Newspaper of Evening Star, July 18, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 18, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ANi* JiPARMi ExriTEnr.!?T.?The arriv?! of a Japanese Merman is announced in the fe*n Francisco pipers as one of the passengers by the last vessel from the land of the NoKamis The Alta Californian says: 44 The lid was removed, and the Merman sat revealed in all its contorted hideousness No description enulddo it justice But. though we despair at the outset, we will attempt it: Tbe Merman is about three inches taller than the mermaid, he ;its squatted like a superannuated digger Indian, and appears like a skinny, dried up mnmmv TWA Vwwlr 1A?? ? ? !??? ? ?? ?j *.hv w?^, iv -p, mm aiuia. at u iuu^ and bony, and hers and there appear littVe tnfts of hair, though the body is nearly donuded of such covering The creature is provided with hand* something between the human appendage and the flippers of an otter?and terminate in three fingers and sharp cNws It appears to hare been amphibious and must have propelled in the water with great swiftdm? The ribs, underneath the skinny covering, are apparent, and look like those of a human being The most curious part of all is the head, which connects with the body by a narrow nkinny neck, and its *hape is like that of the mermaid, but out of the top of it grow two vertical horns, giving the creature fc singular appearance as ne grins from between his shining rows of diminutive teeth. Little tufti of hair ?r>ne?r on fh? snnt (Ko )?ii ? rr ; 1 ?v ought to grow," and also about the ear*. Jlad hi* ntacic majesty ever taken it into his noddle to become ;? fiend incarnate, and yet preserve his identity, he could scarcely have studied out a more appropriate shape than this. IT7~The Rome (<?a ) Courier of th? kth acnnuncts tbe sudden death from appoplexy of H on John H Lumpkin at the age of IH vears Judge Lumpkin wan a man of considerable distinction In Georgia. He was a member of Congress from I-V.' to IM?i, and Jud^eofthe Cheroket* Circuit from Is 10 tr, is^l 11.. ..i-? 1- c ?- . .. < w> . iac ? ua uiiv iu vuiiKirBa a"a n in 1W5 l?7"One day as Mr. C was limping dovrn the High Street of Udinburg, from the Court ol Sessions, he overheard a young lady say to lie' companion, rather loudly. "That is Mr. G the lame lawyer." I'pou which he turned round and. with bis usual force of expression, said "No. madam, 1 am a lame man, but not a lame lawy*r 11 JT7" I* baa been often announced, recently that th? re was now no survivors of the battle of Bunker Hill The Boston Journal corrects tins statement Raiph Karnham. of Acton. Me., Is still living at the age of 1<4, hale and hearty. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTKL ?C R Thairn,?!R Wy Till, Md; Mri M J MoFaddin, 9C; Miaa Boyd, d >; W P Harriaon, T-nn; W O Nixon. Ala; D' K Ty ar, Va; Dr C Suyd?r. Trnir f* Ki"n.*n do; *?uuiter, IVxaa; T C MoNiel, Tenn; '/. K dw^ll, V?;P J 9 lJa by and tadji, A a; P L Fowie 9?,; a H?np<?r, O; A D Mlatford ami ladj Pa; Mr Riley, do; B J hiley and !ad?, |do; 9 C l)evy. NR; K M K*nt, Va; J T C??h?id, Hj, J 9 Mouttumsrj a-.d lady, Ala; Miaa a !; i< H t-'i>ur.i?l, La; H J Himtk, Va; C VV gprtell. >C: Miaa H Mord^oai 9C;J K Mordeoai, do; I" Trant a.iu lauuly, Tenn, H v> llliaiuu. Pa. I) K Ruaa? 1, >liH, R K Pethwd. NY; H B Ha'I, do; P Appleiiach Pa; F \V Keyea and ladv, Mii>a Miaa Kriffiih. Pa; P Bentz. d >; B Oivenport and lady, Va. nanoA'i HU I'KL-W WorthinJt )n, F O Duvv.H Weill. ?ld; >11; W S Kock well, ?ia; * Hi 1, Va; W K Moody, NY: W H Oomaton, La; t'apt Benham, U>,<; J N Ed^on^on-', ^C; J :< * D M Juller ,\Y;ZC Pa-i^born. Ma??; W B tW and lady, M:?? ouitiss, ?* Butler, <?a; B H hitch k s?, N V: F J B?r"er, Va: C Ay.iff. Ark; B Dnv.g Mo; H Ment<?r, La; Mr ily* i.?p, Tex; Dr L Webb and fani, L*; H Natiian, S E <j,em?iu*. J Foster, lea; T Herfan. M??; V lfc>mtn;;u-i, Puha; R M Ki patriok, La; J O AoboU, t* Stivem-.n. Pa: A i.'hicten Jeo. O; L Clmten leu, N Y; J i.enare and fain'lr. Miss M A >rook, \lias E Seabrook, 8 C; J T Weaver, Pa; B Davm, Mo; H an 1 it n, 6a. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?R H K*y. T>xi<<; J R Bak?r, i'a; J Hur.fO'ford. Md; J E Neal, Pa; W 8 Alderaou, Ala- BR SHre?tir. L?oaa; W S Nowmac, Md; Capt K Ene.e, USN;C S Mather. Md; J Picott. fa: J Si an, N V . WAS*11NGTON HOUSE-W Hud?.>nt 9 L"roy, NY; L Sin;th, 2N J; Capt F rink and ly, Po; W B*k#r, 111. OC EA N a T /-; A M B R 8 13AILI NO D A YS From thk Umitbd Statks. Steim't*. Leav*. For. Days. Persia. Now *ork. ..Liverpool ...J u. 18 Ktr?a..? New York... Liverpool . .July 19 <joiden.Fleece. New York...Ga we.y Juiy 19 Fnlton New York...Havre. July 21 Aralna..... Hoston Liverpool July 2S Vanrierbilt.. .New York.. Havre July ?8 Fhom Europe Araco __t*?>oth'ptoiK.i\ew York.. ..Ju!y 4 Havana South'pMn .New Yoric..,Ju!y 4 Jura Liverpool New York...Jnly 10 l'he Havana mai. ?K*a:nerg leave New York on Uie 20, .21 lit wth, and 27tli of oauli inorufi, and Chariest"^ on ttio <tn aud 19th. The California mail 9t??'"*rs leave New York on he Mh and 2?tn of ?<nh month. WOOD AND COAL. YV o o d AND COAL Delivered to ail parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office 2Pa. aw, between 11th and 12th sts , ma 17 tf north side. T^HK HUB9CR1BER HAVING ON HAND an exteneive stock of FUEL, is prepared to Mil at a very low figure for cash. WOOD Pawed and Split ar.y size. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wo?d and Coal D?s e', ma 15 8. K. oorner "f Fourteenth and C sts. IV'OTICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC 1m TRAVELERS! PINEY POINT, POINT XLOOK-OL T, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. Tm oommodioui anl swift oteamer BALTIMORE, having been thoroughly 11 1 ^ overhauled and lefirted with new K.-> boiler* and machinery, Ac , will br*1?-? 1 11 * 5.aoed on the aoove r< ute MONDAY,the !ith of uij, and oontiuue daring the bathing tesson, maklrg ??fui we*tiv trip?. leaving Washington MoNDaYS and THURSDAYS at lo o'clock a m. R? turning wi ! leave Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS Kt 3 o'clock p m., making all the rivtr landings going and retnrr nig. Fare to Marburv'e Pope's Creek. hunHv Point l * ?? _ j ^ A. mm ui^VlMWIiC 6 ? ?4 Ouart'.co 1 ? Bluff Point.~ W*1 Liverpool Point li' MarshaUs Pavilion 2.'0 Boyd's Ho?e 8 nn Piney Point 2.mi Maimt\- Point 2.t?' Po;i?t Look oat 2.0ft T* "id Peint and Norfo k ?5. inc tiding m?i i. Roua?i trip tickets to Norfolk and OH Point, good |ortn?<i*-.">i 9<t Chi.dreu under ten vears,an-l servant# ,halffa e. Freeooloredpersousf* Freight at a sua.' ?ates?i.d mast be prepaid. Tbr -t~an er Ba tiraore being the fastest boat on the Potomac, will oonvey passenger to Point i ot in 8 honrs. making the trip down this utiful river by dafUgh* For tickets and further ir f irm%tion apply on hoard to Capt. CHAS*. E MITCHELL, or at tae Company's corner Penn. avenuean1 8iith street, under the National Hotel liEO. E. MATTINGLY. General Tioket Agent 1j 8 7t lint.) Potrnnao Steamboat Company J^OOK OUT FOR PAINT No. #1?SEVENTH STREET, Four Door x South of Odd r?Uowr' Hill. H, W. HAMILTON-h?s opened a PAINT SHOP and PAIN r STORE on the N>-w York plan, where <??r, always be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS. BRUSHES, Ac., *c.,at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SAI.K A5D Bccaais with Brcihu to Loan ! N. B ? Particular attention paid to Heuse. Sign. Or nam-uitai I'ainUni at d Graimnz. Hain?d ana Enamelled Glass of all kind* alwavs on hand, or fariush?d at short notice. He warrants satisfaction in all wo k entrust-*! to his care, and is confident that he oan do work as ch*ap. if not cheaper, than an> other establishment in this city. Give him a oail. Don't forg?t the number?it is ?1*4 Seventh "*!waiO-tf PUTTY 18 DOWN. t> NOTICE! IIkgular steam packkt line betwKKN ba lt M'tRK and -.IT"" * W A^l4l NnjON.-UvtCoir-fc;^ > iner<*e st. wha'f, Baltimore, a* fol ?DuieosoStat*, ererv WEDNESDAY, at 6 p m. CoLrvtiA,every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Leave Kilej's w harLjai the foot of 11th street Waahingb n.aa fol ows: i oLVM?iA,e-.ery WEDNESDAY MORNING, at*. S*tati. every FRIDAY.about lit in. tor freight, Ac., ap?l/ to fHW. W. RILEY, A Rent, Riley's the Toot of m W?-T*T*ro llth at . Waahincton "UA8 FIXTURES. F. Ha*e in atore, and are daily reoetvint. G.4S P1XTL R fc'S of entirely New Pattern! and DcHicna and Fimah, mip?*r?or in atyle to anything heretofore offered is th?a market. We laviteoitizeni ?ener?l lj to oall and examine oar stock of <iaa and Water rkx'urN, Minn confident that we have the beit elect"! atock in Washington. All Work in th? at-ove Tine intrusted to our care will he promptly attended to. MYER8 k MeGHAN. mar 5-tl 37* D street. F FRENCHL\CK MANTLE? AND POINTS *"ara o'a, <un Sh vte?, and (Ban Umbrellas, Sb ead, Vaiencinee.i>wia?and Cawibrie i- dcinga, on:tnn. fioypn e&aau French worked CoiTata. Si ail N%n-o. k an.i V ?vf Nl^"k M^?"^ U '^rS^w B1*?kS,ik M.lU.fco. ' * tATI.O* * HUTCHISON Nr-W BTYLKS OK MICH JKWKLRV-H () (1(M?UIim j?iat op?u*d ft IftTfA it'Nik, Which h* W?H nfrr H ??rf .ow r?t? **?<? lES* tn%t ar? wiahici to ocrr? hom*anything in kia iin? a* pro-wit*. will do vail tootlJ and uajaina hia at?*t at 3"W p*. *v*ra* TV'' r*cM?red aami-waaklr. ud for" i 1 ? aided by mail fiMof foaUu*. UU /OHN F.ELLIS. ] MISCELLANEOUS. OFFICIAL. ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Tbkaspkt Dmaktmbrt, J?ly 10, PWn. Prtopal* will be received at thia Department until the t-?nth day of September next, purs nant to the following aot of Conpreea: A* Act to facilitate communication b't waen the At a;itio and Pacific States by electric telecraph. ?-? ?? / f<u # Ik i? C m mm r% f a J KX&x mm ?/ ^ tJ e I I run- ?ci wf ???v wmc ijvi>#c i<r 14 Jr'? !'jttatirts of ik* Unittd State* af America ttt Toner .?.? as<<mbled, That the Secretary oftheTreaau t, und*r the direction of the Preailent of the United Mates, is hereby authorized and directed t?> advertise for sealed proposals, to be reoeivf-d for 60 days aflir the passage of this act, (and the fulfilment of which anall te guarantied by responsible parties, aa in the caeeofbids tor mail oon tracts,) for the use by th? Government of a line or jines of magoetiote<egraph,to beoonatruoted with in two years from the thirty-first day of July, eight en handred and sixty, from som* point or pointa on the west lme ?.f the State of Mmsouri by ar>y route or routes whioh the said oontr&ctora may select, (connecting at cuoh point or pointa by telegraph with the cities of Washington, N-w Orleans, N*w Vork, Charleston. Philadelphia. Boston, and > other cities in the A tlaoiic. Southern, and Western States ) to the city of San Francisco, in the State ol California, for a peiiod of ten years, and shall award the oantraot to the loweet responsible bidder or bidders, provided such proffer does not rrquire a larger aim unt per j ear from the United fetnUb than fort* thousand dollars, and permission is nereDT grar.ieu u> ma saia parties t<i wnom saia l contra .1 may be awartle i, or a majority of th*m. I acd their assigns, to use until the end of the said t' rm.Kuoh u:oocupiod pab 10 lands of the United Stolen at may be neoessarr for the runt of way > and for the purpose of establishing rtations for i repairs a one said line.t ot exceeding at any station 010 quarter section of and,suoh stations no; to exceed one in fifteen miles on an average ofthe whole diotanoe, unless >aid land * shall be required by the Government of the United States for rail road o' oili 'r purposes, and provided th t no rignt t-i p-e ernpt eny or raid lauds und-r the laws of the Unite! States eha'l inure to s*id oompany, their agents or s rvaits, or to any other person or persona whatsoever: ProrMrd, Tnat no such con tract shall be n ade until the said lin? sh*il be in actual operation and paym-ats thereunder shall o*ase whenever the oont actors fan to oomplt with tae contract; that the Government hall, atail times, t>? eutit'ed to p:i'iri<y in the use of the lineor lines, aiH shall have the privilege, when authorized by f nr\ n npnf' n * vftul lit.a or i 1 aa K* talaaMnh with any military post* or the UiMed Stat-?p, and to use the same for (iover inent purposes: And provid'd also, That said tine or tinea, except suca at mar l>e oonktruotad by the Government to connect rmiI line or lines with the military posts of the Usited States, shall he open to tne use of ail ?itix mis of the United S ates ouring the term of said oont act, on paym lit of the tegular chare** for Transmission of dispatohes: And prwidtdi alto. That suon charges Khali not exceed three dollars for a tin?.e dispatch oi ten word*, with the usual proportionate deductions upon dispaiohes of t eater l?t gth, provided that dotting herein c>n ta ued a^ail ooi.fer upon the said parties ant exi^uticA r'la ht tn nnr a ^rn<*f . Wo#raaK i" Ka,D? -? vww*?l UV v am wn J, ' ?J?ll ?V ??IT7 J O J1 fio.orde ar the Government of the United States Kom granting, from time to time, similar fran oh.s ?s and privileges to other parties ?ea. i. And be it further enacted. That the said contractors, or their assign . shall have tiie right to oonstruct and maintain, through any of the T?r oft^e United Mates, & branch line, to as to c nn^ct their iai<i line or lines with Oregon; and that tie? shall have the pannan-nt right of way f -r >-ai 1 iin ? o - lines, und.*r, or over. any uiiappro* P'i?ted public lauds and waters in the said Territories by any route or rout *s whioh the said oon tractors may eel ct with the tree use during the said term of such lands, as inay be nece??arf for i trie purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said line or lines, not exceeding, at any station one quarter section ot land, sucn sta'ica* not t<> exceed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole distance; but should any of said quater sections be fleemed essential by the Government or any company acting under its authority, for railrosd pu*poses, the said contractors shall re .i>:quish the oocupau'. y ol no much aa may bp nect?**ary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount cf taiiii for Ilk-' us* in >ta efea< . 3 And be it further entitled, That if, in any year (taring tn? coitir.uanoe of tne eaid ooutraot, th? busier as dont for the (ioverument aa hereinbefore mentioned by such contactor*, or their aligns, shall, at tlie ordiuarj rat;i of oharges or private mesta?6?, exceed the price contracted to ba psid as afjreeairi, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, uoou *aid account* being duly authenticated, cert;fv the amount of such oxresa to C?. n ?re?s: Provided, That the use ol the line be given a* any time, f e< of coat, to the Coast Survey, the SiiKtnsonian InatiMition, and the National <)b?er vit'irt, for scientific purpones: And pro r d'd furl/i'T. 'I hat ine*?a? ea received from any individual, company, or corporation, or from any telegraph lines oonnectins with this line at either of ita t<-rmiui, cha'l he impartially transmitted in the orJer of their reception, excepting that the despatches "i i n9 ui'v?*rameni snan nave priority: And prorttlrti Jurtner, That Congiea* at any time have tne rut to * t?r or amend this act. Approved Juno 16,I860. The lowest oflVr for thereof snob telegraph, for the pubiio nervice, w:!i be acwpted. provided tie t?rm* and oor.ditiousexp'eaand i n the act ah3.ll h? fully s??t fortn and atipulate'l in the propoaaia, which mutt l?e ace'imparled Nv a guarantee in oonformitjr with tne/7m section of tne act of jnly i. If3i. in rt ga'd to mail aervioe, to the ffl>ct that trie im* or Imea aiiall b-* eomp'eted within the timo pri^onht-d, and that the guarantor ahall then ent?r into obligation to the United t^tat'-s for tha or lurmnioc of tlia a?rvioa for tuo fiovtrunitnt, under aai-1 &ot. a! the rates offered in the proposals, ^ucn guarantee may tie in the following form: " ran underHi^ned reaidinc at , in the 5*tate of , uud^rtake and oromise that if ?h?S??r? <ary ?<f the Treasury shall accept the within pro posVr, under the act of J une 16, 18 0, the line or inea of inaguetio telegraph f hall be onmplvted and rut into operation on or oefoiethe timentatrd in he act, and that we will then execute with the raities signing the within proposals an obligation to the United States, in dtie form, as sure ties for the pf-rfurtrrvnco of the service, according to the terms and conditions oontained in such propo?ais." Datf d at . Th* above guarantee must bo aooompanied with th* certihcate of a United States dut'ict attornv, or dstrioi judge. s'aling that h? is acquainted with rach of the persons signing the marantee, and icr<?w>| them to be men of sufficient property to make go'd tne ahove guarantee. The p'op->?a.s and gu.vant e must he sea'ed up and rtireoted to "the Seoreta-y of the Treasu'y, Washington, I>. C and endorsed "Proposals for r-cfio Telegraph." BOWKLL CUBK. jv ii atiu.H fty ?*ecr??t?r) oftheTr?a?nry 'I* PROCLAMATION ! 1 O THE C1T1ZEN9 OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. Whereat, At the present ibmod of the ye?r CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA. CHOL1C, DYSENTERY. DY8PEPS1 K, DEBILITY,Ao.,Ao.. prevail to an alarming extent: A'l't wkiT'n*, It inii?* He of the F RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know ->f A REMEDY at once Sn.fe, Sp*f<Iy, nnrl Ejficacitwf, DK. MONTARDE, or Pajlim, offers his MIRACULOUS FAIN KILLER &M the mo?t CERTAIN AM) F.FFECTL'AL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THF. PUBLIC that no imposition it mtei.ded in the sale of this liredt M.dieme, THE MONEY WILL HK REFUNDED m all ea*f.? whan the medioine fails to give entire satisfaction. Ask, then at an* Drug Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS pain KILLER. take as directed, and if not perieotly satisfied, Return to our Aient, d b. Clark, esq., 4 K Str?*t H>lri P?nn..l??-|. 4 ? - >?U1? n w ouuo, who will refu'd jour money. Pnoe?'25 and AO Cents per Bottle. For vale at all Drug Stores everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, ' i 0metal Agect, i jyll^ojm Baltimore. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'8 BBIjBCT SPIOBfl. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from frer.^ Spioes, selected and cleaned i by us exprensly for the purpose without referenea to e<*t. They are beautiftally packed in tinfoil, (lined with pap*r.) to prevent iniurv by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary ground Hpices are almost invariably short. We warrant th*m, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, a ain iU ' ?11 ?L * *' - .myr > IB Will lUUnSUU) PTOVS. Manu?ctured only br " I K. R. DURKKK k CO.. f* 19-if,PA 1 * I P?*rljit..JMi^ YotM. ( in 4 D 4. and 12 4 iup<>r Linen Sheetings, I U~-t, 10-4 It 4, and 12 4 Cotton Cheating!, Kicarn on h Sons' Dunbar ft Dickinson and Hark lie's super FrnntinK and Shirting Linens, Towelinge la variety Table Li ens and Napkins, l'O p iec?s superior makes H leached Cottons, H? pieces Lawnaal cents t"> pteo-s White and Coiored Flannel#, Ladies* and Misses' White Cotton Hose, Wfei'? Goods in variety. 1 Cambric and SwUs Fd ings and Inserting*. ' Hoi;i*on, Quipiire and French Work'd Collars, Hun Umbrella*. Paras. Is and *un Shades, Sup^r Silk and French Lace Mantes, Hooped Sk rts, Silk Mits to. Sto , received aiid 1 lor rale low by _JM2 TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. I P R A N C I S HARPER, m. H (TING OPFNJCD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Ct>rnrr ?/ ,Y?tr y#rfc nertiue and Tenth Urert, Respectfully solicits th? patrons*" of th*se who i rnm in want of any artmle in the above Tina. His emle.avors shall be to pleasetand by a strict atten- i t.ion to the wants of the pubho, he hopes to merit a t share of their patronage. Hi* tock consists of every article nsually to bo < fouad in a first-oia** Family Grocery ana Feed 1 Hi ore. ma 17 tf I All WM. T. DOVE * CO. 1 RE Nov prepared to axeeata any orders wttk , whioti they may r>e favored id the PLUMBING, GAS OK STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. irr Stora on 9th street, a few doors north of Fa. av*T>ue, where may ba found ft oowplate assortment jgEHMUOland Other BXH ktki si --1 ? W ATBK FIATURE8. ^ | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. N CAPON SPRINGS... EW and improved route viath? Muum Gap Rail Road and the Straj bnrt and Capon Turnpike,til* ^^9ga3tt? only IS mileeofctacint over*" a oomfortab'.e and safe road. Leare Alexandria intheUrance and Alexandria Train at 7.J5a. m., take the Ma'.aesaa car* at the junction, arrive at capon ny s ociocx p. m Far* ff<?m Alexandria to Capon ..$.5.v> From WaahinRton to Capon 5 no For informa'ion enu uire at the Kail Road Office oorner of Sixth at. and Pa. av.,'n Waahington. and at the Tioket Office on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy l3-dt3"thAu? OALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. HSmobbmcm?3J?i siflmsiiiH Chang* of Hocii. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1S60, traina will run aa follow*: Leave Waajmigtou at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Waahing'on at 3.20 and 5JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Laaoa U*l?i?t?.. m ? A OC *M<< O <A a m En?*C UCUWIUUIO C?V ^**0 <?UU O 1*' ? ??? eave Ba'ttmore at 8 15 and 4-2U p. m. < ?n Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4" a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7 4" a. m. and 3.30 p. m. For Annapolis at7.40 a m and 320 p. m. * For Norfolk at 7 4^ a. m. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train go?? to Philadelphia only. b 13-d T H. PARSONS, Acm>t. NEW ORLEANS IN THREE DATS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. all rail route, via Orange and Alexandria Railroad to lynchburg: Virginia and Tennessee, East I ennessee and Virginia, East Ten nessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississimri Central, Nevt Orleans and Jackson, to new orleans! . _memphts~route: Memphis by Ka 1, thence by First otass Paokets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by First olass Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Strainers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays INCLUDM, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6M a. m. and 6A? p m. and * A /v.. 1... .L tU. J A I uuiiiicum at n irAnnui ia w i kii uir vrr oblige &uu /xir**.andria Trains for the Southwest. Ollice?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth *t. BA60AGR CHECKED THROUGH TO HKW ORLBAWN Lynohhurc ? $"? Sit ?31 00 Bristol . ?150 Atlanta. Jfi no Kaoxville if> 0.. Macon. 28 on Chattanooga 24on Columbus 31 50 Dvton ..24 no Montromery 3i on HunUville ,5e7 00 ) va Memphis.42 50 Grand Junotion S> oo N.O/> via bv Jiinc 42 50 Nashville.?^?..25 6n| \ via Mobile.. 4? oo THIS ROUTE IS IWTIRELY BY RAIL and is JOO MILES SHOFTEH, and 24 HOUR? LE8S IN TIME than an? other I ine?the l,ynehbtirg Extension being now completed. an aiso the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PI.KASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It ia provided with First ciass Sleep ug Cara !To New Orleans 72 Houra. Memphia..^.. 54 do. Montgomery 53 do. Nashville 46 do. lETThe U.S MAII.Tnd ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over thia New Line. Tickets can he obtained at the Wonth Western Omnfl. nnrnflr nf ^i*th atr P?*ni-.a?:vani* enue, to the following points : Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxnl'.e, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Jnnction, Maoon, Nashville, Dalton. Coiumbus, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and Nfcw ORLEANS. ID- THROUGH TTFRKTS TO THE VARIOUS VIKUIMA SPRINGS. IT^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. james a evans, Ticket Agent, ma 2S-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. The steamer jas. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of JT0* k FRIDAY, ate o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half pact6 o'olock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE. Pronrietor. NATH'L HOI SH. Ai't, Alexandria. ' le30 PFQR NKW YORK. A8SA6E, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM, ?7.?0. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship MOUNT VERNON,C?pt.T.C.Smith, will leave the Cnrrpany's Depot, tern Wharves, at lJ'o'olock a. m.every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same day. Passengers from Washington and Oeorgetowi can take the ooaohes oonnecting with Alexandria steam>>oaU or railroad, whioti leave tbe corner ol Tth atr'eet and PtL avenue hourly, or they oan leave on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'clock a. m. State rooms oan be enaged on application U Messrs. Morgan A RhlneharL Western Wharvee Freight will be reoeived up to the hoars of depar lE7* ins prance will be efbeted on all goods by thlsline at the oftoe or the Company at M per oent premium. The aocoramodatlons for paeeengers by this Iln? are in every respect first-c ass, and every effort wil be made to render this oommnnioation with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., eet-ly 8? West at., oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTTCF.. K. LOOM1S Has closed his office for the sea son, an>i will b* *f>i?<;nt, ai usual, during the sum mer months ; will r?*utri? practice about th" 1st of October, of which further notice will be given. jy 'Q-tr D DENTISTRY. R. HI LLC, after a practioa! teat of two years, feola that be can with oon&denoe reoom fc mead tho Crieopiastio Process for inMrtiBLHBBSf artificial troth It haa the advant??M '111,1 strength, beauty,oleanlineaa,and eheapceaa. Fall upper aeta inaerted for ?36. Partial in proportion. OSoe 306 Pa. avenue. mi P"M R E, PIKE. POTOMAC WATER. I am still enra-od in the PLI'MBINU and GA8 FITTING Ul'HIN E*8 at my old .land in Philharmonic Hail. The advantage of having a plentiful apply of watrr wa? readily "beerved at the fire o' yesterday, as I an wall sati-fi?d I should have b**n earned out but for the bountiful supply upor my premises and th'tofmy neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water and Gas will be prompt y atf?cdod to. Term* as reasona ble as any plumber in the oity. jy 3 C. BNVDER T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oo iid do ted by the ttpanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Caba, will tate plaoe at Havana on TUE8DAY, JOLT 17, IMP. f/)P?>VA arrft#ni?? ? au rw umn mj o? 1/il^liT^lA/Oi CAPITAL PRIZfc #100,000. I prtae aopnsecot #l.orc 1 do ?UW)n eo do 5no I do #>,?? ih do I do so approx. IJOP I do ? IN ALL ii83 PRIZES. Whole Tleketa, fSO-Halve*, 910?Itaarters, f*. ?ri?M ouh*d at sight at * per oent. diaoount. ilia on all sp1 v e n t Banks taken at par. A dravine will We forwarded a* soon aa the mult become* known. All order* for ?ohemes or tioketa to be addrewed to DON RODRIGUEZ, j?30 tr Par*nff!ft? Prwt. Charl*?tr>n. f* C 275 AI.LEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pknsa. Avkxvit, Between 10th and llrh street*. Je 19 T% 1TD L- fki n m mm ? ?? ??-?- ? rwi\u *wlju 14 t r? vv n ipr ) ^ id hand MVflrt brand of Pure Old Rye W hi. ky. Copper Distilled. made by the most rehab e distillers in Perns'I vaaia, Maryland aod Vir*inia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Brandies, Hennessy, Otard, Dopny ? Co., Juies Robin*, 4.0 Alio, Praoh ai.d Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and Ft. Croix Hum, and Wines of * ? *? variety all ol atandard brands A ohoioe lot of Clear* and Tob*eoo YOUNG A KEPH?RT, ArenU, up 14-lT p? %y? hetw ?*th and loth iU. W_ ABHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, H'ttrem 9th nm/t 1AM Street'. We have just finished a number of first class C\RRIAGES, such as Light Pbnry, mmo. Wmgcmt, Park Pheatons. Family l-ar 'tmeet, and Buggret, v hioh va will aell a?-w"?mz t ver small arofit. Heine practical ineohaBies in different braoohes r.K^r... ? *? ... ?>.? ukhu-o, wo .i?imr uurpcivca mat we kcow Lt. atylea and quau'y of work that will civ* attiafaotion, combining lifhtneaa, comfort and durabii'kepmrlnfi promptly and earefully atUaded to at '.tie ahortoat n tic* ai d mo?t reaaonabla o|tanrM. walter, K arm ann * BOpV. PnaohmakerB, auooeaaora to win. t. Book. apt7-dly t Avery nick chick-erins piano, almost new, at #135. For aal_c_Vt_ tfra Miiw Mora of (n#ll) W. Jjf ETZEROIX % MEDICINES. ^EE WHAT AVER'S 9AR6APAR1L.LA E* DOES FOR DSRANOEMEyT OF THE LITER. 8tott'? C*o#?iJ?e, ( Tallad'*a Co., Ala , Auc '. '38.\ Dr. J C. Aver. Lowtll, 8?r: 1 take rav pen to tell you what jonr >AKSAf ARIi.LA and CATHARTIC PILLs have done for me. I had been hffli^ted with Liver Comalaint for six iiari. durinr which I wu nerer well, and much of the time rery tick. My I.ivh tu sore to th* touch, and, th^ doctor* raid, wan congested. I suffered from MYere costiveue?s acd <"ia> rh<r% alternately. My skin was dammy and unhealthy my eyes and skin often yellow. Occasional^ I nad a voracious appetite. I?ut generally none at ?]l A dreadful sen sation of oppression on my stomach, with languor and a gloomy sensation ef sickness all ore*, kept me in ancuish. You can"ot know how m-ich I suflered from an indescribable fee ling of distress The long coBtinaaro of this condition, without relief, had worn me out so tha' 1 never expected to be better: but reading, in the Christian Advocate, of your ?arsapari)la, I commenced taking it, with occasional small doses of tour Pii s, to regulate the bowels as yon direct had more effeot upon my disorder than I supposed anything o >uld have. 1 regained mj health rapidly, and now. after eleven weeks, en<oy as good health and Lienrth a. a an* other m*n Mti tt m "Dianeimer nf all good" thower bleating* on jrou Johs W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, Mail. jjr 13-eolm U. O. R. dJ T. A . IHWKW Kl.l/s UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Comp/aints, f rom Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Surg Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, Prom Neuralgia throoch a!! casea where Opium vaa ever used to that of l)?linam Tremens, and the oommoa chief oauae of l>ise*ae I.OSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produce* all the requirement* of, and may b? ueed in all oaaea wherevr r Opium waa ua?d without prouoir* anything hut Cures, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. The Universal Cough K? medy, (freed from all me common oixeciion oi ougn npm-mes, wmon produce nausea or prostration,) may be considered uncommon enemy to ail Throat and Lung Comprint*, and used with perfect impunity Asking all to court fr<?m proprietor* or friend* the most severe investigation or both Remedies,and readme of our pamphlets to betound with ail dealers, and mure particularly to purchase only of thoae who ovi be depended upon, we wait in ooufidenoe the decisions of Patients aDd Pbysioians. "Priors within reach of a I " ob>eral arkkts. J. W. Husnkwkll A Co., 7 and 9 Commeroial Wharf. Boston, Gk<>. Htxnkwkll, 145 Water st. New York, Under the special supervision of JOB N L. HUNNEWELL, Chemist and Pha-maoeuti?t. Boston, M???, whose sienatnre overs the eo kg of the genuine onlj, and to whom address ali oommnnioations. J*<?id by all resp*otable dealers everywhere, and ail the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown, mar '.6 en.r Helmbold'8 Genuine Preparation. " hirhi.v rnnnpmtn atptv "V'TIMP()f\i) >7 L*ID EXT RACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific KenuMlj _ For Diseases of the UDDER. KIDNKYS, GRAVKL.mH DROPSICAL ELljN6P. This Medioine increases the power of Digestion, and excit?s the A B*OW BKNT6 into toajthj action, by which the NVATER N OR CALCEROIB depositions, aud all U > N A Tl> R Al f-NL<AROKMEN'TS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAMM ATION. a^diis eoo?1 for MEN, WOMEN. OK CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RI'CBU. I WI ft CT??UDMWI Arising from Exo*sse?. Habits of Dissipation, t,ar!r Indiscretion or Abuse. Attended with ike following Symptoms ? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, l.css of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves. Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimnoss of Vision. P&in in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Muscuiar S?stem, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Emotion* on the Faoe. PA I. LI D COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, which this medicin* invariaMv removes, sikpb f<M>>ws IMPOTF.NCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, Is O** or Which thk J'attkmt mat Expikk W ho oar sat that they are not frequently followed by thos*"DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY A.VD CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the cause <>t their suffering, BUT^XOSB WILL COXFE SS. _ i nr. i\ r.tut* w 11r I 11 f. I ?A A r.ASYLl MS And tke M'lnnckol* Dtnths by Consumption Bmr ample witnefs to the truth of the n?aertion, THE CONSTITUTION OHCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Reqnirca the aid of medicine to ttrencthen And Invigorate the Kyetrin, Whith Hklmbold's EXTRACT BUCHI" invariably doe*. A TRIAL will cosv/nck THS MOST SKEPTICAL. FEMAC.ES-FEMAI.ES-FKMAI.E8, OLD Oti YOUNH. SINOLK, MAHKIFD, OH CONTEMPLATING HARHlAQE IN MANY AFFECTIONS rECl'MAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu ia unequtflled by any other remedy, as in Chlnroaia or Retention Irregularity, Pa:nfulness, or Sappreation of Cu? tomary Evaouatiena, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the Uterus, Leuoorrh?* or Whites, Sterilluy, and for a t oomplaints incident to the a x whether arising from Indiscretion. Hahita of l)iaaiBa.tmn. or id the DECLINE OR CHANUE OF LIFE. SKF SYMPTOM* ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOUL.1I Bfc WITHOUT IT Take no mor$ Rnlsnm. Mercury, or unpleasant Medicm* for unp.tasant ?ixd D<i* gerovs Ihstattt. HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU SECRET 1>*3EA8E8 In all their Stage*. At little expense; Little or noohangein Diet; No inoonventeno*; And no Exposure. It causes a/r*?uent deeire an i give* strength to Urinate, thereuy Removing obstruction!. Preventing and curing Stricture* of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and Inflammation, so frequent <n the oiaei of diseases and expelling all rotionout Ditto fd. and tcorn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVK LlKKN THE VICTIMS Ot QUACKS, and wno hav? paid ktavyftn to be oured in a short time, have found th-y were deoeived, and that the pni<ar?*j?? k?. k- ?i.? ? a vr?k>vril ?? UJ HIO U ?0 Ul rUWRBrUL AS* TRI&GK3TS," been dried up in the system, to break ?Ut ln *PTif A RRIAO F 4 II AM A a 1j A 1 1% t\ A*I A A t\ 1 A "? Bt Use Hrlmbold's Extract Bucmrfor ?J1 affections and di?ease? of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existinc in MAi-KOR FEMALE. From whatever cau*e originating and no matter of I HOW LONG STANDING Diseases oftnese ore ana require the aid o? a Ihurtti HELMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU 18 THE tVREAT DIURETIC. And is oert?ln to have the desired eff^otmall Diseases FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. EruUnrt of ike mo*t reiiabU itui rtspantibU cXar t*r will acoouip*"* the medicines CERTIFICATE* OF CURES. >Vom H to 20 vrfirs rtoMtftHM, % ? mi with k4mk? known to feCIKNv'K AND FAMK. Price SI 00 per bottle, er ill for %i 00 Delivered to &cj Addreaa, aeourely packed fro observation. Dk>cbibr Symptom* in all ComsfNictTioxi Cv?< Giaraitcrd ! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Persona.ll} appeared before me, an Alderman of theoity of rhi arieiphia.H. T. HiLMaoLB.vhobeia? duly sworn, doth say. hi* prepara'ion* oo tain no narootio, no mercury, or o'ber iuiunoa* urui*, bul are purely vegetable. H. T. HkLMBOLD. H?orn and subscribed before me, thi* <ad day of November. 185? _ WM. P. HIBHFRD, A tUrma*. Ninth street, above Raoe. Phila. Addreaa ietter* for informat'on in 0006 lenoe to H T HLLMBOLD. Cherrw.t, Depot, 104 Sonth Tenth at, bet Chesnnt. Phila, A N t)T VVVfc IN CIPl 1)lu?kKk Who endeavor to <1iip<v? o? thus owhm and "othkk" a111clm oh the kspvtatioii attaihsd fTeimbold'i Genuine Preparations, " " Extract Buohu, " Saraaparilla. " M Improved Roco Wuh, Sold by 8. B. Wait*. #<8 Seventh street, and 8. C F<>*n, Jh , oora*r Penn. avenue and Eleventh iitreet, AHb ALL DRUGGISTS ?rSRYWHERE. Ar?K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TARE NO OTHER. Cat out the adrerttwrent and send l >r It. AVI) a VOID IMPOSITION ANDEXPOSURE, ap 4 eolr ENGINEER'S OFFICE, Alxxamdsia. Jnne 36, I860. .MANA88ASGAPJtA.ilJl.OAD. ? A NINDKKU MM WAPITBUon the lia? of this road from Ml Jaokaon to Harrieonburg. Wag?a SI a day; b ard fin per month. For lnfor mtiuD, ?., inquire of WM. A. FEVVELL, Conpan) ' < ?<fioe, Alexandria. je28 i1 tjtSo.iitvAaitutvS^p. ASHINGTON (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. A' tnut and Tmtk Strut J.~0~MVjGUIRE, President. ?. I) HANSON. Secretary. ma 7-eotr HOW K'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Tbeae Soaiea are offered to the public aa tb? moat aipipte. durable, and reliable soaleeever put is Ee. Firatolaaa prennuraa hare been awarded torn the U F*i.r and Virgin# Afipmitwrnl oooikj; vinrimawaieAfrieuitunyrauil'Tanklia Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; NewYork Stele Fair; Vermont Mtate Fur, ko., Ac. In every mm where exhibited they nave reoeived first olaes cremtnis Fo> m eat Loaiaiaaa avenue, Depot or Filler's ChiRed Iron Bales. . ?t* 10-1 ? K' C. PATT1TON. Aceet DR1M K COST.?Ornar.die, Jaoonet, Barefe, I Grenadine, and r*ilk Robes, from two to aiae flounoee, at first oost We will from this day forward offer oar entire wo? UI mr aw VI KUOU ftl run, DU mor? WU1 D? fked for aiif of them. h*\? gon# throufk our Dre*i ?o<>tla aod marked down mr?at nf tkia kind f cooda; and we reap?otfullT aolioit all in want of noH Dreaa J5<x?la, at wrj low pnoea, to an examinaUun of oar Mock. TAYLOR k HUTCHISON. MISCELLANEOUS w / $ / wo,"'"T \ v \ f Q DI3PATCH! % ? \ \J*r Safe lhr_ ficres! *K^ At wtii rrrn m ** ?. rm?'? ftmu'uj, it is very desirable to have some ohm# tad oonrement way for repairing Farzutare. Toys, Crook err, Ao. IFiLDIFIfl'l PREPARED GLt'l meets all ssoh emergenojes. and no heasehold ou afford to be withoat it It is kvtis ready and ap to the sticking poi^t. There is so loncer s neoes sitr for limping chairs, sauntered reneera. headless dolls, and broken eradles. It is Jist the arfieie 1or oone, shell, and other ornamental work, ee popaiar with ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation Is aeed oold. being ohemioai'.j held in eolation, and possessing ail the alaabie qualities of the ttest oahi net makers' glae. It may be ased in the piaoe of ordinary maoua?e, being vastly more adhesive. USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.? Prxct, SS Mi ll N. B.? A Uru?h aooompamee eaeh bottle Wh Dtroi, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Addreee HENRY cTsPALWNG A CO.. Box No. 3.600, New York. Pot ap for Dealer* in Caeee containing Poar, Right, and Twrlve I)o*on?a boaatifnl Lithof rapt o Show Card aooompanyinx eaob park Me. UT 4 lincle bottle of SPALDINU'S PRE PARKDOLuK will save tec ita ooet an cnally to ever? hon*ehold.-/"Tl Sold by all arofninent Stationer*. Dmccieta, Hardwire and Fiirnitwrc Deaien, Grooara, and Fancy !*tore?. Country merchant* should make a note of SPAL DiyU'S PKEPAKKb GLUE, when makinc up their liat. It will ?t&nd any olimate. fe 10 It y|ij^5f5??5ss^ / ?\ViL*jc>yVe?? r \C*>X Ro >i A?i cr^l ' 4t? M 4'i4?? MRU a % if I I far ?w b* (tk* J4f+* f?ufUrr ? vr \'+i>CtY* i 'it* r*)i9*9? tk* '~m JJ 5j>^j0 j *? JF ^(1/ / a pmcs rmJf kn^m n f * I m, V SS5j* MBHPfflwBWi ,fl i Im UMnif rn* Mliu?Mn nkt/<( . . 'fr^ 'kr-h-itk*rjlif trh,+~.? ' f Iti l* #r> d b? th' /WlV w'?. /f f# . " * () fjk \ b< fi? jlr?* m \ ' J # ^ f*l > !. Vmitm ?i f? t(f ?55^ ' . * prf'pi i' ty^r(?>a& \ ? I j I Soleft^r^etor.' ^ J jjj /e/* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAOEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS NtOMTICVUfninilKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. ' IOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 ly BARBOUR k 9EMMES. PARAFFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT Ir.VOIT.Y' We a'e now receiving I'arafiine Oil direct from the work* in west- rn Virginia. The tualit* of it is eic?llent, producing a stead t, bril iant and t-eautifu light, and more pleaeant to th* eyes than eas ught. This Oil is fre* from adn'teratlon,and verj mnoh more eoonomioal tnan man; of the Coal Oils used at this time. inr It is in no way explosive. We k?ep also a supjmt of the meet approved styles of Lamps, 4to.,for burning this Oil. KINO * BVROHKLL, Agents for its sale for the Dist'ict of Columbia, Corner h ifteer th st. and Vermout sr. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company. mall rj\ CARRIAGES. 1 HE S?b?erib?r h&vinf m*d? ado 1 Don* to fei factory, rrakmi it bow one of the largMt~Mgfc?. In the Dirt riot, whe^e hit faciUbea I yQE mkodtutinniCARRIAOK A LIOHT*S?WAGONS of all kiudt cannot M urpMaed, an< from nit loag expei .-roe in the buinaaa, ?e faopw to cire f?nera. satisfaction. All kinds of Cama?M ud Ltifkl Wtcou kepi ^ R E p AIR8 iMl y ten*, ant All erderi pre?pi ly att?d?d to. .sp "" 4 11 H ?f l|tk and i- gfti Five hundred travelinb trunks arrived thin day. erohraoini ill iqili *w^6 tie* and aise* of Sole leather, Ladiw'BMrMB Dreae ud Parkin* Tmnka. Oar trank^-'**" . ?&!" room nimnin at in. uw me cr-ateit var??t? ! of traveling requisites at moderate o^ros. to be found this side of New York Al?>, evJ*? tion or 1.ADJB8' HAT BOXFte, VALICE*. CABPKT BAG*. SATCHELS. **. inroid Trunk* repaired or taken in exohaoce for new one*. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Saies R nom, mar a-tf Pa. avenue. ^MACNOU^AGNOLI^ ^bmisKE^^vmsKEy/ We offer for tb? ?bo*? tw4%rd br%m4 of i ftne Co?Mr DiatilM MftftMi Bj* WWy. in barrel! fcnahilM^ire.i Aiituof oar own di?ti,l?. Hon.and highly improved b* age, we oonfriebtTr r*oon:m<Mid it aa the r r**er anc t*>at W hisk j that oan poasibly be distilled. We aleo offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, apd other brand* .from the largest a took of Fiae Whiakiea in tti<? Uuted Statee PtKKMAN * 8IMP0QN, Ptosis Dietillery, oa the ftohoyikil. river, Phila Offloee??6 Wall street. New York; aad ! ? Booth Front atreeC Philadelphia. mar ?-l? BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-l* \ D cotrotins 1?30 ? Johh I. Don ax Deo h, Prea.. M fWri r*? Haa'* "~TKiVoompJwy /.N?UEE? LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, * . 1 DeaoriptiT* p&mphl*u ma? b* obtaiaod it U>* 1 Company's Ac*dot for tlM District of Colambia, ofioeofUTii Jouhi k. Co,, B*jLk*n. 10th rtnH : and Penn. tmu. J. W , MaGILL. A|?l I). *. Htam. V. H. M?H Rrr. d?rMtf i<?. e. uia. ?. am. r. &. imt. I^AMAR, MOT* * ? lout 8niM, Mih? Wtyl iwfiii la U? t^pTCwfrt of Errorf.u4 Ar Jacob iuBi munractvm of HILITA1T CLOTHING, Sovtb&ait CoKiixm Skors and Spftvca St*., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHH FOR BALE. >??-? 12,000 cVa^?l?^K?*V, #? the tttentioo a/ Uj? pqblio to o?r l*rr? tod w*l m for oS? 12 tC** rt>?" for ov ifruf mot) wire 11 ft ok. m th? tot No. 47 CM^fn at a vvi i nw ?imv i rifnvi i A^L Deeenytione o/ U?e BARKR&' BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?W? o*a at?U mmobb oftk > ya*r au??l; y?? wiU ( erery grade of ButUr. rwy oImmm. WH*v?wm bow u low aa Uu MnU, aad from that ?p to th? r?a?M?ss. ! { MJ&P1CLNK& nt rauvrra, U BALTIHOHB LUCK MO*n T AL. It k| gM ? ? rWtAM *>????!< a mkAM * 'W *? i A/?(tk?i >v>m*df w .-*? r#rM, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMI'Kt UKN('K. i.*r jro FALSK PHL/CACY PKKTM/rr APPLY IMMKD ATKLV. J Cr** WARRAFTTKh, Oft ATO CHAMfiK, Iff FKOM CXVJ TO riro i>JV? VnhMi(*?lMl kmuw tlHiimaliMlMNf* u4 BtaMar. l>ur??i|M. la^in^, ??Mnt Dafciluy. Hir?i?i ??. i|?m. i-aa wwii. yjmmf>lil W U?il. Pi.pu*iiaa aTl??*a?ri Tl ni? it j>, DtiuMtif hf?i at OtMinra. Dmw >(u<t H?? n>wi, m> *r Mm, AC*cu*<?<< f?* Ld.p liM<ct m * ? >? it? TimbU Ow*f4*f? >rw>'( Saltiary Iimu af ?(IMH I>r*a jf*. Ml l>MUKtl<t PntlKM ?b.ts '?a <11 Hurxfi iBftwtii u4 1?U9* ktu Barf? ??< rM TOENtt M? lifMttllr *iw lit* t?(?? ik? ticoairf IWNUJ VIM, Ifcr. 4r*?dV u< Caatracu** kaka ?WU aaaaatl* M u mum.i |r<t< !kM?a4a <fTnn( Mtufmaaiii' Mi* itiMii ?o4 knliwi MUltoei, ? ka Mhi xl>?f m ka Mln>ci4 l?MM With lh? I* ?<( ?? W IMMK a* w???<l U imuii 1.1* llviaf lf??. mt kail *<U tai. aaa> IBH? M AUUKP rtuoai. H T >( MM mwyliini ?*?rtaf*. t*in( Mflilll ???k?M. arf At ?| I t cm! wk* flttM Sin-Mlf *n?*r U>? Mr* *< fH J mi MUfV **<T *a?i4a la hM kanar ? * f aatiaa ?a *< aotiMlli rat? pan hM (kill pfcr*i?it? orrtc* n? 7 kotoi ruuHM imin Ml ta>4 m4? r*ihf tr*a a;raat, tea *" Ina III MflN rill dm U ttWMI MM u< H??#l ktlWN MM k* P*.t4 u4 MCtaln IKKf OK JUIHTOI, Mmktn < Ut Ray*. 0?Ua(i af lw?M. litMM Ml af W>? MM mviMI la tfc? Ol It a* tlllll, ut Ui fTMiti fart W tlXM itf* Mm (fMi * IM fcaarm ( Land**, Pari*. rt.iitf*'Ptiit aud > *rturi, Ui a?> 4 hm af lit* n-Ht utt i' t| (l-? ibat ** fcnaan. many UmM?< Villi nn(ir f ir lb* Kaad at.4 MM vkti aaiaar mat iimwiHi bairf *.*rM?aJ at NMta aanda. t?aVf*i?aaa a it* fr* ?? at i- f a.iHO' aaaaaIibh vHk <anii(iaMt af Mai. vara carad taaatewlt. TAKE PAKTK BLAK ROT1C*. TMa| Mil and Hl ara > ?? injarad waMai'N ? Mrua pracuca Ia4ii(ad id tbaa tlam-a kahi: fci|a>al|p l?n>s4 'mh an' ranriMm. m a- actaal. ha ataria I vklcfc *r? o(fki:? f*U < ?*. rtodtrt Birntfa in ^MiitK, ul dmwi Mt m4 M< k*4l, ?KmI4 *rt T iriiMdutllf rUi wi Ml of ha Md *od ??l??ek*.f (ficu m4m? ky Nrlt H*tnu ( nnk ?> W??kn??? W tk* ??tk nl Unta. hiM u. tk* Hm4. Pin?>?M *f Ii|<ii,Um ?f Mwum Pfvar, Ptifiuu? of th* [>vap?|?i. IrratokMV,Dtr>D|?mnt?(lka Di|ix 'i fmi tllM. SMiiti IHMHf, f'i P'o'bi of (!?.n?bu* . Ac. MENTALLY.?TV* f**rf?. Wtcttm- tk* mlatf *r? m??k ta k? 'rt|ii4-Loi rf LMfwn ?f Hut, l??rm?.w (Evil Partittiiip, Pa irtn, Lt?? if BohiMia. Vir i*uy, iit.,ui * ? W Ik* *flM Im?4. H Ell TO PI DdklTT -fkmudi mi m? |i<(* vtol I* ik* ctm flbair 4*r.hatb{ baaitk. iMinf tk*?r *lft. k*tM*n( (iik, pa, a **> * ? and *Mtiaiad. *a*inf niipui *ppa*fue* akaattk* naa nr*tr pwnaaf cwialiyuaa DllliAlU Or lMPRUDk.Nl E Vkat tk* anniilad ?? irprxtaal aaw> of r taiara lata ha haa irr.Mhad ihi Hlte ( uil punfa. dwttM.IUM rflai ItppiM IWt a* lit-timed Null rf ikuat M draad af <wc?'in (ilin hiir froui applying ( tkrM vkt. frtn adacatiaa aid rwpculHliiy, iui inm k?ln<a4 htm Ha htla taw '.ha ban da af ignorant and daaignmg praianrtara aba. u.eapahia af caring, tlcfc hit pataoiary aahatanca. kaaf bia trading aaxt after taaii'h, m aa laiig a* lb a araallaa fa* cat tea ate tainad, and is daapatr laa*a bin; vitb rainad baaltt u aurt a*ar bia gallir.g dia>ppaati-.mar<t; ar b? th* aaa af that daa?ia paaaan, Marcary. baaiaa tba canatitatioeai aiujpianaa' Uil iambi* dtaaaaa aach aa A da cum.a o' tt a Hair. Tbraat, IIaaa. km.Ac , prograaa?.g a ith frigbtfol rapidity, til! death pau a Cnad ta haa draadfW aafanun hy aarding hiar la thai aa ?ca*arad eaartrr frorr ? hnaa V-oaraa aa traveler raima Dfc JOIHI-'NI IIMI'IY P'lRDl'UmcWtAUUI AMPIMPOTBKCT y Ula great aad iiaMitai remedy aaakr eaa af tha arraaa ua epeedily cared aad rd aigar raatarad Theaeaade ?tha aat H?nNiad debilitated, whe bad laat all bepa. ha>e ? !> rr rr,#0 It , y r?U*T?? _* All inptHiniiliU Mkrrikf*. Pby?l?a: ?r Mcnta DlaaaaJIlutioca Low rf Precraau** Nir**M Irritaaiiliy Tnabiw(tii4 WulntM ? Iibnao if Ui Milttiw Mad y???dilj carad ENOOMLM U?T Of TIE IUM TBE MANY THOUeANIM car.4 atUiM iiMOMi vltftta Iki lut ti'MUn run, u>4 Ui mniifw laipartaat Mi (untRm ptrfWmi4 hy Di Mmm. *iu>mh< fey M reparian ?f tbi p? par* acd May aUar MrtMi, mu*m ft wl)?cto h?*? ?ppa>raJ a^ai:. u< again tafara Ifca nkllc. aa aidaa hi! ?t?r,d r.f aa * ganUamaL af cha rmciar at.a raaatim Mlity. to i mIcimi putnwt l? Ui >Ihm4 |uA-ly Dr. j. bovek ixurt* IMPERIAL WISE BITTgXS. Are now being *<! from Maine to the GreM Halt Lake. ?ni tfle nnivoru vertiiet of aJi wim> ua? t'tin eirher u a mrd irt?? or a? a brrermf. is tkkt they are nnsurpaeed in the world J?r. I?<h1i tftem iu' oeeafuily in bra practioe for X> reara before we purchased of hiir the col? . itht to manufacture and present them for aale to the public For the eve of Incipient Consumption, Indirection, lHa papmt, Pi lee, Nervoua l>iM?>eii, Mmi e Com pla.Lt*. and a.. ohm 'MOirimc a tonic, they trebaynnd doubt a moat invaluable reiredy. Aaide frdm their medicinal properties they are a pure, whoie some and deiightfa Beverage, producing ^ the pleaaant exhi'eratinr efTect* of Brandy or Wine without their injnrioua reaulte. let all frierda of h amenity arid ail a-1 vooatea of temperanoe aaeiat ?ia iu auMUtum these va'.eanle Y?f etaj..e BitWa or the mineral petomt and a^allTatW Lt+uo*I with which tt>? 0"uut'> la flooded, and thereby ef fec'n^ly at'I in ban thing Disease and Dmckereaa from the land. CHARLK!* WIDDIFIF.LD * CO.. Proprietor*. 7 *> William itrwi. New V ork. J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. PR. J B(?VF.E IK) OS' F.hlAl. HIS BITTERS. For of the Kidne??. H adder and l'rtn%rv Organ*, and especially for Female Ohetroetiou*, never fai. to oure. and are war ranted to fire aau* tuuon. charleo winrnfield * co.. proprietor*, 7(5 Wi ham at.. New York. J. Cf'HWARZK, je 7 ly.r Agent. Waehingtoa. 0. C. HltfHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! mks. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE OECOCTION. It u wail known that in the Spring people ar? mora & ! tn aoilhinl giimmm mm ?/ ? . ? *? " ? nod; aad it ia equally weu-known tUU to ward off duawo i?lo keep the bl??*i pure, for "all the ilT> tiiat fleah it heir to," arise from imptnty of the blood, the main apnea of oar eciateaoe. It ia, therefore, important to all tbat the ayeterj ahouid be thoroughly eleacaed and punhM. aad thia oao be done in Uie ntoat e(?oU?! to : ? uairi URSM COTS MDIAS V mUT^FLM LE COrrlQN. tpe beet remody diaeorernd for the onre of diaeaaea or !*k r., Ktti pr ua. ?or?>fula. Rheuna tiam, Nenroua Debility. Percra of different kioria. the moat re?narkable cure*, m o?l be ahowc by nnmeroaa oerufioate? from per sop a ol ih? Lif heal rospeotability. aod la r?or??nmeud?d by all who have uaed it m the most mvalitab.a reined ia a?oct of tl)? du. (T^llia anld by a!. the Drncriata of Baltlaora, aaaat the reataer.oe of Ue ?ropn?t';r. MRS. N? OOXi ICt* Cw! Baltimore atreet, betwoen B1rc street and Centra, a venae. None s^nnine her came ta blown ob the bottle and her aea. on the oork. IT^Prioe ?> per bottle, six bottles for ?S. Wkol'tal, Attn: R. S T Ci?a*L. LVuraiat. Georgetown, D C., A?wit fn' the I>i? wi?i. arc tu; auppr tu?? trade at nr. j prioea, _ iomjZI U JBE ALL 8 L' F FIOIENV VB1EK TKIKSKMAK, I, ?, ft S, bf Reyr+l Ltttmr Patent of Englmmd. mmd Itmrid ik* Sutl ?f tk* frint lit PIbi miv 4? Pmrts, iaJ Ut iWH'U' foiUii tf ifidWMu, No. 1 u icra a^bie for exa?o*Uon. Bftraalw rhip*. ud All ?lir?u*u dia*hiuti?<?>. No. oom)i?t?!y ?rv! *11 tr&OM of UkOM dn? tl?t k?rr been hitherto trMlM bt Lha Movitod pcrntoiov ?ae of oop?r>& ajid etjbeW No. 3 haa Mtiraif auap.artwi the inj?rio?a mm ft rear?, thereby inaariiia to the ape?*)? ralief, diaper* 1*L imprnQUm, ixo roottag oil Um TRTH^Vl.tMd rr?MrW 1. U. forai ol ? io??r.f?. d?v?id oft*?te and unjw., aorl a*n be oftined ie tb? wmnto???t pooket. Hold ia ti OMMi Mj'. laU i?Hr?U doeea,M ftdauaia Imm U Va.Mai. U .wnaud. K-ni. K .cff. Ac. Pnoe #3 each. or foar nw foi whioh m*m ft ftpd in #77 oum, vberebr there ia % atria* of M1?. To b* bad. wh">?li a.rd retail, of OrVB> ? ROW, 114 BlmUritrMitW doora below M?Doi|?l atiaai. Naw York. Immediately on reoeiTinf a ra I Mi a aii Dr. Barrow vill roriM iba TritMau to u> acrt ol th* worid. aeoarel* racked, And ad pr-.? WJ w? V?U*ORI rVlkVi <! ? " lifl attofc P. C. <*Mb Ciwmpum UUAOAS. A?T11>N l-fiwkO*?;-tb*ir Bock.. (XrtUki, Backa. BoapiU.a, lr.nimwito or Buna?aba ihaan aTl.aiid,if ditpo**. to f Mb* aruynMS * *1 n & kffiRA??-1T? CUKE. With Maati euowtod, atidroaa, ib prfaM eonl ^ui FOB STAMPING ATl - A PACKET OF PAPBR 1 m. m ~ I A N It kKVEI/tBM _ ?- - v W auvrv DO | N 0 I TO NATCI. tHARGEj HOOKHtOKB, j f E1LP 4 BOLOMONB, A,"u !?W5SSS4 AM MR ? ^ 279 206 ^Ssissasfl ^MortstioL. Alao, ?il or*?ra tor f>iantra, Npfw, B*lka,Mi Prtr?u PnrtMa, wlioh will (M Mrradl ay la kia m?utaU>la atri*. viU U* WM VmHmm im ?wb-.wV H? bmm >?t Quota ?>?? mmt tiO TO MM IT Mil I* am tnr RNIIM --- iiigss}

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