Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1860 Page 1
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0 # Sta r. ' >. ?. t : V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JULY 21. 1860. N?. 2.316. . ? THE EVENING STAR It 4 j PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) J AT THE STAR BUILDIHGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and \Xth ?*., IT W. D. W1LUCH. , m | * ? F&pera aenred in paekagw by oarriOTv at 94 ft year, or 37 eenU per month. To mail ??b??rtb?r? the pnoe la f3J0 a yaar, m adraM; $2 for six month*; 91 for thrM months; and for 1?m than throe month* at tharate of 12o?nta a w*tk. Simula r->tpi?e, os? csst; in vrappara, two cntre. iLTADmTiuxinTiihonld he?ent to the efioe belore 12 o'olook m ; otherwise they may not MM** antil the next day. THE 115KNOWN CH IMPIOX. The front door of Lysle Hall shut ?o hea-rily that it shook the house, startling a young girl and boy, wh^ sat ia the deep embrasure of a window, apparently waiting for something or *oma persAn The girl wax dark-haired, darkeyed, and extremely pretty, though her lips curled rather haughtily and an imperious glance shot from her large dark eyes, which told of a proud spirit. The boy was pale and golden-haired?wholly anlike his oompanion and sister in feature, though his pale, thin lips had the same haughty curl, and his blue eyes grew dark with pride. A poor weak thing was Alfred LyMe, his right arm and leg being withered: had been so from his birth. He waa gentle, affectionate, highspirited and talented. the idol of his widowed father and proud sister. There were times when hu spirit chafed, and he almost curbed the poor maimed body which was such a clog to him Alfred read aloud, while his sister Agnes busied herself with a piece of embroidery, giving. if the truth be told, a very divided attention to the word* of her brother. Was not that a glorious description?" asked the toy, raising bis face all glowing with poetical enthusiasm. " Yes I think I never heard a cataract described more beautifully." ' Wby, Aggie' I got long past the cataract, and reachedthe meadow." 44O, have you, dear? Well, Alfred, to tell you the honest truth, I got thinking of something else. Be so kind m to read it over again, and this time I will surely listen to you." The boy laughed gaily as he answered? 4- No use. Aggie, your wits would be wooleatherin* ntrahi before I hail rend four IiriA>< 7 will not torment you any longer. Shall I talk to you instead, or would you rather be isilant?" " Talk, if you please, Alfred " ' What think you, sister Agnes, will be the result of this conference?" he asked in a low tone. * The girl raised a troubled face, and answered very slowly? " Indeed, Alfred, I scarcely dare think The Dudleys are not famed for generosity, and " Bang ' bang ' It was the ball door, closing so heavily that it stopped her words, and caused both the young persons to start with alarm. 44 Gone at last!" exclaimed Agnes And she rose to her feet just as the door of the room where they were sitting opened, and old gentleman entered. ' What now, father ? I thought Mortimer Dudley would never go. flow is it settled?" " The matter stands just as it did before. He Will not abate one inch of ground, nor will I fl? thinks his claim as good as mine, and day ofter to-morrow we meet on the debatable ground, and with sturdy lances settle the queation." 44 Good fatherI feared you might be compelled to yield, and I couldn't boar to think tnat in your old age you would be obliged to give up your home and go among strangers. The esse bas been carried from court to court, and year;> have pa-wed away in futile waiting; now. a well-directed blow, and the proud Earl of Dadley will be overthrown. Ay. charge at him, father, and m?y God and St. Mary guide your weapon so that you come off conqueror!" The old man smiled. and patted the glowing cheek of hi* pretty, spirited daughter, then seated hi in.-ell beside his son and read with him. Sir Henry Lysle was about fiftr-five^hand*>me and high-spirited. an upright, honorable, and kind father For two generations, between the houses of Dadley ana Lysle, had been a long gtanding quarrel concerning some property, two-thirds, including the buildings of the Lysle estate The dispute had been carried from court to court, without any decision being made in favor of either party. Lately, Robert, Earl of Dudley, had died, and his son, a dashing young man of twenty-five, tired of the oldtime quarrel. proposed to settle the debate by single combat, to be held on the debatable territory?then, in the fourteenth century, a very common method of settling disputes. Thus the matter stood, and with conversation and reading the three passed the evening After Alfred retired, Agnes lingered behind, seemingly averse to leaving her father. Sir Henry noticed her hesitation, and, putting an arm round her waist and smoothing her dark, curling hair, he said earnestly? "Day after to-morrow, Agnes, I shall mount my good stee I and battle for my rights and our home. If I fall, ai fall I may, we are homelew. Should anything happen to prevent me from engaging in the conflict " ' But nothing can happen to prevent you, father," eagerly interrupted Agnes " Nothing but sudden illness or death, my child." "O. father!" " We must look at possibilities, my dear ebild. and I trust you do not shrink If, as I say, anything should prevent me from engaging in the fight, f^know not what yoa will do. A little money l have; you will find it in the ebony cabinet beside my bed. With that you must go with your brother to our relations beyond the border. Never mind, my child?I feel that vou tremble. We ll onlv look on the bright side; and now. good night " Thus they parted, with one fond embrace. As Agnes entered her chamber her heart was heavy with presentiment of coming evil." About midnight Agnes *? aroused from a deep, though troubles slumber, by a hand laid firmly on her shoulder. It wag Margery, the old nurse "O dear Mis? Agnes, get up! Wake?as quick as you can, for you are wanted !" There was trouble and despair in the old woman's Toice, and Agnes sprang from her bed and began to dr*>a as hastily as possible, while ahe eagerly questioned Margery " What is the matter, Margery?" ?? Kir U?nrv. vour dear father. i* ill?tiknn suddenly " " With what'" 44 0 dear, Miss I don't know! James, who always sleeps in the next room, heard a kind of groaning, and, rushing in, found my dear master in some kind of ant." 440, merciful Heaven! spare my father to me!" exclaimed the trembling Agnes, as, throwing a shawl over her shoulder*. she flew, rather than ran, down stairs At the door of her father's room she paused, and turning to Margery, who had followed as close as t>he could asked: 41 Has any one gone for the doctor 44 Yes. James went as soon a* I could go to master" Agnes entered the dimly-lighted chamber and approached the bed where her father lay so white and motionless, while the frightened servants stood round mutely Sir Henry Lysle was a good, kind master, and the servants were devoted to him. Summoning all her courage. Agnes nesred the bed. At the first sight she trembled, for she thcught her father was dead Bending over him. she laid her hand upon his heart, and was rejoiced to feel that it pulsated still, though very, very faintly. Ignorant what to do, AgQM bathed her rather s tace, and was in despair at the faiiare of her efforts, when the physician entered. Dr Thompson pronounccd it to be a paralytic stroke, and proceeded to bleed the patient. Soon Sir Henry opened his eyea, and seemed conscious of all that wis going on He endeavored to speak, but that being impoaoible, paper and pencil ware brought h:m, In large, irregultr characters, be scrawled? " Doctor, will I be wj 11 enough to go out tomorrow ?" With wiatful eyes he watched the physician a* he deciphered the characters, and hia face ?i(<re*Med the bitterest despair as Dr Thompson shook his bead Again he Wok the pencil and wrote? "1 cannot meat Mortimer Dudley, and we are loat, Agnea!" I Agnes read|tbe irregular writing, so different & from hifl usual firm, olear words, and she could scarcely repress tbe tears, bat, brave!y mastering her feelings, sbe said, a* she bent over tbe stnoken man? " Can you distinctly bear and understand what I say, father?" A faint nod was the answer. " Then rest in peace, dear father, for a champion will be found who will strive as manfully as you?and God grant that he may be as brave and skillful." A smile of contentment passed over the siok man's face, and be oalmly closed bis eyes Too ill to question or doubt, he believed his daughter's words. Towards the close of that day, Agnes returned from a short and rapid ride, ana sought in tbe stable for old Arnold, her father's trusty enquire. Tbe old man turned as he heard the clatter of the horse's hoofs, and was only in time to see Agnes spring lightly from the saddle. He doffed his cap respectfully, and waited for his mistress to speak. " You know, Arnold, that it was my father's purpose to ride forth to meet young Dudlev at daybreak to-morrow " I know?I know, Mistress Agnes, but he's ill, stricken down, and cannot go," answered the old servitor. in a mournful voice. " I know of a champion," and the girl's pale face flushed as she spoke, "a rather inexperienced youth, but one who has a brave heart keen eye and ready hand. All that he has. but no armor, and my father's is full too wide for him. Know you of any other ?" *' lrp in the garret is a suit long unused. It belonged to your father when he was a mere stripling, scarcely stouter than you. dear lady." u That will do very well, I think. Have it brightly polished, all in order, and lay it on the couch in the bed room." 44 It is as bright now," Mistress Agnes, replied the old man. resnectfullv. though witK ?n accent of pride, "ag the day your Father last wore it, nearly forty years ago I loved the armor my young pupil wore, and no spot of dust dull* its bright surface, no stay unloosed, or dinted plate. "Ever faithful, good Arnold, all is well. To-morrow, at daybreak, be at the hall door with black Rudolph, father's horse, yourself in armor, ready to accompany the young knight." " Vour bidding fhall be done." " And, Arnold, should the young knight lack aught in riding, or in the handling of the lance, direct him as you did my father. ' Agnes turned and walked quietly to the house, wnolly unconscious of the curious gate which followed her. Old Arnold looked after her with wistful eyes, then murmured aloud? " Proud step, line her father, yet light as a fairy's. Where has she fouDd a champion ? Jessie has been ridden sharply, I see, by her reeking Hanks and heaving sides. It cau't be that poor young Master Alfred is going to try; that would be madness, though 1 know he is equal in spirit to it, poor fellow; no, no, that can t De, tor bis arm is neither steady nor strong, I can't think " 44 Arnold, old fellow," exclaimed a cheery roice, "don't bother your old brain, but obey orders. To-morrow will solve your doubts. Uod and St. Josephus grant that our poor master s cause may be victorious." " Amen, Joseph," responded Arnold And he turned and went slowly towards the hall Just before daybreak the next morning, obedient to orders, Arnold, clad in armor, holding black Rudolph, stood at the hall door. His own horse was held by Joseph Both men watched with anxious eyes the opening of the heavy oaken door. 41 Mayhap the young knight oversleeps himself, and is dreaming now of his lady-love." mockingly whispered the yeoman to the old esauire The words were hard! y out of his mouth when the door swung back upon its hinges, and the riug of a nailed heel was heard upon the stone steps. Kager ejes were raised and lowered in great disappointment, for the visor was Lightly closed. Perfectly silent,the unknown knight mounted the spirited war-horse, took the lance, and started off at a smart trot, closely followed by Arnold. The yeoman shook his head, as he gated after them, and muttered, while watching them till out of sight among the trees? 44 It's nobody I know. He mounted none too glibly, though he rides well. A slender youth is to combat with a fiery youDg Dudley Success to him '" In perfect silence the knight and the esqaire rode the short distance to the field of combat? a plain in the farthest verge of the Lysle domain. As thev neared tho field th? vnnmt knight said? " lou must lead the way. Sir Esquire, for I know not bat I may go wrong." The voice was deep and dear, but in vain did Arnold strive to remember having heard it before. Bilently he obeyed. At last the ground was reached, and the stranger rode into the field on one side, at the snme moment that Mortimer Dudley entered on the other. A few people were assembled to witness the struggle. The unknown knight and Mortimer Dudley gravely saluted, then backed their horses to the extremity of the field, and waited, with lances in rest, for t&e signal to be given. A stout man, Sir William Delorne, gave the required shout. On an inaiant both horses sprang forward and bore their riders on. Once tbey met. yet neither was struck; the second charge, the Karl of Dudley touched the shoulder of the young knight, who visibly reeled. Arnold was in despair, and murmured? " All lost' the next charge he will fall!" A third time they rushed forward, and in a cloud of dust one went down Arnold closed his eyes and fairly groaned, when a shout made him reopen them?" Lysle forever! Lysle forever !" Sure enough, it was the proud Earl of Dudley who was unhorsed, and beside him knelt the stranger knight. 41 Now yield you, Mortimer, Earl of Dudley ." 441 yield," said the young Karl, "but I would know to whom, for that you are not Sir Henry Lysle I am sure. ' The friends of both parties stood around, and Arnold among the foremost. '-Kise up, Mortimer, Earl of Dudley, and jou shall know who has been able to conquer you " The young nobleman rose, and with folded arms looked at the slender mailed figure before him. The stays were unlooaed and helmet threwn back, and the sun streaming through the clouds which had until then obscured it, shone full upon the uncovered face Mortimer started, while a loud triumphant shout rent the air. The young m&n gazed in wonder and admira non upon me aencaie tace, long, waving brown hair, and heaving bosom, of juung Agnes Lvsle! A red ttufh rose to the brow of the haughty Karl, and he bit his lips with rage. ' Be not chagrined, brave Dudley, ' said Agne.4, in her rich, sweet voice, while the long dark laches drooped on her cheek, which was now paling, and she extended her mailed hand * You have but bowed to the fate decreed to all mankind. From the beginning to the end of time brave men will yield to the power of woman, and degrade not their manhood by so doing. I battled for my home, 8ir Karl, and (iod guided my arm. Hereafter let us meet as friends who have proTed each other's mettle. Shall it be ao ?' Unable to resist the sweet voice and bewitching smile, Murtimer seized the mailed band, and kilting it, whispered ao low that none of the bystanders heura: " Y'es, a thousand times yes?and from my fall I will ris? and soar higher than ever, seeking only for your love and approbation." A bright flush spread over the beautiful face, and for a moment the dark eyes were raisedonly for a moment?then, with a half marmured farewell, Agnes mounted her father'* borw usd prepared to leave the field u quietly as ?he came. Bat this waa not to be so. for all the people present turned, with one accord, and, in triumph, accompanied her home She tried in rain to remonstrate against this?her words were unheeded. At her bridle-rein rede the pjoud Earl of Dudley. Upon bis bed of illness lay Sir Henry Lysle. The shouts of the returning party reached his ears, and by signs be inquired the cause. " The stranger knight returns victorious," exclaimed Margaret, in delight. Alfred, who sat beside the bed, ro?e up, exclaiming, while his frame fairly trembled wi'Ji excitement? " 0, father! all the joy i.nn'tcome yet. Wait till you know it all. Shall I go and lead the proud conqueror to your bedside, dear father?-' An eager sign of assent w&s given by the invalid, and Alfred hastened, as fast as bis lamenew would permit, from the room. With a step less firm, and varying cheek, Agnes, led by her brother, entered Sir Henry's chamber Her visor was closed. Coming forward, she ki??lt beside the bed At an eager sign from her father she strove to unloose the stays, but her trembling fingers refused to do her bidding. The Earl of Dudley, who still kept by her side, undid the fastenings, and Alfred threw back the heavy helmet, disclosing the blushing, agitated face of Agnes Lysle. The rfhock was great, and effected a cure, for Sir Heury rose up in bed and exclaimed : "Agnes! Agne.s! my Agnes! In armor! coming here victorious!'' 41 Yes, father." ex&laimed Alfred, "Agnes it is surely." Mortimer Dudley here stepped forward. "Gently, Sir Henry. Lay back upon your !* * puiow. JbiKe a Dero, your daughter donued armor, and bravely combatted for your rights, and unhorsed me. I, the proudest nobleman in England, am here to say it. I yield to her all?my heart and fortune, the devoted love of a lifetime, here in your presence, I lay at her feet, praying that she may not give me my death-blow, for refusal will kill me.'' With deep, devoted love shining from hi.* eyes, the haughty Mortimer Dudley waited her answer. Rising from her knees, all clad in clanking armor, and her face brilliant with happiness. Agnes Lysle came forward and placed the tiny hand so lately encased in a mailed gauntlet, in the hands of the young Earl, saying, with her * ! ? i mscmanng smile? 41 If I vanquished you, Mortimer Dudley, you have conquered me for all time." Mortimer folded the young girl in one fond embrace, then turning to Sir Henry, who lay upon his pillow, smiling. but weak, said . "Your blessing. Sir Ilenrv Lysle. This day your daughter has won back your inheritance and robbed me of the things most valued in this world?heart and liberty?two feats." Thus Agnes Lyslo became the wife of one of the proudest nobles in England, and tho memory of her feat is still chcrished, for the crest of the Dudleys is "out of a ducal coronet of gold, a woman's bust, her hair disheveled, bosom bare, a helmet on her head, with stay or throat-latch down," and a manuscript in pos session of the Dudleys of Northamptonshire, preserves the story of The Unknown Champion. AMRS. WIftKLOW, N Experienced Nurse and Feroaie Physician, presents to the attention of raothera. her SOOTHING SYRUF. Far Children Teething, WhUfc fraatly facuuataa tba pracaaa ( laaihlnf, *j tnf Iba fama, r?1ncinf all Iniimmatiar. ? will allay ALL ral* and apaaraadic acuau, aod ia SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapa>'d a pat. n, nio'.hara, it <ill (i>a raat ta ;nrialtaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W a ba?a pat ?p ind (Old tbia a rue.a for oar tan jtura, aad CAN I At. I!? cow rmaait unTiniu^ii ?1? L oo?ar baan ahl* to -oay of aoy otH in Marticino?"btbh MRS 'hii it niLlD.ii A Ol.tSLB !? wi.tMiw,."4"' TO ?r PBCT A CURB, ?' 'SLUW ? ?h?n timoly Hid. tfavirdid wt koi* VOIITH I Wn *n motaoco of <!) * atiaf* cuon ly any _ oi.t who cud it. Ob tbo contrary,*11 ara SYKUP, doiirhtod with iu ofikatioiii, and apoai in torma of bighoot cornmoodation of it* magical all tela And rnodical virtsaa. Wo apoak in ,hia mattar "WHAT W b Do llof," Aftortan yoara' axptrionco, ai?d plbdgbgur rbputaTIO* KOR THI t VLPI l. M bt?T OP what W? htrb OB clarb In Almoo: a?ary matanco wharo tho infant la acfforInf from pain aod aihauatioti, roliof will bo found in Iftaoc r twonty minBtoo aftor tho oyrap 10 admimatarod. Th:a aaloabla preparation la in* praicription of ono of tho nut llPIHimciD and iBlLrt'L fll'lliBi in Naw Knrl*ad, add baa boon aiad with wmn-raiLine (UCCBil 1b THOUSAyDS OF CASES. It Bot only roltovoa tbo child from pain, bat IfiTiyoratao tfc* bowa.a, eorrocto acidity, and fiaa* too* and onorgy to tho wbol* ayotom. It will aliroa; ..?t?ally roliavt Gbipina in thi Bowili and Wind Colic, and oaaroofno eoi.?nloioo?, vblch, if not ipoodMj rt moL'ic 1 ond 10 daatb. Wo ab?ln?a it tha BBir AKDll'IIIT RIM- FUR IDT 10 tho WOB I D to all caaca of Dll* CHILDREN BUTBRI aod Dlil RNSa I!? CHIL- TLKTHIKG DRBff, whathor It oriaaa from toothing 1 or from an* othor cauaa. Wa would lay to aaory moihor who haa a child auffannf from any of tba fo.-afoihg complaint*?Do (tor LBT TOUR PR BJUDICBI, HOB THB PRBJI'DII B< OF OTH SKI, otAiid bokwoon yoapaBfanng child ood tho roliof that will bo ORB?yoa, ABSOLUTBLT Sl KI-ta follow tho aao of lb tnodicmo, if tlrroly Btod. Foil dirtctior.a for Being will * tampan? lien ootut. font ( nam anlaaa lb* f?e aiaiiia CCRTi# ft I'KRKINH. Ni* York, mm lha hM| wrappa Bed by Prarriaia tbroorhoot lha world. Principal Off ca, No. 1J Cad?r Sum, N T. Pries aDlvtS <"anta par Battia. a? pROrOSALttToR COAL AND WOOD Office Secretary of thb Senate U. S.> July 11.1860. s Proposals will be received at thia office till 12 o'clock m . on Monday, the3?h in tant. for formatting for the uaeofthe Senate five hundred tona best White A?h Furnace Coat and fifty cords beat atrauht Pine Wood. The whole to l>e pactir-d away in the vaults of the Capitol, in p acea whioh will ue ahown on application to the Kagineer in the service of the Senate, and to be delivered by the 13th S?ptrmber next Honda for the laithlul exe cution of the contract will be required. Bids for the Coal and the Wo<>d will be oon idered separately, and satisfactory arrangements must be made for the oorrect measurement of both. ASBURV DICKINS, jy 12-dtanth Seoietary of the fcenate. IVJATIONAL ~~~ ? | ^ a/iAW i vn ri vni u WORKS, Grkes Strekt, Between Bridge and Water streets, Georgetown, D. C. A targe stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS, Also, TALLOW and GREASE for Locomotive*, Steamboat#, and a 1 kind# of machinery. always on hand, and for sale at price# t<> suit the trade C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. iy 10 eotf WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? D Strut, Between 9tk and lOfA Street*. We have just finished a number of first olass CARRIAGES, snoh as Light Fancy* t-> W*gems, Park Pheatons. Family Car-YSKZjK&Z riaget, and But net, which we will seh at Mr MLa ver? small profit. /leing practical mnchanios in different branohes the business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that?i'l give satisfaction, oombining lightness, oomfort and durabi.ity. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the shortest n< tice and most reasonable oh&rres. WALTER, KARMANN * BOpP, Coachmakers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. 27-d l y TMDHDTA1VIT Tn UAITOI?^ pr?**i?i?a vntAili A V/ nvUOCiHI!<C?ri!tRS. e. r. durkee* co.'s BXjXIOT sfzobs. Gnaranteed not oniy ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from freah 3pioea, eel#ote<l and deanec bT u? expieaeiy for the pnrpoae without reference to oomX. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur/ by keeping, and are fail weight, while the ordinary groand Spioee are almoet invariably ahort. We warnurt aa a tingle trial will abundantly prove. Mauuffcotured only by E. R. DURKEE & CO., 181 Pearl aC.NtwYork. Francis harper, B4V15G OPBMKD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, t'eri?*r if A'ne Yfk avntti and Tenth strerI, Respectfully aolicita the patronage of thnae who may t>? m want of any article in the aooye line. Hm eodeavcra ahall be to piraae, and by a strict attention to the w&nta of the nnhli/, k? I-"--- ' - V V-- ~ ? r-???w, uv Iiupv* w IUCI11 hare of their patronage. Hie U>ok oonaiata or every artiole uauallv to be found in ft firat-cleaa Family Grocery and Feed Store. ma 17 tf AUCTION SALES. . _ By A. GRKKN, Auctioneer GALE OF VALUABLE RKAL E9TATEHj virtue o< the order and decree of the Orphan*' Court of the District of Columbia hear in* date on the 2<J davofJuoe.A D., 1166. and duly confirmed b? the Circuit Court of said Distriot, in ohaitoery aittiaK. I, William D.xon. Gaurdian to Millard F. and tieorge E. Garner, shall offor for Mile at public auction, to the high?*t bidder, on THL RS|>a Y, the s?th day of Jaly, A. 1)., IMP on the premise*, at fcK o'oiook, p.m., ?n the term* aereinaAer stated, ail tho right, title, and interest of my said wards, of, in, ana to the foliowi'.g r<al estate, vix: All that part of Lot known upon the p!aaofthe City of Washington. in said District, as Lot numbered twenty seven, < 27.> in fquare numbered seven hundred and thirtr two, \TSl.) (rooting twenty five (25.1 feet on t??-oond street. 3ommencing at the Southern line of Lot numtp red ,W6Dtl -lit . i'Xi 1 Piisinine H.uirk Ureet twenty five (25) feet, thenoe Weet sever tytve(7S) feet; thenoe North, twent* five (25.) f^t, ma thenc? Kait.tothe place of begimng. A'tn, it I that part of Lot numbered twenty "ight, (5* Mn id Square, numtiered seven nundred inf. tki'ty tYo, 1732.) oomrnenoing for said part of L'>t,a> a pust on a public alley, in said square, at the S~>u h' a?S corner of raid t.ot and running thenoe Que West with the line of said alley fourteen (14) fe< t; thsnoedus North, fifty-foor (54) fe^t and fire (5 icrhe*; therce due East fourteen <14) feet to the W#it line o( said Lot. twenty-seven, (27,)th?noe die ?outh, fitly four (M) feet, and five i ches, to th3 place of begiuinrf, wuh the improvement* there on, oonsi?ting of a two-atorv frame (lou^e, con t*.niig six rooms, with hack building attached, as d?*cribed in said order and decree. A d at the sams time and pi ace, by virtue of the said order and decree, I. Joh;> P. Lv'nsh. Guardian toGharles O. Garner, shall offer for sa e,at public auct on, to the highest bidder, on the terms herein aft?T stated, all the right, title, and ii.terestof raj said ward of. in. and to the above-mentioned and described propert>. This property fronts on 2d street East between South B ai.d J'outh C streets, in the vioiuity of the Capitol Grounds. It is well located a'd offers ?r?at inducem nts to persons desirous,of iwctn.g. Term* of i-a.e: One-'hird cash; the residue i* two equal instalment*, of i.ine and eighteen fro- ths, securea b? the notes of the purchaser ?ati*facton 1* endorsed, ar.d bearing interest from the da* of ?ale. Tit'edeeuto t>e retainod until the whole of nil purcnase money is pud. All ojnve)ancing at the cost of the purchaser. WM D.XON, Guardian JOHN T. LYNCH, Gnardiai. A. GREEN, A not. At th?> ?*me hour and place, and on the same terms mentioned in Uie ahiove advertisements, we hall o(f.?r far sale all the dower, intrre?t and o aim of Mary Ann Garner, wido-rofjohn \V. K. <iarner. I deceased, 1 of. in, and to the at>ov? desji it>?d property. CARRLNGTON * LLO ?1>. Attorneys for Mar* Ann <?arner jy 10 Staw&ds A GKKEX. Auct. Hy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ON TUESDAY, the 31st innt, we shall sell, in front ot the premises, at 6 o'clock p m , in c nip lanca with the tsrms of a deed of trust to us fro'i. Thos A. B own and wife, dated 2lth September, 1M8 and reoorded in Libar J. A S., No. 1H8, puce ? c.. '?ne hi tne aril records ol Washington oounty. parts of lot* 11 and 12 in square So i-97, banning ??r the same forty feet three inches from the southwest oorner of said Square, runnm< thanoe Kast on a lino with D street South; en feet th.-nce North; seventy feet thenoe West; six teen feet thence South; seventy feet to the p ace of beginirg, together with the improvements, otfnsist rk <>f a two story Frame House with one story Back Building. Terms: One-fourth cash; b&lanoe in 6,12, and 13 months, after day of sale, with notes secured by a d-'ed of trust on the premises. If the terms of *al?? are rot oomplird with within five days after the d*y of sale the trut-t^e reserves the right to reseil the property at the puohasers risk ana cost, after giving one week's r otio?. GEO. C. HKNNINO, / GEO. R.THOMPSON \ jyl2Staw4d* A. GREEN. A not. 11 A Kt*H A L'9 SALK.-ln virtue of a writ of 1*1 fi?i?i facias issued froin the Clers's Offica of the Circuit Court of the District of Couu.bia for the County ol Washington, and to m? directed. 1 will expo?e to public sale, for cash. in font of the Hark of Washington,on TUESDAY, the 24th dav <>f July, I860 commencing at 10 o'olock.a. m , the following goods and chattels, to wit, viz: 24 vol. Congressional Debates, lfi do. A nna.s of Congress. 2 do. American State Papers, 1 do. Pension and B-unty Land, "by JWayfco," 1 do. Opinion of Attor er li?"nBrai. I do Stnniiti/ol l?,.i?>? i - * - i* Statue,* do. Life and VVorka of JohiTj. Adams, 1'2do. Diplomatic C?rre?pondenc?", "liy Sparks;' ?->inx1 and levied upon a< th? rood i and ohar*;s of fames H??nry, and will be sold to eatisfr Judicia No. % tw May term, i860, m favor of John K. Kendall. \V. SKLDEN. y 1S-.1U 1.3 Marshal. \1 * RSH A L'S SA LK ?In virtue of wo writs of i."l fieri facias, issued from the Clark's Offtc? of tie Cirouit Court of the District of Columbia.for th* county of W.ishiiicton, and to medirected. 1 expose to public sale for oash, iu frotit of the oo-rt h< use door, of ?eid county, on .MONDAY, 16th d\y of Aujust nest, 1H6 >. at 12 o'clock in..ail defendant's rinht, title.c aun and int*re?t in and to the following uescnoKl property, to wit, via: Lot No 3. in Square No. 7<3, and lot No. jn, in Square No. 9"l, together with all and singular the improvements U ereon, se;z?d and levi-xl upon as the property of Jniaua Harry an1 James C. Rarr*, and will he sold to fatisfy judictals Nos. 1<>S and 194, to May term I&5B, in 'avor of Anthony Addison. W. SELDEN. If. I". Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia. jy 13 dtds MA KSHAL'SSALE.?Invirtueof Swrits o: fi?n fac:a? issued from the Clerk's offioe of rne Circuit Oou't of the Distriot of Columbia, for the county of WirtlS^tBSj ana to me directed. I Will expose id puoiio saie, mr cun, in rront ol the court house door of snid county, on MONDAY. th?? fith day of August next, 1W', at IJ o'clock m , all dt feud*nt's right.U tie,claim and interest n and to Lot No. IS in Square No. *32. in,the oity of Washing'or, l?. C.,together with all an singular the improvements tH^reon, *"ilt>d arid ievi-d up<m as M-e property of CIms H Van Patten and will be sold to satisfT Judicial! N'oa 73 a-d 79, to Ootofierterm 1859, in fkvor ol John W. Thompson and Z. D Gilinan W 8KLOEN. jy lS-dts U. 8. Maraha! for District of Columbia. MARSHAL'S 8 A LE.? In virtue of a writ of fie i facias, ismj -d from the Clerk's ..ffioe of the Crouit Court of tne District of Columbia, for the courty of Wa?liin?ton, and to me direo'ed I will expo-e to put lio u o, lor cash, in front of the oou:t house door of said oounty, on 8ATUKDAY, the ?SU? day of July next, l& . at li o*c!oc? m , tne fol1 wing property, to wit: Al< defendant's right, tilie, o a in. and interest in and to a certain dw?!in,g house ere Jted on looter ght <8 >ai dtliesouth un eteon (19 feer four(4) inch's on Lot mn?, (9> in numbered three hund;od and seventy-seven. <3TT7> in the cit? of Washindon D. C , seized and 1e\ ie<l upon as the prop# rt? of Juius Viedt, and will be (Ol 1 to saiisfy Judiomla. >o 3#< to October tenu lnS7. in favor of Jonathan T. \V alker. J. D, HOOVER, Late U. 8 Marshal for Distriot Columbia, jejt-ota MARSHAL'S 8AI.E.?In virtue of* writ of fieri laoia*, issued from the Clerk's "ffice of tne Circuit Court of th<? District of C<>!u wihia, for the oounty ol Washington, and tome d reot'?j, I will expose to publio sale, for cash, in f-ont of the oourt house do >r of said county,on SATURDAY, the28t day of J uly next. 186ri, at 12 o'clock ni., the following property, to wit: All defonJa t's ritht, tit'e, o'ai'", and interest, in and to % cr ain building erected on Lot No. six <61 in Square No nine hundred and fort/ nine (949) as laid down in the plat of the citf of Washington, seized and levied upon as the Dropertj of At>el Griggs. and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 286, to Ootober term 1856. in favor of John Purdy. J. D. HOOVER. Late U.S. Marshal for the Distriot of Colombia. je28-dta CLOTHING, &c. I HE CHEAPEST SPRING CLOTHING, THE BEST SUMMER CLOTHING, Can only be found at W1E8ENFELD A. OO.'S, Odeon Hail Clotktw Rooms Splendid Spring Raglans with Capes, Splendid Spring Overo?*ts tor a few dollars, At W1ESENKELD A CO.'S Elegant Dress Suits, at lowest rates. At W1ESENFELD 8c CO.'S Beautiful Business Suits, at trifl-nt oost, A* uii vaDMDDi n - nrv ?o ai TT ibobiir^u^ a V/U. Oi Basinesa Suita for youni men, ButiaMi t*uita for middle mm Bubiuesa putt* tor all mm. At WlEbENFELD A CO.'B. Dresa Suits for weddir-ga, Urnsn Suits for rarties, Drews Suit? tor beat wwar. At WlESENFELD A CO.'B. Coata by the thousand, Pants by the thousand, Vesta by the thousand. At WlESENFELD A CO *S. Boj's olothing for the vounreat. Boy's clothin* fo' ail aizea, Boy'a olothirif fir larger boy a. At WlESENFELD A CO 8 Cheaper than the oheapeat. Finer than tn? finest, Better than the beat. Are t e garmenta At WlESENFELD A CO.'B. Save your money, aa A very few dollars Will give you a splendid outfit for summer, liyou call At WIESENPELD A rO.'S. ap 17-TukStf Cor. Pa. av. and *t. PERFECT, NEW, ROSEWOOD. <JP 1 * / oase, iror.-lranif, beautiful U>oo P1a.NO offered for #175, for a few days, at JOHN F. ELLIN'S. 306 Pa av PIANOtt FOR RFNT, from half a dollar to #6 per month. Also, treat bargains in Beoond-band pianos. je27 SUMMER RESORTS. CARLI&LK Tb? fevoriM report for WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, M"un'vn Air. iBTiforaCUMBERLAND CO. will Pennsylvania. < tfnod Society ltd Good . TatM*. ACCOMMO?*.T!OM* ?o* por particulars tend 300 'or Circular. OWEN.-. C? KNDENTEHMS LOW. IN A VIB*CHEE. jw 7 !"w Carhil* ,Vnn, Pa. A relayhouse, T THE WASHINGTON JUNCTION B. A O. R. R. Passengers for the Went have plentv of tune to Breakfaat at thi* place. Three or fiurE . . A room* yet unoccupied, which will b? let t?WjAV milliner ooaruers on lair terms 1 place in un.ivaled for comfort and conv?n. n-'e jy 13-7t* J M. LUWK. Proprietor. SCHMIDT*!* SUMMER OARDKN.-On Sixth Ktr.-ct. Iictwi 'in 1' and Louisiana tv..l . . A may he fount at *11 tnn>>? our of the mostVpS^y p?-V ilar. f inf. nrlane, and intelligent Restaurant KeeperY.who backs up his reputation with LAtiKK B*- F.R from theCtTT of Hkothrrlt I.ovb, Philadelphia ; with HKAN'DIKS f nm the choicest vt??ejrards of France; with WINKS unexcelled on tue luila of the Rlmi**; and with ai article of WHISK\ which air acks strong jr of the true flavor of the Mononraheta and liouroon 1'aat.a tile a* either of tneec mat t?e individually, he ha* sought to make t' em stiil more so h* the erection th* rear e rounds of hi? favorite e?tat-!i?htnent of a spaciou? Arfcor, where his guesta t>j <i?? may erno* the cool bre? *e and be free from "ol's too nrdeiit ran; sod. at "the witching hour of night," quad his ice-cool Lager without lear ol raving their enjoyment dampened by the falling d?w. Such inducement* will, doubtless, cause mam of our readers to droo in a.iul Like a not* < if nothing else.) and, mint likelj, man* of those who go will goagain. In addition to *11 this, he has engaged the Pro* p"n brothers anil their associates to discourse their choicest pieces of music Every Wedneula* and Saturday evening. jt Ui In Washington ~ CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOKFFLER. Proprietor. KfW York at tnut, hetwtfn in and id its. In ofel'irg thf attention of the puhhe to my iron rids I would state that every arrangement ha?m . . x be?n made to make this ' Retreat" muo-lr^ f attractive every day. Mondays the (jarliljyLl dens are open to the public tree of charge?a sum r: given by a select band. Those desiring the danoe and waits ?i I find the aa.oon in complete order to render pteasu e to all. (>' eth-r days the proprietor will cueerfully g act tk* uce of ?bs grounds for school or other Pic Nic Pa. ties without charge. For the amusement archildren h? V*? introduced a number of lit'le tamei, never h?-f <re s?er, in this I uiifi oiiu k,o. <;u.okcu ai me Bairn tiuio w aiuoer liir "oia folks." 01. B.?Attached is my Bottlinac FateMiahtnMit, and laini'ues can be supplied witfi an> quantity at their 'eaiaer.ce. ?>f tiiat i<*a.Uiful drn.S. LA(^ K BEKR, up?on short n"tioe. je 15 sm i2EEBN SPRING ** PAVILION, Aear tke Old Iron Fmtm lry and only half n milt by land from tk'. Omnibus Stand :? G'orf.toim. The ladie* and gentlemen of Waatairfton ard Georgetown *re reapectfulW informed A ?. A that this t>eautiful*, on the Koun-'rj y y Branch, is now handsome t fitted up the reaeftion of Pio-Nic Parties and otl:er % isitors. There are numerous springs of th? purest water and a constant ahade throughout the day. There is a large aaloon tor tancinc. with dressing room attached, and shady walks and seats<-jgnuut tne crnund*. Schools, Societies. Cluh* anl ?ooi?' Partie* can obtain tr.i* de iKhlfu place for Pic Mica without clu'ire for the rt und* < r pvi:ion by givic* tae proprietor thre* days notice. M?*i? ar? aerved at ail hoara, and RafrethmTits furniihed at city pncea Oflio^rawil attend at ail time? for the preaerva tion of good order, a-d no p&ina wi.l ba ?pared to ctve satisfaction to a:l visitor*. JO!?KPH EHRMANNTROl'T. jeCJ eotf Proprietor. |\1 J*AI,T WAT KB BATHING. IMaRSHaLI.'S PAVILION, i Moora'a LaadicRt wi 1 be open for the reception of viai A . ? A tor* on th? 13th of June. Tina delifhtfu retort for tkoae seeking hea rh and plea* JUlJKJL ure. i? unezoelied Iit auj p.aoeof the kind on the Potomac river It i* aituated &K at one handred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomxo. and in tu.! view <?f 'h* l"h?*ap-ahe Hat. anJ fainou* for fine Oyster*. Soft Crab*, Sheepheaii, aa 1 other Fmh. and easily accessible b? the steam boat" plymr between Washington. Haiti to re an i \'iirf?iik Tha iinHar?i?i>a.l ? ? ?J -*- * * ? .v .s, KV UWJ IirM iiCk'iC (MiU 1II 7.1' improvements ic Kit Uatt> Houses and many other improveinenta to the comfort ai;d enjoyment of hia ku-kih. The Batninc cannot ! ? surpassed. f'p endid Ahglicc and p enty of Fishing and Sai lag Bua.ii free of charge. He has spared no exper.a* ir, pro viding a good Cotil on Baud or io laying in hia stock <.f ohoioe Wines. Liquors,debars. Ac..ana for th->?;? who with to avoid extreme fashion and to arek a r^tirwt p ace where the* can make t h ? m ? > tm at h<:ae, ti>?re it not a m'>r? pleasant p ace in tii? United ^tat's. Tho proprietor ple^gea hims-lf t'-at nothing sha'l be left undone on Ma part t ? render them ao. Terms lor board: #1.50 p r day, for i?*a than a wet; f >r a longer time, $1-25 per ay; $?i per month. Persons wishing t-> addres* the rr pnetor will direoi to LeouarJtown, t?t. >1 ar>' oounty.Md. _ _ _ jo K. J. MAKXHALU Proprietor. EDUCATION XL. Commercial c o l l e g e. / No. S*ev?nth ht., Orvotxtitkt Omrtal Post UJict, Washington Ctty. Armonan Py?tem of Penmanship, Bootkeepinc, Mercantile Forms and Cai ulations. Busmets C?*rrespociJenoo, BiHa of Exchange, Current Hills, CoirmiMion !*a>s, Grammar arid Arithmetic. A Preparatory Class for Boys. O Ladies will be instruoted in fin? penmanship Room* open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. n.*2?-3m WV W VQI'NG ft CO. HTHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. ! J NBW ARB* Nf>KMK>T Tins well-knowu and popular seminary, whioh has been so successful under the entire care of Mrs I '/ RinKfLrdi #i>r mnrft tii?n *?? ? !! ..... ...... ^ > ?? ? * w< o, n Hi nr? *~\I ?n the first Monday in Sept<?niJ>er n"Xt. uud-r the iimttd inpervimoiiud laktraotiOR of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH\UL)S, in the well arranged and delightfully Ideated I'nion Academy Building. For iartiaulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. mn23 if \\ MRS. McCOR 1CK S SCHOOL. 1*1 R8. McCORMICR desires to inform ha friends aad the pnblio generally that tlie will resume the rin*its of he- School on the lat Monday in September next. The course of study pnrsued w;il oomjriee al I the brauohea rcouite to a thorough English edooaCon. In addition to her dar scholars. she is desiroas of receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from If* to M years, v'10 wnl he under her im mediate care and oversight. Her arrangomeiiu for the acooicmodatloo ard dee ears of pupil* have been ocnaidera..* increased and otherwise improved. Those ie Washington deairiig particular information with reference to her school may apply to W. D. Wai.ach, Editor o the Star. For term* an'J furtner partioalars appiy at her reei'ieioo?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. f IGHTNING! Li LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Time or Peach, Prxpaxk ro* Wu: F. LaBARRE. Somtkwtst cent*r of 10(4 and C MiHrncmu or PLATINA-T1PPED LIGHTNING RODS. Respectfully announces to tfce pubhc of Waehiniton and vicinity that he l* prepared to execute all orders for erecting Lightning Conductors or the most approved scientific 0"nslr?0te<l ol the ?? y beet of materials, on very moderate terms. Ail P ?i"? tipp ! Points which are uiar.iifcotured by me will be stamped w:th my name. Weather Vanes of acy design made to crder. Jy >-iw? A T. DOVE * CO. /\RE Now prepared to execute any orders with which they may be favored ia the Of l!U fit aiA > o W < utf moiiiUi "n n i PjA.H r 11 IJ BUSINESS. HT Stora oo ?th atreet, a f?w doora aorth of Pa. arruue, wtiwe Bwjbt found a oowplet* aaa<irtiner.i I of C U t N DELIKRS and otter GAS. DTK AM and WATER KIXTIRK^ .a 71 It | DlPtl T S UL'iNPOWDKR, F-?r k&ia at mar.n?*ctii'er? prion*. hy JOHN J. BOfil!K, GioK6iT?wx, I). C? Sole Atenry for tkt lti?trxu of Colmmkia. A larce auppl*, ambiaoinr every variety. a wa*a on h&nJ, *nJ delivered free to all parta of (.he Dmt i^t. 0?1er? oanaiao be '.eft atthp"fiof ??f Adam.*' ! E?pre?? fomnnn?. Waahir gt.?n. D P f? 3 lawlT | Nm EW STYLES UF RICH JhWKUV -?.?? HOOD baa juat op*.Md a lut? which be willrffrrat vary iO* rates fnerafre th??ra , that are wiahini to carry home auy'hin* in hia tin* i aa present*, will do wall t? oaL ami examin* hia ito^h at V?w P* . avera* W\^m NECTAR CKKAH SlKI P. II* U Ulul'U^ ? -- - - * ruiui uuu'" -in L r r, m < -u juiP wi; *n<l bp&rkang 5>ODA WATEH.a.ib' t iul *t V' K K j* j? Tw W?t F.rxi Dnif Wnrt, A CHEAP MUSIC. i\ LARGK Lot of Mtuio, PortUca %od American, forijas it half pnoe for on* w??k on! j, it the M a36 ? W. ?. M BT7.KHOTT. THE WEEKLY STAR Tkll wtklat F?Uy m< >?*? i?ti?l-?OC tbniai a rrattor rmnrtr of latrraatimc io^c.uc tfMMi tu b? fared ! key 9thm?ta " fttutrdb* bk>rmibc> T Ob**, MMrMllr. < 4rmmr?. 9t b? i? o*rr. pm bbbbm ' ? j:v?0'fin ? 8 ? tw cofi?? - - i m twmj 9tf in is " bt WeHbinc to alalia rt)h< bidodc wnl^fi WitBoul tra iafrrv??.tina of ft m Kt -at m w<l h? fero^ive.1 r twowjt. of iv 5 ? w. 1+ BkV*d. It InVtr.Bbl; Cor.tBina tfa Aa?li:riU>B that naa mmM Tk- 8<~ ? m at* so (MMiky throughout ma ?x ouWy e7~8ini> niin (ib rr*j^ri eu n> promrai !1,L? Vr'^l'thVk* rfp?ftf U# . f noe- i ti Kf?r< l i * [?jT PostmaatBrt who Bet ba if ecu Will N> lowed b PPiamK'IOl of r Mtl. _ FOR SALE AND RENT. VAU" ? BI.E FARM, STOCK. CRnPfL IM. Pl.KMKNTH Ac. At . \ OR 2AUS < * F.Xi'HA.NGE FOR IMPEOVKDCIT V>EO?* KRTv.-T(i* ivh?orilw in ?nr*|ai>tM of m* l? abtn'y to civ# that aereoral kiwrnim ?< hi* K? w *o <> it require*. offera it, together with his etook of fire br???4 Marea Co'ta CuTi, Hog a. growing | or..fa. implemeiita, he. now ar. the premia-a. either for aa<e or exchange for ii?em*ed til; property. The Farm oouta>na one bund ed and amy aix aerea, la ocated id Mo'tlfan County, Mary and, diarant ten mile* f ? ? \Va?.nrrt? n, on u>? Kro?kvi.. Turnpike. !*> beet road ieadi; g out of Waahinjt?m. It i? deemed anoeevaeary to eater into a minute deeori ption of the fins, aa it la p eaumed no one von d purohaae witUoat first viaiLng the premise* Any luformatioo wi.T, however, eheerfuilr rponaip .oat oct- \V II.LI AM K Srt'BKt*. VJJ R street, tietween lKh aad Uth. Wa*hiuctoe Pitt. W. It. \V* ach, Editor of H'?r, ka?w* the Firm ? !' will aoc?rd full informal, n o?<n o*rr in? it to an* tn?airer. j - * eou L^OB RKNT-Th? thr?? rtor^ (brown fro t? ' HOI'SE, No. S*>7 N#w York av#nue. b#C*r#o? Oth an I llrh ?tr*^'.? north Bid#. ronlmniti flft*en riK>ni> TIhi toHw it co?mii>i! to tk? PMMt <Kfx-#, Treasury, ?'tc : i? luhted by (U aad in w??* y win mi!tA'> e for a boarding him**. Rent motor**#. Apply nritHoor.or to A < FOWLER, ?-w?d fto -r north win* of Patent <?(fi'*e. >y It U L>OKKKNI-TI*l?? FRAMK HOUSE ku?wn I U "Frrltcll tiani' Huuf?." llutt'd INI M ?C north. l?'tw#?n 9th and lXh ?tre#U, No. ?40, on# of the iri'-rt dwiitbl* private ro?idenoe? !n Washington. Tbm h uae i? aurronndori by fruit t-#e? and ir?at numlwri of currant Urnhoa of variorr* fcindu, an.1 fin# >harie treee. with 'ly?W feet ?>f I outid. wail-d in Apply to J. C. COOK F.ichth t. lrt??i>D D and E. j * IS tf IT<18 RKNT-Thr## HRICK HOt'RES?<mm ?n P Twelfth *tr?*t, !).tvi?#D C and D, one on the corner of Twelfth and H *??. : and on# on H. b# tw^'-n l.*th and 13th *t?. Inquire of JaMKS \V. n ARKKR , on if street, bet weeu llUt and 12th, V>, 42*7 may K LHtR KK.N f-A three etory Fit AM h UUi^mv, t on F.leventb ?t'eet, between I and K I-qtii e ofM. *N YHKR. at the flimh'tt and Flit n? K.ta.b.ubm?'nt of C. S>..yder, next door to tHa* (iffic* ma 34 tf I^()R R I'NT- I'nrM firtt aIr fc m. r?/4 w I i m r built lior^kJ*. four atones hifh ea<*h. kMd om?;j fcoiahad. and Mvini all the modern 1 tnprore m-ntn. such a* wat -r, *a?. Af.. ib one of the verw finert location* in th<- witjr ? on the corner of Third *tr?t*land Mm*ouri avenue oppnait* th? 4 afi toi grounds An* wi?hin? to rent a fine dwelling will fcnd thu a faverab opportunity a? I deHire to rcut them immediate)*. an<i will rant then low. Inqnireof P. \V KROVVVINO^ je l-tf_ FOR RENT?That n?w an<1 wel. arranged three tor* KRIOK HOI>K No. I?;<.niil} street, between 19Ci> ami ath at*., Firat Ward. iatel? o?cnpied bjr Mr. IJodi*co, Russian l.e?ati?n. Posers?ion ?iv?*n immediately. Inquire of Mr. ^OI'TH KV S. PAKKKR ne?"t door east. ma Ifi-eotJ F^OK KKVf-A ama. HTORE, ?orner o| ?h at. Mid Penn.avenue, under toe Clarendon HoUtl, auitaMa for a t?rh*r'a aaloon or oigar store For information inauire at the Hotel. jna' ?_ |?OR RENT?Tha FIRST FLOOR ofu?a baiida irg immediately opposite the weat win* of the r f M a i a^unt! K? f' k?? ii ** ?' J V?? ?? ViiWVil m an office. Also the front room m the eaouiid tory and the third .<nr of the ttmr bwildinc, For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 8 Louisiana avenns. it 13 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF CO,N6RE8?.> ^ Two splendid suite* of ROOMS, eie*ai.t.y formatted, will be rented daring the iniiod of Con cress, in til* most desirable ivoa.ity it tma city, being within one or two a^nar** of BrrwiTa and Nat-onal Hotela. Those in pnraint of enah Roomp will do weil to irake early appiioat.on at No. 379 ?th street l?etween D *tieet and P* av de ft-tf I^OR SALE?A nt*e tbrw atorv Briok HOUSE* a on Id atreet, between D ai.d E street*. '? Klo^ bev'a Subdivision. Tne above property vm be aold on easy terms. Price made known by in??iringofH. W HAMILTON ft CO.. No. ?? 7th street, opposite Centre Market. Tike perfect. Ul-tt TRUNKS, BOOTS AXD SHOES. |?OOT8 AND TO 6UIT THK VW r.ow inugfwtiriDC ail kind* of BOOTS and sHOKS. and oonatact.? reoeiviai a .A > ?upp ? of *%?t*<ru mad* work of ever* d* SHI onptio", mM* expreeely to order, and t>? Bo.d at a muoti ->w " jpnof tUau iiaa b??ti h^r-tnfore charted in (hia city fur much inferior article*. P? torn in want of Boot* and Shoe# of wt*m or city made work, will a wax find a jood aaeortmaat in atore and at the lowest pnooe Give ua an*.... ?#RI*PIN * HKOT, apt-r SI4 Pennwivania avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 4?? 7 TH St kbit, Opp?str? Odd FfUottf' Hall, Watkimtum., D.C. Traveler* will stud* their internet* V examining mi "I RUNK8. VALICE?* Ac .before ?ur mTTTt oliaMriK o ?? w*re Aa I ua? none hat 11. BswW beat Riatenai the market afl?>r<l? and ?mplo?^ i.ill . V. ? ? v. M. u 1 J tuo ir*'. wuiaiuru, i una uvuiimiuj rPwimuruT rry vork to be superior in Sfrntik ud to Truck* that are made in other citiee and sold here. 1 k'-f?r oon*tantly on hand, and make to order ion one w?ek> notioe) every d?*criptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS am.A WOOD POX TrJSKS; ASHLAND and other V ALICES ;_7 hArElING HAGS; HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., 4*. Trunk*, Ac., Rcpa.ree ar.d Covered, m a vorkmauKk* manner, at *hort notioe Trui ks delivered in any part of the oitv, Gsorfelown, or Alexanoria. A !* ?Acent for jlowe'e oelebrated FAMILY PRWINtt MACHINES. de 1S-1? JAM Kb P. TOPHAM. T WOOD AND COAL. WOOD. ?? AND COAL Delivered to all pa.U <M the city,at the loweet ponBthle rites. T J * W. M. GALT, Oi&o? Pa. *v., botweeo 11th and 12th ?t? , ma 17-tf nortli aide. T?HE SUBSCRIBER ~HAVINU ON HAND I an ?iMn;v? utook of Ft'EL, u prepared to M'l at a rer? how fic?rvfor oaah Wool) Sawed and Spilt aL t is?. Call and ?ee for yourself. R. W. BATE?. Wood and C<>a. DmIw. ma 16 5. E. corner of Fourteenth and C eta. WHEE1.ER * WILSON'S SEWING MA CHINE AGENCY. Removed to No. 3?fi Pa. Air., mu Tr? St. Knoouraied hy th*? rubstantial and rapidly in ereasinspopniarity of Wheeler h Wilson's ui.e quailed Family Sewin* Vachines. vluch for the last eight years hav? mosttriampha^tly maintains! their snaeriority, a? a family institution. or?r all eoupc utors for popular lavor, ?he Acent haa taken one of the fine new store* iat*iy er??ct-id on Pa avenue, near 7th st. where a a??>rp>?ni of all the various stvle* may at all time* be ??*n. There were 21 jn6 of these S'-winr Machine* aold in th? yea- 1&M. l.arti'-s are invited to call and ** them, together with certificate* from mum of the beet oitisens of Washington and Georgetown. in relatr n to their well known and thoiouchly te*l?l superiority If any ladies cannot oall, let them send for a circular by a'l miam It i? hi*h time ererv fam ly i" the land w*i *upp tod with one of theso health and life waving instrument*. Full instructions. both printed and verbal. si von free *f charge at the home ol ttie purchaser P. J STEER. 34ti Pa. av-aue, jy 11-Im Between 0th and 7 h sts. BOHN'S LIBRARY SERIF.8, INCLUDING the S andarU, 'A?eual An'n- anao. IllMtrated, Scientific. Phi <>lo(ica:, Eooics.aatioal aad British Clastio Libraries. A aeries of 3'andard Works aooaraMr riaM and at iow p-ioes. New works a e a^oed v? the series every month Any voiume may be had aeaaraM*, and back volumes mu be siwats supplied. The oou.p.rts series k-rt ?N??a?aitly on hand by fHlLP 4 SOLOMON. ^ Metropolitan Bookstore, ara. iv.| wn, inn ana ivu sts. je an Rolf H?ati for l.acrepo??'? Huoc mry. B~ACON A RAVEN'F AND htK.INWAV A 8t)\8' unrivalled PIANO of all styles and etsee. Alan, wwn . other mu??, for *al? *t V'o-r st?*? a' ? the role acenor. M KT7. * 'RI?TT*r? MnncW?.r-, Several ??ooa<!-hacd Piar.oe la b**t ni?r, oh' ar. l*a A L B XI ALE AND XXX ALE!! The pvrest and mo*? wfcotwome Ale ib this oitj is to t>o ofrtamert at U? WASHlNtiluN KR Kw CRY. This Ale is mad* from irv and hoes on *, and cannot fail tocive entire *ti?<ao?t?t to eon inni*ra. C COLIN EAF, Proprietor of Uw ' 4 W WMtiV Rr*v?t 50 t^TANDARr) HLAC^Vl-.A Him been reoeirea. This tea u *oe!le?erioe.v c te ?er posnd by ehest or other vies We fr?r<>ur .e?t lot wil oost as u.ore irone* KINO A Bt'Ri"H'"I.I.. maB enr. FiAo*nf|) ?t. Vwm ? ? HO. HOOP h&? row tii uaod a vrn ?...? stock nf lite st\niaO SILVER ^ " e-. a<l ?>f kis ovn max*. t*\ he wil- s?ll a? ? t of Ue Northern W arcs ar* >md <s? *' ?he mm" Win w?'m 'i vin-"? pi, 1-1 IS* P* *??i>i ? > I > tf^llKAT BARGAINS IN P! ANo&-*.th*r vl *?,i? or rent?*ew and Mwosd t*u4, fro* a I "" """ M??jSSN *LI,ir. Jf II 30? P*. a*., br;w "? n i> Ki Mk

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