Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1860 Page 1
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??????^????? '<m Z. >! f. I J. I ... f. j i ) i _ . , . ; . . . t+t- U .? ?- i. U AfC "U V i I U ? lo ' *i | *W* -'t -?Mi ? -? V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JULY 20. 1860. N-. 2.315. THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BU1LDIXGS, C'trJur / Penn sylvania a+tr ut andWtk ?t.t ?T W. D. WALLACH. Mr-red ! puk&r** br o?mer? at |4 * ear, or ST oenU month. To mail ub*orib?r? the jrioe la fjjo a yaar,?? *dv*u; $2 for aix month*, 91 for tfcrM month?; m4 for taw t**? three months at tke rata ofl2 oenta a week. Single oo?im, omcnr; in Vrtf frm, two cs5ts. IU~ ADTHTumiyn shoald be sent tothe otteo before 12 o'olook m ; otherwise they may not a*p?ar anUl the Mit day. THK CHICAGO ZOUAVES Drill ef the ZtuTri at Madiaaa Sqaare The New York Tribune eive? the following *coount of the drill of the Zouaves at Maditon square on Mondar afternoon : The mu.'ic of the band which accompanied the Cadets was heard aboat 2J o'clock, and the oorpe presently entered the Square at the Twenty-fourth street gate, two abreaat, and inarched to the central avenue. At this moment there was an array of spectators which *lir?h an n<4Aaainn ???-La ? - ?vv?oivii. ?vuu cuun Sll^Ul BDQ una?ci led notice, could command in no other Amer:oan city. The number of those surrounding ne field in the outer path were variously estimated from ten to twenty thousand; they were certainly within the latter figure. The windows of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, and of all the houses overlooking the Square, were occupied by men and fair women, and several hundred sought the roof* for a sweeping vision. The evolutions of the Zouaves began at once, and were oontinued. with an intermission, for about two hours. The manual of arms was executed on the main road of the Square, and b here also were made the majority of the company movements. The oblique movements, in company, covered the entire northern section of space, and the skirmishing, with which the exhibition ended, wif sontnid in no n*rt{<ni. lar point, but led the men all over the ground. Defiling up the grand avenue, the company formed in position, each movement accomplished as if by the touch of a main spring, filling the audience with astonishment, and manipulated their arms in every prescribed way The mimic loading of the guns was as methodical and sympathetic as that of common troops is irregular. The ramrods rose and fell with metallic rhythm, and the attitude asjnitned when they had been restored to their i>laces was as picturesque as any of all the beautiful postures of the Zouaves The weapiius seemed inspired with the same grace which animated the soldiers1 limbs, and never disturbed each other's symmetry. The intermit* tent shoulder-firing was illustrated with ex?iui-!tc precision, the attachment of the bavo nets w*? almost as exact, and each command was fulfilled before it had fairly left the lips of Col Kllsworth The successive evolutions were hailed with enthiuia^n by the crowd, whose plaudits broke along the line as at a race coarse. The oblique movements in company are exceedingly difficult, demanding unerring exactness of step and the utmost agility. They were accomplished with entiresuccess While they were in progress, the threats of the sultry clouds, which had been totally disregarded bj the assemblage for nearly an hour, were rio lently fulfilled. The first big drops brought panic to the people, and softened the resolution of the guard, whose vigilance was instantly relaxed: in a moment the square was filled with flying squadrons, with whom the Zouaves, who had not in the lea>t degree ? I j J .L_:_ ? ? ^iiciieucu meir puce- cocaine unmvoraoiy implicated. A tornado of respectable magnitude added to the confusion; the dust whirled alone the paths and enveloped the soldiers, large branches of trees were borne to the ground, one with a goodly human fruitage; and the exclamations of defenseless females blended with the inflexible orders of the colonel and his lieutenants. With their favorite foe, the public. charging full upon them, there was a tine change for a display of the municipal Zouaves, and by a series of well directed movements, the poiice succeeded, with the timely appearance of the now heavy rain, in regaining lost ground, and compressing the multitude within the limits assigned them The Zouaves suspended drill when the storm became furious, and cqvercd themselves with their great red blanket#; thus shielded, curiously resembling a lost tribe of Indians Inured to all sorts of exposure and fatigue, it was not to be expected that a summer shower would give the gallant fellows serious discomfort, and they awaited the end with calm hearts under the trees, responding to the final summons "Fall in line,'* with cheerful alacrity, and g->ing through the skirmishes that closed the drill with an ardor that the contents of many clouds could not have dampened These evolutions were.for th* general observer, most attractive and extraordinary of all No professional agilist could surpass the promptness. precision, and hardihood of the advance and retreat. The prone movement elicited a rbout of admiration from the spectators, and the pyramidal movement the same. Many of the wonderful gymnastic exploits are still held art tkn Avkikitii^M s? I / . Jail tkn U A OOTJI 1 O, IUC CAUIUIUUti VK'DW V^iUi V IUC heavy exercise had begun. A large crowd, unterrified by the storm, cheered the corps athey filed away, with music, from the squar* into Broadway, bearing noother marks of their exertion than those which the rain and moist soil had attached to their garments. Several invitations from citizens have reached the commanding officer of the Cadet* to drill the corps in some public building, as the Academy of Music It is urged by these correspondents that the theater would afford a fine stage for their peculiar display, and that the sum realized from the sale of tickets would be a valuable addition to the not overflowing exchequer of the company, while it would be cheerfully disbursed by hundreds of people for the perfect gratification of their interes* in the Zouaver. ft is the desire of those having charge of tbe affairs of the corps to avoid a., display that would savor of speculation. Their resource* are ample for their contemplated tour. Yet, at the solicitation in suitable form of respectable citiiens, they arc willing to appear at the Academy of Music. They will, however, take no steps in the matter. Rights or NarntALS Drni??i thr Chinese W \k?A British order in council has been issued in reference to the rights of neutral ships employed in the carrying trade during the approaching war between the allied powers, England and France, with China. The principles of the maritime law adopted by the seven great European powers at the Congress of Pans, in 1S56, have received additional sanction in their acknowledgment second time by two of the greatest naval powers in the world, and lnav now be oonsiderod firmly established. The?e principles have always been contended for bj the United State*, and the recent confirmation of the correctness of the view* of our public men on subjects of international law is bightj gratifying. The order in council directs tntt,1 oo :ar as regards the ships of any neutral power the flag of such power shall cover the enemy's good.*: that neutral goods shall not be liable to capture if found under the enemy's flag, that blockades shall be maintained by a torce really sufficient to prevent access to the coast of the enemy; thai sebjeota of England and Prance may freely trade at and with all ports in the dominion of China, and with all persons whatsoever, including the Chinese, nnd that goods belonging to Englishmen or * - ? ? 1 icuvuuivu, ivuuu UU VUII1?W TCNH5II, 30*11 t> restored The above regulations are not to be c .nsirued in favor uf allowing trade in articles contraband of war What ii contraband of war baa not been defined, nor bus the usaal lift of ?aoh articles been extended. Coal, the carrying of wbieh. at one time the English Government intended to prohibit, ban not been mentioned for several reasonr. First, the Chinese have no steam vessel* ana second, it might give rise to unpleasant debate in England on the late treaty with France The clauses allowing trade with the enemy are also very politic. What would an Englishman do without his tea7 Dissatisfoc'ioB would certainly ariae, and the supplies for the war would speelily be stopped by an indignant House of Commons. Hcvuiin \tnis li?r ?r*ma Th? W?n,. phia F.nqolrer, of the 8tb inat , aay? " Prltnte drtcea receiwd In tbia rtty day or two ainee tate that an insurrection bad broken out In tbe vlrtntty of Oareola, Ark , amoni; the slave population Our Informant learned ibat tbe dlatnrbtarea were quelled, but not until several alnve* were aeverelT wounded The nwrart. It ia thought. were instigated by worthleaa white mea " Great Revival Mee tiag at Sellatt. A monster revival meeting has been held at Belfast. The vast preponderance were, of course, of the orthodox Presbyterian and Methodist denominations, attended by their clergy. The roads to the Gardens were thronged with foot passengers, omnibuses, and csrs. At the entrance to the Gardens, parties were stationed to sell tickets of admission, at a penny each, and to direct the orowds to the additional entrances which bad been opened. For about three hours the stream poured in unceasingly, until there were assembled on the lawn, and scattered through the grounds, a mass of people that could not have numbered less than 20,000. and might possibly have exceeded that uoMmaU A v,i .. a. uuj I.; per cent. 01 mow were from the country districts, and a very large proportion were of the agricultural class. Toe preponderance of women and children waa remarkable. and the interest in the religious services of the daj seemed principally restricted to what we term the weaker sex. We were rather surprised to see in th* grounds large number of ragged, ill-conditioned and worse behaved urchins, the regular gum in* of the streets, and, being a little puziled as to the cause of their prescnee, on such an oceaaion, we made acquaintance with a oluater of them who were engaged in smashing a beautiful shrub with a view to the development of a supposed wasp's nest in the interior. After interoeasion on behalf of the treo.we fraternised with the ringleader, and asked him what brought him and his companions there, tendering at the tame time a small pecuniary coniolimant which - f wvu ? ??w avvui/wu "mil CUVUUPl* astir avidity' "Sir," said tne little ragamuffin, "we were all outside thunder, and a minister he gin us tickets, and let us all in." In the interior of the gardens a new phase of arboriculture was largely developed Tree* brought forth placards, and shrubs produced scriptural texts as well as flowers. At intervals on the grass were spread out large printed bills, defining the system on which the proceedings wero to be conducted, and restricting the enthusiasm to certain localities No one, it was announced, would be permitted to hold a prayer-meeting elsewhere than at one of the previously appointed stations; and no one would be permitted to take part in any meetinff vitKnnt V - ? * *? ?? n>vuvui ^uo pci ujinpiuu ui me parties named in the programme. A notice was considerately appended that refreshments would be provided in the tenU. About one o'clock the gardens presented a very singular spectacle The inusic platform was thronged with ministers, prominent among whom was the Rev. Dr. Cooke At about twenty stations over the lawn, and at various positions through the grounds, dense groups were collected, each round a centre ring, in which was a preacher, either lay or clerical. From the great platform a minister was giving out verses of the 100th psalui, which were being sung with considerable fervor and tolerable accuracy by an immense crowd of people, the men all uncovered. At intervals bis vehemently excited tones ??? 1 * > * nuiv nucimuu ujr mti aieniorian aeuvery of a "revival hymn," issuing from i? dense mass of men and women thronging around the base of a spreading tree, beneath which stood, book in hand, a Methodist clasa-leader On the left, at a little distance farther off. a Presbyterian clergyman with upturned face and uplifted hands, was pouring forth a supplication to Heaven, with every symptom of earnest and excited enthusiasm The excitement on thi* occasion was entirely confined to the lead en of the proceedings. Ci mors N'kws from Hayti?The following intelligence concerning contemplated movements of the ex-Emperor Soulouque is curious and interesting:?The Revue, de Cnmmerr* ?>f June 30. contains a statement to the effect that the ex-Emperor Soulouque, in his exile at Kingston, Jamaica, has become so excited by the news of the triumphal tour of President tieffrard, that he is endeavoring to get a fleet together, so as to reduce IIayti again to his sway. Vil Lubin and Adelaon, Soulouque's prime ministers, charged with the execution of the project, had already obtained a schooner, but were unable to do anything further The ex-Emperor was visited by a fortune-teller, who promised him that if he would give a large tribute to two fetish idols, he would certainly b? enabled to reenter Port-au-Prince before the end of July. Actuated by these promises. Soulouque is openly organizing his band, and makes an appeal to his old dukes and barons, to gather under his banners and aid in the retaking of the dominions, which, he says, hare been stolen from him. Corchi, one of Sonlouque's friends, says he has partisans in Hayti, mentioning a certain Col. Joskin. The day for the departure of Soulouque is already fixed, and it is his intention to enter Port-auPrince before President Ueffrard returns from his northern tour. It is expected that 8<>ulouque will publish before his arrival at Hayti, a proclamation offering a general amnesty The friends of the republican government do not apprehend any danger from the attempts, but still think it well to be on thair guard One editor says: ''The danger is not great, because Soulouque and Yil Lubin will be stoned to death bv tne women and children nn lanH. ing, but measures should be taken that other bloodshed may be avoided." The Pattkrsoh-Bokapartc Family.?The Paris correspondent of the Courier des Eiats Unis, in his last letter to that journal says: *'It is rumored that the death of Prince Jerome will furnish to his son, by his first marriage with Miss Elizabeth Patterson, an occasion to revive his claims as sole heir of the august deoeased This is really the time for him. to have his right*, if he has any, formally decided. It is true that the decision which would emanate from an imperial family council would not be very dubious, although certain members have, it is said, shown themselves favorable to the cause of the American lady. Jerome was a minor when be was married to her by Bishop Carroll, and it was on this plea of minority that Napoleon broke the union. To prove that the young marine officer had been enticed into the match by a premeditated scheme, testimonials were produced to show that Miss ratterson nad laid a wager that she would captivate and marry the brother of the man the fame of whose exploits had already fillel two continents. She won the wager, bat only Sined thereby a premature widowhood and e grief of losing, while still living, the man whom she believed attached to her Jor life." Tbrilmno Scb*e at a Firr ?A fire occurred at Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, at No. 1.714 Market street, in a three story brick building, occupied by William Auld as a grocery store, the upper part being used as a residence The fire communicated to the staircases and out off all escape to the inmates. The Philadelphia Evening Journal thus describes the scene " The females were at th<* front windowi). shrieking for help, while the crowd beneath was awe stricken, not knowing at what moment they would leap to the ground, or be envelooed ia the flames. Miss McNeill. wbo was in the third story, rushed through the flames and tuccecded in f^ettin^ into the second story room, unharmed, although her night clothes were entirely consumed She then got out of the window upon a bulkhead, and jumped. She waa caught io the arms of a couple of gallant fellows, named Robert McDevitt and Thomas Cunningham. It being rather dangerous to make sueh a leap from the third story, a bed waa procured from the dwelling of Mr D Baer, adjoining. This waa held up, and Mrf. Maruire. her son, and niece jumped upon it. Mrs. M. and her son landed in safety, but Miaa Dillon struck upon the bulkhead, and was considerably injured about the bead and shoulder*. ILT A fire ormred at Guthh?rt. UmuIi. mi day, dntroytug Leuard 4 Jordan'aTiarBeaa and thoe bop, A. T. Amu' drv K?oda and irrocery atorr, Mr. Douglaa' law ofl?, JackatallerH fnrniturt atore, and other property. Loaa ?50,000 A Sickles Affair i* Iowa ?The Quincv Herald cays ?We are informed that on the evening of the 3d inst., Orndorff. a commission merchant at WirMW, having tome suspicion that all was not right with his wife, noticed her through the window reading some letters, which she deposited in a drawer on his coming in. He pretended not to notice it, but after they had retired made some excuse for getting up, and read the letters. They proved to be from one Robert Sterling, a clerk till lately, in the store of Johnson A Hunt. His won't suspicions were confirmed. In the letter he professed that he was the father of one of her a;u ? j j * ? .... uuuurcu, aim urgea aer to elope with btui. Orndoff, taking bis pistol, passed down to a saloon where he knew Starling was apt to spend his evenings to a late hoar. As he approached Sterling, who sat playing dominoes. Sterling turned to see who was coming, when Orndorff shot him in the month, the ball passing oat through bis neck, and cutting his tongue nearly out. Sterling rose to escape, when Orndoff shot bim again, making only a flesh wound in his side, and again snooting, making only a slight wound on the hip. Sterling started to go out, when a fourth shot was fired, which missed; Sterling gained the street, and was chased by Orndorff nearly round the square, when Sterling went _ _ _ : i i ?- * - a up mmrs ana iocKea tne door, which bis pursuer began to kick down, declaring he would kill him. Some friend? arrived and told him Sterling was dead bat this did not avail, aa Orndorff said he knew better. He was, however, taken away and arrested. But he has the letters in his possession, and says he is eorry that he has got to do the tragical work over again. AMKS. WIflSLOW, N Experienced Nurse and Female Physician presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, W 5 -? frcaUy UciiiUMt U>* praciM ?f t<?lbuif, ? n ?| hj* i?u?m| in n?aojuiautn?vill allay ALL PAIR and ep&emadic action, and i? SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Depend ?p?'i it, mathare, it viil fix rot ta and RELIEF Ay D HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W ha?e pat ap and cold thia article for oaer tan yeara, and can ?>, m cosriDllcl ?!>d tucth of it, what aabaia never been able to. aay of any OTHII Mad i cm a ? kit ib MRS Hat it PaiLBD, in a iik?li "* ,TA"C" TO *rFBi.'T a CURB, WISsLUn S ?heu timely eeej Neverdid we know vi|IIT!II\n an inetanee of dieaatiafaction by any ona who aeed it. On tha contrary,all ara SYRIP, delighted with ita nrlRaTiOKi, and ''f"? in terme of h'fheet cann<anda(im of ita magical evecte atd medical irtE?a W a apeak in :hia matter " what WB no ISOW," after ten yeare', a?D rLBRiiB Ol'l BBPUTaTlOfl FOR THB FfLFILMBJIT OF WHaT WB H BR B DBriali B. In a I moat every inetanie where the infant te eufer II.f from pain and eihasetion. relief will be foni d in j ar twenty minatee after the ayrap n adininlatarad. Thie valuable preparation le the preecrip'.on of ana af tha meet BIFBRIBncBD and (KlI-Fl't. NUfttBi in New Enjlaud, and baa been need with e BTBk-FaiLiiea I Cclit id THOUSANDS OF CASES. It Bat tniy ralla'ai tba child from pnin, ba; Inaifarataa tha atamach and bowala, ccrracta acidity, and fitaa tar. a ai d anargf ta tha wnala mt?m. Ii will a I moat inatantly rallaaa Griping in thk Bowel* and Wind Colic, and Mircon a can ?u!?i?na, which, if not apaadila ramadiad and in daatb. War1 ; btlia?a it tha hit Alt d 9t*l i tt r km- for bdt in tha world io all ea.a. bf dts- children and diar i 1 rhoca iw chil- tkfcthing dbtw, whathar It ariaaa fram taathing 1 or from an* othar canaa. Wa ?onM ai^io a ?ary mothar who haa a emld aaf farinf from any of tin fora^otr.g complmuta?do rtoT lit tolr pr bjl'dicbt, kur the prejudice* of othiii, land talwaan yoar ?atarin; child and tba raliaf that wilt La ?l'r b -yaa, itkolctili scr b ?10 follow tha c>? of lb niadicii.a, if tin aly uraJ. Kail diuctioi far sainf will a company aach bottia. Nuna finani anlaaa tha fc-aimiia CCiRTlS A PERKINS,Naw 1 orb, la on tha afcuida wrappa Void by Drtrnata tliroaghoat tba worlJ. Principal No. 1) (Jadar S.raai, N. Y. Fnr.a en If U Canta par ftattia. aa 11 UiwlT GEORGETOWN AL)VERT'MT^ FOR HARPERS FERRY. . Anoimr juii au. I"-!*1, me fieamer I.. J. Brentile Captain \\ . H RitW, will ?. leave Georgetown EVERY TI'KS * DAY. THURSDAY.and SAT UK ** * " DAY. at 7 o'clock a in., and return ever* alternate ()%>, at 6 o'clock a m. On t'.e Saturday tiip from (ioorxetown the l>oat will run through to SliephfnlMown. je 21 3iri FOR HAKPKRS prRRY.-CHAAG J? or Da VS.?On aid alt-u July 2.186", Jiw. the ?teamer ANTELOPE, Capt. H. J. W rli.*,carry in? the Unit?d mail, will i< a e Georgetown EVr.RY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FR1 D\ Y, at 7 a. m , and r?turn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. IM. B?Every \V edne*day the Antelope will run thronjh to Shcphcrdi'own. je 5-2in* 1 CU* JUST RECEIVE* l??" bbi.s. whisky, (assorted.) 1W1 do. HERRING a- d AI.EWI VES, 25 _ do. KEPIN.ED SUGARS, rvnnus. rumu KICIJ JSC liAKl*, 6 bbls. < Ba> field j WHITE FI H, 25 p. line Eastern CH KKSK. For ula low by JOHN J. BOGL E. _je 8 Georgetown, I?. C. Agency for faikbank's scalejTin GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the ?ale of the attove celnhrattni and we i knwwn PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply constantly on hand and for sal? at low??t HAY and COAL SCALES er*cUd in any part of th* District or adj unioc oourties. Ail Scale* are warrmnteo durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction B USEY ft. BARNARD, Healers in Agricultural lmplemenis. jefl2m Brid*e str?nt 2 doors west of Hi?h. r*RANHBLL. OPTICIAN. v No. 13b Hridra *<.. u?ortt?*m, Haa constantly on band ft tar** a?ai>rtin?nt ot French Near aight~d, Penaeopiq. Pnl- ^s- ? ored.andal other SPECTACLES, tne bent jua.ity. in gold, ailver. atesl.and Germai. liver frame*. N. K. Oid K'ame* Repaired and new i Mica set in them to order. no 1?-1t J~OS. r. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. BridK? and Jrferson sts , (rtorgttovm. Having Riven in j personal attention to this oranob of mj bu?inea?, 1 am prepared to. ? ? attend to all oail? with pr mntneaa Perrona from adiatanne can beaupplied at a rew minute*' notioe. aa I have a large assortment of C< ?FKINS alwata on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d* ad from the old to the new burial grounda. Hearses and Hora*a for hire. ap 10 6m 1%/IASSEY, COLLINS k CO.'S PHJLADKLItI PHIA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are constantly receiving fr?ah supplies of th? above delightful beverage, and invite all peraona who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to rive it a trial. ARNY t, 8H1NN, A genu, fet ST R een st.. fiwrrftnwo, ] tr.nrrn a ttrivi a t ux/ XJ VA M. IVil ALi> Commercial college, No. 47? SbvKNTH ST., Opposite the Ottural Post Office, Wiskmttnn City. Armorian System of Penmanship, RooKkeepinx, Mercantile Forma and Calculation*. Buain*f>a Correspondence, Bills of Exchanie, Current Hills, Commission Sales, (?ran mar and Aritlimetio. C7"A preparatory Clans for Boys. Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanahTp. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. Fur terma apply at the Rooina. ma 84-3m WM. W. YOUNG A CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 Niw Asbanqkms.nt. This well-known and popular Seminary, which ha* been so successful urnler the entire rare of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten Tears, will be t?peu?d on the first Monday in September n>*xt, under the united an per vision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. r# D I n Tf? U I uj : - ? II ? !a. ntv/n anim, 111 me won arranePO anil delightfully loo&ted Union Ac?<1*iny Building. For particular. see circulant at all the Bookstore*. intUD tf \f MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. itIrB. McCORMICK deairea to inform he friaoda and tha publio generally that rh* will resnr.a the dntie* of har School on the lat Monday in SapIan bar next. The ooaraa of atady pursued will oompriaeill tba hranohaa requisite to a thoroagh English aduea boa. in addition to har day scholars. aha ia deetroa* ol raoemag into har family a few paatls a* boarder* aged from 10 to 14 yeara, who will oa nndar har im madiata oaraaud oyer?i?ht. Har arrangement* for ice acoommodation aid daa oara of pnpua have been conaiaarally inorea** d and "therwiee improved. Thoee is Washington iUairi... 4. ? v?<iat iuivi iwiuu wim rei?r?nce ic her aohool m*y Mply to W. D. Wftllaoh, Editor o 3w?rWS5sr2S3us&A 5: jftm1 AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Nov prap*r?l to axeoato any order* wiu. gas^ 'Steam fitting irr 8tor# OB 9th atraet, a few doora north of Pv a?r?ir AUCTION SALES. Br A. GREEN, Auotioneer. TIUVTBE' SALKOF A PARTorA TRACT OF LANDoaiied "Petsr'a Mill Heat," aimated In the oountT of \V a?hington on tne Pine? Branch Road, and about threa miles from the o tj of Waanmgton, being a part nf the rroperty known a? the Pfo?y Branch Trottim Course. Br virtusoftwo deed* of tract, one beariar d?t? on or atowt thr 9th dar of Au.du. IsSR, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 15.', folioa >f\ et a?^? one o.t the an i r<*ooida of the couuty < f \\ ashing ton, in the District of Columbia, and the other Marine dat* on or about the Hth da? of May a-o recorded in Liber J. A. A.. No. 1T7. <o<K>a 4*4, ft . alio one oi the land records of i>aid oounty, 1 will prooMd to sell at publio auction to the high at bidd?r,on TUESDAY, the7th da* of AutKt, 1?60 at balf-paat6 o'olook p. m., on the premises, "aJl tha; part of a tract of land called '?ete 'a Mil* Seat,' aitaate, lying. and b^inc fn the oountv of Waal, i rig tot, in the District of Coiambia, and rn ?*? ..i. au? n._-^ u ? L ? - * ?v ?v?v m*w OI HIB rjnpy orftnon fOM. oorilVD Q w thin ths following met"* sod bounds to vit: Beginning ior the nam At a *ton?, No 4, planted in the vest 'ins of said road, for the no?th*ast oorner nfalot of said land laid < ff to Hays J*p sk in%T). an?i running from tfcenee north sixty one and half wnt hftj ?ix and forty-four hundredth* perch's, with J'pe-kmai/a north lias, t?? a sUn*. No. 3. at the northwest oorner of?p?%kman's larger lot anil the the fv ginning of hi* smaller lot, then e running north thirty and a halfdegrees east twenty eight and alivf perches t a 'take in th? outh !in? of a ro^d twenty fcvefoet wide, and w th the east 1i< e of 8p -akmtn's smal er lot. where is planted a stone No. 5; ihenee rasning south sixty 'nsan 1 a ha f degree*, east fifty mn? pe'chesand four and one hundredth of a p>rch to a stak in the west lino of the Finer U ach road; thine* with said wost line <-f said Piney Branch rota in a strai lit tin* to th* p'acs of beginning, <*o tainirtg ten aces iud thirty six parches of lard,' more or less; together wi'h the improvements thereon, which consist of a new. cnaoions. and well-hui t tun-iti.r. K'&me Dwelling house, stabling, sheds, a:.d out homes. erms of sale: One third cash; the lia'arce in 6 and 12 months, for which th- purchaser wi'l be required to give his note* hearing intere?t f'om the oar of rale, and secured by a deed of trust u;on the pre~ 18**11. Should the purchaser fail to comply with the terms of sale within 6 v# da?s after the da? of ita e, the trustee reserves the right to re*e 1 taid pr p erty, at th risk and est ot the defaulting pure* a ?er, upon giving five days previous pnb'io no ice by advertisement, in some newspaper published in the oi'y of Washington, of the, plao*. and terms of such re ale. All eonveyaioes at the cost of the puroiiaser. R. H. LASKEY, Trusts. jy lS-eo&ds A GRKKN.Aut. By A.GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S ?ALK OF VALUABLE !M proved Propkrtt.?Under and by virtue of a d-ed <>t trust?- earing date the '3th da* of November, A-I) , 18?4 and duly record'd in Liber J A.S, No. W, folios X:.&o .one of the land records of W&shington county. I?. C., I *ha,l s* II, at rublic W.lV'rtl XT I..I. O.UL ?-w-. - - - ? nuunuuf wu iui'/% i j u.j iw? won PlOCf f. m . in front of the premises, the <>?sti rn half <>f ,ot T. in Wm A. Biadiey' "uM vision of Lots 7 P, 1" and 11. in Square numbered 4^2. :*aid ea?t ha f l ot T front* IS leet on Maryland avenue. hetwren 4H and fcth street* and runs back wi'h that widtn tue dept h <>f said lot to an alley. Terms of sale : One third cash: residue in equal pa)m*ntaat6 9a>dl2 months fr<>in date of s*!e, with interest sooured by a d ?ed of trust on the p-emi?e?. If the terms of sale a?e n?t eomp ied with wthin 5 data, tne trustee reserves to him?elf the right to r???[i at the oost and risk of tfc? first puro^as->r, upon advertiainf three times in the National lutelii^enoer. Conveyancing at the expense of purchaser. C ASH FORD Trnitoe. je W&StJy 3"? A. GR KE.N . Auct By J C. McGUIRK * CO., Auctioneers. r|1RUSTEE'S SALE OF VAI-LABl.K IM 1 worn fsormTT am the Natt vard ? >?n I I r.?UAl Af I KK >? U?iM , AlUUkt the at 6 o'o'oolc, on the premises, bj virtu-^of a <leed >ated October 2!Hh, 18.57, aiiddoi) recorded u. I.ilcr J. A 3.. No. 145, folios 176. 1*7,178,1TO, and 18" one of the 'and records for Warhington county, I at a'.l sell the wfct paitofLot No 1. in equare No.92%. fronting 2b f*?-t on south K street. between 8th ar.d ?th sfeet*. and running tact with that width ftf feet, together wi h the improvements, oousu'.'i.e of a c >niforta'le anil we,l-built thre?-sto.-y brici dvfllirK, with iipo-seary out buildings. re'in*: One fourth cash; the residue in ft, 12. at.d 18 inon'hs, witli intwut, asaurol by a d*?d of ti ukt upon th? premises If the Wins of Fale ar? not oowip.imi ?ith in five da?s th-realte'. the t-ust*?? reserves the right to resell at ths risk and expanse of the defaulting purchaser. All ooiiVeyanoitig at the cost of the purchaser. KDWAKD O, C \STKLL., Trurtee. jy 18 2tw.Vds J. C SloGliRK \ ?'Q.. Aunts >| *K!*HAL'!< SALK.-ln virtu* of a wri? of 'I fifi insued from ?he Clertr s Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for th? County of Washington, and to me direct**!. 1 i i exp>?? to public saie. for itaab. in font of the Bank of Washington, on TL' KSDAY , th?>24:li day of July, 1<W commencing at lu o'clock a. m . th* following good* and chattels. to wit. via: 24 Vol. Co-igressioDal D -bates, 16 do. A nna's of ComrcM, 2 do. American State Paprrt, 1 do. Pension and B untT l?and, by M*vko;" 1 do. O^nion of At or e? Mineral. i do. ^tnoptical Indrx l.a?i U. States,!) do. Life and Works of Joh j Q. A^ami. 12 do. Diplomatic Co.Tespondenoe, "by Spark*;' seized and levied upon an tn? good < ar.d obat'ea of James Henry, and will he sold to satisir J udicial* No. 98 to May term, 1M0, in favor of John K. Kendall. W. SKl.DKN. v 13-d?w U.S. Marshal. Ma R^HAL'8 SALK ? in virtue ol 'wo writaof fk?ri facias, l?su?d from the Clerk's Oftic- of t e Cirouit Court of th? District of Co! util.ia, for t e county ol Wnshiiuton. and lo me direotod, 1 wnl expose to public sale for oash, in fro t < f tKe oo?irt hi use door, of ssi:) ooun'y on OMDA V. 16thd y of August next. 1*6 at 12 o'o'ook m.,i 1 defendant's right, title.o aim and interest i* and to tne following de>orif)?^l property to wit, viz: Let No 3. it Square No 7t?, and lot No. 3", in Sq iare No. 80', together with all and singular the l nprovem?*nU u.ereon. eeix*a aca i?vi?fl up-n ts the property oT Juiana Hurry and James C. R&rr?, tni wil he nold to mti?fy iudioial* Nop. 1^3 and 134, to May term 183#, in avorof Anthony Addison. W. P.KLDEN, U. a. Marshal for the District of Columbia, jy IS dtds MA RSHA I .*8 PALE.?Invirtued 2 writs o. fi<#n facta* ipsu<*1 from the Clerk's office of me Circuit oourt of the District of Coiuint'ia, for 'be county of Waehinitor. an I to me directed, i wul expose to pnblic tale, tor oash. in front of the court house door of paid oounty. on MONDAY. th? ?itti d*y of An^tuPt n?xt, 18ft, at I?o'clock m .alld fwd tnt's ruht.ti'k,cl*in and interest!'- and to L.--t No. IS, in Square No. ?32, in the oi*y of Wajhing'on, L>. C., together with til au si. eu ar the improvements thereon, seized and levi'd upon as ?ne property of Ch.\*. H Va.i Patten and will be sold to patisf* Judicial* No* 78 a >d 79, to October term 1*50, in favor oi John W.Thoir.pson and Z. D Oi man W 8BLDBN. jy 13-1'* U.S. Marshal lor Dmtriot of Columbia MAR^HAL'SSALE.?In virtue of a writ of fie-i facias. issued from the Clerk's offioe of the Ci ouitCourtof the District of Co umhit, for the oouity of Waahincton. and to me directed I will expo?e to pitMie sale, tor cash, in front of the court hou?ed<wrof saii oounty, on SAIUKDaY, the 28th day of Jn!v next, 186 . at 12 o'clock m , the fol1 wing property,to wit: AP defendant's right title, o a m, and interest in and to a oertam dwllii g houseeractedon Lote>ght(8)and the south niretoen (19 feet four (*) inohrs .>n L,ot nin ', (9) in H^.,are numbered ttir?e hund.ed and seventy-seven. <377? in the cit? of Washington D. C , *eiz:d and le ted upon as the proo rt< of Jains Viedt, and will be tol'! to satisfy Judio?aIs. >o am to October term ld97, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D, HOOVER, Lata U.S Marshal for District Columbia, je 28-dU MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtae of a wn{ of hen faoia?, msned from the Cerk's rffice ef the Cironit Court of the District of Columbia, for the oor.nty of Wa?hington, and to in* ?Lreot*d, I will expose to public sale, for oash, in I ?.nt of the oourt house do-jr of said county, on SATU UDA V, the 38t day of Juiy next. 188<1, at IS o'olook m., tike prupt'rt , VO Wli: All Uel-KIVt'S ri*bt, title, o aim, aud interest, m aud to a cr'ain buildins ercotwd on Lot No uKtiin Squ?r? No nice hu idrft'l \ forty nm (94?)a? laid down in the piat of the citj of Washington. sei?ed and levied upon as the propnrty of Abel Gnrxs. and will l<e ' !?! to *atisfy judicial* No. iW.tii October term 1836 in favor of John Purdy. J D. HOOVLR. Late U.S Marshal for the District ol Columbia je 28 dts pROPOBALS FOR C^AL AND WOOD Office Secretary or tdi Senate U. S.S Jul} S Sraled Proposals will bereoeived at thisoflice ti l 12 o'clock ni on Monday, the 3 >fh in tant. for furnishing f>>r the use of the senate fivV i undied tons best Whito A?h Furnaoa Coa an' fifty cords best strait lit Piue The whole to be parted aw\y in the vaults of the C??ito!. in p aces which will i.e shown on application to the Kb*ire*r in the servio* of the SeLate and ti be delivered by the 15th September l eit Bond ? for the iaithful rxe ouuonot the contract will be required. Km for the Coal and the Wood will be con id?r?d separably, and satisfactory arr%n?*ro?i ? mut be made for ihe oorreotm-a*ur?n><v?l of both. ASBURY DICK INS, jy U-dtaoth Seetetary ol the (*nat* NfcW8TYLB8 0PRlCH JKWKLRY-H.O" HOOD has juat op?aed a lane at ?**, wiuch he will r far at wry tow rate* Therefore tho?e that are wiahiDt to carry homeanythinc in Me line aa pre^nta, will do wall to tail and examine Ma ato<sfc at Pa. erenw iejs PI NOTICE. ERSONB Deolintnc h<>u??-k.eeptr.f or baring a aurala* of bouaeh >M effects can fad ready aale by oalhiK at m* Furmahin* Store, 4)19 7th atreet, between G and H etreeta. ea?t eide MHw WIIQOI PH HITCH! V. Ah VERY NICE CHICKtRING PIANO, ali^oet new, at ftlSS. For aale at the Maaie mnr? or (nt II) w. ? METZEROTT. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE I Tk# fevorit* r?*ort for WHITE ?ULPH(TR 8J5-, SPRI1?R, M.>nnlam Air. Fur go'* CUMBERLAND CO . Vv',1 P'mm ylvima. !Good 9ooi?t; and * Go?>d r?w??. Acc??MMu?AT10Jl? Jul Fur ^trticiltri tro?l 300 rO' Circular. * OWKN?, HF.MDKN TERMS LOW. IN A V1B&CH?X. je 7 l"w CarlitU Srfim.?, Pa. AH KI AV housf. T THE WASHINGTON AUCTION B k O. K. R. P*s)FD|[?ri fir tb* Wmi hftvt plenty of time to Br<akfa*t at thi? place. Three or four A . i A ro??iii? >et unoccupied. which will !? t? t '"rTJi umirer boarders on fair tenii* TIui'MhJBLX plaee in un iva ed for comfor a d convent n^e jy I*-7i* J M LwWt, FiOfrulor. ^CHMIDT'* SUMMER G\RI)KN -< n Sixth itr? t. bMawi?' and L*u>uai<* a* ? A may be foucd at all tini.-a on? of the mo-t popular, ice lal, uit-auc. and iutelligei t A1JQL1 Reiitaurant Keeper*, who back* up h'? reputation with laok.h b>- FR from the Citt or lt ltfOVB, Philadelphia ; with KKANulff4 Ion the choicRKt vineyard* of France ; with \VI.\K> un^xcelW on the hills of the Rhin^; a d with a article of WHISK Y which *n aok* ?trong y of Ui-? trnf flavor of th<' Monou^ahela aud Bouriton ?.? MKIO <?- mini <M H|C?* (T lU'M VIIIIIAi J , he hm Fought to mate- ti<*m still more m> h* tit* erection th rear ground* of his favorite establishment of a spaciou Arbor, where hi* guest* by .!?> may onjov th# cool breeae an I be free from -0I'* too ardent rays; and, at *'the witching hoar of mrht," quaff hu> ice-c??ol Lager without fear of ha\ in* their enioyment dampened by the falling dew. Such inducements will, doubtless. cau*? Mn of Mf readers to ?irop in and t tke a aote < if nothine else.) and, most likely, many of those who go will goagain. In addition t>" all this. he ha? encased the Troe peri brothers and their associate* t<> d 1 neonr*etheir choicest pieces of mime E\ery Wednesday and Saturday evening. j? IO-I111 W AfHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. AVtf \ork are***, hrttrfn lit anil 1A sIn. In naKinc the attention of the public to ir.y 1 rounds I Would stAM that ever* ?rmn?#n.?nl hit? a - - A b??n made to ma*e ihu ' Retreat" moreV?lA 9 attractive ever) riav. Mondays the tia*dens are open to th* publio tree of charge?a oouc rt riven by a select band. Those desiring to enjoy the dance and wa'ti wi I find the saioon in complete order to render p>a*u e to all. Or oth-r day* th* proprietor will cheerfully g'ant th? u?e of ?he (round* for cohool or other Pic Ntc Pa< ties without charge. For the amusement orchildren he has introduced a nomtier of lit?le rames, never before seen in this oitr, and calculated at the same time to amuee the "Old folks." N. H.?Attached i? my Botlmg KstaMisHm-nt. and families can Ue supplied with any quantity at their 'esiaeooe, of tost hca mful drii.s. L.Ai?! K BKKR. npon snort notice. j* 1ft 4 SALOSTAN R V TtR&T, \ OX A>?LO?T*!l IfUKD, Opppfitr G'orctoim ami Il'ai/ktagU* The subscriber* having leased for * term of years thi? tx-auuful and romantic r?ot. MW?i A . . A it Tor tor aooominodatioa of the pumio on W Ji*t da> of May, For beauty 'AitaJSLX soetiery, deiightftij promenades. fishing. A. a . >?t! lei i t superior water, it is unsurpassed in the MM) The House is 'arjeand oomnodmas, having b- ?>n entirely renovated Ithaca la'ge Dancmr Saloon attached to (he house, bes dfs l)uu;.* an > Dreading Rooms for both la'ienano gentlemen Id addition splendid Arbors detac e?1 the bm!d nrs l'&'ti?s, Families and I ml. vidua * will fird it a moat d*si-abie p ace t>> pas* the sultry days of summer, as e'-ery attention wi!- be guarai tied r>y the proprietor*. The strictest po'ioa arrangements wi l be enforced, and p??i.ti al diacuaaio .a will l>? P'ohibited rr.. - 4???.11 i? r a ?? .? .? * tits iinrxict win lounn coniain Ml lit? a? Ioa?t*Mi u! the gejitfon at ali tun**. The rar ?ill bo Iti -hiwith ti e choioat Liquors and ^ in-? a..d the fia *t Segarr. ^ K3ieti> s, SumlAv School*. Cluba aid Militarv C< <t>| auiet will lind tbia the moat dealratue rt? rt near the metropolis for spending a p eaaant and or derly da?. l?/"Children unaocompaned l>* their parents or guardian*, will tw> excluded from the grotn !a. liiinnim? and doga prohibited. [[j* iioata will leave trie 'not of High atreet, Georgetown and ti atreet, Washington, hourly, from 8 o c ock a. m. ti I 12 p. m , daily. I Peraona profer. in< a pio&aant wa k can reach the Is and via the Aqutduct. Weao.icit the public to judge for themselves. ai.d fe?L aaaured ol giving sa'iafaition, ie '9 eotf JACOB W. POWER-* *. CO. MSALT WATKi BATHING. ARPHALl/S PAVILION. (Moore'e Landirg t wnl be open for the ree-ption of viei A ?. . A tor? on the 13th of June. Tina detigliifu/ TfjBi ret<o-t for thoae aookmg health and piea? ? rt". is unexcelled b? any place of the kibd on th? s . - ? - | rcioisiM n?or Ilia *1 mated ah sit "i e hnndr?d mi!oi from Washington immediately on the Potom*c, and in tall view ?f ' he Ch"?ap-a? r Ba> , and famous for fine Oysters, Soft Crab*. Sheephead, and other Pith, and ea'ily aooes?il)le h the steam *>aU plyiar between Wat hmgton. Haltim >re an.i Norfolk. The undersigned has maoe addi i improvement* ia I it Bath I(ou*e? and many < ther improvement* to the comfort and enjoyment of h s gu-st*. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. Sp endid Anc'inc and P <>f Fi- hing and Sai ing Boat* free of charge. He lia* spared ao expanse p. pro Tiding a gor d Cotitlo" Band or in laying in hi* stock of ohoioe Wme*. Liquors.!*egars.<1 for who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to *?ek a retired p ace where they <j*n make th*ms"tve? at home, there i? not a m >re pieaaact ptot in th? L'nit.?d States. The proprietor pie-1*** UMtlf t a: no'hin^ sha'l be left undone on his part t < rrnd r t em to. Term* tor board: Sfi p rday,f'tr ?< ? thaa a w?ek; f >r a longer tim?<, Jf !.25 per ay; 1 per month. P??r*on? wishing to addr^a* the t? prietor wi'l airoot to Leonardtown. St Mar.'* oountv. Md. je '<-2"> R. J. MARPI1 ALL, Proprietor | IGHTN1NG! ?-m Liium.iiiiu :: LIGHTNING :r: Iw Time or F*?rs. Pikfask fob Wn ! F. LabTRRF. SoutkwU tprntr of Mr* and C m., mancfacturxk or Pl.ATINA TIPPED LIuHlNlNG ROD?. Reapectfu'ly announce to the public of ?v v.^iu? ton and vicinity that he i? prepared u>ex?outr a.! order* for ereotiufi Lightning Coudii U>r? on tb? moat approved aojentific principle*. o< natruot^d ol the very heat of material*, on very moderate term*. All Piatina tipped Point* wtuchar* mauufaotured by me will be atamped with my uame. W fat bar Vane* of any deaign made to order. ^^"THKONWmACt~ A ^gk^fSUIT THt TIMES. HARVEV8 Fiah and Oyatar ExBPAI1 trrii'ino ilaj.r tr/??*? V/*?>U ^ * ? ?*? ' ?? - 3 "HI H?w VI feu ?uu CVUWIi W1U1 the following <ielioaciP?: FRE?H SAi.MON, CODFISH. M ACKKRRL, SHEEPHEAD. / HALIBUT, TROUT, PEA BASS, HOG FI^H, SPOTS. BLACK Fl-H, TAILORS, fILUE FISH. LOBSTERS. IARD and SOFT CRAB:*, CLAMS, Ac. And a constant supply of Florida Reef GREEN TURTLE, and th??e fine large Lynuhaven Bajr I SPICED OYSTERS >11 p*r?on? will find it to theira*lvaDtAgetogivem<'aoall before gown to mari ket, a? I have ev?ry facility to sell lower than can | be had in the city. All orders thankfully received and promptly delivered to any part of the city froe of charge. Depot?US I C Unset, between imh and 11th. je 15 1m T. M. HARVEY. A^rat. W" HELLER A WILSON'S SEWING MATT CHINE AGENCY, Riemovid to No. 346 Pa. Av , neak Tth St. Encouraged by the *ut>stantial aa<l rapidly in creasing popuia-lty o| \Vh?el?*r k Wilson'* U'ie qua!l?dVa-r>ily Sewin* Vacliine*. which for the last eight *?ri have most triumpha itly ina.ntan.Ml their superiority. a* a family institution, om all competitor* fur popu ai lavor, i tie Agent taken one of the fine new store* lately erected on Fa avenue, near 7th st. where a h?aut ful as*.>rt.?.?nt of all the various stvles may at all times be seen. Tuere were 31,3)6 of theae 8-winr Machines sold in th* year 1R5>. Ladies are iuvited to call and see thein, together with certificates fro>n many of the be?t c.tisau* of Washington and Georgetown. iu relati- n to their well Ir.own and tho-oiuhly tested superiority If an* ladies c*nn>?t oall, K t tueiti nend for a circular by a'l iman* li is high time every fam I* i'i the land was siipp led with one of these health and life saving instrument.. Full hmtraoiions. hoth printed and verba., given free of charge at the home of the purchaser P J STEER, Agent, No 346 fa. av nue, jy 11-lm Between 9th and 7 h st* perfect. new. rosewood- 1 S? I ' case.tron-frara". beautiful t?-i.e PIANO offered for #178, foi a few days, at JOHN K. EL- . LIS'S.."*06 Pa.av PIAhya pqr r ' 'NT, fro? half a dollar to ?? | r?r moan. aim. ureal narraina in >eoouO nai.d rmnm je T> WNBOTAKCKU?tfllll P. 1TH Other c'-oio- flKlPts with pure, oonl and spark int SODA WaTEK, oa i b ?-*J *t je ^' >w Wmi K?xl 0r?? Hi .re A Ml'SIC. <1 LAR'iK l?ot of Mnaie. Port icn and \i*??riorn, fortal* at half pnoe fur ene ween oalf. a> the tf aeie Store of ma* w. 6. mf.t7kkitt THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia mmUmI Fwn. y ud >>*? J ovtiMtr tainiDf a rr?Ur ranrty of intwMUiic than oar b* foaa4 ib toy eCh*r? yeb'ulwi o? ^aturdaj mornrc|. T***??fb>*. Mr?rtaM>.M fin* ?opt, ft >cnm 11 8 { Ittft piM _ ft Mi 1 en copiw# _ Twenty oopM??.. ......... 15 W Bt tftoonbtftc ia ?l?b? rtiatd miobs ntifkborfl vitkott th? iatftrv*nt<?a of ? i*>*i u wiH b* p*rMir?i ?> wr ?ul. of Tka WmM$ $im Will ?> ml. It oontain* the * *a?hinft?a N#w?" th*t hu mad* Tk? Krtmtmg Star* o iNMil; throa*??ol tk* <Kortry. |[r8ii|l*MfiM(u ?M tw rrwwrtd ftt tti? c<'not?r intra 4iU?:f ftAw IM tan* of Pri??^THRKK CF.>T* C7^PietTnMt#re who Mt M afanta will ba lowHI ft nomaniu n o ol FOR SALE AND RENT. l^OR RF.NT?Tha t??r?* ator* | t.rown |W?t> I HOl"J*E. No. S?? Naw Vork *?n?* t>? v~?n lflth and lith vtraita. worth aut*. rontaaninc f.0. <-a room Thi? hnDi* w?v??i?nt to th* P?t#nt Offioa. Tr*a?ur?. rte ; i? luMtd fay *?<.*? < ia ararj * a? suitali a for a boardin* l?ou"a. Raw! no aiau>. Apply n'ttdoor.of to A <3 FOWLF.R, flo -r aorta wint o< Patent Oftca. If U-tf 1, OR KEN r~Ty tin- FRAME HOT** kMira r a* Fr-noi> K.< an*' liouta.'* ?ituatt< <?n Mat. m?r?h, lwl?r??*n 9iU and l'Xh atr*ata. No. HO, ?na of th- mo-t d<??iiabla prirat* r??id?aor? in Waahmnton Tkli h u?i> m tiirnmniM b? fruit lrM9 t'J '"it iini',!y?ra nf mr i* ?... - ? *- <>? riftua kmH?. an<1 finr ?ha*1r tr**a, ? ith f*M of K ound. wall-d in ? pplj to J. C. COOK Kiftith at. bK??rH I) ud E. jy It if UTOKK ROOM FOR RFNT-<'o Ua aoath H mt ?rrn#r ol Pro-,. *r?im? and Truth h? atofor* na*d *? a ? "??" A at y at ' 0"tn wtfliM. F. H.\ I t I AV, City HaJ. ia *-tf fj>OR SALE-A imii FARM of? vr?t. lu*W at t.ia l.itt" r'a..?. ha\ u.i a ooti.toriali * a w?v. mi k<ignr. corn noaaa. atabT*a, k o ; wall fasaod and araUtr?d . within four rni.M of Waahiitfloi* ; U acrek in aaitiraiton, tin> tia-aao? la haudaom* ar?o4laud. It la p#r*1iarly d??irabl? aa a aoantry r?a? drnoa. Smbc f^ri-otly haaJthy and aanet roMaaaaaly aitnat*d , f*or .fdi iahiac and hautina Inaai'a of MrMARRIOTT, brid*a kaaper, Chain iT-idr*, Lini?? Ka'! d? 7-?awtf i, OR RTNT-Thrr# HRICK HOIfUCt a? ? V Tafilth alrrat. Mvaril (' aid D; otia on th? cornar of I wifWi and 11 ata.: aad om oa H. ha *w-n l*t i an 1 13*h lit* Inquire of JAM K* W. H VRKKR on H l>etwe i. Iltta and Ifth, No. 4lU. main tf L'OR fr-K> I ?A thr?- >b'r; Kl>AMb MOi I on Ki> v? thit K-t betwe n I and K l'-qulie of M. SjfY'*KW it 'he fln?h nt Mi Gu Fitt n? ^ t\buhm?ut ?.f C. 8> yder, *rit door to *> f*t*r OlBoi- rr? ?-tf l/OR RKNT?'Thrre 6r?t ria ?? ' r?ent,r P built Mill 9b9.f?irit? ie? hifl *a<"h. hand *orr?ely hnishe-l .and h?\ inc all iha modern improvement*. uoh ak wat*-r, *a?, Ac., in oiih vf th?> ve t finest !'x*atioim m the ?ity?on the corner of Thirl rtroet and Minouri av<-nue,a <1 opposite th# I'aplt..l ground* Any n? wi?kui< to r?*nt a fine dwellin< will find trn? a fa.-orab e opportunity. a? I damre to rent them immediatei* . and wiii rant them low Inquire Of F. \V HRoWMNU. ja 1-tl h|*OR RKNT?That new aud well arranged thrae 1 ntnn HRICK IIOI'MK. No. I ??,? O et'eat. Setwueii 19lli an<1 i>th lb.. I'ir?t Ward, late I? oopu pi?v1 t?y Mr, Bodt?oo. Riif-tan I .elation. Pi>M'i *ion (tiv?*n imm<w1iatel* Inquire ol Mr. !*OlTTMKY S. I'AHKK.K nciidnur wt. ml II Mti I^OK KKA r-A amai KTOR fc,e-rnar of What. i and Penn. avenue, under tbe cimodni h te,. auitaMe for a l<arber'a saloon or eigar atore For informationmauire at the mar >0 ffOR K ENT?Tba PI R?T FLOOR of the b Ud" inc niniediate y opp<mita the weat wina of tba Oit* H % ., r<-oai;i.;y occupied by Cbaa. 5* Wa.iach aa an oftef, A!ao tb? Iront room id the aaoona tory aod the tnird floor of tbe aame tKiildin*. For tarrai apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo * Loniniar.a avenne. ja 13 tf Senators, mkmbfr? of congrkwTtu ap -?ndld auiter of ROOMS, e e*ai t. < forDialled, wi'l he rented duririf tlie aeasior. ol Con creea, in the moat deairabla looality id thia city. Mnf within one or two aquarea ofBrown'a and MaUonai Holala. Tboaa in puraait of aacb R o mi artli do we.I to make early application at No. $19 ft h lift wa?i H at raat mi ei Ms a v Ha K H IVOR MLK-A nine three 1(07 Rriek UOIPK, r on 3d etrn?t, between D ai.d fc. etreeta, in Kib!? *'? Subdivision. The above property will h* t-<>!d on cmi Urine, Pnoe made knoirn by ineuiriw of H. W HAMILTON A CO.. No. Mill Ttt *t-e??t. opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. ' ????????????? trux k^bootsTniTshoes". 1HAVF. JUST RECEIVED A NEW 8i:P plj of Gen'k' fine ^""ch Caf *km Dreee^^y* Hoots and ?iaiUr?, ?'%trn' ( e%tl?e' nl'Ml Cloth'iaiver*. Calf Skin. Patent i^atlier.V HI anJ La-ling ^ho?e A ?< au ut ?.?ive" lib stock of B" s'an<l OliCdrei. . I .adieu' and Mihm' R<>->tf> and Shnra, ill of wnieh I i n Mui| It ?x*l:ng.y .of pnoes. J. gOSFVTHAl.. 5il0 Srven fa street, mi IS eo S ' iwi it ivo L? nrwt. |?OOTS ANO SHOES TO SUIT THtt \V> ire now mmufictntint &.. kinds of BOOTS md SliOKC, Kid coi>*tin'!T reoeivinc tupp j of <?a? mid? work o< tfxnw-SIl sonptio", inide f-xpr**i?!y to orde;, md viiif VI lx? id at i much i?w?r prioethan his !*>en" heretofore ohirged in this oity for maoL inferior irtioee. ?ors in vict <>f Roots md Shoes of or oity mule work, will liviys find i food ie?or*msnt in store and it the lowest p'i?w? Give us i 01... GRtFFI.N k BRO., ipS-r SI 4 Petmsylnrn ivsbii LKII'THKRV mi'Mf M 1 MITil'TOH V !5 " "iMTriSrVnT, Oww**u Odd FM??s' Hail. VT??*mimi, D. C. Trinwi wili attidv Uietr ictf'MU 0? examining nit THI NKS, VAI.lCK;* Ac . Ixrfore pnr imwwm, chas'r ? !i(|??r? \? I ur> imo* byt th'-SllyM beet laterin., tne market afods and the !>" ' workmen. 1 0*11 oontd-'Dtly rooumatend ny work to b? ?uperior in Srrmt:k ?r,d Dmr*bi!ity to Trunk* that are mvlr in oth?r oitie? and aold tier#. 1 ke?p constantly on hand, anu make to ord'r ton one week notioe) every d"?enptien of SOL.h LEATHER. /ViOJV FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd other VALICES: TKATELINO BiOS; HARNESS; SADDLES: WHIPS, Trunks, tia.. Repaired and Covered, In a work manlike manner, at short notioe T'uiik* delivered in any part of the oity, Seorje town, or Alexandria. \!eo? Acect for Jlowe's celebrated FAMILY SF.WING MACHINK9. delS-ty JAMK.y 8. TOfHAM. WLMJli AIN U UUAL. WOOD AND COAL Deiiv?r??l to all parU oi tu? oUy, at the lo?e?t pot.8il.le rates. T J. k W. M. OALT, office 2*2 I*a. av., Iwtweeo 11th and L2tto sU , nia 17-tf north aid*. I^Hfc SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of I-1'EL, is prepared to sell at a vert k>w figure for oash WOOD Sawed aud hpiit at,y in*, Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal DssV ma 1ft 8. K. oorrer of FourtMBth and C sU. Fairbanks scales: FAIR BANK'S SCALES'! The Standard Scales of tke United Stai?tCOUNTER *nd PLATFORM SC A LBS. H * V, CO \ I. * d CATTLF SCALES, HOP^KR or GRAIN SCALES, BKAMS and WEIGHTS. MAKKKT KCA? E8, DRUGGIST*' SCALES, BANK fc-CALER. CopTDETECTOR S 'ALLS. TOBACCO SJALES, LETTER BALANCE* he , *?.,?! ftMorr r'iMi. J. P. baiTHOI.OW, ia In x.UuMt t , . ' BOHN'S library berifs, including the Standard, CtaaieM7AB?)*><%riaa. I uitri tad, Beieetitio. Phtiolo*ioal, Eocleaiaatioal and British Claaaic Lib-aria*. Aa*rieeof ^Uoteril Work* UtirUtl; ?nnted and at low pneea Nor works ft added to the eenee every mor th Any vuint be kad arateir, and hack vo'um?? oac he alwara tauliM. Theoomp.ete *<rl*"pIjJ^p>^tgQ|,QyT BoHHaw, SS'i Pa ar., W. 9th and luth eta. je an Bole w?nt? W 1 -imropoe'a *tat>?cy. Bacon * ravkn?b andbtrinway a BOMB' unnraJled PIANO P"ltTK(>^ of all atylM and tiMt. Alee. mwt*. i fMIM other make*, for aai? >t 'ac'ur* arioea, ?'II 111 the ioi? acencjr. M KT7. ' lOTiM M oaic Store Bereral aeooad-kand Piaooa it beat order, ofc?*f je S3 DHL P()>T'9 UUNPOWDfc.*. F"r a?l? ? iwilMUrtti pria?. by john j. n?ue, <5iomitowii/d cStU* Atemm for tkr Dittrw of (WmiM*. A Ivtc sa?W, nb.ioim c\*rj r*n?t*, &lv?ra OH bftnJ. ?nd dehr*r<?<1 free to *1! J*rU oT th? Di* t lot. ()'d*ri <?n t m hf l?n M it'?"Aof of Adhna' Kx?r?n? I'nmwnt. 0. C. f? V t*?l? j fc ERY. Tku Al? m ax)* fri'ri ??lt u4 IommITi stj, mr^a*01 l? i.i? !>'??? mtw* V tMifnii 50 cbkiw ??ani! hiv? bworwuv^, Tbi? t?? it e?o? er?. pri?*rvnb ??r ^um! bj BkMtor Wihwwoul M wil ooct U ibor* bi<>b?j ^JKING * BVIC1KLL. H. ttdUVjXV. 3 of ow? m&ke th?' bo wt' *11 km ??w * ? > of tfco Nor Mm Aiih v* oM *or u 4 t> tL* tin* ti??? will varnuil l? h# nm.1? . J ?i?or. SW K ?* > ?? I* is il*FAT BA.EGUN8IN pf* ithw l.Tr y ** ,?' r?U?bow M4 moumI h?u4. frow ? 1 ",l" *?JOH* f.jsujs. if 11 SN Pi. tv., hot V. wk BUM Utt

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