Newspaper of Evening Star, July 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 17, 1860 Page 1
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w 0 % ?^ ~ ' L ~ " i "? " 1 i ; > . - r - knmg ?>tar. V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JULY 17. I860 N?. 2.812. THE EVENING STAR i? FUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Perrniylvania avenue andWth St., T W. D. H ALLACH. r%p?>-a Mnred in p?ok?c?? hf oarriers it |4 a Tear, or ST oenta par month. To ratil anbaoritwra hm f(i?? u f3? lyWi i* uav*nee; 92 I or nx month*; #1 for three months; and for leu than three months at the rats of 12 oents a week. Single oopies, mi; in wrappers, two chits. fly Ai. vnntunxTS should be sent lo the offioe before 12 o'elook m ; otherwise they may not appear until the nextday. ^B GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Correspondence nf Tk? Star. Gsokoktows, D. C., July 18, I860. At the meeting of the Bosrd of Common Council on Friday evening last, all of the members were present except Mr. King. A message from the Mayor, calling attention to the dilapidated condition of the arch on Second street, near High, and to the necessity of having * gutter at the intersection of West and Congress arrets, where a flagway has been laid latelv referred to streets rommittff, and a menace from tbe Mayor enclosing bill from Evening Star, to claim* committee A statement from the Clerk of unexpended appropriation* (amounting to more than ?19,000) wm referred to ways and mean* committee A communication from Rev. Jos Aacbw&nden, pastor of Trinity (Catholic) Church, waa read, in which be complain* of the late assessment of lot High street; of lot 57 on Firat street, and other property of the church, the whole amounting to IH.3U0. and gives hia reason* why be think* * *.->id assessment should be reduced to $2 300. Mr Williams, in presenting the petition, remarked that be did it with pleasure, and that be thought the lot attached to the graveyard ought to be exempt from taxation. If It an error, correct it; referred to grievances committee. A communication from the trustees of the poor and M'orkhouae. asking to have a stand assigned them at the head of the market-house for the sale of vegetables. Ac., from that Institution w*? ?. frrred to market-house committee. Bill of Jot. Mar 11 wu referred to committee on pump*. The petition of Mr. Henry King, asking relief from taxation on bla house, which was Injured b\ fire, was referred to a select committee?Messrs. l)unlop. Hill and Williams The petition of Tho?. Evans, asking to have a stand opposite that of Mr Coxe's, at the head of the market, at the same rate as Mr Coxe's, was referred to committee m market-house. The report of the trustees of the poor and workliou?>, stating the expenditures at #672 99, and the receipts at ?.y> 95. for the quarter ending June . was referred to com ml Wee on poor and workhouse. A resolution to pay Messrs. Tenney, Godey and 1 krell, of the Board of Appeals; a resolution in fivor of H B Walker; a resolution making it the duty of Wm Marriet, keeper ?t Little Falls bridge, to black wash the same throughout with 4/a? L?r UritHrsilt UU *- 1 p,-- ?.. . ? ??vv>. v*hvi vuiiip?u?<iuuu man Liib Bdi* arv. and if he refute# directing the Mayor to dismi.a Uiin; a resolution directing the sale of certain town lota, and a resolution in relation to ends of streets, were severally reported and laid over under the rules. A resolution authorizing Mr. Henry Kin^ and Mr lieo Shoemaker to select suitable places east and west of High street for keeping the bos- and hose carriages of the Corporation, was passed The conference committee (Mr. Tennev of said committee dissenting) reported an amendment to the police ordinance, wnlch was mentioned at length in our letter of Saturday last. Mr. Tenney said, that as one of the committee, he had voted against the amendment. This proposition (voting men out of office) was a new feature in legislation. He had been in the Cor1 poration many years, but hsd never seen any proceedings of this kind before; and never heard of such being adopted by any legislative body. He spoke at s >me length, characterizing it as a party measure altogether, and warned them that if the >ivjcc? was economy mey might lose Instead of gaining by it, i-.sthe police were elected to serve a full year, unless there w?s good cause fur dismissal by the mayor, that no complaints had been made to the proper place of their incompetent v or ii-t-fficlency, and that they could, and would, if removed, sue the Corporation for their year's salary and recover it. r Dunlop was doubtful of the validity of such action We might repeal the law altogether, but there seemed to be difficulties in voting officers out. He was in favor of the reduction, and In favor of this if it can be accomplished, but he did not understand the difficulties In the way. Mr Stake could see no cause for suit We ctiuM jus: as well turn men out as put them in. (iovernment officers might claim to stay in the full term of four years, but they were subject to removal at pleasure Mr. Tenney replied, stating that In such cases the removal was made by the Executive. but who ever heard of the Senate or House of Representatives removing their officers, unless on charges made against them? Whoever heard of their balloting men out of office * He only wanted the board to consider, and not act hastily in this matter. After further debate by Messrs Stake, Dunlop, and Tenney, during which Mr Stake stated that Mr Cox Lad drafted the amendment, and Mr. Tenney stated that in conversation with Mr. Cox, he had mentioned Recorder Quid's opinion, that men could not be removed until the expiration of tlieir term of offlce, only to put other m^n in, and that Mr. Cox expressed doubts, and would have preferred the diaoilaaal of two men. and Mr. Stade Mid, though he was willing to retain part of the present force, he had seen parties openly violating the law laid down In the police regulations, and could not vote fbr them. Mr. Tenney called for the ayes and noes; when the amendment waa adopted. Mr. Stake said there was fhother matter in W wLich a great number of citizens were interested; and he moved a suspension of the rules, to take up thr. ? ? VWSUXVM UJ ui> UUIIV'I Mr Tenney opposed the suspension, and said the resolution amounted to nothing; and be objected to taking it up out of its ordrr. Mr. Dunlap *tid it bad been tabled a long while and be would like to see it disposed of during the evening. Mr. Tenney said he understood that no action was to be taken on it until the police bill was through the Board of Aldermen?that this was to b?* a rod beld over them. Mr. Williams and Mr Stake both signified that the police bill was satisfactorily disposed of. Tbe question being taken, (be rules were suspended Tbe mayor's message was read.with bis reasons for not signing the resolution. Instaad of submitting the question to th? tax payers at tbe time *nec:Bed. let the leiral vut?>r? An \Ar h*fn? anv actiou la taken.whether they are willing to change their condition, and be absorbed toy a city between which and ua there haa been an "irrepreasible conflict*' for aixty years It waa humiliating to ask tbe:n to take u? in their charge and keeping, as if we are not able or willing to take care of ? iraelvea it requires no act of Conrfreae to enable ua to take the arose of the people at any time, on any aubject whatever. He then alludes to the small number of signers to the memorial?less thaa too?after the town being thoroughly canvaaaed, and says they are all entitled to the highrtt respect, no doubt, but the number Is small, showing no unanimity on the part of the people He then at some length argues tbe cause of legal voters?people vt property-holders Mr Dunlop said It was because of the "irrepressible conflict" alluded to, that be wished to sea this measure consummated The conflicting claims of th? two cities before Congress hud done mmuch injury Mr Hill called for the ayes and noea, and the resolution passed. 7 to 1, aa we stated on Saturday. Mr WkUian' resolution In relation to the sinking fund being next In order, was read. It state* that, whereas CSUO waa paid to Henry Addi*on for a report on aald fund, $50 to Wni. I<a1rd. and to P T. Berry, W. S. Nlcholia, and Samuel Cropley for examining reporta, and tt la due to the taxpayers that reporta costing this Corporation *950 should be extensively circulated for public Information; therefore, be It A?js/rc</, ft , That 100 copies of the report of Henry Addison and the examining committee be printed for the use of tbe two boarda and of the citizens Mr Hill mov?*d to amend by Inserting "9U0'Mn place of * I0U.** ?nd to provide for having the . !>rinili>* done in Georgetown Mr Dunlop was opposed to so much expense Mr Hill thought it was doe to the people to know something of the workings of the fund. He wanted all reporta printed up to the present day Mr. Fearaon that the present Mayor in 1851 m _ * ti _ * - -* - *- ' * * naur a rrpon tuM IM smzing nina WMld ex> tiiiguish the debt of the town Id twelve year* He doubted now whether tf It waa wound up It would pay f40,u0o, be didn't care what gentlemen said He apoke at aome length. drawing a fad picture of tne financial condition and proal?cta of the town, stating that it waa bankrupt, ud he wasted a general reformation, and was wilting to recede, or amalgamate and go to Virginia, or Maryland,or Washington, ar anywhere, to get rid of the expenses Mr Tenuey replied at some length, defending the credit of the Iowa, and aald the Corporation ?f Washington waa no better off. ?s he had a < iaitn agalnat It of flUV since last ye^r, and he sent it out for collection on the 1st of July, and w * told ttwey had no money to come abo it tne last vf A Ngust The credit of our cHy W is g?u?l KO (W df!.bt?-.t lis aolvrn.y,'-AtiOiis were tuade dally U purchase the stock, bat none waa for Mle The sin km/ fund waa not responsible tor the debt; It did oot make It, or any portloi of - _4j '? ' j *w i / I J i) L I II m it, and all Ita expenses ware paid oat of its earnings The linking fund could not pay the debt of the town if it waa always being Increased. Mr Fearson aald the Corporation of Waahlngton had not collected a dollar of the taxes, whlTe we hid collected and spent all oura. He would purchase Mr. Tenney's claim against Washington. After considerable debate, Mr. Hill's amendments were adopted, also amendmenta embracing in the resolution the report of the late examining committee, and the first three pages of the report of the Clerk of the Commisalonera of the Sinking Fund, and the resolution aa tbua amended, was passed. The resolution which abolishes the office of Market Master, and provides for the performance of the duties by members of the police force, to act three successive daya when detailed for that duty, was advocated by Mr Williams, and op poaea oy nr renney, principally on the ground that It would be a violation of contract to remove the Market Master before his term was out; axd was subsequently passed, aa reported in our letter of Saturday, after which the Board adjourned to next Friday evening. Operations of thi Patkst Orrics?The following is a list of patenta Issued from U. S Patent Office for the week ending July 10, 1800?each bearing that date: Allan Agnew, of Chester county, and Wm. Morrison, of Cbadd'a Ford, Pa.?For improvement In cultivators. Sylvester M. Andrua, of Bellevue, Mich.?For apparatus for protecting buildings from fire. Geo. Arrowsmlth, of l.ockport, N. Y.?For Improvement in grain separators. Samuel Avery, of Pisgah, Mo.?For improvement In mm nl?nf?f? Miner H feacon. of Mystic, Conn ?For improvement in machines for dressing mill-stones E. O Hall, of Greensburgb, Ohio.?For Improved self-heating smoothing irons John S. Belcher, of Albany, N. Y.?For improvement in attaching movable carriage tops Francis H Bell, of Washington, D. C.?For improvement in hat ventilators. John B?ll, of Harlem, N. Y.?For Improved method of operating the cutters in dovetailing machines. Levi Bissell, of North Bergen, N. Y.?For improved churn. Cornelius R Brtnkerhoff, of Batavia, N. Y.? For improvement in harvesters Abram C. Brown, of Philadelphia, Pa?For | improvement in condensers Chas F. Brown, of Warren, R. 1?For improvement in wheels for gun carriages, Ac Thos. Byrne, of Baton Rouge, La ?For improved method of cooling wat*r George \V. Clark, of Mt. Washington, O ? For improvement in tending machine*. Gilbert H Clement, cf Cincinnati, O?For ' improvements in saw-mlll?. hbenezer Clemo. of Toronto, Province of Canada ?For Improvement In manufacture of paper pulp. Jacob Closa and Isaac N. Pvle, of Decatur, Ind For Improvement in water-wheels. \Ym Compton, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in bridges for piano* (i. W. Corson, of Corson's Post OtHre, Pa ?For improved machine for saw ing bevels 011 laths Thomas Courser, of Princeton, 111 ?For improvement in machines for binding grain. James A. Davis, of Portsmouth, Va.?For improvement in lowering and detaching ships boats. Zina Doolittle, of Perry, Pa.?For improvement in rottoii seed planters. F Elder, of NVinnsboro', S. C.?For Improved mattress and bed. _ r.zra r.mmeri, 01 i- rankiin ??rove, III.?For improvement in seeding machine*. John U Fi?be*, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in piano fortes John Fitch, of Seneca Fail*, N. Y.?For improvement !n filters. Russell Friable. of Middletown, Conn.?For improved bench hook. John S Gage, of Dowaglac, Mich.?For Improvement in K?*et ing machines R J Gafllng, of Indianapolis, Ind?For improved lath machine Le Roy C Gillespie, of Denmark, Tsan?For Improvement in harrows Henry Glover, of Kast Douglas, Mass.?For improvement in wind mills Horace R Hawkins, of Akron, O.?For Improvement in hay racks for carts John F. Henderson. of Franklin, La.?For Improvement in arrangement of sugar kettle trains Daniel Hess, of West Union, Iowa?For 1mnro v?i < .irnet iwwivri George fletrick, of Reidsburg, Pa ?For improvement In seed planters. Enoch Hidden, of New York. N. Y.? For improved aide lights for ships. B B Hotchkiss, of Sharon, Connecticut.?For Improvement in cartridge. Ir Henry Hulakamp, of Troy, N. Y?For Improvement in piano fortes. A. R. Hurst, of Chamberaburg, Pa?For improvement in horae hay rakes Benjamin Irving, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement in syringes. Benjamin A. Jenkins, of White Water, Wis.? For improvement in harvesters Cornelius E. Ketchum and W. L. Hunt, of Port Jefferson, N. Y.?For improvement in construction of centre-board vessels John K. Lewia, of Riaing Sun, la.?For improvement In aupporttng s-affolda. Joseph B. Livezey, of Clarkfcboro', N. J.?For improvement in cultivator* J. R. Lounsberry, of New England Village, Mw?For improvement in book* for watch chains. Wm A. Manning, of Salem, Mass ?For improved planing machine John AV . Masury, of New V'ork, N. Y ?For .paint can Simon H Mix, of Schoharie, N. Y?For process for making stereotppe plates. N CJ Munger, of Brookfleld Centre, VVi? ? For improvement in aesopbagus tubes Richard Murdoch, of Baltimore, Md.?For improvement in the running gear of vehicles Harrison Ogborn, of Ureenfork, Ind.>?For improvement in cultivators * E. Oviatt, of Richfleld, O.?For improvement in threshing machines. W. H. Paine, of Sheboygan, Wis.?For Improved surveyor's tackle case. George M Phelps, of Troy, N.?For improvement in pendulum clocks. namauiei roiier, jr , or soma Dartmouth, Maw?For Improvement in apparatus for protecting trees from insects. John H. Power, of Middletown, Iowa.?For improved broom or brush. John Price, of Harrison, O.?For Improvement In corn planter*. George M Ramsey, of New York, N. Y.?For machine for sweeping streets. Edwin Rttson, of Sanbornton Bridge, N. H ? For improvement In seeding machines Milton Roberts, of Worcester, Mats?For improved lathe. Henry H Robertson, of Kingston, Mo ?For iml provement In ploughs. William Schnebly and Thomas Schneblf, of Hackensack, N. J.?For improvement in horse rakes. Francis Schwalm, of Jollet. 111.?For Improvement In stone-dressing machines. Frederick Seidle and Samuel Kberly, of MeI chanicsburg, Pa ?For Improved machine for binding wood Christian Sharps, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement In packing cartridge* Jaiues T Sin)tii, of Portsmouth, Va?For improvement In crane. John A. C J. Smith, of Philadelphia. Pa ?For improvement in pumps W illiam Stephenson, of Gallon, Ohi?.? For improvement in gaa pipes Klbridge 0. Stevens, of Biddeford, Me ? For Improvement in syringes . Anthony Stratton, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improvement in flexible joints for gas tubes. Sewall P. Toluian and Nathaniel F. Blodgett, of North Orange, Mass.?For Improvement In tuyere*. J J Unbehagen, of Baton Rouge, La ?For improvement in apparatus for draining sugar. 1^-onard White and Jcbabod Jewett White, of Hutfkio, N. V?For improvement in skates S. B. Wilklns, of Milton, Pa.?For improved spok? machine. Thos. T. Woodward, of South Reading, Mass. For improved signal lantern. John M Bowman, of Brockport, N. V., assignor to Hantley Bowman A Co., of same place I For Improvement In harvesting machines. Cbillion F Brown, of Bridgeport, Ct., assignor I lo himself and Josiah Bailies. of same plsee 4 tot improved lock. John Cootoell, of New York, N. Y., assignor to himself and Joseph Con Ire 11. of same {rise* For Improved waat.inn machine John Sperry, of New York, NY, assignor to himself and Colvln W Sherwood, of same plnre. For tool for enameling picture frames, Ac 9. a. Courser, of Northampton, Mass., assignor to himself snd J. A. Nims, of same place.?For improvement In moulds for eating Etmtus Crookrr, of Baflklo, N Y., sssignor to [. iBOV# .?*l ' 1 himself and Jefferson T. Upaon, of same place ? For improvement in vapor lamp* Harry H Evarta. of Chicago, 111., assignor to himself and Phineaa E Merriview. of same place. For improved machine for sawing staves A. J. Gibaoo, of Worcester, Mass , assignor to himself and J. P Hale, of same place.?For improvement in revolving fire-arm. Joaeph Hinman, of Watertown. Mass . and D 9. French, of Marietta, Ga., assignors to themselves and Nathan King, of Middlesex, Mass.? For improvement in cotton cultivators. Charles Kinzler, of New York, N Y., assignor to himself and J. H Vcms. of same place.?For Improvement in apparatus for wash In? bone black. John H. Rible, of Somerset. O., assignor to Jacob W. Bope, of St. Louis, Mo?For Improvement in harvesting machines. J as. C. Cooke, of Middletown, Conn . assignor to Wimself and D C Sage, of some place?For improved machines for cutting files. G.VV. N.Yost, of Cincinnati. O., assignor to G. W. N . Yost k. Co , of Yellow Springs, O ?For Improvement in harvesters of corn and sugar can6. Reissues ?\\ m iM. Arnall, of Sperryville. Va. For improvement In grain separators and cleaners A. E Bonham. of Klizabetbtown, <)., administrator of tbe estate of J. H. Bonham. deceased, late of same place ?For Improvement in seeding machines. Nicholas G. Norcross, of Lowell, Mass?For Improvement in circular saw mills Win. H Hrnrlrnn.i M v 1 ? ? j ? ? y ? ? ? "? i* < i a ami ^ HUI to himself, 1) 8. Morgan, and A. Palmer, of same place, and S. G. Williams, of Janesville, Wis.? For improvements Id reaping machines g Charles Van De Mark, of Oak's Corners, N Y For improved method of uniting the pannels of portable fences A .THIS. W1ABLOW, N Exjer'.enoed Nurse and Female Physiolaa presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, For Children Teething, Wkltk fraaily faclliuiaa lha praciai af ttaihinf, ky (In inf tlit (am*, radaeinf all iotanmatiaa?will allay ALL raif >dJ ap?am<?lic ac:ian, and ! SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Oapand apao It, roathara, it will gi?a raat ta yaaraalvaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOOR INFANTS ? . .... [,?i mu aoin mia amen ror o??r ki jaart, ud Cld I1T, III CO^riDlilCI tltD TKCTN of it, wbat We have never bean able ta ??? uy of any other Medicine? wbtbri MRS ha* it failed,in a iman ,Ttl,c? T0 *rp bct a curb, "ihsliuw 9 whig urnelr Bead. Never did we knaw tiiilTHIVn *n In'tanea of dieeauefaetion by ?ny * on* who uitd it. On tbe contrary, all are SYRUP, deiirhted with iti oriRiTlons, and tn tertne of hifheet commendation of it* magical ?I?cta and medical virtual. w apeak in .hie nrntir " what wb do laflerten yeare' eiperionce, aUD PLinucoi'r btrftaTlon for th i Fl'LULMMT Of what wl hiki d?! clare. In aimoat every inetanee where the infant ia ecfferInf from pain and eihaaation, ralitf will be found in tftaao r twenty rammee after tha urun ia adimmetered. Thia valaable preparation ia tha praacription of on* of tbt meet BIPBRIBIICBIi and 9BII.PCL nCBSBS in Nav Enrlaad, and baa been u?? J with -ibver-FAILine eUCCBil ia THOUSANDS OP CASES. It not only relie?ee tbt child from r*in. bat inviaarataa ika ttatnach And bowai*, corrtcu acidity, and jit*i ton* and totrgj to lh* what* tyitim It will altneat in*t*nlly r*li*r* gkiflkg 15 tub bowkls and wl.nd colic, ind ifircomi can*alatai.?, which, if not tratd^y r*m?di*d nd in death. W*i ?*??. b*lia?# it tha ?>?T KDIUIIITIttH- FOK EOT in th* WORLD m all am of r>r?- CHILDREN ii?tiht uid duk rm<xa in chil- ttktlll^lli. drip, wbathar h ana** from tMthiog * or from ?n? otbar raaa*. W* would 1*7 ta **?rj mcthar who h?? * child ?rf firinf from ? ? of th* foragsug complain'.*?DO NOT LIT Toll* rllJl'DICII, IVOR THE rftCJUOICB* OF OTHBBI, t*ud b*iw**r> joar-aafftrinf child and tha r#h#f that will b? ll)m-;a,i>lOLVT(Lr *? ?ta follow th< via of th madieina, if tiirtly a>td. Kull dirtetior.* t?t aaing will a ontpaii* **ch bottle Nob* r*t.u?t.a Inilii th* f* Camilla CURTIS * PKRKINS,N*w York, icon lb* Mid* wrafp* Moid by I>r?f r i*t* thr'-u jhnat th* world. Principal One*. No. llCadar Str**t, N. T. Prica mIt M Cant* par Batti*. GEORGETOWN ADYEBT'MTS OFOR HARPER'S FKRRY. N AndalW July 3>i. 1^60, the steamer L. J. flrengle, Captain W. H. Ritt?r. will _n ^ leav? Georgetown EVERY TUBS C Ai.?1 DAY, THURSDAY, and SATLR"1"' * DAY, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day , at 6 o'clock a. in. On tie Saturday trip from Georgetown the lioat will run through to Shepherdatown. je 21 3m LM)R HARPER'S FfRRY.-CHANGE OP r DA Yi#.?On and alter Jul> 2,l8*t, the steamer ANTELOPE, Oapt. J. W ?Ll.?,oivry nig the United mail, will leave Georgetown KVKRY MONDAY, W ED.N ESDAY and FRI DAY, at 7 a. m.. and return every Tuesdar, Thursday and Saturday. N. B?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdsrown. je 5-2m* I ta JUST RFXTTVED~ lt>U BBL*. WHISKY, (assorted. > JHO do. HERRI\(im.H ll.lUVIVM 25 <lo. HKFINED Sl'GARS, iwhhds. PORTO R-4CO SUGARS. 6 bbls.( Bayfirld) WHITE FI - II, 25 b<ia?s prune tan torn CH EK8E. For saje low by JOHN J. BOO UK, je 8 G*H>rgeti'WP. D C. A GKNCY FOR FAIR BANK'S" SCALES IN /V GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the ?a!e of the altove oHebrateil and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.l suppiy constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rate*. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the Diatriot or adjlining counties. All Soales are warranted durable, aconrate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY ft BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je 8 2m Bridge street 2 doors of High. f^RANDELL. OPTICIAN, Vy No. 1'iS Rridt* St., 0?org*t?wn, Has oonstantlT ou hand a large assortment oi French Near-signt?d, Periscopio. Col- ^ ored, and ar. other SPECTACLE8, ol*~J" T* the beat quant?, in cold, silver. ateel.and German ilver frame*. N. II. Old K-amea Repaired and new ? mioi set in them to order. no tt-lv JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Brxdte and Jeferson HI., Gfortttovn. Having Riven m> personal attention to thia branoh of my bu?inea?, 1 am propared to. attend to all oalla with prumptneaa Persona from a diatanoe oan beaupplied at a rew minutea' notice, an 1 have a large aaeortment of CoFFlNS alwaya on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d' ad from the old to the new burial grounda. Hearse* end Horaea for hire. ap 10-fcn MASWEV.COI.MNH A. CO.'5 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are oonatantly reoeiving freah supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all peraons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY ft SHINN, Agents, fe #T H re,in at.. Georgetown. CLOTHING, &c. . HE CHEAg^^SagrcWHlSO.I c" uss^asssl.*""l '^MS^mSSSktm-?\ Ein^t D?m **?g#t$$?kLD * co.'a 1 Beautiful Bu?i?w? A CO.'S. 1 D,,u * CO.J CoaUb, tJ^'Xliwd, , I P*?U 'JwU bj th*thof?M>d, _ At w I KfKN KKLI) k CO.'B. Boy's olothlng for the youngest. Boy' clothing for all siztt, Boy's clothing for larger boya. At WIESENFELD A CO. B Cheaper than the oheapest. Finer than the finest, Better than the beet. Aret e garments At WIESENFKI.D * CO.'S. Save your money, as A very fev dollars Will give you* splendid outfit for summer. If jrou eall At WIESENFELD * CO.'S, ap 17-Tu A9tf Cor. Pa. av. and 4X st, RationAL^ap ano candlk works, 0?im Stiiit, BtltMM Brulgi mm4 IT?ir ilwrti, utorftoim, u, c. B,o..^iaiT,r?M?ftNp2i^oAPS.; TALLOW and' GREASE for Iiooomotives, Steamboats, and a I kiaUaof machinery, alwaya on hand, and for aale at pricea ? n irmn . ? to 8Blt tilt trad#. G, B. JEWELL, Proprietor. |y 10 eotf I AUCTION SALES. Br A. (iRK&N, Auctioneer. CALE OF VALUABLE REAL E8TATE ?5 By virtue ot the order and decree ol the Orphans' Csurt of the District of Colambla, bearing date on the 2d da* of June. A. D., lwn. and dnly confirmed br the Cirooit Court of said District, in ohMoery sitting. 1. William Dixon. Gaurrfian to Millard F and George K. Garner, shall offer for sale at pihiio auction, to the highest bidder, on THURtfUAY, theS?th day of July, A. D, 1K0. on the o'ulook. p.m., on the terms hereinafter stated, ail the richt, title, and interest of ray said wards, o|, in, ana to the follosrirg real estate, via All tnat part of Lot known upon the planofthf City of Washington, in said Distriot. as Lot ntmbsred twenty s^ven, (27.) in Hqoare n ii m k a J * * * lovon aunnrea ana thirty two, ilSO fronting twenty five <25,) feet on Second stre?-t. commenckg at the Southern line of Lot numb red twent)-su, (26.) an<l running feuih on said Second street lw?tjr five (25) feet; thenoc West sevei.tyfive(75) f?t; thenoe North- twenty five (25.) feet, and theaoe Fast, to the plaoe of begining. Also all that part of Lot numbered twenty eight, <f8 )in said Square, numbered seven hundred aad thi'tj two,(*tt,) oommenoiog for aaid part of Lot, a: a point on a public said square. at the Southeast oorner of (aid L.ot and running thenoe due West with the line of said alley fourteen (Ml f?et; thenoe dus North, iiftj-four (54) feet and five (5) inches; ther ce dun Kafet fourteen <M) feet to the West line of said Lot, twenty-seven, (27,) thenoe <1ue ?outh, fifty four (54) feet, and five i ohes, to the p ace of begining, with the improvements there on,omsi'ting of a two-?torv frame iiou?e, eon taming six rooms, with baok building attached, as described in said order and dtoree. A d at the same time and piaoe. by virtue of the Mid ord?r and decree. 1, Joh-i T. Lynch, Guardian to rharles (I. Ga ner, shall offer for ?a e, at public auct on. to the highest bidder, on the terma herein after stated, al 1 the right.title, and interest of my said ward of, in, and to the above-mentioned and described propert*. Thia property fronts on 3d ftreet East between South B aud South C streets, in the vicinity of the Capitol Grounds. It is well located a-d offers great inducements to persona donirous.of investing. Term* of ?a e: One- hird cash;t!ie residue ia two equal instalments, of nine and eighteen mo* th?, secured by the notes of the purchaser ratisfac'ori 1* endorsed, and bearing interest f om thedarof sale. Tit's deed to be retained until the whole of the purohasn money is p\id. All oonvejancmg at the ooit of the pufohaser. WM D.XON,Guardian john x i.vnmi ~ A. GRKENV*Anot. At the ume hour and place, and on the Mm* terms mentioned in the above advertisements, we shall offer for sale all the dower, interest and o aim of Mary Ann Garner, witlo? or John W. B. (?arner, (deceased, > of. in, and to the above described property. CARRl:\GTON A LLOvl). Attorneys for Mar* Ann Garner jy 10 staw&ds A GREEN. Auct. Hy A. GREEN, Aucaoce.v. ON TUESDAY, the 31stin?t, we "hall sell, in front ot the premises, at 6 o'clock p. in., in compliance with the Wins of a deed of trust to us Thos A. H'?wn?nd wifa.d*ted 24th feptember, 1858. and reoord"Hl in Liber J. A 3., No. Ifc2, pa*e 23b, A,o., ?ne of the land reoords o< Washington count*, parts of lots 11 and 12 in square No. 197, begining f?r the same forty feet thre? inches from inn soucnwest oorner or said Square, running thence Fast on a line with 1> street South; sixt- en feet thence North; seventy feet thenoe Weit; sixteen feet thence South; seventy feet to the p ace of begimrg, together with the improvements, consisting ofatwo story Frame Houtt with oao story Back Building. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in 6,12, and 18 months, afl?r day of s\le, with notes secured br a de?l of trust on the premises. If the terms of rale are not ooin plied with within five day * after the d ty of rnle the truktee reserves the right to re*e i the property at ths puol ascrs risk ana cost, after giving one woek's i otice. 6F.O. C. HKNW?. I rr.,.t?.. ;F,0. K. THOMPSON s lru,l"e#)y 12 3>?wAd? A. QKKK, V. A not. MARSHAL'S SALK ?In virtue of two writs of fieri facias, issu*d front the Clerk's ofhoe of the Cirouit Court of the District of Columbia, for the aouiltv l?r VVfuhin^Un. anfi tn I witl expose to puiiiio ui?./ur oash. in front of the court Ikium door of Mid count*, on MONDAY, th* 9th day of J air next. I860 at 12 o'olook m.. the following property, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, otaim aad interest in and to Lot No. l,jn SquareNo 618. in thecitr of Washington, D C , together with all and singuar the improvement* tnereon, *<-ized and levied upon as the property of Andrew Rotfiwell, and will be so d to aatiafy Judioia Noa. 2'4 and 216, to Ootober term 1859, in favor of <k Kingman. W. 8ELDEN, U. S. Marshal for the District of Columbia, je 13 dts ID-THB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED u til FRIDAY, the 2uth instant, same hour aud plao*. W. SELDKN, jy 9 dts U. S. Marthal. MAR* HAL'S 8 ALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facia*, issued from the Cl?rk'a office of the f~v: _??: - - f 1 ' *" viiiuuiv i/<iui i >! me isiscnoi 01 i/O ninniit lor (tie oourty of Washmston, and to me directed. I will expose t<> public sale, lur oaah, in front of the con t hou.-e door of said county, on SA'IURDAY, the ?8th day of July next, L88-1. at 2 o'eloofc m .the foll -wing property, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, cam, anf interest in and to a certain dwelling houseereoted on Lote>ght<fl)aiid the south^en <19 feet four (4) inoh"s no Lot nin-?, (9) in S**-.iar?< numbered tlire* hundred and seventy-seven. (377i in the citt of Washins'on I). C , se:r?d and levied upon as the pros* rt? of Ju his Viedt, and will be told to sa'isfy Judimals. >o 3R0 to October term 1?67, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker J. D. IIOOVKR, Late U. S Marshal for District Columbia. jo28-dta "" MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri faoias, usnod from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Conrt of the District of Columbia, for the ooontjr of Washington, and tome d'reoted, J will expose to pubtio sale, for oasb, id f'ont of the oourt house door of said ooiinty.on 8ATUROAY, the 3Bt- day of July next, 18M, at 12 o'clook mv the following prop?rt?,to wiu All defendant's right, title, o'ai'n. aud i?.t-*r?st, in end to a o*r 'ain building ereoted on Lot No. six (6) in Square No nine hundred ?nd fort? nine <<M9)as laid down in the plat of the city of Washington, seised and levied upon as the property of A?>el Griggs, and will be sold to satisfy judioials No. 88b, to October term 1866, in favor "f John Purdy. J. D HOOVER. Lat?? U.3 Marshal for the Distnot ol Columbia j?2B du I OOK OUT FOR PAINT 1 ' No. at a SEVENTH STREET, Pour Doors South of Odd Fellows' Hull. H. W. HAMILTON tias oponed a PAINT SHOPand PAINT STOREon the New York plan, where cm always be found PAINTS. OILS. GLASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, And Bcckkts with Barsiizs to Loan! N. B.?Particular attention paid to Houie. Sinn. Ornamental Painting ai>d Graining. ftained ana Enamelied Glaus of all kinds alwavt on hand, or furnished at short notice. He warrants satisfaction in all work entrusted to his care, and is confident that he can do work as cheap, if not cheaper, than any other establishment in this city. Give him a call. Don't forget the number?it is 512 Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINK. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'oioek p. mM and New York for Waeh--^ ^^ lr.iton every Saturday, at3 o'olook p. m. Passentera can join the ahip at Alexandria at any time before the hoar of the ateamer'a departure. N. B.?In the event of the ateamera inability to cross the bar in consequence of low water, all fooda will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the vndersifned. For freight or aaaaace apply to MORGAN A RH1NEHART, ootf S.MATtr Weetern Wharvee. AWM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepare 1 to execute any orders with which they may l>e favored in the PLUMBING, GA8 OR STEAM FITTING - BUSINESS. ITT Store on 9th street, a lew doora north ol Pa. avenge, where may be found a oomplete assortment of CB\N DPIJKRS and other GAS, ST E A Mand WATER FIXTURES. jatt ly NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BROS TO 13 inform the public anil his frit-arta that ha has on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels, unite a new Htjrle. Also Monument Head Stones. Table Tops. An., which he has to dispose of at pne>?s to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. mix 22 3nieo Pa. avM bet. 18th and 19th rtn. PKRSONS Deolininc hoa*ekeep:ng or having a surpius of k?ue?h ?ld effects can find ready sale t.j oaifinf at nr Purnishmj More, 4*9 7th street, between G and B streeu. eaat aide ae?-*w WUDOI.PM BUCT.V. KSof all sty tec and sizes. Also, several ofBOBBI . - ?-mmamm ? ?< ? v? MVI I WNOSili ] ? ffftKNCH LACE MANTLK0 A Nl> POINTS r *unBh?d?a,andfSau Cinbr?ll??, Tnread, VtlenoioM, and Can-ibnc Kdiwga, liootbtn, Kufpur*, aad Pmwh wo?kKd Col Ian, 0?mt rie, Sffiu and Thraad S U. Colored Tarlt?i>?, fviu, Cambric, Jaootxtt, Mall. Mtuiook and pi*Hl Rutook MDalian, H?i?rvt G ot?., Gaantlatu, Blaok Silk Mitta, 4o. pgr urMi* ow BAYLOR A hutqhibon sr*' *mlrfr I | SUMMER RESORTS. < ARLIftLK | The favorite r*aort for WHIT* SCLPHUR SPRI5IH8, Mountain Air. Isricora CUMBERLAND CO . I \v5ll Pemuflvmnta. IG kxI Sooirt* and a Good Tahie. Accommodation* ?ob por particulars send 300 for Ciroular. owtnp.oiknkknTERMS LOW. in k visschf.r, j? 7 !<>w C*rl*tU Swi??.?. Pa. A relay HOl*f, t the washington junction B. * n d d Passenger* for th? Weit hare plenty of time t-> Breakfast at thi? plaoe. Three or four A .. ? A ro?nis yet unoocupied. which will be Irt toytvSk V summer hoarders on fair terms Thu^Bl place is uniiraied for comfort and eon vent mo* jy 13 7t* J M LOWE, Proprietor. SHCHMIDT'S SUMNER GARDEN.?On Sixth street, between I: and Louisiana av.A . . A may be found at all times one of the most Vfa^w p< pular. genial. urt?ne, and intelligent ^LJB^ Restaurant Keepers, who )>acks up his reputation with LAGER B* EK from the Citt or Broth** lt liOTi, Philadelphia ; with BRANDIES f'orn the choicest vine)ards of Franc? ; with WINES unexcelled on the hills of the Rhine; and with an article o( WHISKY whioh snr.acks strongly of the tru? flavor of the Monongahela and Bourbon Palatable as either of these may he individually, he has sought to make them still more so by the erection tti- rear grounds of his favorite establishment of a spaciou* Arbor, where his guests by day may enjoy the cool breexe and be free from fol's tn<i tniant ratra ?.! ? U.a ?'? 1 ? ? ? r W - ipjb, ami) HID WIIUIIIIIK II' iur III night," quaff" h's ic?-coo! Lager without fear of having their enioyment dampened bv the falling dew. Such inducements will, dauntless. caui" man; of our readers to drop in and take * note i if nothing slse.i and, most likely, many of those who go will co again. In addition te all this, he has engaged the Pros p?ri brothers and their associates to discourse their choicest pieces of music Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy lft-lm J^ALQtlKK WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. These Springs?SO miles west of Washingtor?is now open for the reoepuon of visitor*. i . i A The subsoriher, having heoome the pnr WMV ohaser, will make every effort with com XUHU potent assistants, to regain their former reputation Kates?50 cents per meal; 91 5" per day: 9* Per week; 43^ p**r oaleodar month: * V> for 2 nioi.tns: children over 2 and under 12 yea's and oolored ser vauts half price: white servants three fourths; horses SO cents per day Direct Warren ton ^prm*s jyS-lIt ROTVT RmfitN. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFPL.KR. Proprietor. Xeir York avenue, bftirim lit and 24 its. In cal'.in* the attention of tne public to my (rounds I would state tiiat every arranreii."nt has A . . A be*n made to make this '"Retreat" moreVfSfcy attractive every day. Mondays the tiarXl^BJL dens %re open to the public lree of charge? acuno. rt *i*en by a select t>and. Those desiring to enjoy the dance and waits *i 1 find the saloon in complete order to render p->amrt> to ali. On oth?-r days the proprietor will cheerfully grant the use of the rounds for aehool or other Pin Nm P*.Iim wi?k. out charge. Knr the amusement orchiidren he hai introduced a number of lit'le inmci, n?v?r before seen in thia cit*. and oH'CL'.ated at the aame time to idum the "olufolfc*." N. B.?Attached is my Bn?thng Kstahlighm'iit, ar.d families can be *applied with any quantity at thwir r.-siaenoe. ?<f U;at twa.'.nfui drink. LAGt-R BK KR, upon snort notioe. jo IS 3m /"IREEN SPRING V* PAVILION, Star the Old Iron Foundry and only kilf a milt b\t land from rA? Omnibus Stand ?n Georgetown. Tne ladies and gentlemen of Washington ar.d Georgetown ?re respectfully informed A . . A that this beautiful place, on the Kounirt Branch, is now handaome t fitted up ih? reception of Pio-Nic Parties and other viaitora. There are numerous sp'ngs of the purest water and a constant shade throughout the da*. Tnere is a large saloon (or danoinc. with dressing room attached, and shady wa.ka and aeau throughout the groonds. Schools, Societies. Clubs and Social Part:?s car obtain this delightful place lor Pic Nica without ohargefor the gronnda or pavilion by giving trie proprietor three day a notice. Meaia art* aerved at *11 houra, and Refreshments furnished at city p-cea Offio-ra will atter d at all time* for the pres^rva tion of order, ai d no pains wi l be spared to give satisfaction to a'l vsitora. JOSEPHEHRMANNTROUT. je' 3 eotf ^ Proprietor. MSALT WATER BATHING. ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Woors'i Land ieg> will be open for the reo'ption of viai-A - . A tors on the 13th of June. This HelichtfafypMky rem t for those s?-king h*altn ad p eas iuBl ur^. is unexeeuea r>r any place or tlte kind on the Potomac river It is situated ab ut one hundred mt>? irora Washington immediately on the i Potomac, and in full view ?>f 'he Oh"sap?ft?e Bar. ami famous fo' fine Oysters, Soft Crabs, Pheephead. and other Fish, and ea?ily aooessible b< the gleam boats plying between Washington, Baltic 're and Norfolk. The undersigned La* mvie additional improvements in hi* Bath Hou??? and many other improvements to the comfort ar.d ei Jojment of h.s 5u?sta. The Bathins cannot be surpassed. Sp'en- < id Angling and entv of Fishing and Sai inc Boats free of oharge. lie ha* spared no expens- id pro iding & |oi>d Cotiilo'i Baud or in laji-jg in his stock of choioe W i nes, Liquors,SWar?,4tc..and for tkosr who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired p'aoe whore the* oar. make themselves at home, there u not a more pleasant p'aoe in the United States. The proprietor pledges himsnf t^at | nothing shall be left undone on his part t> rend -r t em so. Terms for board: 91 50 prr da>, for less i than a week; frr a longer time. 91.3s per <-ay; 990 per month. Persons wishing to address the rr prietor wiil direct to Leonardtown, St. >!ar.\ MMintw M A j#i-2ni R. J. MARSHALL. Proprietor. ? ??? ? ? ??? I. IN. SHGER K CO. GREAT REDUCTION In Prices or SEWING MACHINES! The Machine* *re acknowledged the bant in u*e. for ft'iiily nrwing and manufacturing purpose*. Family Machine ?40 Letter A i Tor family or light manufacturing purpoueii) ?5n Singer No.l ... ?90 mgor No. 9 ....... $100 Twut, Naedlee, Cotton, Oil, Ac. W.M. 1I.C. LOVER, No. 38? Pm*k?!fia At.. je ao-1m Under National Hotel. ^MfSUIT THE TIMES. I HARVEY'S Fish ud Oystar E*preaR, arriving dti'j from tha North and South with the following delicacies: FRE?H SAI.MON. CODFISH, ^ . MACK KEEL, ?HEEJP&EAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HOG FI^H. SPOTS, BLACK FI-H, TAILORS, BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, HARD mil SOFT CRABS, CLA.MS fto. And a constant rupplv of Florida Reef GREEN TURTLE, and those fin^ large Lynn haven Bay SPICED OYSTERS All persons will find it to their ad vantage to give me a call hefor? gouig to ptarket. as 1 have ever) facility to sell lower than can be had in the eity. All orders thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the city Tree of cnarca. Depot?asl C street, betw<?en loth and 11th. je 15 lm T. M. HARVEY. A|?st E^AIR BANK'S SCALE"!! T FAIH HANK'S SCALES*! TA# St.mJ.irJ e.-. ? _ ?^V.?. ? U wy ^ ?n C4 tV(air? . COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES. HAY, CO A L and CATTLE SCALES, HOPPER or GRAIN SCALES, BEAMS and WEIGHTS, MARKKT SCA'KS. DRUGGISTS' SCALES, BANK SCALES. COIN DETECTOR SCALES, TOBACCO SCALES, LETTER BALANCES, Ac ,4 c, at factory pnoea ^ J. P HARTHOLOW, te lt-eo I in eol?a?ent. Sere"th ?t.. near Can*l. W^m ~ GAS F1XTUHK8. E Hav? id atore, and are daily reoetvinc, OAS FIXTUR SSof entirely Sew P*H?rn?and Deaicna < and Finiah. auperior in style to anything heretofore I offered in tliia market. We invite oitit?aa reneral ly to call and axariunn oar atnek of Gaa and Water Fixture*, U<e i.< c ihrtant that we hare the beet selected atock la Waahiactoa All Work in the above line intraated to oer ear* will be promptly attended to. MYERS A MeGHAN. mar S-tf 37?Detreet nnniv* IIMl?V ir?IM .?/?! ITMBJI aerie* 9r?rr m<>i tb Any rohtmm M] h* k*d *" ?r?twIt, md back roliwi Ml V# ?lw?ti lupiM*. Tk.?.TCu r'Su&MWf* M?vofolitu B.i?kiU>r?. 333 P? *r.. W 9th ?m4 M*b aU. |t> gol?nwiU frr f HICKKRIN6 * SONS' 8UFKRB PlAOIUt. ?? for"'Jc&ft F. *LLWS. m 1 THE WEEKLY STAR Tku nMUHl PMily Md N??? JnwI-?m' tainiDK a cr?*t?r v%.n*ty of iiUtmUm i ?<1ia> than ou t* foun4 ! My oUier?1? pab'iab?d <* Satsnlmj moralug. T 11*1-<>?>*, utmrtmAlt,tm *4rmv . 5 n> Tea cop***# , tt ?? ?! WflfBk.... - U P B? utwenbing in clab* r?i**d modi i *ighbura witkoat Uj* lrlor*Miti ? of a ira> will b? p*ro?i v?d V) p*r Mat. of T%* Wmkly Sim' will *< MT*d, It larariab!* contain* lb* * ?%a?hi*ct<>? Nw" that hu dim* TV Frmwr 5f?r dr??lM ao |M*rult throughout tft* waoirr. ILT'Stngl* oopiM < id wrappera' au ba proo*rwd at tb* oognt*r. imm dial* j after th* i**S* aft ?M*r. Pnoa?TURKK CKNT8 PoitmMl*r< who Mt M MNtl will b* lowed a oomaiiMio* of t> oonu. FOR SALE AND RENT. VALUABI.B farm, STOCK. CROff. im KXCHANOK TOB*MP*oV^ClTtj%^^ ERTY.?Th* *ab*crib*r i* euiiar^ifaa* of aia ta ability to (iv? that personal attention to hia fVa wb ah it require*, off#'* it, IwUbar with bia it<ot ol bn* brixxl M*rri ColU CvWa. Hoc*, f rowing crops, implement*. A o . now lb* premie*#, either for >t!t or ricktu* for improved Ctty property. Th* Farm oontaina on* handtad ai d a x<y an a?r*a. la lnflat?1 in Mnntrawiery Coanty, Maryiaad. diatant lor. imiea f.o* YVa*lit*aU>n, oa th* Hrm.hril * Turnpike. *h* b**t road rtdir.g o?t of VVaahiagtoa. It la deemed inii*?*wari to antrr into a mn.uto UMonptio* of U? Farm, a* it i* tr? anted no on* wou 4 purchase without fcrst riaitmg tn* pr?miiM. Ait information wrl, hnwr". ohwfmly U|iv?n hmmi tpp imi nutn WILLIAM k sri HBS. 348 K itrwt, bttvm 1SU tod l?th. WMk:D|tox City. W. O w?: Mk. Editor of the Star. k n"Wi til* Firm til: an* Will aeoord foil itforinati'n *<>n 0*r0in? it to on* :n*atrer. i? ? *??UPOKSALK-A*m1: FARM ofUkorM, aitaated r at the Little t-k.1. Uavi r?f a c.>mf?.rtal>,edwail iiii-ho?*e. oorn honae, stah.e*. ke ; ??I! fra?ed and watered ; within four mil** ofWaahinfton j It aore* in anltiTaUon, the balance it handsome wood land. It is pecu ia-.y deairnhl* a* a ooaatry w lence. being perfectly healthy and nutl runantioklly xtuatod : excellent fiskmc aad hantinc. Inaeira of Mr. M A K RIOTT. U?dg* keeper. Chain Rndca, Little Fa Is. devaawtf h^OR RENT?Thraa BRICK HOI SK.S-o* ? Twelfth street, h tween C and I) ; on* on the oorner of Twelfth and H ?ts. ; and on* on H, be tween 12th aad ISth sts. Inquire of JAMFb W, BARKER, on H street. )<*tween 11th aad ISth, No. 49*. maaiv-?r l uk tils> I ?A three at.ry I KAMK HOI r on Kl*v?nth itr*K, Mwt?c I and K- Ira air* of M. SNYI>KR.t( the Plumhmc ud <>e? Fitt ns E?t%h;Ulunent of C. Snyder, next door to tha ma *4 rf L'OR RENT?The three atory-and laNmfnt r BRICK HOUSE ooraer of Sik.h ? reet vast an<1 F atr?*t nortn. one square from the Patent an t City Pont Offices?Immtic one of th? finest Mit healthiest lo-atioc* in tha city It ir ar ranted for a store %n<t dwelling; hac a lake oven attached. Will an it a t?nker or oonfeotioner. Possession given on lh? 11th in*t. For t-rrna, Ac , appl* to GEO. J. Jackaon. Brother A fo.UI Paaven ue. je l?-tf fr<OR RENT?Three first ela?? and recent * built HOI'SES, four atoriea high each, hen< aomeiy finished, and having ail the modern improvesuch a* wat-r. res. k.e.. in one of the va y finest location* in the sity? on the eornar of purl street and Mibkouti avenue, ar;d opposite the < apttol ground* Any <ne wishing to rent a fine dwe Iing will find this'a favorahie opportunity, a* I d?mrc to rent themimmediatelv , and will rant U?ern low. Inquire of P. \V. BROWNING. je 1 tf F'OR SALE?A great bargain, f >ur acres of wel improved LA.VI), veil suited for a market *ai den, with new dwelling house with four room* and kitchen ; well of fine water la the yard ; uim." good 6 mat,sad will be sold low or exchanged for cuv propei ty, and on moderate terms. The land is at Ball's Cross Roads. two and a half miles from Georgetown. and in Alexandria county. Va. Apply to V. P. CORBLTT. over Baik of V* ashiacton. ma 12-tf C*(?K RKNT?A amall ^TOKk. oorner of ?tn iU 1 and Penn.avenne, under the Clarendon Hotat, suitable for a barber's salmon or clear store For information i nam re at the Hotel. mar >? FjV)R RENT-Tke FIRST FLOOE of tke baiWu.| iimneaiate.y opposite the weat win* ol U>? City Ha:.,reoently occupied by Chaa. Wa..ach u an Alao the front room in the saoond atory aad the thirl floor of the same baildin*. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHVno. 4 Louisiana avenoe. ia 18 tf (SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CONGRESf.Two spler.did anitee of ROOMS, e.etantly farniahed, will be rented during the session of Congress, in the moat deairabie locality in this fltty. being within one or two squares of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of such Rooms will do we:l te make early applioaOon at No. ST9 ?h street, between D street and Pa. a*. de t-tf L^itR J'ALE?A moe torwe storr Rriek HOL'SH, r on 2d street, between D and K streets, in Ribbawfa En i^liriai.n. Tka a Vww -A ? > !1 kA ini-'ll. uw ?uv>r pilffmi ly Will IW aold on ?*?* terma. Price made known by inanirin* of H \fr. HAMILTON ft CO., No. ?6? Ttto atreet. i>p?<>?ite Centre Market. Titie perfect. fltt _ EDUCATIONAL. CO M ME R C I A L C O L L E O E. No. 47?H*v*wth ar.. OpTOftti tkf Gmtrai P?tt <>JUe, OU*. Armori?n Sjitimof Penir&nahip, Bootkeepm*. Meioantue Forma w.?J Calculation*. buaineaa Correspondence, Hi is ?f Kxohaote, Current Riila, ConimimioB ?*lea, Grtu.n?' and Arithmetic. (TgA Preparatory C.Ma for Boy*. Ladiea will he inaUucted in fine penman hiiT K iNima open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For torma ftpplv at the Rooma. ma 24-Sm WM. W. VOT NO ft CO. The union female academy. NlW AllAReKHIXT. This well known and popular rVnrnnanr, which '.ks l<eeu ??> ?uooes?rul under the entire rare of Mrs. Z. R'chanls lor more than ten tear*, will be pened on the first Monday m j*epti*mL>er tr xt, under the unitwi ?upervision and tnstrndion of Mr. an<1 Mr*. Z RICH \RDS, in the well arranf-d and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particulars. a?e circulars at all the Bookstores. maS-tf MRS. McCOR ?.1CK*S SCHOOL. R9. McCORMlCR c-siree to inform her friends and tha genera..? that rae wi.l rtnnt the duties of her School ua the 1st Monday la September next. The coarse of study panned will eompriMail tti* branches requisite to a tnoreafH EnfUah adaoa tioc. lu addition to her da? scholars, she is daairoas at reoeivin* into her faiuij a few pnpils as joarde's friim 1A tyi wMra whn will iniUr War i* mediate care and orer?ihtHer nr?xif?Mi(wu for ue uwaaotetiM as4 die oare of pupils have been oonaideralW i aereeeed Hid ntherwue improved. T'loie o Waahinftoa deaninc particular information with ref*reo?a to !?er achool mar apply to W. D. Wa!:ach, Editor o the Mar. Por i*rai and fgrtaer partiea^ri apply at bar resale- oe-No. 3ft Cameron street. 4 ieaanrtna. Va. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. DOOT8 AND SHOES TO SUIT THK D TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS and SHOKH, and 001 tantiv reoeivini a^^bg uppif of mad* work of * <?<}* MI onpti-i", made ?xpresa'y to order, aixl willw U . i . ... ,,~i. i i ? w ""'W ?? MiyUH IWWT'I f I IWC W lIWi liM U^I< Mratefm charged in this city for maeb inferior artiolaa. PerRODB in want of Boot? and 8bo?a of ?Mt?rt or city mad? work, will al win find a tond a?nrtm?t in atoreauil at the iowaat price* Giv* oa a call. rUR TIN A BROayfc-r 314 P?i'ni?lrwn itwh*. J^OUTHERN TR UN I MANUFACTORY, Opporiti Odd PWmw$' H*ll. Wajktn.ft<m., E C. Trar?inr? will atad* thair lateraata hi muuubi my TRUNKS, V ALICES Ae ,befor* w-flKB ctiB^m* eiacwer* Aa I aa* Done bat thaSnflH baat materia, tha market Mfo-o? and am tha b?at workasan, 1 oao o< r.fidant y r*oomaMad my work to he superior in Strtmfik mxI Dwrmttliy to Truck* that are made in otb?r oitiM ud *>14 Mr*. 1 keep constantly on hand, and make to ?-aer ion one week'* notoo*) ererr d^ftoriDtifto of SOf E LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TM ONK8; ASH1-ASD mmd otkt VALICES. TKAVELlfio BAUS, HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, #*.. tr. Trunk*. 4.?..llMaHM m.o Corered, in ft workman. ike manner, ftf ?nort r.oUoe Trunk* delivered in any rvt c>f U>? city, ?eorfft SSis/ESSs" ? ? deli-l. JAMES 8. TOP BAM DUPONT'B W UN POWDER, . Por a?i? ftt ?uhihiriri pn***, by JOHjH J. BO^UB, HiMtiToini.l), C_ Selt Atme* mr tk* Dtttrtei tj Ccimmbtm. o,K&s':w&, jensvravsKr jsm: t i*C OtJert a'ao b? len M tto?Btce ol A Ami*' ClMWI*''?. AL K! XX ALE AND XXX AlJt!! U " ^SM^V^k)l,u^VtV ER Y. Tkif A> > mad* from ri?jt * a b?p? OU T. Mid cm allot nil to ci? t,t|r? afttir'io.Uai to ?M wnw. _ C COLLNF.AU. Pr??rf?orar U. ? 4 It WttWV U>?v*r, ?i>?W f .J a?0 50 CHKbTS ??A%f>AIM>??A<VYFA IU?? bnaa n?o?iv?Nti. Thia to* la SMilon': ?no* Poeita e: p<>? nd by *feo*t of otto wi a. W# fbcLr our Wit lot *il oo#t m la,or# inm?? KINU * RU*CHELL. ?m B oor, FiftMntk n. V -r mi nt??. H. 'LiTt^jsmr sr^gsvAi: ail pf b?? oaraaaalto ti*' h<* w?n #-u M h? u m >f tfco Nortfeara tti'Nti* ?oW *or. mm! ni.? WWiMt *??iya?wi >? p _ pi?oo?. .-** -

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