Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1860 Page 1
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^??? THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, < n * * # ? 1 (firtnitig Slur. ?????? ^ V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JULY 16. 1860 N?. 2.811. i oritur oj rtyntsyivaniaavenut and 11M if., it w. d. w all ac ii. F?prr? ?erv?d in pukuH by oarriera at 94 a tear, or 37 cento per month. To mm! aubaonbera the price ia 93 5) ? year, in adrwue, 93 for atx ith'nth*; 91 for three montha; and for ieea than threenxinthefttthersteofUoentaa week. Single copies, ?? cut; m wraw?r*< two cwti. ir~^ ?-?<-> ?? - ~ - n - a* x i?saK? i* aiiua.u irv ?vai wu vno UIII00 betor* 12 o'olock m ; otherwiee they may not appear an til tfee neat day. REMINISCENCE. | WRITTEN FOR THE STAR?BY JAMRM LITTLE.] On a certain occasion, about five yearn ago, in Judge '* court, (we mean Squire ' magistrate'* office,) which had the diatinguijhed honor to hold itadiurnnl and nocturnal <ie?.?ions aomewhere within the 'legal precinc'a rtre -county of Washington, waa performed, for the first time, in thi* city, as the manager* aay. a serio-comic burletta, rich in incident, and replete with wit and humor. All the ilramntif p*r.*onrr who figured in this judicial VAtia*agnus* are noil Kuuwn IU inemseiVt.?, II not to the community; and, therefore, without farther orchestral preliminary, we will ring up and go on. It was the first day of April, a significant lay in the calender, and our representative of the sword and scales was seated on his bench in the efficient exercise of his functions, wh^n an exasperated scion of the memorable Ham rushed in, all boiling with hi* wrongs, and charged another twig of the "ebo-shin and guiard-fooC ancestor with having threatened to flick him. The Judge, in the exuberance of his forensic wisdom, immediatelj issued a I nited States warrant, (the Government oaid. aj. and paid well, too. f<fr all sorts of United States warrant! in those golden days,) charging the defendant with having on the first day of April, in the county aforesaid, with malice prepense, threatened to flick hiin. the complainant, against the peace and quiet of the <ioverninent of the United States. The Judge had hardly affi xed the J P. to his sign-manual when a dozen hungry constables simultaneously clutched at the precious document, knocking urer the inkstand, which emptied its turbid contents upon the upper portion of his honor's trousers The warrant, which had been directed to any qualified constable, was finally, after a desperate struggle, secured by the strongest official, and this victor, with his sjoil. immediately left the office, and presently fp111 rnArl hrintvin# tKa ano p.q.I ui , VI tugiu^ > UW ?VV anvu , T* U'J IUOIOIOU upon a trial in.-tanter At this crisis of affairs, the r>ootor, who generally practiced at the bt+r in Judge s circuit, came into court, and hi3 invaluable services were instantly secured for the defence As all the parties were present and ready for trial, the ca&e was opened; and xinid profound silence was read the charge, to which the defence pleaded not guilty The Doctor now rooe. with the bearing of the immortal Webster when about to argue an intricate law-point before the Supreme Court of the United States, and addreesing old basin-head, (for suoh was the nam de plume of our modern Mansfield,) said : ' May it please the court: The prisoner at the bar stands, or rather sits, charged before this honorable tribunal?I will not say solemn tribunal, because that obese constable there ha." his hat on?charged with having threatened to flicl-t-o f-l-i-c-k, to flick, that ii the I verb?the man upon whose information and I _ l l 1 C I I u?ia ion cnarge nas ue?u preierreu ?>ow, eir, this strange accusation is, on the very face of it, and in the manner of its sateineut, futile, imbecile, and without any foundation either in law or in equity; and I here, in this inceptive I etage of the investigation, pronounce it untenable and without even the inoet remote coruscation of meaning. I have never, in all my extensive reading, met with the word flick. Would your honor, therefore, vouchsafe to intimate in what edition of your vocabulary may be found the word flick '?for it is a singular fact that in the forty-odd thousand words of which the F.mrlink linraam is cnmnnutrf thia B B B [ 1 word does Dot appear in any of tbe ten classifications I have searched the records of antiquity, dived to the very bottom of belles lettr<*. raosacked, ay. ransacked all the archives <>f learning, and I cannot find that the word flick belongs to aDy language which was ever spoken by the human tongue Let us see how it would conjugate as a verb active-transitive, which part of speech it is intended to be used in this warrant. I Jiicl him, thou fiicktut him, he JticJLs him. Now let us hear how it will eound in Latin, the language of scholars. Flico, flic**,Jlieat?-Jlifmmus, totalis, fli cant. It is evident that to conjugate this verb through all its moods, tenses, participles, gerunds and supines, would certainly break ordisloeate any ni?n,a i a w. Krmnr At All fiTAfltJI chiisa him tn stutter for the remainder of his natural existence. The fact is, sir, I am really at a loss to understand anything at all about the application of this mystical exotic. Perhaps your honor's literary penetration and sagacity may throw some illumination upon this benighted subject, and enable you to classify the word in question, and define its meaning. I pauue for your honor's ecclaircisstment. ' I will state," replied his honor, '-that although I am not blessed with learning, and indeed I might say that I now apeak without education, yet': If your honor will permit me, I will state that a similar event occurred in Balaam's time." interrupted the doctor. 4,Yet," continued the *oi dixant imbodiment of jurisprudence, "common sense teaches that flic* meaus flog." " Then, sir, jour preceptor jis an egregious an ase as jour honor, et BaJaami* ajtinns erat nuUor judex. Your honor, I believe, is not acquainted with the classics." * No, but I am familiar with the scriptures,'' responded the exponent ot transient judiciaU." ' In that ca?e jour honer rnu't perfectly understand the allusion which I hare ju?t made to a certain long-eared quadruped, an account ?>f the colloquial ability of which may be found ?.i that portion of the Bible denominated Numbers. I decidedly incline to the opinion that there was a <ad mistake made when you were placed on the bench, for you were evidently cut out for the desk; and, consequently, as your knowledge of law U confined solely to the Moeaic jurisprudence. which hai no bearing at iui upon the caae at issue, I insistthat you will immediately, II dov sooner, ouiarge my cueni, and 1st biiu go flickering on the wings of Kb?qr" Here the doctor paused, and, after removing from his face the excretions caused by the action of the cuticalar pores, looked inquiringly at the bewildered justice, who, with a knowing smile, declared : ' Wbj, doctor, you hare just used the word flickering yourself." 4 Fltelert nr. UIT it nleaM t ho nnurt in a. ? ? -Q ' # I ' participle from the verb to Jtirler, which is derived from the Teatonic Jligheven, and mean*, not to flog nor to bray, but to flutter aa *ome bird* do with their wings when in the act of flying So your honor will have pereeived that between flicker and flick considerable diaerimination muat be made; the former ia entirely different in iU orthographical, etymological, synthetical. proaodical, and, I nay ana. perspicuital application from the latter, which has no grammatical position in any language living or dead . The doctor delivered thia response with a bearing that convinced all present of the profound ignuraD'-e of the oourt "Well, doctor, I believe after all that you are right: and m you have shown that there fa no aucn word aa flick, thia warrant must fall, I r *L # MTm f ---- ? J - - * ? ? nuu i morcivrv uuuiim io^cmc, ueciaM D1S honor. And thus ended the judicial farce U~7~ Late letters frwr Utah announce Brigham Young'saafe return from big big plc-nlc. He we, t In style did Brig ham. Tl? company oouupled twwtv-ili carriages, seven wagons, and "a r*?prwle cavalcade of horsenaen," for the ar' ommodatiou of -'one hundred and sixteen souls including eighteen ladies and few children " The historian of the plc-nlc speaka very highly of Cart. Valley It Is said to b<- the Inest valley any of the company ever saw in this country or In Europe ITT" A Vienna letter in the London says a gnat an? bar of Irishmen continue to pass through Vienna or. tnele war to fries'*- and An c .a* fud writer aaya tinny of ti.ern with to return to their faumr* but (Uey art- ?Wi *cd to go ? n Uiilaijr, M they have uo money with which to P*7 Ux** OLpmmm hachto Koglm*. .1 -i < 7 f .1 . Mf "THE tOCNG WARRIOR*." [WRITTBI r<)B THE STAR.] Far the substantial accuracy of the following story I can truly vouch, a* one of the parties is intimately known to me. The tragic scene, while it affords a true development of the in- j dividual suffering and horrors incident to war, especially to border wars, discloses traits of youthful courage and presence of mind eminently worthy of public record : "Towards the close of the late war with in 1 a - * ... m icm oriinm, in tou or 1314, when ttie American arm? had been m> far victorious as to nlarm and intimidate the Indians on the frontier, they acceded to a proposition to meet Ameri< can Commissioners at Greenville, Ohio, for the purpose of making a treaty of peace, and of indemnities The British authorities in Canada, learning the intelligence of this contemplated Convention, became anxious to prevent as many of the tribes disposed to attend it as pose:ki~ e?J-: ? ? - ** * A aiuio nuui uuiiig su. ror mis purpose tnej detached a force of Canadian savages, commanded by a F re nth Canadian officer, whose object was to intercept a tribe of American Indians and overawe tnem from proceeding to (ireenville. This scheme soon became known to the military authorities of the United States on the frontier. They promptly ndopted measured to counteract the project of the enemy. They selected a lad about sixteen years of age, (who was afterwards a Paymaster in the Army, to which place he was promoted : ho died in Detroit. October 21st, l&ill.) the son of a respected native of this country, who had enjoyed the conGdence and good-will of the Indians all his life The father hnving died, they transferred their attachment to tiie son. This boy, ; l i < - * _ ? - muiing miuxeu wun a scalping knife, tomahawk, market and ammunition, engaged as his companion a half-breed, the nephew of the Canadian commander of the hostile Indian force, somewhat older than himself, and proceeded from Detroit to visit the friendly Indians and to induce them, by hi' hereditary influence, to proceed on their mission to (ireenville, as well a* to warn them again.-t the meditated attempt of the enemy to intercept them. The twu lad.' marched with celerity, umidst trying dangers and difficulties They passed a Pottawatomie village, with the aboriginal inhabitants of which the American lad was a great favorite. These Pottawatomies were aware of the movement of the Canadian Indians, and after the two lads had left, in pursuit of the business which they had been dispatched. they became apprehensive that their youthful favorite and his companion might be massacred bv the hostile force, anrl thArwfnrA ?ent a number of their warriors after them for the purpose of affording them protection. Before the generous allies overtook them, the two boj* had began to cross a river in a eanoe. and on the opposite shore of which had just descried a detachment of the savage enemy But it was too late ' They were ordered by the Canadian commander of the detachment to como on ?hore and surrender themselves. Fuigmng submission, our young heroes, as they approached the enemy, whose commander was advancing towards them alone, came to the determination to sell their lives dearly, and not to be taken alive, if captured at all. They formed the plan of walking up as near as possible with safety to the Canadian officer and shooting him dowu on the spot, each pledging himself to the other to fire simultaneously. As they came near to him the half-breed discovered that the officer was his uncle. For a moment he fluttered: but reinspired by the determined spirit and energy of the American lad. ho marched fearlessly towards the commander. Within a few step* of him he demanded an immediate surrender of themselves and arms. They looked around them, and perceivod that the hostile savage detachment were stationed on the brow of a nill about fifty yards distant. They felt their perilous situation; but, with undaunted firmness and desperate resolution, they told the Canadian officer not to come any nearer to them, if he did they would certainly kill him. At first he laughed at them, for he could not suppose it possible that two boys, neither of them eighteen years of age. would in the face ? C ~ 1 - J - A I 4 f -- ui large aetacnincDi 01 me savage enemy, who were burning with resentment and flushed with hope, dare execute their threat. Finding that they were in no wine intimidated by the dangers which on all sides surrounded them, the Canadian commander resorted to the bold expedient of moving towards his youthful adversaries, and throwing open his bosom defy ing them to (ire at him. at the same time rais ing bia sword to cut down the young American. In thU act of striking they both shot him (trough the heart, and he fell at their feet; t>ut such was the presence of mind of the young American in the fearful circumstance*, and uncertain whether the officer was certainly dead, that to render "assurance doubly sure"' and to prevent the possibility of his calling out to his detachment to fire on them, be turned the butt-end of his musket and with it broke at one blow the neck of the enemy whom they hid shot. At this instant the friendly Pottawatomies providentially appeared on the opposite shore of the river, gave a tremendous yell, and rushed across the stream with the rapidity of lightning. The savage enemy, by this time apprised of the fate of their commander, and seeing the rapid approach of the Pcttawatomie*. took to flight. The brave lads were saved, and proceeded on their journey, amidst perils scarcely less imminent than the one they had just escaped, and effected the /if tkoir niSamnn A Tka * ? "** ' ^ ?- ? u<yw? v? vuuit UIIOOIVU A UV H CH J Ul \J I COU" ville was signed and ratified, peace was restored with the Indian tribe*. Tbe intrepid young American, left a penniletw orphan by the death of hi* parent and the disastrous effects of the war, lived to educate and bring up a large family of sisters by his own exertions, and still live*, in affluence, to enjoy the society of that family, respectably established in life, and to i see the savage wildernees where he was cradled and matured under the uplifted tomahawk, in state of high cultivation and blossoming and blooming like the rose. * They were sent by the Hon. Lewi* Cans, the present Secretary of State, then Governor of Mi<?hiiran I ty It ia a rale in Paris that every tenant of a hired bouse or <uit? of rooms must gire a long notice before he quits, and that from the da'e of the notice the apartments must be hown to all persons desiring to see them. Young Alexander Dumas has lately been sadly anaoyed by the working of this rule. His landlord, either from spite or to enhance the value of the house, placed this advertisement in the papers: " For rent at $800 a year, a handsome small ? i n? ? ? oum wiui a |iraan. nue ue Boulogne .No 10. at present occupied bj Monsieur Alex. Dumas, jr. Apply Rue de Blaqch, No. 72." Every idle man, woman, and child in Paris haa ran thither to Me the author's honse?to see how it was furnished?to see whether it be true that it was cheaply furnished?to see if t -aces coold be detected there of the other sex; astray veil, an errant bonnet, a forgotten drew. ('nnnMiiinntlv hn driven In hiro ?n.,tK?r lodging till hi? old one iu let. Hkat amd Cold as Disinfectant*?At the National Sanitary Convention, In Boston, Dr. Harris read a paper on "Heat aa a disinf-cUnt ' It appeared that tbe boiling of clothea expoaed to inrecUo* had proved aa rtttitat disinfectant The bating of nospltal wards by common stoves t > one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit, for two 4tys, had eradicated infection Dr Harris r to-red to his own experience in (Quarantine Hosp ml. and a bo wed that the washerwoman avoided li lection by boiling tbe clothea before washing. When this waa not done every washerwoman caught tbe disease. Heat applied to clothing and r?ina had prod need tbe same t fleets in acarLrt kVM lnd DthM ilflMiflt Hit fthto9Wmt\nm K??l bown that at-arly ail fabrics would bear a higher d agree of heat than was required for complete dtalnfectlon. The legislature of New Hampshire bra pisvrd an act providing penalties for the adulteration of food, liquors, and medicljwa A goad i mov* ^ British Stat* Bai.i, ? Queen Victoria jf*v? a State Hall at Buckingham Palace on Friday evening, June 22 Among the Americana present were Mr Dallas, Mrs Dallas. and theMiss?*s Dalla>, Mr and Mrs John Bigelow. Miss tilnnell, Mr Robert C Wlnthrop. Mr. William Everett, Mr Wm. C Rives, Jr., Maj. S. G Barnard, Mr. William B Lawrence, Miss Lavracs, Miss Cornelia Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Hutterfleld, Miss F l.vman The Queen wore a black silk drw? with a deep flounce of black Nottingham lace trimmed with lilacs and green leaves, and ornamented with diamonds; with a head-dress composed of a wreath of lllaca and vreen 1mm and diamonda. Tbe Prlncef* Alice wore a drraa of white tulle, ov^r a rich white glace, atuddfd wltb panatea and bowsi of black velvet, which looked very pretty, and her head-drtas wan form?d of panaiea and diamntida All tbe foreign F.inbarsadora and their attendant* and wlvea were Srecent, together with an irnuienae tratherin< of uk*?, marqitiaea. earl*, viacounta. lord*, right honorablea, honorable*. minitt-ri. lira, barona, general*, colonela, Ac. Thk Pown or Mxdicink onta Dmkask.? We know of no h?tt>p 111 /.f ?ki? >? the wonderful etf'ecta of the Oxygenated Hitters, In eradicating from the human system dyspepsia and all functional disease* of the stomach, and restoring impaired digestion It is no new remedy. I>n years of trial by the public has established it as a standard medicine ; and no family in the country should be without it as a safe ana sure remedy with both sexes in all ages In our large cities it has been much used by the regular physicians, and is Indorsed by some of the strongest certificates from well-known Individuals For sale by all the druggists?Weekly fn'ovellette. 1" S Stkamkr Powhata* ?A letter from an officer, dated at Valparaiso. J tine *2, mentions the arrival of th?? Powhatan at that place on the lsti>f June, In fifteen days from Panama. After a detention of several days to tike In coal and oilwr mippiiPR sne would sail for the lulled State#, stopping only at SI. Catharine's. She is not exj>ected at Philadelphia until the 15th of August. The officers and crew were In good health. A MKSi WINSLUW) *-N K.iperienoed Nurse and Female Pnysioiac presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING 8VRUF. Far Children Teething, Whisk (Kill? facilitate tht fr?tm ( laatbirf, k? aa'taa l&| tha (Siva, radicinf all tolamroausu?will allay AL1ra i? and apaaioadu actian, and a uuti TO HEUULATE THE BOWELS D?p?nJ ?per It, mbiri, it will fi?a raat I* RELIEFAND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W# (-.?? pit ?p and aold tbi* amela for o?ar tin yaara.ajjU r?? ?*t,iifcowrin?r?clANDTRfTHof it, what wa ba?? na?ar baao ahla v? :a*y of ao? OTH1I Mtdiciua-UBvB* mk*>. j Ha? it f* I lid, IH 1 IIIKLI IW- TO irflct & cl'll, W ll?LUW 9 wban limalj ?aad. Navar did va know inilTUIIVn w inatanca of diaaatiafaction by any on a woo aaad it. Od tba contrary, all aro SYKI P, dalifbtad with ita OPBRATIO!**, and laptnk in tirma of bifbaat eommtndaiion of ita magical oB?'U and madical tiribm. ?? apaal in .nil mauar " what w ? do inow," tflartia yaara' axparianca. anD ninal Ol'l RirUTlTIOK FOB t hI h'lfilmist OF WHAT VI hiki PICLAP I In iliSMl ***ry inttanc* whara in* infant > ?ufiarInf from p*in and aihaaatiou, r 11 f ?ili ba found in Iftaao r twanty ruii.ataa aft*r iha ?r u p adminiat*r*ri Thia preparation la in* praacription of ma *f tha raaai lirimiKCIli *nd SIILFUI. Ni non iu Na* Knflaad, andhu baan ?? J with nit?r-failii?w il'cclil is THOUSANDS OF CASES. It n?t *nlf ralia*aa th* child fr*m pain, bm ln?if?rn*a tk* ai*mnch and bowal*, corracta acidity, and fi<aa tan* and anargj to th* whol* *y*t*rn. It will aliooat iiiatanlly r*lia?a Griping is the Boweli and Wind Colic, and avtrcom* eon'olaiana, which, if net ap*?dily ramadicd and in daath. Wap oin |baln?? it tha ??*T * i* ? ii bit n k ni- **wrv tDTiiithl WORLD imiicMti of on- CHILDREN iitiii mJ Dim rm<ea IN CHIL- TCICTHING d*,h? whatbar U nm Irim mifcmp or from aii? Otf<at caaaa. W would nj to ?arj iinuhar who haa a child aaffannjr from any of tha furaroiug conpUuu?do wot l*t TOUR PRCJt'DICtl, iron THI FDlJl'DICll OF ATHM1, aland haiaraan yocr laffannr child aod tha rtiiaf that will ba ICtl?y aa, a?lo Ll'T *L Y 11**1?to follow tha cat of tii madieina, if tiiraly uaad. Fall (liractioi a fjr aainj will > eonipan v aach hottia N joa (anaini anlaaa tha fae-aimil* CCRT1S * PKRKISS.Nia York, la on tha oataida wrapp* cd by Prufinta throarhoat tha world. Principal OlSet, No. 1> CadM Strati, M. Y Prica MiliU Canta par ?a ll-dlwlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS f\ FOR HARPER'S FKRRV. V/N And after July 3d. lien, t ti ?> steamerL. J. Brengle, Captain W. H. Rittir. will _IT "* fcleave Georgetown EVERY TL'ES tt.-? DAY, THURSDAY,and SATUR DAY, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day , at 6 o'olock a. m. On t'.e Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to J?hepherd?town. je 21 3m POR HARPFR'S FfRRY ,-CHAXGE OP r DA YS.?On and alter July the steamer A.NTKLOFK, Capt. H J. Wklli<,carrying the United mail. wi{J cave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDN ESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m.. and return every Tuesday, Thurnday and Saturday. N. B ?Every \\ ednemlay the Antelope will run through to Shephwdi'own. je 6-2in* 1 tfk JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBUS. NVHISKY, (assorted.) iao do. HER RING a*>d A LEW IVES, is do. KKFINED SUGARS, Ml lihds. PORTO RICO Sl'GARS, 6 bbla.( Bayfield) WHITE_FI-H, 2A ItAXMI n 1 I mu v.? at mm t ? LI 1- L'kJL" ... _ r. ?jwa*0i u vii r< r.rT<. For sale low Wy JOHN J. BOGl'K, je 8 Georgetown, P C. AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN t\ GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Amenta for the ?aie of the above ot<l*hrated and wen known FI-ATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! Dupply oonatantly on hand and for sale at lowest >a'es. HAY and COAL 9CALE8 erected in any part of the Distriot or adjoining couutiea. All Scales are warrauted durable, arourate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je g 2m Bridge atreet 2 doors w?st of H irh. I^RANDELL, OPTICIAN. No. 148 Bridtt *?., & tort* trwn. Hu oonstantl* on hand a large assortment ot Frenoh Near-signted. Periscopic, f!nlored, and a.r. other 9IJECTA?TLKS, of*J* tiie b?it 4na.1tT.iD jgold. silver. steel,iand German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new 2 u<n set in them to order. no 1*-1t J OS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brtdge and J-fferson jli., Geornttoten. Having given hit personal attention to this bt&noh of mj business, I am prepared to.? ?. attend to all oatls with promptness Persona from a distance oan be supplied at a '*w minutes' notme. as 1 have a large assortment of CuFFINS always on hand. radicular attention paid to the removal of the dtad from the cid to tit? new burial (round*. Hearaei and Horeee for hire. ap W-6m MASHEY. COLLINS St CO.'S PHI LADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are ooneUntl; reoeivlng freeh supplies oftheaboredelightful beverage, and invite all persona who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to cive it a trial. ARNY k. ftHINN, AjenU, f? ? 4T flreen ?!.. Georgetown. I. M. SIMfiFR * rn GREAT REDUCTION In Pricks or SEWING MACHINES! The Machine* are acknowledged the beat in use, I for family tewing and manufacturing pur-pouea. Family Machine 540 I Letter A (for family or light manufacturing purpose*) ..... $5A Singer No. 1 .$90 Singer No. J $l?o Twist, Needlea, Cotton, Oil, &o. WM. H.GLOfER. No. 388 Pmmtlvmu At., Je 20-lm Under National Bot?l. ?hq thkonlvplacb ^aam^sult the times. HARVEY'S Pith and Oyeter Exprea*. arriving daily from the North aud south with the following dehcaciea: SEA BAS< HOG pH, SPOTS. BLACK FI"*H, TAILORS. BLUE FISH. LOBSTER*. HARD and SOFT CRABS CLAM? A?. And a constant supply of Florida Reef OR KEN wtinmi ?3 ?-? *- ** tffifeiftvTTgR? "."1 SSRi'SlTB SV. their ad vantage lQ t=lr* me a call before to market. ? 1 have every facility to cell lower than can be had in the eity. , . All orriera thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the oity free of charge. Depot?941 C etreet, between 10th and I lth. ja felm T.J4.HARVEY. A feat. fl>C-A PERFKCT, NKW. ROSF.WdoD? I / ' oase, iron-frame, beaatifal tone PIaNO Ltfared for $175, foi a few days, at JOHN K. tLJtf f ORVt ENT, from half a dollar to ? Fir month. Aieo, great bargain! ia Seoond hand AUCTION SALES. Bv A. liHKRN, Auctioneer. THWKK'SALKOFA PAR Tor A TRACT I OF LAN Doa.!ed "Peter's Mill S**at," ?itu\ted in the ooantv of V\ a*hirgt<n uu the Piney Branch Road, and atxjiTftn?e miles from th?? oitj of WHkinyton, l*in? apart of the troperty known as the Piney Branch Trottine Coarse." By virtue of two do<*d? of trust, one bearine date on or about th*9th day of Aiiia?t, I&5C, and reoorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 1A*, folios 3*<\et s?-q.. On* Ol the An i rsnririia nf thu AnUnft nf VV aakm* I ton, in the District of Columbia, and the other bearing dat- on or about the 14th day of May I851, and reworded in Lib?r J. A. S.. No. 177. 'olio* 4*4, et acq., aiao one of the land record* of ?a>d county, 1 will prooccd to a*il at public auction to the high *t bidder, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of Auru ?t, 1W0 at half-put 6 o'clock p. in., on the premise*, "all that part of a traot of land called '''etei** Mill Seat/ situate, lying, and being in the oountv of Washington, in the Diatriot of Colombia, and on the we?t?ide of the Pm?y Hranoh road, oontain^d within th^following met** and bound*, U> wit: Becinbing^or the am'* at a ?tone, No 4, planted in the ve*t line of said road, for the no'the*?t corner t>f a lot of *a.d land laid MI'to Hay* ^p ak man?an<i running from thence north aixtf-one and n naii ornrro, *ni nrry six ann lorty-foor hondredths aerobes. with Ppe'kman's north line, tn a ton*, No. 3, at the northwest corner of$pe\k man's larger lot and the the h'ginnmg of hi* smaller lot. then' running north thirty and a half degrees, east twenty eight and a ha.f perohrs to a ?take in the sooth line of a ro*d twenty five feet wide, and w th the east lire of 3p<-akman's swal er lot, where is planted a atone N<>. 5; thence ruining sooth sixty <>ne an<l a half degrees, east fifty nine perches and four and one hnn tredth of ap?rch to a stale* in the west line of the P.ney Biach road; thence with said west line of said Piney Branch ro\<i in a straicht line to the place of beginnin*, ?*o Uining t?n M'M aud thirty six perches of land, * more or less; together with the improvements thereon, which oonsistofauew. spacious, and well-hui t t?e story Frame Dwelling house, stabling, sheds, and out hou*es. I erms of sale: One third cash; the balance mfi .. .l id r... ?< l. ?i mm 1 * ?*" wiiion iiif/ purcnwr wi f r?f* r^quired to *ive hi* notes t>earinc interest f.nm the day ?<f sale, and aeourcd by a deed of trust upon the pre-"is?s. Should the pur?li%F"r f*il to comply witli the term* of *a'e within five day* afW the da? of sa e, th? tru?te> r*??f?rv? the nsh". to rese I ?a'rf pr.ip erty, at the rink ?nd <v>?t of ttoe defaulting puroba ser. upon Kivinc five ilftys previous pnhicnoiec by advertisement. in ?onie newspaper published in the city of Washingt n, of the time. plac?. ami tortus of such re-am. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. R. H. LASKFY. Trustee. jy 13-eoAds A GRKKN. Amt. MARSHAL'S SALE ?In Virtue of two writs of fieri tficias. issued from the Clerk's office of me circuit uourt or ttie IJlstrict of Colnir.hia- I?>r th? connty of Washington, and to ino dinct><f. I w.ii expose to paldio ?a:e. f?r rwh, in f> ?>nt of the court house door of said count*, on MONDAY, the 9th day of July ne*t. 186f>. at 12 o'o.ock m., the following property, to wit: All defendant'* right, Utle. o ami and interest id aud to Lot No. i, in Square No 618, mi the city of Washington, L) C., together with all and ainco nr the improvements tuereon, seized and levieo upon as the propertv of Andrew Rottiwell, and wii! o? so.d to natiatv Ju dicta s Nos 2<4 and 215, to October term 1B50, in favor of Pheipa & Kingman. W. 5KL.DEN, U- S. Marthal for the District of Columbia, jo 13 dt<* IO-THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED u til FRIDAY, the tf'th uistant, Mm? h?>ur and plao?. W. HELDKN, jy 9 dts U. S. Marshal A 1 ARsHAl/SSAKE.-In virtue of a writ of fieri i"l facja*, i?f ued from the Clerk's offioe of the t-ueuit Court of the Oiatriot of Co umliia, for the oour ty of Wanhiutton, and to "ie directed- I will expo <e to pui'lio n?'e. lor oash, in front of the court houve d'tor of laid county, on SAll'KDW, the tflth (lay of Jui? next. 186 . at 2 o'clock tu , the foil-wing property, to wit: All defendant'# right, title, cam, ana interett in ai.d to a certain dwellu i hou?? erected on |?oteight(8)andthe?outh ni' et?en (19/feet four (4) tnch?? on Lot nin?, (9> in ?f<iar? uunibered tnree hundied and aeventy-aeven. (STJi in the citT of Waahiot ton. I). C , neixed and lev led upon aa the proo> rt? of Ju lut Viedt, and wil t>e rol4 to aa'iafy Judiotala. >o 330 to October teim ii?57, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D. HOOVKR, Late U. S Marshal for Diatriot Columbia. je38-dta .1 ]\1ARJ*HAL'S SALE.?lu virtue "fa writ of i"I fieri facia*. Waned from the Clerk'* i loo of the Cirouit Co?rt of the District of Columbia, for the county of Wanhington, and tome d<reoted. 1 will expoae to pablio sale, fur oaab. in front of the oourtliouse door of said county, on SATUR HA V, the 281 - day of J uiy next. 186J, at 12 o'olook m., the following property to wit; All defendant'* richt, title, o'aim, and interest, in and to a oer'ain buil<im* erected on Lot No. eix (Bun Square No nine hundred *nd forty nine laid down in the plat of the oity of Washington. aeized and levied upon a* the oroperty of Al>el Ortega- *nd wiill-e old to natiafy iudioiala No V6, to October terra 1856 in favor of John Pnrdy. J. D HOONfcKR. UUl'.S M.r.t..! ft-- ?!.- n,?-~l. WW wuwl H'l m V ViOtliVt VI WlUIIIUIft je 28 dta T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZFN9 OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. Ao. Whertat, At the present season of the year CHOLKRA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOL1C, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. Ao., Ac., prevail to an alarming extent: < .. ,i . J1?U u-ricrcu^i It must be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know ?f A REMEDY at onoe Sa/?, Sptrdy, and Efitariovi, DK. MONTARDE, or Pari*, offari hit MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER &a thn mo?t CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY' FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aatufy THE PUBLIC that no imposition i? inter d*l in the aale of thia Great M'-dioine, THE MONEY WILL BK KEPLNDKD vn all tasti whf n the medioine tail* to give entire satisfaction. Ask, thf n at any Drug Store for DR. JVIONTA ROE'S MIR ACCI.oUS PAIN KII LER, take m direot?d, and if not perfectly satisfied, Return to our Agent, D. B CLARK, ESQ , 4>? Street %nd Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refui.d your money. Prioe?9ft and 50 Cent* per Bottle. For vale at all Drug Store* everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL. General Agent, Jy 11-eolm Baltimore^ Look out for paint AT wo. iixSKVh.NTH 9TKBtT. Four Doors Soutk of Odd Ftltews' Hull. H. W. HAMILTON-has opened a PAINT SHOPand PA I NT STORK on the New York plan, where can always be found PAINTS, OILS, GI.ASS, BRUSHES, fto.. Ao.,at wholesale and ****' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. Aiin Bi'CKirt with Biuinu to Loan ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sun, Ornamental Painting arid Graining. Stained and Enamelled Glass of all kinds always on hand, or furtished at short notice. He warrants MaU*faction in all work entrusted to his care, and is confident that hr iiAn (ill Hrnrlr * ftkaaa if -Iimm. " ? - ? ? v. ? uu V>I- wjn It MV? VII' ?poi f *IIOIl ant other aftabhehiiient in thia city. Give him a oafl. Uon't for jet the number?it it 314 Seventh ?tre*t. maio-tf PUTTY 18 DOWN. NHIlW YORK AND W AS HI N6TON STEAMSHIP LINK. The Steamer MOUNT VKRNON will law Alexandria ?lJ Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY. at y*FktTi> o'olook p. in., and New York for Wuk ncton ever? Saturday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at an j time before the hour of the steamer's depart ore. N. B.?in the event of the steamer* inability to oroea the bar m oonae^aenoeoflow water,allfnoda will bejroraptly lightered to and from the steamer uj uiv ntaereignoa. For freight or M>ly to MORGAN ft RHINERART, o?-8.MftTtr WNtorn Whurm f\J j? WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS* TO 1 ~ 13. inform the public aud his friends that he ha* on hand a large stock of MarMe Mantel*, quit* a new style. Also Monument Head Stones. TaWe Tops. Ao.. which he hae to dispose of at prions to suit the tiroes. Also, Brown Atone co- slant 1? kept on hand, numbers' work promptly attended to. maa~3meo Pa. nr.. bet. 18th and 19th sts. D? NOTICE. I ERSONB P?lining haanekseptng or karing a surplus of houeah >14 Meets oau find ready sale by oalling at ar Knrmsluag Store. 448 7th street, between (3 ?Ji?f U mtrmm*. mm - -> ?-**? *nnoi.*n ruohi.v. of all itilea and aisaa. AIao, Nnnl oMU other m?k?e, for aaJ? at fap'orr anoea, aiTTTTl th5J''111VenoT_'AKXZoK*?TTr? *??c Stora. *<wad-h?i>d Piano* is boat order, ohaapX ? ?? SUMMER RESORTS. C'ARLI%LK | Tb* favorit* r*?ort for W1IITK SULPHUR SPRINGS, Mountain Air. lnngora Cl'M BER L AN n CO.Ivvil ^Inatrt'fim.m'.. Ptmiy/ttiiiii. ' uo?t ?o?i?j and a iTaM?. Arc0XM0?4Ti0X? r?m p0r particulars send too bf CVcular. "* OWKNP, OI.KMPF.N<r r? i? ?c r ?? v on i cn,ii j i-un. i i."? a ' iik"' nr.i%. j? 7 low I Carliilt Srrtntt. Pa. At the wJ?^ii'ngt(?nl!j\ notion* b. a o. r. r. Pax?ensers for the WpiI liai-e plectv of time to Rrrakfact at thi* place. Three o' r?inR . . A 1 roema \et unoocupted. which will be t? t to ycXky piuver In i-ileri on lair term* TiiuJj^BUL place i? un.tva ed for comfort and convenience jjr !3-7t* J >1 l.ilWK, Propn. tor. Schmidt s summer garden.?on sixth t/cet, between O and Louisiana av..i . . i may l>?* found at all times one of tlie inmtflTRf popular, renal, urliane. and intelligent XLJBLaL kcKtauiant Ke?*p?r*, who l ack* np hi* reputation with LAG KK IlKER from the Citr or Mkothie- ! i t l.nrt i'hHudelnhi* ?-,th r* iMllt's r,..m ' the choicc*t vtnoya-d* of Franoe ; wilh WINKS unexcelled on the hkll* of the Rhine; <i?<i with an article of U'll |SK Y winch *na.-k* *tron?'y of the 1 true flavor of the Mononcahela and Boiirhon Palatable ax either of ttieac mil he indi vidualiy, he ha* nought to make thorn wtill more ao t?y the erection th? rear ground* of hi* favorite entablement of a apaciou< Artior, whore his giifata by day may enjoy the cool br<Mrie ani lx> free from ."of* 1 too anient ray*; and, at "the witching hoyr of ' nicht," ?uarl h** iee-oool l,ac?r without fear of ' having their enjoyment dampened b\ the falling d"w. Such inducement* will, dauntless. rau?" ' many oi mir readers to drop in and t\k? a note < if nothing elac.iand, most likoly . many ol tho?j who go will imacain. In addition tr all Ihi*. !?? ha* en*a*ed the Pro* , peri liroiheiK and their associate* to di*cour*?'th?'ir | choicest pieces of music K*?*ry >Vtdne*day and Saturdat evening. jy 10-lwi ITAUQUIER VVHITK SULI'HI R SPRINGS. , a. i The*e Spring*--!** mi!e? we?t i>f Y\a*hmctox ?ta , now op?n ror the reception o| vi<itora. I . . A I The auhaoriher. having bAAome the pur ohAHr-r, wil! m&ke ever? eff ort-wi'h o.>m ^JLi patent a?*i*tau'a. to regain their formet -.juts < tinl, I Kates -50 cent* p?r metl. *1 >' p*r "la*, f ?er i wr*-k; ?yi per c* *udar month; ?> for 2 iti?m tna; | children over 2 and under 12 tear* ami colored *er vant* hair prioe; white aei vaut* lourtha; hortes .? cents per day ' Direr t WarroUon Spring* ' jy Vllt ROB'T HTimiN. WASIIINti roN CITY GARDEN. I K,RN>r LOKFFl.KR. Proprietor. JVew York avemu4, bttietfn Ul and 34 st?. In cal'ing the attention of the p?h!ieto?y ground* ' I aritn ,.i l t? t>. that ???< r K ? ? ? ? * ? ?. A A ma-Je to make 1)ii> ''Retreat" f attractive every day. Mondays the Ua* | ' '"l | dens are open to the publio Ire* of charge?a oono- rt ci veil by a select l>and. Thosedesiring towrjoy the dancrt and watt *i I find the ^Icou in complete | order to render pleasure to all. On oth?-r days tlie propu??tor will ibeerfuiiy grant th? u?e of the < (rounds for school or other Fio Nio Fa ties without charge. hor the ammrnwnt orohi!dren h? has introduced 1 a number of little game*, never before seen in this O'tf, and chlooiated at the same time to amuse the ' "old folks." IX. K.?Attached i? my Bottling Kstah!ish>n ct, and families oan be mipplird with art qnant;t? at < their reaioeuoe. of that h?a titfui driufc, LA<*t-K UKKR. upon short notion. * je I s im ' VN A LOST AN RKTRKAT~ On Ami??t*> Island, Orpo\ite Utfrrftovcn and Waikintten The anbaenbera having .caaed for a term of yeara J tfci* hfauMtu' and romantic spot, o?*a it for tne aooommo'lation of the puMio onjfmw ( the i'.stila) of May. lHho. For beauty ul^fi.1 < aceuery, a??lmhtfu 1 proirer.a-W. fiahmc. to . t?- ; lie* i.a luperior wat?-r. it la unaurpatted in the Union. 1 The Home in argear.d coir.*nodiooa. havinr been entirety renovated it haa a large iMncirc raloou attaohed to the houae. b?t d? a Ununr an 1 Dreaainc K oonm f(>r l>otti ia''it-k and f<>nt.''iii<>n lnaddiU"ii J ap)?ndid Arbors detao 'td f om the Uuildtira. I'ariies, Kamiliea and Individual will find it a < moat deai able p ace to paas tiie au.try da? a of auin Itier. aa v?r> *tt?nfion ?ii l*? ? ? A . ? , ? ?... .?." "I l'"' proprietors. The atrict<-at pi-lice arrang<"inw t? ? wnl be enforced, and politi ai iiiaouasioi.? will be p ohibited The Larder will be found to contain all the delioaciea of the aeaaon at alt tiniM. 1 The Par will be funiah?>d with the ohoioeet Liquor* and ^ inea and the fin**t Segara. Societies, Sunday ^choola. Cluha and Military C?nitanie? will find thi? the moat dealral-ie rra rt < near the metropolis for apendicg a pleaaant and or ' df !y da*. * fTy Children unaccompanied by their parent* or guardian*, wi'l he excluded from th? grounts. r ( mining and dogs prohibited. IiI7" Boat* will leave the 'oot of High street, ; Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o o.ock a. m. ti 112 p. m . daily. Persona preferring a pleaaant wa k can reach the Ialand via the Aqueduct. I We solicit the publto to judge for themselvea, and - l -i * - * ic-1 a?uiru ui giving Mlll'UHO* Je 9 eotf JACOB W. POWER-* * CO. PINEY POINT PAV1LLION WILL OPEN ? fir the reoeption of visitor* on the A . . A 2.srh of J une In ooin'auenca of my s'> VfrnV senoe (or several months, Mn. Dix wiI'AImBLX Uike oharge of the management of tne Pav, itm. % t sisted by my ton, Thos H. Dix. Hoard per wee $8; hoard per month 9^ i je 13-eolm* W. W. DIX, Proprietor' WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Gxekxbrikr Cocxtt. Va. Thi? long established watering place *?< oper.ed for the reception of visitors on the 15th of A ? A . Met. >f*ny new and important arrangements liiiBI I ' have been ni&oe since last season in thi? ?>c tabli?hni'ni, and no effort* will he spared to make the guMta wfcutMa 1 Persons o*n reach mete s*pnnra by t he Orarge J aid A eiar.driA Km road from Waahincton; by the 1 Virginia Central Railroad from Richmond; or ry ( the Virginia ard Tennessee Rmlroad Irom the a South and Southweat via Lynohbnrg and Char * lottesville, with an milea eta?* t aval. I JKKKM1AH MORTON. President c 1. UU.MPI1HKYS, General Superintendent 12-dtJaly 15 Msalt watkr bathing. i arphall'9 pavilion. (muura'i Land- i inf Iwi .l hAnaan fn' -f - ? . . ?rvM IVI I VtrpUI'H ui ?! ! A ior? on the 13th of June. This deiighifuf resort for those seeking health and pleas XUHaL * ure, i? unexcelled b? aujr place of the kind on the Potomac river It is situated ah'.ut one hundred miles from Wai>hington immediately on the Potomso, and in lull view <>f 'he Chesapeake *lay, ? and famon* for fine Oysters, Soft Crabs, Sheephead, and other Fish, and easily aocessihle h- the steam c i'oats plying between Washington, Baltimore and ' Norfolk. The undersigned has rqa 'e additional improvements to his Bath House* and many other improvements to the oomfurt aud enjoyment of his Sn~sta. The Bathing oannot be surpassed. Fpien- ' id Angling and * ent> of Fishing and 8*1 ing Boats free of charge. He has spared no ex pens* in pro viding a ?>?>d Cotil'o? Band or in laying in his stock of choice Wines, Liiquors,J*egar?, A.c..and fo'th >se who wish to avoid extreme 4a?hion and to seek a < retired p'aoe where the* can make thems"lve? at home, there u not a m -re pleasant p'aoe in the UniU-d states. The pr.>puetor ple-'grs hims-lf t' at J nothing shall be left undone on his part t > render them to. Term? lor board: ? 1.50 p?> day, for than a w<??k; for a linger time, p?r aj; #3" < por month. P*r?onii wishing to addr*?* th? ?>r<. * prietor will dir<ot to Loonardtown, St Mat;'* * oonntv, Md. * j?8-2n> R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor i AIR BANK'S SCALE-! ' KAfR BANK'S SCALES'! t The Standard Scales of the United State*. ? 1 SOUNTER and PLATFORM SCALE*, AY.COALftnd CATTI.K SfiAfjK i? C? A I?1 * vlHI ** Wz? I 11 1 ca S\RKKT KCAI-E6. i RUGtiIl*T*' *CAL,E9. ANK fcCALKS, I ri)IN DKTECTOR 8CALK9, TOB\CCl) 8JALES, I LETTER BALANCES, Ac., Ao., at frutory < jrioes. J. P BARTHOLOW, ie 16-?<> lm eolaa?>?t?. Heve-th ?t.. near Cmm. Wti A S FIXTUR KS. K Have in store, and are daily receiving, HAS FIXTL'H KS of entirely ,\?*w Patternsand D-mshs ami Finish, superior iu ?t? le to auythinc heretoftra ofared in this market. we inviteeiUsous funeral i It to call and examine oar -took ??f liu and Water Fixtures, footing o<?nfid?nt that ? hare the haal | elected stock in WMhinrton. Alt Work in the above line latruatad to our oare A MeGHAN. . I OHM o-li ______ IT* II ItfWl. BOHN'fTI IBRARV StRH'P. INCLUDING the lard, < la?Moa' AuMquarian. Ilostrs M, ry>i<witifio. Phiinlof toal, boolwutiiml aarf British Clftc?ie> Llb-ari<*. A series of Standard Werks a<varaUl/ ?ri uteri and at low prioee. New work- ft-* a-l<WU> the nhn vrery morth Any volume ma? be hai eep arateW, an<1 back vo'iim's can be alwais supplied. The cum pi etc set lee kept constantly rn hand by rHlLP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookstore. 333 Pa M.k9th and l?th sts. le y Hole agents for 1 nnrewoo'e Stationary. THE OPBRA HAT, just amrtJ, be eiprrsa at SMITH'S. SUMMER MATS and CAPS tn aK?a4a?e?, at r? wSuTKfc ^MITH'y. N 4*? THE WEEKLY STAR Thu oip#li*ct Pmii ? Ud Jntrtti ?<w*ft cr*M*r variety of uUiMtm r?*4la? thai o*n t*f?an4 ib my oik?r-ia pto'tm <* Saturday m-miug. Tbm??c+fk, wr<n?>i>. MI drmtr*. 5*intl? opt. par icma fl ? r (tp (x yin ? 1 ?*r eopioa m TwmIi oopi*a.. _ l.s * Br tirttMnbtaf in oiatw rsieed f Mikloti without tl?* int+r\?nU~ti of * mar M*>at. ti will h* poroAirod ?' p+r omit, of 7V *? *<? Sim* will Sa MT*d. It iBTtuiMttij eoaiaina Ik* ?Vaahinffton News" that i.aa mad* Tk* !?? < Stmt atr??AU " |M*rtilf tiito?|kpit tha oruntrj. fl/~5ir.f I# oo^in i id wr%yp*r?< ou ha fwnrtd at ma o?iiiDt?r. i nm-aiatoit aAor to* mi* oft pzp*r Pr.oa-THRKK CENTS \YT po?tmaalar? who mi m aetata will tea !o wrd a oommia?ion of t- oonU. FOR SALE AND RENT. L'nR K>.NT-Three BRICK HOrSW-#*?? Twelfth ?tra?-t. I^two^n C Md D; on* on the corner of Tw?ffth end H rt? : and o??e on H, be t?r?^n |.1h and 19th eta. Inquire of JiMKl W. HaRKKK. ob II afeet, l*tv*i a lltii uJ IRh. No. *i&. in* rf-?f hM)R K KNT-A threa etory KM AM b MOfSK, o K.orautli b*tve?r I ud R Iriilrt of M. ^NYl' the e.umbmc and tiaa Fitt d< K.?t?t?.iat.iaent of C. H^yder, uext door to the Star Oft'* mih 1/ POR R K N T?The three itnr;-Md huamant I KKICK HOl'iK eomar of a 'art weet Mil! K ?lr<wi North, one esuara Irotii tha I'al-Bt en.I Cltt l* >*t Officea?kin| one ol the fcnaet end healthieat |o ationa in tha city It is erranced lor K ?-tore *m! ?lwe! in?; ha* a ?-ak- "rea attached. VV 1 I MM it m kAlr?ka A* ,1 R* ? . - ? " <-"iir ' 'I iriwt g-? >??* "* I on k I V*?n i>n t.i- itth tust. For t-iro?. Ac . apply to flKO. J. SH Jackaon. Br< thac ft Co S3 J Pa ivfnuf )?i?-tf fVOK RKST-Thr* tret elf> and ri?fitif t*mit HOl'SES. f??r stones high each, haaxi tomely imiHH,unit havinc all 0i? mo?lern improrf merit*. Mch a* watnr, ica*. Ac.. in om of lh? ve * Bu??t !><nationi in the sitjr?oa tha ooraar of Ttiiril ?t'?et and Missouri avenue, and opposite tha Oaf i U?I irround* Any m wishing ?o >?-nt a line dwelling Will Snd thl? a farorah e opportunity. a* I de ir? Ui rent tHarn iiunieiliateis . %n.1 will rant tfcern of. Inquire of P. \V. BROWMNU. ? 1-tf ^ fOR SALE?A fie?t ??*rg*in. f??ar ares of wel 1 ,ii p'.'iml i.AND. well ?uit*<* ! .r a ma- get ?.*ten. with n"W dwelling hr>u?r with foui rooma and titchen ; well of fine water ib the tard ; un.ler lo?l fencing. an?l wiil be aold low or exchanged for siti p roper'?. and on moderate term*. The land la it Ball'* Croaa Road*. two and a half itinea from lieorcetown. and in Alexandria count*. Va. Apply to V. P. niRBKTT, over Bank >f v< aahiagUm. ma H tf COR K K.NT-A una MoRK. ornmr o| wi. ,u F and Penn. arenue, under the C!\fend?r Hotel, iuitaM? for a l-arher'a aaioon or ci^ar More F. r nfoitna'ion mature atthe Hotel. ma' 9 CH)I RKNT The FIRST FLOOR ofthe M?U" iiig i rniri??u>???;? "P"">?IW UJ* W??at ? Tit ol l..? I5it? r?-w?itlj ??ocup;?l t>y Chaa 5*. Wili&rn u mi ? '!;??>. A'?.' 'h? 'Vont ro.?n in ttwiwuud itory ft.u tlif> third fT??r of thf a?ire IxiikIiiis. F??r tarmi *pp.j t-> Ki*'HAKl> V\ ALLA< H.>?. J L?<>iiisi? .1% avenne. it U tf ^KNATORS. MKMUKRI* OFCON?RH*HI? Two 8fi<9ii<iid arnica of ROOM*. <?ruali<~J wiD h? routed donuc tue M*ii? ?>| C?n[r<**a, in the moat dc?ir*Liie wo* it* m ttna city. ?in([ within one or two Mu&rea of Browt'i Mid Maligna Trioecm pnranit of a?oh Ro-?n nil do well to make ear r aaDlioation at No. 379 ith ?t rwl. M*md D ?tr?et and Pa ? . <1# I 11 I/OR ?*A!.E?A mot tkrw ?U>rT Krirk HOL'M-.* r on 2il ?'re*t, hetW"o D a&d E street*, in Kib **' S*iit*imeiou. Th? abeve property will b* old on *?ry term#. I'noe made knowr. \-y t ?nir n* of H. W. HAMILTON k. CO., No. Ttk itreet. opposite Centre Market. Titie perfeet. toT-tf "educational; P* O M M E R cT7^ L C 0~L LEGE. L/ No. 47? SlVBXTH ?T.. 9ppottl( tkr Gtmtrmi Pott O/rr, IfutlMIM flip. Arm-nan J*yst?ni of Penmanship, Booskaafing. Vlercki.ti f Form* and Ct oui?Unni. Biiidom 0<?r tM^urdwo*, Bills of Kictont*, Cirrtal BiiU. Uowiwii?ion Sa'es, Drmi niir and Arithmetic. ITg A Preparatory Ciaes lor Boys. ,T> Ladies will m instructed in fine penaiarihirT Rhohh op?n from ! t. m. to 10 p. m. For Urm? tpp ' at the Rooms. 111a M-Sm WM. W. YOl NO * CO. The union fkmale Niw AiicieniKT Thm well known and popular Seminary, whioh ia? l>?er no ?ucoe??fui under the entire fare of Mrs. Richards lot more than ten ?ears. w .. be opened >u the firnt Monda> in September n*-xt, under the united *?perviKion aid instruction of Mr. and Mrs. ' r d n '11 o i w - - ? - - 11 ? -j * j ' 1 ? f. rv i ' II r\i\ 1 11 i ? b. ?'r?n)i"n ?nu uwil ill rully located L'nion AcKtfmy Buiidinc. For particulars. see circulars at ail the Bookstore*. rnaB U \| MR8 McCOK >.ICK> SCHOOL *IkS. McCOKMiCK desires to it/or* bar 'risnds and tl<* pub.ic ienera ly that rte wi,. r?ams tne dune* of bar School on the 1st Monday lnBaylembar next. Th? oonrse of study pursued wil oomjpnse al tfca iranches requisite to a thoroifh fcng.isn edsoa ion. in addition to har c*? scholars, she is aesirois of eoeivmc into her family a few susiis as boarders i*ed from 10 to 14 years, who will be snder fear uanediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for ttts aooommoda&oa ac4 loe oars of pspils have been eonsiderai ? morsasrd LQd "Uiwtim improved. Toon la Waahinrton leaning information v:th rnmsM Is ter ?oboo. mar apply to \ *\ D. Wa..aei? Editor a lie ?tar. For terms and farther pin cin app r at kar Midtnoo-No. 3ft Cameron street. Alexandria. va. WOOD AND COAL. Iv O O D V? AND COAL Delivered to all part* uf the the loweet toaaibie rates. r f a * ? aa o > t tm J ? <1. .11 11*1,1, Office 2*3 Pa. iv? between llUi and 121b ?t? . ma 17-tf north id*. rHE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extecaire atonk of FURL, la prepared to ?!l at a v?r? low figure for cash WOOD ?a*red and s*p:?t aiij size. Call acd see for yoaraelf. R. W. BATES, Wond acd C??al Dwuir. ma U S. K. enrner of Fourteenth and C ata. rr rx ?^)k>(3tstnd shoes. I HAVI JlT!*T RECKIVK.n A fVFW M'P L p J <>l G?n? * ti ? P'?";c h Ca f !<kin DrdMaAa loot* and Uai'.rr*, Patent l,?atfa*r U''KB7 :ioUi ?iaitor*. Calf fckm. Patent t,< aUior.f MJ ,n-l l*"tmt f*ho*a. A ao, an nfn'ir*' took of B" ' ?n?l Children'*. i -adi??' and M i?' Jo >u and 8ho*s, all t.f whieh I am <*1 inc at u< ie?difij'jr low pnov*. J. R((SKN'THAl.. 420 S^ven'h stract. mal5?o 8 'oon ak>v? p nrwt. [JOUT8 AND 8HOR? TO SUIT THK t> TIMK8. Wt> ar? now macufaotM'inc all kinds of BOOTS md SHOW, and ooT>?ta?LT reaeivin* igA) upp y oi *a?t*rn nimd? work o( n* Ml leriptic, mad? ?*pr???ly toorde, and willj > te ??ld at a much >ow?r prioethan ha? t**n inrwiwic vuai|?u iu vuim viij lui uiuuii u.ini i"i kTtinlM. PtrKini ir. want of and PhoM of or utT made work, will a! wa?? find a fond amor*.m*tit a storeaod at th? lowest pri*** ? ive a* % a<UL VRIVTtN * BR* ap S-r SI 4 P?i.n?*lvanifc a>w?'. SOUTHERN TRIM MANUFACTORY. 3 4?? Tr? BTftSIT, Cmitli Odd Fellow*' Hull, ^ urada*. D. C. Tr?v?iet? will ?tudt tkHr icV'rciu b< iiy TRUNKS, V ALICE!4 Ac , tWnr* ytr-nw> ihaVinn e ?< ?> re At I uf dob? Nit thMflR wit Biat??ri?] the market and u h? h*at workmen. 1 n&r Biinfidniitli rm?niMMl n w rork to be anperior in Sirmt k &<d ?>*? <*/?>? to rruukc that are rroMir ip other uUm and sold here. I keep oonnuuil j on hand, and make to order n >ne week'a notioe) eeer* deecn?ne?i of SOI E LEATHER, IKOS PR ?JU K rXEftCH DR R*8 utd WOOD FOX TkC*K?j A SHI ASP mnd ?fUr T ALICES; TRA TKLIKO BAOS, HARNESS. SADDLES WHIPS, 4-r.. ft. Tmnkt. Ac.. R< f??ir*4 aihI Covered, 10 a work nanltke manner, at abort notioe Trunk* delivered in aaj part of the eit?, 6eoig??Tn,or Alexandria. A.n??Aier.t for Howe'* celebrated FAMILY SEWING MAC HIS Kg de 15-1? JAMES B. TOPHAM. WM. T. DOTE A CO. K K Now ireNrvl to execute ini orders *ilk rkioti tk?r ma? b? flkrorod letbe PLUMBING. GAS OB f?TKAM FITTING BUSINESS. U^T Storo on M itwt. a l?? door* north mt P*. ivrna?. whtrf mat m ftmnd aoon?i*toi??ui>in?n< ?CH s N DELJ KkS an<l otfcar GAS. BTEA Maefl ATER FIXTURES. tatMr L>RtNCH LACE MANTLE* *ND POINTS r Pum'ola, ?ui. Sh%dMi, and I Ana U nibr?i iaa. Thread, Valrncioaa. t*wi??aad Oa?>bri? I- df H?nit?n,Gayp? ?,ana Franch worked Catkin. I .in' n Oa???rta, Sw>n? and Thread 8-u, Colored Tarlt?> . Hwiaa, Cambria. J?ii?W. V|l|, Nanaookaad K;?i< Nantook Maslin*. H.-i?r*.GloT?n.GaaQtlatU, Stack filk MuU.Ar. Female lav h? ftt TAYLOR * HUTCHHH1N. A L B! A XX ALE AND XXX ALES av. Tkin Alt m mad* from male and koaemi'y. aanaat kil tauve enm- wndkmnii W aoa unm 0 CffLlNRAC.rrofnAirrf Mm a 4-1V P <> I -W???a. V ? <*?*?? 5o7B?a4:w!*.BiA? ,tV?. been reoeivea. Tbi? te* u exeeUef?; priee Sn o.?j t? eer poo x! t>y ck?l or oU? ? t ?. We (w rar Mat lot wiH ooet Kore t ontr Kl<4* * BURCHELL. MS Mr. FlftMik >1. ?M T?W(I ?f HISWWI trsxv. a.I of hie owm Mk*. ttei be viti eel! m W>W ? H-? of the Norther* Wine are eo.<i for, eM at (he

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