Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: R1TI RDAY Jaly 14, I960. Spirit *f the Mirilki Preaa. Tbe Conavutto* note* what it call*the opening t>f the Republican canvass, In New York, on the *venta# of the 11th Inat , by an address of the Hon Charlea Sumner, in tta*- Cooper Institute?ad mission'25 cents?"the advertised subject of which "waa 'The Republican Partv, Ita Origin, Neces sity. and Purpoats;' but tbe real object of which was to prove the immense benellta which would nure to -the cause cf universal freedom' were Abnm Liocoln elected President of the United State*. and were 'the slave oligarchy,' bjr whit b Mr Sumner meant ei^ht millions of bis fellow citizens, utterly and hopelessly 'prostrated. The InttllifrnttT quotes from the New York World, (Lincoln paper.) and from the Frankfort peeeb of Mr Breckinridge, to show that there is but little practical difference between the Repub lican and Democratic platforms, and then mora! 1?M as follows : ' Thus It Is that wp harp the curious spectacle t>( two parti?s arrayed against each othei in re len less antagonism on a mere abstraction, while thev both join in denouncing the Constitutional l*ninn nartv. whirh nrnrwxpw tn art tha lection on precisely the tain? principle* a* tue Democracy and Republican* expect to do afttr thateTent, for the want, on the part of the latter two, of anything rl??- which in the nature of things it will be pcuible for tham to do " || J~ The New York Journal of Commerce has declared Its intention tc support Breckinridge and Lane The News is out for Douglas >f7- Two thousand acres of rich oil land have lately been discovered in Mecca township, Trum bull rfiiintir n lH7" The Pennsylvania Mate Agricultural So ciety will hold tbeir tenth annual exhibition at the Wyoming Battle Ground, commencing on the 25th of September next |[T A crazy man, in Ogle county, 111., recent ly entered a church during aervice and knocked down th? preacher, named Field, in thcpulpit^ He ?'m "hustled out." Niw Mc?ir?From Metzerott, we have received the ' Masquerade Polka," by J. Hilton Jonea. mnd the " Japanese Polka," by Charles D'Albert. new piece* for the piano, fresh from the preaa of Oliver Diteou, Boston. CI f The Frederir.k Oilu I'mnn Mrere Induced to believe some time ago fiom per" onal observation, and representations made to us. that the grain crop just harvested would be the finest yield that the farmers in Frederick county were ever blessed with, but within the past week we are Informed that many of them art complaining of short crops. In fact, we have heard of some who say that they will not make mors than a half crop of wheat. II ^ ThraA ftrraa r\f If stVat !.*<! u. F ? w wv.iw vt iuai kc? ?ucua, uu'jvm, >wiii. Ac., known at \Ve?? Washington Market in New York, were destroyed by tire on Wednesday night The heat and glare of the conflagration were intense, illuminating th? u.-hni# lnw?r ri of the city and bay. and endangering ali the sur rounding building* and veuclt. The loss will \>9 from R50,(C0 to ?70,00u The market people had just commenced coming in with their pro" due*, and the long strings of market wagons ad ded to the crowds of spectator* and firemen, the whole lighted up by the lurid flames, combined to make a hi?hlv int*r?itin?T tf>n? Oar Watering Place C?rreap?ndeare. Hyokia Hotel, Old Point Comfort. / July II, 1800. $ In my las' letter from this delightful retreat 1 stated that about three hundred visitors had al ready gathered at it, and I ventured to predict that, in a few days, the number would be doubled. The prediction has been inore than verified, for there are now here between seven and tight hundred persons. from all sections of th? Union. 1 Lave beard the number (Stimated as high aa one thousand. but do not suppose there are so ajany. But "they come, they come, and still tbey come;" the departures of the day b?lng fully offsetted by frrsh arrivals Among the visitors I find several members of Congress, in the number Mr. Stevenson, of Ken tucky, Mr Stout, of Oregon, and Mr Scott, of California A'ao, sundry rtiembers of the Legis lature of Virginia, among these Mr. Christian, of . ? a* /- I 1 ? ?"? t ? mnu'ui. jur i/oiiiw, oi rewrsourg, Vr Iinnev, of the Senate; and there are others, whose names I have not learned Governor Letcher *nd family will be here to-morrow, with a large party from Richmond One need not be surprised at the increasing popularity of this famous summer resort; for few If any of the watering places of the country can ucceaafullv compete with It in point of attraction. Besides total exemption from disease?a happy consciousness?there is Bnm* nl?manl ?no?(T... ? i _ J- -w I u^u^riliril ? for every one, and tbe liviug 1* incomparable Nothing inferior enters into the bill of fare, and the eattbliabment ia conducted, in every respect, in an unexceptionable manner Mr. Willard?a name well known in successful hotellng?has proved himself fully worthy of '-his illustrious predecessor," keeping the establishment fully up to Its former reputation, and giving entire satis faction to tbe throng of guests about him All tbe establishment wants is more room?enlarged accommodations Let the proprietors go to work immediately on the close of the season, and erect auumonai ouiiam^i A canoe regatta comes < ff nn Saturday next, from which much sport Is ex pected. Rip-Rat* The Exbcctios or Hicks?The extreme sen tence of the law was executed upon Albert W. Hl< ks. Friday forenoon, at Bedloe's Isiaud, in the harbor of New York. All the arrangements hav ing been completed the day helore, United States Marshal Ryndersand his deputies prureded to the city prison shortly before 9 o'clock a. m Hicks passed the night quietly, having slept abcut tbree Lours, the rest of the time was spent In re ligious conversation and devotion with Father Duranquet who passed th* nloht^i??-ir ? .? r?.t. oner Hick* maintained the nine Irmnw of de meioor which Lu characterized hlin throughout the trial, and mice his sentence At a little after 9 o'clock, Marshal Renders entered the prisoner'? cell. Hick* being seated on his couch, drnaed in a clean white- shirt and pants He received the Marshal calmly, and re mained sitting The Marshal then asked Sherifl John Kelly, his deputies, Messrs Thompson, De Angells, CLackner and Dugan. and a few others, to enter the cell Taking from bis pocket the warrant of execution, he then turned to the pris oj?r. and requested him to rise. Hicks promptly roM up and faced the Marshal, who addressed him ss follows: "Albert W. Hicks. It now becomes my painful duty to read to vou, in the presence of these o?cers of the law, the warrant of eiecutlon from the President of the United States '' He . ..u irau. kiui cm', nrm voice, the death wirrant of the prisoner. Hicks remained unmoved id at its close Ht down He then arrayed him rlf in hia death auit, and In a short time, every thing being in readme*, he waa escorted from the nriaon. and entered a carriage at the prison door. S'cotnpanled by the Marshal and his deputies, the priests, and Sheriff Kelly The proceMiou U^en moved ou to the foot of Ca nal street, where the steamer R?.d Jacket, with a waning. I utre WM ?' IDf light detention, the boat leaving the wharf at o'clock. The lilind wu re??*bed about II o'clock, tbr i ortege formed ui dcr the direction of the Ma.sbal. the prisoner iroing before, walk ing firmly between Father Duranquet and his other c<wf"ior. The place of eiecutloa was rear bed at 0 ve mtnuWs to 11 o'clock. Two hun dred I nlted States troops were drawn up in h<> ldw square surrounding the gallows The oris oner, tooling pale, bat man treating no trepidation<?eling t-eaide blaconft-naora a moment, ruae up. tbe rope wa* adjuatt-d and In another em - inent (fifteen minute* piat 11 o'clock) tbe wrelc i?d man wai launched iuto eternity. He refuard to utter ? word under the gallows, and requested to be hanged aa aoou *s puMlble after reaching tbe apot He died witoout any maiuft sUtlona of pain, with the exception i f a slight tremor of tbe bands and ll.Tiba Kr. in 5 IM> to 7 UN) pe??on? witnessed tbe aad ace?e. but they indulged in no unaeemly demon stratiot a whatever It la rarely, indeed, tbat an eirrutlon pasaea off In ao quiet a manner The t>ody w*s taken to Whitehall dock and placed In k.. j. - ? ?i ?j - ? u.u<? vt wc uuaerwien. It wu to be pri vet ly burled in Calvarv Cemetery. T?1 PokiTlol or Hon ALIIIT G B*ow? ? Tbe Constitution of this morning nya: "Upon the authority of au Intimate personal and political fmnd of tbe Hon A 0 Bruwn. whose peculiar relation* with bi n justify tbe utnioat confidence in what be aaaerte. we deny the report tbat that <! ??)??ntahed fewint Intends opr?*ing tbe elec tion of Brec klnrldge and Lane Tbe last conver sat:> n bad by Gov. Brown prerleus to bis depar tare f on tli i city, on Thursday morntng. was > wth tbe gentleman alludtd to. He clearly v. wed bis determination to support our ticket, tbi t?gb It ts trie be could not agree with tbe letter of accepta?"? of Mr. Breckinridge, la ao far as it emhrveJ blm In tbe general express!* n tbat r r, - M.wl. ?-* ? - ? .y.miiiiiwm njuuily do not. and nev#-r dd. demand a iltvt rode." la fifw of the feet lUat Got Brown spoke at the Bn-ekloridjre and l.ane rat!fl' atloo meeting In i*l? city ou Monday nigLt last, tb>a statement la neceaaary, except that the letter of ac :ept?ac? alluded to tu? appear*d ?lnc? " WAftHINClTOn NEWS AMD flOMIF. Thi Way thk Wisn Blows?The Hon Charles fumnfr hu recently opened the cam paign Id New York on behalf of the Republican party by a speech in the Hall of the Cooper In stitute. That Mr. Sumner should have been se lected by the Republican party managers to that end. is in iUelf significant that they do not pro fx v? to mince the tenets of their faith In the con duct of their canvass The attendance was im mense, and the doctrines of the speech were quite up, in principle, to tbo?e of the recent celebra tion of the Fourth of July at North Elba, over the grave of old John Brown. Wendell Phillips himstlf never nrwirhpH mAto ??i abolitionism: nor did his followers ever cheer such sentiments more enthusiastically than tbey were cheered on the night of Wednesday last in the Cooper Institute hall, when proceeding from the lipaof Senator Sumner; not by an irresponsi ble rabble merely, but by neaily every man of pretension to position, character and influence in New York city, who professes to be identified with the Republican party. The condition of the Democratic and Union parties in the Krnpire State is, doubtless, at the bottom of the abandon with which the cloven iooi or nosuuty to the maintenance of the Consti tution aa the 1 iw of the land, was there put for ward. Greeley & Co. have been arguing that be cause an effort is being made throughout the South by the Douglas managers, to organize a pirty In sympathy with the aims and ideas of their (Republican) party, therefore. It Is lm|>ossi ble/hat tbe South will unite in her own defense, on the election of a President nroDosimr to ad minister the Government upon the principle*?*o far a* the right* of the slsveliolding Statf* are concerned?laid duwn In thi* apeech of Mr. 8am aw. L'p to thi* time the Star ha* been correct in almost it* every progno*tication concerning the political future; and now it take* occasion to *av that if the friends of Lincoln at the JNorth con tinue their canvass as thus begun by Mr. Sumner, they will positively insure the settlement of the slavery question ere Lincoln wields the Govern ment of the I'nlted States as at present consti tuted. upon a basis satisfactory to those whose constitutional rights are proposed to be dealt with by the Lincoln admin stratlon upon the doctrines of the Massachusetts Senators'* T'niou -'splitting" IDMf.h Ho vrhn ?-J " 41 "* , ? ~ ?uw | v i a uuurB UilUBtril lU?fc IUP effort to generate a semi-abolition party in the South for the benefit of Mr. Douglas will prevent the whole people identified, directly or ludirectly, with the institution of African slavery in this country, from uniting to defend the South and the Union, at all hazard*, from the flagrantly pal pable revolution in the government whitli Mr Sumner virtually proposes as the reeult of Lin roln' plwtion -a??* U1 " ?? ? ? ww vuf r^icBiu"p'y uctcivu? QimKii The quaatiou involved is not one of mere policy, or of mere party interest; but, rather, that of an entire subversion of the Governinentof tb? United States as originally formed, and the substitution in its stead of another government, by means of "construction,as different from it as that of Louis Napoleon. Of a government to which the South could give its consent about as safoly as to a proposition to install Will lain Lloyd Garrison UICI IUC JUVtrei^d ^TUl^S 01 the existing Confederacy, with the understanding that he may administer suchclauaesof the original Constitution as k; believes to be of binding force, according to Hm construction of them on the in hand?and may scout the obligations of such of its clauses as he holds (in common with Senator Suinner) to be but '-covenants with hell." A Mistake CorrecJed.?A Washington cor respondent (per telegrjph) of the New York Htrald characterizes the trial of the Hon. William Cullom, lato Clerk of the House cf Representa tive*, for ma I feasance lu oid< e, as a prosecution 011 the partrf tbe Democratic party, on account of Mr. C.'s opposition sentiment. This is a sweeping mistake. Neither the Democratic party nor the Democratic National Administration have had anything whatever to do with It from l>egln ing to end. It is well known hereto have grown out of a personal quarrel )>etween Mr. Cullom and Mr. John C. Rives, the real prosecutor, ovtr a question arising between them concerning the purchase of certain books ordered by CongreM which Rives had for sale, and which Culloai CLose to ntirrhiw nf ar>m? ' -* . _ g ?VM*V WHV CMC Ui UUl ui ?OIIit* such uiait?r. Charges and counter-charges were brought to tbe notice of several grand juries for tbla count)*, each seeking to get tbe other ir> dieted. If we mistake not, two consecutive grand juries. seeing through the gist of tbe affair, refused to indict either A third, however, bv a tight squeeze. did Indict Ciillom ; returning four bills against him. One of these indictments, on being tried on the day before yesterday, resulted in the prompt acquittal of Mr .C.; there being lit* erally not the slightest atom of evident* produ cable in open court tending to substantiate the truth of ita counts against blm. The District Attorney thereupon elected to abandon two of the remaining three indictments against General Cullom, and to try the other In December next. It is generally thought here that this is the last that the public will ever hear of that indictment before the court* of this District. Humor saya that Cullom, on the close- of these cas^s, designs ulng his antagonist for malicious prosecution, 4.C. The att'alr kw?tu;??n (>!? >> ,l-- ?J ?111 i m?j iuc cuu ui w Li I r Li his evidently not been reached yet by a long way, will probably prove a profitable plumb for the lawyers; and, If also resulting in an entire change of tue system of publishing the debate* of Congress, it will hereafter save millions annu ally to the national treasury, and cut off the real root of nearly all the corrupt and Inexcusably ex travagant legislation of the Congress of the L'ntUd States?a niost desirable consummation Indeed. ? Sicrstaht or Was and thi Aqueduct ? The duties of the Secretary of War press so heavily upon Dim. that In order properly to dis charge them, he has been obliged, for tbe Dm ent at Uaft. to abandon the idea of retreating for a brief period to Old Point, for purp<>a?t of relax ation, notwithstanding tbe warm weather and condition of hi* health call for such relief. Nothing definite ha* aa yet been decided upon relative to the water works, but U : safe to assume that the honorable Secretary, who baa ao ofW-n proved hi* interest in the District, will now - - .. - ur t?n consistently to promi t this great work, in which all our citizens hive so deep a concern. . Tub Pen*io!i Ornca.? We are requested to state that though the Pension Bureau baa been removed from Winder'a Building, to the north wing of tbe Patent Office, and the clerks aaaigned their various positions in the same, tbe office Is not yet prepared for the transaction of business, Inasmuch as the pspers belonging to the depart ment have not been properly arranged. Arre;xTMiNT? Cohvikmkd.?James L. Glllls, of Nebraska Territory, to be agent fur the Paw nee Indians. NT; John Shaw Gregory, of Ne braska Territory, to be agent for the Ponca In dians. NT; John F Miller, of Oregon, to be agent for the Indians of the Wliliamette agency, Oregon. II y THK REGULAR MONTHLY MEET I L_< ink of th? Young Men's Christian Aimnt tion will h* ii*-Id at their Room*, opposite Browns' Hotel. MONDAY EVENING. July 16th, at eight o'clock. A full atUndaiic* of the member* is don a >le. SAM'L MoELWEE. Jr., jy 14 2t Socrwtary Pro t?-m. CY NOTICE ? A special meeting of tha "Ceii tral Hell and Everett Club, will be hHd at Thorn'# Building Seventh ?t, on MONDAY EVENING next, the 16th mat., at o'clock, to make final arrangement* for the contemplated visit to Fanninrton. ?<l, B OGLE TA YLOE, Pres. CHA* f CANFlELD, Soo (lnt ) jy_U ? _ rr5" WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY J f BaTALLIoN, ATTENTION !-Their wifl be a meeting on MONDAY NIGHT,when very membe is 'ipeoted to be present. Memb-rsare' requested to retnrn their muskets a* soon as po*sible. J.ENNIS.Seo. jy .4-Jt* MONTGOMERY OUARl). ATTEN iJJj TION !?You are hereby notified to meet at the Columbian \rmory on TU HDAY,?he 17th i? "tajit. A full a t-mianoe is required, m buiHH of miroriaace wiil be tiaaeaetfd. By order of the Commanding Offioer. jy i*-3t KT NOTICE. A1J friend* of Bill and K\ T *d hv*m?TT intending to paiticiuate in the meeting to he held at Farraiuf ton, Prinoe George'* couut), Md., on TUESDAY fKXT, the I7th inctanr. are requested to meet at ho n'* Building, on 7th ?tr? et, at 7 o'clock a. m., a if proceed in a b dy with the Hell and Everett Club of this eit*. aad embark on the Phe&ix. , order "f the h 1? ?* tint.) COM. OF ARRANGEMTF, impartial t*rrMf?*<lrir? brtw?? the Ja* ptartr tmbamd*r>, capuia diptit, and Mr. brlaiik. puseilt gift bt thk Embassy to thb Pour* vj niw Yoke. \V ashisston, akd othir Cities. cm nfilva If. djm..x Due Sia: I haw the pleasure to enclose an order upon the Treasurer of tbe United 9tates for *20,000, which the enToys of the Jipaa?M> Km hsssy have requested me to commit to y?u for distribution among tbe member* of the respect! re police of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, In proportion to the number of nth and of the time spent in each city by tbe Embassy Tbe Knxoyswlsh me to explain thit this present Is Intended to be an acknowledgment of the ef flci#ncv of thp nnlira in rnntFlKntlnfT tA lk*(. ?? ? p ? .? .vu?in^ " ?ucu cum fort, and it li fair to presume that It is tnade in accordance with the usages of their country, as it also ac< ords with the practice of high dignitaries In Christendom 1 enclose a copy of the note which the Euvoys have addressed to me, so that you map see the precise terms that they employ as to the distribu tion And here It may not be Irrelevant to explain the reference which they make to my official re fusal to accept this gift The money was tirst tendered to me ai the com missioner, the immediate representative near the envoys of the Federal Government, which, as I knew, looked upon the members of the embassy as xtie nation'* guests. and wished that they should not be subjested to any expense. I there fore felt obliged to decline the offer, although appreciating very highly the motive* aid feeling* of the I'rinces, and fully recognising their dis cernment In selecting the object* of tb?Jr liberal ity. wh??*e efllciencv and zeal have gratly aided the naval commission In the fulflllmeit of deli cate and responsible duties. The envoys persisted in tbeir offer, and ex pressed chagrin that, having freely rccdved pres ents. they should not be permitted to mike them, inH h v? nnur **--?14 4 m **' ...v ?.?/* ?uc rxuruiciiv q calling upon me aa their "personal friend.'' t? accom plish their object through your kind agency. In this way, aa they believe, they have avoided collision with the aenaibllitles of the general and municipal governments I am, dear air, reapectfully and truly youra 8. F Dcpobt, U. S. N. August Bklmost, New York. Tht Japan*i' Printts to Capt. Duponl. Your Kxeelleney Capt. Dupont: With respe-t to your reply declining aa an officer of the Gov. ernment to accept a sum of twenty thousand dol lara to be distributed among the police forces In the cities of Washington, Baltimore, Philadel phia. and New York, in proportion to the dura tion of our ?t?v In thn?? *K? ? ?1 ?1 force, we now beg to ask you, though fully appre ciating your reasons for non-acceptance, that, as our personal friend, you be pleased. In our name, to request Mr. Belmont, the son-in-law of the late Commodore Perry, to oblige us by distributing the same as above stated and by explaining that It is our wish that the sum be applied in conso nance with your usages in acknowledgment cf the efficiency of those police officers in contrib uting so much to our comfort. Respectfully submitted: Simmk Boozxx no Kami. Il . s.1 Maukacakr no Kami, [l s.1 Ogare Bc.noo no Kami, |l. * ] The eleventh day of the fifth month, of the year of ansee. Mr. Btlmont In Cnntmm lUinr?t New York, July 6, IS60. Dear S;r : I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 2'.?ih past, enclosing an order upon the Treasury of the United States for twenty thousand dollan, which sum the envoys of the Japanese embassy have requested you to commit to me for distribution among the members of the respective police of Washington, Baltimore. Phil adelphia, and New York, in proportion to the number of eat h, and the time spent in each city by the embassy I shall, in compliance with their pftniiMt fnpura?/1 VT >-r 41? ??.? wj ??jo mojuia ui me respective cities tbe proportionate amounts intended for the police of each I am, dear air, very truly, your?. AcGt'?i0a Bilmost Captain S. F. Dcroifr, U. 9. N., Louvlers. near Wilmington. The N Y. Herald, commenting on tbe corres pondence, sajfs: "The following table shows tbe amounta to be given to tbe police of the several Cities: Cities. Days. Men. Amounta. Washington 25 160 S2.950 Rjiltlmnr# ' J,lA a 1W JUU Philadelphia 7 711 3,3?) New York 13 1,5?5 13,750 Total SO.UOQ It will be lem that the New York nnitr? h?? the lion's hare of the princely gift. I"his fact la Imply a mathematical one, but at tbe tame time It it a silent recognition of the superiority of our police. In Washington tbe police did little or nothing, except to guard the treaty box In Bal tlinore there wns hardly any opportunity for the display of the force. In Philadelphia the police were utterly Incompetent. They permitted the mob to Insult the Princes, to press upon their car riages, and to annoy them with vulgar gestures and ribald remarks The street crowd at Phila delphia behaved in the most disgraceful manner, and the police could or would do nothing with them." w a;n is. WANTK1>?A colored BOY, and attend store, Have preferred. Inquire No, 91 Water at., Georgetown. j v 4 3t Wanted to hire-a whitk g ri.. about 14 or 16 iear* of a^e, an nurse. Good rel?rence? retjairtd. Apply 3* Firct strnet, Georgetown. j? 14-3t WANTKD?A SITUATION, by a lady accus tomed to cook, wa^h and iron ; willing to to to the country or remain in the city. Can be seen at \o. '24 < I) st It* WANTKD TO RKNT-A DWBLLINC. cou taming from 7 to 9 room* ; one having a f out yard pref.?rrixi. Addresa? iiatme torm? ami loca tion Box 5i8.1'oit Office Washington. If | WTnTED-A SITUATION a* teacher liTa lady of pood education. Oil Painting, and I French, if desired. beat of refer -nee w?'h regard to P'eficiencs given. Address''Teacher," at the ^tar Office. jy 14-3t* WANTED?GIRLS of rcgn'ar and industrious habits, with good reference*, to take different situations in town and cour try. Apply at the Union intelligence Offjc<*, No 12 l.ouieia aav.. between 4H ana 6th sts., opposi<e City Hall Square. It 14 It* DUNCAN it CAMP. Proprietors. \\.'ANTED-A PARTNER in a esUbluhed '? business in this city. Personal atteatioo not ... ? ? ~ L * ' xfuuni. tiiuuta preierre<i. He mu?t have on" thousand dollars cash. A *<>od opportunity f >r a *ouug mtn.M th'bminmi will pav hiin from m# thou?and to bf;?en hn dre<l a yar. A'ldrees A H, Washington Po?' Office. jy 14-3t* IB N FOR MAT J ON WANTED, OF JOHN J. n.KKY. of Philadelphia i!a. He wti la?t heard from in th? eunimar of 1*51, in Washington, I). C ;i? a hatter b? trade: iMr-d on hoard the brig Perry, daring the Mexican War, under the name of John J. Wileon; aWo on the 81 andywtne un <er ame name. Any luformation will be thankfully received by ddreeamg hie bro'her, E- D.?-l.KK Y . 32* Wall,ut ?t. Philadelphia, Pa jy 14 lawjw A GOOD WET NIJRSE WANTKD. Apply at 401 Sixteenth ?trett, between i ami K Jli**" - WANTED TO Pl'RCH\8E?A good HOUSE and I.OT, situated between 1*t and 13th ?ts. w?t>taud E and M utrnot* north. Th? prioe not to eicoo?l#l3'0 Addfs ?giving deixviption, terms, *c..-v\ M. 8TIOKNEY, City Po.t Office. jy IS 3t 4 M I'SIC TfcACHER. well recommended, ran j[\ obtain B' ard and ? ooni at the Avenue Home and pay in teaohing. A ladv preferred ir II ** WANTED?A No. 1. Dining room aervant, frr which t<Xxl wngea will M pa d. Asp ? <> F. BUT Lb R,No. 4BT Uth at. near Pa av. j<la 3J WANTED? By a atoady and induatrinua man. a SITUATION a* oolle???or. lU??t of rfcum m 'ndntiona given. Addreaj .VI. C., Star Office. Jy u-tf DRUG CLERK WANTKD-A young man who )ia? had two or more year* experience m an Apoth<*oar< and Drugariat and la wiluag to make h maeif general y oasftal Keferenoea required. Addr??? 'Draggi't" Poat Olfioe Waahiniton. Jy It * WANTEH-HOOKS, ('ID DOCUMENTS. PAPERS, r!01NH, AlITOGRAPH&-#5 for an nuioirapn imer or lien. Tatlor. 3d, 5th Vth, SUt, wth, 3bU Volumes of Nile's Register waited ALFKKDHUNTER. jeM-eolm* Under Willa'ds'. OCR STOCK If* YET VKRY LARGE AND COMPLETE, And we are selling all kinds of TRAVELING DRKSS GOODS. ORGANDV LAWNS. JACO NETS. BERAGE ROBE. BERAGE8 by the yard. SILK ROBEs, and SILKS by the vara, and all other kinda of Summer Dreaa Goods, for leaa than eoat. to eloae out our stuck before the 25th of this month. DOMESTIC GOODS we have yet on hand a large ?tock af Blraohrd and Drown Sheeting* and Shirtinca, Calioooa, Gingham*. Cheek*. Boya' Wear, Bed Tioka. 8?r vanta' Wear, fto., &o.; all ol whioh we are eelliog at the wholesale price* for cash. The atoek mutt be aoM, and we will offer great ? for jj lMt 314 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and K>th ats^ C'DER M[I'''8:riDKB MILLS'! * .??"?'?! C'a*; Mp'11Sx*RTHo7.<?w" aevenu nrtyt, near Canal. South of Penna i<ranu?. Agricultural 8?ed and Guano Depot. Jy 11 6t W ICE CRBAM FREEZER ! The attention of Houte-keepera, Hotel-keapera, and Confectioners is called to AUSTIN'S MAOIC FREEZF.R, the heat Fteeyer in dm. For >ale i.y J P. BAR THOLOW. I jy ll-?t Beraatk atrvet, mar Canal. ? GEORGETOWN. Ctrrttftmdmn tf T\* Star. Giomitown. July 14.1MO. Tbe Board of Aldermen vru not In aeaion lut evening. In tbe Board of Common Council, aaajoritf of the committee of conference on tbe disagree ment between tbe board* In relation to tbe police il 1- - * ? uruiunuoe m.tue a rrpon recoannriaing adoption of an amendment which provides that Immediately after the passage of aaid ordinance the board* shall, ia joint m?<-tlng, vote oat five at the present member* of the force, and thereupon elect three in place of the live removed, whoshall, with the three members retained, and the Chief, constitute the force; and that on the first Monday in January next, and annually thereafter, the boards shall elect one from each precinct and two from the town at large, also a chief After much diacussion. Mr. Tenoev. of the committer, who dl?ented from the report, asked the aye? and noes on the adoption of the amend ment, when it passed by the following vote: Yeas?Messrs Dodge. Dunlop, Fearson, Mc Cobb, Pickrell. Ptake and W illiam*?7. Nays?Mrurt Hill and Tenney? 2. The annexation resolution (Georgetown to Washington) being under consideration, the Mayor's veto message was read; snd the qurstion beint: put, "Shall the resolution pass notwith standing the objections of the Mayor'" Mr Hill asked the yess and navs. when it was decided In the affirmative by the following vote: Yens?Messrs. Dtinlon. Fearaon. Hill, McCobb, Pickrell, Stake. and Williams?7. Nay?Mr Tennev?1 The Hoard also paweil a resolution In relation to distribution of ho?e >nd hose carriages. and a resolution providing for the printing of ami copies of reports of examining committees on the sinking fund. The resolution which abolishes the office of Market Master, and directs that members of the police force be detailed to perforin the duties, was also passed by the following vote: Yeas?Messrs Dodge. Dunlop.T'earson, McCobb, Pkkrell, Stake. and Williams?7. Nays?Messrs Hill and Tenny?2. Other business will be found in our regular report next week We have a finer market this morning than Is usual even at this season of the vear. there beluir an abundance of vegetables and fruits of the finest quality, and at very reasonable price*. And this reminds us that in pasting through the market house several times latelv, in the afternoon, we have noticed loafers, white and black, lying stretched full length npou the inside benches taking their tuna Being of rather delicate or ganization. in laying in our small supplies we generally avoid the t>enches thus defiled, and as others may he equally squeamish in this matter, we throw out this hint in full confidence that the inisance will be speedily abated. The National Rifle*. Captain Bchaffer, paid > <sit to our city last evening, accompanied by a fin? band of music. They made a decided vn*a tioa, as they marched through our principal thor ougnfares. and baited at the comer of High and Prospect streets, where for two hours they drilled, eliciting the unbounded admiration of the lar^e crown assemuiea mere. ny ine ease and rap:dlty of their movements in the complicated but grace ful evolution* of Hardoes drill They numbered about fifty, we judge, and In their neat summer uniform presented a very creditable and soldier like appearance. Our street contractor!, Meters Calbouu 4 Co , and Mr. Wm. H Fletcher, have |been busy for some time past repairing the principal thorough fares ; and yesterday we noticed a liberal scatter ing of lime in the gutters; all of which goea to bow that the " powers tliat be" are not altogether unmindful of the health and corrfortof their con tinents Those of our Citizens wishing to attend the Bell and Everett grand ratification rii^etmir at Farm lngton on Tuesdav, will, by advertisement in another column, see that the steamer Flying Cloud will accommodate them for a very reason able fare Mrs Mary Clements, an aged resident of our city, died last night at her residence on Second, between Fayette and Frederick streets, in her ^id irpar The ntimber of beef rattle offered at Drover 's Rest yesterday was&?>; all purchased by butchers and speculators at from 93 25 to 43 75 per 100 lbs. gross Sheep and Iamt>s sold at from 1*2 50 to 93 each. AM U SEMEN Tft. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL.Chance ofsoene*. New Views and Figures. 8ATl"RDAY KVK N1NG, Jnlv 14, fourth night of the beautiful scene of Plymouth Sour.d. with a view of Break- Waters, Drake* Island, Ac. Thi? plaoe in noted a* the staiting point for t?e ia* ing of the Atlantic Tele graph Cable. After which the beautiful represent ation of iNapoleon crossing the Alp* wi h his Arm* of Jijwi men. Also, Rome, the Automaton Rope Vauiter, Storm at >?va, Ac. Immediately at Hone f f f ihlhllion 1. l> - will he given to the patrons of the far famed Thi o ion's Miihcuiii of Art?. Among the gifts areGold and Silver Watches, Silver-plated Calta and Card Markets,beautiful castor cut Cru*t?,G"ld Brooches, Bracelets, Bijouterie, Ao. Tickets 25 cts . for sale at Semken's. 3y? Pa. av., where the presents may l>e seou. jy 14 Eprek concerts: RNST LOFFFLER, Nne York aimu*. bt iwtn 1 ?t ami id would respectfully state to the public that A CONCERT of SELECT ML'SiC will Ne given ever* MON DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, ooimuenoing at 3 o'clock and ending at 1<> p. m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon ia open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the masy dauoe. ICE CREAMi WAT^'R ICES.and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prioes. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio pur puses, are requested to give a day or two notioe. je IX Sm PERSONAL. H18 18 TO FOREWARN AM. PERSONS 1 fruin trusting hit wife. Ann Lavezzi. on my a count, at 1 -will not pay any debta of ner con tracting. iy 14 JOHN I.AVEZZ1. WA CARD. E hop* our oitizona wi.l largely ratron'z* the Pic Nio got up under tho autpioeaof the Sooi ty of 8t. Vn.ceiit ile Paul and which is to "ome off at Analoatan lalaod on MONDAY, the i6th matant. The tnoi' b'rs of the Sooiet? are very muoh dia heartened at tbe little aucoeaa they have met with iu a*:Una ticket*?ao much ao, that were it now poeath'e for them to reoede from their undertaking t ey w?u d do an. Jt ia au'ely no anawer to th?m. wh<*n they humble themael vea in beytina of their a~qbAi tancea to pn>otiaa*a few tick-ta for the oak of tne poor, to told, that thoae they addr*-?a do not frequent pie-nica." F?r, it ia rot for tt>em?eivea tnev h?*e?it inr ??... * * Chriot?the poor, i? whom Hsiaatitf p?raonifi<-<l. and whom b? nn* warned ua to treat as we would Himself* Matt. 2ft IS '?. Thia !*ociotj?which ha^ even at this mnmwl de pei>di:i& iip >n it. many poor families. amorf whom are to be lo->nd Prot-atants aa well aa Catnolica? wonld not tnakn thia appeal to the ruHio were Dot it* treasury exhauat?tf, and even oppressed with debt. Our oi?'*?na ah< n1d understand, too. that the So ciety la not a mere r?li?f a?aooiation, aoattenn* alma with wanton prodigalitr among th? outoaat aod the criminal, as well as the deeeivint poor. V* L : a- - * - ? " r na uujBci.- ar? of * ni|ii- r natjre?for, above all, it aim* at the moral aud spiri<ua improvement of the poor whom it adopts, and thus render an inoalon a hie semo' to sooiety?accomplishing, in an tum ble way. that whioh *ven ?o??rnm?r,U have ee fared in vain. Air- ady. within tue year, it haa been, under God . the means of reoiainnrc aere al from their T<oions oouraee?haa rai?ed whole fami lie* from utter beggary a> d a life ofa-n, and prom ise* to make them useful members of aooiety. It la not yet too late for n< to oo operate in this food work?and we therefor" vantnre to indulge in the hope that not only will the i'io Nio be numerously attended, but that th >se who do not frequent pie ? .1 ?v? 1 ? o - - - - (WV a Hi! bBVIlUOl V ci| Cft.l up?n 1.1- neniifmeu or I the Society, viiou nuiM tr? u? be found in the advertisement in another co'urnn And lav out a llttie of th?ir worldly dr?sa fnt tk* tttkt Of their foor/flote mm, in what they will find at that dread Judgment da; to have been the beet h/t insurance took in whiah tie? ever in???t*d y 18-at THE COMM1TKE. T,I|k PUBLIC 18 hereby FORWARNHD I fr?m harbTing my ion*, Gustav and F.rn?t Burctorf, < r giving them work, as the law will be rigidly enforoed againut persons ?o doing. jy 12 Si" birgdorf. Madame morkice, tbiObut a?t?olq out AND Doctkba*. just from Evrovi.?This highly gifted aud intelligent lady oan be oonaulted on tho Past, Present and Future Events. Call at .No. W05 Twenty-aeoond street, between B and 1, it l: a. ~ " uiuufcioa. j? 19 lm* NATIONAL Pi SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gkiin Stbiit, Btiwttn Bruit* Water itretli, Georgetown, D. C. A larte atuek of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Ca*tjl? and Fancy SOAPS. Also, TALLOW Md GREASE for Lcoo motives, St?amboats, an J a!l kind* of maoiutierj, always on hand, and for sale at prices to suit the trad*. O. B. JEWELL. Proprietor. ly 10 ootf CELLING OFF (5 COST! In order to decrease my rock I have determined to oloee oat the balance of dot SUMMER CLOTH ING at eoet All in want of Hammer Clothing are respectfully invited to eail at No. 4*0 Seventh at., opposite Poet Ofltoe, and eee the great red notion in Summer Clothing W amtid-To have everybody know that thev oan parcnMS meir ^umnwr Clothing nt oomt ?t No.'IM reventh St., opposite Poit Oftce. jy TS-la 1VI O T I C E H. EG AN Hu reeved hi^.uiok of Dry Goods from Store No. P? ?y?iib( to No. 691 Sev enth ?t., in the Stor? ra<? formerly ooeapied by A. L. Newton, where will be found ? very )?rge as sort rn^nt of *Upie n-sd Fnney Dry Goods, which he fcsjgs cVsgA'?,f1,? Jrim msnutliMiMi. SLIGHTLY SOILED. HAVING PURCHASED AT AN IMMENSE SACRIFICE A.VOon \r< <R TH OK OR V GOODS, (Slightly Soiled by Watt* on bom*d tkt Jrnkin Wtlltmm* on tk* Toftff ftmm Bottom to B+inmor*,) we take *re*t plmurr In nottfvlag our cuatomer* of tbe fort. a?d would at tbr mum* time Inform them Hit thme Good* will be toid at i*orr half thi r?r?i rurt, and ITirtiw' Regmrd to tb* Ortgtnol Con The Stock conatau of LAWNS. CALICOES. IRISH LINEN!*. COTTONS. HOSE and Hll.F MOfti-. I.4I1IE* mitts CI rtV'Pk I iviv a v Hk' 1* D ril I r i"w I- k .. ... k. .1 ? ? ?"* >? v? ? ? ?v > uii^ rit? i? f* i? i* > ?? v ! i i ,i ?-?, rri" ? n m COLLARS. Reel Quality EXTENSION SKIRTS. IN PER-SHIRTS. *HIRT FRONTS, and CRIB or CRADLE BLANKETS Thoee who dettra to purchase the Che*peet Dry <?ooda ever offered In \\ aah n^ton. are Invited to call and examine the Stork, and they will be convinced that auch Berjraina hare never before been offered In thla city R. BRICE HALL, July 13-3t ftee 373 aW 374 ftfcVKNTll ITREET. AUCTION SALES. 13f For other Auction *** first p*g* Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO. Aiotionwri. 'PhUSTEErJ !?ALE OF A BEAUTIFULLY Nnovij Cor*t*y t*EAt **** nil Citt o? \Va?his<5tor.? On WEDNESDAY Ar'TKR NOti.V Aviuit lat.atft o'oiook.og 'hr premivea, by virtue ol a d*od of iruat daAed Maroh 9th. iMV, and du j recorded in l.iber J. A t*, No. 129, folio* *4, et are . one of the Itad recorda for WMhinftoa oour.ty. OiPt'iot of Colambi*. we ah?ll tell all that certain fi?oe or paro?l o( land aituausj in th? count* oi Washington, in the Diatr lot of Columbia. an<l known and deaorit>ed m h#i?f l.ot Lumbered two (S> in (ieorga Taylor'a ?nbJi vision ol * part -?f atract ?flaad o*!lad "PI Mint P ains " contaio inc firs acres and one mteenth of an acre, mora or less. with the improvement*. oor.sistin* of a com fortllil* two-story Square Cottage, with wide ha , parlor, dining, and br*akfaat room, ire chainhor*. a't?l kitchen, aitunt d <>r an elevated point lack from the road, and surrounded by a grove of hand* lomt shad* tree*; aso. garlener's nnn??, stable, aid other out-baildmga. I he ground* are tastetully laid out with waiks and drives, and oontsm a vouag orchard of fruit - ?? ? Hi , ?? D""ici? iicwr . ornarn nit shrabta-rf. kc.. in short aver* * b I r? nuniIf to render tula an elegant and ooinlorras.. re?idfncx>. The atiora-deeeribed p'ao? is ?itu?t?d on the Seventh street r<'?1, distant about on and a half mile from the Ci'y Post Oft e, and is adioined bj the residence* of Messrs \\ bite and Le? i?. Terms: One fourth oash; the re?idu? In 6,11 and It months, with interest, secured b? a <<?eri of tra?t on the premises If the t?rcni of sale shonM n"t t* oomphed with <n n?? <ias after th? 'He trus tees reserve the rightto reeeil, on one week's not oe m the .National liitel!uene*r. at the risk and ea penseof thed faulting purchaser. All oonvejauumg at the cost of the purchaser. W H. WARD. / Trn.tee. W. a. PA I MKR.l rr?st?M. jT'4-2U*4di J C. MoGl'IKKk t'O.. A not*. r?? n. wntr.K, Auoi'onecr. C?ALF. OF VALL'ABI.V HLII.DING LOT? Ka*t. F*oi*tt*o o* Ximit *in K??t Cam tol at Aictio*.?On M ONDAY, id* 6th in?t I ha'1 Mil. >n f ont of the iirMmiM, at t-S ?>'o ook p. m.. Lot* 5,6 and 7. in rqa\r* No. Stt, fronting on 9lh a d (uK'mi oI'U. Thr?? |?ota hav* been tub ii*ided a'?- i bwutiial bniidirif! Inta to *uit ptrch*??r?, th> y a e on ti.e grade and m an imaroMnc neuhtwrh^id Term-: Ore third oaah; balance in*, 12. and II month*, the pnrcha??r to ?ive note* hearing tn??r e t from day of ?*ie. A deed given and a deed of trnit taken. Tit e perfect. jyiSd A. (JRKKN, Auo?. \I A RSH A L"S SALK.? In virtue of a writ of 1*1 fi ?ri - - .wv<v<* Iicv IIVIII * lit? v ri * p ' MUtr if| th? Circuit Con<-t of tb? IMntrict > f Colinliit for th?C"Untji of Washington. and to me directed. I will ?xpn*? to pabMc * e-for caeh. in f nit of th? Bank of Washington, on Tl K is DAN . lh? 24ih da? ?* July. 1B6" ooin?nepoing at jo o'clock a. th? following good* and chattels. to wit, vie /4 vol. Co .*r?-s?ii>na! D-bate?,ifi do. Anoa.i of Congress. 2 ?io. Amerioaii Slat* Papers, t do. 1'ensios and B iintv Land. *-bT Jf<i|>k<?.** I do. Op'nion of At tor ey ij-neiai. do. :*? noptical Index lawn (T. Htatea, 8 do. 1 ifcai.d Works of.Joh'iQ. Adams. 12 do. UiploiraLn Co' ie?pond*i>e*-, "bj flparkc;** seifd and ]?\ lod upon a* tK? good*. and chat'^ii of Ja:nes Henry, and will be sold to i-atietv Judieia N" S3 to Way trrin, 1880, lu favor of John K. K*n da 1 w. hk: pfn r 13 dta U.? Marshal. FOR SALE AND RENT. [for otker "For Salt and Rent" advertmewunti, ste first )M(I ] ONE OF THE MOST FLOURISHING Bt>I ne?nea m ti-ecitjr 'or ?!*. $? istactory rea on* *ir n for i>el>in< nut. Apply to th* I'm n In t ! 11 k ^no*? Office, No. li Loui* ana tr.. between ? * and 6th Ftg. jy 14 St* r'fiR RV.N'T-The tir-? >tory (brown front) I IIOl'SE. No. 367 New York avenue, between loth and llth *tre?t*. north ?lda fifteen room? This houwe it eonvem?nt to the Patent Of fice, Tre?*ur?. otc ; i? luhted ky *a^. and in every way *mtal> for a hoarding home. Kent inxlerate. Apply next door, or A <?. FOWLER. Berond tlo -r north wine el Patent Office. jy 14 tf IT OR RKNT?That neerlj new and eoinmodioua r HKK'K IIOl ftK, containing, with lite b?ck bull-June, nev.-o io >m?. he*i<i*K wood-ahed 4c., m far. Thi? home 11 pl< aaar.tly iituated in Prii.tinf <j?uiia e. fronting H ?t . and ha* a paoioua Ta.d in front and rear; t'n* latte' 1* now wellatocked with a var.ftt of lea. R?nt a n. Inquire of V\'. ft. JON Eft, ?t hia grooi; j atore, cor ner 3d Mid II ata. jy IS if ARARK CHANCfc.-The Stock, Fixture* and Good Wilt of one of the fenaat (irofry Kat&)> liohineiitM in the city 1a now offered (or aaleon rea sonable term* For particular# add r en "X Y through Po?t Office. jy 12-1 w fpOK KKNT?The three-ator*-and-t>*eeinent liRIi*K llorsr v? i?i w i-. v , >?? WW i ?% V -?j ? W *r? - a 10th and 11th at*., containing 8 room*. R<*nt per month Inquire of EDWIN GREEN, No. 3f?4 Eeventh at. jy 11 3t L'OR RENT?The fine FRAMK HOUSE known 1 a* "French Evana' Hooee,'* aituated on .M at. north, between 9th end ifch atreeta, No. 420, <>ne of the moat desirable private reaidenoea In Washington. Tin* h- use it aurrounded by fruit treea and creat nnint<era of currant buahea of va rious kinrfa. and fine chade treea, with feet of g ottnd. wall?d in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth at. 1) and E. jy 12 tf FHOR R ENT?Two comfortable threo-at< ry b- ?rk HOl'fES, six room* and kitchen each, aituated on Eleventh at., between B and C. Rent flipper month Apply to GEO. F. Ml'Gl'ELV*, at F. 9. Myera'Omoe, Eithth st. jy 11 In* FM?K RKN'T?A desirable thiw-?tory BRICK HOUSE, with two fttorv lack bnildinr. aide lot, tin? celtir, bath room, *? <, w\t-r, and other couvenieuc- necessary t<> iaake housekeeping e??y. An ex<"elle"t pump of water nrtr the aoor. Sitiintxl on D *treet north, between 'at and 2d ?ts. west?No. 4t*4. Now occupied l>jr Mr. C- BrumiU. Possession civen alioot the 16th iiist Appl> to Z. W. McKN'KW, at Capitol, Oftce 8upennt?ndent PuM c Printing. jy 9-?t L OR RENT?That desirable DWELLING on I Twentieth it., between M and N sts west.con taining 6 room*. R? nt |W??rjf?r Apply on the premise*, or to VV'.M. Rl'THERFOK I), at hn Marbt Wo. ks, E at., between 12th and 13th sts. j. 6-2 W ^JTORE ROOM FOR KENT?Oj the aoatk east corner of Penn. avenue and Tenth stre?t, hetatof re us?d &c a groeer* Apply at the room or of J AS. F. HA LI DA V. City Hal. j* 3n-tf IPOR SALE? Between 7 and * acres ol LAND, tpart wood, on the Plank R<.>a*J.? h nt. i about A mi Im>. from ' . 1 *- 1 ' * ----- , ?H|W (twill ? a"iiiU|i<JU wr?(|HIUl uuimirn illf, or well located for a market garden Applj at No. S Agency Block,corner Seventh and F Wash ington. je 19-lm* pOMFORTABI-E ROOMS, with or without Vy Board. can t>e obtain**!, on moderate t?rm?. at 4S6 E at., between 9th ami 6th. Tattle Boarders accommodated with tool Board. je 16 >n>* 1?OR R LNT-Two beautiful new B R I C K HOL'8?-S.on Eighth st eet west, betwen M and N streets no'th, west aide. Apply to MARY C- HAlSLlP.No. SSI Ninth street w??t.or Dr. KEASBEY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, betweer *h and lUth streets. je 18-Aw* VU ALU A BI.E FARM, STOCK. CRorp. IM PLEMENTS. Ac. 4c, FOR BALK OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED CITY PROP ERTY.?The subscriber in ooaaequenae of hi* ir ability to gire that attenioc to hi* Fam wh en it require*, offers it, top etner with his stock of fine brood Mares. Calta Cows, Hogs, (rowing crops, implement*, Ao . now en the premiaea, either for aale or exchanae for improved city property. The Farm oontains on* hundred and sixty six aoraa, is locate) in Montgomery County, Manland, distant tan milea T om Waskinxtcn, on the Broornl a Turnpike. he beat road leadm* nut of Washington. It ia d?M)*d anneoeaaary to anter into a minute description of the Farm. as it ia pra aumed no on* won a purchase without ft rat viaitiog the premises. Any information will, howerer, ohearf ui j ha given spoil app option to WILLIAM E. STUBBS, 349 K street; between 19tb and Uth. Waahington Citr. W. D. Wallaea. Editor of the Star, knowa the Para wall an<i will aooord full information ooa oeraiag it to any intatrar. je? aoti ^?OUNTR V RESIDENCE FOR SALE.-Threa v> and a half a rea of Land aitaatad at Bailey'a X road a . at the intereection of the Co arobtaa and i>oe?t urit turrpikee, am milea from Washington ar.d b front Alexandria. The improvements ooaaiat of a hoaae. obtaining M ro?>ms, harn, oorn houee. nedet&a. The yard ia wall aharfed with traea and haa ia it an excellent well of water. For farther pjvticulars apply on the premisesIoWM.PaYNF, or to JNO. DOWLING. Kea.,*r A. ?. MaraMi'a Motion rooms. Washing ton, |>. C. Tha ah. \ e aeacnli d property Will be eoid low for cash. )y Matw' 1TF.BV Vil.llAR! B D> u I.? tub u> igwssfim Para, "li|lf How." containing ono hundred ausrsi^ tssufSTfewsre Washington B'auch Railroad and tha_w'tintur* art W anhi n * tocTn ik?. oa*"ula fr- m B* to villa Pott Ofioe and foar aiUw.fro? Un Agile ul tnral CoUoga. Tlw loo?tief H. ?ffiai for haalth, aooietr axooll^nt, oiwrohea of aaarlj all denomination* Wltiun a abort dMtMO*. c< rr?i?t to exoe'.ent aoboola, and a (tut null within oh mTh* land to in a high state of oalti nation. bo mid* or BxpenM hanac ajaro* in uapronng and fertilising, bf aaedf the moat manMit im Birw. *TSS* to an abundant ?np?ly of w*.t?r, a IS 1KbS"3? ">m?. \? ?xoe. er.i iC.lloGUIEEtCO, i Mtrehuu, Wuhini- | ir n-todtv OOMSroUFNT. 4ft?bMvtM K amif n *-??a* AUCTION SALES. THIS AtibKNOON k TO-MOKHOW B* WALL * H*K\A*D. Aoelin^rt. SCOW AN?> B^TTKAl AT ITB?.IC AlT r!o*-f?n!?ATr?t??AY aFTHNOOT l??* in*t . at 4 o'clock, w? will 1 at th? wharf fowt ??f I 14(h itrfM. t Wt?id or ?** ? JVi'W. fifty t?? fe?t log by fourteen !?*t b'?l4.ta4 f>?r l??l hoid with aula, itccinc. ?n<1 t??*klto* ?<>tnp *t*. Ai??> H?ttr?u aijUnen f?*t ,on?. Terwia ouh. jf 11 WALL* BARNARD. A?irt? U> THOJ* DOWt IS".. Aaotioa?>*r. Ufotg*t?tM?. D.C. LAR?iK 8TOCK OF CHINA. t'lOCKRIV. Gu'i Will, W|RM? ^W*0??. CtTLI*l< tr.,F?dMNrw ?otr Jtjotf M vi-M'o ?h?l! mran'nw >? TMI?* r.V? NING,(U0 continue wa'nc ?ni eveuint ? ! h aaj uciii iho ?h<'ie stock i? ?I,?U> ?e|. * T?rr l?ri? a?tl te ?ot stock <>! the ll?vr Din^. f?od?, OdMlltlllf of? TM CetU, ?'u^? and K?ir?ri, P ale*. l)i?h*?. ?. Kaam*. ami 1 v<ti, Chamtiers, Ac. O Wi Mow n. Diahe*. Ruttfri. C?li, Warm. Tumhiers. Caatora. Celenen. I Amps. iMWrii. I'ltcheri. M'..a*-e? C?ni, Ac. ft o . S?t Mir Painted Window Sltad??, 10 Rioh ari'l Beaut i fu t?t?le?, OllCloth I ahle ?;ov?>r?. I Tory Handle B<>n?Md (took TaMeCutary. Pocket, tad Pan Ktivm, WatoliM, Jewelry, ud a ?arn?tr of Fmcj Good*. Ao. The Kctiro Mock lo be sold viUioat react re la <>t? t?> aait purotiaeera. 11 rOoodi at pri*?i? #ale. jfil ?t THOti DOWNING. A wot. FUTURE DAY9 B? C. \V. H? >T KLKK A ?U\r?. Aooti. r TRl J*TMK'S> CALK OF Pl'PK.RIOR PtJR ?irr?t, Gilt ritMi M kkob*. Pi.*tbi> Good*. Ac., fcc.- B? virtue of t oaed <>f tract tx?i inc date April 8th. <U8, uid da I* reoorded la l.itjer JTA.ft.. No. 1SB. lolioa fron ?v to *V> one of the luo recorda of waaruniton o<nnt?, |?. C-, I aha.I prooaed jo I. on MONDAY. Ja)f <*th mat .?' ir menciBf At 10 o'clock. fell the H?a?ehold ard Kitchen Furniture, contained in Hoaaa No. 9th. r ? iwivwn l -n unu r?*n nm>u* 1 Superior Parlor suit upho stered in Green and Gold Brooatelle, 2 So m. S Arm Chair*. and > Reception Chairs. 2 Handsome Gilt frame Mantel Mirrors, 1 Superior Marble top Center Table, Dumask Window Curtains. Shade* and Cornice. Superior Marble top Sideboard with Mirror Ha<*k. Oil Painting*and hi:*ravmj?. 1 Pair stost !*ton# Mantel Piece*, Handsome Chaiida.iers, brftofcets, to, Walnut Extension 1 able, .4 feet. Walnut Dining Chai s. China Crockery ai d Gls?* Ware, P sted Castors, ard W siters, Irr rt t snde Kaim. Plated Forks, Table Desert and 1 ea Spoons. Be<let?als. Bureaus end W a*h?tanc* Hair ?"<i ?hik?* -viauieiara, t *?iher H" ?t ra an 1 Pillow*. Velvet, B u? * )?, *'.d Infrtm CarffU, Ha., Oil Cloth. Oil C otn in Dunn* !<iip*ri'?r and l^'ii'C^o* Hu v? an! Futuraa. T rm?. #*>?rd nnd*r n?*ta;oTer W arr?>iit of J", (to. * ?> ) k, fur approved <>n<1ora*d note*, boti in* internal. WM LINTON. Trn?t?*. jf in #o* C. W. HOTbLtR Jt IH<NS. A act*. Ma R??A L*F LF. ?In *i>tw of'wo wnuof fiari faoiM, i?i*i U from the Cterk'a ? #>?? of t > Cir.<uii? oa't of th? 1 tatnot of Coiiwhu. for Lbe soihtf sf WMMnctoii and to n?dir*oud. I Wi i r*^' ?r v puunc BB r (UT "??n, I Vi IH'I I *'I ?"f* court kuvir door, of aeid o<>ort*,?in ? (t>()AV, tft- 16th '?* of Aukiiat ue?t, 1*6 % I defe- dant'? risht, titie. o mm aud i t'reit in ud to trie fu.low in(t described pr<<pert?. t?> wit, v.t 1^-t No 3 m Square No 7IK, Mid lot No. ? , m Cqmrf No.WI, together with all and singular ll?e iwprovemenu tfcereon seised and ievief upon at the property of Janaua Bfrj and Jane* C. Rarr?. and will be old to ratiefr jndiotan .V>?. l?5 and 1M. to Ma? tarm 1858. in avor of Antlioi} Addison. ... W BELDEN. U. *. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia JT 13 dtds By J. C. MoGl'IKE k. CO., Auotionaers. TRI HTKE r* ?AI h <>K A DRUG AM' Apothecary Store oi tmi Islamic ?On TI'RMilAY WllR \ iNli J u iv 17th >1 il . on the ?rt?f oftdwd eftr?it d?'j rxecu'?! and recorded I aha)! ael! the entire J*t- ck and Fixture* of a Drag end Ap th?c%rj store, aituated on Seventn etreet w*at, U t ween D end K trw-ti oatb. ililtnli ooDaiating of a freah and well selected awtrtm'Bt of? (ore Drucs, Chenuca!a, f'atent Medici ne?, rriunwrf, Faeot Arttclee. Ac , Ao Ti ? >u>re haa been reoent ? fitted ay <>n an in prove* elan, the Conntere, ph? ving, Ac., being moveable, and m no manner joined to tf bo?e?. Tneatoek and fixiur-a will be a. Id m a tot leteber I ue pt"ir in 'I " Ml ''OH It" thi? aalr offer* a fine opportuuit? to an; c* ? ai'oua of enraging in t'a baainae* Ternrn e???. ana mvl? known at tne aaie. J. USH KR, Truatee _jr IS a J C. MoGUIR K k CO , AkU By J. C. Mclil IKK A t'O . Auctioneer* CHHANCKRV MUC (IF Y.MAABI.K IM I PIOVID 4ID I HIMTEOVIP K BAL K?tate ? B? nrtae of a decree of the Circuit Court of the Dia Met of Colambia, paaaed ta the o?a?? whrre.u Frederick W .ttoJkaaaaalaoomp ainantaod Ckariee Made* and otnera. executor* an<l neira at lav ami deviaaea of Honarenta'a So had. deoeaaed, arc de - feudaiita. tbe *ubaoriber will aetl. at put .0 aa e. the following valuable real estate in Waafciacton ait* Lota Noa 9,10, 11 and 12, id aquare >0 7RS, on the oorner ci north H and Third atreeta'aat frouui r ll~ feet .'H inrhea no north B atreet and ISS feet 2fc | on Third alreet rut. L<>t No. I, in ^ntr* N'o. M2, fronti C ll> feet ?n D*i??arc arenas, by H feet!? inehea on aoath <? ilnit The whole of square north of aquare No. M . frcrtinit UURteetft luohea on Virgiuia avenue. *.7 ieet on aonth F atre.n, 91 feet 5 inchea on Delaware arena*, and 19 feel 6 inohe# on Ha 1 afreet we?t I ota Nua. 1. 3.S.4.S.6.7.*.*. IP. II. 1*. U. M. I*, and 1C, in aauare No. **. oompriamc the whole ftflUire and frontin# 94? 14 ?tre?t, 248 fe^t S melee ot> north C ctreat. 39fl f?et on Eighth ttreet mt, tad ? feet on t*?ev?oUi itiw i Mil And Lo*? No*. S,9, &d<1 in. In nuare Mo. SM, ? fronting * faet each on eoath F trart. batvaen First u4 Seoond >u-e?u veat. by Wf?i do**, with the improvements, whiou c >nutt of foar veil bat'* two-atorj frame d wiling house* Th? mi* of the Iota m ?aoarr No. 7*6 will take place on Tl'ESDAY. the l?t?i day of Jaly.lMP; of the lot in square No.6?2 on THl'KSDAV, the llth day of July.IMn, of aa uare north ol ?suare No. MS on FRIDAY, the 18th day of Jnly.lHB', of oU in Httre No. RM. on WON DAY. the 1MB day of Jm ?. itto , <?f the oU iu square V.4. wm. the i??rove Mil nuTIIMniV S-1??. ,u ? ?, * v ? f M**" '? ? 1,1 *"'/? The ?& * will khmmmi at # o'clock p. ir..on the days al?ove speeifted, on the respective premi ses. and the prop?ri; will ba aoid to suoh paroeia or lot* m mnj suit purohseei. Term* uf u : One third eaah ; *rd the )?Ium in It. >2 and It montha, aecared 1>t the purchaser's notea, bearing luterMt from the da? of sale, with security to be approved by the trustee anc if not complied with in tve dars after the ea of proper ty, the terms of which aire not aomphad with, will be resold, upon one wnek'a notioa. at the risk and expense of tne defaulting purohaaer. Upon the fall pat ment of the purchase nu-net aad intereet, and not before, the traatee will oonrey the piaaarti to the reepaotive purchasers in fee simple. All eon vfivinr i n? mA mm W, I? postponed uBtii TUESDAY Ml, in* in tant, same hor~ l?nt. mm bo?r. CHAS 8. WALLA CH, Trustee ft m J. C MoOIMRF. 4 CO. A?pU By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO., A?ofac T1 PLUMBERS. FOUNDFRS, Ac -Aurrow m. MkioruonaMtni iici WitBfirn and MaaMcaaa?Oa WfcbNKSpA V aF^F N(K)N, Ju y 6o'eloek,atMorgan A. Rhftaa hart'a WMterc WLarvae. we aball Mil la lota to M Cast-iron Water P. pea. t inohea la diamatar. in tt-faat laactka, 46 Bmnchaa, Jtc? Tig: U Radaoera. to 4 laahaa, S Foarwa?e, by C laalkee; IS T . f by ? inehee; 14 T'a. 6 by 4 i-.ofcaa. aad 1 Hand. ?S durnt Thaaa pi pea are of the very beat aaaJitt. many of them vary ahgktiy defeotire, and all ol than un able for a rain pipe Tarma: Rso and under. oaah; over thai mwm a oredit of (> aad 90 day a. for aaUafaotorily aadoraed nolee beariac istareat if tt 4 J. C MoOlHRK 4 CO . A acta. Br .GREEN. Auctioneer. rrRV?ThE,? 8AL. h OF VALUABLE IM R raom Ptorun.-Omdar ul k> *irt?? -/ * ? rfm*1, "f ^ tM 'SU du of Norm - !??* m P,* lsali,?>d dmly rwordfd iiT,b#r J A. Ur^ik j^i10* ?** W?5? ?f reoord* of WMhiiut<>n D. c , I tkiUl mH, ?t auMie om Monday. j?>? m. \? uipv?'c? notion kw sini 04 ami 6th -troet*. ud ruMbMk with tteiwrfU depili rj uad iot to an . t>rm? of mU? : Qd? m-d wuk: rMid?? tBMMki >?T?*uU?tl lai d II monthi from d?t* of MM. vita isUiMt Ncurtd by t riTu?un..or-w.Bot <XHB? lad With within * <Ut, u>? trutM r??r?n? to Matair U? nrM to fill at tii? oomt ud nuk. of th? in mmrmmmrnvr. H^oni^wmi'ai tkrM Uhm la Um National Inte. Colv*? anciag at U* r?( porehaaar i'?ywri" 0 kn?t: A 1 tli ! .M facia* iuukToa th* Cl*rk' o4m of tt? t out tjoart of im Dwmt of Co.vmr>k, To* too oonnty ofWuhiHto*. Mid to ( duiiHi. I ?ml up?M to rahtia mm, for ??i u ft-oat or too coart tiuiM door of mu4 ooaaty, aa NONtUf. too M da* ?t Aacaat out,lto, al llo'oioak .alldifM nt'a ftoM,uti?.rH? and latoraotiaaadto Lot No. 8, la Baaara No. 70. ta to* oity of Waafeiaftoa. it. t&(*tt>er wiU all mm* iiuaA- lk*ia|ro?HHiti Tsk??si^nj>v,5Bfi:? die.a Nc? 71 and to, to Octobor tern IM. lak*or ?, ? z. ^jrw jylMto U. S. Marihal tor Diatmt wCoI aai hiv

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