Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Hn>AT Jaly 20, I960. ITT That valuable and popular family journal, tb? Wiiilt full aa usual of Metropolitan a*w? and ^oaalp. and choice literary reading, la How on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in ita entertaining contentaare the following article# : i Wife's Trials?a very interesting story of rfo* mcitic I*/*; An Original Ode to the Fourth of July, IS<K?; Young Anurtca Wonder*; Oh, Come to my Cottogt '?an original poem; Horn Long ran toe Lire T ?a very interesting nnd instructive article; Death of Jerome Bonaparte The Fire Cratk r; The Little Roy that Died?a poetif gem; The Rope Waller at Niagara, by .V. P Willis; The Anciont Town of Dumfries, Va., Tie London Times on Sumner's Speech; (irumbltrs; Crime in England, Return of the Rescued Africans; Sympathy of the Body with an Amputated Member, The Price of Provisions in Europe; A Physician Charged with Grave Stealing; Am .'til of H-enan. Expenses of the Japanese in yete York; Ex-President Piere* foe Breckinridge and Lane; Mr. Breckinridge ?* Baltimore; The Execution of Hicks, tkt Sew York Pirate; Terrific Explosion of a Boiler?fit* m*n killed and several mounded; The. MilforJ Robbery and Suuide; Tkt Seventeen Year Locusts; Tkt Latest News from China; proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Operations of the Patent Ojjice; A Remmifeeute of Washington Judicial Proceedings, The Young Warriors?an original frontier story; Our Watering Place Correspondence; The Official Correspondence A out the Japanese Polite Present; Meeting of the Bell and Everett Central Union Club; Breckinridge aad Lane Meeting ?n Alex * " ri. />.. >1. w ' -r.?. ??. , a v. ? ? ?y a r tt\ Atrun^ Af* rested on Suspicim of Playing a Solomon Northrup Game; Highwaymen About; T.W Sedition -from Wtslty Chapel; Douglas and Johnson Meeting; Brtckinridgt and Line Meeting; The Grand Bell and Everett Demonstration at Farmtngton, Aid.; Public School Examinations; A sad Case of Drowning in the Lower Potomac, The Mutations of Washington Newspapers; The Way the Wind Blows; A Mistake Corrected; Much Ado About Nothing, The Flutter of the Lobby; The Whtat Prospect; The Hives; The Washington Aqueduct and Potomac Water Works, Point Lookout; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, fc., fc ; News, foreign and domestic, by mail and uUgrapk; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articlef, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 91 Ji5 per annum, postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit of the n?mio( Press. The Constitution argues that Douglas's claltn to regularity in bis nomination is without foundation, shows what his bona fide and his boguB strength was in the Convention, and contends that be did not receive a two-thirds vote even including ttie bonus delegates. The Inttlltgencer note* the comparative candor and fairness of the Presidental campaign, so {dr. The Alexandria Sentinel has declared in favor of Breckinridge and Lane. The health of New Orleans, despite ti.e hot weather, continues to be all that could be desired. tE7-Charles Jeffard, under arrest In New York on a charge of murdering his step-father, Mr Walton, is twenty-one years of age, and a native of this city. The Chicago Zouaves visited Brooklyn on Wednesday- and were tun^inmaio v j j ?- - -? ??? ?i??v?y icx Ct tcu U J Capt. Breese and the other officers at the Navy Yard, and by Major Powell. They had a sumptuous dinner at the Pierpont House, furnished by company C, National Grays They then marched to Washington Park, near old Fort Greene, where they weiit through their admirable drill, in the presence of about five thousand persons. They visited the Great Kastern without their arms, end considerable disappointment was mini?-d that they did not go through their drill on the oapacious deck of the vessel How Thby Did It.?The tax-payers of New York are In a wonder of astonishment at the amount of the b'.ll for the Japanese entertainment Ths?w />annAt Kw ?!- * ? --1*' * * j . .-j mmj iuic uiiauiruc mey are acquainted with, foot up the rost to the great sum total it has reached Some of the newspapers are. however, throwing a little light upon the subject, which shows where the arithmetic of the citizens Is at fault. According to this account tbe wine bill alone costs and it appears that this was not only for tbe Japanese, but for the entertainment of tbe Aidermaulc Committee, ten or fifteen In number, who took up a iwte of rooms at tbe Metropolitan, and Invited all their friends to come ar.d fenst at the public expense The champagne not only went down tueir thioats. but It went out of the window to certain oulsid?agents who sold it around at fifty cents a bottle to the admiring crowd. The yeliow kid glove* which every councilman displayed, a* an unusual mark of jier.tilitv on tL?> r^r-pritinn . j ? I o _ J - r t u iW> tur ill elves in th> most extraordinary manner. '! ae members, it is s*id. having a thought to future exigencies, ordered sfr/n doz'n i j>irc>., w ith a special agreement tbat they should be exchanged for ladles' cream-colored gloves when the ceremonies were over. This is fhe way that the thing was done in that city, where money seems a great dtal more plenty than manners or morals. fStMSSh Senator Jsfferson Davis is in New York Harvard College has conferred the degree of LL. D on Lord Lyons. Paul Morphv- after passing a few weeks in New York, will take h<? final d^ptrttire fcr Pirls. which he intends to make Lis permanent home. T*e Abt or Saviko ?Benjamin Franklin, in hi* writings, tells us that*-Poor Klchird" dec... red uvuiikvi |nc<Fiiuou wai wtinu n pound ?f rare," and the dear. good old man was right He, Poor Richard, would insist upon mending everything a* soon as it wai broken, and thereby saved much trouble and lot* from eulnrgtrrfnt of the Injury. One day a witty woman siid to a venerable Quaker, noted for h<s strenuous ?dberance to the principles of ' Poor Richard 'You are always for mending and patching.and yet in spite of your doctrine, th t * stitch tntime dves nine,* I'll lay vou something pretty that a rent or a boie will wear iwiti as long as a peu-h." ' Even so, my good dame," replied the Quaker, 'but garments with patches will wear ikrir* as lone as garments with rents or boles " \\ Uat would Poor Richard or Bmjamln Frank Ua have rud if Spalding's Prep?r?d Glue had been in existence during tbelr time* It is certainly the greatest economizer ever introduced to the public, sod its remarkable tenacity makes it ? reliable method of saving If you have a broken looklsg-glass, bedstead, table, chair, basket, molding, or in fact tov artlrU of ? ?* WI UMWVII* VI Vi on that glue would adhere to at mil. this new preparation will rejoin the broken pert* ttrtniy forever It is contained in neat little bottles. free from aroell. and always readv for Immediate use Among all tbe thousands of families who take the Pictorial, there is not a single one wbo does not at tb's moment stand In need of a bottle of Sf?lding's Prepared Glue.? Family Pictorial. Rbmoiocs Libhttix Italy ?Perfect religious liberty f >r all Protestant bas b*e? proclaimed l>y tbe Legislative Assemblies of Parma, Modrna. Tuscany and tbe Legations?Naples. Venetia and th? Papal States being now tbe only remaining States of Italy in which tbe free organization of ProtesMnt congregation* are still forbidden There is a Prvhytery of tbe North of Italy, embracing Mce, Genoa, Leghorn, Malta, Gibraltar. Psu and tbe Cantons. Hon. John Hicistx.-Mnr.h < ?-? ? - -r- v?.? null KJ ill for aoaie time b.-ei> Indi Iged respecting the political attitude this gentleman would assumeduring tbc present campaign All doubts, however, are pretty well set at r?at by the announcement, we I *u prose, of course, made by authoriiv, that he will *p?ak at a meeting of the friend* of Lincoln, fiaiulin, and Curtio. at Wnt Cheater, Pa , on the J7th Inst CT Fifty men have been indicted at Freder}ck?burg, VV, for playing a game called keno WASHINGTON HWI AND GOM1P. Tri Policy ov t?b Dcc?la? Pa*tt ! evldently to compass the election of Lincoln by the people. While it Is avowed openly and earneatly by not a few of the moat conspicuous of them here, eg being what they intend to bring about If they cannct elect Douglas, it Is just as man'feat In the sweeping ml are presentation of the points involved lp the difficulty between the two wings of what was lstely the Democratic party, recently put ferward from their executive committee rooms in thi* city, which. by-tt)e-by, la understood to be from the pen of Mr. Pugh, of Ohio. :\ir ueorge . rounders, of >ew York city, bu alio undertaken to in*trnct the Douglasites of Kentucky, in which State be wu born, and lived when a youth, to the tame end He advises tbem plumply, to votengainst the Democratic candidates in their approaching State election, in a letter be has modestly taken occasion to publish over bis own name. iMr Richard Vaux. a leading Dong las! te of Philadelphia, also a Democratic party elector, publishes a similar epistle to the Dougiasites of Philadelphia All this is in excellent keeping with the advice and instructions sent by Douglas himself from this point iariag 'he progress of the last Congressional election* in the non-slaveholdlng State*. He then took occasion to induce hi* supporters to support the Republican candidate* wherever the i>emocratic candidate might not be an adherent of hit own. In the South, such advice as that above referred to will cffect nothing this fall; insomuch as ere the canvass be half over, the evident purpose at the bottom of it on the one hand, and the rank abolitionism and Intense hatred to the whole South which will form the staple of all electioneering for Douglas at the North, will render him quite as odious in all the Democratic party States as Lincoln can possibly be. The Dktartcbk of a Portion or the Captirkd African*.?F. J. Moren*, U. S. Marshal for the aouthern district of Florida, under datn of July 11, inform* the Department of the Inter'or of the arrival at Key We*t, on the 2??h ult., in the *hlp Castillian, one of the three vessels chartered by the American Colonization Society, for the purpose of transporting to Liberia a portion of the African* held in custody by him On the day of hi* arrival, be delivered 37fi African*, and on the day following '21 more, making a total of 100 The Castillian l*ft th*t ?n Juue. The other two cbarter*d vessels had not reached the port at the time of writing, and h* awaited their arrival with great anxiety. The mortality among the Africans continued without *bat?-m?'?t, principally from the cargo of the bark William, the second vwcl captured by the cruisers. The whole number of deaths up to date of both sexes, was "2H>. Thk Public Lands.?The number of acrrs embraced in the proclamation, now published once a week in our columns, for the public land sales in Minnesota in October next, is three millions anH tVir(M<.nM9rtatc 1 ?% 1QCO ?11,4 ? ? ? ? ? iii lunu) BCTui iiiiuiiiiB were otIVred, but owing to tbe pressure and intercession of settlers, all except seven hundred thousand acres were withdrawn. A year ago, of tbe two or three millions of acres offered for sale, the lands pre-empted were omitted, as a further relief to the settlers. The rule Is that tbe oldest surveyed lands are first ofl'ered. The number of acres included in the proclamation for sales of lands in the Territories of Kansas and Nebraska, In August, is seven millions. Removal or the Naval Monument at thk Capitol ?Captain!). N. Ingrahnm, chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, has been designated by the Secretary of the Navy to attend to the removal of the naval monument from the west front of the Capitol to tbe Naval Academygrounds. Annapolis; for which purpose Congress ?}'!> wjjuawu *io.inn>. v ij ;;i.11 ingraiiain will also have charge of ita erection, appropriately, upon the Academy grounds. Tlie inonunient will be transported to Anna|M>lifi iu the (iovernment steamer Anacostla The work of removal will commence immediately. Indiana ?The frknds of Breckinridge and Lane in Indiana are rapidly organizing. We perceive a call in the Breckinridge paper published at Indianapolis, for a mass convention? signed by three hundred democratic citizens of that city, embracing nearly all the names there ever heard of at a distance as those of prominent, influential, and active members of the party. Mrw*inriqgeciuo?.ioo. are i?eing rormed through, uut the State. The leaders of the party there are contideutof heating ttie Douglas ticket In Indiana two to one. Naval ?Tbe steam frigate Susquehanna is to leave for the Mediterranean about the loth of August. It was expected yesterday at the Navy Department that tbe Pawnee had started on a trial trip of ten day*, previously to go*.ng out to the Isthmus of Chiriqul. Lieut David D. Porter, with Lieut* Luce, M. C. Uoneg'e, Grafton, and Uoatswain Whltinarsh, have been detailed to bring the frigate Constitution from Portsmouth, X. II., to Annapol's. She will leave at>out the 3d of September. Tn* Huisk Printing ?U. K. Pangborn, publisher of the Boston Atlas and Bee, a practical printer, yesterday aMumed the entire control of the House printing, financially and otherwise, by the authority of Mr. Ford, the House printer, who*- ill health compels him to temporarily aband".i ail buflinesi, and seek medical aid. He has left for Boston for that purpose. _ . The Paraguay Com h .-io.n 'The testimony before the Paraguay Commission havluy closed, the wr ltcn argument* were submitted yesterday Several weeks will probably elapse before the de- | < ision is made. The positions of the respective rouusfl are.--S usual in raws of litigation, extremely at vai.ance ? Ckktiriei> or Kam.road Grafts ?The Commissioner of the General Land Office has eer. t ti' ii to the Secretary of the Interior, for approval, lists embracing 173,411 acres of land, free from interference, inuring to the ?tate of Michigan under the act of June 3, 1P56, for the Marquette and O.itonagon railroad. Foreign Passports?From the 1st of January to th? 1st July, 1 'IUO passports were Issued from the State Depsrtment, about three-fifths of them to naturalized citizens The number now being Issued ia comparatively small. We wncLPcall particular attention to the communication ill our local department to-day, in regard to the use of the check rein on horses. It should be read and pondered by every horseman into whose hands the paper falls. Thk Pbbsidbjit's I.atk Spbbch?The Brec kinridge National Executive Committee have, it is aaid. made arrangements for printing 5u?).lXiO copies of President Buchanan's recent ratification speech Thk Wiathb* ?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer Ua:i Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Jblt SO, 19<W New York, N. Y clear, very warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear, very warm. Baltimore. Md clear, warm. Washington. D. C clear, warm. Richmond, Va. cloudy. 82?. Petersburg, Va. clear, 90?. Norfolk, Va clrar, bt>?. Raleigh, N C clear, 78?. Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Charleston. S C clear, pleasant. Aagusta. tia cloudy, hot Savannah, Ga clear, 82?. Macon, Ga clear, warm. Columbus, (ia clrar, warm. Atlanta, Ga flMf wurnn Montgomery, Ala clear, warm. Mobile. Ala clear, NT. New Orleans, La clear, 85". VKOM TBI Wilt. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hat(er*towii. Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, wain. Grafton, Va ...clear, warm. Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Parkrrabiirjj. Va clear, warm. Cincinnati, O clear, warm. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrv ted for temperature,) 29.939, at noon. 29 925 . Thermometer at 7 a. m., 77a; at noon. M". Maximum during M hourv ending 0 a. qn today, ??'; minimum 73*. I I * ' t*s Boxhit Bo?mt*i ? Foxboro', and not Franklin, It undoubtedly tbe largett place of traw manufacture In Maanchuaettt. If not in the world. At the Union Straw Workaoftha Menn. Carpenter in Fexboro1, 330 girl* and about 270 mea are employed, theglrla averaging SI. and tbe ?en 93, per day. They employ 170 men and gtrla at a branch factory at .Nantucket, and 4(0 at another ia Medfield. They alao gtve employment to 2,500 women outside of the factor tea. The capital of tbe Company i* foOO.OUf, their sales last year were fl.3uu.ono?S15.000 per month is required for the payment of wagt*. while some 15.000 bata and bonnets are manufactured per day. They alao give employment to an extensive box netory in the town. But a small portion of tee atraw woods used are platted in this country, the wages of labor being too high here to afford it at the nnie rate at which it be imported. Liability of Kxprkss Companies ?The Supreme Court of Illinois haa decided that an express company is still liable for package* until an offer to deliver ia made at the place of bus)n?M of the consignee, an offer to deliver at the express office not being a sufficient release, except under peculiar circumstancea. The caae was of a jvickage of money sent from Chicago to Madison. Wisconsin, to D J Baldwin, whoae authorized agent was the Cashier of the Dane County Bank The Bank and Kxpreaa Office are substantially in the ?ame room, ana was made to deliver bv the Express inefs?nger at Its counter, ("asking if be wapted it?") but the Bank clerk replied from bis counter that he did not. not feeling authorized to receive it. That'night the Express Office was roblied, and the above facta were put in, unsuccessfully, as defence against payment. A Deo and Collar for thk Prihceof Walis The people of Newfoundland and Canada are preparing all kinds of surprises for H R H the Prince of Wales, and, doubtless, when the eldest son of the Queen goes home again he will have a ship-load of tokens of his future subjects' devotion and affection to lay at the feet of his royal mamma. Among other trifles, the people cf Newfoundland have determined to present the Prince with a superb, full-blooded, black Newfoundland dog. Tiffany & Co., of New York, furnish the collar for the animal. The collar weighs 40 ounces of silver, and is accompanied by an exceedingly fine steel chain of exquisite workmanship. The whole affair is enclosed in a substantial morocco case, lined with mimic velvet, and Is valued at 8350. Ex-Postmastkr Fowlsi.?The New York Tribune says:?We are pleased to learn that the Fowler committee, consisting of .Messrs isaa Bell, Hiram Cranston. Elijah F J'urdy, Di. Crane, and Dr. W. W. Sanger, now holding their weekly sessions at the New York, Hotel, are doing even better than they had reason to expect. Already they have collected over fW.(KX) toward reimbursing tbe Government fjr Mr. Fowler's delieiency. We are informed that numbers of the persons to whom Mr F. in his palmy davs len' large sums of money, without taking any memorandum or written acknowledgment, have generously coine forward and paid into the hanon of the committee the entire amounts flue. This makes us think better of human nature a hc*baxd k llkd by his Wifk ?The Wheeling Intelligencer of Mondav aye Alexander Greenwood, jr., a painter, who pursued lit* trade on a boat coasting down the Ohio. was accidentally shot by hie wtf- a ff w days since, near Galiipolis. It appears that .Mr G.and his wife were conversing while he was repairing a pistol, that he jocos-ly remarked that he intended to shoot her. pointing the weapon he held in his hand and snapping it She snatched tip another pistol which was on a talile near where she was standing, believing it unloaded , but which proved to be heavily charged, pulled the trigger, and sent the contents directly through his in art. killing him instantly. A Gla?s Coffin.?Among the late inventions is a glass coflln, by John R. Cannon It is composed of two parts, each moulded by pressure; the joint is made true by grinding, and secured by cement so as to hermetically seal the cavity For still further security. Mr Cannon binds on the cover by passing around the whole two or more metallic straps, to which are attached ornamental handles. When desired also the interior air may be removed by an exhaust-pump, or dis , ? - j ?? ?? . ?* i? uinuc ?n j rurujiiyj and may be ornamented to any extent No substance Is more durable than glass. and nothing will more securely keep what is enclosed in it. Austin (iaztttt. I.ook ofT for bad Bkkf ?The cattle disease, it is said, has made its appearance in Montgomery county. Fa., though it is not so fatal as has been reported. The Doylestown Democrat say? it is reported th'it " some of the diseased cattle were slaughtered in Philadelphia; and one in particular, too sick to be removed, was kindly Killed and the b?-ef removed to the shambles, to sitisfy the appetites of carnivorous Phiiadelphiatis." JET" Tbe rifle rtiootlngat Wlnbledon, Kn^land. at last account*, still pxclted great interest" The < Jueeu fired a rifle and hit the bull's eve. at whirh feat everybody hat been immensely pleased The number of prizes lias heen increased by Miss I'nuttfl. who offers one of fifty guineas, open toall corps with any description of rifle. \IAPLK SUOAK. ill MAPLE SUGAR. X I *. _ r t? * r> ? r9 ? ." ... r% vnry iiiue iu( OI SUUAK, JU8t r?- ] 'jfV KING A M RCHhLL. J BOSTON ICK. UHT received per schoon?rs R. Gilfillan. Mary H. Hanks, New Jerser. Heul&h. and G. W. H.itt K?a'U>en Hundred Torn best uuahty BOSTON ICK. I.. J. MIDDLKTON, jv 2<>-e' office 1?th ai.d F at*. f AVVTOX I j BI.ACKBF.RRIKS. Families wanting thi? very fine variety of Biack!??rries will be nuppiied by leaving their order* at tho ntore of Olasott A Dodson on .Mondays, \Wdne.Hdava and Fridays. Jv 20 3t I). CLAGKTT. ffllK STKAMKF I'HRMX Will lesve Bio1 h-?r*? \Vli? I' (Navy Yard) on _ll " . SIN DA Y.Zi 1, for A I- F. X A N DRI A. at 1 .. ... ? - ? 1 r .. v, .r v,."" I* y. ill. l\?-iurill rip, I?*RV" 1 Alexandria at 5S p. ui. Round trip ti<*k ts 21 rt.-? : children half prion. The Ph?*nix ran be chartered lor excursions cheaper than any other boat on the river. iy*?>f JOHN W.THO>1 PSON. Agent. |> A 1 H 1) ' S DENTAL CHAIR. Mr. J. M. Baikd?Dear SirI have in u?e one of >oui Denta! Chair*; and ao far aaoomlortand convenience to either pationt or operator i? concerned, I h*ve no hesitation in proaouncing it one of the ! fct in use. Kvery position required in quickly acd eaail* nMt n d The adjuxtibie qualities of the heaJ re*r. the self ad in sting foot b ard attached to tae chair, together wi?h ?he efl -ctive manner of raising and depressing the seat, at! ner. and simple in arrangement, renders it what tho profession have lotis tMiir?\ a clie<?p. neat, durable". and conveningt operating chair. O. A. DAI LEV. No. 352 Pa. The above ohair* for Bale. Alio. BERBER, INVALID AND RECLINING CHAIRS', together wifh all other work in the Cabinet Hue, at the ?ho? of W. A D. BALLAUPP. It* ftth it near E.. Washington D C. /M'VI PACKING, *1 HOSE, PIPES, Ac. I We have for ?al?, low. the above articles. A'ao, Couplings for Hone. Leather Belting, various size*, nnd Lace leather jy 19 !K* < AMPBELL A SON, 331 Pa. av. BAREUE ROBES SELLING OFF at half prices : We have marked down on our Table# our ent're ?t ?ok <>f Ba ege an'l ' a?rn Robes to be so d t!il? St-a on, m*nv at Half Prio< These ?r* *reat Har^a.uf, and we icvue the special at'entionof the ladies. J. W. COULEY t tO, i jy 19 5t Sevent h ?t.. above Pa av. | nn THOMPSON'S CORDIAL. 1 HR Proprietor would?were it possible?induce every family to avail thorns*-) vo? of the imp of the above Cordial. It uniformly rive* the child sleep, eorrect? its bowels and breaks its ftver in the Summer Com plaint; coAsequtn'lv the parents are not deprired of their usual rest at nirht. Were th power of this medicine known in New York led other lar^eci iesan it is in Washington city, the demand would be i;rea\ In Dysentery, Diarrhcra. and Cholera Morbus, it is above price. f~ W ill vou, mv f' llow-citizons, for your own ?akns. put the truth of this statement to the severest test } I invite you t.? do so. For sale, wholesale and retail, at Ford's Orug Store, corner 11th st and Pa. av jy 18 St RICHARD THOMPSON. OFFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF METER**, Washington July 18,i860 NOTICE IS HERERY GIVES, That.air?e ably to the ?ro?isions of the .?.din?nn? ,.rrnr. por&tion appro"ed Mej 12 W'jtUe undt-rugne<l is now prepared. "whenever required in Vi iting, *nd onp'e payment of the fen of fifty <oent?, to i speot, exam in .test, prov?, end iwcornin the accuracy of registration of any gas m?ter in u*? in tuis oity " Every m?ter, iffound inoorrect, will b? oondfrimrd, and another, sealed and n.a ic-d a? true, will l*? set in its place. If proved to t>e acourato in i's me???r*ment of gas. it will bs sea'.ed accordingly, and a?aii> put in posi ion for use. Office No 510 ^tven h streeMnear Odd Fel low-' > < pen from m . to 5 p in. CHARi.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. jr ln_tf Inspector and Sealer if -?as Meter*. SBELLING OFF AT COST ! In order to decrea?e my ?ck I have determined to close out thehalanee ofrovSUMMKH oLOTIIING at cost All in want of Summer Clothing are respectfuly invited to call at No. 4fl0 Seventh ?t , opposite Post Office, and see the treat reduction in Summer Clothing \V anted?To have everybody know that thev fin purcha** their Summer Clothiiigat eost at No 46? seventh st.. opposite Post Offioe. jy 12-ltu TIBHK SECOND ANNUAL SE SION OF Mr. J. H COMBS' English and Cla??i??l High School will oomineaoe on the first Monday i September next. Applications should be mftdd in J ill v ii tlia numhi?r nf U i- ' L'? 11? ? - , rMr*?* iiiuiuju. *'? term*. 4o , baa circular!, *c., or call *t Mr. C.'? A.KlAnoe, No 303 Sixth itreet, near New York ^reuue, (yl]-eo9w* IV V* Jk ???????? FtOM CALiroSNiA, kc.?The overland California mail of the Wtb of June, baa arrived at Vaa Buren. Arkansas The Maaonle Fraternity celebrated St John's day In 9an Francisco by an immense procession, which Included upwards of ten thousand persons Tbey also laid the corner stone of a new Masonic Hall,'which is to aam Si6o,Utt> The Ponf Express will start on its next trip tb? first week in July The last Express which arrived brought St. Joseph dates of the 9th ult., and all the mall n:atter of the detained F.x A large jollification meeting wiu held at Saa Francisco ou tbe evening of the *J6lh. la rejoicing over the defeat of tbe Santillian land claim ana the overthrow of the Peter Smith title. The mining account! are cheering from Carson Valley The Opher Company waa sending forward fifteen tona of ore per weeK, worth $2,0U0 per ton. The population of tbe Washoe region was increasing, and it was supp>aed one thousand of the overland lmmlgranta Irom tbe Western States would atop there The Indiana bad cea*d their bostllitirs, and the hostile tribes bad gone to Oregon and the Humboldt Mountains Tbe Oregon dates are to tbe ittKh. It wa? conceded that tbe democratic candidate for Congre** Vr-ai elected, and that tbe legislature Uso fixed a* to render certain the defeat "of Messrs L.ane and Smith in tbe election of United States :*enalors. The democratic papers, however, contend that no republican Senator can be elected, and Intimate that tbe l.ecompton and anti-I?ecompton members will compromise and secure tbe election of democratic Senators of moderate sentiments The Walto* ami Matthew* Mvbdkrs ?The N Y Post says of tbis case: "The Coroner's jury have very properly, we think, decided to bold Charles JefTerds, tbe young man arrested for tbe murders of Walton and Matthews, for the further Investigation of a Grand Jury No positive crimination, It Is true, has yet Wen established gainst him, bnt many circumstances of tbe occurrence to cast suspicion upon blm. which be decline* to remove. Several witnesses have sworn that he resembled tbe person who committed the crime, he wai known to have made threat* against one of the victims, and he carried a pistol similar to the one used on tbe occasion, which has since disappeared Though other circumstances tend to nis exculpation, tbe matter as it stands deserves to go before the Grand J urv # Tbe prisoner when committed to await the a tiou of tbe Grand Jury, proW-sted his innocence and said, by advice of counsel, be would reserve bis witness for the Grand Jury His brother Edward was set at liberty, and left the room in company with bis wife. Thk Confession of J. 8 Hardsn ?The Trenton Gazette says that the c<>nfess:on of Harden will be published this week. The writer com mences with his childhood, end gees to givea description of his life until he begin to t'sch ftrhnnl at nr npar Rliiwlnurn V>i ... w.Hiivn/T* II. u 10 111 a 11 11**1 ?>| Utc while teaching; bl> appointment aa colporteur; hia license to preach dev-ril?es the people among whoui be was thrown and the Influences surrounding him; t?lls of bis success as a preacher; gives a sketch of Liis first acquaintance with the Doriand family; describes bis courtship and marriage; tells bow. where and why he poisoned bis wife; gives his flight, travels, arrest, fti A number of easavs of his own, and letters to bis friends while be was in prison, will be published with the confcssion, and the whole will make a work of from tlftv to seventy-five pages Harden's father, who will publish the work, has employed a few general aironfa f<>? lie u^viiio iwj no ?aiO. AM U 8EMKM Tb. At odd fki.lows1 hall; SA'i L Hit AY EVANISH, JulyV. immense distribution of presents! 3 0 b e a u ti f u l gifts For the patron* of the m u s e u m of arts! The management of ThMxlon'* Museum of Art* will present u> their patronH. on Satnnla> ni(;lit,3n mini mil uuis. consisting 01 Gold Watches, Silver Watches, Superb S*t of Silver Plated Ware. lit-auttful mlter Plated Fecit Basket. Jewelry, Bijouterie, 4c ,&o Tickets of admission. t< %!l parts ol the hai', <>ni * 25cts.; tor f>a!c at H. Semken . No. 3'<o Pa. av., where the presents ina> lie seen. Door* open at half past 7 ; commence at tt. jy ?> PRBK COX^KRTS: iRNST LOEFFLER, ytie York areuue, be twrm lit ami 2A streft.1, WOUid re?p?otfu!lj fifrf stats t" the pu'ilio that A CONCERT oflfflft SKl.ECT MtJ>lO wii i he riven MllN DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dtinm the season, nt his Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'clock and endius: at 10 p. m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to those desiring to whi> away a few houra in the masr danoe. ICE ORE\M. WATKR ICESS.and every description of CONFECTIONERY aiways ready at city prices. Parties de?irit)|t the Garden for Pio Nio pur D'.sn. Me rt'ouest??l to >i?? ?d?t <? t?r^ je 18 Sin IVANTsT Ur A\TKD-U) a widow woman,aSITl'ATION as cook, Ac.. or nitrite. Ha* a daughter al>oiit 10 years of a*e. who roe* to nchooi. t an be seen (or two dav? at \o. jf?l G street, between l*t and 2<l ?t?. it* WANTED?FOt'R COPIES OF TIIK EVENING s'J'AR of June /"th, I860, for winch a liberal price will be paid. Appl? at thin Office, jy 19 tf WANTED?By a re?pectcble Proteata-t woinar, a SITUATION as nur*e, Can five imoJrccommendation* as to capability. Ac. Inquire on E *t , between SI and 4th? fourth house from the corner of 4th St. jy 19 3t* A GOOD WET M RSK WANTED Apply at 404 Sixteenth street, between I and K. jy 18 3c* WANTED I M MEDIAT F. L V-A W ET Nt'Rfrt^. Apply at Di. R. K.STONE'S, or '207 Pa. avenue. jy 18 3.* IITAN'TKD-A WOMAN, to perform theduties vv <>r ch?mt>ormai<l *?o one n-MwlappI? w.o rannot tiring h recommentation from Ii*?r !a*t p ace. liKiiii < at ticking ton, two mile* north of ih>- <" p it'?[. i> 17 WAN' Fl>?B> a steady anil indui'rious in?n. a SITt ATION a? collector U ? t of rerom m nrlations tciven. Address M. C., Star Office, jv 12-tf WANTK.n?BOOKS, or D DOCUMENTS, PAPERS, <"^OlN8, AUTOGRAPHS?#5for an autograph letter of Gen. T??lor. 9J, 3th ifth, 3i*t, Win, bbth Volumes of .Nile's Reeister wanted ALFRKlt HI \TfcR. jeSS-eolm* Under WiUa'ds'. LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR STOLEN?From the Smith o man Grounds, a small H R <) W N r\ t'ONKV. A Miitai'le rewar I will lie given f >r information in regard to hnn, or his rc-^-^"^^turn to the Smithsonian institution. jy 3t # RKWAKD-lx>st on Wednesday. July '8, J coming froin Frederick St., Georgetown, to M aid isth t-t?., Washington, a ha il-ome GOLD BRACELET, with three cameo s.'t? The finder will please leave l' at SOTIKlRON'S Drus Store. ueorgeiown, where thev will receive the above reward. jT_la 3t*_ Lost jui.y ir-A grekn-batk coi.l.KCTlON BOOK.on the Bank of Metropolis, containinu throe notes?one drawn bv (i^orge Arnold, Mxty davx. for $3 *?, endorsinl by H w Til1<*> anil ii>) t'lf. >>!!? iliawn by Charles Klotx. *t sixty da>K.|or ? It 30. eudomml b> my self; the tmrd note is lot recollected. Sappovd to l>e dropped urartlie west Capitol sate. A 1 penoua are caution.- ! a?,*iu<t 'leuotiatin^ for the same. a suitable reward wili lie pai l il'reqtnr?*<l upon their deliver* tome. r S. P. ? RANK IN, - jy 1(5 3t Corner of 9th and D utreets. BOARDING. BOAR DING.~Thr?e or four tingle gentlemen can be accommodated with B ard in a private faini v o . the lilanl. It la the pleasanteat location on the Inland, and nearest point to the citv. Ad. ... . II U L IJ -- - - Ml >4 , a* IV as., VI?J W8V V/U1UO. Jf II?-IW A JUST PUBLISHED. N ESSAY on the Figure and "urfaoe diTiriouaof the Earta, ita Geological and Ms'srologioa!: Pli"ucmsua and it* A*tronnmio?l alementa, t)j Profeaaor Samuel E. Coaea. Washington, D C. Price S2JP. Modern Pair.trrs, vol 5, completing the oele hrated work of Jonn Kunkm.M. !>., containing Leaf B autr?Cloud Beantj?l"es of Ra a iol? Formal and spiritual, with oopious and moat baantiful illustration*, S13 5*. Orii.gdean ttrai g?, a tale of the Southdown*, by William Hitrriaon Ainu worth. AI.2V. The iuuat'ated Horae Doctor, being an aocurate and detaih d aooount. accompanied by more than 40 pictorial repreentat'ons of the * arioua dieaaea t-> which 'no Equine race are subjected: together wnh the lateat mode o treatment and all tna re*u aite pr??o<iption* written in plain English, by bdward Mahew. i5."0. \ oonrto of *ix luctnrM an th? narinna of matt-r and their -elutioa* to each other, by .Ylichfct-1 Faraway F8 e*ntn For tale at Met'opniitiaa Book Store. PHU P x SOLOMON'S, 332 Pa a*. Sole A?ent r>r Lawreno*'? Stationary it 19 T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE N?xt Drawing of lbs Royal Havana Lottery, oouduotod by the Spanian Government, under the ?upem?ion <>f the Captain General or Caba, will take plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Arovar 4, 1MB. UORTEO yUMEHO 640 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9109,000. 1 prise of ._|tMMto 80 pnzee ot 1 do M.noo M do Mt 1 do .? ?,(XX> 1J8 do ?00 1 do jo.nno 20 appro*. I^OC I do I0.IMI IN ALL <SS PRIZES. Whole Tiofeeta. mn.. h?Ivm ? ?? W-? Price* ciwhad at ?irht at ft fer oant. dieoount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded as soon as ?he rmalt become* known. . . . . ., . All o?ior. tor U.J.UJ jy 19-tr Care of City fo?l.Cbarl?tfoo. # p. I v nr EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, 4c. f^kT TWPEKWDKNT^.MOrNTKpfi^ ' GrARu vonfa rotMrtfuly rotlf* l ir friea4s aixl the pabitc that th-v will ri re a Grand Cfttkln TvuroMMnt u4 Pic Nic at OLD ARLINGTON. om MONDAY. Amun ?h. F.I! particulars it. a futu re advertisement. jf rn.Sj?M cow, oparranoemkntj. THE LADIES' BENEVOLKNT SOCIETY will tive thfirfirst GR AN ? IMC NIC*' ANALtMI AN.IS AND f I I I TH1IISHAY ???? fit of the poor. The adie* hare ?p%r*<1 no pains to make this the mml plrM?n' p?rty of the tea on. The boats will leave the !*toue Wharf tin the foot of High *t ?v?ry hour. Tickets can he obtained ?tJ F Cilia's, or at any of the IIoo? stores. ^ JJ? TH GK *ND PIC NIC H K ONKITA* YACHT CUB beg leave to inform thsir friend* and tk? public that tlie* will civ<?a(Jrand Pic Sic at AR ^ I.IXUTON SPRING. on WKD-VtSUAY.""* Jul* 25. The Club pledge themaelvei f? ?pare no pain or expeuses to make thia one of tha mo?t agreeable pic nios of the s?a*on. Mr. John fcanu ta'a brass and string band ha* i-een engaged for t? e ccnaion. Coaches will leave the corner mf 12th at. and Pa. av. at 1 o'clock, and every hour during the veeinc. The steamer G. W. Rigcs will leave tha o?rn?r "f Hth it. and canai ever* hour during the aftercooa. Tha stenm packet Flying Cioud wi I i?a ? r* vjrui ^ru> w 11 uauwi i ur i*i?? wcur? ?uu boat will leave Arlir etcm at 18 o clock p. m. Tickets 50 ot* . admitting a gentleman and ladiea ; to be had of any member of the Club on fart ./ tk* Y*rkt On*u*t. R. E. Do?l?, Vf. L. Jones, W. II. Fridlejr, U. -eti.Ne. J.W.Carr, B F. K rid ley. C. LamS, J H. Vufara, P. B Fridli'jr, A. H Vost. A hat of ? invn on part of other yaehta will appear in Monday'a Evening Star. jy y ?'* SECOND ANNUAL PIC NIC of the TURNER AStK)CIAl iON oftfeoricUiwu will tak? place on MOX UA^ . Jul* ?. at the PKKK HOTEL, 7th The Turners of Washington hare rerv kindly accepted an invitation ; and fine ?oni? will etarm the ear Tickets S> o 'nt*. for one gentleman and ladies. Oinnibuaes will leave corner Bridge aud Cong rear, ats , Georgetown, and 7th at., 'Washington. every hour. jy H at* {2} RAND PIC NIC f T TUB 1 PARK HOTEL, On WBDN^DAV. AucnatKh. John Eaputa'a oelaltrated ti*n<1 i? riwaxal. Ticksti Fifty Ccnti, tt!nuttin( ? xDi. '' x . geutteinan and ladita. ~V? Committer. J2S (?" s **>J.W Clubh. VV.HciutS, O. Bat*. Jas. LitehfieiJ. j j 19A?ng6* HO! FoK GLYMONT! ?;R AND r. AI-A DAY r RErt* ABITES IX THE FIELD' WEDNESDAY. Jclt U*. MOl'N r VERNON TENT. No. !i0?. Indepon dent Ord?r #>f Re<-hat>tte?, having b, complem) a-ta-tgeninnla on an*? nificen ?*>, now lake pi a?u'<- 1 aiinonrrini: t?? tJfi r f art t'.e pulilie ?)ia? th#? vill pvi* th"ir Fir.?t a* Mm! l'ir Nir a' d Excur?i??n ufjWnNMiton \V?lnw i?> Jn|i ZMh Hill) Wirtf-'u" H-a* a<ls rim Hand lia- l*?*n encapiM f??rth? oora inn. M' aisand r*>r*?hnie>nta. Ac.. rnrai<!i?l l>; lh? pr,fi '? > wh?? piffle" th??mBflvh to kwp th?* Ha-rl ??~1 1 . ttir ?>nti cda\and ?..A. *r: . . ?. - - >- L ? - v?r?.|!'i I :; 7 ^ ; fi ?r I . . I \ W 4 I : "? Vf" M r W fit I . f"?t of Sth nt'*"*-. in the ni'irrnu * R><- rk. H M!-n's W a f \*n ^ ' a' - at Al'-xa-ni in * t 9 . e In tne af'P o t . i<>ave fith *tr~?t a; 2. \'av ? Ya'd ."a. * 'i Alesa i i? at 3 o p| <-k. t :-nn? a'?ra< 'i.'u ft Onr ituiv** i*?ve !! ? No'th^'n Ma W ,-h n?e * <1 tf Pa. av. a .<1 7 h ftt'eet a" f% a. in a> d l\ p. m. 1' k' T? $l.a mi it ? a .' i:ii m a:> a J to -a "f ( ? ( : !m 'i- at the 1- a' on the da* ''f excursion. ft mm*tIf*. W (i Vernon. Win T F mch. F M B T C Sim h. .1 L Ki If I jy !8-<t* / ? i o. o. f. " I R A ND o X I O X IMC X 1 C or FR KM -Mill* l.olX.K WD RIDftF.LY FX CAMPMEXT W,'i \,- git-en at A ALOSTAX ISLAND on MOXfAV. Jsj v J" Pa'ti -i.!ar* in fu!u e advertise: !Jnt. Hv >rtlnr of Committee of Arrangement*. j> Hi.18. *1 ffHK NATIONAL i,I ARO battalion 1 tak- pl?eaiir? iri a nounoing to their M frien'la. iliiii tri andcinf ai#A?n?ni? WM a-? compl*'* f<-r a ican?i PIC \lC>t I.IMiP'N SPRINOon MON HA Y.Md in?t Hi \Vi'h?r?'hra-s and Ktring band ar? ?*oca<?*l. and, in a<iJiii<>ti tu fiat-mtisie. .i'M> 1 !aici>u and eiHri-ii'-rl"'ir n.a a.">-> t'i? :?>?. -wi c *?-nt!ein*n have v??m ki' i.? a pt??.1 an itati r t-> - i<g in ooncert. ari l wii',during tli< irite-in'?*ion? of the dancing inc n.nnf favorun Matt O'B ioi T . A ' * Hi . \V. Hawk J. W. Ptimpfir*?, J 0'f>!inne!;. The boat from liH.ircrt.iw: will run a* imua - ta tiii* (rum the ne.!'ict eoii.mncirii a? 3 o'ci<"-k. Oriiiiibunea from 7th ?t and I'a. av am bonr. fc .d every hour .!nr!;.t the '!n Tl- k-'ti '* -nt*. a<"ili!t*i .( a e U liema.-i a*id i*>li?*? ; to !>e ;.ad of any inei:it> r ft Hit Commit e<\ M?x'oca? oy fa? t or M<jo* .1. V Davii, ("ap'am > aflor, M%)or J. A. Tait, Captain Km?. Captain Tower?, Captain lialliach. Captain Peck. Captain Dutant. Captain .M -I.aiiciiiin, Captain Mo'lln^itrorth. x npw?i ii ricvrnn. V ftpillin ? SU. Manaoirs on past op Citizkx*Col. J. <?. Ueri?-t. Win. F. Bay > Eaq, W.T. Donn. hsq., Jo*. Brown, Kaq.. G. Powell. Esq.. W. Stbrey, K^o.. Thou. J. Fi-h'-r, Kaq . \V II. Warrl, Eaq.. Kicli'd II li, E?q. J. F. Co*le, Km K T *!, Esq., C. I iinniiuton Eaq , A. \V. NliiVr. Eaq., R M"-cari. F.*q . T. N. Ot>?*r, Eaq., R. A. C arke, E^ , J. ft Semm**, K?q Comxittki or ARRAsaiMior*. Lieut. Allen, I,tent. I,ack?*y, S?recant Nlc'^nvey, >*oriceai.t I\ l>ufT?r, Joiiex, P. Morgan, Private R. Bartle, Private \V Wnelm, H. F. Lloyd, " B Kilmar in, " J. He**, " J Morgan, " J. Holbrook; ** J Ra -ai. Hunt. " r B ?l-rick, C?ster. " T. PklUpa, " Brown, '* F. Uae. fa 17 St FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other " For Sn't and Run" advertittwuntt, set first page ] MRS. B \TE8. desiring to return to her nibrt ''om". wi?ii"? f?i transfer her well established Boarding House containing 22 room*, and acoomiii bating at the present time upward* of > (warders. into tiie hand* of aoine person wishing to go into the business, on th* inoat r>aionaMe t nil" TMs hou?e. and well known to the citi??n? of "Washr gton, I* pl?*a?ant!jr situated at the southwest comer of Ninth at and Pa avenue, in the moat thriving part of thecilt and in convenient to churches, ?c(tools. th? public hmUlii'ga, Ac. Kor further particulars please call and inquire at No. i51 Pa. avenue. j)'20-St 17OK RKNT-A three story BRICK DWfcL r l,|N(i lIOl'SK.i'ii H ?t trf>tw??n !2than<l 13th sU., No 104. Appl> to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Itth aireet jy IR tf L,"OR RKNT-IIOUSK No. *266 Oat, between I 14th a"d 15th at*.. c>'< ta:nin? 2 parlora. dining room . store room and kitchen, with taaaage. on fir t floor. 2 chambers kul servnt'a ?*>?> ?"? ? ond, and 3 ohambers on third; with ga*. Being roar fMate and Trea?ury Departn.-nts make* it vert tle irahle Inquire on the p emineti jy_li-3t FH OR RENT? K n atijr furnishe.1 BRICK HOUSE, cntainine 10 ro<?m?. situated on H, betwr-en l?th and It h *ts , supplied with ga* and water. mi all r?^uisite %pp nd\<oa. Apply to L I.. LOVING, *th Auditor's Officc, near t>ie War and Navy Departments. ? jy 17-lw* f^OR RENT?A fine tliree story aad attic Brick T Uwlli k hou^e. p ea-antly located. No. 4*?6. Eleventh street, near E. oonveniei.t to Penns*lvaniaav. R oius lar*e and oonveniently arrange.); with gas and water, stalkle and carriage bouse in the rea*. Rent moderate te a good tei ant. Apply at J. C. McGuire k Co 'sauction room*, iy 17-lw CJTORE FOR RENT, at No. *20 Seventh ?*.. 3 doors above States Offiee. Apply to J. ROSEN" THAU jyK FOR RENT.-A new and handsome FRAME HOI'SE will be for rent tn a few daya. It i? beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K *t.. Navy Yard ; has a large carden lot attached, a pump of good water n ar. and oon'ains 4 rooms, kitchen and w< odshed. Will he rented low, with or without the lot, to a food t-nant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works well in anything lueuire of T. E. CI. ARK. Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH. 618 H st , between 4th *nd 5th i?l< FOR RENT?Twp comfortable three-ate ry bnok HOl'HKS. aix room* And kitchen each, uteated on Eleventh at., b?twMn B and C. Rent $12 30 per month Apply to GEO. F. fat'GUELT, at P. 8. My era' Omoe. Eighth it. Jy U lm* Ftm OR RENT?Two beautiful lev BR1CI HOl*9> 8, on Eighth at eat weat, between M And N atreeta no'th, weat aide. Apply to MARY C- HAlSLIP, No. ??1 Ninth atreet weat, or Dr. KE&HBEY, No. 33S Pa. avenue, between Kh And 10th atreet*. jy lt-6w* LTQR RENT?That deeirwble DWELLING on r Twentieth at., between M And N ata wcat.oon tatninc6 rooma. Rent ?100 per ?ear Apply on the premiaea. or to W M. R ItHERFORD, At hit alar Ul i Wotka, E at , between 12th and 13th at*. Jy 6-*w* I. H. II9GER * CO. GREAT REDUCTION In Pftics* or SEWING MACHINES! Tha Machines ara acknowladijed tka baat in m, for family wwibi ami manufacturing purp<**?. Bmily Machine ? 940 tt?r A (for family or light manalkotarlng purpoaea) ? MR At near .i o. 1.. . 111 ? >> . ? > S90 Sugar No. 4 ?,?? ilia TwiattNaadlaa, Cotton, Oil, ke. WN. U.GLOfER, No. 3^8 PKS?aTLT*W1* At., ja ?-lro fa'l^r National HotM. HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS !! ( Joat^reoaivad^l'i* morning a l?-ga aa ori-ient, .,~.u m* niwiuiMiurara. in and Chil(txi?.r? Hoop Sk.rU.of Um I*mI *JF UUH Pri<** J. w. COLLEY * CO. I AUCTION 8ALES. ether A*rti?n MWm, k*prn jmf tt&LK OF HOo S i ?. . > i ' Lf ! in? ? Wukimtoa A -jam. on M(>\?A OJ <?f JiiIt. IB1. ?IIo'?iip?i f. ii <>l c>| H<x 1 Kit of'teuik. J. EtN It* Inttatful Wiik niUu At- am. Br wall A li A K N A Ri>. A?<i':< n-?r? Finf. blooof?? mark at ai < ti-'n On 9ATURi?AV MORMNu flat mat.. At i? o'cloct . Vt Wtli ?'!. I < ( "lit 'I lb* A??l Room* ? bloodina'c. t* . work* w?i in or ia4? tki^n il^f tnrf I in* ?* 1 t **' Mii"H mmm www * ? i a*ddi? k<t??. i ?? ni? m " AiM>.?IM>ml ?#*ortm?ct ofgoo' c?ot4 U*n d farn tire. 1? rn? r**h )j2> wm,l a barnard.ami* FUTURK DAYS mi a grke>. aueti'tmx. ^ix fink fan* at auction, r* ui >art rda^ ?n- ai?t i??t r tnt eP.oi ?-co?n' ?*f w%.>? it m?v At wi? Aaclloo St'T*. >' ?. .*2- th atroet, at IB o'o ocfc * t-m f - htiaia/iiun t ?--^Taail n< tM bearing interest. at 2 no* n >ntiti >11 fine a *e n w Wlirit Fut, which wi 'clean Bin?tr tuifcea to the hour Me f<xitiw A hue ofp.i.tunitj fur Farmers wishing to en chase a ftne ?r hf IT h e a mi, Aeot Bi A OIRkN. Aittwmr. SALF. OF -HdW CAM * AND *TO*? rtsrrtii at Arcrion ?On "ATI NDA V. tl?~ 1 St lust ?t o'c.ooa a. hi I ?ii? * street. n?-*t to the Oo n*r ?i t stre^' vi*. 4 Urc> Show Caeee Couut-rs, the viae, Win dvtrt. Doors, *e.. Ac The attention of ti?e? war.1, n? to r, * up r a/>?? for besmees will find it to Uietr atlvai.ta?e to at tend the ea.r. jy 1? d a.orkkn aa<-t. B) A. OKKEM Auctioneer Extensive xalk of hakdwarf. C?oc?k*t. Wood, ars Willow W ill KlUItU.A. . 4TAt.T >?O. Mux DA \ . J m y ifid. at IV o clock a. ? ,1 el>* 1 ee at Store >o 133 Pec as) I ran ta avenn*. b twoeajttli ud 20th h ir?t \\ ard, a ?r*" or Ch? ?bnT?-unwd trurlx. aorsirtinc of? Iror*. Baok aud co< ot-baad.ed Knivss ar.<t Forks, Platad AlDAti and othar Spoons ud Forks. A in* aaaurtmest of Mmmi os* Too.s kU Rtro |M Far mine and Garden InpJeraectr. KbwwIm rt?u?eS*epint R'qoiiitan Hard* ?r?, China and Granite T *a 44 an I 't r-im. ?k/D> Lkiua f .k(?? a d U?ue* a tlx ?. IurobU-r*. <j? l 1'U. \Vlr ??,*:d 1/nnntdN. otlet Seta. white an*! ooiored, Kwe ? aud 8%*in?. Preserve Cans aiid Ja'?. ^ iarse otofTin Ware. T""1 nandtome liton Par or F?rniti'#, , Cartaint. Hair Ma 'r?*p*a, Oiloloth, * o. l'e, m?: All suin* oi ana rank; over ?ZV a croon of2. 3. en t 4 monitor. fo approved m d..r? d r>ot?.,'? ar.ii* <it?r ?( <y l?-3t A.ORKKN By A.GREEN. A?eUon?*r SALE or HoR?h> I \RI> ?v WAGn\?? at Arcrio* ? On .w??*D\V ?h" Jim?t a? 6 o'eiock p. n 1 Mia. i" . *? ' e ** -* !? < J K euih?r. at th no uer ? ! 4(h Hid I ?trwu 0"fti ll* following s'toc1 . > ?Hlrly: ? Sfir^t iat* ?r?>rIk fli>r*e.?, 2 n^w Cirti. mail" to ?rar 2s*oond h nd ?1 ? ?nl 1 Buggy .1 Pi licit. I R* f Wnor A c I>rm?: All tumi < f and unfler ?? oMhi?v?r ?h?t amount, a I ofi i a t 4 in >. th?. I?>r ?p ?'"v?d endora?d n.?t??. tearing i?'ere#'. jj in d A. "KEEN. A?et By WALL 4 BARNARD. Auction *r?. Iftf.ANO A "* ? .NO* I HERN Llilr.R I 11-* Bcilimsu l^'T* at Accrios ?On rniK!? DA V Ar R > O > Jfctti I *t6 -'c'< k ?? Will ??! . on th? pr nut . I.o ? N . 5 ?. 7. am I . in N)i.?'rCir riiurtt t> in th?> h.'?t m?rn% ing pa i o' ht iuutn Old H. w < n 6': *n1 7th street* twl. AnJ ?-n FRIDAY AFTER NOON.tne ?Tih mat at fco'c!o?'k. im th? p'*m isea.the Northern irwr'y !.<>? . Vu *. and S, of l)avidaon'a nidi n r 1 ^'if* nioatrd on north N. betw-?eii *th an 1 l"'h atre?"t- w*t. Te ma: Hn?-(oirtb omIi; h?!tne* in 6. IS and n Sontia. with ir<t??rt*'. aocu ed by deed ul trust < > 0 j y 19 WALL ft BARNARD A not. B? J. C. McM.'IKh * CO , AuotiunM~e TRUBTEK'SftALE OF VALl AHLb PROF Efcrr <?s Capitol Hill ?On mi DAY AK TBR.NOON, A 11 c u t I" at * r'o uck. on trt? premise*. bvTirtuitof a deed of trust, dated No T?igb*r 23d. ItU, and <Ju j rw-irdwl Mnoni the lvr>4 reoords of VVaaiuiifUm o->untj, I aha I a? th? eastern pa t of Lot ruir>t>er^d *even*e*a. in aqnare numb r?l aevm lnndr?-d and twenty-nine, frvatiac twenty (eraii feet <>n Kaai Capito, at'*?t. batwaw Firatand Seound ?tr<*-ta ca~t. runmnr I-act aix feet thro* inohes, together with the m.prore mei ta th*reon. Alt aonTevancinr at the coat at 'he parehaaer Term*: One ha'f oaah. bala?oe in 6 and 12 m >nths. wi h interact, aecared by a deed o' 'ras* oa the prope.ty. JOHN HhPHI RN. Truftee. j; 18 eoAds J. C MoUUIRK A CO., Aaou. Pfc*oposal> f r rfpairi no TliF- <^l?tom hoi sk a i ualtimork, >1d. T?*4.l77rEP4?T?.*!?T. { V\ iuiiawii. J u.y IS, IMn.( PRfiro?AL? w il be received Ilua Department until thejifteen'h !*? ' { :*ept-? rt?^r. . I>. I**,at 12o'oiuck, noon, o- the repaira of the Cnatou Houm authorized to ' ?> rep*i-i?<! ft! Ma tinetf, Mar> iuiI.mcuM !.[ to tiie | im and *peo;toa tiona prepared at thia Department. Hiddera w he required to receive tl.e d <a?t iron w.>rfcdf penaed wi'h in part pinni-ut of the wora ?t in* rata of one ?*r hundred pou (i?.anti w, !> repaired to fjr: i?h a. t;ie .. ate -1? an. I pei I > u, a fie neeeeaar* ar->rto row pi?-te the tepa ra aooorrfinc to the p ai.a far: miied. N net; p r o> rit, of tneaii.ount of work >i.e ai d mater a.? drlivereC scoordiL? to c? r,tract pr;o? (aai 1 amount to be a? ?'ta: : , 11. ?r?aorih?d by tn? contract, the otimat* of an asent of the Department app-ut*d for ti.atpnrp >? wi i he paid it onttilv, a? Ui* work pro* retee*. and ten p?r o?tt reUmerl u*.t. tr e ornpirtion . ! the oontract arid ?r ptanoe of the work ey tt.e at-nt a'oreaaid, ai : t?- e lorf* in the e\ m t oi nan tuiBimeni oi o^nirtot. PWcltoMinu ?nd dr%*ir.*? vi;t b? re*l? on the 15th of Amml.* hen th*y can be h*d on applion'i.x to tt>? i>rp?trtin?-i t. I be propobk mutt v?fi,l ' p D?p*; . ?<ldreared 'o the <*ecreta~y of the T ea?nr? * ! pslnlj endorsed " Prnpofl* 1* 'ipairmt tlkr Ba!" more Custrm *->?>." *i t?e <>p-?u>d More o c <Hk of tii? da; Darned tor recMvini the HOWELL COBK. jy '7 2aw8w Secretary of the Trs?ry. LSI rKDSTATl !* CAPITOL KX '> ? > W??i<t6Tox J?'y 17, IWO Pboposal* vill tie r?-o ived at this < ?fce? until noon i.| luMday. the. at oi Abcum if*' ft.'Forn lshing and Put'.r.r up ?ne Iron Cei una <-f tv-> rooma orrr the coau?e*i>| ?orridors of th? Capital Extension The proposal* " ua' state the srioe for ?ach oeil me oomplet*. in ao*. painted wita three good coftts of wh:t?< le?-l in oi! a .i ..r ?w - * ? -? ? - mi UI irr linn wnri oi in* *. ,ei .1 D(f. OI Wry description IB" ud'iu the f*st?ninga of the oetungs to the wal.s and to the roof f acne*. nnit be inc.a ded in the price bid. The proposals must he endorsed Propos* ? f ?r Iron Oi ing*." ai d mn?t be acooaipar. ?d by a guarantee. signed h* one <>r more responsible per oni. <l('r to the und^?igf>?'t. They will be opened at the time mentioned above, to the preeenoe of seen persons as may ehooee to at'end. The drawings ofthe eei'inge oan been seer at thia Otto*. XV B. KRANKLIV Captaic Topographical rigineers In charge ol Capitol F.gtenaion. Each proposal shoaid be aec mpanied by the following guarantee: Farm of fimmrmtU-t. The BadercigBMl, A B and C D.of . in the State of .and IB the 9. ate of . hf re by guaranty in oaee the foregoing bid of for iron oeillngs. as at>o?e descrlnedTne accepted, he or they will, wiifcio ten dayt after the reoetpt ?f t he o?>nt act at the f ace uameO exeoate the eontrac t for the oei.ings. with good and safRoieo' secnriU?s. and. ib ease toe said ?i?ai flwi to enter int.. coairact as aforesaid, we guarar.t* U> make good the diff-renoe between the offe' ofthe aaid and that whioh ma* be aeeepted. Hata 1 ^Vk M... -f - ? ? A B Witness. E F. I hereby ocru^ that theaboye n?med are known to me m able to make % ?>d their guaraatr . f*i? nature G H To be tuned by tfte United States distriot ja<1 *e. United Ptales district attorney. collector. or eome persons known to ths War Department. jy l? did MTHE NEW BOOR*. ARY OP LORAlNE, by Ja?es Graat; prioe Sn oent*. Castle Richmond by Anthuiy Trollope , ABto?.io?',oa; Recollections. b* the lateGhas. Robert Leslie, K A.; with a Preparatory Esay ? Leelie a? aa artist and selection* from his eorres poi,den?e. by Toa Taylor, Es? ; fl 2S. The Three ? ,erks, by Anthony Troilope; 41. For sals at ? PHI LP 4 BOLOMQN?\ Metropolitan Book-t?re 33)1 Pa a*.. _ Betweee 9th and lout ets Bole agents f<w Laereaoe's frsUomn. Ae. <y 1? W O O D A0^1}8 COAL _ _ OFFICE. aea Pa. At., Bbtw. 11th 45d 11th St*., . North side. tui mi w nan loot or Bavaateanth ?t.. fan tf W?r T>r?rt? CH HICKVRINB 4 ?ON*r WOELO *KM*Md PiANOS. on.y (nr Mil i f , MhiTlbw, at ?kow ll?MiT?*?rwuuai|||M { fouwil lad a vayia large it. -ck.Mihrac ?*? *' 1 in( ?w? ranvtv. styl*. pno* of Pi* ?for aaJ*q?on Mil U>rm? or dia.M>ni.t lor tul. Pin om m mo from Plfcnrv ud M UIC Mw, m Pt ? , M*M Mb Hi )9Ui ?U. by ?! fr*?of p??t. M ?M?d mtn m?-?? r*iM- d. " 11 J?C"V "ATS! y HATf SuiUtbl* for L*dia?. Mibm*, and Childraa , ia ^Ii Jfoir r i (TH'ME A TH MI* And PLL MFH DK COO. Id Hiaek and whit*. oomhmwl iikI Nf?nu. A full ?MortiMnt of th* a?w>**e d?*irab rood* Ju tr<*aai??dat MAXW'tl.L'8, jy IS-eofe M? PI iwiui. N| n WILLIAM BRADLEY BKUB TO D inform th<* ptiktJic and his fii<*?U LMU >,m ha? on hand a lant* ftock of Marbl* M*nt?U^uita anavftjrls. Alio MMMMt (Irad Monet.Tat . f rt A A w kinK ki* Via* L* ? * r,?ft ? i??r ??

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