Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THE LITTLE BOY THAT DIED. The late Dr. Chalmers Is said to have been the author of the following beautiful lines, written on the occasion of the death of a young ion whom he greatly loved ; 1 am all alone in my chamber now, And tb-> midnight hour i? near, Aud the faggot'* oraok, and the clock's dull tiok, Aro the only sounds I hear ; And over mT soul, in its solitnde, Sweet feelings of sadness glide: Fi'r rn; h*a t and my eyes are full wbea I think Of tke little boy that died. 1 one night to my father's house? VV Hill homd to th#? ilMtr nnA< *t I And eoftlf I opened the carden cat*. And ?o(l!y the door of the hall Mi mother oame out to meet h?r son She kia?ed roe. and then ah<> suhed. And her b*ad fell on uiy nock, and she wept For the little bojr thai died. I shall mm him when the flowers come In the garden where he playfd; I .?r.all mill him more by tf'rfTre-aide When the (lower* are all decayed ; 1 slia 11*?e hi* toys and hit empty chair, An l the horse he u?e?! to ride. And they will *p*ak with a aileot speech Of the little boy that died. We shall co home to our father'* house? To our Father's house in the ski s, W'here the hope of souls (hall have no hlijht. Our love no broken tie* . We *!iall roam on the hank* of the river of peace. And bathe in its blissful tide : And on* of the joy* of life shall be The little boy that died. Terrific Kxflosiox or a Boiler?Five Men Killed and Sevcrtl Wounded?Wonderful Escape 0/ Several men from Death.?The Detroit Adver tiser of the 7th Inst . say* : " At nine o'clock last fvening, the boiler of the gleam-tug A. S. Field, lying at the dor k between Bate* and Randolph streets, exploded, and the boat was a wreck A mass of sticks and planks was all that remained to be discovered of the tug, and her timbers, cab ins, portions of her boiler *hell, flues, wood. 4c , were lying In heap* upon thedock by, and strewn about the neighboring premises for the distance of three or four hundred feet. Outside tim bers of the dock had been thrown several feet out of rl*ce, and some lifted high upon piles of wood. There were upon the tug at tne time of the explosion spv?n n? ?i? tW*a ??* ? D n-~ ?1 - 41 - . *1* . tiro mate, UCUiU 17UUIUHI J IDO wheelsman, Wm. Mc.Keaxie; the engines. Eason or Eaton Owen. of Newport; two nremen. one a negro and one of whom we understand waa George Abbott; tbe :ook. Mr* Morey. and a negro boy named Hoover?seven In all, and five of whom ar? killed. Mrs Morey was thrown upon the dock She is not much Injured, one side of her fa being burned, and one aide and arm bruised The first mate was found under a pile of wood near by, still alive, but be died Immediate!? before or just after be had been got out. He was scalded. and eut. and bruised George Abbott was blown several rods away and over a low building He waa dead when found, being terribly cut and raided Tbe boy Hoover was also found dead on tbe dock. He had a severe cut In tbe forehead. It may be men tioned as showing the immense force of tbeexplo ? a*?? at? ??' * - ? - mu, urn me weigni oi me safety-valve on the engiue of the tug?a solid Iron ball, weighing, probably, seventy-five or eighty pounds?w.i found embedded in the earth under the sidewalk on th* east side of Bate* street, between Atwater and Woodbridge. The spot where It was found ia at least Ave hundred feet from the place where the eiploaion occurred The ball had passed tbrougn the two-Inch plank of the sidewalk, and had peattrated through eighteen Inches of the oil." L?atvst ra?'M China ?We have Hong Kong papers to the 7th of May The "Overlana China Si ill" states the force of the Allies (British and French) now on the coast of China at thirty thou sand men. fully equipped with all the most des tructive weapons of modern warfare, thus two of the moat powerful nations of Kurope are about to make war upon the oldest empire in tbe world. The editor urges further conciliatory measures, declaring that every consideration that should de cide the action of great minds demands a peace ful solution of pending difficulties Nothing fur ther has transpired of the progress of negotiations, if any, with the Chinese Government. Chusan was occupied after some preliminary negotiations, and the Chinese were told they would be treated amicably if no resistance was made. The proposal was at once acceded to, and the 57th and 9<)th regi ments, with 40U marines and detachments of ar tilery and engineers, were soon after landed. The Milford Robbkrv and Scicidk?At Mil ford, (X H ,) on Tuesday, a man named Samuel Scripture was detected in stealing from the ticket master's drawer, at the Wilton railroad depot. On bis arrest and > ?* -? u pvn. ACI* A containing ninty five dollars, including a marked three-dollar bill, which he bad just taken, was found upon him. He confessed that he had been in the habit of taking money for a year or more, by means of false keys, to the amount, as near as be could judge, of four hundred dollars His wife, after hearing the news, was soon missing, and wis traced to the river, where her bonnet was found upon the bank 8?arcb was made, and the body recovered In about twenty minutes from the time she was first missed, but life was extinct, louring the excitement consequent upon the dis eovery of the body, Scripture escaped, and was iiil at large at the last accounts. The United States district court in Chicago has made the somewhat important deciiion. ac cording to the Press and Tribune, "that all ex eeutlons Issued In favor of non-residents against a citizen of this State could be levied on the homestead of the defendant, In spite of the State law to the contrary. The decision is that United States courts are not obliged to take cognizance In ail cases of State laws, and that tbe law of the State where the plaintiff resides Is to be taken into consideration In rendering judgment. CyThe Brownsville (Texas) Flag argues in favor of abolishiag all the voting precincts in that county, except those at Brownsville. Point Isabel, and Brazos Santiago, to order that the purity of the ballot-box may be preserved. The Flag alleges that the citizens of Mexico take en tlrely too much Interest in elections on this side, flocking over in hundreds and disposing of their votes to tbe highest bidder. A brute named Jake Riley, on the 10th, at Brownsville, Minn., killed his mother-in-law, alster-in-law. and attempted to kill bis father-in law. with 1 Itrira m? J escaped Interne excitement prevails In the vi cinity, and the whole neighborhood baa turned out In search of Riley, No cause is assigned for the deed except intoxication. f!7" We notice by our exchanges that most, if not all the Tobacco Growing Counties ia the state of Maryland, have held meetings and appointed delegates to the Convention of Tobacco Growers, to be held ia Upper Marlborough on Thursday, me 1Mb inst. t?T" There was a celebration at North Elba oa the Fourth of Julv. The survivors of the family of John Brown attended tha celebration. Joha Brown, jr., the eldest son, read the Declaration of Independence, and Solomon, the youngest son, read the Sermon on the Mount. lETThe trip across the peninsula of Florida, fron Ceder Keys to Fernandlna, is now made lb about fifteen hours, stops included Before th? railroad wu completed, the journey required four or five days E^The Orphan's Court of Prince George's county. Md . have awarded the Scholarship In the Bait)more Female College to Mi* Elizabeth Kerxall of Bladensburg District, daughter of the ate Dennis W. Ferreli \?T A peddler, Samuel Mariey, from Maasa ha setts, was tarred snd feathered In Conecuh, Ala., last week, on suspicion of abolitionism |fT Fabian Robles and Gil Adama, two of Cortlaa's man made their escape from the Browns ville jail on the night of the I'Jth nit. AKR1VAL3 AT THB HOTELS NATIONAL. HOTEL.-W H Bnok.Tex; Benj Gardiner, M*; J A Tenn; W Mark, Texfjt* t*cn-irle. Mis?; B R Winter and lady. W McAls ia? and if, Ala; M Hunt and ft. Miss Dnstin. Miss Mauhews, la; ft Goodwin, NY; J S Hoff, R Fefi. Ks; C Fowler. NY ; D Th omu, M in Pri ?, Md; 6 Knox. Miss Fell, Pa; W Duffle, J MoCamf?, N Yj F I ePaTrre. D Frio*, Md; l? Hamilton, Ky; A C I am b?rt and Tjr, NY; J Hard in*. Mrs Hall and ft, Mn; E Wells. Mass; T Foster Va; L> l.ens, NY; l)?narm: W?rk'in. 1 u , W?WI nil nirniuD, f.IlK , I |j; w H Martin aod >1, Mim Martin, fa: H Max wall, NV: XcPofTeai G P.rnoo, V*;ji Arnold. T.nn: hK M Hall. MJ; J R Ho(?, NY; Mi?? K Hantar, La; A Foid. Ga. BROWNS' HOTEL.?Col W J MtDvAo.NCj J \V B*k*r, do; O A MeBray, Va, J fchaw ami NC; J O Gordon.Va, M Gordon, do; Mr? J 8p?fd, Th^MmA L Wnite, d?<; Mim A Moor#, do; J P t*?r?i?#,drH F W Abiv-r aa?1; H rtee. Pit; Fallon tndf&mi y, Mo, M Port* and lady,do K1R K W < K>D HOU8K-H W?ir?,Md:G Har d?ty,do;B N ?*Unk>b. NY; A J Hay.T**M; A K?n?. do, 8 D MoOomly. do; R H KeriT, do, Dr J T?A?rt N Y; KH C.mwin., DC; ?apt Whito^ t' 8 A t!* tk*r,NY;K H Cummin*. uc;? api vvnunoy ; G B?Vot, Pa; WJforian, Bat; W ' Tm* r, La; G VV Bennett. !fJ: M Tor.-Ji m v. OCEANSTEAMERS' SAILING DA YS FmoM the United States. 9"?m*r?. Lt*v*. #W. D*vt. druUie ?.. .. .New York.harre Jaly 14 ?vt"ni* N?? York?.iUab?rfr..?Jaiy )? er*>* YTk...Gyi^in ._joU It New York... Liverpool ..J^ly ) <>Wen Pi*?o?.. |L?v Yor*.?0?lw?y_^. Jolj IS Frltotj Arabia. V?o'1er!"it.. IB ._..ljr?rpool.. H. utk'ptoo Liwpool mi Jbo??? ~ % rfcj? J ork. ..July 10 mm New York on ' Mok month, ud !??? N?v York on MISCELLANEOUS. ^W^TT.g ?g.?.EcTTl^TH,i 1 K KA BVftI UMAAIAIill, JHi} IV, IW. PmopMAts will be reaeivad at this Department until the tenth day of September next, pursuant to the following Mt of Coagreas: Ax Act to faoilitata oomnaunioatiou between the At antio and Paotfta State* by eleetrio telegraph. . Bt ti tnatud bj) 1 k* Saaata and Heut* <J Reprt tdtutitu of tk* Unxttd SfUt of Anuric* in C*n utttirMtd, That the Secretary of the Trea* a y. under tha direotion of the Preaiient of the United ftatea, ia hereby authorised and dlreota<! to advertise for aealed proposals, to b# reoeived |or 60 daya after toe eaaeage of thia aot,<aadthe fulfilment of which ahail Be guarantied by respon sible partiea, aa in the oaeeofbida for mail 000 traota,) for the use by the Government of a line or lines of magnetio telegraph, to beoonstructed with in two years from the thtrty firecday of Jely, etgh t en hundred and aixty, from some point or points on the west line of the 9tate of Mi*aonri by any ronta or route* wbioo the aaid ocnlraotore may seiect, (counecting at such poiat or point* by tete (ruph with ttieoitiea of Washington, N*w Orleans, N-w York, Charleston, Philadelphia. Boston. Ma other oitiee in the Atlantic. Southern, and Wes t-rn Statsa ) to th? city of S*n Franciso<>, in the State ol California, for a period of ten ycare, and ahali award the oontraot to tbe lowest responsible bidder or bidders, provided such proffer does not r-quire a larger am. nnt psr year froia the United tfiatss than fort* thousand dollars, and permission is hereby (raited to the said parties to whom said ooutract may be award* i. or a majority of them, and their assigns, to use nnti! the end of the said Wm, such ucoocupied pub:io lands of the United Stales as may be neoessary for thengnt of way and for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said iine.oot exoaediug at any station one quarter aeoti?n of land, such stations not to exoe?il on* in fiiteen miles on an average of the wnnl?di?tanee. unless said land" shall be required by the tfovernrntnt of the United Mates for rail road or othar purposes, and provided th*t no right ti p e empt any 01 said lands und*r the lawa of tha Unite i States shall inure to a*id oompany, their agents or a-rvants, or to any other person or par sons whatsoever: Provided, That no such oon traot shall )> irade until the raid line ahall be in fccuM operation ana payments thereunder hall oaaea whenever the oonr actors fell to complr with Ma oontraot; that tha Government 'hall. at all tunea, be entitled to priority in tha use of tha line or linaa, and ahall have tha pririlaga, when authorised by law, ctMMfen aaid lina or liuaa by telegraph with any military poats of the Uci'.ed Statae, and lo ate the same for liovar m-nt purpoee*: And pro vided alto. That aaid tina or linea. exoept auo.i a* mar ha oonstruoted by tha government to oonnect aid lina or linaa with tha military poau of the United Stataa, ahall ba open to the uee of all oiti z?na of tha United S ate* during the term of aaid oont act, on pajm'Dt of tha regular charges for transmission of diapatchea: And provtd*di also, That anon ohargea ahall not axoeed thre? dollars for a aing.e ditpatoh or ten wnrda, with the usual proportionate deductions upon disaataheii of L'?ater ler.gth, provided that no'hiox herein o^n lined ahall ootifar upon the aaid parties any ex aluaive right to oonatruot a telegraph to the Pa:t 60. or de ar the Government of the United Stitee from granting. from time to time, aimilar fran ohiaea and prm!#gea to other partiea coo. i. Ana f?* n rurinfT iwiri'a, I nat tne laid ooitractora, or their asaign>, shall have the right U> oonatruot and maintain, through anr of the Ter ritone* of the United Statea, a branoh line, to aa to o >nnnot their ?aid line or linea witft Oregon; and that taey a hall have the permanent right of way ftir ?ai<1 tine or lieea, under, or over, any uuappro p iat"?d publio landa and watera in the aaid Terri toriea by any route or routes which tho aaid oon traotora may ael^ot with the tree uae during the aaid term oi auoh landa. aa may be neoea?ary for the purpoae of eatabliahing atationa for repairs along said line or lines, not ezoeeding, at any sta tion. one quarter section of land, suon stations not to exoeed one in fifteen miles or an average of the whole distance; bat should any of said quarter sections be deemed essential by the Government or any company aoting under its authority, for railroad purpneea, the aaid oontraotora ahall re linquish the oeoupancy ot ao muoh aa may be nec essary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount of land for like use in its steac. 8eo 3 And be it furtnrr enoct'd, That if, in any year daring the oontinuanoe of the said contract, the business done for the Government as herein before mentioned by such oontiactors, or their aaaigns, shall, at the ordinary rat-< of ohargea 'or private messages, exoeed the prion oontraoted to ns i ft ifar as? i A tKa ?. t ? r-<>? mvivro.u, ?nu ijcvicioij ui viio i rcaeu ry shall, upon said aooounts being duly authenti cated, certify the amount of audi ex'ess to C> n gress: provided. That the nse of the line he given at any time, Tea of cost, to the Coast Purvey, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Ob?er vatorr, for soientlfio purposes: And provided fur ther, 1 hat mnssaies reoeived from anr individual, company, or corporation, or from any telegraph lines oonnacting with this line at either of its ter mini. shall be impartial y transmitted in the order ol their reception, exoepting that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And pro vided further. That Congross shall at any time have the right to alter or amend this act. Approvod J una 16,1860. The lowest offer for the use of suoh telegraph, for the publio st-rvioe, will be accept -d, provided the terms and conditions expressed in the act shall be fully set forth and stipulated m the proposals, which must be aooompanied by a guarantee, iu oonformity with the 27lti section of the act of July t. 183*. in regard to man gervioe, to the nr-ct that the line or lines shall be noinpiet^d withiu the time prescribed, and that the guarantor shall tli?*o enter into obligation to the United States for the rlormanoe of the servioe tor the Government, under said aot. at the rates offered in the proposals, fuoh guarantee may be in the following form: "The undersigned residing at , in the state of , undertake and promise thatif theSecre tarr of the TrManrr ahull iniutnl ?h? ?? p<>sa>, under the aotof June !t>, I860. the line or Lines of magnetio telegraph ?hali be completed and put into operation on or before the tiinestatfd iu the aot,and that we will then execute with the partiea signing the within proposals an obliga tion to the United States, in due form, as sure lies for the performance of the servioe, acoording to the terms and oonditions oontained in suon pro posals." Dated at . The above guarantee must be aooompanied with the certificate of a United States district attornr. or distriot judge, stating that he is acquainted with each of the persons signing the guarantee, and kcows| them to be men oi sufficient property to make good tne above guarantee. The proposals and guaranty must be sealed up and ttirected to "the Secret* y of theTrrasuiy, Washington, D. C . and endorsed "Proposals for Faoifio Telegraph/' _ HOWKLL COBB. jy 11 aawtd.WAS S?crcta.ry of theTro??ury MEMBERS OF CONGRESS iND OTHERS Who are toon to return to their homo*, and who would add to the comfort ami beauty of their houaea, are reapectfully utvitatl to our warehouse. Pennayl* vania avenue. Market !*pace, No. 4. third door east of Ninth atreet, where they may find a full and ootua plete assortment of? . Elegant Wilton Velvet Carpeting*, from $1.25 to #1.75 por yard, Rich English Bruaaela do. at from 90 ote. t j 81 10. Rich Imperial Three-ply. (2K lb?. to the yard,) at from tn% cents to *1.10, Splendid real importsa Double Ingram do., 70 to *Vj. Very good ao. do. ao. at 40 to 60c., Alao. all width* twilled a d plain Venetian do., for hall* and passage*, 25 to 75 cnt*. Alao, elegant wid? Oilcloth*, for room*, halla, paa agfa, atepi, 4c., which we cut out to order, Alao, new sryle Co?oa and Canton Matting*, Rich and extensive variety of Velvet and Brua*olt R tiff 9 ftlld Dru^*?tfl- in hnr/irtr? -m mA , l/J ?.|W J?1U, Orx>r Mats ir gr at variety. Superior a d very cheap All Linen Sheetings, Real Silicia 'I able Datnasks, from 6 4 to 12 4 vide, TableCloths in all not,8-4 by 8-4 lo 12-4 by 24 4, Napkins to match. Also. To#?llings, Toilet Quilts, and other Toilet Goods, in pleasing and great abundanoe, very cheap. CI RTAIN MATERIALS. Our stock of riah and appropriate materials for Curtains is not to be surpassed, in nointnfeli* nance, variety, and reaeokablone** of prioe, any wnere. We have Elegant Satin Brecatel*, which are nearly 3 yarda wide, at from 62 oenta to 96, gamaak and Satin I>aine*. from 50 oent* to $t, xtra rich Embroidered Tapestrr, a now arUole for eurtain*, richer tha,n brooatels, Rep? and Turkey Cloths. ;n embroidered pattern* and by the yard, at actoaichiaglv low priaei, Alao, ?a pert) Lmboidered Laoe and Mualin l.'nder Curtatns, at from L2H centa to 03 p?r yard, And all the cornice*, Hide Band* beautifully repre senting flower* sitrt fruit*, with rtoh Centre and Side Cord*, and Taaael* and Gimp* to match la oonsequenoe of the advanoed stage of the rea son. we hare deterraiued to run off" any of the above good* at in at about the first ooat, and at pnoo* warranted to be leu than the same can be had elae w h?re. AH good* *old to co to a distance will be carefully packed for transportation and sent off free of extra cost. je 18-luteo CLAfETT k. DODSON. |MPORTANT TO HOUSKkEEPE&B. E. R. DURKEKA CO.'8 XUjUOT SPIOBfl. Guaranteed not only absolutely AND PERFECTLY pure, bat ground from fre?h Spioet, aeleoted and olaaned b? ua ftxp'Msly for the purpose without reference to ooet. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur/ by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary ground Bpieea are almoMi invariably abort. We warrant u a eincle trial will at-undautiy prove. Manufactured only bv fe is if,DA life Kaft e* N&S&fk. Fr a n c is harper, H*VI5? OPINKI) A FAMILY ftRMi'KHV IMII fl-L'nOT(.nT? ______ , v _? , Mi iv i nai/ OI V/R C<| Cmr of Ste Yfrk artnu? and Tftk Reapeotfully solicit! the patrooaf of thoea who mar be in want of any artiole in theanove line. Hii endeavors ehall be to please, and by a atrict atten tion to the want* of the pubho, he hopes to merit a a ha re of their patronace. Hia taek oonaiata of evanr artiole uauallv to be found in a firat-clasa Family Grocery and Feed Store. ma 17-ti |\IKW STYLES OP EICB JK WKLRY -H. O* yi HOOD hM j??t opoMd ft large itMt, vfcioh h? will offor ftt vwy low nd* Th?r?for? tkoM X<%3tfKUI5rH?!'?"ffi look ftt S:<? Pa. ?venu?. j? a (2IFXT BARGAINS IN PIANOS?eiUior for VI tfti* or r*nt?n?w ?ad Moond hand, from ftll u. ass - u. ga ftvM twttr. Mk ftad lMk its. Jy 11 IMPii TKAYELKKS' DlKJfiUTUJir. om N CAPON 8PRING8. EW and improved root? via the M Rail Road and the Strae-f? c burg and Capon Tarnpike, only IS milea of staging v?n a eomfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the ur*age and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m., take the Ma awai ears at the janction, arrive at* Caaon by 5 o'olook p. m Fare ft no Alexandria to Capon?.... From Washington to Capon ??.... 5no For information enquire at the Rail Road Offioe oorner vf Sixth ?t. aud Pa. a v., in Washington, and at tha Ticket Ofioe oa Union at, Alaxaadna, Va. Jy tf-danthAag. ? DALTlMOf E AND OHIO KAILKOil). Cll5?l * Horn. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JuneWth, I860, will run as follows : Leave Washington at 6 SO and 7.40 a. n>. Leave Washington at 3 JO and A JO p. m. On Sanday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and > 40 a. m. i^are Baltimore at 3.15 aad 4.20 p. m. ni bandar at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the East will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4u a. m and 3 ? p. an. For the West at 7.40 a. m. and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a ra- and 3-20 p. ?. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. bo. train goes to Philadelphia only. te l.t-d T H. PAE8QNS.Ag?at. NEW ORLEANS IN THRIOD DJlXS WITH TH? CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Rati road TO LYNCHBUXOi Virgin?? and Tennessee, East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, iVMff Orleans and Jackson. TO NEW ORLEANS! memphmTroute: Memphis by Rail, thence by First olass Paokets to New Orimi. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rul. thenoe to Mobile by Firat ofass Paokets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers A IV KJ JL/Aliil M IVA111C rJt.lUATB lillLlUllDi Leave Waikia|Un at 6 a. m and 6 p. m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6M a. m. and 6J* p. m. and connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Trains for the Southwest. Offioe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth at. BA6QAGC CBBCKRD TBRODBB TO BBW ORLBANS Lynohburg $8 50 Bristol ... .. 15 0" Knoxvilla Chattanooga 84 on Da.ton ?... 24 00 Huntaville^. .87 00 Grand Jnnotion ?30on, Nashville 25 to Memphis $31 00 Atlanta.? ? oo Maoon 28 on Columbus 31 50 Montgomery 33 00 J viaMemphia.42 50 N.O.S via?. Jnnc. 42 50 \ via Mobile. .46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 800 MILES SflORjTER^and 34 HOURS LESS than any other l.ine? the l.ynnliborg Extenaion being now oompleted, as also the Miaaiaaippi Central, making it the n ir rr? P r ct j urn ??n c ?r or t? j e j xr?r D a rr?r c< YUitAOOi A // i'l i IW \J M. Cm FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It ia provided with First c.ass Sleep. Kg Cars! ( To New Orleans T'i Honrs. TIME Memphis....*. . 54 do. Montgomery ? ? 53 do. ( Nashville 46 do. JETThe u.9 MAI Land ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tiokets can be obtained at the Sovth Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av enue, to the following points Linohbarg, Bristol, Knoxville, At'anta, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Grand Jnnotiou, Maoon, Nashville, Dalton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. THROUGH T7FKETS TO THE VA US VJRUiyJA STRINGS. K^OU fTJ"Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Tioket Agent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a v. THK STEAM KR J as*. GUY Will ranma her tripa on TUESDAY, 21st uf February, 1800. Wili leave WASIl INGTON every TUESDAY and1 FRIDAY, at6 o'olook a. m..aud AI.KXiNDBlA atbalf-paete u'olook. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate L?an<lin??. On her return tripe, the wiil l^ave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at bo'clook a. m. Lt'ClAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSI1. At't, Alexandria. f?i? P AS8A6E ^5^AL? AND The New York and Virginia Sorew Steamahlf S>m?acT'? new and elegant tteamshiy O UNT V ERN ON, Ca?t T. C. Smith,?^E will leave the Coirpany1* Depot, Wee-^^ ^^ ?ern Wharvee, atll'o'olocka. in. every WEDNES DAY, and the Company'* Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. same day. PtkiAnrkri frnm Waahintftnn anW f i t i? oantake the oJuhM oonneoting with Alexandria ateaniKoats or railroad, whioh leave toe oornw ol 7th st'eetand Pa. avenne hourly, or they oaa leave on the etearner from the Western Wnarvee at I] e*olock a. m. State ro<*>rn? oaa be engaged on apa.aation te Measra, Morcan A, Weetern wharves Freight will be received ap to the hoara ef depar jnT" Inaoranoe will be efffeeted on all roods try thlahne at the oftoe of tha Company at K per oent prerniam. The aooommodationa for paaaeng ere by taia una are in every reepeot first o aaa, and every effort wil be made to render this oonmuuioauun with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLS A CO., Agenta, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL A CO., Mt~ly 90 Weet at.,oorner Albany, New York. nPurrTomnw A iO X XV X D DENTAL NOTICE. H. LOOM 18 Hiinolostnl hit ofBoe forth* on.aad will 1>* absent, ?n u?u?l, during the sum rner months ; will resume prsotioo about the 1st of Ootoner, of whioh farther notioe will be given. jy 10-tf I am till enfaced in the PLlfVlBlNO ud <?A8 FITTING BUBINKSS at my o d.tand m Philhar monio Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful upply of water was readily observed at the fire of yesterday, ae I am well atufivi ( ahonld nave been named oat bat tor the bounifu! aapplr upor my premise* and tk*t of my neighbors , _ AH orders for the introduction of Water and Oae will be promptly attended to. Terme as reasona ble ae any slumber in the oity. Jy 8 C. BNVDER T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. . HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oondaoted by the Spanish Government, snder the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will tace plaoe at Havana on TUESDAY, Jvly 17. 1160. MORTBO ffCMERO 63B ORJUNARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. 1 priM of 9100,000 10 pmee oL il/TO 1 do ?.... ? 10,000 60 do fino 1 do SO.noo 1M do 400 1 do ? ",000 aoapprox. 1,300 ? ~"fiTAL$f$k FRIZES. Wbole Tlobeta, 9*0?Halves, ?10?quarters, ?6. Prise* oMhed at Mcht at? per oent discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded aa aoon aa the remit beoomas known. All orders for schema* or boketa to >e addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, _je80_tr Care of CrtT Poet. Cnarlwrton. H. C. 275 ALLEN 275 JACKSON, PLA8TEHER8, Puna. Avihu*, Between 10th and 11th atreeta. Jt 19 DVRK OLD RYK WHISKY .-On hud I brwid. ofPur# Old Rye Whl> kr, Copper Dn tilted, marie by the moat reliab e diatillera in Pena Tlvania. Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Hraadtea, Henneaay, Otard, Dapuy * Co.. JbIm Robici, Ac. Alio. Peach a&d Apple Branny, pura Holland Gin, old Jainaioa andVt. Croi* Ram, and Win** of everr* ?.li ?>? standard brands A ohoioe lot of Clear* and To baooo. YOUSO * KEPH A RT, Anntt. a* 14-ly 989 Pa a*., brtw 9th and loth *U. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. T? D Strut, Btwm 9tk and 10ik Strut*. We bar* jut finished a nam bar of first a lass C\RRIAGE8, saob as Light nitty. Wat on*, Pmrk Pkeotont. naWs CVsr-' ritttu, <md But rut, whieh ? will Mil at a vfr" small profit. Beint pracroal mechanics ta different branches of the Dusinrss, we flatter ourselves that w Itnow (he styles and qaali'r of worl that vi'l fire satis faction, oomlkmn* lifhtneea, eouifort and durabiii Repairtng promptly and oarefulty attended to at Uie shortest u tiee and mn?t reasonable onarees. WALTER, KARMANN 4 BOPP. Ooaohn.akers, suooesaora to Wm. T. Bool, ay TJdly A *rn/\TTa miov jblululu riv u o. I No. 659.1 By the president of the united STATES li pursnanoe nf law, I, Jamb* Brcamm, Preai dett of the United States of Ameriu, do hereby declare and make known that pubi'e tail** will be held at the under menti< ned Ljv.j Oftoes ia the Ternt#rr?fKansasatthe period* hereinafter deeig At the Land Oftoeat Junction Citt ooipmen 01 u* on Mo* day, the6th dav of A?fnet next, for the disposal of the peblio lands within the following townships, vit; i Sitik v tk* b**t lint and ?ast Iks sixth pri*cw*l meridian. The parts af township 1 outside of the Indian re servation, and townships 3 3, 4. aad 5, of ranges The parte of towashie 1 outside of tke Indian ra erration, and townships 2, 5, 4. and % of raogeJ7 The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian re erration, and townships!, 3, 4, and S. of range 6 The parts of tuwcihip 1 outside of the Indian re serration, and towash'.ps 3, 3,4. and 5, of range 5 The parts of township I outside of the Indian re eerration, and tnwnsbips 3, 3, 4, and 5, of range 4 Townships 1, 2,3,4, and 6, of ranee 3. Townships 1.2, 3,4. and 5. of range 2 Townships 1,3,3 4 and 5. of range 1. At the Land Office at Joctio* Cut, cobuim oing on Monday .Jthe 20th oay of Aug art next, for the diapusal ol the publio .anda within the follewing townahip*. vi?: South of tk* batt It*' and ?a?< */ tk* tirth prtnttpal mtridim*. Townah'.pe , 15, 16. and (7, of ran ice 4 Towr.ahipa 6,7.15 16. and 17, of rang* S Townahipa 6. 7, , 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14.15,16, and 17 of range 2 Townahipa 6,7, 8 9,19, It, 12,13,14,15 16, and 17, of eange 1. At the Land Offit* at JrxmoR City, aommn one on Monti**, the loth of t^ptem^er n*xt,fir>r the diapoeal of the publie landa within the follow ing towahipa, m: South of tk* batt lint and tatt af tk* tirth princi pal meridian. The parte of townehip 1* ouUideof the Indian reservation, and townahipa "9. 20, 21 and 22, of range 8, Townahipa It, 19,2", 21 and 22, of rang* 7. Townahipa IS. >9.2*. 21 and 27. of ranee ft. Townahipa 18.19. 20, 21 and 22, of range 5. fownahipa 1*. 19, 20,2^ and 23, of range 4. ownahipa IS, '9 ana 20, of range 3 Townahiea 18,19 at d 20. of range 2. Townahipa 18,19 and *0. of range 1. At the Land Gffioe at Fobt Scott, commencing on Monday, the 13th day of Ancnet next, for the diapoeal of the public landa within the following tnvnihim. Tlx Soutk of tk? bast lint and unit qf tk* tixtk rrintijfl tntrittam Tha parts of township 23 ontaide of the Indian reservation, of rangea * , 10,11, iS, IS, 14,15,16,17,11, 19, an, 2; and 22. The parte of townshi ps 83,24 and 16 outside of the Ioilian reservation, of ranee 8. Townahipa 21, 24 and 25. of range 7. Townships 23 24 and t%, at range 6. Townships ?. i4 and 25, of range 6. Lands appropriated bv law for the use of schools, military. Indian, and other pnrpoaea, will be ex oluded from the sales The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the i1fiv? appointed, and trill proceed in the order in which th?r are advertised until the whole shall have been offered and the aalea thus closed; but no sa;e shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of ant of the landa will be per mitted until after the expirntien of the two weoks. (titan m nriar mv kanW at n f .< . uaiu^i III J IIOIIM) r?v VH'J VI?? %? ?? aPUlllgH'ni this twenti'tft day of April. Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred And sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos 9. Wiimn, Commisiioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS*. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the lands within the town*h'.ps or parts <>T townships above enumerated is r??uir*d to estab lish the same to the sat'sfaotion of the register and receiver of the proper Land Office, and Take pay- I ment therefor as soon as piaotioat>> sfter seeing | tM? notice, and before the day appointed f?r the commencement of the puhJiosaleor the lands em~ braoieg 'he tract claimed; otherwise. su?h claim wiil bo forfeited. JOB. S. ^ ILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Office. Noti.?Under the regulations of the department, i tia heretofore and now exiatinf, no payment oan be made fur advertising proclamationa exoept to such pubhaheraaaare sp'cxallv cimkormd to puli.iah by the Commiaaioner of the General Land (I?re. aya wHw "rtl'NRlSE CITY," IN THE STA i E OF MIN NESOTA. I a accordance with the proviainna of the act of Congre?s entitled ''An "ot authorizing changes lb Ui* location of Land Offioe*," approved March 3d, it la hereby declared and made known that the nffioe for the aa'e of public landa at Cambridge, in the State of Misnbsota will be removed toScs risk t,iTT, in aaiu Slate, at at early a ptrtod as i prattvabU. F urther notioe auto the precise time of oloaing the office at Cambridge, preparatory to ita remove', and of ita opening for buoi.eas at Sunrise rity, will be given by the Regist?i and Receiver of the><l District. Given under mr hand, at the city of Washicgton, thia soth day of Mar, A. D. 1860. liy order ol the President: ' * XAr? M ??T t f n<?si ina m. vvn anv Wt ?? Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. je 2 w6w W PURIFY THK BLOOD. ITH Corrupt, disordered or vitiated blood, yoa nit bo sick all over. It may burst oat in pimples or sores, or in some active disease, or it may mere l? keep yon listless,depressed and good for nothing. But you oacnot have good health while your blood is impure. AVER'S SA RSAPAK11..LA purges out these impurities and stimulates the organs of life vigorous action, restoring the health and expe'ling disrare. Hence it rapidly oures a variety of oomplaints whioh are caused by impurity of the blood ; su?h as Sorofula (or Kings r.vil,) Tumors, t'loers, Sores, Kruptions, Pimples. B othes. Biles, St Anthony's Fire. Rose or Krysipeias, TetUr or Salt Rheum, Soald Head. Ringworm, Cacoer or Cancerous 1'a Miors, Sore Eyes, Female Diseases, ?uoh a* Retention. Irregularity, Suppression, Whites, Sterility, Syphilis or Venereal Diseases, I .1 rar >rr, ?l i .i? .?Hr U?*rt O..? T ? ? V? En's SAR&AI'aR ILLA.and for yourself the surpidrig activity with which ltoleanses the blood and cures the disorders. AVbR'8 CHERRY PECTORAL is so univer sally known to surpass every other remedy for the cure of Coughs. Colds, Influeesa, Hoarseness, C oop, Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive t'&ututa to advsnoed stages of the disease, that it is ueeless here to re count the evidence of its virtue. The world knows '.. cm. AYER'8 CATHARTIC PILLS-for Costive nes?, Dyspeptia, Indigestion. Dysentery, Foul I Stomacn, Jaundioe. Headache, Heartburn, Piles, Rheumatiam, Dropsy. Worms, ?nd in short for all the purposes of a purgative medioine. Prepared by J. U. AYKR k. CO., Lowell, Mass , and sold by all Druggist* everywhere, je 21 eoin. XJ> 0? db T A HClfffEWELl/S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Luug Complaints, from Common Cougkt to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED Tks Natural and Surt Rtmtdy for all Ntr vous Complaint*, Prom Neuralgia through all cacoe *hw Opium wm ever need to that of p?!irium Trtmcoi, and the oommon ohief cause of i>u<?aee LOSS OF SLEEP Sho To!u Anodyne, thou*h containing not * par of Opiun, produces all the requirement* of, and may m need in all oaeee wherever Opium vti need without producing anythiDg but Curee, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural cate. The lluirernal Cough Rfraedj. (freed from all VI'IUUIVU VVIWWII V| VU|II WIUVI 6r4duo* nauaea or proatration. > may be oonaiderei J" common eaeinj to a>l Thro* it and Lane Com plaints, and uaed with perfeot impunity. Aakinc ' aU to oourt (row proanetora or Inenda the most I sever* investigation or both Remedi??,and reatiiuf ' of our pam?ht?U to be louud with all riealera. aoi more particularly to purchase only of thoee wbo ou be depended upon, we wait m oonfidenoe the dcoiaiona of Patients and Physicians. "Prioee within reach of SXNBKAL AOKHTS. J. W. Humnkwxll & Co., 1 and S. Commercial Wharf, Bo*ton, Qio. Hcskiwkll, 144 Water at, New York, I'nderths special supervision of JOHN L, H UN- ' NEWELL. Chemist and Pharmaoeutint, B<.?ton. i Mau , vdom iii nature o->ver? the oo ki of tb* gennine only, and to vhom addreea all oommnni oatione. Hold br all rwp'ptiiMe dealers eret^where,and all the DruKf laU id Washington and Georc etovn. mar 98-ao.r Tj1NGINEER'b OFFICE. Ii Al*xahi>EIa,June ?, 1800. MANA*8A8 GAP RAILROAD. StX HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the line of thia road from ML Jackson to Harriaonbiirg. W&pi SI a da/; b ard f 10 per month. For infor mation, &o.,inuoire of Wffi. 8. PEWELL, Com pany's Office, Alexandria. ja 28 dtjT?.lstwAwnfc)atw8e?. WASHINGTON W (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. iPMM and Tenth Strut J. C MW3UIRE, PraaidenL 6. D. HANBON, Seor?tary. mm7-eotr HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soalee v? offered to the publio U the must aimplo, durable, and reliable HtlM* uee. First class premium* have beau awa; bj tiie United States Pair and Virginia Ac Society; Virginia State AgrieulturalPair; Institute Fair, Peonaylvama; New York & Vermont state Pair, Jto-, Ao. In erery ? exhibited they oave reoeivadirat olaaapremium F?'?eat ifLoaiuaaa avenue, Depot of Siller'a deH-l/0" K? C. PATTIBON. A|iat DRIMK COST.?Orcandie, J moo net, Berefe, u Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from two to ufae flauuoea. at firat ooat We will from thia day forward offer our entire atock of the abo e good a at float; so aaore anil he d for any of thorn. We have coca Uirout k our Dress Goods and marked down moat thia kind offoods;and werespftotfullr aoliaitalltu waat of no* Dress Goods, at vury low an ax animation or onr stook, j? 17 ?o6t TAY f<OE fc HUTggTBOW. THE OPERA HAT. ju?t arrived, by express at SMITH'S. SUMMER HATS and CAPS ia abundant*, at 8 VfiBIlK 8*TR ifNK 8. at UUTirS, N 4?0 Bmalk 11, oypoitte Poet Oftoa. V MISCELLANEOUS. ?OOW>?T! % V *9 DISPATCH! %\? O^Ss?e tkr Pieces! Am mreidtmtt will >?w, ?t?i M wtllrfl*i?d fmmilUt,i% ia T?ry 4*?ir*bl? to har# ome tliMf and ooBTMiiMt w%i for rmpminag Fariutvr*. To;*, CrookM7> *?. PUDIIVe'l PREPARED GLCB iDMti ?ll oh eni?r(WHiN. and do hoaaefcold w Afford to be without it. It la aiwa*a ready and u# to ti>? evoking point. There la ao longer a aeoea aitjr for iimptng chair*, i^inwa Muora. Uaari.eaa dona, and broken oradlea. It ia jaat the arfiola for onna, aWL aod other oriiananta. work, ao with ladi?a of iefiL?iiient and taate. Thia admirable preparation la aaad ?old. being ehomioallv held in aolation. aod poaaeeein# ail tb? alaable qnaatiea of tha beet oahinet makers' glee. It mar be aaed in the place of ordinary raaouage, being vajLt more adheaire. " USEFUL IN EVERY HCWSB." rnt', 25 oenta. N. B.-A Bruah accompanies each bottia Wkolual* Dtrot, No. 4* Ceder street, New Yort. Addrees HENRY cTsPALPIMe k CO., Box No. 3,t*0, New York. Put ay for Dealer* in Cum ooetetniec Poar, P.irbt, end Twelve Doien?e heeofafelLiUofrepti H> Show Cerd scoompeEjin* aeoh perkece. JET A si nils bottie of SPALD1SVS PRE PARED OLVB will mu ten time* its ooet en eeeJiy to ererr hos?hoid.-TTl Sold by eli eromineet tjtetloosrs. Drssgista. Herdwere end rurnitnre Deeiers, Srooere, end Kencr Stores. Oooutry mershenH e/iouid meks e note of SPAL DIM'S PREPARKH GLUW. when mektnc mp ueir liat. It will stead em eiimete. felflly " CAUTION. " PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAU?Y WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mamsFmrn WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTH ERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOIlfH WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY r 7 1T BARBOUR k. 8KMME8. ?>ARAFFINE OIL, 1 THE CHEAPEST LWHT KNOWN' We are dow receiving Paramce Oil direct from the works in wnt'm Virginia. The euaiitj of It u excellent, producing a iImmIt, bril iant aE<1 t>e?utifu light, auu more plemct to th? eyes than ill light. This Oil it free from adulteration, and rerr much more MonotniNl than many or the Coal Oila iMd ,t thia time*. ir/" It ia in no way ex ploaiye. We kw? alao a iupp4f of th tylea of Lmm, Ao J?t bnrnini the moat approved tylea of Lampa, Ao,f?>r burning thia Oil. KINO A BURCHELL, Agenta foriu aala for the Diatriot of Colombia. Corner t-ifteenth at. and Vermont ar. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mall T CAKR1A6EB. HE Sabecrlber haying made addition* U hi factory, making it now one of taa largea* In the Diatriot, where hie facilitiea forU^^HR man uiaotnria* CARRIAGE A WAGON8 of ail ktr.a* oannot oe aarpaaaed. and from hia long experience in the baemeaa, he ho pea to fire general aatufvotion. All kinda of Oarriagee m Ufkl Wagona kept ea ^ifl REPAIRS Matty dene, and all ardara praapi 4 1? M ' lMk *?>4 V da l/MVK HI NURKD TRAVELING TKDNU I arriTM this dar, erah'acin: ai. quali i ties anil IUN of So e Leather. LuimI Dress and Pack ins Tranks. Oar trunk ^ 1 room exhibits at this time the cr^atest variety traveling requisites at moderate anoaa. to M found this aide oTNev York. Alao, ev^ deacne ton of I .A DIRS' HAT BOXES, VALICES, Carpet bag-*, satchel*. Ac. trroid Tracks repaired or taken in exchange for new onaa. WALL, stephens A CO., Trmnk 8a es Room, m&rSI-tf saa Pa. avenue We offer for sale the above ?t*$d%rd brand of tne Crow jpiatJlTed-Mfcitwl R/e Whieky, lobar rela ana half-harm* il It w or our own aim a toon,and highly s'pproTod b* M?. we oonfriectly in mend it ae the rnni and beet Whiek y that poeaiblf be distilled. We also offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WBI8K.MY, other brande, from the largeet etook of Pine 'mm l? f SIMP?gN, rnoBoui Lrnu.iery, on me sonuruui! nr?r, rnua 0?ooy? Wall *tr*et, New York; at4 10* Soath Front MtmC Pkiladelpkia. mar ?-ly BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-I* O coaroKATVD IMO.? Joua I. Doralmok, Pros.; M. OoCLTEl, K?'r. -Bvrt Doaoriptive pamphi*ta may b* obtained at tlu Comjaaf'i Agenoj for tbe Diitnat oTCoininbia. oAoe of L??ti Johnson 4 Co., Banker*. 10th atrMl and Pena. area??. J. w7 MAOILL. Ag"nt. Tt.R. M. fl. M*d. fcrr. il?# ?ntf LiMU,??,4A.ffl. WJW1I Molit Brauw, Bum* JACOB EKED. Huntirmn or MILITARY CLOTHING, Bovtuait Co**** Bacon a*? Brsvc* Bt*., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS POE BALE, to iz.uuu crab ap?l!raffftf tto attention <j the public to o?r three aod vt m oid ob nmottfcto tar mi fa onur to amlfc* rooa puamiii) ! ri/ lureeeea or IIMlrMaM!) fuimtcied direct froir. th? outliera nulla bj t t JOY k. MBTCALF\j DAKHRS* BUTTER IN BAI.TIMORB.-W* D can at all mmom of th j?*r tuppl> ro? w th vary fTM*of Rattar. van oImmo*. now m low aa ton msU, aoJ froai u-.uA up u> Ue l^^rteassujaski M&D10INJ&. D* "Sltlmo** UKI HOtriTAt, Ht DummtW i4< ?mi OtM. S9mdf,amd ?*J* E/mIm K???^ m <4? FOE ALL DI8RA?K0 OF IMPRUDENCK. L*r JVO FALSE DKLtTArr FKKTKNT. APPLY 1MMK0 ATKLY. A CORK WARRAXTFIK OR NO ( HA RGB, i.V FROM OHK TO TWO DAYS m4 IMIm. ItmwHT Durttlf", ibmum* SwmI! D*fc>luy, ImMMW. L*? kuw, Ca? ha? rfMtu, fSipimm 'viiltir Ti?.n > OtiBi.Ma Sifhi ?r OiMkmi, Dhmm ?f tk? Tkrm^ W? W Mm. iflclNM *f IM b?|t. kMUtk H ln?l? Hmm T?mMi OiuNmi imm| mtm Mmr? I>m? ml Tm)?itM PrtUfi u4 Bmmmi Ptwmw vkick rw <?r nfautl*. u< <wu*t tow B?4y u4 MM iu?u BapaataU? vka ka*a taum* iti itua*i( anaarj Tim, Ifcr. <rnml u< 4aatr?aii?a bilil ??? uaMll* ivitfa m U ItgtMit ftm?? ?f Twn| Mai ml <k? aaat - tMtl Minn a?4 kfillul uuIUm, ?m i?>( ht Hktrem fca *a klrud'l iiiiMM| ItMiM cut iktiliuAn af ?ni?m? a* *U?4 is iiMti i?? U?i?f IfM, say aati ?iu ml m?I Inn. UUIilB MiUlU PISIOHI at T.a?.j Ma. aatamp<a?a? Mar rtua. kau>| a vara af rtn<Mi tHlaait aifuia ?*WUMy, Mraiuaa, Ac . a(?a<Ul carad ? vni pilCft a' *) ? |i inavv w? w '? # ^?wi* ?? C?*Ma I* kta M>? a aa< rata flu hia kilt u ftfMiu urrtcc m* t lorri runux i rrun laft ten 4 ?id?f?>f lrw? Mauri ???, ? h? Ul un?i riu DM urtMrti uaiul ktum mm ? put u4 lata a raaf UK ;oBnrrua, an af ia? Ctllift IMt|Mu, Lmim rn<MM hw aa? af tkl MM Ml I >..?faa M ika tiNal luwt, 4 tka fraaiar panafwtvaaa ,if? > kaa? afaMW tM kM Bit* af Uato, fma, PtnU??ipk?a aa< aiti vk?ra, fcaa a* ta4 a*n>? af ika mat aMantaihmf carat ifcat vara ? ? hm; ?uy liNklU vitt nnftn* la tka kaa< ?<! tart vban u*aar. (raal arvavaraaa kata* alarma4 m aadtaa SlMHMMt ?onc*. Tw( Mm u< Miri vW mm w|(nl laaaaalaaa ? Wiua ladaif ?d i? ?b?i a tana -a ktN lUMtd tr+rr a?tl rmftkMM, a? 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'Hat aa tll-umad **naa of ikiai ar draa J af Iwca'ari 4tt?n hia (rmr aDDlrinff la tk^Hi vtta. fraa tdwat m . J raa^ambilnt. (?i iiMii tafnaod kir> N? tall* laita lAa iftd daaifmaf praiaadara. m%*. inopaka ef cut inf. tiok kia pacamary aaaauca kaa|- km iriitrg Math iftir mmnih, or aa l<x.f a* tka iwIImi faa mi k? *k lUMd, >1)4 hi dnptit Im>i tin witk baaiik la ai<rk a ? r hia Mlliuf d ia? (<(>?< .man t. or ba h aaa ' lh?t daaClf fMtr , Nirttry, kiitm iha ctnwitiUMtl avnjnaana at ikM tambla dwMM.HCl u Atactim a o> i<ia Ninrt Thraa.. Ma**, Ski>i .Ac r^rwwi frifkffai rapduv, nil da?if fata a parted la tna dramlfa! aafaru.fa ty aandtuf kmitikiiu dMnrtd cni tr; frowi whoaafeearae na iraaalkr nwrti Da joini<'I r<m o?'?abic kuiiim AMP IMFOTEHCT Bf IkU |rati a*.d iiaaaaau ramad? watknaaa mt ika argaaa ua apaadi.? ctrad and f?l * f*r raaiarad Tkaiaaadt a? Ike kail aarian >ad defeiltoied, wke kad last ail kepa ka'l kaar. iiaiaadiaialy ratik*kd All iraped interne l* Marnafe. Pbeetaal ? Mkau niatM'l haUmi. Lmb af Preereati*a Fewer, Neraeaa Irriiaetlt-j Trembling >ad Waafcuekker ElAeaeuer ef ike ?a> ItalM kind kpkkkdil* cerad KiinoutMUTor rat rtui TIE WANT THOUSAND* carad atlhia ,wi?M vtt??a ifca laat v?m??n fiiri, and namaraaa uupartant lint aal aparatiTfia parfartnad ky Pt. Jal.naaa, vitaaaaad ?* tVa riNnin af tha pipin cad nuly r Mum, MutM al viRt h?l >fp?ir?4 i|>m lad i|ua k?f?ra iba *a> tl< . kt Mm liMNiV'tiuui |?auiati tf (Iwntuiaal lamaa Mlttr. M a (((> ' f?in< laa ?a IM aSiaiad >?t m ? DR. i. BOVKF, DOD't* IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now Mi| uind from Main* to the Great H* t l-alre. an J the wni veraal werdict of al! who ua? t em either m a mWinaj or a? a bevrrmtt. > that thry are innrpuad in the worto |tr. IVxla ae??i them ?u oeeafuily in his practice for *5 >??ri before *? pnrchaeed of him the sole i if ht tr> maasfltctare and present th?m tor aale to the public. For the cn'e of Incipient Consumption, IuumUoc, Dm pepaia. Piles, Nervous ftiaea ea. Fema.e Com plaints. and all oaees rMimu at?nic,thn are ?? fond doubt a moat inva>uaUe r?it?dj. A aid* from their medicinal properties they are a pure. wb??ie omi and delightful Bevenne. produoiuf al. the pleaaant exhile'atint effects of Brandy or Win# without their injurious results. I?t all fnenda ?f humanity and all adrocatee of temseranee assist 7is in eahetituins thaee valnahle Wiemhle B tt*n or thf mtmtrml pmsm and athriirrlrd Li??r < Wllii which Uie oountrt is flooded. an<! Wienebj ef feo' ai<1 in ban ph.ui D:?ease anu Drabkeueee from the land. _ CHARLK* WIDOIFIKLD A CO., Proprietor!, 7"* Wil!i?w> street. N?w \ ork. l.iCHWAMZE ii?t, WuhinituB. D. C. FR I BOVKK DUDS' EKIAL GIN BITTERS, For Dimwm of the Kidney*. H adder and L'rrnary Organs, and eepooiaily for Female Of>etr?oti<>ris. never f?tl to oar*, and are warranted to five sai.s CH1RLE9 WI DDI FIELD A CO.. proprietors, 7? William et.. New York. J. SCHWARZK, je7 ly.r A*ent. Washington. D. C. III9HLV IMPORTANT TO ALL! I I MRS OOFS INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It la wall known that in the Bpnnc >re a?t to oontraot disease than at ( i m so period; a^ it is e^naliT weil-kauwn that the war to ward of disease is l> keep U>e hlo -c para, for "all the tlla that flesh is beir to, arise from impsn. R of the blood, the main spnnc of oar eaistoaoe. is. ther?6>re. important to all that thes;?ten^ uwiuc^ll T m'M PUMBN, kL'1 done IB the moat effectual *m ' ? uiiu COX'S I\DlAX thUETAbl f DE N, the beet remedy diee^vered for the o?re Bkin, Pryaieelae, Scrofula. Rh*amn ^a Debility, Ftrwi of different ktnda.l Ptmmw, Urer Comp.a.nt. and all othar 4imim arising from irapu-.ty of the blood. It bM ftki"i the moat remarkahle cures, u ean t?a shown (r nameroaa o?- t.fioates from persona of the highest isepeatabiLity and la rwonmaaM br ail who ?|re assd it aa the moot invaluable remedia. a*act the day. IT^It ii sold by ill the Dr?i(iita of Baltimore, and at Lba reetdenoe of the j^roprje?^' ^ ^ 1M East Baitim^reStreet, Netweec B<1en atreet and Central a ranee. None genuine un'eea her name it blown on the tot'le ai d her seal on the oork. fTT-Prioe ?\ eer bottle. six bottles for S AtmU. R. S T Cimo,. Drncriat, GwriMnvn. D. C.f Wbo>M*l? Atnl for th? Dii triot. uMt will soppy ti?? trtd? my rrioM. mufltr y H K ALL BVFFIOIKNV THREE ~ 1. ?t * S, KMtW 6y Koy+i Lttft Pmttui KtiiM. t*4 itcwrtd ttu 8**i* *f it fUraMM 4i ^trw, mmd tk* CoiUtt t/ No. 1 it lDTftJubie for rx.b?n?tlon, Byermi rh?p?. ?Ld a.. ?hji o* c Mh.iUn. No. 9 oompVi* j r-u otuw ail traoM of I dlMMN th*t b?vf boon hitherto trnatM) br W wwi u4 r*nuetou im of oopan* i No. 3 bw Mttr*iy nrflutM Uc r aed fnSetm. sra: a sra W' yTh* N<M.l.Stad l4i*pr?Mr^ IB U? form of a lojenff. (I#v?ld of ta?to IM nMll,ar,<1 ou boearned ib tfae watotooat f<>okoC ftoJd it tin ouM.ud<iTiM tale aoparal* C<>?e#,* Ubwii rod b? ValMM, L* imtauo. F- ex. Bioor4, A a. Prior HNtt, or war omm for f* which mtm |j, r as ^uKrx.'sr t iff .r 194 Bloocker aUeot. fo?r doon bolow MeDoaol trooi. Now York. lmi'.oc.Atoiy ob racein^f a ro n Dr. Barro will forward th? Tnooomar to any part of the w?rl4, Monro v p*"k?<-. and ad isnfr Xf'^<?ftlTi'roi?! *; SET: las toe. D. O. " - M Ha cmu, tfcofco, moapitaja. itk^raaimu or kif a? hmpau.mki.ifdlspmm to profit t>? h A?! - its ct Hi. pf Pi itati r ?ch .f With tarn* eaeomd, m p*rf?>et < uww). fur stamping A packet or PAPBft AND ENVELOPE* TO MATCa. It U? METROPOLITAN 0OOKBTOEK. UlFt.ivZWMiiirM* T. POTKNT1NU gQf) of kn frt? i> ^ nST'?nr I litoBtlM If to kii N e v Start, . j?at n <? Ln?*toB wiU %i? w old Mtt Minuror importauob. Jtleo, M ordere lor Jhr.nara, N??ri, Bails, ?M p-r*t* fartiw, wiuob will b* aarrad at iiiua la iaut?tH? atria, wiU Uf mi* ?rvm?t?aa* UN 41* ri*-v ?* ? * *? -c"~- nmi

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