Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. HAVING A LOVEE. IT ALICI 04*1. Somebody lovee me. I am rare, J think I lore him too; If foolish aotione are % proof. Our endence will do. 1 thought v* both nad common ?, Yet rr*r %ge a* we may. Wd never mt tho ihin* we mean. Nor mean the thins w* ray. We Mt. bot yeeterere alone. With twilight *oft and din And thoush he only mined of ne. A:id I r>f unit him; He a?ked me for nir thonzhte. and raid That hie were with Wi? youth; Of e ?nree. I annwerert hiiu without A lavish vtita of truth And always wh?n he take* a kiss? Nay, nevei frown at 1110 ! I know ?hat you're Se?n kissed?at ieas?. 1 know you've wi?h"?l to b? ! Y*t sueb very wirk^ni things Arc ihocl in( to the C" od.? I try to 1 ok as horrified As any faiy should. I won W if the wedding rin< Would bin'tor Unak the 1 harm ; I e-Vt ?> > how in such a ease It oou'd do any harm. And th?n I know that rr;arried folks? Though how I cannot sayCo manage wi h their love to well, Its never in the way. T.i? very thought atflifts mv mind With such desponding fits. That if I pa t with him, I fear I'll pa.t with half my wit*; And if a priest should make us one. i n ninnr- ?i?i ypiril, Io:>, I know I'd be be?id" myself. ijo what am I to do ? Nivu?The steamer Snsquehanna. now at New York, will be sent to the Mediterranean a* the flag ship of the squadron Instead of the new steam-sloop Richmond as originally designed Orders for her preparation for this service have been leaned frotn the Navy Department. Captain Char II Belt who has been tn command of the Norfolk yard, has been appointed flag officer of this aqnadron. Chief Engineer Geo Jewell, 1st A?sistant Engineer }*. D. Hibbert, 2d Assistant Kngln?er L A Wllllami. and 3d Assistant Engineer H C Bimpton (the only officers that had been ordered tn the Richmond) have bean transferred to ttaa SMisqaehanna. Commodore Francis II Gregory will succeed Captain Bell in the command at the Norfolk yard, tne change to take place oa the lit proximo The steam-sloop nrooBivn. uapt. Karrajjut. arrived at Pensacola from Vera'Crut on the lAth Inat . having tranaferr?-d the Hon. Mr Mclane, U. S. M^niater to Mexico, to tbe New Orleans strainer In Mobile bay, tbe dav previous. Mkiiair is Hioh Lirs?The new Gazette of Pruaala ( Berlin) savs: "We learn from a aotirce entirely worthy of credrt that tbe statement which haa hern made aa to a marriage between the hereditary Prince LouW of HrMe-Darmstadt and the Prlncss Alice, of England, la well-f uindrd. and that the recent visit of tbe two Hesian Prince* to London waa relative to the proposed union Prince Louis of Ht-sse, who was born in 1*337, Is raptaln to the lat regiment of Prussian Foot ft Ittnla nnur * O? ?- ** ?, (. n.-'ii ?i i iiMiitm rir ib me eldest ion of the Grand Dnk?, but Is heir presumptive to the throne, owing to the Utter having no children " Ntmbss or Esoise* I'iid bt Twelve Railmo* d Co m pa 51 bi ?The follow; lie. com piled from the latest returns, ibnvn the number of locomotiv? engines in iin bv twelve of the prominent roads of the country: Baltimore and Ohio. '235; Mew York and Erie. 219; Pennsylvania, *213; New York Central, 211; Grand Trunk, 2<i3; Philadelphia end Reading, coal road. 149; Illinois Central. 113; Michigan Central, W; Pittsburg. Fort Wayne, and Chicago, 96; Michigan Southern. HI; Great Western, Canad*, 67; Western. Massac luwetts. 72?total, 1,781. Oxk Thocsasd Hongs* BrKXT.?A'remendru* Are broke oat In Constantinople on the morning of the luth of June, near the mosque of the Sultan A eh met The houses. which in that quarter of the town are all built of wood, burnt with ureal rapidity. Front right hundred to a thousand were consumed before the flr?j could be got under. The whole work of destruction was done In about igbt hours tJT Great preparations are beintf made at Toulon for an experiment to l>e tri?*d with the steelplated frigate Glolre This vessel is to be impelled by all the power of steim to strike against a ship of the line, and endeavor to cut her in two with her bronze prow. The steam engines of the Glolre we envelo^jed with mattresses. t? protert them from being too much shaken by the force of the shock Should it succeed, several larjfe steatn unips will be built on the plan of the (iloire |JT The London Court Journal hits tb* following familiar allusion to Palmersioa :?" Our jja* and gallant Premier rode to Harrow and back on boraAtack on Thursday to hear the speech**. Lord Palroeratou cherish* a if rent affnctlou for Harrow, and made a great point to b* present He rode ho?ne against t'nae. and did the eleven miles in about an hoar " Naval.?All the (run-boats recently built for the United States Navy are now readv for commifaion. There are at present fourteen of these vessris, six of which were purcha^"l Tb?*re are but seventeen sailing ves**ls l*ft in the Navy, exclusive of storeships About seven hundred men art at present employed !n the Norfolk navy-yard, iprOne of_tbe drill exercises of the Cbicairo caaew i? ine Zouave mode of loading and firing while on the ground to avoid sboU from artillery: one tile lving on ita back and loading, then tarnlug quickly, rlslug and advancing over a file Id front, then lying down and firing while the file behind load their piece* In reading for a like performance. ILjTA great excitement ha? been created in Hayti lately by report tha* a large quantity of counterfeit flaytien bills had been tff red for aale In New York and Hoaton, to be sent out there All vessels lying in the port were thoroughly searched, but nothing was found. Ileitis said that Lord Palmerston annually ends out twenty young men and the same aumber of young women from his Si go estate to Can a us, m dib own expense All their legitimate wants are provided for, not only ss far Quebec, but to tbe end of their journey. fO"The postmaster of New York has received notice that the Government will take Into Its own hands tbe delivery of city letters at the reduced rate of one cent. No private carriers are to be permitted. C^TheRed Wing Sentinel claims that the vteld of wheat In Minnesota will reach thirtylive bushels to the acre. The yield of grain all over the West will lie apt to place that section of the country rtttu* fx ' una again. irr General l.eslie Coombs has been nominated bv tbe opposition for clerk of the court of appeals of Kentucky. JL7* It Is stated that the number of Irish In the service of the Pope does not yet exceed a total of HljO. A RR[VA TjS A T TUB HOTELA BROWNS' HOTEL.-J T Hinder, Vi; J B ?*?ntt, DC. & htorm, Mu ; L W Scott, VkjO h Paine, Ga; J Haf/fj, La; >V K Jonee, T??in; J D Wood bridge, G*; H P li ob, NY; T Petheriet, Pa; J Pe her ek do; A S 'Vhomaa aod ?o" Mil: J H 8 'II, do; Mi?? K Thomar do; C T K?fe', l.a; Mr# Tall>ert and daughter Niut W W Prior, Tenn; H fc Scohy, do; VV K Bak "id fam'y, M H M Bak *, N b Win th and (ami y,'Taxa?; A 1 l.ordou. Va; H B !*nuti.. NC; \V Arcnia'evi, d<?: J J Wu'kroi do: M'? Wiaihrop, do; J Bo*m. w K Banard, Md; M D M? rn * father, Teao; J Maitor. Md; *ra C?atfa. N'"; W R HiJ'aad lady, M'?? O Red M ? C Hill. Mim; T C Tnmble an<l la<N, Tenn; D Hiekniau. Mo;Mr?C A Rot.imon.d ; I Fry aed ad?, La. .Mi?a A I v*?, d<>: U- D A Cohen, Mim: H F nioddrioc, do; R U Serrsnv e, Md; Vi f? B W-lHgh and familt, N V; Mr? C M Fry, do O J l^ltk mil U^> <<?' ' wl-ZT- " ^ ?.v,r v inruof, MM; J HrOWP, NATIONAL HOTEL-EG Browr. > T, C F VftfUt, J h Minnw, Koc; J Majfi Id. I*?; N V. Lwvn, j S Buxton, Joe Yoang, Maaa; J B Smith and lartf, Miaa Cnnth, ( *; E J Mot lellabd, O; W NY; J L Clarke, Wd; 3 Barton aol If, Miar: J T Teia?; A Wi.'is, NV;TWI on. Md; H Wil-on, La; J H Wiaaton, V?; L MU I an Fla; J Neelf, (ja; H Topping, K;; HC Hay vara *nd nidj, L*; K W-ll, Maa; J K Portar and 1a>v, Maa.; K H Gardner and la^T, Mi?i Ga'dn*'. (it; D A Dan. Ill; A M Bart. NY; M Lewin. W t?rae*. Md; H Arwont. Ho ace A'lnont, R Armont I.a; M ra B W Letgb and dourhter. Mra C M Po?, gj Leigh aad Tidji, Wj John ?'al erwell. IM'; H ojr?ile, Kentucky; \V Bruce, Maryland; U Carr, NV, KIRKVS OOD H"ISP. -H W Ha? ret. Va; T B Prta ' " * " " ~ " ? ., ., a f? * u?rr j ^lUli Ll ' ol Koti6rt?i V\ Motian. W H Rnr*r?, I'tah: B t'la^e Si?e Cha?e ? Ct?a?*, mim; vv r Carter erd mi'y. Mo: M'i D I. Benedict, Kj; Mia K Cut f, r N Ken dio*. do; Miu Carter, do; J Bene diet,' o, H Bt-ttin, Pa. OC EA NS TEA MERS SAILING DAYS fbum the usitbd states Sf'ttmrrt. Lrav. fur. Day*. New York~. Havre.......July 21 Arnhia.,... Breton Liverpool July 85 Vai?<lerbtlt..?...New Vork.. Havra July i? Fkum Europe Jht* Liverpool New York...J?ly 10 The H*v?na mail esrameri leave New York on the jd, i^th, ir.b, mod 27th of eaoh month, ana Cb*rleet4??? on the 4tl, and 19th. Tl... Oali(on>la mat' leave New York on H. Wh krut ?.! -J ' ? wtnntn *T*HF. ?AND HILLS OP JUTLAND, By Hani I rk'iMian Aad?'*on; price 75 cents. A rtuh. graphical K o lit oti<>o?. by the late Chir.f kobrrt L?slie, R. A , editnd With a prefatory rsoay ?u tt a? an artist, and eeleotinoa fr? m lis c?>rrt?*poo'! *uc<,> by 1 etu i'aylor, Witk p?x rait- fio* #1. &. . J jkt iBl sued ac i"r ?aie at PHiLP A SO* OMON'M M-iiray?lilto Boukitore, Mi Peon av , jt B <*n and ??h ?u /MUCKKRIN6 A SONS' SUPKEB PIANOS. I ' P. BLLWS. MS ?e. \ % MISCELLANEOUS. ... PROCLAMATION I O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *?. Wkrrtat, Attha pr?MDt Huon of tka jmr CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOL1C. DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY, Ac.,Ao.. prevail to an alarming extant: And rrhfroai, It nut b? of tk* . F'RST CONSEQUENCE to rr fatmiy to know of A REMEDY *t once So/i, Spttdy, and Ef ration*, DR. MONTARDE. , o? Paju*. off^r* hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER aa the mo*t certa>n af"d effectual REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aatufr THE PUBLIC that no imposition i* intended in the *a.Ie of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all tas't when the raodioice laila to give entire aatitfaotion. Afk, then at any Drag Store for DR MONTARDE'S mib iriTi.iira piim en i va take a* directed, tod if uot perfectly satisfied, Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4)? Street and Pennsylvania Avenge, who will rtftit-d your money. Prioe?23 and AO Centt per Bottle. For cale at all Drug Store* everywhere. JAS. RIoDONNELL, General Agent, jyll-eolm Baltimore. BINo. 699 1 Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES In purenanoe of law, L Jams* Buchakax, Preeider.t of the United State* of Amenee, do hereby declare and make known that pabi'o tale* will be held at th* under-mentioned Land Oftoee in the Territory of Kansas at the periods hereinafter deeig nm?"u, mj wiw At the land Offioe at Jvxcjjoh Citt. commencing on Nor day, the 6th dav of \ugust next, for the disposal of the public lands within tbe following township*, viz; Scut* of tkt ban li*4 and ta.'t 9f lA? *irth rrintipal meridian. The part* of township 1 ouulde of the Indian reservation. ana townships 3 3,4. and 5, of rang* 8 The parti of townsh<? 1 oeUide of tbe Indian reservation, and town?hfp* 2,3, 4. and S of range/? Th? paru of township I outside ofthe Indian restoration, and townships 2. V 4, and 5. of rang* 6 The j>art* of township I out?i le of the Indian re servatlon. and townships 3, 4 and 5, of range 5 The parts of townhif I ontsida of the lr<d an reservation, and townsnips 3, 0, 4, and ft, of rango 4 Townships 1, 3, 3, 4, and 5, of ranee 3. Townships 1.3,3,4, and S, of range 3 Townships 1,2,3 4 and 5, of range I. Atthel.and Office at Junction Citt, commen eiijjt on Monday .the anth day of Augnst next, for the diapoial ol the pubtio land's within the followmg townships. tiz: SmaIA t%f tkji km* ZiMi nmrl antt t\f tk? mi **J* ?*r?'* * m7 meridian. Townships 6.15,16, and i7, of rang# 4 Towuship* 6,7,15 16. and 17, of range 1 Townships 6.7,8. 9, 10, 11,12, IS, 14,15,16, and 17 of ranee 2 Townships 6,7, 8 9,10,11,22,13)14,15 16, and 17, of sange 1. At the I And Office at Jcmctiox City, ?ommeno'ng on Monda*, the !"th of September next, for th* disposal of the pablio lands within the following towships, via: South of ike bat* line and east of tke urtk principal meridian. tw* af * ?f 41? * ' - l IIO y-% Iti */i wwueiiiif in uUbBIUO OI Iflf IPQlftn reservation, aud townships 9, 20, 21 and 22, of ranee 8. Townsh'ps 18,19, 2\ 21 and 22, of rant* 7. Townships 18,19,2", 21 and 2*. of range 6. Townships 18,19, an, 21 and 22, of iange 5, Townships 1", 19,20,2' and 22, of range 4. Townships 18, -9and 20, of ranges Tuwnshio* 18,19 atd 2", of range 2. Townships 18, 19 and jfi, of range 1. At the I,and offiae a( Fort Scott, commencing on Monday, the 13th da; of August next, for the disposal of the pubiio lands within the ioilowing townships, viz: Soutk of the bast linr and en U of the sixth prineipol m?rt tan The parts of township 23 outside of the Indian re*-rvation, of ranges ?, 10,11, .2,13,14,15, 16,17,18, 19,20,2; and i2. The parts < f townships 23,2t and 25 outside of the Indian reservation, of range ft. f owuships 21,24 and 25, of range 7. ownships 23 24 and 2'. of ranee 6. Townships 28, *4 and 2S, of range 5. l and* appropriated Lit law for the uae of acnools, mi'utarv. Indian, and other purpose*, vi.l be ex ofiidad from the salegThe offering of the above land* will Itecornmenoed on the days appointed. and will proceed in the order in which thev arc advertised until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus oloaed; but no sale shall he kept open longer than two wcoka, and no private entry of any of the 'amis will be por niittod until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under inj hand^ at th? city of Washington, this twentieth day ol April, Anao Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixtv. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos 8. Wi: son, Commisiioner of the (Htieral Land Offio?. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-empNon to any of the lands w.tian the towii'htps or parts of ?*/w ubiuya oinn?3 "nUihtti IB rFl|UlTW1 lO ilsh the sarr.e t>> tue ?*'. sfcction of the rejutcr and receiver of the proper Land Offioe, and i^ake p*T meat the-eior as >on as pract.cable after socin* tbis notice, and before the day appointed f>r the eo'rmeucwmect of the public Rale or the lands tinbrroisg the tract olamed ; othe. wide, au'-h claim wni be forfeited. JOS. 8. * ILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Note.?Under the regulations of the department, aa heretofore and now existing, no payment oan be made (or advertising proclamations exoept to suoh tubfishers as are irttiallv authorized to publish by le Coinmismoner of the Oenersi Land Offioe. ap 2B-wiiw Nl No. 6?3 1 OTICE OF TtlE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM HIT08ON TO FALi 8 OP ST CROIX. IN THE dl'A'lE OF W18CF^HIN. in acoordanoe with the provisions of the lot 01 Congress entitled "an v t authorizing changes in the fixation of land offices," approved March 34, 1WK, it is hereoy d- o a f<\ and mad" known that the cAoe (or the sale of public lands at Hcds- h, in the Mate of Wisconsin, will be removed to Falls or !*t Ckoix, in said St\tJ, at as tarty a period as praetirabl*. Further no'ice as to the precise time of o'osinc the nffioe at Hudson, preparatory to removal aadot its opening lor business at Fail" of St. Cmo x, will be given by the Regi ter and Receiver for the land district Given under my hind, at the City of Washington, this thirtieth day of J une, A. D., 1 Wt. By ordtr cf Qie President: JOH. 8. WI? SON. PlQmmi innor rx( ?5-- 1 * * * w ~vi ?uo UTCUPI flbi LfflbttU V/ III CO. ? j#S-l*w6w J IMPORTANT TP HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R.DURKEK4 CO/8 VBIiEOT SFIOES. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but * round from fresh Spioea, Ml toted and oleaned by na *xp*??aly for the pnrpoaa without reference to ooat. They are beaotiftally packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur* by keeping, v.'i %re fall woict|t, while the ordinary (round Xpioea are a'moat invariably abort. We warrant tiiem, in poibt of atrencth aud riohnesa of flavor, BKYONp ALL COMPARISON, M a ain^l* trial will abundant!? arove. ManuRvoturo<l only hy B- R. DURKEE * CO., 181 Pearl et..N?.w York. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORYT D btrft, hetlotsn 9th and 10r4 Strut*. We have iu?? tanked a oumbtr ol first olaaa CARRIAGES, suoh M L'tht ranr^.jmmm,g Wagrml, Park PkMHonr. Farnilu nates, nnd ButfUt, whioh We will iell?l-?=Ka ver> email profit. Beioc pract oal meohaoia* Id different branch At of the nuun<*w, we flatter our?elve? that we know tae atyiee and quan'T of work that win kit* aatifUfttion, eombiuinc lightneea, comfort and durabiity ? Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the anorteet n tion and moat reasonable oharcea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOPP. Coaohroakera, mooMiori to Wm.t. Hook. ap 27-dly lA 1 114. and 12 4 auper I.inen Rhe*tin(e, 1U i , 10-4' 11.4, and i2 4 Cotton mor&rd on & Bona', Dpnbar * Diokmson and 1 Bark lie's super Fronting and Tnweliugsin variety. Table Li and Napkins, 1'0 pieces superior wakes Bleached Cottons, Wo piece* l,Awna at UK ornU. 2* pir?.n V\ IiiioiiikI Cotored Flannels. Ladies' and Misses' White Cotton Rosa, Goods in variety. Cambric a>id Swiss Kd ings and Insartirga, Hom'on. (impure and French Worked C?liars, Snn Umbrel!a<?,Para*< Uaud ~uu Shades, i 3up-r silk and French l.*oo Mantes, Hooped 8k rts. Silk AliU Ac.. Ao , reoeived and for ta'e low by _ _ j" 12 TAYLOR * HUTCHl?<iN. I? R A N (J I 8 II A K F E K, I H? TI5G OPKSITD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORK, Comer jf Mrtc York avenue and TmtK strut, i Respectfully solicits the patronage of th?se who ntav l>e in want of any article in the aoove Ti ne. His endeavors shall he to pleas*, and by a strict atten tion to the wantx of the public, he hopes to merit a hare of their patronage. His took consists or every artiole usually to be found in a. Rr?l-nl*?? " ? ? uuij uruoery ana reM Store. iw 17-tf Wtt A 8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are daily r??*mni, OAS WJfXyJIa'JSofentimiy (Mew Patterni and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We Inviteeitiaena genera; ly to call and examine oar stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beet aeleeted stock in Washingtoa. All Work in the above Tine intraited to our oare will be eromtiy attended to. MYKR8 k MeOHAN. mar 5-tf 17*1) street. NKW MU8IO received semi-weekly, aad forwarded by mail free of poetaca " '? JOHN P. ELL1B. | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ryOTICK TO A?'N D TOTOItkC The oommodioBs ud awirt rtf?r 1ALT1rifgr boilers and machinery, Ac . will p'.aoed op tne above r< it* MONDAY, the 9th of July, kid oontinae dorirg th# bathing i?uob, makUg nidi weekly trip*. leaving Wialwagion MONDAYS and THURSDAYS ?f 1? ooioek * m. Batumi ng will Int? Norfolk on TLK8i>AYS ud FRIDAYS atSo'olrickp m., making a!! the river landings going and returning. Marbnrj #1J<0 Pope'a Creek .....92 00 fandy Point. IS' Blackntone'a 2 00 Qoantioo IS Bluff Point 2_0f) Liverpool Point... v?r?haH ? Pavilion 2.00 Boyd"* Hole 2?0 Piney Point tM Mattbta* point? 2.?j fo nt Look out... 2.00 To Old Point and Norfolk 95, including meat. Sound trip tickets to Norfolk and Old Point, good r the aeaeon. 98 Children under ten ?vara,and aervanta.haJffae. Freeooiored pereona 94 Freight at nana! rataa and rnunt be prepaid. The stumer BKtimora being the rat teat boat on the Potomac, will octave j paaaengeia to Point Look out in a boar*, making the trip down this beauti/al river by daylight For tioketa and farther information apply on board to Capt. CHaH. K. MITCH ELL, or at the Com pany'a offioe, onrner Penn. avenue an1 Sixth atreet, under the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTINOLY, General Ticket Agent iy 8 7t (Int.) Potomac Steamboat Company. !\] CAPON SPRINGS. I ^ EW and improved route viath* Manaaaaa Gap Rati Road and the Straa- rT ~ burg and Capon Turnpike,Um Hit only 18 raileaofataging over^^*-**^^K^3BS aoomfortabla and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m., take the Manaaaaa oara at the junotion, arrive at Capon by 5 o'olook p. m Lfaru r. A Ar AA a 01 v 11 viu j~i*ca(?uu i in w? v/tpi/u . . From Washington to Capon 5 no For information enquire at the Rail Road Office oo-ner of Sixth st. ami Pa. av., 'n Washington, and at the Ticket Office on Onion at, Alexandria, Va. )j U-dt2<*hAm. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> WASHIXGTON BRANCH. B?g?Wi li?U Chakok or Hourk. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY. J one 13th, I860, train* will run aa follows: Leave Washington at 6 30 and 7.4? a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2C and 5.30 p. ra. On Sanday at 3 30 p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 4? a. m. Leave Baltimpre at S.1S and p. ra. * ?n bar.'lay at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the La?t will take train* at6J0 and 7.4" a. m andSJop m. For the West at 7 4" a. m and S.J0 p. m. For A nnaoohs at 7.40 a m. ami <120 n. m Ror Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. n Saturday ovocint theSjn p. m. train *ue? to Philadelphia only. if IS-d T H. PARSONS. Acwn?. NEW ORLEANS I IN" T-DLniEIH DAYS WITH TBB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Cha ttanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, ly/'to Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! M EM PHUT ROUTE: Mtfimnhia K* *k?ani?? ....... r ... W V? a? W>f Siivuvv ?? A II Bh VIMia I IAJ New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by RaiLthenoe to Mobile by First class Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAY* Included, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at Plf a. m. and 6^p m. and connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED TBROCOB TO HEW ORLEANS. Lynohburg ? 9<iS>i Memphis _...931 f? Bristol ? 150 A tlanta "0 Knoxviile 5000 Macon .28 on Chattanooga ....24 00 Columbus ? 31 50 Dal ton.. 24 00 Montgomery St <i0 Huntsviile .27 uO J via NasMUi 50 Grand Junction.?-S>001N.O.J via?* Juno 42 50 Nashviiie 25JM \ via Mobile . .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and it aoo MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TITWK than any oth?r I i??-th?? i.ynchburg Extension being now oompleted, a* a's<> the Miui?sippi Centra), making it tbe QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First c.ass Care! {To New Orleans. T2 Honrs. Meni?his.w? * *...?.. .&4 do* Montgomery S3 do. Nashville ? ?4 6 do. H7*The U.S MAIL * ' ADAMS' EXPRESS ate taken over tiui New Lice. Iicketn can be obtained at the Konth Western oe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: L?uc^hur<, Dri?u>r, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Hunts ville. Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Dalton, Cotorabaa, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, ana NEW URLEANS. in- THROUGH T7FKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fT^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVAN?*, T?ok*t Agent, ma23-tr Corner Hixth st.and Pa. Mr. THE STEAMER JAS. cut Will resume her trip* 011 TUESDAY, Jlst of JP?fc February. I860, Will leave WASH IN0TON every TUESDAY and?" **" rR I DAY, at 6 o'clock a. ni.,acd ALEXANDRIA ft haif p**t 6 o'clock, for CUR RIOM AN and the intermediate Landings. On her retarn trips, she will l?ave CUKRIOMAN every WEDNE8DAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'olock a. m. NATHX BOlfs^.IA^t.SA:ex?DdVia.r?'r'^0 Passage, b? Rme als and STATEROOM. $7.40. _TheNew York ud.Virginia Screw Steamship company's now ma elegant ato&msljip frat HOONT VERNON,Cast. T.C.Smith.?sAK? will leavs the Coir pany * I>ipot, torn Wharves,at ll'o'oiook a. m ever/ WEDNESDAY. and the Company'* Depot, at .Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. umt day. Passengers from Waahington and Georgetown eantake the ooaohee connecting with Alexandra tea.nSoate or railroad, wbioh leave the oorner of Tth sti'eet and Pa, avenne hourly, or they can leave on tbe steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 e'oiook a. m. State rooms oan be engaged on application te Messrs. Morgan & Rhinshart, Western Wharves Freight will be reoeived op to the hoars of depar frr Incaranoe will be effeoted on all goods by thTilme at the oftoe of the Company at X per cent sremiam. ' The aooommodatioriB for ^uunien by thie line ft in every roeeeut fir m-o mi, and every effort wil be made to render this oo.nmumoation with New York an agreeable ud healtufui one. For freight or paesage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agente, Alexandria H. 0. CROMWELL * CO., Ml-lr 96 Weat at., corner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Ilea cloaed hia office for the teason, end will ba absent, as usual, during the aum 8er months ; will r?iumt practice ab.-ui the lot of ct b <r, of winch further notice will be given. Jy ?<Mf _ E DENTISTRY. R. HJLL8, after a practice! teat of two year*, a thatjje oan witS or?n5dence reoom ^Me>i mono u? uneoptastio Process fur ineertint*MH|| artificial teeth It lias the adnntuei or****" strength, beauty, cleanliness, and oneapnets. Fall upper sets inserted for tat. Partial in proportion. I GAoe 306 Pa. avenaa. m 7 i R B, F 1 R K. POTOMAC WATER. I am still engaged In the PL.U VI 111NU and GAS FITTING BUSINESS at my old stand in Philharni'inio Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful upsly of w&W w*o rt-atiily <>bsei vf d at the fire o' yesterday, as I am well ?atiifi*d I should have been burned out but (or t'ie bouctiful supply upor my premises and th'tofmy neighbors All order* for the introduction of Water ar.d Gas will be pr< mpt'y attended to. Terms as reasona b's as any plumber in the oity. Jy 3 C. 8NVPER 275 AL_kEN " 275 ItVIBORi PLASTER E R S , Ps*xa. Avenue, Between lfttb and ll?h streets. je IB r>URK OLD RYK WHI9KY.-On hand I brwd ofPar# Old Rye Whi> ky, Copper Dtstailed. mari# by the most reliab e distillers in Peu?> s'lvania, Maryland aod Vir*i a is, warranted pure. Also, Imported Rrandiee, Heuneaey, Otard. Da pay A. Co.. Jales Robin., ko Also, Peaoh a?<f Apple 8randy, pare Holland Gin. old Jamaica aud^t roix Ran, and Wines of every variety, all 01 standard bran/Is. A obotoe lot of Clears and Tobaooo t Vnn.NO k K FPU ART, A sent*, rww nn ann loth ?U. piAN(?S?JRKAT BARGAINS-On* DamT " TTT1 I' MKDIOINBS. S" WBAT iSIRlCr"""" DMRAX9MMMNT OFTHM LITER. _ ? stott's C*osst?a, I Dr. J. a 'JS l, a b?n sfrieted with Liver Comp rint lor six ;?n, daring which I wm nrrer well, and mac 6 of Ow Unsa T?ry siok. Mi I.itwvu sore to th* tonoh, and. thi doctors said, was ooagMted. I sv farad from severe oosU recess acd Oiarrhfra alternately. My skin was clammy and anh*a thr : mr eyes and skin oftsn Occasionally I had a vcrasioas appetite, but generally none at sll Adreadfu son satioa of oppression oa my stomach, with laasa?r and a gloomy sensation of siokness ail otw, kept nie in ancaiaa. Yoa oaa>ot kiow how much I s?f lerva in n an inaeeerinanie iNiini or flinr?i tm long continuance of thu oouditioa, without relief, hari worn out so tha? I never expected to be better; but rwviuig, in the Christian Advocate, of your rareapartila, | oommenoed taking it. with occasional in.aL loeeaof yoor Piile, to regulate the tM>w??a?joydirMt. bad more effect epon my dieorder than I supposed ant thing o ^uld have. 1 regained mj health rapidly, and now. after eleven weeka, enioy ae good health and aueagth ae any otner man May the "Diapenaer of all good" ahower bleasinga on you JOHX W.^TOTTPrepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, Maaa. _ jy lS-eolm TJ. C. R. d) T. A. HU1VMEWELI/8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, r rom Neuralgia through all cmm whew Opium vai ever used to that of lMinam rremwn, and the oommoi ohief cause of 1/OS8 OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a partioleof Opium, produces all the requirement* of, and may he used in all catea wherever Opiuin wai used without producing any thin* but Cures, awl laavinc the patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Kunedy, <freed from all the oominoa ohieotion of ' ough Rent'dies, which Broduoe nausea or proatration,) may be oonsidered i.' common eaemytoaJ Throat and Luok Complaints, and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to oourt from proprietor or friends the mo?t severe investigation of both Remedies,and readme of our p%mph!eu to be found with all dealers, aiia more particularly to purchase only of tboae who ovi Maep^n'ifla upon, we nit in oonnaenoe tne decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Puces within reach of a 1" 6k5kbal agewtp. J. W. Hckjikwell A Co., t and * Commercial Wharf. Boston, Gko. Huxxewkll, 145 Water ft.. New York. Urder the ep^oia! iupervieion of JOHN L. H UNNF, WELL, Chemist and Pha iraceuti?t. Boston, Mas* . whose denature cvers the co kg of the genuine only, and to whom address all communications. **old hr all respectable dealers sre where, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown, mar S6 eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" ? COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Rem*d? for du^mp. of thi bladder, kidneys, fZ U a \' l' i A .A rvD t \ iiq i / < 4 i 4j tir c i t a r a v ?. i~a ? i?lit mix 1/ li 1 ' I Ol'Ort U D ** CiLilil This M<?aioin? incease* the power <?f Digestion, ivnd excites the ABM)K BKNTS into healthy which the WATERY OR CALOKROUS depositions, andal' UNNaTURAI- ENLARGEMENT;* are reduced, as well aa PAIN and INPLAM VIA TION. a~d?is go<vt for MEN, WuMEN. Oh CHILDREN. IIELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT R1THU, For WeakoMMa An?i: g from Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Ear. j Indiscretion or Abase, Attended rwitk ike following Symptom> ? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefnlnesa, 8iijihees of Vision. Pain in the Back, nivitrsal Lassitude of the Musoular Pvstem, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dryuei>s ol the 3km, Eruptions oc tlie Face. PALLID COUNTENANCE. These srinptobis, if allowed to go on, which this me<licin* invariably removes, soon f<W!ows IMPOTFNCY. FATUITY. FPILEPTiC FITS, Iji Onr op Which thi Patibst mat Exria* W'ho oan sa? that they ar? not frequently followed by thoe^DlREFL'L JUSE A ?ES " "ir*mNtTY AINU CONSUMPTION." Many ar? of the c*o?e o? thetr auflfarinf, BUTXONK WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDSOF THK INbAN K ASYLUMS And Ike Melnntkoly U*atks by Co* 'umplion Bnr ainp'e witneti to the truth of th>- a?*ertiun. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTLD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNKM Requirea the aid of mMimne to Rtrrnrttieo And limtoiate the ^yttom, WkicA Hei.mbold's EXTRACT BUCHL' wtrarvablydo'*. A TRIAL WILL COXVmt'K THK MOST SKKPTICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES. OLD OR YOUXV, STMGLF, MARRIED, ON rftXTEMPLATryu MARRIAGE IN MANY Al- FECT1??NS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extraot l)u> ha 1* un<-qu#lwl by any other remedy, an in Ch!?ro?i? or Retention Irregularity, Painfuln?n?, or Suppreaaiou of Cob tom?rf F.vaeuatiora, U'oerated or ^oirThon* st?tc of the L'terua, Lenaorrncea or Whitea, Stariliily, j auu ior a . compia:iua i:K>iaerl u> me* x vncthnr ariainc from lndicoretlon, Hatits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANUF OP LIFE. RKK SYMPTOM* ABOVB NO FAMILY 8HOU..U 8K WITHOUT IT Tak< no mart Balsam. Mfcmry, or unpliasant Mtdir'tu fur vnpilatani anH l>a*g-rous Lh States. HELM GOLD'S KXTRACT Bt'CHU C71U 8ECRET DISEASES In all their Stage*. At little expense; Little or no otuuigetn Diet; No lnoonvemenoe; And no Expoturt. It f>acset a fr??nent desire an* *i?es strength to Urinate, thereby Removing ubstniotiana. Preventing, and curing Stnoturea of the Urethra, Allaying Pain and Inflammation, so frequent >n th> ciasi of d. ceases and expelling all Pox ton out Dueatrd, and worn out Matitr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE BFKS THE VICTIMS UF OVACKS. and who hay pvrt b'<rryf'tt to be cured in a snort ?, i... t?,1. ? J?-? 1 -? - uiuo. tiovn i"uuu wi j wcic uogcivpii, ?na ma' die j ' POISON" has, bjr the use of"pow?l?CL a?- ! tbijigknta," been drie<l up in the ?y?U-m, to break out in an accravntAd form.aud PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?e Hki mboi.?*r Ext*act Bvcevfor all nJTeo tion? ar.'! di*e*?e? of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MA) E OR FEMALE. From whatever oau-e originating nod no (natter of HOW LONG STANDING Dii6M"? of the?c orr*n? require the aid of a Diwrtit HKLMB"Lp'S EXTRACT BUOHU IS THE t?RE\T DIURETIC. And i* o?r*atn t?i h*ve the d??ired eflVt in ?JI Diseases FOR WHICH IT IS R ECOM M KN l)ED. Rntltnr. of the most rtiinbU and '*tpon iible ckartur will acotiiopftnv the m<yiiai7,es CERTIFICATE* f'P CURES. From 1 to 2' ytnrs stantUmr, With Name* mown to SCIENCE AND FAME. Prtee SI 00 per Kettle, er aix far 00 Delivered to ant AMimi.secureiv trn observation. DSfClIIB* ?TMPT<>M? IN ALL CoHlirNIC ATIONS. Care# tiiBrmterd! Advice Gratis !! : AFFIDAVIT. P?r*nrta:!\ appeared before me, an Alderman of > theoity of p"hi adalphia.H.T HEL*Bot-D,whohetn* j duly nworn. doth *ay. hia preparawona no tain ao naroolio. no m'ronrj, or < her injurious urnjcn, but are pnrelv v?is?tai?le. H. T. 11K I. M BO L lissom and subscribed before m?. thia ?*i day of November, 1864 WM. P. HIBHKRD. Alderman. Ninth street. above Kaoe, Phtla, Addreia letter* for informat'on in ooo?denoe to H. T HEI.MUOLD. Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth at , bet Cheeniit, Ptnla. BiiWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLlil) DEALERS. Who endeavor to diapo?e or their own" and ' OTHER" ARTICLE* ok the reputation attained ?>K^iri*a o.? ? k itviiiii'Viu m vouuiuo i inwiiftiiiiiio, Extract Buchn, ' Saraapanlla, M " Improved Rom Wuh. Sold by 3. B. Wait*,#*? Seventh street,and B. C Foan.Ja, corner J'onu. avenue and Eleventh street, _ AND ALL DRPOGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut out the advorttaenant and e*nd l"r it. AND A VOID IMPOSITION AND exposure. ap4 eolv Engineers office. Alexaxdbia,June 36,1M0. MANASSAS GAP RAiLRoAD. S-X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on theliaa of this road from Mt. iack?on to Harrisonburg. Wur'i 41 a dajr; b a*d Sio par month. For information, *0., inquire of W M. S. FEWELL, Conpan}'1 Office, Alexandua. j? 28 dtJ?20,l?twAii*tl?ti?S-?p. BT A QUI Ar/l'T/i M nAnainu A u.1 (FIRS) INSURANCE COM PAN V. Arenm* and Ttntk Strut. J.~C~ WoGl'IRE, President O. D. HANSON. , ma HOWE'S IMPROVED W EIGHING SCALES The?e Scales are ofT?red t?> the subho aa the moat aim pie. durable, and reliable scale* rrer ?ut ta see. Kiratelask pr?iniuma have been awarded then by the Unifad States Fair and Virginia Afieu .tu'v Society; Vircima State Agnaulturai Pair; Frank. rs loHUtate Fair, Pennaj i vania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, ct., fco. In every oase where xiibited tiiej oave reoeived first eiaaa premiums For aa e at *i Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's Chimed Iron Safes. 4a IS-h K? C P ATTISON. Ai*nL DRIME COST.?Oraaadie. Jaconet. Herece. r Grenadine. and Silk Robes, from two teuu floanoea., a? firat coat. Wi will from thia dar fomrd offer our aetire atook of the above rood" at <>oet; do nor* will be a?fc#d for uf of tbon. We have hoc* thr.r*?h oar Dree* Woods and maiked down moat nrtku fcn.J of |ood?; and we reepeotfuliv aoUeit all in VUt of rioH Dreaa flood*, at *ary low prioaa, to aa ax amination of our atock. o* TAYLOR* HUTCHISON. ????? MiaClLLUrJOPB. if ^ / xoohomt! v v\ i'^7# dispatch: \ <? j \/Tlate tfce_ fiem! llmrn i* ia Mr? Hmi r^kU fen laAM MM Ahf4l and toanoiwt nr for r*ftini| Pimkn, Toy*, Crockery, to. SPALDING'S PRBPARKD ALCI Mft V I Mb f*TTl* ' C . f*+ . JVJ '' M'DWfM'.C f>4LL fttford to bo wiUioat IU It m aiwaya ready a?d ap to Uta atioklnc point. Tbwt i? no loader a naoaa itj for limpirg oha'ra, puttered rtuMri. biMiyi doTi?, and broken aradlee. It it inat Ui? article for onne.akeil, and other ornamental work, to popnlar witk ladies or raftaement aa'< taste. Thia admrahie preparation la aeed aoid, botaf obemiealiy k*id id eolation, aad pceeeeeia* aa Um aJaabie <aaiitina of tfca boat oabinet makers' It may b? need in Ue piaoe of onliaary muki*. be in# raatly more adhecire. - USEFUL lit EVERY HOUSE." Ptm*. 26 oents N. B.?A Bmk Moonp4DiM Mok bottlt. WktUfU No. 49 C?dv ?ty?t, N?v Tort. AddroM HEN R Y cTiPALDJNG 4 CO_ Box No. York. Put ? for D?al*r* ii Cmm oontaiaMg Fogr, Kirht. aixl TSroiro I>o**n?* bmntjftil Litbuf raph o Show Card Moonpuifiu Mob paekac*. C7" A ?u?l? botti* at SPALDUWS FKMPAKKD (SLUE will ?t? ten Obm iU ooot annua !y to orerr boe?#boi4.^Jl Sold by ail sromineat Stationer*. Draff lata, Hardware aad Farnitara Dealer*, Orooara. and Kanoy Store*. Country merohanta ahonld make a not* of 8 PAL ** T *r? ! 0 n > n < b b ik * - r r? *< i ? t vinrr a rnnrAnni-t ?am nin * i ij their list. It will vtacd anr climat*. fel<My BlUaI t>" 4 ^ Ol JJ. w?/?r ??ty (>4? ?km Pnttiif ?? J '^rtv yr '*? r?V "/ '*? *? ? # * < ,) fiwm id *ZOo . ill % iX ?in 'i*? fc?>. |A? Vai/rt Wiifci. ? V, f/55 y JjiluMMWlit dMl'f MV hfr+jr ~\t*o ^fjk ,Y *f ?t< /r?? y Wk^??j m*V ?Jr * *, M&ewl Af $*$ / $ C&ZjIF % $5^ U Bole fr^jpri rtoivlL CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO See. THAT IT IS mowsSYWHOT WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SO LE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORIL tOK SALE IN WASHIM*TO\ BY y 7 ly BARBOUR A SEMMK8. TOAR AFFINE OIL, 1 THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! We ?'? n?w r?cnvini( P? ai;.p Oil direct from the works in weet-rn Virginia. The , uv it? of it if excellent, producing a atead v, bri! an* and t o%utifu lirbt, and more pleasant to th? eye* than ta? lght. This Oil is fr?*? fromaduUratlon.eod twt maoh more economical than many of Urn Goal Oils aeed at this time. ITT" It ia in no war explosive. We k^p also a *-jr?3jr of the moat approved atrlee of Lamps, &c., burning tkia Oil. KING ft BURCHKLL, Agents for ita sale for toe District of Columbia, Corner t-ifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coai and Oil Company, da II TCAKKIAGKS. ~ HK ?at>eenber having rr.ade add I Dona to ai factory, matins it now one of the vtut^jHia ia the District, where hie fr. 9RK manui&otrriiuCARRIAGE & L1GHT WAGONS or all kinds cannot be surpass*d. ana from his long experieeoe in the business, ae hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of <iarn*f es and Light Wakens kepi e? All REPAIRSnaatly done,a&4allerdsrsprempt ty attended to. Beeen4-haes Carriages taken in exohanxe for are ene*. an D R1?W jTToYCK, ?m*r of t?tk a?4 17 m*m Five ki ndred traveling trunks arrived tht* day, embracing all auali ?er? ties and sixes of Sole Leather, 1 iili i jHfll Dress and Packin* T'unks. Our trunk^*1**' sa>s room exhibit* at this time the rr?*t?Kt wnt< of trarelrre re<j inait'S %t moderate ujrM. to be l<>cnd ibis aid* of New York. Alao.ev^ deecna tion of LAJMRS* HAT BOXES, VALICR9. CABPKT BAG'*, 8ATCHEL3. Ae. lipoid Trunks repaired or taken m exohMfe for new one*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk es Room. m%r ?-tf Pa. avfpne. fREEMAH & SIMPSOdJ ^OL^\WOLlS\ iMACHOLIfMAGNOL!^ ; Ij We offer for sale the abore standard braad of 1m Copper Pun M M?:ttc Rye Whisky, in barrela inf half-narre.a Aa it la of oar owe diati.a tion. and highly improve br we ooufrdai.t ? reoommend it aa the mm and beet W hiak j thtt Ota possibly he distilled. Wa aiso offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, awl other hraoda. from the largest stook of Piae Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN k SIMPSON. Phanix Distillery, oa the Schny.kill rirer, Phua. OAoee?96 Wall at reel. New York ; and 109 Beau Front straet, Philadelphia. mar ?-ly Baltimore life insurance co.-i* coaroaaTSB ltt>?Job* 1. Dohaxdsok, Pres.. M. Oocltkb, Aeo'y . - BUYe Descriptive pamphlets may be oMaiaad at the Company's A gen?y for the District of Co.umbia, ofioe of Lewis JoaaiaoD 4 Co., Bankers, lath atiajj n mtssxr*. n. &y<tsfiB'ufcVa e. *. mot*. (.kiitn. lAMAl.MOTf^AU^^.^ u.? CoartaoTthaftrwrt Jidicife Dutrioi of Mi?KjEwmM RSI! ? JACOB REED. M A!fr?ACTrmra ow MILITARY CLOTHIN8, Botthuit Coknkk Sbcond and Sriici HnM PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CU>THS FOR t?4LK. iUMB 12.000 cTO??L?We-V. ASS t&? attention <if tke to oar liri? &c<l w?il w> i?oi?0 rtot-k of ChftiurttoeMd Craft Apr * Ci.i*. wluoh v* |?wmU? to 5* >?r* aiA wilj b* told on rn> unahln tormi in nM*r Ia for ouripriaj ZjjjgT^ tm 9 No. MJ ?r?wwi at.. AwwtMnvi a ykllow pink ltmbkr. All D*?enjti<MW or tfc? bojr* lamb**, foi fttioUhoO 41'ict from tU> aovlaerfi iuhi b* joy 4k METCALF, tosnuts'# vvterf <M Rtlftwom, W4 BAKBE81 BI TTEE IN BALTIMORK.-W? OM?t?U nuom a* Ml) MAT n?lj yo? TlUl >wa mil of B?ttf .tw chu.oe. W*(4T(MM LOW mIoW m tec cfiiU, uvl fro? that m tolM t. ^TteSTWJIJSS. I BBH-??S-mm I MaUiUUIB. I J||[||j f ^ M?cm OtftTMJL,^ FOB JTSSSSfAF IMPRIPKNCB. JfO FALSE DBLKAry FRKTBirT APPLY IJNMED ATBLY. A CORE WARRANTED, OR HO CHAR*} B, Iff FROM ONE TO TWO DA I* 4 i??>l?wry ftwMifM luiuMf. ???l I De*tir:y, Nir?Mtra?, I>nf?w,U |w %tnu.C??1 *tM> rf IIhi. rftlftl H MlllMa, Amw fll?RM4.rM(IW *NI M Mm. Umimm W it? L>< r? ttw?M ? U??? ?? T?rnW? Pum4(d mr?<*g fa* lilmry l>hu * Tcath?ibaaa DNWta >>4 Dnmcum plhtmm vM rmm 4?? Htrrafi unpaawk.*. u>4 4**ir*r mu !t*4y MM j TOUHi MUM ^ ^ *?. ?miL u4 tMtrwu., taku ?Mu UNtlll ? ** ?nniy f?'i >?? 1? ' V?| MM >fM Mat *jU4 Ulima U4 toiiUM KUiiih, * a.<ffc< ?K?r*M kt? MruiH touiuiliMiH ?ni u ?* ?? ? / ? ? ? *mt*4 m >umt l?? ki?j lyr*. Mil nU h, ml AUILASB muiiu rntoM ? tmi m? itiumiku ?w rUf, t?u.( i?tn mt ptrttj i *Ht>m MftM ?*Vtt?y, Ac.. CiWl M WW fkCM kmMlf ??* Ik* MM af IS I att nh(< Mr imlii la k<* Hwi u y?U*?aa u4 lf?i ku akdl u * ornc* ? TiurraruumimrR, Ml ku< 1?" 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Nlr>na IrrwaMMtt.Danwaaan; af tlia Di<hu>? rn - . ?' , >m?n' DaMHf, ay *p*o-?e of 1'o.nnfua.. Ac MTTTa LL V ? T' ? fa?rf?i afaiuaa tka bM in iaa?b w ba 4raUi<?Laaa a' Maaafy. OaahaMa af Ma?a. l>?wlaaiaa flpirflt, E*U fart?di?p, iaflacuit, Itll bmriai, ba*aaf taliiada TiiaadtiT. aK.,?N MO) af Ika aviia pr? PCKfOII DBBIkTT -Twaau4i aaa wt Hp vkat la Ua taaaa af tbatr dacltalkf baakk. iaaiu ikair fca aawa[ vaak, yak, aanaw aad aBaciata4,V*H^ ? iw(Ui tffaimai aka?t tit* ayaa, caifi ariy<rpiaM*( c?ka?afuaa PIILA8U Or' tMPKinKRCB Wkan J?a Mtafaidad aad imprBdai t aatar? ?f p.aaawa li<a ka baa tarMbad *>a aaada af tfiaa paiafel dtaaaaa. M vaa ?Aaa kappaaa itu aa ill oaaaa aaaaa afakiM ar draad a(kaaea>ary datara him fraaa applviaf la ihaaa ?ha, fraa alau iaa, a>? raapacubtlr.?, can alaaa kalhail kaaa la la I la lata baa da af i|aaraot aad daaifaiag ra.asdara, ?ba, ixeayak a af cinai, lick hit pataai?r.T aatwtaaca. kaap baa irifftrg - - - M .a aa tka a^allAa. faa ka la biivi iwiva, wr mm ivui iw* v?? ww w MlMl, ul aa dnp4ir laaaa km ?.'> rainad kaaiik la a<fk a?ar kiafailing 4>a?ppainUMnl; a? ?r lk? ui afUiat 4a*4r f?Mi, Hircirj. butN tka eanautauaa>?I tfnpuM af tkia tamHa tWH,a?ifc u AfactMua Mori Threat. Waaa, km . ? . pp>frMit| villi frtflitfel ripliif, tali fn a Mmll ta hi* draarffa wftnnp by Nudinf has ta tfcai aa 4iaka*ara4 Muiry fraa iMn kMrn? n mulii mil ML JOIMOIttEMCPV rminer.AeK; WBAMISee AITD UfPOTMCT. Uf ikla fraat u' iDMUit rtaM; a iiImm af Ikt Mn? Ul apaadily caia4 and ftf I * 1 jar faaiar?4 T>aaai a4a a? ika MM MftNaad daktl?*ta4, ?M kad Iaai kit kapa, ka>a ban !Bm4ulaif raiiavad All iiapadimaa'a la Mamtfa Pkraiaa a* Miaul Olaaaalllaauaai. Laal af Prauauin Pavu, Nar?aaa limiMltt| Traabtinf an4 WiiIdim at Cikaaaraa afika aaat faarro MM Iflliltll carad EwnoMKMin or ras pum. m MART THi>C'?A NUB * arad atilua u.a. LMlaa atibli Iba taat aaaaataaa ra?ra. and tka aaiaaraoa laapanaat laifi aai aparauaca parfartnad by Dr. iatiaaao, wiu.aaaa?i by Mia ruanan af tka papara at*4 maar a*Jbar aaraaaa. oaucaa af Vkack ha?a auairad anaa ud affair kalWa tka, kaaiCaa kia aut.4*.f aa a fbatlaBaa af ckaracial aaa raaaaaa) *itnj< <? |Hnun*< w ?'? ?? 1 ' Wi f Dr. j. bovfk ix>D's IMPERIAL WISE BITTMZS. Art now beiag ui*d fn-na Maine to the Groat !*? ! Lake, auJ tne ntiveraai *erd:ot of ail who t* ain either aa a madia** or a* a brrrrft. la taat they are ansurpaeed in the world l?r. Dudi need them au<"oes*faliy .b hi* praotioe for Js year* before we por<~h>*ed of h>m the eole if ht to mar ubtcta'e and preeect them for aale to the public. For the oa'eof Ibeipiaat Consumption. ladiceetion, !>? peeaia. Pile*, Nervoa* ifiaea ea. Female Cowi piaiLt*. and ail eaaea reauir r . a tvuic liter are be 4 rood doubt a moat invaluable ran ed>. Aside from their medicinal projertiea they are a pure, wholeaome and deiightfai Beverage. producing al the pleasant exbile'atins effect? of Brauly ofWme without their njurioua reeuifa. l-et all i<iet,<1? of bamanity aod all a'l vooatea of lemperaao* aeai?t ua in anbetitninc ?aeae va.uao.e Vegetable Bitter a for the mtarra/ ^uoai and /.>**<> with which the oountry ia flooded and thereby offar ua . e ait f - .. . - ? I W IW ?i ' Hi I an II.I1| W1U 1/TNUKrOTfl from the land. OHAKLKH WIDDIFIKLD It CO.. Proprietor#. 7" William street. New Vork. J, N'HWaKZK a?ect, Waahi&ctua, D. C. DR. J BC^VFR DOIW imperial oin bitters. Por Dieeaeea cf the K.dncji H adder ai d Urinary *?rcan?. and for Fcm*1" Ouatraotiorie, never fk. to cure, and are nrrtcted to (i re mui ^CHtkLW WIDDIF1ELD k CO, fropnetora, T- William at.. New Vork. J. JHCHWARZE, je7 ly.r Acent.WMhincton.D-f*. Highly important to all; M US COX^S INDIAN VEGETABLE VKCOCTION. It u v?U known that in the 8prmc peop e are ore apt to ooi. tract ihseaee than at an* other period; sad it is eqaaiiy weii-known iha: the way to ward off dieeaae :a to keep the n xj pare, for "all the ilia that Seen ia hair to," ariae from impann of the blood, tor riaic apnnc of oar ecietono*. ia, therefore, important tua'i that the evetefn kialH 0>..r.?.kU - ? -I ?? J thi* 0*11 ba dl>na il the ?< ?! afleotvaJ wat by cfi&f MRJTm COTS INDIAN THiETJLEl E DF COCTI0!f,1h? best ronedy dtan^vered for the care of (Iiiwm of F.rystaeiaa, .*cr?<a!a Rheum*Km, Nerroas Dehi itj, Ferers of different kind*. iKWi Lire* Complaint, mk) all other <1 i?ea?*? tnni( froa imfii it; of tk* bond. It the moat remarkable ccraa, m can he above by p*ruficate? from peraone of the hif beet respectability, and la reoomr?*nded by ai who have aa'd it as the moat iavuuaMa reined .a> a?ert of the du. ItTlHi told by all the ?>t .mists of BalUaor*. audat the residence of the pro?ne?or. MRS. M. COX. l**Eaet He. Umore Ptreet. 4 between EJeu street aitd Centra, a venae -m None (*DiLine ar. eaa her name la blown on tha botMe and ber aea on the oork IL/" Prioe #1 per bott>, six bottles for &. Wholftal- At cm. ft. ft T. CisasL. Dmilitt, Georgetown. D C., Whoeeaie Agent for the lhs tnrt. aad will soppy tha trade at my pricee. mar f?-tr rpHB ALL SUFFICIENT TIIKG TBIB.BK.T1A1V, I, ?, * I, frlMttd ** Roymi Lttlmr ?f Entimmd. mmd ?MWltd hv Sfh nf tk* Et*U is Phmrmtmru da F??if. mmd ik* Iwwrtml CmUtgt ?T H?<iiwi, rlMAA, No. 1 ia lUTaiaabefor exhaaatioc, flpafialm iluu, aad a11 ahyaioa'' diaabilitiea. No. U cmpeUiy ?rkd cMm all tracea of Uom diMUN urn npve boon hitherto X'tmArxi bt the uaa moui and pernicicaa om of coyaria and oa beha. No. 3 hu MUrf j aaaplaulec the nuarinae aee of mercury. thereby inaurinf to tbe nftrti raliaf. diaperaiBc all impariUea, aad rootiac oat tba 'fllllBKCCklM. 1 .Itad l?r?rr?Mr?d nU? form of * uiMr, devoid of t**t? tad anail. and eu be earned in the waiato<>?t picket. Md ip tig omn. and divided into ae par ate doaea,M admiatalarod b? VaiMM. La .eii.aati. R?ai. HioordT *o. P-;oe nttak. or faar aaawa for #* ai.^iaarn f) acd IB #27 MM. whereby there ia a aa iuc of mi. To ba tal, wboliaaaleaod rataU,of DrTB^If OW, 194 Hie^oke'itraet. loar doora below McDoaaal attaaC New York. Immediately op raoainpf a re aaittaaoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tri aaaaia i toaay aartofttewor r.aeoare y paekec, ud addraaaan aoeordicf to the matruouoaa of the Vnter. SoM a.a? t y 8. CALVERT FORD, Jr, Wiafclaitoa. D. C. da Ma p uvin? Q.UI riwn Booftfc Cwlllli, &Z' ii . *?U? ?r!nM>! **T! & n .;rr, K^-n?ow WiU MMI ?M4aat<c. kddrMk ui |MM wiJ SPOB 0TAMPIN* . A PACKRT OP PAPBB AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. METROPOLITAN BOOBPTOBB. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. _ ( A,wu frussssi M J*?4n.r lit P*. ??rW WiWitt .279 _*:~SSS!L .806 xf ^^sst.'&iiSS^isM wnw? otomn nt iiimoitowMMw ofuim JSWIifjjp" tauMbW Hfl*. wilt th? MHWM|lMa IM 4i? **,!? h wfc Mt> w kM ln?>?rto imw ? f&ffim&sm

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