Newspaper of Evening Star, July 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 13, 1860 Page 1
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0 ' II I (Ektmifi Slur. ^ Vs*. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIIAY. JULY 13. 1860. N?. 2.3(H). THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY'AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,! AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, < Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11/A si., BT W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in packa?es by carriers at 9* a year, or 3? cents per month. To mail sobsoribers the price la $3 5> a year, ta advantt; $2 for six month*; SI fur throe months; and for loss than three months at the rate of 12 cents a week. Single c?*pie?, oaacsirr;in wrappers, two cants. u_/ AuiruTiiuHTsitioald be sent to the offioe J*tore 12o'olock m ; other vim they m&j notappear uuti tfce next day. A WIFE'S TRIALS. " Margaret. I wish you would stop that child's crying," said Charles Mervyn. shortly, to his wife, as he came in one evening from hia office, and, sitting down before the fire, placed his feet comfortably on the fender. " Why can't ywu let Mary take him up stairs T" I am afraid he is not very well," answered Margaret, gently, as she pressed her infant to her bosom, and rocked backward endeavoring to lull it to sleep. ' All nonsense!" said her husband. "The child is as well as I am One would think he was your only one, to aee what a fuss you mike over him. Heaven knows I am sick of his screaming." Tho wife rose, and carefully wrapping up tho. little one, quietly carried him up stairs, and f laid him in his crib. She longed to remain n while with him. but tea was ready, so stooping over him she kissed his littlo forehead, murmuring, "God bless you, ny precious one." and left him in charge of the nurse. _ She crossed the landing, and, opening the * door of the nursery, two bright looking children bouaded forward to meet her. I) 1 mamma r>ri?wi i>?- ?' _ ^ cav) ? uuv U1 nine years old, " we wanted so much to come down'stairs, but you told us not to." " May we come now ?" said little Alice, put' ting her dimpled hand into her mother's, and holding up her mouth for a kiss. The mother tolded both her darlings in her arms, then taking a hand of each, led them down into the sitting-room. Papa's arms were ready for Charlie, and Ally sat at a low footstool at her mother's feet till tea was brought in. when they all took their 'places at the table. Mr. Mervyn had felt a pang of self-reproach *s his wife left the room so gently, but he r? pressed it, saying;, 41 She does not care, she takes every thing iust so." Margaret was the only child of a well-to-do tradesman, and for this reason had Charles Mervyn married her, never dreaming that in winning the love of such a woman he had found ? treasure more nrecious than could be purchased for gold, lie thought her cold and passionless, but her heart was to him a sealed fountain, and he had never thought to fathom its depths. She, on her part, so often < met with rude repulse, that she had long learned to keep in her own breast all those expressions ot attection that she would have poured so freely forth. On her children,therefore. she lavished the wealth of love with which her heart was overflowing. There indeed there was no need to repress the warm gushing feelings of her nature Yet she was a judicious mother. She had learned to conquer her own spirit, and thus she knew how j to rule over them. She encouraged in them ] tender, affectionate feelings, and unwearied I was her watchfulness The little ones regarded i her not only wifh love, but with a feeling al- i most of veneration. Long had she felt that it i r nuo ?w ??* < ?va uvi w uupc iur ucr uusoana 8 l<<ye; yet each day she attended as carefully to bis comfort, and spoke as kindly and cheerfully to him, with a patient, gentle faithfulness that hoped for no return "She had a hidden strength," which he mistook for want of feeling. It provoked him that she was so ftatient. When he saw how the children loved ter he would wonder that it was so; but as he did not love her before they were married, he did not think he aould now. After all, he thought. "It is the way half the married people in the world get along; and I dare say Margaret does not care." When tea was over Margaret went up to the baby and found him sleeping quietly. I will Band ran aom* nanrar M?r? " ??S^ ? ? * ? - ?r i?- j ?? j j her mistre??; k4and I wish you would stay with hitn a little while." She found her husband and Charlie reading ?nd Anj sitting on the floor dressing her favorite doll She also took up a book and re&d for *,oie time, when she perceived that her husbnnd had laid down his paper, and was shading his eyes with his hand. ''Shall I read to vi u, Charles?"' said she, laying down her book, and looking at him as he sat with his face turned away from her. "Oh. do not trouble yourself," he replied coldly without removing his band. For a moment the tears rose in her eyes, and bitter thoughts in her heart, but the next moment she answered, "It will be no trouble, Charles/' and she quietly took up the paper. Her tone was so very gentle and subdued that he involuntary looked up, but she held t, trie paper before her just then, and he could not see her face. He thought he must be mi9-' taken, and resumed hi* former attitude, as she read aloud in a sweet, clear voice. She finished, and laying down the paper without any comment turned to the children, saying, L ' Come, my dears, it is time for you to go." "Oh, mamma,"'said Charlie, 4,you know you said you would play us the 'gipsy song,' if we were good.'' Charli?." mill AIIt AlA nnl . j romise, not actually promise, she said if baby did not cry." Is he crying, Charlie?" asked his mother. Charlie hesitated a moment?his passionate love for music, and above all for mamma's songs, tempted him; bat he looked up, saying, I think ha is, mamma." Then you may stay till I go and see, and if he is not, I will come back and play." In aboit ten minutes she returned, saying he was very quiet; and sitting down to the piano, she *ang their wished for favorite. "Now kiss papa, and let us go," she said, as she looked tkatn ari f K ft. mAfh?P'l r\rirla '' U I UVUt " ? w ? |/i 1V4V> Mamma has such rosy cheeks to-night? how pretty she looks," said Charlie, climbing od his father's knee Mr. Mervyn turned and looked at his wife; but as she met his eye the color fled from her cheek, and the sad, patient smile she usually wore wad returned to her face. Mamma is always pretty,''said Ally, indignantly. ' When I am grown I mean to be just like her " ,4You can't be so good," said Charlie, $et llllg UUWU auu taaiug IlCIUlUOr UAUU,OUU WUCJT went up to the nursery. la about fifteen minutes Mr. Mervyn too followed, for feeling of remorse he ooald not thake off came over hiin and the qaiet of the parlor as he sat alone was unbearable. He did not wish to aee Margaret there again, so he determined to go to his room and sleep away these 'gloomy feelings." As he passed the nursery door, which was i partly open, he looked in. Margaret was sit" ting with her bask to the door, with one arm around Aliee. who was sitting in her lap, and the other encircling Charlie, who was Kneeling by her side. Suddenly the little fellow looked up thoughtfully. "Mamma," said he, "does not papa love yon V* For a moment she was silent, but her voice recovered its usual gentle tone as she replied, " Of what are you thinking, my dear ?" I uj, w utgub nuou jvu woio BU pi OHJ and rosy, pap* never -teemed to car* about it a at all, when be looked at 70a, you looked quite * pale?u you always are." Perhaps, my dear, jour papa does not show all he feels." she said in a tone that belied her words. "Aud, now," she added, '-will you listen while I read ?" The ehild placed one hand in hers, and one in bis sister s. and she opened the bible and read a few verses, afterwards explaining them in a simple way tailed to their childish understandings Then, kneeling with them, she oiTered a short prayer for pardon for the day's offenees, and for protection through the nignt. "Now, Cnarlie, dear," she said, "go to your room, and don't forget to ask God Yourself, to bless you; and to pray for pap* and mamma." The boy threw his around her neck, and kissed her warmly before departing Margaret also roee, and taking Alice by the band, led her into her own room, where the little girl always slept oo a small couch She started on teeing ner QiuDand. bat silently began to aodrM* the child, The baby wm qoietlj sleeping, and ?oon Alio* too * "Are you unwell, Charles?" at length ahe aid He made no reply, but itood leaning against the mantel-piece looking moodily into the fire. She thought he did not near her, and going up to him she laid her band on his arm, and repented the question. "No," he answered, frigidly, without lifting his eyes, or apparently noticiDg her in the least She looked at him for a moment, sighed, and removing her hand, went into the little room where Charlie was sleeping. As she bent oyer him the boy murmured,"Mamma," and smiled. "He is dreaming," said she, comforted for a moment by this thought. As she gased on him, her mind wandered far away to a land where no cloud can come over the spirit, and kneeling beside the bed her heart breathed forth its deep thankfulness to Him who had itnkKlful li**- "* *" ? 1 A vumvswi u?i ov ivu^ iu cuuuio. uu sqo prayed for strength patiently and cheerfully to bear on, in coming years, the cross H* had laid upon her. When she returned her husband was asleep. The next day at dinner. Mr. Mervyn suddenly said, 'Margaret, mother is coming to spend a month with us," and taking a letter from his pocket, be threw it on the table before ber. A look of such evident satisfaction was visible on her face, that a dark frown of displeasure settled on his brow. "Forgive me, Charles," she said, in a ?nntln tono of apology. "I will try and make it as pleasant as I cam." "I shall be obliged," said he coldly and bitterly. "You are unjust," she answered, sadly, "but you know your mother does not like me ; and that this dislike has made even you " "Pardon me, madam," he interrupted, "my mother's opinions do not govern me. I have judged for myself on this subject." "And why are you so very severe a judge of my faults?" she asked, in the same sad tone. "Your faults, madam!'' be exclaimed, in ? - icignea astonishment. '-Who said you bad faults? Oh no, those who do not feel are always perfect." And with a scornful laugh he left the room. She stood with one hand leaning on the back of a chair. The usually quiet look of patient resignation, now so habitual, had changed to one of intense suffering But as she stood, her thoughts went back to the time of her childhood. She gaied into the mirror that memory placed before her, and she saw only scenes of perfect happiness Once more a mother's arm encircled her, and a father's hand was laid in blessing on her head. Then came youthful hopes and detyor happiness. She was again a girl, treading life's flowery path. Around her played only gentle zephyrs; and she dreamed not spring could ever depart. Again the happy Lumuen siooa neneatn tbe vine-covered arbor, ind listened to the vows of him she loved; and now Shfclooked round. The servant had removed the table, and she was standing before the lying embers. Her dream had faded, and she pressed her bands together upon her bosom, iod murmured, *'And now." Strar, r-ifi. U-J ** " -- ""6??u uau ^imrgarci. r aun in a holier, nippier home, within whose peaceful shadow some no longings; where every wish would be >atis&ed, every murmur cease. Strong, too, was her patient faith in the heavenly strength that should be given her, to bear up under all tier trials She did not hope to win love for herself; and her life waa one constant fulfillment of duty, where the only flowers in her pathway were those scattered by her children Mr Mervyn came home in the evening rather later than usual, lie went into the sittingroom, and found the children by the fire, near which wag drawn a small sofa. " Ilush, papa," trkifin?rA/l 41 ?? ?* M ? uio|/v> vu vuai uCj " jruu ^III WRKC LUftlDfllft. We waited for you so long that she has gone to sleep. See, I have not moved, because she had my Land, and I was afraid I should wake her." He looked down at the little fellow, who sat 90 quietly and regarded his mother so lovingly. Liow dearly he seemed to love her! The husband's eye turned from the boy's bright face to the pale sad countenance of his wife. She looked very unwell, even suffering; and his heart smote him, aa ha contrasted her now with the blooming maiden he had, ten years ago, promised to love and cherish. Innumerable inntannea rrm? h?fnr? Kim ? J ? u>uj v/? uvi ivug-uuuiiuuua patient forbearance ; of kindasss unwearied on her part, met only by constant indifference on his. But could he acknowledge this to her ? Could he tell her he was wrong? His pride rebelled at the thought. No, he would be more gentle for the future ; and ghe would forget the past. Something in her dream startled her, for she opened her eyes, and sitting up looked round in surprise. " My dear bor." she said "have you been sitting here all this time? Why did not you wake me when papa came?" ?' He was right. Margaret, you looked tired, aid her husband very kindly, the glanced up surprised at this unusual tone, and the tears sprang to her eyes. Then rising with her accustomed gentle dignity she went to her own apartment and arranged her dress, before she took her place at the tea-table. For Margaret was extremely particular in regard to her appearance; she thought it was due to her husband and ohildren; and now the waves of her soft, dark hair were as smoothly parted as if visitors were expected. In her pale, intellectual countenance might be read indications of inward struggles and of victory. That peace dwelt in her heart which only the Christian may attain; but the touching sadnesa of her expression told that her earthly lot had much sorrow. Her constant dailj trials were known to but One, and suspected by few; and those who found in her a ready, sympathising friend, dreamed not that she herself yearned for a kindly word Yet she had learned not to reEine, at least not often, and her children new that in all their childish grievances "mamma" was ready to assist them; and into her willing ear was poured forth all their joys and sorrows. In the coarse of the week the mother came. She was a tall, haughty-looking woman, with a stern, forbidding countenance, and a yet more stern, unbending will. She must be first everywhere, and in her son's house wished to b* as absolute aa in her own. Sha was selfish, exacting, and jealous of her son's 1ot?. In fact, love for her son was the only disinterested feeling she possessed; and she oould not bear that another, even though that other was bis wife, should divide that love with her. Mar g&ret's patience irritated her, and ?he oalled it hypocrisy. She had done more to produce the coldness Charles felt for bis wife than >he heraelf imagined But Margaret knew and felt it, yet bar voice lost not its gentle tone, nor her manner towarda Mrs. Mervjn it* unvarying respect. About a week after the old lady's arrival, as Margaret was sitting for a few moments in her own room, she heard loud sounds from the nursery. She stepped to the door, and Charlie was speaking passionately. " You shall not talk so of my mamma," be said, "she's a great deal better than you are." ? You impertinent boy!" said his grandmother, angrily. "This is the way your mother teaches von tn nn?ik is it? It is wall you are going away " " No, it's not the way she teaches me,': replied the boy, swelling with passion, "My toother is always good, and I am good when ? am with her; and yon know it makes me angry, ia the raaaon you talk so." "Charlie!" said a low, displeased roioe at his side. ' Mamma!" he cried, throwing his arms around her waist, "oh ! mamma, I could not h?lp speaking. Don't send me away," he cried, imploringly, clinging to her tightly. "I am not good when you leave me?let me ?t*y by yoa alwayi," Little Alice came round ?oftly, and took her mother's other hand, and laid h*r cheek afaiast it. " This is a pretty way to bring up your children," said Mrs. Mervyn, sharply. "Charlie," said his mother firmly, "will you not tell your grandmother that you are sorry for speaking ao?" But the child drew more closely to her, and sobbed convulsively. "Yes, ves. that is always the way; kiss him and tell Lim he is a good boy, and grandmother is cross and old." "No, I am not good," said Charlie, "and mamms does not think so;" and going up to the old lady, he held out his hand, saying, ' Forgive me, I was wrong to speak so." For a moment Mrs. Mervyn looked astonJ ^ * ioucu, sua ivus mo cDim s band; almost unconscious that she did so. Charlie drew it away directly, and returning to bis mother, followed her out of the room. [to bi continued. | A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experienced N arse and Female Physio tan, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOUTHING SYRUP, Per Children Teatbing, Whtah ftaaUy taaililatai tb? praaaat af taaihiof, kf Mftaa IB( lh? fBnjg, radaeiof all iDlaainnUAo?will allay ALL rain aod apaaravdia aauao, aad it SURE TO RBUVLATE THE BOWELS. Dapaod apao it, matbara, it will five rait ca yaaraalaaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INPANTS Wa bar* pat ap and aald tbn irucla far a?ar tan jtar?, aad CAW SAT, If ConriDINCB AND TIUTH af it.arhatara ha?? nv ?r diid aaia 1*1 my aLany otmbk Madiaina? wbtbr mrs. Riifx riiLiD,!H a iikcl1 is- 8 t a n c b T? irrBCT A curb, WISSLUW S Whan tiicaiy till K * rdid wa kn?w cOilTHI" *n i"?taaea of di(aatiafaction by any ^ ' who aaad it. On tha contrary.all ara svv * <t ad with iu operations, and _ :a ttrmi ( htghaat commandation of ,?t > i ad madieal airtaaa. Waapaakin'v oo ilfow," aftartan yaara' aipa.i* ;i HIPCTAtioh for tub fulfil. ' * .V M h br b obCLabb In alrnoat a*ary i jib Infant la aoSarInf from pain and aBhaaatit. , if ' I ba found tnfftaan r twanty minnt?? aftar tha ayrnr ta .ilniatarad. Thia ?alaabla praparation ta tna j aseriptiao of rat a' tha maal b1pbribncbd and fbilful rcribi in Haw Bug laad.asdhaa baan aaad with !*bv br-pailin* IVCCIM "a THOUSANDS OF CASES. It aat aaly ralia *aa tha ehild fram pais, bat tavifarataa rta atarraeh ?nd bawala. e?rr?ru '- -?1 ? * w - - ? ?1 buu |i*m ivna ojdu aoarj y to the wbola ijilim. It vill almoat instantly raliara GSIPINS IN THB Bowm AND WlND COLIC, and avareoma conanlaiona, which, if not apaadti* ramadlad nd in daath. Wa1 balia?a it tha BIST AND (PR BIT R EM- FOR BUT In tha VOftLI in all eaaaa of Of*- CHILDREN IKTMTind Dill RH?a in chil- XEETHIIIfl orbh, whathar it ariaaa from taathinf 1 or from an? othar caaaa. Wa wooldaAy to a?ary moihar who haa a child tmlfartnf from any of tha forageing complaint*?do wot LBT tour m ui'Dirtj, raoR thi prbjitdicks or otniki, ataod bavwaan yoarriufferinr child and tha raiiaf that will ba ICII?yaa, ABSOLUTELY ?URB? to follow Ua aia of til inadieina, if tirralj u??d. Full diractiora fir uair.g will a tnmraiT aach botiiL Nona raniana nnlaaa tha facaimtia CORTlA * PBRKIN8, Naw York, ia on tha oaiaida witp^a oid by Drar(itti throughout tha world. Principal Omea. No. I> Cadar Strait, M. T. Prica on It 25 Conta par Bottia. aa 11-dAwlT aRORdli'TOWW A nVPDTiUTC v? m v/ aw v* ju a V/ v I iX JL/ f XL/XV JL iU. X O OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, 1?60, the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain W. H. Ritter, will leave Georgetown EVERY TIES ft DAY, THURSDAY, and SATUR-"*""^"1* DAY, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a m. On the Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdntown. je 21 3m ; ipOR HARPER'S FHRRY.-CHANGE OF r DA Y.S.? On and alter July 2.1A60, the teamer ANTE LOPE. Cant. H J. WBLL?,ovryingthe United State mail, wril ?ave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return every Tuesday, Thurnday and Saturday. I N. B?Every Wednoaday the AuteJup* will run through to Shepherd?town. je 5-2m* 1CA JUST RECEIVED, IOII BRLS. WHISKY, (asNorted,) 180 do. HERRING and ALE WIVES. < 25 do. MEFINED SUGARS, Ml DflD n !/ ?/? C-IT/i ?r, iv ihius, i v/i\ i u n iKsVJ ' 6 bbls.(Bay field) WHITE FI-H, 25 Ukxen priino EasternCHEESE. For sale low l>y JOHN J. BOGUE, jo 8 _ Georgetown, D. C. J AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN A. GEORGETOWN. 1 Tho andoraignod have boon appointed Agonta for tho sale of tho above ooiehratod and we i known J PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.! ' supply constantly on hand and for aaia at lowoat ) atea. HAY and COAL SCALES erootod in any part of the Diatriot or adjoining counties. All Soalos are warranted durable, aconrato, and to give satisfaction RITSPV L o * n w ? n r\ uvvu a ?*/ i> A IV i * A r\ I/, Dealers in Agricultural Implement*, je8-2rw Bridge street 2 door? wmt of Hi?h. C" RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, Xo. 1Bridge St., Gtorttttw?, Has conntantlT on hand a iarge assortment ol French Near-signted, Feriscopio. Col- ? ?-?. ore?l, and aP. othor SPECTACLKB, ol tae tiest qua.ity, ingoid. silver, steel, and German silver frames. N. ft. Old Frames Repaired and new 2.asses set in them to order. no l>-ly JOS*. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jefferson its., Oeorgttmen. Having given in; personal attention to this bianoh of my l)U*ines?, 1 am prepared to. _ attend to all oalls with promptness r?i>uui nuin buiiunca otn oeilip- " ? plied at a 'ew minute*' notioe. aa 1 have a large assortment of C??FFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the drad from the old to trie new burial grounda. Hearses ftnd Hor*** for hire. ap 10-flra MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persona who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARMY * SHINN, Agents, fie* flreen at.. Georgetown* MeDONNELL'8 CATAW BA GINGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA 61NGER WINE! MoDON NELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tki* Delicious Summer Beveragi, The Healthful and Tonio Propensities Of vhioh are now well known and Universally Admitted m? * ' - - , i nrnugnoui me union, la Nov For Sale in Washington by Jos. W. Davis, 8th and E st?. J. V. Coburn, 13th and H sts. Jas. E. O'Brien, 9th and I sts. Win A. Brown, 13th and P sts. W. 8. Jones, Mastaohnsettsav. and 3d it. Peter Mooaghan, New Jersey av. a~d G at. T. CogMJ, Pa. av. and 20th at. Jaa. Bligh, Uth st. F. M Urrae, Pa. avenue. K. K. White k. Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayes, 4th and H sts. George W. Orme. Georgetown, D. C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. JA8. MoDONNE' L, ty A eolm General A aent. H?.ltimnr? SELLING OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS.? JOHN R. MORGAN would respeot-^mg fully inform hit customer*, aud theconimu-BBH nity generally. that he has oonoluded tor ! clo?e hi* butineaa, and in order to do 10 a*" WW mon at possible will offer hi* entire stock of hi* own make BOOTS and SHOES at oo?t for cash, and hi* other good* at almost any price. To those in want of reliable good* for wear, l would say, give me a oall and you will not be disappointed A* I am about to eloae my business, all account* on my book* will be rendered on or before the l?t of (I uly. when I hope they will be responded to prompty, that I may meet with promptness the obligation* due by me. J.R.MORGAN, No. 303 south *ide of Pa. ar., je 14 bet >th ?nd 10th sts. f^AlRBANK'S.SCMdP-S.L a. raiRBAnm'SSCAIiES'! The Standard Scales of the United States. COUNTER and PLATPORM SCALR8.J HAY. COAL and CATTLE SCALES, HtJPf'ER or GRAIN SCALES, BEAMS and WEIGHTS, MARKKT SCAIES, DRUGGISTS'SCALES, COIN4DEFECTOR SCALES, TOBACCO SCALES, LETTER BALANCES, A0..A0., at factory prioM. J. P. BART 101.O W, la 16-eo lm xileaoat, Seventh aC. pea- t'?u -I. {^BICKERING * SONS' SUPERB PIANOS, F. BLUR'S. SM Pa. a*. | 1 1UCT10N SALES. 1? A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTY'S SALE OF A FRAME HOUSE i!?D Lo- at auction on nlsth St. west.? Br virtue ofci deed of trust from Geo. H. Gates and wife, duly raorded to the subscriber, I will sel, on MONl)AY?h? 16th da* of July next, 186". at 6 o clock p nvpart of Lots, in rquare 397, being and lying Id thejity of Washington, oommencinjt for the tame a the southwest corner of Lot No. 3. aforesaid, ad running north on the line of Ninth street west if, feet, thence east 99 feet 4 inohes, thence soutl2S leet, thence west fe-t 4 inches to the piaoe of>?-ginciug being said part of Lot fronting on the ?kst side of said Ninth street, and lying between P sid Q streets north, with the improvements theron, consisting of a two story Frame House withback building. Te ir.s: Ine-third oash; balance in 6 and 12 months, puahaser to give notes bearing interett from the dar of sale, a deed given and a deed of trust takes All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terns of sale are not oomplied with within three dayafroin the day of sale the trustee reserves the right p resell the property on five <ia< ?' public .wv tu.n* ow?>f OV IIB1 mm UU?i UI I the dafaalting purchaser JAMES W. COOMBS, Trustee. j? 2S-POt* A. GREEN. Auct [VI ARSHAL'S SALE ?In virtue of two wnU of 1?1 fieri facia*. i*nu*d from the Clerk'* office of th?Cirouit Court of the Distnot of Columbia, lor theoountf of Washington, and to me directed. I wil. expose to public sale, for cash, in fiont of the Oourt Itouae door of said oouuf. on MONDAY, th* 9th day of July nest, I860, at 12 o'c ock m., the following noperty, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, clairs and interest in and to Lot No. 1, in Square N j. 618, in the oity of Washington,!) C., together with all and singu'ar the improvement* tnereqn, wized and levied upon as the property of Andrew Roth well, and will be sold to wtiafv Ju dioia * N?s 2>4 and 215, to Ootober term 1859, in favor of Phelps 4 Kingman. W. SELDEN, U. 8. Marsha, for the Diatnot of Colombia, je 13 dts id-thk above sale is postponed u til FRIDAY, the 20th instant, same hour and p!ao?. W. t?ELDKN, jjSdts u.s. Marshal. MAR-HAL'SSALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieii faoiai, issued from the Clerk's office of the Cn-ouit Court of the District of Columbia, for the oourty of Washington, and to me direcre<l. I will expose to public sa;e, tor oaah, in front of the oou t house door of said oounty, on SATURDAY, the 9flrh ri?? nt lal> ? 1M> 1- ? * ??. ??j vra - mm i j wOM.%* IOO . OfcW I* U UIUUI Til , IIIO lOl" lowing property, to wit: All defendant's right, tytle, cam, and interest in and to a certain dwelling house erected on I,oteight(8)and the south nireteen (l? feet four(4) inches on Lot nine, (9) in Square numbered three hDndied and sevent?-seven. (377) in the ciu of Waehinc'on. D. C .seized and le-ied upon as the pro?< rt? of Ju ius Viedt, and wil be foIo to satisfy Judicials. l^o 330 to October term 1357, in favor of Jonathan T. Wallrer. J. D. HOOVER, I.ate U. S. Marshal for District Columbia. je28-1ts MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facia*, mmied from the Clerk's rffioe of the Circuit Co??rt of the District of Columbia, for the oounty of Washington, and tome directed, I will expose to pubiio sale, for oash, in f ont of the oourt house door of said county, on SATUR l?A V, the 28t" day of Ju;y next, 186\ at 12 o'olock m.^ the following propert?,to wit: All defendant's right, title, o'aini, and interest, in and to a c-r'ain builling erected on Lot No. six (6) in Square No nine hundred tnd forty nme (9f})as laid down in the piatof the city of Washington. seixed and levied upon as the property of Abol Griggs, And will be sold to satisfy judicials No. 836, to October term 1856. in favor of John Purdy. J. D- HOOVER. Late U. S Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia je 28dts FOR SALE AND RENT. F'OR RKNT-Three BRICK IlOUSES-one on Twelfth street, between C and I); one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts. ; and one on If. between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JA.MK8 \V. BARKER,on 11 street, between 11th and 12th, No. ?3S. ina 30-tf |70R RKNT-A three story FKAMh HOUSE, r on Eleventh street, between I and K- It quire of M. $wyder. at the Klamhing and (Jm Fitt ng L' a#? tak aw A ? / " Q ? 1 * umuuouiuoui ui v/. or.yuer, next door to tM Star l)ffiee. ma 34-tf Ij^OR R E N T?The three-story-and-basement BRICK HOUSE corner of Sixth s reet west ?nd F street north, one square from tto Patent ami City Post Offices?hemic one of the finest ami healthiest locations in the city It is arranged for i store ami dwelling; has a" l>ake oven attached Will suit a lx?ker or confectioner. Possession given an th? Uth inst. For terras, icc., apply to GEO. J. SKUFFERLE, at Jackson, Brother 4. Co, 333 Pa avenue. je 19-tf Ij^OR RKNT?Three first-c!a*? and recently built HOUSES, four stories high each, hand somely finished, and having all the modern improvements. such as wat*>r, gas, Ac., in one of the ve-y finest locations in the ?ity?on the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue, and opposite the Capitol grounds Any one wishing to rent a fine dwelling will find this a favorable opportunity, as I desire to rent them immediately, and will rent thein low. Inquire of P. W. HROWNlNfi. je 1-tf mo c ? i f * ?-- - ? ? *" " run ?.1 prum [Hirudin, iour acres ol wel improved LAN D, well suited for a market garden. with new dw^llin* house with four room* and kitchen; well of fin.} water ia the yard; under good fencing, and will be told low or exchanged for city property, and on moderate terms. The land is at Hall's Cross Roads, two and a half miles from Ijeorgetown, and in Alexandria county, Va. Apply to V. I'. CORBETT.over Bank of V\ ashington. ina 12-tf FOR RKNT?A small STORK, oorr er of 6th st and Penn. avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, auit&bla for a barber's saloon or oigar store For information inquire at the Hotel. mar 30 FOR^LENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the building immediately opposite the west wing of the Citl OA/uiniA^ K? *4 \lr?l!ei?W j vwwaj'iuM i/J V< liovi U. T C*. UV ti *e an office. Also tbe front room in the ssoond story and the third floor of the Mine building. For terms apply to RICHARD WAL.LACH.P4o. S Louisiana avenue. ja IS tf Senators, members of conuress.Two splendid suites of ROOMS, elegantly furnished, will bs rented during the session of Congress, in the most desirable locality in this city, being within one or two squares of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of such Rooms will do well to make early application at No. 379 8th street, between D street and Pa. ar. de 5-tf FH)R SALE?A nice three storv Briok HOUSE, on 2d street, between D and E streets, in Kibbey's Subdivision. The above property will bs sold on ea*x termf. Pnoe made known by insuir ingol H.W. HAMll/roiM A CO., No. ?6!i 7th street. opposite Centre Market. Titie perfect. fe7-tf |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE& CO.'S SEL.BCT SFIOES. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spioes, selected and c'aaned by os expressly for the purpose without referenoe to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent tujury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary crouud Spiees are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and richoess of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by _ r,. II. I>UKM!,K ? UU? fa IS-if.D& 1*1 Pearl at., Ntw York. FMRE, FIRE. 1 POTOMAC WATER. I am still encared in the PL.U MBI.NO and GaS FITTING BUSINESSat my n'datand in Philharm >nio Hail. The advantage of having a pl-ntiful supply of water waa readily obaerved at the fire of I am well satitfi?d I ahouid have hern burned out bot lor the boantiful supply upor my premises and th?t of my neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water arid Gaa will be prompts attended to. Terma aa re&uonab e a* any plumber in the city, jy 3 C. SNS'DER R0\VE*8 oriental balsam. ACckk ro* BALDNESS AND HEADACHE. This new discovery has produced astoniflhiog result* i j curing baldness and stopping the hair froin fat I inn off. It removes dandruff and all eruptions of the skin ; a certain cure for headache, ard a de lightful wash and perfume Price 5nc Dts. For sale by ?ies*r?. Nairn A Palmer, Chas Stott, L. M Smith, J Sehwartie, and Kidwell A Lauronco. jey 2w* WG A S FIXTURES. K Have in store, and are daily reeeivmr, 6AS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and D^sicns and Finish, superior in style to anvthing heretofore offered ia this market. We iovite'oitizens general ij 10 can an<l examine our stock of Gaa and Water Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the best elected stock in Washington All Work in ths above Tine intrasted to oar otre will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MsGHAN. mar 5-tf 37 * 1) street. _ PERFECT, NEW; ROSEWOODV 1 ' ' ease, lrou-frame, beautiful tone PIANO offered for ft 175, for a few day*, at JOHN F. EirLlft*8,S0? P?.av PIANos FOR R^NT, from half a dollar to Rfi Pit month. Also, great bargains in Seoond hand i it no* je 27 O NOTICE. ? KRSoNS Deeliuin* housekeeping or having a | surplus of hoaseh >ld effects can find ready sale bv oa: 11m ?t nur PanuiUat Store. 438 7th street, b?I H *tr**U' RUDOLPH BUCHLY. SUMMER RESORTS. CAKLISLE | The fsrArit* r?*ort for WIIITK II LPHIR SPKINttS, Air. (' vigor* Ct'MRKRLANO CO. VvJll Pennsylvania. (tool and ft O?o4 T?he. Accommo?*.tio!?? won for p?rticu!?r? ??nd 300 for Circular. OWfcNf. CM KNDKNTEKMS LOW. IN k VISSCHKR, j? ? 10w Carlisle Swnnt*. Pa. ^ALQUIKR WHITE SULPHIR SPRINGS. These Springs?5" milea west of Washington?n now open Tor the reception o( visitors. m . m A Th? subscriber, having hwome the par Vc!|BV chaser, will make every elf >rt. with oom petent awntanti, to regain their former reputation K atm?60 cents per meal; ?ar day; ?9 ?er week; $ an per calendar month; $y* for 2 inortht, children over} and under 1? years and oolored ser vaiti half price; white servant* three iourths; horses 50 centa per day Direct Warrentoc Springs jy 5-llt ROB'T HI DOIN. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFi.ER, Proprietor. Ntte York avenut, tntvr,r* 1st and 2d sis. In aal!inc the attention of the public to nty r rounds I would atate that every arrangement tia* A . , A < been made to make thia ''Retreat" moreVifS^V attractive every dav. Mondays the bar iiiAl dena are open to the public Iree of charge?a euno> rt irlDnn h w m sal Ka n/4 T k..?? .( a.. ?. at p?> > ? u; ?a iirnu. i ii\-or uru.iiu^ iu p^jny me danoe and waits wi I find the saloon in oomplete order to render pleasure to all. On oth?r days the proprietor will cheerfully grtfct tn* u*e of the grounds (or school or othsr Pic Nic Pa. ties without charge. h or the amusement o<"children he has introduced a numhfer of lit'le namei, never before seen in this citr. and calculated at the same time to amuse the "ola folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bottling Establishm nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their residence, of tnat healthful drink. LA'tt R BEJvR, upon short notice. j* IS 3m 4 nalostajtretreat. A ON A?I?I.O?TA?I Islaxd, Opposite Gtort'lorm and Wafkintton The subscribers having leased for a term of years this beautiful and romantic s?ot. opened A . . A it for tfee accommodation of ttre pur,ho onfpmf the31?tday of May, I860. For beauty scenery, delightful promenades. finhinr. a r ? i lea lit superior t* passed in the Union. The House is largeaod oomnoiliaun, havine entirely renovated It has a !ar*e Lfenoinc Paloon attached to the house, bes des Dining an t Dressing Room* for both ladies and gentlemen In addition splendid Arbors detac ed from the bui'dnrs. Parties, Families and Individuals will find it a most desi ab'e p ace to past* the sultry days of sutnmer, as every attention will be guarantied i<y the proprietors. The strictest police arrangements will bo enforced, and pohtl al discussions will be prohibited Tne l>arder will be found to <<? 1 caciis of the season at all timet. The par vill be tarnished wi?h the choiosst Liquors and ^ in** and the fin'st Serara. Societies, Sunday Sohools. Clubs and Militarv C*nuanies will find this the most deelrabie rrs rt near the metropolis for spending a p easant and or deHjrriat. fTy"Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded from the groan ia. Running and dogs prohibited. 07" Uoats will leave the loot of High street, 1 Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o clock a. m. ti 112 p. m , daily. Persons preferring a pleasant walk can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. We so icit the public to judge for themselves. ai-d feel assured of giving satisfaction je 9 eotf JACOB W.FOWKR" ? CO. PINKY POINT PAVILUON WILL OPEN f ir the reception of visitors on theA ? . A 26th of June. In oonsrquence of my ah f|f?f s?i!ce for several mouth*. Mrs. Dix wi uite criarc 01 me management oi the (*avnion. a* sisled by my tun. Thos. H. Dir. Board per wm ?3: hoard per month $28 je IS-eolm* W. W. DIX, Proprietor' WM HITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, OlIMBIIlI COCJITT, Vi. This long established watering place ?m opened for the reception of visitor* on tne 16th of A . . A Mm. mv M*ny new and important arrangements have been made since last season in thi* !* ?? . tablishment, and no efforts will be spared to make the guests comfortable. Persons can reach these Sprints by t he Oracle and Alexandria Railroad from Washington; by the Virginia Ontrai Railroad from Richmond; or by the Virgin a a-~d Tennessee Railroad fr<>m the South and Southwest via Lynchburg and Char lottesville, with only 3" miles star* travel. J EK E.MIAH MORTON, President I UITMBIIOl'va mm atv iU l linCt I Of General Superintendent. j?12-dtJnly 15 Msalt water bathing. AR9fiALL'9 pavilion. <Mo..r*'? Land lcic) will be open for the reo-pUon of viai- A . ? A tor* <>n the 13th of June. Thia delijhtfui ClBkW reaort for tboae ??ekinc health and p!ea? ure, ia unexcelled b? any plaoe of toe kind on the Potomac river It ia aituatml ah ut ote h*ndre?d miles from Waahintton immediately on the Potomso, and in lull view of the Ch?aap*ak? Bay, and famous for fine OjvtWa, Soft (Jraba. Sbeephead, and other Fish, and easily aoceaaibleb' the stesm bouts plyinc between Waahincton. Baltic're an i Norfolk. The underaifiied haa ina-e addi'i > | improvementa in I ia Bath House* and m? n. ..H>? improvements to the comfort and enjoyment of ins guests. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. Splendid Angling and p enty of Fishing and Sai inc Boats free of charge. He has spared no expense in pro viding a good Cotillo>< Band ur in laying id his stock of choioe W ines, hiquors.Segars, 4e.,and for ih'>s# who wish to avoid extreme fcshion and to seek a retired p'ace where they can make th"ms?lve? at home, tnera is not a more pleasant p;ac? m the I'nited States. The proprietor ple^g^e turns'-If that nothing shall be left undone on his part t > rend- r them so. Terms for boar<*: 91 SO p?r day, f >r lets thaa a week; for a longer time, 1.2S per ay; #3" per month. Persons wishing to address the pro pnetor will direct to Leonardtowu, St. .Mary's oounty, Md. O ^ D * ISm a nasi ? * ? * I jo u *i" ii< j i*iAii9iiALLi rropneior. ?/a" EONs-pLi"c~ -a? SI'lT THE TIMES. HARVEV8 Fi?h and Oyster Express. arriving daily from the North and South with the fallowing delicacies : FRESH SAi.MON. CODFISH, MACKEREL, SHKEPHEAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HOG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK FI*H, TAILORS, BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, HARD and SOFT CRAB*, CLAMS, *o. And a constant supply of Florida Reef GREEN TURTLE, and those fin? itrice Lynnhavea Bay SPICED OYSTERS All persons will find it to ..i - - " ' m auiBiiimihiiLivnic*ii Deiore jroi-nr to mar ket. an 1 have every facility to sell lover tnan can be had in the city. All order* thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the city free of charce. Depot?C itroet, between 10th and 11th. je 15 lin T. M. HARVEY, Agent. I. M. SMGEE & CO. GREAT REDUCTION In Prices or SEWING MACHINES! The Machine* are acknowledged the best in u*e, for fainil* tivini and ? Family Machine -:r.r-4sr-1 Letter A (for family or light manufacturing purposeit ?an Singer No. 1 Singer No. a fleo Twut, Needles, Cotton, Oil, 4to. WM. D. GLOfER, No. 389 PHuiTLriiu A*., , je 20-lm Under National Hotel. Bacon a raven's andstkinway a SONS' unrivalled PIANO F??KT of all style? and sixes. Also, several oHM other inaKea, for sal? ?t factor* price*, at*'* ' the sole a*enoj, M ETZ^ROTT'S Mosie Store. Several seoond-hacd Pianos ia best order, cheap. jm2S Awm. t. dove a co. nn ai ? - i&hq no* prepared u> mwbm u; order* Witt which the* ma? be favored in the PLUMBING. GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. ITT* Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be (bond a complete aaaortmeDt of CH i.N DK 1.1 KB S and other 6 AS. STEA M ar?d WATER FIXTURES. jaH Ij DMLPO ?T'S GUNPOWDER. For aal* at manalaetarera prioo*. by JOHN J. BOSUE, OaoaorrowH, D C~ S0I* Artnt* fm tk* Diitrta of fWaatM*. A lari* tappir, ambraoinc every variety, a)war* . on haad,anJ delivered tree to ail parta of the Diat iet. Ordei* oan a)*o beleft atthe^ftoeof Atena*' Kxpre? Company. Washington. D.tV > *-la?l? j r% 1 AM<ia ao d i?r u? nn < imu ' ritti?vu.?unn.i i nwmk rants Pian<>. in bMt order, for <7* ? On? ?x octavo Gaele Piano f r ##>. A >U'MQ I ??ry ?ood Prit>?* Melodeon for #3*. Poi??imf. a&l* on aooommodat u( tfrni at th? Mn?i? 9tnm o/ ~7U w w w HimPBn'rr' H. srteruA?; Ml of hie own make, that he will ef-ll aa low a* any of U?e Northern VVwh are eoM lor, aad at tiia as;.0i?,j5%,ssi.,""Uu*' tob""sv 4. THE WEEKLY STAR Th.t ?xc*u??t Family ud >ew? JowMl-?oa t*ituo? a greater variety of lntof?rtiB| readme than b*f?cid ! My otk*r-ii pab'iekad m Saturday mrmi.c. Tkbh*?Ot *, tnr+n+bly. im a4r+mr, Hin?le e?>py. per kinia t ire copies ?m Tfii copiN I H Twenty toyitt. 1? ? By ??*wenbinf in el ah* rateed amoac aatgkbora Wittuut tne :::t*rr*D n <( a a M w b- perceived ? per ceat. of Tk* Wnklt Simr will ho aave<!. It icnr?hi eoimm fV' * a*k r.|W>n k*. *- *" mmm immv a mm mwmmmmm S?ar WVIM o f ?neia :y thri>?(bo?i tfce cx uotrj CLT" Sin?je OOpiM (la wrapper ? i ou be pr?o?rH at tn? coouUr. iitim*uiat*<i tb* imh* oft paper. Pnaa?TH RERCBNT9 f!y"P who aot m i(Mti will ba l"w?J nommmwfl of ???1?. CLOTHING, &c. Bargains harga">? r: GREAT BARGAINS * street. acknowledged to bo the ah ap??t and be?t place to buy Clothm*. Furniahinf Voodi, I Hat* and Cap*. Ov'm to the aaarettv of mono*. SMITH. No. 460 Seventh ?L, oppoatta tha P?at I Oflioe, ha* determined to sell his (tool* 15 par Mat ! lea* than an* other bonne in towi. Drop la and ae? our new supply of Spun* aa<1 Summer G?oda, at &slOfll?hir.C .( : Si. II. juat rfceivsd S? dot*n of in o?nt NECK i Tl KS. CT If you vnh to c*ol, drop ittnd buy on* of our thin Sunnnor tho Patent R?v?r?ihl# J^amntor Coat. at S.M ITH'S. No. 4M ftov euth *t.. opposite Poat Ol6o?. |C7" A iarit? Jot of fine Genta' Shirta mm) Coliara at v?r? low priroa, at No. 4#U S*#v*nth at., opposite Poat 0<Rc?. ID- Th? Ribbon Tio. Yal* Ti*. Aarorm Ti?.?n<l all of N<vk Ti?*?. at one-hftif the uaual prtcwa. _ ? a4 ? ? a- - ? ? ?i me, .is. ?o? j?o\enih at. j* 14 Im TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Boot? and shoks To si ir ihk TIM ICS. W# a'e now manufacturing nil kind* of BOOTS and 9HOKS, and oorittnl * r?o*mn| uppy of rwttri made work of ?rery wnptjo", mad* eiprcatly to order, and willy HI t* soid at a much ovttr arioe than haa b^??" heretofore charted in this city for aoek inferior artiolee. Persona in wit of Root* and 9hoe? of ?Mt*rn or city made wurk. will ittu fend a food aeeortnent in atoreand at tb? lowest pm??s Git? ua a mil. GRIFFIN A KKO., api-r SI4 Pennsy rmnia avenue. Southern trune manufactory, ?5 4m 7th Snnt, C9*OS\U Odd Frlitrtr*' Hall- n r Traveler* will atudy thMr interest* t>< examining my TRl'NKS, VAlJCEi1 to . before chart nr ?l??wi>r? As I u*e none bat th Milan heat material the market itflorda and ?HnptOT^*i**J the b?**t workman, 1 can confidently reoinmend my w<?rk to be snpenor in Strmrik and Itmrmtrilttp to Trunk* that are marie in other cities and sold here. I keep constantly oa band, and make to order ion one week * notice) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRKfS and WOOD BOX TRUSKS; ASHLANP mmd otktr r ALICES i_TKATKLlSQ BAGS, HARNESS; SADDLES: WHIPS, fr.,tc. Truck*. *c? Repaired and Covw?d, m k work manlike manner, at ahort notice Trunk* delivered in any part of the oity, George town, or Alexandria. Also?Areut fnr How*'. rillll w bewincTmachines! " " * de 1&1> JAMES S. TOPHAM. EDUCATIONAL. Co m m e k c i a l collk6e, No. 47*? SlVB*TH ?T., Opposite the Om*ral Post OJlte, Warktniton (V?. Armonan Sjium of Prnmanahip, Boockeepin*. Mercantile Forma and Calouiatioua. BuaineaaCor reapocdenoe, Bi'la of Exchaiue, Current Bills, Commiaaion Ba'ea, Grammar ?nd Arithmetic. i[TA Prt^aiatory Claaa for Boya. r> Ladiea will be inatrnoted in fin* paoman ahip. Rooma open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For term a acp'? at the Rooma. m?S?3m W M W YOrNB A CO. WASHINGTON female institute.The next Academic Y^ar will oommonoe <>n THURSDAY. September 13th. Parenta tatendinc lii ttami tkaie WannUtara n U ? ? * * L - v/.iu i^hvi ?| W I ? H ur>-?'Ti I'l riUOl fcimir uain<?s in Jul) , as those registered At that time will he more certain to aware desks Circulars ma* be obtained at the Institute. N<?. i2S 6 ?lr?ef or hr Ml<lr?uini Mr*. Kl.l/A W. SMITH, Principe.. Wox 7?V Washinston. P. C. )e U-?-uaw* 'I'HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J NiwAKiiKixm. Thi? well known and popular r*eininary, which has beon so sucoeeaful under the entire care of Mrs. Z. Richards for more I lien ten T?ars, will be ep?n?*d on the first Monday iu September n?xt, under the united ?n??rviiion and inst-uclion of Mr. arc! Mre. Z RICHaRD**, in the well arranged and delightfuily I coated Union Academy Building. For particuiars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. meg-If MM Kb McCOK ..1CKTJ UCUOOL RS. MrCORMiCE dee use to inform her friend* and the en bl 10 ceneraj * that rhe ei i n ??i the du?if>a of her Sthool od the 1st Monday la Bo*tambtr next. The oonrae of atvdy pn rated will oompneeall the branchee re*meite to a thoroof h Eagllah adaoabon. In addition to her day actio.are aha la deeiroaa at reoeivinf into her family a few pnpila aa boa-o?ra aged from 10 to 14 yeara. who vfll M ander har lamediate oar e and overall hi Her ?rraiiK?mebta tur ue aooounodatioa aad due oare of pupiia have been oonmdsraily mcraaaw and otherwiae improved. Thoae in Waatubgton u*airinc particular information with refa-f^oe to her echooi may app.y to W. D. Wailaah, Editor o the Star. For terma and fnrtnar parti emlara apply at her reaidanoe?No. 3* Cameron atreot. Alexandria. Va. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL . Delivered to all parte of the ottj, at the loweet poMkble ralea. T J. A W. M GALT. Office 2*2 Pa. ir., between 11th end 12th eta , ma 17-tf north eide. THE SUBSCRIBES HAVING ON HAND an extensive (took of FUEL, U prepared to ell at a verv low figure for oaah WOOD Sawed and Split any use. Call and ?ee for yoaraelt. R W HATKR Wood'ud Co* DMIW, ma 1ft 8.*. oommr of Fourteenth and C aU. 10 1 11-4. and 11 4 ?uper Ltneo Sheeting*, 1U * f 10-4.11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetm**, Riohardron & Son*'. Dunbar k Diokineon tod B?rklit>'? ruper Fronting ud Shirtinc LIdmw, Toweling* in variety, Tabie Licen* ?' r*~rfcin ino pieor* superior mUN Beached Cotton*, ion pieoe* Lawn* at 12* o*nU. 2S pit-oe* White and Colored Flannel*. Lldiu' and Mium' White Cotton Hum, Wbit* Good* in variety, Cambric and Swi*** and Inserting*. Honiton. Guipure and French Worked Collar*, Sun Umbrella*. Paraerlaand Bnc Phadee, Super Silk and French Laoe Mantlea. Hooped Skirt*. Silk Mita, Ac.. Ac., received and for sale low by je 1? TAYLOR A HITCH 1SON. 275 ALtEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS. Pkwwa. Avktck, Between loth and 11th atreota. J* It DURK OLD RYK WHISBV.-Om hud m?r> MT brand* of Pur? Old Rj? Vvhi-ky, Coapor Distilled. made by tbe mn?t rehab e dl?tlli?rafa Pei.oerlvania, Maryland ?od Virginia, warranted tar*. Also, Imported Hrandiet, Heane??y. Otard. Dapcy A Co., JuIm Rohini. to Alao. P^aohfc Apr a Brandy, pur* Holland 61n, old Jamaina *mHi. Croix Ram, and W'mm nf ?r?rr WMty.tll of atandard branda A ohoiae lot oi Cinri and Tobacco. YOUNG k. REPHART. Aeenta, a? 14-W <*?< Pa ?*.. Mw Wh and 10th ata DOHNU LIBRARY 8ERIM4, INCLUDING O the Standard, Claaaicai. Aniiqaarian. I matrated. Soiarti&o, Phi ulncioal, and British Cla.asio I.ihmriM A WriM of Standard W?rki atcorate'y ?nnt?"0 and at low price* New worke arr adiMlo tha nee ever* Month Any mat be had eeparaUuy, 1M back vo'om?? oao be alwaye eBj>?li?aThe oomploU lenN kn*t constantly on h?t'xj bj PHI LP ft SOLOMON, Metropolitan Hook*tor*. S39 Pa ?t.. W. Mt and H'tfc *U je 30 Sol* ananU (?r lAifiw'i Statin?|. L^RKiNCH LACK MANTI.itJ4 AND POINTS r Para'ols, #un stivi??, an I (San Uab rattan. Thread, Va>ncmnn.hwin?and Cairhrte Fdfr.|? Homion. f>iTpt e,au French worked OaQMa, Linen n OaaSnn, &w m and Thmat Beta. r..!?>rrd 1 ariu?! a,Svw, Cambria. Jnooaett, Mall. Naaeook and p ?irf Naaeook M valine. B"i?ery, <? > -?. (inanUa-te, Black Silk MitU,fta. Pornale low by J^27 TAVLOI ft HUTCHISON. OKSKARCHfc.8. TRAVK1.S AND MlfktlnN. II ?ry l.*Mor danni u ynkji' r<Mi?Unc? in Kartcrn Africa Ac .by ?** Dr. J. Lovia Kr???. with an Apfaodix r???*otinf tii' SBOw C*???l Mou tMni of ESm Afiica. ?* So??oa? of Ike Nile, the lanfiM* a?i4 Utcraiaro of AkntiM d KMt-rn Africa, ke . b? R J. Ravenateic. r R. G. LI m cloth; pno* II15. ?>% 17 Tom Brown at Oxford; artae ij ForMleby BLANCH\RTl * MOBUN, jc? Pa. av aad EUt?U> tr?C A L ' lltUiKIIIIllLl!! /ft Kr.Tix?':^ RR Y. Taif Ale ?a nada fraa aajtlna hoaaoaiy. 50 c h psT* b?a * Ra a d *&* a Ha*? | bMirMMTM. Thi? Im M ?io? t'. prt?> per yonrid b> akwterotbarwiee. w? fear oar oa*t |W?p??"jm, , bu?c?ill.

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