Newspaper of Evening Star, July 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 13, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Notice to \Vashi*gto*ia*s.?Those of our fellow-citis?na leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear la mind that we do not mall Tub ?tak except after payment in advance at the rate of 37% cents per month. Bei l asd Kvxkktt Cxxtbal I'siok Clci ? Another meeting of this club, well attended, was held at Temperance Hall last night, the president, Benjamin Ogle Tayloe. Esq., in the chair In taking his seat, the chairman gave bis views briefly, of the impression made upon him by the Breckinridge and Lane ratification meeting at the City Hall on Monday night. He said that, notwithstanding, all the government aDDllanrata there was but little genuine enthusiasm. and the shaft* of the orator*, instead of being directed against tbe 'fommon enemy," the Republicans, were clneflv aimed at Douglas and bis adherents He referred also to wbat he railed the scene at the White House, the President and one of his J*eoretsriea entering the political arena in behalf of the divided ticket, the former acknowledging that there was no regular Democratic nomination, and *~k?-latter concluding his harangue, not with an argument, but a sneer at " Abe Lincoln " On motion of Mr. \V. B Gary, it was Httoivtd, That the club would attend in a body tbe Bell and Everett ratification meeting, to be held at Karmington, Md , on Tuesday, the 17th inst , and m committee was appointed to make arrangements for the trip. Dr Thomu G Clayton reported that a committee bad waited on Joseph !*egar. Ksq . a distinguished member of theVirginla Legislature, and Invited him to address tbe club A prior business engagement prevented Mr. Se^ar from complying with the request, but be desired to assure the club that tbey had every reason to persevere in their good work: that Virginia might be relied upon for Bell and Everett by a handsome majority .the rank and Hie of the democracy being no longer willing to follow their scatterfd leaders Dr. C referred to what he termed the extraordinary fact, unparalleled In the anna)* of the rountrv, of the President of the United States derending from his high position to take part In the political strife of the aay. He had graciously k issued an indulgence,"' proclaiming to "the faithful-' that as there was no regular democratic pirty nomination, they might vote for either of the candidates' How gracious! how condescending !! Mr. J S. Gallaber remarked that his friend I)r. ( C , had omitted one Item connected with the Presidential 'Indulgence." It had been said of the Kmperor Napoleon, when a vote was about tn Ka ?r" ?? ? *' " .v w ?*cn III najitc UJWII vac qilPlllOn Ol A ruler, that it was proclaimed that "every man might vote as he pleased, but it was expected tbat he would vote the Emperor's ticket " The President gave a like privilege, but every day's new* informed us that every postmaster or other f>nblic officer, known or suspected to be a Dougas man. was decapitated, and the guillotine waa ready for further execution Mr. G did not like to be uncharitable to ward* hit democratic friends, in this, their dark hour of affliction, but he could not help remarking that it looked very much as if there was a design on the part of the aeceders to elect Lincoln President?for the verv purpose, perhaps, of having an excuse to dissolve the I nion At all events their movements were tending to tbat result, unless the masses should disregard their counsels, and rally for Bell and Everett. He was happy to say, in his capacity of Corresponding Secretary, that be bad information which satisfied him that the Union ticket would be ahead of all others in the electoral colleges, and he exhibited statistics in suonort nt , - ( I?? ? his opinion As a farther evidence that the aeceders were bent on mischief. or were '-hoping against hope," Mr G cited the fact that the President's branch of tbe democracy In Illinois had nominated Thos. M. Hope for Governor, against James C. Allen, (late Clerk of the House of Representatives.) the regular nominee This was evidently done to tike the State from Douglas and give it to Lincoln Mr. G. also referred to the fact that the seceders were fighting for an abstraction in their platform, whilst their Senators had dodged the issue, when Mr. Brown, of Mississippi. invited them to intervene" for the protection of slavery in Kansas Only three democrats voted for a practical test in regard to Kansas, whilst thirty of theiu voted in the negative. This proved that 1 they merely kept alive the issue to inflame the public mind in the South. Mark. too. the coolness with which they lay claim to "nationality " Klghty southern men secede from the Baltimore ' -? * Luumiuun, arc louuwea oy oniy sixteen from the Nortb, and of these latter ihiriten are officeholders Mr H N Gallaber, editor of the Virginia Free Pre*, being present wai loudly callea for, and made a brie; responae. referring to the fact that be casne from tbe district represented so ably by bis gallant friend Boteler, whose election against democratic odds in tbe district proved tbat tbe opposition only needed confidence to carry Bell and Everett. as they did Boteler, triumphantly That confidence was growing daily. Tbe people were tired of being ruled by tbe demagogues, and on this occasion would act for themselves He felt perfect confidence that it now only needed a united effort on the part of the oppoisitlon ill Virginia to carry the State for the f'nion ticket by thousands. Three hearty cheers were then given for Bell and Everett, and the Club adjourned iu fine spirits, to meet on Thursday evening next. The Bkkcki*X:dgk and LAS* MIITIIG IN Alexandria. Last Night.? The Gazette of this morning say*. "Tbe nominationsof Breckinridge and Lane were ratified in this city by a mass meeting b*Id In Liberty Hall last night The meeting, pursuant to notice, assembled in front of tbe Lyceum Hall The building and ita vicinity bad been adorned for tbe affair with great taste and presented a handsome appearance. A stand was erected immediately above tbe entrance steps of tbe hall, above It tbe American flag bung in handsome festoons, while in front was inscribed the motto "Stand by the Union " And around the stand were displayed transparencies inscribed with appropriate mottoes Across the street were bung the (lags of half a dozen nations. The small democratic cannon was on the ground and fired a salute Inconsequence of a heavy rain, which i o in me need falling about 7)^ o'clock. D. Funst-n announced that tbe meeting would take place at Liberty Hall. Arrived at Liberty Hall, the meet i ing waa called toorder by Col. Suttle. utjon wfcoae motion David Funsten wai called to tile chair. On motion, the following gentlemen were appointed vice presidents ana secretaries : Vice Presidents?Turner Dixon, XV. K. At well, J M. Johnston, S. F Blacklock, Peyton Ballen, ger. W W. Herbert, J. F. Dyer. J M. Stevens, C. E. Stuart, J. T. Johnson, G. H Soioot, C. F Suttle. Henry Daingerfleld. Geo. Washington, A. J. Humphrey*. D R Blacklock. Isaac Kell, Geo D Wise, H C. Ward. 8 Hartley, H W . Vanderrift J W. Burke, J. H Reid. J. W. BowlingJdines Roach. Secretaries?W. F. Came, James Williams, Louis E. Green The following resolutions were then unanimously adopted : Resolved, That we cordially approve, and will most cheerfully support the nomination of Hon John C Breckinridge, of Kentucky, for President, and of Hon. Joseph Lane, of Oregon, for Vice 1'resident of the United States Resolved, That bv the nomination of these distinguished citizens and able statesmen, the Nationsl States-Rights party, vindicates its claim to tbe confidence, trust, and co-operation of all good citliens in every section or tne country, regardless of their real or supposed previously existing party relations. The meeting was tben addressed at length by Hon. I. I Stevens, of Washington Territory, who was loudly and frequently applauded. Railroad Matties ?A letter from HarrUouburg, Rockingham county, published in the Richmond Dispatch, says:? The operations on the .Mmassas G lp railroad are nearly suspended. The prospect is truly a very poor one, and complaints are getting very numerous, and if there should be a decapitation of some of the heads of the concern, it would probably be of advantage to the company." Now, from all we can learn, these complaints are most unreasonable; and the accusations, if not threats, against some of the heads of the roads have nothing to justify them. We believe that > the officers and directors of the company do all that they can to expedite their work, in spite of every dimculy. It is their duty and their Interest t? do so. Those who are best competent to judge, and wbo know all the circumstance*. do not hesitate to accord the meed of praise. Instead of Indulging in censure, on the manager* of the road They should be encouraged, not spoken against?Al*xan<Jrui Gazette. A Pomp Oct or Oisn ?Mr Editor:?The pump on the corner of Ninth and M street* has been tn a useless condition aver since last Thursday or Friday, to the great inconvenience of the t neighborhood It has been without a handle all that time Those wbo are appointed for the purpose, should look about and tee to the stfairs of the city, and not expect citizens to be put to the trouble and inconvenience of reminding them of duties for which they are paid to perform Tbere is also a large sewer drop on the corner of Msssachusetts avenue and N ipth street that baa been without a covar or protection for two or three weeks, to the danger of some one, on a dark night, falling into It and being killed Pleaae I look around R j Th* Wuiirgtox A^cidcct.?The Intelligencer of this morning saya: "We have learnt, on what we deem reliable authority, that it baa beea determined the works for completing the Aqueduct shall go on, and th*t within a very short time We need not aay bow great the gratification of I be people of the whole District will be for this, not only on account of tbe advantage fa? lr enjoyed by them In tbe completion of the work Itself, but for tbe sake of tbe hundreds of poor laborers who arc meekly waiting the (fecial on which shall point them to a means of providing far themselves and familiaa M a time of depression and alacknew." A Prwjc feraooL fe**J?i5ATiow ?The annual nam;nation of the female department of the Fourth District school took place last Tuesday afternoon The number of visitors?parents and others interested in education?was unusually lirg??, evincing that more Interest bv the people Is felt in that part of the city (Island) for the education of their children than in any other porlion. The manifest benefit arising from tU**ir active Interest and participation lu school matters, is attended by a corresponding energy and attention given by the teachers to their daily duties Of the Trustees present, we noticed Messrs Miller. Walsh. Fort. Randolph, Wlllett. Wbyte. and Ironsides Mr John K Holmead, one of the Trustees of this district, was prevented from attending by sickness Dr Samson, of Columbia College, Richards, of Union Academy. Hyde, of th? naAnr**Ats??? * ? n uwu, una iiimi 01 tne public school teacher* were also present The examination consisted of the best classes In Knglisb composition, grammar. reading, orthogiapny, mental and written arithmetic, familiar natural science, history and geography On the school roll 55, present 53. The school presented a science of neatness, good order, ana attention, and excellence of scholarship and intellectual discipline was manifest throughout the exercises. If It bad t-een desirable to ead to tbe established excellent r'putatton of Miss Margaret Milburn, tbe, the occasion we refer to would have amply accomplished that object. The reading, tnat prime test of careful and able instruction, was admirable,?much attention having been paid to clearness of enunciation, correct pronunciation, and a true expression of the sentiments of the text. The grammar classes analyzed and passed most creditably a short extract from Goldsmith's "Deserted Village," and promptly detected and debited the errors in the ungrammatlcal sentences read to them, gave the reasons for the corrections, aad other satlrfactorv exhibitions of their familiarity with the principles and usages of our language. T Has ?*L * ..n.^uvu, uiiuu^rapoy, ana writing or tbe dictation exercises were uniformly excellent In mental arithmetic (Prof Davits' excellent graded system) the proticlency was more than remarkable?It was extraordinary. Theanalyaea was tborougfc. and tbe problems long and very complicated, so much ao tbat doubts are expressed as to the propriety and beneilt arising from so severe a mmial operation as is Involved in the classes of questions given in the recent publications on this subject, of which, It is claimed by some of our most competent teachers, the book committee of the Trustees Las lately srlrcted the most objectionable?Ureenleal's last edition. In written arithmetic tbe pupils were tested by a sufficient number of questions, and |>articularlv its to tbe best modes of operation on common ana decimal fractions rtf mn iuiu? ?' 1 ? ~?-j ? - v?uw??>tivii vi c^uai xacior.Sj the rate* of proportion, and the application of fractional ratios and cancellation to tbem. The usual course of public examinations in written arithmetic as conducted in our public schools Is to "give out" a sum. and let tbe pupils get the answer correctly the best way they can, while the theory or principle upon which the operation is performed never sees daylight. Such a system Is downright folly, and we say, "reform It altogether ' We are glad to Bote that at this examination the teacher desired to avoid, and succeeded in departing from, tbe stereoty |>ed process in this respect. Dr. Samson in bis remarks to the pupils, said that, in bis opinion, tbe pupils of the school were receiving a more substantial, thorough, and disciplinary education than could be obtained at most of what are termed "fashionable schools," ?a remark referred to and concurred in with additional emphasis by Gen. Randolph, who al?r> addressed the pupils at the close Mr Ric hards also made some highly commendatory remarks, and the general expression of those present was extremely complimentary to the scuool and its energetic and judicious instructress For our p.irt. we adopt the sentimeut of Lord lirougham, oue of the few great men who have condescended to say something encouraging to that useful, but kept humble class, called teachers?" Their calling is high and holy; their fame is the property of nations?may they sleep under the not inglorious epitaph, commemorating one in whom mankind has lost a friend, and no man got rid of an enemy." Police Matters?Before Justice Bamaclo ? Win Love was accused of assaulting and battering James F. Perry; held to bail for court Geo. \\ halan was charged with an assault and battery upon one John Schmidt; bail for court. Mary Turner was accused of asaaultlno >nH ?? 1^. "'""'"J abusing Elizabeth Peel, security to keep the ktep the peace J. F Perry was brought up for an aisault and battery on Wm. Love, growing out of 4th of July jollifications; ball for court. John Chaney was accused of cursing and swearing in the public streets of the city of Washington, against the provisions of a certain Corporation ordinance; lined $2 50 and costs Wni Dean was suspected of behaving in a disorderly manner. and lined 91 58. Ann Gladinan was accused of disorderly behavior; in default of payment of fine and costs, sent to workhouse lor 30 days J as Brooks was accused of profanity, and lined Mary Turner, do ; fl ?4. Be/ort Juftir* Clark ? Georgians Simonds was accused of swearing in the streets; lined SI, and 41 3o costs. W. H Digges, charged with profanity In the Northern Market, fined S1.5n Emma Young was accused of stealing 9*/3 from Louisa Raymond; no proof, and case dismissed. Louisa Raymond, charged with stealing a pearl coiorea suit areas irunri himma Young, waa also dismissed for want of proof. Birth* and Death* in Alexandria.?The ComtniMioner of tbe Revenue baa just returned hit annual report of tbe birtba and deaths in Alexandria county for tbe year ending with tbe 31st of December, 18o9 By this It appears that 163 persons were born and ISO died in that county during that year Tbe whole nurab-r of births and deaths in that county for tbe past seven years has been as follows: Year. Blrtbs. Deaths 185 3 3 .1 -239 185 4 -2!U *T2 * 1156 132 143 ia>7 ?*) 113 lfeo?J 261 131 1S59 163 150 Total 1*45 l.*iU6 Showing a natural Increase of population of 639, In the seven years. Prospbct Hill Cemitiit?A meeting of the German Kvangelical Society of thia city waa beld night before last at German Hall, Eleventh itnet, for the purpose of organizing, under the late charter of Congress organizing Prospect Hill Cemetery The meeting waa well attended, and the preliminary arrangement* effected with much -..-1 # K TU- * ' ^wu icrmijj. i tie wnoir amount oi stock of the Association is ?12,000, in live hundred share* of S2.5, upwards of one-half of which was taken at the meeting. One-third of the profit Is to be set apart as a dividend, and the other two-thirds to be devoted to the liquidation of the stock. There will be another meeting of the Association next Monday two weeks, or which due public notice will be given. Thi Capitol ?Several Improvements are taking place in and around the Capitol building. The seats have all been removed from the llall of Representatives, and the carpets taken up, preparatory t') restoring the desks and chair*. Some of the benches have been ranged round the rotunda, and add very much to its appearance. The room of the Vice President is being finished, and columns set on the outside of the new wings. ??? a ? - - ^ t> orKinen are uusy erecting temporary rence In ide of the iron railing In front of" the Capitol, preparatory to the removal of the Utter, for tbe purpose of enlarging the ground*. Ksputas' Citizen Band, we are informed, are soon to appear in a fine uniform, tbe equipment for the whole band costing about $300 It will consist of blue frock coat and red pants with a white stripe The cap will be in the style of tbe Marine Band, with a poinpoon in front. We understand they Intend giving a grand pic nk; invut lur < iu 01 Au^iui. at Arlington springs, for the purpose of defraying the outfitting expense of the band. Columbian Collxgb ? Prof.Edward T.Fristoe having resigned the chair of Mathematics in Columbian College, to accept a similar position In the University of Jtlissouri, Mr. James G. Clarke, of Va , has been elected his successor. Mr. Clsrke, we understand. Is a graduate of tbe 1'nlversitvof Virginia, In which Institution be has already filled with distinction the chair of Assistant Instructor in the School of Mathematics. Heldto Bail m Albxandbia.?Mrs. Elisabeth Hall, charged with exposing a foundling Infant, whose death and the subsequent Inquest has heretofore been noticed, had another nearlng at the Mayor's Court yesterday afternoon. The investigation developed some further facts, and Mrs Hall was held to ball In the sum of 8*200 to appear at court and answer the charge. Casbs at thbCbktbal Guardhouse ?Patrick McKlnney. when one hour out of the workhouse, M A A k.?A' 1 ? J *-? 1 ? vv* UII auutoci UUU auu WU MKCil 111 CQftrgC bjr tbe police, and thla morning J ustice Donn gave him n new commitment for thirty days more. Pour lodgert were accommodated Thb Road Law ir Fairfax Couktt?All the Justices have been aummoned to attend the July term of Fairfax County Court, which meets on Monday next, the 10th instant, for tbe purpose of considering the propriety of repealing the new ro id law. Impoktamt Real Estate Sale?James C. McGulre h Co. sold yesterday afternoon lot No. 8 in sauare 456, situated at the corner of Seventh and E streets, together with the improvements, to Geo 8. Gideon, for the sum of S23,100. The Receipts of the Washington Branch Railro >d for tbe month of Juns. were as follows: Passengers, *33,341 li; tonnage, S4.U51 49: mall*. Sl.ouu 06; total, t3*,3W ti-T Proposals for coal and wood. It will be seen by advertisement in another column, are Invited at tbe oAcc of the Secretary of the I' S. Senate. 1 Criminal Co?*t ?After our report clewed yesterday. Joseph Whalan. on trial on a charge of assaulting and beating bia wife, was convicted by the jury John Campbell, placed on trial on a charge of stealing a clock valued at 8.30, from George W. ' I'ttermehle, waa convicted and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary Louisa Brown fcolnred) was tried and convicted on an accusati9"f larceny of a silk drew and a half dollar from Henry Wilson. Sentenced to one year in the penitentiary * Eliza Smith (colored) was tried and convicted of stealing a pair of gold spectacles from Mr. Calhoun. (Sentenced to one year in the peniten- . tiary f Constantine Edwards was tried and found guilty of assault and battery on Andrew F. Tate ; Wm Harris (colored) was placed on trial for larceny of a watch from John Shea This case was not concluded when the court adjourned To day?Joseph \V halan, convicted yesterday of an assault and battery upon his wifv. Mary Wbalan. was sentenced to pay a fine of ?7. The case of the United States vt. Wm. Harris, who was charged with stealing a watch from John Shea, was continued and concluded by the jury returning a verdict of guiltv of petit larceny. [A man named Fugttt, convicted a few days ago of stealing a horse, nearly two years ago.from Mr. Grinnell, a resident of the Seventh Ward, was ordered into court from the jail this morning to receive sentence. He was placed in charge of rssi stint-jailer Waters, and while on his way to the courthouse, broke away from the officer and escaped ] Thomas Hardiman was placed on trial on a cbarge of stealing a ham from George Phleuger. This case was pending when our report closea Improvements is Alexandria?The Gazette says: "Notwithstanding that this is the dull season of the year, the evidences of improvement in the way of buildings is most gratifying. In all sections of the city we meet with new buildings, either receiving toe finishing touch at the hands nf All r ulrillfitl Anaaa I- ?f 41 v> ?a>iiiu> sitiu^rii, ui iii jjiutraa ui crcriion . Some of these buildings are most eleeant, rivaling the models of architecture in other cities, while the others are small but comfortable tenements. Intended for the residences of "the bone and sinew of the city." whose labor In great part builds up every city, and furnishes the great elements or our national greatness Indeed an ob- I servant jaunt through the streets of our city would show an amount of "progress" which would surprise those who have not paid attention to the subject." Oraxgk asd Alexandria Railroad Bridgk. The Lynchburg Republican says:?The masonry for the bridge from Daniel's Island to the south bank of the river, on the hvncbburg Extension of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, will be completed In the course of four or five weeks, and as the wood work Is resdy to put together, we may expect the cars to run over to the depot, IIpur i .anunnrtitt't mill kw I 1 ^?V ? MJ ?ur j./iu ui au^uni, We hope the work may be pushed ahead, as Ihe only inconvenience the traveler has on the road, is in getting from the city to its present terminus. Tax Collection? in Alexandria ?The whole amount of taxes and licenses levied by the municipal authorities, and collected bv Messrs Field and Avery, up to the 1st day of July, is #43,?/0.75. The money to meet the interest on city d?bt, due in the city of New York on the 1st of July, was deposited in bank in that city several days before the interest on the bonds accrued. Pic-Nic.?Yesterday, the scholars and teachers of the Ninth street Methodist spent the day in Berry's woods, north of the city. The affair wu not gotten up with a view to pecuniary profit, but for the pleasure of the scholars; but the attendance was quite numerous, and all who were present sfieak of It as one of the most ftleasant school pic-nlcs they have attended A ittle boy named O'Brien fell from a swine, and was slightly hurt, but was properly cared for: which was the only accident which occurred during the day. Larckst.?Last night, officer Kimball arretted a colored girl named Mary F Brooks, charged with the larceny of a dress and breastpin, the property of Mrs Baumgarten. Mr. Baumgarten aw Mary with his wife's dress on, walking along the street, or rather staggering, for she was drunk. Justice Donn committed her for court, and issued a warrant for her accomplice, Lucy Tabbs, colored, who was to be arrrsted this morning. Another of the popular gift exhibitions at pdd Fellows' Hall, it will be seen by advertisement in another column, will take place this (Friday ) evening. Holi.owat's Pill*.?Indigestion, 'Stomach and Liver complaints. These medicine* wi I cure the most confirmed cases of d\ spepsia and disorders of the stomach and liver. Thev nave restored more suffering dyspeptics to actual and permanent health than all the other ephermeral "spacifica ' united. They have stood the test of fifty years' experience. The) increase the appatita, mvigor?u? the stomach and purify the liver. In bowe! complaiuti th?v are equaliy efficacious, and for nek and nervous headaches ih*y stand unrivaled, fcoid by all Druggists, at 25c., 62o., and $1 per box. jy 13-lw Oxygkwatip Ritkkxs in Kuaor?. From Rev. I. Doolittle, a highly respectable clergyman. Paris, November 1,18Si. Dear Sir : About two years since I made use of a few bottles of your OxyKenit'4 Bitter*, for a atom aoh c mplaint, which was at that time relieved. Since iny stay in Kngland and Frauce, I have found my old enemy?irritability of the stomachreturning again. I have not found any prescription to afford me relief, and I made inquiries in London for your Orygmated Bittrrs, but could not find any. 1 write now to beg you will do me the favor to send, by the earliest steamer to Havre, half a dozen bottles. A n <iM Priuii^ nf *?<?"* " ^" " 4 * 1 W|V? uidin W| nil no III ritl^lAUU, lvlipl(VlIl iSCK on, of the tfritish A'tny, I found, on my arrival, suffering from asthma, m^difestly th* result ofdyspepsia. tjend an addintional half a doaen l ottlr*; I should like to have the Captain try the medicine 1 am not aware that my name is known to you I have lieen the resident clergyman for some twenty-three years in Sherbroo< and Lennox ville, Canada * a-t, to which charge I hope to be able to return in the spring. I remain, dear sir, your obedient servant, L. Doolittlk. Prepared by 8. \V. Fdwle ft Co., Boston, and for sale bv D. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B Waite, G. Stott, John Sohwarxe, Nairn ft Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. jy 12-lw,r Evsrt Scmmkr the demand for Hostet?er'? Cele brated t*tomach Bitters increase. It is found to lie the only certain Preservation of bodily strength during a period when the atmosphere is calculated to induce a leeling of lassitude and indigestion, i The worst cases of Diarriura and Dyser.tery givo | why m iim poiem innuenoe. Innumerable persons, who are nuw alive and weli, must tl>ank the discoverer of this preparation that they have not Ix'on swept away in her harvest of death The Bitt'-rs is recmmpnded by the l>est physicians in the land. This is the best evidenoe of its rral value, because, as a general thing , the) will not sp'-aic a word in favor of a iverti<od preparations. They have iieen ooinpelied to ack?owlei|ge the claims of this Bittera upon the community. So d by all duggists. jy 9-eo3t To Consumptives. Qutru't Cod Lit'tr Oil Jelly. This great specifio for Consuuiption is (ast supsroedmg all others in its curative effects upon those afflicted with tubercular diseases. Prepared upon highly soientifio principles of the pure oil, and robbed of the nauseous taste of the plain article, it is reoetved into the stomaoh in its jellified form, without mastication, and is gradually dissolved and digested, passing into th? small intestines drop by drop, snpply ing the wastes of the body by its nutrioioas properties, and thus assisting and ?n?. Milling nrvture in overooming the disease Approve by the New York Aoademy of Medicine, and recommended by the faoulty everywhere, this I preparation is confidently offered as a remedy for Consumption and ail Sorofulous affections Sold by Charles Stott, Washington, and by all respectable druggists. Price 91 per bottle Pkntold, Parkkr & Mown, No. IS Beekman street, New York, mar 16-3m W holesale Agents, Homeopathic Rkmedirs AH of Dr. Humphreys <t Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly fur family use, in boxes, at 25 and S*> cents each. Also, in canes, containing an vials, from $4 to each, with book of full directions. For s*le by Z. D. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenue. wholesale and retail agent; VV. A. Fitsgerald, 333 north F street: also by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street ami Vermont avenue. Also, Pond'% Ertraet of Wittk Hazel% for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9 ly U.x><> Ta</.n?n?n>? it the beat and oheapest article for Dreenng, Beantifring, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladiee, try it. Sold Ly ail Druggists aatl Perlamera. mar 18-8m Lyos's Magxktic Isskct Powde* Exterminate! Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It contain s no Poison I.yos's Magxxtic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9-3m Metis's Miraculous Vkrmi* Db*tbuybk. the oldest and best remedy known for *-xtf>rminating Rate and Mioe, Cockroaches, Bugs, Ants, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-Worms and Garden Insects. rT7"Prinoipal Depot, 619 Broadway, N. Y. Bold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Pimwibs,?Persons deeirl.-.g Pennies will a1 ways lid thsm fnr Avohanre at the St*r 0#?? #?o?mt?? MARRIED. On the 11th in.Unt, br th? Rot. L. F. Mu'din, MAEG"AfcElVB$!iz\fSfeVfp&W^KfihS MP*-a 8EhRt?:tLLEN V,RGIN!A (WbMlinf Intelligencer copy.) XMBD, On the'3th inaUnt.OBED K. W A.PLE, of Vir. Iliua, after a punful lllneaa of tjphoid fever, in the 41?t year of hia He. Hu fuenua are requeated to attend hia funeral, thia evenjng, at So'eloci at hia reaidence. on Mlt;i atreet. between * and N aU. aoath, when hu remaioe will be taken to Virginia. 0 GEOR0ETOW* CORPORATION LAW9 | ? As Ordinance providing for additional Revenue. I B* it (trd*iu*d fry tk' Fonrd %f Aldrrmtn and I Board of Common Comnrxi of tkt Corporation of G*?rg?to%rn, That on and after tbe flrat day , !*?p<ember next, tbe following ratea of taxes shall be, and hereby are imposed ou every jwrson or tinn transacting any busine* hereinafter mentioned. namely: On all goods. wares, merchandise, or other articles, except such as are manufactured within tbe (orporate limits, other than bats, cape, boots, shoes, readyniade clothing, spirituous and fermented liquors, wines, cordials, and all otber in -wxiraung liquors, oy wnoipsaie or retail, 95 p? r annum where the annual average amount of capital invested i?over*5??. and under 92/>0. ?1<| per annum when it is 260. and uuder 91,(Ml. 14 ' ?, " 2,00a. 20 ? " 2.000, 44 4,0X0 25 " " 4.000, " 9,000. 30 " " 6.000, ? 10.000. 35 14 ?' 10.000, " 15.000. 40 " " 15 000. ** 90,000. 50 " " 20.000 and over. On Lata, caps, boots, shoes, and ready-made clothing, the aame rate of tax as above, for the same amount of capital invested. On spirituous and fermented liquors, wines, cordials, and all other intoxicating liquors, in quantities not less than a pint, 920 per annum where the annual average capital is under 91,000 925 per annum where It Is 91.000 or over, and under fci.000 990 per annum where it is 92,000 or over, and under 94,000 v ruts It I- - - -? v-?v jr^s BilllUill *t UCIC It * IT U Y CI" J auu onder SO,UK) 810 per annum where It is f6,000, and over. On each billiard table, f".JS per annum. On each huckster. #12 per annum. On each person keeping a livery stable, or i horses or carriages for hire, Sir] per annum. i Commission merchants, $25 per aunum. Insurance otfi es, $30 per annum; to be paid quarterly in advance, or a reduction of 6 per 1 cent. If paid yearly In advance ( Sec. 3. And be it further ordained. That nothing in this Ordinance shall be construed to effect any person or firm until the ei Pi ration of the period for which any license hela by him or them may provide. Sec. 3. And be it further ordained, That any person or firm that shall neglect to t<ke out a license as provided for in this or any other Ordinance, for the space of ten days, shall be fined J not less than one nor more than ten dollars for J each day of such neglect; said fine to be collected , as other fines are under the laws of this Corporation t Sec. 4. And be it further ordained, That the ' Clerk be, and be is hereby authorized to procure blank forms, with which to furn sh eacti indi- ] Tldual requiring a license, who shall thereupon furnish the Clerk with his affidavit, stating what will be the average amount of capital he bus invested in his business, and the tax shall be rated accordingly. Sec. 5. And be it further ordained, That all Ordinances, or parts of Ordinances, inconsistent with this be, and the same are hereby repealed Approved July 7, 18fi0 G EORGETO WN A OVERT'MTS ] For otker lieorqetotcn advertts*ments see first pngt NFISH' FISH1! KW ST. JOHN' S ALEWIVES AND LAB RADOR HERRING. ' inn barrels primo new St John's Alewivos, 100 do. <lo. Labrador Htrrinc. Daily expected per schooner J. P. Wethsrill. Also, in store? 300 bbis. new-No. 1 Round Herring. Bost. inspection ion do. do. do. Halifax do. 50 do. do do. Magdaienedo. And a few St. John's Alewives, last > ear's inspec- 1 tion. hut warranted prime. All of which we will 1 sell on pleasinK terms. Apply to ' HAkTLKV * HRO.. jy y iw 99 and 101 Water st., Georgetown. j FOR NEW YORK.?The packet echooneri Arctic and Hamilton, will commence -n*. loadin< f?r the above port on MONDAY^^^ I next, 9th inst. For freight apply to McCOBB fr DODGE, jy 6 63 Water street. 1 ' 1 LOST AND FOUND. ' LOST?On Wedne*da> afternoon, while return- . ing from theconoertonthe President'* ground*, a CHILD'S ARMLET of coral and gold. The finder will he suitably rewarded on leaving it at No. 365J? ?t., corner of 12th jy 13-3'.* <J& ? REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the Sd of V*' July, f'om the subscriber, & 1 n-1- mdT ja dark red COW. with wide horn*, ftie ?PMf above reward will be given for information that will lead to her recovery . alex. Rutherford, (Marble Yard.I 1~1( i ?- ? * j)?i k rn. avenue, t>etw 13th and 18* sts._ STR A Y KL)? On the autn J un*. from the residence of the subscriber, on Capitol Hill, No. c\ 316 Delaware avenue, a dark chesnut nor- "1 ? rel HOK^K, al?ont 16 hands high; heavy^CZX ( built; he is prol*bly U years old ; he was raised in Virginia, ana he may be on the Hights of George- I town. A liberal reward will be given to any person < returning him to me, jy il-3f \VM. F. PIRCELU ( BOARDING. ] Mrs. bobbins having taken the . large and eomniodions house on I hird street west, corfier of >Iis?ouri avenue, directly ooponte ! the Capitoi grounds, formerly known as the Vernon i llonse. where she i* now prepared to accommodate gentlemen with FL'RNl^HKD RU()M$i either ] with or without BOARD, combined with many ] comioris, aucn as gas, oath,&c A healthy 'oca- ' lion, a beautiful prospect. and a delightful lummw residence, on immediate application. Term* rca- ; sonahle. j v 2-2w j INSTRUCTION IN 1 RAWING AND PAINTING Mr. WM. MACLEOD Announce* that he will ' c.nitiniie his Classen through the summer, affording 1 youth and otner* an opportunity of taking lesson* J during vacation. Class Room third story front of No. 17 Louisiana avenue. br-twtten 8th and 9th sts. ' Class Days Wednesday and Saturday, between 9 and UK o'clock a. m. J Teems (invariably in advance)?For Drawing. 2 j lessor s per w.-?k. per quarter of 11 week*, #6; for Oil Painting, do , do., 915. jy ll-eojt THK SECOND ANNUAL 8E-SION OF , Mr. J. H COMBS' English and Classical ' High School will commence on the hrst Monday * in September next. Applications should l>e mate in July, a? the number of pupils is limited. For I terrna, Ate., nee circulars, acc., orcaliat Mr. C.'<i J re?iilence. No 303 Sixth street, near Ne.w Vnrk 1 tvvellll". ij 11-eoSw* | 486 ,NIKR,OR DECORATIONS- 4S6 1 Persons needinr WINDOW SHADES or PA- , PEKHANtflNGS will find at No. 4-6Sevei,U, 1 stmet a cood assortment of warranted Gold Band WINDOW l>ES. Gold, Velvet, ar.d Common < PAPERS, FIREBUARD PKIN?S, PICTL'HE CORD AND TASSELS, -HADE HOLLANDS. Jtc. Orders for Paperhancinc or Window >ha<!eM J executed promptly, in city or country. Thankful f .r the liberal patronage received, I respectfully ] solicit a continuance. Remember the numher! ' J. MARKRITER, No. 4S6 jy 9-Bteo* Seventh ?t.. 8 doors above O. F. Hall. ( SELLING OFF ! SELLING OFF! I To-day we shall commence runuing off our entire stock of? ( Black Lace Shawls and Burnous i Black Lane and Plain Silk Mantillas, Gray Cloth and Barece Manlill&a. All at greatly reduced prices, m^ny at the actual cost of importation. J. W. COLLEY &. CO , 3 ftoventh st. ahove Pa. av. 1 ENGINEER'8 OFFICE, Alexandria, June 26, Iftfti. MANAP8A8 GAP KAit.RdAD 8 X HUNDRED MEN VTA 1ST El) on the line of this road from Ml Jackson (o Harrisonburg. Wag^s 81 a day; b ard ?10 per month. For information, a o., inquire of \VM. 8. FEWELL,Company 's Office, Alexandria. )*2B rttjy20.1?t*rAuk* IstwS^p. WA. BATCHELOR'8 INIMITABLE HAIR DYK. Fo* 8aik at Girbs s Hair Stork, P*?n. Avenue, beiwten 12th and I3rA St*. Where Ladies can also have it applied if desired. A full as?ortment of TOILET ARTICLES generally jy 5 ly I^RUIT CANS! FRUIT CANS!' PRINCE'S IMPROVED AIRTIGHT SELF8KA.LING CAN8, lor rale cheap Itv J. P. BARTHOLOW, jyll-6t Seventh street, cear Canal. ^JKW MUSI1' reoeived semi-weekly, and for I warded by mail free of poat&gn. ij 11 J QJIN F. EI.U8 PURE SODA WATER. CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY, at J. R. Major's Drug Store, jy 8 *o6f Coewkb 7tw fc H Ste. WO ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE 889 Pa. At., Bktw. 11th and ItrB Stb., North side. Mill and Whftrf foot of Seventeeoth at., ma 17 tf- BhIct \var fvpartment. f IGHTNING! L LIGHTNING'! LIGHTNING!!! In Tiki or Pmaca, Piirai rom Wa! P. LaBARRK, SoutkuHtt C0m*r nf 10th mud C its., Nunicmn or PLATfNA-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, RMpaotfoUy annoqnora to the pnMio of Wiahinx I ton and vicinity that ho l? prepared to exeoata all order* for eraotinf Lightning Conductor* on the moat approved aojer.tifio pnnoiptea, oonatraoted of the vary boat of Material , on very moderate teruu. All Piatioa tipprd Point* wbiohare manulhotarad i ?> EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. T NOTICEHE Membra of the ONEITAS YACHT CLT'B coot^mplkta tiring ft itntnd HIO VIC ?t ARLINGTON SPRING, on \N EDN E"? DAN . July 3th. tor particular* *e? future^^^ , advertisement*. By order of th? Club. j? 1? 8t' PIC NIC OF THE ASSEMBLY'S CHURCH. At AKL/AGrOS SPHlN*. WEDNESDAY. JrLT ISTH, 1S?0. Wither*' celebrate.! l*aod bu been engaged. Dinner an.I refreshment* at city k. P'i ??. Ticket*2SceuU ; children * cent-, i*.at the Fourteeit ?t. I?ri<i?:e for III* Sp' in; every hour, commencing at 7 o'clock ; f?re 10 cent*?children free. I ui'? i?*v? corner Pa. avau- am! 7th ?t ever* boar for the 15 ot?. ea'h wai. B? orctor of jy 13?*t* COM OF ARRANGF.MKXT8. rr A.N NOUN OK NIK NT 1 HF, MemberaofthePKRSF.VKRANCK FIRE COMPANY. No. 4. tin1* the plea* -z ure toannounce to their inany frieml and the public in ?-neral tUat then * ANNl'AL PIC NIC will take place at AKLlSt. TON SPRING on Tl F.SDAY - Auiuit U Particulars in a future advertisement. By order of jy12.I3,M,17,19A2l COM.OF ARKANUEM'TS. jyjcKHNDREE SUNDAY SCHOOL. Steamboat Excursion to Olymont, THURSDAY, Jtlt 19. Mccic by Witukb?'? Bra>* Bajsd. 1 nr lemurr I HUM A * LOLLYFR f ?? P?^T1 Cftartered by McKendree Sal'(with School ji . lor an Excursion to Olyinont. Thumday, Jul* 19. She will litve?*" 1" her wharf a' 8 a. in. Omnibuses will leave the Church, on Massachusetts av? between 9th an t lutli sta , at 7 a. m.; and will alao leave the co ner of Pa av an<! 7th at at 7X a. m.; fare ! > ct? Excursion tickets lor jentleiiien. 5' cts.; I<>' adies or chtIren. 25 cts.; to be had at the bookstores of W. L). Shepherd and Win. i>a;.ant? ne, nr <! the Committee of Arrangements, of which l>r. John V\ Davis is ?he secretary. jy 12 St* X* HE ANNUAL PIC NIC A. or Waugh Chapel Sunday School Will be eiven at ANALf>STAX ISLAM. On WEDNESDAY. July Mth. The arrangements made b* tl?e Committee will render the nocaxion one of p.eaaure :oai!. Withers'band will lie in ;<>ndance. and erery facility fnr- ^* ?, aished for enjoyment. Coaches wilt leavKthe foot of Capitol Hill every :en minutes, connecting with tje boats, at the foot >f Hip h st., Georgetown. Visitors conveyed to and from the laland lree of 1 sharice. Ticket* 25 cents ; children l? cents : to l?e lad ef the Committee < r anv member of the S.-h.?l CommttUr.. J M Jame*on, E. W. Hand*. Z. W. McKncw. B T. Thorn. J. R. Zirnm?ritian, S M CarpenW. W. M.Stanford. W. M oore, A. H. Bradly, N.Ca-liif?. XV. Middiet?n, 1. J. IlarnaoD. jy 12- M* NPIC NIC. 1 ATIONAE GlTARD B ATT A 1.1 ON.?The National Guard BattaJinn reapedfully aaucunc* to their f-ierdi aridflft?pfT*>~^0 i >atrona that th?? purpose giving vn W i^y* i>and Pic Nic a' ARLINGTON SrKI\<i:?. <>o MON DA Y, the ??1 of July. Particular# in future , Ldvertitoinent, jy in 4t f iRAND ANNUAL. EXCURSION n OF THE Union Engine Company, No. 2, lo iTi, rmvNT fA vii.tuis, , MONDAY, Jclt 16. The Compan*, having made every arrangement for the pl>>a<ure. comfort and amuse1 11 ^ n?ni of their guests, respectfully an-J^ r-m. ..?uti. ? rliat t .or Animal Kxcur'ion^^**^^?* rill com** of;" a* at>ove nienMonol. and plod,;* tifiu lelven that no exertion on their part wiii bo (pared to makf it a p oahaiit and af reeaMe day. Pro<peri wil! furnish iiiumc for the ooo&sion. M af* and lefreshment* will be furnished !> the jentlemarly proprietors, Mwtiir*. J<>neaand Miller. ! The steamer Phi"?;x wi I k?v? Oeorcetown ?t ru ; Stone Hou?? 8; Sixth street RX : Rlftgden't Wharf, Navy Yard, 9 a. in. Afternoon?Stone Houiclk; Sixth street 2 o'clock ; returning at a leaior.ahle hour dunng the night. Omnibuses wi'l leave tiie orner of ??renth and \j sts. at 8 o'clock a. in. and IH P- ?n. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and uiei. Commute* XVm. E Mattin, ChM Dans. ' Johr Ve*aey, M.H. Kuhn*. John Miil, it in Hi I V I C N I C roiiHi , BENEFIT OF THE POOR , Will t>e Riven by the i Socicty of St Vincent of Paul, At ASALOSTAN ISLAND, On MONDAY, J nly 16. Profeaeor Esputa'a Citi??ne' Band has been enfor the oocaaion. JIT"* * Boats will run oonstantly dnrina |* Lhe da? from the Stone House Wi I foot of G at., Washington,) and the dock foot of Hyfh st., Georgetown. No ohar*e for ferriage, 501 ng or returning. Get tlemen'a tickets 5" oenta ; ladies' tickets 2\ ;eni?i cnuoren s iiciceis Hioems. e Ticket* can be procured at the uaua! places, and . >om m?mt>ers of the SocietyRichard II. Clarke.Etq , ?\t*. Jones. Esq., 1 ~apt. J F.Gv'K'h', Henry Roc hat. Esq Lient. J. C.Tves, L. Vlvu, Esq., Vicholas Callan. Ksq , John Saul, Esq., rh"?. Feran, Esq.. Win. Kellv, Esq.. I. Carroll Brent. Esq., I. H. Knott. Ksq , P. C. Howie, Esq., F Gallant. Esq., 1 iregory Ennis, t sq., Wm A. Brown, Esq., t kVm. Ryan, Esq.. I'. Jordan. Esq , I. D. Hocan, Esq., Geo. Harvey. Esq., II. T. Mc.Mahon. Ksq., I. R Morian, Esq., , It F O'Beirn-, Esq., Thos. WiTliam?. Esq., A'm. I,. Newton. Esq., L. J. Draper, Esq , Edward Dolan. Esq., John Chaprr a . K?q., Fohn T. Mvers. Esq., M. Fitxeerald, Esq , rnos. Coran. P^sq., Jos. Keefer. Esq , . . H. Tumblety, K*q., Victor Becker. Esq., las. F. Crown, Esq., Jas. Fitspatrick. Esq. j? 5-td ? Notice to Norfolk and poto.mac travelers: * riyEY POIST, POINT LOOK-OUT, OLD POIST, NORFOLK ASD PORTSMO( TH. The_oominediou? atil swift steamer BALTI- [ nunt. naming own morougniy ^ * >ver hauled and lefitted with new fc; ***?/* t >oiler? and machinery, Ac , will > > aoed on tne shove r> ut? MONDAY,the 9th of . luiy, ai.d continue durir.g th? i-athing "">?uit, u ttng lemi we?klj trip*, .ravine Washington MONDAYS End THrRpDAYi* at In o clock a m. Rx urning will leave Norfolk on Tl'KJ*l?AV8 and FRIDAYS atSo'c'ockp in., making all the riv.r < Ending* going and returning. Fart to , klart.ury'? Pope'a Crerk $2 w> 1 'audy Point 1 S Blackistonfc's 2 00 I Juantioo 15 KluffPiut 9.00 S l.iverpool Point... 15 MarshaTa Pav.lion 2.<<o Boyd's Hole 8 on Pinry Point *<? Vlatthia* Point? 2.?'JPo'nt Lookout 2 <K? To (Md Point and Norfolk $5, inc'uding mea'a. Round trip tioketa to Norfolk and Old Point, good t "or the season. 98 Children under ten vrarr,and i iervant*,halffa e. Freeoo'ored prraona $4 Freights ( it usual latea ai d must foe prepaid. The steamer Baumore briDg the faster t boat on the Potomac, will oonrry passengers to Point Look out in 8 hours making the trip down thia beautiful river by daylight For ticket* and nirthrr inf.>rmarion apply on board ; u> ("apt. CHai*. e- M1TCHKI.l. or at t?ir Com- j >any's office,oorner Ponn avenujaai Mxth street, inder the National Hotrl GEO. K. MATTINGLY, General Ticket Agent ! ? n I Tr>? I r>. ... - a J w ? x & ? * v?uiuw UWVBIII wwn vv/ui|raiiT. T STEAMBOAT NOTICE. ' HE STEAMER PHEMX Hat movfld her i wr-arf front Eleventh street to Vai ,_ii h Reswick's Wharf. foot of Sixth All orders Iff! with Mr. Fenwick. at^^^ 11?11 John Van Reswick * office, will he attended to. The Phkntx run* to Alexandria on the days the Thoin%? Collyer eo?i to Mount Vern >n. I Cattioji.?Don't believe anvthii.r the agents or runner* of the other line may say ; for the Piifnix w ll always be on hand for Excursion*. Fishing Parties,Ac. E A. RATHER, jy 9 StM* Captain. I THE STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HAVING undergone a thorough w ti?L by the gover ment lispector, is ^ now ready for Exouraions to tireat Falis or to any points on thenver not over SO miles distant She will run to A'lington from Four eenth st-eet, or any wharf la Washington at *> c?-nu for the round trip, or 'S oents for the single trip, or froir uouikciuwu, u? w?) oi mectii , jor is yen a round trip; 10 oeots aingle trip. Excursioua to the lutue Aaylum ewrj WKDNfcS*DA\ AFTERNOON, ?t%rtin* from Gaori^ town at 12 o'clock m.,and itu? di m Stone Mill Wharf Md other wharv?a in >\ aahiugton, so *i to raach the Asylum by 1 o'clock jy3>iilm JOHN MOOBK, Froyytnr. WHEELER A WILSON'S HEWING MACHINE AGENCY. Rkmovid to No. 346 Pa. Av . hbae 7th 8t. Encouraged by the aubntantial and rapidlv increasing popularity of Wk?elr A Wilson's "u-iemia.led Fan ily Jvjwing .Vachine*, which for the laat eight year* have moattnumpha >tly maintained their superiority, a* a family institution, ovt<r all competitors for popular favor, the Agent haa tak-n one of the fine new stores lately erect*) <>c Fa avenue. near 7th at. wherf a b?aut*fu! ass >rt i-< ut of a!l the varioua sUles n ay at ail times be ae?n. There were 21,306 of theae 8"Wiug Machine* aold in tha vear ltoi. l^adies are invitarf to eall and sea them, together with certificates from man? of tke b?at oitisens of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their wall k*own and tho-onghly tested s<i parioritr If a*iv lad lea cannot call, let them send for a circular by ail ineana It i? high time every lam 1? i . the iaad was supp i?d with on* of tfieee hxaith and life saviag instruments. Full inatrnc lAaia Iwkt K armtui^ a nil Ka I aiwan frAat , > ( <a I ??*?CTCiHiri7fJ JIIM ' SE^SS kindling0WOSW & ,? ?. -,r?? ^ ofbwjw. . THE LATEST NEWS TELKGH Al'U I?. Arrival of the Plkr'i reak aad rtlitorate Overload Watlt. J*T Jo?trM. July 1} ?Tb? Pike a Peak eipeaaa arrived last nlvbt with ad vim from Doaver Cftr to July Jth TLe crlfbrttlra of thr Fourth pwil ofl with only a (booting affray at a rare Thr recent favorable accounts (Von tbe Arkan u? nunn ?rr confirmed Bualai-a waa aUll dull but improving alow If An avrra?r of forty traina t?er day were returning to tbe State* and tba arrlvaU were decroaaiag Tbe vreaUm* waa hot Ktf irTiriui. Arkanata. Julr 1st ?Tbe overland San Kraaeiaro mail of tbe '23d baa arrived. Tbe bark Camllle Bailed ?ti the a I at for Mai bourtie. with a cargo of flour arid wheat, of tba cron of tvxa *?i it?? ?t ? > Ten l onvlrtt rxipnl from prison on tLr fifth Th? KepahlicM J*tate CnnvruUao bU nominated Cbtrlf* A Wubbuni. Wm H Week*, Charles A Tuttle. and Antonio M Pic*, for presidential elector* The Jacksonville (<>ree??n) Sentinel Kitra of the Ifttli. Kivta the ffl. lal vote of ever* county except Waacue Shield. democrat. haa a majority over l.ova*. republican, for Congreea of 7n 1 be vote of V\ aaroe conatv will increase the demo oratlc majority. The Lr^lilaUre ihadit< demo crata to Id oppoattion on joint ballot. Nothing baa yet been beard of the pnrtr which left Caraon Valiey on tbe Mb. to oetaUliah the Pony K*prra? There have been no recent dtsturban, es at tbe W minea. but tbe daa|rr atill exist* on lit* road to Salt l.ak?. and hopes are entertained that tbe tfoops at Camp Floyd will protect tbe mall route. Tbe accounts from tbe Waaboe ru nea am not very favorable regarding tbe new 4lromica Tbe CoutaUx-k lead vela continuea to widen, appearing more valuable and eitenaive But little confidence is felt In the silver ml nee and prospector* are becoming discouraged * Dsnglaa Ratification Meeting 11 a, v X' I?i? ? " -? " ?., .. . <uii 11 ? unr 01 m* targesi meetings ever held In Albany wh wltneawd U> night at tbf ratification meeting of tlw democratic candidates? Douglas and Johnson Tbe Capitol Park, where the stands for speakers were ewrlrd . ?ai literally tilled to overflowing, and certainly ten thousand people must have t?een oat. the crowd extending In a solid ruaas from the steps of the Capitol outside on State and W ashngt<'n streets. atid extending down J*Ute street bill. reaching nearly to tbe Post (ittrr at the foot of the street Not one-tenth of the people preaent ron Id bear the s pea k era from the platform, and ronsequenre much confusion prevailed; but the meeting wn quite emphatic in Ita enthusiasm and earnestness During the whole evening. State street was a blare cf light from the delega tiers that did not arrive until a late bour. and who could not get within reach of the stand The scene was unsurpassed by any demonstration ever seen In tbe city at any political gathering Letters were received and read from Amaaa J Parker, Hon Wm Kellv. Hon Fernando Wood, and Judge Willard. of Saratoga Mayor Wood. while regretting his a?>aenceon account of o?rtal duties, says "At a later period In tbe canvass I . > 11 " * .hbh uv wvuim uavc an oppgnunnyW HOOfftA IU6 cltneus of Albanv " !*peecbe? were m>d( by Peter Cagger. Hon W A Rl< bardaon of 111 , ^nator ( oleman.of Louisiana. Lyman Trrmalne, ind Ira ttbafrr. of Albany. Ttir drmoostrat;on was admitted to be a great sucows < natitat onal I raTritUi. I'TICA. N v., Jul* IS?Tbe Const: tutl oca! Inlon Convention of tbe friends of Bell and Kverett met at Mechanics Hall at IV o'clock to lay Tbe attendance was moderate in point of uuinnera. i>m Dl^Qly r?-*pe< Uhl* tn character \moni; (boh* prrtrnt were Hon Ertitiu Brook*, Hon (jjpo Hr ?/^i Hon \V aa: tngton II uut, J udge VV llktna. of Orauge, Jud^eKidd of Albany, Hon Lorenzo Burrow*, of Or.eana, Hon Won Doer, rf mw^o; Hon JonuC Heartt. of Renaellne-, lacob P. Kaurot, of Ontario, and UmwiI G A sortie*, of hrle The Convention waa eaLled to jrder by Jonaa C. Heartt of Krte, who named lacob P. Kaurot. of Ontario rountjr, temporary :batrman. [Applauae ] Mr Oravea. of King*, moved that Mr Oeorga K H alary, of New York, be temporary aecretarv. This nomination w.ia greeted with loud applauae On motion of Mr. C B. Freeman, of Montgomery. a committee of ?;i was appointed on credentials On motion of Crnatoa Brooka. a committee of nln*- waa appointed to report on permanent organ Mai Some desultory conversation took place on tbs rlubt of tlie membra present to aesta soom peraon ;iiallenging the title of R Graves, of Kings, to a M98t 7'be committee on contested Beats decided lbat VIr Graves la rut:tied to a ?eat The Conveutiou then took a recess till 3 o'clock Dr*trsrllv? Fire Ntwiii. N J . July 12 ?This morning, at 3 >'clock. a tire broke out In tbe abawl factory of (obn I) Franklin,totally destroying tbe building ind machinery, together with s large amount or *ock, l>o:b raw and manufactured The Ire is mpposrd to have been tbe result of spontaneous ombustion I -?ss estimated at S1UU U00. on which here Is a partial insuranaa. Two hundred work uen are generally employed In tbe factory < sngressisaal Nmlaatitas Chicago. July ?Tbe democratic convention 'or tbe nintb district of Indiana yesterday noini i a ltd C \V Cathcart for Congraa, by lecUmiiou. CiftAHD Kafim. Mlrb . July IS.?Tbe rapublians of tbe third district have nominated Francis W Kellogg for re-election to Congress. Herse Rare N?w York. July 12?Tbe trot between tbe toraea Kthan Allen and Priuceaa on tbe I'nlon 3onrae. to-dav, wu won by the former In 3 Sffl J* Hid -J 25 \ On tbe aecond beat Princeaa broke wdljr Ktban jmsatd tbe acore before Princeaa jot to tbe two mile distance atand Call far a Deaaecratic State C-eareatiea. Alb ant , N. V., July IS ?Tbe Dcmocntlc State Central Committee bave called a State Convention o be held at Syrac.uee on tbe 1Mb of A liquet nest, o nominate an electoral ticket, andcaudidatea for ?tate oth- es Tbe committee were unanimous in unking tbe call, and tbe b??t feeling prevailed ? ... Y% ix?a?ia Ptlftlin U.. s?. ? V..N' ls> *? i'l *.?* ?v?ik, #uij i? ?? ur irpn vi i ioiii vi iur jr?: congressional district yesterday renominated lohn F I'otter by acclamation, for Congna A trge and enthuslatfic ratification m<*ting wm j?-ld in tbe afternoon, which waa addressed by senator Doolittle and others. A Straarr off Cape Race St. Joh us. July 12 ?A steamer, supposed to be he City of Baltimore, paased Cape Race tbia norning, but ? dense fog prevented the finding >f the c*n containing the dispatch** for the Aaao ;iated Freas. Burning sf the kteaaer Michigan Gitno Rapids. Mich., July 11.?Tbe simmer Michigan, while lying at her dock, was totally lestroyed by lire last night Her crew escaped with great difficulty. l.oa? f^o.uuu, no insurance. Fsar School Boys Drswaed. V ? u- V mb v I ill tr 1?J Pnnr ir l,i,nlKnrfl ir*rn irowned to-day at Waahington Point, by the up letting of a aail-boat. Fire ta Ukfrlins. Va Whirling, July 12 ? Tbe waretiouaeof Buaby, Little k Co . wu d?tfoj:e4 by fire jrwlerday morning. i>osc911,0U0 Baltlaaora Slarktu. HaLtimo&b. July 13 ?Flour cloaod dull; Howard ?tret-t S5.37; CI ty M 11a *5 2.5 \V heat clooed quiet, red 91 05al 25; white ( 30a 150 Corn cloaed dull; vellow MabSe ; white T3a74c Proviaiona cloaed active but Ann; meaa pork fl9 *5. I.ard 13c. Wbiaky cloaod dull at <u^c for Ohio and City. New Vara Market* Naw Yoai Jtilv 13 ?Floor la firm. Stale S3 15a *5.40; Oblo S5S5a?5 7S; southern K> 50a*5 fc> Wbeat baa advanced lc.; new aoutbara white I 40*4 55 Corn ! firm; ainrd fli S ?03c Pork it firm. Lard la firm tVhlaky clueed dull at 'iiuiifcc. X?T The rumor* of a contemplated French loan of twenty milliona aterllag arc oAclaily contradicted. (CT A convention ha* been signed between AuMria, England, and the Porte, for a aubmarine telegraph between Raguaa and Alexaadrla. |p" Three wagon load* of mall matter were dea patched from The New York poet eflloe by the last California rteamer CZT" Hon John 8 Pendleton, la compliance With invitation, delivered a 4th of July addreaa la Warren too. Abe Lihcols a* LL. 0 ?Knot Collage, at Galeeborgh, Ittlnol*. haa conferred the degree of LL. D upon Abraham Lincoln. [T7~ A large number of ladlce volualtered to pea* the buckrta of water at the lata great Are la Hmiuibal. Me Thla waa a ahow of "apeak' be caiiae lumtr 01 neo <te< i .uea to ~wy CZT" England 1*4 A Mtrta hi*f mmI(4 to the proposed conference on the Frmjteo-*wtai qim ttoa Tbe Utter pr?uatB agaioat tbe ftdoilaaluo of Iterdtat*. ICT Tbe number at tIhWi to tbe Grmt Eastern. Tut-adav, u i ( Ulli rroorted, WW A US, adulta and h47 rtlUlr. a: t tai.6 (170, wktcb. at tbe reduced (are, imounli lo ueany ICT" A democrat! State conveattoe waa Uu It be d ia Ireta**. kv , for i*r (Kaputr of onilaatuv mum judicial o*e*r? ltuoaaiio??*jr eDduraed Brwk1*rldgt aad l^e

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