Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TH1RMMV J?lr 19, 1*60 Spirit ( the M?rnin? Pre??. The Constitution further ar?ueg that the tureen rf republicanism tsd.suuion, and tella bow that tbe Dong In party are performing the equestrian f?-at of riding two horses, one In the South, and the other in the North The Imulhgtntir acquits the " Breckinridge democracy" of countenancing the African slave trade. I?y" We have received from Shillington, Go dey's lady's Book for August, an excellent number. [H7"- Boston h?s caught the Central Park fever, and Is engaged In preparing a public garden at an exixtnae of SlOO.WtO. ILTA gang of counterfeiters, with their material*, and a large quantity of counterfeit money, have been captured in Parkersburg, Va Mo ate roR thk VioLi.f ? From Metzerott we hav* received a new book published by Oliver Ditaon, containing one hundred airs selected from operaa for the violin, admirably arranged. \VT Hoffman, the defaulting clerk of the Pa< ific Mail Steamship Company, in N. York, has been committed to prison in default of ball to the amount of ten thousand dollars 117"Arrangements have been made by the K( publicans in Illinois for Senator TmmhnM and Air. Yates to apeak in Democratic localities during the presidential campaign 10" The coroner of New Orleans held inquests upon the toiies of ten subjects of sudden deaths on tbe 11th Instant. They were all laboring people, and four of them died from tUlirium tremens. E7" The new daily paper, the Sentinel, started In New York to advance Mr. Douglas's interests, has collapsed alter a feeble existence of a fewdays. E7"The bakers and the citizens of Savmnah are having a refreshing squabble about the price and weight of bread The up-shot of the matter has been that the bakers refuse to bake, and the people are sending to Charleston for bread. |jjr" The post-mortem examination of the body of Prince Jerome led to tbe discovsry of a ball which had remained in his chest after a duel which be fought In his youth with a brother of Marshal Davonst. JLT A committee of radical Abolitionists have Invited a convention to beheld at Syracuse on the (hirfl in % < <' * ?- * *- " ' ? ..v.av?u| m nu^uu, iu nominate i arm date* for President and Vice President of the I*. States This would indicate that Lincoln and Hamlin are not radical enough for them JET Two State Conventions are called in Vir- I glnia. both to meet on the 16th day of August?one at Staunton, by the friends of Douglas and Johnson, and the other at Charlottsville, by the friends of Breckinridge and l.ane, the object of both being to appoint electoral tickets. err In St. Louis, on the 16th Inst , the Democratic County Convention nominated a full ticket. Including J. R Barrett for Congress by acclamation, Gen Trask for State Senator. Col. Boggs, the competitor of Gen. Trask, withdrew, made a Breckinridge speech to the outside crowd, and announced himself as an independent candidate a ne convention was not harmonious. C7" Jn H.e town of Tully, N Y , on Saturday night last, a young man named Strail was shot by another named Markhain. Strait was lu comjwny with a party wLo were going to horn a newlymarried couple. Markham. supposing an insult was offered to him. rushed from his house as they were passing, and shot at the party, killing Str&il almost Instantly. Markham has given himself up JCT'Tlie Hon Lewis D Campbell, long and w?ll known as a leading Republican in Ohio, and who in th#? :11th . * ViWj Wl.1 UJ'iCU VUC poll OI cnairniJtn or ttie i.f Wat? and Mnns in the House of Representatives. Las published a letter, in which he *iys "that, according to the new tests of Republicanism adopted by the Chi t ago Convention, he regards himstlf as rtsolved out of that party ." Army axd Naval Cadbts fh<>m thk Public School*?Two appointments?one to the Military Acedemy at West Point, the oth?-r to the Naval Academy, Annapolis,?have been placed by the Hon D. K Sickles at the disposal of th? public schools of the Third Congressional district of New York, subject to the competition of the boy* of the higher classes in the llrst. nfth and eighth ward schools Tie Ltkhicig Editorial Trageuy ?The zamlnation of George W. and William Hardwlcke. before the Hutting Court of Lynchburg. for killing Joseph Button, acsistant editor of the *"J ? - * .iigimau, uu iur iw june ian, terminated on the evening of the 10th inst It resulted in the Meuri Hardwicke being sent on to the Circuit Court for a final trial. Application for bail wai promptly refuied by tbe Court, but tin?!ly,on tbe ground of delicate health, they were admitted to ball in tbe turn of ?10;OW'each. ypT Now that John C. Heenau, the Benecia Boy. Is safely housed in New York, in the full tid4 of his glory, a subject of new excitement in regard to him has arisen. A card appeared in the papers signed John Worrissey, challenging him to fight for any sum be likes, up to 10.Ua>, at any time and at any place Heenan promptly responds that he accepts the challenge at the highest sum named, but In the lame paper another card appears, signed John Morrissey, denying that tti?cballenge over his name was bis, and ni king uu offer at all. Thus an imbroglio is created for tfte " fancy," and only the handwriting of Morrissey can determine which of the notes is genuine irTThe heavy expenditure at the Japanese ball In New York, is now a subject of perplexity to the Common Council. There seems to have been no limit to the extra rag a nee of tbe occasion. When tbe Japanese princes learn the cause if all this trouble fbey will be very apt to dispatch a hundred thousand dollars to pay the expensed the Metropolitan Hotel44 bop " It ta AImmmM to the nation to have ?uch a subject of discussion, and the pleasure of the scene will be effaced from the mamory of the visiters when tdey find that our functionaries have not decency enough to keep thrlr expenditures within proper limits When gentlemen give feasts It is rather a bore to the guests to be advised of the coat N*w Boois ?We are indebted to the pubr Usher, R M DeWitt, 13 Frankfort street, N?w York, for sending as, through Taylor A Maury, booksellers, of this city, the following new popular novels, just issued from his busy press, viz: Tha Wood Ranger*, or The Trappers of Sonera;*' by Capt. Mayne Reid, Illustrated with original designs "One and Twenty." by the tiiarit J ni ~ aumur vi iiuu riower," ana "Jessie Cameron a domestic story of Scottish life, by Latly Rachael Butler?first American, from the second London edition We are alao indebted to the publishers for an advance copy of tbe August number of the ?< popular Atlantic Monthly, which will douhtlrs be oa the shelves of most of tbe booksellers in this region, for sale, In a day or two. \?^"The Mobile Advertiser quote* the telegraphic despatch about a cargo of African* having anchored mysteriously In that bay. and say* that It Is all "news" to them yyThe World has perpetrated a pun. In an article on the Zouaves, it says that ?n Italian ram paten settled one point, viz: "that In battle I xouavt-tter ta modo Isfortiter im r* " irr John Brougham, aa actor whose name U uggeative of good things, and Mr.and Mr*. B<>urciraalt, go to Europe this week. Adelina I'atti u mursm irom oer western tour. i) r~ GulUldl bu written to a friend In I .ondon, asking if it would tie possible to obtain a couple nf iMtnen armed witti Armstrong guns, as tit- is La great want of a flotilla. IP* Tbe Court of St. Cloud uor* Into mourning 21 day* for Prince Jerome ; 11 to be eitra. ami tbe other 10 ordinary mourning. fJT" One hundred and twenty live Iriab r?rutt* lor tbe Pope left Parla for Marseille* by lht Lyons railway, on tbe ?id ult yrr Tbe total amouut of gun* bow in store In th? Spr.ngflcid, United States atanaal is 16o,uuo ? J ' WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Potjit Lookout ?Judging from letters from different of our business fellow-citizens now cooling off at Point Lookout, nowhere In the United States are visitors of a watering or salt water bathing place enjoying themselves more than there The living is eiqulsite, judging from the bills of fare some one or other of them are sending us daily, because they know that no one else appreciates the luxuries of tlsh, flesh and fowl more man oumeii wntn served as Miittb of the Point knows well how to serve them up. From among them we select the bill of fare for last Sunday, as follows, by way of showing how much those now sojourning there are to be envied by the gastronomic of good digestion: Point Lookovt Hotel.?Bill of Fart ?SoupsTurtle, Clam, Oyster Fish?Sheephead, boiled, egg sauce; Sheephead, baked; Mackerel. Taylor. Boiled?Ham, Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Oyster Sauce. Roast?Saddle Mutton, Beef, Lamb.Dtick, | Chicken. Goose. Side Dishes?Oyster Patties, 1 *-? ? ? ? * ? - - - ? i>ran. ^rau J?aisa, Deviled Crab. Macaroni, a | l'ltalliene. Stewed Giblets Vegetables? roinatoes. Green Corn, Cvmblins. New Potatoes. Beets, Boiled Onions Pastry, Desserts, tec?Blackberry Pie, Apricots. W hortieberries, Spuuge Cake, | Wine Sauce, Nuts, and Cheese. Sail and fishing boats are there in abundance for the use of mine host's guests, and the bathing it not a whit inferior to that of Newport or Cape May. Nightly, the juniors there trip it in the mazes of the merry dance, as though for dear life, without any of the stillness that characterizes the bail rooms of the better known and more thronged similar establishments But that we belong to *? ? ' ? ~ me canx-gei-away-irom-bu?lne?s fraternity, we should now be paddling, barefooted, with but shirt and pantaloons on back, and crabbing-net in hand, for a week, in the surf at Point Lookout, the very thought of which makes us envy more than we can exprew those not condemned, as wc are, to work the brain up to fever heat daily, In addition to its heat naturally arising from passing to and fro daily upon Pennsylvania avenue under the influence of such sunshine as now pour* down upon it. Procuring Skids from Europk ?The fact bat been stated that Col. Clemson, of the Patent Otflce, has gone to Europe to purchase seeds, 4c., but it should also be stated that he has been detailed for the purpose by Gov Thomas, in order that what is procured shall be specially adapted to our wants, and be of the very best quality. Tbey are also to be of sufficient abundance to answer the wants of every section of the country, and more especially of those puts where good garden seeds are scarcely ever met with. It is intended to purchase large amounts of MediterTA I)*?a n \X*?Italian -1.... * - "" *"* ??? .. ..v ?.?, ? %?*??*** uwi icy, i jc, AC. 1 QC ton onk acorn, tbe Persian walnut, madder, &c,, will also form a portion of the Importations. Some of these Interesting articles will not, however, )>e ready for another year, and a few varieties of dif. flcult germination will he sown in tbe prupagat ing houses attached to the agricultural division, and be distributed later in the form of young plants. By this plan it is calculated that a large saving to the country will be effected The Docglas Natiosal Address.?Messrs. I Taylor, of Louisiana, Pugh, of Ohio, and Rust, of Arkansas, on behalf of the Douglas National Executive Committee, have issued to the Democracy of the United Stat* s an address of explanation and counstl. They declare as the universal senti,nur.? ?v,? ? ? - ? ? ui tuc Buj/j'uricrs ui ificisrs iuougiss and Johnson. that no orn promise whatever is admissible. That they have made no proposition for a joint electoral ticket in any State, and exhort the rejection of such propositions indignantly whenever and wherever mad" "If," they say, "we have any friends In any State, let them call a State Convention at once and nominate a full electoral ticket, pledged to the exclusive sup '>rt of Douglas and Johnson We can agree t<> nothing else, because to acknowledge the right of a factious minority to dictate their own terms of corporation, suffer them to violate the solemn professions ?>f the Democratic party and trample under foot our Democratic usages, would be to d.shand the national organization.'' Thk Government Finascks?Congress, durim* iii?> inssi ?? ..... J tia*ii'^ liiauc no piuvlllun whatever for the Increase of the revenue?the loan bill being ?;>ecifinally designed for the redemption of the outstanding Treasury notes?the Government Is left to entirely df-jn-nd on ita ordinary receipts for its supfKirt. but with strict economy tii?-rt* 1? no apprehension of embarrassment, and the appropriations for objects not urgently or immediately required, may therefore not be expended unl?ss it shall hereafter appear that there is an increase of the financial means beyond the present anticipations The Treasury commenced the fiscal year, July 1st, with about four millions of dollars on hand, and tbe customs revenues in* dirate a h^-tvy commercial business, the rccclpts of lust \? ?-ek being extraordinarily large. As the loin act provides only for the redemption of < anvil v hum:*, >uc i " yar\IIieiU . 11 IS Said, tl'U no intention to Invite proposal* under it at this time ? The Phkoidknt's Latk Spkkch?The resolutions of the National Democratic Volunteers of New York, adopting President Buchanan's speech at the Breckinridge ratification meeting, as an expression of their own views, were presented on Monday by Isaac Lawrence, associate editor of the National Democratic (Quarterly Review. Oh ih?* next day the President acknowledged their reception by letter, in wh'.ch, beyond a grab-i ful expression of bis thanks, be speaks of himself as among the last of a race of men who have been the guardians of the Constitution and the Union. He remarks that the sacred duty of such guardianship has descended to a new generation, and that the only hope of perpetuating the Union r?tiin the observance of all constitutional obligations. Tub Post OrricB Finances ?There wer 14,6U1 orders on the Post Ottt'e Departr?rflT for postage stamps for the second quar??V of 1^59, amounting U. #1.3<?6,U:U, and 1'2,480 for the second quarter of lbtiO, amounting to 91,673,359 Decrease in the numlier of orders, 3,160; being about 17 per cent Increase In the value of postage stamp* issued. #.J66J77, being about 22 per cent. This reduction in the amount of labor on a largely-increased issue has been effected by furnishing each office with the full amount required for Its quarterly supply, aa nearly as can be calculated, and forbidding postmasters from making several orders in the same quarter. - ? APPOISTMVNTH R V T MB I'd vuinvwv f U..? ? . m mm mm ataoiifun i . ?uicui . Mowry has been appointed to ruu the eastern boundary of California, in accordant with a late act ofConj;re??. Lafayette Head, of New Mexico, airent fur the Indiana in the Territory of New Mexico, as authorized by the act as approved June 26th, I860. John Whipple, of Minnesota, to l>e rereivtr of public nione>s for the district of lands subject to sale at Portland, Minnesota Y\ !Ilium Lawyer, of Minnesota, to be receiver of public moneys for the district of lands subject to sale at Otter Tail City, Minnesota. Tim Warrkstom White Sulphir ?There are now about one hundred guests at the Warrenton (Va ) White Sulphur Springs, and the number is increasing by each successful arrival. The company are very gay, and all are exceedingly pleased with the manner in which tUe establishment is kept under the management of the new proprietor, Empretario Hudgin. The priisj* ct is, that ere the end of the season the Warreuton (Fauquier) White Sulphur will have entirely recovered It* enviable ancient prestige. Trst of Riflkd Cahmoh asdothkr Projbc- I tii.t*?The following officers have been appointed a board to examine and teat James' , rifltd cannon and projectiles, at Watch Hill, K I , and Schenkle's accelerating cannon and projectiles at liostou, and such other rifled (aaiior and projectiles as may be designated:?Capt. May nurd and Major Thornton, of the Ordnance de|tartinent; Major Anderson. Second Artillery; l.ieuta Ualch, of the Ordiutnc?, ui<d Huse, of the First Artillery. I ? Tsarmfkb ?Major Irwin Mci>uwell, Assinlant Adjutant Geurril in the Army, has be?-t> temporarily assigned to the duty of Assistant ln*|>ertor ueuerai I Tii* Pcblic Pumriso ?Tbe apprt-benaton* of tbe Public P. inters are relieved by tbe decision of Attorney General Black, that tbe law redm iug tbe pr>i?*of printing 4u per cent i? not retractive Th? F?.-??io5 Orrici ?We are requeatd to state that the papers belonging to the pe.aion bureau having been properly arranged, that .fflce Is now ready for the transaction 01 business. Appoi*tmk*t or a M i d# h i p m an ?Richad P. Leary, son of C. L. L. Leary, Ksq . of Kaat ialtlmore, has b??n appointed a midshipman h the Naval Academy, Annapolis. Thi W*athhk?The following report <f the weather for the moral ng la made from the Aner Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the 8a1tl>sonlan Institution. The time of obeervaton U about 7 o'clock. july 19, 1h?0 New York, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa clear. Washington. D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va clear, 80?. Petersburg, Va clear, pleaaant Norfolk, Va clear. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 79?. Wilmington, N. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C cloudy Augusta, Ga clear, pleaaant. Savannah, Ga clear! 02?. Macon. Ga. clear, warm. Columtnia, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear. Mobile. Ala cloudy, New Orleana. La clear, tiV. FROM THI WEST. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Hageratown, Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md cloudy, warm. Grafton, Va cloudy, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudy, warm. Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudy, warm. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7a.m. ((corrected for temperature,) 29,9:16, at noon, 29JM7., Thermometer at 7 a m., 7b'; at noon. * Maximum during 24 houra ending 9 a. n. today, 90"; minimum 73*. A Phtsicia* Chakged with Gravk St kali s?. It has been ascertained that the corpse of a child, which was some months since placed in a tomb tinder a church in South Boston was stolen therefrom. The dress of the child was discovered within a few days In the posn*sslon of a washerwoman. who stated th-?t It wai given her by the wife of a physician of Ward 12. The Committee on Cemeteries, of the Board of Alderman, have investigated the case, and reported to tue Mayor that the evidence against the physician alluded to was quite strong No arrests has vet b?en made, however. It is said that a well-known undertaker is also implicated ? Boston Post. The Monstkr Gum.?The Floyd gun, cast at Pittsburg, which for the last two or three months has attracted so much attention, has been landed at Old Point, and is now being moved under the direction of Capt Dyer, to the point ntar the Fou bell, where .ill new guns are tried A shell or iiollow shot for this k>"> WIH weitih 320 pounds, a solid shot 4.30 pounds The carriage, which is compoeM principally of wrought Iron, is now being made in the ordnance shop at Old Point. -..J ?I 11 i ?* ? ' auu win wt-iijn, wnen complete. a'Knit fc (KMt pounds.?Norfolk Dny Book. The Oyster Excitement.?The mectinq to take action in retrard to protecting the oyster lands of DorchesU-r county from the hand* of monopolists, which was to have been held In Cambridge on Monday last. w*s postponed In consequence of so few persons beinj; present The meeting, without taking anv action, was adjourned until next Monday, ('i3d inst .) when delegates will be appointed to repreiit-nt that county in the convention of the tide-water counties to be held at Point Lookout, in St. Mary's county, on August inth. nrg?SPKClAI. NOTICE.?A special meeting I ^ of the fflntrnl Holl *n<l %? !! hHtT THI?? (Thursday) KVKNI NG. at 8 o'clock, at Thorn's linildiiu (on 7th st.i Punctual attendance ih requeued. as tiiiriiness i>f importance will be laid before the Ciuli. By ord?r of the President. If CHAS I. CANFIKI D, Sec y??KNlGIITS TKMPLAR ATTENTION An adjourned a semblv o| W asliinKton Coinmandery, No. 1. will be IiH I at the Asylum, corner of 9th' and D st* . THIS (Thursday) F.VK NI NG, at 8 o'clock. Members who intend t<> par ticipate in the co:;teinplated visit to New York are especially requested to be ptinrtu&l iat tendance. Bv order o| the K Commander. It' J. F. I. M <-C I .Kit V. Recorder. yw?SHOW YOUR COLORS !?The RepnWi I ~ can Association will hold a meeting a* their " Wkwhiii," corner of Indiana av. ancf 2d s's., on THURSDAY, the 19th instant, at 8 p. in All per sons, without regard to past political differences, who may wish to enroll their names as Republicans will have an opportunity of doinit no at this m -etiii)?. L. CLEPHA.NK, j? lti-2t Secretaif. Vy*TO THE PUBLIC.?Ata meeting of the ] JJJ Washington I. ight.Infantry Battalion. company It <>' th? battalion w?? o Jerei! out as an escort to the mill!ary company from Chicago. who are expected to visit tliiK city the latter p\rt of this we?k or the h'*t of next. '1 he lia'talion appointed fifteen gentlemen t?? solicit donations to entertain their guest*. We hope that our citizens will contribute iberally to the old Infantry, to help them give a hearty Welcome to their brother soldiers and disti' RUlMhed guest*. II. C Pii'dy, Chairman, Jns. Kmc, P M. Do bant, Win. H. Orton, Win. Lord. G A.Clark, Rob'tGogRin, Thos. Wamsley Charles Kitnbell, J. A. Shcahan, C. C. P. Wroe, Jo in Sinoot, Win. Morcoe, James Martin. Wm. K. Morgan, jy 11-3t HVN PACKING, \I HOSE. PIPES. Ac. We have for sal?, low. the above articles. Also. Coupling* for Hose. Leather Belting, various sizes, and Lace Leather. jy ifi 9t? CAMPBELL A SON. 3SI Pa. av. B~ AREGE ROBES SELLING OFF AT HALF PRICES'! WTe have marked down on our Tables our entire Stock of Barege and l awn Rol>e?, to be sold thi< Sea on. man* at Ha'f These ar? great Barcains, and we invite the special attention of the ladies. J. W. COLLEY A CO . jy 19-5t <23 Seventh st., above Pa. av. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 111? VI a ? ? *t-- ? ' * ? un 11U> umwiiii ui hip noyai n&vant uottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain Genera! of Cuba, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, August 4, I860. SffKTEO NUMERO 640 ORDlNAhlO. CAPITAL PRIZE $100,000. I prise of ?l"o,noo 6ft pnxes o? .#l.nrc I do 5ft,'*<0 6ft do ?K> I do SO.onn 153 do . ?nr 1 do 30,000 aoapprox. 8,9? 1 do 10,000 IN ALL 8?? PRIZES. Whole Tiolfets, #20?Halves, 910?Quarters, 9* Prize* cashed at sight at 5 par cent, discount Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded as soon as the result becomes known. All orders for schemes or tiokets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. )j 19 tr CarwofCftv Post. Charleston. S C. A just pubushed!N FSSAY on the Figure and "urfaoe divisions of the Earth, its Geological and Meterologioal; Ph "noniMiia and its Astronomiu?l elements, by Professor Samuel E. Coues. Washington, D C. Price f2^o. Modern Painter*, vol 5. completing th? oele brated work of John Kuskin.M- < or tai .in* Leaf Beauty?Cloud Beauty ? i<>es of Raatior ? Formal and Spiritual, with oopious and ino*t beau tiful illustrations, Onngdean Grange, a tale of the Hnnthdownr. by William Harrison Amsworth. if 1.25. The illustrated Horse Doctor. Deinr an accurate and detailed account. Y!CO'r'rKn>M' more than 4'*) piotorial representations of the various dieasea to wnioh the Equine race are subjected' together with the latest mode oi treatment and al! the reauisite prep-c written in plain English, iy Ldward Mahew. S.'X). A oourse of six lectures on the various Foroes of matt*r and their relations to each othar, bjr Michael Fara-'ay P8 cents. For sale *t Me ropo!itian Rook Store, PHI1.P 4SOLOMON'S, 332 Pa av. Sola Agent for Lawrences Stationery. jy 19 T THOMPSON S CO R DIAL. HE Proprietor would?w?r? it nn??iKi*_j?i ? ? . ? -- r - w?V 1IIUUW ever* family U> avail themselves of the use of the above Cordial. It uniformly rives tke child sleep, eitrrtcts its boirels and breaks its frvtr tn tke Summer Com plaint; ron.xquently ike parents art not deprivti of tk*ir v-vnl rest at nifkt. Wen) th power of thin medicine known in New York and other Ur<eoi iesas it in in Washington city, the demand would lie urea*. In Dtsenioiy, Diarrlui-a, and Cholera Morbus, it is above price. .jr \Vill y<iu, ill) Mlow-citizeng, for your own sake*. put the truth of this vtatement to the severesttent? I invite you t> do no. For sal*, wholesale and retail, at Ford's Drug Store, corner 11th st. and Fa. h v jy 1H at K1CHAKP THOMPSON. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF UA* METERS*. Wakhiirton. July 18,186" NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES, That. ar*? ably to the provisions of the ndinance of the Corporation approved May 12 136", the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever required in writing, *nd vii pio ps;iiioiii ui inn tee 01 niiy oenu, to examm . test, prove, and ascertain tne accuracy of rcciatration ofany icas meter in use in tnis city " Every meter, if found inoorreot. will be condemned, and another, sea ed and "^arfced m true, will be setinrs place. If proved to b? accurate in its measurement of nas, it will bo sealed acoordmgly. and at&m put in post ioa for use. Offioe No 510 *?even'h street, (near Odd Fel low*' k all) ??pen from 8 *. m . to 5 n. m. CHARi.E* W. CUNNINGHAM. jy 18 tf_ Inspeotor and Sealerjif bas .Meters. INTERIOR DECOR ATIONS. ^ Persona needing WINDOW SHADES or PAPKKHANtfIN?iS will l.ud at No. 4w?i Seventh street a eOi>d a*fortment ol warrant**! Oolti Baud WINDOW ??H % ?>ES,Gold, Velvet.a d Common PAPKRS. PIREHoARD PttlN < S, PICTUKK t'OR l> AND TASSELS, * H ADE HOI.I.A N DS, Ao Orders for Pap^rhauciui or Window >liailc? f-xecut"<l promptly, in citv or country. Tltai klul for tii? lilteral patroiia<e received, I respectfully solicit a oontifinance. Remember the number! J. MARKR1TKR, No. e>A | jy 9-6tev* Seventh at,, 8 doors above O. HaU. % 0 Oar Water lag Place (errespeadence. Old Poist Coaroar, V?., > Hygr\a Hotel, July 16, 1*60 > A large crowd coatinue* at this favorite resort. Anions the visitors are G?v i.etrhrr and family, seversl M C '?. and not a few member* of the Virginia Legislature. In to large a number of visitor* congregated from all quarters, there is. of courae. nof a little political talk and specol 'tion. Without troubling you with detail*. ( wilt onlf av that the greatest diversity of opinion seems to exiat, and that at between Bre. kinridge and Douglas, the feeling seems nearly all in favor of the former That ia. overwhelmingly ao; for the 'Little Giant" haa, certainly, few ardent friends here The opposition are calculating strongly on carrying \ lrglnia for Bell and hverett through democratic divisions, but, I think, without ground for hope The position of Gov l*etrher. about which there has been a good dial of speculation. I can furnish you on the best authority. He is not for Douglas or against him. and so as to Breckinridge That is to say, he Is not thus fsrcommitted for or against eitlier. lie is engaged ia a strenuous effort to beal the breach in the democratic party, and to give the democratic vote such a direction as will moat tend to the defeat of the black republican party. This he pro|>oaes to accomplish by running a sinsle tirliet in Virginia. with the understanding that the elector* on the successful ticket shall be at liberty to cast their votes in the electoral college in that way that shall be most likely to defeat Lincoln A patriotic conception, surely; but will the Douglas men consent* There's the rub " The season at the Hygels, so far, ia a decided success?never such a press befoie Just what might have been expected of one so civil, so accommodating and so expert in ttoe whole art of hoteling as the present manager?Mr. Wiilard. UhitidStatks Tboop* Bocmd Wi?t ? Agreeably to orders from the Secretary of War, several detachments of recruits for the United States Army were to depart yesterday for the department of New Mexico, viz : From New York -><0 men for the fifth and seventh regiments of United States Infantry, otflcered m (allows l.leutrnanl* Wilcox. IMvmntnn and CHly; Assistant Surgeon Bartbolow. To proceed direct to Fort Leavenworth From C&rllile, Pennsylvania, 140 men. without horse*. for tbe mounted Kiflrtnen aud First Dragoons, now serving in the department of New Mexico; officers, Lieutenant* W B. Lane and A W. Rae} Brevet Adjutant J. W heeler, jr., and Assistant Surgeon Fauntleroy. To report same place as New York detachment. From Newport, Kentucky, 90 men of the Kighth Infantry, for service with that regiment in New Mexico; officers, Lieuts Bush and Anderson, Tenth Infantry. To report same place as above detachments Total, 6UI men. When these soldiers arrive at Fort Leavenworth they will be united in one corps, each detachment receiving officers belonging to its respective regiment; and, uuder command of Col. Crittenden, will cross the plains to New Mexico. Brevet Col Johnson will Anally inspect them, and superintend the outfit of their ambulances and provision wagons at Leavenworth AMUSKMENTfc. At odd ff.llows' hall:JHUHSOAY EVhNlXr,, Jh'j 13. ANOTHER MAGNIFICENT SHUWLR of 30 BEAUTIFUL GIFTS! For the patrons of the M U H E T M <) t ART S. Coimistini of Gold \V*t(he*. Silvkk Watches, Superb S-t of Silver Plated Wa*k. H autiful mlvrr Plated Fecit Basket. Jfc.wxi.Rv. Bijouterie, Ac . Ac Tickets of admmsion, to all partsof the h*l', only 25ct*.; for sale at H. Somken s. No. iHO Pa. av., where the presents may t>e ?een. D<>or? open a; half past 7 ; commence at 8. jy 18 FREK CONCERTS*! J K N?T LOEFFLER, Xtic York ttvtnm*. bi tu-rtn lit niul 2d street*, would reapeolfiilly jBfMate to thr public that A CONVERT oflTM SELECT MUSIC will be liven ever? .WON 7j5? i % a v ...1 i'u ituuh 4 i' l \'l'm i j i/n i i ? c i r? f i .mn *iurin^ inc leftnon, at his 1'avilion, oonimeaomr at 3 o'clock and endin* at I(> p. in. Previous to the Concert, the Saloon is open to those desirint to while away a few hours in the inazy dance. ICE CREAM WATK.R ICES. and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prices. far ties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nic pur pos s. are requested to ?i*e aday or two notioe. je 18 3m WANTS. WANTED?FOUR COPIES OF THE EVENIN?* ?TARo| .1 iino joth, !? *), lor which a liberal price will Iw paid. iy m tf Al,.\ DY. fully competent to instruct in French, music, and drawing, would give lessons during th'* summer inou'hs in exrhanite for her Hoard. Address Ho* lftK, Post Office, \Va*iun?t?>n. It* WANTED?B) a respecteljle Protista t woma'-, a SITUATION as nur-e. Can give fooJ rec onnm'ndations as to capa!>ilitv. A c. Iiiqmreon E st , lietween 3-1 and 4th?fourth houi>e fr?>m th?* o?rner of 4th st._ jy 19 3t* A S,?iiS ^V!";T-.^r.RS!": . WANTBdT" Apply o ?i .-iaiwhui mreei, oeiween 1 and K. jy 18 31* WANTED 1 M M K D I A T K L V-A WET NURSE. Apply at Dr. R. K.STONE'S, or Vi07 Pa. avenue. jy 18 J-* WANTED? A whit* WOMAN, to il?> general housework. Also, a white <ilRL, 14 or 15 years of a?e, as nurse. a pply at Exchange Hot*11, C st References required. jr 1H 2t* WANTED?By a neat and respectable white Kirl, sixteen yearn of see. sn American !>y birth. a SITUATION At ci'.ainbT inv<!; won,J make herself sonerally iisefiil aliout the hnu*". X f... !- -I-- - ?L_ ' "? * v,oo i??i nun?^ unva itiruiign inf* fOU HIXlC*. "1,. w D." | JV 17 3t*_ f^OOK WANTED?A <iOOD COOK. Washer, t and Ironer, is wanted iimn-xiiHt'-ly, at 1 'l't Wanhirigton *t.. (ieorretowii. Satinfactury recommendation* required, ami rood wages given. Persons in Washington m&\ "pplv at ti Siar office, jy 17-St WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform thn duties of chambermaid No one n -od apply who cannot hring a recommendation from !n*i ia*t p aco. Inquire at Eckington, two miles north of ihe Op itol. j> 17 WANTED-By a steady and industriouK man. a SITUATION a* collec'or. Bent of recoiu m'ndttions giv^n. Address M. C.. Star Office. jy n-tt " H/aNTK?-??C?OK8, ??' D DOrrMENTS, PAPERS, roiNs, Al'TOOKAPHP- $5 for au autograph letter of Gen. Tavlor. 35th iMth, 31st, S4t'i, 36th Volumes of Nile's Register wa ited ALFRED HUNTER. j?29-eolm* Under Willa>ds'# LOST AND FOUND. I/" ITT EN LOST.?*1 Kiwdi ? lost, on 5s' IY unlay night la?t. Iiom re&ideno.e 614 Seventn street, s <ulh. a deformed, half crown Kitten, marked Mack and white. Tiie above. with the thanks of the owner, will be given for its recovery jy 19-lf ?C RF.WARD-Lont on Wednesday, Jul> 8. W*-' coming lroin F rede rick st., Georgetown, to M and *5th fts^, Washington, a handsome GULU dkauclkt, with three cameo b? t* The finder will please leave u at 80TII0R0N*S Drug S-'tore, Georgetown, where they will reoei ve the above reward. j J 19 3t* tf>Q REWAR D.?E*caped from the subucriber on the 17th Inst.. & NEWFOIJND- ?w-0 i .A N I) D< >G, about 6 months old, havingj^^g^f a leather collar with iron ring; Mack in???-? l>ody ; white facr and br a?t; white neck, forming a triaiul" toward* the h^ail.iapeculiar inark;) fore feet partly white?on one oft hem the white runs up higher than the other; hind feet slightl* white at the too*, and a small winte tip on the tail. The above rewwrd wi II l>e pani bjr the aubtcriber f<T the deli very of naid dog at Ni> 59'* N ?tieet, between 6th and 7th. jyl9 3f J L. C DANXER. f OST JULY 17?A GREEN BACK COL1*1 L'P'l'u ?v n/?/>ir * ? ?? " ? ? m~m I,rjviiv/n nm ?r\ .on ill-; iiann <>1 Metropolis, containing three not*a?one drawn by George Arnold, -ixty day*, for ?3?, endorsed br H. Vv. Tilley and myself. one drawn by Charles Klotz, at sixty days. for $J* M, endorsed by myeeif: the third note i8 i.ot recollected. Supposed to be dropped near the w?st Capitol *a?e. A I persons are cautioned against ne^.tuvUiu for the same. A mutable reward will be paid TTrequired upon their delivery toine. 5*. P. KRANKi IN. jy 18 3t _____ Comer of ?th and D streets. ? RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen from the subscibar on the 5tti iiist.. a da k Brown MAR E, blind in the lrft eye and a tar in the forehead, and the fore t??p very hori;^^Z_X her hi ml feet both nacked. 1 will g ve the above reward to any on* for information ?< that t get her anain. On uoith H xt., between 6th and 7th tts., Kast. jy 17 ? WM. BEACH "boarding. ~ BOAR DING.-Three or four siogle gentlemen can be accommodate with B( ard in a private fauii y on the Island. It la the plea^antest location ou the I aland, and nearest point to the city. Addreaa II , II. A H., City Post Office. jy 18-lw* TlfWtU QL'l DTC I nw * un i u * o . HOOP SKIRTS!! Just received this n ornmg a large assortment. <lir??ct from the manufacturers. in Ladies', Muses and Children'* Hoop Skirts,of the best makes and at redueol prices jy 18-5t J. W. rOLLEY k. CO. IfOR PHILADELPHIA.?The steamer James r Jerome, Captain J?rom". is now k ready for freight for tlie above port.^^4?K=? She will sail on Friday morning. ^ Apply to HYDE * DAVIDSON, jy IH 2t Georgetown. JELLING OFF ^ AT COST ! In ordarto decrease my s tick I hare determined tiiclOHOOUt tho InltnoD of mt su'MMKR CLOTHING at cost All in want of Summer Clothing are reBpectfuW in vited to call at No. 460 Seventh xt? opponit" Post Olfice, and see tlie great redu -tion in Summer Clothing. Wastid-To have everybody know that thev can purchase their Summer Clothing at cost at No. 490 seventh at., opposite Post Ofcce. jy W-lin EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kc. SECOND ANNI AL PIC NIC ofthi TURNER As*!K>CIAT10N of (>?<trifU)wn will Uke p!?? on MONDAY, t I wdm f ' f 23. at the PAMK MOTEL, tth .i The Toriwrdof WMiiiafton h?r? vf>ry k.ndlr accepted an invitation; ?n T fine tone* wil! charm (he ar TickKs 5n riti, for one gentleman au?1 iadi*?. Oin nibunr* will Imk corner B'uic* and Con?i*?ii ? - ? l ? lf_ _i t? . UCorcflown, MO nn n., ? ? >[iin(ii>n. ?m| hour. l!t 1? ? tfJRAND PIC NIC U *T THF PARK HOTEL. On HKDKB9PAY. Auicu-tflth. J?hn K?pnt(*'? e#!aHrate<| land i? ' niate-l. Ticket* rift* C??nt?, admitting ? vf?>a.?^ ceiit!?*in?n and ladie*. J. W Clabh, W.H. CInbh, G. Hat*. Jan. LitoUtU. jj m?M^t HO! FOR GLYMONT! GRAND OAI.A DAY ! RECHAB1TES IX THE FIELD WKDNKSDAY. July ?4. MOt'N r VERNON TENT, No. *0e?. In.iepen d?>nt Ord-r nf Recltal-ite* having completed a-i angrint-ut* nn a nm< Mfv-*n' now take pl-amirc aiiiiouBcicc to tlieir f< taaiia ami tpublic that thai will five tn^ir Fir*t Annual Pio \ ic ami Ei:urtian to GJvnx.nt oa Wtthmsdfty, Jtilt 2Mli Kill* \\ uher* Br*** and Wring Band ha? !>een riiit[o<l fiirthciw'oi-wn. Mrtliuiil rrfronhiMgU, Ac.. rurni?hed by the propri?to a. who pledge them #elve* to keep the Bare! -aed lor the enti e it** and eveaing The s'.eamer Phenix will leave h?r wh* l, foot t1! Gtfc rtiMI in the morning at R ?> clock. R'agden'a wharf. Navjr-Yanl. at H',. and Alexandria at !?o'clock. In tie afte-noon. leave 6th *treet at 2. Navy Yaril 21,. a d Alexaml la at 1 o'clock, returning at ?ea?>nahi? hou * Omnthuaea will leava the Nortlie-n \Ia~kntli^uae an.I corner of Pa. av. and 7'h *tr?>et a- T\ a. in. and IV p. in. Ticket* #1. altnitung a gentleman and ladiea; to lw? ha?l of ?he Committee. or at tiie boat oa the day of excuraion. Ormmittr*. W G Vernon, Wm T French. F M Bradley. T C Smuh. J I. Kidwell. THE NATIONAI, GCARD BATTALION take plenaur* in a nounomg to thair m% friend*, military and civic, that arrangementa JH %'e complete for a grand PIC NIC at AR-^^L MM,T??N SPRING on MO.NOAY,2ld inat UH Withera' brass and atrmg band are engaged. and, in addition to fine muaio. good dauoing and experienced floor manager*, the following gentlemen ha i-n i-Ar i L- I nil I v A<sn?n#*/i m aa I n 1- 11 a t I . >*I I<1 m n m in im? v ? ? i ? > i ii\ii f ?w. \A?|fwi? ? ? i ?? ? ?v ? i concert, and will, during the intormiMioni of the dancing. tint m? favorite piece*: Me??re. Matt O'B ten, Tho?. Ston#, Andrew Bai . ' . W. Hawk, J. W. Pumphrey, J O'Donnell. The tiott from Georgetown will" run a* u?uat?tasting from the Aqueduct commencing a* H o'clock. Omniliu?o? from 7th at an<l Pa. av paine hour, and ever? hour during the da* Tic.keti &> cents, admitting a gen tlernan and ladie* ; to l?e had of any member of the commit ml M*5??fr?o> fa* t of Militakt. Nijor J. Y i?t ( ap'ain "*chaff?r, Maior J. A. Tait. Captain King, Captain Tower*, Captain Hall>ach, Captain P"ck . Captain L)ul>ant. Captain MI.anglilin. Captain Hollinfaworth. Captain Stevens. Captain Watt. MtNierg, on tart or Citiitis*. C?1..I.G. Barret. Wm. F. iitylt K*q , W.T |>on>i. i-.ku., Jo*. Brown, Baa., (i. Pow-ll. F.>q.. W. Siiirev. KM., Thou. J. Fi-?ir.K*q , W H.Ward K*q . Kich'd H. Wadaeh. E<q. J F. Coyie, Esq K Tael.Ksu., ('. ubiiictoi.Nt < A. W. \fliter. h>l I K. Morgan, K*<1 . i. ?. ??r>??r. tt. a. iiarite, r.-q , J. H tieiiun?n. K>q., CuNXITIM ?'P A HP AS4BMC.XTS. Lieut Allen, Lieut. Lackey, S?ri;e%at \fcOn?i, Seiceant T. Mufle?. Jones, " P. Morgan. Private R. Btrtl*. Private \V Wlielan, B. K. ' B Kiimar,in, " He>B. " J Morgan, J. H?lbrouk; ** J Razai. Hunt, ** T H ixl^rick, - T I*itt ips. " Bro?n, " f lAtlv. jt 17 M I1 A\Nor\TK\UAT HE M-ml^r.ofth* PERSEVERANCE FIRE COMPANY , No. A, have the pl<a? 11 ret" announce to their man? fn ?' _ * and tli? public in general tha' thei A\N'l'*L PlC * 10 will take place at ARLINtiTO\ SPRIN'i on Tl'ESDA V. Auciut 14. Par-icuiar* m a future ad verti*eiueut B* "trilir ?>f j> 12.1.1 I4.17.1WW1 COM. OK ARRANOF.-M'TH. nr? ii i< it I HK THIRD GRAND"PIC NIC of the HOLY Mil.I. HAND *-ii kcivfnt' ANAI.OSTW Im-AND. on MOX DAY. July 23d. The arrancetnen'a rrnde will render the oo^Mion a pleasant on ? t?> ail who a't-nd. Boats will run throughout the altcrnoon ami evemnc. conunenoine at 1 o'clock P- ni.. f om the Stone Houne wharf i foot of <i *t.. \\ avhington, I and the dock at the fo?>? of Hi h St.. Georgetown. up to 12 o'clock at n i ^ ht. Tn-k^t*. Pifty Cent ? almitt ng a gentleman and ladi***. .No fare charged oa the tioat*. jj 17,'S.21.23 FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otker i'For Salt nnd K?M" adrertx timtntt, rOR RKNT-V three-story"BRICK HOUSE. I on II *tr??t. between 4th and Vh. Also, a two 1 tv BKI<"K COTTAGE, with garden.eorn?r of Tenne'*** avenue and north F street. surrounded by a la:g? common pasture, and would l>e a deMnihl? location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. BIRGK, 4 46 12 h ?t. jy 19-co3ot* IT*OR RKNT-A three atorr BRICK DWEL f" i I \ ? li? ? . ki,?<i nl ^r..'in n M |.eJw?en i;tth ?r?! !3th ?t?., No 4 0 4. Apply to J. KIR k WOOD. 47t> 12th :reet _ __ jy la tf POR RKNT-IIOl SF. No J*. t*tween I 14th a d loth ata., coi.taiuing 2 parlor*, dining room . etore-room and kitchen, with | aaeage. on fir-t floor, 2 chamber* and aervant'a roo-w on see ond, and 3 clikinltcrs on third; with ga?. Being oaar ?*'j?te and Treasury Department* makea it v- rr desirable Inquire on the p en.iaea jy 18-3'. U?>R R K \ T-\ n a'i> fnrnini "d B R fcK 4 I MOUSK. containing lit romm, situated on H. between 17th and I8h ?ts , supplied with ga? and water. ?nd all requiaite appondagea. Apply to I. I.. I.OVINU, 4th Auditor's Othoe, near t'ie War and Navy Department*. jy 17-1 w* TO I.KT?A vary pleasant three-atory KRICK IIOI ?K. aith laaeiuent, ni'ua ed on Fourth atrct, lictwwn L at. and New York avenue, con taining 8 room*. Rent moderate, to a gool tenant Appl to IIKN'RY BAKRON, E str?rt. !e'w'?n U'tH and I3tli ata. jy 17-3t* 17*()R RFA'T?A finn tliraii tlnrw ? n-~u _ _ - ...... -? y rauu wvmu HI H? I L>?r?*lli k Ihmmp. p ea.ant.Jy located, 4^6, Eleventh i-treot. near E. comveuient to Pennailvan a *v. R oina iar,.e and conveniently trrtn<^l; with kas a-!<1 water, stable ami carriage nouif tn th?> rea-. Rent ro<Hl'?ra?.e te a good tei ant. *ppljr at J.C- MoGmre A Co 'aaucti nruoms iy 17-1w tjTOH K FOR R KNT. at N'o. t'W S*wntk ?t. 3 dooih above SiaUjii Office. Apply to J. ROSEN THAI.. jf 16 t[*OR RI'.MT.-A new and ham^ome FRAME HOl'SK will be for rent in a few daya. It u beautifully situated on Thi't- entii ?treet, between Georgia avei tie and K ?t, Nav> \ aul haa a large ca-den lot attached. a pump of c od waur n ar, and con ain? 4 room*, kitclien and w od-hed. Will tie rented low, with or without the lot, to a rood tenant. For **le cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE; work* wcl m anytliinc Inquire of T. E. CI.ARK. Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, Hla H st . between 4tvi ard 5th FM)R R F.NT? Two coinrortable throe-*U ry b i<-k HOl'HKS, six rooms and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh st.. between B and C. Rent ?12 90 per month Apply to GEO. F nL'GUELY, at F. 3. Myera' Office, Ei-lith st. jy ll lm* ll'OR RENT?Two *eautiful new BRICK l" HOLS S,on Eighth at eet west, between M and N ftreets no'th, west mil?. Apply to MARY C HAlSLIP.No. 3*1 Ninth street wnt.or Br. KK \SBKY. So. 33? Pa. avenue, between 9th and H>tb utrfw'U. jy 12-Aw* I7oR KE NT?That desirable DWELLING on F Twentieth st., between M and N st? wnt.onntainius 6 room*. Rent #!(* per year Apply on the promises or to VTM. RUTHERFORD, at hia Marbl- Woiks, E st., between 12th and 13th at*. j> ?-2w; (^)l'NTR V RESIDENCE FOR HALK.-Threa - and a half a res of Land situated at Bailey'* X roads at the intersection of the Co'umh an and l.e?*burg turnpikes, six miles from Washington axl 5 from A!rxandria. The miproyement* consist of a house, cntaininr 16 rooms, barn, corn house, sheds, 4o. The yard is welt shaded with trees and has in it an exoeileut well of water. For further particulars apply on the premises toWM.HAYNK, or to JNO. DOWLING. Ls,? or A. G. W>..k.lil. *" ? ? ? houui ruuini, V> asmnglon, L> U. The above described property will be sold low for omI. iv S-eo4w* VERY VALUABLE FARM ON THE WASHI INGTON BRANCH RAILROAD, NEAR BELTSVILLE, AT PRIVATE SALE.?The subscribers are authorised to tell that Beautiful Farm. "Haypj Home." containing one hundred and twenty-eight acree, three roods, and euht p?rches. situated between and binding on the Washington Branch Railroad and the Ba timore and Washincton Turnpike, one mile from Be'tsviile Post Oftoe, and foar miles from the Agricultural College. The location i? unsurpased for health, society excellent, churches of nearly all denominations within a short distance, convenient to excellent sobools, and a grist mill within one aula. The lavd is in a high state of oaltivation, no pains or expense having been spared in improving and fertilizing, by ase of the most permanent manures. There is an abundant supply of water, a never failing stream running through eaeh field. The improvements consist of a comfortable Brick Dwelling, with eight rooms, in exoellant eaaa i r ??? ^ ** * ? ?, amvi w? "?^i? Wlf'l **Wr Ul the barn yard, an orchard of okoioe fruit trous apples, peaches, piums, Ac. _ _ ^JmaHbeiaT. Apply to J C. MoGl'IRE ft. COn Ano'.ion and Commission Merchant*. Washing ton. D. C. jy U-oodtw IJK)R SALE? Betwee?7and Mm of LAND, r (part wood.) on the Plunk K>>ad.iTth eC ) about 4 miles from Washington?a beautiful building site, i or well located for ? market garden Applj at No. t Agency Block, corner Seventh and F eta., Weakin*ton. _ je it-Vm* Chick* einu - a son*' world re nowned PIANOS, only for tale by th?^^^^^ su'ta ^riber, at whose extensive wareroomeHfM you will ind always a large at'>ek.emt)rae-v** ' ing every variety. style, pnoe of Plana (or sale upon easy terms or dieoount for oaah. Pianoe also frous other good uakera. Pianoe for hire. " JOHN K. BILIS. Piaao and Mucie Dealer, S06 Pa. av , between ?t* and loth eta. Muuo sent by nail free of poet. Muaioal instnimenta repaired. 17 If [ AUCTION SALES. LWy*r 0tkrr Auction S*/**, set fir H Br A. GRKK>. AooUmoor. ?IX FINK WdKAT KANI* AT AUCTION. P On BATIKDaV lk? 2lot mot . I aHali ol'.on Acooant of vhum it mot c>i?wi, W mr A uction Mart, No. 62>? 0*'Mlh Kr^C. M I* '? nek in . for o??h, on ??ti?fn?u>riiT ondoroo<t not** l>o*ring intoroot a? * * <! 4 month# ? tfi* fine larjo n?w WtiHt Kam. watch will ?lo?n Hi n?t? haafcoi* to lh* h?ur. Mr pi??itiv* A i do opportunity lor Farmora ? 1 ? l.??o ? frm a" in ? I wimih iif i>ii mm?mm ? - ? IT 19 3 CREKV Airt. B? KTi.ktKN. A?t)o?w. f^XTKNSiVK PALE OF HARDWARF. J clik-ilir, Gla??. w ?od. Ajt? ilx 'v Wtii, Krimuii. Ac , at Amtim?On Moi> 1)AV . Ji i 2M ti W o'c-loofc A. , I afc* I aa<!. at M?re >o 133 tvmr, b>tw?*i IMk and Mk atrei-u. Firat Ward, a laraa ttnok of th* A^?"vr nam ad aritaka. eaaaiatiai of? irory. Buck aiMi lotoa-haadiad Kairaa and rorka, Piaiad A.uati aad other Sao. na and Forka A fcn*a<a.?taiant of Hainan <>a" Tool a auJ Hard *? a, and Gardau lmj>lam?i.t#. Kaaiufilad Krtt.ra, ctoua*A??-pint K^uintaa aa4 Hard* are, China and Granita T a r*ata. m an I t f oa<, ikn? r iaiaa a-d Umir> ail i ib -a, Tun.birra, u<-M <ia, Wu.aa, aid l^n or.adaa. T JiJet }* ? wi ll* and 0'?i' r??i. fctn a... a rtaau>. l*r??aarv? t'ana and Ja>?. A l?f|* otofTin Win, T?? n*ida?>iu?> an ilea Pario* l"?roitn'*. CarUwi*. Hair Ma traaaoa. Oilolotk, Ac. I'*mr All auma ot and uirt*' 9* r?k; ow #2S. a crodil of 2, S. aa t 4 month* for approrod mi u ra-d not*?a mariac .1 tar at ?j ??-U A.URKKN An* H? A. OKKK\, Auotiouoor. HOUSEHOLD AMI KIITHKN FUtMITiaa at A i'ctior.?On WEDNESDAY, IM 2Jtn inula**, t aliall I , at tha reaid >nn* " a ?*? tlaman deoiiainf ho?M>ka*ain?. > > 443 F ?t-a-t, brtv?*n Me and *h. inn medial*? nMotii* Chip* . at 10 o'o.uuk a m., ?n rio?il?at aaaortmn t of Furi.iturr, via: Pm? Walnnt Da 'naak eo??r?( Tailor Sot. e>atr>r. Arm, and >?,.hc Cha.ra, *ii '?a.f Hair a?at*i.d Huab K"caption Chaira A ha toot. Ma bi? toa Ontre and Extontma I ab]n?. Oak Hal vt. *0, ftilt-fram* Frtnok f at* ?liro-a. Gas Cnatidati re. fiae Rrfri?< r?tor, ?. Jenny Li?4 tad ctkrr B*rii*kdi. <"?wna. Gla??. and Cr<>ck?ry W?>n, Wlrd i? t?hi es Kruaae.s Carpets, (HI*ioU ?nd Matting. Feather Bed*, Bedrluic.aod Mat re*s?s, Ooo?inc ?t.u other Storea, K tohen Ao. Term : All *un<a uuder #2'> c>sii; over 9f, a oreoit 012 and 4 wontns, f >r notes salt* fa Hon y endorsed, b annc irt?r<*st. jy 19 A. GKKKN, Am'. By WALL t HAKNAKL). A notinn ISLAND AND NORTH KB N L.IBKKTIK* BriLDisr. Lot* at Acctiow ?On THI Its DAV At- J KRNOO>. 2Stn . at? n'eliiok, we will eel .on the pr -mis a. Lor* No. 5,6, 7, ana |?. io !*qua e ?itu%t> < in the niost improving pa t of the It land, on iontk <i a id H. between *tn and 7lh streets weal. And on Khll?AY AFTER NOON, toe ?"7tn mat at 6o'clock, on the erem l*ee,th? Nortneri I iiterty Lot*, N<>. 4. and .S. rd Davidson's sstdivis<>n of sqiftre *7. situated ou north N, between <*i. an I Imh street* vest. Te ms One-fnartti cash; baiftnoc in6. 12 anfl 1" months, with interval, secured by deed of trust ua the prvnuses. jy 13 WAL.L<? DAK >AKU. ASCI. THIS AFTER NOON & TO-MORROW Hy 1. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Auctioneers / M)VER NMKNT f*ALK OF OATP.-On *1 THURSDAY APTKRNOON, J?l? i?nh. at 4o'clock, on the Armory Lot. F.Mt of u? Smith onian Grounds. we shall sell, in lots to suit? 90 stacks of very Superior Oat*. Terms cash. The Oats to he removed within thrre days after the sale. By order of Commissioner of f'ublio Buildings, jy 17 d J. C. McGU.RK A CO.. AicU By J. C. MoGl'IRK k. CO.. AacbonMre. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A DRUG AND AhiTHm tiT Stork on the I?lard ?On FRIDAY MOKMNG. Jul} 2?th. at 11 o'olock. on the virtue of a deed ol truat du ? executed and recorded. 1 aha; eell the entire Stock and Fixtrree of a Drnc and Ap<>th?oari store, aitoated <?n Seventh street ?Ht, brtween D and K treats south, (Island,) oonaiatinc of a freeh arvt well ? e<-ted assortment of? Pare Urusa. Chem ca.a, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Fane* Artielea. Ac , Ac The Store ha* been recently fitted np on an improver* p:%n, the Countere. Shelving, 4e., being moveable, and in no manner joined totr.e hou?* The atock and fixture* will b? eold in a lot toceher The Store is in an excellent location for bna<neee. tin a aale offera a fine importunity to ai.y one de airoua of engaging in t' e t>ueineea Terms ea?y, ana made known at the aale. T?OS. J. MSHKR, Tnitm jy 17-d i. C. MoGUIRE* CO.. AuoU. FUTURE DAYS. By A. GREKN, Auctioneer. ^ALF. OF SHOW CASKS AND STORK ^ Fixtvkm at ArrrioH ?On pATI'RDaV. the 21st mat., at lOoJciock a. ir> l^sha:1 sell. on Seventh a v vxt. u< Ak w mi- v ' ? 11 t~ 1 Ul I - BtJ rr-t , V I T. ? 4 L*'ire Show ('mm Counters. t*h? ring, Win 4ov?. Doori. to., is , Tn? attention of thoee wanting to fix up p aoe? for huniiMf will find it to tneir advantage to at tend the eale. jj l? d A. GREKN Art Br A. <iREKN. Auotionaer. ^AI,K or HORSK?. CAR IS a?id WASON*. ^ at Arcno* ?On >1<?>DA\ the 231 mat at 6 o'clock p. n> 1 ?hail set . at the StaMe of Jo*n K euslier. at the corner of 4th and I ?treeu, north. th? fallow in* Stoc* . i amci? 3 first rate work II riM, i new Carta. inade to order 2??oond h nd do. and liarnee* 1 Muggy. I Plough 1 S* :ie \Vag"ti Ac 1'ermi: All tuna of and under jj'i oan. over that amount, a ored t ut J. 3. a-id 4 in >i;tlie. (or ap j'oved eudoraed notes. bearing la'ereat. jf H d A_. liRKKN. Awot Bt J C. Mctil'IRh A CO. Anotioneera. f?l*TKK'S CALK OF A BEAT TIF I'l.LV 1 Improved CocsTa* Seat sicaii tub C:tt or \\f ^ u <1- .A n?\a - m- - ?* Armnii un. ? v/u r. 1' * r tvA 1 AFTBV fMOO.M. Auiuit lit.Uli o'clock, on ?he premta?-*, by virtue rtradeed of Uuat Muroli mn. |?Y7. and duiy reoorded iu Ln>er J. A t? , No. 12*, (olios 304. et im , one of th? .end rfoordi for Waaiiinct'?n <<urt? . I?i?t- lot of Columbia. we *h*U ?e, a. I th?t oert&m pi?oe or paro*i of land aituated in tue o<>untj oi WmIiIucIob. in th* l).?triot ofCoiuml <ia. and knowr and dMtnbMl a* l**in$ Ivt numbered two it) in Gforj* 1 ?ub Iiviaion o| a part of a tract >{laad called "Pl'Muit P ?im " oonttm in< Lt- aorec and one Miteonth of an acre more or le?*. with the improvement*. oor.aiarinc of a ootn fortaMe tw?>-?tor* ^q.>*re ? ot**e, with wide ha , parlor, dimnr, and 'r-akfjvat iooiM fce chamber*, and kitchen, *itu:t d >? an elevated point ivk from tii? r?a,:, a <1 turrounded by a (rove of hand a?me shade tree*; a ao. carJei,?''a houa*. ittb *, ai.d other out buildiar* '1 he crounua are ia*tetully laid out with walk* and dn e*. and cot,tain a t< un| orcfa-d of fruit tree*, tnwrr. c?tar? e ca don. cKo.ce fl >wer*. oruam i ia ihrtbn ry. &.C.. in ahort every'bin* ?tui- ite to rei.d. r tliia ai. e.egant and oomfoMa* * rtMlrnw. The above-deaoribed p'ac? ia *t?uat-?l on the Sew th itrrrt r a I. distant about one and a half mile fio??? the *aj Poet ?;<fi<i ia adjoined by th? residence* of M *sr* \N iiite and Lea ia. Term*: Oie-f urtfc oarh: the re?idue In 6, IS and 18 month*, with i- t'-reat. t?cur?d by a ^ee<1 of tru?t on t*>e premi ea I f the t?rnis of Ml* ahoul 1 cot be oomp'ied with n 6v a after th- w/'H us tees reserve the ri*htt<> reee'i.or one week'* ao' oe in the Natioi.a 1 r,te; i:er.o*r. at tne rut and ?i peaeeof >l(d Mroh'eor. All coDvejai.c.ri at ?'ie o<>*t of tlie ptircLaaer. W H. WAR <?. / Tr,.!** W O f?A? MK.R.l TraaU*e. jj 4 ftaw&da J C. Mo??l lKKt CO Anou I'M rBDSTAl h> >'AI'l T<?L KX rKNSKiN, w thingtow. jut 17, iwn. Piopoiuii wi'l b? reo -ived at thia UBo> until noon i f Tu?edey. the ;!st of Aucu - t next.for F?"i lahin* and Put':i.?: up ?Mr Iron lei'inca of tw" rooma over the oouneoting oorri'Jora of Uie Capitol fc'xtenaion The propoaala "-net etate the ?ric? for each oeiling ooinpifte. in pao", painted wit.i thre* fc<*l coate of whito lead in oil Ail of the Iron w.?rk of the Oei <nrr. of every deecripti n. in".ud'"r theKut-rinta of the ?eiinre to th? waila aid to tt.e roof ( auw*. mu?t t* main dwl id the pnoe hid. The propone a muat t?e ei,dor?ed. Fropoae > for Irop f"eii|r!ir? and mj-t t>r aow.irpaBieo ? \ (narMte*. ai.tml hi on( or iiioh r etponait le pe' aona. ?ddr a?ed to the u nd<*r? u n~1. They will be >peaed at the time mentioned above, id the preeenoe of ano i eer?o,.? *- m%< chooee i" attend. The drawiafa ofth<* oailinga e%a b?en eeert at Una Ofioe. W B. TRANKI.1V Captain Topofrap* 'al Kucmwa. Id charge o| rapito! Kxt?ne?<>r. Kaeh propota shonld be % o >?p&nied l<j tha following guarantee: Form of fimnrmmt e. # Th? undersigned. A B and < l? f iitn? State of .and in the *iai- of n?r? by guaranty that in ot?e to? foragoim. bid i f for iron oaillnga. %? ab< ve unrnt*:, b? aaof ted. he or thay vi ' wi'lnn ten <la>* after ttie r?ae'rt theoonfaetat the p ao? rained execute l?e own tract for the oei ing?. with good and euficien' aear.tie*. and. in caM the eau' ehal fai to er.ter ooa'ractaa aforeaair we t?a'ant? to r "1 the difference hMVMo the off*- of tM said and that which ina* l>e acoei-'<<:. Data ?, into. SlInatlirKi nf ?ii?.?Bl/iri. A R e . I Witneu.K F. 1 hereby oerury that the a boy UMd known tontu able to aiak* food their gaaraalea. Minttart. G H To bf mad by tb* United J*t*tw? dutriot jb<1 t??. I aited btaton diatriot attorney. ooltoctor, or iom paraoaa kuown to the War l>epartment. JT 1? dtd \1 _ THE NEW BOfll?. IvlARV OF LORAINE, by Jhm Grant, priaa CaeU* Riehaoad, by Aotkoij Trallap* ; 9\i. _ a ntobtocravbiaaJ laooilaoboaa. br tba iatoChaa. Robert Lealie, R A.; with a Preparatory Ear ay ea L<?li* a* aa arti?t and nImqobi from kit oorra* >od4mm. by Taai Taylor, Km ; (1 ? The Thrao Clerka, by Aatbaay Traitor; At. For Ml* at Sol* Xwito tor Utmw'l g?SLo?rr, fr*U w - XX,'" 8M PA. AT., Uth AJID 1*T* 8T*.. &v~tSWwa&~.

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