Newspaper of Evening Star, 17 Temmuz 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 17 Temmuz 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1 Noticb to waehixgtoniaxs.?Those of our fellow clti tens leaving for the watering platfea aud elsewhere should be*r In mind that we do not mall The Stab except after payment in advance at the rate of 37% cents per month. Citt CocsciL*, July 16 ? Board qf Aldermen. The board met at the uaual hour. President Dove ! the Chair. A communication wai received from the Mayor, announcing hia refusal to approve the "act making \n appropriation to pay the interest on the Waah' ngton and Alexandria Railroad bonds guaranteed by the Corporation" on account of a clerical error contained in the same The question recurring upon the passage of the bill notwithstanding the objections of the Mayor, It wu rejected. Also, one from the Mayor transmitting the ? . ? ? ? "* nnniiy rrjiurihi me i,omnuiiionfn ol tin AsyiI]m for the year ending June 30th, IW; referred to asylum committee Also, one transmitting a communication from the Water Registrar, asking certain appropriations for the water department; referred to t*e drainage committee. One from the City Surveyor, in reply to a resolution of the Board of Aldermen, transmitting an estimate of the cost of grading First street west, between N street south and the Kastern Branch; referred to Improvements committee. PETITIONS. Of Chas Siousa, and others, for ft water main; of J M Cohen, for remission of a line; of property holders, for a sewer along Sixth street west, from Louisiana avenue to G street north; of citizens, for a gravel footwalk on North Capitol street; of cititens, In reference to lighting ,Fifth street?all of whick were duly referred. COMMITTXK REPORTS , Bill to set the curbstones and pave the footway en the south front of square No 876; passed Bill from the lower board to set the curbstones and f?Tr me looiway on me north fronts of sundry k square*; passed. Bill to take up and relay the gutter on the north front of square S54; passed BID to lay a water main In C street noithv between Second and Third streets west; pawed Bill to lav a water main In Eighteenth street west, from II to 1 streets northi passed. Substitute for the bill making an appropriation to pay the interest due on tbo Alexandria and Washington railroad bonds guaranteed by this Corporation; passnd. Mr. Ounnington, from the police committee, to whom was referred the nomination of Wm H. Hook for superintendent of sweeps in the Seventh Ward, reported the same back, recommending It be not confirmed; rejected?ayes 1, noes 13. Bill for the relief of Wallace & Den ham: passed BUI for the relief of Eugene Sweeney; passed Joint resolution, requiring duplicate reports from certain officers of this Corporation; passed Bill making appropriations for the payment of the stlaries of teachers and assistant teachers of the Public Schools for the ensuing year; passed Mr. Donoho, from the schools committee, to whom was referred the nom?nation* ?f a w Miller as trustee of the Public Schools In the third district, and James Liwrenson for trustee in the " ond district, reported them back, recommending their confirmation. The nomination of AW. Miller was confirmed by aye* 14. noes 0. That of Jamett Lawrenson was confirmed by ayes 11, noes 3. Oil motion by Mr. Fisher, the joint resolution requiring four-way stop-cocks to be inserted at certain points, was taken up and passtdAdjourned Cvmmoa Counrtl?The board met at the usual hour, the President in the chair. A communication was received from the Mayor, informing the board that he had signed various d^signaU-d bills; also, one transmitting a report of the commissioners of the northern market; referred Communication from the city surveyor, in answer to a resolution of the board requesting that officer to furnish an estimate of the repairs of walls at Tib*r creek and Second st west The surveyor states tb it an appropriation of S-50 for the purpose will be necessary; referred. BILLS, I tT! HONS, KTC-. IXTKODl'CXD. Memorial from Charles Miller and others, ask ing for certain improvements; referred. Joint resolution repealing tbe v-ts authorizing the cleanin g of streets by contract: referred. Bill to trim and gravel I. street north, between Fourth and Fifth streets west; referred. Petition in behalf of the Perseverance Fire Company; referred. Bill to take up and relav a pavement in tbe Fourth Ward Petitions o? H. R Arnold and others, for tr!mmlng and graveling south I) street, from S-cond to Seventh street; referred Petition of Charles T. Clark and others, for certain improvements in square "93; referred Petition of Thomas Bend and others, for paving, trimming, and graveling I street north, between Sevtnth and Seventeenth streets west; referred. Mr Given introduced the following resolution; which W3S adopted: R'.*olrri, That the Commissioner of Health be, and he is hereby, requested to inform this Hoard of the expediency of designating a suitable local ity tn the suburbs of each of the respective ward* of the city as a place of deposit for the refuse of alleys. gutter*, tec., and of offering them to au annual public sale. Mr. Wilson presented th? followl ug : Kftoired. That the committee on police be Instructed to in<(ti1re1nto the expediency of preventing by law. tbe passage about our ?t erti on the Sabbath, of business vehicle* of variolic kind*, but more especially, ef ice wagon*; and that said committee have leave to report by bill or otherwise Mr Wilson stated in explanation, that various persons had complained to him of this practice; and an ice dealer had himself spoken to him on the subject, and said he thought he but spoke tli? sentiments of all engaged in that business when be said he would prefer the passage of such a law. They could then furnish a double quantity on Saturday. Mr Borrows ?Won't tke ice melt on Sunday ? [Laughter ] Mr Edmondston?I would like the gentleman to tell me if ministers have a right to go to church on Sunday in carriages? [Laughter.] The resoiu11 on WITHDRAWS r ROM TH1 FILK. 45D XEFEERED. Papers of B H. Cliefvit, 4n , asking reimburiement f?*r damage* d?ne to property owned by h'm on K ?t , were taken front the tile and re- I f-rrrd to claims committee, with aome additional evidence ZLS.CTIOS OF ASSESSORS FOR THE FIFTH WARD POSTFOSKD The joint resolution of the Board of Aldermen, to the effect that the two boards meet in council, at 5 o'clock on Monday, the 16th Inst , for the purpose of electing an assessor from the Fifth Ward, to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Geo. F Barrett, he not being eligible at the time of election, because not then assessed on the books of the Corporation, was so amended as to substitute tn* '2Jd instead of the 16th lnst. REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES. Bill for the Improvement of L street north and First street east; passed Bill to repair the bridge across Rock creek and K street; passed Bill making appropriation for the trimming and graveling L (treet south, from Seventh to Nintn streets east, in the Sixth Ward; passed. Bill authorising the curbstone to be set and footway pared on the north front of squares'ill and 369, passed. Bill authorizing the pavement and carriage way on Foortesnth street we?t. from Pennsylvania avenue to F street north; passed. Bill for the improvement of the alleys In sauare 161: passed Bill fr^m the upper board relative to the inclosing of Judiciary square; on the table. Substitute bill, authorizing the laying of watermains along the north side of New York avenue and I street north,from Tenth to Eleventh streets west; poised. Bill authorizing the laying of a watrrmain along F street north, from Twelfth to Thirteenth streets west; passed Bill In relation to the erection of sidewalk Are plugs, passed. Bill for the relief of John fc. Reeside, pasted Bill for the Improvement of the Northern market; postponed uutil Monday Bill for the rebuilding of the bridge at the intersection of Virginia avenue and South Cap tol street; pasted. Mr Kuaseli. from the committee on unfinished business, reported various bills, all of which were appropriately referred. Mr Van Keswick, from the committee on improvements, reported the following resolution, which was uimd to : Ktiolrmi, That the Mayor, our member of the Board of Alderuien, and two members of the Board of Common Council, (the latter to be appointed by their reapect. ve PrraldenU,) are hereby authorized to act aa a committee on the part of the Corporation to confer with the Secretary of the Interior In reference to the enciooure of Judiciary Square with the Iron railing about being 'auperaeded In at the Capitol, aa provided in the tilth arctiou of the act makiug an appropriation for the civil expeu?~a of the Government for the year ending June 3uth, 1W rail or Mt KatLi. The board having taken up the report of the committee on lections relative to tb?- eligibility uf member*. declaring ail au<;h to be entitled to their aeato in the board except Mr Robert Earle, who wai not qualified by reason of bla not posaeaaing a fr-ehold atale prior ta hit electionMr Kaaby preaen?ed a minority report, accompanied by a resolution declaring him to be to qualified I " .a. ki. a tk. A IV [ LuriaiuciO'Iir UIVL umiuii, ?ur tuiivwuij^ r?-K>lat;o.i of tbe majority wa? adopu-d by the annexed vote : Ktiolctd. That Robert Carle, jr., a member of till* board, returned from tbe Hrat Ward, not belug qualified > compliance with tbe provu I >ns uf tae cbtrter at th?? time of bia election, bia aeat ia hereby declared vacant Th<>ar who voted In the affirmative are Meaara Jlrpn. Cbapln, Kdmonaton, Kmeraoa, Jones, Mobun. .Hulloy, Ober. Orme. Robertaou, H iwill, Van Reswlck, and the President -14 la tbr negative. Meaars Kitny Given, Lam mond, Tbooia* and Wilson?5 Adjourned. tun Waimm Chapiu. Scrdit School have k^<? annual rM f> aft A n lalkail Ia row For particular* aee tbeir udrrrtiaaweat in aaotuer column. Th* Total ^ola* Ecmp?k To-*o?iow ? This phenomenon, for wbott appearance ?o much preparation h?u been made in the arlentlflc circlet of the Old and New Worlds, will t.ike plara tomorrow morning. Though total over a long and large tract of thli continent. It will not be ao here, though (till an object of much intelligent interest, not ooly with our jaran.i at the National and Georgetown ObaerTatorie*, but with many other people. From present appearance# there la a uKtunooa mat the skv will 6e clear and Observations easy la tbe Old World, says the Intelligencer. the preparation* for the scientific observations of this eclipse have been so considerable as to have been made tbe subject of International communication The Spanish Government, as early as February last, addressed the Directors of the National Observatories of the world, our own among the numi>er. offering every convenience and aid in ita power to. astronomers who might wish to make Spain the place of observation As, however, the path of the eclipse traverser our own continent, it is obvious that, beside economy of time In traveling, It would be more advaq^if eous to science for American observe** to remain n America than to betake themselves to Spain, where Spanish. F.nglisb, French, German. Jtc., astronomers will be gathered in ample quantities auu hi a variety or places sufficient for all purposes. It ti understood tint the Spanish nstronomrrs recommend four spots In their country as best adapted to observation, namely, la the Montes de Oca. Moncayo, tbe neighborhood of Calatayud, and Castellon de la Plana The French Expedition, directed bv M Faye, it is supposed will be stationed on the beights of Moncayo; other French observers have been placed at Palnia, in Majorca, and fingia, in Algeria. The Royal Astronomer of England, Prof Airy, will observe at Santander, but other British parties will occupy stations at Portugalete, Bilboa, Pampeluna, Ac. An astronomer from Bavaria proposed to place himself at the mouth of the Ebo, on the Mediterranean, and has no doubt done so On the northwest coast of America the phenomenon will be observed by the members of tbe American and British Boundary Survey, but tbe most important observation will be at Cape Chidley, tbe northeast point of Labrador. To this l[>nt an PTru?Hlt!nn ha? *L' J . wvu acil v 11 Villi me L IJ1 M"U States, with a party of astronomers. under the direction of the head of the U 8. Coast Survey. The leading astronomer among them it understood to be Prof. Stephen Alexander, the distinguished Professor of Astronomy in the College of iNew Jersey, at Princeton, who will be assisted by his nephew, a son of Prof. Joseph Henry, LL.D , of the Smithsonian institute, and a number of othtr scientific .gentlemen. The central line of the moon's shadow will strike the coast of North America fifteen miles north of the mouth of Columbia river (lat. 4t>? 25 V) soon after sunrise, and the breadth of the shadow there will be eighty miles Moving thence in a northeast direction. It will pass near to Olynipia ; across th? southern extremity of Flftthflftd I jikp anrt baHK nf I \*r t -v, .u v. iiaac ?? innrf>fg. 10 York Factory, in latitude 57' north, and on tbe southwtst side of Hudson's B<y At Fort York tbe breadth of the shadow will he one hundred and Ave miles. It will leave this continent at CapeChtdley.(orChudleigh,)the northeast point of I^tbrador. in latitude 59 north, and, bending first eastward and afterwards to the northeast, after traversing the Atlantic ocean, it will reach Spain near to Santander, on the Hay of Biscay. The shadow will next pass over the entire surface drained by tbe watcs of ttie river Ebro; nearly all of the Balearic Islands, except Minorca; strike Algeria near Ca|>e Carbon; pnss to the south of Tripoli; and, finally, at 10b. 46m. a m , (mean Washington time.) it will leave tbe earth at Massowa, on the Red Sea Tbe end of the eclipse will De about an hour later. To the ritV of Wiuhlnutrin th? J . ?V W4I par: *? III tuillmence at four minutes of seven to morrow morning; the middle of the eclipse will beat seven minut-? of eight; the greatest obscuration at six minutes past eight; ana the end nt ten minutes of nine o'clock The digits eclipsed on the sun's north side will be five, that Is, a little less than one half of the solar disc. The point of tlrst contract of the two discs of the sun and moon will be IS'J from the north, through the west. We append, in conclusion, the following interesting remark* on this eclipse, for which we are indebted to one of the gentlemen at the National Observatory in this city: Kelipses of the sun are not now of the same importance to astronomers as formerly?their uses, in determining differences of longitude, having now for some time been superseded by observa* i - I- " tivm vi jjuciiumeiia more irequent in occurrence and of more ready adaptation. But since If 12total and annular eclijues of the sun have l>ecome Interesting on account of peculiar appearance* then first seen about the disc. of the moon during the contact of the centres of the two luminaries, or at the Instant of greatest obscuration. They were first observed bv I'rof Schumacker. at Vienna, and his account was for some time questioned as an optical Illusion, or depending upon pbyslologicnl c inditions; but the reality of theap|M?araii>eii nave rwcoi ved since then such repeated confirmation as to refuse explanation on such ground. Their appearanccs consist of ri-d and changeable protuberance! seen surrounding the disc of the moon while projected on that of the sun. Since their exlktence lias l>een certainly established, or more particularly since the eclipse of 1^51, they have b?en the subject of much discussion, ana have served for the formation of several theories as yet not sufficiently established. It is this unexplained peculiarity of solar eclipses which makes that of the 18th of the present month so Important, and has strung along the centre of the track of its shadows upon the centre a cordon of astronomers r irrlv OF n^V#?r s?* t - - j ? ?? - ? .? . v. n v? w iu*;? a k iur BCUlt phenomenon. and extending from Oregon, on the Pacific, to the sources of the Niger, in Africa We need not add that their appearances are not visible at place* where the phase is only f>artial, as here. .Nevertheless, there are many peculiarities deserving notice, among which are the sinister and ghastly hue which follows even a partial obscuration?Its effect upon animals, the change of temperature, and other etle<:ts which have been treated of at alrge elsewhere, and for which we hava no place here." HI1TORT or THIS KCLIPSE. The first ap/marnnre of thiseclipae since the creation of the worid (according to s?cr?-d chronology) was in the year A. D U5S, Dec. 8, O.S , at 10 o'clock 50in. forenoon, when the moon'it peoumbra just came In contact with the earth at the sooth pole; it has appeared every nineteenth vear since, and at each return the moon's shadow (visaed across the earth from west to east, a little further to the north at each return, until the year 1644, March 8, O. S., when the center of the moon's shadow passed a little to the north of the earth's center (the moon being 14 inin. 46 sec. from her descending node,which was its'i-th pe riodlcal return). It haa continued to appear every mneieentn year since 16?t, until this eclipse which is its tilst periodical return. Its next appearance will be in 1878, July a9, at 3 o'clock 23 mtn in tbe morning, invisible in tbe United States. It will also appear again in 1-96, August 9. It will continue to appear every nIneteentb year until tbe year *2274, April 25, when the moon's shadow will just toucn the eartb at the Nortb pele, which will b? ita 76th periodical and last appearance, until the expiration of 12.492 vears, when it will come on again at the South Pole, and go through a similar course. Thk Breckinridge and Lank Meeting Last Nioht ?In pursuance of a published call, inviting all democrats favorable to the nomination of Breckinridge and l*ane to attend an adjourned meeting of citizens at the Assembly Rooms, on that evening, for tbe purpose of organizing an association of this character, quite a large and enthusiastic gathering was bad Tbe meeting was organized by the election of Mr Paniel Ratcllffe asChairman, and Mr. Wolfe, Secretary. The committee appointed at tbe previous meeting to draft a constitution and bv-laws made a report; which wai accepted. After the adoption of the constitution, the meet1 lie proceeded to select peraoui to fill the various offices of the association. The following officers were then elected: President?Dr Cornelius Boyle, (his opponent being Mr. Daniel Ratcliffe, who was defeated by a small majority.) Mr. Boyle, on taking the chair, made a few appropriate remarks, in which he said he desired tbe club to be a working club, and not a talking one he hoped, and that it would strive earnestly to elect tbe nominees Vice Presidents?Michael Cluskey, Wm H. Thomas, Geo E. Kirk, and M. Boisseau. Corresponding secretary?R. 9 Sproule. Recording secretary?W. J. Donohoo. Treasurer?J. M. Brodbead. No executive committee was e lea ted. A Damokxous I<kap.?On Saturday, we learn, two little boys( named Walker ana Coleman, ages respectively aoout twelve and fourteen, 1 taped from the railing of the Aqueduct into the river at Georgetown, a distance of at leaat fortyflve feet It was witnessed by quite a number of iiersurs, and was fearful to look upon. Had they lost their equilibrium in the least, it would certainly have resulted in Instant death. It would be well for the authorities of Georgetown to look into this matter, and at once put a stop to it, bef .re some thoughtless boy loses his life in lmi Uting this daring exampl*. Foe Fakmihgto* ?The Central Bell and Kverett Club assembled at their hall In Thorn s building this morning, and formed in line under the American flag, aud with Withers' band marched in procession to the steamboat Pbenix, at the loot of Sixth street, to embark for Farminurtnn Ika n>i>n,.a? msIUImMmo 1 D_ll ? m? ( ? |' v? i frT ~r~ *'? p?i ?r. i pauu^ 111 lire nru ana Everett meeting there The company made a very line appearance, and marched wall to the inspiring strains of " Rally. Whigs," or the Wrecker's Daughter," and many who did not Intend to go, It is said, could not resist the seductive uiusic of the band and (ell luto the line. I _ A Muss ?'This morning, JoMb Cnllinan was arretted for an aaaault and Battery on Patrick Colnan, and others, wltb an irou bar. He was takm brfure Justice Doun by Ofll^er King, and after a bearing of the testimony Cullinan was held to security for court, and Coin an lined *"2 04 for profanity. Dough* asd Johsso* Miitiso ? Pursuant to advertisement, those of our cttiiens ffcvormble to the election of Stepl^pn A Douglas and Her chel V. Johnson at the ensulrjj Presidential election, met at Coombe' Hall, last night, for the purpose of organizing a permanent Douglas and Johnson Club. Tfae meeting was attended by some seventy persons. Dr Cnlver railed the meeting to order, and stated that the object of the call was to form a national coiiservstive Douglas association, to act in conjunction with the National Democratic Douglas Committer in furthering th?- cause of the democracy in this city and in the surrounding country. The proceedings of the preliminary meeting, authorizing the present call, were now read and adopted Tne chair announced that the next business in order would be the report of the committee to whom had been referred the subject of preparing rules and by-laws for the association. Mr. Holland suggested that prior to such report being made, it would be proper for thou? present to go forward and sign. The chair had thought that until th* constitution and by-laws should be adopted, there was nothing to sign; the association would not know what to sign. 11. U T% ? ?' - mi. o. i . urury.? i dc enrollment 01 our names consists In signing th? constitution The Chair thought the constitution ought first to be adopted, and that then gentlemen could come forward and Identify themselves with the association by enrolling their names upon it. A Voice ?Mr. President, who are to vote upon the adoption or rejection of the constitution? The Chair?All those present who are friendly to the object that has called us together Mr. Holland thought we ought first to submit a pledge totoose present, and have them sign that before taking any action upon the adoption of a constitution Mr Knnls stated that at the preliminary meeting the discussion was free, and ft was supposed that there would be persons here to-night who did not come with anv determination as to what course they would tame with reference to the pending canvass, and therefore he thought It would be better to submit th? fWm nf a ??* - ?... .~v av?.?t v* u j/iru^r w *UO HICTl* ing, which those present favorable to our object could sign, and then go on and adopt rules for our government, which members might affix their signatures to, and thereby become bona Jidt mem* bers of our organization Mr E. here "submitted to the Chair the form of a pledge committing all who should sign it to the support of Douglas and Johnson. On motion, the form was unanimously adopted, and the most of those present came forward ana signed it. The Chair now announced that the next thing In order would be the report of the committee on the constitution Mr. Knnis. as chairman of the committee, announced that the committee was ready to report They had formed a series of by-laws and rule*, based as nearly as nossihle nnon thp of the late Jackson Democratic Association. [Applause.] Mr. Knnls then read the constitution,which declares Douglas and Johnson as the only regular candidates of the democratic party. It provides for one president, three vice presidents, a recording and a corresponding secretary, and an executive committee of thirteen It was adopted by acclamation. On motion, the meeting proceeded to the election of officers Mr. Dill nominated John F'. linnis for President; carried unanimously Mr Knnis took the stand and returned thanks for the honor conferred, In a graceful speech of proper brevity. In concluding, he reminded the association that he was not going to makespeerhes to them, as be thought the duties of a presiding officer of an association like this consisted more in listening than in speaking. He had witnessed the results of a too-talkative presiding officer in a sister association, front which observations he hoped to be benefltted [Laughter and applause. A Voice ? Dan Ratclifl>* J Mr. Holland now nominated, as the three vice presidents. Messrs. Thomas Thorn ley, T. J. Drury, and Dr. Culver. Elected unanimously. S. T. Drury was then elected recording secretary, and Dr. C. J . Taft, corresponding secretary. A F. Kiminell was unanimously chosen Treasurer. After some discussion as to how the executive committee should be selected, the chair was authorized to select such committee. Accordingly the chair announced the executive committee, as follows: Thomas Miller, J. S. Holland, VV. H. Ward, S. F. Gates, Terrence Drury, George M. Oyster, George Naylor, Wm. Wise, B.Milburn, James Skirving, James English, 8 9 Parker, and Peter Gallant. They were unanimously elected The meeting adjourned to meet again at the same place next Monday night. Al.liivnnit \Tatt?h>? ta a t- - ...... ^ nc auan U1 iuc SCaiOU came off yesterday at tliat popular place of retort? Columbia 9prlin?s?It being no lew an event than the grand ball and tournament of tbe Mount Vernon (iiiards, of Alexandra, a notice of which has appeared In the columns of the Star Kverybody has been on the yi/i civt for some time past with regard to the matter, and excitement wan at its highest pitch yesterday morning when a portion of the marine band arrived In Alexandria and at an early hour paraded the streets, followed by the profession of Vnigbts, judges, marshals and citizens. besides the usual quota of boys. TheGuards also appeared iti the line, making a very tine appearance in the neat and tasty uniform recently adopted by this popular corps The Knight of Folly, attired in a fantastical costume, and seated upon a diminutive specimen of an animal beloug'ng to the long e?red sj*cies, excit?d cor siaerabie amusement by bis grotesque appearance After parading through the streets, the procession proceeded to the depot of the Alexandria and Washington railroad, and took the cant for the Springs, arriving there at half-past II o'clock Upon their arrival, the s|>acious pavilion was thrown oi>en, and the dancing commenced, and was freely Indulged in bv the large assemblage present until: J o'clock, when It was announced that the riding would commeuce in the following order:?No i. J.C.Wilson, of Md., Knight of Rex kvllle; '2 Willie Bryan, of Md , Knight of Maryland; 3. E Cook. Knight of Mount Vernon; 4 Geo H Bell. Knlghtof Potomac; 5. J Thomas, of Alexandria. Knight of Franklin; 6 Ueo. Walil, of Washington, Knight of Washington; 7. Jam>-s Watkins. of Fairfax. Knlghtof Lone S?tar; 8. R. Croson. of Alexandria, Kninght of Alexandria; 9. Thomas Gangster, of Fairfax. Kniwbt of Hh11? Haven; 10 R . Cawood, of Alexandria, Knight of Folly A well timed and appropriate charge was delivered to the knights by W. D Massey. E?q , and the riding then commenced, and resulted as follows: William Bryan, Knight of Maryland, champion; first knight of honor, Thomas Gangster, Knight of Belle Haven; second knight of honor, R Croson, Knight of Alexandria; third knight of honor, J. C. Wilson, Knight of Rockviile The following ladies were selected by the several successful knights and crowned by W. L) Massey, Esq : Queen of Love and Beauty, Miss Julia Ada Coleman, of Alexandria ; first maid of honor. Miss Mary Fossett. of Alexandria; second maid of honor, M iss Amanda Watkins, of Fairfax; third maid of honor, Miss Annie Ball, of Alexandria The coronation over ?h? 1 ?~ _ - ? - v. J ?wv UVVU l/u i & till* mediately opened, and the dancing kept up with good spirit until 11 o'clock, when all embarked lor home highly gratified with the enjoyment of the day. The Guards deserve great praise for the capital manner in which the whole affair was conducted, and we understand that at the earnest request of many persons, they contemplate repeating the tournament. 80 mote it be. coksigkibs per stealer monticillo AT tub Wester* Wharves ? J W. Angus, Alexander A Cook, Barbour St Semmes, Samuel Bacon A Co., Bianchard A Mphun, G. H Burns, Browning A Keating,Whitman Bester, Anthony Buchly, J. F. Burchell A Co., Brown A Williams, W. A. Beaton, C. P. Culver, J. E. Cox, C. A. Colineau, P. Callis, C. L. Coltman, Surg.C Clyner. Campbell A Son, J. A. Dahlgreen, Dorsay A Wood,A. Denham. A. David. Dougherty* A Berfood, C. Kmmerson, D. English A Son, E. French, W. Flynn, George Francis W . B. Franklin. D fi*a tier, T. D. Oilman, F & W. Gerecbe, 6othelf 4 Behren, H Johnson, F. M. Jarboe, King 4 Burcheli, A. Koch, W Lishear C. P. Mabone, W. O. Metzerott, Myera 4 McGhan. J. A. Magruder, Murray 4 Semmes. A. Munera, J .A. McLaughlin, McGregor 4 Co , E McLeod. Moore 4 Cissell.J. W. Moraell, W. G Olcott, J. O'Niel, F. M. Orme, Punur Factory, J. C. Rives, J. Rukie, Smithsonian Institution. W H S , Silina Subcrt, W. T. Smith, Charles Stonestreet, Samuel Stott, P. J Sieer, I. Schielley, J L Savage, L. H 4 G. C. Schneider, W S. Thompson, J W. Thompson 4 Co., Franck Taylor, Thompson 4 Hannan, Taylor 4. Maury, J. A. Opperman, P. White 4 Co., J B. Wll?on, G. M.Wight, J. B Weill, Hon. D. L. Yulee. A Child Savxd raoM Dbowsixg ?On Saturday a little boy, about nine years of age, fell into tbeeaaalfrom the bridge at the foot of Market street. ueorgetown, near the Mnwt. Kitten establishment. Several persona witnessed it, but no oue seemed to have courage enough to rescue the drowning child, until, fortunately, Mr Daniel Collins, coming to ths spot, saw the state of affairs, and at once leaped in and saved the little fellow from a watery grave. Alteration* at thb Capitol ?The Commissioner of Public Buildings is having a court room prepared fur the court of claims under the library, by cutting away the partition walls and turning two rooms into one. The same officer is also having the old Senate chamber altered for the Supreme Court Mr. Clark, the architect in charge of the new Post Office and Patent Office extensions, superintending both. Centre Market. ?The market opened tbia morning with a very fair diaplay of proviaiwna to the varioaa depirtmenta, and au averag*- attendI ance of dealera and porchmn Good order prevailrd during the hoara of axle, and the buaiunaa of the morning waaquite lively. The iocrmae at garden produce glvea to prlcea a downward tendency. Thi AMMBLY'a Citcicn Pi.vsic cornea off tomorrow, at Arlington ajprt nga. See adverUaement )n another column, for partlculara. # EbTTok St a* Our city wa? visited last evening by that yonngand gallant comrany of yourt. tbe National Riflee, ftcf onipaniea by tbe Mirtie Band, whose beautiful music enlivened our quiet trceta. The Rifles created a derided furor?, and wben they went through their beautiful and difficult drill, they were hall??d with repeated applm*e from the large crowd assembledto wltnna tbeir maneuver*. ' One thing, tbe performance of th* manual, with no order except tbe tap of the drum, elicited tbe greatest admiration Although the rofnpany hM been organised but a abort time, It can compife favorably with any corps In tbe cimtfv, the Seventh Regiment and Chicago 7,<?hbv*? not eieented It i* rumored that tbey will drill against toe latter company during their approaching visit to voor citv. Should thev do n>, they will prove themselves foetnen worthy of the celebrated Zonavea. and *111 do much to heighten the reputation of the District military abroad. Much regret ha* been expr?-?se?l that so few knew of their intended visit. Had it been more tenftrally known. much greater crowd would have greeted them There are strong hope*, however, that they will again soon favor us with a drill by daylight, when we can behold them to full advantage Should they come, they will receive a hearty welcome from each and every citizen of Georgetown. W. A G. Georgetown, D. C., Ju'/ 14, 1860. Monthly R kPort or Death* is this citt ?om Jl'KK. 1860?Accident, 1; apoplexy 1; atrophy. bowels, ulceration of, 1; brain, coneestlon of. 1: braia, inflammation of, 1; brain, softening of, 1; cancer, 1; cancer of stomach, 1; cholera infantum, 8; congestive chill, 1; consumption, 5; con*ulslons, *2; coxatgia, 1; debility, 1; decline, 1; dentition, 2; diarrha-a,5; dropsy. 1; dysentery, 1; emphysema, 1; enteritis, chronic, 1; epilepsy, 1; fever, scarlet, 1; fever, typhoid, lj fracture of skull, 1; gastritis, chronic, 1; gastro-enteritls, 1; baematuria, I; heart, disease of, 3; hydrocephalus. 1; Intemperance, 1; laryngitis, 1; lungs, congestion of, I; old age, 8; paralysis, 1; peritonitis. 1; pertussis, 1; pneumonia, 3; premature birth, 1; still-born, 1; stomatitis, 1; tabes mesenteries, 1; trismus n?scentlum, 1; not reported, 2. Of this number there were of the age or 5 years and under, 37; from 5 to 10 yea fa, 2; from 10 to 20 years, 2; from 20 to 40 yeafs, 6; from 40 to 00 years, 10; from 60 to 80 yeaars, 6; over 80 years, 2; sae not reported, 3; still-born, I. Whole number deaths reported ,69 A Hocjik of Correction ?The necessity for such an institution has been frequently mentioned In the Star, and at various times the subject has attracted much attention in tbe proper places But as vet 110 positive steps bave been taken for tbe establishment of such an institution for tbe Instruction and correction of young children, old enough to be dangerous, but too young to punish with the full'force of the law; and consequently the hearts of parent* are torn when the necessity of such a refuge continues to be presented by tte frequent arrests of young children Yesterday, lad thirteen years old was arrested for stealing He was so ragged and dirty that his story of poverty and orphanage excited the sympathy of those around. But bis story was false, made up for the occasion. Hundreds of dollars had been spent upon him, but to no purpose. He was sent to the workhouse as a vagrant bv request of bis guardian, who intends shipping him if possible. A Row at the Tocbjcamest ?We onder taiiit tk.t " ' " ... .uu. ,uv, nxnuaiiKiii HI iuc v^ommoia spring yesterday was disturbed by a party creating a tight. In which quite a number of persons engaged We have not ascertained the number and names of the combatants, but regret that our Information connects several of Mayor Berret's police, the "well-drilled," with the row, not as the preservers of the peace, but as partiteps crimtnif It was said that two of the police were arrested but let go, and that seven more were at the tt^ht. Our police force must be extensive when seven can be spared to go out of the city lnt? an adjoining State, even if they were detailed f?>r duty, which, however, they could not legally perform in that county If they went there as officers and got into a tight, they ought to be niinisbed by the State of Virginia, and dismissed by the Mayor. We wonder whether thi> matter will be investigated by the proper authorities Criminal Cockt.?Yesterday, Asbury Scriv. ener, convicted of stealing a watch, wm sentenced to one year in the Penitentiary. Geo.W. Bray, convicted of renting a bouse for purposes of bawdry,was sentenced to j>ay a line of $50 and costs C. Ed wards, convicted of an assault and battery, was sentenced to pay a flue of 910. To-day, the Court took up the case of the I'nited States agt. Joseph Rivers, In which the defendant was chargtd with stealing three rings valued at ?1 each, one watch valued at $7. and one watch valued at ?3(1. from Mr Ilerz Hofla This case was pending when our report closed. Mr Kditok: May I inquire through your paper why the dirt and rubbish on F street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth, is allowed to remain there? Thi? watpr nln#?? Kau? *w u?*v wvii iaiuj auu luf street left In a miserable condition. In the middle of the street, from Fourteenth to Fifteenth streets. i? a a pile of dirt and stories, w liich greatly annoys the property-holders and others. Now", why was not the pluce repaired before the workmen went away' If the Mayor would make this thing a matter of bis notice, and have it attended to, he would be doing a great favor to many. Yours, Ac , # Arrr?t* for Larcrny.?On Siturday county officer Stafford arrested John W. Fisher on it charge of larceny of various articles, tlje property of (ieorge VV. filler. After a search, a watch and a revolver were found and identified by Miller; Fisher was committed for a further bearing. ueorge l.omax and Kebwt l.omby were alio arrested and similarly committed Win. Barington was also arrested, but was dismissed. TLe cases were beard before Justice Walter. P?Hixc,? List or the Steamship Mostickllo, arrived yesterday, from New York:?G. M. Starbuck and wife, Wm. H and Eliza Starbuck, Mrs Van BetitUusen, Wm. N. .McVeigh, jr., J H McVeigh, jr . J D Makely, Franklin Pinckney, Z Powell, S IJaco*. J Stubba, Mrs. Masters and two children, W. H Gurney, M B. Gager, Z. Morey. Anothkr of the popular prize exhibitions at Odd Fellows' Hall, comes ofT this evening, as will be seen by an advertisement in another colHinn. with an increase in the number and value of the gifts. In the musical department, also, a novelty will be Introduced, In the way of " Thiodon's ^cbottlsc he," composed by the accomplished leader of the orchester, Mr. C. G. Bird. \f IT itipv Visit ta cm ????> Tw- * > ?? _ ... >" ? ivvyw^riiran ? i Uf AlCISIlUna Riflemen have accepted an invitation to visit Culpeper Court Honf on the '26th iust On that day the fair ludiea of that gallant county are to present a beautiful flag to the Culpeper Minute Men The Riflemen, it 's said, will go up with full ranks, and the display will probably be a very handsome one. Ckntkal Gua*d-housk Casis ?Fred Griffin, vagrant boy; worktouae 30day*. Josephine Miles and Francis Robinson, vagrancy; do 90 days. Thomas Fitzgerald, assault and V>attery on Julia Burke; security for court. John Hatcher and John Eliason, arrested by GUI and Heitzell for fighting in Fighting alley Saturday nlgh^ held for further hearing. " Ths Big Gcn" which recently lav near the antm fn> th. ' r.w. ? ... .MV ^.uiiui aiiuu UI fiuunr curiosity. has arrived at Old Point, and tbe steamer Montlcello. arrived yesterday, reports that It was being landed from tne barkentine Kphraim Williams. Spieng a Liak ?1The steamer Powhatan, whilst on the Potomac vesterday morning, sprung a leak By the proper use of pumps and other means, the b at was kept up. ana finally so cleared of water that the leak could be stopped. We leak:* that a pic-nic for the benefit of tbe poor will be given by tbe Ladies' Benevolent Society, at Analostan Island, on the 28th inst. A pleasant time may be expected. Aeeived at Carter's wharf ffootof ThirWn-and. a-half street) schooner Merchant. Philips, from Philadelphia, with 01 tout of coal for Mr. A B. Walter. S?i advertisement in another column about the Zouave Cadets Holloway's Pills.?Indigestion, Stomach and Liver complaints. These medicines will cure the moat oonfirined case* of dyspepsia and disorders of I the ttomach and liver. The; have restored more ' suffering ov ?pei tics to aotuaj and permanent health than all the other ephernieral "specifics" unit -U. Th?y have atood the test of fifty years experience. They increase the appetite, invigorate the stomach and purilV the liver. In bowel complaints th< * are equiliv efficac.ous, and for sick and uervous headaches they ataud unrivaled. bold by all Druggists, at 25c and $1 per box. - jy 13 lw oxtok!1atsd bltxkbs in kcaop*. From Rov. I- l)onlitt)A A. hirklv rArinAn?AKlo nlar gy man. Paris, November 1,1852. Pear Sir : About two years since I made os? ot a i few bottle* of your Ozy/tmnttd Bitter*, for a stom aoft o mplaint, which wan at that time relieved. I9inon my ?tty in Kuplaitd and Franc-, 1 have fouad my old enemy?irritability ?>f the stomnch? returning again, f have not found any prescription to afford ine relief, and i made inquiries in London for your Orynmaitd Bitten, but could not find any. 1 write now to beg you will do me the lavnr to tend, by the earnest steamer to Havre,'baif a doicn bottles. An old friend of mine in England, Captain Jackson, of the oritiih A'iny, I found, on my arrival, suffering from asthma, manifestly th- result of dyspepsia. send an addiiitionai half a dosen tottl >; 1 should like to bare the Captain try the medicine 1 am not aware that my name is known to you I n?v uocii me reniuni cieromtn lor ?ome twenty-three year* in Sherbroo* and l<*nnoxville. Can* ata - a t, to whicn charge I hope to be able to return tu the apring. I remain, dear air, jonr obedient eerrant, L. Doolittlk. Prepared by *. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for ale by Z. D. Giiman,t*. C. Ford, Jr.*. B \Vait?, G. Stott. John Scuwarae, Nairn k. Palmer, Waah mgton; and by dealer*everywhere. jy I31w,r Every the demand for H<>?tett?r'e Cele brltwl stomach BiHwj It i? louml lo h? th?> only certain proaervatmn of bodily atren*tt> durine a period when the atmosphere i* calcn!aied lo induce a telling of laaattude and indigestion. The wo'rt c*se? of Diarrhcra and i?*eitery give W*? tr> it* potent influence. Innumerable peraorta, w'toare now ahreand well, must thank the dnoovarrr of thj* preparation that they have not t?een wept away t:i nor '.arrest of death The Bitt-ra ia reo? nimenti-xi by the beat phraiciana in the land. Thiaia the boat evidence of it? real value, becauae. aa a general thin* , they will not *p- at a word in favor ?>f aivrti?ed preparation*. They have been eoinp li?M to acknowledge tne claima of thia Hitter* upon the communitr. Ho d b* all J..,. ... a ? uuk 5 **** JJ To Cos*cwFTtv*a. (fntru't Cod Ltvtr Oil Jtily. This great specific for Consumption is fact topercedicg fill others in its curative effect* apr?n those atfiirtod with dimiw. Prepared cp<?n highly scientific principle* of the pure ?>i , and robbed of the naaseoos taste of the ptain article. it ia received into the stomach in its jehified fi rm. Without mastioatioa, and la gradual y dies-> red and digested, passing into th* small int?etme? drop ?y drof, snpplying the wattes of the body b> its autrietous properties, and thas assisting acd sustaibing nature in overoutmitg the disease Ap: roved by the New York Academy ot Medicine, r.d recommended bv the faculty everywhere, thts preparation ia confidently offered as a remedy for Consumation and n>l Sarofnlnns i-tinm Sold by Charlee Stott, Washington, and by all re peotable druggists. Prioe #1 per bottle Pittold. Pakiib a Mown, No. 14 Beekman street, Sew Yorr, mar 16 3m Whoiewue Agent*. HOMKOPATHIC RIMIPTIS Ail of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'s sprite Homeopathic Remedies put up c*fr????l> lorfanly se. in boxes, at JS and i?> oeots each. Also, in case*, containing 2n viai*. from $4 to 9s each, with book ol full direction*. For sale F>y Z. 1). Oilman, S50 Pa. avenue, wh?:?**al<? anu retail azent: W. A Fitzgerald. 353 north F street: also b* F. H. Winter, north corner ol K street and Vermont avenue. Also. Pon4'? K.lraet Wtitk Hox?l, for interna! find external inflammation* of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9 ly Mks. Wiimlow, as experienced nurse and lemaie physician, has a Soothm* Syrup.for Cktld'n 7> lata*. which creatlT facilitates the srossss ofissnias by softening the reducing ail inflammation? will allay ait pain, aud la sure to reju ate the bowela. Depend opon it, mother*, it will (ire rest to yoareelres, and relief and health to yonr infanta. Perfectly wife in ail oasee. t*ee advertiaec <-f.t in another oo la ma. ocll-Ir Lton'p Maqxktic Powpkr Exterminates Red Huks, Roaches, Ticks. Ants, Garden Insects, fto. It e?siais* no Potion Ltor'* Mvgkrtic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold every where* ap 9 3m Mkyer's Miraccloc* Vbr*ik Dkstrotrr, the oldest and Uest remcd\ known for t-ittriniratirtR Rwts an i Mic". Cockroaches, Rues. Ants. Mosquitoes, Fleas. Muth*,Giain-\\ orins and bar dag I n st i ta. JIT" Principal D^pot. 6111 Broadway, N. Y. Sold l>) all Druggists everywhere. ma 18 3m Barry's Tricophrrocs ia the bMt and cheapest article for Dressin*. Beautifying, Cleansing, Curhnr, Preeervin* and R?storm* tiie Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug cists and Perfnmer*. n>ar lj >\tr\ DIED, On the 16th instant. Mrs MARIA TELFORD. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the houne of her father. Gen. Tott?n, ti??3 0 street, at ^o'clock p. m .oa Wednesday.the 18th uist. At Mount Pleasant. Montgomery count*-. M<1.. lltn instaut, Mrs. ELIZABETH A. ABELL. of l.'i tt _ *_ *? J - i? -? - ' 1 m.. tu?rj * ruuaiy, .u?., in > ? /iai >ear 01 ner ac May i*he rent in pfiot. WANTS. ANTED.?A smart a?tir* BOV,(either whit<? ?? or color'<1 > to run errands and make himself e^neial v uspfitl. Enquire at the A pothecar* Store, No. 5tl(l Pa. ay., St Charles Hotel. It* yL* ANTED-By a n^at and respectable white *" Kirl. sixteen years of aze. an American l?y hirth. a SITUATION a* cham-vr inn I: would mat < herself generally useful about the houa?. Address for three tla)? through the Fo?t Olfice. "I,. W D." jy 17-31* C^OOK WANTED?A GOOD COOK. Wa-her / and Iro-ier. is waited J i ru ?t11 a t?J > , at l*a Washington st., Georgetown. Sati^fv'ory recotnrn >iidati<>n8 required, and good wages given. jy I7-3T WANTED?A WOMAN, to ri?"}orm the dunes of chanittermaid. No one n?ed apply who cannot bring a recommendation from iit-r i*'t p vr. !nqui-o at Eck:i:<;ton, txo mile* north of the C ip itol. j) 17 \lfANTED-A JOURNEYMAN RARBKR. * * Inquire at No. 371 Seventh street, mo door aouth of I st. iff* E I,. DA XV SON \LTANTED?A good WHEELWRIGHT Go *1 w wa<e? and steady employment. Inquire on Eleventh street east, near Navy Yard Bridge, to C. F. D. SUPER. j> i6-3t* YVrANTFD-A SITL" ATI ON. I?* n young Amer " i<*an girl as nur?? for small children, or to do p'ain ^enring Apply No. ti'J'J Seventh St., I?etween K and L. near tlie Navi Yard. No objection to travel. " )\ It) .t* UfA.NTKD? A HOM E on a farm, by two stout boy n. 14 And 16 years of age ; are need to working on a farm. Sievora fine iar^e Ronnn to rer.t cheap to a good tenant. Appl\ at No. U30 west Sevent i street betycn M >nd jy 6 St* U/ANTKD-A COLORED BOY, todrive ana ?? attend store. Have preferred, inquire No. 91 Water st., Georgetown. jy -I at 117ANTED TO HIRE-A WHITE C RL. *? about 14 or 16 tears of ate. a< uurse. Good reWenoeii required. Apply No. 33 First str^t, Georgetown. jy 14-3t WANTED-A SITUATION ?* teacher by a lady "f good idiic.ttion. Oil f'aintinc, and French, ifi'esired. bent of reference Villi regard i?. p ''fieienes jiv.n. Address ''Teacher," at theStar OSc-. jy 14-3t? ai7 a vrrn a i>irtvi.'u _ .. basiueat in this city. Personal attention not required. though preferred. He mutt have on* thousand dollar* ca?h. A good opportunity f >r a toung m?n. a? th? huHine** will pay hun from one thou -and to fifteen hn dred a year." Address A H, Washington Pos* Office. jy 14-3t* WANTED?By a steady and industrious man. a SITUATION a? collector. B--st of rfcum inundations given. Address M. C., Star Otfice. jy 12-tf W?NTF.n-^OOKS, ? ! D DOfl'MENTS, PAPERS, roi NS, A ('TOG R A PHS??5 for an autograph !ofW of Gen Tavlor. 31,5th 3ist, 34th, 36th Vo.uium of Nile's Renster wat.tsd ALFRED HUNTER. je?-eolm* In-ler Willa'd-'. LOST AND FOUND. Q C REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from th? subKP'J peiher on the 5th inst., a da k B^os n fry MARE, blind in the left eye and a ?tar in t_^ the forehead, and the fore top very shor ;^*2-^ her hind feet b?th nacked. I will'g vc the abvT reward to any one for information so that get her again. On north B at., between 6th and 7th sts.. East. jy 17 3t* WM BEACH LOST?A rifAIN and CROS^.on Seventh * , hetweeu E and D'ata. The finder will be liberals rewarded by leaving taid articles at N >. 5iO Seventh at. jy J6 ft' ?!T REWARD.?Strayed "r stolen, on 'he SI of ' July, fom the subforitx-r, a It " lark r?*d COW. with wide horns. rheSU^ above reward will be given for in for (nation that will lead to her recovery. ALEX. Rl'THERFORD. (MarWe Yard.' jyll lw Pa. avenue, betw ijth and 13* ata. PERSONAL. This is to foreTwarn all persons from trusting my wife, Ann I.avexsi. on mr account, as 1 will not pay any debts of her contracting. iy M-ut? JOHN LAVE'/.Zl. Madamk morrice, Tu giut a?tiou>oist asd D>ctrkss, ju*t from Europt.?T?ia huhly mft-d and intelligent lady cad be consulted on the ^aat. Preaent at.a Future EveuU. CmI at No. 80S Twenty -aeoond atreet, between H and I, Washington. je i? Soi* BOARDING. Mrs. roubins having taken the large and commodious bouae on i hird atreet weat, co ner of Mia.ouri avenue, directly oppotjn tbe t 'apitoi grounda, formerly kn->wn aa the vernnn Houae, wher* ahe ia now prepared U> aooonimodate gentlemen with FL'RNIj*HTKD ROOMS, either with or without BOARD, combined with many comforta, auoh as gas, bath, fcc a healthy location, a beautiful proapect. and a delightful aummer residence, on immediate application. Terma reasonable. if 2-*w r|'HK SAND HILLS OF JUTLAND, By Hana I Christian AinJ#r?on; price 75 oaota. Antobiograpbioa. ReaulieaUMa, by the lata Charlie Robert Leelia, R. A , edited with a prefat*ry eauay ou Leaue aa aa artist, aud aeleotioea from t<ia oi?rre*pou<teiioe, by loin lay lor, Eaq , with por*rait: price f 1. 5. J uat pabl alti<l ac > for aale at PHlLP A SHIMON'S Metropolitan Bookatore, P<nn av , j y 6 bet vera t*tM and 10th aU. PIANOS.^6REAT BARGAINS-On? Roawikrautx Piano, in beat order, for R7". Ons ?u octoTe (iaole Piano fi r #80. Ai? MM 1 very *ix^d Melodeoc for #?. PoiTTVT . aale on ao> orcmodat'm term* at >h? M??io St?-ra nf <Utt> W ft. MKTyKRO'?,,?' \R7ASfliN6TON SEWING ROOMS, i " fMIUiLnNitvinirUtf ralai, Sow i* the time to gat SPRING asd SUMMER IK'1-S Maue ? to order. Tie Mbaortbar ta ara? I rT,HK OPKRA MAT. juM arrived, by JUMMERHAl^ana CA1 8 m abat ifkVWs. TWflfci. * SMITH**, N 46? wntU it., oppo?it? Pofct Ofuw. ? > THE LATEST NEWS T ELEOKAP HIC! ml Little r*lli. Aiitii, July 16 ?Jim Crawford, noted rowdr. w* ?hot at Little Falla thla noon, bj a man named Halllttf. proprietor of a larger beer saloon CrtwfAiii k ? 11 . , ? atKHit two o'clock and demanded drink* which were rrfuaed Crawford commenced a iuturK an*, whfo Hailing drew a pistol and a hot Craw ft-'d three tlnir* Hailing waa locked up to answer the result of Crawford's Injuries. Oar Hgsdrrd *sd Fifty Families Hoasoleao. Niv Toil. July 10?So?# th'rt? or forty enodrii buildings, mslnly dwflllagi on Fi* alley and Waahtugton street, were ?>wr*t to-day at noon. They were moetlv o<-cupled by cartmen. whose home* were at work at the t' . and that escaped. (>ne hundred and Sfty fWlliM are mad? houseless by the d.saster Loss ?sU mated at " *- r.lltioa Hakk:?bi *u. July 16 ?A call bu been Issued by Mr Hildrimn. of tb? National Democratic Committee, protesting against (t? actios of the Democratic State Committee. and calling a ram and debate Convention to meet at Harrisburg. Julv 26. to form a straight Douglas electoral ticket UestracttTe Fire la Texas Niw OhLians. Julv 1< ?Thlrtv-three build lngs comprising the best portion of tbe town of Dallas. Texas, was burnt on the 7th Loas Mt accurately ascertained, but Mtimated at 83U0.00U to SMXi.UOO. with a eery small iaeuraiice New York Baak Statenaeat Niw Vo?. July 16 ?The wsekly statement of tb' New York city bank* ibowt an Ircnm* rf in peel* tl.417.URi in depoalta. and a dffrM* of 9191,UIO In ioaaa, and f3sf .UiO 1b enculattoa. Mtrla* Nnrou. July 10?The laited Cut? war Steamer Seminole emled for tavanaah to day BilUairt Markets Haltimob*. July 17.?Floor cioaed dull, How ard atreet and Ohio ffo 25 Uk ?l rteaed at-ady, white 91 .SuaI M), r? d J?l ?*) -Jfi Cam rloaed dull and unchanged, yellow 64atec.; White 72a 7-V Provi?l?na rloaed firm ar>d unc banned Whlaky r'oaed quiet and ateadv at 2t)^c !?# ?ark Marieu Niw Yoat July 17.?Floor la firm, Stat* 95 *5 iS, Ohio *5?ua*5 75; -onth-rn W Wheat bat advanced 1c ; Kentucky white Si 65. Corn is dorli ni no m?*o<4 At l aMe 1 *! (< m are steady. LariS Is firm Wbukv It L?ivyat Sic SELLING OFF AT COST! In order to d?er*kw m? ock I !mv? d?t'*rtniii*d to clow out th? Ivklftnoi of m? sil MM KM CLOTH INU at cost Ail in want of Summer Clothinc are re*p*rtful'* invited to call at No. 4KO Seventh at . <?ppo-ite Po?t Office. and see the ?reat redu lion in Sum?ner Clothing \V ait?d?To hav? everyhody know that ther oan purchaa* their Sumrne' Clothing at co?t at No. 460 ^venth ?t.. opposite Port Office. jy 'Mm W~HEELEK A WII.*OVS -KWJNO MA CHINE AGENCY. Removed to No. 346 Pa. Av . >ui 7th Sr. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly inoreasinc popuiaiity of Wheeler A Wilson's urfqua. ed Pa 11 r .Vac hires. which for the iant eight year* have mo?? trian.phsitly maintained their superiority. at n family institution , di m alt competitors for popular lavor, (he Agent has taken one of the fine new stores lateW e<-ect??d on Pi avenue. u-sr 7th at. where a beautiful assort nt of all the various st?les tr>ay at all tiroes be soen. There were 213# of tuese Sewing Machines *<>id in the vear 1RW. 1 .adies are invited to call and s?? them, together with certificates from man; of tha t?e?t c.tizens of Washington ami Georgetown, in relati 'D to their well k' own and thoroughly tested superinritv Ifanv ladies cannot call, let them send for a circular by a'I mtans It is high time every fanrly in the l%nd was supp ie?l with ?ne of these health and life savins iiistrunient?. Fall tastruo lion*. in?ui prinitxj srni volim , nvn ir*w ui on?r(i? at the home of the purchaser. P. J STEER, AKent.No 3IH>naf, _jy 11-Im Between 6th an<f 7th ita. A CHEAP MC81C. LARGE I<ot of Music, Porxun and American, foraaie at ivf pnoe for one week only, at the Mo 10 Store of n?3R W fl MKTrEWOTT / 'RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANO??either for ' " t-ale or rent?new nn<1 sro<>nd hand, .rum a.l tne reliable makers of the oountr* JOHN F. ELMS, jy II 306 Pa. av^, betw. 8 h and l th rta. | 1GHTNING' I J LIGHTNING !! LIGHTNING t!! I? T.?. nm ?. ! F. LaBARRE, Souikttr.'i corns* of 1A(A and C Hi., M A5CFACTIKII or PLATIN A-TIPPED LIGHTNING rods, K**peetfu!y innnuncM to the pu t lie of Waahlac toa and vicinity tnat ne la prepared to ??eit? all order* for ereottng Lightning Conductor* on the most approved eojentl?o prinoiplea. <vn*tructed of the very be?t of material*. on very moderate lormi. All P atma tipp-d Pointa which are raanuiaotnrM by me will be ktamped with m j name. Weather Vane* of any aaaifn made to ord?r. it 9-liw 486 interior decorations, Persons needing WINDOW SHADES or PAPEK HANGING?* will find at No. 4*M> Seventh ?treet a eo<?d a*?ortm<-nt of warranted Gold Band WIN IK) W HH? HES. Gold, Velvet, a- d Common PAPERS. FIREKOAKD PKIN S. PICTLUE CORI) AND TASSELS. "HADE HOLLANDS. Ac. Order* lor PaperhanruiK or Window shades executed promptly. in city or country. Thankful fjr the liberal patronage received, I reapeotfullf oiicit a cnnunuann#. Remember the number! J. MARKRITKR. No. 4*6 j? 9-6teo* Seventh ?t.. 8 dome ebove O. F. H*il. PURE SODA WATER. CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY, at J. R. Major's Drug Store, jy5 eo6t* Co?m? 7th k H 8t*. PROCLAMATION ' O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN,*.#. (Tiber mm. At the present muob of the ye?CHOLERA MORBUS; DIARRHEA. r-nr?! U-Ml?. ? DYBBNTEE\^Y8pBpM^wijTT>fc#ii4#>> prevail to ? al?rmin? ? *? = ^ f'^conbequencb ? ^gS&ilWDK. of PaM?. offer* hi? clJLOl'8 PAIN K1LL.EE ?u??S?VoV We1 In order to aatufy THE PUBLIC _ , that no impoeitinn i? intended in the Mi* of tkie THE MONEY^n^BE*kEF*NDED in all e*$ i when the medioine fail* to give entire wtulkMion. take ae direoted, and if not perleetly aatielad. Return to our Aaent, D B. dlLARK, ESQ., 4% Street and Pennayivania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prioe?8S and 50 Centa per Bottle. For aaJe at all Drui Stores everywhere. JA.S. MoOONNBIX. JT H-*ol? e""1 fe?.#VSte'T/4? CFN81N. 1b fccr.'i-oer.oe with the proriaione of the Mi ot Contreea entitled "tnvt eutb<>r.i. i.? okiifiiii the f"oaii< n of land g|c?," if?rP??<! M*roh M, 1W. it la ti'rebj Cfo'ered fciid m?d' kiK-wc th?t tr.e oftoe for the eele of public ludi U Hi :eo*,Ta the State of Wiacriein,vi)l be removed to Pall* or St C*oix, in aaud Bute, at tar If m ptritd u pr&Ct Ytcbll. Ptrther notice M to the jreeiee tUM of eloeini the ofto* M H udeon. prewttory to naonl <s^4y?gnffsur ?-*>? By order of the Prevent: raMMiiei nner of Ue ??UL ilSlSgP&SK ?U? > U*n P *** rko.NT ru*0br 10 ?.ALL QN mith. kMMlitoT*. T* "

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