Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1860 Page 3
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???? LOC AL NE WS. Though The Stab la printed oo the IWtnt | ?tram pre* lu uae south of Baltimore, :ta edition it so large aa to require it to be put to preaa at an early hour; Advert aementa, therefor*, ahould be eent in before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. None* to Washisgtosiass.?Those of our fellow < Itizraa leaving for the watering places and elaewhere ahould bear In mind that we do not mail Tub Stab except after payment la advance at the rate of 37)< centa per month. Notici ? Diatrtct of Columbia Advertisements t<> be Inserted in the Baltimobb Sua are received at and forwarded from Thb Stab Office Prauc School F.xamiwatioh.? The annual examination of the mil* department of the First District School was held yesterday afternoon, In the presence of a lar^e number of person* interested in education. Of the school trustees present wr observed Col Randolph, Messrs M H and A W. Miller, Drs Ironside and Walsh, Mr Hoimend, snd Mr Wlllett. The teachers tn our pablir schools were also present in considerable numbers. Mr. Hyde, of the Georgetown public arhools. our venerable neighbor. Mr. John Seaaford, and many others solicitous for the future welfare of the rising generation, evidenced that solicitude by their presence and participation In the exercises of the afternoon. We also note with some pleasure the attendance of Councilman J .T. Given, of the Seventh Ward. ThU school has on its list 44 pupils, all of whom were at the examination. It may be well to add here, that the usual attendance at this school during a grejt portion f the year Is front 55 to ft!) pupils. but as the summer approaches they drop off gradually, bavin* I'lunn vo anfna to; thereby materially afl'ecting the examination exerciscs, u It frequently happens that the school thus loses some of its best material Where all the pupils la a school are so well advanced a* those of Mr. S. J. Thomson, however, the distinction is not so great as inlght otherwise be expected. The scholar* were well classed, and exhibited great proficiency in their everal studies. They were examined In reading, spelling, arithmetic, grammar, geography. his1 tory, and the Constitution of the I nited States; In all of which their prompt and Intelligent replies and explanations gave high satisfaction to the examiners The classes were so constituted that no one class was shown oil' to the detriment of another; the lower classes, so far as they had advanced, exhibiting an equal amount of intelligence with the higher ones, and demonstrating the Impartiality and faithfulness of their excellent teacher In a bltfh decree Rnaetai u* _ ,r?v-.? ...VIIHWU UU^UI to be made or the classes in grammar, history, arithmetic, and the Constitution, whose examination was protracted and thorough, and must have Iwett highly gratifying to the tearher. as it was complimentary to the understanding of the scholars In mental arithmetic, particularly, the first and second classes exhibited remarkable readiness of calculation, and performed examples that many goot scholars would be puzzled to work out without the slate. As a whole, the examination was highly creditable to our public school system; and it is to be regretted that the parent or guardian of every pupil there had not been present to enjoy with them the commendatory remarks of the trustees, so justly and deservedly bestowed at the close of the examination exercises. Attimtios, National Rifles'?On Thursday next, a flag is to be presented tn Hi? _ . ? ? ? ~ -- *i? rv 1 Minute Men In a grove near Culpeper C. H . Va. The Hon. John S Pendleton, who does such thing* capitally, is to make the presentation speech, to which Capt Tazewell Patton, the commander of the corps, is to make the reply. Eight or ten Virginia volunteer companiesfrom Orange, Alberniarle, Fauquier. Alexandria, and perhdps from other counties of the Old Dominion, will attend, as well as thousands of both sexes from the surrounding country Great preparations have been made to bave " a hi?h old time," generally, tbe occasion being the lirst such extensive military gathering that has ever taken place in Virginia, we apprehend. Would It not be well for the National R:fl-s to attend from this city, to show them a specimen of the drill of the volunteers of tba Federal Metropolis? The point may be reached by taking the steamer George Page at ty a in , froin whence they will be tran*ferrcd to the railroad in Alexandria; to reach the grove after a delightful ride of between two and three hours The return trip will be made at night. We trust the Rifles will take the idea into consideration; for they could not pass tbe day inore pleasantly than thus, in tbe most beautiful conntrv ImaalnahU unrf "?<!? ,K- 1 -* 'L w n ?, ?uc nuauow Ol lUf towering Blue Ridjje Mountains The railroad < ompanv will doubtless put the fare down to the lowest possible notch. Joit.x Day Pakdoxkd?This morning the President pardoned John Day from the penitentiary, where he has been serving a term of eight years for thecrimeof manslaughter, which term would have expired on Monday next. The details i-f the crime of which Day was convicted are (till freah In the memory of most of our citizens The victim was hi* own young wife, and the cause jealousy At the time of his conviction the public mind was highly excited by the case, and for weeks it was a matter of discussion. Day was sent to the penitentiary. and from the time of his entry there took a sensible course, and became a tractable and useful prisoner. He was of great service to the Wardens in various instances where the security of the prisoners or the snfety of the guards was endangered His good de I - LI m " jwi wiirui uiaur uiin mc isvonif oi inc prison, and though his pardon is a gratification to the Warden and his officers, his loss will be felt by them. He could be trusted alone. insid# or out of the priaon, and in several case* of extreme nece??ity be has been called upoa to do service outside the walla, and never exhibited the least Intention or desire to leave. This pardon will have the effect to restore him to citizenship, and he will, we understand, leave the city with his uncle, to reside m the country. Blade^sbebo Academt Cask ?The esse of D and others net. B O Loundes and others, involving the right to the control of the Rladensburg Academy, between the "old board'' of trustees, successors to the original corporators, and the "new board,'' under an art of Assenibly of 1K3H, has been at last decided in the Court of Appeals in favor of the old board The academy was incorporated many years ago. the charter providing that the corporator* aho?M th-msHve . thev and their suo esjora to be trustees The act of made a change, giving the election of trustee* to the patrons of the school, and under thia act, trustees were accordingly r:ko?ea. The old board refnsiug to yield, the new trustees applied for a ma ni at nut, which the Court here, pro forma, refused to ^raut, from which the Appeal was taken, resulting as above. 1'he ground of the decision is the unconstitutionality of the act of 1658. the Court regarding the original charter as establishing a private corporation, and covered by the rulings of the Supreme Court iu the celebrated Dartmouth College case. Cobpobatiom Uw ix Relation to the use of tub !*tbeet Hosi ?B'. it enacted, tfc That the use of pavement or street-washers, or hand hose, be restricted to the time between sunrise and 7 o'clock,a m., and sunset and one hoar thereafter, and then for no longer period than fifteen mi miles : and any person or persons who shall use or penult tbf use of his, her, or their pivenicnt or street-wsaber, or hand-boae, In violation of this act, shall be liable to a tine of not leaa than one nor more than five dollar*, to be recovered and applied aa other tinea are by this Corporation. Sec. 8 Tbat the Water Registrar be, and be la hereby authorized and directed to prearrlbe tbe lie of the stops t > be inserted in the malna, havI >?ac ta view the probable water iieceaaitiea of tbe water taker. We understand that tbe above law Is to be rigidly enforced. PoLid Mattcas?Btfort Juttict Clark.?James Brooks and Mary Brooks were accused of awearlagand iaed. J. D. Council r waa charged witb throwing stones; fine and coats William Sutler, l.evl Lwan. and Edward Owens, charged wltb _77_. ..... -i " ? pruiaaity, ouun aim niifa. nna <>Wrii? dismissed Mam S tms'.a^ refuted to exhibit hit peddler's license; flnad #5 and costs Simon Flyna built a boaflre In hi* yard; ined SI i#4. Susan Hallday and Robert Siirinour, accused of profanely swearing , tine ana rusts Michael Ward, charged with stealing 91M front Joan 1'owert, ball for court. Maarisa or the Rspcblica* Association Last Night?The reguUr weekly meeting of the Kepubl can Association held Ust evening at their wigwam.'1 corner of Indiana avenue and Second street, was largely attended, and great enthusiasm manifested Kloquent and interesting spee< br* were made by Mr J J Combs, of Onto, and C K I'augborue, of Mass , editor of the Bos to . Atlas and Bee. Fifty new members were added to tae ro.l. A Vote or Thaxks.?The Mount Vernon U iiards. of Alexandria, at their ineetlag. oa Tuesday niirbt last, Messed resolutions of thanks te Mr. w. T Walker, eonatabU; of that county, and to several members of the police of Washington city, whom he callad to his assistance, In maintaining order at Columbia Springs upon the occasion of the recent Tournament and Ball at that place l hi ?The alarm of Ire Wednesday night was caused by the discover? of lira la Page's mill, corner of Seventh and Canal its It was fortunately extinguished by a young man named Dixon, before the apparatus of the Ire companies was needed This will account for the running of firemen snd others in that direction, aa well as in the opposite direction, where a strange light was relected against the sky. Saa ciiTincATi in another column in regard to " Balrd's dental chair.M We have seen and tried the " miji chair'' of Uaird** invention, and >ww It to be an excellent Institution. Thi New Yok* Amen Chvicb. now on th? I eve of completion, may be pronounced without hesitation to be an ornament to the city, already not 111 furnished with handsome public and private edifices The irregular-shaped tongue of Kround on which It had to be built was generally thought to be hopeless as the Mte of any church building moderately suitable and tolerably good looking It was a sort of ''ugly duck," more to be pitied than admired. But we ask the reader who has any pretension whatever to a sense of architectural fitness and beauty, if there can be anywhere found a better-proportioned building, or one in which all the requisites of utility, propriety, convenience, eorafort. and comeliness can be found better combined, thsn in that which rests on tbe trapezoidal wedge at the intersection of H street and New York avenue' Look at It from which way yew will, at anv distance, far or near, the eye la pleased with the symmetry and taste which displav themselves The aptre is faultless to look at externally, and on a closer examination will show the use* to which it, or rather lta bssement, ia pat, to be far more valuable than is to be met with in ninety-nine out of every hundred of such a'ructures On catering the building from the street, through a large and airy passage, you open into a sessionroom, with which any congregation might well be satisfied *s their place of service, so roomy, airy, and pleasant ia ft. and so thoughtfully furnished, both for Divine worship and for Sundayschool purposes. Gcing iuto the second story, one of the finest and loftiest rooms in the city bursts upon the view. Everything that can tena to see ing and hearing to the best advantage has been here <>nsldered and supplied. The sburcb will be lighted at night from above, as in the halls of t'nnnritu Km* ? ? * ^ * ??M * ~ . . . ?u. vu? mucivni ana incomptiraDlyfhes|*r plan, and which,we understand, has been well tested and found to succeed There is an ample organ loft, which stands under the spire, also lighted at night from above The walls of this building are 2$ Inches thick, and the brick work, from bricks made in Washington, is a masterpiece of its kind. But we intend this merely as a sketch and a stimulus to those who take interest In our public improvements We have only to add that the architect of this church is James C. Haviland. Esq., and that the total cost of the structure is but twenty-five thousand dollars.? Inttlligmrer. Chkmapkake and Ohio Canal.?The Cumberland Civilian had scarcely had time to announce In its issue of last week that the canr.l was in good navigable order Its entire length, when the editor iKBivra iniormauon that a Irak had sprung In the neighborhood of dam No. 5. When this leak will be stopped and the canal be again in navigable order is bard to tell. The Civilian says: 44 The prospect before us is of the gloomiest character e understand that nothing is doing at the dams?the water in the Potomac and Wills' creek la getting low, and there Is almost an entire suspension of boating on the canal. In the mean time several of our coal companies have large contracts to fulfil, and were about making others, but, from the uncertainty of being able to get it to market, will have to decline making any new rontracta. This is an unfortunate state of things for Allegany count); for not only do ?he boatmen iutfpr tPfinnslw *?" W ? 1 M ??-.j, out tug miners, ana, :noM(l, til persons engaged in businets In this city and ounty. Tbe canal Is tbe main nrtery through which tbe current of our monetary life Is made to How. and its ^ood condition is essential to tbe prosperity of all tbe interests of Allegany county." Ttie Baltimore Sun, r.oinmeniing on tbe above, says : '-This Is doubtless true. In a gre it measure, for while the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad also penetrates tbe heart of the Allegany coal region, and transports to market with the utmost dispatch, wben the emergency arises, great quantities of its mineral and otber products, the canal is at the same time an additional and bigbly convenient outlet for the coal fields, in the steady and extensive operations there conducted It would seem, however, that until *ome change is made by tbe State of Maryland, through legislation in of individual owners in the canal, ?? auch command of means or management can be ensured as will ensure a true teat of the capacities <f tbe canal for effective use and business At present it is only a machine through which to furnish a few small offices to a few small politicians. VV hat hope is there of better results under the present system ?" The Public School Distribution of Premium* ?Under the resolution of tbe Board of Trustees of Public Schools, tbe distribution of premiums will take place next week in tbe Smithsonian Institution, as follows:?Tuesday, July 24, tbe Fourth or Island District; Wednesday, 25th; the Third or iNavy-Yard District; Thursday, 26th, tbe Second District; and Friday. 27th. the First District, uuder such arrangements as may be prescribed by the sub-boards of the respf'Ctive districts. Monday was omitted In this arrangement for the eipress purpose of affording :-n opportunity to tbe acting Mayor. Board of amnukd. ana uonra or common Council to be present. It la understood that the programme of each district will this year be exceedingly attractive. We were to-day shown by Mr. V Harhaugh, Treasurer of the Board of Public School Trustees. the assortment of premiums and diplomas to be distributed. Tbev consist of llftv Deautifully wrought silver medala and twelve hundred elegantly hound books, of various deacriptleus The utedals designed for the male department are fashioned after the shape of a Maltese croM, having neatly engraved on the one side the words 'First Honor to , 18#50;" and on the reverse the inscription '-Awarded by tbe Trustees of the Public H hools. W. C." Those of the female department are of the form of a shield, tastefully ornamented, bearing the same inscription as those first mentioned. The diplomas, designed by Mr. J.U Bruff of this city, and executed by Mr. Dongal, of Georgetown, are of such a description as that they may well be prn?d by the happy recipients, as well for their intrinsic worth, as for being a reward of good scholarship Chi*T5*l CormT ?Yesterday, Patrick O'Donnell, tried for assaulting and resisting policeman McHenry In the discharge of his duty, was fully acquitted by the jury. Joseph Straining was charged with ?n unnit on a young man named Johnson, who had insn'ted the wife of tbe defendant. He was acquitted by the jury. To day ?The Court took up the rase of the United States agt Nicholas alias Dick Plumber, (colored.) iu which tbe prisoner was accused of stealing a wheelbarrow, the property of James Harris The jury found the prisoner guilty as indicted. Tbe case of the United States agt K. B Schnabel, which was set for trial to-day, was cilled, and Jos H Badley. Esq , appeared as counsel for the defence, ana made application for a continuance of the case on the ground of the absence of material witnesses The Court stated that legal reasons must be tiled in order to lay the foundation for any continuance. Mr. Bradley then produced an affidavit, signed by tbe defendant, in which be set fortb that be could not safely go to trial without the attendance of Mr Robinson, of 111., Waldo, of Conn , Wlnsluw, of X. C , and Covode, of Penn ; and that be experts to show by these abssnt witnesses that tbe prosecuting witness, together with others, were < onsplring together to destroy the character and damage toe usefulness of the defendant. The motion was being argued as our report closed. Fik Neg*o*s l!* Ma*ylawd ?Yesterday, detective officers Allen and B usher were employed to go to Bladensburg, Md., to release a colored girl named Deborah Conaway, and Inquire into the cause of her arrest From tbe Justice, John \V. S^ott, Esq ., they ascertained that she bad been brought before him as a nun-mi^mt negro, and the fine for aucb entering the Ptate la twenty dollar* The girl aald that abe could pay the fine If ahe would aend to her uncle. Waabington Tyler, for yearaa workman In McKelden'a liakrry A note waa aent, informing Tyler that the fine waa ?S0, which muat be paid or ahe would be aent to jail and aold to pay that amount, and alao requiring him to bring evidence of her freedom. Allen and Ouaher obtained her release, carrying a certificate from John A Ruff, Eaq > *? whom ahe had been bound when a minor by the Orphaaa' Court of thia District Allen took tbe girl and required her to *bow him where abe waa when taken, and ahe told him that ahe left thia , 11V with a little tin bucket to <rath*r anin? hlxk berries, that a man, who said his name 1* Urown. accused ber of stealing blackberries. and arrested ber in tbe woods not far from the Seventh street road, in tbe District He carried ber round towards the' railroad, and said be would sell ber if be could get to the road in time to take her to Baltimore But be went outside of tbe District line and took ber round to Biadensburg. Allen says be will try to seek a little further into this matter. Tbe law of Maryland was made with & view to prevent free negroes coming into that State to reside > But if it yields a revenue to all who bring a free negro before a Justice, It offers a strong Inducement to kidnapping negroes in tbe Diwict Cravikg Secceity roi Peace ? Yesterday afternoon John Ray, a German, was arrested ana i?ban Kafne* 'r ~ " v.. w*viv #uv?ii c uuuwu upun a cnarge ox aasauit and battery on Catharine Koone, and attempting to abdnct her daughter, and to extort money from her by a threat of proaecution for bigamy From the evidence it appeared that the prosecuting witness wu married to Ray In thia city about 13 year* ago by Rev. Father Alig. Since that time Ra? absented himself in the Mexican war, and did not return until lately. Not having heard of him, or receiving any Intimation of Di a existence, she believed him dead, and she married a second time After her second nuairtage, she amassed a little property. Ray recently returned, claimed her as his lawful wife, and the daughter by the flrst marriage as bis child, and the property as bis. Justice Johnson decided that though be regarded the seven years' absence equal to a divorce In the eye of the law, he had no authority to decide the question of the lrgality of the subsequent marriage, that belonir ' ftiPp^p>n^ \ \ SS* S J^w"* "utt<"' ! Exhibition Kxxkcuxb and Award or PbbMUMS IX TBS GBOBGXTOWN PBBL1C SCBOOLS, Wkdsbiday, July 11th?Declamation*, tc ? Noitfa AbnH?b liditM, Wm. R Stone, Marios a Men, John L Divine; The Old Clock on ttae Stair*. William T Paul; Extract from Hayne's Speech, Wm. Gibson; W?*>st> r's Reply. Thomas H Lipscomb; Exile of Erin. John Brown, Wmthrop on the Union, Wm. Cartwrtght; Ail's for the Best, F. Co*sw?*H; The Madman. Wm. T. Paul; The Beauty of the Union. Z." Botler; Lines by Montgomery, Jeaae Kitchen; Bernardo Del Carpir, E; Life, Everest C*thell; Dialogue, Csptain Tarkle, William R Sione, Jack Bowlin, Wm. T Piul. AWABU or PBBX1F1IS. Junior FtmaU Department Alphabet c Us*?Ophelia Wheatley.Lillie Burns. Fifth claaa Spelling?Mary Ohm .Alice McPheraon Fonrth clua Spelling?Ella Cruit, Sarah Jane Blundin. Fourth claas Reading?Prlacilia Esler, Catharine Fletcher Third clasa Spelling ? Anna Rodler, Alice Woodward. Third claaa Reading?l<aura V. lone*. Georgie Martin, Alice Woodward Third class Writing?Mary Hunt, Rote Harinond, Laura V Jones Second clan Spelling?Ida Wilson, Anna Cogswell . _ Second class Reading?Alice Cain, Rebecca Huqhea, Eliza Cleveland. j Second claas Geography?Ida Wilson, Fannie I King, Emma Williams Second Claas Arithmetic?Anna Cogswell,Laura Jones. Second claw Writing?Eliza Cleveland,Georgie Blundln. Second claas Dictation?Cordelia Steven*. Mary O'Cbick. Second class Mental Arithmetic?Laura Jone*, Cordelia Stevens. Fir*t class Spelling?Martha Blackman. Emma Burn*, Eliza Webster. Fir*t clan Dictation?Emily E?ler, Anna Robinson. Firat class Reading?Eliza Webster, Louisa Ridgely, Sarati Kitchen First claas Geography?Emma Burns, Eliza Webster, Josephine Tanner First claas Arithmetic?Caroline Cleavelsnd, Josephine Tanner. Flrit class Mental Arithmetic?Msry Fletcher, Alice Jenkins. First claw Writing ? Emily Esler. Martha blackman, Caroline Cleaveland' Drawing-Kmily Esier, Mary Fletcher Improvement in writing and figures?Catharine Dougherty. General Improvement?For those who have not during the vejr, either in school or out of it, violated the rules of strict propriety and morality? Kmma Thorn, Sarah Kitchen. Anna Robinson, Rebecca Hughes, Eliiab^h Goodman. Marv Craig, Mary Baker, Helen Baker, Mary Cartwright, Laura Cleaveland. Punctuality?Kmma Burns. 402; F.mily F.sler, 400; Anna Robinson, 377. Senior Female Department?Mrs E.W. Farquhar, teaehtr Punctuality?Whole number of sessions made in the year. 4U3 First premium to Marian Stalling, 4(K>; second to Louisiana Burns, 399; third to Susan McKnight, 396. Premium to Kmma Marcey for improvement in writing and figures. Premium to Lavinia Jenkins and Florence Martin, each, who have not during the year, either in school or out of it, violated the rules of strict propriety and morality First Reading class ?Laura Craig, Louisiana Burns. Second Reading class?Florence Martin, Emma Mareey. Third Reading class ? Alice Thorn, Lizzie Dean. Fourth Reading class ? Amanda Campbell, Emma Stone. Annie Core. First class Mental Arithmetic?Carrie Collins, Lou Burns, Jane Roe Second class Mental Arithmetic?Lavinia Jenkins, Julia Cisael. Third class Mental Arithmetic?Matilda Paxton, Lizzie Dean, Caroline Brown. First Geogjraphy class ? Carrie Collins, Lou norm, jane koc Second Geography claaa?Regtna Dougherty, Florence Martin Third Geography claaa?Lizzie Dean, Annie Jones First Grammar claaa?Carrie CoUins, Lou Burns. Second Grammar class?Lavinia Jenkins, Susan McKnight. Composition?Miss Laura Craig. For unabated diligence to studies?Marian Stallings, Jane Roe. Kllen Hughes. Improvement in Parting?Lizzie Fowler. Premium to AnnieS. Hrown for reading; Sarah Keanan for diligence and attention to study; Florence Sullivan for rapid Improvement and conduct; Kate Kavauaugh, improvement in conduct; Len t Kavaitaugh. improvement In spelling; Martha Wall, general good conduct Annllratinn tn Shwlv?n o ?' ? , J ? ?nc^iisa Dougherty. Good Conduct?Mary Sweeny, Mary Sedgewick, Joanna Davis Card* of Merit were given to tome of the smaller children who bad been lu the school but a short time. Junior Male Department?Miss A Jewell, teacher. Sixth class?Henry Gibson, Frank Gray. Fifth class Spelling and Reading?Hiram Johnioii, Charles Hamilton. Fourth class Spelling?George Brewer, Isaac Lunsford Third classSpelling?David Ogden, Woodward Barneclo. Second class Spelling?John Flather, John McNier. First class Dictation?John Nicholson, George T Cartwright. Fourth Reading class?Clarence Mudd, Samson f v.; ... J CI! AIDS Third Reading claw?Benjamin Colburn, Cba?. Oray. Second Reading claw?John Boarman, John T Flatber. First Reading class?Thomas Cissel, Richard Cartwright Flr*t Arithmetic class?Parker H. Sweet, John Gibson. Second Arithmetic class?John Boarman, Richard Cartwright. Third Arithmetic class?James Cathell, Woodward Bameclo. Mental Arithmetic?Henry C. Nicholson, Thos. Ciss?-1, John T. Scott. First Geography class?Parker H Sweet, John F Sebastian. Second Geography class?Thomas Lunsford, James Cathell. First Writing Class?George Cart tfriszht. John Gibson Second Writing Class?Richard Cartwrlght, Thomas Lunsford. Third Writing Class?John T. Scott, Charles Roe. Drawing?Parker H Sweet, Henry Nicholson. Premiums for general Improvement were awarded to John Sebastian, Charles Roe, John Schwier, Gwynn Divine. Edward Hawkins, Lorenzo Hughes, Willie Sweet, Ritchie Johnson, Frank A. Gray, Charles Cogswell, Christopher Tucker, and James Grimes. Punctuality ? The premium for having been present every session (41*2) during tbe year, was awarded to George Cartwrlght; second to Robert McPherson,40fe sessions; third to Charles McPherson, 405 sessions. The premium for the greatest Improvement In writing and figures was awarded to Thos Cissel. Senior Mai* Department?Mr. Craig, teacher The premium for moral and exemplary conduct during the scholastic year, both in and 'out of the school, waa awarded to Taylor Hamilton. The first and second premiama for tbe greaU-st number of sesalona made during tbe year were awarded to Tbomaa H Llpacomb and Jobn T. Lipscomb, tbey not having lost a single session during tbe year The third premium to W I'ajton, he having lost but three s^asiona and those in consequence of death In tbe family. First Geography claaa?Henry 8. Mcl'lieraon, Wm.T Paul, both equal. Second Geography claaa?Taylor Hamilton, Jesse Kitchen, John L. Divine Third Geography claas?Wm J Smith, Theodore Mc *elr. i-irnt rnnoaonny clan? Wm T Paul, Henry ' 8. McPheraon, William T. Cartwright, all three being equal. Firat Aatronomy claaa?Wm. Cartwright, b rederick Cogawell. Flrat Reading claas? Kvereat Cathell. Second Readme claaa?Samuel Hawklna. Third Reading claaa?John Brown. Firat Definition and Spelling class?K. Cathell, Wm Cartwright. Second Definition and Spelling claaa?Theodore McNelr. Third Defnition and Spelling claaa ?G Hunt, , G C. Raymond, A. Waugb, H. Tracy,T. Baker, | 11 Kfiintr ennal Firmt Anting claw?Wm. Gibson Second Writing clnw Wm R. Stone Third Writing claw?John Smart. First Arithmetic claw?Henry 9. McPherson, j John W . Paxton, Wm T. Paul. Second Arithmetic claai?T. H. Llpacomb, John T. Llpacomb, E. Grimes. Third Arithmetic class?John Smart, J ewe Kitchen. Fourth Arithmetic class ? Z. Botler, Israel Bohrer. First History class?Wm. T. Cartwright. First Grammar claw?Henry 8. McPherson, John W. Paxton. Second Grammar diss?Thomas H. Lipscomb, Wm T. Paul. The highest honors (sUver medals) were awarded to the following: Senior Male Department? HenryS. McPherson. Under the rule which declares whtre there are mors than one equally entitled to the m?Ul. tl??n lota shall be drawn, HenryS. McPherson, Win. T. Paul and Wm. Cartwright having been found ? ? *** * vm cMwiuMivu w veequmiiy e mi ilea to tire iiieahl, lot* were drawn, and Henry 8 McPherton wa the tucceeaful competitor. Junior Male Department?Henry C Nicbolaoa He wm complimented tot hit punctuality, and ; 1 ; . I r ? # T excellence of general conduct both In achool ind out of It. Thoae who received honorable mention were Parker Sweet, George Cartwrlght. Richard Cartwrlght. John Glbaoo, Tb.mai Lunaford. Woodaon Barnrcla, and John Flatlier Senior Female Department? M Ma Carrie CoiUna. This joaag lady, In the * hole aefcool rear, ha* not nrsned a question in h?-r lectona Mra Louialalia B.rna alto deserves honorable tmntion, h mined but one Iu the same H me Junior Female Department? Martha F. Black; man Hoaqrable mention at competitor* for the , bii(h? tt honor*?Emma Burna, KmWy Ltler, Auna Robinson, Ida tyllaon, Anna Co-^awell. Th?- Merc lata were agreeably interaperaed with excellent manic. Mancr to HorsesTnt Chscb Riw -Mr Editor: Every humane man who will take the lulnl -I? > ,?? uuacivc uic nran norw during ion heated term,'' must commissi rate the faithful and uaefui creatures who are doomed to suffer from the torture of that cruel and absurd contrivance?the check-rein. If the horse bad the faculty of speech, be would certainly, like his long-eared cou>ln in Balaam's case, '-rebuke the inaaueat'' and folly of man in thus hindering his efficiency for service, and subjecting him to wanton psin and cruelty Does not common sense and the slightest observation teach us that the grest advantage of the weight of the horse in the draft la almost entirely lost by reining his head up in the air, in consequence of which he is forced to move his load by means of his muscles alone ? \V hen the horse is in mutton for a short uu rapia an ve. It may improve hi* looks to tbe beholder, and may not inflict serious mischief to rein his hetd up; but, on a journey and with a i heavy draft, it la cruel and iniachievous everyway tod J so But what excuse can be ottered for J the stupidity of the driver and the wanton misery inflicted oa the patient dumb suflVrer, to make him remain for hours on hia stand in the hot broiling sun, with the taut check-rein on, chafllng under the cruel cord, every sinew and muscle ia his neck contorted with agony, and vainly tossing and turning his neck on every aide to get relief Ought not our City Fathers to enact an ordlnauce that hack horaea not in motion ahould not be reined up, under a proper penalty ! A Friesd to THI Houi. Assart, t Casks ?The following cases were heard before Justice Johnson yesterday : A ?kl ? " " " Mwirnct wis trrrnea uy policeman Carter for assault and battery on Mo* I,andeburf? It turned out to be a common fight between two boys, and the case was dismissed with an admonition from the justice which will be of advantage to them If attended to. Mrs and Miss Mcpherson were charged with an assault on the child of Mrs. Schafiield. and Mr McPberson with assaulting and threatening Mr. Schaffield. It was a difficulty between neighbors, which the squire deemed sufficiently settled by reaulring the accused to give security for peace. James Welsh, jr., was arreattd for an assault on James Otter. The parties are hackmen. The father of Welch gave his team Into the care of Otter and left the stand. Otter got an engagement. and while passing up the avenue discovered that one of his wneels was coming off. and his passengers were In danger. He stopped and transferred his passengers to another coach and returned to the stand to arrange for the repair of his coach. The accused, a son of the owner of the coach, demanded the pay for the passengers Otter *x . | ... ? ?.?v V?f/UIIIU?IUII 111'* UC1U|^ ac* | tory, the assault ensued. Held for a further hearing. Kditok Staf :?In an issue of your paper a few days subsequent to the late city election, your readers were informed that a certain individual had been brought before a magistrate to answer the charge of inciting to riot at the first precinct of the Fourth Ward; that a number of witnesses had been summoned and were ready to testify .ts to the part he took in the stoning and shooting at that precinct, by which young Stirling was shot, (his leg having been since amputated;) and tbat an examination was waived before th?* magistrate. Now. sir, I am informed that several witnesses have been before the grand jury, but as yet no Indictment has been found Can It be that this case, by which the lives of those presrnt and of | persons residing in the Immediate vicinity were so greatly endangered by the arts of this person and others, and voters thereby intimidated from going ti the polls, (by which, perhaps, the result | of the election would have been changed.) is to nave the ' ro by," because the question put ly the yrand inquest, "Did you aee him ttrtkt any one ?" has not been altirmatively answrred byany witn<?s, when the charge is not o( assault but of innting to riot, or are we to conclude that politics c;tn be the shield of some in our community and not of others Fourth Ward. See advertisement about Lawton Blackberries, in another column. Hollow ay's Fill* and Oistmfnt. Paipi ation of the hear' is Ir?*?|n?fut > caused by indigestion or relaxed ftati of the n -rvoas system \ cours* of a f?-w we^ks of tiiese invaluable in d icines will dimmish the irregular throbbing, anil, by removing th* source, restore its natuia! puliation To as st the functions, not to to.00 them, is the true seeret of ami treatment are t>aaed on t ie simple laws of nature? bj annihilating the cause th- erf ct disapKara, fold by all L>ruggia?a, at iSc ,62o.,and 41 p- r x or pot. jy 19-1 w Now Goon D.?k*tio.i wait* of Appktitk. asd ox Both?But good dilation n a rarity in this country. D>?pepsia is as common anion* m and as genera], if not as fata! an conrump tion. Andytt over) n an and woman in the Jai d have within their reach a sure and swift remedy for this disease, ami all ths complaint* that it en jjendera. No case in which Uoitett^r'i Stoinaoh Bitters hav? failed to effect a cure of this distrecning and, if nnglected. dnntfrouf ailm nt, i? within ttie knowledge of any human h in*. And why? Becaime no such case has never occurred Th" stomach atrenprthened. revitalized and tored by this celebrated recuperant must pe form the work of digestion and th rou^hU adapt the food it recoivea to the support ofthe system. Hence it reheves all pain anil uneasiness in the dige?tive orgaua. conso.ulates the tie h. gives elasticity and vigor to the mnfnlit rci -> f't-n?- ~ * ? L ? " ? ' - 1 1 * - ? ??? ?? .v^iiviuvq, oo Willi UJW inc. ail Trie animal powers. jy 19-eu3t DvSPkPStA ClKKP. From Joseph Hoxie, F.sq., <>f N<*w York Pit*. New Voit, Jul) 31. (ientlem'n. Having suffered many >ear? from r^poat'-d attack* of the l)>?pep?ia in iU to st lorm and almost exhausted mV iiopes ul bcin* able to obtain any p rmaneut relief 1 was induced t?? have recourse to the Oryr ntttd Rtlttrs, prepared by Dr. <ieorg?? Ft.?'reen. for which you arc agents It five* me ureat pleasure to say that its effect ui>?>ii me has been highly b-tu fioial. ?radi<-atin.; the disease and re torim; m? to good hea'th ; a?d I ^nice relv hope that all who may be suffering from that dreadful disea.?e will he induced t<> give the me li cine a trial, full) Mliovinj; they wiil not be di>ap pointed in tin result. Joskph Hoxik, No 76 Wall atreet. Such testimony as tho above is entitled to the con ft, 1A ii oA . f ilvtnni.fmj oi"l ???/.??? *l- -? - C *' ux>w..Vw ?' ? r?ivo,aii\i VI \J \ CO wir riuc*OJ ' I IHO Orytnatfd Mr fio\ie is well known a? a. highly respectable c tuen. Prepared by S. \V. Fowl* 4 Co., Boston, and for Mile by Z. D. Giiman. S. C. Ford, jr., 5?. H \Vmte. (J. Stott, John Scliwarze, Nairn & Palmer. Wash in* ton; and by dealer* everywhere. jy 19-lw,r To C05SCMPTIVK?. Queru's Cod Liver Oil Jelly. 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Homeopathic Rkmvdiicr All of Dr. Humphreya * Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expreaalv lorfa-mly use, in box?s, at 25 and h? cents each. Also, in caaeit, containing 20 rials, from 94 to *i each, with book of full directions. For aale by Z. t). Gtlinan. HiO Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agents W. A Fitxgeratd, 333 north P street: al?o by F. B. Winter, north corner ot K street ami Vermont avenue. Also. Points Extract of Witch fjaxfl. for internal and external inflamm?.rinr.? ?f all kinds. Sold aa above. maSly Mkykr'h miharclor* Vermin Dk?thoykr, the oldoat and b?>st remedy known for extwrminatine Rets and Mice. Cockntachws. Bugs, Ants, Musquitoes, Fleas, Motha,Urain-\\ orma and Garden i n sects. |T7"PnnciP5l Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere, ma 18 3ni Lyo*'* M agnktic !hs*ct Powdm Exterminate! Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, AnU, Garden Insects, Ac. It eoslais* no Pot sen IjYox's Maoxstic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats aiul Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3iu Harry's Tbicophikovs is the beat and eheapeet article for Dressing, Beaatifring, Cleansmi| Curling, Preserving and_ Re wiiug in*> nmr, i.xnoe, iry IV. ooifl Dy All Uru( gists sad Perfumers. msr i3-6m MARRIKO. On the 16th instant, by th* Rev. Dr Gibbon*, JOHN L M. ROBERTS to Miss LOLIdA J AN F. HKATLEY, both of this city. . On the evening of the 18th instant, by thf #? > John N. Coombs, Mr. WILLI AM FUSS a d Miss SALLIE AVRRY.all of Was ington city. * On the evening of the 19th instant, br Rev. J hn N. Coombs. Mr. JA^EST *PK\R. of Haiti more.and Miss ALICE M. HL'KuLb. of \\ ??hington city. (oalto. Son and Clipper copy.) ? ^ m ? UUJB, On the morning of the Vth instant, after a long a d Mififlll illness of oouSuniBtton MikV E til) V? ARDS, aged13 jtaara atwl JO month*. Ths '?lati vt?* and fn?u<t? of tt>? l?mil> are requested to attend her lunerai. to- morrow event kg, at 3 u'olook, from her r?aid?tice, on 1 *t., betwvn 21*t and 22d at*. On the morning of the !9th insttnt Mint MAR V KLUtPl'INGEn, Mater of the late C. Kloepp ag r. Th<U"uneral will take place from the Infirmary tin* afternoon, at 4 o'clock, which the relative*aud liicndi of the Innulj are iav?t?d to attend. r* 'i*fl !R i' ft - \ | GEORGETOWN. 9f T%* atmr. 6iOMITOWX. iulv **?. l-<0. An adjourned meeting of the Democratic Aaa?ciatioo. h?ld Jut evening at the bail, corner of High and G?v street, was we are lafortned. a l irjje and enthusiastic one Enough of Ute - need fui'' wm pruvitird to pay all cialina against tar Association. and leave it free and unembarraaard for the campaign. A resolution for the calling of a iMrtlng to ratify tbe nominations of Douglas a>.d J obit son was vut?d down by a boat flee to oae; and it wasaubse^uentlv vmimtmontlfi rvaolrod tbat arrangements be madr for a meeting of tbe democracy of Georgetown. to ratify tha nominations of Jobn C. Kr?*< k:nridk:?* aid bm Joe l?ane for President aad Vice Prpal dent of th* I'litwi St?l*? not, however. without a few dtsaentent \olcea being heard Several gentlemen of the mi:iorltjr subsequently defined tbeir positions. and announced their detertnlnation not to aever tbe r connection with tbe aaanrlatton, but to act with tbe majority for tb? aake of harmony and ?fflciency in our municipal contests They were content to ezpreaa tbe.r prefereii' e. and having been overruW by a majority, were willing to ae- ond the call for tbe prop* Sr-d ratification n meting Tbia prudent conrae ia a atrking example fur democrats throughout tbe country. and con trasts very favorably with tbe inharmonious and uproariousdemocratic gathering!in Washington, ?a reported in the Star It was derided, we believe, to give np tbe preaent hall and rent a room elsewhere; aud the association adjourned to meet when called together by tbe president Or eat complaints are m.ide in all the higher por nvni 01 oar riTy of im iriitltv of wikr Many persons In moderstely-elevsted sections have l>?*n unable to draw any for two or three days and nights past Wf do not know whether the evil can be remedied, in the present state of the Aqueduct?we suppose not?hut those who Lave an ample supply of the precious fluid may. by economy In Its use, help tbeir lesf-flsvorednelgbbots The Red Men of Georgetown Intend having n No. I ptc-nlc about the rtth of August next, of which tbe particulars will be duly udvtrtistd in the Star Very little new wheat is coming in, and none by canal. It may be quoted at 91 '-U for red, and SI 3?toH 35 for white. Tbe first lot by river?a small one. and of lnf-rtor quslitv-^sold from a easel yesterday at 91 25 But few wagooa are arriving. v GEORGETOWN ADVKRrMTS for other Georgetown advertisement* re* Jkrit jm?c? EH M R A VKD.-From the ?uhseril>fr. about four w<x'lt>?(o.?iiMll RKU COW. wide ho-n? and ntaort neck, a lone tan short teats. ??he has no white ma ki> alioutfck her. Any one returning her to the corner of M'?-1Romer* a d 0|iv??t?. will to lilieraily rewarded ? HIRAM r?RAY, Blacksmith. jj 18 3t Fm OR PAl^K?That desitaltle RF.SIDKNCK on the Height* ol Geo'KiiUiwn ktown an Rock Spring, at p<t>sent occupied by K. P. Miilw. dis ait one mile from tlje omnibus and. Tti< e a e al'out .li acres of land attached to W:e piae-v the grea'e-pa^t nnder cultiva io* The imp' v*ine?it? consist t1 a tout for tal>lc dwelling h u?e, 'a-ii,e??rr house. staMcu. and ?p'ing-houae. fcc. There are several ?pringn of pure cool wa e' on it. Alto, a lot aljoining. known aa Ihnle's Hi 1. c witaiu ng 4'a awe*. For te ins. which will he accimito dating. appl> to IV Kidwell.or to.McCohh A 6,1 Water street. jjr 18-6t. IT'OR NKW YORK.?The packet schooner Fairr fax. Captain Mott, will oommeoc* loading for til" a 'ove port on M n ia> , !?ith I >ist ?liK& For freight apply to McCOIiB A DODGK,** 63 Water st. Jy 14 PERSONAL. Any person knowing thk whf.rf. at>out? of mi wife, liridg.*' Kian. who wa* in the cit* of V-w York whe ?la*t heard of, will confer a great lavor bt transmitting th? -<ame to ine. jy* J NO. K \ AN". Washington. D. C. \ 1 a DAM K MORKlOfc, Tit (JlUT AutboLoi'l gut akd I> ctkem, juitfrom E*ropt.?Tm? htghiy Kift*d and intelligent !a?ly can be consulted on the Hast. Pr?e*nt ard Future Events. Call at No.-J05 Twenty-second street, between H and 1, Washington. iwtasm* nt\ BRAID HAIR NET*. OU DOZEN BRAID 1I\IR NKTS.f r I.ati?>? and Misses. in Black. Blue. l{ro?n and Cnerry colors, at only K7S c#nt?.; equal to those fufomi) sold at from ; 1 i*i $1 "i". just received a* MAXWELL'S. A I.SO. 51 doz?n more GENTS SUMMER CRAVATS and NECK TIES: at only US cent-' each, or 91.2" per do*<*n,just n*ce-v?d at MAWVEtl.S. jy 17 fo.13t *** Pa. av. PURTO RICO SUGARS, MOLASSES. Ac. 2?lilid* Medium and Prime Porto Kico Sugars, 25 iiiitl-t and Mils bruht. Ii> avj Porto Rico and New Orltaus Molasses, 6"iOSa<ar Cured Hams, 5jOOO p >unds prime Shoulder Bacon. ?5 t>a?s Java. Rio, and Roa?ted C?*fl>e, 3<? bids. Double R-'6n--d a id S iftCriiihnj Sugars. R ceivod and for cal? ! > jy 1C tit Ml DDI. ETON ? BK M.I., ! T< NOTICE. I I ii t? n ? n ^ * ? ? ? - ? ? * nr. * v-r.AH. i lir,l(K I'llKOHK existing ln< ween V?\N DOR EN A \V||,|>I Merchant Tati >r?. wt? on tu .7 , n .1 |j ItMH. disiilrnl liy mutual concent B.?ri.a <1 V?n l)u i<d t?*ing authorised iw settle the huai* of . he .ate firm /KRNAHUVAN UORLN. JAMES WILLIAMS. BERNARD VAN DOR FN will continue to conduct the busmen* of MKRf'llANT TAI I.ORi NG a: the old stand. No 4 7th ? .ec:, oppoMte I'a-ert Ofhce. wh?*re he will t>e pleaded ?o eo the f lend* of the late ti in ?t*-iiI lemen'a nothing of nil krtds ma te to oider witn n a-u?*i?? and at snort notice. jy W-?t* PIANOS? for School Exhibition*. pio Nica. Serenade*, or faimi) use?FoK RE*T for day. wmIi or mouth, uu ju rta?t>u*o.? trrma. i^rr tiihn f ELl.'<. 3q<> p? %v Nino. 662 ] otic*' of the k1 ftloval of tuk and office from cambhidge to Sunrise city,"ln the =ta se of mlnv I'io r a ? i <1, \ ' M k IiaaccorJsnoe with tin provision* of t*i? act ?( Cuncrem ei ti'I'd * An *ct siitl'i cltan<e? it t' e :ocat??n of l.aod uffi rp?r?Twl Marcli 31. ir*3, it is h-retiy d-clared ar.d in*;!* known that the office f >t the sa ? o! pumid K> >i? at ca m 3k:igk. in i th State of MixmeioT4 wi'l be r'mn *-4 t? sdv kish ? ITT, to i&ia Esate, at as tarty a period at pratti-able. i Kurtber u ti<*? into the pr*otse t'ir.eof o'osmr the t flio" at ? am'unice preramt >ry to u> re nova . and of tU opening f >r na>ii>?*a at Sunrise t'lty, wil iiotitpc by the Kegistdi and Kecetvor of tn? DtitritL G vnn under rry hand, at the oity of Washington, this snth day of May. A. 1). 18*i0. By order ?M the Pra?id?nt: JOS ?. WILSON. Commissioner of Ui? fienera. Laud Olfco v I \p* 2 *fiw Fmir mount vernon \ CHANGE OF DAYS. I On and after Tueaday. Jul* 17, the st >raer < THOMAS COLLYLR will make I but two trip* per wet-It to M'mniC.- f Vernon,leaving h?"r w the of r*eventli t., at to o'clock on TUESD* Y and FRIDAY MORNINGS. SAM L BAKKR, jy 16 lw Captain. ' I fcR Y~OOOl/S CithAf Lr for the million ! Gall e*rly and get b%-gain?. We o mmenoe today aeiling off ill Fancy D'e?? 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HAMILTON l>a? opened a PAINT SHOP and PAIN fSTOREon the New York ilau, where can a!waj? be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUe>HES, Ac.. Ac.,at wholesale and 1 retail. _ MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. Axu BrCKETt WITH BlCIUU TO Ijh"' N. B.?Particular attention paid to H?u?e, 8ien, Ornamental Painting and Graining. Mained an<1 i KnanvIiH Olas* of ail kinds alwa<i> on band, or , furnished at abort notice. He warrant* aatiafaetjon ( in all work entrneted to his care, and ia conhdrgt , that he can do work aa eh-ap. if not ebeaper. than ! anj other eataMiahineut iu tins city, (live him a oall. Ison't forget the number?it ia i\ U Seventh street. _ malO tf PUTTY IS DOWN. WABaiN?TON 8KW IM? ROOMb, 1 M MM Mi if., two doors Xorlk a1 fa iM. Jow lathe Una to cat 8PR1NG and 81MNKI < made up lo order, i'ne aiitaaribar ia prapared to mate 8filflTa, DRAWt*8, *o., at i*a l aftortect nouoe. A.i descriptions of Sewint done. < FRKNCH LACK MANTLKtf A NO POINTS Para?oli, a ?hvl*s, an i ',8a a U m>>r??lia?. ( Thread, Vaienoiaaa.Mwisiand Cawbne * dgmg , , HoniW>n. Huj pa e, aou Frencn worked Collate, Liaea.e Cam -rie, aad Tnmau S-U. Cc.ored lerit-.i a,ttwiea,Cambria. Jeoobett, Moll, Nanaook and P>aid Nanawok Maeune, il'T?erT, Glo*<a, Gaaatlaita, dlsskMlk M itta,fee. Kuraale lew by _ je*T TAYLOR * HUTCHIHON _ O ARGA1N8 IN PIANO* that have Men be D little need. Piano* for 25 oen a to at w"- a*: i THE LATEST NEWS T E LKO B A P H I 0_. Lttrr Pr*a lir?p? St Jobw's. N F , Jalf l?.-Tk? Mnawr Com naught, from Gal way, oa U* lotb tMt , arrived brrr tt1? evening Tb* Umkm N lagar* trrl??d >>?rt o? lb* 9th and tbf Hobfmlu m the Mb The Hrillab mail ror.trart bn b?Mi trmMf?rr*<I frnm IK* a. *k.. n " ?? -' " w tor V/UNIII I1W, WllCICIill at St J ohM rbr Prince of WiknalM m tbe 10(h ImI The ?learner North Br.ton wu to leave Liver pool OD the 13th (or (^ueber via St Jobt'l Tb? mall aervlce will be fortoiybUy la tbe alternate Canadian atoaiuera. touching at Londonderry aa at present Two additional faliurea have occurred la the leather trade It waa roaaidered certain that the Cooler vac* of all tbe European Power* on tue Swl* question would be held at Parka. In October, tbe Power* being rep ea ntrd by their Eoabaaaadora There ia nothing new aa to Garibaldi's movement* agaiuat Mt-aaina The reported coullrt near Mraaina 1a nt>rotilrtned The proclamation ot tbe new < onatltution la Naplea waa Indifferently received It la eati mated that tfti.OUU Royailata will defend Meas%a aval net Garibaldi Tb* 9ictttan KmutMdort to Franca bad ar riT?d at Turtn The Papal Government had released tb^ol tical (Tiaoi.t-r* In tbr Kwnagna France bad notified Turkey that a "top must 1* put to the n. <sacres in Mrrla Tbe Hornl?ay mall of June 7th bad reached England Lord Elgin and Baron Gras bad Ml Mai la for China Australia datra to Mar 17th tbat the commercial crtals had abated Tbe aigns of inaurrecUon In New Zealand were spreading Piin, Wedneaday ?The Monltrur announoea thit tbe session of the Legislature la prorogued till the 21st of July Vn?4. Wedueadav ?Tbe report tbat Austria Intends to coutract a new loan la unfounded Addition*! (r*a Earap*. N'tw Yoti. Jul rill ?Tbe steamah'.n Afrt?? from l.irernool on tbe 7tb. arrived here th?a morning Her ad vice* are not of apecial importance except in a commercial view Tbe wt-rkly Liverpool report abowa tbat cotton had declined , d ?on the week, and tbat bread tufla were ahfcbtly lower Tbe inaaaac re of tbe Cbriatiaua at Lebanoa la confirmed In the Houae of Common*. l*ord Ruaaell ex preaaed * ttlaf.trtion tbat tbe A rnerlcan Government b*d recalled General Harney from tbe com mand at i?an J uan Tbe aiegr of Xapl'a had been rair4, the conatitnt on of 1-1' proclaimed and lb- Uwa for the regulation of tbe prea of 1M9 proviaionally reeatnblltbed. Maple* continued tranquil Tlare were eon* dieting account*, however, concert Inn tbe nago tlatinn* l* tw?rn tuat Power and Piedmont The loan bad beea allotted Tbe auto rrintinM k.*A r?*,- t a - 1 ? ? w uvu Ull It *m reported tbat Garibaldi bad marc Iked on Mraaina previoua to tbe Mb Tbe of Coiamviw bad adopted naolgtloai aa'erttng lta privilege over taxation, but taking no notion on tbe r?*j?*ctloa of tbe paper duty bill by the Houae of Lorda COMMEBCIAL Liverpool. July 7 ?Cotton?Sal?a of tbe week 70,1**1 bal<-a Price* bad declined %d Tbe mar ketcl<?M irregular. Holder* were premag on tbe market, but tbHr efrrinfi were freely met by purchaeera The atock waa. however, arru m.jla'.iiiL' over tbe aalea. J*to k *t Liverpool l.;H?6 UUO baler lirradawifia ?Tbe weather bad been favorable for tbe cropa. Flour bad declined la aince Tue* dav W beat dull, and Ia2d lower. Coraataady and quiet. Provision* ?Beef?lower qual.tiea had allghtlv declined Fork and bacon were quiet Lard lightly higher General Produce ?Sugar and coffee firm Rloe heavy. Roain unchaagnl. Turpentine active at 32? London MarLttn.?All article* slightly lower, except augar, which h?d advanced Adala *ew York lltntUi ^Ulr t TFllltB-? ?tockten f*r Vice FrMi4ral?A How. PrHKSirrtDT, N Y., Inly 18?The Houaton State Convention *?srinbied here at noon to-dav J. L Van Ranaellaer, of Albany, was elected President. The convention then nominated the following tlf ket For Preaid' at? Sam Houston, of Texas For Vice President?Com Stockton, cf New Je aey The committee on eiectora reported tint they had elected only a partial electoral ticket The chairman denounced eucb a ticket as a gross intuit to Mr. Houston and hia friends and retired from the convention, with some other ^legates After some aevere person*! abuse between the three or four persona preaent the convention broke op In a sort of ladiacrlmlaate row Harder. Niwtii, N. J , July 19 ?Mrs Klizabetk Jannerdied 1 ist night, of aoftening of the brain, frotn the blow if a club given her two weeka ago, by a man named George Walfgangle Walfganglo waa trying to outrage a young girl named Catha rlne Schmidt, in Springfield Avenue, when dec-e?-d hearing her cries ran to her relief, and tried to heln her Thit ??? * 1 _g- . . m ** who stmek "her with bis club until she became insensible. !*he lingered in a stupor until last night, when death relieved her of her suffer,D^t The unfortnnate woman leaves a huaband and s"versl children. Walfgangle is still at large The coroner's Inquest is in progress. Usalaatisss St Lot 's. Julv IS.?The Lu ion county eonvent on has now nomiuated Albert Todd, for Coagress. Spsixgfiild, Mo, Julv 18 ?At Bo'tear, oath* 19th inst . Hon. C. \V Price was nominated by t .e Hre^klnrldge men. in opposition to Hoe Johu 9 Phelps. F*AS?roaT, Ky . July 1#?The Democratic Mat* convention bus nominald Clinton McCarty Tor clerk of the court of appeals DrarQra. Iowa, July 1? ?The second district Democrat c convention to-day nominated Ben M Samuels for Congress The M?kls( B*aadaries B??*tok. July 1t> ? Tbe stesmer City of New Vork will leave to-morrow for the fishing grounds In tbe Ilritisb provinces F* Gov Hubbard, U. S. Comiii under the reciprocity treaty, ?nd other officials. will proceed lo NewfoundLand. where tbev will be joined by tbe British ommiHloner Tbev will then nrw?rf *-* Ik listing boundaries under the treaty The city authorities of Cbarlestosrn, Mm . are naklnv arrangements for a pub;te demonstration in bon<.r of the arrival of tbe OrttOalvav steamer, for which a dock has bees selected at that port Frsa Raaus and Htsdsrss New Oklkams, July 19 ?The brig Kate, from Ruatan on the 11th. br'ngs Intelligence that Honduras takes possession of tbe Bay Islands oa tbe ttltb. but the people will resist tbe attempt bv forces of arms Gen Walker bad left the Island ind had gone, it was supposed, to Central Arner:a. Tbe yellow fever was raging at Bollse, Honduras Dsaglas Hatificatiaa MrHtag Ikdiajapolis, 1 nd . Julv 19.?Tbe Douglas ratlHcatlon meeting In this city yes'.orday was hardly up to tbe expectations in regard to tbe attendance. *peefhrs were made by <>' V \\ illard, Senator Pugh, and Repreaentative Vallandigbam New Yerk Politico Roki.N V . Julv 19 ?Tbe Breckinridge Dem ?crats of the third district. Oneida county, have sailed a Convention to meet In this eltv oa tbe I5tb Instant, to choose a delegate to tbe Stale Convention at Syracuse oa the Jtb of August, The Erie ? aaal. Albany, Julv 19?Tbe Cannl tolls amounted tb?* ?woiid vr?*k of J ul>\ to #*<> MB. an locrana* ofttt.lM ToUl toils U> 15tb July SttT.ftS [nrreaM ?C?v-a3. City Uf(UM Milwackis, July 18-Tlif election for city trrnur?Y to day multrd la tbe choice of J H . IVscb, republican, by KM majority BalUawr* Marktu BaxTiMoaa, Jaly 'iu - Kl* ur cu*ed qalct and iteadv, Howard atreet and Oblo ISM Wa*-?t 1 ?.d etrady: red *1 fetal 25, wblto SI 3t*l 5<i Jorn caoat-d dull; yellow 0J??vic ; arbtte 7Ua7* Provision* cloaed very firm. U*co? ta advam i g. Whtaky clo^d steady but qnt?t at ft)* illc. l?r. ,H>.. M Niw Vau Jnlv *t to Navy, State It iua?}.?i Ohio *6 Mkft ?; hoaltar* ti >? ?"> 70 N brat la dull, and nominal I v declined 1 lie Cora U au?dv; oilxrd Pork la raj but quiK; mm #17 # * ?? .V/; prin* ?14 M> |I4?7. Lard li Irm it 13^*1 *V Wklaky U itoady at lie. Sugar baa id'aorrd %c PlBUMlfti* Niv You.inlyw ?stw u arv l?-aa artr* and lower; Chicago and Rock Ulaad74fc, Cumber C# IS 111 atiari-a 7l\. do bo-id* 83*- Michigan ?o<ith?rr >s New Vork Coutral i* Reading V' g I, ?* 9i \ . itik Wimuw,aa < v.i>? ptij*ioiat?. >iaa a >??<*.? >?'??/a? TV*? Mtt. %. ? !? *r?aiiy taodit**- ?uwf^wa oftreth t>< by aulVaiMf tha gatii* r<*??emt ail > 0??mauoii? it. li ?ui tire rwt

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