Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Pot r v .?TV.* Mumra N pti thi?? tkeV'hn Bloudin's pctfotiMinH on the Fourth Haviug secured hiihaUBcin:' pole, and fastened th<* two end# of a rope some fifty fret apart to hli main cable, the rope banging some twenty or thirty feet below, he descended to the centre of this slack rope, where, upon this mere thread, he performed wftb as much apparent unconcern a* though in a tbe*tre. With straps around hia ankles he suspended himself. thus hanging two or tbree feet helow even the slack rope He also stood up, as bova sometimes venture to do ins win;:?this latter feat beine to all appearances rually the roost dangerous, for the rope was a mere swine and vrrv unsteady. He also whirled hi mseif hwlt nv? head ?>tna fifteen or twenty tiHif-s, about a* fast a* a spinner would turn her quill wheel. People held their breath in utter amazement at auch recklessness He ran up band over hand to the main cable. where he hung by *>nel?u.Ac. He then proceeded to the Canada ide, occupying altogether in this insane exhibionly twenty-one minute* ID" Down to every President had been taken from the old thirteen State*. Now, of the nine rivil candidate* for President or Vice Prfsid?*nt, but one (Mr Everett, of Massachusetts) is a citizen of an original State. All of the five candidates for President?Lincoln, Dougl,.*, Bre< k mridjje, Kell, and Houston?live in the M'ssiss'DDi vallev. or near its borders Ttc tnt^l ?r.i c( the fl*? Vresidential candidate*?Bell, B'eckturldg?, Douglas, Houston, and Lincoln?is'265 year*. making an average of 53 veara. Mr. Bell, who is in tala tilth yeir, is the eldest man of the four regularly nominated Mr Breckinridge the yoangett la 4'J; Mr. Douglas is l". Mr. Lincoln51; and Mr Houston ft!. Cactiocs Mis.?Some men use words as riflemen do bullets. They say little The few words bw? go rigm u> roe mark. They let you talk, and guide with their eye and face, on and on till what you say can be aiawered in a word or two, and then they launck out a sentence and pierce ihe matter to the quick, and are done ^ ou never know where you stand with theui Your conversation falls into their mind as rivers fall into deep < basins, and are lost from sight by its depth and darkuess They will sometime* surpris- you with n few words, that go right to the mark like a gunshot, and then they are silent again, as if thev were re-loading ID* A good story la told of a New York postmatter When the news of Douglas's noniination react ad his town, he and his friends brought ojtthabig gun to fire a *alute. They had not about half through the allotted number of (lischarirrt U'Kan r? rnossn?><^Ik? -1. - * m uv u iivovcii^CI xi Will *lit- llipu t?iflee informed them that tbe seeders bdd nominated Breckinridge "Indeed they hav? said til'- postmaster standing a moment In a brown study, be shouted, ' Bo)s, there's no knowing into whose hands we may fall. Lontl for Bretktnridgt fE7"A Messina le:ter recounts the soldier like de ids of a Catania nun, who, from the windows of a convent, tired on the royal troops Another Joan d Arc' "She shot with a* sure an aim as the nrK>st practised Alpine huntsmen, and never missed once. The colonel ordered that thev should tire In platoon* rciwat?-dly against the windows. but in vain. Tue heroin* remained unscathed, and still kept firing away, killing ber man with every shot she Jirvd." PRIMARY VSETISGS IX MoSTiiOMKRY CorxTT, Mb.-In accordance with the recommendation of the Democratic State Central Committee, tbe democrats of Montgomery county will assrmble in primary district mcetMigson Saturday, the v^tb Inst . to send delegates to a county convention to in et at Kockvllle on tbe 4th of August next. IC^The I'nited State* agricultural exhibition is to beld at Cincinnati froin Sep' lJth to tbe "itrtb Tbe premium list amounts to No cattle will be received on account of the ureval ence of tbe pleuro-pneumonia, but large p emlums will be offered for horses, machinery ami steam lire engines Judging from the lar>re demand for mtllitary equipments from all p.irt> of the country, tbe New York Journal of Commerce say*, tbe martial spirit of tbe lTnited states is remarkably high. Military tailors iu New York are repre aented as pressed beyond measure. 0*A correspondent of the Boston Congre^ationalist uys that at tbe late General Conference of Maine it was voted to drop tbe D D's, not only in calling tbe roll, but from tbe minutes: so I *K.? i * 1 ummmttmaj minister aesiresioDe Known as doctor henceforth, he mint carry his diploma in his pocket. tn^Barnum was one of the agents in producing the reduction of the rates for a view of the tireat Kastren. He wrote a letter of advlf e to the managers of that monster, and it was good ' To a dead curiosity/* says the great showman, -there is no resurrection." Mabylaxd Rkpcblican Electoral Ticket ? 5tat* ?t lir)(?, Judtfe Win. L Marshall and Dr Hicks Harris; 1st district, D W Orrm; '2d. W Pinkney Kwing; id, Francis S Corkran; 1th, Dr W. A. Weiss; 5th, William Amour; ?tb, Hon. .Montgomery Blair Tlie New York State Teacher's Association wm convene at Syracuse on 31st of July iiistmt. for the purpose of furthering the public school lnUre*?s throughout the State. Kxtensive preparations are in progress for the reception of visiter* fT"7-Th? Viceroy of Egypt has given orders that a sciei.t lie exhibitiou should be organized to obaerve the approaching total eclipse on the line of totality in Africa. The goverment of Haytl is encouragiug cotton plantation in a portion of the island waere the plant was formerly cultivated. JET The Tuscan wheat received from the Patent Ofli'-H grows to the height of five feet in Guad aiupe couatv, Texas The Tennessee f*tate fair will be held at Kaeitvilleon $ej>tenb?-r loth l[TTbe anbccription for a botanical garden In Ui 5 New York Central Park ha* reached $vJ3,(jOO. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL. HOTEL.?E A Wafe?. Mich; H \V Horn* a?i> mother, NC; A Ca-nen, NY; H VV Rann, Md; J SMbbej, La; >lis# Andrew*, Mia?; J t* Blftk* a d lady, Mica blake. Mus T?\lor, Li; O Cili.,r.l NV- IJ V..-k ?-<?. -J * *' v SBS-v? a 9 w a i fcWiif lUVi| O ilOU'JIIlDOf j i^l \ ? Melnotail iwv, As; K Howea, J Tooke, NY; M Hmitn and 1?4?, Mim: 6 Norbile, V*. N Diokaon. Miaa: J Brioe and iady, Ga. 8 J')nei. Tfi, Rev J u urcoa ai.d ad?, f?; C Snow, Va; J Brown. Ga; a May. Pa: F Darbj, P Darby, Ry; M Mmick M?; C Wh?t? and lady. Prof Hereford, M Jaraoifff. J Joiaoirtf. Hatoitj Mi? Aademun R Ande ioa, I i (um?, P '|ua>i, La; * Gbulaoo a id *<-> . iun K?s'sd?i?f L Vailian. * J)iokf?n?, is Ccrbui, Mia*. U Kami, ? winn'T- J Go?idsl t fa ii. via<; t. Wv.e aji-t ly, Ga- W Sinita and lady. Mra Bu?h .Mrs \V&?aier, A Manab % n. Pa; P Y* ood, K?; J i gw*D. Va. J Crane, J Dutaon, Md; J Gilbert, H M ??e aaJ ,a*iy M Clark*, J P Knit-Ga; K Ruta* 1 ii.u ?Cy H M#""", J l oik'rn, M'ai rhoma?. V ? m us*ell, Mr* Conrtn^Y and !?dy, La; J Cad Mra Kn pp. S1": <? Keiu*. NJ, A Scue'l, A R??ve J vv t e v and lady. T smith. NV; P Eloagei, ? And e?>, Cuba; J Kin(,Ga; M Thoinpaou an Iftdr NO. BROWNS' HOTEL -H 1)?U and lady, Ga; O H>*eu ?idi?il).3C; M > M f- A?i*er, do; M I t J Adg-r. do; J A Vdvns Tosn. R 8C?'ii8?,do; J '1' Wufldnrd,NY;R A l ?-L?uejI L.?; 8 VV Ro^er, do; J 8 i^aul?onaud naashur, r.ji??. 8 F Wo.farmbuffer, Md, Mi?? M Darlry, do; W J Howell, l a; r MoConiaiit. V%, M H>> !a#ay.O, Dr C C Boyhr , I'BA: vv D W Hiam> t>a Mio; >v I Fo-ter and ad>,H tosier. Vim Fo?t?i, Aia; W H(it ick, NC; E D? B boi d ?; M R MoCay.M1 ; J JDilUnKham and lad*. 5C; J Kuib, Pa, H war anu ladj. Aia; A Mimnoa, La; W r Loutha"i and lady V a;A M Bar fieri, do; R Mao<*;. Md; J Ea.ober, N A F ank t . Ve; M W Bo !? t a, IS U Mclutoah, <>a; h Spanctuuor. I a;J Malong snt iatl>, a< ; \V Cl nai, M*??: W Pn.uipa, Maa ; M A Ad?i. a Md; Mi J Biker. * La; o Taonant, Va; B P Pooie, Masa; VV PkmipR, a id i?dj Ga, M? M?%i? .j<i, K \ *#j Va: Mre J K i #%r?ia do; E G Hall, M.I; J H Bale Va; M J Re'ly, M i; T J ive'!y.d?.; W VV J???i. a, do; * 4oiio.u(tiiio.^Pa; H T Doukiaa, ?; f K Hlocton. in. J 11 a?ei , A>, Mrs KdflW, do; Alinw linn | t>r |it r, d'?, K Johaon. Va KIRK WOOD HOl'SE.-E L Burlauh. Va; C A nowdw. I*im; J H fa'?, Va, J P H 0"pb, Ark; A rt Walmer ud lady, Masa; A Keltz L'S.N, J B tiuUin . Pa; T O Kit*i? kid, Md; K N VV > ?, Va; ? D Giiuert d ; P A "?atru!.*, La; c. AlWi, do; j;k Harf #M C;C h Luf ty. Va. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS FROM tuk Uhitbd STATBS. St-awri. Lrave. for. Days. ? N';w York. ..Banilmrf,... Ju y 16 oral*.. . New Y?rk...Lir?fonl ...Jul* IS ?.tna Ne? Y<>rk.. .Liverpool ..July 19 (Miiden Fl??oo...N-w Y ork. .ShM way July 1? New York...Havre. Jmy 21 Aralua..,.. B"?ton. Liverpool.... J ill? 8S VaaJorbiK. M#w York . Havre July A Fault Eranra 1 Ar?c<> ?i'uth'?ton_N?t Vork,..J?'r 4 Htnr:v Pcuth*|u?B >' * Yote ..Jul/ 4 J tint Ijverpool.. ..New Yc?rk ... Jn!y 10 Th* Uavnua iiuu! tpamera leave New York nr. the 1H, 'ith, 17th, ana ?7-.h of Moh month, autl Chiirfeetu.i on tae4th and 19th. Tm WiliforiuA mail leave New York on *h and *.th nf mmonth. O XoTtf'E IV-:0LJ.AU ?TK.\M PACKET LINK BR ? >V r> N BALT MORK AND ^IC"? h. \V AJ'HINUTO N.?I eave Com- A iner-e ?L wha f, IUXukkp, a# fol BfcateaMa owe: lha *o!*P S^tatb. rr*rt W F. DN Kf*P A Y, at 6 D m. ' olcmma, ev?T* SATURDA Y? at 6 p. m ^ MK.- Hi ?y'. Whilst the (<hH of nth ?tra?t <'?ir*iir?v?fT >?FDNWDAV MOINING, at ft. Di/ju>H??TAr*, ?wy FRIDAY, about II m. W, RII.RV, AlMt, R Whaif, atife* rootof m Ml- ifWi nth H . Wa?hinitnn DIF(? T? UUNfOWDKR. F'*r >v? at in?n*fa?ta<#ra prio**. by JUMNT BOhl.'K, fin,*#rrow*, D. C? S?le Attn V for th* DtUtut of CWnMiic, ^ ???.? 7 d . . j-io-1a Hw*' M i jt ft r flBiOO J***' lt*h ' " MISCELLANEOUS. \f c DON.NELL'S "1 CATAWBA GINGER WINE' MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA SINGER WINE! MoDONNELL'8 CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tki> Delicious Summer Bet-eragi, The Hiallhful and Tonio Propensities Of whioh are now wrll known an<l t _ : 11 _ a j :u a I DIvors*I J AliniUlBU Throughout the Union, la Now For Sale in Washington by Joa. W. Davis, 8th and E at*. J. V. Cohorn, '8th and H ata. Jaa. ?. O'Brian, 9th and I ata. Wm A. Brown, 13th aud F ata. W. S. Jones, Massachusetts av. and 3d at. Peter Monaghan, New Jersey av. ai<4 G at. T- Cogar, Fa. av. and 20th at. J**. Bligh, 11th at. F. M Orme, Pa. avenun. E. K. W hits & Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayea, 4th and H ata. George VV. Orme. Georgetown, D. C. II. L. Offutt, GeorgeHwn^D. C. J AS. MeUONNKI.L, iy 5 rolm General Agent, Baltimore. ^NTHRACITE COAL FOR THE NAVY. Navy I>*rAKTM*??T, J Bureau <rf Construction, Knutpmtnt, and > Repairs. July 3,186P.S ?kalid Proposal* for furni*hi"e Anthracite Coal for the Navy, to be delivered during tbe fisoal yearendin* June, 186', will be received at thia Bureau until 3 o'olook the 31 at day of July, lWi. Tl.ea* propoaa'a oinat be endorsed "Proposali for Anthracite Coal," thst they niay be matinguiched from other buaineaa lettera. The ofer mutt be for the delivery of 15,000 ton*. ofj.*40 iba ; and if an additional quantity of 15,0<0 wu* ib umiift'iuni n i> to ns lurnimea oil 11KA lurm* &nd oonditiona. The Coal muntbeofthe beat Buck Mountain or Blaokheath. to be deaignated io the i?tfr;ofaize auitabie for naval atn*mera; clean; aelected so aa to he free from impuritiea; unmixed, of whnh the contractor will be required to furniah auoh evidence as may be aatiafaotory: and to be euKjeot to such inspection aa to quality and quantity aa the Department mar direct. Theooa'lato be delivered on board veaaela at aucn place in the port of Phi'adHphi* aa may he <l*ai uated t>y th? Department, and in aiioii quantise ami at auoh timea aa in the opinion of the De partinent. the encenciea of tHe eer ?rioe may require; oommenoina when the veacel la reported icauj vu r-coive cargo, iiirnirmng wiien rfqmred not less than 36" tons per day, to be distributed to t?ach vp*8?! as may be directed until the loading is completed. in .ho oiie of failure to deliver the Coa* of the proper quality aud at the proper tune a:>d place, the Department will reserve in t.i<? contract the right to purohaae forthwith, at the contractor's risk and exp?ns?, that whica may he necessary to *n?p;y the deficiency. Any demurrage or other charge to which the Naw Departmeut may b^ subjected from de ay in the prompt delivery of the Coal by the oontractor wilfbe deducted from their bills. The price must be for the Coal delivered on board vessel* on the terms and conditions aliove stated, at the contractor's ri>k and expense, and without extra charge of any kind. Thft nffrtf it* rHain^AcI hv law. in???* h? nied by a written guarantee. sign**] by one or more mpon>ib!t porno m, to the effect that tlipy uiide t%*e that tho bi(!dar or tiilil'rs will, if lim or their bid bo aooeptftd, enter into obligation in ?uoh time as inay bo preioribed by the Secretary of the Navy, with good and sufficient sureties tofu'nish the ?ui> plies proposed. No proposition will be considered unless accompanied by such guarantee. Two or mora sureties, in a sum equal to the amount specified to be paid, wilt he required to sign the contract, a-'d thou responsibility will be certified b? a United State* District Judge, United States Diitrir.t Attorney, Collector, or iYary Agent. r\? additional and collateral security, twenty per oeiit. will he withheld from the amount of all payments, not to bo paid, xcopt by authority of the Secretary of the Savy.uiil.I theoontraot sha I have boon in an reepec's complied witn; au<> the remaia1!1? eiirhtv D0f cent, or nmminf due oii each hill, will, wh-n a proper certificate i? 'urnished by the inspector, and tli? bill approved by the Navy oepartinent, be paid b? such navy agent as toe coutiactor may name within thirty day* after it* pr?*ent*tion to turn. It will be stipulated in the contract that if defau t be made in ?1*liv?ring the Coal of tho quality and at the p ace and time direcied by ttie L><>partin?itt. then, and m that fa*?. the contractor and his sureties win iorfeit and pay to the United Sfatfs, a* liquidated damages, a rum of moi.ey uot excoedu?g twice the contract srice, which may tie recovered from time to tune, according to the act or acts of Congress in that case provided. Bidders whom Drup>>s*l? shall be accepted. and none other, will be notified, arid as ear ? a? p^acti cable a contrast will be transmitted to tnem, which they will be required to execute within lOaays af ter its receipt at the Post Office or Navy Agency nftmAii h* th<*rr? I'll** form of offer, gu&rai.tre and cort:ficate is herewith giveu. Form of Offt. I (or w?> of suite , hereby agree to furnish au-i deliver fifteen thou*aijd ton? AnthraciteCoal for steame'? use at the rate of p >r ton, of 2/MO poun-is, amounting to dollars, and th* additional quantity if demanded; the who;e in conformity with the provisions and terms of the advertisement of the 3d July, from the Navy Department an 1 hereto appended. Should my (or our)off-r or bid he aooepted, I (or we) request to be informed at , and that the contract mar be forwarded to for signatures an certificate. (Plao*.) (Signed) A. B. (Date.) * v irj /> v# r unur We, the undersigned, residents of , tn the 9?ate of .and of .in the btate o , hereby jointly and severally covenant with the United Btaten and guaranty that in case tb? foregoing bid of b.? aeoept?Ki. will witnin ten days after the reoeipt o< the contract at execute he name with good and suffioi -nt sureties lor the delivery of the anthracite ?nal proposal in oomplianoe with the term* of the advertisement of thejj July, I860, hereto appended and under which it wan made; and in oase the said ahall fail to enter into the oontraot aforesaid we guaranty to ^ ake good the difference between the offar of the raid and that whioh may be aooepted. Witneu: (Signed.) C n, (Piaoe.) K. F* < Dat*.? I r>arohi narfifw *<-? '?? - r ' * * ? via??u k'io innui my Know rag 6 and Iwlief the anove named fuarantora and are good and aufticient. (Signature ) <j H. To be fgrt'd by 'he. United Distrut .hidnr. United S.ates District Attorney, Collector, or r*avy Afnt. jjr 3 law?w l\I LNo. ??3 1 iloTIOK OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFIOH FR??M HUDSON TO FALLS OF ST CROIX. IN THE S1 A i E OF WIS CF^SIN. In aocorilanos with the proviaion* of the aot ot Contreia entitled "ana't authorizing change* in the location of land one*, approved MaiohSd, 1851, it m hereby drolared and mao<* known that the ? ffioe tor the sale of public land* at HrDa"N, in the tiiate of Wifounain, wiil be reinov-'rf to Fall* or St <'roix, iu said StU,\ at a* early a period as practicable. Further cotioe auto the preoiae time of oloaniK the office at Hudron. preparatory to removal Kuditl lUAB<?nln? -? f-1' *" r*_ .ivi uuaiat rii'i^uiPTt UMO X? will b* give# by the Re*i ter and Keoelver lor ttie land dutriot. Given under my bind, at the City of Washington, this thirtieth day of J one. A. D., 196*. By ord?r of the Presidenti JOS. 8. Wit BON, Commissioner of the General Land Office. j?J Ji a ?6w |MPURTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE* CO.T BBIjEOT 8FIOBB. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Ppioes, selected and oleaned by us expressly for the purpose without reforono* to They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary ground Spioos am almost invariably short. We warrant thorn, in point o( strength and riuhLess of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARl!K)N, ft. MB?la ??* ' ? ?" - kl * - wiu suuiiaaiiuj.prove. Manufactured only hv K. R. Dl'RKKK ft CO., fe 191 Pearl at.. Ntw York. 1 n I " * m:<1 12 4 super Linen Sheetings, I"--** 10 4 1! 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetings, Uio' ar t ?n A {tons'. Dunbar ft Dialonson and Bark lie's super Fronting and Bhirtinr Linens, Toweiiuf s in variety. Tabte Li: ens and Napku.a, l'-o pieocs superior makes Bleached Cottons, liin pt<v>*g Lnwnsat 12% oents. 2S pieo?? W hite and Coiored Flannels. Lakes' and Misnes' White Cotton H?U, Whi Go'ids in variety. Cambrio and Swi*s Kd ing? and Insortinca, Houiton,Guipure ar.d Frenah Work'd Ciilars, Sun Umbrellas, Para* la and wun Shades, aki.n AV? L - CUu i oiib *nur r rrncn Lies .lismiei, H(Mlpod 8k ru. t*i!k MiU Ac., Ao , received and for tale low bv je 12 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. L' R A N C I K HARPER, FAMILY GROcIKVAVITFEED STORE, Corner / Yw York nrmut and Tenth strut, Rf>*pectfull jr solicits the patronage of th"se who in&v be in want of any article in the *t?ove line. His endeavors shall l>e to pieaxi, and bv a strict attention to the want* of the publio, he hopes to merit a share of t>??ir patronage. nm ioci <5onm?i? of every article uanalir to be found in a first ciaaa Family Urooery and Peed Store. ma 17-tf W~ ASIWNeTON SB WINS ftbOMS. MMh., IM door I rim-Ik ?/ Pa. i?4. bowj? tiie time to get ?PR1N? and SUMMEX X. ''zu&iarShhm BAN OMtU atltebM. * r> m n flTK? NKW9TYLK<9 0F JKWKI.RV-H.IH HO'iU baa juat opened a large atooK. wbieh he witl < ffrr at very iO?ratM Therefore those tni t a/e ?iailing to carry bomeauy'hinr in bis Una am p rwiiu, will do wail to oall aad examine bis ?M?t at 3IB Pa. avenue. jo 33 TRAVELERS' DIBECTORT. (U CAPON SPRINGS. 1 * EW and improved route riatho Manaacaa G? Rail Road and the 8tra?- ct*- - ?M bnrf and Capon Tnrnpike.AfiM ? ?. rMSgBK: only 18 miiMofntaxirix % comfortable aiuf safe road. Leave Alexandria in thft I irnnirA a.nH A lATiinHriA Trftin iMlta >m take The M& .&sifva oars &t the janctioh, arrive at Capo* by 5 o'clock f. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon - ..#V? From Washington to Capon 5<w For inform&'ion enumre at the Rail Road Offio* corner of Sixth at. and Pa. av.,>n Washington. And at the Ticket Office on Union it, Alexandria, Va. jt l2-dtgnhAu?. UALTIMOKE AMD OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. iHHIH Chanok or Horn*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, l??, trams will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4A a. m. Leave Washington at S.2U and SX) o. m On Sunday at 3 20 p. ra. teave Baltimore at <.25 and 8 40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at and 7.4" a. m and 3 80 p m. For th? West at 7.4<* a. m. and S.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.2" p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On batnrdaj evening the 3.20 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia onJy. )e 13 d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS TTVT TTTT1 mm "O ~wr-am WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. & ALL RAIL ROUTE, Vu Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East 'lennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaclion, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence by Pint oiass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobil* by Pirtt ciase Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays Ikcludbd. Leave Washington at 6 a m and b p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6Ag a. m. and 6i< p m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange aud Alex acdria Trams for the South went. Office? Pennsylvania avenue, oorn?r of Sixth st. n iai prrvrrvn rnnonao wr w nor viva unuwAao vmovuwm i uikvvuu *v " v?ubnno. Lynchburgfs50 Memphis *.... $31 00 Bristol.... ...?.15<*' Atlanta.. ?s on Knoxvillo 20Oil Macon is on Chattanooga 24no r.oiumbus 31 50 Da. ton .24 00 Monte ornery 33 no Huntariile.. .. .2100 5 vaMeniphiM2 So Grand Junotion.._.9> on N.O.; viaii. June. .12 50 Nashville ? ._.25 6?l \ via Mobile.. W no THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is aoo MILES SHORTER, and 5*4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Line?the l.ynnhburg Extension being now oonipletod, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST FI.EASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It u provided with First class Sieepng Cars! ( To New Orleans. _ Hours. T1 M IT ' Mom. ft4 do. riAlks Montgomery 53 do. ( Nashville ... .46 do. ICTTha U.S. MAII/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Ticket* can b? obtained at the Honth Western Office, corner of Suth street and Pennsylvania avenue, t<> the following pointsLjncnlmrg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntaville. Grand Junction, Maoon, NaBhville, Pulton. Co ninbua, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IT7* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGiyiA SPRINGS. Omnibuses and Baggage Wagona leave tho office at 6 a m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A^EVANS, TioketAient, mi ?-w corner Pixtn ?. aDd pa. I^HE STEAMER J A3. 6UV Will rmat her I trips on TUESDAY, 21st of "T""? ^ F?hruarT. laen. Will Ih?tb WASH INGTON every TUESDAY And*"" FRIDAY, At 6 o'clock a. m..And A J,EX AN DR IA At hAtf pant 6 o'clock, for OUR RIOM AN And the intermediate I.An'lings. On her return trip*, she wil! !?ave CUR RIOMAN ?verj WEDNESDAY and SATU R DA Y, At 5 o'olock a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L 1IOUSH. A*'t, Alexandria. t<> in PKOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. fT.#0. The New York and Vircmia JSoraw 8teaoiahip Company'a oew and elejar.t atMimahip ff#ti MOUNT VERNON, Cast.T.C.Smilh.^ielB will leave the Coirpanyni Depot, Wo* tern Wharvea,atllN>'olooka. m. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'! Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olook p. m. same da*. Paaneiifera from Waanington and Georgetown oan take the ooachta connecting with Alexandria #teair.tH>ata or railroad, which l?av? the oorner ol 7th ntfeei and Pa. avenue hourly, or tuey can leava oq the ateamer from the Woatern Wnarvee at 11 a'oi- ck a. m. State rooma oan he encased on application to lueain. morran at ivninenaxx, weeiera w aanrea Freight will be reoeived up to the honra of depar IIT7" Inanranoe will be effected on all good* by thlahne at the o?oe of the Company *t % per oent premium. The acoommodationa for paaaengera by thia Una are in every reepeot hret c ut, and every effort wu be made to render tins communication with Nn York an agreeable and healthful one. Por freight or paaaage apply to FOWLS k CO., Agenu, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL & CO., eet-ly 96 Weat at..oorner Albany, New York. ~~ DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMIS Haa closwl hia office for the 8?>a non, ana will h* abstont, a* imial, during the auiti iner month* ; will r?mun" practice about th?lHt of October, of wtiioh further notioe will be civen. Jy ifr-tr D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after apraetiaa1 teat of two yeara, feeia Unit n? can with oonfidenoe reoom ninnd the Cheoplaatio Proeeaa for inaertiniMaHiV artificial teeth It haa the adrantagea or'" 1" atrength, beauty. cleaulin*aa,and oneapneaa. Fall opper ant* inaerted for fat. Partial in proportion. < Mftoe 306 Pa. arenae. ae 1 i; i R E, FT R K. 1 POTOMAC WATER. I am atill encased in the PLUMBING and GAS FITTING BUSINESS at my oldataad in Philhar m.imo Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful aupply of water wa? readily ohaerrrd at the fireot yesterday, as I am well satirfi'd I should have been burned out but for the bountiful 'supply upor my premise* and th?t of my neighbors, . ? A!' order* for the introduction of Water a#id Gas will be prompt'* attended to. Terms as reason* b e as any plumber in the oity. )y 3 C. BNVDKR T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of tne Royal Havana Lottery, oo^duoted by the Mpanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of C?b?, will tane plaoe at Ha van* on TUESDAY, Jclt 17. 1M0. BOHTEO NOMKRO 888 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. lprtteof ? 100,000 | 90 prizes ?t fl.W i uu ....... an,w*> w oo 500 1 do *>,#00 198 do 4MC 1 do ao appro*. ? 1,300 1 do IIUWO IN ALL*** PRIZES. Whole Tlolrets, ?UO?Halves, ? IO?W darters, #. 6 rises cm bed at sight at ft per cent, disoount. iila on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded at soon as the result becomes known. Ail orders for sobemes or tiokeU U> be addressed to DON KOPRIOUKZ, )eS0 t? rtareofCftf Piwit nharle<ti>n. s. O 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PBJ??IS. AVMCK. Between luth and 11th street*. je 19 PURE OLD RYK WHISKY.?On han#?evera brand* ofPure Old Rye Wht>ky. Copper Distilled. made by the moat reliab dietillara >r Pei.n rlvania, Ma'yland and Vir*inia, warranted pare. Also, Imported Hnuidiea, Henneaty, Otard, Dupay * Co., Julea Robins, Ao. Also. Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, ola Jamaica and ^t. Croix Pnm, and Wine* of every variety, all ol standard bran'**. A oboioe lot of Cilar? and Tobacco YOUNG k KEPH ^RTTAr^nrr, ?p U-iy Pa av.. b*tw ath ana 10th >1*. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE KACTORY, ?v D Strut, 9tk and 10?A Sirttt*. We t-ave juat finished a number of ft t at olaaa CARRIAGES, each aa Light n*ry. awaa Wagon*, Park Pkmtoni. Pamxlv Q*r-\tSKX&? nates, and Burn**, which we will ?U?t*S*= a ver- email profit. Beinc pract oal m*ohanioa in dif?r*at branchee of the uu tineas, we flatter oareelvea that we know Se airi?a and quaii'j or wurk that ?i'l *iv* ui.intion, oomttining luhtn*aa, oomfort and durabili^knpairtut promptly and oaiefolly attended to at u" ,CH\ L'w?? mi raw? to"t'oachmakerm aacoMaorB to Win. T. Book. ap Zt-4lj A VERY NICE CBICKBRING PIANO, ftfyvrw ' wi' sMzKfi<MT # MEDICINES. ^BE WHAT AVER* SAR&APARILLA DOFSJOR DERANGEMEST OF THE LITER. Stott's Crosmho. < Tall*d-'p:% Co., Ala . Aui 3. '59. \ Dr. J. C. iiw, Lowtll, M??j.-8ir: I t*ke my pan to t?il j(\u what jour MKi*A PARK- LA and CATHARTIC PlLut kiv? done for m?. I had Seen ?ffliet*d with Liver Compiaict for aix J Mrs, during which I *u narrr well, and nauchot ti.e time retj *iok. Mr Liv?r wa? eoreto th* tonoh. and.- th.< dootora laid. wan nnnieatntl I tuff <r<M from aarere ooattveneaa <iia-rh(r% alternately. M? fkin waa olainm* and unh^a-'tht: mi erfs and kin olten ye.iow. Ooeaaionali* I had a voraoiona appetite, but generally nun? at ill A dreadful sen Alton of oppression on ray stomach, with iaa*ur and a gloomy RMiaation of aiokneaa a'.l over, kapt ~ie in angnmh. Von oannot know how m ieh I auf f ired fr< m an indaecr.babla fee! i ng of diatreas T? e ionj oPBtinr.acce of th a ?ot.ditiin, without rai;ef, hart worn me out ao ?ha' I i.aver expeeted to be bet'-er; but reading, in the Uhr>?tian Advocate, of your raraaparilla, I commenced taking it, with oooa?ional amall >loa?a of rour Pil a, to ri>|g lute tha bowela aa yoo direot had mora etfVot upon my rtiaorder than I anppoaed anything c?uld havr. 1 regxineu my h?a tn rapidly, ana now. after eleven weeka, enioy a* good health and anength aa any other man. May tha "Diapenaer of all good" ahower bleaaioga on you JUH5 . STPTT Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO.. Lowell, Ma*>. jy 13-eolm XT. C. R. db T. . HCNREWELI/8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lun~ Complaints, from Com-mon Cov-ghs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JDITLY CILIBRATED TOLiU ANODTNB, The Natural and Sun Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia ttroiun all case* where Opium wm ever used to that of Delirium Trenieaa, and the oommoB ohief caone of i;?*??a*e j <\oa /?n j i tj i? it i.vrv >/r i^L,r.r>r. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a partiole of Opium. produc* (til the requirements of, and may !> used in all case# wherever Opium wm sfld without producing anything but C u r??, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, <freed from all tke oommon obieotion of tough Rem-die#, which Broduoe nausea or prostration,' may be c<>u?idered leooinmon eoeray to ail Throat and Lung Complaints. and used with porfoot impunity. Asking all to court from proprietors or friends the most Mvere investigation or both Remedies,and reaai; g of onr pamphlets to be found with all dealers, ana more particularly to purchase only of those who can be depeii<l>>U upon, we wait in ooofidcno* the deoisions of Pati'nU and rbtsioians. "Prioea within reach of a;l " GHNKRA1. AGKNTS, J. W. Hcsnkwkll ft Co., 7 and S Commercial Wharf. Ronton, Gf. Hcsskwill. 145 Water st.. New York. Under the special nupervision of J Oil N L. Hl'NN E\T ELL. Chemist and Ptiaanaoeutist, Boston, Manx , whose signature oovers the co lis of the genuine only, anil to whom addrees all communication*. hjr all respectable dealers everywhere, and ail the Druggist* In Washington and Georgetown, mar 2R eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" (IMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases of Che BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DR OPTICA L ELLINGH. Tills Medicine ino-eases the power of Digestion, and ?x?it? * the HKMS into healthy ao- j which the WATERS" OR CALCEROU8 deposition*. and all UNNATURAi ENLARGfiMKNTS &r? rrduoed. as well as PAIN and INFLAM *1 ATION. a^dti* rood mey, women, ok children. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHU, For Weakness?* Arising from Excesses. Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Atim>UJ imitk tkt follow*** Symptoms Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Muscu ar Srstem, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions ou the Face. PALLID COUNTENANCE. These svmptorns, if allowed to go 01^, which this medicino itivsriahiy removes, ( on im potency. fatuity. ef1left1c fits, I* One or WHirn the Patiuht mat Kxpirr Whooansav thatthe* arenotfr'uuentiT followed 1 by tho?? "DIREFUL DISEASES'" "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mniit &r? "f the o*u*e of their suffennn, BuryoyE wtll coyFEss. THK RKCOKbfSOF THElNfANK ASYLUMS Ani ike Alflanrholy OeatHt by Coniumrtion Be&r s-niple \rit:i?>8 to the iriitij of the assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the &id ol inedioino to ?tr?nrthen And Invigorate the *ystnni. Which Hkl.vihold's EXTRACT BUCHU inrariablydo?*. a trial will cojivfmcb thk most skeptical* FEM A LES?FE MA LES?FEM A I.E8. OLO OR YOUNG, SISULF. MARHIRD, ON CiHVTE 1\IrLATiyu marriage IN MAW Af-FFUTlONS i ECU MAR TO FEMALES*, the e*traot Buchu is unequalled bj any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention IrreRui& ttjr, Painfulness, or Suppression of Cub t<nnar? Kvaouations, Ulcerated or Soirrhous state of the Uterus, Leuoorrhaa or Whites, citerilluy, and for a I oouiplainu incident to the b_x- whether arisinc irom inaisoreuon, Hauls oi Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CNAXGE OF LIFE. SEX SYMPTOM* ABOVK. NO FAMILY SbOl'LU Bfc WITHOUT IT T<tkf no mort Baltam. Mercury, or unplra\ant Mtdutne for vnj.ta.iani rind Daggerou* HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU BBCRF.T IHSKASKS In all their 9tJU0?. At little exp?rte; Little or no ehaneein Diet; No inoonvenienoe; And no Erposure. It ctaiM a frequent tlesiro an ?ives strength to Urinate, therei.y Removing obstructions. Preventing and curing Strictures of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and Inflammation, so freauent in the oiaan of dieraeos and expelling nil i'oisonou$ lHtens.'d. and worm out Matttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE BEKN THK VICTIMS OF GCACKS, and who hav- paid ktnvyftct to be cured in a short time. hav? found th j were deoeived. and that the ' POISON" baa, by the use of'rnwnm astkikgknts," been dried up in the system, to break out in an a?rr*vate?l form.ard PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hri.mbold'j Exthact Bccnofor allaffeo lions and <list?as*- ofth? URINARY ORGANS. Whether ending in MAI E OR FEMALE. v.,.? _i........ " ? I IUIII W ilOVCT nmu-n VMKiuailUk SUU IIU IIUIK^r *11 HOW LONGSTANDING Diimuki nftl)ws* or**d? require the ai<1 ot a Diurtti HKLMBoLD'S EXTRACT BUOHU IS THE bRRAT DIURETIC. And in curtain Ui h?\ o the desired effect in all Dis?awi FOR WHICH iT IS RECOMMKNDED. Evid*nr,' of the mo*t relialU nnd ruptmsibU char trr will ?oc"mp'<"? the n^ioi^es CERTIFICATES OP CURES. / Vow 8 to V> year*' Unnritnt, With Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price *1 00 prr bsttlc, ?r ill f?r |i 00 Delivered to any Address, securely paeked fra observation. Pf.imbibe SlMPTOIt* in all communications Cure* Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me.^u Alderman of theoity of flu adeiphia,H T H klmboi d, who hem* duly sworn, doth say. his preparations oo . ta n no narootio, uo mercury, or o'aer I'-iurioas orufs, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HM.MBOLD. I S?om and subscribed before me, this On day of November. 1864 WM P. HIB'IKRD, A.der?m. Ninth atreet, above R?.o?, Phil*. Addreaa letter* for information in confidence to H. T H ELM BOLD. cBwitt. Depot, 104 South Tenth at, bet Chetgyt, Phil*. kriWARE OF COltoTERFRffs AND UNPRINClPLBl) DEALERS. Who endeavor to ditpoae or THKim own** and "OTHKR" il l 1CLI* Ofl Til K aXrVTATlOR ATTAIHBD BT H el in bold'* Genuine Preparation*, ** Extract Buohu. " Saraaparjlla, 44 " Improved Roae Waah. Sold by S. B. Wait*. 5*8 Seventh atreet, and S. C F?iu,Jt, ooruer Penn. avenae and Eleventn atreet. A\b ALL DRVUQISTS ErMRYWHKHB. A!*K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TARE NO OTHER. Cot ot t the advertitement and Mnd for it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. a n 1 aaI m Of ? WW % V Engineer's office, ALKX&lOaiA.June 28,1M0. MANAKSAS G\P H AlLRuAD 8X HUNDRED MEN' WANTED on the line or this road from Mt. Jackson to Harrieonburg. Wag'8 SI a (lay; b ard 9 ifl month. For mformation.Ao., inquire of \VM. 8. FEWELL, Company's Office, Alexandria. i*S8 dtJySn,latwAUK*let*r8ep. WA8HINGTON JV (FIRE) INSURANCE ^ i ? COMPANY. A v*nue and Tmth Strut ? ? ? i "tT MtoGUIRE. Preaident. G. D hanson. 8e#r?t?rj. N?-*>tr U(?WK'S IMPROVED WEI6H1NG8CALE8 11 ThN? Si?!m are offered to the ?ul>f?e ae the moat aijnele.darahle, and reliable aoalea ever ?at ia aae. Firttolaaa premiums have lunii i ill Ilium hy the I'd u>d State a Fair and Virginia Af'lpiiltaral Society. Vir?injST?tateAicrieu!tural Fair: Franklin icetitute Fai r,Tenn?y I van ia; New Vork State Fair, Vermont State Fair, fee., 4 c. Id every oaee wbere XDlDlttQ 1009 ilVf raOMVMlftrit OlMI irMUlBI ChilVod'*' Qr1' *Tenue' ofSillar's da It-l/?n R* C. PATTISON. i|ML DRIMK COST.-Orcaodta, Jaooaat, f Grenadine. and Silk Robaa.froin two to ma? flouno-i, a* lirat oott We wH' from this dar forward offer our aatlra stoek uf the abo'a at ?>ost; bo muri will b" a?k*d for aii; of tbaou W? Ka>e foi e throat h oar Draea0<*and inaikeddown moat n'tku kin<l i of go >ds{ and we reapaotfully aolioit all ia want of | rion Dr^at Sooda, at vary low pnoaa, to an ex- i aminatioo of oar stock. I )0fJ-9O$t TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. 1 MISCELLANEOUS AV,a,-./A / V//W)IOIT! V v \ f ^ ^ dispatch: ^ j \^vStTe the Pieeei! i< mrtid- *tf wtll k*rrm. trm in ?mU-ttrulMd fttmilw, ft ii very desirable to have torn obaap and ooavMueot war for repairing Farmtare, Toya, Crockery, Ao. SriLDINU'S PREPARED GLI B DNti all ?u?'h emergencies. and no honeehoid oan afford to be withovt it. It is always ready and up to tke sticking point. There ia bo loafer a neoes sity for limping ohaira. splintered veneers. hea<1 lees dolls. Mid broken oradlee. It is last tke article for oone, shell, ao<J other ornamental work, so with ladies of refinement an<4 taste. This admirable preparation is used cold, being chemically held in eolation, and possessing all the valuable qualities of the h?st oabinet makers' clae. It mar be need in the usee of ordinary n?o. M?, be in* vmIj more vih??i v?. " USEFUL IN KTSRY HOVSK." Ptit*, 25 oenia N. B.?A Bruih aooompAinea each bottJe WkeUtai* Depot, No. 49 Ctdtr atraet, Nrw York. Addreea HKNRY cTHPALDlNe A CO., Bo* No. 3,600, Netr York. Pat ay for Dealer* ta Caaea oont&ininc Foar, Eicbt, and Twelve Dosen??t>*Mtifkl I.itho*rap>h <o Show Card aooompumac eaob paofcace. H- A aiuele bottle of SPAIDINVS FREED GLUE will mre ten tima* lU ooat an nuaily to ever? faonaehold C71 Sold by all arominaat Station era. Dmcciau. Hardware and Turoitara Deaiara, Srooera, aad Kaii07 Storea. Coantry merohanfca ahoald make a note of SPAL DIWS PREPARED OLrF.whan making u> tfceirliat. It will stand any ohniftt*. iMO-ly l/1 'A0 f ^ fr7~k" H tnt?i 14 mannlmrtn't* ?*<-/%- ^ fc?* 4*0*41 <i< t?(li< ImfUrr ? VL "stuffy >"?;.>? /'i *? Jf<?m ji >7{1j X,,A' '/ *?' r"r*^ *r <X ~y C K c, " rror'*' ""V *?" " ' *" * ^ ji, p^SK 4.v\ ? fl J*fi* <irpW ?fo? < iwrf r -1 * *> <1# ?*? ?fcr * * ?* r*-7'* ft-*,.*..,,. l ^ 1 f (3 Jv ?4t/ 14 arJd Kb tkf Pmtlirn nmlrn It ? r, V yWjk hytk* jf-rf P%vi -*** ??lV ^ _ # r #f? fw lk* I 'mmm at U *u Mtd\nn*l J f f ^ f $5^ uT SoloPropf^tor.^ ^ pi ~r CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAIiY'S nniii^ifiuiiipu uiiiiai/r\l AnUMAIikiALLtT mm WTHTHE SjGNATUREOF on the label/All othFi^are AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORIL fOR SALE IN W A SHI KG TOK BY r 7 ly BARBOUR A 8RNME8. PARAFF1NE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KKOWy We a-e now reoeivins Fa ?.f6;.e Oil direot from the works in western Virginia. The quality of it is excellent, produoinc a steady, bnliantand beautifaMight, and m?-re p easant to the eyee than /as tight. This Oil 1* free frmn adulteration,aud very much more eoonomioal than many of the Coal Oils ued at this time. irr It is in no way explosive. We Icees also a supply of the most approved of Lamps, Ac^ C^^iL Agents for its sale for the lhstriot of Columtaa. Corner t-iiieentn at. and vermoat av. Grant Kanawha Goal and Oil Company, mall T~ carriagesT HE Sct>aenr>ar ha ring mace> ki tftorj, making it now one of the ir. the DictrioL. where hia faoM^ea macufaoturinc CA R RIA6K k. \V AGON8 of a. I kinda cannot ie ttrpaaaed. am from his long expenwce in tha baaiceaa, ha hope* to give gantra! wtiffaoUcD. Ai! kind* ot Carriage* ai.4 Light Wagon* kept ai All R KPAIR8na?ty dene.aisdai! ardara pranpt if intended to. tani-to* C?rrtaga.Uk? :n?ohw<? tor*, ^ ' 1/ A Ci '? J J U I v ?< 4 H H Mrrir of 14th ifiJ R flta Five hundred traveling trunk* arrived thia dar. embraoins all ^uaii-Mrvrts leg and aisea of 8o!e Leather, I.adie?MH>W Dreaa an<l Packing Trnnka. Our trunk^"*" aalea room exhibit* a' thia time the sr?ate?t variety of traveling re^uiait^a at moderate ancea. to he found this aide or N*w York Alao. deacr;p b?n of LADIES' HAT flOXF.8, VALICEB, CAR PKT RAG*. 8ATCHEL8, *?. fO"Old Trunka repaired or taken in exohange for new onea. WALL, STiyilEN8 A CO., Trunk 8a ea Room, mar Sl-tf 3'i'i Pa. avnnue. a piEEMAN ^SMKOtfJ ivwjiiimvru II m HIP rnufi ftuu ***v nIIIJ -n?* oan poeeibly b? dlatiiledT We aleo offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKSY, and other brand*, from the largeet atoek of Pine Whiekiee in the United State* FREEMAN A SIMPSON,Phenix DletiUery, on the Solmylklil river, Phil* 0?oe*-?# Wall etreet. New York ; and 109 Soath Front atroet. Philadelphia. mar V-ly BALT1MORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-IH compoBATVD 183P ?Johm I. DonAXDeoN, Free.: M. Oocltk*. See'*. Thi* oompany /NSC-RES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, An. Descriptive pampiilete may be obtained at the Company'* Agenoy lor the Dutnct c o. u m t>ia. I'fFio* of Lewis Johneoc k. Co., Banker*, loth itied arji P?>nn. avenne. J. W, MAG1LL. A rent, n. *. M. IV Wind RiV. Jul mtf i.?.?. lama.a. ?. m. Hott. i. k Aim. LiMiE "?? * Will practice in tu? llSkTiSS^rt of**! nor* aad lp f^^?r^.fX'^?et^J^i^ttBi.Uiot0o5tM^' ' i.uxi *i %tt*ha to tlie Co,;Mi:ot of n tmi umirkmit ?ii* aalmf Jacob reed. Nunnrmnoi military cloth i h 0, 8ovthea*t co*hk* sbcowd aws drives st?., PHILADELPHIA. military ClyOTHH for balk. **-9m 12,00# c%m??li"ca>8?4?-nwb. ,1ss til* Attention uf the ??iblio U> o?r Urce And *?,! a? looted rtook of chwnpwn* M?d Cmb ah)? cidi, whioh W to M ?ur? 1 > ?, Ml villh* old on ra^MHUtble terms in order to make room for omr sprue atook. ?ire ?a a o*Ji At the . w..?^grlb?a. a i i nmiviisii ff'ifi itfffy 1 viri,?r Pr*tT at "SfcjWOre. M4 BAKM*' BUTTER IN BA.LTIMUSK.-W* Mat all HMO ua of th < y**.r tuff if yon w?U every grada or Battar. tw? smim. W? i *ve um now M low aa too oenU, Mi froa i? to Um beet, for fouixl cake. ' m feUSSftfr.'VSB* MKDICINH*. D* SSmmi UK1 NUiriTAL MM I4? ?Mi (VMM. 5MW^,?U IMf rfttu+l htmtdf mi >t? rrm. FOB ALL DISEA!*Ki* Of l**Plt IDKMCK. LET KO FALSE DELICACY FRETEKT. APPLY IMMKO ATKLY. A CVEE WARRANTYL. OR VO CHAMVE, lit FROM OHE TO TWO DA VS. VmUm ik? kit, iiTtiim tltii.wrfililMMfi 4a4 liUtai. irrtwnn Dwctarft* In ? ???. mtl TVBMt) av taaaa. niptuium w? taw . -9 Daaraaa W m Ui4? aaa . "aa?aa aaa as llm. ?! .HMtfLtl L? r kavaia ? Mai* Timtl* IWr^in mf fro ? ttry -.?? af T?M-UMm Drutfi u< Pf'fi ' ! % 4m Hirntfi infwillt. aa4 daa.rat feata fca4f a?< Mw4 TUBMii MM ta^HUUl tl? ti>? fcacan-a.fa *i< :<m ( ? mij * .aa, Ikrt ItMAkl ktkit VbK ' ?' a iiiimc.v ft>?< mm ! >r Ym ? M?< ufrK?mm i aa *iw< ttiiiiti ktiilaai mii, ?t >i.i i g<\ v??r?Mi W MUUC?4 * i.k ii a in W >ntw>n *t ??> ( ? IHHIt ill Iff*, May tail *.tk f? ?m44mm. Mtltltll MtUlU PUt ar T ? Mm im iMftaii>( fcark?lh| ( ?f fi t- tfllfM. M|U>? 4aautp, da'ar- I??, ti , a| II.:il? c ?n? *l? [ia. il himHil |||4<I i>? (an ?f l># J aif ?!? ' Camilla ia kn b?a< ?a a jiuuimi aail ??(4*utlf 'f*y Kpai hia aktll aa a pfcaatc ?a orpicKNa n?"i;*iciir??n M lt*4 aida ! ( fc?a P?Hin.??a airaai a h? 4mm fftm eWLII Ftl. i,? U ?MI"> >UU >? kM>M Ml kt put l|< tMU l I liup OB. JOBMVTOH, Mtakart af ikk ftatM Ca- < afBargaa.a, kaaOaa fcaau Ml af lha kill MMktnl ' > af ? a t?a I .a" luHt, M<tkl (fttur p?n kf t*4i l< Ml k?ar ?J M?*Mli o( Ukta, hni. fr nil | - n uik i HkNn kcul kaaaa af tba n.aai uu .aMuf carat thai vara a?a? tkkvii; bu; iraat ad ft '" | | h?"-' ' a*rk Vltl tilkkf (rkat MrtMaiiM it. f rata4 at aac.'aa Hta<k. ku' *>Vaaa with '? :* t ta' g M'adad aaiaa UN Witl iM>|tBaal ml a ind. vara farad ?na<taH.? Till PARTIOLAR MOTICK. TMr| Man and rlAara kLalaaa ii.iarak cnaikkaiaaa kk ktrla.i pracuca tada.fkd in a->ko ?> a a hai.ii fra^ka Uf latmtd Frwi kail ckpaaiait ar at tchaa -ha alaca af vblck ark aaifhtly fall t?ko aha I?a aap, *i'f . tarad. ranuara ?? rn.f a aaaipoaa ikla, and daatrara kaih awd aad hadv, khaaid apply laaaraitatal* TWaat ark karait altM aad tod aaklaMkkia kftcu aradaaad bp tana kabau af aaalk aaa l af tba |a!t tad liakt, Paataa at tka M aad. I?iaa aaa af '(hi af Maaaalak Pawtr. hlfatauaa af tha tftart.lWapapay, Naraaaa lrru??.?. tp. Darmaf amauiaf thk Of aa ?a Panci:ai.a, dtaaara ltakitr, kfanoak of Cnnaaraf taa> . 4 c HIKTAUV -r k fa.rfaa afaciaaa i*a aiad aaa aaaat M * dnttfid-LiN of ' U??i rapwfc K?il far' "<Ji {*. AvtrtiM, af Ba< lataMl I' airaal, U' < Baluada. Timidity. IK .Ut Mil ' tk? aaata faaAt<l lUTOd DMlktTt -rkMMiti > aa? iadfa *kti U ;ha af lb an dalu.inf haaith, laau f i???it mine *k, paia. ?ar?a?? kad a mar ta-*d. b?*mf nnp,i f i|f?ifMii ilMttka * ?. raajf <w ayn>p?a?*>*af Dllfe.Aftk? Of IMrkCIlKN. K Wkaa U>? aiiaf arlad and impradaait af r'niin ka haa iir. ifcad tKa la af (Am pauifal Iwim, at t? </> ktfftni oat *n ill -UM'I itnii af ihimi n draarf af 4iK?t?if d*>arahin frawi applying <o thaaa i4lcai w ant rM|>??ubili(;, cm alaua t'?fri?rt him Ha hilt inia tka b?u4i ( ifKM'Dt ra< 4liipin| pratandara. ?fn, in *f*?? af caring. HcK k? pac an.ry av i;. im, >nf hi? inlu | maalh tflar iwi'h, or u lot.a i'ib ii. >ll<it ran N ?? lamad, and ta <wpir Im>? kia ?i[t> raioa<1 kt'lik *tir kit nllioi ?li?yyatata?nt, -r * ? > ? via : 1a.d\j< , MtrtBf?. kaatao <ha MMnwim I ayr jpimna af ihia iambi* diaasaa, tach aa Af ar(>w a ' '*,? rtaart- T?<ra?'.. Rau, km .ftc.. profraaau.a with f'if h-fai rapiUi.y, u-> daati paw a aanad ta hia draadfal aafani fa by aand.'.g Kin la cfcal aadiaea*arad raan'.ry fra>? vt^i l^tar^a r>a ir??alar raiart.a ml joiMoittKMinv m* <>?. ?*ic * tAinui AMI) IMPOTEMCT j Uu fraai and inaoa.i laaadt vaalnaaa af Ik* ara aaa ara apaadily car ad ?<ga? raa.arad. Thaaaaada af iba aaai naraaaa and dabihf lad ?* kad laal all** immadtnta!? raltaaad All irap<4iB(i '< la Mtmifi M Want*I nullIIItiiiwt, Um ?f fracratttaa Pa w > lrfm?H>?f Tramb.iaf ?o< Wackoaa# at Eihaaauati tliki MiiltufW Mad apaaadll/ carad KNIXiUEMKJfT Or TIE PI.EM. Ti K MANY TH< ?t? * MI'S carad adMa ?k?ta Ik* iaa< a#?af.iaan ?a?r* and (ha tan area* impaf*a*( larat aa aparatiao* parfartnad by Dr. ia*-naan. witi aaaad ?? (la tap*nara a( tha f?pan and nuai ahar paraaaa. naitcaa at vbtcb h??? ippaarad ipm ai d af*M> kafara i' pabiic. aaaadaa btaaiaoaiuf aa a fanilaaat af cHara cur aad raapanaiWiny, la a i^cliai faarantaa ta(?>a mad laalt f Dr. J. bovkk DOD'M IMPERIAL WISE BITTEKS. Are now heicg uaed from Maine to the breat h* t I<ake, ?nl the umr?r?tl verdiot of all who ue? t'.em either u a m*4utn* or aa a i? that th?"y are unaurpMoti id the world. |?r. liiidt aawl them ?u oeaaloliy in hia practice tor *s > *+r* ttef?r? we purohaaed of him the aoie urht to manufacture and preaent them for ? t? the public. For the cure of luoipient Coneumption, luritceetion, lh? pepaia. PiIm, Nerv ?ua Oiaeae*. Fema e C?im plaint*, and all oaeea reemrmr a tome, tr??? * ? t-e Sond doubt a moat invaluable re?re<i?. Aaide from leir medicinal prnpertiea they are a pure. whole Bome and de n^itfu Bever*<:e. producing a tue pleaoant *xhil?"atin* effect* of Brand; or Wine without their mjuuoua recuila. i et all frierda of humanity and ail a<1 vooate* of temperanee a?aiat ua m au:*tituiuc th*?e valuan'e Vegetable Hitter* for the wit*eral po-rm> and cu1%titrrmx*d Liquor* with whieh Uie oovutry ia flooded, and thereto effec' aid in ban hint Ln*e*?e and D-uiikt>uet>a from the and. CHARLRS WIDDIFIK.LD k. CO., Proprietors, 1* Wiinam atreet. New York. J. 8CHWARZE A*aut. Washington, D. C. PR. J B()VF.?; IX)DP* 1 MP EH IA L OIX EITTKRS. Por Diseases of the Kidneta. K adder ai. a Uriner* Organ*. and especially for Femai* Ot>etrueti"t?. never fail to oure. and are warranted u> give aatia Iwtjaa. CHARLE* WinniFIELD * CO.. Proprietors, 7* William at.. New York. J hchwarzk, j#7-Iy,r Agent. Washington. D. C. II16HLY IMPORTANT TO AI.I.' II MKS:~COfS INDIAN VEGETABLE VKCOCTION. It ii vd. knuwc m the Hpwni peop.e are more ut to oontraot dimfc than at any other aenod; and it is e^u*!:? we known ' tiatthew\? Co ward off dtaeae* is to keep the blood pur*, for "all the l it that flesh la heir to," a nee from impnn tyofthe blood, the main ap'ir^ of oar ?teooe. It is, therefore, important to a tnat theayatem ahouid be thorough r oleanaed and purifted, and thia eaa be done in tLe moat effecti a. wai lijnaiy* MRS M. COTS INDIAN Vt- a ETA.BLE DE CpCT/OJV, the beat remedy discovered lor the oare of diseases of Skin., f~cr ?u a. R henma. bam, Nervous Debi.ity. Fevers of different kinda, Dt ?pep?y. Liver Corop.v at, and all other dis?aee? ariain* from impurity ofthe Uiond. It has effected tne moat remarkai>ie ourea, aa can be shown by numerous oertifccatea from peraous of tlie Inchest respectability, and la recommended by all who have used it aa the moat icva uable remedial agent of the day. Kit la aold by al. the Drun:?u of Baltimore, the raaidaitoe of the aropriotor. MRS*. M. COX, 1*4 Eaat Baltimore street, between K-1er. atreet and Central a venae. None genuine ?ini?M her name i* blown on Ui? bottle and her aeal on the oork. irr Price (I per bottle, aix bottle* for f S. WkoUsalt Afnt R. ? T. Cim?l, J>ra?ciet, Georgetown. D. C., W ho eaale Acent for the |hetnet. and will auppj the trade at mj prioea. mar ft U yae all sufficient ? 11 k 11 TElMtMAR, I, ?, *?, frMeUd kf Rm+l L*tur* Pa:*nt *f Emglmmd. rnmd tpewrtd b? ik* S?l? Qf Ik* Ecnlt i* Fkaimert, 4s f?nj, and th* /?nruJ CoUu* of tfidirlM, rtMM. (sin 1 i invai?miil? irtf ia? rhcra. and all phvaiea diaab.litiee. No. i oomp'et^iy erad him mil traoee of tfcoaa 4inum that f?nv? h??*?r hitherto treated b? tk dm aaonaand permomaa use of oopavia a&J o a be be. No. 3 haa entirely auaplacted the injanoaa ui of mercury, therety imaiiua to tb* ?uff?rer rM.viv ranaf, diayraim ail imparities, and rooting ?4 the 1 W<?Y;M"aR*,Noa. I.xand Sara prMarad la tM form or a Ivaeucr, uev?id of ta*te uo ame< ,ao<t oan ba oarned ia the waiatooat pocket. 8??,d in t;a omm. and din (fed into aeparate doaaa, aa admiuir tared or Vaieeao, Lahevnand. R-oaa. Rioord ft o. Price #3 Mok, or fou ct?? for ft wLieh ani fa aad 1* ? oaam, whereby there ia a aa- ium of Aa. To t* had. who!aaa a and ratau.of Dr. BaKROW, 114 Bleeefcer atreat, foor doora balow MoDoafal atrad Nrw York Immediately oa reoeivn a ra uttanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnaaamar Lo aay part of the wor d, aeoarely packed, aad mflraeeaq aoeordjnf to the inetracti"na of the Waiter. CALVERT FvMD, Jrv Waek f SWINDLING HVACKB. Sf KftY$JR*?H(SfA?*-1T* CURB. With ittmi moiom4, ?dar*M, in perfect toalKOR fITAMPIN* ^?rxl rt j. a PACEKT or PAPBB AMD ENVELOPR8 NU T<> MATCH. jfHiippr ?ut mnMllvL ftf 1'TanDf11 irtM I ?-* ~w. ^ BOOE8TOME, I (Kn ?i I ??79 T. POTKJVTWI 7T~ I iC^u7n rrK,jp^oftT3i('/Tii 206 SfhnaSSEs ?r acm* SSfflgggs'S Sa&steyffiffi'a jxsrvfgsr iSSl^M h* tea kltfMwtn jr^!!'111- n*t* mmmm

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