Newspaper of Evening Star, July 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 17, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. The Skv**tmx-Y?a.? Loctrsr.?Tha book* treating of this interring insect all agree that It H n harmless creature But the papers constantly hrin-r ns account* of loasoflife and injury to ve^eiition by its attacks Thiiloeast is accused of t:sing its sting fttally npon persons, and several ra?"? of death are authoritatively claimed as resulting from this canse The scientific treatises upon ttiis locust give it an entirely different reputation. That this loctist does to a certain extent injure tre*a is most true Th? e?gs are laid In branch?*sandtwigs thef?m&le perforating the bark for that purpose with her hard and sharp sting Th?~*? perforations are likethe Incisions of an awl. and when rnmy of tbem are made continuously ui a slender branch the low of sap may b? stopped.^orthe branch may be broken by tba first wina t oung fruit trees and tender external twljfs on older tre?*are most affected by locusSs. as the place for depositing their eggs. The vegetation is spared, for the locust has no mouth, and gains a precarious subsistence by sucking <lew or moisture from the leaves We have seen a pear branch from a Stolen If land garden which bns been punctured by locust sting till It was en tire blighted, to the utter diecomllture of the bones of a nab ent pear, around which the terminal leaves of the brancb clustered. In some places these loensti are very abundant, covering the ground, tilling the air with burning wings, and kf-eping up their unending song till the ear is wearied But their brief existence is nearly at an end The limit of their busy lives is less thin six weeks, and !n a few days the last c.cada will leave his dried shell upon the grass. TT7" 'n New York, the police have obtained Information to the effect tbat the steamship liranada, lying at the foot of Warreu street, has been titled out with a full complement of men and store* for a long voyage, with sealed orders to be opened outside of Sandy Hook by Capt Howes She h.-is no freight or passengers, and It was intimated that she might be on a fiilibustering expedition or the slave trade. Jly" It is noticed that the gray hairs of elderly people always softens and Improves their complexion According, dyeing ia the most stupid of blunders, unless one prefers the parchment skin of a tnummv. which is the invariable consequence. Howlittle confidence in good mother Nature is shown by h?r lldiretv children. 1X37" Tlie rush of visitors to the leviathan of the ?i.ian at .New York continues to increase daily, a .d the parties in manau?*nient fully m knowledge the judiciousness of a reduction in the fare On Friday, no less than fi.UM persons went oti board, the receipts, excluding a few free passes, amounting to over S3,0?W. jPr* Another match betvreen Flora Temple and George M I'atchen has just been arranged, to come ofl at the Point Bree*e course, near Philadeipqia. on Thursday, the 19th lost., mil? heats. b?-st three in five, to harness. Tbis match will. aotiuri-M, inten-e iuterwt among sporting circks A RMVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTEL.-C H%att,0 Wells, J A Mwl ?y. Mil. W r Wail, J Peters, L)0; J lieJge". Del; W Bi i:nC Wigler, fa, J urant. NY; \lr? A Dureaad. L. tlnr.gier. La; J Kerr. T?. A U.iman, Hon W B.j ?r, Pa; J Ho*<. W MoUuit, J Law r?nT, C Kaciny, NY: Burns,?; ? Merrill, Va. P Sartorioa*. L%; C Russoii, tia. fZ Brent anu iad>,K?, J D Pomac. Md; Doctor H H Harris, Mrs J Vv Harris. N ; Miss Hal idajr. ?, J Love. Tex; L Wmt?l?T, Md; M Huron and lam. Alias Thajer. Mrs H .lani, La; K Jones, Mo; (i Corvia, NJ. K1RKWOOD HOUSE.?B Monroe. Texas: (i, Co; A H Harris*, do; A J 0*!C8, do; J C Blackburii, d ; \V A Allen, Md; 5 H Brawner ail > lady. do. I Wllkixnn' llftS- P Mr?i(U? ? t t .UacDow^li. Ha; M . Paine, N V: J W ?Nenia?, L?*: C H?. berU, dt; J W Oireu, i>C, T L Hacaoorn. NY; J Lawrence, uo; J Thornton. - Miuhlerand !adj, Pa; T LunMr. do, T K Andarson, V*. BROWNf HOTEU-Mr Breene,-; Mr Hj*tiLsoti. M J. !* Outcrirau, 1'a; <i A Kourner, La; P Fonrnel. do; I, p Briant, do; !>r S Smith and lady, !*C;K A StearLew. TeJai^A M Barfx>nr, V?; B b Wilhncnam and laay, SC; J H Stuart. Md; A I.itton, Mo; N E Wright, N J; W H B?*?8 and lady, Kt; 3 Binton and lady, Mitt; Dr R S Lomax, Yft; W H Gambi, KT. OCEAN STEAMERS SAILING DAYS From the Ukitkd States. St-amrrs. /?"" t'"~ " _ ??? . * u?. i/ayj. Ifeutona New York? Hamburg July 16 'ersia ? New York...Liverpool . July 18 Ktos New Yurt Liverpool. .July 14 j 'id?n F.ceoe. Now York Gaivay Julr 19 1-ulton ...New York-. Havre.??.July 21 Arabia Beaten Liverpool July 25 Vaudcrbil* .New Y<?rk?.Havra July 28 From Europe Araco ? South'pt?>u..!New York ..July 4 Havana. ?.. South'pton New Yors July 4 Jura Liverpool New York...July 10 The Havana mail steamers leave New York on the 2d. 12th, 17th, and 27th of each month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The Oaifforniamail ?U^ leave New York on 5th and 2uth of ea/ih month. WOOD AND COAL. y /> w*. YV "WW VV AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GAI,T, Ofies 2*2 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th at* , ma 17-tf north sine. T~~ HK iUBSCRIBKR HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of FI BL, is prepared to Mil at a very low figure for cash. WOOD Sawed and any size. Call and see for jonrsalf. R. W. BATES, Wrood and Coal Dealer, ma IS 8. E. ooraer of Fourteenth and C its. TVJOT1CE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC 1^1 TRAVELERS' PINKY POINT, POINT {LOOK-OUT, OLD POiyT, 1% OR FOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. The commodious an 1 swift steamer BALTIMORE, having bewi thoroughly Jl ^ overhauled and refirtad with nfw r* boners ami machinery, Ao . w:li 1 p'ased on tne above n ute MONDAY, the 9th of ^ u.y, ai d ooatinue during tue nothing seaeon. makl' g lemi we'tlf trips, leaving Washington MONDAYS and THL*R>DAYH at lo o'clock a m. Re turning will leave Norfolk on TUESDAY'S and FRIDAYS at 3 o'e.ock p m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fart to Marbury'e ?l.*o Pope'a Creek...... ?2no Sandy Point 1.9' Hlaokistone's 2 <*> Quantico . 1 5> j Bluff Point 2.m Liverpool Point 1..VM Marshall's Pavilion 2.<*? B<>yd < Ho e 2 i*1' Piney Point 2.M M&tthiu Paint I ""k ?* Q " m _ _ . - . ?-1 i vi*J? u*" ?m uai? 4.'^' To Old Poiat and Norfo'k J5, including itim t. Round trip tickets to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the acMon. $4. Children under ten years, and i???rvmil*,ha.ffae. Freeoolored persons f4 Freight al usua. rate* and must he pier aid. To* ?t<?aaier Baltimore being the fartest boat on the Potomac, will oonvey passengeia to Point Lock ?ut in 8 hours. making the trip dovn thu beautiful river daylight. For ticket* and further inf >rm?tion apply on board to Capt. CHAi*. E. MITCHELL. or at the Company'* office, corner Penn. avenue an t bLXth street, under the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTINGLY, General Ticket Agent iy ? 7t (Int.)_ Pntomiw j*t*amboat Com pan?. \1 EMBERS OF CONGRESS 1M ?ND OTHERS Who are soon to retnrn to their home*, and who WOU.d iJd tn thtfi nnmfnrt A L ? i .?> vi i/vuu?j ?*i men nouips, are respectfully invit?d to our warehouse. Pennajrl au. a ?vf nue, "Market ^-pace, >o 4. tfitrd door ea*t of >mtn street, wh?re they ma* find a full aivJ complete assortment of tveaant Wilton Velvet I'arpetirfgs, from %1.25 to ?1.7$ per yard, Ri?n Kotflwn Bruuel* do. at from 90 ots. t?|ll?, Rich Imp-rial Three -ply. (2>% lbs. to the jr&rd,) at from XIX ccnti to a 1.10. ^oleudid real imported Double Ingrain do., 70 to 80o. very good do. do. do. at4?to60o., A ?->. ai> width* twilled a d plain Veuetiau do., for halls and pa??a2??,& to 75 e?-nt*, Aiso, elegant wide Oilcloths, for rooms, halls, passages, step*. 4o.. whtoh we cut ont to order. Also, n?w s'Tle Co?oa and Canton Matting*, Mich and extensive variety of Velvet and Brussels Rugs ami Druggets, in borders and by the yard. Door Mats ic (fr^at variety. Superior a d very oheap All Linen Sheetings, Real Silicia l able Damasks, from 6 4 to if 4 wide, TableCloUi* i? all sites,#-4 by ?-4 to 12-4 by 24-4, Napkins to mateh. A1k> +??? ?II.?? ~ v(uiii",>iin omer ronet I (iixxl*, m puaaiug and great abuudauoe, very "h6*f' CURTAIN MATERIALS. Oar stock of n??h and appropriate materials for Curtain* i> not to be iurpa$MKl. in point of elegance, varwfcjr, and reaeoaablenese of prioa, any Ktegaat 9atm BroeateU, which are nearly 3 yard* wi<l?. at fr'?in fU wuU to $6. i)Miiamk and fcaiiu I aiiim, from cent* to .?2, Kxt/a rich Kmbcoidrred Tapentrjr, a now'article for curtain*, richer than brocatels, R*p? and Tnrlte* Clo'hs, in embroidered patterns aivl b* the vard, at atttuuishingly low price*, Al>o, ?uperb Eu.b oidered Laoe and Muilm L'nderCurta at, at from L2J* oente U> f 3 per yard, Am) all the i orairee. Side R*n/i? i^*.<?-r..u * ntin< flowars *11' fruit*, with rich Centre an.l **?T? C..r<i?, and Tasnel* and Gimps b> match In eon'-'quenc- of the a*lv%/io<*I ?U(' of the it* on we n% w det?rnii' ed to run o(T%nr of the %bove k>M?U *i iuat aiiuut tita first cost, and %t prie*a it r%i>t?a to be lea* than the same can ba had alaewhera. , _ AI toods sold to go to a diatanca wlU lie careful! y parked for transportation and sent off free of extra It irt*o CLAqETf k PQD8QN. R'mtAR ST^ir^ACRET LINK BE TWHSK H*LTM<>fcf, AND W A * B1 N G f O N.-Laara n?m. tot r? iL wha i, IW'jboh, as fol 1 1 Uma*ow STAif.Wer* WEl)NE?DAV,at 6 p .jySK c5!ii>f??r"?T '*Vdvem>ay Horning, 6 j^uMvnp tot atm^ avarjFtl DA r, about U m. : MISCELLANEOUS. MoDONNELL'8 CATAWBA O I NO ER WINE! . MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MoDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tk*? D^litiou* Summer Severn ft. The H*althftil -?i auu Tonio Propensities Of which are now well known and Universally Admitted Throughout the Union. Is Now For Sale in Washington by Jos. W. Davis,8th and E sts, J. V. Coburn, 13th and H sts. Jas. E. O'Brien, 9th and I sts. Wm A. Brown, 13th aud P sts. W. 8. Jones, Massachusetts av. and 3d at. Peter Monajhan, New Jersey av.acd 0 st. T. Cogan. Pa. sr. and 20th at. J a*. Bligh, 11th ?t. j?. M Orme, Pa. avenue. E. E. Whits it Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayes. 4th and H sts. George W. Orme. Georgetown, T>. C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. J A8. MeDONNELL, jy 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. J^AVY BEEF AND PORK FOR 1861. Navy Dkpaftm*!*t, ) Bureau of Provisions and Clothing,S JuneiS, 1860. \ Ssaxed Proposals, endorsed "1' for Beef," and "Proposals for Pork," as the oase may be, will be received at this office until " o'clock a. m., oo Wednesday, the 1st day of Aug art next, for furnishing and oeiiverioK, free of all cost and risk to the United States, at t ie following Navy Yardf: Barrels Be?f. Barrels Pork. At Charlestown, Mass 2,00u 2,000 At Brooklyn, N. Y 2,(*10 2,00 At Gosport, V? . l.OuO 5 500 s m One-half of said Beef and Pork must be delivered at each of the above-named yards, respectively, by the 1st day of April, 1861; and the remaining ha.f by the 1st day of June, 1861,UHiess earlier deliveries shou d be required by tH?chiefof this bureau. Payment to be made within thirty days after delivery. bidders must sprc fy their prices separately and distinctly in sepaiate offers for the ,<e?>f and for the Pork, and for each of tne place* of delivery, ooverin< all expenses and all charges. The Boef must be from well-fattened o&ttle, siaugnvereu oeiween mo lsiaayoi October. 18t?, and the 1st day of Janaary 1861, and weighing not ess than six hundred pounds, net weight, eaoh The leu* and leg ramlsol the hind quarter*, and the chins and ah<iuider oloda, the shoulders or mutton and euca of sticking pieoea, ana at least twolve pounds from the neck end of each fore quarter, or '|>*pHita marked Nob. 1,2,3, 4, and 5. on the drawing or delineation of the fore and liiad quarters of an ox, whicn will be attach *d to and for<i. a part of the oontract, must be wholly excluded from each barrel; ail the other pieoea are to be packed, and instead of being rut tritk a cleaver, must be rut through with a taw and knife, to rive the meat a square, neat, and smooth arptaranct, in pietes of not less than eight pounds, nor more than twelve pounds, each. The Pork must Ke packed from cor* fed. wel'fattened hogs.slaughtered between the first dar of Deo^mbar, t9&>, anathe firat day of January, 186!, and weighing not less than two hundred pounds each, excluding the heads, joles, n<scks, sh<>n!de;s, hams, legs, feet, butts, rumps, lard, ana all r?fu?>e pitfoea; and must b* cui'trtih a saw and knife, in pieoea weighing not lees thau six pounds, nor more than twelve pounds,each. Both the Beef and Pork must be salted with at lAMJlt onA itahitA hiiaha) r?f Pnrlr'" I - I? - J .na.u.w u.. xnw. VI ? Ml A. O iai?UU| Kin ? ? I May, Key West sol*r, Onondaga so'.ai.ur "H. he's salt; ana the Beef mutt have five ouDtts of fine pulverised saltpetre to each barrel, exclusive of pickle, to be miide from f<esh water as strong as salt wi.l make It, and must be perfectly bright and clear. . Kach barrel most oontain full pounds net weight of beer' or pork, aud no exoess of weight in either article will oe paid for. The barrtls must be entirely new, and be made of the best seasoned heart of wnite oak staves and headings; tiie staves to b? not less than five-eighths of \n luoh thick, an 1 the headings not l*?s than three-fwirth* of an inch thick; they must be thrcef mrths hooped over, inoludmg the iron hoop*, with the liest wlnt* oak or hickory noops, and en h ? arrei must have on it four iron hoops viz : one of ono auii a half inch in wultn on each bilge, and one of one and an eighth inch in width ou each chun^, and | each to be one-sixteenth of ?n inch thick, hncli barrel must be ot the internal capacity of thirtyI two gallons And the iron hoops must bj w. D?.iutr-d with red iea<l. Kach barrel mast be branded bjr burni-:? ?n its head "Niavy B*ef," or -\\avy Fork," a* the oase may ba, with the contractor'* name and the \ ar w hen packed, and weight. and shall a>s > be branded on the DunfE stave with the letter U. or t*., as the case may be. Tue Beef and Pork will, unless otherwise directI ed by the Chief of this Bureau, be inspeoted bi the insp ct'n* officers at the respective Navy \ ards aforesaid, and oy some ' sworn inspector "f salted provisions," who will tie selected by the respective ooittin&ndioK < (Soars; but their charges for such inspection must paid !>y tr.e respective con ractors. who must likewu* hive the (.arrets put in g?od shippinr order, to the satisfaction of the commandant* of the respective Navy Yards a:oresaid, after inspection and at their own expense Two or more approved sureti- s in a sum eqna to one ha.f the estimated amount of the o?ntract will I hft TfOuirftd. ?.nrf f w?ntw n**r . I b? withheld from the amount of each pt) limit to l>e made, as col.a*er?l security for the due and faithful performxaoe of the respective oontract*. whioh will on no account be paid unMi th? o <ctraots are oomphed with id a'.l renpects; arid is to be forfeit-d to thu United States la the event oi failure to com fletethe deliveries within the prescribed period, n ease of failure on ui? part of tho contractor to deliver all or any of the be?l and pork abovd men tioned, of the quality and at the time and places al>ove provided, the contractor will forfeit and pay tothe United States as liquidated dainages.a sum of money equal to twice tne amount of tn* contact prioa to he paid in case of the aotual delivery there01; whioh liquidated damages may be recovtr-td 4rom tun- to tune as they accrue. I'ayment will be made by the L nited States at the periods above p-o fied,(excepting tee twenty per ocntum to be withheld un'il the completion of the oontract as before stated.) after the caid beel and pork shall have been inspected and received, and fo the same sh% 1 have b?en presented to the Navy Agenu, respectively, dnly approved by the oommmanuants o! the respective Navy Yards, according to the ! terms of the oontract The part.' of brtf to bttJrcludr/i trt I be particularly dt.HKnat'd tn the enitrafiwr to be altar h>d :o the mntrari. Plrfonf interitted ran obtain them on ayp'.i ration to this offire, bidders who-* proposal* shall be aooeet?HJ (and none otners > will ot> fortnwith notified. sn'd a* ear > as practicable a contraot will he transmitted to th?in for execution, which ooutraot must be returned to t';e I urfiu within ten days. ex<\usive of the time required for the rexuiar tr*nm)is>?i<>n of the mail. A record or duplicate uf the letter informing a hid ^er of the acceptance of Ins proposal, will he de-rnsd a notification hert-of. within the meant< g of th act of 18*6, and his bid will be rrado and accept'd in conformity with this understand ng. Kvery ofler made must bo aooompani'd fas directed in the sixth seotion of the act of Congress making appropi lations for the na-al service for lE?6-'47, approved loth of AncU't, 1346) by a written lEMarart**, suned by one or moie responsible peril. >i?, to th-* eff*ct Uat he or thejr undertake that tne bidder or bidders will, it his or their bid be ac c p'.ed, eiit r into an ol> i^aiion within ten da?s, with rood and sufficient sureties, to furnish the article proposed. rma guarantee mu*t b* aooompanied by thecertifioaie i I th.< Ui ii?d tttaVs# IMaliiot J a-lno. I nitfd Sta es District Attorney, or Ntvr Ag?nt, that tt.e cuaracWa are ar>le to inak* good their ?uarantee. No proposal will be considered nnleti nooompantfHi t'T such guarantee. ( be bidder's name aad r?Mid?noe. and the name of *aoh m^miier o| tiie firm, where a com pan* I ofT-rs. vrh tUe Chistian names written iu full, ma't he distiiiotly atated. t'nder th* joint resolution of Congress, approved I 27th March, l?5?, all hide for ?upp i*e ot pr<?vi lone, cloth ng, and amall stores for the uae of the; be reject-d at the option of the department, if inads by one not known aa a manufacturer of or regular dealer in, the ertio e proposed to be ranriefcw.wai hfaot.orth" reverse. must be diatn.n.i> >? ""?* ,.?vm ~ 1 u hid II|U? ??li IfU. le 2b iaw4w |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'S BHL.EOT SFIOX2S. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from frerh Spioes, selected and omened by us expi-eealy for the purpose withwut reference to U4.?t. The; are beautifully paoked in tinfoilt (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are tail weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. DURKEE A CO., fe I J- 1?*1 Hear! sC. Naw York. 1A 4 '1-4. ami 12 4 super Linen Sheetings, 1 vJ~-?t 10-4. 11 4, and 13 4 Cotton Sheetings, KioHard on & Sols', Dunbar a Dickinson and Barklie'* super Fronting and Shirting Linens, Tovelings in variety. Table Li< ens and Napkins, 1(0 pifto- a suDPnor makea rn?n?? VW piece* Lawns at U'X cents. 4S piece White an<l Co.ored Flannels. Ladies' and Misses' White Cotton Hose, Wni'e G?A?ds in variety. Cambric aud Swiss Fd>ings and Inserting!. Honiton, Guipure and French Work*d Collars, Sun Umbrella*. Paras. Is and "an Shades, Saper Silk and French Lice Mantles, UiKvped Skirts. Silk MiU Ac., <ko , received and ior sale low by _ JsH TAYLOR ft HUTCH 1PON. Francis harper, HfcTlXO OPIOID A FAMILY GROCERY A.ND FEED STORE, Cnrnrr of \. tn VnrL -- * ?' L ? '??* a jircet, Respectfully aolicita the patronage of thnae who na* be in want of any article in the ar>ovti line. Ilia endoavora a hall be Ut pieaee, and by a atriet attention to the want* of the publie, he hope? to merit? ibftrt of their DAtronMo, Hia teek uonfiata of every artiole nauailr to be fonad in a firet-etaee Family Grooary and Feed Store. _ ma 17-tf NKW ?ryj.MOK RfOH JttVYKLRY H<H?u hai jeat op*o*d a targe etook. whioh he willnffcrat very low ratea Therefore those that ere wishing to earry home any thing In hie Una JWKt ?ik R 2^2? w J'i.rt ?'. J < TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. , CAPON 9!>*INe?. _ EW and ImprnvM route riath? Mutiw Gap Rat! Road and the ?traa- ? burt and Capon Turnpike,Aftt. H|L?9HB^Hr only 18 milMof?ta<inK a oomfortabie ana ?afe road. L?eave Alexandria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. rn., takerh* Mar.uiu oars at the junction, arrive at Capon hy 5 o'olook p. m. rare from Alexandria to Capon ,95.00 Prom Waahinston to Capon 5.00 or information enquire at the Rail Road Office oomer of Sixth ?t. and Pa av.,>n Washington. and attheTioket OlSoe on Union at, Alexandria. Va. jy 18-dt2QthAug. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BKAXLti. Ohamk or HovbsON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, 18flo, train* will run a* follow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Waahington at 3.2u and 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. brave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.16 and 4^0 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the East will take train* at 6.20 and 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.4? a. tn. Mid 3.20 p. ni. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and &20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturda; evening the 3.20 p. m. tram goee to Philadelphia only. }? 13-d T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THREB DA.Y8 WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. SgMfcjm ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, r East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Jy?.t0 Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS' ROUTE: Memphis bj Ra'l, thence hv First olass Paokets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstolass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays Inclvdkd. Leavr Washington at 6 a m and 6 p. m Thfc Steamer GEORGE PAGE !eave? her whart foot of Serenth street at 6J( a. m. and p m. and oonneot* at Alexandria with the Orange aod Alexandria Trains for the South we*t. Offiee? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGGAOK CHKCKBI) THROCGH TO 0ULKAN8 Lynchburg . ..?8 .?) Memphis ?31 no Bristol ?150!' Atlanta in no KnoxviMe , ~2no? Maoon . 28 on Chattanooga 24 00 Columbus .. ?... .31 50 Daiton..,. .?.24 00 Montgomery 31 (in HunUvjlle 27 00 ) via Memphis,42 50 Grand Junction 30 on N. 0.> via ti. June 42 An Nashville.-??.25 601 \ via Mobile. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTEH, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other f-ine? th? Lynchburg Extension being nour completed, as a!v> the Mississippi Centra', making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ' I ia .ar.*U D...? Li . * f. I ?% io piuvKicu wiiu r ii6i uiano CJiorp ug v aie . iTo New Orleans., 7'2 Honrs. Memphis..? 34 do. Montgomery _ 53 do. Nashville ? _.46 do. lETThe U.9 MAll."and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. TinWets oan be obtained at the South Western Offioe, oorner ofSixth street and Pennsylvania avei.ue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bri?tol, Knoxvilln, Atlanta, Chatrauooea. Huntsvilie, Grand Junction, (boon, Nashvi; e, Dalton. Columbus. Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ID* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGIMA SPRINGS. fJJT Omnibunea an-l Baggage Wagona leave the ofltoa at 6 a. m. and 6 p. rn. JAMES A EVANS. Ticket A pent, ma2S-tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. % . I^HE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will reroine her trips ou TUESDAY, 21?t of X""fc February. 18fl0. Will i?ave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^???**** FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half pW. 6 o'oloolc, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her return tnpe^ ?he will leave uukkiuma.^ every W fciJIN r,&UA Y and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BODW. Ag't, Alexandria. h J<> PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM, 97.60. The New York and Virginia foruw Steamship Gt.inpanr'g new and elegant at?&ni?hip *r*#r MOUNT VERNON.Cayt. i'.C.Sinith,^Qj> will leave tiie Company's Depot, We* tern Wharves, atll'o'clooka, m- every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'! Depot, at Alexandria, at 3o'clock p. m. name d?t. Paseongnrs from Washington and Georgetows o&n take the coacue* connecting with Alexandria steamboat* or railroad, which leave the corner of 7th street and Pa, areuae hourly, or they can Inti on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'olock a. m. State rooms can be encased on application U Messrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Western Wharves Freight will bo reoeived np to tiie hoars of dep*r tua jIT Insaracoe will be effected on all goods by thisline at the uftoe of the Company at tt per cent premium. The accommodations for passengers by this I191 are m ?very respect brst-o Ms, and erery effort wLi be made to reuder this communication with New York ac agreeable and healthful one. J'or freight or passage apply to KOWLB A Agenu, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., el-ly 88 West at., corner Alt<any, New York. dentistry!! D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Has cloned hi# office forthe spa I son, ant will bn absent, as uxual, during the sum mer months ; will r??siimo practice about the l&t of October. of winch further notice will be givcn)J lft-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a sraotioa' test of two years, feeia that he oan with confidonoe reoom-^ 1 mend the Cheoplastio Prooesa forinMrtintgaflRu* artificial teeth It has the advantages or****'* strength, beauty, oleanliness^and cheapness. Foil upper seta inserted for t3?. Partial in proportion. Offloe 308 Pa. avenue. se 7 17* 1*R E, F I R E. POTOMAC WATER. I am still enja?ed in the PLU VI B1NG and (?AS FITTING BUSIN E#S at my oid stand ia Philharmonio Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water was readiiv observed at the fireot 0f tarda, v. ha i Am waII cahifi A I r # .... WW* >?? ti u OIIVUIU UU?w W"tn burned out but for the bountiful supply upor my premi?es and th*t of hit neighbors Al! order" for the introduction of Water and Gas will bo prompt'? attended to. Term* as reasonable a? any plumber in the city. jy 3 C. BWVPER T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the ttpanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General or Cab*, will take place at Havana on TUESDAY, JULT 17, 1960. SORTEO NUMERO 639 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. I prise of loo.ono ,V< prises of. 91.on< I do tt,000 eo do SOO 1 do 30.000 l.w do 1 do >1,000 20 appro*. - 8,300 1 do 10.000 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tlofcets. StfO?Halves. *10?(Jn*rt?r< *a Prize* cashed at sight at s per oent. disoount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will ke forwarded as aoon as the result becomes known. All ordera for sohemea or tiokets to be addressed to DON KOBRIGU1CZ, je an tr Care of ('itr Poet, ('luiriwtm. J* fi. 275 ALLKN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PISH*. AVXKCI, Between lotli and 11th streets. je 19 PURK OLD RVK WHISKY.-On hand sever* brand' of Pare Old Rye \Vhi? ky. Copper Distilled. made by the moat reliabedistillerain Per.nBTlvania, Maryland aud V r*inia, warranted pure. Alan. 1 Pra...!*/> ----- ^ w-?- - -. uo.utoroy, V/UrQ. iHipOJ Co-Jules Robina, Ao. Alao, P*aoh aud Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica ^ St. Croix Rum, and Winea of every variety, all ataodard bran>la. A choioe lot of nictfra and Tobacco. YOUNG A KEPHART, AcenU. ftp 14-ty 'i*<> Pa av. bwtw.ftth andlftth eta. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, ? v D Street, beiwtn 9tk and lOM Street?. We have iuat fimahed a-number of fiitt olaea CARRIAGES, aaoh aa Light Fanry. mrxm,g. Wagons, Park Pkeatons. Family Ca*-rEEfi&: riaget, and Bugtfti, vhioh ve will aell at a ver- aniaf! profit. Beiaa practical mechanic a in different branohea of tbe ba*in*M, ve flatter ouraelvoa that we know atylea and quati'j of work that will *iv? ?Ati? ranUt-D, oombioinc lightnaaa, oomfort ud dur?U!iferpwrlnt promptly and oarefnlly attended to At tl.e "hortcat n ticeanJ moft rwonahl? ohar*e?. WALTEH, RARMANTN 4 BOPP, Vaehinakera, aaoceaaur* to Wat. T. Book, ap 27 <hr A VKRY NICE CH1CKERING PIANO, v* : # # MEDICINES. ORE WHAT AVER'S 8AR8APARILLA DORS M)R DEHASOEMEST OF THE LITER. 8torr'a C*o??iw?, I Talladera Oo., Al? , Aui 9, '58.S Dr J. C. Ayer. Lovetli, Mas*.?8ir : J take mj pen to tellrou what jrour SAKSAPARI I.LA and OATH\RTIO PILLs have done for me. I bad been afflioted with Liver Complaint for aix year?, darinc which I waa never well, and muohoftne time v?ry aick. Mr Liver wm tore to the toneh, and, ths doc tori raid, wai congealed. 1 Buffered from severe ooativeneaa act! I'la-rbir* alternate!;. >1? tkin waa clammy and unh*a thr : mv ejea and akin often yellow. Occaaionall* I had a voraiiona appetite, but generally none at all A dreadfa. aen aation of oppreaaion on my atomaoh, with iancnor and a (loomj senaation of tiokneaa all over, kept me in ancuiah. You oannot know how muob I Buffered froqj an indeacrit>able feeiing of diatreas Tne lom continuance of this ooi.dition. without ralicf. hast worn me out so tha' 1 never expeoted to be better: but reading, in the Christian Advooate, of your parsaparilla, I ?ommenoed taking it, with <>o oasional ttraali doses of your Pil.s, to roculate the bowels a* you direct. Prom the brat, it had more effect upon my disorder than 1 supposed anything c iuld hav?. 1 regained my health rapidly, and now. a>ter eleven weeks, emoy aa good health and strength as any other man. May the "Diapenaer cf all good" shower blessings on you J0H5 W.STOTT. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER & CO., l^owell, Mass. jy 13-eolm XT. C. n. ct3 T. J&L. m nrMMEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED 'x'OXj u ANOjjYNB, Ti. ; i c p .j.. { ,;/ TV i jl ric xi ur i*t 14/11+ uwc ivr7/f?aj y i/? i*t* i?p?vous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all oases where Opium ' wm over used to that of Delirium Tremens, and the comrao* chief oause of Disease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, theugh containing not a partioie of Opium, produces all the requirements of, and may be ueed in all oases wherever Opium was used without producing anything hut Cures, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, <freed from all tho oommon ohieotion of <*ough Remedies, which fr-iduoe r,aus?a or prostration,) may be considered be common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaints, and uaed with perfect impunity. Asking all to oourt from proprietor* or friends the most severe investigation of both Remedies, and readinx of our pamphlets to be lound with all dealers, and more particularly to purchaie only of those who oan be depended upon, we wait in oonfidenoe the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prices within reach of si " SKXEKAL AGENTS. J. \V. Hnrntitwii i. * Co.. 1 And 9. Commercial Wharf. Boston. Uho. HVXSIVIU.1145 Water st., New York, linder the epwoial supervision of J<)H N L- HCJNNEW ELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutic, Boston, Mass , whose signature oovers the oo-csoftbe genuine only, ana to whom address aii communications. t?oid by all respectable dealers everywhere, and all the Druggists in Washington and Geogetown. mar 2fi eo.r _____ Helmbold's Oenmne Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" (vniPitrvii t'l iiin kytrict witp-mit - *_? i v v ? ? ?-? * * * m a? n w mw v v v f A Positive and Sp<?oific Remedy For Ihsfasea of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SW ELLINGS. This Medioin* increases the power of Digestion, and excifa the AB^OHIIKNTS into healthy action. by which the WATERY OR CALCEROU8 depositions, and all UNNATURAI. ENLARGEMENTS are reduoed. ae well a* PAIN and lNFLAM M ATION. at>d?i8 roo<l for MEi\, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. -HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT RI'CHU, For Weaknesses Ariein* from Exceasea, Hahita of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse. Attended witk the/ohoietnt Symptom.* indisposition to Exertion, Loaa >f Power, i r vt MTinr* Alillv nr UrA?(kin? I Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Watefulnees, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Baok, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular Svstem, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dry doss of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, ? hich this ir>ei1iom? liivaria^i? rorr.ov?s, soon IMPOTFNCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, 1.1 OjiK of WHICH THK i'aTIKIT mat kxpiee \V ho can sa? that they ire not Ir quf utlr followed by those "DIREFUL DISEASES." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the cause o< their entering, BUT .V ONE WILL COS EE St. THE RECORDS OF THE INSAN E ASYLUMS And the Mfiancholy Deaths by Contu nption Bear ample w it nets to the truth of the -.ssertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORIiAMT w kakn k Requires the aid of medioine to gtr-nrt ien And ln?i|or?teth?"jitora, Which HflmboLD'i EXTRACT BUCHU tacartablydo'f. A. TRIAL WILL COJJV.^CK THE MOfT SK1PTICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES. OLD OR YOUNH. SINOLlT. MARl.IFD, OH CONTEMPLATirtV MARK 1A rE IN MANY AFFECTIONS l EOlLIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu i? un>4u*lled by my other remedy, an in Chlnrotia or Retention Irregularity, Painfalnesa, or Suppress^ ofCua toinary Evacuation*, Ulcerated "r fc'cir-houa state of the Utemd, Leoonrrhrea or White* JHeriliity, and for a 1 oomplaints incident to the l whether arificc from lndiaoretlon, Habita of I taeipation, 1 or in the DECLINE OR CHAXUE OF LIFE. SKK SYMPTOM? ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT TaJv no mort Balsam. Mtrrury, or unplrasani Altrlutn' for uMpfatant and Da^rerox* lhstastt. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BJCHU CUBES SECRET DISEASES l- ?n a* * * *?? in mi mcir AI 11(119 PXpPEl#*; Little or no oh&nge in Diet', No inc utvemenoe; > And no Errotm*. It <-dii?e* a fr*?uent desire an-i givee atrength to Urinate, therm.y Removing Obstruoti ma, Pre.entinc air! coring Stnoturea of he Urethra. : Allaying Pain and I nfltra matron, ac frequent 'n the 01*81 of di8?a?e?. an<1 expelling all fotsonout Diseai'd, and irorn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO IIAVK BKKN' THE VICTIM* OF QCACK*. and who hav- paiu Ktaryftts to be our?d in a abort time, have found th**y were deoeived, ind that the POISON" hae, by the use ofroveifiiL ahtei nuKNT8," been dried up in the ayafin, to break out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AETER MARRIiGE. Use HrIjMBold'r Extract BrcHnfor allaffeo Uona and die?a#e- of the URINARY ORGANS. \xr t.??i.i. *? UDkllVl CAIf I Ufc IU MA< E OR FEMALE. From whatever oau*e origi iia'inr and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Di??a?''?ofth?,Miort*npr^qoireth?ai' ota Dturttt UfcLMBoLD'S EX TRACT BUCHU IS THE oREAT Dll KETIC. And i? certain to have the eflVt in ail Dt?- I C*ip> FOB WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. EviHtfe, of tkf mott reiiablf and rttionsxblt cknr- i tir will acoompauv the meoioc e* OhRTlFICAl E? ??F OUI.E9. trotn 8 to 20 vtars standing, With Namm knows to science and fami:. Frirr SI 00 per Ixttlf, ar six far |) 00 Delivered U> any Addr???, ecuralj packed fro observation. Dbs< bibb Symptoms in all Commonitation* Cure* Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. ' Personally appeared before me, ar Alderman of thecity of Phi adelphia.H.T H elm b)LL\ who twm duly sworn, doth My. hi* prepara'tois oo tain no narootjo, do m^roury, yi o'her in uriona a run*. but ?rt purely vn?tohl* H. T. HSLMBOLD. \ S?orn and subscribed before ma, ibis 23d day of November. 1854 > WM. P. HIOKKRD. Aidermam. Ninth street. abov* Kaoe, Phils.. Address letters tor information in oooftdenoe to H. T HKI.M UOL3, Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth it .bet. Clesuut.Ptula. ithWARE OF COUMTEIFKITS AND UNPKINCIPLKT) DKALER8. Who endeavor to dispose ' or thkix own" and "OIHU" iKTll'LU OH THE aEMJTATION ATTAINED HTelmboid'? Genuine Preparation*, " " Extract Buohi, " Sareaparilla, M " Improved Rote Wash*. Sold by P. B. Waitb, M? Seventh street, and 8. C Foan, Ja, oorne/ Penn. averse and Eleventh "an'D ALL DR UUOISTS EVFRYWHSEg. ASK F?R HhLM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut oi?t the advertisement and <?nd for it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ?p4 ?OlT BENGINEER'S OFFICE, A ALKXi.NDlit, June 36,1860. MANASSAS GAP KAi^ROAD. S'X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the 1 in* of thia road from Mt. Jaokeon to Harnaonbarf. Wag>* H! a day; b ard Si" per ironth. For infor? m&tion, A o., lnqoire of VvM. S. ]'EVvELL,Comp&nj'? Offioe, Alexandria. j" 28 dtJv2n,lstwAuic&l*tw8?f WASHINGTON TV (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANV. Avenue and Tenth Btr>tt. _ __ __ Mlin? Q ilT MtoGL'lRE, President G. D- HANSON, SWr?t?rT. ma 7-eotr mWB'Simproved weighing scales beseSoales &r? offornd to the enblic aa the moat suo pie. durable, and reliab s so&fes ever Dot ii a?e. Fir struma premiums bar* Man awarded than by the UnttadStates Fair and Virginia Af'iou turai H 'Oiaty; Viapiaia State AgnauUirai Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pjmhui1 vauia; N. w York State Fair, Vermont Stat* Fair, A?^ Ao. la every oase where exhibited they nave reo<*iT?(ifint classpremiums C hiRed" ?ou Cifcfe11'1&CA ar'n'' A*** ? SlKFi de K? O. PATTIBON. Arent FtlME COST,?Organdie, Jaoonet, Barege, Grenadine, and Silk Robee, from two to nine floanoea^ at first eoat. We will from this day forward offer oar entire took of the abo*e goods at ct at; do more will h* ror Mir ort&wn. we ha' e roue uroaikoar Dress Goods and marked dovi most this kind of covtdi; and we respectfully solicit all in vut of rio* Dress Gooda. at rery los pnoee, to an examination of oar stock. je7T-eo? TAYLOR* HUTCHISON. W ' 'f *<M . (' ' *: !i MISCELLANEOUS. / SOOHOMT! V V \ ( ^ * DISPATCH! ] \-AvSi?? the Pieen! A* mtcideat* will karrm. trtn u wll rtenlMfd fmmUUt.ii if wj dMrnubl* to bav? *>iim? ch?m and oonrenient war for repairing Furniture. Toy*. Crookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED 0LFK idmu all ?uoh emergenojaa. and no houaehoid ean afford to be without it. It ia alwara ready and up to the aticking point. There ia no longer a neoe* aitrior limping ohaira, apuntered renaera. haad.eaa dolW. and broken oradlea. It ia juat the arfioia lor oone.aheii, and other ornamental work, uo popular with ladi?a of refinement and taate. Thia admirabi* preparation ia uaad ?K>ld, Mag ohemicaily heid in aolnQou, ami p.aawaaiag ll tha valuable (juautiea of tha beat makers' clue. &may be uaed in the piaoe of ordinary mnouage, ing vaat.y more adheaive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prirt, 25 oenta N. B.?A Brnah aooompaniea each bottle. WKoltfaU Dtrot, No. 4* Cedar atreet, New York. Add reus HENRY cTsPALDINfl A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pat np far Dealer* in Caaea containing Four, Eirht, and'Twelve Dosen?a beautifa! Lithograph <o ?hnw Card accompanying each paekage. Cr A sinsle bottle ef SPALDINU'S PRE PAtiED OLUE will **ve too times lU aoet an Dually to every household. jQ| Sold by all prominent Stationers. Druftists. Hardware and Furniture Dealer*, Grooere, and Fauoy Stores. Country merohact* should make a note of SPAL DING'S PREPARED tfl.l'E.when makin* or their list. It wit! stand any oVtmate. fe 10 ly ShDmCTOT u i mmrnk H ' r1 -C >1 iP 'Jk ifi < V 'X Time II kiebee <? MM/dtM mh- Jf ^ C Of |I?K'?/? ? if ( *? ft*"" ' %frf< P J* li< VmHtf ?/ tkr Jham^tiUft,) /mm Ji $7>)0 0*+l*9 <ftbf Jf I n Jyra% drjsmd vpm pettrnf m pv*e , r ^ W K? Jl ?i? r*-? *? >*? r*i:im frkuJr*,,?1 . '/5'j ? 3tfUUttHiflk* Battle <Wr. Jlilrr. " iVfi?i'^wl ty ><? Jt'< rtiwww t* f 5_* ' n" TF? Ike r?*m ae t-ite MeJtetnal , 4 arl * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S MMUJITirMIIEVWUIQIfFV nituifiniiu TriLLLi Milium, i WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJ)ALYf SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. ton SALE IX WASHiyUTOX BY j 7 lj BAR BULK ?fc S?EMME3. PARAFKINE OIK, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS' Wf now re<ieiviii? Pa'affine Oil direct from the works in we*t?-rn Virginia. Th? quality of it la exovllent, produoinc a steady, bril ianf and :?-autifu light, aud mors p'eaaant to th? hm than /as iight. This Oil is iire# fromadu'terat'.on.and very much more eoonomica! than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. |?T It is in no way explosive. We ke?o also a supply of the mort approved atyiea of Lamp*, ko-.l-r burning thia Oil. KING * B1RCHELL, Agents for it* aale for the Dut'iot of Colamt'ia, r*. _ :Jk.._4L - a _ turner r iimnm si. snu * prmoni tr, Great Kanawha Coai and Oil Company. mall HP ~ CARRIASKS^ 1 UK SaDMritwr baring made addition* to hi factory, manioc it nov one of the .arieet tcthe Distrct, where hie faciiitiee for manufacturing CA R RI AG F. i LIOHTJ^S*? WAGON8of*il k'.D'ls cannot he eurpeeaed, am from his iocr oxperisnoe m the bitmeea, he hope* to rivo eener&l satufaotion. All kindi of Carria?oe ar.i Laght Wacom kept m hand. All r$PAIR8nMtly 4?M,*&4aUerderaprempl if attended to, 8?oen4 feap< 0?rht(M takes ir. exotaoje tor m nea. ANDR K W jTjOYCK, JIMf w??T m* 14?t> toi V wta Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thi? dar. embracing ail qqa.i TUtli ties and si??? of S<?ic Leather, La<ii?*'Rt*W Dr>f? 1 I'unkini Triinka llur trunli^KL*?J ea!es room exhibit* al this time tho$r?atest variety ol travelrri; renitiisite? a? moderate nrices. to he found this side of N?w York. A!?o,evW* deecrip Hon of I.ADIHS' H*T BONT?, V AL1CKF, CARPF.T BAG!*. SATCHKL*. *?. n-ro -1 Trunks repaired or taken in exchange fur new one*. WALL, BTEPHKNS A CO., Trunk Maes Room. mar 31 -tf Pa. avenue. ^OLT)W^()LI)\ iMACNOLIftlMACHOLIffi ^ISK^vmSKE^ We offer for sale the tbon standard brand of fln* Copper-Disci lied Malted Rye Whisky, in barrel* and nalf-barrets. As it is of onr own distil la tion, and highly improved by ace, we oonfrleiiUy reoommeud it a* the rcmi ana beet Whi?k y that oan poeaibly be distilled. We ateo offer oar OLD FAMILY RYS WHISKEY, and other brands .from the largeet stock of Pine Whiskies is the Wnited States FREEMAN * SIMPSON. Phrrrax Distillery, on tne Sohuylkill river, Phila. Offloee? ?6 Wall street. New York : and 109 Booth Front street, Philadelphia. mar ?-ly ALT1MORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.-In COBPOmATKD 18SU.?J OHM I. DOHALMOH, PtM.1 M. Coclte*. Seo'y. Tki- ?... rvaiTD C?0 ? woo -A ntrtra lilti uviurau; I.ict l\DO L?i CjO UU OVID and GRANTS ANNL'ITiEB, fco. Deaonptira parr. ph. eta may be obtained at Compajfa Agency for tba Ihatnot of Colmabia? oftoe of Lewi* Jonnaou k Co., Kankara, 10th atreai and P'-t.ii. avenue J. W, MAG ILL, AfaoL O R. W.I). Mm!. fe*V ??? *otf l.?.?.UIUK. 9. U. KOTT. l.kAmt. L*"""0" ? "Amifu, Holly Snnii NUL, Will ?r?etiM in the H.ih Court of BmniM Ar Ciaai, and wu. attend to the CoUeotloaof CImbb |liM(rl>Mt ?!> So^k Mlh>m4wI mImT JACOB RKED. MaifV*acTrua OF MILITARY CLOTHING, 8otTH?A?T Coaxaa Sbcokd akb Sravca t*ra., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHE FOR SALE. 12,000 cVitWfii'aWIS-V. ASS Uie attention >if the pubiic to oar luge and wati aa 1 noted a took of Champa* w* and Crab A pile Cider, which we guarantee to be pure iaioe, ana w;.. he old on reasonable term* in oraar to make rooa for oar apring ftaok. ?ire u* a oali at tka Union Bott.rr.g Depot, *a * No. AT at . K?onraL>VB A YKLLOW FINE LUMBER. tr irjcWa1 DARBR8' RUTIER IN BALTIMORE.-Wa 13 oaa at,ail aaaa;>i a of tk? year ?ail yoa v tk every grade of Butter, vary oaoicw. \Va taveeofne aow aa low aa tan oruta, aa J from that ap to tka beat, for pound oak a. 1 MKD1CLNK*. D" ""EK.W. LOCK MMPITAt. fit IH't?rtd lii Mil (Vtma, Sf?df, mmd tmtf lyftttU+i Rtwudf m tk* World, FO* ALL DISEASE^ OF IMmi DKM *. let no false delicacy prevent. APPLY IMMKD ATKLY. a CiTRK warranted, or so charge, ~ in FROM OAs TO TWO DAYS VMkitmfih lul Itriam AlwiMM?(tl<ll4Mi? u4 lM<w, istiury DiKktffM. laiXMiy. ? < *! (totality. n?r**??- . Dmt^ii.U fNt.U* tinu ('? fMMt. PalptiMwa *tk?M?*ri,Tk?ai<t?j,Tra???tiaf%. ftwiM ml Sifti ct OiMuira. Humi ( tkt Ttrm. Km* w Ikm. ?t<:um af tk* Uy. ?c? ? !???!* Tarnbta i*i*->fi *r? trmi ( lf?i Miur? af Y mmOt?a>mm* Proifal uid Daacar n?? Praeucaa w?'Cs '? dat Mtri?|i inpaaaiki*. >W iHint tat a %m4y u< MM TO BUG MH ? ? > ? ?? kM?i>? il? *KUNMaf tt iun Ikr; Aim (fa. u< ktku akick iat?fa M u ?fciu?a.? frm Ikwii a<a mt Yaai f Ma* (flit Mai aaaiiad itlanj w4 krillui latallact, aht anfk: a r ?r*aat la't anumnraa !Mia?K>g !? laa aiik ikitkNun afalaosaaaa mm ? > ? I* luttat iM U?itf Ift*. at* oil aitt fa I, uak MAUUU MiU.II riu . ru^i. >>?i?i( laira ?f pkya.aal <if> >t fiViliij, twtb.vh m v , an* *im pUcm kimmlforfo tfc? ' Pa 3 mar Mir mHi w ku iwtr u ICM aad >*? pwi hn skill u t pby orrici: n*. t <' btr rmEPMuctrracrr left Mi4 cid* fxnf fr*fi fet'ui .art tmH. faw iii tarnii i'll mi utkuix uvtul iii k?h? Ml ll put u< Mill. < ? PI KUKirua, Miilin af Ik* & > Cditfi rtai(H*i, kw?t, rnlMM frwn af Iba MM C?U?gaa it tka S*IM< twin, ad the |niui pari W *>. ? lifa ku k?aai ?p?ai w. IM fcM>iUtto( Lwdw, Fim, Pliili4ilfkit u< *b?tKtrt, Ih af' clad Mm ( tfca ii?Mt ?ata: iar>inf t?M thai vari ? kM?, m*uy iraatlad viil rmjii g ia m |?a( a?r Mtt tkin ulMI, ir?>l HUMMW, fc? ? *lar?ad ?t iK'ii Mndi. baahfalnaaa will* fr <>a*nt klaa it.g *i*i <*?d Mil vikfc 4?r?u**?am ' irmi4. vara cararf iiaacdtatala. TARE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tail.g Mar and Mtiara ?ka fcaaa i.if?r?a I'limlin ?t nam pracuca irda.f ad ta wfr, alaua ?? kaKu * ? ? Uaraad (ran aril cM.ftiwni, w al KlMl, th? alvtu af Itch tit >i(bllf fall a?*a vlat laallip, >r4lf ax -arad, raadtri m*rria(a In ( aaibla, a?.d daatrari kail alad a?d Ia4?, akM d apply imiaadiaialf. rVaaa p p, of Lha aid ?ud miUitfM.9 ffifii ?mv??4 a*rt? ktUu of tmU via i Woka*** af Uva t?r? *ad linW. rata* IK :hi Med, Piit' Mi of S (' !? ' Mums Pa*>*r, PalptUtMti af ill* K*?rt,I>?*p?f ?, Ntrttw IrrtfktlW tT . IHraiif *m*?t 9f to* |)|((Ui>? ftiicjwi, SsnaraJ PtMltf, ynngut of Coc*anf<tiar., Ac. MKNTALLY?T>>* f**rfal ?f*;t*ar ik* oitndar* r*?? t* kt dr*|d*d Lhi of C<"-'lm?i ?f U*i*, Oii'Mi'M af pirW*. I?il i-adii'j* A?*rai*oaf I Pi*tr?*^ Lc?t ef Salttad*, Timidit}. tic., *r* miv* at Ik* **tl* p?? 4acad. REftTOII PMIUItt -Tk**>t?4< Ml w*|i4|* vIM t* ih* c*a*? of tb*ir daclinuif b**Kk, ; *.?? ik*ir ?ifa?, k*aarataf ?**k, pal*, n*r?aa? n l *a**ci*;ad. saving ipp*tricc* akaat ih* *t*i caafh ac*yr ptamaaf <ao*a?pu*? niat-ASEJi or imprudkncb Vtn tk* ai*f aidtd irapra<i*nt ??i-r? af pl*aaar* tad* h* bu iir.iiktd ifc* i* af ihw painfa d.**?**.it taa W\?? hipf*n* iMt an ill-uir.*U tan** of *h?r. * af draad af {it'tiitf dtvtr* hirr fraw appl*it>{ to thia* ?ka. frant * ia'>i ? ?<( rt*p*ciahiluy, can afan* bafritid hit N* fa..* im* U>* hand* af iji.onnt aad daaifwmf pr*'.tnda?, ?k", hk>|>?M* af cm ring, tich hi* pacaniary b*:?nc*. k?*p kia irilnf maaih ?ft*r manik, ar ** tat.* ** ik* *m*l'.**t III un k* *1 l*m*d, and in d**p* r ! ?? iim will) r?ie*d t.*?llh t* *?*r hi* ratlin* dia?ppouiiro*i'l; a* by tk* a** af -td*?<T? paiaei , Marcart. baatao tba cat.atilan?atai iraMMH af tb?? irnMi aach u Heart, rhrw, H?>. km. Ac.. f ro*rt??i f wub frif .iifa: rtpidn?, till da?i? p?ta a parwl to hi* draadfal aafarmra by aandinf btn ta '.bat duca'arad uanir; fron. wba?r oan-a nt traaalar ra'enta OE. JOBKf 'N iRIVKPV FOR oSUAWIi; ttUJilH AMD IMPOTIWCT. By (fete mat and loirnaor raaiaay ihImm af iba twin tn apaadiiy earad ana 'rf . aiyar raatarad Tb*u?ndi m tfea Ml nar*naa*nd dabilit?iad. wba bad laat ail bapa. aa<a baao immadiataly raiiaaad. All itapadimant* ta Miirufl. Ptaalaal at Maatal I>tea?attttaUMa, Lata af Pracrai :i?# Pavar. Rtrttaa ImtaMlMf|-id Waxknaaaat Eibaaau?. af tfea ??ai Narfai kind apaaadit* earad ENDOUEM rj*T Of TBS nW THE MANY TMOL1IAN1W ara? *;tfeaa auiiiaan witata tba lait ?Mniaaa tifft, ?d tht oamatoaa m^actat.. Sarr ai aparauaaa parfarmad by Dr jar.uaai , ariti aaaad by tVa I ??J ? ? .?l? W1 Mil ^ ' I J ?<??? ? ? 1 ? f '? 'V ?? ?f worrh b??? intirid ifvr ud >pw ultri lb* piMk, k? ?<1?a bit uniu.f fcUUT. J ? ff%ar?nt?? la :B? tt * DR. i. BOVF.E DOD-8 IMPERIAL W1NF. B1TTEHS, Are now being u?ed from Maine to the <?re*t Haj* Lake, an! the universal verdiot of a. who u?? t cm orlifr m > wrf"i?? ur a* a i* that they are usau'paeeil in the world l?r. iJod* uee't tham au^ooeafully in hi* practice for SS i?ar? we puroh&aed of him the sol* richt to mai.uiaotar* and prefect them for sale to the pub.ic. For the eore of )fiOipient CoiieuinoUon, Intiicetlioti. f>y peoaia, Pile*, Nerr-iua flieea-e*. Female Com plaint*, and all oa*e* '<Mjmnat atotio, wi?*t are beyond dontK a moat iiivnfnal. e rer^ecy. A?ide froua their m^diciaai pr<>pt?rtie? the; are a pure, wh<rfe aoiue detictitfu. Rere-eee. eroductiM n, the p.PAftfciit ?Xilll*'*tin* effects of; Of Win* without their injurious r*e?.ts. I t a.! f'lruO* < f humanity and a..&Jvoc*te? of t?fnpf"*n<*e aasut us in sn;<etituinc theee vauat>ie V?-eei?hle Bitte^a for the mtmrral po >tms artd erfwVfirafs// I t?f> with which Ui? o?uritry is floodm. m:<1 t#ff hj Nfoo'ua It id ban eh'.ng ijiifmc aim DrBrfkeneea from the land. CHARLES* \V I DDI FIELD * CO . Proprietors, 7* Wiiliarr street. New York. J. 8CIWARZE. A teat, WumutKB, D. C. DR. J BOVKF now IMPERIAL QIS BITTEKS, For Dieeases t ftbe Kidneva. H Md?r au<l Urinary irjans. and epptcia.) for Femai* ObetrNctiona. never f?u. to cure, and are warraiiU<d to give naus fvotion. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD ft CO.. Proprietors, 1$ Willtan sr.. N?*w York. J - HU ARZK, J?7 ,T.r A|rent. \\ Mi..i.ttoh. D. C. HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! n MRS. cors IXDIAH TEOETiBl.E VSCOCTIOIf. It ia weli knovr. t;>at in the ? print people are more apt to oontrac! diaeaee thai) at an? oifcer period; isd it i* eqcallt weil-kn<>wn th%' the way to ward off diaeaao ia to keep the blcoti pare, for "all the ilia that fleen ir ti'ir to,** ariae from impart K of the hloo?l, the main aprntc of our ?cict*ooe. ia, therefor, important toail that the avatem ahould be thcroncti'r cleanaed and par.fiec. an?) hia can . e done in the moat effectual im by naint MJi5 M. COTS IXltlAX rhUKTABl li DF COCTION. the beet reirwi* diaoovered lor the c?f? ofdiae??ei of ?km. Eryaipaiaa, $ar<iAila R t<-uma bam, Nervoua Debility, Fever* of different kinda, Dy?pep-?, L:ver Complaint, aud all otaer diaeaaea anaiitc from impurity of 'be b.ood. It h*a efleovJ the moat rema'kahle oi rea. aa oan he ahparn by nomeroua oerufioatea from peraona of the bif beet reapeclability, and ia reoommmded by all who have oa?-d it a? 11^ at invaluable remedial acent of the dar. S^ltla ao!d by all the Drvrnata of Ba. tiro or*, at the reeidenoe of the proprietor. Ml?. M. COX, I?? Kwt 0* umoreatraat. h?tvm K'ieo atreet and Central avenue. None c-nnine unlm h?r rwn? it blown on Ui? bottle and hor uti on the cork. fC^Prio* 31 pr bottle, eix bottlee for ?S. Wke'.rsalt Ajmt. R. S T. Ctmfl. I>ru?(i*t, Georgetown, P. C., Who'mlf Acwlfor tlielh" tnot, *nd will snppj toe trade ax my pnoea. mar 37-tr fJ'H K ALL SVKFIClgNV V1RKK TRIEIENAJt, 1, i?, * ?, fr**n4 i.y Koval Lut?t Pnrmi of Eutlmmd, mm* itruttd by tkt ?<?;.< ?f :k* ErcU it Phfrnmeu <U tmrii. mmd Iks iw^trial C+iiwt NUkiiu. hniM. No. I ia invaluable for exhaustion, Syennaior rh<ra, and ail ?h*?ioal dteabilitiea. No. *4 onmf'etely eradicates all traeaa of thoaa dieeaeea that ha*e been hitherto treated b? fhe dm eoaiaud pernic.ooa cm ofcopanaaod paheba No. 3 tiae entirely aaepianted the uuarioic nee of mercury, thereby in*?mnf to the sogerer apeedr relief, dtepereint all lraenntiee. and rootim oKthe venom ofdi?ea*e. TK 1 b**F.M A R .No*. l .?lan<1 S .are prepared intha form of a ioi?nc?, devoid of tacte uj am*., and ou he Carried is the waiatonat pocket Sold in tin own. and dividfed into aeparate d.aea.aa kium tared by ViImu,JLaCemand. R-ox, Kieord, *?, Priec #3 *aou, or loir own for $9 which ?*vn MX and in fYl oum. whereb? there la a Mnnx of ?. To be bad, vbolaaaieand retail, of Of. BAR ROW. ( 4 Bleecker atraat, !o?r doora below Meboacal atreet. New York. ln.mediai?iy op raoetviac a r* nuttacoe. Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnmmtt to an; fan of tba wor d. aecnre. j packed, aad addrnaaao aooordinxto the iu?tmotioc? of the Writer. *..ld aiao lyr B/CALVEBT FOlP, Jr^W*+CA^afitt?5?arAg5h, bufMi. Hoapitalk, ln'.'rBraeaU or *;&? ?ou Ma all. and, if diapoeaa to profit b* nnjirli', With itam( eco4oa?o. addreaa, m perfect oonl qggggptlHSSSeE"" KOK HTAMPIN# ? A PACKET OF PAPBft |?^ AND ENVELOPES N V TO MATCE. raiABcr MlinilVU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, . PHI LP * SOLOMONS, , A(?nU for 1/WrfLP' ? o?iobr?t?4 blM P>|?< M Metrupo.KM MiTCTa*- * .. Jfc M^U 1M P*. ?*TW *k udlUrta 279 T?5SRE: 206 "NBi*"* BM*l<inlowitb*iti?gti*L J7 ma fnwxlgjal the #?bhc r*LFcaUr to ?u? New ?fc>rr cuc?rWl|?r>j?g?r?s'?^st S? it* ut ordmrt for nywMrOoalMuiM ifhMMn rHfeESKatfWfcSWs IMir

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