Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nofin TO Wasbiwtoniahs.?Tboae of 6ur fellow-Hti*?n? 1 earing for the watering placet and elsewhere should hear in mind that we do noi man mi i?ta* except after payment in ad vance at the rate of 37)4 cents per month. PraLic School K.xajiisatios.?The exatnln aiton of the male department of the Fourth Dis trict school (Island) took place last Wednesday afternoon. On the roll, 48 pupils; present at the examination, 46; average on the roll during the ear. 54; average attendance during the year, 53; Wing the best average attendance daring the last ten yeats The studies are the nanal standard u* ui common ruooi euucauon, lo wUlCb the work of the school-room was devoted, and. according to the opinion* of visitors. with success. The teacher was especially gratified by a large attendance of the parents of the papils, compris ing some of the most eldest and esteemed residents of tbe Island. The Trustees present on behalf of the Board were Messrs Randolph. Ironsides, Fort, Miller. Walsh. Whyte, and Wlilett. Mr. Hol niend being absent on account of sickness Of the Ward delegation in the City Councils. Messrs SV-nmes, Clark, Thomas, and Given attended, and were much lnt*r?t?H in tK# ?-? .?? vavivlKS VI iur pupils. The school was also gratified with the presence of MeMrs Pearson. Hylngton, and Ellis, earh for a long perlcd efficient members of the F"?rd of Trustees The classes which elicited most encomium were those in reading, spelling, composition, and writing. In these ample time was obtained for Intelligent and attentWe exam ination. Among the compositions those of O.T. Thompson. \V infield Robey, Hamilton Hazard. mm Aioen Kenibiw. w<-re most prat and Two classes of mental ana written arithmetic, one of English grammar, and two of geography, re ceived an examination somewhat indicative of their respective attainment!, but the crowd, the heat, and the lateness of the hour, caused all con eerned to rejoice when the proceedings were brought to a close. The teacher and pnmls very sensibly appreciated the kind, encouraging, and effective method of that portion of the examination conducted bv Mr. M. Miller, and which marked i him aa one of the most judicious and impartial members of the Board. At the close, Gen. \V B Randolph, for several years a Trustee of the Ward, mode some complimentary remarks in referring to the teacher and pupils, and addressed ^ *- -* - * * mi >ur luin vrry wuoiesome advice as to their moral conduct, future respectability, arid useful* orH in life. Mr Given, of tbe City Councils, followed in mncb tbe same style, and made In tbe course of bis remarks some excellent sugges tions to the pupils, encouraging them to further exertions to perfect their Intellectual and moral training. Th* Cash ofthkNksko A*m*tbono.?Edit r Stir: As the publication In your paper of an ar t'<-le copied from the Albany Journal, in reference t?> the recent Armstrong case, seems to have giv?n T!ke to nomp mi?nnH?r??anH ' 4i __ .. v.?WHu>u^ v* uur cuiioccnun with that case. we respectfully solicit the use of roar columns in giving publicity to the following statement: Armstrong was arrested and committed to jail on a charge of attempting to obtain money from a gentleman by falaely pretending that he was a slave, the property of a man named Benjamin, In whoae company he was travelling, and by whom be was offered for aale * As Armstrong had con fnaaed the truth ot the charge against him, and had acknowledged that he had left Watertnn V Y., with Benjamin, for the purpose of raiting mon?y In thia way, there was no controversy as to the facta of the rase: but on the contrary, we. as Armstrong's coanarl. demanded and obtained hia discharge, solely on the ground that J ustice Donn. before whom the examination was held, had not jurisdiction of the caae, the offence having been committed In Virginia. Prior, however, to the final examination of Armstrong, which resulted in bis discharge as above staU*3. w* letter to bis sister. requesting her to send us anv proofs of her brother'* freedom that the miglt nave in her possession. or might be able to collect in bis place of residence W e took this step in order that we might be prepared to establish Armstrong's freedom In the event of his being ar rested and coinmitt?*d to jail as a runaway slave? an ?v??m not unlikely to occur, seeing that he vraa a stranger in this part of the country, and could produce no evidence of hi* freedom if it should be doubted, and our police, in execution of a man ifest duty, should arrest him and cause him to be confined in jail to await the demands of a pre sumed owner. Thus Armstrong was not confined in jail ''merfly 6rramse At was a black man," as the Al bany paper allegvs He was accused of a specific misdemeanor ?nH ' _ _ ?- j ??> ??v a>c wuu cuniimiKKi htm acted in accordance with hla conviction of the requirements of the law in his case E. Caicsi k Wm J Millsb ?The chnrgea against Armstrong were: lat, "Tampering with slavea in Virginia;" 2d, "At tempting to sell himself into slavery, with inten tion to defraud the purchaser. ' A a a 1st AMD Ru uvist or Goods ? few days ainre, officer H. 9 Ward received in:ormation that a colored man, named Cornelius Clark, bad received certain articles ?f jewelry from Madam Ann Clark. The description of the jewelry an swered that of articles stolen from Mrs. Krnma C. B Thompson, in April, 18.59 Mr Ward traced th? goods, and obtained evidence of their where abcits Mrs Clark was arrest-d and taken before Justice Hazard, and being unable satisfactorily to ac-ount for her possession of the goods, she wm required to give"ball for court, in default of which be wia committed U> jail. The goods recovered con?:sird of a gold bracelet; one gold crow, chain and medalion attached: two gold rings, with coitlyseta; one crape shawl?aggregate value about 50 The colored man la a hackman, and had an account against Mrs. Clark, and she gave him these articles in part pay At the time theae goods wrr* stolen, other goods, amounting to about fttHi. were atolen. Officer Ward thiaka he will be able to recover more of the property. Death or Thomas Motley .?Mr Thomas Mot ley. well and favorably known t? many of our citizens. dl*d at the Infirmary yesterday, in the 7?3tu year of his age. He was'born in Bristol, KngLind. and belonged to the Society of Friends He was a civil engineer, and had given much attention to bridge.building. Gen Sir Charles Passey. late Inspector of Railways in England, pronounced the bridge he built at Bath, over the river Avon, the strongest in the world The cast iron plates on our principal street corners, giving the names of the street*, are of his in veution He had published a plan for a new bridge across the Potomac, just before his death. His heart was J. U ~* l; - 5 * iuu ui unanrn lor tDe wtiole bumin family, and 11 who knew him rnptcted him for his manly independence, liia stern Integrity, and Incorrupt ible virtue. Hla funeral took place from the Infirmary at 10 o'clock this morning. Alxo?t a* one o'clock yes terday afternoon two coach horses came rushing down Fourteenth street, near the corner of G, with nothing attached to them bat tbe tang e of a carri Jti.k A 1-J J J ? ui<.u >uiifiru up ana acwn iii iuc& i man ner u to terrify the poor ani ma la and keep their speed up to the highest Aa they passed toe cor ner of Fourteenth and F atreeta. Mr James F. Harkneaa, letter carrier, waa driving atone In a rorkaway, with bn own and another child ail aodaeven yeara old. In with him, wben the horar* da*bed up against the rockaway ao forcibly aa to upaet it and oreak off oucof the r>*ar wLe-1* Mr. H and the two children were thrown violently out upon the vroond. but fortun*t*lir serious damage, though the escape'was a narrow one. Al?x4*dria v?. Frbokbickoboks ? The Ga zette of this morning, says : " A writer in the Fredericksburg Herald, in dea anting upon the advantages of Fredericksburg, chose* to say that ' Alexandria Is an indifferent commercial town, very much out of the way. and possessing no man ufacturing facilities Now we have no objection to all an<Tevery thing being said in favor of our neighbor and friend Fredericksburg We wish that town all prosperity and success Bat we will merely >***' >' that for commercial purpose* no L?. , u iub om w weii muaira m Alexandria _iut to far from Using " oat of the w?y" she Is exactly im tbe way?and that for purposes of trade, manufacture* and business. generally, her advan tage* location, and capabilities, are unsurpassed ' Let every tub stand on its own bottom ' " The Piomii ads Co?r *?T" os Son DAT ?Editor Star: Tbe proposition of your last correspondent on tbe subjec t of the improvement of tbe mind and heart by Sunday music in Sod's great and tAfurJ* * ?***- " * ^ pi*. , 1* w IIU in ur q approba tion by *11 tboae who are not aware of aucb exceeding wickedneaa or hvpocriay in tbrmaplvea duiiQg tbe alx week daya u to require aahea and ickclotb on tbe aeveotb. He will fiud number* ready promptly to cooperate with bini la tbe immediate arrangement of tbe concerto Let tbe ' boly-horror" people tuff their ear*, u they do to to much Uut la beautiful and good in nature and art, and haae and Impure only to the corrupt Chbutiam Til* f ic wic for the benefit of the poor, on Mon day neat, at Analnctan Island, under the auspices ef the Society of St Vincent of Paul, deserves to la, and no doubt will be lib-rally patron lied While In ita?lf It will be one of the meat pleasant affair* of the kind of the season, It will cost no more to participate in It than any other, and the participator, at the end of the d ty. will hare the agreeable reflection that bis money has not been sprat la Tain, but that the <t?servin ; poor will feast at the (rood second tahl- at hia nleaaur-a Head the programme, in anotter column, and m tbr appointed day father together your family and friend* and go. Tm WiNi Cbafbl Svhdat School a?notmc thelr annual pir-nlo at Analoatan island on Wed n-aday, July Id. See la another T*i Chdicm m iouiM a grand i j-.iilc at irlla^hM Sj ou iVed.iead.iy, lit lHth inat Fur p -rUculua ,?er adrerti??aicnt |u BmiCKlRftTbsl A KB Lixi MiiTtiio.?Ai mfft Ing of the friends and supporters of Messrs Breck inridge and Lane, bela at the Herndon Home, last evening, pursuant to previous nottee. Daniel Katrlifff, Em . was called to the chair, and J C. Bowyer appointed secretary The chairman having briefly explained the ob ject of the meeting, on motion of Dr Jones, a committee of Ave was appointed by the chair to prepare a constitution and by-law* for a .National Democratic Association, which It is proposed to organize for the District of Columbia. Messrs tMden.J.B. Robinson. George E. Kirk, 8 M. Wolfe, snd J. C. Bowyer were oppolnted the committee. On motion of Mr. Wolfe, the committee on the constitution was instructed to report their pro ceedings to sn adjourned meeting to be held on Saturday evening next; but on the suggestion of Mr Thomas, his motion was modified so as to postpone the adjourned meeting to Mwnday even ing next, at 9 o'clock, and in this form, after a debate, in which Messrs Wolfe. Thomas, and Boyle participated, it was Anally adopted. The motion of Dr. Dubamel, a committee of thrt-e was appointed by the chair to procure a suitable ball for the regular meetings of the As ? ? *- * M * * " * * oviniun, onu iiiavuciiuD* io repori u> idc chair man of the committee on tbe constitution and by laws. and to glre immediate public notice of the same in the dally papers of tbe city. Dr. Dnh&m el, NV. H Thomas, and J N Carpenter, Eaqrs., were appointed this committee. Tbe committee immediately retired for confer ence. and in a few moments announced tbelr read iness to submit a report. Tbelr report not being concurred in by the meeting, Mr. Carpenter asked to be excused from further service on the commit tee, and Dr Boyle was submitted in bis place. On motion of .Mr Wolfe, the subject was then referred back to the committee, and the motion, in the form in which it was originally presented. wu nnauy adopted by the meeting; and by an arrangement since made, the Association will meet at the Assembly Rooms on Monday at 8 o'clock, p. m. H [GHWITMI1 A HflfT r?n ?? ? corded a brutal outrage upon an unprotected frmale. on the Baltimore turnpike, by three men, and then thought the outrage waa committed by vagabond! migrating from city to city, who by chance met with th?ir unfortunate victims We now have reason to believe that a gang of despe radoes are Infesting the roads leading to and from the city, for the purpose of robbing pedes trians, and that if they are not speedily caught and punished, they will grow more bold in their atrocious acts. A poor cripple, named James C Sanford. was yesterday morning attacked, l>eaten, and robbed, about a mile and a half beyond the i first toll-gate. He came to the city and applied to the Mayor for a permit to enter the alms-house, I which was granted. He wn? about tbe bead and face, and from bis answers, which were untenable, ne being apparently de lirious, we judge his wounds were inflicted with a hatchet. Officer J F. King immediately pro ceeded to obtain information, which we hope will lead to the arrest and conviction of every villain who was concerned in this outrage It is the third of the kind which has occurred within a week. On Thursday afternoon a deaf and dumb man was walking along the same road towards Bladensburg. when he was attacked, knocked down and robbed, and very badly beaten. On mr evening a man slopped at the house of | Mr. John R Minor, one of the jurors at this term of the court, and being acquainted with him. asked a recommendation, saying that he wished to come to Washington Mr Minor refused to give it to him, knowing that he had been a re?i | dent of the city, and having aaked Mr. M if he had heard about tbe beating of the woman, it aroused bis suspicions, and l?i him to make oath yesterday morning before Justice Johnson in re gard to his suspicions, which led to the despatch of officer? King and Stewart to the locality where the outrages had been committed, armed with warrants Tor the arrest of the abovementioned in dividual and others who might be suspected of j haviug been engaged in the outrages. CtlMIttAI Cnri? ?? * ' ?.*?* *,! uui rrjwn uosea ypf* I terday, Thomas Hardiman who was on trial on a charge of stealing a ham from George Phleuger was found guilty by the jury. Mr. M'N'air, coun sel for the prisoner, made a motion for an arrest of judgment and a new trial. In the case of William Harris, (colored.) con victed yesterday of stealing a watch from John Sbea, valued at f3 SO, the prisoner was sentenced to one year'? imprisonment In the county jail Mary Snyder was accused of committing a most Oiltraor^nn* ?? ...... mm uancry on i woman. with an axe. She submitted the caae to the court with out trial, and waa sentenced to eighteen months Imprisonment in the county jail John Campbell, convicted on Thursday of steal I ing a clock, valued at #30, from tfeorge >V Uter meble. waa sentenced to two years confinement tn the penitentiary. Louisa Bowen. (colored,) convicted of stealing a dress and a half dollar, waa sentenced to one year In the penitentiary. Phillia Smith, (colored.) found guilty of steal ing a pair of gold spectacles, was sent to the Pen itentiary for one year. Josepn Whalan, convicted of assaulting bis ? h* jiucu f<, ana cam. Joseph Fugit, who ran away from the officer yesterday as he was being brought from the Jail to court to receive sentence for horse stealing, has probably made good his escape, as no efforts of the officers bad been able to discover his where about* up to a late hour last night. To-day ?Mr Hradley, for defense, in the re maining case of the I'nited States agt General Cullom, submitted a motion to quash the indict ment in said case, upon an agreed state of facts as t > the case between the counsel on both sides. He was arguing the motion when our report closed. ins cuich for rcaiTT.? Yesterday, after the pursuit of Fugltt bad proven to be successful, the marshal obtained tbe assistance of a number of tbe most expert detective and police officers, and began a srar<b of the place where Fugitt and bis friends were in the haoit of visiting Officers Allen and Wise, passing along a road where tbey knew be bad been within two minutes, met two girls, and Wise asked if they had seen a man of a certain description pan them, and they replied in tbe negative. Wise stopped and remarked to his companion "I wouldn't wonder if the d d rascal is listening to us now." Last night Wise, Allen, and Justice Donn went to a house where tbey suspected be would go, and searched tbe bouse for him. No objection was made to tbe search After which th?y learned from a friend who bad met Fugltt and talked with bim, that at tbe moment Wise and Allen spoke to tbe girls on tbe road, be was lying In a fence corner, within a few feet of the officer, and repeated to bis friend tbe words of Wise to his companion relative to Fugitt's proximity. It has been since ascertained that while tbe officers were searching the bouse Above mentioned,Fugltt wu in another near by, watching their movementa He came into the city to get meant to secure hit escape The detectives are atill of the opinion that they will get him, and are now on the trail of blm. though be baa left the city. Thk Gramd Tocrkamext asd Ball to come oil' at Columbia Spring, on Monday next, is ex pected to baa tplendld affair It la under the auspices of the Mount Vernon Guards of Alexan dria, and the proceeds are to be appropriated to the Alexandria Male Orphan Asylum. Twenty knigbta, embracing gentlemen from Virginia. Maryland, and tbe District of Columbia, will compete for the honors, and a full braaa and string hand will be In attendance during tbe day. For full particulars tee programme in another column. A Camp Mbiting will be held by tb? Loudoun Circuit M. E. Church, Baltimore Conference, on the .old camp ground belonging to Mrs. Seaton, Loudoun county, Va., commencing August 16th. Tbe surrounding charges in said church are Ul-Ji- I J X- ?-? ?... nuuif iuviwu w unite, no puDiic boarding tent* will be allowed on the ground, nor will any liquor* or articles of food be allowed to be sold on any of the lands contiguous to the camp ground, as tbe camp meeting committee have the control of the surrounding lands. Thi PimsivuANci Fimi Compart announce their annual plc-nic to come off at Arlington Springs on Tuesday, August 14. It will of course be one of the pleasantest pic-nlcs of the season, as the entertal nments of tbe Perseverance boys always sre. Keep a look out for tbe particulars In a future advertisement. To Privikt Do?s rios Goihg Mad.?Mil a mall portion of flour of sulphur with their food or drink through the spring month* This la CractIced in Europe to prevent the diaeaae from ranking out among the packs of bounds which belong to the English noblemen, and is said to be a certain preventive. The Linos Eseixi Company, No. 4, give their grand annual excursion to Glymont Pavll Uon on Monday next, the 19th Inst. The Coin tmii j picugc lucmaciTe* inai no exertion on twir p?rt will be pared to make the excursion a pleas ant one.- See their advertisement In another column. Tit* I'juos Pbatkk Mbstino la held every diy at the Ninth-street Methodist Protestant Church, commencing at Ave o'clock p. m. and continued one hoar That no one may occupy more than Ave minute*, a clock haa been make for striking off the time every five minutes the other day, is saving that Mrs. Gunnell wu run over by oae of the Gttrgtfwn omnibuM. We are Informed that the vehicle la question waa not one of the " Union Line." but one of the W bal?y' steamboat omnibuses. The McKindsk* Sordat School propose to give a grand steamboat excorslon to Glyruoutb on Thursday, the 10th last. For pertlealars sea ad vertiasmeat. * T?? Pcauc School. Pssmidms this year are satd to b? of superior quality, and wise tod with great care. The general examinations, as here tofore, are to be held at the Smithsonian N iw Floce has already appeared la the Alex andria market from Woodstock, Vs. Brrrosis Suicide it bsowitlss is tbb Po tomac.?Yesterday morning, the workmen upwrr the Long Bridge found on this aide of the draw a bat tied to the railing of the bridge by a neck cloth, which waa paaaed through tb* band In side of the bat waa a letter, fastened by a knife run through both tbe hat and letter. The articles were aent up to the otSee of the Chief of Police, who examined the letter, wblrh waa algned with th? Initial* f! i ii " -f-t?< ?K.t be bad been laboring for some time under an op preaaton of mind, and wm ? eiry of life, and con sequent)? bad determined to oommtt auicide In the course of the morning two gentlemen entered the offlre of Captain Goddard. snd the elder In quired if be had beard anything of C has J Unr few, who was missing from hia home? Capt. U. anded him the hat, which be instantly recog nized, together with the cravat and knife, aa having been the property of his son, he being the u. ** laiuci vi rar. oargm lUT. tflil* J . tfUrgCH WM aid-de-camp to Gen. Wool during the war with Mexico, and was a prisoner for some time, atncg which he has been laboring under this opprea ion of mind. His father went to the river in order to have search made for the body, but up to th? time of this writing it has not been found. Later.?Ye?terday, the friends of Mr Bunjets had the river dragged to recover the bod v. This careful search, with implements that selaom fail, not having disclosed any further proof of the ap prehended suicide, some doubts are entertained of the body being in the river; but the disap pearance is still a mystery. 17/iifnr Ktar I nntioo-1 I ? ?.... > IIVOVW tt? ui HtlC 111 JFC?ICIU?J Star on Sunday Concert*, in which there seems to be something of my style and even some of the se If-same words I have not the least doubt of the gentleman being more competent than 1, but I have not been in anv way concerned In this Sunday atfair. I hope, sir, that yoti will be so very kind as to apprise your readers of this fact In using the term Aminidab Sleek, we only allu ded to persons that are disposed to run down sci ence and art, or lay themselves in the road to per - -A ? %-li ? ' ? icvuuii, m BiuuiuunK diock u> me progress or Young America. \\ e had no idea of banishing poor old Aminidab, for the purpose of raising the d 1 on Sunday. Respectfully yours, Thomom. or Admikxk of Music. July 13. Cintkal Gcakdhovsk Cases.?Three lodgers were accommodated VV A. Williams indulged too freelv In intoxicating drinks, and so violated the municipal law; for which he was ordered to pay a tine and costs of 15. John 8. l.awson, too, Imbibed a drop too much of '-aqua ardiente," and became obnoxious to the law. and suffered a similar penalty Thos Thorn foolishly behaved In a manner that was considered disorderly bv mi neighbor*, and be was arrested. Justice Do tin delivered a brief but appropriate lecture upon the folly of disorderly conduct, for his especial benefit, which he concluded with an intimation in regard to tne consequences of its recurrence in his case: which reminded all who heard it of the favor* ableness of the season for the study of botany at Qutenston. Still asothkr of the popular gift exhibitions at Odd Fellows' Hall takes place this evening The only objection that we have heard to tlie*e evidently lil>eral and perfectly fair exhibitions is that they are too great ieveil zers?distributing rostlv jewelry and plate without resiwi t to rant or color. But to say nothing about the prize* in any way, It It worth double the price of admission to ?ee the beautiful exhibition and hear the ex hillrating music, even if a person has enjoyed both a dozen times before. Thk Omkitas Yacht Club propose giving a fraud pic-nic at Arlington Spring on Wednesday, uly25th. The Club expect to be able to make this pic nlc a novelty in tnis section of the coun try; for, In addition to the merriment and sport at the saloon, it Is expected that the boats of other clubs will unite and m ike a short aquatic excur sion for the pleasure of the ladies who may be present In the afternoon. A quiet sail on the Potomac in the cool of the evening Is alwavs a ncD treat. At thk regular monthly meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association of Alexandria, held J une Itf, lt<6o, the following resolution* were unan imously adopted : Resolved, That our thanks are due, and are hereby cordlilly tendered, to the ladles who kindly rendered so faithful and efficient service in pre paring for, and attending upon, the festival re cently held bv the Association. Resolved, also, That we return our grateful ac knowledgements to the friends from whom we ?..A J *? 41 icvckcu uuiisuvim upon iuai occasion. Cestrk Market?The market place this morn Ing presented a very fair supply of provisions In the various departments The dealers from the country In the products of their farms and gar dens evinced a great proticiency in the culture of vegetables and fruits for market purposes. The licensed dealers added their share of provisions brought front distant States. The supply was amrifs* anH tK? n? ! ?* * *?? 4 * ?uv u uun ?j cAi-riicin. lur ueIlianu. DOl very urgent, ana sales rather below the average. Good order prevailed during the hours of sale. A Pomp Out or Order.?Mr. Editor .-?.The pump on Twenty-aeventh street, between O and H streets. hac l>een out of order for the laxt week, to the great Inconvenience of the neighborhood. Thosp who are appointed for the purpose, should look after this duty. O. July 14, i860. Mr. Editor : Will not the proper authorltifg let some of the n??u who are grubbing the grasa from the gutters do the SHme service for the pave ment and steps In front of the City Hall7 It is a shame that the grass should l>e allowed to sprout out between the stones of this line building. Civi* D* Robebt Hc.ntir, of N*w York, arrived here thia morning, and receivea nattenU at hia old quartera, 2tJ0 Pcnn. avenue, to day only. Hollow*t's Pills.?Indignation, Stomach and Liver complaint*. Thene medicines will cure the moat confirmed cas?? of dyspepsia and diaorders of the stomach and liver. They have restored more antlering ?tv?peetica to actual and permanent health than all tne other ephermeral "apecifira" unit*!. They have stood the teat of ftfty years' experience. They incrtane the appetite, invigorate the stomach and purifjLthc liver. In bowel complaint* thrv ?.r? equally efficacious, and f >r aick and nervous fiead aohps thfly stand unrivaled. cold by all Druggists, at 25c , Wo., and $1 per box. jy 13 lw OxTGKttATED UlTKKRS 11? KUHOPR. From Rov. I. Doolittle, a highly respectable cler gyman. Paris, November 1, J852. Dear Sir : About two years since I made use of a few bottles of your Oxytenited Bitters, fur a atom ao'< o mplaint, which was at that time relieved. Sinoe my stay in England and France, 1 have lotina my oia enemy?irritability of the stomach? returning again. 1 have not found any prescrip tion to nfiord me relief, and I made inquiries in London for your Oxygenated Bitters, hut could not find any. I write now to beg you will do me the favor to send, by the earliest steamer to Havre, half a-dosen bottles. An old friend of mine in Kn<land. Captain Jack son, of the British Ariuy, I found, on my arrival, suffering from asthma, maiifestl) the result of dys pepsia. Send an addilitional half a dozen bottles; 1 should like to have the Captain try the medi cine 1 am not aware that my name is known to you. 1 have been the resident clergy man for some twen ty-three years in Sherbroo< and Lennoxville, Can vua * < v, wiuuii vuoigo i nope 10 no ftOlO W TO turn in the spring. 1 remain,dear air, your obedient servant, L. DooLiTTLB. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giituan.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Waite, G. Stott, John Scliwarze, Nairn &. Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. jy 12-lw,r Ernr Scmmxx the demand for Iloatetter'a Cele bra ted Stomach Bitters increase. It is found to be the only certain preservation of bodily strength durine a period when the atmosphere is calculated to inJuoe a ieelinc of lassitude and indigestion. The worst oases of Diarrhcea and L?ysei.tery give way to its potent influence. Innumerable persons, who are now alive and well, must thank the dis coverer of this preparation that they hate not been swept away in her harvest of death The Bitt?rs > rnoi,mmtn?ea oy me Deal pfivmciana in the land. This ia tha Mat evidenoe of ita value, becauae, aa a general thin* , ther will not *Ppak a word in favor of alverti?ea prepa ationa. They have been compelled to acknowledge the claims of thia Bittera upon the oommuaity. So'd by all duggiata. jy 9-eo3t To CoNaoxrTiTBa. Quern's Cod Lirtr Oil J*lly. Thia great apeoifie for Conauraption la (aataaper oedang all othera tn ita ourative effect* upon those afflicted witk tubercular diaeaaea. Prepared upon highly aoientifio prinoiplea of the pure oi], and robbed of the nauaeoua taate of t)ie plain article, it ia reoeived into the atomach in ita jellified form, without inaatioation, and ia gradually diaaolved unrf ?i I ? _ jnnaiu | lUiU Mlt IHIAII illiOIHDOB urup by drof, aupplying tne vaitM of the bod; by its uutriokuua properuea, and thua aaaiating and aua t&iuinc nature in overooininf the dia?M? Ap proved by the New York Aoademy ot Medtoine, and reoommended b? the feoulty everywhere, thia I preparation ia confidently offered aa a remedy for Conaumption and ail Scrofulouaaffeotiona Sold by Chanea Stott, Washington, and by all ra apeo table dr*f giata. Prioe 91 per bottle Pi*v?LD, Pakkkk It Mown. No. IS Beekman atreet, New Yort, mar l?-3m Wholaaaie AgenU. Hombohthic Rxmdiu All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'a apeoifio Ho meopathio Eemediea put up ezpreaaly for Aunily nae, in boxea, at 2S and So oenta each. Alt>o, in oaaea^ oontaininc V viala. from ?i tn *i zd . ith book of full directions. For sal* by Gilman, 350 Pa. arenne. wholesale and retail agent: W. A- Fitagerald, 33$ north F street: also by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street and Vermont avenue. Also. Pond?* Extract ef Wutk Si&J? jSgftf^y-' ZBEJU.., unssaisz! > process of teething all inflammation? Mil. WtMLow, an i physician, Ui, which lenoed i rwJuciDj nd is sai M btkk's MiKAcuLor* Vbrmik Dunern, the r?i.J(?<?t and beat rtaMj innwn for "Eternitnat ing R?U ?nd Mio#. Cock'oa?ta??s, Buns. Ant*. Muaqvitoaa, Kieas. Molhs.Giain-W urms and Gar den i :a*cta. B- Principal Depot. C19 Broadway, N. Y. d t>y all Druggists every where. maW-3m Poraoni deamug Pmmum wiliaJwaya RmOhwn tmr iMuif* Ike Ht&r OAs* nnantftr. MKB, On Pridaj erenmf, JulrlSth. EMMA W.yoaat est daoghter of Wiiltato M and Ellen Hr'?wn. aged 5 years and 3 month*. Funeral to take place from her father'a residence. No. 414 New York avenue, on Sunday morning, at '0 o'clock. The frtenda of the family are respect fully invited. * In Georgetown, D. C., on the 13th instant, of par alysis, Mrs. MARY CLEMENTS, formerly of Montgomery county, Md., but for the last 88 years a resident of the former place, in the 80th year of her age. The friends and acquaintansea of the family are requested to attend her fuueral, from her late resi dence, on Second street, brtween Fayette and Fred A r I I Ir An # ? > U ? 1 _ k *1 * ?i, ?? wiiiurrow.i ^unusj, i M ? ? ciw?. < Roakviile J*entmel copy.) In Georgetown, on the morning of the 14th iost., KRNEST CLI>TON, youngest ton of Uaac and Robert* Barrett, aged S years, 4 montfu and 8 ((ays. The tnends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, Sunday evening, at 4j>'clock, from their residence, Green st. At Chffburne, the residenoe of her mother, near Washiuxton,on the morning of the 14th iuetant.of consumption, JULIA HOBblE, vile of Cfcarles A. James, and daughter of the late Hon. S. K. Hobble. o< this city. L.I8T Of LisrrKKs REMAINING in the Poet offioe. Waahingtoi City, D. C., July 14. 1(60. f Ordered to he in Mr tad in th?**T?a At* v. it being th? newspaper baring the largest circulation of any daily paper published in Washington.] HjTAll persona applying for letter* in the follow inglist, will please say they are advketisbd. LADIES' LIST. Andtr*on,Mi**M'12 Uwtun, Mr? Motrin, Elizabeth Brwk, Mm Mary Orimti, Liuii McDtrmcii, Mir; Bu'k, Sink A lirey, Kate Ni<t>?t, M <rr?r?t J Brown, Mi*? Mary Uilbent, Mm E C Olm*u, Mra Julia Broane. Mi**Ali?? Green leaf,Mr*Ab'r Oagood, Mm Ltsra Rr/aa, Miaa E Hughe*, Franca* Pipe*. Mr* dable, Mi*a Auai* Hammond, Car'ut Pumpiriy, Mi** K Burnett. Mr* EF Huntir, Mr* Tho* Parker, Mr* Julia Baker, Mi** Ann P Harriaon, Clara E Pattiaon, Miaa M L Bnrttt. MraHarriet Hunter, MiaaUeor'S Ruff, Mr* Anna M Bnrtlett, Mm 8'h E Howard, Emma Roche, Mr* M Mryan, tlri J U Hil lard, Mn Loun Riley, Mr* Mary Brown*ou,Mi**M'y Howeil, Mr* 8 A Robmaon, Amu Carr.MraJno Jonea.Mr* Ardella Schell, Amanda Cooke, Mn E Jelfer*, Mm Mary Simmi, Mia* Bent Carron, Mm Ellen Rock, Mim Mary Bmitti, Laura Carroll, Mim Alida Rmj, MriMarj Smith, Loda C iHin.MiiiOlittl Kidwell, Mra Mary Steal, Mm M C 2 Day, Mri Eiua Lake, Mra Mary Smith, Miaa R D Dunfort, Bridget Long, Mra M ? Smile, Mim K Dy*on, Mm ? Lewia, Mm M E 8pnghtly, Mra E D*>ia, Mm Janni*, Mra H Sillmaii, Mm ? Donnelly, Mm V Murfphy.Mm M'y Thornton, Mra L E Dorrell, Mra J A Mulloy, Mr? M Throckmorton, Mr* Duhoiae, Mr* M Morgan, Margie C B Daily, Miaa Roaana M 'grnder, Mra S Vmgent, De O F Euon, Miaa Mary M*I?ell,Mi**M'ha Wood, Mr* G Ealey.MraB Mitchell, MmAu'e Wright. Mix Fanny Everett, Mia* Lucy McPheraon, Mr* M W ide, Hannah Pitch, H V McCarthy,Mitall'h Wludaor, Amanda Poy, Mr* Strth Mulltkerr, Elaau'a Walthall, MEB French, Mr* Sarah Miller,MraCatharn Wilhamaon, Ad'ad* Fitip itrick.Mia* M Mia n, Mr* Chat Willace, Mr* U B Franklaud. Sarah Mulher. Mr* Eliz'h V?t??- i.?nni? Green, Mist Emily Maltou, Miu fclit'h GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Andrewa, liac D Admr, Dr i Adtnu, Henry 1 Allyne, H 8 Aa-itnao, Oeo Aikiueou, tug'n? Boyer, Win R Baup, Wm H? 1 B,nki, W I?I Fraxier,G W Foe, Edward J Fowler, C Kloeckier, C W (tarriah, Woi Groat, Thoe B Gholsoo, R D Ureenhnu, J W B Grovea, Geo r: rj J O'Neill, Jno Ordiy. Geo Ptlnier, W H Preaton, W oi Pratt, 8 W Porte r, R H Pinkua, Monti Porte, 8 Poleitune, L Botlea, Thoa Brent, Thoa Y, Stmi.ii Bennett, S 9 Brtce, Mr Briufier, L A?3 Brice, iuo } Block, Jim(i H Belt, Jaa M Bark*, J no M Birdaall, J 8-i Brady, Jiimi Burnet, Joe Brown, J J Braehan, J M Bickel, J T Bradley ft Co Baker, John A Bod we II, J K Gilt, Edward D Horaemm, Win H H>;i, Win W Ho'fhea, Thoa P?4 Horeey, O Hardaa, L B Hatght, Iaaac Horat, John 8 Hobba, J H Howe, Ju B Howe,J B Haddock, J no A Hamilton, Jno W Ha*!ey, Jaraea Howett, Joeeph Hurley, T Hamilton, Jaa M Hilter, J Haruteine, II I? i r icrtc, j u'i rv Petera. J W Pbtllipa, H Perry,F W Prime, P K Portar, C'apt D Pali, 0 W Powell, A J Pt.leyn. A Ruaaell, Saml E Ready, Saml Royail, Lt Ramaty, Jimea B Rofrri, J W Rupprt. Jno Rnpprt. Ignaiua Riley, Jainea Ry?u,J M Riley ft Son Ryan, Jaa?2 cruet, n uiay Butcher, Hern* Beck with, E U Beits, E lward BrirU, B J Buck, Ben Bond, Lt A P Bolt, Adaoi Brawlay, A Bowman, A W Crocker, W C I oil, Wath CiktH. W 0 Chanpion, W J Clark, Thos P Olirk, Tboniu Crogroa, Satnl Crupiu, K?2 Clark, Phillip Calhoun, Matilda Ctrptuter, L Cook, John F Cart, J<ta 8 Clark, Jno R Claytoo, Jno W?a MolDrool, U I Haimliou, Eli J Hopkins, Elliott Hicklmr, I> P Halbrook, C Harrinr, And ? Haj, A K Houston, A Irwin, Jno Johnson, W 8?2 Johnson, Tbeo Jones, O T Jofenaoa, Morton Jones, John T Jones, Jno L Janus, OCW Jontt, Chat Keeshan, Wrn Kiu*. Jotbua H Kaib, J H Ke vs. Jno Ki.ebier. Cli Lord, W 1) Levj, W W Lord,W P Kinffold, i ? 1 Ricbarts, Fthl Russ. D E Randle, Detr 4 Co Rttvts, Courtnv Reed, A B?ft Runde, A St.upe, W H?17 Shore, W W Smith, Thos T Spencer, T W Steiaou, T D Smith, Senator Sanndtr, Mr 8aut>ders, L Mmith, J M Smith. J a Stan! j, J antes 8'tUari, James HiraiUM*, Jno N L 8* wotl, Jno 8te uart, Jno N Snyder, Jno H ttneuus, H Sherman, H umrMinii, t r it Chiarl, Cept Jae Colliue, J no M Cornier, Jamea CillUin, J?m?i Cattiton, Jaa W Connelly, Jno Cook, Henry Craabie, H K (ooforuj, 0 Colriu, btc M Cilihin, F ('hvci, K B Uo?br, E O Carter, D W Carroll,Col I' R Cbambere, D A / I, M Loya. Wni-1 t Lo*e. Lewellyn Lynch, Junes Law, Jno U Low ry, Joe L Lothoin, Jno Lockey, Jamee Lewie, Edward Lofan, E T Lame, D Lui. ford, A E Meme, A M igrudtrAKoberi eon Marcus, Tohiae Morneett, R B Mayer, Max m:..l.ii i Bkinoer. H L. Hteeene, G R?i Schmidt, F Steele A family, F Mymoai, f W Snumhen, Edward Scaiee, E Hieetns. E 8 bniih, L>a*id Settmao, Chie Bhroth, Chae Tredweli, W 8 Thonoe, W 1 Traiuel, J W Taylou, R B-? Teu Broec k, P08 Towoley, J B Calvert, Pr W H Dimoii,W*kiuuui & Co Danangay, Thoe Dupoui, tjpt 8 P Dardeu. Redmond Doric;, A E k A Penan, J 8 Reinocnouaeo, H Dtotf, Heury Praon, P 8 Pickey. Cha? W?2 Dan*, Chaa W U?ti?. Ami* PehuB, A a Otkou, C Emiuerion, Wn Edw&rda, Tho* M Eran. Dtiiait i'nibiKUf <*?ie Mor{tu, J H Murphy, J Mormon. John Moire, J E Miller, J no A Moiely, H T Muchiuno, F Murphy. U F Myere, D Ma on, Cna* Markland, A H?) McGaffey. A A McCaminia. Ur McMullen. Fayett* McCue, Marshall Mcf'lintock, J J M McKee, Jamri W McUuire, loo McCarty, Pat Mr A lie ?. Until M DUIHJMUI1, jam Thompson, In Taller, Henry Tabler, Henry Tod, Pieid Tunity, Capt T horn it, C W Thorn pao?i, Acnoa Thomae. A Van B .ren. F B Vaalrurg, J H Verrer, Juo?i Vofle, Mr, L Weit, 8iephe? Wilaon, ) C W i laon, J 8 Weyrtck, Jaa WiUc.Jm E?9 Warwick, Henry W'.knff Eveliue, CKa? McCaii, Tho? Wilton, (J ?u W--s Krert, Tkot M?*jor, T P M W*ter?, K B Kr iiiklinr, Thc? W Newton, liut Wilson, E A Kia^trick. R Norvill, H W Wilkir, C!iu Kurd Put Noblee.UR Wenoo.CC Kr?i. kiln, J W N.umaiui, W Wilkin*, BP C<rl<T, J N*d*l, Dr Willioglwia*, B L Kr??Uug, Joooph N?dil, E B Wtbotet, A K*h?rij, Jot K NcUon, AIU#on (E^Lbttku must in all cabsb bb Pbbpaid. J air 14 WM. JONES. P. M. Set ATTENTION, LADIES! iLING OFF, at reduced price* sll mr stock of FANCY SILK ROBES. FA.*CY DRESS WILKS. BLACK SILKS, BAREGE and LAWN best Kll) GLOvEtJ, HOSIERY, LA^E MAN TlE". SHAWLS, together with a large stock of Domestic Goods. Call earlv at Siore No. 321 Sev enth st., to get bargains, H. EG AN. jy 13 3t 381 Seventh street. GET THE BEST. fx. I\KW and Beautifully Illustrated EJition \\ averly Novels, of the Kdinburg Edi ion ; alluM traUd with 1.500 steel and wood out* ; in 48 vol*.; 36 volume* now ready for delivery, at BEN. P. FRKNCH'S, 8TU ft. avenne, between 11th and 12th ?t?. Lippincott'g beaut fnl edition of Bui wer'a Novel*, the finest edition ever published in America; printed on toned pap t: 13 volumes now ready to deliver, in eloth ana half-calf hindincs. WoroeaWa new quarto Dictionary, illustrated. Webiter'i do. do. do. Clu?kej'a Political Text Book. Cooper Choice Works. 30 vola. Dirfcen* complete in 7 volt.; do. 14 vols.; do. 77 vol..; half calf? All of the above Book* I will m!1 at 10 to 50 per oent. leaa than puHiahera' prioea, at the S.ore of W. F. Bayly, 278 Pa avenue, between 11th and j 12th ata. (Intel.) jy 12-lw PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Office Seckktaxy o? the Sxxatk U. 8.5 July 11, imn- S Sealed Peoposals will bereoeivea at thia oftioe till 12 o'clock m . on Monday, the Wh in tant. for furnishing for the uw orthn Senate five hundred tuna beat White Ash Furnace C?>a. an l fifty cord* best straight Pine Wood. The whole to be paoked away in the vaults of the Capitol, in p aoea which will t>e shown on application to the Engineer in the servic* ot the Betate and to be delivered by the 15th September next Bond* for the iaithfal exe cutionof the contract will be reeaired. Hide for the Coal and the Wood will be oon aidered separately .and satisfactory arrangements must be made for the correct m-aiurement of both. AttnPBV ruririfcia jy H-dttOth ?ttn* ot*th? t* nat?. nav qoouis cheap LI FOR TBB MILLION! Gall aarty and gat bargains. Ws mn?*nM to day sailing off all Faaay IVni Si'ka, 0<|Mj Robjs, Baraga # obaa, * ranoh Lava*. auJ CKjmi d; bT the yard. Figarad atd P.ato Ha i?|M. at greatly raaoead *n?N, ma; at kali pno > to radaoa stook U>u month. *]*>, in atora a fnii took of first Staala and Domestic G i adapted to tka caaaraT wants of fan:lias. all af 5B5 }'Jf 'SSttXpfSg; _jfJOJOt 8M 9?mtk it. Mora Pa. ar. I ?II O O D! jy wood!: _ WOOD!!! STOVE ted KINDLING WOOD, *l the Iovm possible price. T. J. * W M. GALT, P? bstvMS Ilth Md Uth eta.. ??17-u aoriii aid*. rtos i*Tani.#.w w-,n' ??????i EXCURSION'S, PIC N ICS, 4c. pRAND PIC NIC AND FXORSION TO I U OLYMONT! ym*VT CD Viw ? i_- k r V OAW I vr\r *? i usr. P h N 6KN t O R t) Ak of RiicH I ABITK#, tinvni chattered thel Phimi, will giv* ih?-K nr?f Anrui! Pie Mm t<Ht Kiciruon U? Gljmont on WKD.\fc>i)AY, JuM Jb. Ob Uub ocmuoi the H?r on Ur boat *o<i at Um Ptviiion will positively t>e cloted. Particular* in future advertia* menu jy U-3t' COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. Tnotior. FF, .Membra of tlie 0*K1TA9 YACHT CLPB eouteni?!ste ?inn* a itrand HIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRI V<i,on DA Y. July 25th. For particular* **e future^^* advertisement*. By order of the Club. j? 13-ft* PIC NIC OF THE A^KMMLVY CHI RCH, At AK.LINHTOX WEDNESDAY. Jvlt I*t?. 1 *?<>. w iinirr c?:enrate<; t?ad ha? b*ea encaceit Dinner and r?trfnliiMi<ti at city prii M. Tickets X> cent* : children 101 en la. Boat leaven the Foartwntu" t. hridce for the !*p< inc ever? hour, rommenoi n* al T o'clurk ; fare If cent*?children free. Omni buaea I'-ave corner pa. avenue and 7th ?t- erery Hour for the 15 cU. e?oh m. By ord^r of Jyl3-4tr COM OF ARKANofcMKNT*. TH AMNQL'NCEMF.NT HE Menil*f?ofthe PERSFVFRANCE FIRE COMPANY, No. 4. have the I i,.tv. fi. ' *? iivw ?v ?iidii uidii j ri-iiu_y and the public in general that their KrTFv' *!?* AN.M'AL PIC nil*- will take place at aRlI\<i TON SPRIN<? on T1KSDAV. Aucurt U. Particular* ia a future advertisement. By order of jy 12,13.14.17,19*21 coM.OK ARRA.NGF.M'TS. jy|cKENDRF.K SUNDAY SCHOOL. Steamboat Excursion to Olymont, THURSDAY, Jtly 19 MUSIC BY WIIHIRH KB4M BaNP. Th? itf*ni"r Thovm Colukk i as been char tered by McKerwlree Sabbath School jp? ^ tor an (excursion to Glymont. on^^?^^nc? Thursday July 13. She will her wharf at 8 a. in. Omnibnse* will leave the Charch.on Massachusetts av., between9th and 10th sts , at 7 a. m.; anil will also Irave the co ner of Pa. ar. and 7th st at 7>4 a. in.; fare M cts. Excursion tickets for *entlemen. A' cts.; for ladies or chil dren. 25cta.; to be had at the b<?okstore? of W. D. Shepherd and Wa hallantyne. or of the Commit tee of Arrangements, of which Dr. John W pans is the secretary- J 7 l?6t* 1 ^ 11 E ANNUA!. PIC NIC or Waugh Chapel Sunday School Will be * i ven at AH*L(tSTAS 1SLAXD. On WEDNESDAY. Jn.y ltth. The arrangement* made by the Committeewill render the < ccaeion one of pleasure to all. Withers'band will be in at-! tondanee. and every fasiitty fui niaharl fnr Coaches will leave the foot oi Capitol Hill every ten minute*, connecting with t.<? boat*, at the foot of High st., Georgetown. Visitors conveyed to and from the Island tree of char**. Tickets 26 cent* ; children 1" cent* ; to he had ef the Committee r any meuil>er of the School. Cm mutes. J M Jameson. K. W. Handy, Z. W. McKuew. B T Thorn. J. R. Zimmerman, S M. Carpenter, it- m ??t ?? . .*1. m?ni?ni, . .UOOr?, A. H. Bradly, N. Ca'lial*. W. MidJloton, 1. J. Harrison, jy lZ5t? /^RAXD ANNUAL EXCURSION VI OF THE Union Engine Company, Ho. 2, To GLVMONT PAVILION, MONJJAY, Jul* lfc. The Company, ha via* >nad? every a'rarigoment fi\r t Kfl nL a - lira ? < v ? * avi .. ? K. i?"UI V? , VI' 'I 111 VI ? *?gl> I O-ItUSC ^ meni or their guests, respectfully nn nounce that t ieir Annual Kxcursion^^^?^^?* will come "lTas above mention**!, and pledge them selves that no exertion on their part will be spared u> make it a p ?ai?ai.t and agreeable day. Pro?peri will furnish music for the occasion. Meals and refreshments will be furnished h? the proprietors, M?s!<rs. Jones and Miller. The steamer PmN'x will leave Georgetown at 7&; Stone House 8; Sixth street 8H ; Blagrinn's \\ harf. Navy Yard. 9 a. in. Afternoon?Stone House IJi; fixtli street 2 o'clock ; returning at a sratonable hour du> nig the night. Omnibuses wi'I leave the corner of Seventh and L sts. at 8 o'clock a. m. and I p. m. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committer m, r? .liiuon, ( nil. uavia, Johr Veniwy, M. H. Kiinna. John Mill. jr Ifl-M V rok TBI BKNKF1T OF THE POOR Will b? fiven by the Society of St. Vincent of Paul, At ANALOSTAN ISLAND, On MONDAY, Jnly 16. Profe>??or Kaput&'a CiUgens' Band hu been en gagea lor itie occasion. B<>Ms will run constantly during the da* from th? Stone House \V?.arf i foot of O at., Washington,) and th? dock foot of High st., Georgetown. No oharge for ferriage, going or returning. Uoutl?m?n's tickets 5fi cent*; ladies' tickets 25 cents : children's ticket* Id oents. Tickets can i>e procured at the usual places, and from members of the *?>ciet*? K ichard H. Clarke,Esq , C.8. Jones, Esq.. C*pt. J P. Gareach-, Henry Rochat, Esq. Lieut. J. C. Ives, L. Vivan, E?q., Nicholas Callan. Esq., John Sa?l, Esq., Th?s. Feran, Esq.. Wm. Kellr, Esq.. i r?- ~ 11 o *v j. v?i ivii nrt'in, r.sq., P. C. Howie, Esq., Gregory Enni*. Esq., Wm. K>an, Esq.. J. D- llog?n, Esq., M. T. Mc.Mahon, Esq., R F O'Beirn*, Esq., Wm. I.. Newton. Esq., Edward Dotan, K?q., John T. Mjer*. Esq., Thos. Cogan, Esq., I. H. TumWetf. Esq., J as. P. Crown, Em., if i. n. Tvnou, t-.fq , P. Gallant, Esq., Wm A. Brown. Esq., P. Jordan. Esq , Geo. Harrey, Esq., I. R Morra'n.Esq., Thos. Williams, Esq., L. J. Draper. Esq , John ChapiDa--, Esq., M. Fitzgerald, Esq., Jos. Keefer, Esq , Victor Becker, Esq., Jas. Fitzpatrick. Esq. jjRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL rr11 iru c iV c r%x> i *f/i o ivi-v..iuui orniflWOi To be held on MONDAY, JULY 16. I860, Under the auspice* of the MOUNT VERNON Gl"ARD8 The rettiptt to be apvtopriaud < tkr Altrmmdrxa Male Orrkan Atylvm, of Alexandria. T\VENTY~KNIGHTS, Embracing gentlemen from Maryland. Virginia, and the District, will enter and compete (or the honors. A full Bias* and String Band will be in attendance during the day, and a large and efficient police force will preserve the rtncUst order and deeornm in and around the grounds. The following PROGRAMME has been arranged for tne occasion: The Procession of Knight*, Judge*, and Citixehs, preceded by a l>aud of music, w.ll leave the City Mulel (Alexandria) at 8 o'clock a. tn , and, after parading through noma of the principal Directs ? " Alexandria, will proceed to the Depot of the Wash ington and Alexandria Railroad, where trims will be iq waiting to convey persona to the Spring*, lm modiately upon the arrival at the Springs, the spa cious Pavilion will b'-thiown open and the dancing commenced and continued urtil 2 o'clock p. m , when the Tournament will be opened, under the following _ REGULATIONS: The Ma^ora of Alexandria, Washington, and Georgetown have been invited to act as judges in connection with othc gentlemen Win. D. Massej, Ka^., has been invited to deliver the charge to the Knights, at the ooncluaion of which the ridmj will commence, each Knight be ing attired in an appropriate oostumc, and th -whole under the direoti ?B of Col. H. C. Dorae?, M aj. W F.Padgett Capt H. K. Bnwtshaw and <? M. < astle inan h?q.. marshals. J. T. Johnson Esq. He a d At the conclusion of th* riding, the successful Knight wi'l be announced from the jodtes' stand, and the Queen of Love and Hcanty, with her Maids of Honor wil be crowned ia the Pavilion ia the presence of t'ie whole satcmhlue At th* <->i fhi? ceremony the QUKKN S BALL wiii open arid th? dancing continue until II o'clock p. n>. The Committee pledge themselves that nothing on t- eir pan ?baU he wanting to make this Tourna ment one of nnalloyd pi ature to all who mav ftv<r them with tb?ir presence Tne track ana ground- have heen pat in the m??t comp ete oider and the proprietor, Mr. Fahey, will tpare no patna in adding to the pleasure of the company. COSVKIANCS TO TBI SPBIXG*. Omnibuses wil leave the corner of Seventh and I'eni. avenue at I o'clock, and rach mwui" hour thereafter, until A o'rlook n m t<> to the Springs. Tickets of admission to the Sonne*, V> cents,' omnibus fir- 15 cents. To be had at the followinc Slaces in Washinnton W D. Shepherd's Beok tore, corner 7th and I); Ellis's M u>iu t*lore, Penn. av bet 10th and 11th; Bla chard A Mohuu's Book St re, corner 11th and Penn. av.; and at the Star Offioe. jy eotd |\JOTICE TO NOtFOLK AND POTOMAC 1^1 TP i VP! I?R < * PINKY POINT, POINT tLOOK-OUT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND POHTSMOCTH. Thft fUtmmrMinaa &n t ??ift HAITI MONK. na>iug bcxsn thorough1? jf*m overhaul*! and lefitted with boilers and n.aciunai j, Jto . will 5*38.1 on tue above riate MONUAY.Ut 9th ?f ulj.and continue during thertathisg WMon. u.afc birsi^iife^JV25rvl'itN. turning wi'l leave Norfolk om 11 KHiJA VI* an 1 FRIDAYS at 3o'o'.ook p m.. making all the riv.r landings going and returning. Fmrt to Marbnrr'*. >jun, p<?p?'a Cr?ek f 2 "and) Poia*. Lfri Blaekiatona'a SW Q.uauuoo. 1* BluffP.'iat njt PoirU ... 1 Maraia I a Pa?Ji?a li? Boyd'e Hot*. SUO Pia*' Point 2.M? j.4 m?at to f ? *?*. , 4*j?k> * * ' *('"n thu THE LATEST ISEW8 TELfcUKirHlC. frmm D*a|'*a ^Ta*cr?*. July It ?Th+ t>*tra! City C*ur1*r. tbe organ of tLr democratic ptrt\ ta (>?NI S>w ^ ?>rk. liM taken down the Doutflaa and Jnmmmon ticket and run up that ?>f Rrvrkinrtdfrr aad l.aa? It ! Mid tbat Ptlff pa nm in the 5UV will man follow tbr ruapU Thu la mdHitood It 1* the work of Caaal c.<tnm\m ..u~r Ja*rai and John A. Grera, Jr , the rkiimu of the NaUnaal Democratic St?U- CoanltW. wtn rtntdca berr Fir* at WiMMr. Wiimm. C. W . Julv U ?Mr Bailey* iter* an<l wircnuuK. wltb tt? contrnti, la thli piacf. vm burtird tb!a morning Mr Hunt's war* bouae. admitting, waa alao partial If burnnd Luaa not ti?*a v v. i<nd rovm4 by inamance Uuriny it* tire. Richard Lawaon, of VVludaor. fall Into tb* nvrr and was drowned Krlr Rallraad Btadi ftarcclaaed Niw Vol*. Julv 13 -Tbf llflh morl{igr bowli of the Kr?? Railroad bar* berti foracloaed. Tfca ulr Ukn plirf Novrwhr 'JlHfa. Arrangearnu ff understood to btrr tKfi made for lb* re demption of a portion of tbe paat due ?e<\ond mortgage boudv amounting to aboot $2 OOU.UW). on whlrh holder* deutandod raah promptly, principal and i?Wta?, Ottawa, C WJuly U -The Mhm 1c Con vention, In eaa'.on here, U> day elected tba fol lowing offlcrr*:?Mf. Harrington. Q. M ; Mr Stmpwn, D G M ; Mr Gilr, of Quebec, O P W .j Mr Wirrrn. of W Th -maa <? J 8. Tba Grand Lodge will be held in l<ondoa neat v?*r lb* majority of the delegate* leave here to-day A BaIat Large. UlUT Bkmd, N. v ., July 13 ? A Urge balloon containing ttorre peraona paaaed over lb .a village latt nlgbt. between tbe hour* of 10 and It 'clock it a... .. .. ... ... ti. -? ?-? ? * ??? ukxink ?vu ku naiu. auu lupimtl u it) ti.iv* been tbe Atlnntir, wbicb Mcrndrd from Al bany j f?u rdajr. r?kbfr; at Treatoa. Tiehtoh, Juljr 13 ? measni Titus* 8rudd?r'? tore wii robbed iMt night of fltt. '**.< worth of ?ilk lb* m?re ?u entered by lalae key There is 10 due to tbe tblevea niiubcm Marktu. baltihobb. july ii -flo?r rioted dull, with V Mica, nnwiru urm ana ?>nx> ib Mia 11 (9 Ii . Wk?t cloaed firm; red tl 15a l >; white I.Hm 1 45 Corn closed quiet and at**<1v; "bit*- 78a7#> ; ellov 6Si()N:. Pro'slona closed firm Wiatrrn leaf lard ku advanced %sl|C . ' losing at 13\? 13)?c. W hiaky eloard dull at 'JU^c. New % ark Marheta N*w Von .July 14 ?Fiour Is firm. 5*at#tLS 15a ?5 -J??; Ohio Southern St.', .* ?** ?n Wheat ia Arm; Southern red II.M. whit* SI 40a *4 55 Corn u Arm, mixed W?(Oc Prorisloas are firm Whisky 1a dull at 21 fcc. Kiaaatial. Niw Von. July 14 ?Stocks are firmer: Chi l-o^v aiiu nw m minnu ( ?"!, lit vri ?i sua r? 53\; Michigan Southern 37: New York Central M; Rfudini; 4V ^ ; Mil*aukie and MlaaaalppiT, Mo 6'afi3tf - GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otkrr (iefgeloim a^rtrliirauati Sf Jirit r*t* FOR NEW YORK.?The packet achoonar Fair fax. Captain Mott. will eoa.met.oe load- ?j. nig (or t 'If ? ore port on Monday, If' - JwK* For freight apply 10 McCOBB ti DODGE, (? < Water tt. jy rP KKEP THK BELI. IN MOTION. I HE STEAMER FI.YING CI.OI D will leaee (i -oraetown or. ri KSI)A\ ?K? ?~r. mat., at 7S o'clock, a ni.. and t st?n? howitr wharf in 7\ o clock, a. in , to acoommo<tate t>?iaona wiahioc to ?i. to the R?>t! and Rrtratt Ratification maetin* at Farmington, eight milen below Alexand la. re turn nam* evening Far# 75 <-?nt?.' Round tria. j; H it JOHN MOORK, Proprietor. Balance of stock positively at COST. I will jnmm'nw thu day toeioM off my Stook of a i I I | I IL L'U i* > - - - - - <, r.ilDmMl/tKlte A ?U UKV GUUin1. luoiiMTiKelin* I)ro?? Ooodt. H*re(H, Laoe Miaw.a, Manti at. Black and Grm H*r?. e Dm-tara, Sun 1'nihr* a*. Para*t>t?, Hair N?U, Mitta. Lace and tirenadina Vail*, Ho ? Skirt#, Ac, 4c, at and helow coat. I adiea preparing to leave ttie cit? will find an abundance of neoeeaarr artic>a at K. OUTMANT*. No. 117 Bride* atracC, Uaor^etown^ U. O. jjJI StawSw f><?K RKNT?The STOKE ROOM and Cellara of the houie No. 3* ea?t md? Mai ket Spaoe, adjoining the iitore of Mr. J. J Rorue. The room ia alnxit Ju l>? ? feet; tittnd up with f>in?. planter and hoivine, and ha* l>een use-'man ? *earaae acrooeri Tlie cei.aradij and extend u* the whole deata of the etore For trrme inquire on thep'eoiia**. jj VeoSt Mw-MAtr BOGI E. NFISH' PISH" EW ST. JOHN S ALEW1VKS AND LAB RADOR HKRRlNiv barrels prime new St John'* Aiewives, inri do. do. Labrador Herring. Dai!y expected per schooner J. P. Wet hen II. Also, in s*o-e? #*i bbla. new No. 1 Roui.d Herring. Boat inspection DO do. do. do. Halifax do. 50 do. do do. Ma?da>enedo. An<( a Tew St. John's Aiewives. last year's inspeo tion. Mil warranted prime. All of winch we will sell on pleasing terma. Apply to HARTLEY ft BRO., jy9-lw 99 and 101 Water et.. Georgetown. LOST A\Tn Fnnwn LI OSr-On WEDNESDAY.the 11th inet.,in?o ir.j from the corner of r?nth tad E ata.. eon * valuabel papers. written in French. The hoi.e?t fin-ler will cenfer a fav*r by leaving them at the 8tf (HBce. jy 1? It* Sir RKWARD and positively no^ueetiona a?k< 4 ?t the peri^on whu(ii) a manner pleading to him?elf) willreat'Te to L. \f. CRAMP.R, corner of Fift?enth and D ?t? . LOST M AM'SCRIPTS, one a <?ene? <>*ira) H mtory of the name of Cheney, * tri ** Four Yetra Journal in W." Aleo. aScap Book. jf 14-tt* | OST?Oa Wednesday afternoon, while return Li ing trom the concert on the Preeident'i ground*. % CHI MVS ARMLET of coral and goM. The tinder will lie suitably rewarded on leaving i? at No. K ?t., corn? r of 12th jy H-lt* O " REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Um l< of %? ' Ju'y. f,om the nuhncriber, a 'iaik red COW with wide horn*. fheVUr" above reward will he gi ven for information^b^BB tliat will lead to her recovery. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. ( Marble Yard,* jyll Iw Pa. avenue, betw ' Jth and ID* ita. BOARDING. MRS. ROHB1NS HAVING TAKEN THE large and com modi out houee oh I bird ?tr*et weet, oo ner ot Mi?*?ari avenue, directi* oppo'Ue the Capitol ground*, formerly known aa the viemon Houm. where she i* mow prepared to aooommuda** gentlemen with FI'RNISHeD ROOMS, either v,tb Ar UiUC n ^ ? VII VI wiinvu* VV/A AB/i cniumwi WIVH I AO y comfort*. Mich aa ?aa. bath, Ac A health? loo* tion.a beautiful pro?p?et. and adelifMfal so rant r residence, on immediate application. Term* rea eonable. jy 2-?w Fruit cans: frtit CANS!' PRINCE'S IMPROVED AIRTIGHT SELF - SEALING CANS, fur rale eh?*p b* j. P. HARTHOLOW. Jy ll-6t Seventh ?Ue?t. near Can*.. WHEELER A WIL?ON>. ?EWINO ma CHINE AGENCY, Rkmovid to No. J46 Pa. Av , hub 7th St. Knoonraced hi the substantial and rapidly in ereaeinKpopnlanty of Wheeler A Wileon'e n?.e qualled ran iIt Sewiac N.aelune*. vhioh for tj.e ( All eiff Kt ?- M r k kA?A u\a??r>u??.?U? 1 ? ? -1 - ??- - >7*j > iiw* v n mn p vi jr iitm i v? . un ; ihnr mifnunt;, b t bmil; institution. ovtr til r.<mp?ritor? for popular favor, the A (rot ha* taken one of the fin* new *tor?? lately erecf<d "a Pm av aaua. oi-ar 7th at. wfcare a beautiful k*i >ri>wi)t of all the variou* atvlea m?> at ail timet be ?*ea There were 213* of toca* S -win* Machines sold in tb? t ea. llSJ. I Jtdiea ar? iavit*wi to eail and see them, together with certificate* f.o n mam of thw beat o>tiseu? of Waafeiagton ami Georgetown, in relati* n to their well kiuwu an<1 tboroacfcl? teeted superiority If ant ladies eaouot oall, l-t tfcam eend tor * circular l>* a'l nitan* It la hifh tiia* wjr fam If ia the laad wa* *upp led with m* of these health and life aaving i nstrumeaU. Full iMtruo tion*. both printed and verbal, airen frae of SMria at the home of um purchaser P. J. #TtEt. PUKE SODA WATIB. jr ll-lm CALL AFD TRY TITD D POT r *r rr r* r* 1 illi l>OUI Xil J. Jin tiii| J. R. BUg?rV Draff lUn, jyb to*' Cotpa tr? t M?r w ? ?p c ?A L 99* Pa.. At., Uia un ttrm I Wi.?rf foot of S?v'?tjfiath at. | NIMMI ~ Li LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING ! la Ton ow Pun. Puraim Wa! r. umiK ru*i inA-TlrrKD fceepeelfiilly Mi tot tM rioiiKf Ua ord?r? for imtin >tk* ww ??t iffrorM M/enUI* pnaoi *?rj h*?t of m?Uriu,?| til h*-Si #

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