Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. SLIGHTLY SOILED. HAVING PURCHASED AT AN IMMENSE SACRIFICE ?3.f>on VM-RTH OP DRV GOODS. (Sixfktlf Stltd kf Watrr on t*mrd tk* JtmJnm WtUtmmt tm tk* I'lfff fr+m Bo, 10m ( Btltimorr.) we takr great pleasure la netifylag *ur costoeoefs of the fact. ud would at tbe umx time Inform tbeen that these Goods will be told at aooct hai r TBI r?cal raica, and ^hW Jtrgmrd It tk* OrigmAi C*tt Tbe Stock eonai* of LAWNS. CALICOES. IRISH LINENS, COTTONS. HOSE aod HALF HOSE. LADIES1 MITTS and GLOVES, LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS. Fr*ncb-work~l COLLARS, Beat Quality EXTENSION SKIRTS, UNDER-SHIRTS. SHIRT FRONTS, and CRIB or CRADLE BLANKETS Those who desire to purchase the Cbeapeet Dry Goods ever offered In Waabingtoa. arc Invited to call and examine the Stork, and they will be convinced that suck Bargains have never before been offered In tills eltv R. BR ICE HALL, July IJ-3t Nee 37S ud JT3 ?fc\BNTH STREET. w \:sU1NQT0N OITT: MONDAY ll]T lft, 14M Spmt af the Mimloi Preaa. The Cmffitmiion addreaaea the national democracy on business matter*. 4c.; and In anather article iu^geata ttat the republicans and their allies have been 4i counting chickens before thev weft haU bed' in the case of the late Oregon taction. The IntflUg'nr'r, under the head of "Curious T.nqniries " raise* the queries why the southern press centrally ignore the proceedings of the Baltimore Convention which nominated Breckln. ridg* and Lafie. and speak of thoa* candidate? as exclusively the nominees of the Richmond Convention, why tb??e gentleman have never formally mccepted the Richmond nomination. Ac , Ac. frr The Hon. John P. Hale has brought a auitfor libel against the Boston Courier, laying the dat #iu.UK). fsrisoai. Gen Lane left here this morning for North r.~>ii-- .i. -J?? ?a X aiviillB, VI* ? W I wwiuat, fiTCT ana ilOTIOI? After visiting Wsrrenton and other piac?s by Invitation, he d^alret to spend some days ;it his birthplace in Buncombe co'inty He will be iic-oriipanted by Governor Winalow and other friends. Thi Raltivoki Shark or thi Japaxksx Police Pmis??t.?The Sun aavs of this:?"The cbe^k and the accompanying letter the Marshal laid before the Board of Police, with a recommendation that it be returned to Mr. B?-imont, the rule* of th?-department forbidding the acceptance of a grat>iitv from anv aource for tne Ala* ?r duty If tbr ?um cannot go to the police with propriety, it might be appropriated to ?ome charitably object " Ml. Rkeckisbidgk is Baltimoks.?A serenade was tftveu on Friday night to Vice President Brecklnrtdge at Barn urn's Hotel. He had been called upon in the afternoon by many of theciti> zena. About half-past eleven o'clock at night he *as honored with a serenade, after whice Mr Breckinridge made a brief speech in acknowl?,I ,rm.n? a " - ?kui uc tuiiipuineni I wenty year* ago, he snd, be bad wandered oyer the then suburbs of the city, new covered with monuments of prosperity ana greatness He touched but lightly on political topics, premising tbat Maryland, like Kentucky, being a border State, was deeply interested In the perpetuity of the L'nion Strict fldeliH to the Constitution he considered the surest and the only way of guarantying the liberties of the country. The Constitution, made by the wisest generation of men, was good enough for tbem. and it 1? good enough for us The address received with great applause. &lr. B is on his way to Kentucky. Kxriimi or tnr J??? ? *i-~ v" uv, u M M it D*T I UAIV The special comnitte of the Common Council appointed to receive the Japanese at New York bfld a meeting on Kridsv to audit the bills. The Metropolitan Hotel bill looted up #01 <**). and the others to more than 930,0Gb. Anions other items were ten thousand bottles of champagne conswmed at a ball, which is said tobwtwo bottles for each man. womau, and rhild in attendance The bill was cut down toan aggregate of iI09.WK': at which figure it was submitted to the Common Council The original appropriation was only *MO,flOO, and the uewspapers are taking the committee to task for exceeding their authority, 1 he Journal of Commerce reminds the citizens that * any tax-payer may contest th# n??m?n of ail ?. reaa over the regular appropriation, and hopes It will be done aa a lesaon both to usurping Common Council* and to people who consider it a fair to charge the city about three times whattbev would .barge a private individual for the vune thing " Sympathy or the Body a.i amputated Mimbkr ?At Tower's Mill, in Lanesborougb, Mass , on Tuesday, a young man named Jerrv Swan was caufbt bv the arm in some machinery, and the limb w as so badly broken and mangled that immediate amputation was necessary. This waa successfully performed, but according to the Pi tsflrld Kigle. M r. Swan's connection with tbe dissevered limb did not cease with tne operation Tbe Eagle say? -"On recovering from thest;ipor < produced bv the use of chloroform), Mr. Swan still compl lined sorely of an aching band. Late id me evening bis distress be< tnie very gr*at. nr.d he Insisted that the band wu cramped by being doubled up. Theliinb bad been placed in a small box buried. Hisattendautsdug it up and straightened the band and was soon easier This ruori lng the limb was again buried But he soon complained of a sensation of cold and great pain In it It was accordingly taken up again, wrapped up, and deposited in a tomb, since which he is again relieved.'' Crime is K.ngl*??d ?The judicial statistics of England and Wales for the year 1950 have just Y>een published, and they afford the Londou journals a fruitful subject of remark. It appears that tbere are In the kingdom no lefs than tbirty-nine ttm ismd five hundred and thirtir I __ - _ . . -j WIVO'IWilQ? ttievea; thirty-sevei^ thousand six hundred and eighty-ei^ht suspected persons constantly under the eye of the police; and twroty-three thousand three hundred and llfty-two vagrants having no visible means of support?or, in all, 104,965 criminal* at large. I brae n^nres make little impression on the uiind, as they are written on paper; but if the reader will imagine the whole or them brought together, as one of the London journals suggests, he wilt get an idea of the number of depredators at whose mercy the subjects of her Britanpic majesty hold their property and liv?s Organized la military fasiiion they woi.ld make more than seventy regiments of the line?placed together in a row they would extend oyer twenty miles of ground?and a good walker would require four or five hours of steady walking to inspect the troop. Their direct cost to society, supposing e?rh man to consume two hundred dollars' worth of value a year, is over ten millions of dollars. But tbisisonly a part of the expense to which society is put on their account. The police and rons'abularv forces arc supposed mainly to watch overthtir delinquencies, and the greater part of the prison and judicial expenditures have the same ori^li Putting these to?'eth?>r it i? tf-d that ~t he rogue* eo*t the United Kingdom about S1jU.<JU..(<0 or about double the lum *pent upon tbe Horol Navy. ItT It it aaid tbe number of stranger* traveling from the soutb tun Miiton La* never been *uri<<isa?d New York botel* for tome time past have ' ?ea thronged with people from the cotto > states. vsp?THK friend* of HRBrm>*inGi k Link are JJ requoated to meet at the Assemhl* roonm, Loui.-iat.aav.. THIS* < Momia* > ENE.MNU.at8 o'eiock. for the purpose of enrolling 'hem?el ves as of an ajM>ciati<>n A Constitution will be p e?eiit??d. ind it is expected that oflioer* wi I !> . M? en. A fall attendance of Democrats is exp-rtert. jy lt> It* tY7>'i'Hh KEId'l.&R MONTHLY MRET iXjj in* of the S ounn Men'a Christian Aasociaiiua vi I r>* h< Id at their Kooms, op posit s Brown*' ||*j if, HON BAY BVRNIMO. Julv t?h. ateisht o'fiocl. A full attendance ol the member* I* de<Mi? i?. SAM'L MoELWEE, Jr., ?? 14 at SnnUfy Pro tun. >r l'lch ?A upecia meeting of the "Untral Bell and Everett Club, ' will be held ^tThorn'* Building fceveoth ?t, on MONDAY KVF. ?ING next, tne IHth inst., at 8 o clock. 10 mik? final arrangement* fur th?- contemplated v tut H Kiminnton, Md, B OGLE TAYLOE, Pre* I'lUM r < AN* > *I KI.D, y*ec (Int.) jy M ?* rrW WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY LL3 AlLIu.N, ATTENTION:-Tlieir ?i i be a uk>?tjii( on MOADAY NIGHT, when ?v*r; luvinlw is z pecte?l to be present. Menib it are rrqua tod to return tneir mu-ktt* k -o??n % P'? ?iMe. J. KXN1S.Sec, jy *-&* II f jiOMWMiaiY GI'ARD. ATTKV L ^ 1 ION !?Y?>u are here! > in tifif?l to meet at the Columbian Arirort on TL" SDAY, ih? 17th iq?tant. A full a tendance u required, ma business of itn ??r?anoe will lw tia-r?a>-t"J. ij ?r^- ?>r t i \ ,?r<m- n?li k Officer. jy 14-31 -v^T" notTCE. J3 All fiend* o( i>h.l aud Evzk kit intending i , .iticipate in tli?* meeting to he held at Kamiinglon, Prino? O-orje'* county. Mil., on TL'KSUAY N K x I, the 17th mutant, are requested to meet at Thorn'* Huiklin*. on 7"h ?tr? et, at 7 o'clock a. m., ?r?l p ocee?t in a b dy with the Hell anil Everett Clu>> <?f thin ? ?. aa<i embark on tho Phenix. B> order of the jy 14 71* (Int.) COM. OF ARR ANGEM'T?. AJl>T IN SKA0ON. Ntff And Uautiful a*-<vtn ent of DRESS KA*ia df?ILK HAIR NETS, at iw i? * uii/w /- -- uAtnittunu o. l ok HiKi - A SLAVE GIRL, a*e?l 18; very I <apal>l as a hou ?? K-rvii tor nurse; is a good xr%>n>tr*as. an<l ra-> be n??t 1 alx<ut a house in an; ar?<-it?. Apply at the Offica of tne Oa* Light Company. jy l?-3t* TOR MOUNT VERNON. T CHA NO E OF DA YS. Oti awl a/>M Tu??lay. July 17. tne steamer ?M<?M\S COLLVER will ninke ,?* ?*. ? ?w*. tn?? p*r wa> k to %1 P V?rnon.l*avtng h-r w the f< . -e?e. th' ?t , at I" o'clock on TUE?I>AY and r?'n?V MORNINGS. SAM L BAKER. jy l*-lw Captain. KuVAL HAVANA LOTTERY.-Th* follnwian nnmSnra rtrew the principal pnsea in the I awi (pfJuiMV- IM: Nn. Prim | Nm Ptism IT,Tit I l?/<84 . ? urn I?!* **J~ 117,647 1#JW0 cj* 3\m* uu?t??,??*.% ?, . 4,7iJ, 4.111 ">.*?, 6,136, 7.2&.7.? J i. *.270. l*>U,ic,MO, 11 il,I <t, ll^U. IX.IM! S.iUS. IS.4 * 17.363, 17 SW, 18^8 . IH..C. IK.47.1- IX 5*5. IS 988, l? 4N- 2I.1H9, CI J125, 71,45?. KTrt.n w a^-a 2 6 s. 24 31.24.6su.15>12.24 *7, ?J?. JI7.M4.27.T*. *7,SM. 2R.?l?, ar,*a h Tii? n- jet drA*i?i ol lbi*fl*Utrmted Lx lUrjr will take ?!?o* ob tfie llth of Jul/. Fur p*i ticuiara Me *iverci? L'OltHPn. Jylf-lt* DON RORIGIEZ. WASHINGTON NEW# AND GOMIP. | "Mccb Ado about NoTBma."?The Douglas| ite newspapers fancy they see a streak of light for their cau?? in the South in a rumored recent dec laration of Senator Brown, of MiaMppi, that he will not support Breckinridge and Lane Eves ! if the story were true, (and we have no eonfdence in its truth?why we will presently explain) Ufa I a- a ? * * ! wt ucanvii Iiiuvu ?? utfcuci IW iruio WOUHk Q?* tract sixty votes from the aggregate that B and L will receive In Novetnber?say fifty In Mlsslas'ppl,anil ten elsewhere In the 9outh ; Mr. B. being too erratic of late in his political course to exert, go as he will, any Influence whatever upon the result of the election anywhere. We, however, do not believe that he will fail to support Breckinridge and Lane, because. If he does, he wtll thus add confirmation so strong to the impression. that not a few entertained here through* out the whole of the last session, that though assuming to be the most ultra Southern-rights man in the Senate.he was reallv pla\ ing, tmb rosa, a very desperate game for the Vice Presidential nomination on a Douglas ticket; and that the numerous cob-castles he set up nominally in behalf of the Southern cause (during the session) were so ??v I ?1~ * **? ?? ?uu? ^u^iaa uugui w?*vcr iurui down with tbe greaUst rase. As to confirm any ?uch expression would certainly work the end of all Senator Brown's prospect* as a ''dear people's'' man in Mississippi, we fancy be would soon put his head In the tire a* essay to carry out such a purpose. We may not inaptly add that from the beginnine? tn tK? cn/f a# *k? u?* ? * - *? -m ?? n.v Vim Vt ?UC iOlV CSBtUIl i*i r DTUWIl played, emphatically, the part of Monsieur Malapropos upon nearly every slavery question arising In the Senate Chamber. The South, as there represented, seemed to dread nothing so much as the injury to their cause likely to grow out of the positions he had a way of taking?all nominally so ultra that it was rare to find any other Southern Senator coinciding with him; and yet all so scattering! y taken, as that they, unfortunately, afford' ed Mr. Douglas almost his only opportunities of tbe *es?lon for gaining tclnt and making substantial capital against tbe cause of tbe South. Tbev were, essentially, but cob-rastles, interposed as tbe South s defense agaiust Douglas's Paixhansoratorical. We do not lraow that we ever before aw the friends of the South so vexed as they were time and again, by the defensive and offensive works which Mr. Brown saw fit to construct as In opposition to the views and theories of Douglas. That he was regarded here ov many a* r>e:ug at ardent a friend of Douglas personally, as any of the score, perhaps, of Southern public men, who each seemed to fancy his own Vice Presidential nomination as being next to insured if he could only effect something substantial by way of strengthening D.'s prospects, is a matter of universal notoriety here. Though we have no knowledge of our own with reference to any understanding between Senators Brown and Douglas, we certainly do know that . U ?.* A? ^ ** ----- a uu.% ui iuc most active friends of the South around us, looked upon him as being quite as eirnest a sympathizer with Mr. D personally, as Mr. Clingman himself; if not an active and avowed worker at the task of building up a party for Douglas in the South such as Mr Cling wan was, so evidently to all, as that we presume none doubt that f?ri w? ?.?- w v j/?aw ?u great confidence in the effect of the tone of popular sentiment In Mississippi with reference to the cause of Breckinridge and Lane on the one hand, and on the other with reference to the now so evident abolition tendencies and proclivities of Douglaaism throughout the entire North, as that we do not believe that a forty uuik puw^r su-aiu-engine could drag Senator Brown, of Mississippi, up to the position which the Douglasite prem are trying to cheat themselves into the idea he has taken. ? The Flcttkr or thi Lobby.?Of late the pat?i t lobby have been most conspicuous around the Executive Departrm nts here That is. the lobby interested in superinducing the Government's use of patented articles in various branches of the public service. A large number of the patents Uft?d bv th#? finvornmcnt ?? " -j -iv u?uui ricnieni things In their way, resulting In prai$eworthy economy and substantial improvement More or less of them, however, are not "worth shucks" to the public service, though costing the Treasury enormously. The parties who lobby for the uss of patents in the Executive Departments, are nearly #11 of them, apparently, the shrewdest, moat active, and adroit managers of such matters conceivable; the constant collisions of their c>unter Interests sharpening their wits and iu' creasing their activity amazingly. Their operatlons are for the most part upon the subordinates, upon whose reports and judgment ?* O ? *" *"v" respective chief* roust necessarily rely in determining which patent they will order to be used, or whether to use any patented article. Congress, at the last session, befog satisfied that some check upon the operations of these smart gentlemen was necessary for the conservation of the public interest, enacted a euro and guard in their case for the future. They are now said to be moving heaven and earth to devise some scheme to get around that provision of law. In this they will sureiv nil; lor it matter* not bow great the embarrassment* prove that may grow out of dispensing with the use of patents In the public service, except as Congress orders their use, so lon^ as that co irse is but in accordance with the plain letter of the law, it will I* rigidly pursued by the Gov. erument here, squeal as the patent lobby may. Doubtless mine change iu the requirements of the liw in question will prove absolutely necessary What that change is, however, cannot be known until after some months' experience with the law ai> it now stands. Death or * Lieutenant in the Navt -Information bu just reached this city of the death of Lieut Thomas T Houston, a native of this place, who died on the I S steam sloop-of-war Iroquois, at Naples, on the 2fith ult. This officer entered the Navy on the U7th of August, iMli, and was promoted to bis present grade September 16th, 1855. He was about 30 years of age ? Court Martial or an Army Lieutenant.? On the Itfth ultimo, a general court martial was to have assembled at Camp Floyd, Utah Territory. for the tri.l Cl..? I ? L-J?' * -- ?,, v. ...? ureui. r reueriCK M. Follett, of the 4tb Artillery, and sich enlisted persons as might be brought before It. Thk mifidomi.*.-1The crew of the frigate Macedonian will be |>ald ott? at Portsmouth, N H , nt-xt week She is ordered out of commission She baa been absent on a two year*' cruise In the Mediterranean. The draft to meet her pay roll is for sixty-four thousand dollars. Thk Skckktakt or thk Navy.?The health of Hvubrv Tnn??? ...II.? 1 " " ' wv.vv~> j a cvuviiiuci iu improve, IDOUgD be baa not yet uifiicleutly recovered to reauuae tbe dutie* of bia poaiuon, but bopea to be able to do to within a day or two. Thi Douglas National Executive Committee, it ta aaid, bave prepared aud wiil publiab tbia week an addreaa to tbe country. PA CARD. I'BLIC Attentiou la called to the chanoery sale oi the whole oi ?<iuare No. take place tin - eve uiu^.on the priMiiuea, tietwecn north U and D at*, and 7th ami 8th street*, which offer* a favorable opportunity to pernoita wiahing t# invent. CHAS. 8. WALl.AoH, Tru.t e. j? 16 It J. Mo??LlKE * i;o., Auota. ^PEUAL ATTENTION IS CALLED TO 3 The k?|? ??| valuable City property, and qua ry i <>t-. t>elou<i g to the estate of ilie late VVm. Ka?t>>, to take place at the Auction K<>"in* of J. C. Mctiuife * Co. on TUK8 AY AFTERNOON, Jul; 17 h. 4^ o'clock. Thi? *ale embraces quite anumb r -f building lot* in va;tout parts of the citj .ti at v% uable wharf p'operty knownasEa bys Miipyard. together with some valuable quarry lota on no l'o'omac between the Aqueduct and Little Falls, and atfordsaome fineopportuiiitiexfor ?p culatio , a< the Executors a>e ve.y desirous of closing the estate. jy in-It J. C. McUUIRK ? CO., Aucta. PHI ISTOLS, ? , CARTRIDGES, kc Just reo?;ve<l iroia tne manuiacnirers? SMITH A WESWON-88EVKN SHOOTER, the lightest Pistol in the orld that has force? wai.Ki nnlu jai'on niinrtHa WV1KHV WIUJ ? ' ? ? ww.! ALSO. SHARP !J PATENT UK EACH LOADING REA iTf^'s^RkVoUJERS, Silver-pJftttd, COLT'S RKVin.VEKJ* old and new motel, vvaknkk'* N?W M??H. . A 1.1 fc> S I OCKET PISTOLS, aingl* COPPER CAE H?rdw?re- ImvoiW. I) 16 3t 389 Pa. ? ., opposite Brown'? GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWB.* relating to the Sinking Fund. Sec. 1 Be ?l ordained by the Board of Aldermtn and Board / Common Comnnl of Ikt Corporation of I Georgetown, That tbe CwnmiMtonera of tbe Sink las rand iball elect on the first Monday In July, and annually on the first Monday of A pril, three members of their board, who, together with the M'lTor. shall constitute an executive committee, ana shall be authorized to transect all bqsinem within the power of the Commissioners, three members of the said committee to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Sec. And be ti ordained. That no traniter of the stock held by the aforesaid Commissioners shall be made, except by order of the Cor-poration, and when so ordered. shall not be transferred upon the stock book unless signed by the executive committee, or a majority thereof. Sec 3. And bt it ordatntd, That the accrucruing Interest shall be Invested (at the dlscre (inn Af' tha evA^nti iro 4 ? ?*-? ..VM .?V v*vvu?i ?c ivuiuuttcr; i U ? i!|;illiaOHIlC took* until otherwise ordered, and that no investment of stock shall be made but by order of a majority of the executive rommittee Sec 4. And b$ it ordained, That on and after the first day of April next the duebtlli then In circulation shall be withdrawn, and, together with the blank notes then on hand, shall be destroyed, and be replaced 'by a new issue of live dsllar notes from the present plate, with such site, ations as may be deemed expedient, the retired notes in all cases to be burned in presence of the executive committee. Sec. 5. And be it ordained. That the clerk of the Commissioners be, and be is hereby directed to inakf> wml-iinniiil ?nnrt? r>? dltlon of the fund on th? first Monday of April and October, which said reports shall be transmitted to both boards of the Corporation at tbelr subsequent meetings [Approved Jnly 7, 1^90. A Rksolction creating a new stall at the head of the market-house. Ktsolred by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That Richard S Cox be. and he is hereby, permitted to erect a bench, without cost to the Corporation, immediately north and against the wall east of the north main entrance to the markethouse, upon his paying therefor to the Clerk of this Corporation the sune as paid by Dr Busey for fttall Nn 1 for the I luiJi - 1 ?. ?V IWIIVV ?v ?r UIT 1. H\ll. Paused July 7,1860. A Resolution in relation to the channel of the river. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That tbe turn of four thousand *tx hundred dollar*, lately returned by an act of Congress, In full of a loan by this Corporation towards the construction of tbe Little Falls bridge, be, and tbe same is hereby, appropriated, to De paid to the contractor for dredging the west channel of the I'oto mac river, agreeable to the ordinance approved Nov. 23, 1859 And Irt it further resolved. That so much of the aforesaid ordinance as authorize! the issue of stock for that improvement, and so much of the ordinance approved February '2S. 1859, relating to the aforesaid loan to the Little Falls bridge, be, and the same are hereby, repealed Approved July 7, 1861). A Resolution in relation to matters therein con' tained. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common. Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk of the Corporation be, and he is v.a?ok?r a- >-- * * * uv.*wv?j9 uukuvi i tru iu |'txy 10 llit orucr OI L3piillII McHenrv Hollingsworth. commander of the Potomac Light Infantry, the aum of twenty live dollars, or so much thereof as may be ne< esaary, to assist in defraying the expense of firing a national salute on the approaching anniversary of American Independence. [Approved July 7, l&tiO. A Resolution amending a resolution in favor of Gilbert Vauderwerken. Resolved by tke Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of tke Corporation of Georgetown, That "a resolution in favor of Gilbert Vanderwerken,*' approved June 23. If60, be so amended that the word February shall be substituted for A SI ? * - _ - April. [Approved July7, lWCO. A Resolution In relation to the Causeway. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the sum of fifteen dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be. and the same It hereby, appropriated, to be paid by the Clerk to the order or the Surveyor, for the repairs of the causeway, said repairs to be done under the direction of the Surveyor. [Approved July 7, 1860. A Rksolctiow in relation to the Bridge on the east side of the Market-House, over the Canal. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Mayor be. end he is hereby, authorized to close the entrance* to the carriage and footway of the bridge on th? east side of the market-house, over the caual. and to draw on the Clerk, who is hereby authorized to oav the expense thereof, on the presentation of the' proper vo"ucher?. Approved July 7, 1880 ? FISHING TACKLE. ^J5V BIRD CAGES, &c., *o. WALKING CANE FISHING RODS, h^lfcd BAMBnO and REED RODS, FISH HOOKS and LINES, SINKERS, F< OATS. Ac ' POCKET DRINKING CUPS, BIRD CAGES. Ac , Ac Together with a fimt-rate utock of BUILDING and HOUSE-FURNISHI >G HARDWARE, for ale low by J. E SHIELDS, Dealer in American and Foreign Hardware, _jjr 16 3f 339 Fa. av , oppogita Brow n a. Ol R STOCK IS YET VKRY LARGE AND COMPLKTE, And we am Belling all kinds of TRAVELING DRESS GOODS. ORGANDY LAWNS. JACO NETS. BERATE ROBE, BKRAGES by the i vftr.l UII 1/ U i 1 11 - --i U I I/O i- 1 - - i j vi u | un?i\ i? v?it io 'i auu oi lirvc? if) i c ^ ftrut unci kil other kind* of hummer Dress Goods, for lens thin cost, to close out our stock before the 26th of this month. DOMESTIC GOODS We have yet on hand a large *tock of Bleached sud Hrowu Sheetirgs and tthirtings. Caliooes, G:nghains, Check*. Boys' Wear, Bed Ticks, Ser| vaiit*' Wear, Ac., Ac,; all o( which we are selling at the wholesale prices for cash. The stock must be sold, and we will offer great l>arKain?. \rr No goods charged?we are selling only for oash Cl-AGKTt k MAY, j> 324 Pa. av., betw. 9th and loth st?. /^IDKR MILLS! | , I'lHl'D Mil t u II i - vu/iji\ m iiJUi? New improved Cider .\Jills. at factor} prioes. J P BART HO LOW, Seventh street, near Canal. South of Penna avenue. Agricultural See.) and Guano Depot. j j 11 6t ICE CREAM FREEZER! The attention of House-keepers, Hotel-keepers, and Confectioners is called to AUSTIN'S MAGIC FREEZER, th? l?est Freezer in use. For sale hy J P. BARTHOLOW. jy U-6t Seventh street. n?ar Ojuial._ C ATTENTION, LADIES! SPELLING OFF, at reduced prices all nit stock ! of FANCY SII.K cv no i SILKS, BLACK SILKS, BAREGE and I.AWN ROBEfc. BAREGES. LAWNs, OR W GOOD?*, GINGHAMS, THAVELING DRESS GOODS. WHITE GOODS. EMBROIDERY, Jouvin's Iwst KID GLOVES, HOSIERY, LACE MANTbE"*. SHAWLS, together with a lar*e stock of Domestic GooHs. Call ?*arb at Store No 3'il Seventh st.,toget bargains. \ H. EGAN, jy 13 St ftai Seventh s'rwt. A GET THE BEST. NEW ami Beautifully Illustrated Edition Waveriy Novell, of the Edinbur* Edi ion ; lllunt ated with 1 ..sou steel and woo i cut* ; in 48 vols.; M volumes now ready for delivery, at BEN. F. FRENCH'S, 27S Fa. avenue, between lltli and 12th sts. Lippineott's beaut ful edition of Bulw<*r's Novels, the fines' edition ever published in Amerioa; printed on toned pap- r; IS volumes now ready to deliver, in cloth and half-calf bindings. Worcester's new quarto Dictionary, illustrated. WHDititr'i do. do. do, Cluskey's Political Text Book. Cooper Choice Works. 5S' vole. I Dickens complete in 7 vols.: do. 14 vol*.; do 27 vol*.; half oalfT All of th above Rook* I will se 1 at in to 5<i per o?nt. ! '? tha<i puMiaheiV pricait, at the d'ore of W. F. Bayly, 'i78 Fa avenue, between 11th a-id 12th sts. (Intel.) jy 12-lw Dry goods cheap FOR THE MILLION! tiall early and net bargain!. We e nimenee rodar selling off all Fancy Dress 8iiks, O'gandy Rob*a, Barege kobes, frenoh Lawn?, and Organdy Muklins by the yard. Figured aid PJain Ba rages, at greatly reduced erices, many at half prio*, to reduce stock this month. Also, in store a full etook of first o ass Stap e and Doinestio Go-id", adapted to the general wants of families, all of which weare selling at the l^vett oa-h snces. J w oof.ley & co.. * jy 10 lot .v.J3 St.. above Pa. a* WOOD! WOOD!!/ W O O D !!! STOVE ami KINDLING WOOD, at the lowei p<>.mble pnoe. T. J. A W M. GALT, 'l*'l Pa aw., lx>two?n 11th and 12th ata., w? IT tf worth ii(U, BARGAINS IN PIANOS that h\r? but hn little tieed. l'iano? for hire, at 3S oen to 9' per month. JOHN P ELMS, jean -1Q6 Pa. w^en?e. LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING R LIGHTNING!!! In Tmi ov Puci, Pivim rot Wu! P* LaBARR K, Soutkwtt itnur of 1** mmd C Hi., Mimirrnn a* > PLAT'NA-TIPPBD LIGHTNING RODS, Roapeatfu'ly announoea to the public of Waahinc* too and riointty that tie la prepared to exeeute all order* for erecting Lightning Condastora on the moat approved saj?nti?o prinoiplea, 0"natrnoted of the vary fx*?t or mfttertala, on very moderate Wina, Ali P>atn;vtipp (1 Poinu wiucli are nuuiu\ot?red by me vTi he atarnaed with my name. WoaUer Vaoaa of any deeif n made to ordar. I # AMUSEMENTS. At odd fellows- hall TUESDAY KVMNISO. July 17. Im imiu Ncmrik and Valt* or Gifts ' SO BEAUTIFUL GIFTS' For the patrons of tbe MUSEUM OK A R T R. Consisting <>f Gold NVatchi*. SiLvn Watcji**, Superb Set of ?ilvie-Plat?? Whi, Beftotiful fitvKR Plated Fecit Basket. Jewelet. Buor?f?!?, Ac . Ao Tickets of admisaion. to all parts of the hai.onlr 25 cts.; for sale at H. Semken**, No. 3*0 Pa. av.. where the presents may be seen. D<?ore open at half-past 7; oominence at 8. jy 16 EFREK CONnKRTS! RNST LORPFI/ER, Sftr York betwnn 1 st ami id streets, would respectfully Wfa etate to the publio that A CONCERT oflflft SELECT MUSlO will be * i ven ever* MON DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dunnathe mmou, at nia Pavilion, oommeneinc at s o'oloek and ending at in p. m. Previous to the Conoert. tJie Saloon ia open to those desiring to while awar a few houra in the mazy danoe. ICE WiAHi W1TM ICKS, and every defoription of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prioas. Parties desiring th? Gardens for Pio Nio par posr?. are requested to give a day or two nntioe. je 18 3m GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS For other Gtorfetown advertisement t ste first p+gi FOR NEW YORK.?The packet schooner Fairfax, Captain Mott, will commence load- >.,*> ing for the a ove port on Monday, lAth mot tfjfT* For freight apply to McCOBB ? DODGK.^? ? 63 Water st. jy 14 LOST AND FOTTKTV LOST?A CHAIN and CROSS, on Seventh st., between E and D st*. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving said article* at N". 510 Soventh st. jy 16 tl* C* REWARD and poutively no question* asked V1' n( the person who (in a manner pleasing to himself) will restore to L. W. CR A M FR .corner of Fifteenth and D sts , LOST MANUSCRIPTS, one a Genealogical History of the name of Cheney, and "Four Years Journal in W." Also, a ScrapBook. jy 14-St* LOST?On Wednesday afternoon, while returning from the concert on the President'! grounds, a CHILD'S ARM LET of coral and gold. The finder will be auitably rewarded on leaving it at No. 365 K st., corner of 12th. jy 13 3t* Q C REWARD.?Strayed or atolen, on the 3d of %? * July, from the subK<-nl>er, a large ,lu r\r -nA HIT tU - J - ? ? uni n l c?? ' ?? , w i in WIUO Il'THS. IflO SMV above rouanl will be given for information^bAB that will lead to her recovery. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. (Marble Yard.) jyll lw Fa. avenue, betw )3th and 13H ?t?. wants! WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN BARBER. Inquire at No. 374 Seventh street, one door south of I *t. '2f ) E L- DAWSON. U7A1STED-A goo.1 WHEELWRIGHT Good wages and steady employment. Inquire on Eleventh street east, near NavV Yard Bridge, to G. F. D. SOPF.R. jy 16 3f WANTED-A SITUATION, b* a young American girl as nurne (or email children, or to do p'am sewing Apply No. 6J'J Seventh st., between K and L. near tne Navy Yard. No objection to travel. jy 16-2t* WANTED?A HOW K on % farm, by two stout boys. 14 and 16 years of age; are used to workins on a farm. Severa fine large Rooms to rent cheap to a good tenant. Apply at No. 230 west Seventh street hetween M and N. jy 6 3t* WANTED-A COLORED BOY. todrive and attend store. Slave preferred. Inquire No. 91 Water st., Georgetown. jy 4-3t WANTED TO HIRE-A WHITE 0 RL. about 14 or 16 jeers of aee. as nurse. Good relerences required. Apply No. 3* First street, Georgetown jy 14-3t WANTED-A SITUATION as teacher bTa ladv of good education. Oil Painting, and I.-,-..-!. ;CJ. -I 1 ..f ?r-1 i louvn. 11 unnuru, i"?bi ui rmer^nce wnn to preficiencs given. Addres* "Teacher," at the^tar Office. jy U3t* WANTED?A PARTNER in >1 established business in this city. Personal attention not required. though preferred. He must have one thousand dollars cash. A good opportunity for a \oung imn, as th? business will pav him from one thousand to fifteen hurdred a year. Address A B, Washington Pos* Office. jy l4-3t* INFORMATION WANTED, OF JOHN J r.l.K.KV, of la. Ha wax lact heard from in the summer oflaSl. in W&ahingtun, II. C ;ib a hatter bj trade: nerved on buard the b-ig P^>rr>, during tin Mexican War, under the name of John J, Wilmn; alt><? on the B, andy w r,e un ter ante i (vine. Anj information wul b? ihanwiully rrc-iv d br a*Jctr^??in* his Iro her, E- D. i'KRY . 3'2% Wali.ut ?t. Philadelphia. Pa. jy 14 lawJw A GOOD WET NURSE WANTKD *pplyat 4f?4 Sixtoeuth street, between 1 and K WANTED TO PURCH V9K-A good HOUSE " and LOT, cituated lietween Ut and 13th ?ts. wecta'id E and M utreets north. The price not to exceed 51J"0 Addres- ? givme de?c lption. terms. Ac.,-V\ M. STICKNEV, City Post Office. jy 13-3t 117 A VTC n n., - I ? ; _ i ? ? m< ?ut iicivji ?nu i numinous man, a ? ? SITUATION as collee'or. B?>?t of reoom m ndationa given. Address M . C., Star Offic#. jy ig-tf personalT" 'FHIS IS TO FOREWARN ALL PERSONS 1 from trusting mv wif<*. Ann Lavezzi, on liijr account, as I will not pay an) dehU of her contracting. iy 14-3t* JOHN LAVEZZI. MAOAMK MORRICE. Thi flitir A?mm i.'i gist and D"CTBKis, just from Euro?*.?T*i* highly gift-d and intelligent lady can b? consulted on the Pact, Prevent and Future F vent*. Call at No. U05 Twenty-seoond street, between H and I, Washington. jei9>m* BOARDING. \|RS. ROBBING HAVING TAKEN THE L"l large and coni modi oil* house on hird *tr?et ner of Mistouri avenue, directh opposite the I'apito: grounds, formerly known as the Vernon House, wher" she i? now f-par^d to ?reomin<*lat? gentlemen with FFRNISHKI) ROOMS, either wiin ur wiinoui vuAKli. SomOMM with man; comforts, siioh at gas. bath, Ac A h?-altli> location, a beautiful prospect, and a delightful summer resilience, on immediate application. Terms reaaonalile. jv 2-2w SELLING OFF AT COST! In order to deor^a'emy s ook I have determined to close out the halanoc ofniv MUMMER CLOTHING at cost All in want of Summer Clothing are lespcctfuliy invited to call at No. 4?>0 Seventh st., opposite Post < >ifice. and see the great reduction 111 Summer Clothing. Wantid?To have every body know that they can purchaas their Summer Clothing at cost at No 460 freventh at., opposite Post Office. jjr 12-lm Notice OF REMOVAL. H. EGAN Has removed his stock of Dry Good* from Store No. 323 Pa avenue to No. 5-21 Seventh *t., in the Store-room formerly occupied by A. L. Newton, where will b? found a very large assortment of Staple a"d Fanc> Dry Goods, which he is selling ofl at reduced prices. Call early and get bargains. H. EGAN, jy 13-3t t'il Seventh street. JOCKEY HATS! JOCKEY HATS! ?... 1.1. r.. 1 - -i u~?? - - J oniMmio iui uwiioo, tuineon, miu vnuuron j in brown, bla k and whit*. Also, OSTRICH KEATHERS And PI.I MKH DE COO. In black and white, combined and separata. A full asuortinent of the altov* dovirab e teod* ju?t received at MAXWELL'S, jy lS-eoSt^ 3'2? Pa. avenue. 17RITT CANS! FRUIT CANS!' PRINCE'S IMPROVED AIRTIGHT SELF SEaLING CANS,for ?ale cheap by J. P. BARTHOLOW, jy II 6t Seventh atreet, near Caaal. WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, ?. J v??j va u? 1? M aawui^iiiw nnuuci from bia oorreapondenoe, by join lay lor, Km., with portrait: pnce 91. ft. Jnat published ui for aale at PHlLP fc SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookatoro, 339 Pans it , jjr btivM stoa*4 lOtbjto. _ PIANOS.?GREAT HA RGAINS-On* ROMBkrantz Piano, in best order, for 97.6 ?SK^, P^-r^i^rojtVkW&Ss; irSi" 'safmasffR. r*?. Rkmovid to No 346 Pa. Av , mai 7th St. Kr.couraged by the substantial and rapidly lnoreasinxpopuiatity of Wh#?l?r & Wilson's un?<iuail*?d Fa oily Sewing ILachinea, which for the last eight years have most triumphantly maintained their superiority, a> a family institution, over all competitors for popular favor, the Agent has taken one of the fine new store* lately erected on Pa avenue, near 7th st. where a beautiful a*sort>i*nt of all the various stvle* may at ail times he seen. There were 21,306 of these Sewing Machines sold in the year 1*5>. Ladies are invited to call and ??e them, together with'certificates from many of the best citizens of Washington and Georgetown, in elati' n to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority Ifanv ladies cannot oall, let them send for a circular by all m%ans. It is hmh time ?vsr? fam I* in the land wait aupp ted with ene of these health anil life saving instrument*. Full iaatrnotions, both printed and verbal, civen free of charge at the hoine of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent. No 34* Pa. avenue, jy ll-lm Between 6th andJTth sts. T<HE SAND HILLS OF JUTLAND, By Han* I Chnatiao Anderson; pnoe 7S oents. Autobiographical Reoollfotiona, by the lata Chariea^R' bert Leslie, R. A , ?J?'fd_wUh AUCTION SALES. py For ofA/r A urti 0*1 Sales, t? first Br . GRBLN. A?0Uon??r. Of BARRELS UNION old RYE WHISKEY. j At Avctiow.?Ob THIKSOAV MORNING. the 19th mat. I ahall eeli, at )" o'o'ook am. In (root of my Aaotion Store, SS bbla Uaion Olc Rye Whiairy, reoeired Mr oonaicnmeDt and will be told to the hi* neat beder It ia a *?>od artiele. The attention of Reeraurant, Hot? k^epera aod all other Liquor dealera ia re?p^ot/taily Invited to the *10. I?rma: All DDI und?r rain; ovtr ?zv a credit of CO ai.d to day?, for notM Mtiafaeton y endorsed, bearing interest. And *t the Mm* time I shall seil for omIi, 21 vol. of the National InteliiH?wr, well bound in half year uimDi r?. oouseeutivfl from 1W7 to 1?S7. jy 1* (Con.) A. BRKKN. AiM. By J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALE OF LC*EE*. FLARE. " AC .AT THE TEEA?CBT KxTIRIItX.- Of THURSDAY, July 19th. at IS o'slook m . I hall ell, in front of the TrsMury Extension, in lota to suit? A quantity of old Lumber. Pianka. B ard?.?o Terms oa?tt, in ?p?oie. I k* Lumber to b? r? moved immediately after the sale 8. M. CLARK, Act'g Engineer m oharte Treuurr D?partjt 18 3t J.C. MoGUjRE * (JO., Abcto. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE COASTING SLOOP or ABOl'T T 20 TONS BCKTMK.1, NAM ED G. L. BkOOM, A FA?T lAiLii, AT ACCTIOW.?OB WISDN ? SUA\, tii iuatont. at 13 o'cloeC m , 1 *8*11 eel I ml Mr. T. W. Riley's wharf, the handsome and fMt sailing sloot G. L. Broom, of ihoit in Umi bartkM. She is in oomplete order, we<l nggrd and ready for immediate nee. Terms cash. K. GARNKR. C??t. jy5-eoAd? i Bait. fun.) A. GREEN. A?ot. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For olkrr l-For Suit amd Rmtu adrtrtirrmnlt, in first piff J STORE FOR RENT, at No Seventh nt . S doorg above Sut?? Office. Apply to J. ROSEN THAI.. jy M FOR RENT.?A new and haoriMime FRAME HOl'SE will be for rent in a few days. It it beautifully situated on Thlit- enth ?treet, betwner Georgia avenue and K st.. Navy Yard ; haa a large garden lot attached, a pump of g (id wat*r n ar. and con ain? 4 room*, kitehei, anil w od?hed. Will t>? rented low, with or without the lot, to a s<?od tenant. For t>ale cheap. % sood atrnnr WllHK HORSEworks wei in a*iTthinc I "SL"*r** ,,f" T. | K.CLARK Navy \ ar<l; or of JOHN PATCH, filfe H st . between 4tli and 5th i? IB ONE OF THK MOi?T FLOIKI*MI \<i Bl !*l nesaee in the <-ltv lor wale. S*' llfactory rea <>ns niv n for teliinc on*. Apply to the I'm n Influence Office, No 1* Louisiana av.. lx i*?^n4S and6th*ts. )T 14 8t* 1/OR RENT?The three -tory (brown front* I HOt'?*E. \o. 3*7 New York avenue, between Kth and I Ith ^tri?-t* north aide, <-?>?t'aini?ur fifteen room? Tbn li?>uae m convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury ,?tc , is luhted l?\ ca.>. ai?J in every way MiilaS > |'.?r a boarding hon<e. R?>nt m<jaerate. Apply n?*xt dvor. or to A G. FOWLER. i'?>nd tlo r nortnwnuol Patent Office. jy 14-tf IfOU RENT?That nearir new and commodious 1 HltlCK HO' Sfc, containing wnh the back buiMiiv . aeven >o ir?, bemdes wood-?h?d Ac., IB r**ar. Tin* home it pi* aa&ntJy situated id Prutinc Offi>-? r*yiia'e. front in* H it and haa a upaciou* yam in front and rear; the Jatte- i? now well * locked with a variety of vecetiblea. Rent $20 a month. Inquire of W . 9. JONES, at hia grooary atore, corner 3d aiul H *ti? jjr IS tf ARARK CHANCK -The Stock, Fixture* and Good Will of one of the finest Grocery Estab lmhmeni* in the city is now offered for sale on reasonable term* For particulars address **X Y Z." through P?>?t Office. jy 18-Iw FfOR RFNT?The tine FRAMK HOFSE known mm I." ok L'. IJ ? J ? ..o < MVII i i nita livuar, nifcllftbm i*l Pi. north. between 9th am! 1-Hh ?treeta, No. 520, one of the ino>t deairable private remdencea in Washington. Till* h u?e ia imrrounded by fruit feea and areat numberaof currant biithea of va I rious kinds, and fine thade treea, ? ith Ifi.nun feet of g o ind. waft-d in Apply to J. C. COOK Eighth at. b>twe*n l?a-id K. j> 12 tf FOR RENT?Two wfollabU three-*t< ry b ick HOl'SM. *n room* and kitchen eerh. tituated on Eleventh at., between B and C. Rent 012 9* per month AppW to GEO. F. taUGl'ELY, at F. S. Myrra* Office. Eighth at. jy U 1?B* If OR RENT-That deair?ble DWELLING on I Twentieth at., Iwtween M and N eta w?at.containing 6 rooinn. Rent #]( p.M vear Apply ou the premise*, or to WM. Rl'THfcRFORD. at hia Marbl- Wo k?, E st., between 12th and 19th ?ti. J> 6-iW ^TOKK ROOM FOR RENT-On the eontheast oornar of Pern*. avenue and Tenth street. ! i ?- * ? neieioiore uvea a* a grocery Apply at tne roi>m or of J At*. F. H ALI OA V. City Bail. j? 3?-tf F^OR ?AI,E-B?lwwn7?id 8 acr?** ol LAND, (par' wood,! 011 the Plank RoaJ, (7 h *t. ) about 4 mile* from \Vai?hinf ton?a beautiful building site, or well located lor a market garden Appl) at No. 3 Aceuoy Block .corner Seventh and F > .. Wuh104 ton. j? H-lm* COMFORTABLE ROOMS, with or without ' Hoard, oau t>a obtained, on moderat* t*rm*. at 486 E *t.. between 5th and 8th. Table Boarder* ace?'inmo<iate<l with good Board. je 16 im* FOR RENT-Two 'eautifuT new B R fc K HOU8-S, on Eighth st eet went, lietween M and N ?tr?>eU uo'th, wait n:de. Apply to MARY C. HAI8L1P. No. J81 N'lutt ttreet west,or Dr. K E \SBfcY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, batween 9th ana 10th itrMti. J- ' '?* ^ SUMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT?a fiTst clan* and handsomely furnished oottage, in a most heal liy i art of the 1)i?trict, and half an hour'* drive from tb? Presidential Mansion. Apply to B JOST. 1 * ?t Pa. avenue. jy ll-?o3t* FOR RENT? That new and well arranged three ?tor> HRICK HOUSE. No. ! ?.*. onG street, between l^h and 3?th ?tn., Kir?t Ward, ia'e!% oocupied by Mr. Bodi?oo, Rufttian Legation. Pos??s mon given immediately Inquire oj Mr. SOl'TH EY8. PAKKER. nextdoor east. ma 16 eoU INSTRUCTION IN PR AWING AND PAINTING Mr. \VM. MACLEOD Arin..uoees that he will cniitiuue his ala?M>t through the uuiiiier. affording youth ami ot .ers a'l opportunity of taking lea-ions flu ring vacation. Claas R<*om third story front of No. 17 Louisiana avenue, between Wh and ?th sts vlass L?a> ? v\ e?lumil?j imi >?turi!s>. Iwtwt-en 9 and 1IH o'clock a. in. Tebm* tinvanaM) in ad\anc?>?For Drawing, J Ipskoiik per wh? k. per quarter of 11 week*, $6; lor Oil Painting, do , do., ?15. jjrll eo3t Tb|HE SECOND ANNUAL SE-SION OF Mr. J. II COMBS' Engliah and Cla?*ioaI High School will comin?nee on the fir*t Monday in September next. Application* nhonld lie made in July,a* the nunib*-! of pupil* i? limited. For term*. Ac . see circular*, Ac., or call at Mr. C.*? residence, No 303 Sixth *tr*et, near New York avenue. iy ll-?o3w* IN ILRIOR DECORATIONS. Person* needing WINDOW SHADES or PAPER HANGINGS will find at No. 4*6Her??th street a rood assortment of warranted Gold Band WINDOW HH A UES, Gold, Velvet. ard Conmioa PAPERS, FIREBOARD I*RIN is. Pirn ?k CORD AND TASSEL!*, SHADE HOLLANDS, Ac Orders for Paperhanfins or Window ? hades executed promptly, in city or country. Thankful for tha litierai patronage received, I respectfully solicit a continuance. Rememtier the number! J. MARKRITER. No. 4*6 jy 9-6teo* Seventh nt.. 8 doors above O. F. Hall. HARPER'S MAGAZINE, 1* CENTS, 15oents. 15 15 oents 15 eenU, 15 cents. 15 oests, 15 oent?. 15 oents? payable in advanoe. Ca.l and pay for Ayiit comber. R. F HiL>bard's well-known CIRCASSIAN B * LM, the most remarkable healer m the world, for sale. See bills. A. HUNTER. te ? It* Under Wil lards'. NfcW MUSI'' received semi-weekiy, and for warded by mail free of postac*. iy 11 ^QgN F. KLLIS W NECTAR CREAM SIRUr, ITH Other choice SIRUPS, with pur*, oool and sparkling SODA WATER, oac to^had^at^ jey-tw Weet End Urn # A cheap music. . LARGE Lot of Mnaio. Foreign and Aaenoan, foraale at half ?rioe for on* week oily, it the Mitic Store of m*y W fl MKT7F.ROTT _ 7~, RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS?either for VJI mI* or rent?new and aeoond hand, Iron all the reliable makera of th* ooantrT. JOHN P. ELLIS. _jy II 306 Pa. av., betw. 9th aud ltik *U. PURE SODA WATER. I CALL AND TRY ^THE BEST IN THE CITY, J. R. Major's Drag Store, jjb *of Coa?pl 7tu A H St*. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Orrics Skutiit or th? Smati U. |j ?i T?S fsthl^tator 9B*2*t"' BobcIUo^*the tait&tax* cutionoftheoontraet will be required B'o? ror the Co?! ?nd Ik* Wood 'will be eon ma,t ** IMd* for the oorraot m^eerement of both. ?**m* a8?k3WCL-. i AUCTION HALES. THIS AFTKKNOVN $ TO-MOKKQW By . GREEN. AioI'ohw. CALK OF VALl'ABLH Mill.DING LOT* C? Ea?t, rnoWTifco on Niwin Ann Ea?t Can TOl VTftBKT*. AT Ai rTJOSI.???? M'tXDAV, U" 16th inat. I attaD Mil. in font of Mi# at n'o.ook p. m . LoUS.C. and 7. in ttqaar* No. **u. front ng on Mh awl 1 aat Oa*i o ?t? Th?a? Lo'a ha v? bean aublivid?1 n'oaix h?uu.ul building Ima to amt purchMfrf, th-j are oa tna grada and in an inprovinc nanhtH<rhoixl. i #rm?: Ooa thi^d oaah, l>*lano# in 6, 12. and 1ft nontha, tha parohaaer to ct?a n<>t?a baanne latar a ?t from day of aal*. A daad ( r?r, tnd a df#d ?f trust lacau. 1m* penoot. jy 13 d A. GR KEN. Hue*. Br A. GREEN. A?eliuu?ff. Trustee*? sale of a frame hoi ck ahd Ur *t Arctms o* Nijith j*t. wmt,Bj virtu* of a atm* of trust from <?*o H (itM tw< wife, duly w.i'drf to th* ?uh*orihar, I will Mil, ? n MONDAY, Ui* lsth dti of J?iy owt, i*?>. ?i| o'clock p m . pert ??f Lot S. in ^nare V?,being and Win* in tbacity of Wuhin|t<>n, i"mm?nonif tor tH imm at th? south vnft corner of Lot .No. 9. aforesaid. aid running north on the Una of Ninth street *Nt S Mat. thero* ra?' Irwt 4 inch**, thene* oath is toot, thrnicr w*?f *> M ? iwhi?? fo M.f an i a?a Kai AM *> m i f I ..I f ?A(tf i i?r vi i i ii ii i up 'wini b?i" p?n*'i ia?? ii*'ii?ing on th* <*?l side of said Ninth iirwl, and y mr between P and Q. struts north, with the im?fo?f merits thereon. consisting of a two story r*m* Bouse with hack hmldin*. Tsn? line third out ; t>a.anoe in fi and IS moBthk, purchaser to gl*e D"t?i bearing mUr*( from the day of aale. a deed giren iMtMnT trust taken. All oonv?yaijoing at th??oit of the pyelianr. If the terms of sale ay not ?omplied with within three days from the day of sale the trustee rwr?w the right to resell the property oa lire da* a' pa hue aouoe in the Evening 8Ur, at the riafc and oust of the defaulting purchaser JAMKS W. COOMBS. Trastee. jeg eots A. GR KKN. A wet Hy THOt* DOW LING. Auctioneer O'nrtumm, IKC. | ARGK STOCK OP CHINA, CROCKERY. L Gu?? Wtn. Window Shspb*. CrrLnit, Ac., raoM New York, to be sold wtTMrt It r. inn-We shall OMMeaaa oa THIS KVhN ING, (and oontmne moramg and evening of *a?ii day until the whole stock is di?po?ed of.) to sell a vary targe and se eot stock of the above named goods, consisting of? Tea ?*etts, Cups and Sauoera, Plates. Dishes, faaraia. Baams. and K.w?r?, Chaintiers, Ao G asi Howis, Dishes, Butters, Ma U. Wares, Tumblers. Castors. Cfleries, tramps. Lanterns, ditchers. Molasoea Cans. An.. Ac . 5m Mir Punted Window Shade*. in Rich and Feautifu, 8t?ie?, Oil Cloth I'aMe Covers, vorv Handle Bon*and Baok Table CuOerv. Pocket, and Pen Knves. W atohea, Jewelry, acC a vaiiety o( Fancy ?oo <?, Ac Tn? Entire k he a< : v tii> nt reeer-** lot* to suit purcl,\*?*r?. 117- (ioods at private rule. jy 11 St TH(?!< l>OWI |\G. Aact. By J. C. MoGt IRE ft CO.. AaeUoaaare. TRl PTEE'S 8*1.E OF A DBtG AND A eomn A?y Stork o* the Islajid ?Oa Tl ESUAV MORN iN'i J, < -f a' on the premise*, by virtue of a deed of tryst d?'? executed and recorded I aha ae the entire Ht< oi and Fixture* of a D'Uji and Ap- tiKoary at<>re, imated on Seventh atreet w*at. hrtveen D and K treats aouth, (Island.) oonaiatinc <>f a freak and well aelectad aeaortraent of? Pure Dru<?, Chemioaia, Hairnl MfdioiM. PerJomerj, Fuo; Article. *c,4j The Store ha* i?een recently fitted ay on an improver p an, the to?nt?ri, -ne.vir,*, Ac., beinc mo?n' ;?, Mid in no manner ).>in?rt to t ^ boner. Tiieatoek and fixturea will be? d in a ot to<eher The Store la in an >xc ent oeati tor baameea. thia eaie offer* a fine np|><,rtamty to any on* de airoaa of enra?iL( in t' e Terma ea*T, and in vie known at the ?ale. T?0? J U*H t K. Traatee jylVd J. C. McOlIRE A CO , Aaota. FUTURE DAYS Br J. C. MeGUIKK * CO , Atetlonacra CHANCERY SM.K OF YAl.l'aKI K IM PROVED A*P UNIMPROVED K lAl EsTATB ? By virtu* <>f a decree '<{ the I" -on ? < ourt of 'he Die t'let of Colun.Uia. piM?d in the c*a*e where u Frederick W.SelhaiMeniaeomp air ant and Char lee Made* and otaera. executor* and neira at law and deviates of Bonaventura Sonad. deoeaa^l, ara defandanta. the ?ul>?orit>er wil! ae' , a' public * e the following va.uahe re*: eatate in V* atMiiit t city Lota Noa 9.10. U and 12. in tquare No 785. on tie corner of north H An/i T n 1 r ,1 ?!i ?, ? - ? at *? ,.. r m is* feet 2S inohck on r.ortfc B ?treet tud 12S M on Third ?treet fml^DtreNo fi?2, fmnti c 119 feet on Delaware avenue, by 83 feet 10 inohe* on aoutti G street. The whole of aqnare north of aauare Mo. M2, frontinc SUS feet I inohee on Virtnia a venae. * 7 leet on outh F street, hi feet 5 in<'h?? <>n !> aware avenu?, and 19 feet 6 inoi,e? on H? .f atreet w??t l.oU Not. 1. J. 3,4.5,6. 7. ?.?. 10 II. 12. IS. M. 15. and 16, ii. tauare No ffM. compriMtif trie wh>.,e tquare and fronting Mil leet i w.ohea a r<ort? D ?mi, na nn i incite* on rorn t tirwt, jy1 l?t on Eighth atreet ea?', and S%i (*ft on Seventh atrart mmL And Lo?a Nnt 1,9, and in. ir rquare %o. W, fronting SB foot eac.n on aouth I raet, batwe-n Firat and Second ?tr>?eta weft ( ? ' ? witfi the inipiovtmntt, which e u*i?t of far w |l built two-aiory lrame hou?e? Tn* me of the lot* in equare V>. TSr, t t?he plaoe on TUKSDA Y. the 1< tn '%y >( Ju i.iW; ?f the lot in aqnare >o 6*2 oil Till H M)A V, the W >? day of Jul) 1H80; ot square n<> 'h ol rquar* N? >-*Z on FRIDAY, the 13th day of Jiuy, In* ; of lota i-? ffugrtNo. W.on MONDAV.'bc ?*th da? ofju t, '*0; of the lota in nqn?re S?4. with the improve nenta, on TCt.SDA^ , the 17ih day ot Jaiy, IMP. Tk? mm ? ? - ? ... -! - a uv wait U*'" Ilir-I.uo Iki O ?* f. ft r?Tl the day* above apeciS^, 011 the respective premi eea. and the property will be .<! in each paroela or lot* aa mar auit pnrona>rfa. Terma or ea.e : One third oach ; and the taanoa in 6, 12 and :8 month*, ?eenred tv the porchascr'a notje, bearing internet from the OA* of ?ait,wi(h aeonrity to be approved by the trustee and if not complied with in five daya after the *a e of proper ty. the t/>rmi of which are not emptied with, wI he ree< d. wpon one week'a ri'tioe. at ?t>e ri?k ?>.) expense of the defaulunc purchaser. Cpon the fall payment of the purchase money and luterest, and not before, the trustee wi oo \ ei ihe propert* t ? the respective purchasera in fee siu.ple. All eaa veyaocin* at the expir ee of the purchaeere CH Af* 8. \N A l.LACH. Tr.ate*. J. C. Motil'IRK A CO., A acts ..It <u. *11- - jv ik juiwu uiy 17 v.IETTHE 8AI.K OF I OT 9. IN SylAFE No 643. And the whole 9?utr? north ol Sauar* No. MS, is postponed until TLBS!)AY next, ink in stent, ume hoar. CHAS. 8. WALLACH. Trustee. JT 13 d J. C. McGI IRK ft CO.. A?ete. By J. C. MoUl IRE ft CO., AnotionMrs TO PLUMBERS, FOUNDt-RS. ftc -Acctm.h i*ALi or Cokiiemnid Six im b Water Pipe* 4fJ>* ????. ww viuc?,?- r*i " * a n ? n n m?* hart's Western Wharves. we sball sell in Iota to saic? 84 Cast-iron Water P.pes, S inches in diameter, la 12 feet lenctfas, 45 Branches, ke? r t W Redsoers. S to 4 inches, ft Fi)urwn>s, t. b> 6 iuc.'ir?, 13 1 V* by 6 inches, 14 T s. 6 by 4 inches. and 1 B?nd, 45 degrees. Theae pipes are of the v*tt t>eM it? mar? ? ( them very slightly defective, and ail ol them saltans for drain pipe Terms: and under, cash, over that earn a oredit of ?n and ? day ?. for satisfactorily endorsed Botes, bearing interest jy Hd JC M oGl IRK* CO . A nets. \l ARfHAL'? !*ALK.?In virtue of a writ of tvg fieri facias issued from the Cier* sOfto* of the J^ireait Court of the District of Co.smbia for uw uont; at WMbiDftoi, tW to diraotod. I will m?i?? to Babiic aaie Jfor auk. in f'oat of (Im Bank of Waabiacton, on TL K9DA Y, th* *4tk dar of Jalr, 1MB. ooiameuoini at 1* o'olock. a. ? , U>? following good* and ahattels, to wit, tii : M toi. Cong raaaioaal D*bataa,lC do. Ann?n of Coacraaa. it do. American Sut* Pkyort, 1 do. Ptnuoa ?nd B unty Land, "by Mayfc<>," 1 do. Op biob of At tor ey U*aaral. 1 do. !?;noptioal Index U?i I'. (>Mm, I do. Life and Work* of Joh> Q. AdftM, It do. DiflonUie Cor rea pond* no*. "by ftparfta;'* eised Bad laviad apon a* the iooda and okattais of Jama* Henry, *?d will be boW to tatiafv Jodicta* No. H to May tana, 1MB, la fa*or of John K Kaadall. W. HKLDEN. y 15-dta t'.f MwklL M^HARPHAL'P SALE-la rina* of'wo WTtteof fieri facia*, i*aatd from the Ciork'a tti#? al im cirouii Coart of the DMrwt of Coli?W,kr the eouuty of Washington and to ma diraoted. I Will HfAMIO pablic Ml* for tuk, IB frofct of t*o court kont 4oor, of Mid ouibIt.or ??ONDaY, tha)?th of a UK llOt imxllat*. Ml defar>dart'? ruht. tit' and mtrMt 11 and to th* follow in? do?enb*<1 pmport*. to wit, ni: Lot No M* Square No 706, and lot No. **. m (^?ro>o.l?, ??ther with ail and incuiar the im^rorewete rooi, aoised ud levied t?<>B aa lk? Prt'l?*rty ?* Jaiiana Barry sod jMM C Rarrt aad wi i bo aold to ratufy jadioiait Noa. M and 1??, to May Ur? It?, I. a Tor of A.tbo.y U. R. Marahal for the Diatriot of Colaabia. jy M Oil Mttgtaftgssagagassr oait Coart oMh* Diatriot of oolasbta, lor we axpooa to Mbhc'iSl^lfeT oaafc-tjTfrotf, of tkoicoart is, ia Saaara No. IM, m tb* oity of Waahiot*oo. l> C .totVthw with ail aa<f ai nga ar the i??roniiPU tbarana mmim Iitm hod aa tkt munIi of if u-du u. %. tor DutnM itOolwfctt WOOD A^p,^ coal Wt Pa. At., H >iru^? ud ltra Irk, Mill ud Wklrf<C. n? 17 tf BSow War rvyrt?I

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