Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. [Fob thb Stab. HOW THE OLD MAN'S MONEY GOBI. BT VI. T. Th* tnori nld f*.ther n?v#r know?? But we know?.iow h;s money g'?e? ; Mi rtekleu son don't s?vp the dimes To Jay aside for scarcer times, Pnt aqnanders aM tne li velonn day. Till erery dim? hM ftitpperl away ; In one unceasin* jet it Ifowi? And (hat's the way the money goes! In spite of lecturea from manias. It foen for principe clears? For whuky punch and whi kv pop. At every teioptir.c liquor shop ; Bu', carried reeim* noiue to bed, Th- faU young man wi'h giddr head? With Mood-aTained eye, and blooming noae. May wonder wnere tne money goes' rl* t *- - ? * - ? ? ne lasi young man is sure 10 irrai bach s?nsnine lounger oo the street? Must visit ail the sights and show ? And that's the war the money (foes ! H?s needs must call up ei-enr night To seethe heliish-tiger'fi iht. And r*ckless wager gold by soores? A nd that's the way the money goes ! Washington, July 13th. R?Ttri?* or tbi "KmcriD" Afiicans.?Tie following is an extract from a letter from Key W'nt, dated the 6th inst . giving a description of embarkation of the "Wildfire's" Africans to return to Africa: The embarkation of the Wildfire's (slave) cargo took place on the 49th, and. as much has been said of their longings for home, and the luxury ...kl.k. I ? k ..< . ...? t # u <11* I wuiuu await* mcir rruirn, i itii lome BOllCHuae to see them leave the quarter* where they have been for the last two months, and where, If song and dance, and food and clothing. could add to their sum of enjoyments, they must have been happy indeed As the boats of tbe Crusader wrr? already waiting at Fort Taylor wharf. 1 proceeded to tbe depot, and found a squad of 100 already formed, to pass onwards to the boats The usual smile and pleasant greeting, which visitors always bad. however, were gone, and I found them mute, listless, and many sobbing piteously, at pro*|?rt before them. They moved in silence to the wharf, were passed Into the boats, and then towed to the ship Successive squads until 376 had been transferred, leaving in the hospital, to be conveyed on board the following morning. The Unitsd States Cissgs.?The censustakers report that the population of Baltimore will b? *23o,0U), whirh is an increase of 61,UUU over the census of 1850 The Boston Advertiser olvna nut In a<tvane? that extravagant expectations in regard to that citv are liable to be disappointed Tbe Hartford Times says Hartford and New Haven will exhibit an Increase of about 40,001 > over tbeir population of 1*50 They have nearly doubled during the last dec ade. Meriden. one of tbe most prosperous manufacturing towns in the ^tate.bas more than doubled Ita population during the last ten years It now contains 7,300 inhabitants Thb P*ic* of Provisions irt Kchopr?The Knglish journals teem with complaints of the blgh price of provisions, and a writer from Fran< states that meat was never before so dear in thai country as at tbe present time To confirm this statement the following list of prices is given of the charges in Paris \Ve* to Amecan currency: Fillet of beef 18 cents per pound, (') rump steaks, (and fearfully tough they are,) .17 cents per pound; inferior beef for making soup (bone included,) 1* cents per pound; ordinary lointS of ve;ii lni1 mnttnn >re ?> /-ont. tf. ^ _ __ _ ?_ ?- _ _??? mm VVII ?? iuv pvuliu ??imon is sold at ^4 cents the pound. A singlrfi lacker el costs -.'4 cents Vegetables and fruit were never known to be so dear as now. Tbb Whut Hasvut?Western papers have frequent notices of the progress of the wheat harvest, in which farmt-rs are now actively engaged, In the Southern parts of Ohio, Indiana andlllinols The yield is everywhere spoken of as very abundant?the best that has been realized for several years Corn is represented as looking very pronns nz. evceptthat in some places drouth has retarded its growth, in the South, too, the yield of wheat is likely to prove verv good, even in State* hitherto considered unpromising. IfT The Methodist Kpisconal Church South are about to establish a mission in Central America and Japan. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTK1 v.. t n o man. B Williams, Md; tien Watkins, Harr>pon, Ea?; W M Kandail, WT; H H Kine. Ka; F \V Moore *d<1 sister, Mim Mill*. oirW Schali, N Y; O R?wi ls, O; 3 Dei-man, Miss Danrt^n. All c Saoger, La; A H Baan, G W Knox, Va; J Wriglit Misa vve;;?, Kj; D DeD;;?dy and !y, M\ss: O wol ard lady, 1 Weed, N V; J P Anoker, W Han mond, D M Warren, T Lei*, Pa; L) Berwio* anu lam, L.a. r- fc Fitbii, MY; >laj Lewii:. .\ld; T Shsloroti, Va; C W Have and lady, NO; i? Wagn-r a; d iwiy, Mr Dawson, Mis* imwson. Md; Colonel B<"a..s, NY; T K M#< ?nn,P?; \V Brvant and lady N \ ; J H Cla>, i?C; Mia* Br jaut, J K Hogg, M ^ ; J gehali. DC. nKOWNS' HOTEL.?Miaa D Aloott, Ct; A J Per??-y, S ^ ; J M Jones, Va. W O lalhurt. Md; H J Bubee, I .a. J Cruse, A a; J Trip'ett. Mo; J W Ciayton, Md;J Fia her and lady, Tenn; E F J on -a ai.d ;ail?. Va: r Konr unit l*H? w U M.. ?. ? , , ? -?J * "?? ?? A I NC, KIRK WOOD HOU9E.-D Paimer, NY; J D Amet'ong, >lo; 1 J Krmpshs 1, h ng; K 'iouldir.g. L 1 o?fiMnd, N\;wC Edea, W T B)Ud, l'a: G R Colder, Mim; G K Martia, Auatra . WASHINGTON HOl'SE -W -toLaell, Enf.C Morse, A Long, NY; L W&mtnf, Lv. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbom TBI Ukitbd States. St'atnvrs. Leave. For, Days. Pereia? New Vork. ..Liverpool .-Jul* 18 Etna ....... New York...Liverpool...July 19 Goiden F.esoe. New York. ..Gawity.??July 1"? Fulton New York-..Havre..._ .July Si Arabia...?. Boa ton Liverpool. ...July 45 Vaaderiuit.___.New York...Havre. July & r ROM firROPK Ara*o__ -Soath'pton_New York ...Ja>y 4 Kavar.a S?uth>ton_New YorK...July 4 Jura.... Liverpool New York...July 10 The Havana mail atpamera leave New York od the 2d. '.2th, 17th, and 27th of each month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mail eteion'ra latve New York on he 4th and 2uth of ea?h month. | OOK OUT FOR FAINT No. 512 SEVENTH STREET, F<rur Loots South of Odd Ftllow*' Hail. H. W. HAMILTON haw opened a PAINT SHoPand PAINT STORK on the New York plan, where can aiwav* be found PAINTS, OILS, M.A.SS, RRl t?HKS, Ac., Ac.,at wholesale ami MIXF.D PAINTS FOR SALE, Axd bicistt with Brushes to Loan ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House. Sign, Orna uytai Hunting ai d Graining, Mained and Knaia*i <i a?s of all kinds alwat* on hand, or fur ;u >'f'l at .hurt notice. He warrants satisfaction 1.1 ail w?>'k entru?t?d to his care, and is confident that h* can do work as cheap, if not cheaper, than arr. oti:c ??t*.'>lishiiient in this city. Give him a oai'i. Loa't forget the number? it is 51'4 Seventh street. _ irialO tf PtTTYJS DOWN. NI No. 663.1 OTIC* OP THK it r, MOV A L OP THK AND OFFICK FROM CAMBHIDGK TO ' -IN RISE CITY." IN THK >TA i b OF MI.NNtSOTA. loaeeordanoe with the provisions of the act of Couren entitled * An act authorizing chanres lu ti e oeatien of Land Office.," approved Maroh VI, D'SB, it is hrretij declared and maje known that the tiftde f >' the sale of public ' at CAXBaiixiC, in thi Hlstsnf will " ?1 ? _ - _ _.... - ? ?> ?/* inn?nr? It' DI)S" mn* um, in M?l State at as tarly a period a* prflc tuabU, Further n"tio? aato the precise t mtnfo'niinr the uAo* at CamHridje prepareU<rv to iia removi1. aod of iU upeniac t"T bu'iswa at Seanee < ity, will Be *i??o bjr tit? it eg i? tor and Koc-i ver of the uai d Dutrlat. O ?mW my hand. at the eity of WaahiaKtoa, Una 30th d?y of Nay. A. D. HfiO. Hi order ol the President: JOS* S. WILSON, C'turriaaioner of the General Land Offior je ? >6w Awm. T. UOVK ft CO. R M.? - ? ' ' r. vp?v. w maj univn VIU * VLI'm'QIMJ, 6|fTJ]5g?^AA1 FITTING PT Store on 9th street, ? few doors north of Pa. itt-uu*. *lt?r? m?i b? found a oomslete aa?ortment of CR . NDKLJKR?aad other GAS. STKA.M and WATKK FIXTURES. ia ? ly WASHINGTON BEWING ROOMS, TV KM 9i* si., two doors North / Pm. A?. Mow is the anM to jet SPRING and 8UMMKI 801KT8 imam ?? to order, Tne iitucriber is prepared to sake BfilRTS, DRAWKRS, Jto., atth? ? ? v n mtrvi ASHINGToN cakriage factory. D Str?4?, B*tu>**n 9tk and IfttA 8ir?st*. we hava juat fiaiabad a namber o< fint ola?a caRRIaoF.4. Mich m LUkt fav'tM&Ms lfii"?i, Park Pkt^ton*. nmtjv Car - V2yu%CV rxift, awrf Bum", whion we will Mil ?t?r WK a ver imtll iiv&t. Umhc p'actcal m?chanioa in different branohea of the bif-in<t?, we flatter mritlTM that we know tt<> atviM *o?! auau'y of Work that w?>l (ire aati#f*< u< n. ootnbining iifbtneaa, oorafort and durabi 1tTHe?ajrtn? ?rom?t5y and earefullj attend-d to at the horteet n tw a-d moit ree.?on?b(#-o>?arre?. WAITER, KARMANN * BOPP, Cnaohmakert, taooaaaora to Wn. T. Hook. a? 27-d?F ' ' MKW STYLES or RICH JICWKLKY -H.O* 1^1 BCH?") haa j*at ? l*r?a atoei, whioh k? will? far at rary ow ratoa Therafnr- tk-.. Mat m viabini to carry home aorfkint in hi. un* m prr-mf, wi'i do arail u. Mil and axan?M kit >*A?hih "a N> W Vtl'W'' reived ifM-VNklT, and for" -a ?(*d bj mail 'r*? of poatac. 7' 1 ' '> " JOHN F. ELLIS ' MISCELLANEOUS. Af oDONNELL'S "A CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MkIHINNRI.I.'H CATAWBA GINGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! T\it tMieioui Smmmir The H?aithful and Tonio Propensities /\# a a _ > ? in wbioo arc bow wen Known MO Universally Admitted Throughout the Union. La Now For gale in Washington by Jos. W. Davis, 8ih and E its. J. V. Coburn, 13th and H sts. Jaa. ?. O'Brien, 9th and I sts. Wm A. Brown, 18th and F sts. W. 8. Jones, Mastachnsetts av. and 3d st. Peter Monaghan. New Jersey av. ar.d G st. T. Cogan, Pa. a . and SOth st Jas. Bligh, 11th st. F. M Orine, Pa. arenno. E. K. White A Co., Pa. avenns. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayes, 4th and H sts. Ueorgs W. Orras. Georgetown, D. C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. J AS. MoDONNEC.L, If 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. B TNo-^6OT] Y THE PRESil'KNT OF THE UNITED STATES. la paraaanoe of liv. I, Jambs Bcchaha!*, Pre* ident ot the United States of America. do hereby declare and make known that public talcs will b? held at the snder-mentmned Land Offioea in the Territory of Nebraaka, at the penoda hereinafter deaunated, to wit: AttheLa-d Office at Biowxhvillv, commencing on Monday,"the 6ih da* ol Auguat n?xt. for the disposal of the pubho laoda witiiin the following townships, vis: North v 1*1 base line and east of tut sixth principal meridian. Townships 1,2,3. 4,5 and 6. of range a. Townships 1,2. 3, 4, 5, and 6, of range 2. Townships 1,2,3 4,5, and 6, of range 1. North of th* bast line and w*st of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 1,2,3. and 4. of range 1. Townsuips 1,2,3, and 4, of range 2. At the I^and Offioe at Jinow*sviLLi, commencing on Monday, the 2<>th day of August next, for the disposal of the publio lands within the following townships, viz : North of ttu base line and west of the sixth printipal meridian. Townships 1,?,3%nd 4. of ranges. Townships 1, 2, 3 And 4, of range *. Tovnvhips 1,2, S and 4, of range 5. Townships 1,2,3 anil 4, of range 6 To anships 1,2. 3 and 4, of range 7. Townahipa 1.2, 3 and 4, of range 8. At the Land Olfioe at N a be a?k a Citt. commencing on Monday. the 2nth da* of August next, for the disposal of the lands within the follow ing townships, viz: Mortk <rf Ike base lime and fast of tke *irth principal nurxdxan. Township 1?.and fractional township 17, of range6 Township* 7.8,9,10,11,12,13, 14,15, and 16, and fractional townshio 17. of ranee 5. Townships 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12, Ts. 14, 15, and 16, and fractional township 17. of range 4. Townships 7, 8, 9, and 10, of range 3. At th. Land Office at Nebraska Oitt, commenc ing on Monday the 27lh day of Aueu;t next, for the disposal ot tn<* pubiio lands within the following townships, viz: North of the bast line and of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 11, 12, id 14, and 15, and fraotional townchips 16 and S7. of ranee a. Township* 7,8,9,10, u, 12.13,14, and 15,and fractional township 16, of r*nge2. Township* 7,8. 9, lo, >1,12.13,14, acd 15,and fractional township 16, of range 1. At the Land Offioe at Omaha City, commencing on Mordav, the 13th day of August next, for the disposal ?l the public lands within the following townships, viz: North of the ba*t line and east of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 22 and 23, of range 8 Townships 22 and 23. of rang# 7 Townships 22 and 23, of range 6 Townships 22 and 23, if range 5 Township* 22 and 23, of range 4 Fractional township i7, and townships 18,19. 21, 22, and 23, of range 3 I ractionai township 16. and townships 17,18, 19, 2". 21,22, and 23 of range 2 F actional township 16. and townships 17,18, 19, 20, 21,22, a?d 23, of range 1. At the Laud Office at Dacotah Citt, oomm*ncid< "a Monday. th? 6th day of Au*a?t next, for thedi*po*al 01 tne publio lands within the following township*, viz: iVorfJk of I he base linr and m*t of the tilth principal meruita?. The parts of township 24 ?utsideof the Indian reservation, of ranges 6,7. and 8 I h? pari* ?>I tuwnship* 24. 25, 28, find 77 outside of 'he Indian reaervation, and township* 28, 29, 90, 31 and 32, of range 5 Townships 24,25, 36, 27,28, 29, ?), 31, and 38, of rarise 4 Township* 24,25, 26, 27, 28,29, 3n, 31, and 82, of r&$oVn?hip? 24,25,26, 27, 28 , 29,30,31,32, and 33, of range 2 Atth? Land Offioeat Dacotaii CiTT.oommen oing on Monday, the 20th day of Auguat next, for the dupocal of the publio lauaal within the follow ing townahipa, viz: North of the bast lin? and east <J the sixth principal meridian. Townahipe 24, 25,3b, tf, 28, 29. T*. SI, 32, and SB, of rang? 1. North of the baseline and west of the sixth principa meridian, Townahipe 25, M, 27,?<,30, 31, 32, and S3, of range 1 Townahipt 25 25, 27,28 . 29. 30, 31,32, and 33, of range 2 Townahipt 25,28,27,28, 29,30, 31, 32, and 33, of range S. Land appropriated by law for the naa <J. aohoola, Indian. military, aud other purpuaea, wnl be exeluded from th? aaiee. The offering <>f the above landa will beoomtrienoed oil the daya appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advartiaed. until the ?hn!? aka.ii have been offered and the tale* thus oloeed ; but no a!e shail be kept open longer than tyeo trt'lcs, and no privat* entry >>f auy of the landa will be ad muted until alter ?he expiration of the two week*. Given undur inr hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth day cf April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and ?ist?. JAMES BUCHANAN. Rv thu PrA?irl?n* . Jo* a. wii,soit, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the land* within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated, is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register a-id receiver of the proper land offioe,and make payment therefor as soon as praotioable alter seeing this noUoe, and before the day appointed for the commencement of tbe public sale <<f the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JOS 8. WILSON, Commissioner ?f the General Land Office. Noti ?Under th? r?nl*iinM 1 s? i .1 . v* ?itv UT7|K?I VUi^IIVf as heretofore aod now exiatinx, no pa;m*nt can >>e for advertieinj proniamauona except to such publishers as are tpecuxlly autktrixed to pnbliak bj the Ommi'sioner of the QeueraJ Land Oftoe. ma 2- W,lSw IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. B. R. DURKEE* CO/S BIiBOT BFIOSW. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLV PURE, bnt (round from freeh Spioes, aeleoted and cleaned hr m AXDrARllf for tKa nn ? r , .v. ...w wiviiuui ioi^ronue to cost. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with paper. I to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary groand ?p;oe* are almost invariably short. We warrant m a uncle trial will abundantly prove. Mann fee tu red only bv E. R. DCRKKK k. CO., ll-if.D* 1*1 Niw_Yort 1A 4 11 4 and 12 4 super Linen ftheetings, 1U"4, 10-4,11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Mie^tings, K iohard on k Bone', Dunbar 4 Diokmson and tfarUte's super Fronting and Shirting Linens, Towelings in variety. Table Li. ens and Napkins, lu) pieo? s superior makes Bleaohed Cottons, WW eieoes Lawns at 12)4 oents. , 2S pieces White and Coiored Flannels. Ladies' and Misses' White Cotton Hose, Whi'* G<A>ds in variety, Camlirio and Swise Kd in?? ?~i ' " _ _ <Wl ?U|I| 1 Honiton. (impure and French Worked Collars, i Sun Umbrella*, Para* Is and Jun Shades, Sup-'r Silk and French Lsoe Mantles, Uooptd Skirts. Silk .MiU to., A.O., reoetved and lor tale low by _ _ j? |> TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. Francis harper, ! H*T1S?> oriNKD A I FAMILY GROCERY AND FKEDSTORE, ; Corner /)/ A'fir York nvmve and Truth itrett, 1 Re?p?otfnlly solicits the patronage of thwse who ] mii lie i i want of ?ny article in the aitova line. His en fe&v<>rs shall be to pieasn(and by a striot attention to th? wants of the publio, he hopes to merit a I share of their patronage. wtl conmti of ererr article usually to ht found in a firat-olaaa Family Grocery an<J F*e<l < wu,re- mi a,B ?A8 H I T U ft R ft. ~ Jr r$ifl?J?1 Brreceiving, GAS /iJ c fnl,r<,|y N?w Pattern .an* & eigne aufa t0 MythjM t.?reto&re ptfnrM in thia market. W invito eitia<*n* general ly tohmII and xamiue our a took of G?. *n<? Water i ,?,?nfi,d"nt li,at we have the be?t eeleeted atoek in Waahinctoa. , -ui,1K^ork intraated to oar oare Will h? BMinBt f fcrk r ~ r"" MYERS * MaGHAN. \ Mr5-tf 178 D (tract. PIENCH LACE MANTLES'AND POINTS P?ra-oi?, *un !*hvl*a, an<1 |Snn UmbrallM, Ihre?d, Valaccine*. Swiaaand Cambric Kdcirtf a, onilon. Gojfu't French work ad Coil&ia, I.<n-n a Cam^ne, 8w<aa and Thr?vd H- ta. Colored Tartar a,*'wua, Cambria J^oonett, Pnraala Iab. g ?? TAYLOm * HUTCHISON ? TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. f^OTICE TO/0*FOL^ AND POTOMAC PINKY POINT. POINT ILOOK-OUT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOCTH. The ooramodioua anl avift ?u*mer BALTIMnoc* tkA..v?.ki. rax/ato* ua>iiig urou mui uu?uij ^ overhauled and refitted with new^^^aEk boiiert and machinery, ko , will laoed od th? above riut? MONDAY, the 9th of July, tod oontinne daring th" bathing mmod, making Hmi weekly trip*. leaving Wuhmnton MONDAYS and THURSDAYS at 10 o'olooka m. Returning will leave Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS fct 3 o'elook p m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fnrt to Marbarr'a fl.Wi Pope's Creek 9*an Sandy Point 1.50 blacki?tone'? 2 no rUanhii^ t 1 lll?ff" D,.ir? o rwo. n I LfiUU A WIMV. ?. ? t.iver?ool Point 1 5 Marshall a Pavilion 2.1O loy?r? Hole 2 00lPiney Point _ 2.00 Matthias Point. ? i Point Look oat... J.oo To Old Point and Norfolk ?5. ino'uding m?a s. Round trip tiokets to N.orfolk and Old Point, good for the season. #8 Children under tan tears, and serv*nts,haJffa~e. Freeoolored persons#4. Freight at usual rates ar.d must be pre?aid. The steamer Baltimore being the fastest boat on ttie Potomac, will oonvejr passengeis to Point Look out in 8 hoars, making the trip down this beautiful river by davlight. For tiokets aod further information Apply on board toCapt. CHA8. E. MITCHELL, or at the Company's nlfioe.oorner Penn. avenue an1 Sixth street, under the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTIN6LY, 6eneral Ticket Agent ly 6-Tt (Int.) Potomae Steamboat Company. |\I CAPON SPRINGS. I'EW and improved route vi&the Manassas Gap R ail Road and tbe Strasburg and Capon Turnpike, only 18 miles of staging over^-9B9 a oomfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the orance and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. in., lusini M&.assas o\rg at me junouon, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon From Washington to Capon 5<m For information enquire at the Rail Road Offioe oorner of Sixth at. and Pa.atr.,'n Washington, and at the Ticket Offio* <?n Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy 12-dtgnthAu*. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. mm 9 m ?is? Changk or Hovxs. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, I860, train* will run aa follow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. um?n >> uuiaiwn at 3jv anu O-JJ p. m. On Sunday at 3 3D p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the Ea?t will take trains at 6.3' and 7.4?? a. m and 3 30 p m. For the West at 14<i a. m. and 3^ p. in. a <A. JL ? - ? rui nuuapi/jiB si r.%o n in- mill 3-2U p? Ifl? For Norfolk at 7 4" a. m. On Satardaj evening the 3.20 p. m. train *o?g to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARPONS. Acent. NEW ORLEANS IW THHBB DAYS WITH THR CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via r\ j A i ? *"? ? arrange ana Alexandria tiauroaa TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS.' MEMPHTsTROUTE: Memphia by Ral, thence by First class Packet! to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILF. ROUTE: Montgomery by Rai!,thenoe to Mobile by First 01&8B Packets. Mobile to .New Orleans by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sunday* Included, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6pm The Steamer OKORGK PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6V a. in. and fijtf p m. and oonnects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for th? Sonthwest. Offioe?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH TG NEW ORLEANS Lynchburg? . $850 Memphia 931 on Briatol..?.?..._?i50 Atlanta ? 2fi nil Knoxville ..iOO" Maoon 28 00 Chattanooga 24 00 Columbus 31 50 rU!?An OA ng\ KM ? ?? o t .-r> WO ?V'? .......... . *w >nr I JIUUHUIIICI T ?*? Hontsviilo .27 on J rn Memphis.# 5f> Grand J u notion .?.y> <vi|N, O.J viMk Juno. ?2 Nashville.. 25 5c. I \ via Mo bile... 46 00 TI1I8 ROUTB IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, and U HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.i?e?the Lynohburg Extension being now completed, a* also the Mississippi Central, makine it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ' It la provided with First o.ass Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleans 7*2 Honrs. f tuy ) Memphis.. ........... .34 do, 1 ) Montgomery. 33 do, 1 J \ inwimiip ..... uu. JETThe U.S. MAI I."and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Ticket! can be obtained at the South Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bri?toi, Knoxvilie, At anta, Chattanoora. Huntsvillo. Urand Junction, Maoon, Naahvilie, Dalton. Co umbus, Mont^omerj, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ?r-j? TUBn rrn u nrrpte tvi tot ri 1L / * #?? V V'? JI ill UOiU 4 V i II T A~ RIOOS Y IRQ IS IA SPRINGS. fr^OmnibuBes and Baccate Wacom leave the oflioe at C a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMBS A EVANS, Tioket A cent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth it. and Pa. %v. THE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will renroe her trip* on TUESDAY, Slat of JT"** * February. I860. Will leave WASH INOTON every TUErtDAY and*3***" FR1UAY, at6 o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half pa?t6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN aud the intermediate Landing*. On her r?turn tripi, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY , at 5 o'clock a. m. LUC! AN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ar't. Alexandria. Je?_ PASSAGE, F$cjAWN6?RMEALS AND STATEROOM, 0T.6O. The New York and Virginia Mrtv Steamship 2>mpany'a new and elegant ateamahip p ~i|m OCNT V ERNON, Capt. T. C. ^inith,^|tS will igave the Coirpaiija Depot, Wei urn w narvea. at U'ooloot a. m every W EDN B8DAY. ud the Company's Dopot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same <lay. Passengers from Washington and SeorgeiowB oai> take the ooacr.os connecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, wliioh leave tne oorner of Tth street and Pa,. avenue hoarly, or they can leave on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'a."Ok a. m. StAto room* oan be engaged on app.ioation tc Messrs. Morran & Rhmebart, Western Wharvea Freight will be received up to the hoars of depar HO* Inraranoe will be effooted on all goods by thisline at the oftoe of the Company at X per oeal aooonunodations for paasengera by this line are in every respeat first-o us, and every effort wil be made to render this oommnuoAtion with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to POWLB A CO., Agents, Alexandria. HTB. CROMWELL * CO., eet-ly 96 West st. oorner Albany,New York, DENTISTRY. n DENTAL NOTICE. D I AA1? tu ' * ? .? ? ? MM cioseu till office for the season, and will be absent, as usoal, during the sum mer months ; will resume practice about the 1st of j lO-t'f further notice will be given. D. DENTISTRY, R. HILLS, after a eraotioa! test of tve rears, reels th&Oje oao vtu oonfid?Do?reoom-^^ mend UieChsoplastio ProcessforinserUr.cdLKjLi artificial teeth It has the advantages (.r?W (trongth. beaaty,oleaniineee.and cheapness. FalJ Ml* >STOrtad for VaitW in proportion. CJmoe 306 Pa. avenne. sel f~YI R K, F I R E.' , . ... POTOMAC WATER. PITTINS tpfrwv 1HIV* PLVAB1?? ?"^GA8 : J7 ,,* Vi,, I" K?8 at my old stand in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful upoly of water was rf?dilv observed at the fire of I am well ?atirfi*d I should have been nilrn#d aii( KI?? Ine u .*..? ?_ uwru :r_-? - ? -f v ??PFiy upor my and th<t of my neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water and Gas wiU be prompt1 * attended to. Terma ae reaeona l>leae any plumber in the oity. Jzi C. 8NVDKR 275 allen 275 J A C K s n v P L A S T K K F. H S , Pinna. Avinvi, B?tws*n loth and 11th atrwta. ja 19 DURE OLD RYK WHISKY.?On hand M*an 1 brand* of Pur* Old Ry* Whi' ky, Copper Di?tillM. mfl? by tn? most rMiab * diatillara in P?onirlvania, Maryland And Virmnia, warranted pur*, tlao, imported HrAudiM, Henneaay, Oiard. Dupay k Co., Jnlea Rohini, to. Alao. P?Aoh And Appj* BrAndy. par* HoIiajuI Otn, old Jaauuoa And St. Croix Bam, And Win** of *v*ry vAM#ty. ?,li of itanaard braa-1* A oh?io* lot of Ciiara And Toaaooo YOURS A IEPHART, Ainti. ap 14-tv Q*9 Pa af.. Mt *th And )Wh at*. PIANOS.?ORE XT BARGAINS-On* Ro?*a krADti Piano, in beat order,for T>._ ^ fcfis2K??as&Avz, pmw r - "m?!1Svs w0r,?avSifi'oir I # g Mm MEDICINES. <EE WHAT AYKR'9 SAR8APARILLA ? DOR* FOR DERAyOSMENT OF THE LITER. 8tott'? * TftiI*Wft Co., Ala , Aug 9, *58. S Or. J. c. Ayr. Ltnrtli, Mats.?air : 1 lue my Ht to talUos rloir SAftSAPARII'l<A ?nd CATHARTIC PILLp have done for me. I had been afflioted with Liver Complaint for >ix years, daring whioh I waa never well, and much of the time very siok, My Liver waa tore to the toach. and, the doctor* mid. waa contacted. I suffered from nerere eostiveness and diarrhoea alternately. My akin was olammy and nnhea'.thr . my eyea and akin often yellow. Qooaaionallr I had a voracioua appetite, bat generally none at all A drradial **neation of oppression on my stomach. with lanru->r and a gloomy sensation of aiokneaa all ove?. . apt me in ancuish. \ on oan?ot know how much 1 Buffered from an mdeacrtbable feeling of diatreas The long oontinuance of this condition, without relief, had worn me oat ao thaT I never expected to be better; bat reading, in the Christian Advooate, of yoar Sarsaparilla, I oommencetMaking it, with oooaaiona) email doses of yoar Pilla, to regalate the boweU as yoa direct- From the brat, it had more effeot opon my diaorder than I aapposed anything omld have. 1 regained mj health rapidly, and now. after eleven weeka, enioy as goud health and strength as any other man. May the "Dispenser of all good" shower bleaainga on yoa John W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, Mass. jy 13-eoim XT a Cj JL C- m *JL) H* e jfiL HF!WEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cougks to Actual Consumption. HUNNEVV'ELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED Tks Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, Prom Neuralgia through all caaaa where Opium waa ever uaed to that of l)?lirium Tremena, and the oommoa ohief cause of Disease LOSS OF 9LF.EP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a partioleof Opium, prodnoea all the requiremecta oi, and may h? used in all oaaea wherever Opium waa uaed without pro'uoicg anything but Curea, and leiving the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from aii the oommon obieotion of 'ough RemrUiea, which mp.u4iiaa nansA* <>r nrnatra M An I mAf hll AnilllH^rAfl VI U UV UOUVVUl *.'? |? ? *' ?< MWIIJI WV w th? common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Complaint*, and used with perfeot impunity. Asking all to oourt from proprietor? or friends the most severe investigation or both Remedies, and reading of our pvrnphieta to be found with all dealers, ana more particularly to purchase only of those who oan he depended upon, we wait <n oonftdenoe the decisions of Patients and Physioians. "Prices within reach of a 1" GltSKRAL AGENTS. J. W. HrnNJWKLL 4. Co., 7 and 9. Commercial Wharf, Boston, Gko. Hcnxkwell, 145 Water st.. New York, Under th? special supervision of JOHN L. Rl'NBEWELL, Chemist and Phannaoeutist, Boston, ass., whose signature oovers the ooksofthe genuine only, and to whom address all communications. J*oid tvv all respectable dealers everjwhere, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. m*r 26 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. 41 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specifio Remedy For Diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, r.HAVki imI nRitpmrn mwi.'i i i\r.? -w a? .. vM? >? W a V l? kJ W AJP UUIKV W? This Medicine increases the power of Digestion, and excites the AB^OR BKNTt* into health; action, by which the WATERY OR CALCEROL'B depositions, and alt UNNATURAI ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAM M ATION, a"d?is good for men, women, or children. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RUCHU. For Weaknesses An sine from Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indisoretion or Abuse, Attended. with ike followin* Symptoms:? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trambling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimnass of Vision. Pain in the Baok, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe. * n t i t r\ n?\*r arm *N . arrsn rAiii.iu tyuu.i I r.nAi^ur. Therffc rTrr.ptoins, if allowed to go on, whieh this jnwlioin* invariably remny?, ?o?wi f<?Ho*r* IMPOTHSCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, 1,1 USK OF W HICH TIIK I'ATIKKT MAT EXPIRE. Who can nay that the; are a->t frequently followed by taos* "DIREFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the o%nse ol their etiflerin*, BUT NOSE WILL CONFESS. THRRKCORDSOF THK INSANKASYLUMS And the Melancholy Dtatkf by Con<umptt(m Bear ample witueta to the trirth of the aaaertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen And Invigorate the **Tatomf Which Kelmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU invari**biy A TRIAL WILL C0XV#3CK TUB MOST SKEPTICAL. FF. M A (. ES-FE MALES?FEMALES. OLD Ok YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS rKCULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buehu la unequalled bj t tii.y oth*r remedy, as in Chliroris or Retention \ Irregularity, Painfulnesa, or Suppreaaion ofCus tom&rjr Evacuations, Ulcerated or foirrbou*.state of the Uterus, Leuoorrhcp* or Whitea, Sterilluy, and for a I complainta inoiderit to the a x whether aruicc from lndisoretlon, Habita of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. ?XK SYMPTOMS ABOVE NO FAMILY SaOl'Lii Bt, WITHOUT IT Tnkt no mori Balsam, Merrttrji, or unpleasant Mtdir tnt for unpen ??nr and Da<?fo?j L'iftaset. helmbold's kxtract buchu CCKKO secret diseases In a:I their Stace*. At little expense; Little or do ohange In Diet; No luoonvenienoe; Anil nr Exposurt. It (*an?ea a freauent drairn an I civea ifrArrtS ?/ > Urinate, thsret.y Removing Obatruotiona, Preventing an<! oaring Stnoturea of the Urethra, Allaying Pain and Inflammation, ao frequeit in the otaa* of aiaeaaea. an-1 expelling all t'ouunous Diseas'd, and toorn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HA VB BKKN THK VICTIMS OF yCACK*. ami who hav- paid kt*rvftit to be oared in a abort time, have found th?y were deceived, and that the ' POISON" haa, by the uae ol "powbkffl ao- I TKiNeKSTB," been dried up in the ayatem, to break out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS APTtiti MARRIAGE. Uae Hklmbold'r F.xtkact BcrHtrfor allaffefltiona and diaeaae* of the IIDlViD V f\DH A K7 42 v a vnuAii0? Whether existing in MAi-E OR FKMALE. From whatever oau*e onginaMngacd no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Di?eu?e of theseorgan*r*uuiret<ieai<l ota Dttirtti HBLMB"LP'9 EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE UREAT DIURETIC. And Is certain to b&ve the desired eflVt 10 all Diseuei FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. ^Evidence of the most reliable and rttrontibU cKarler will Moump*"' the mertiol^oa CERTIFICATES OF CURF8. AVotn 8 < an ytatt' stiuuimt, W,"NKRW?B,i!!PDFAME. Price 91 00 per bettle, er six far SA 00 Delivered to anj Address, secure,'* parked fro observation. DkKCKIBI 8TlH>TOM? IN ALL C0*Kr!*1C*TI0?S. Care* flnkruteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of thecity of (Mil a-leiphia.H. T Helm bold, who being , duly sworn, doth ear. hi? prenara i'>us oo tain do n&raotio. no mrrourr. or o her injurious Qruj?, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HEIriMBOLlT Mworn and ?ubeoril?ed tWore me, thu <Bd day of November. 1864 WM P. HIBKFRP, AKUrmam.. Ninth utreet, above Race, Hhila. Address letters for ioformat:on in confidence to H. T H KLMBOLD, Chemist. Depot. 104 South Tenth at, bet Chesnut, Phila. ^ hrtWARE OF COI/NTEEFBITS AND UNPR1NC1PLCT) DEALERS, Who endeavor to dispose ' or th*i* owr and "otukk" akuclbs on thb ebfctation attained V - . - - tieiroooiae genuine rreparsnone, ? Extract Baoha, " mi. ftartaparill*. " " Improved Rom Wuh. Sold by 8. B. Wait*. 428 Seventh street, and S. C Fomn, J*, corner Peon, a venae aud Eleventh Kii?zmtk. Out out the advertisement and eend lor It. AND A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE, ap4 eolv T7NG1NEER*S OPPICE, JLj Alkxandiia, Jane M, 1m0. MANA*8A8 GAP RAILROAD. 8 X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the lint of till* road from Ml. Jaokeon to Harrisonburg, Wii'i ] adaj; b ard III) por month. For information. ft o., inquire of WM. 8. PEWELL.Companj ' Offioe, Alexandria. i je 28 dtjT3n.l?twAin*l?tw8*p. 1 ASH1NGTON (PlRKt INSURANCE Avmut and Ttntk Strut. j7c. MDGUIRE, PTNMMI 6- D. HANHON. H?r?t?rT. ma 7-antr HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES TiMMMat are offered to the eubilo M the ] moat airuple. durable, and reliable mum erer ?ut ia ate. Piratalaee premium! have been awarded tam by the United StateePair and Virginia Af'ioultural I Vermont State Pair, Ao., Ae. In every oaee where exhibited tney oare reeetred ft ret oiaaa prieuiai'tor1"*" 555 ?fKSi delS-l* R* C. PATTTSON, Areut. i T>R1ME COST.-Ortandie, Jaeonet, Berece, j t Grenadine, and Bilk Robee, from two to nine fiounoee. at Bret eoet. We will from thie day forward offer our entire < took of the ?bo*e good a at eoet; ao more will be a>k'd for anr of them. We hare (one through oar j Dreee Oooda and marked down moar nf thie kind t of xoode; and we reepeotfuhv aolieit all in want of i rie> Dreee Oooda, at vary low prioee, to aa ex- I *%lfTaS&? "^TA^LOR * HUTCHISON. MlflOKLLANBOUa OltPATCHl StTe the Pieeei! if *ccid**ts wiil kappm, m<m m w?Ji < r?fwia?W fmmilitt, it is very daairabla to htn som* ohaap and oonvecieot way for repairing Fnnutara, Toys. Crockery, &.O. IPiLDIWS PREPARE!) GLLE moot* all snob omar|*DoiM. and no hosaabold ?M i afford to ba without it. It u alv?n ready and ap to tha sticking point. Thar# no loagar a now- ; itT for limairc ohaira,a?lintar?d vanaarn. haadiaaa, tod broken oradlea. It ia jaet the arfio.e for cone, shell, and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladi??e of refinement an?i laste This admirable preparation la aaed aoM. being eheimoal!) he.d to eolation, and poeeeeai&g all Ute valuable qualities of the beat oahioet makera' flee. It may be need in the plaoe of ordinary neoilage, being vaet.y more adheaive. " USEFUL IN ETERY HOUSE." frit*, 85 cecta N. B.?A Brush aooompaniee each bottle WktlutU Dtpot, No. 4* Cedar a treat. New York. Addreaa HLNRY cTsPALDING ft COBo* No. },?M, New York. Pat ap for Dealera ia Caeea containing Foar, Right,and Twelve Dnaen?a beautiful Lithograph o Show Card aooompany tax eaoh package. ICT A bottle of SPALD1NWS PREPARED OLVE will tare t?n Dmea its ooat annually to every household.-/"Tl Sold by all prominent Station era. Druggists. Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grocers, and p anoy Storea. Country merohanto should make a note of SPAL DING'S PREPARED OLCB. when maklag ap their list. It will rtanrf am ohmate. re in It ^14 N I I V' 4] 0^1 y ?wh> /? aw if (ii< (faiai < u tlF '*? ''?*?? / f 4? JTmmaiA**,) /-" > ]| Q*+u,*f vr?"^ **Jt "90 <r S- Tw ? J '? ?mly hn a h W. - \T lib* ittlfiiiiSlfTJ! ( ? MKIM fl Mt^f ffM.ttf 5^/" Atr*? <*<r fc..a* r?ii^ (ru^,..*. 'y5!l''* WftlnmUhrlkt /W('? ? /?. /I uw-^v < ^ V(MliuVtJ Ajr tkt t'1 /"ir?--m?? ??T> 7 * ^ P! 7. (i< r?.rn?<i. ,f, Jff $5# w Bole l^rcTp rTe "t or. jU |Ss CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS AROMATIC VAUEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORIL FOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY i 7 It BARBOUR k HEM MRS. PAKAKKI >K ?.?! I>, THE CHEAPEST LIUHT KffOWN! We*'? now reneivmc Paraffiue Oil direct from the works in wmHd Virginia. The sualitj of it is exneilant, producing a steady, bril iau? ar.d beautifu' light, and more pieasaut to the eves than gas light This Oil i.? free from adulteration, and vei\ moofa more eoonomioa! than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. IT/* It is in no way explosive. We keep also a ?upp5r of the moat approved styles of Lamps, 4c., for burning this Oil, KING & BURCHELL, Agents forits sale for the Diet iet of Columbia, Corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 T _ CARRIAGES. H K Buhaonber having n.v:o additions to tu factory, making it now one of the in the Diet not, where hu facilities manufacturingCARRIAGE A LIGH WAGONS of all kinds cannot oe surpassed, ans from his long experience in tike basiuoaa, he hopes Ia siwa tar. ars w f 1 v'aetiAn All kinds of CtrritfM ani Lixkt Wi<ou tepi at kaod. All REPAlRSnealiy 4?M,andal! onUni praapt lr attenae<! to. 8ee*a4 k*a? Oarrtar?? taker it exohartf {or art IM. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 1ft -tf ??rn?r ?f I4ft W tni K Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thi? da/. aabvaoiac all quail gm tioa And ?I*H? <if Mri!? I.MIhar I 11 Dread &nl Packing T'unka. Our Md?a room exhibiu at this lime the rr-ateat variet? of traveler reouiaitet at moderate |lic?p. to be found thia ?nle of New York- Alen, ev3* deecria Uon of I .A DIES' HAT BOXES, VALICER, CARPKT BAG'*. SATCHELS, Ao. ITT'Old Trouka repaired or taken in exchange for new one*. _ WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trnnk 8a ea Room, mar Sl-tf aaa Pa. avenue. [pun | simpsoifjj i^olds^oli^ jmagnoli4magnoli4 mwuisk e^^v'iilsket^j We offer for aale Um itoti ataadard br^ad ot ine Copper Distilled Maltar Rt? Whiaky, m barrels and half-barren Aa it la of oar ova disti.>? tion.and hut lily improved br a?e, wa oonfrdectly reooramenait aa th? mm and best Whisky Uiat oan possibly he distilled. Wa alao offar oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, W1 other brands, from the larfact atook of Flee hi skies ia the United States Phoenix Distillery, xssl&fcfiem. OBoea? ? Wall Jtreet, Nov York; aad 10* Sooth Front street, Philadelphia. aar 9-ly Baltimore life insurance co,-i? | coaroaaijp l?an.?Johw L Dohaximk)*, PreaJ Descriptive pamphlata ma* bo obtained at th? Cgmpanr's Agency for the Diatnot of Columbia, ofio? oTLevia Johaeoa 4 C<s, Haakera, lOtt streei aqcl I'enn. arenuav _ J. W^HaGILL, a feat, It. K. *. II. MM. Kf'r. 4*1 MV I.(.?.UIUI. .?. MOT*. i.kimi. I MAJL,MOT?*AUTST. JACOB REED. _ Mmficmn ?v MILITARY CLOTHlIVOj Boitiuit Cosnxm Sacoits aitb Braves Br*., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS POK BALE. UMl 12,000 ass lh? ftttanboD of the pubho to oarknfind vti! m 10 id on r6MODibl9 %9tvm in iviir to niftti rooa fo? onr aprinf took- I tat N?. IT OrowTTlg^iXwa. I YELLOW PINg LLMBKE. * LL DMonptioM of Dm Mctm Luib?, in 1 Puiuaavd dir<?ot from ttM aoaU>?m BilU t>? BAKE**' BUTTKE IN BALTIMORE.-W. euit tll MMOM of tin jmt ?n??lj yom wit* i tvtrj in4? of B?tur. vwr oteitt. WtUnioM now ulowutM MDU, uJ from that op u iba I Tf *5LLJOOTTA B K W ES. 1 Ml ft ffiilwMi Pbo, hw?w? D*" ""TiiflBMM LOT* HOtriTiU "" Effmmi hZ^ftnZL^TS^' FOE ALL MM&ASF.8 OF IMPEL DENCK. i.*r JVO FALSE DELICACY FKSTENT APPLY 1MMKD ATELY. A CUEE WAEEJLMTED, Ok MO CHAE9E, ... Aiir TV1 T-?r< 1 fliVK i/? fiiva 'ts ? .... VMkiNi(ri?< Ittl.nmiim Wut litaifi U< B.aidar, >a'a. Bf>.? f? Ptatharfaa in.L?t.1,11, feanaaai PrapaMy L- I *' U?? '*a?fca??a a( Id*.., PilpiUtiM aT?fca?aari,T.-".<.ty T-aiak.wfa, l>IMMt rf kfki ? IkMlM aftla ? -<, T>?H, ?? K Bkia. iliciMM af lit Iwp. *?'?* ? lk?M Timku Diwrrin ir nn| ? wary '<hj rf TMh-itM l)r???r?i u4 Haa.raeu'a Phtutu ***** ** " tu Mtrraft iBfaauk.i n4 aaarat lad? u< TOBIVf MIR fcM"''lT Mum tka niuw il Swlwr* *kaa, Ihc. irMtfi. ami 4aairaoi?a kafcu vhxr ihmIii M l< aauma,y fr?i itwiuii af Tmi.| Man dni bmi ?laiaoia kriiiaai u .a.,aci, *'< in rfet k? ?t muwci< :uuhu,|I<umi will iha t*?ndara a/ ??a?>i? av *?? < la taaury tka tivifcf ly?a, ?ay ??il ml f*? ??? 4#St#a Mllllill lUIU MUOin at T(U| Maa mtiap ttiaf *? twi. kamg ??tra af ?kya?aal *a??aaaa, atpaaia ?ak<rtty, AaMtaiUM. Ac . apaadur tmd ? vka pica* fctnaal,'ai.dar ik* air* af IH J ai| nkfaaaiy Mailt la In kaaat > a fulliau ul taalla l* ra y apat haa akil. aa a pay?ana. omut, Ha. t a<>*ra ntnu^ iiritrr talk lul aid a gmt.g fran laiuaara atai. a ? daara flaw tkl C?P ?l rulM Wtv?tr>l MM U4 ' ??m. k?l?l> MM M pu4 u4 Mltla I wa^ M. JOIMT0I, Miakin af tt* byu atlag a af fcaa daa rttitut kw aa* af tha mm aiw<catil Callayaa IB tha Salt*I *ul<s u4 IM nwti' part ' attat lafa Ha* taao apaM w it* M? ?iuia ( LMita, Paria, PkiU Jaipbia aad ataawaara, baa at> fatiad aw< af tha laaat iawniUM| earaa (hat ain ?? ? kaava, Many UMtlad wttM nifu ( la tha haad aad a??a vkaa ultai, fran amaaactn haii.f ?iarwa4 ai a?4<*N aaaada, BaaV'a.t aaa ant IrfjMal biaaViag. itta?Jal aawakaa< vnk af Mind, vara 'an' iMiaadlatal* TAIK PARTtCVkAR ROTICK. TMs( Mac led athara at* k>? itiiari I it.aiaaalaaa a? nam pracuc* i&daifad la ?k?? a lac a?a Baku fraqaartf laan-ad frtn #?ti caanpaaiaa*, af at at Baal, tKa ataea af which ara ?|iUi fait a?aa ahan |raiaap. aad if t>a< taradj raadat* aarrufa laupoaaihla, and daatraya M aual aad fcadf. ahaaM apply imMadiatalr Tlaa ara aama'aftM aad aad atlantWi ilt-u araaaaad by aarir babita af aaath aas : Waakaaaa af tha (?:t aad Uaaha, Pauaa la tha la'and, Pian?aaa af l>f nt, t-aaa af Maa>aft Pawar, Palpitauan af tha aari>Dri|>apa*, Naraaaa Itrii-hi P. mm n.m *1 ? Dia m a m ?.| ! l>?B.llt? Itmpuni *f CNna^tMii. tc M1CNTALLY.?To* faarfkl iIxum tk* m*ad in a>aak M k* dr*|d*d ?Lam *1 M(mr>lC?.taM ( i-laa*. DifiiMM* f ?1 ,rlt. E*il F?i"<a4ij j?, Axnitot'bi.K't. J .>*i-aav, U*t Saliiad*, Timidity, ate., ar* hui ar tfca *?u* paa|?4l4 WKRTOia OMIklTT rt>M.u4iwi ?*! ?( wkat M Ik* emi *f th??r datiiauaf h*?lih. Imk.i :r.^ ?ifa?, ?*|M>1| ?ln|, pal*. r,*r*aaa M.d IIMCItttd, Tatiag ' fliu tipiumi >kN1 th* T*? OM|h a ifn ptan** a< MMVafUM m?k.A8Ba or impaCdkhcb Wkti Ik* nuafkidtd nd .rprkdai. *0*017 ' pl*?kr* litl k* ka* tivNkad ik* *?*d* 'thM ptmlki ImtM, K in rftel k*f p*rti mat u illumed **n*? ef akrm* ar draad d*i* n him (run appirmf la Uiom *M, tnm *<kium u>4 ra*paciibi!tty. cu a fen* k*fn*ad kin H* Nil* lew l>( ha&de ef ifn<H*ni *ad dkktftuiif prat*?d*n. whe. i*tu*kl? ef cinnr, tick hi* peckniiir; eaberenc*, k... ki. vlly maail ?r*r ouftik, er ** lar.f >* th* aaaaileei fa* can k* eV lamed. ?ad 10 daapair l**?* bur with rsta*d kaallk ta *ifk a ? a r ku falliag datpp?ii.'jiii 1; a? t ? tk* a** ef tkal daadlv faienc . Merear*. heeian (ha canatitacioaaI i^aMM al Ilk iambi* di*****. *aeb a* Atecuxneo'iii* Hair TkraaiHa*, pmfr**a:i ( with frifklfk! rapidity, utl daatk paw k Mn?d l* kit criilfu ( nun tardinf him ta db?l aa iiK?>?r?d ctwiirr from ?bm b*?M aa traaalar mtiM UB. JOIHJUtUMKnv POR ofm AM1C VltUW AMD IMPOTKHCT By ?blt jr*?l as4 miwim riutdf tolmntf Ui r>>? in pitd'v earad and hit ?ifar rarartd Th??nt4i aTiba Mi nar*M? ?nd dthilu?i?C. *to bad last ait baft, ta'a btae intmadiaialy rallavad. All imp?4iri.?feta la H rnifl Pbyalatl m Mam Dlten*ItItalians, Uoaa af Pnciiuo* Ptvtf. Ntr'aa* Irrtaabi.hf Tramblirj and Waafcoaaaar Bitaanai af Ua Maihufkl kind tpaaadlly earad KNDi'UicMurrorrii run Tit WARY YtfOUSANIM earad anbta mauiMiaa vtibla lit las'. aa*ai<iaan aar.ra, aa< ib? ntnartai wpttltt) Bat at aau aparauaoa parfarn,td by Dt Jahaaaa. wiu.aaaad by Ut HMrttn af lb* ptytn ?nt many aibtr paraaaa, aauaat af ?h*t be?a appatrad tfai: and afam btfart lb* Mbllt, baatdaa bia aiaodioc aa a fai utdtar af ?h>raciar an' niiii a Mltty. la a aaSctant ptm nt la tb? aAiaiad |at Wit DR. J. BOVEE DUD'S IMPERIAL WISE Birrms, An now oem* ui'M ir in Jin.r.c to tr?e brnftl nail Lake, aoi the univert?a, verdict of all who iim tnen either a* a madta** or a? a fc?trra$*. la that they are tLnau'paaed in the wcrln l?r. I>..a? aeed tbenn au^oesafnlly id hia practice for S5 year* before we purchased of Dim the eole i if ht to manufacture and preeent them for aale to the pab.ic. For the cu e of Incipient Consumption. ladj/eetioa. Dra peraia. Pilee, Nervou* Oiaea>ea. Female Com plainta. and all oaeea roquiriat a tonic. they are beyond doubt a most inva. liable remedy. Aaide from their medicinal projertiea they are a pure, whole aome and delightful Beverage, prodaoing a:' the pleasant exhuer%tiug effects of Braady or Wiee without their injurioua reealta. I-et all fneads of humanity and aii a<i v<*>at*s of temperance aeeiet oa in uMl.tuinc M>aee valuaDle Vegetable Bitters for the mineral potto*-* and arf?4trrM?d Lt^uort with which tt?t oountrj it flo<Kj?c. and thereby m feo'ua.ij ai i in ban chine l>i?fa?<* and Drunken*** from the land. _ CBaKLF.J* WIDMF1BLD A CO, Proprietors. 7? William street. Naw York. J.BCHWARZE. Aiaat. Washington, D. C. r?R. i bijvf.k Done* IMPERIAL tilN BITTERS, For Dieeaoes of the Kidney a. B adder and Uriaarv Organ*, and especially fur Female OHtrtoUoni. never fail to oure. and are warranted to live satis taction, L'HaRLK4 WIDDIFIELD k CO.. Proprietors, T* Wi .iair. st.. New York. J. 8CHWAIZK, je7 ly,r Agent, Waahinftna.D. C. UIOHLY important to all: tl MRS. COl'S INDIAN TKUETABLE UECOCTION. It is wei. knows that id the Sprint people *r* K>re Mt to oontract diNut than at u; other period; and it is equally ?Ki kbowc that th? vir (o ward of disease ia to keey tne blood par*, for "all the ilia that flesh ia heir to," aria* from :mpinn of ths blood, the main spring of oar ea ia, therefore, important to a. taat the system shou ld be Uu.roughlv cleansed and pur.bee. and tin* oan be done m the most eC*ctua ??j by taiu COTS INDIAN TtOETABLE DJT COQTION. the best ien,<>cy disoovered lor the eure o/d.?oaaee of Skin, Erya'r>e aa, forofu a Rheama tiam, Nervoua Debility, Fever? of different kinds, Dynpepv, Liver Complaint, and all other diaaaseu ansiut from impurity of the biond. It has e#ect*d the most rsmarkabis oures, aa oac be uhuvu by numerous oerufioatee from persons of ths highest respectability, and is recommended by all who have as* d it as the most invaluable remedia. a?ent cf the da*. ify Itts sold by all the Drnftista of Baltimore, and at ths resideooe of the proprietor. M N. COX. li? Kast Ha.Umore street, between ?ien street and Central avenue. Nam ... k... ? ..vmv R- w-.-v ?uiw? BCI liWiiV ! tWWD UB wv bottle sad her eeal on the oork. fl^Prtoe 01 per bottle, aix for Wk?UttUt iiM. R. t*. T Cimel. l>n||iit, Georgetown. D. C., Wko'enl* Agent for the I>?triot. ud will sappy the trade at my prioee. warfftj rpiK ALL SWFF1C1ENV II1BI TRIKSKMAR, 1, ?, * ?, Prftfd bf Rtvl L'tim.? Pmt?u a/ b'ntlmmd. mmd imfnI It tk* Srait of tk* K<cU H* FiwiC'u <U ?aru, (i< Yiyrni CelUtt JKWkum, No. 1 is LBeaJa^hle for exhaaeuon, fpniaMioi rhara, and all ehysioa'. disabilities. No. 9 complete y erad oates all traoes of thoaa dtMMM that hare been hitherto treated br the naaNQuand pen icioua nee of eopana and onbeba. No. 3 has enure.y iiipp n.trc t'.f iLjorions ase o| thereby ireurinf to the lifirw speedy . ?I ?.y HI ubfunuH, MiU ruouB| Oil IM 'fililipEMTff.'Nc*. l.Ssnd X?r? prepared la tba form of a loMtf, deyeid of tMtr aac erne. . atd aan be c^r-Meo ic the waietooat poofcet. Sold ta tia aa?M. ace divided lato epartie dote#, M?cm;ct? tornfl^ Vvp?w. U. ^iiadc. K< li K.o.-C A a. H'lOf #3 each, or four OMM for #9 wr cr, aave* M aj.d IB >2? OMM. wberetj there i? a aavin* of ft*. To ka h&c. wholeeaie mud retell, of Dr. HA k ROW. 1(4 Bleeoker street, foar doors below MeDoagal street New York. Immediate:y on reoetnng a ra nutt?noe. Dr. Barrow wili forward the TriaaMBar to aay part of the world. seaaralt paoked, and at Bacni, Hospitals, lacVameats or tm? ?? fcod^if dj^j^ec^i^rufct b? mj mmmmi, *** ^3kS POK PTAMP1N# - A PACIET OP PATBB at ^ [ AND ENVELOPES N V I TO MATC4 blABSEj BOOESTORB. . _ _ PBILP * SOLOMONS. _ 279 rmSErru *06 wveear erderwieTeBvenorCoewlieee fkieewB Hacsaaaaag!

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