Newspaper of Evening Star, July 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 13, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ? I ???? . Mi I WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY July 13, I960 Tbat valuable and popular family journal, the Weekly Stak, full as usual of Metropolitan new* and gossip, and choice literary reading, la ?ow on our couuter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced la its interesting contents are the following articles: Ben MeCulloeh at San Jacinto?a poem; Pride and Print iplt?an excellent ftory; A Slight Mistake, Perhapt; The Two Wir?$; Pressing it Wttnest ivn rnr; ftenis oj roetry; Voesnt he Marry; Arttmu* Ward Sees Patti; The British Getting Turns all at Once?interesting pr or la mat ion by V"" Victoria, Propensity of the Japanese to Suicide; A Fragment?an original poem; Watering Plare Correspondence; A Young and Beautiful Heiress, worth Half a Million, Runs Away with her Music Teacher; Interesting front Japan?the late troubles in that country; The Telegraph and the Press; Neapolitan Atrocities m Sicily; Literature and Long L^fe, Fanny Fern on Pic-Nics, Strawberry Festivals, fe.; CoUridge; Fret Lovers in Honduras; An A ffrrtmg Scene: Th' Mystery and Invincibility of the \elloic Fm*er; A Census-Taking Anecdote; Interesting to Housekeepers; Skretrd Trick of a London Female Thief; Summary of Women, Miss Avonta Jones; Newspapers in Pans; Death of a jfiser; The Hondu tui nauiray, nxecuiion OJ me KtV jacoo 8. Harden, the AVtr Jersey Wife Poisoner; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Trial of the Hon Wm Cullom oh a charge of Embezzlement?hi* acquittal by ike jury, Death of Major Edmund French and the Proceedings Thereupon rn the Criminal Court; Grand Rally for Breckinridge and Lane?speech of the President and others; Bell and Everett Demonstration; Assault an Editor Bowman, of the Constitution; A Cane for the Hon. Caleb Cuthing; Department yews; Editorials; Washington Neu>j and Gossip; Local Intelligence, fc., 4 c.; Late News, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. Thi? is just the paper above all others for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friend* at a distance. Price only three cento per copy, or 81 25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ( the Msrnini fr*M. The Constitution asks, " ll'Ao are the Disunionttts *" and answers the question by arguing at length that the.Douglas party are that tame The Intelligencer facetiously expresses its skepticism of the practicability of "the proposed truce1' between the Breckinridge and Douglas parties. The Chicago Zouave Cadets have arrived In Utica, and will be in New York on Saturday. The Philadelphia Ledger says there is a very strong probability that 1'hiladelphians will not have to visit New York to see the Great Eastern. Negotiations are on foot now, it understands, to bring ber to Philadelphia. A joint meeting of the National Teachers' Association, and American Normal School Association, is to be held at Buffalo, N. Y.. com. mencing on the 7th of August. Lectures will be delivered by several gentlemen. f|T The census-takers report that the population of Baltimore will be 430,000?an Increase of 61,000 over the census of 1650. The Baltimore Han says the Increase would have been greater but for the domination of the "roughs " The Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada met at Ottawa, C. \V., ou the Utli. A large number of delegates were assembled from ail narta Canada. The iniIod was occupied by receiving r? ports and the annual address of the Grand Matter The Constitution says:?-The atory going the rounds of the pipers about a quarrel betweeu the President and Senator Gwin ia entirely destitute of foundation in truth or fact. The relations between the President and the Senator from California up to the hour of the departure of the latter on Tuesday la?t, were never more friendly " Parasaai. * Capt Hunter, R. A., is at the National Gov Seward haa gone with a hshing party to Owaaco Lake, N. Y. Robert Broueh. *n EnoliA _ _ r ?V?| UIIU dramatist, and contributor for Punch, is dead. Senator Wigfall, together with his family, leaves town this morning en route for his home la Texas. Capt Wm D Smith, Lt. E. L. Winder. Lt. 8. Crispin, Capt Barton, tT.S A.; C. \V. Abbot, U. 8 S'., are at Kirkwoods'. Edwin Booth, Esq , the actor, was on Friday last married to Miss Mary Devlin, a clever actress. George Bancroft, Esq., the historian, has accepted an invitation to deliver an address at the Inauguration of the Perry statue at Cleveland, on the 10th of September, the anniversary of Perry's victory on Lake Erie Gen. Lane left New York Tuesday morning for Washington. It la said that upwards of 400 cards were left at bis rooms on Sunday morning whilst he was out, embracing merchants, professional men, Ac Among them were several companions-inarm* in Mexico. P~T" Hicks, the convicted pirate in New York, who is to be bung ou Bedloe's Island to-day, mmlnjalns a good front, and seems to he tnuiiv indifferent as to hit fate tie 1* dally viaited by hia wife and the Platen of Mercy Hia confusion la also approaching completion, but no vialtor* are allowed in hia cell. Everything la conducted ' very privately, if not with an eye to aecreay The prlaoner baa lost a little tleah since bla confine- i ment, and ia somewhat paler; but In general ap- 1 pearance there baa been no remarkable change. He ia atlll the aame stolid and iudifierent peraonage that be waa on the day of hla arreat, when bla protestations of innocence bad auch an effect on the cflicera aa to almoat make them believe that they had the wrong man A boat with Hicka and the oflcera on board will leave the Battery at half-put ten o'clock, or tbereabouta. in the morning. aud at the aame time innumerable "pleasure i parties" will proceed down the bay to wituesa the delightful operation of choking a man U? death, ft la likely that the acene will be without a parallel In the hlatory of execution* in mew York. rVy? VIRGINIANS. ATTENTION -All rfei II ? dent a* well as visitinic Virginiaus who a, j favorable to the election of John C. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane,the nominees of the rt u democracy for President and Vice President, are requested to meet at the house of Mr. M urray. cor ner of F an<l Ninth ats.. Washington, L?. C .THIS ? Friday ) EV EN I NO, at 8 o'clock, for the pu:p ?se of organizing a State Breckiniidge and l.ane cam patgn Club there be a full attendance, as the Douglas fac Uon are attempting to divide and dutract trie party in oar old democratic Commonwealth. It* rrs=- NATIONAL GUARD, COMPANY A, UJ ATTENTION !?You will m?-et at *our Xrmory, on I'a. avenue, THIS (Fridav) EVENING, at > o'clock. Every member is expect d to be prompt in his attendance. B j order Capt. JAS. A. TAIT. BEN. F. LLOYD, Sec'y. If A RELAY HOUSF, T THE WASHINGTON JUNCTION B. A O. R. R. ^Passengers for the West have pent* of tim? *? preuiui at this place. Three or /our A j. A rooms yet unoocupied, which will l>e let to Y(77B| J summer boarders on fair term* rhi*JJ^HLX are is aBi iva ed for comfort and conventem e jj 13-71* J M. LOWK, Proprietor. JOCKEY HATS JOCKEY HAXS! Suitable for La lie*. Misses, and Children; in brown. black and white. Alto, OSTRICH PEATHLRS And PLUMES DBCOQ. In blaok and white, combined and separate. A full assortment of the above d>*?irab e goods just received at MAXWELL'S, jy !S-e<i3t 3'is Pa avenue. rZ" o t i c e _ ? OP REMOVAL. H. KBAN Has removed his stock of Dry Gooda from Store No. 323 Pa avenue to No. 541 Seventh ?t., in the Siore-rcom formerly occupied by A L. Newton, where will be found a verjr large a?sor'ment of Ptaple a d Fa?cy Dry Goods, which he la lliag off at raauced puces. Call ea-ly ami jet tarfatna. H EGAN, jy in 5?? ?1 M^hwiih troPi. a attention, i.adTes! SPELLING OFF, H reduced ? ioe? all mi ???>ck ?f| WB\.A!'KK sfilK'E R KG K\J\. \ \VN ROBE&. BAR KG KS. I.AWNs.GRtV GOODS, GINGHAMS, TKAVE1.ING DRKM GOODS. I EriES elS?. I "ifli*0 *" bW,S1M' #31 B?v?nth tifwt. < WASH I JIG TO* SBWII AND GOSSIP. Thi Mctatioss or Washikgtox NiwirtriR??A qutet change In the announcement of the publication of the States and Union, which met our eye for the first tint* yesterday, suggested to us food for reflection upon the inutabilty of newspaper affairs, and more especially of those of the Federal Metropolis The name of J P. Heisa, its publisher from its birth on the advent of the present Administration until this period, no longer appears there In iU steed that of J. 9. Holland, a worthy citizen of Washington, is inserted, as publisher "for the proprietors " Who the latter are, the world is left to conjecture: and now very generally conjecture the Douglas National Committee, by the by. We have known iLI. .li a_ .... . >uc i'ich ui iuii cny since our earnest knowledge of anything, and have witnessed all the multitude of change* that have occurred in it. Since 1844, when we first became connected with it aa an employee of the late venerable Thomai Ritchie, (on the substitution of tbe Urn ion for the Ulobt,) we have necessarily kept our attention lixed upon it with solicitude. In 1S53, in tbe firm belief that an active, just, and energetic dally newspaper, devoted siugly to tbe material interests of the people of tbe District of Columbia, might be built up here to become Independent of political p irty support, we became tbe proprietor of tbe Evuting Star, then a very small sheet, not embracing dailV a fourth of thl? "n?w , ? ??" IVjJI.ii.llJ published in It, and with but perhaps a tenth of its average daily circulation. For the first twelve mouths its publication was a heavy Ux upon our credit; though from the moment We mounted its tripod up to this hour, its legitimate business has regularly increased. Energy, enterprise, ceaseless devotion to its afl'iirs, and business-like economy in its conduct, have, however, sufficed to work its fortunes past the possibility of injury from any contingency that might occur in the mutability of att'-tirs political. The State* was established on the advent of the present National Administration, and on all hands WP wsriipd tHo *v ....WW m+mmmm . ? uVVtlUJ " OB ?U W&C kUl place of the Star as t/tt Washington dally newspaper of most universal circulation and popularity. We knew better; because knowing our own intention to make the Star day by day more independent as well as more devoted to its legitimate news-sphere, on tbe one band; and, on tbe other, that its rival must necessarily become a mere partizan political journal. Time has proved the correctness of our judgment; for, whil? it has evidently required the absolute sinking of a capital of some *50.(AKi In all, to carry it (the States) on up to this time?when, judging from its advertising columnsand our knowledge of the fact that in these days no dailv newsnantr fwcIvm fr,r / 4 > ?' v"' *" subscriptions, an aggregate of more than sufficient to pay for the white paper it consumes and its ink and press-room bills, (wecare not where published.)?its annual cost cannot fail to be at least $10,000 more than its legitimate business receipts It was at first perhaps the most enthusiastic supporter of the present National Administration; until, for causes doubtless satisfactory to iU conductors, it became the Administration's bitterest and most accusatory reviler Since then, on the advent of Mr Douglas into something of prominence as a presidential aspirant, it has become bis organ here; it being understood that he and his friends furnish the means of meeting the deficiencies of its publication First a penny paper, then a two cent n-u*r np*t a r~,?, , 'J aKa"*> and still again a two cent paper, with a change of name; first an Administration journal with Vnten sity of devotion astonishing the uninitiated, then most violently opposed to the Administration; next patronizingly kind In its allusions to the power* that be, and, subsequently, until the present time, as earnestly devoted to the fortunes of the bitterest enemy of the Administration, as, at first, to those of the Administration Itself, it at all times apparently kept tomahawk in hand and band upraised against everybody and anybody'* interests in this community except those to whom it "cottoned1' for the time being. T^e consequence is that though at times conducted with unquestioned ability, editorially, it never man aged to ootain a share of the confidence of the busiuts* people of the District of Columbia or any reliable circulation in tbeir midst lience the fact that 1U publication has absorbed a very large amount of money not accruing to ita treasury frum legitimate individual subscription and advertising. in the meanwhile the Star, despite tbe anticipations of many of insincere friends, (in view of tbe well-known desire of President Buchanan to cause the State? to occupy its position as tfce popular journal of the Federal Metropolis, and ?; ? ?? - - n_> Siu 11 mm wuaicvcr patronage be could lawfully wield to that end,) steadily grew in popular favor, until its dally issue has become twice as great, at least, as that of all tbe other Washington city newspapers together, and iuadvertising from tbe people really solicitous to bring their business and other affairs to the notice of every man, woman, and child in the District, have, together, rendered its fortunes wholly independent of party politics; making it at the sainetime "a power in the State," as it were, able, as well as willing at all times to speak the truth without fear or favor in the discussion of any subject of political or public Interest. The ancient Intelligencer when the Star was born was in tbe zenith of its prosperity. Since then it has suffered in the change which the timea hav? mrrainki I.. ? ? *u kuc aunra ul newspapers all over the country; by which change legitimate and energetic journals, devoted especially to tbe rapid collection and dissemination of news at low subscription prices, have everywhere come to circulate enormously, and therefore necessarily, to be sought alinoat exclusively by the public as mediums through which to make known all they desire tbc world to know concerning their affairs. That able as well as veteran journal, it is well known, has of late yeai* depended upon appropriations froin Congress for tbe prolongation of iu existence. The A'tioj and Metropolitan, non-political weeklies, have also hve<Vand died here iu the meanwtiile, as well as two or inree oilier such journals devoted to i specialities, and therefore little known at home The Union (now Constitution,) too, wblcb under the auspices of Mr Ritchie was a remunerative concern from its legitimate business. Las, since we took the Star, btcome a losing oue to the tune of at least twenty thousand dollars per annum , as well as by the interminable changes that have taken place in its conduct and the revelations concerning its business affairs made public in the course of various Congressional-committee investigations, anything but an institution creditable to any political party. The Xaiional Era, one of the most profitable weekly papers in the country in icnm, a?i unceaita or starvation, having in tbe meanwhile lost, by death, its enterprising and energetic conductor. The American Organ, born since 1853, swallowed some twenty-five thousand dollars in money coitributed from ttrat to last for Its support; and then passed oil the way of all flesh The Republic, tbe organ of the Fillmore administration, has also dlsd since 1C53; and its namesake, that asplr d to becoms the central organ of the Republican party, came into being and passed out of existence since that period. One or two spiteful little csmpalgn dailies, whose titles we do not remembtr, have also existed here for a brief while since we mounted the Mar'* tripod, their mission being evidently to snarl at the Star. Both of them were supported, while aliv?* w - . J ? "UWJ "Y political contributions outside of tbeir legitimate business receipts Thus, on the whole, siuce the time so frequently referred to above, every Washington newspaper except the Star has been kept alive, while living, either by direct contributions from the treasury of the United States or from the pockets of Individual enthusiastic politicians with more money than brains; the latter contributing to that end an aggregate of perhaps a hundred thousand dollars,every penny of which baa proved so much money literally thrown away, having accomplished nothing desirable to those who expended It. Or, on the other band, as before remarked, bv aDDroDrUtion. f? ' nominally designed for necessary governmental expense*, but really intended to pension journals not possessed of suf&cleat business resources to live herp without such assistance from tlie national treasury. Three hundred thousand dollars Is not too high a figure at which to rate the tax paid from the national treasury since July, 1863, for the support of such journals (including the dead Senttmel, the very existence of which we had entirely forgotten until tills moment) at this point. Now, a comparison of the career of onend all of them with that of the Star, illustrat moat forcibly two not uninteresting farts Fiit, that the time hat surely gone by In which i party paper can become a permanently prefitale property, ever, with a free run upon the ireiarv of the Vnited States; and, next, that eva In as mall a city as the Federal Metropolis, n independent, energetic, and cheap popularjotirnal, conducted strictly upon business princips, may be made permanently "prosperous andto prosper " Thus, the Star has become in point f circulation and the extent of its adrertisingtusiness. the fourth cheap newspaper in the I'liitd states, the business of the Philadelphia Lfrffrr and the Baltimore and New York Sunt only, beng greater As It Is taken by nearly all, wbrerer lo catcd, who regularly transact business vrith the Executive departments here as contractus or bidders for contracts, or witb Congreu. md as It penetrates daily Into nearly every tome In the District of Columbia, and in thi region for many miles around the Federal Caiital. all who would communicate with the pubic therein are necessarily compelled to resort to it columns to that end, or to forego such communcatlon, whatever the consequences may be to telr business Not long since, the New York Httld shrewdly predicted that ere the 4th of Marct next but the Star and the IntelligtHcer, of al, the existing Washington newspapers, would ip alive; and tbe recent changes In the conduct 4 the Consti .? ??? u..u wwi?* uiuivaic uiiuuavaxiUiy (DC COT" rectness of this prognostication. Vfao will next throw away ftom twenty to fifty thusand dollars in starting a political dally in the Federal Metropolis' Court Martial or ak Army Offi^r .?Before a court martial assembled at Fort Lwvenwortb, on the 25th ultimo, of which Brevet Colonel Charles A. May was president, was arraigned tnd tried Capt Christopher S Lovell, of the second regiment of infantry, on the charges of ungintleIlianlV COnduCt. disobedience of orrl?r? t ? ? ? - ni?J uuc or two other minor ones. He was found guilty with regard to one or two specifications, but the court, under the circumstances, attaching no crimlnalty thereto, he was acquitted. ?. Army Intelligknck?Leave of absence has been granted to the following army officers ? For eight months, Brevet Major D H. Rucker, Quartermaster's Department; Brevet Lieut. Col. J R. Smith, Major seventh infantry, and Brevtt Major VV. Austin?, for six months fET The thirteenth annual meeting of the stockholders of the Magnetic Telegraph Company, the oldest and best managed aud most successful telegraph company in the world, was held at the Girard House. Philadelphia, on Thursday. There was a fuller representition r>f th?n ..... previous occasion, and, as uiual. In all the business affair* of thiscompany, lta deliberation* were conducted with great unanimity of sentiment and good feeling between all parties. After reading the report*, and disposing of the current business of the meeting, the stockholders proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year Zenos Barnum, of Baltimore, was reelected president; Jos Sailer, of Philadelphia, secretary, and Thm P. Bladen of New York, treasurer The old directors?namely: Prof S F. B. Morse, Hon. Amos Kendall, William M.Swain, B B French, A S. A bell. Merrit Canbv, John Thorn ley. Col R M Hoe. and Samuel C. Bishop?were unanimously reflected. 1X7" During 1859 there were 6 laihet put on soldiers in the British army stationed a: home. fcJKE WHAT AVKR'j* s4ksapaqiii? ? ? vot M lO POKS FOR VERANGEMEXT OF THE LIVER. Sto.TT'H Crosmmg, I Tallad - ra Co., Ala , Aug 9. '59. S Dr. J C. Av<t. Lowell, Mass.?Sit : I take iny pen to tail you what your SAKSAfARH LA and CATHARTIC PILLS have don? for me. I had been afflicted with Liver Complaint fur six years, during I waa nev*r well, and much of the time v?ry sic*. Mr Livar wm bo re to the touch, and, thi doctors aaid. waa congeated. I Buffered from severe ooativeneaa acd diaTH?i>a alternately. M? akin waa oiamm* and unhealthy : mr eyea and kin often yellow. Occasionally I had a voracious appetite, but generally none at all A dreadful aen aation of oppreaaion on my atomaoh, with languor and a gloomy sensation of sickness all over, kept *ne in anzuiah. You oan?ot know how m ch I suf (<red fr< m an indescribable iesling of distreaa The iong c( ntinuance of th>a condition, without relief, had worn me out so th*' I nv?r - >? _ - ? ..w WI < A |T IWJ hU lir befrr; but reading, in the Chr.?tian Advocate, of your Pa-saparilla, I commenced taking it. with >>ooasioual small doses of your 1'ills, to r??u !ate the bowels as you direct. From the first, it had more effect npon my disorder than I supposed anything c ->u!d hav*. I regained my hea th rapidly, and now. after eleven week?, enioy an good tiealtli and strength a? any other man. May the "Dispenser of all good"?hower blessings on you John W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J, C. AVER Sc. CO., Lowell, Mass. jy la-eolm A GET THE BEST. NEW and Beautifully Illustrated Edition Waverly Novels, of the Edinburg Edition ; illustrated with 1 steel and woo-1 cuts ; in 48 vols.; 26 volumes now ready for delivery, at BF.N. F. FRENCH'S, 27S Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12th sts. 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After which the beautiful representation of fVnpoleon crossing the Alp? wrh hit Army of 39.1)00neu Alto. Rome, the Automaton Hope Vaulter, Storm at S?a. Jto. Immediately at cio?e ? f exhibition. 25 magnificent ?nd eostU Pi*s<nta will be given to the patront of the far famed Thiodon's Museum of Art*. Among th? gifts areUoid and Silver Watches, Silver-piated < ak>- and Card Baskets,beautiful castor cut Cru-tt.Guid Brooches, Bracelets. Bijouterie, A.e. Tickets 25 cts . for sale st Seiuk"n's 3L?' Pa. av.. where the presents mar he seen. jy 13 Schmidts summer garden.-ob smh street, between C and Louisiana av? 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Such inducements will, dountless. cause many of our readers to drop in and take a note <if nothing else.) and. most likely, many of those who <rft ?i ! i irosvsiii te all this, he has engaged the Pros p?n brothers and their associate* to discourse their choinest pieces of nunc Every \Vedne?<tai and Saturday evening. jy 10-ltn EFRLR CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLEK, JV<k- York arenut, 6?ttcrt* 1?t and 2d street*, would reepeotfuli* |L state to the public that A CONVERT ofijHt SELECT MUSIC will t>e ci van ever* MON DAY Mid THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'olock and ending at 10 p.m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to those desiring to whre away a few hoars in the inaxy dance. ICE CREAM. WATFR ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always readr at city prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pto Nio pur poaes. are requested to fiwe a day or two notio?. je 1ft 3m PERSONAL. WA CARD. E hope our oitizens wnl largely patronise the Pio Nio got up under the auspioesof tne Society of sU. Vincent de Paul and which it to oome off at Analostan Island on MONDAY', the 16th instant. The members of the Society are very much dis heart-ned at the little aucoeaa they have met with in selling tioketa?so much eo, that were it now possible for them to recede fiom their undertaking t^ey would do so. It is surely no answer to them, w+ion they humble themselves in begun* of their acquaintances to purchase a few tickets for the sak* of the poor, to be told, that those thev a<Mr*-->s ' do not frequent pio-nios." For, it ia not for the<n*elves they be*?it ia lor the poor cf tesua Ciiriat?the poor, in whom He is still personified. an1 whom h? has wa-ned us to tr#at as we would H imeelf! Matt, ib *5 4S. This Society?which ha* even atthia moment de pending upon it, many poor families, amor g whom are to be found Protestants as well as Catnolica? wuuiu not nuie inn appeal 10 in? puMio not it* treasury exhausted, and even oppressed with debt. Our citizens should understand, too. that the Society is not a mere relief a?sooiation, snatte>in( alins with wanton prodigality among the outcast and the criminal, as well as the deserviut poor. I ts object* are of a higher nature?for. above all, it aim* at the moral aod spiruua improvement of the p'M>r whom it adopt*, and thus render an inoalou a hie servio* to society?aacompiishing. in an humb'e way. that which even so?arnm*nta have es saved in vain. Already, within the year, it has been, under God, the means of reo'aimirg seve-al from their vicious courses? has raided whol# fami ;ies from utter beggary arid a life of sin, and prom ises to make them useful members of society. It is not yet too late for u* to co operate in this good work? and we therefore venture to indulge in the hope that not only w.ll the Pie Nic be numerously attended, but that those who do not frequent p o nios will, themselves, call upon the gentlemen of the Society, whose names are to be found iu the advertisement in another co'umn. and lar out a lime ol th?ir worldly droaa for the talc* of th'ir poor fnlcrc rn'.n, in what they will fiod at the dread Judgment day to have been the heat l>/t lniuaroe took in which tt,ey ever invented jy13-2t THE COMMITEE THK PFBLIC IS HKREBY FORWARNED from harboring my son*. Guetav and Ernat Burg 'orf, rr giving theiii work, a* the l*w will tie rigidlv enforced against p*>r?on? no doing. jy i2-2t* CHARLES BLRGDORF. A RESPONSIBLE AGENT FOR THIS CITY is w*i.ted. to ongaKO in the aale of George B. SloatACo.'a unrivalled lock-stit?*h Sewing Machin?n. Our improved Klliptic 1* the nt p'.ut ultra of all sewing machine*, containing several important improvement* ovr tae Wheeler A Wilnon machines; w?rkv without leather pad or breaking an<f is ? m<x4?l of Umity, ne?'nen, and simplicity . Our improved Shuttle Machinea have no >up<?riors and few euiialp. Appiy at Brown's Hot?I,< sitting room,) to TIIOS. J BYLKS.Geie ral Agent. jy H 3t"_ VJO 1'ICE.?Peraons having claims! agaiuat a !?al.. s ance due from the I'nlteo State* to James ll*n ry S- ainan. deceased, are hereby notified tn pf?g'irt them *t the office of the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury within t*'<? montns from tne date of this notice. A. J. O. BA.NN0N. jy 11 3t Fourth Auditor. Madame morkice, thk<?rbat asikol^8ut a?d D<!CTRk?8, jutt from Europi.?T*i* highly gifted and intelligent lady can be consulted on the Past, Presentand Future Event*. Call at No. '^05 Twenty-*eooud atreet, between h and i, Washington. je '9 im* WANTS. A GOOD WET NURSE WANTED. Apply at 4'?4 Sixteenth street, between I and K jr '3 Jt' U/ANTKD-Bi a rouni eir! a nitiatwiv ?. seainstrp s -t chambermaid, >>r '<> assist in co iking and washing. Apply No. 4S Four ami a half st., tietween Mis?oiiri and Pa. avenues. It* WANTKD-A good, steady TEN AN I' lor a ?storv BRIl K HDl'SK, on Fourth street, between N ai.d C> street* north?a very desirable and health; location. Terms $125 per year Apply next door. It* WTnTKD TO PURCHASE?A good HOUSE arid I,OT, situated between 1st and 13th sts. west and E and M streets north. The prioe not to eiceed A1.5"" Addr?>s?giving desc lption, tenns, Ac.,-v\ M. STICKNEY, City Post Office. jy 13-3t A MUSIC TEACHER. well recommended, can ii otitani Board and Kootn at the Arennn House and pay in teaching. A lady preferred jy 12-8t* WANTED?A No. 1. Dining room servant, f^r which good w*ges will be paid. App ? -o F. BUTTIjER, No. 4B7 Mth st. near Pa av. jy 12 3 * WAN' 'ED-Hy a steady and industrious man. a SITUATION as collec'or. B>*st of recorn in' ndationi given. Address M. C.. Star nfline. jy 12-tf ' DRUG CLERK WANTED-A youn* m\n who ha< had two or more years experience as an Apoth?car- and Drugcitt and is wi. mg to make h m?e;f general y useful Keference* requi.ed. Adorrt?? 'Drugs' t ' Post Offic i Wash n ton. jf 12 3T _ ADRI'G CLERK iwell recommended > wanted by WM A. GK A V. north ast corner ol MasMehua tts av. and Fourth st- jy II 3t* roR K KNT -One FR AM E COTTAti K ? HOTSK,containing 6 rooms, situat- d on > asHachuxett~ avenue, Iwtween 14th and 15th st? For p.ii ticuiarK apply on the premises. Rent $10 per month. jy II it 11/ANTED?1 wish to cive .jaiW ca*h and SJO ?? acres M is*oun land for a bouse, either brick or fiame ; or nx<*hang?> several farms for city propeity Addreas "Minimus," Star Office. jy ll-St* POR RKNT?One of Whecle'Ai Wilson's SewI inn Machines, in Rood ruimig order. Please call at No. 111 F street, corner of 7"li, (Island ) j>_I2 ? GEO W TI.NKKR. JELLING OFF ? AT COST : In order to deorca-oinv s ock I have determined #. I. ihA 111A l-l- ? -.f . ?ilT WU 1.U 1 I I I1TII x/.vwv. via* Oiv . U? Iiaaiwv *'i III" c*V iU Li * V U*7 I fl~ 1NG at cost All in want of Summer Clothing are re?p?ctfully invited to call at No. 4H0 Seventh at., opposite Punt Office, ami see the great redn tion in Supuner Clothing. Wa^tid?To have everybody know that the* oan purphaxe their Summer ?"] >t?iiug at co?t at No. 460 seventh st., opposite Post Office. jy 12-lm (XJ CAPON SPRINGS. I ' E W and improved route viathe Minuiu Gap Rail Koau and tbe Stras- m r-? burg and Capon Turnpike, A?BilMi aBBBw only IB mileaofstaging a oomfortab and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the Oramce and Alexandria Tram at 7.15 a. in., take the Va as?%s oar at the junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m Fare Alexandria to Capon #6.00 From Washington to Capon 5?i or informa'ion enquire at the Rail Road Offioe oorner of Sixth st. and Pa. av.,'n Washington, and at the Ticket Offioe on I'nion at, Alexandria, Va jy 12-dgothAug PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Officb Skckktaky or ths Sxnatk U. 8., July 11,1M0. S Sxalxd Pkofo*als will htrnmtm at this olio? till IZo'eloek m .on Monday, th?3?h ia tant. for furniahing for the uieofth? S*nate fire handred ton* t)?gt W hit* A?h Fnrnaoe Coa: an-1 fifty oorda beat atraicht Pine Wood. The whole to be paokfd away in tne vault* of the Capitol, in p ace* which will ij? ahown on application to the Kiigineer in tha aervioe of the Sei.ata, and to be delivered by tha 16th September next Bond* for the laithful exa oution of the oontraot Will be reanired. Bid* for the Coai and the Wood will ba eon aiderod aeparataly, and aati(factory arrangement* muit ba Blade for the oorrrot m-a*u'em?nt of both. ABBURV DICKINS. jy 12-dtyth Secietary of the benaU. THE S.\ND HILLS OF JUTLAltD, By Haas I Chriatian Anderson; prioe 75 oenta. c&riwit-oSfn^i ,.,XA 7^54 wiu ?">ar tary ?Mi on Ln ii u an arti?t, and fleotinna j "M oorr?i?oiKJ?BO?, by lorn l?j or, Em., wiU portrait: pnoo fl/6. J act pabl.ahM ac<i for sale at SUGHTL1 HAVING PURCHASED AT AN IMME GOODS, SeiUd bf Wattr on 6M>i tkf FfUtimor*.) \?e take great pleasure In notifying* t'mc Inform th?m tbat tbrar Good* wli be toll Rtgmrd to tht Original Cost Tb? Stock conalata of LAWNS, CAI.ICC HALF HOSK. LAD1KB M1T7H ,?d Gl.tiVKS COLLARS, Beat Quality EXTENSION >KIH CRIB or CRADLK BLAN K KTS These who desire to purchase tbe ChMp>?t I to call and examine the *tor k. and tkry will be c been offered in thia cttv July 13 3t _ ACCTION SALKS. |y For other Auctfit ten first j*n c* Bj J. C mogl'lre & CO.. AaotioDe-ra. Peremptory 8*1.e OF 8rrebi<>* F.v : HOKO. BVG?T AMD H A IM?? ???n to mok row "ntu;0*T xornh'i, it |o o'el k f u't of the Auolion roomi. we aha!! ?f i , a ?ee?.i.?j h?nd No Top New \ ork ir.aka. A No a f win j H? ra-. 16 harida high. pwrfa ti? *?Lt.a, ataada wjtnoui nucning. ana i? a gooa in -. T?rmi out jf IS It J. C. MoGl'IRE ft Co.. AucU. Br J. C. McGL'lRK ? CO . AucUore?rs. PEREMPTORY SALE OF CIGARS AND Tobaccu.-OH THURSDAY AK TKRNOON, JulrVth, at o'clock at the Auction Room*, we i without reserve? ;5 oo'Cigar* ofvariou* Brandt, 12 KoXM Tohaoco of various ana ities T>*rin?: 93< and under caa ; nvar that sum a cedit of61 and 9 ua>s for. satisfactorily oocorsed notes bearing interest. Immzdiatki t thkkkaftbk the res do* of the took of Hamilton A J^>?ch of aj tides uncalled for at their sale. ? nsisting "t Champagne, O.aret, Hock, Burgundy, and Sherry w i nes Apple, Peach, and Cognac Brandies Pine Hoi and Gin. CatAwf-a Bitters Younger'a Ed uhurgh Ale and Brown Stout ?. ,A t.^'iak k.,,aa. 2 eicnth oheata fine t llunpowiW Tea A'mi. l.'W'O Havan* Clear*. jf 12 It J V. MceriRK A CO . Auota \rr THE ABOVE l.KS ARE UN A VOID abTy p<>atp<>n<xi until SATURDAY MORNING, l?h lut, at 10 o'c'ml. iy 13 JAi* C. MrGUIRK A CO.. Auota. By A. GREEN, Auotioneer. ?<ALE OF VALUABLK BUILDING LOTS ?5 Ea*t, Fronting or Xihih and Eabt Capitol *tk**t? at aic'tioji.? >n MONDAY. tha Mh inat. I aha!! a?ll. m f ont of the j>r?mis*a. at <>'o Oak p. m.. Lota 6,6 and 7. in Square No. 94J, fronting on ?*th and H??t <"api oi (?, Thee* Lo'a hav* h?<eu aub iviied n <> ax b*< atlial huiidinft l?- a to tint pui chtarrx, 'h-y a e on t e grade and in an iirDronnr neiehtxirhood n- - AU..J L - W- 1 - - .. C M 1 o 1 rrin uiic ini'u tuu. i'aj?iicr 111 ii? o?u id months, the purchaser to (lit not?s bearins e t from day of *a!?. a deed giveu and a deed of trust taiiou. Titie perfect. jyi3d A G*KEN, Auet. By J. C. McGL'lK K It CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A DRl'G AND AroTHKt*rt Stoke o< thb IsLssn ?On Tl'KSUAV MORNlNG July 17th itHo'oock. on the pr??mii!-t. by vi t?? of a de*a of t-ust duly executed and recorded I aha! ?e!l the eot'.rs ?*t. ok and Fixtures of a D u( and Af<uh oary store, situated on Se\enth street w st. tA t sre-u D aal t. ?tre?ts south, consisting of afresh and well selected assortment of? Pure OrugH. Chemicals, latent Medioicee, Ferluroery, Fancy Articles, *o , Ao The Stor<- ha* been recently fitted up on an im priw pian, th* Counters. Shelving, Jto.. l>eing moveable, and in no manner )oiD?d to t'e hoae?. The stock and fix ur vill b- *uld in a ot toieher The Store is in *r ?xca::ent iocat'i.n tor business, this t>a<?- offers a fi-.e opportunity to any one desirous of encasing in t' ?* business Terms ea y, and tu*do known at the sale. T^OS. I. I ISHKK. Trustee. if 13 d J. C. McGUl KK4 CO , A uets By J. C. MoGIMRb A CO , Auctioneers Chancery sm.k of v/i.iabi.e imrinviD asd I'MJiraovgD Kin. Fstat*.?By virtue of a ili-cree of th*-C'rcuit Court of the Dis tuct of Co'arobia, passed in the c*u*e wnere n Fre. erick W.Seihausen isoomp ai - ant and Charles Ma-leg ana otners. execators and neirs at law and devisees of B<>navrntora Schad. deceased, are de?U. I ..U. --II si.. iri.uAius, vnc ryuBcril'T wi. ee 5i |>u"]io ?:r. inc following v& ual> e r??, MWtn in iv ashiugton oity : Lota Not ?.! '. II and 12. m *q .iare No 7?3. on the corner of north B and Tiiir>i fctreets ast, (routing 177 feet 2H incites on north b atreot u.d I2j feet ..H on Third street tut. I.ot No. 9, in square No. 642. fronti g 119 feet on Delaware avenue, by 83 feet 1" inches on south G treet. The whole of square north of square No. 642. fronting 2t3 teet R inohet on Virginia avenue. 217 leet on south F street, ill feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, and 19 feet 6 mohe* on Half street west. Lots Not. 1. 8,3,4. 5,6, 7,?, 9,10, 11. li, 13, 14, 16, and 16, in equar* No. **4. ooinpnatng the whole square and fronting 248 feet 2 inches on oort* P street, 248 teet 2 inches on north C street. 3M feet on Eighth street east, and 35> feet on Seventh street east. And Lo's Mm. 8.9, ard 10, in square N'o. 584. fronting 30 feet each on aouth F street, bet we-p First arid Second streets weat. bt !' > feet dees, with the improvements, whioh oinsist of four well baitt two-story frame dwelling houses Tne sale of the lots in square No. 78.5 will take piaoe on TUK9DAY, the V tn daj^ of July, 1*80; of mt 101 id square >o.t>?on THI KSUAV, the 13th <tav of J uly, lHfiO, of ultra north ol rquare .No 643 Hi FRIDAY, the ISth day of Ju;y,l.w>, of ots in vquare No. KM. on MON DAY. the Ifith day of Ju , of the lot* in square 584, with the imp'ovementa, on TUK8DAY, the 17th day ol July, lMO. The sales will onemetoe at 6 o'olook p.m., on the days above specified, on the respective premi aes. and the property wiil be ao.d in such parcel* or lota aa may auit pnrohaaers. Terms of sa^e : One third cash i ?rd the h* aooe in 6, *2 and 8 months, secured (it the purcnaeer's notee, bearing interest from the da* of aale, with security to be approved by the trustee ana if not complied with in five days after ma sat of proper ty, the terms of which are not oomplied with, will be resold, upon one week's notioe. at the ri?k and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Upon the fail payment of the porohaae money and interest, and not before, the trustee will convey the property to the respective pnrchasers in fee simple. All conveyancing at the expense of the parchasera. CHAS 8. W A l.LAC H, Trnatee. J. C. MctiLIRE 4. CO.. Aucta. jell StawtJuly 17 CE7*THE SALE OF I.OT 9, IN SQUARE No. ?42. and the whole 8guar<> north of Square .No. 64sf, i* postponed until TUESDAY next, 17th in tant. same hoar. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee, jy 13 d J. C. MoGl'lRE A CO., AuoU. \J ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of '? fisn taoiai laeiied iroin the Clerk* Office ul the Circuit Court of the District of C > uu.i .a for the County ol Washington, and to m? directed, I ?i'l exp'<?e to pubno sa.e.for cash. in f ont of the Bank of Washington, on Tl K?Da\ . t?? .'4th day of July.lW commencing at 1<> o'o.ook. a. m , the following good* and chattria, to wit. viz. 2* vol Co igreasioi a! P bale*. IS do. Anna of Congreaa, ^ do. Aiii**rioan State Paper*. 1 do. Fer.eion aid B unty I .and, ' by Mayko;" 1 do. Op'-nion of At?or ey Mineral- i do. >* noptical Index t aw* U. Matee.t-do. Life and Work* of J >hi< t). A'iano-. 12 do. Diplomatic Correspondence. "by Spars*, aeixed and levied upon a* the cood? and ohat'e of Janiea Henry, and will be aold to tatiat* Judir a a \<>.93to Vlay tern, INO, la favor of John K Ken dail. W. HKLDEN. jy lS-dta U 8. Marshal. \I AR8HAI/SSALE.?In virtue t 1 2 writs of hen i*I facia* laaued from Uie Clerk'* olheeof me Circuit Court of the Uiatriot of Columbia, for the oounty of WMhiB^tor. *n<t to tne directed. I wi I exp"?e to public (or oa*h. in front of the court houee door ol ?aul c-jucty, on MONDAY, th" fitn day of August n#xt, IS? , it IT o'clock m , all d< fondant'* ruiit.ii'l ,ci*ui tuu interest h aud to Lot No. 1% in Square No. 733. in the oity of Waahing'ot . D. C.,together with al! an- atoru ar the improvement* th?reon, aelxed and levr d upon a* the property of Ch<M. H Van Patten and will be sold to eatufy Judicial* Noa 70 E.,d 7$, to Ootober term lg?, in favor ot John W. Thompson and Z. O Gilman W. 8ELDEN. U. 8. Marshal lor the Diatriot of Columbia, jy IS dta By A. GREEN, Anotlonear. TRUSTEE'SALE OF A PART or A TRACT OF LA N D oallad " Peter'a Mill boat," tnuatod in the oounty of vv??hington. on the Piney Hranch Road, and abotT Rhr^e miles from the oity of Washington, being apart of the ?ro?erty known aa the Piney Branch Trotting Courae. By virtue of two deed* of traat. one heart nt date on or about th*9th day ol Au;?t, 1&58, and renrtrAmA in I I A B 1i aa ? wiwvm mm M?wi # <1* O | liX') IOIIU1 W. Wl *"! ? one ot the 'aiii reooida of the oounty ofwaahiag ton, in the Diatrict of Columbia, and the other bearing dat? on or aboat the Uth dar of Mar '*5*. and reoerded id Liber J. A. 8.. No. 177. 'oiloe <M, et ae*.. also on* of the la- d reoorda of ai<t-?k>unty, I willprt-ceed to ?e|I at pa blie Motion to tha high at bidder, on TUESDAY, the7th day of Aacaat, 1M0. at half paat C o'alook p. m.. on the pretnieea, **aJl that part of a tract of land called 'Patai'a Mill Seat,' aitaate, lying, and twina in the o< uct* of Waahicgton, in the Diatrict of Columbia, and on the weat aide of the Pi??y Branch ?o*d. contained within the following tnet*a and bourda, to wit: Bee i lining tor the aam? at a ?toa?, No 4, plan tad in the weat line of aaid road. f"r th* no'th??et corner of a lot of aa d land l*H off to Haya Is p ak man. and running from thenoe north sixty one and a half degreee, weat fifty aix and forty-roar hntdredtha aerchea, with Sae- kmat'i i"r"i line, t?< a aton?, No. 3. af the north weat oorner ofSpaaktnan'a i t < iargor 101 ana in* ine r>-*innm? of h>> amalier lot, then * rnnninc north thirty anda half decreet m>?( twenty eight and a half perohee t? a "ahe in the oath line of a'0?d twenty fire feet wide, tno w tk theeait ii?? of 8p*akm?n'a amal ar lot. wktra 1a planted a tone N<>. 6; i henoe running eooth aiityonsaad a ha fdegraaa. ?aat fifty nine perohea and four and one hundredth of aprnh to a ><ak> in t*a west line of the Ptaay 8 ash road; thenoe with said waatlinsof said Piney Branch ro?a maatraitht line to tk? p'aoe of beginniar, -?o tiinmi t?n a?r*a aud thirty-six perches of land* ' mora or lass;totether with the improvement* there,,r, which oonuitofaiiw. tpecinua, and well-bai t tao-atnry Frame Dwelling honss, stabling, aheds, aad oat houses. T..? nf A.. a ? - - ....... V,. ? un? IX. o??n; i?* t?lu?* a.nd l? ?onth?. for which th- iinkiii win b? iw aired to fir* hi* ?<>te? bearing littrM from th* da* of eale. and womd by a deed of tm?t i^oa the * Should Ilk* f?reh*Mr Ml to> omnplv with the terms or within 6 v# da?t after Ik* da* of mi*, the truetee raMrrri the nth to raao'l ra"1 Fr.<* rty, at th.riai ud o.?et of th* defaaltta* Urn* of ??oh lyalo. All oooreyaooe* at the ooet | jylS-?o*.da *.? "Fujjnu I I SOILED. \?F SACRIFICE ? WORTH Of PR \ Jtmitm Williams ?n ikt Tcf*f from JimIm '< )ur ntilom'M of tkw> fact sod would at Ibf nil* i at avoi t m r rm i irti > n > and ?ES. IRISH LINEN?. COTTON'S. HOSE and . LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS. French-worked TS, I'NDER-SHIRTS, SIIIRT FRONTS, and Dry Good* f?ff offered In WtaliiKtoa. are tnvted ouvm. ed that such Bargains bare never before R. BRICE H4LL, 373 mm* 373 SI.VINTN AUCTION SALKS. _ \| A 5 a LK ?1b nl?? of '?m ?rili f !" fori facia*. i<au <i fro-?? the Pt?wV? of t i ir.iait? ?i>l of th* I tatrict <*f fr? ih* ooaaty of \\ anmctnr and to ?. dirooted, I ?i 1 exp ?? <> puMlo raak, in fro?.t of t#?o court hiiMur d<?>r, of ,oi "ONDAV, th?lt?ih < ?> of Aunuat uott. 1M'. * ! ilefa' itaol'a I ri|l>t. title, olaint nw int?r*af and to tfco follow 1b( il?< ertb-d propert' . to at', v.a. l* t Mo 3. i" !**iuar? 7(?, and lot >o. 9<, la f*q?*ra No. M> . | toother with alt an<t infdlai the I?rpro?*?ri?Bta thar*. n a?is*d sad i?viM up n * th? pr?.p?rt? J|M'? Barry and Jamta C. Rarr? , and ?ril t* old to ?ati?fr judieiai* >o?. ! * and 1M, l?Mat t*rm USB, in avor of Anthfm* Addison. W ?KI.DKN. t. *. Marshal for th* District of Columbia jt is dtda THIS AFThKrtOOJV TO MORROW Br THOU DOWI IN??. Auction**. < I' ' | ARUK STOCK OF CHINA, CROCRKRN. i~< 6la?? w'm wihtxiw sn?n??. cmn?. Ac., no* Niw > or A, to at ?oln vitisit tt? saaVJ.?W? >h? I o<>ninrn?? oa TMI* KVf N I NO. (and ?'intii<i? no'au.i aad *rMiH # ' day until the whole is di*po*e<i a Terr large ard se eet st<>ck of the aN> v* -aauw*l goods. consist! r* of? Tea fetta. ""up# arid Saeoera, Plate*. Dishes, <"a?ara . Hasins.ainl Kw-rs, Chambers, Ac. G asi Ro*ii, Dianas. Butters, fa U, Wares, J'limWers, Castors, Celeries. I Amps. lanterns. Pitchers. M"las?es r?n?. A c.. A c , Snu Mir Fainted Window SIiUm, is Rieh an-f 4 ??aatjfai Ftyles, Oil Cloth l aWe ? 'overs, 'Tor? Hin^lc Bone and Huok TtMeCatlirf, , P?eket,and Pen Kmvw, v\ atohes, Jewelry, and a Tariety of Fane* to The Kiitire Btoek to be sold without reserve iit lots to suit pt-rohaeers. HT1 Goods at private sale. g 11 ?t TWOS- DOWI.iMO. Asrt Bf WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. CHICKKRING P'ANO M?RTL.AM H i ? I holp Fraatrr** at arrne*. -On fATl'R D*Y MORNING. l*th instant, at ie will seM- in (r<mt of the A ucu?n H ooms, a < 'inofc er.ct Piano Fort?. and an aaaortm-nt of Hem* hoio Furniture, C<H-kinc ?n<1 other sto***. Ac. )T It WALL A HANNAH !> Atrto FUTURE DATS. Br WALLA BAKNARD,Aiotin?**r*. SCOW AM? BATTEAl AT 1*1 ?' IC A?< Tioi* ?On SATl KI'AY AFTERNOON. U'h in?t. ?t < o'olock, w* will th? h%rf fo?? <?f Htli itrr?t, i Wood or !<ud (*row. long by fourteen <?'t %nrt foar feel hoid with Mils, lifting, *nd t*ekhn* eoinp et*. Aim ooo Batteau sixteen feet Ion*. Terms o*?h Jf 11 WALL A BARN ART. AU ? Br J. C McGl'TRK A CO.. Auction?r? fro PLUMBKK*. FOI NDFRS. Ac - Ann-.i I Sale or i^osdkmsikd Six imp VA'atih |'iri? asd B*?srH*? Uk VVKIiM-.CIlAY AK''r h NOON, J?'? ISth, *? fco'oli ck.t'Mn can A Khin-' hurt's Wei-tera *Vt>?rv?s. w? fh* ?rl. m lots to uit:? 84 Cast-trrn Wslur P.p*s, * inches in Hkmeter, in 12-feet ienrtii*. 46 H'&uohra, ttr., vii 12 Redu<v? 6 ?<i 4 ; nob** Fourw?>i, 6 br to inoht ; 13 Ti.S bf < icchw, 14 T'?. 6 by 4 inch-*r. ar.d I Bwd, 4*<i"?r#*? Th??e P P??? of the r*ry lx??t 14 u*nt? . many ( th?m v?ry vliichtiy d?>f*oti ve. and B ot t.ieiri ?u ? >!?? for d.B;n pipe T*rm? f" ?'d under r\n: , v?- tli*' ?'in credit of 9f> Bnd f? dkfk. f'?r tat >r*oU>rily end. '?"i note* h?anu* interest jyJ2d J. C MeGLIRF. A CO . kmcu. By A. URKEK, AietmnMr. VALUABLE <:'?AMIN<. St ??? ! , r AB?M r Ml TOSH BrBTHBB. XAMBD tt. L. liBouM, A r ??T *A.:.EB, A ' An T "N < <:. \\ 1 l>\ b >HA N.I ' U "> in , I fr,a ? > at Mr T Riet'a wharf, the hand*' me Bud ia*t tai i.t ? r> G. L. Bruoiu. t>f at>. ut . > t< 11 bur' n?n r*he i? d oompiete order, we ; rigged aod r?-adj for inme diate BM. Term* ouh. K. GARNKR.Cvt jy &-?otdi (I!?l Sun.i A. GREEN, Auet. FOR SALE AND KKNT. [For otktr 44For S+U nmd Rent'1 mdrertitemrmli, M first pa ft ] F"H>R R KN'T? Tt at new ?nit rdnmu^in ? HKICK HOI St. containing. with Die btel buildinr. wren r?ome. w<>< ?<l Ac . :n r??r. Thi? house i? p *j%i.tii iiuawd in Pn .ting Office f*-| u*re, frontint H ?t ltd hU y?-<! in front und re*'. t-te < now we. ?t< rke with a \-*riet * ?.f v*et? t ie?. R?tit n?o>.? Inqtare of W . S. JONfcS, ft( * cro*' J store, i net 3<1 ?ml H ?t? j, 13 t| A D i D L 4'U a V . L Ti... fl ?- ? Ai? n ? i . v nn ^ \ r.. ? i nr rtXUi'fl A Good Will of on* of the finest (jrooery Fatal' liahmenta in the city ia now offered for sale on re* aonable term* For particular* addreaa "X V /.*' through l*o?t Office. jy U-lw U*(lR RKNT?The thre?-st >r> tnc l*<eiiiM t T BRICK HOl'SK Xo 36.1 K str-?.t. -ta^n 10th and 11th sts.. conu nine a rooms. R. nt ?y> p??r month Inquire of F.DWlN iiRF.ES, No 50| E eventh at. Jy 18 3t I70R RFNT?The fcne FRAMF. HOl?*K kaova r as "French Kvans' Houae.** situated on M ?U north, between 9th and l"th atreeta, No. 3-iO, one of the most de*irat>:e private rrsidenoea in Washington. Thia h use ia surrounded by fruit trees anil ereat lumlera of enrrant l?u?hes of i-a rioua kind*.and fane shade trees, with ?*,(? feet ??f ( eund. vailed in Apply to J. C. C(H?k F. ?Mh at. hwtwe-n 0 and F.. ____ i? '? [f FOR R K.N T?Two cini?lprt*t>i? thr?-e-?ti rj I) i k HOI'SF.C. ?i* room? nod k itchen - oh. utimtr.i on Eleventh t., b-rtween H and C. Rent $ US' per month Apply to GEO. F. nl(jl'KLY, at F Is. Myri' Oio?, Euhth rt. jj 11 In* FHOR RENT-A three ator* BRICK DWF.I. LING HOI'SK.on H ?t l?-t w>-en 12th and 13 ti eta., Xo 404 Apply to J KIRK WOOD. 4 7? LIU tr?ot jy 9 tf 0 L^OR RKXT? A doatralJe thrw-?torj bRICK P HOI'SF., with two etorr t*/*k huiidlnc. ?ide lot, fine cellar. I>atft room, ga?, water. an?1 other convenience necen*ary t<> make h?-u?'ke?tMii|t w;. Au excellent pump of water nc-ar the door. Situated on P utreet north, hetween t?t and Jd ?t?. went?N< . 4*?.'? V? oo. ipn > Mr i (m Pofneomon given about the Ifitn in?t Apply H> /. W. McK\EW,at Capitol, office Superiiit*ti<ient Public Printing. _ if 9-t* OR SALE < ?R RENT-A URICK 1>\VELL r IXG HOl'SE. containing 8 room and a kit?-fi en. on Sixth atreet weat. between M and X. Apply next door north. ivT-lwv 1/OR RENT?That deauahle DWELLING r TwntiMh si., between M and N bU w??t.containing 6 roomi. R?ut *ina nor\ear Appltr on ll?e prfmiwd, or to \V M. RUTHKRFORII, ?t hi* Marhl? \Vorlf?, E st . Mwxfn 12th ud 13th ?t?. Jy f> 2w' WTORE ROOM FOR RENT-On the eo?th ?Mt ooriwr of P?ni.. ?Trau* and Tenth ttwi, heretofore used a* a cr?o?ry A pp j at the lO' ir or of J At*. F. HALIDAY.Citt Hal. je X tf SMUMMER El'.MOI.Ni K FOR K \ KT-? cla?? and handsomely lunn?be<l cotta*. . in a most heal hy t art of the "|)i*trirt. and half an hoi.r's drive from th* Presidential Mansion. Arplv *?'H JOST. 1*1 fa avenue. jy H-ao3t FOR RENT?That new and well arranged three atorv BRICK HOU>E. No. itwi. fiAtwaan 10**> ** W - - L' 1 - - . >^?U niiU oirvu I i i * ' ? ?" . i?.rn OT'"' pied li) Mr. Hudi>c<i, Kuuim l/fntti<?. P"?? ion riven immediately Inquire of Mr. W?UTH KV S. PA KKKR ne?t d?ior ea?t ma I* win AH VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE id Prince 6tori?'i ?"*iitr, uu?t?l kboit i mil* from Hladenahart. IS from the Afrioaltuni Co ie?f. Hd from Waafeincton. oootaania* *> acre*, 9 acre* tn Pine an'i Oak Timber. It la under a good tenee. aoe > ta a kith atate of cultivation. A >r nard of Peaotie*. AhIm, and a vanrtt of other kmdi of fruit; Strawbemaa aad Aaparaaai la abundance. It ia on the east aide of tka Baltimore aq<i Waabinfton Railroad.on the Atxn?U>B road, adjoining Col. Carter and Lawyer Stevena It haa oa tt a emaJ; Honaa containing four rooma. Sprin* aid Sprinf Hoaae. and oatbaildinca Peraoaa de- R ? ' i.f to pvroliM* will ? eaae oajl oa tk? premlaaa. or at aland No. 970 Confer Market, jeS|~?v* MRS MwKTIMKR POR S ALE?Between 7 and ?crN ol LAND. 1 (WW? wood. I on the Pluak R?a4. ,7 h ?. (about nul* from W ashing ton?* beautiful building uu. or well located for a market carrion AppU ?t No. S Acenc) Block,corner Seventh and F iu? W'tihjo tt-lwi* /COMFORTABLE ROOMS, with -?r without V/ Hoard, ran be obtained, on moderate l*rm? at 4*6 E ?.. ttetween 5Ut and Stl, Table Boards ra aaoonnnodated with food Board. je it jm* 170R RENT-Two beautiful aew BRICK ? r Kiihthit we?t, brlwen M # and N rtreeU ncth. w??t eide. App J to MARY C. HA1SLIP, No. k?*l Niatft *Hfm weet.or Di. KEAHBEV, No. 339 Pa. aveane. between Mh ar.d J lOthetreeto. JettSW rVRY GOODS CHEAP Jr k " ^ F()R THE MILLION: I w WIT varapi v vvnaMMv *w day mI'im * all PiMy 1>HBM Silks, Orptedj Rob?a. Sobaa, trench Lava'. ?* (kfu6* M ?liaa,?? tM jarfl. M rilll Ba r(fN illiwtl? r?lMtl>riM?,Bur?tk?lfrn''i. to rodoc* Itock tkumoLtk *! <_, IB atoca % fa.. atoak oi ftrM OiMi Him<? ukI Dcmwi c tiond*. adapted to tka caaartt vmU of Uaultaa. all at raa-? -<w ? ly ? W 3*a gimU at.. aWw fa a?. rAIBVS' HAlt AND PUirUMRItr BTOIK, U >? * 12IAMU1SIA St$. LADIES' WIGS. HALF WlOS, BRAIDS aaO CClt! awaj? on use or hjwic to orSar ta tba haatatrtaa. Alao, Bair Work rapairW ar takaa ta J ??f- iLhlJL |> AR6A1NB IN PIANOS Uat kan fcaaa ba ? ?'or*o^?Lfc^ *

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