Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1860 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ! F UBLISHED E VER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenu* andllth H.t # _ _ ^ t * ! * ____ _ n a 1 1 1 - **' ' L - * r I I I I btxiim ?tar, s ( I V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JULY 19. I860 N?. 2.314. Irea Brid| i. It is a curious circumstance that the most Faccessful contriver of an iron bridge, and that <>f the very boldest design, was no other than the celebrated Thomas Paine. He was an exciseman, and drew up a petition for an increase of pay. He studied mathematics and mechanics, and became acquainted with Goldsmith and Franklin; the latter persuaded him to go to America. Ac. lie settled down at Philade phia to mechanical and philosophical studies, and speculations on electricity, minerals, ard the use* of iron. In 1787, when a briJge over the Schuylkill was proposed to be constructed I wiinout any river piers, as the stream was apt to b? choked with ice in the spring freshet*, Paine boldly offered to build an iron bridge with a single arch ot 400 feet span The same year we find him at Paris, submitting the plan of his bridge to the Academy of Sciences,who* opinion was decidedly favorable. He sent a copy to Sir Joseph Eftnks, to be submitted to the Royal Society; and he next proceeded to Hotherham Iron Works, in Yorkshire, to have his bridge cast It was a segment of an arch of 410 feet span, and constructed of framed iron panels, radiating towards the centre in the form of voussoirs. An American named W biteaide ad vanced him money on the security of bis property in the States; he was unable to oomplete the castings of the bridge, which were then shipped off to London, and erected on a bowline green at Paddington. There it was visited Dy a large number of persons, and regarded as a great success Whiteside having become bankrupt, Paine was arrested by his assignees, but was liberated by the assistance of two other Americans, who became bail for him When returned from France to America, he in 1803 presented a memoir to Congress on the construction of iron bridges, with several models. It does not appear that be succeeded in erecting hia bridge. In the mean time, however, the bridge exhibited at Paddington produced result?; the manufacturer? agreed to take it back as part of their debt, and the materials were used in the Doble structure over the Wear, at Sunderland, where it was erected in 179?. This bridge was long regarded as the greatest triumph of art. Its span exceeded that of any existing stone arch, being 23ft feet, with a rise of 34 feet, the springing commencing 95 feet above the bed of the river, allowing vessels of 300 tons burden to sail underneath without striking their masts. If," says Mr Stephenson, " we are to consider Paine as its author, his daring in engineering certainly does full justice to the fervor of his political career; for, successful *L ? l * * * i > ? ? ? mo resuu nas unaouoieaiy proved, want ol experience and consequent ignorance of the risk, could alone hare induced so bold an experiment; and we are rather led to wonder at than to admire a structure which, as regard* its proportions, and the small quantity of material employed in iu construction, will probably remain unrivalled.** The Canif of a Catutriphe, Messrs Alexander Houston and M. B. Robinson, who were reported amongst the lost by the recent blowing up of the steamer Ben Lewis, on the Mississippi river, have arrived at Nashville and published the following: "On the 23d of June we made our exit from Memphis, Tenn., and took passage on the ben Lewi*. Quickest of the MississioDi boat* an.) carried the horns, Capt. Hanson being but recently appointed to command her. At the time of our departure we had 65 cabin and 20 deck passengers. A short period only eiapeed when I went below, and what wad my astonishment to find all in the greatest confusion from the escape of steam, caused by an ever-pressure forcing its way through the weak portion of the machinery. This, after great difficulty, was mastered The night of Saturday she ran on her usual time with caution, but as soon as daylight shone on us sped through the water at a dangerous speed. One hundred miles below Cairo we took on two planters with slaves; they soon became alarmed, and asked tha cause of such high pressure and speed of the boat, when the clerk replied that it wad her trial trip, and that she had to this point made oie hour over her time At every landing the s aves were taken to the stern of the steamer* as they would not slacken at such time. Between this point and llickman the guage-cocks of the four boilers marked a great variance, when they should always be kept equal. At Hiokman I had an opportunity of ecu iting the deck hands?36 in number?marching from tha storehouse with boxes of apples. At this point a bet was made between the pilot and the engineer to make the landing at Columbus in one hour and three minutes, a distance of 20 miles, against the strong carrent of the Mississippi; it was lost by one half minute?the quickest run on record at that particular stage of the river. As soon as we touched at Columbus, the engineer of the Cheney, in the vicinity of the Ben Lewis, became alarmed at the state of the boat, said she was under a dangerous bead ot steam, and advised all to leave immediately, a.< she would blow up lie watched her with agony until she disappeared. From this point to Cairo she was likely to explode at any moment, as she trembled like an aspen leaf shaken by the wind. We were so cognizant of her danger that we took our position on the extreme end of the boat, and left her immediately on touching Cairo. A few minutes only elapsed after her leaving when she collapsed, with a A 1 * ? J!.A* 1_1 Li . m ? report, mm was ui-nuguisuauic nve mites distant.'' m * The English Press oh the Pkihce's Visit. All the London papers are commenting on the Prince of Wale?'s contemplated visit to the 1'mted States. One of them, in an article on the subject, has a first-rate notice of the occupants of the "White House," at Washington. The following is an extract: He will learn, too, how cordially he can be received by those who are earnest and hearty republicans; and he will see how complete is the reverence for the law, how willing the COUrtMV accorded U> diitinvuiahuH Knvliah. men. though the forms of government and the marks of social distinction differ so widelj. If England benefit bj all these experiences in her leading men. it will be no small benefit to the United States that a spirit of friendly cooperation in the development of commerce and in everj work to which human industry oan apply itself, sball prevail throughout the homes or the Anglo-Saxon race on this side of the Atlantic. It befalls most happily that the ho?t of the royal traveler on this occasion will be that President who has most helped to restore the elevated character of the presidential office in the United States Bat JimM Runhinin i? something better atill than an able official Few men in society, whether in Europe or America, have more extensive knowledge of men and things; few have keener observation, a more ready memory, or a clearer method of expression. Unaffected, sagacious, kind hearted and courteous, ne mau better combined qualities to make the very fitted hoet for the young English prince. And over the hospitalities of the White House presides a natural grace ao unaffected, so charming, and o tasteful, that the young heir of Kngland will be among the first u> declare that, in the capital of the republio, be baa men in their loveliest aspect the qualities tbat make tha sunshine of courts. Surely prineea perform one of their noblest functions when they becotnr tba bear era of good intelligence and cordial feeling between great States; and nerer way knight-errant of real life charged with happier quest tbat tbat upon which tba Prinoa of walee is about to set forth. lie will win baartj allies aasaog tha rapablieans. and will return tba stronger for bis royal work, in body, mind aad heart OTfcwa new and aptended church rdlflvi are ia aaurae of erection at Walmea, Sandwieb Islands lO- A crowd of two tbeuund in Limerick, Ireland, baraed Oartbaldi in e?KT recently, artrr taring bang Ua oa OaUowm Graea t PtriUu Ballots Aaceasiea. On the 4th of July, Prof. Steiner made his 89th ascension in the balloon Europa from Milwaukee. In his account of his voyage he says: "When I had been out forty minutes I was overtaken by a thunder storm, which was moving in an oblique direction to my course, and in an imtant I was surrounded by clouds, it would be utterly impossible to describe the grandeur and beauty of this scene. Its suddenness was startling. The first intimation tbat I hid of its vicinity was on turning my h?ad and seeing a bank of clouds at least 500 feet high, moving toward me with an imprea_ ? _4 i* - 1 kxvo steadiness. 1 Dene ciou'i-i aoon surrounded me on all side*?above,arching themselves into a mighty rotunda, and leaving a space through whicn toe clear blue sky could be seen. Thus abut in, I seemed to be fixed in a tremendous haft of vapor. The lightning darted up and down the sides, and the thunder peal* were laud and continuous. I, however, felt no alarm, knowing that the balloon was a nonconducting substance. Once, while in this situation, I halloed as loud as I could, and the ? ic.viuciauuu ui III V voice ia mis dome almost stunned me. "It was about six o'clock. I did all that was in my power to lighten her, throwing over my grappling irons, and everything of weight? even to my overcoat Cut was all of no avail? down she came; and by the time the storm was over (7 o'clock and 6 minutes.) I struck the lake ton miles from the mouth of the Knlamaxoo river, and nine miles from land. There was not a vessel in sight, and it was impossible for me to reach the land if I parted _:.i L-11 ' 1 .. .. - wmi my oanoon. x Knew mat it 1 could get up 8.000 feet. I could strike an easterly current that would take me ashore, and as this was my only chance. I coolly set about putting it in execution. I immediately got upon the concentration hoop" above the basket.and as the weight of the latter prevented me from unsnapping the cords, I cut them with my pocket knife. The moment she was relieved ? f this weight, she rose, with me sitting on the hoOD. holding the T*lv* rnn? in mv k??J 1 - > o ' " * " t' *** "V " 1 11 three minutes I reached an elevation of 5,000 fee'. In fifteen minutes I was over the beach; tightening my cords. I shot downwards?first perpendicularly, and then (influenced by an under current) slightly in a westerly direction, striking tke water ten feet from the land, and without any difficulty waded ashore." Stk.vm Waco* is Sa.n Frahcisco.?A steam wagon from England, is exhibiting in the street* ot ban Francisco. The Times of tbe 14th ultimo, in describing its workings, says : 41 When fastening was made and the train ready for a start, there was a great number of persons in the heaviest of tlie two trucks, making in all a load of about forty tons. The wheels of this vehicle wore solid, about a foot in width and two in diameter, a size and form very unfavorable for a cobble-stone street, ns was soon seen. The train had barely started when one of these chubby wheels jerkod a number of cobble-stones out of place. The nugvu cuuuuucu lugging iae irucKS along,and the wheels continued to push up several yards of the pavement. This proved the great strength of the locomotive, but showed that cobble-stone streets were not the proper kind of roadfor such a truck and such a load After passing along a rod or two, the crowd having jjmped off the truck, the wagon passed along successfully. It ran intolloward street, where several other trucks with larger wheels were added on. and the train passed on u> Third, thence to South Park, around the eliptical Ereen there, and then along Third back to toward and to the foundry " Tha steam wagon weighs about ten tons. The driving wheels are seven feet in diameter, and made of iron The tires am seven inches wide, and rounded in such a manner as to seize the ground as they revolve. There are four of thea? driving wheels, two side by side, on each tide of tbe wagon, and 80 constructed that onlj one on each side touches the ground except where grades are to be ascended, sand or mud to be crossed, and in all other cases where a great surface of tire may be required 1 Tbe steaming apparatus consists of a pilot wheel, which is plaoed in front of the wagon, and connected with the fore wheels. In other respects the vehicle resembles a locomotive with double engines of about twentj-horse power." A Fourth or Jllv Balloon Trip.?MrJesse Johnson, an aeronaut, mad* an ucensiun in his balloon, tbe Comet, from Syracuse, on the 4th inst. In his account published in the Syracuse Journal, he says : " After attaching the car. and putting aboard a couple of bags of saod, and everything being ready, I took my departure from the beautiful city of Syracuse. The halloon ascended rapidly nearly perpendicular to the altitude of one and a half miles. Unwilling to go further from so lovely a scene, I checked the ascent and slowly retraced my steps until at an elevation sufficient to render the view most impressive, llere I could only regret that I was not possessed of the command of language to describe the beauties beneath me Language is inadequate; it must be seen to be realized. A light haze on the distant horizon prevented me from seeing Cayuga, Beneca, or even Lake Ontario ?I..1.1 V. I --> ? |>|>IU|J, uiuvugu X UUIIUIOU BlgOl BII1B1I IHKtl, ftlainlj to be seen. The appearance of Oneida ake was beautiful beyond description I was particularly struck with the unique appearance of the Salt Works when directly over them. My course from Syracuse wm almost imperceptibly towards the northwest, until I was over Salina lake, when the Comet, as if to have a little fun at the expense of my temerity, suddenly halted, positively refusing to go farther, and commence') descending slowly, as if intent on having a ba*h I oould not think this unreasonable in the Comet, although on my part it seemed quite superfluous, as I had taken a bath io the morning; besides I preferred bathing on the beach to being ducked by the Comet as a boy would drown a kitten." The aeronaut, however, escaped the danger uninjured, and landed in safety. Tbb Wheel or Fobtcni.?Only twenty years ago last November, Louis Napoleon, the nrMcnt Kmn*rnrnf Fpinoa --1 ? [lotel without paying his board bill. In the New Orleans Bee of November 20th, 1839, appeared the following account of the "noble Count's" departure from that city : Count Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, whose arrival in this citj wu announced in several of the papers, has left New Orleans in high dudgeon, and for just reason, lie was yesterday morning informed by the proprietors of the St. Charles Hotel that it waa customary for gentlemen traveling without baggage, (the Count was splendidly provided in that way for a man of his titular dimensions,) to pay for their board in advanoe, whereupon the following dialogue ensued : ?i A tl I. -?? ? m a.- _ m i/uunt?mj name is sumciem guarantee tor cny bill. Publican?Your name, Count, ic a very good one, but won't buy marketing. Count?Make out mj bill. Publican?It shall be done. The olerk thereupon presented the bill made eut in the name of Count L. N. Bonaparte. Mr name," aaid the Count, "is Louie Napo leon Bonaparte. I wish it ao atated in full in the aooouut." A second bill was made oat, and the entire nuue written ent in fair, legible letters. "Vv fiairi* ia pannt 1 /\ma KavmUavi Ravi*. .w wwUV MV?I? ?VH AAVUVparte, Prince of Segovia, Kamscbatka. and. other dependencies?say so in the bill," responded the sprig of nobility. ' I will not maae oat a third bill," Mid the clerk "Then I'll be if I pay it," aaid bis Excellency, and forthwith absquatulated. C7" Lieut. J. H Sbotts, United States nary, trird by a general court martial, has been acquitted of all the charges alleged. aad Com mandrr Lock wood censured for preferiog them agalast bin. A MRS. WINSLOW, N Kxperlenoed Norte and Female Phr*lolan, preaeot* to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYKUF. Far Chlldrea Teethiag, Wktak gfaOy facmutaa tha praeasa ?f taathwf, k? fin lag tha f?m?, radacing all inlamnauaa?will allay ALL rain and apaaroadia acuao, and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWEL8Dap?od ape it, natbara, it will f>?a rait ta jaaraaWaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS -- - ? - - p., mr .mi lai amcia Tor * ? r ' n jttn, ml CiH fit, lit CO* VlDBNCI AIVD TH'TH o< ll, fhtttl b*?? o*?or boao able ta aay of any OTHII Mtdicmt? wbtbr MRS hii it riiLtp.m 4 i n l i ?tai*c1 to ipfict A cl'll, wimowi vban umaly aaad Natar did ? know liiiiTUIIVA ao inatanca if dia atiafaoiion by any m or,? who naad it. On tha contrary,allara SYKl'P, dohrhtad villi iu operations, and ___lapaai ib l?rni of highest commandatioti of ita magical (facta and madieal Tirtaaa. Wa apaak in .hia ntattar " vhtt w do Know," afiorian yaara'oiparionet, and n.tool of* reputation por thi pl'lpilmbnt op what wb h br b dlclaib. In almoot a*ary inatanca whtra tha infant 1a aoffarIng from pain and oihaaatioa, raliaf will ba found in iftaau or twanty minataa aftar tha aymp m admimatarad. Thia aalaahlo praparation la tha praacription of on* of tha moat BIPBRtBNCBD and obilpt'l Nl'RSBS in Naw Knglaad, ccdbai boon aatd with n ivirpailins SCCCBSI la runrrci vnc ne pjcpc A V/ A VAOOOl It Q#t nly raliavaa tba child frarn pain, bat ln*if*rat?s tba tamach and bowalt, corracta acidity, and fi*a? tar. a.nd anargy ta tba vholi avatam. It will a i moat inatantiy rahaaa Gripins in thk Bowili and Wind Colic, nil overcome eonioleiene, which, if oat epeedi4^ remedied lid in death. Wer . believe it the bst ANDJURBIT RIM- FOR | BD V Hi the W OR LD ID all caaea of DTS- CHILDREN INT IR V and DIaR rmcba in chil- TEETHING 1 dr . whether H r an from Teething llnr from an* other caaee. Wa wool I aay to every mother who hue a child eaf faring from any uf the foregclng cotnplainte?DO NOT LIT TOUR HIJIOICI), NOR THE rRSJCDItBt OF OTHIR", atarid between yourMcffrring child and tha relief that will be ll-RB?yea, abioli'TELT ICTI w fellow the net of th medicine, if tirrely o?ed. Full directior e fjr nting will company each bnttie. None geniar. e nnleee the fnc-eiisile CCRT14 * PERKINS, New t ork, u en the aleide wrappe oid by Drnrgiete throojhont the world. Principal Ofrce. No, 11 Cedar Street, N. T. mr.i >niT? v>?nu P?T Bottl?. H-C?wl? GEORGETOWN AOVKRT'MTS OFOR HARPKR'S FKRRvT" N And after July 3d,l>-6n, the steamer L. J. Hrenele, Captain \V. II. Ritt-'r. will __ll 1 k leare Georgetown KVKRV TI ES W f i)AV, THURSDAY, and SATUR-* I nilLBI li DA V, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate dav, at 6 o'clock a m. On t'.e J-aturdav ' trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3m CM>R HARPKR'S FK R R Y.?CHANG E OF P IM VS.?On and alt?r July 2,1860, _ the steamer ANTKI.OPK, Capt. II J. ^ ELL'.MVryinKthe United mail, will |ea--e Georgetown EVKRY MONDAY, i?? ?' t? ?i r* ii t . *? - ? ffAVflUuai mm FKiUATil(7%M?ial return everv Tuesday, Thurnday ami Saturday. IN. B ?livery edneaday the Antelope will run throiiKh to Shephordi'own. je5-2in* 1C|\ ~ JUST RECEIVED, lt)U bbls. whisky, (assorted,) 1H0 do. HERRING ?"d AI.EWIVE9, 25 do. KKFINKD Sl'GARS, ? hhdii. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bhla.( Bayfield) WHITK Fi ll, 25 txuces pnine EasternCHEESE. For sale low Wy JOHN J. BOOFE, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. Agency for fair rank's Scales in GKORGETOWN. Tho undersigned have been appointed Agents fur the ?a'e of the above celebrated and we.i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest HAY and COAI. SCALES erected in any part ! of the District or adjoining counties. Ail Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements. je8-2m Bridge street 2 doors weat of Hii>h. RAN DELL. OPTICIAN, No. lii?> Brtdft ?(., Otoritttewu, Hm tonatentlT on h*nU ft l?rp;? ttn?-nt ol French Near-sighted, Periscnpio. Col oredj and al'. other SrE?JTA<-I.L8, ol" tr.e t>est qua.itj. in gold, silver, steel, and Gsrmat. liver frames. N. B. Old Repaired and new 2 a*ae? net in them to order. no H-1t JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jefferson .its., Georgetown. Having given kit personal attention to this In of m? busines#, 1 ain prepared to. ?. ,, attend to ail oa ? wuli pr inpinnn* Persons frotn a distance oa?. be supplied at a few minutea' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS a.wajs on hand. Particular attention paid to the reinovaJ of the dt ad from the old to the new burial (rounds. Hearse* and Herges for hire. ap l0-6m A CO.'b PHI LA DEL in rtllA IJKA11UHT ALB.?We are oonstanily receiving fresh supplies oftne above delightful beverage, and invite all pnrsone who want a pure unadulterated Aie, to tivr> it a trial. ARNY k 9HINN, Agents, fe a ST fir?*c lit.. fiAnrcntown. EDUCATIONAL. C^ommkroia l c o l l e g e, > No. 47fi f*KVK>TH ST., Opposite the Mineral Post Ujfice, Washington City. Armorian ?j?Um of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Meroantile Forms and Calculations. Business Correspondence, of Exohanie, Current Bi!is, Cortmission Sa'es, Gra.. mar and Arithinstio. [T^A Preparatory Class for Boy*. \yj" Ladies will be instruoted in line penmanship. Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma j<-3m WV. W. YOUNG k CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. M I\ltW ARRANUKMKNT. This well-known and popular feminary, which ha* been no aucoen-ful under the entire care of Mrs Z. Richard* for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in Sopt<'uiper ii- xt, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH RDS, in the well ai ranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particular*. see circular* at all the Bookstores. in*23-tf \1 MRS. McCOR . ICX'S SCHOOL. 1"1R9. McCORJVJICR desires to inform hei friend* and the public generally that rhe will renin* the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches rstmsito to* thorough Englisn education. In addition to her day soholars. ahe ia desirous of receiving into her family a few pupils aa boarders aged from 10 to M year*, who will be under her immediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodation *1 due oars of pnpils have been onnsideralljr increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring partionlar information with reference to her school may apply to W. D. VVallaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner parttoalars apply at hat raeidenoe?No. Si Cameron street, Alexandria, Va WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oitr. at the lowest possible rates. T J. ft W. M. GALT, Offioe 282 Pa. & ., between 11th &ud 12th sts . ma 17-tf north sitfe. THE 8UB8CRIBKR ifAVING ON HAND an extensive stook of KLKL, is prepared to Mil at a very tow fir ure for oach. WOOD Sawed and Split any sue. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATEB, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma 16 B. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C sis. INSTRUCTION IN DRAWING AND PAINTING Mr. WM. MACLEOD Announce* that he will oouttnue his oiaases through the summer, affording youth and others an opportunity of taking le?sons during vacation. Class Room third story fron. of N'O. IT I^?Ul?i?nft?tranna o*L - ?I ... w * niuo, UVI> ntrOIJ UIJI AI1U "Jill f*lB Clati Dava Wednesday and Saturday, between 9 and UK orlock a. m. Tuhi (invariably in advance >?For Drawing. 2 leaaona per w???-k, per quarter of 11 wecki, $6 ; for Oil Painting, do ,do., $15. jy ll-eost JOCKEY HATS! JOCKEY HATS! Suitable for Ladies, Mimes, and Children; in brown, bla^kand white. Alto, OSTRICH FEATHER8 . V.- W . J Ana rLii MKS DF. COQ, In lj uk and white, combined and eeparale. . A full MaortMMot of the above deairalie ?ooJ? jn<t i^ceiired at MAXWELL'S*, Jy l*-eo? ?<a Pa. avenue. THE SAND HILLS OF JUTLAND, By Ban. I ciriatiM Anderson; prioe 75 oenta. Autobiographical HejoTWetioaa. by the late Char lea Robert Lealie, R. A , edited with a prefatory eesay on aa an wrtiat, and aMectinoa from kti oorrMMBdno*, by lorn lay lor, fcaq., with portrait: price ' Ju?t pur> ana for a?leat u . 'ML* SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookatora, 33'i Fenn ar , ir yw Mh and loth ?ta. f^KKAT BARGAINS IN PlANO?-?tth?r for s,: ^uss^jasst 1 i?ll 3<M rv ??., b?v% AUCTION SALES. C. MoUl'IKK * CO., Auctioneers r|ARUJTKIS'S s?ALK OP VALUABLK IM * PK'VBU P*Or?*TT NBA H THB NAVY V AKD? On TUSSDAY AKTKR.\OU.\, Autust the 21st. at 6 o'oook, on the premises, by Tirtueof a *leed dated October 29th, 1&57, ai.d duly recorded 10 Llb?r J. A S. No 145, folios 176. 177, 178, 179, and 180 one oftheUnd records for WMhimton oouoty.l shall sr-11 thewest part of Lot No 1. in square No. 928. fronting 26 faet on south K street, between 8th and 9th St'?t?. and rnnnins hack with th?.t wiHthR* toother w"i h the improvements, consisting ofac nfortahle and weU-huilt thr?e-ttory brick dwelun;, with neoessary out buildings. To'nic One fourth cash; tne renrtue id 6,12. and 18 months, with interest,secured ly a deed of trust upon tie premise! If the torms of sals ar? not corep'W with in five dais thereafter, the trustee reservrs the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. ll odd veyaneitic at the oo?t of the pu-c haser. tDWAKD O. C\*?TKLL, Trustee. jy USaw&ds J. C. McGi/IRK A CO., Aucts By A. GREEN, Auctioneer SALK OF VAI f'ABLK REAL KSTATEKy virtue of the order and decree of the Orphan*' Court of'.he District of Columh'a. bea'ing date on the 2d iU? of June, A D., i860, and duly confirmed h* the Crrouit Court of said District, in ohai.oorj sitting, I, William Dixoo, Gau'dian to Millard F. and Georte K. Gamer, shall offer for sale at fulvio aactioo, to ti;e highest Mddrr, on THURSDAY, the vfiih day of July, A. !>.. I860, on the premises, at o'.?in??lt- n it ..?> ?h? i?rm. Hereinafter stated, a,I the rieht, title. and int.TMi of m> sai< ardx. of, in. and to the foliowit % r*al estate, vix: A.l that par. of Lot known upon the plan of tli? C.ty ol Washington, in i>aid District, as Lot n?rnb-?red twenty grver. (27.) in Square numb-red seven hundred and thirty two, ("3M fronting twenty five (25.) feet on Second street. oommencu.R at the Southern line of Lot nnmb red twenty -six. (26,1 an-l running South on said Second street twenty five (251 feet; theuoe West seventyfive (7i) fe?t; thencs North, twent? five (25,1 feet, and thence East, to toe place of begming. Also all that pa_t of Lot numbered twenty eight. >in said Square, numbered seven hnndred anitNity two. (TO,) oornmenoirn for sail part of Lot, at a point on a public al ev. in said rquare. at the Sou'h. a*t oorner of mid I ot mH rannin? <in West witk the line of taid alley fourteen (14) f^t; thence du? North, fifty-four (M> feet and fi"e(Ti inches; ther ce due Ka?t fourteen '14) fee* to the West line of said Lot, twenty-seven, (27,)thenr?e due ?*outh, fifty four <S?> feet, and five 1 ches. to tho p'ane of i>o*inuu, with the improvements tnere on,oonm?tiu( of a two-story frame nou?e, oon t\ini"K six rooms, with hack huiidiug attached, a* described in said order and rieoree. A d at the same tima and place, by virtue ofthe sai<i ord-*r and deorne, I. Joh I'. Lynch. Guardian to Charles O. tta-ner, ?hai! offer for fa e, at public auct on, to th? hichest bidder, on the terms nerem all tho *-? .? kt t>*lo w. ? , ? > tin/ it nv? viur, 01; vj invri rei ui my haul ward of, in. and to ihe al> and described propnrtT. This property fronts on 2d *treet Fast between South H ai.d r'outh C streets, in the vicinity of the Capitol Oronnds. It is well located a-d offers ?r at indue jit.-nts to persons de?irous,of inv stiiig. Term* of >a e: (>ne-'hird cash;tne rendu* in two equal instalment", of tine an-.i eighteen mo' ths, hrcured by the notes of the purch?*er ratisf&ctori 1* endorsed, and hearing interest the day >f sale. Tit's deed to he retained until the whole of the purohas" money is p\id. Alt oonvejancini at the cost of the purohai"*r. WM D. XON, (tuardian JOUN T. LYNCH, Guardian. A. (iKLKN, Auct. At the wra? hour and place, and on the same t?rms mentioned in the a'Mive advertisement*, we snail offer for sale ail the dower, int^rett and o aim of Mary Ann ?iarn;?r, widow of John \V. B. l?ar ner, (d -ceased, I of. in, and to arx>ve desai n?ed property. CARR1NGTON A LI.Ov U. Attorneys for >lar? Ann Warner, jr 10 StawAds A GKF.EN. Auct. Hy A. GRKKN, Auo loi.eer. ON TUESDAY, the .llrtlbst, w? shall sell, in front ot the premises, at fi o'clock p. rn , iu cimp lanes with the terms of & dee<i of trust to us from Thus A. Brown and wif-j. dated 24tn ^epteml>er, 18M and record d in Libar J. A 5*., No. 1S2, pa<e Ac., one of tlie la d reoords o' Washing ton oount*. parts of lots U ai.d 12 in square No ?97, hesmuiK t?r the same forty feet three inches from the southwest corner of said Square, running thence Hast on & line with i> street 9>>uth; sixt- en thaoao North* orouty Irrt Hit auo Wcet* oiA teen fc??t thence South; seventy feet to the p ace of begining. together with the improvements, cwnsis t'ne of a two story Frame House with one story Back Building. ? erin?: wne-iourrn casn; r>a'anee in ?, 12, and 13 I month*. aft"r day of ?a>, with t otea inured I>t a d?ed of trust on the rr?mi???. If the terms of pale are r^ot complied with within fi*e day att^rth* ?lay of sale the trustee reserve! the riiitto re?e 1 the property at the pucKaners risk and coat, after giving one week's < otioe 6EO. C. HKNNINO. ( Tr..?t?e. GEO. K. THOMPSON \ ?""""? jy 12 V*w* A. O KKKN. A net. !\1 a KfH Al/S SAUK.?in virtue of a writ of 1*1 fien facia* issued from the Cler* s Offioe of the Circuit Court of the Omtriot of Columbia for the County ol Washington, and to me directed, I r.j ?ipp to puh ic ca.e. for naah. in f ont of the Hniik II f Wauhl re ton. on TIT RHI1X \ th? Mil, of Ju t, iwjft cnmmxiicint at 10 o'clock, a. m , the following f oods and otiattola, to wit, viz: 24 vol. Congremiiora. D -hates, 16 do. Anna a of Congress. 2 do. American State Papora, 1 do. pension ar.d B unty I -and, '-by .MayAo;" 1 do. Op niou <f Attor ey li-Mieral. I do. m floptical Index Lawn l". States, 8 do. l.ifo and VVcrka of Johj Q. AHama. 12 do. Diplomatic* Co. reapomlenoe, "by Sparks; ' seised and levied upon a* th? food- acd ohatte a of Jamea Henry, and will he aold to a&tisfy J udioia.s No. 98 im May teim, I860, in favor of Joi>n K. Kendall. w. bk.lden, t 18-dta U.S. Marshal. ]\? a RSH A L'S SALE ?In virtue of * wo writ! of 1*1. fieri facias, trailed from the Clerk's Office of tlie Circuit Cou> t of th? District of Columbia, for th" county of Waabington. and to ma tireoti-d, I wi'l exp< ae to public sale for oaah, in fro:.t < f t' court house door, of county, on 'ON DAY, tn* 16th day of August next. 1?6\ a 1 defe-dant'n 1*. i-4.1. -1 - - - - - 1 - * " ' ' riKiii. iinr.omin ana rni^resi in ana 10 me loilowing de-oriDtM propertr. to wit, viz: Let N<? S. in Square No. 7'<5, and lot No. 3", in Square No. 801, together with ail and singular the l 'nprovemeuts tl.ereon, seized and jevielup"n as the propeity of Ju lana Harry aid James C. Rarrf, am wil' he Hold t<> fatisfy judioials Nob. l'?3 and 194, to Ma; term 1859, in ftvor of Anthony Addison. W. SKIjDKN U. Marshal for the District of Columbia, jy 13 dtds _ MA RSH AI.'SSALK.?Invirtueol 2 writs oi fi#n facias issued from the Clerk's olhoe of :ne Circuit c.'urt of the District of Columbia, for the oounty of Washing toe, an 1 to me directed. I will expose to publio siV, for cash, in front of the court house door of said oounty. on MONDAY, th* ttfc day of August next, 186',at 12o'clock rr, .alldefendant's iuht,titl'>,o!? n ar.d interest ir. and to L.<>t No. IS in Square .No. 732. in the oitjr of \Va?hinn?on, U. C.,to*ether with alt an" iiKular th<* improvements thereon, nailed and ievi'd upon a? "he pr"p--t? of Chas. H Van Patten and will be sold to PHtiafv Judicial No* 78 a?d 79, to October t*rm 1*39, iu favor ot John W.Thoaipaoa and Z. D Oiln an W 8KLOBN. j* IS-'lta (T 8 Warnhal for Dinrriot of Columbia MARSHA l/S*SALK.?Iu virtue ol a writol fie-i facia*, isiued from the Ci*rk'? ?>itoe <>i the Cuouit Court of the District of Columbia, for the court) of Waahincton, and t>? me directed I will ripe I r v<> saie, lor own, In Ironl ol the oourt house door of said oounty, on 8A11TRDAY, the 28th day of July next, lfcfr1. at 2 o'clock m .the fol1' wiu< property, to wit: All defendar.t'a right, title, cam, ancf interest in and to a certain dw-llirg house erected on L,oteight<8)and the south nineteen (19 feet four (4) moh'-a on Lotnin-, <9) in S^tar* numbered thre? hundred and seventy-seven. (377) in the oitr of Washington. DC, seised and levied upon as the pro?> rt? of Jn lua Viedt, and will he o!t to satiety Judioiala. > o 380 to October term ia57, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D, HOOVER, Late U. 8 Marshal for Distnot Columbia. je28-dts MARSHAL'S BALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facta*, issued from the Clerk's office of the Cirouit Court of the District of Columbia, for the ooonty of Washington, and toine directed, 1 Will ATnnaA */? nnhlm aala ^ ' * 1 ? (".ww |fui/ny outu, iui ?x?au, tu Jmmh uj 11IQ ocurt hunse door of aaid coonty, on SATUK f>A V, the 2fit d?r of July next. I8?i, at 12 o'clock m., the following propert?,to wit: All defenaart'a ruht, fife, o'aim, and interest, in and to a oT*ain butldinf fr?otml on Lot No. aix (6mo Square No. niue hundred *nd fortr nine. (<M9)a? laid down in the plat of the city of Washington, seised and levied upon aa the property of AMI Gri<g?, and will be e?ld to aatiafy judioiala No 2U>, to October terai 1856 in favor ? ! Joton Purdy. J. D HOOVFR. Late U.8 Marshal for the Dutriot ol Columbia Ja 23-dta pROPOSALS FUR COAL AND WOOD. On... a? ? O ^ I Uf IHI OKJIATI U. J5.J July II, I860. S 9xalkd P*opo?ali will be received ai this olfcoe till 11 o'clock in . on Monday, tb* 3*b in tent, for furnishing for the use of tha innate five hundred ton* boat VV hi to A?n Furnace C??a. an 1 fifty oorda heat atraicht Pine Wood. The whole to ba paoked away in the vaults of tha Capitol, in p aeee whioh will re shown on application to the Kkrilmt in the aervine of the Senate, and to be deliver m! by the 15th B'ptemb^r neat Bond* for ths laithful exe cution of the contract will be reauired. Bi:a for the Coal and the Wood will be ?or idered aeparateiy, and satisfactory arrang?-meria mast be made for the correot measurement of both. A8BURY DICKIN8, jy 12-dtantk Hec.etary of the feenata. * U flUTHJB. t . r ER80NS DNliniM howtkwini or baring a urpim of honaeh>ld effeoU oan f ud ready aal? by Mlling at my Farniihing JHor?, 48STth afreet, bat*M>D 0 and H itrtKU, east >de HI'iml PM BTTr-WT.V. A CHEAP ML'SIC. I.AROK I.ot of Mu?io. Foreicnaad Aatneu, forsaie at half prioe for one week only, at the Mlii?9Wr?oT ma a W. G. METZEEOTT. SUMMER RESORTS. < AHLISLK | The favorite tMurt for WHITK ftCLFHt-R SPRIMUS, Mountain Air. InncoraCIMBKRI AND CO.Jwil Ven^latrfl . Pennsr/ramia. ttixxl Society and a Good i Table. Accoh.m<>?atk>s? n a I por pvrticu ara ?^cd 300 tor uircui&r. _ J W OWKNis fMENDENTERMS LOW. IN k VI8SCHE*, je ? low C*rl:slt Sprmi, Pa. A relay house, t the Washington junction b. a o. r. r. Passengers for the Weat have plenty of time to Breakfast at thu place. Tirt*>? or |.?n A . .A rooms yet uaoocupi<M. m-inch will be Ift toyfTj^y summer Itoarders on fair terms ThitJfaHaL place ia un iva ed for comfort ami eonveni?-u?-e jy 13-7t* J M LOWE. Proorietor. SCHMIDTS SUMMER GARDEN.?f?? Sixth iitreet. Ii?tw?n t" and Louisiana av , A ?, X inav Tuund at all tnn?? one ol the |lini<1W?|f popular. lal. urbane, and intelligent Restaurant Keeper*, who l>a k* up his reputation witn LAGER BKR from t>i* C:tt or Brothbbl.T Lovb, Philadelphia ; with BNANDIKS fnin thflOhoiceot vineta-d* of Franca; with WINES iin?xoell>H] on the hilla of the Rhine; a'd with an article of WHISK V which macks strongly of the trm* flavor of the Monoucahela and Boiim.ou Pa vat>le ai ntherof th?*?? may I* individually, he ha* nought to make them still mor? mi fot the flection tli rear ground* of hi* ItvuriU *tahii?hir.eut of a spai"ou* Arb?>r, where hi* *u<?Mt? hy :a< ?? 1 l * - - r inn; riijui mi' uiH>i iiri-fir nn i i* iff irom mi t??o ardwrt rays; and, at "the vitelline h"?r of night." quaff h>? ice-cool l^crr without fear of having their enj?\ment dampened hy the fallinc dew. 5?uch liuluoements will, doubtless. cau?-> iriany of our rr aders to drop mi and tak* a note . it nothing else.? and, mod likely, many of those who go wiii go again. In addition te all this, he ha? engaged the Pro* peri brothers and their a?*ociate* to discourse their choicest pieces of music Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy ln-lm WASHINGTON ? CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEPFI.ER. Projn**?'-. AVie York arrmue, bettr'rn lit n*>l 24 ftt. In casing the attention of the pnl ic rr>? grounds 1 would ntate that every >rruig<>in>lMit ha>-? . ? ^ i)<r*Q iiiauf U) mftfte inn in?r>- ?(,.? stt active every <*at. Mondays th? lift'' ' dens are open to the public tree of onarge?a ooi.< r I given li? a SHieotband. Those desu ing to enjoy tiie danci* and wa tz *i I find the s&i< on in con.p ?te order to render pleasure to all. <? otb-r days tii?* proprietor will cheerfully grant th?? u-<e of 'hs grounds for ccliool or other Pic Nic Fa ties witli out charge. Hor the amusement o'ohildrer. h? ha* introduced a number of iit'le games, never Iwfore w, in t'tis cit*, and o?i!cu a'e<t at the same time to a.i.use the "old folks." >. K.?Attached i? m< Bottling Ketablishm'nt. and families can supplied with an) quanti'y at their resiaenoe. of tnat healthful drn.k. LA<?I-K BKKR. upon snort notice. je 16 Sm i IRKfcN SPRING PAVILION, th' Old Tron Fnumdty and only half a mitr fry land from the Omni^un Stand '? Gromttoirn. The ladle* and<*ir?n of Washington ar.d Georgetown "re respectfully infuimtdi . . 1 that this beautiful t ac?. on the t oun *r> w Branch, is now handsome r htted up the reoeption of Pio-Nio Parties and other ?IS |,n There are numerous springs of the purest water and a constant shade throughout the da*. There is a large saloon for dancing, with dressing room attached, and shady wa Its and seats throughout the grounds. Schoo s, Societies, Cluhs and Social Parties can obtain this delightful pla^e for Pic Nioa without charge fir th- grounds or paviuou by giving tut piourimur uirur uaja DOUOO. M??.s are aervad at oil hours, and Refreshments furnished at citj pr'cea OffioTa wil' attecd at all times for the preaerva tion of jrofnl order, a d no ai.l be spared to give satisfaction t?> all vsitors. JOHKHH EHRMANNTROI'T, je'S eotf _ Proprietor. (VI HA.L.T WATKIi UA rULNO. IVlAR*HALL,i* PAVILION. iMuorc'i Land in* ivi 1 be open for the rec ptv.n of viai I . . A tors on the 13th of June. This ?ie ightfui y ro-o-t for those s^kin* health and p ra? 1 ure, m unexcelled t>? any place of the kind on -h Potomac river It ia situated ah ut on* hundred mi'.ea from Washington immediately on the Potom?o and in full vi?-w <?f *he Ch*Mp<-ak? Kn?. and famous for fine Oysters. 8oft Crabs, 8lieepti?ad. an;) other ri*h. an?l na-ily access 1,'e b- the tb <im ( oats plyincb<-ttre?n W ashington, BaUi^i ra an Norfolk. The ttodersif n?t has m*>i? &ddi i -i.a I ninrovefnents in t i M lint f. r*A ? - . - ?i... I , - ? ? %M-. -J II ? i; ' IUCI improvement* to the oonifjrt au<l ei,joTm*-nt of n.a 5n?ata. The Bathina cannot t?e aurpanaed. >p?nid Angiina and p entv of Flaking ard Sal ing Boat* free of nharge. He ha* spared no -xpeva?it pr.. vid::i? a good Cotillon Band or in :aj ing m hi* atock ?>f nhoice Winea. Liqn<?ta.He?ar*. Ac..anj for th>ewho wiah to avoid extreme fashion and to eeek a rrtired p ace where tne? can mane them** ve? at home, there is not a more peaaaut p ac*in the United States. The proprietor plerfjea himaelf t**< nothing sha!l tie ieft undone on hia part t- rend ? them ao. Teriua tor board: .%! 80 p'r da?t for ie*i than a week; f >r a longer time, ?lui> per ''ay; 93" per month. Peraona wiahin* to addr a* the nr< prietor wj;l direot to t,eonarctowa, S*t. Mar>'. oounty, Md. jeS-2ni R. J. MARSHAL!., Proprietor. LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Tim or Peach. Pkkpakkpok Wa! F. LaBARKE, Southwest torntr of IojA Cm., M A!?CFACTr*B* OF PLATINA-TIPPKD LIGHTNING ROW, Re*pectfally annnunoea to th* public of W??itin( ton and vioiintj tnat tie 11 prepared to executr a order* for erectir.g Lightning Conductor* or, t.<> m"Bt approved aej^ntifio prinoip ea. o-'lietruoted the very t>eat of n.%t?ria 8, on very moderate tei i,n>. All P atn.a tipp?d Pointe irhichare manufactured by me will be atamped with my name. Weather Vauoa of a;.y denjn made to order, jy 9 Itn THE ONLY FLACK ^^Vu^Sl'IT THE TIMES. ? ? HARVErS Fish and Oyster Express, arriving daily from the North and touth with the following delicacies: FRE*H SAt.MON. CODFISH, MACKEREL, SHEEP HEAD, HALIBUT, TROUT, SEA BASS, HUG FISH, SPOTS, BLACK Fi-H, TAILORS, - BLUE FISH. LOBSTERS, HARD and SOFT CRAB'S CLAMS, Ac. And a constant supply of Florida Keel GREEN TURTLE, and those fane Urge Lynnhaven Kay SPICED OVsTERS All persons will hud it to their ad vantage to give me a call before iohii to market, aa I have evi-ry facility to sell lower than can be had in the citv. All orders thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the cit) free of cnarre. Depot?SHl C street, between 10th and 11th. je 15 lm T. M. HARVEY. Aa act WHEELER & WILSON* HEWING MACHINE AGKNCY, Rixovis to No. 346 Pa. At., n*a* 7th 8t. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly increating popularity of Wheei?r ft Wilson's one-, quailed Kan ily Sewing A.achines. which fur the lasteijht years hare moittriumphantly maintained their superiority. as a family institution, over all ooiupetitors for popular favor, the Agent has t*k> n one of the fine new store* lately erected oil Fa avenue, near 7th at. where a beaut.fnl assortment of all the varioua styles may at all times be seen. There were 21,3V of these Sewing Machines sold in the year 18ft*. Ladies are invited to call and see them, together with certificates from man* of the beat citizens of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well koown and thoroughly tested superiority Ifanv ladies cannot oall, let them send for a circular by all means. It is huh time every family in the land was supp led with one of these health and life saving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and TOrltfU. given free of charge &i mo Dome 01 me purctiaaer. P.J (*TKER. Agent, No 346 Pa. ivnu?, j; 11-lm Between 6th and 7th iti I. 91. SMGER A. CO. GREAT REDUCTION ! Pmicu or SEWING MACHINES! The Machine* ere acknowledged the beet m nee. for family eewing and manufacturing purpose#. Family Machine....... Letter A (for family or lif ht man o factoring purpose#) Ml Singer No. I ? #*> Singer Vo. 'J ?1W> T vist, Newliee. Cotton, Oil. to. WM. H. GLOTER, No. 3W P**w?TLrA<?i? At.. je >-lm rp<j?r National Hotel. 417 PKRFKCT, NKW, R?>8E\Vi?ul). " oaae. iron-ram#, boautifu! b?nr PI a N?? offered for 8115, foi a f??r Mfi, at JOHN F. hbL1J?'9. ^06 P?.?T PlA^Os FOR RPNT, fro?i half 4 d ,M?r to ffi Mr monU. Also, groat bargawia in tfeoond a d Pl? no? ) fl Tfi NKOfAKOKbA.MK^, rav-4 Waat End Drm"?oT?. ivwrg ? wmmiifMiH ui 9' won. FOR SALE AND RENT. VALl * Bl.K FARM, STOCK." CEOP& IM~ Pi. KM F.XT'* tr Ac. FOR ^LK OH EXOHAV-.K Ft>* IMPROVKD CITV rRop. ERTlTha auSaoriher la ?>oi?4unh* <<( hi* in aiiM'y to *iv* tnat ??ra<>na. Mteniutn U< hi* Far?i WA*U 'J rfv<ulrM. onara it. together with kit ?t-?oh of fine brotid Mtrfi, Colt* Cowa, Hoc*, (retin oruaa. imp emenu. Ac. now m Uf ptmiuM, either for yf or exchange for imerrtrad Citr property. The Farm contain* one hundred and M*'y aix a' ret, it located m Montgomery Coanty, Mary an <. dit'ant ten n-1 e?f,?m \Vu:,miL.n nm th* Br<>. kvi * Tarnpik*. 'hf b?>at '<>ad <?a3ta? oat of Waahinfton. It U d**m?d anri??o???*-y to NUr inWt miniit?ilM?riftmn of thr Faim u it n aumetd no on? ?<>u 4 purohaa* ?itbo?t tret viaiti>tc t???> >r*>nn#??. Any information wi how?r?r, ohM'fmit Mfiven gpiintMliitMiortn WILLI AM F. STI'HBS. 3JS K atrart. In?*m 1Kb awl MUi. WuhiscU'" City. W. I? Wt'.aoh. Editor of th* Star, k n" w? tha < Farm w? ! an 1 will aooord fall lafornati -n eoaI wrnini it to an* >naatr?r. ( * aotl FMiR RKN'T-Th* thra* atory i hrowa front! No. Sfi7 Saw York avenue, hatwwn loth and llth ?tri?"ta. north ? !? ?n?iti nin? raontn Thn house is convenient to th* Patent Office, Tr?K?uri. ??tc ; it lnhted l?v ga?. a?<1 in every vit siutab e for a Soardinc house. Kent moderate. Apply ln-Xt door, or to A (i. FOWLER, s oond flu r north wimol Patent Office. jy 14-tf LMIRRK.NI-T- hne FRAME HOf^E known r *? "Kr>-nch K>*n? lloiiM." aitt at><l on M at. north, ti?twofn <Kh and streets, No. 4>J0, one of the moat desirable private resident*** la Washington Thia h use surrounded by fruit fwnaiiq irwit ntiml?ers of currant bushes of va rious kinds, and tine ahade trees, with (eat nf K oilnd. wa!l?d in *pp!y to J. C. COOK Eifhth at. between D and E. jy If tf ^TORK ROOM FOR RFNT???n tlaaouthcast O" rner o! Pen a. avenue ^and T-ntk Btreet, n?"?vi"i<?rr u?r?a a* n rnnfn *PT J ** Tnr rA *n M?fiAflL F. HA I.I PAY. City Wa'I )*9 li FMRSAI.K-A ami FA KM < f Nacres. ?ln?ate4 I ?t the Little Fai . hannt a ooiafortabie d? inc-hou?e, corn tu>u??. statTee, Ac ; w?|! fen.d and watered : within f??or nulet i.f Washington; S acres in culti vation. tl.e t>a anee la hand some woodland. it is pe^u lar ? de?ir*l< * a* a country re*' deuce, being perfecti? hea.thj arid moat romantically situated : excellent fi?hlii( and hflDtlBC ln?ui'? of Mr M ARK IOTT, bridge keeper. Cham Bn're, Little Fails de T-jawtf 1/OK RENT?Throa HRIOK HOUPRS?(dm P Tm-elllh street. b?tween C and I), one ou t;i? corner of Twelfth and H ?ts. ; and one on H, he twh-n 12th and ISth it*. Inquire of JAMK9 W, BARKKR.onM i>tre, t. I>etwr?-n 11th and l^th. No. 4^*. _ L'OR KE.M'-A tliw uti.rj KKAMK UUlM'^ F ..i, Kleve .tti ffifc-t, be'we- n I aaJ K l.aoi'e of M. SNY?KR.?t the flomhng im I'M Fitt ng )' ttbulinfut uf C. Siifder, next dooi lo the finr Oi"? ma X tf L^'P RKNT-Three hist-els and reeentif F built H< four stories high each, hand som?ly fii.i-"he.1. having all the modern ini|>rov?. ments. mich as wat-r, ?a?. Ac., in one of the ?? i finest location* in the?ity?on the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue, and opposite the Capitol grounds Any <ne wishing to rent a fine dwelling will find this a favorah e opportunity. aa I desire to rent them immediate!* . and will rent then low. Inquire of P. \\ BKO W \ I NO. je l tf F'OR SALE? A frea v?arga n. four acre* of wel mtp'ove,! l,AM>, ?" si :'e/1 f .r a mark*t *ar; aen, Willi nf* C* ng iiotiae with lour rooma and kitrh**n ; well of hue water ib th* yard ; under Kood f'Mictn*. ao?1 wi! <>w or exchanged fyr C!t ' pi "P'"? > . H 1 " " t? ' [i:? T h ,a<-d . a Ha C.o*b K"* - twc iiiwaa f <>ra ii! K.>*an.!'.% oountjr. V? App r U> V P. i.'OR 1IKTT over Batik of V< ma I2 tf hfOK Kt.N 1"?A una! I t?T? > K fc, ?orLar of ?tli at. and IVni.. ?v<"nu?, u>der tb? Clarendon Hotei, uitdl f >r a'>arber'? aa oon or cuar a lore for inf<> n%i1 >- mmrf at the H >t?l mar y rOR RKNT?Tfc? FIRST FLOOR oftHebaiidr isg n.i.adate y oppu?;te tlie weal aintof tha City h* . reoet t ;? n(.i?sl |.f Cuaa. 8. Wa acfe aa an ofccei. Ano the trout room in tb? aaoood atory %i d the llur<i floor of tue aaine t>?. For lernt apply to RICHARD WALLACH/No. i UlUUmiiitnxiuM. la 1 .t tj SKNATOR}*, MKMbKRS OF CO.NGKfc.8tt.T?u p;?i.<iid nuitra ol ROOMt*, e.iiuLy furoiahttd, wi.i f'? 'fUtvi during t!ie mhiui uf Col ereaa, in tl.e d^?tr?t<ie looaltty in thla city. wit in on# or two aq uarra ofBrown'? UO \nt. \ H -itela. 1 h<.>??? in |?ur?u!t of aueh Rocmi wi .d?. we i t?? mike xftr t ?^r;ioati'>ii at No. ST? ttfi *fre??f ?*>iw(?<?r l?atr**t?-id K* de 8 tf L'OK r^ALK?A nice tbreo atur* Briok HOL J*K? r on 2<i street, lnlWMn D and E atreeta, in K ibriey'a ^ubdiviaion. Trie fttwve properly Will b? < '(1 cm omj U-iti* I'- o+ riifiJe k uowi. br mauir .nil of H. W H AMILTON * CO.. No. ft?i 7th aVAAtj.ppmit* Centre Mftrket. TiUa perfect. MVU TRUXKSTBOOTS AND SHOES. MOOTS AND SHOKS TO SLIT THK TlMKS. W"are n?w mat ufivotu iLt all ktnda of BOOTS and MIOKy. and oo.hum,;* reoeiyinit a^^bg ?opp i ot eftatorn rnad^ work o* everj d? ? J ecrip'i made *x j to order, and wiii j^Rj b? a<-<d at a much m*?r ?rio?th?x haa bean* heretofore charged in Chia oity for mack inferior artiolea. Peeona in want of Roota and Sho*a ?f aasterx or o:ty made work. v. 1 a.wa?afcod a tood aeaortaisot la store ami at lb* lowest ri-d toivs na a oaiL SRITIN * BRO., ayt-r 3114 Penney! Yama awaifc SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O ??? Ttb mm* O pro flit Odd Ftlh*tf' Hail. Wa.'4? mi ton.. D. O. Travei?>? will stady their interests t>i (lMumtf my TRUNKS, VAi,ICK> Jto . l*for? pur agm ahatfnc f i^wr' An I use none but th'-BdfMl best material the market afford* and "tnplo?^ * the i."?f nikmxo, 1 oan c<.n&dei.t.y reooniraend my work to f>?? *uperior in Strrmt'k a-.d Ihfabtltty to Trucks that are made in other oitiws and sold here, 1 k*?p constantly on haud, and u<ake to order <?n one week's notioet every de?.oriptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRANI E FRENCH DR ESS m*i WOOD BOX TRUNKS, AS HI. AND mmd otk*r V ALICES; TRJ fELISGBAOS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, 4c., tt. Trunk*. Ac.. Repaired and Covered, la a workman.ik manner, at short notioe. . Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, GeorgaIowd. or Alexandria. Als<>?A/ent for Howe's oe.ebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. delH* JAMBS S. TOPHAM. PAIRBANK'S ?CALE?! r FAIRBANKS SCALES?? The Standard Sraits of the Unifd StoHm COUNTER and PLATFORM SCALES, H A V. CON Land CATTLE SCALES HOPPER or GRAIN SCALES, BKAMSai.d WEIGHTS, mmikkt scales. DRUGGISTS' SCALES. bank scales. COIN DETECTOR SCALES. TOBACCO SCALES, LETTER BALANCES. Ae .Aa., at faetorr prioaa. J. P. BAKTHOLOW, I* lS-? lm sole acrnt. S?r?nti at.. near Can*'. BONN'S LIBRARY SERIES, rNCLUDINO the Standard. Ctaacioal. Antiquarian, riaatrat?d, Soientiho. Phiioiottoal, hociea.aallaa. and Bnti?h ClaMie Lib'ariee. A aariea of Standard Worha aooiratoii an tad and at low prieaa. New worka a-r addatf to tho aonea every month Any volume may be Ilad aaparate,?, and back *o'utn?a oan ba a, wa*? audited. The oomplate aeriea kxpt nonatantly on hand t'? PH1LP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookatnra. . 333 Pa., ar.. bat. 9th and 10th ata. 10 SO Aols Rrsnta for I HrMtw^a'a "lili !! f\] |> WILLIAM BRADLEY BEG* TO 11. I > inform tb" public and hi* f'l ?nd? that he hu on hand a large ?took of M?rhl? MuMtjiil* a new Aleo Monument Head J*Cone?.Tab)* Top*. Ac . which ha ha* to diepoee of at prioea to suit the tnn??. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. PIuml>er?' work prompt!* attended to. na a Smeo Pa it.. Set. Hth and lfth ?U IP A CON A RAVENS AND 8TF.INWAY k IJ SO^P' nnn\a eo PIANO F<?KT^ of *11 aUlaa ami me*. Aiao. aerenu offBBHI otk*r m\re?. for aale *t fac'orj pnoe*. at'i?It 1 the <>!? a?eucy, M KT7 ROTPB M o?? Mora. Severa. knoood-haod Pktoo* la boat order, akaap. jeg DUPO%Ti GUNPOWDER. F?r tail at manatactaer* pnaa*. ky JOHNTbOGUE, G?paa?TowiiD.C_ SmU Atmew ft tktDUtm* tf Q?lw><?. A larre *u?p ?, embracing ovary nnrtt, a<waja on hand, *00 delivered freetn ail part* of tk? Du t i?t. (Irdo'i oan alee be!eft at f>a >aoe of Adamr' K??r*?r.o?naanT WMMHH h O r. A L Bt (\ ~ XX ALE AND XXI ALB'! 50 C H g? A N f) A i ll ?f JTc^VkA B?r? b*M r?o*im. This t?* ?x?*li*nt; pnocft twli ht puiid by abtd w ?tk*r?lA wtfcvMrmt ot wil ooat u Mr* ??< ne? KING A BCRrHKU* n* S* ?nr ?? ?w* T?fw M >? *K "f im NurUk?rn ti'arto v* atod tor ?*J run' ua *v virnutinrftlunf to to ?r? iher. 33^ Pk i* * THE WEEKLY STAR Tku iiNiInt Fun!; tad N**i tticinf ? trotter vanvty of int*r*?tini ratline than oar, hcfoBD^in an; other?la pat> iah?1 cm Saturday morning. Taawa?Oa.?4, i?r?rta?/?. ta fi?*.? oopy. per annum.____ ' ? ire a. pi? 6 mi T'BOOpi^U Twenty oopiea is ? By aut?aenbing in ataha raiaad mobi neigh bora w.thout U* lltwrrnll"! ot a n>?i t|?nt.aa wHI bo peroeired ? per oeot. of 7V? WmJrit Simr wi i ha ht?I. It mvariatiy contain* im * ?S a* h; eg to a News" th*t f aa made TV# K'-mmg Stmt raroaiat* ao ?er va iy throughout the oonntry. ICTP>ng> aopiea (in yrrappara? oac ba procured at li e e<<m.ter. imin-diateij aft-r the laaa* f pap-r. Pric^-THRKK CENTS IQT Poatniaatara who^aet aa agaota wiil Im BT w. D. WALLACH. Payer* served in ptokaces hy earners at ?4 a vear, or SJ oents per month. To mail snbeonbers the pnee ia a year, ?a adtanee; $2 for ais month*; $1 for three months; and for leaa than three months at the rate of 12 oents a week. Sincla copies, o.t* cbmt; in wrappers, two cbkts. ILr Advkbthbmb!*t* should be sent to the oftoe before 12 o'eiook m ; otherwiae they may not appear until tl e next day.

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