evening theS.20 p. m. train rom to Philadelphia only. jt> 13-d T H. PARSONS.Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TBRBB DATS WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. i a Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashtnlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nfw Orleans and JaJison, TO NEW ORLEANS! rar-mrnis nui 11: Memphis by Ra I, thence bv First oiass Packets to Mew Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery hr Rail, thenoe to Mobile t>y First class Packets. Mobile to New Orleani by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scjipsys IsrLfDED, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p. m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leavr* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6Jtf a. m. and SA? p. m. and oonneot? at Alexandria with the Oran|e and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwest. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAS8AQE CHECKS!) THROUGH TO HEW ORLEANS. Lynchburg . ..$3 50 Memphis #31 on Bristol I50f> Atlanta_^_ 2K no Knoxville Macon 28 On Chattanooga 24 on Columbus 31 5n Dalton 24 W Montgomery 33 on Hur.tsville .i7i*> ) via.Memphis.?2 5" Grand Junction ..9)on N.O.> viati. June. 42 50 Nashviile 25 *1 S via Mobile. 46 on THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is iOO MILES SHOKTER. and "24 HOURS LESS IV T1MW than any other l ine?the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, as also th? Mississippi Centra', making it the Q UICKEST AND Af OST PLKASANT ROUTE FOK SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! ! To New Orleans Hours. Memphis??. 54 do, Montgomery ? 53 do. Nasliriiie.....? ?_.46 do. fCTThe U.S. MAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets oan he obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av euiie, to the following pointsLynchburg, Bristol. Kooxvi!l?, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huutsville, (irand Junction, Macon, iNashvilie, I)alton. Coumlus. Montgomery. Mobile, Mciiiplud. and NEW ORLEANS. !p- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. I r-?? t I in n 1 Kn sac an/1 () ? it A W? <ri>na ' na t-n 11, a i / ?? liini i'unur nuu it n^uua iuo> o ii:r? office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. *v. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her i. trip* on TUESDAY, 2lat of jf ^ February. lWjn. Will l*?*ve WASH C^Kwr^ INGTON every TUESDAY aud*W*H ? FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook a. in.,ai;d ALEXANDRIA at ha)f-pa*t6 o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate landings. On her retnrn trips, she will leave CUKRIOUAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L, BOUSH.Ag't. Alexandria. ?eai P FQR NEW YORK. ^ASSAGB^lNC^INe^MEAUS AND The New Yors and Virginia Soraw Steamahif Company's new and elegant steamahip rfi^i MOUNT VERNON,CaptT.C.Smith.^iKC will leave the Coirpany'a Depot, tern Wliarvea, atll'o'olock a. m. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'* Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. name day. Paatengera from Washington and Georgetonrx Man talra #V>a A/\B/kkaa iwinr A/>fl nw witk i Iav>> zl.ia i ifl. 11 bAk D HID UVUV *1 *waucwwnj ? llll ilirAOiiUl 1| te?int">^t8 or railroad, which leave the corner o| 7th st'eet and Fa. avenue hourly, or they can leave on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'olook a. m. State rooms oan be engaged on applioatioa *? Messrs. .Morgan tc Rhinenart, Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the hours of depar lure. JL7" lnsuranoe will be effeoted on all goods by thistice at the oAoe of the Company at X per oem premium. The aooommodations for passengers by this lint are in every respect first-o ass, and every effort wil be made to render this communication with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL k. CO., set-ly S6 West st, oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS (las closed his office for the season, and will be absent, a* usual, dtirinc the stun mer months ; will r?*urn? practice about the 1st of Oct b?r, of w;iich further notice will be givenjy 10-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILL8, after a practical test of two years, feels that he oan with oonbdence mend the Cneopiastfo Process forinserti^flMhtf artificial teeth It has the advantages or***'-"* strength, beauty, cleanliness, and cheapness. Fall upper sets inserted for ftf. Partial id proportion. OIBm 306 Pa. avenue. ?el fJ?E?MAK | SINPSOII'J w*yLtA^oli?\ imagnoliMmagnoli/u) We offer for sale the above atandard brand of floe Copper Distilled Malten Rye Whisky, in bar rels and half-barreia As it la of oar own dietilla tion.and highly improved br ace, we ooufrdently recommend it aa the rrassT and beat Whiaky that oan poaaibly be distilled. We alao offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest atoek of Fine Whiakiea in the United States FREKMAN A SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohnyikill river, Phila Officea?9fi Wall atreet. New York ; and 109 Sodtli Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar 29-ly Look o u t f o r pai nt AT No. ftlil SEVENTH STREET, Four Doort South of Odd Fellowi' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON"lias opened a PAl.NT SHOPand PAINT STORKon the New York plan. where can always be found PAINTS, OILS, 01.ASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac., at wholesale and retail. _ MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, Amu Buckets with Rkushk* to Loam! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sign. Ornamental Paintiui; aid Graining. stained and F.namelled Glass of all kinds always on aand.or fuminheil at short notice. He warrant* sati?(actioD in all work *ntrn*t??il to his care, and is cou?d"nt that he can do work as cheap, if not cheaper, than an* other establishment in tliis fiitjr. Give him a call. Don't torget the number?tl is 51U Seventh street. ma MMf PUTTY IS DOWN. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " D Strut, Btttrten 9'.k and lf>?4 Strttts. We have just finished a numt*r o< first class CARRIAGES, such as Light Pntvv. amtm.a Watvn*, Park Phmtons. Family Car Tiat'3, ami Butties, whioh we will ?llaaMt" ? a vert small profit. Being praot cai m?ebaBiee in different branches of the business, we flatUr ourselves that we know the stfies and quali'j of work that will give satiyfantioB. ooinbimnc lichtness. onninirt an<i . ty. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the ahorteat n' tioe and mo?t rHiooablt eharc*a. WALTER, RARMANN A BOPP, Coaehmakera, anooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook, ptf-ilty _ _ THK PHILOSOPHY OF COMMON LIFE, by beorie H?n" Lev**, author of Life of GetJM. *o., Ao.. 3 volumea; frist 92. Tneeeoood Kdmrd; 1 j&Sjfijjfo HOHUNi jfi ooniT Eleventh at. aod Pa. ar._ BICKERING A SON* WORl D WIDR fa.m? PIANOS, for aaJ# only at JOHV V. Eb LI*'H, lOii Pa. kT?rn?. between 9th and loth ata Alio. Piano* fur hire by the day, VMk.or month, upon *a*y Urmt. (? M*t kemm Ama in aaaAnJ Wa?J ?? - 1 ? M # MEDICINES. W PURIFY THtf BLOOD. ITH Corrupt, disordered or vitiafrd blood, yo9 must be siok all over. It may bunt out id pim plea or tores, or in some active disease, or it mar m?*re It keep yon listless, depressed and good for nothing. But you oann?t bare good while your blood u impure. AVtR'S S a R3a PA KILL. A purges out th??e mpurities anu stimulates the organs of life into vigorous action, restoring the health and expe ling disease Hence it rapidly eures a variety o! oomslainW whieh are caused bv imouritT of tne blood ; iu h m ?orofu.a u>r King* I smori, I'loer*. >ore*. Eruption*. Pimpie*. Biothe*. Bile*. i?t Anthonj'i Fire, or Eiyaipeiaa. Tetter or Salt Kheum, 9oalo Head, Ringworm, Canoer or Cancerous Tuinora. Sore Eye*. Female Dia*aaea. iioh a* Retention, Irregularity. Suppre*aion, White*. Sterility, 5*yphi i?or Venereal i>i*ra*ea. Liver C.'inelaint and Heart Diseanea, Try \\ ER'S SARSAPa R I L.1.A . and aoe for yourewf the aurpriaing activity with whioh itoleanaea the blood and eurea ths disunion. AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL la to universally known lo aarpaaa every other rein djr for the cure <>f Couth*, Co.da, infiuenaa. Hoarsen*#*. C oup, Bronchitis, Ineipient Coaauinption, aud for the relief of Conaunnptive Patients in advanced tace* of the dia'ase, that it ta uaeleaa here to re count the evidence of ita virtue. The world koowa them. AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS-for Coative nea?. Dvaoeptia, Indirection. Dysentery, Foal Stomach, jaundice. Headache, Heartburn, Pile*, Rheumatiaw, Dropsy. Worm*, and in ahort for all the purpose# of a purgative madtoine. Prepared bv J. C. AVER i CO., Lowell, Maoe , and aold by all Druggists everywhere, je 21 -eol m XXa Ha 1* IirWEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For ?// Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNENVELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOIjU ^ V ISJ3S, TA? Natural and Sure Rtmtdy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through a.l cmh where Opium was ever used to that of l)?liriuin rremens, aud the common chief c.\usa of Disease I.OSS OF SLEEP. The Toju Anodyne, though containing not a partiol?of Opium, produces nil the requirements of. and may be used in all oases wherever Opium was used without producing anything but Cures, and , leaving the pationt in a perfectly datura! s ate. The Universal Cough Rmiedy, ((reed from all the common objection of ? ough Remedies, which | Grodnoe nausea or prostration, i may be considered j jo common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Com p ainu.sna u?eu wun perieci impunity AMirt 1 ail to oourt from proprietor* or friend* the moit aevere investigation or both R fined i*s, and readme of our pamphlet* to belunnd with all dealer*, ana more particularly to pureha?e only of tboa* who c*n be depended upon, we wait in oonlldence the decisions of Patient* and Phywcian*. "Price* within reach of a:l " gknkraj. akknts. J. W. HrNSEWEM A. Co., 7 and ? Commercial Wharf, Boston, Gko. Hunkkwkll, 145 Water at., New York, Under the gp?oial supervision <>f JO!) N L. HUNNEW K1,L, C hernial and Pharmaceutist, Boston, ! Mas*., whose signature cover* the oo ka of the I genuine only, and to whom addrea* all communication*. iSoid ftj all respectable dealer* evey where, and all the Druggist* in Washing ton and Georgetown, mar 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FI.UID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Soeoifio Remedy For PiWMM of^ lh? BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRA.VEL.sikI DROPSICAL. SWELLINGS. This Medietas increases the power <>f Digestion, ami excite the ABSOK BKNT8 into health? ac ti?n, by which the WATERY OR CALCEROl'S depositions, *" UNNATURAI. ENLARGEMENTS aro reduoed, as well as PAIN and INFLAMMATION, a?d?i8 roort for men, women, or children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BI?CHU. For Weaknesses Arising froir Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse. Attended wtik the following Symptom.* :? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, | Loss of Memory, Difficulty of HreatMn*, . Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wrakefu!ne*?, ! Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal l,v?aitu'ie of the Muscuiar S?stem, Hot Hand*, Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the 9km. Eruptions on the Paoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. Th??e sTinptoms, if ailowed to go on, which this i ipeijicn* invariaf'l? reniov??, rnxm f?ti>w? IMPOTKNCY. FATUITY. F.PILF.PTtC UTS, ! i* OMt or VVHIrH THK PaTIEST mat ExF^KK Who can sav that they aie not fr?quontl? followed l.y thos- 'DIREFUL M^KASES " "INS \NITV AND CONSU MPTION." Many are aware of tne cause of their differing, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THF. RECORDS OF THE IN SAN K ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Lralhs by Con; umption _B?a.r ample witr^tfcto the irirth of the assertion. 1 THE UWWPTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid ol medicine to strengthen And lnvir<?r?.t? the "*??tom, Whick Helmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU w?r?rtabiydo'f. a trial will co!?v#kce thk most skeptical. F K M A L ES-FE MALES?FEMALES, OLD OH YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Bucha is unequalled bj any other remedy, k* in Chlorosis or Retention Irregularity, Painfulness, or Suppression ofCus tomarv Evaouations, (J'cerated or Soinbou* state of the Uterus, Leuoorrhoea or Whites, Steriilily, and for a 1 complaints incident to the s x whether arising from Indiscretion, HabiU of Dissipation, or in th? DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. see symptoms above NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Takf no mort Baliam. Meretrry, or unpltatant Mtdicn* tor unp.*">ani and Danterour lUttaset. HliLMBOLD'S EXTRACT UUCHIl CURRft SECRET DISEASES In nil their Stage*. At little expense; Little or noohangein Diet: No inconvenience; And no Erpofmrr. It <-&uses n. frequent desire an-i give* strength to Urinate, thereby Removing Obstructions, Preventing ami curing Strictures of the Urethra. Allimnic Pain and Infl%mmation. so frequent m the ciasn of disease*. and expelling nil Poisonous Diseased, and worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS I WHO HAVE BKK* THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS. and who hav* paid ktavy fees to be cured in a short I time, have found th*v were d^oeivtd, and that the | ' POISON" lias, bjr the use of "powerful a*T*i"?6K!?T9," been dried up in the system, to break out in an aicravated form, and PERHAPS APTER MARRIAGE. Use Extract BucHiifnr allafleotions and disease* of th* URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAt E OR FEMALE. From whatover cau?e originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of th??e orga^ x r**q in re th? ai<' ol a Dmrttt HKLMBoLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU , IS THE oREAT DM RETIC. And is certain to have the desired effect in all Disease* FOK WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. Evittfitrr of the kiiwI reliable and chatter will accompany the medicines CERTlKlCAl lis i'F CURES. front H to 20 years' standing. With Namk? knows to SCIENCE AND PA MR. Price 91 00 per bottlr, or six for 00 Delirared to any Address, securely packed fr? observation. Dkscribc srnrtom* in all Communication* Care* Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared l>efore me. an Alderman of the city of Phi a<!el|?hia.H. T Hklm bold,who being duly ?worn, doth say. hit preparations co. tain no narootio, no m'reary. or o.her injurious drug*, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HKLMBOLD. Sworn and subaoribed t?efore me. this 23d day of November. 1864 WM P. HIBKERD, Alderman. Ninth street, above Race, Phila. Address letters for informat'on in confidenoe to H. T. HKLMBOLD. Chemist, Depot. 104 South Tenth ?t . bet Chesnut, Pfclla. bKWARK OF COUNTERPEffs AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to diapose * or thkir own" and uinan akhvi?bb u.i ma BiruTATiOll ATTAIRKD Helmbold'a 6enuine Preparations, " Extract Buchu, " " " Saraaparill*. 44 44 Improved Rom Wuh. Sold by P. B. Waits. 940 Seventh itreet. aod 8. C Posn, Je, corner Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, Jmti&tgsitff. mmsmh. Cut out the ad vertieement and *end lor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eolv WASHINGTON V? (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avenue ami Tenth Strut. J.~cT MVsGUIRE, President. G. D HANSON. Secretary. ma7-*otr HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES The?e Scalea are offered to the jnblio aa the i moii eimpie. aaraDie, and reliable M?lM?T?r nt ta aee. FiratclM* premiama have bwn awardedthen Vermont state Fair, kc., Jto. In every oate where ftswisp; Chined Iroa8afee. E* C PATTISON. AML EMBERS OF CONGBK88 AND OTBEB8 about leaving the city eboud uUfe.nd^g^^ exam'te < ur great rtook of Piano* froin|HBH Chiokenng k Scne' creat factory, a* aleoWTTTl a nember at wood aeonod-hand. nearly new Piaaoe, Melod eone, Goitare, PI a tee, WMUHMTambonnet, Aooordeona, Mueie, Maeie Hooka,ke ,6a. J<?HNF ELLIS, je Si 306 Pa. ar.. bet 9th and lath ate. , w??.?ai2? ^ MiaCKLlANBOUa. v r,,p.j7s\ s- * * ?r*p-* x /^./ Mno*r\^\ f * DISPATCH! ^ * y \^/TSa?e the_ Pieces! At mctid-nt> *n U karrrrr* t? ia very deairable to hare some cheap and convenient way fur repainn F arm to re. Toy a. Crockery, ft o, SALDINO'S PREPARED OLl'l meeu all such emergence*, and bo honeehoM eae afford to be withoat it. It ia aiwava ready and ay to the sticking point. There ia no longer a neoeeaity for limping ohaira, apuntered veneers, headieea and broken oradlea. It ia just the artioie for cone, shell, and other ornamental work, so popular with ladiea of refinement ami taste. Thia admirable preparation la used o?ld. being ohemioall- held in eolation, and aoaaeecing al! the yaiuable tua'itiee of the heat eabinet makers' alue. It may be used in the piaoe of ordinary mnonage, being vaatiy more adbeeive. _ " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prut. 35 oenta. N. B.-A Brush aooompaniea each bottla Wk9U*ml* Dtrot, No. 4!? Cedar atreet. New York. Address HENRY C. SPALDING * CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Put np for Dealers id Cun containing Foar, E'lht.ind Twelve Dozen?at>eautifsl Lithographic Show Card accompany i?? each parkace. -*?7"^ ?in41*' bottls SPALDING'S PRE PAKED OLVE will save ten time* its oost annua iy to every household.??J| Sold by all srominent Stationers. Druggists. Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooers, and ! aaoy Stores. Country merchant* should make a note of S PAL DINO S PREPARED GLCE, when making up thfir li?t. It wi'l ?tnn<l s? y climate. fo jfl-ly '$}.$ fSWm ! ^ a if 'Xri" w *.?*? *t KUK'trftir#* *wehi' jP I ^ 1 ^ jA W'*Af (fi# Jdni JhHt'ier t% V* I y C* f f P ar tk* r^d'ey *f ikt JfsmnptkeJ*,) from J( >7Q0 - JV** f*** if bf jf "pO^CJL yw ' *-?. 3^5 Mfikiiiiuflfl41 ? // n prttir i r ^ ^ ^ ^ u? ?A*? rA^ fr?% r4# F?//??? ?'* ?*?*, ? ^5^ ^ Jm?/ii m>id k f A<? hr4t'0 ntJm. It it rt |V ^ O Wjk f ?w??v?</' / A? fA' tifll /I^IK-WM w *n! to. IA? r?M-^??i? ii? jwi<???i Jk ty ^ ? 05^ ul Sole Proprlntor. X. /^* ,' p'?h??>. ' V CAUTION. DilDrutccoo ounm n or r>*nrrin onuum uc unncruL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MMiwmw WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE *& ? A Wl * * * * ? ? ~ " " IFV1I I MIIUNANU ft LUUNI tKf tl I OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDA1Y, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM S: NEW YORK. tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY j 7 ly BARBOUR k SEMME3. PARAFFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LidHT KNOWN! We are now reoeimn* Hat&fiine Oil direct from the works in weeWn Virginia. The quality of it i* excellent, prodiioing a steady, Knl.iant *r<4 utiTu ?n' ^ ?? ? ? * * ? uiiiowu- mm WMMIH ngMi,wiil4 lUV'l O fllVWUI W th? eye* than/u ught. This Oil is free from ad u'teratlon, and very much more economical than many of the Coal Oila used at tin* time. 1-7- It is in no way explosiva. We keep aieo a supmy of the moat approved atylee of Law pa, 4c., 1 >r burning this Oil. KING A BURCHKLL, Agents for it? aale for the Distuet of Columbia, Corner t-ifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 CARRIAGES. HE Smbeenber having made additions to hi factory, making it now one of the in the District, where hie facilities forUH^^R mar ulaoturinjt CAR R 1AGK A LIGHT-^^^"? WAGONS of all kinds oannot be sarpaaaed, aad from his long experience m the haeineee, he r.opea *0 tire ganera! satisfaction. All kinds of Carnages an4 Light Wagons kept ea hand. A11 R E P AIRS nttlT d ens, and all ardars frsap! ly ittradM to. Saoaad-kaad Carrtaiss taken in exohanxe for wrw cm andrewtjovce, 4 li lf ??rnmr ?t Uth I.M K Mi Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this day. embracint all nun 1 glijft. tie* and sues of S<> e Leather, 1-a &(lft Dress and Packing Trunks. Oar trunk^?1*? oal*s room exhibit* at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisite* at moderate prices, to be found this side of New York. Also.evW description of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CAKPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, fco. J Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., Trunk Sales Room, mar 31 -tf agtf Pa. avenue. Pc. snyder, lumber and gas fitter. Philhabmowic Hall, South fid* of Pa. ar.. Uftt nf Elu-mtk it . Will introduce W ater and Gas u?on the n.ust <k vorable term*. P. 8.?I have on hind a lot of COOKING 8TOVE9, and a? 1 desire to oloae thotn oat. will oil them at oo*t for oath. ma 7 Electro phy?*ioi.ogy* and electro The rapeutic*. ahi-winc the host method* Tor the medical u*e* <>f Eleotricity, by Alfred C Garratt, M.D.I vol. 8vo ; pnue $ ? The South fide View of slavery, by Nehemiah Adam*. D D . I vol ., pmc OS crnts. Lucille, by Owen Mer> dith, 1 vol., blaeand gold ; prioeT* oent*. Part 6 of Tom Brown at Oxford; enoa 12 ooctt. ForuUeby HLANCHAKU & MOHt'N, je 15 Corner of nth *t.. aad Pena. ave. Mrs. bchoolcraftis new novel!? The Riaok Gauntlett. a Tale of Plantation Lif? in Soath Carolina, bj Mr*. Henry R Schoolcraft. wife of the Indian Hutorian Prioe |IJS. Junt pubmhed an<< for aaleat PH1LP A SOLOMONS I . jtM at 11 111 DaaW-A?? 4?v-?vpv/,4kiiu UWIIHTIDi 334 P?. ?v., hot. nil ami loth ata. 8ol" Agents lor LkDrtnot'i Celebrated Foreign Station wry. jeif I. ?. ?. LUUJU ?. B. MOTT. I. V A*TBT. AMAR, MOTT * AUTEY, Li A7T0kirMYS-AT-l.Am Will rrutiM IB tieIlJjrh Conn of^Krrori tad Appeal c at Jao k so n, the FederaTQeart at Pectotoe, the ConrU of the tWf??Lh Juaic.a. Diitwot of MiaSB&:es.;,a,i "Jxr l&COB RKKD, ? Mmricmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, SOVTHBAST CoBBBB SbcORD ARB tSPBBCB Sft^ PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR SALE lO AAA GALLONS. gHAJIPAGNE AND 1M|UUU UK AH ACCLfc CIDER.?We UVlM the aitt*i>tKMi of the pubiio to ou larie ud w?l m !00ted stock of Caampacne ud Crib Apple Cider, we gnarantee to be sere 'uiee, and will be cold on reasonable terms IE order to make room for our spring stoek. Giveaeae*. s.t th? t'niot. Bott.:n? Dent fee No *7 flr<M?r et.. RennretnVe f\ONT FO?GET TO CALL ON ?MITH. LP No. 4 60 Seventh St.. to buy yoer CLOTHIN6. c?.f!V]?p3r3M iiSH&S'Z f.So6." SMITH sells his Goods Cheaper than any ether iiumiuii iwvii DAKElB1 BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?We O oaa at all sea so es of the year supply yos with erary end of B attar, verro hoi oa. WeMmtosa aow aa low as ten sent*, and from (hat ap to the fc"a,TteS!X4jmt 'J'HE^O^KR^ HAT, j??t arrived, by exprcM T& rNK *, ^MBMITH?S, N ?M A LO-RGK l-of $ MuL* For'eijiiud Am*"**?. formal* at half prio* for on* vtak only, atUtMt 'mat* W ? *mFinTT_ -sso" ~cTOjfrwiCTk *.?. MED101JNIK. l)m ,tM^?uriiwM LlHI HfKriTAI.. Mm Pu#?*?rW th* mt?t (rmn. Sft?iif. mm4 wif JE/KNNi Kri+t4f IK tkt WfrH. FOR ALL DISEASF!* OF IMPRVNNOK. mt \n m sr nFLICACY fhKfKHT APPLY IMNM ATCLT. A CVhk WAKHAHTHU. Ok NO CHAKBM. IN bkOM OA A TO TWO DAIS VMIiimfUilui lirrttm A Imumi m4 lk> U< B>ad4*r, io?? n:>.rv l>>?'Jar(M r.arO Ortiiiu. H*r*ra*> m. Dnptn* U ftr V"? frtnu.C*iMt Pilpuim ?(it?<ww.TWi<K>, vn?>)i?n, D\mut? tffci M liiMnMi. IliMM (li t TVrwv, >? ? Mm. AfcciMu* ml th? L*um%. Sim >>(k *r th??? Tarnbi* pMrrOcn tn?u.( W? l?iM7 Itkm ( Tnik-'.hm u4 l>tc.r?ru*? fMceeii ?*"t? nttil Miini(? U-. mmt twrM Ml> Mf M?4 TOttHi MICH Bap*ti?;lv ?k? k"i t?ni :ti viruawW Miliar* Ik>. 4r?aifkl u4 ?mui; U?* ktktl ?kiu > 11 ? i>Mfi M u (tiUiMit (!- l.. nm?4? W Vni>( Mai ?f (? mii Uitk\l and tnlUnt l;.;a..atl. *U u gh. mIikim k**? Htfuiad tmtnitif linttH *Hk U? IMt^an mt i.mhmi h ? ?? m nwm ta h?u.f ifN, a?r i i ll f?' m*i <MM. maki> ir rnii ni ? i i *aa aurrtua. katr.f ftnili H(MI? dabilMy, idgw nt:aa. 4c , a| aadil? car** kf wtte fiacaa bimaalr Midaf tla MM W Ol i "?f cwMi ib la hi?f Ma f*?tia*aa aad mMlrtl; > i pa< ba ilUI aa a pbvaieiaa. urriciciu iiciTi nti'Kii' trtiit. lafl band aid* nm| fra* I Jnmn atraai. ht <?m tna tkl ?M?t> Fail b*( ii uai >iaM baiter* at ba paid u4 aaaiaia a iu%f. o? jo Waahn af ia? Kay*, Lanafi alNi|iaa, baa daa. jiiItiw and tba fTaatar pari af afeaaa lifa fcaa baar af>aat >a MM baa IIUII af Lan4ar, Paria. n:la<aifka aad Utiaktta, baa alfaciad mill af tWa msat aaaarxabing ttrai (bat ???t a*aa fcnawii. Mhf UmS*I vub n (?,{ u u?a Mad and aara ban aar, yraat aaraaaaaiaaa. fcau.f aianaa*' ?t aaddaa aaaada. baahft. ? villi fraqaaat b.aaYn.g. actaadad MaKali vilfc darar ja<rani af mir-4, vara tar ad taaidiawtt. TAKE PARTICULAR HOTICB. Taauj Maa tad etbara vba b??a lanrad tr amaalaa* by a a art Ml practna ladalfie la * ban alaaia a babtt ftaqaaatly laarnad (raa am t?mp?inana. ar ai ackaai, tba ilacu af vbteb ara alfhily tatia'an wban laalaa^. aad if aat rarad. raadara aim |i ir > .-a* tbla, ar.d daa.rara bath maad aad kad*, aSeaid ?rP'T aiaaaa?*4aat?Iy. 1\?i >ri aana of tka a*4 aaa malar'l?at? (ficu iwImK ka #irl? kitau ?M'k *< * imm ?(iIm >< linbt, rilUM 111 th? l(M<,J)iaiiN4 rl Sip.v., Ijmm < MmiIii r???r, Pa.pauuao ef tha t(tart, I'??j | a? Niitm Irrilafcalt tp, Dir?|inn trftlii Difnvx liability, tpirmnw* of C?< n^piNt, Ac HKKTALLY.-Tm Iturfm. ( (?? iki MM ara a>??k M ?? ?f Mimry.Cwfwuii (Miu, af Iprfti. till PHt?4ii.p, AiintnrflKKU, Itll OwrtM, L??? af l*liik<(,Tii>i4ut, ait , .-.ra Mat W Ua a?ila pK RERTOII DM'LTT -Wiimlk ?? MT M|I vbat la tha cma cf tbaar <tcliaM( hnlit, Imv< thait ha aarnag vaak, pal*, narvaau and aanar iata4. baatag auifliil appaaraata abeai ti?a aaaa ctaph orifa>|4aaa?! MMtaptw PULAtlJ or IMP&l'DMfCK. Vkn tha niiftidtl m pradai.i aatur? af p aatiri taaa ka ha* itnMbad l)ii mi ! rfltiu pamfal diaaaaa. N taa aflaa kappana thai aa til ti?a(l aanaa of ab*n>a ar draaC at tftatavarp daiara hiw (rwi | u lima ?Ha, fraa adacai>aa a*>4 raapacuhilat*. can a fail a bafrand baas Ma fall* aula tha hamla ?l ifiinruti and 4??tfi,ing nrktandka*. ?h?. i> c*f*k4? f ' m.f. flick hi* pacamtry kaap bin mfltrg Ml iH? Mutk, or M lM| M Ul wnallMt f*? cm fek akUinoi. ?t>d ih daapair in- wnk raiaad kaallk u aifk var kia fsiin.f diMfi-ou iiaaat; ? * ky tfca ) tfcat daadir yum., M trcTy. tiKw thk caMautatiahil aynpian.a ' tkta tamMa diaaaaa, Mot u AI(ciwm?'i'i? Raar Tkmt. Km, ki< *t . f r?rr?M>r.f Witk frifktfM raridcj . tall flaatf pata * Htwd it bit aratdfw nftrinn aandmf kw u (kai M iituftitd uwiEif from ?imm\o?th m ira?alar mint ML JOaKION IftEMCnV H?? onoflllic V tAlllM AMD IMFOTfcl* T. Bf tfeia fraal u< ImMUOi rtiHilf itlnMaTUl ?i|i?? in afaadny f arad ?o? f01 <nj?r raaiarad Tmaaarda <7 ika ?t Mf?m? ia< dab<)itaiad. aka ka4 laat all kapa. ka?a kaan tmmadiataly ralil'ld AH imfatwaaa i* Munafi. Pk??tk*i ? Hon r>uiaal' luuana, lata af Pntn?U>l Pa??f, flartua lifiuUltiy Trim^'ufand Wntraaaat tihmun af ika aaaai faajfkj Mad ayaaadi'.y tin! nnmanirfl* ivm a a r pa km TIE MANY THUDUNM c.r.c uift.7 I'.llMM vMlt ika ! ?( t*?*m**n run, u4 ih? I'lairra i?p?n??i l?r?? Ml op*r?ti"i<* p?rfwni4 fcy I>r Mnwi, ttpor.iri *f tii* p?p?n *od mmny Mir wmn, r*i?*< d vt'ick boi tnxtr?< i|tin tftm fe*fer? Ik* paklx. fc* Mdn hia Mtnauf ? I (Hllmtt ( (ktncuml r*?*??? Mlny " f?araj>i** M U* *?i?i*d |u U i? Dr. j. bovek dod*j< IMF F.HI A L WIKE BITTERS, Are ni>t being u?<?d from Mama to the brM ttaif Lake, tui tne anivar?ai verdict of all who aaa either u a or m a btrrrmmt. M tha' th?y are untnryafd m the world Dr. Dud* aaed thann an oeiwfully in kit practioe for ft year* bafora 4 we purchaaad of him the aoe i icht h manufacture and praeant them for aala to tna public For tha cu-? of Ii.oipiaiit ConiuiMtiui, Indjieetioi. D?? pepaia. Pilaa. Nervou* l>iaca<ea. Femaie Coai plaint*, and all oaae* reqairing a tonic. they are be yond doubt a moat invaluable re.^ady. A aide from their icical pr<<pertie* they are a pure, whole aome and deiightfui Beverage, prodaciaf all the p easant exhi>-at:dk effect* of Brar.dy or Wine without their injunoa* raaaiia. i -?t al! fnaoda of humanity and ail advocate* of temperance a**>*< o* in fu^etituinr thaae valuable Vegetable Bittera for the mineral poifonf and n4vltrrmJ*d Ln?r? with which ttie connti t i* (IimmImi ud luerel t ef feo'aa.iy ai^ in ban atiing Itieeaaeaad Dranhaiteea from the land. CHARLES WIDD1FIELD k. COProprietora,?"* Willjaw atreet. New )?t J. AcHWaRZE AcMt, Waahii.cton, D. c. DR. J HOVKK IXIW IMPERIAL GIN BITTF.RS. For Dtaeaaea of the Kidney a. H arder aad Urinary Organi. and eapecia .ly for Femai* Obatractiosa. raver fai; to cure, and are warranted to fire aalit t*ettoa. CHARLE* WI DIM FIELD 4 CO.. Proprietora, 7* William at.. New York. J. SCHWAR7.E. je7 ly.r A cent. Waahincton. D. C. U16HLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! 11 MKS. COX S INDIAN VEGETABLE OECOCTION. It ta well known tliat in the Spring people are tore apt to oo [.tract dtaeaae than at ant other period. and it u equally w?i-kn<>wa that the nr to ward off diaeaae ia to keep the Mood par*, for "ail the lila that dealt ia heir to," arte* from imparl t? of the liln>?l the Mm > "f Hia, therefore, important to at I that tlH i? etem should be thoroughly eleaneed and purified, and this oan be don* in the most ffectua way t.? a si ox MkSM. COX'S INDIAN VMETAFLI DE COCTIOtf.tbe hest remedy diseore'wi f r the earn of diseases of 8k iu Erysiwslaa. ?orof?Ja, Rhesie* tiam, Nwyoui lability, Feven of different kinda. Dju^P", Liver Comp.sint, and all other diiMHi armnc from impunt* of the blond. It baa efieeted the moat remarkable euros, aa oan he ahown by numeroaa oertihcatec from person* of the highest respeotability, and is reo.-miaeiidby all who have bkmI it aa the moat invalaabie remedial went of the day. \ vrr It la eoid by all the Drac^iata of Baltimore, and at the residence of the proprietor. MftsiTcox, 1?9 Kaat Baltimore street. between Bden atreet and Central avense. None centime* her name ts blown en the bot'le and her seal on the oork. lL/~ Irioe $1 per bottle, six Imttlec for IV Wknlt \alt Af'ut- R. 8. T. ClMtL. Dr?i|i?i, GMri?t?wn, D. C., H koiMtlf Acrnt for tM ih? trict. and wul auppy the trad* at my priooa. _mar 27 tr rJ1 H K ALL 8VFF1CIENV VIIKK TRIE4EMAK, 1, ft, * ?, rr?i*n*4 k* Jveyai L*tnr> I'nimt of En*lmm4. mmd Mcwrarf by I k* / Ik* Rtmi* iU Pkmrmmr** 4* r?M?, end tk* Jmrm-.mi C*Uu* %t fini. No. 1 is mva.uahie for exiiauation, fcpormatorrtoa, and all akiyaioa. disabilities. No. 9 oompiotoly orad o%in all traoee of thooo dieoaaee that have been hitherto treated h? tM m mni and pernieioaa uw of onytm and e* bob*. No. 3 ha* entirely eapplantod the mjanoae aee of eroirj, thereby iniuruif to the "offeror ayeedy rohof, dia^eraicg ail impantioa, airJ rooting oat tho TRIKtfEM A R.N on. I.Sand ?.are proaarod ia tho form of a ioaoace, devoid of taete and amoil, aM oaa be earned is the waiatooat pocket. gold m tin oaaea. and divided -' r?*" ir tored Vaipeaa, Lalioraand. R?a*. Ricrd, Ao, Pnof #S?aeh, or KMir oaj?i (orflwt.ich aavoa f S. and to 927 oaooa, whorohy there ia a aaviM of ?. To he had, who eealeanJ retail, of Dr. BA R ROW. 194 Blooolcor atreetj four doom below KTeDotial 1 i?vw I Vim. 1 iwiuwiMPwy nfi i HUM 1IBf A TV mittenoo, Dr. Sarrow will torv&rd the TritMut toon* ??rto/ Uie vorld. wtut * pocked, mm! MdjTMMrf fcco. rdni to tk* ?o?trnotion* of Ui? wrtttw. bjr 8. CALVEET FORD, 6W1N0UM? 4*VACE*. Am ON !-Qm*ok. ,-ttwir Books, Cordial. Baeki. Hue?as.e, InVmmecu or EMl H>h n??IT? CUES. w Wit* ittmi nro o?S27?.j( rew, I* K f??t ml d*noe. yoorlnopd. ft forraor ..tfecor, aoroly nnr POE 8TAMP1N* . ^Vi A PACKET OF PAPEE y ~ AND ENVELOPES NU TO MATCE. UlllAAP * ** MIMHbLj METROPOLITAN * UOOKSTOftK, . PHILP * SOLOMONS. *l*t? for LHriwi'i Mi*hr?M Lim Pimm, I??5JSr"vv."^g;? ?w?. Q7Q T. POTENT1N1, QAf ft I *7 IHrolTH of fivf) 5.r;.K.r<^aa3rtws ?5: as\??! a? Tst'xzrzszt fr any order* for por ior OoaflMtoOM of kw 0*1 rT?^v'Jct;cV'if'^ s w.% fitt iHibl* atrlo. vtUi tk? mum taT d\? tt** WfctoV h?* dovr ^ $ SHPfeS , SgfSSgggH^ , I

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