Newspaper of Evening Star, July 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 18, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL WE | S. NoTtr* to Washisoto>ia>*.?Those of our fellow-rttiiens leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear in mind that we do not mall The 9tak except after payment In advance at the rate of 37cents per month Tin Bull and Eve?ett De*o*st*atiox at Kakmisgtox Yesterday ?Large Gathering? The Mirylander* Evidently A teak* to the Work of the Camp*ign?EnthmJiastic Endorsement of the Candidate* ?The Bell and Everett ratification demonstration at Farmlngton. Prince George'* county. Md , yesterday, was indeed a grand alftlr, n<i K.. J 1 J * " uavr nw uuiiui wuuiu cumparc WTorsDly with any similar demonstration gotten up in any portion of the country. About 8 o'clock, the Bell and Everett Club of this city, cumbering about'200 persona, marched from their headquarters <>n Seventh street to the steamboat Nnding, wli-rc they took passage on the ?team?-r Phenix. They were accompanied by Withers' excellent band, which discoursed various stirring airs. Sometime previous to the arrival of the procession, a large number had repaired to the boat, where also in waiting was t'rosperi's band The members of the Clnb wore suspended from a button hole of the coat by a piece of blue ribbon a neat little galvanized medal, on one side of which was inscribed the words '-John Bell, the Union Candidate for the Presidency, and on ths reverse side "The Constitution and the Uuion, now and forever " In the proctssion were Y>orne two AmerictB cusigns, above one of which floated a streamer having printed on the one side. In large characters, the inscription. "TheConstitution, the Union, and the enforcement of the laws," and on the <'*i,er, '-Bell and Kverett. the Union cand!H?t?? " On the upper end of the same pole was a mxia.ll bell, arranged *o that the slightest motion of the pole would cause It to jingle The hour of starting having arrived, the boat moved oil' from the landing amid the loud huzzas of those gathered on the wharves, which was heartily responded to by thoae on the boat The band now struck up a patriotic air. and tbe )>oat, by this time fairly started, sped on its way m-ijt-sticsily down the bosom of the noble Potomac, hearing on its deck and in * its saloons young men and old, some of the latter of whom could not have been leas than eighty years of age Ttese venerable old gentlemen were apparently deeoly Interested in the cause which they espoused, and seemed to take as much pride in displaying the little inedal in the button-hole of theircoat. as if it had been awarded them for some deed of valor or valuable service On tbe passage down, the Thenix stopped at Alexandria, to take those on board who lmrf h*??n unable to go on the steamer Gipsey, which had left a short while before Beyond Alexandria, crafts of numerous kinds were fallen in with, plying their way to the designated locality Among others was the packet Flying Cloud, from Georgetown, engaged to bring the Bell and Kvere?t Club of that city. Thus far everything had gone on pleasantly and without cause for dissatisfaction or disquiet to any; but on arriving at the mouth of Piscataway creek, near Fort Washington, where the lilpsey was to meet the Phenix after ita (tilpsey's) first trip to Farmington. and convey the passengers up the creek, (the Phenix being too large a steamer W. n.-cm I1IT nianuw !?I refill. ) JjreiU inCOnveDlrnc? was experienced For fear the Glpsey might not be able to ascend the stream if too large a number were placed on her, It was deemed advisable by the committee to engage the Flying Cloud, which was at the time (tossing near, to convey a portion of them This, it was thought, would without doubt prevent the possibility of b?lng grounded on account of the Gipsev drawiug too much waV-r But It was soon discovered that, even with the limited number on l>oard. in consequence of the low slate of the tide it was lm|tt*4lble for tne boat to make any headway. All were now In a quandary as to what course to pursue. The Flving Cloud bad left with its pasaengers.and in all protiability would not return until evening, unless speedily sent for. Accordingly several small craft were hailed, that information of their condition might be sent to Farmlngton; but all refused to approach the steamer, alleging as a cause that they were afraid of being sunk by a too great number getting in; and each craft perx ltpd In this refittttI ?* ? were made them. Seeing no prospect of reaching Farmington until near 3 o'clock, if they remained on the Oipsey. a? the tide would not riae to a sufficient height before that hour, a request waa made of the pilot (who waa acting as captain in the place of that officer, who was detained at Alexandria through sickness) to allow them the use of the small boat belonging to the steamer This be absolutely refused to do. stating that, as now tbeyiwere on the boat, they would have to remain there until the tidecame up, or themselves secure other means of conveyance. They appealed to him. stating that several of the speakers were on the boat, and it was necetnry for them to reach Farmingtoa at an early hour, and further, in addition to the boat's hiding intolerably warm, on account of its compactness there was no drinking water other than tbe warm river water, with no ice to cool it. The pilot was unmoved by this appeal, aud flrinly adhered to bis determination The committee then resolved to aasuine the responsibility. and take the boat; butonsearch being !lisd?- for oars none ronld h?* found and nn thli project had to be given up. By this time the Flying Cloud," having heard through some of those In the smaller craft which had reached Farmington. of the condition of the "Glpsey," w-* s'-en heaving in sight. Thia of course put an end t<> the Tarioua projects which had been concrived of reaching ttie pla^e of destination otherwise than in the " Gipiey." It was not long before the Flying Cloud" was along sideand filled with pa??engers. The " Gipaey," b?-ing relieved of a portion of its weight, was enabled to ascend the stream, together with the packet On reaching the shore thev were greeted by a round of tbree hearty cheers, and all, on leaving the boats, immediately formed into line, and under the Inspiring music of tbe different bands, proceeded to the place arranged for the meeting. Tbe place selected for the purpose was a shady pot, near the shore, where a refreshing breeze from the river waa constantly enjoyed On arriv Ing there, we found the shore lined with vehicles of every description, and a horse tied to almost every tree ia the vicinity. The stage was tastefully decorated with dags of various descriptions, aud seats provided for the accommodation uf the crowd The fair s?x, though not numerously, ? was well represented in the persons of some of the lovliest of --Old Prince George's" daughters. After the execution of several national airs by the bauds in attendance, the mreting was organized by the election of Dr J H. Bayneas President and Mr Thos A Latimer as Secretary The following gentlemen were then elecetd Vice Presidents:?w. P. Chapman, H. D. Hardest?. C. R. Bealer. R B. Latimer, M. Lyles, iien. Samsel Coe, John Coe, and Capt. G Coe Dr Bavne. on taksni? the chair, made a feur appropriate remarks, during the delivery of which h? was frequently applauded The meeting being fullv organized, L>r Clayton submitted tne following resolutions; wb'eh were unanimously adopted: Whereaa the present state of the political parties r>f the country, unparalleled in its experience, justly excites the frars of the reflecting and patriotic of all parties for the safety, indeed the permanence. of our Union and the hope of freeaom throughout tlie world, we, a portion of the fre<* citizen of the old Commonwealth of Maryland, ia genenl man meeting aMemhled to consult for the public good and devise means to avoid the htavy calamity that threatens the nation and the world, and sincerely believing that such a result can best. if not only, be secured by the election of John Bell as the next President of the nation and Edward Everett as its Vice President, do resolveFirst. That we believe John Bell and Edward Everett, In view of the present condition and relation of all ptrtiM, more eminently fitted to serve the country efficiently and faithfully than any ntK*f <?S r*A#l ' * vo?u>?a?%? uv?* vt-iuic iur propvr, lor UlC high offices of President mod Vice President of the 1'nlted SUM Second. That they are candidate* of an organization fully united, having but one object?the safety and perpetuity of th? Government and the b? at intereata of the people Third That they are men long tried and never found wanting, and all parties believe aud confide in their entire purity and integrity. Fourth That there ia in their creed no dogma, such as alave rode or aqnatter sovereignty, to disturb the sections, but all their prIncipU-s and measures tend to protect and advance the interests of the whole rountrv. Fifth That we will to the best of our ability, and by nil honorable means, endeavor to secure their election, earnestly entreat! ng all good citizens who esteem country aoove party to unite with us, and in so d?1nt( to a#>rve the country and the cause of human liberty throughout the world aud for all time to come I The irst speaker Introduced was Mr. Levi Beardsley, formerly of New York, but now of this ( rlty. Mr Beardsley. though qutte a young man, ts one of the most pleasant and effective popular orators we have heard for a long while Though unexpectedly called upon yesterday, hi* speech displayed the genius and ability of the Individual, and was throughout exceedingly high toned In character His iilutlraMons a id comparisons were apt and excellent, and elicited frequent plaudits from the vast concourse assembled He w<? followed by Dr T G. Clayton and Bamnel Chilton rf this city, J. Dixon Roman of Mass \Vm Geary v( Va, Win. Kid well of Mo , Rlch'd Bowie and Rtrr.ard Hol ey of Md We rwrat that want of snare nreventa onr nlv Jng even a brief aynopala of these addreaaea,which wrre all able and eloquent. Tbe meeting w?a Interrupted fuftfrwmomenU by the rain. wlil.h fell very b>*?vilj for a abort wblte. bat did uot continue long Tbe gathering broke up a few minute* after 6 o'clock, when the VVaablaKtoMiaoa and Alexandrian* repaired to lb?ir respective (tealiter*, and the M irylnuders to tbeir carriages and h^ses. The return trip up tbe river wu a most pleaaaut oue; tbe Leavj aboarer of ralu b >d gieeu a freshness and beanty to th? scenery *m either bank, watch It was quits a irtal to behold. When near Alexandria, Mr. Prardsiry was called upon for a ipeecb, when, In response, he (poke for a brief period tn a most eloquent and interesting manner The party reacted Washington about 8 o'clock, when they proceeded to their Quarters In procession, accompanied by Scbroeaer'g band. The committee nave cause to congratulate themselves for the successful and happy manner in which everything passed off. Pvblic School Kxam-satio*.?The annual examination cf the female department of the Second District Srhool, Mrs. Randolpb, principal. was held yesterday afternoon in the new irhnol hflnw 4 r* J :-4-' -* ,n * .? .ua> umrici. mere wa? a very large attendance of parents and others Interested In the welfare of the schools. Of trustees present, there was Messrs M H Miller. A.XV. MilVer, Fort. Ironside, Holmead.and VVillett, Col Randolph. McKnew: also Rev Pr Samson.Presides! of Columbian College, Mr Hyde, of the Georgetown public schools; and of our own teachers, Messrs J.E and 8. J Thomson, Miss Mllburn, Miss Lucy Randolph, Miss Ward, Miss Kate i Sanderson. Mrs. Myers, Miss Mlddleton, and others. The examination was conducted urlftcl- 1 pally by Messrs Fort, Ironside, Holineaa. Mrs. i Randolph, and Mr J E Thompson The pupils i were examined duriug the stay of our reporter in I rttfLfli HIT * -? ?... |;rainuiar. QI)U I<iiTllll<ir fc" 1* ] enc*. and exhibited ereat intelligence. In read- | lug especially, the bibber rlaitt* were admirable and evinced much improvement; their correct I pronunciation of words, distinct articulation, i and careful observance of punctuation, were t them<s of high approbation by the trustees. 1 Surely no stronger compliment could be paid to their excellent instructress, tban that bestowed i upon her by her lirst and second classes in read- | lng. in the perfection tbey manifested in that one < branch of their studies To read well implies I intelligence far beyond that which is necessary to t the spelling out of words; it implies a general I knowledge of language, of grammatical con- < stru-tion, a familiarity with literary usages The tirst class in grammar was examined by Mr. J 1 I", Thompson, who gave them for an exercise t in parsing the well-known soliloquy of Cato, a i fair subject by which to test their scholarship I Mr. T gave the examination a practical turn i which had the effect of placing the pupils at heir i ease, and thereby drawing out their capabilities i in a manner creditable to their understanding 1 They analyzed complicated sentences, corrected false syntax, were ready with a reason for all cor- < rectioiit. and, in line, manifested a shrewdness i and correctness of judgment equal to any pupils 1 of their years we have ever seen At various in- 1 tervnls the whole school sang, under the direction of their muMe-master, Mr. J. H. Daniel, several beautiful melodies and part songs, in good tune I and taste Mr. James 1-awrenson, a newly- ' elected trustee, contributed material aid to the 1 cause of education, throughout the afternoon, by i a liberal distribution of ice water to the thirsty.' i * i Yovxg Mh's Cheistias Association.?The following Is a synopsis of the proceedings of their ] meeting, held on Monday evening last: < The President stated in his report that the Mis- i sion !*chool-House, No 2, on English Hill, had been considerably damaged I j ? ? ? w-wv ???? av mr boys, and that the board of managers had decided to remove the building to Capitol Hill for the use of Mission School No 5. Thf 44 t'lilon Pulpit." a book of sermons for the benefit of the Association, has just been published Since their last meeting, Mr. Jerome P. Chast had resigned his position as their recording sec- 1 retary, he having removed from the city, and Mr. 1 George H. Twiss had been elected to fill the vacancy. but who is now absent from the city. Dr. J M Grvines had also resigned bis place on the board, and Mr Geo. F. Gulick elected to supply the vacancy. 1 The President then read a feeling letter from their late worthy secretary, Mr. Chase, in which he urged the members to be faithful in the dls- 1 charge of every Christian duty, and always to stand up for Jesus. The Association unanimously passed a resolution tendering their thanks to Mr. Chase for his ' faithful and efficient services as secretary, and thnt he should have their prayers for his personal | welfare and for bis contiuued exertions In the cause of Ch'ist in his distant home. Mr. D. P Hickling was elected an associate member. Preaching !s still continued at tbe Asylum, and the meetings areyrowing In Interest. Kev. Messrs Proctor, P. I, Wilson, Morsell and Westwood J hav?* ifiltipiali'H Hn?in<r ? *L U'XIIIK ?uc pasv lll'Mlill. The Association have established a prayer meeting at Waugh Chapel, (Capitol Hill.) which is hr-ld every Sabbath afternoon at 5 o'clock; also. ( one in the First Ward, which is held on Friday , night Both of these meetings are Increasing in interest. Another one is expected to be started | shortly In the neighborhood of the " Twenty Buildings." Criminal Coc*t?Yesterday Joseph Rivers (colored) was tried and found guilty of stealing ( three rings and two watches from Herz Hotter, and was sent to the penitentiary for Ufteen months John J . Simmons, alias John King, was con- | virted of stealing a $20 note from James Needle, and sent to the penitentiary for twentv-two monitiS Mr. McXair, counsel for the detente in the case 1 of Thomas Hardiman, convicted of stealing a ham from Mr. Ptleuger in the Center Market, sub- I mltted a lengthy argument in support of his motion for an arrest of judgment and a trial of the case, which was overruled by the Court, and the prisoner sentenced to nine months in the county Jatl To day ?The Court took up the case of the I'nited States agt. William Love, in which the defendant was cnarged with an assault and battery on T. Ferry, on the 4th of July. This case was pending when our report closed. Accident to a Washixgtomiax.?We find in 1 the Schenectady (N. Y ) Star the following account of a serious accident which occurred In , that place to Mr. Jarnea G. Johnson, of this city: ' Mr Jas U. Johnson, a young gentleman from Washington, (son of Pr. Lorenzo D Johnson.) who has been studying with Prof Stanton for a I short time past with a view to entering college at the commencement of the next term, met with a 1 : J A _ A At ? * * tau acnufni a? loe railroad depot last evening j IJl>erty street was blocked by a freight train, and a number of foot passengers passed through between the cars while they were standing still. Mr. Johnson attempted to pass, and placed bis ' foot on the link connecting two cars; the train { just then backed up. and bis foot was caught between the bumpers, completely crushing the bones of the front part of the right foot so that amputation bec?me necessary. Dr. Vedder took i off tbe crushed portion of the foot, leaving the 1 heel and ankle, and it is hoped that they will be 1 saved, although tbe liesh is badly lacerated and , bruised. We are glad to learn that Mr. Johnson is now doing well." The Washington A^cedcct.?Orders were i issued yesterday afternoon by the Secretary of 1 War for tbe recommencement of the work on the Washington Aqueduct. Captain Meigs will continue to exerciae a supervision over the work, see that it is done according to his plans and esti- < mates, disburse the money for accounts, certifl ?c., ana may, if neceaaary, employ a draughtsman and a clerk Capt H \V Renbam, | of tbe Engineer Corps, an officer of considerable | experience - nd intelligence. ha* been assigned to , the poat of Chief Engineer of thia work He ia to 1 perforin, generally, the dutiea of constructing engineer, and under the direction of the Secretary of War will appoint bis assistants, clerks, laborera, A.c., and have the chief management of the ' work. i Failcre to Ovkbtake Fcoitt ?The officers who were employed to follow on the track of | Kugitt have returned, having failed to overtake him. They took the little steamer Geo W. Rigga, very poorly provided with fuel, and not in good aatling condition Fugitt, it la said, started in a row boat Saturday nitfht about eleven o'clock, not an hour after he had been at the house searched by officers Allen, Wiae. and Justice Donn. Hia < aim seemed to be to make for a vessel in which were some of hla friends with whom be would be aafe He ia aaid to have slopped about fifteen minutes at tbe coal wharf in Alexandria, and from tbenee started down towards the Maryland shore. Tbe officers followed as far aa Sandy Point, boarding and searching veaaels in the river, aearcblng tbe creeks and shorea as they went, but without succeas They returned yesterday. Thb Niw Guard iter* i TtiU KniMUo i? lowly progressing toward completion, and^bis fjrt will give assurance tiiat when completed, the building will be a substantial structure, and i*rfrctly suited for the use to be made of it It bits been said tbat it Is rapidly approaching completion; tbis Is so if we understand the meaning to be. as rapidly as it can be done to be a good jjt?. But tbe contractors are men tbat will not be forced to hurry toetr work at the risk of their established reputation as builders. Bodiks Fol'xd.?TU bodies of the two young ladies, nieces of Mr Urant Harris, who were drowned with him bv the upsetting of a boat, tn which they were Ukiitg a sail on tbe Potomac last week, were recovered between twelve and one o'clock on Sunday, and taken to tbe late resideuce of their uncle to be prepared for interment. The drags were then put in operation to recover tbe l>ody of Mr Harris, with what success we have not learned. m nc-sic ior uk mikii oi me poor, at Analoatan l*)aod, on Monday, under the auspices of the Society of St Vincent of Paul, was a very pleasant and well ordered affair, but was not aa aa ttahould have been, taking Into con iteration lta object. We return our acknowledgements to tbe Society and to the gentlemanly proprietor of tbe Retreat, Mr. Kerr, for courtesies extended to our representative* on tbe occasion. A Bust, nearly if not quite life-size, of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for tbe Presidency, may be aeen by calling at Philp k. Solomons' bookstore, on Pennsylvania avenue It 1* by Vol*, the auae sculptor' who produced the buat of the Hon S A Douglas. la 1.11WII to multitudinous inquiries, "Ites" would state that Mrs." I tea" Is "as well as could b? expected " Ahem' ?glrl. ASSrAL RkPOHT OF thk C0*mim10ntr<? OF j thk Washington Aulu*.? From tbis report, ! which was transmitted to the City Councils on Monday night, it appears th;it the inmate* of the , institution are rather cosmopolitan in the'r con- ' stituencv, there being scarcely- a foreign country, State, or Territory no* thereiu represented. The following is a svnop?is: The amount of money drawn by the commissi oners, during the current vear Slu 3ti5 43 The amount of payments 12.119 91 Balance due Bank of Washington... SI,614 43 and Ihere remain* nnHni?n ,v-~ ? vft <uc amuiiiii aj'pru* priated by the Councils, the turn of fc2.5<>0. The total amount of the expenses for the Asylum for the past year ia S11.8S5 S3 Amount appropriated is 10.000 00 i Showing a deficiency of *I,HK5 In the appropriation, for which provision is asked | at the earliest practicable time, in order that the creditors of the institution may be paid Kast year the commissioners asked an appropriation of 10,000 at likely to meet the expenditures, but circumstance* which they could not control have rendered the sum inadequate The number of Inmates has been larger than ever before, and lartfe numbers of vnur l?Vu>rincr mon ?..? .. -J? f> ? ptoyment, owing to the non-appropriation on th? part of Congress for the public works in this city, bas doubtless contributed to this result. The lverage number In the house per month during the year ending May 31, 1859. was 12?>; whilst for the year just ended the average was 142 per month I'he actual cost for the support of this additional number of persons and with the increase of the price of provisions would make more than the liff'erence in the expenses of the two period* Last year the price of beef was II) cents per pound, this year it has been < cents, an advance of several ' hundred dollars. The present contract is for 5'^ i :ent?. Within the last year extensive Improvements aave been made about the grounds and in the in- 1 :erior 01 the building. I'nder appropriations two < sarlors for the accommodation of visitor* have i :>e^n well furnished. commissioners' ntiice* fitted jp, new furnaces, ice., outside; new, handsome ind substantial paling f??nce around nearly the whole extent of the grounds. The grounds have t>een leveled, traded, and laid out in walk*. Ac. rhe value of this labor in grading. Sc.c., alone i* ?ertifled to be worth about ?4.300; which, with Dther advantages, has certainly saved the corporation At the same time the gardens, icehouse*, Ac, , were all well attended to as usual. The total sales for vegetables amounted to 8651 19 1 During the year there were also provided thirtvtwocotllns.sixty-six grave* and thirty-two shrouds The intendant and matron are highly commended by the board, as also the physician and resident itudent. Mr King, the excellent gardener, is al*o referred to in term* of high praise The dairyand cows have yielded durine the year 1.005 gallons of inilk and 180 pounds of outter. There has be*?n fed on the farm hmn u'?iuhinn I rrm 1 ,a" n V IK, u ug , f VT** |n>ltllU9) I 1 1 W cart load* of Ice are boused This report is accompanied with tables exhibiting the number and kind of garments manufactured in the asylum Ckstral grahdhotrsk Casks.?Mary Kerner made her bed in the market-house last night, contrary to law, and was lined IS for so doing. Win. Garner, drunk, disorderly, and fighting; line and costs. 111.15. Nathaniel Henry, do; dismissed. Ann Smith, stoning Iibium ?3 !5 Michael Kairy, drunk and disorderly; do. S- 15. Michael Flinn, do ; do $2.15. Thi disputation between "Thomon." the "Admirer of Good Music,'' and "Pro Bono Publico,'" on the kind of music which should l>e executed at our Promen-ide Concerts, ts becoming too prolix for our columns, and, while we are an '-admirer" of th*-ir pluck. th? boitum publicum" requires us to "shut down" on their effusions Sudden Death.?Rich'd Young, Esq .a highly respectable citizen, died on Friday morning. after a few hours' illness, at his homestead, in Prince George's county, Md , near Washington city He had attained the age of t>8 years For more than thirty years he held a position in the otllce of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the U. S. Senate. Dangerous Sport ?On Sunday morninc. two lime lads were at play on Sixth at . one having a cross-bow The other. Thomas Nardil), offered to stand target. Lad No 1 let go, driving a nail through the upper part of young Narden'i nose. Dangerous play, that. Mayor Berret. we learn, left the city yesterday on a two weeks' visit to the North The Mayor's ottlce will hp Ailed In the interim by YV. T. Dove. Ksq , President of the Board of Aldermen. The McKrndrkr Scndav School go on a irrand steamboat excursion toGlymont to-morrow. For particulars see their advertisement in another column Thr National Guard Battalion announce the completion of their arrangements for a grand pir-nlc at Arlington Springs, on Monday next, the 23d inst. See advertisement in another column Consumers of Gas, In the city, will find an Advertisement of interest to them in another column. it being about the inspection and sealing of gas meters. Contractor* will And nrnntnait fnr 9 _ - ? | U JSJKf Ui furni?bSng and putting up iron ceiliaijs at the Capitol, advertised for in another column. IIoLLOwtT'i Pills.?Indigestion, Stomach and Liver complaints. These m<*licines vrnl cure the must coufir mod case* of ?1 > spepsia and disorders of the stomach and liver. Th?'v iiave restored more suffering uyspeotios to actual and permanent health than all the other epherineral "'specifics" ututil. They have stood the test of fifty years experience. They increase the app -Lite, invigorate the utomach Mid purilv the liver. In bowel complaint* thfy are equtliy efficacious, and fir ?icK ami nervous headaches they stand unrivaled. Sold by ail l>i ik?is's, at iini ,bA)., and .* 1 per box. jy I31w oxygkmatkn bitser* ts kcrofk. From Rev. I. Doolittle, a highly respectable clergy man. I'aris, November 1,1852. Dear Sir : About two year* *inc? I made u*e of a Tew !>ottle? of your Oj-utenitui Bitt'rx, for a Mom *ch c mplaint. winch wan at that tune relieved. since my #t*y in EmcIaimI and Franc*, i have found my old enemy?irritability < f the stomach? returning attain. I have not found any prescnption to afford me relief, and I msde inquiries in l,oiiiioti for your Orytmated Hitter*, but could not find any. I write now to beg you will do ine the , nrnu, uj mo earnest steamer 10 Havre, (m l & dozen bottles. An old frieml of mine in Kugland, Captain Jackson, of the British Army, 1 found, on iny arrival, ; millering from anthma, malifestly th? result of dys- i peptia. ^ond an itional half a dozen bottles; t should like to have the Captain try the medicine I am not aware that my name is known to you I have been the resident clorg> man for some twenty-three years in rShTbroo* and Lennoxville, Cauitda c a t, to which charge I hope to be able to return in the spring. I remain,dear sir, your obedient servant, L. Doolittlk. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for Rale by/. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr., Jr. B Wnite, (}. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn A, Palmer, Wash i ington; and by dealers everywhere. jy 12-lw,r Evkry Summkr the demand for HosteUer'a Cele ; hrated stomach Bitters increase. It is found to be the only certain preservation of bodily strength luring a period when the atmosphere is calculated ' to inJuce a teeling of lassitude and indigestion. The worst cases of Diarrhoea and Dysm.tery give , way to its potent Innumerable p?isons, , who are now alive and well, must thank the discoverer of this preparation thatiney have not been swept away in her harvest of deatn The Bitters la recommended by the best physicians in the land. This is the best evidence of its rial vaiue. because, a* & general thing, the; will not sp^ait a wonl in favor of a iverti <ed propa ations. They i have t*>?-n compelled to ack< ovrlt <ikr* t?o claims of this Bitters upon the community, So <1 l?j ail dugguta. jy 9-eo3t TO COMStTMPTlVM. Quern'i Cod Livtr Oil Jelly. Thia great specific for Consumption is fast supsroedmg all others in its curative effect* upon those afflicted with tuberoular diseases. Prepared upon highly scientific principles of the pure oil, and robbed of the nauaeoua taste of the pWn article, it is received into the stomach in its jellified form, without mastication, and ia gradually dissolved and digested, passing into the small intestines drop by drop, supplying the waste* of the body by ita nutricious properties, and thus assisting and sustaining nature in overcoming the disease Approved by the New York Aoademy ol Medicine, and reooinmeuded br the faoulty verywhere. this reparation ia confidently offered as a remedy for Consumption and ail Scrofulous affections Sold by ClwLes Stott, Washington, and by ftll respectable druggists. Prioe 91 per bottle rsnroLD, Farkbr a Mown. No. 1# Bwkmks atreet, New York, mar 16-3m Wholesale Agenta. Mas. Win*Low,an sxpenenoed nmraeacdlemaie pajaioian. ha* a Sootmnt Syrup /or Childen Ttt ?Aint, which great) y facilitate the proceaa of teething by aoftemug the guma, reducing all inflammation? vill allay all pain, and ia aure to recuiate tne bowela. Depend upon it. mothera, it will give reat to youraelvea. and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly aafe in all oaeee. 8m advertisement in another oolumn. oo 11-ly Ltoh'b Magnktic Insect Powdkh Exterminate* Bed Uuca, Roachea, Tieka, Ante, Garden Iuaecta, Ac. Jt contains no Poison lton'a M agkxtic Pill* Are Certain Death to Rata and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9-Sin ' Barrt'b TaicopHKRova ii tne dni ana on?ap<>at artiole ror Oreaaing, Beufifying, Claanting, Carlinf, PrNtrrmi and Restoring th? Hair. I^adiM, try it. Sold l.y a!l Drug gut* and Perlumera. mar 12-Cm Pbniii*a.?Peraona desiring Penniea will alvara *ml th?m fnr TCh*ni# at th? Sf*r Oflno nr*ttTttor. DIBD, In Georgetown. on the 17 hinatant. in theSri yea * nUi.I.J I iULU ..... ,,f ?h- I -?- T /"VI ?-_ VI ? * Anauwt *v? v* ??w tObO A W LWUQU* gbu*. Hn funeral will take place on Wednesday eve run*, at 5 o'clock, from the reaidenoeof hia mother. No. 99 Pint ?t.. Georgetown. Oa th? 16th instant, at Milroy, Mifflin count*. Pa , Mr JAME9 C- DELLETT, formerly a reaident of thu city. On the 17th inet.. JOHN ELLIOT, infant eon of Jae. W. and Lime Spalding, age : 3 month* and 6 , 0 GEORGETOWN. C^rrif?nd*ntt / 1*4 &i*r Geoboktows, July 13,1HSO. The Potomac I.igbt Infantry. Opt McH lln!lin^sworth commanding, were out last night in f-ili^ue dress for the purpose of drilling, and attracted a great deal of attention by their neat and ?oldte--like appearance. Halting at the corner of Hish and Prospect sts , a large crowd of ladies and gentlemen soon gathered, and witnessed with pleasure their martial exercises. It was remark* ti that t K 1? maroV?<n/T *tm? ? - ?. .. ? "o ?n? cmuuiuic?niiriy siv better than that of the national Rifles at the same place last week; and if the proper spirit inl mates them, we see no reason why they should not attain to a position equal to that of any corps In the countrv The officers are gentlemen of spirit and ability, and only need to be seconded in the right direction by harmonious action and m'litary zeal on the part of the members. Our Citizens generally are very favorable to the company. and hope yet to see a battalion here, equal to compete with auv similar organization elsewhere The drill will be repeated next Tuesday night, we believe. We regret to record the death, yesterday morning, of a young and energetic business man. Mr J atrip* (riktnaa^ ^*1 ^ , ?? uv bui wrruru inn laiufr. the late Timothy O'Donoghue He wm a gentleman of strict Integrity, wa? public spirited, and rbaritable. and had made many friends by b.s frank bearing and social manners Smoked ^iass is in demand this morning, and many bright terrestial ey?* are in a tottl eclipse watching the partial obscuration of old t*ol. The present interruption to navigation, caused, it is said, by the leak at Dam No 5. makes busiue*? very dull along the canal We hope to s-e the boats coming in again sometime this week, as the delay is ssid to be only temporary. Our citizens this morning are agreeably excited hl? thP nimnr ?*l> !/ !' ??ai ??a.l .1 ? ?? ?* ? j *?un j;rtiiiru ^rurrai crfapiK'f, lUfll order* have been issued for the immediate pr<?s"cutlon of the work on the Washington Aqueduct, under the superintendence of Captain Meigs AUCTION SALES. ty For other Auction Sales, see first pae?Uf A. (}R KKN. Auctioneer. SAKE OF SHOW CASKS*. AND STORK Fixtckbs at Avction ?On sATl' R I) A V, the 21st lust . at in o'clock a. m .1 shall sell, on Seventh street, n^xt to the corner of K street, viz:? 1 Large Snow Cases Counters, She vuig, Windows. Doors. Ac., to The attention of those wanting to fix up places fnr KlliinAae will fi ?rl ;? aW-..- ?-J " 1 ,v. ? *(! uuu ib vu vucir (kUVftlllUKO IU &l tend the sale. jy 18 d A. GRKHN. Au^t. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. SALE of HORSES. CART* ahd WAGONS at At'CTiox.?On MONDAY", the 231 6 o'cioek p. m . 1 shall sel'. at the Statile of John K etcher, at the corner of 4'h and 1 street*, north, h* following Stoc?. namely:? 3 first rate work Horses, 2 nAw Carts, made to order. 2 a -cond h nd do. ana Harness, 1 Huggy. 1 Plough. 1 Stone Wagon. Ac, Term#: All sums of and under H2-< cash; over that amount, a credit of 2,3. and 4 mouths, tor ap proved endorsed notes, bearing interest. jy I'l d A. GREEN. Anct. By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO .Auctioneers. Rl*8TEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE.PROP - eh i i ^ai hol niLL? nn h K I DAY AK TKR.NOON, August lOlii, at 6 oxiock, on the premises, bv virtue of ? deed of trust, dated November 2kl. 1155, and du y recorded among the lar d records of Washington county, I sha I ?e.l th* ^astern p*rt of Lot numbered seventeen, in square numbered seven hundred and twenty-Din-*, fr nti?g i ?. nty seven feet on Hast Capitol street, betwe?n Kiri<t arid Second street* ea>t, running back e'ghty six leer three inches, together with the improve menu thereon. A 11 conveyancing at the cost of the purol.ater. Terms: One h& f cash; balance in 6 and 12 in >nths, wi h interest, secured by a deed o! trust on the nrope ty. JOHN HF.PR1RN. Trustee, jy l eoJtds J, C NciiUIRGk CO., Auots. THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW By J. C. MoGUIKE A CO., Auctioneers ri^O pi.umhkr8, FOUNdkr!4. A.c ?Acctio* i sale nr i'oxdkmnkdsix inch w'atkk fii'k? and Hrasohk*?On WKUNKSUAY AF''r.KN'OON, J u y 18th, at 6 o'clock, at Morgan A. r hinehart's Western Wharves, we shall sell in lots to suit:? M Cast-iron W?tt*r P n? c i - * - - -- _ .. .. ..vv. I a (|-VD, IIIWII CO ill UiflIII9U}[ , in 12 feet lengths, 45 Branches, Jrc\, viz: 12 Reduoers.6 to 4 inches; 5 Fourw???, ti by 8 iuoh?s; 13 'I s. fi by 6 inches; 14 T's. 6 by 4 inches; and 1 Bend, 45 decrees. These pipes are of the v?ry best quality, many of thein very slightly defective, and ail of them suitable for drain pipe Term*: ?50 ai d under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes hearing imerest jy'2d J. C. MeGUIRF. A CO , Aucts. By A. ORKEN. Auctioneer. 2r BARRELS UNION OLD RYE WHISKEY. tl At AuotioNi on TUURt?l>av m()kn- J ING. the 19th mst, I shall sell, at in o'olock am, in front of my Auction Store. 25 bbl? Union Old R>e Whisky. reciv-*d per consignment. and will b" sold to the highest b Jder. It u a good article. The attention of Restaurant, Hote* k-epersand all otrler l.iquor dealeis is retpectfu'Iy invited to the sale. Te'iriK A!! sums under <25. oa<h: over a credit of 60 a .il Mi dsys, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. * >"i at the same tiim I shall sell for cash, 21 voi rf the National Intel i fencer. weil hound 111 half year uum'jc rs, co::s-cuive f^om ?827 to 1837. jy 16 (Con.) A. GREEN, Anct. By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO., Auctioneers. (GOVERNMENT SAI.K OF LUMBER, HUM, I* *c. at THK IRKAHRV ExTKHSION.? (Ill THURSDa V. Juiy 19th, at 12 o'clock m., 1 shai s" ii, iii front of the Tieieury Ext naion, in lots t > suit? A auantitv of old l.iimlwr P!?nV? R Terms c'asn, in ?pe^ie. "j'he Lumb'r to be re moved immediate!} alter the na'.e S. M CLARK, Act'g Engineer in charre Treasury Drpart jjr 16 3t J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct*. ______ A GOOD WET NURSE WANTED. Apply at 404 Sixteenth street, between I and K. jy 18 3-? Waited immediatklv-a wet NURSE. Apply at Dr. R. K.STONE'S, or lOT Pa.arena*. j; IMS* Wanted?a. whit* woman. u? mmi housework. Alio, n white ItlRI/, 14 or 15 rears of a<?*. as nurse. Apply at Exchange Hotel, C ?t References required. jy IK 2t* WANTED, \ SITUATION, by a iaijr.tocook. ?* w??n mu iruo, in ouy or oounirr. Apf.> No J90 \> w \ >i.k avenue, between u'tii and I3lti ?t?. _jy j8-H* WANTKO-SITI ATIONS, by two girls?one as cook, w&<her and iroaer ; th? other ai nurse or seamstress. Good references given. Apply * *0 Sixth st., between H and I sts. It* ' WANTED?By a neat and respectable white girl, sixteen years American by birth, a SITUATION as chamber mud; would i>mke herself generally useful about tiie house. Address for three davs through the Po?t Office. "I., W D" jy 17-3t* r'OOK WANTKD?A GOOD COOK. \Va<her. > and Iroier. is wanted in mediately, at 1*2* Washington st., Georgetown. Satisfactory recommendations required, and good wages given. Per bv?ib in ?* <*aiuiigiAJii may appij me ^i?r UIRO^. jy 17-St WANTED?A WOMAN, to perforin tie-dune* of chambermaid No one njed apply who cannot brine a recommendation from ht?r laot p ace. Inquire at Eckington, two nulea north of the Op itol. jy 17 W ANTED-A *ood WHEELWRIGHT Go-d wa<en an.l ?t.-ad> (-mployinent. Inquire on Eleventh stieet east, mar Navy Yard Bridge, to (i. F. D- SO PER. jy lb 3f WANTED?A HOM E on a farin, by two stout boy*. 14 and 16 years of age ; are used to workins on a farm. Severa fine large Rooms to rent cheap to a good tenant. Apply at No. 230 went Seventh street between m and n. jy 6 3t* WANTEi>_By a stead; and industrious man. a situation as collec'or. Best of recoin nrrndations given. Address M. C., Star Office. jyu-tf LOST AND FOUND Lost july it-a green-back collection book, on the Bank of Metropolis, containing three notes?one drawn by George Arnold, sixty days, for l?$)0, endorsed by H. W Till.-y and myself: one drawn bv Charles Klotz, at sixty days, for S31'50, endorsed hy myself; the tnird note is tot recollected. Supposed U? 1m? dropped near the wo*t Capitol sate. Ail persons are cautioned aKsniMt negotiating for the same. \ suitable reward will l>e rant if reomreil noon their deliver* tome. r 8. P. RANKt.IN, jy IB 3t Corner of 9th and D ?treeta. q* z r E vva rd.?Strayed or stolen Irorn the ?ubigf?J Hcitkflr on the 5th inst., & da k Brow n er\ MARE, blind in the left eye and a ttar in *j the forehead, and the fore top very phor ;-^^-^^ her hind feet both nacked. I will'g ve the above reward to any one for information so that get her atain. On north B at., between 6th and 7th ots., East. jy 17 St* WM. beach PERSONAL. Any person knowing tub whereabout*of inv wife, Bridget Ky in. who wa* in the city of New York whe . la?t heard of. will confer a great j&vor by transmitting tlM Mine to me. jy 18-at* J VQ. RYAN. Wa-htnuton. [). C. This js to forewarn all persons from trusting my wifc, Ann Lav?g>i. on my aoeonnt, as 1 will not pay any debtt of her contrasting. iy U-k? JOHN LAVK/ZI. MADAM K MORR1CK, TUH Great AstbuloOI?T AMD DoCTRRSS, jutt from Eurapn.-T *is hi*nly |ift d and intelligent iauy oaa be consulted on the Pa?t. Preventaod Future EmiU. 0m.i1 at No. #05 Twenty - second street, between H and 1, Washington. je tfr Sm" IN0 * SON8' flAKOai, b??? ' rm,JohN F. ELLIS'S. SO0 Pa. it. AMUSEMENTS. T ODD FKLI.OW8* HALL' " iHUHSiUY EVANISH. /?'? is. AN'UTHKR MAGNIFICENT SHOWLR cr 30 RKAl'TIFl'L GIFT!*! For th* patrons of the M I" SEl'M OF ART _ Consisting of Gold Watch*?. i^upcrn oi mlvi* PUTtD Will, 1> autiful silver l*t.AT*r> I'rcit Ba?rkt. Jiwriry.H iRiR.Ar.Ao Tickets of admission, to alt part* of the hai , onW 25cts.; for s?a!?* at H. Seniken s, No 3*0 1'a av , wh'rp tii. present* ruay fx* s?en. I)i>ors i pen at half past 7 ; aotntr.cnce at E. j> I" PRF.K comckktn: iRNST 1<OKFFI<KR< Vw York nt-'nv*. ht ticttn 1*1 and 24 would resBe?tfuU? s'ate to the public ?hat A CON^r.RT oflJH Kl.KCT MU!*IO will be Riven emt \|?>N V DAY and TMl'RjiDAY F.VKNINiiS d?nnt the season, at hia I'avi ion. oom-nenoing at S o'clock and ending at lo m Previous to th? Conoert. a.i- ? ? - -*? mic ontvnui iw npcu IU inOBf GOIirillC W Wrni6 ??*? a few hours in the ma*y dance. ICK. CREAM. WA'I'KR ICES, and every netcriftum of CONFECTIONERY a; way a ready at city pr ces. Partiea deairmj the Gardena for Pic N'ic pur poaea. are requested to (i?e a day or two notioe. je 13 3m ______________________ EXCURSIONS, PIC NlCSJfccT Ho: TOR OLTMOMl GRAND GALA DAY! HECHABITES l\ THE WtELI' WEDNESDAY, Jtly <*. i M OI" N I' Vl'RVdV TI" vT v .>n? I-.I - - - _ . . ... . . . ??. . . . 1 ?<?. *? I '"III J'*- u * deat Order of Kechatntea. I*v ,ne 11 ' completed t-ianiioiiii'iitt <>n a has nihcent scale. now take pleamre announcing to their f'i?mI? and the ptif?iif that tkf) , will give their Pik' Annua! I'ic \i>- Excur- , nan to <>lt moril?h. Wednewtav. Jult iMh Biil> Withers' InwM'W rtac lla-td ImkMa mnjedforthc <" < ? ion. Meala an.I refreshments. i Ac., furnished bf the proprieto n wiio pledge them | selves to k->ep the Bar closed for the enti e da> a?d evenne The steamer Phenix will leave liTWlia-f. foot ol 6th street, in the morning at 8 o clock. H'ac den'* wharf. Navy-Yard, at 8'*. and Vlcxandf la at 9 o'clock. In the afte*noon, leave 6th street at Navy Yard 2l-?. a-<l Al'-xand la at 3 o'cisak,rm- I turning a' *ea? ?naMe hoirs Omeibuseit will leave the Northern Markethouae and corner of Pa. av. and 7<h street a* 1% a. m. and I** p. m. Tickets *t. adiiiitiiut a gentleman and ladi?a; to ' Ih> had of 'he Committee. or at the L>oat on the day of excursion. Com mittee, W G Vernon. Win T French. F M Brad!e? TCSinrh. J LKidwf'l. jy 184>t* i SUNDAY SCHOOL EXCIESION AND PIC NIC. The elegant, commodious and staunch steaTer St. Nicholas having been eha-tered i'i >m for the purpo*". the Sun^aN Sohool^^^Kg^^ ofth^ METHODIST CHI 'RCH, South,accompanie I hv Pro?peri's ba?d of music, will give their Actinai I': c Nig to Gl, Y MONT on FRIDAY. th<w7;h met. Th?* boat wii! leave Ri ejr's wharf (foot of 11th stre.-tlai o'clock a. m.. and return In 7!* p. ni Ref eshments will l>e supplied l?y a competent , caterer, and no pa: s will !? spared to render this ofra?ionan agreeable one to all Wiioshall participate. The ' hoir its increase! ?trength. wiM ?<!.; i lite p asure ?.f ttie aiiair a rfch<-ar?al of suitable vocal music. The School. preceded b? the band, will leave th* Church, oil ftth ft , at 7 o < iovk : an I. for t1 a n inodatl?a of such families as m?i d. Mre to rile, omnibuses will rave the co-ner of Pa avenuear.1 7th Kt at the same hour, and will be at the w1 art at tli r?-tuir. of tbo boat Tickets, for adu!ts. tf* cts t ch'lJren, 2i .-t? : to !? P'o<-iired froin the officers and t a<'h?r- <f trie Makaal " D?- - - - * " * ?i??? f%i. n L/IUK i?n? , /in aim n Rih.; J. Geo. Adam*', 7th and I. *tR.; * d T. J. Maeru I > t?'or of either of the (ollowiui. Committze of Arrnntrrn'mis. I W.T Smithsou.K H Tuck?r, Warren Choate, ' Kol>'r I ?rael, Job. L>o;;s. S H. Latimer H. F. Z>iaeriMn, jf 1* .21,24 \100N LIGHT I'.Xl l H^lOV t ? GL V MONT MONDAY, Jii v 30. An Kxcurnoii Party i ina-ia^e.) ft* a Comu tte? ' ol Printer*) will leave Wa-hinfiton n ~ for ?.i?noiit .in the i tli in.<t.nit. it tiio steamer ThomhsCoi LVkK : hoai 1 1 1 to If ave her wharf at 3 o'cl< ek p in. prcenelv ; retnrtun<. leave Uly iiiont at 10 o clock. NimiiI?t ? f ticket* 1 nut-d. ** lthers' music wi'l t>e in attendance. Tickets ONE DOLLAR ; to lie had o( Win R. McLean. Win. \I. licit. J< iin II. Cunningi-a-n, Ilar.-..-i !larna-<1. Jc?.o J i, V ?, K . i n?. W. Schell.and Sam'l Culve well. j? I".?!! } J* |_ju M>K THIS HASH F I L BUYS! FIRST (1R\N|) KXCFRSION of the Ban ful Club will take r.aee a' GL'N Jl ? . MOM PAVILION. M<>M)AV.fc^6W i Aurii't 6^h. The OollTer ha* be-?n encased. Tick'-tn 91. a-im'ttinR gentleman ami ladies. Withers' hra>? and string hand has heen en<ae<vl for the occatnn. By order of the Committee It* EKP THE MUSIC AGOING! Ho! roit THI TABLK KOI li Am>oCIAT!ON The in?ml>erM <>t tne A??oci%tion most rp*p??c!fu;<} announce to their num ruu* fiiends ami tiie pu! :ic tt- nera. v. ' at t WmK'** Fourth Gram! I'll' \l<" * . 1.. k> W W> piac Til !'RSI>A V. JuIt 19. at Mr. i. trant sGRKF.N SPRING PA I LION. Tick, n i't cent*, a Imittiiu a Z'*r t nmn an?t la' ':e?, to :e had at ali the rextaurai T? in Gemgrtovn. Tnebw-t of cotiilun iiiumo in att *ti *a:,c'?. Hjr order <?| the Committee. jy 17-it rrii NATIONAL GUARP BATTALION ' I take pleasure in a mm; ci-iz to their #4 frien<is, military aad civic, that a' iang<-menti ' are complete for a gran t INC Nil" at AR-/11 1.1 NG TO\ SPRING on MON OA Y,2Jd in?t UN* Wither*'hra** and string hand are engaged, a <1, i . i ! lilion to fine mumc, good daicinj and expe- | rr need floor manager*. the follow, ig gentlemen I lia\ * vpt* kiii'1 It accepted an invitation tocmf in i concert. &'i ! will.duruu the intertnisxionn of t)i? dancing, ing some favorite piec??: Me>??rs. Matt O'B ien. Tlios. intone, Ardr w Bar .? . W. Hawk J. \V. Pumphrey, J O'Domieil. The !? ?*. from Georgetown will run as unna ? ta ting from t .. ' I A<?It All*lf?t <?niiil?iOli(M n? ?* tl / ? . i ,.. <?? u ? wauvki *?iniill'U>0 I from 7th *t and Pa. av same hoar, andevery hoar | during the dav Tickets 5o cent*, admitting a gentleman and la<liea ; to l>e had of any memt>*r of the , Commit ee. m *x?fikk? os pa*t of mi ? by. . Major J. V Davis, Cap'aiu Sehaffer, >hjur J. A. Tait, Captain Kmc. Captain T<>wer?, Captain HaltAoli, i Captain Peck. Captain Dii'taut, (i Captain McLaughlin, Cap'aiu H oiling* worth, t Captam S'teven*. Captain Watt. M anaukxs on part of Citizkn* Col. J. G. Berret, Win. F. Bayly Ksq , W. T. l>onn, K.s(|., Jon. Hrown, K?q., G. Powell, E?q., W. Sibre*. K?q.. Thos. J. Fi*h?r, Ksq , W. H. Ward. L?q., Kich'd H. Waiiach, Raq. J F. Coyle.Enq , R T?el. K*q.? C. I'unnington C,sq . f A. W. Miller. K?q., R. Mo'gan. K?q , < T. N. Ot?er, F.?q., K. A. Ciarke, K.?q . J. II SC!imie?, K?|.i COMXITTKS OF AE*A<ICI*?NT?. I ..!?? ? li-?- > * ? ' ?)<-uv. niini, liiuuit 1<ACIICJ , . SerK-aiit MoOnve*, Sorgeaut I'. OufTe*. J?*? * P. Morgan, Private IKBa'ti*. Private \V Wheian. < " B. F. I.lojd, " B Kilitiar;in, ^ " < " J Morgan. J. ll..!brook; " J R* a-. " Hunt, " T B <*l?rick, i Ostar. " T Philips, < Browu, w fc\ lAtie. jy 17 5t J 1. C?. O. F. IRAND UNION PIC NIC or ( FR'ENDSHIP LODGE AND RID6ELY EN- | CAMPMENT Will be given at A > A LOST AN ISLAND on t MON DAY. Ju't SO Particular* in future advertisement. Bjr order of Committee of Arrangement*, jy 16.18.21 ; EXCURSION TO GI.YMONT. HE EAST WASHINGTON MISSION OF THE ME THODIST PRwTK-T ^rr?-< ANTCHL RCH will give an Excur- C^-' ^ t biou to Glymout on ?fcse*E?a? _ Tl ESDAY, July 24. i no miKix win rave juxih sweet wharr at 7)? o'clock, Bla^den's wharf 8>4 o'clock, touching at J Alexandria going and*. Tn* Commi'tee 1 appeal to the fnencs of Misfions in this eity.f?el- ' lnk assured that this enterprise will l>? sustained. 1 Singl* tickets SO cents ; ticket* admitting tnrce 91; ) children 20 cti. ' Committee.?John S. Slater, \Vm. Mackey. Wm. i Ridgway. jy lfi.18.21 23* |^|cKEXDREE SUNDAY SCHOOL. ; Steamboat Excursion to Glymont, ' THURSDAY, Jvlt 19. Mcsic by Wimai'i Brass Bard. 1 The steamer Thomas Collyck has bee a char- < tered by McKendree Sabbath School u 1 for an Excursion to Glymont. on < Thiir?d?.v . JiiIt 1<> Sh? will her wharf a V a. m. Omnihtiae* will leave the < Church, on Massachusetts a v., between 9th am: loth 1 sts , at 7 a. m.; and will also l>-ave the co n~r of la av and 7th at at 7)t a. m.; fare 1? cts Excursion tickets for gentlemen, 5> eta.; for ladies ?>r cl ll- \ dren 25 cts.; to b? had at the bookstores of W. D. , Shepherd and Wm. taliaatyne. or of the Commit- ' tec of Arrangements, of which Dr. John vv Davis la 'he secretary. jv 12 fit* j BOARDING. 1 BOARDING.-Three or four single gentlemen can be accommodated with B ard in a private ' fami y on the Island. It is the plea*ant?si location on tne Isla id. and nearest point to the cit?. Address II , H. A H., City Post OJEce. jy 18-Iw* P!ANO!*.?GREAT BARGAINS-Ore krauts 1'iano. in heat oni?r l.>r Ob* ?ix bu t Piano f?>r # >?. A t? 1 *ery jood Priro* M?l'<d<?on for Ki>|lll*W. sale on aoooraniodat ax terms it the M>?o W- r? >f Molt* W <V *KTZKRQTT WASHINGTON SEWIN9 ROOMS. KM 91* ft.. MM rfocri Sartk ?/ Ps. i*t. NotuUtUMloiM SPRING and SLMMfc* 3nl K tB mad* ujp to ordsr. Ttie au bMribcr is jra par*d to make SHIRTS. I>R-VWERJ,4i.M Mm jaw 'ssmvwriir ~5sy?a,,?* . n .ot? THE OPERA HAT, just arrive, by expreu MSMITU'K ?LM^|JUTSMd CAl'S u> ibudtM*. tt TRl N'tfs, TRUNKS. ? SMITH'S. ft ??? Sevectn at., opposite I'otf Oflio*. .? THE LATEST NEWS T B L E (1 tiflO. Mr D*b?U? at IUr(i?r4-A < cRiUMrrtM hrirpii** A tuna; Affair Hf iTrotD. Conn . July 16 ?Mr Iton^Ui ir riwil ia tb a rtty at ?)| oVI.wk thi*evening Thf Doc^las wing of tbr democratic |*rtv ti'd *r r'itf?< to rw?trf and frort bim to bi* quartera at tno I n lH St?!? Hotrl. wbw h?? wn to ba*e r*f?i?^d b afnenda Tbr Bmrkinr:d*r ?r1ng of tbr party haw Wn at work for a ronj^ hi aay> l? iam Oy ^ V Kurr put> tber vt Ibr Hartford Timrt. to take Utf rrrrpllnn n tlirif own Land* The reault wu tLat tb*y n.rt Mr D at tbe depot with Colt * Armory Baud and Guarda and a rarriigf drawn br Tour bora>? In <? ort biin to the Plate Hon*', wbrtr hf w*?wrl ron fd, 1?Ni guna wrf flr?d, cliurrU runj;, and a large crowd turned out Mr. ifa'tiglaa waa grateful for lb* recopt'on flwi hm He denoiu r-d the republican and Br < kio rd/f part ?t tlliag tbrm a> < t or a . and < i ImM that be ai d bit party < upird ttw middle and t ur ground. and vrrr? tbe regular democrat ? -_ ? "T , . .,iu iii*" OIIIV fwriv WOICU COUld Save tbf? roantry Mr D??|Im athegueatof Minor 0emiin A F. Hurr. who Lw r?fuaed to support l>ou?laa. rod*! in the carriage with him while those who Lave worked early nad late, and claimed to tie the leader* of it* Douyiaa win*, w- rr allowed the privilege of staving out ta tfcrild It wti the i ix'lwt operation ever w:tneaa?d In tblac ty. and has on aaioned u.uch comment ?nd merriment. Another dla|>atrh sava: Mr Douclu waa hand w>tnelv met bva lar>;e oonooura- ?f people w:th out regard t?) j>arty He >* as welcomed to the city by the H<>n K 1) lluhbard who Introduced htm * stand trig on middle groiind politically?between Hie * r. ?' << All*"'1'- * ?' ? >v ??< r x urn r*, wQfff tlie and tbe vii .e t;row ?pontan*oualy Mr L>ouj; .i? replied tU;tt tie ?iid o . upv tbat ground Til*- large crowd of fl?r or sit tbouaand wer? srderlv and quirt. Mr. Uoiiglas Ittvn for HoaV n to-morrow. The New Mexican Mall. IXDEFESPESCK, Mo . Jllly 16.?1 1?? IM'.l from New Meitco, witb d.-.t?*? to tbe v:d in*! . arrWrd tti? evening The newt from S*nta Fe i? of no Importance On tbe -*hln?t , Mr Tbompaon. who midea at nanire? tDe nt-l^bKorhixd of Piwnt Fork iiarov?red. at br (upp<m<l. aomr ItiilTilan or ponies approaching the ranch, and John Cuni:ingham. hlahirtd man. went out to tee what they were Mr Thompson aoon aflrr heard a nolte.and upon look!ng. discovered Cunningham running toward the houtr. pursued hv tbree Indiana. who aliot their arrow* into him? just a* br rrarhrd the houae br ft tl dr*d. Thompson ran Into the hoi;?e and tired three abo'e from a re vclrer at tben, but without eilect The litduns then rlrwed <>n the houae aud aet tire to it Thompson made hta way out. and having two guns loaded, tired on th#?m >?>H b<* wag Waving he heard the report of a gnu Tbe ?e*t day he went b;i< k and found the dead body of a man named Christian Krouse, who b*d been murdered by ttir -line Indiana The dead bodies were decently buried by tbe < ouiiriandin^ officer at Pawnee Fork The Indians took all tbe clothing "ff tbe d>-ad men ard ? alped tbetn Krouae bad bn-n in tbe employ of Capt Scott, and was making bis way to Minsouri when be was killed Tfc?rf is no news of any battle with tbe Indians by tbe troops who are In pursuit of them Fire at Philadelphia ? Xarrsw Ksrapr. PaiLAPELrAiA. July IT ?A tire o" iired here tb's morning, l?efore da\ light on w?st market trtrt in tbf ijriHtrv store of Win Ao'd which y-arlv proved f.iul to the inmates Tbe flames spread to the stairway, p'e venting tbe ?srape of t?ie occupants from the upper rooms and three f'-malfS and one boy leaped from the second and Ih rd Stori* U' lldlllVI \ll?? ll llnn U Ika that ?u?,a'ine<1 .inv injur*. Auld.tbe propriet or i>f the shop. Las been arrested the rondition of ttie store showing that il bad been art on Are Delaware PalUIrs Wii.misgto*. July IT?A I 11 ion ratification i ceurred at L>f'Ver t<?-d?y. wben the following Kite tor i al Ticket waa formed iienrv Dupont. of New Cnstle couuty. J P Miles, of Kent county, and C M Cullcn. of Hufsex county Resolution* endorsi'ig Bell and F.verett were ado|ted A resolution to nominate s represents tive to Congress crested a stormy debate Later frsin Mexics Nkw OiLttxi, July lw.?Tbe schooner Suf folk, from Vera Cruz on tbe 7tb, srrived here to day Mriori Torre A Co . bankers, of tbe Cltv of Mexico, have fa.led Their liabilities are l*ree /nloa^a had esmped from Mlramon and pronounced in f tvor of the Mberala Rate fo.tpo.erl Phii.adei fhia. July 17 ?The race between riora Temple and George M Patchen. advertised f?r Th'.rsday. at the Point Breete Park, wlli aot take place A ftl.&Mt purae wm raiaed for the w ltiiiSRg horar, but the owner of Patchen refuaea to run unless he receives *1 .(*10 win or loae. Sharkiag Affair (>GnE?tsBrRi;H. N V., J air 17?Mr Pay. a law ?v.-- ? l-? - ' - -4 - ......... .ui. |>imr. vi aa yt-MS-relay KCIOFIIUIIf ihot through the benrt. by Mr Russell. of Derby, with whom h? was in cou.pany on a hunting *pedltioa. kidnapping ( a fcia*e Newark. N J . July 17?A negro boy, acromftanying Mr I.ntlirr Roll, of Augusta, Ga , has mysteriously disappeared from this place, and. It s thouvLt, Las heen run oil by the abolitionist*. Approach si the Prime ol Wales St Joh*s. N F. July I*?1The British war iteamer Flving Fish, the advance veea*-l of tb? I'rlnce of \Yal?*s' squadron, arrived hereto day at II a m. SLf left England on tbe 1st inst Biltiaari Markets Bai t'mori. July 18 ? Flour closed actlm. but Iruier; Howard atrtet and City Mills (new) ?5 26. k\ h -at rl(*d quirt and st-udy: red SI 2ual 25; vhite ?l.3usl.5<i Corn closed dull; v* 11 >w 61s >5e.; *hite ;Ua<5c. Provisions sctive. but trmer; ii' ss pork S2t>; run.p do *14 S*>, an advance of >0c i?er bbl Whisky closed stradv at 20){e. Kew Vsrk markets >sw Yost. July 16 -FlourIs hesvr; Slate*5 15 lSS ?U; Ohio S5 75; Southern ?5 50a*S *? IVtfat is firm but quiet Corn is steady, mixed ilafclc. Pork is bravy. Beef is quiet Lard la Irru. Whisky Is dull Fisaaclal New York, July It-?Storks are lrreguiar; '' -. .. H U k 1.1 <1 111 ' , uivnf uiiu nv< a Jtiauu /tT| , 111- VCUU11 Uar? i \; Michigan !*outhefii :M>Si New York Central Penna Coil Co. 85 \ Reading 42, >'a 6 s'Ji^, Mo. 6 GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTK For other Gtotf rtoim adrtrttirmtnlt t*t Jirtt v-y? DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATIO V-An ad L journ<nJ in?w*tin* of thm D'*mo<T?tic Aw m i n wi : nt'in m i'ir- na. < > i ?r or L?ay arvl :iiKh ?t... on thursday evening Mxt,tt o'clock, and m general and punctua. att ndai.c* >1 the in. in*.or* i * desi ed. K-AIT p.ckrell, President. J. OWENS BERRV.fltcfttn. |y 17 ? Mayor s office, < iokgktowl. d c.. July 18, inn All perrons who ?re armored b> nuisances wmch ?n<lan>.<?r th? health of the tow " are ieque?ttd to e&ort the tame, in wuti .ir, to this office. j> H-w4w 11 K.V K V ADDISON. Ma^or. ESTRAYKU.?From the subscriber. about four week? ago. a *mali RED COW, ride horns and short neck. a long tail asdmlp ihort teats rhe has no wmte marks aboutJbaJUa ler. Any one returning her to th* comer of Mo^t ,"inv ? r? VI ' , T- ??vr, Will TIC 1 I I mi a .IT >y HIKa.M liRAY. Blaeltamith. J?.1? * FOR PAI-K.?That feat'tlto RESIDENCE on lUe Hrifhti of GMKftorn known a* Rook *pinj:at p <.-?eiit occupied b? F; P. MiIIwJKm . Iim ai.t < ne mile from the otnnihna a and. The ? ire aliout 35 I'rfi of laiwi attach^! to the place. the ;r< a ?r p?'i uo if rultiva ion The impr. v?m?nla onkiit 'fa noinfortahle dwelling 1. uae. l?m.oorn iou>e. ataltlea, and ?p inc bouae. 4c. Tb*'? am leve al apriiiga of pure cool wa e- oa it. Alao.a ?t adjoining. known aa Biyle'a Hill, S a <ea For te inv which will be acommo ia'inc. anpljr to LIr KrJwelJ.or to McCobb 4 Dodaa, ? ? Water nt'ent Jf I*-* FOR NEW V >RK.?The packet achoonar Fairfax, Captain Mutt, will coromance load- a jo^ n* lor t^e a ove po Moirtay, In?t /??a nr I'flf"' apply to MOtUBB * UWDGK.^^" >3 Watar at. jy 14 LJ A RPK.R'S MAGAZINE. I?OK*Tt*. iSooota. Li 15 '5oo?jt? lb MDti. 16 O'liU 15 oai J, 1ft sent-. ISooota?payabla in ad.ano* Ci ituil p?y For Aum>t mnwr. R F Hibbard'a vcll-knoVB CIRCASSIAN B * I .M. t " muit raaarkabta hoaJor tc thr world, for aalr>. bill*. A. HU^TKR. jdSIW I wrt?r DRY UOOD8 CHEAP FOR THE MILLION! Gall ?vr'y and ?et ba'caiaa. W? a mMou* today ?l'in( off all Fatter I)'*** Hi'ka. O-jaaoy Rot>*?, Barece Hob?i, r rencb Lave*, and Or can iy Mualiaa. by tboyard. Fi|ir?d aid P?am Ha ><*aa,at greatly rodaoo-t anooa. many at hailrriM, U? redaoe a took tint moLth. Ala?>. ta s*of? a fall noa? of first o m map o and Domnatie Gooia. a aptad to the j?a?rai w~? nta of (am uaa. all of wtnc? veareMllmi atth* 1 ??.(? h mw. J \V OOLLEY 4 CO., Jy 10 tOt j>}% *t.. aNive Pk ?pHE SECOND ANNUAL SESSION OF 1. Mr. J. 11 COMBV Ku?li?h and Ciauiaai High School will oonwiier on U?e 6mt M mI|) i? JU?Umb?r Mit. Application* ?houid ba raorfe m July, ? the on it'her of pupils M limited. For tfirms, Ac , circular*, *o.. or call at Mr. C.'a re?id?i?oe, No SOS Huth BtrMt, Dear New York avetiu*. ty ll-ecJw* ? aRUAINS IN PIANOS taat htr. bmmm b? J?i2sr* ) ? JO* Pfc. ?? a*'

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