Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Temmuz 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Temmuz 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR^1 ADVENT OF THE >!OSQ( ITO. Again the ran^t mosquito cn?ne?, That brigand of the nuht. WiUi aii iiis ?tarvm# /amUr, To out my dr??am*to flijt'it. And tr\ a id ??tt!-* tin ?mii1 bt'!, And tike a draft at *i?ht! 1 h- %r aeatn the dreadful sound T>>at tolls me who i* nt-ar: 1 hoar him wi-id in? horrid horn. And whet his poisoned spear ; H" c?>uo??4 the l att e-b!a?t, and ah ! I lo? i that lie is here ! 1 b at tr.e air, I seem to w*r# With tieuda-au idle f ui; Mj hop?s, like poor Opheiia's, A-J waaiad in the liud: I'm va iquishej in a sini!*? ronnd. And he obtains "first blood!" lu vain the rauk cigar 1 sinoke, Qu te wild and desp*rat* &rown. 1 try in rain to drire him out, An 1 shut th? window down ; Forstil, 1 near th<>4? tranquil pipos Monotonously drone! l.ik- C<>ok among the cannibals, 'Tis useless to appeal. Or i ke a mummy a ind rriTieif In sheets from heal to heel; Tii<* hungry wr?tch nan picked me out To make himself a mcai: His sucker, like a burclar'a drill. Would pierce an iron door ; He loves, as Alexander did, To wade in human gore ; Like Kverett he's alwars dry ; Like Cobb, a perfect bore! But ret his faults may not suffice All merit to etTace. For sinner ever yet was bom Witho it soma some ?os.rk of irraoc: Hi*latlin^ * philanthropy. He loved the huiiiaa race He comes bv ni^ht, as angels do. To chant his soothing h> inn; He hovercth oVr the baby's couch, Juat lik ? the cherubim ; B< ?'.a> ha wad-th in the swunpIIi* legs are long and slim. Oh ! t>ear me to tome frozen wasu>. Where poar tempest* blow ; Ou train oil 1 will kazu unmoved. Or Greenland's cliff* of snow, And be content to pa*? mv days Among the F.sqmuiauz! Advicb to Shopk*kpkr? ?Don't think you are niakinv a bargain when you cheit a custoirer, for, in the lone run. all ?u:h oj*ratioiis will turn out auadruole tosses. l)?"n't neglect vour regular business, thinking to do better atsome outside enterprise; the chanres ate ten to one you will not succeed lion't get excited ab> it politics, unle*? your are quite sure that the election of your candidate will be better for your business. and for tne coui. try. than the other man. !?7~ An old man In Sodus. New Jersey, who is owla puvsician a oiil of thirty doiltrs. and uuable to pay ha* deeded to tne doctor his body for direction after his demise Tne deed t^s tieen accepted, and receipt given by the physician. lH7"Prof J M .Colby, formerly vice principal of Washington College, on the Eastern Shore, but latterly principal of an academy in Cumberland. Md , has been elected President of the MarylanA Agricultural College. U7" Four children procured a bottle of whiskey in Cincinnati on Monday last, and drank such quantities that at last accounts tbe life of two was despaired of. CV*John E. Jones, aged about 17 years, a son | * ! it l;ms:i Jones, of Charlottesville. V .committed suicide at .Memphis by shooting biatst-lf through the head with a pistol, on Saturday last |?7~ Three horse thieves were tried and sentenced to be hunjj by lynchers, in I'aris. Kansas, lately. One es aped, bat the other two, named Walfie and t>ay. were hung as sentenced. AtifilVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL. HOTEL.?C Wihiams, E Bntn O Horr&>, UC; U M Wi'oox.'ja; M SUnsho*n. V&, (J \V Hn ;,lnd; E H vi&rtin, 1>?; E .w soii, A.s; ti W Bruc?. K O Warden, K>; K 0 Tnoiiipion an ' .ay. Mj??Tiiomf<jn. M'fS liden, ua.; T Curry, 3 E H bori?j, \V 1'iuuip, pa, J ? Hedges, ?>=;.; J C Wilson, l'?; Hon T (i I'rait. .uu; ivJiui; J \V Whitney. N\; W > Minnas anJ iady, Mi aThomu, Mim; J *' Batt:e. > ^ ; O ~Z ^myth. M)i?; O Horwitz, .\ld: W H PloatanU, Va; A Jaeknon. lexis: J Br? kfi'-ld, N C; H N B wood. Aia, J P Auc es, Pa; Z Hook<r Mi a; K J ;*>te*i, Pa: J C Harris*. via: Mm Bflttu, V; T W Bi?uohar?l, Md, W MoDetfia N*; I.ROWNS' HOTEL.?J Du!a*e, DC: D Wan kow>os, do; W J Sicitn, Va: 1' S Rutland. NY; W pe u.1, Pa; J A Ni.d, Ala, J H Joiint-on, ill; 0 U Browny..\V;W H; W Oowpq Mid; D scott. ?ia. J K Hensi af <1 'viy,Texas; S Hooxer, Mi**; H W Morril',Aia; ES iayioraud iaiy. Va, Aiias E C Ba??, Uo: U A J*-?*Uh. Ky; L Gorton, do; B Stone, .?I_: B N Harnaoi.. do; Mm A Harrison, do: R V* Va?ser, A.a: R V'a.ssr, do; P Vailir, do; Mra R Donnell, do; .Miss .N Docuell. Ala; O ""trailer, T'-RnjJ W Kobiuson. M?>;0 SJoneand .ady. A a: '1 D Jones, do; J F Wootnan and latly Va; l> W Williams, La. kIKKUOnn HdliaL' i J DL;M:? - ? _ ? ? - - v ^ mm ?-* W U L> *J r* r i.IliipH. 1 | A U Je??up. I*?; IS M W 'J'abba, Uo; C T Cazzin and i?l<. n?; (I O'Brien, do. OCEAN STEAMERS'* SAILING DA YS From the Usited Statk.s. Leave. fur. Days. Vsnderbiit. New York.. Havre ...July i8 Africa. .....N'fw York... Liverpool Aug. 1 T-iiioBi*. . ..New York...Hamburg. ...Aug. 1 Jura New York ..Liverpool Au;. 2 Urfiii^u... New York._Urem-n^_>.Ai.g. 4 l'.ir*d?... Bo?ion... Liverpool Aug. 8 A ra^o....... New York... Havre.Aug. 18 FROM LCROI'R V.rn ? Liverpool New York .Ju!? 11 l?orth Briton. ... Liverpool Quetwo ... .... July II '*%i:a<ta Liverpool Boston July 14 11 u o;i 8oa?h'tt<>n...New York. Julyi-Bohemian Liverpool... Port and .. .luyis C. \V Liverpool....N^w Y??rk Julyia I'.ince Albert ba way N*w York . July 21 AH& I*? v? *' - . .. 11?oi ?.... ..iow i on jUif X' A Liverpool New York .. Jul) 21 ,\.sw gouth'ptou ..New York.. .Ju'j x > Ktropi Liverp o! Burton ...... Ju;y 28 P-rm? ......... Liverpool New York.. Aug. 7 Tne Havtr.a mail ?0pamer? leave New York on the 2d, !2th, 17th, ami 27th of each month, and Chari ;?ton on the 4tn and 19th. The California mail ?tmnw?r? lo&ye New York on t he 9tn and 2t>th of eaoh month. VfcDON NELL'S A*1 CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Me DONNE LL'8 CATAWBA SINGER WINE! >1 c DO N NELL'S t'ATAWBA GINGER WINE! Txii D'l'tioua Summer B&veragt, The Hoalthful ..j uu T'>?uo Propenaitie* Of which are now well known anl Universal > Admitted Throughout the Union. la Now For Male in Waahington by Joa. W. Davie, 8!h and K Rta. J. V. Coburn, Itth and H ata. Jaa. K. O'Brien. <<th and I ata. Win. A. Brown, 13th and P ata. W. 8. Jonee, Maetachtiaetts av. an J 3d St. Peter Monaghan. New Jprae? av. asd 0 at. T. Cogac, Pa. a v. aud 2>?th 8t. Jaa. Bligh, 11th at. P. M, Pa. avenue. E. R. Whits A Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdj. Pa. amrnt. B. Haye*. 4th and H it*. G?orge W. Orme. Georgetown, D. O. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, O. C. J\S. MoDONNKI.L, iy 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. I. M. SI.1GKK & CO. GREAT REDUCTION It Prick* or SEWING MACHINES! TM Machine* *re acknowledge the in use, fur far i j *?*wing and manufacturing pu p son. family .Machine !S4o I.tttur A t for family or lig ht manufacturing purposes I..... ft.W Singer No.l $90 inger No. J.. ......... ?li"0 Twi?t, Needle*. Cotton, Oil, Stc. WM. II.GLOVER, No. 3*99 P*:?'?*tlva*i* A v., je 2iv 1 m I'nder National Hotel. V W vikD tr a w n 4 a ~ ? n-- -m-iiiihmwi.""'"" 1h MOl'NT VERNON will iMTr Alexandria and Waahincton for New York EVESy \VLDNF.?DAY. at 3<Z|[16 o'elock p n., nud New York for Wash iMU>t *v?rr Satar>'%y, atS o'olook ?. m. P*?fc. .ii rs can j< <n the ahio at Alexandria Man? Uu>? baiora the hour of the tnairer** departure. N. B.?In the event of the itmmx>ra inability to ort>aa the bar to o<?ta?^ reno^of low water, all co<_k1b wi.i t<* pr<>;y uthbsrod to and from the ate*n:o> by tne uaderaigned. r?- frmtt-f,V,TiVW8H,NPH,RT, ?fl 24-S*.M AT?r WMtern W ri'Mfc 8AN1? HILL? OP J1TI.AND, By Hmi I rhritiiau And?r?-on; p^ioo 75 centa. A>*tobiofr<vpliifial R'ool'ectKina. b* the iate Chari<? K-jbcrr t^tlie. K. A , edited with a pr. 1% ??,-y *?n%y ou Lean* as ao aiUat, and sHtotiona from lit oon*?porK>noe, by 'lom Taylor, Kaq., wit's por'rait: pnoe SI. 5. J ;i?t pat 1 ?l ?rd an f"r aale at PHlLP A SOLOMON'8 Metropolitan Bookatore. 339 Pann ar , n d hetvMn Mh and loth at*. GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N Am! %lt?r July 3d, 1W, the steamer L. J. I Brenele, Captain \V. ii. Ritter will ^.11 leave (ieorcetown EVERY Tl'ti} DAY, THl'KHUAY.and SATUK "??* da Y, at 7 o'clock a hi., and return every alternate da>, at 6 o'clock a m. Q'i tbe Saturdar trip from Georgetown the f>oat will run through to Shepheraetown. je 21 3m yor harpfr'9 fr RRY.-CHANOE OF r DaYS.-Uii ami alt Juii 2.1960. jr?*. the itPRtnPr ANTELOPk. t'apt. R J. Wkm ?,cvryin?the United State mail, w I i ? e Geor**town KVKPY MONDAV, \V KDN r> PAY and FRI I) \Y. at 7 a. m.. and return ev r\ Tuesday. Thursday and Saturda*. .Si. B?Every YV ?'<inosila> the Antelope wiil run through to Shfphordntowu. je 5 im* 1 Jl>T RECEIVED, IO" BBLS. WHISKY, ia?sorted.) iw> do. HkRRINU a <1 AlTEW'lVES, 25 do. KLFINEDSIGARS, rohhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls. (Bar field > WHITE Fl-H, * 25h'>jc**s p line Eastern CHEKSE. For sale low ky JOHN J. BOGUE. je8 Georgetown, D. C. 4 GENCY FOR FAIRBANK'S SCALES IN A. U KOKGETOWN; The underlined have been appointed Agents for the ?ale of the abo^e oelehrat>'d and wea kuvwn PLATFORM and COI'NTER SCALES. A fu>. euppiy constantly on hand and for sale at lowest i Birii. H.\Y and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjoining oounties. A!i So?I??a are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY 4; BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements. je B 2ti Rridte street 2 doors art's*of Hi?h. pRAiNDELL, OPTICIAN, No. 138 Urieltt St.. (ftorr?;rtn?. Has constantly on hand a large assortment of French Near-sighted, Periscopio, Col ored, and aL other SPECTACLES, ofCL.^ *=^ tae best ^ua.ity, in gold- silver. steel.and German^r frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new ? asses set in them to order. no 1M; JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cot. Bti4k* and J'jferson stx., Gtortttown. Having given inj personal attention to this bianoh of iriT bu?iues*, 1 am prepared to. attend to al: c% 's with promptness Persons from adistance canbesup- " plied at * Vw minutes' notiue. as I have a large assortment of CoFFINS aiwajs on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d: ad from the old to tne n*w banal grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap l0-6m lYfASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADKLi'l PHI A DRAUGH r AI.E.?We are constantly reoeiving fre*h buppUos ofthe above delightful beverage, and invite ai! persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. AK^Y * SHINN, Agents, fe 47 fiwn at.. N?tr(?ljiwn. nFFlCUL. ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Treasury Dkrartmkxt, July 1", 188ft. Proposal* will be received at thin Department until the teuth (Say of September next, pursuant to the following act of Congress : An Act to facilitate communication between the At antic a-.d I'aoific State* by eiectrio ?* leeraph Rf. it f+nrtnl by t>i* Smut* and of Rrprt*r*talir*s of the L'ni!"i Smtrs of America in Con k.r >.t ass'-mbltd, That the r*rere ary id the Tr"a? u y. uuder the direction cf the i'resiient of the 1'nited States, is hereby authorized and directed tiadr^rtloe for Relied propotais, to be received fort*'days aft-rtre pnssane ol this act,(and the fulfilment of which snail re eiiaraiitie-i by respon sible parties, as m th- ease of bids lor mail cot traofa,' for the u?? l>y the Gove'nmer t of a Line or hues jf magnetic telegraph, to be constructed witn in two years front the thirty first day of July, eij;ht en hundred and sixty, jroir som point or points on the west line of tho State of Mi*souri by any route or routt-s whicn the t-anl c ntractors may select (connecting a1 Mien point or pon ts by telegraph with tieciWesof Washington. N w Orleans. >ew York. Charleston, Philadelphia Bnst ti. and other cities lu fie Atlv 'ic. Southern, and \Ve?t rn States > to tiie lty of San Kransiroo, in the S'ate o| California, for a pcrio.l of t.-n yeare, and shal award the oontract to the loweat re?p"n?ib>e bidder or bidders, provided suoh profler aoe? not rquire a larger am unt per year from the United *tAtd8 tnan fort* thousand Hollars and p rinisuon s hereby granted to th* t-aid parties to whom ""aid contract may b<? awarde i. or a majontr of th-m. , and their aasigns. t > u*e until th? end of the said t1rm.i?uch uroceupif-d iands oi the I nited State-; an may i>e uscmarv for the runt of way and for the purpose ol esta'ilistiing i-tatious for repair* alont: sail line, tot exceeding at any station one quarter sec1-in of and,such stations not to excaed on? in h.teeii miles on an ave;age of the wii ?le tllitanoe, umesa fa. 1 ia^d? shall be required t?y the Government of the United States for rail road or other purpos e, and provided tti t no runt t p e empt any '.t i-aid and* und r th?- ,awa ol the Unite J states aha:, inure to stid cooipa-iy, t'.eir agents or a-rvants, or to any other pt-rson or per sons whatsoever: Prnrt.t- i, Tnat no aiioh con tract sha I be rr a lo uutil the said line snail be in v u\ operation and payments thereunder shad ceas whenever t!io oont a-tora fai to oornpi? with tne contract: that the Government "halt, at a 1 times we eutit ??d t*? pn-jriiy in the use of tn? 1 in** or lines, am Shan have the privilege, when author zed t<y aw, i connecting ?aid line or li es by teiegrapn with any mili'ary post* of the I 'm ed Stat-s, and to use the -iame for tiovar uijnf. purpose^: An<J provi,I'd -iiso. 7 nat raid or linea, except ?ucu a< tna\ n? constructed by the Government to connect said line or Itnea with the military posts of the l-r.itt 1 Slates, shall be open to the use of all citi z-na ?f the United Sates during the term of said oont:act, OH I>*vm nt or the regular charrea for tmnaaiisioa of dispatoho^: i?4 prnnJrd, also, Thatsuon o>>*rgea halibut e*( thrf? dollars for a ii:u e dispit h of tea w->r?le, with the useal proportionate deductions up'?i di?pa.U-hes of e oater i-*:.gth, nrovi tt>d luat: > hiug herein o nIa !.fd thai uor.f?r u^ou the ?a.d ptrties *nj exclusive ngl.t to oo:.struct & telegraph lotheFa,; ? 1. or de ?' '.lie Government uf the United states tnim granting, from time to time, miliar fran ohisea and pri viiege* to other pni ties Ser\ 2. Anil be it furiktr 'narint, That the laid oorlragtort, or their hhhuii-. sh t 1 h*v?? the right to ooa^tru ;t and maintain, through ?.rt of the "l er nto-iei- of tne I'niu-d States, a branch line, ao ah to o- nn?*ct tii?ir >-arl line or lines with Oregon; and that tney shah have the p?nnan"nt right of v. ay l>i nn in-o. llDM,udir,or ?>*er,an? ui.approp-iat"*i puli'i 3 lat.dn and waters in the said Tarrit-inea l>> any route or rout-** wnich the *aid con tractors may eel ot with the Iree use during tne aaid t-rm ot ma) be neeoatarr for the purpose of establishing ataMona for repairs along Slid line or linen, not ?*xc.>??ding, at any etation. one quarier ?-ction ot land, *uon ta'icn- not to exceed oae in fl't?eu mies on an average of the whole diatAL.oe; but should any of said qua tn sections be deemed essentia! tiy the 'iovernin* nt or any company acting under in authority, for railroad purposes, the ?a;d contractors ?ha:l relinquish the occupancy ol *0 muoti as may b? necessary for thr> railroad, receiving an equa* amount of land for lik* ua* in t* tea'-. See S And bt it furtnrr enattrd, That if, in any yMr during tne continuance of the said contract, th? business done for the Government as hereinbefore mentioned by such oont<ootor*, or thoir a?:i<r.s, B.'.a !. at the o <linar? rat of charge# 'or firivate p lescage#, exooad the prico contraoU?d to ,0 paid a* afjresaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon said account* being duly anth.'uti oatod, certify tne amount of such excess to O. n gre?f: Provided, Ttiat the u#e ol the line b? given a? any tiii e, fr#<- of co-t, to tne Toast Survey, tho Sm:tti?o' .an Institution, and the .National Ob?er vitor*, fo scie'.ltio purpose*: Aid pror d'il fitr(A-r, '1 h\t inessa? ts n-ceivod from any individual, company, ?>r corporation, or from any te e*raph lint # oonueotin? with Uiu line at eit'o-r of H# t. r mini, sha . be impartial y transmitted in th? order oi their rf-c-pti?>n. ex opting that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And provided furtktr. That Congres* ^liall at any tiino have the rijsfct to *'t?r or amend this act. A|?)riuvru JUQO lOt 100". The l?w#?t offer for thnuie of auoli telegraph. for the pub..o aervice, will l*> aoc.fpted, provided t1 ? t?rms mid oor.diti>>na exp'csae 1 i n the aot ?ha!l b? fully set forta and aiipuiated iu th-> proposals, which muat he a<:ootnpatned hr a guarantee. in oonfo'inity witli the/7i:i aection of tne net of Ju!y i, li *>. in regard to mail servioe, to th>< ?tff ot that the l:m or linea ah*': be competed witinri the time pre tor i bed, and that the guaraobc ahail then enter into obiigat on to the United State* for the Dertorm u;oe of tho ??rvice (or tne Uovernnen', under aaid aot a: tne r.itea offered in the pri>po?a!b. f-uch guarantee may Us in ten fol.owing form: " i'i:e i'!.der*j*neil ruidiug at , iu the State of , urderta*e and piomi??? t.':atif theSecre taiy of the Treasury s! all accept th? within pro FK.?a>, under :n? aot of Ju>.e 16, I860, the une or inr-a f magnetic telegraph . ha.'l be completed at 4 I put into operation on or htfina tk* tim? .? ?<<! 1 the not, and that we will then execute witn the pvt'.es rigcing tbe within propoaa;* an o'llna tiiui t<> the United Stalin, in dun form, km aurn lies fur the perinrinanoa of the ?.?rvio *. a' oord:n< to th? terms and oonditiouit oontainod in auua propo.'Rll " Dat< d et . I h? above guarantee most hie accompanied with th: certifi/at* of a United State* di triet attorn*, or d.slriot judge, abating that he la a iquaintad with each of the persona ?l*niri|; the tuaranteo, and ki <>*& t!:em to Ih? men of atifficient property to j make i?o?.d taeabove guarantee. The p:op >?a.a ar.d gua.&iit e innst hesenledup and directed to "the becr?"ta y of thu Trea*u> f. Wash' :ittoa. L> C aud endorsed " Proposal* for r-c^fic Telec.-aph." ROWKI.L COBB, jj 1J 2awtJ,WtS Secretary of tho T^e^sury III 4 II 4 and 12 4 super Linen ^heatings, lii-4 II 4. ami )2 4 Cotton Sheetings, Rio'iard-on k Sooa' Dunliar &. I)i :kinnon and H^rklie'a super Fronting and Shirting Linens, Towehngs in vanely, Tali.e Lirena and Napkin*, 1>A pieces superior wakea Bleached Cottons, HO pieces Lawns at UX oenis. 25 pWi White and Coiored F'anre.s, Lvl.ea' and Misses' White Cotton ilose, Whi.e fJ<j".,ds ir. variety. Cambric and Swiss F-d: in?* and Inserting!), Hor.i'on.l?u:par? and French Worked Collars, Sun Umbrella*. Para*- '.a and "un v" hades, S-ip -r bilk ai d Frenon Laoe Mantles, Hooped Sk rts. Silk Miu Ao. Ao , received and for tale low bj j - 18 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. WG A S FIXTURES. K Have in store, and arcdailr reoeiving, fJ.4S F1XTL H t?S of entirety New Pattern* and Designs am) Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore otf>red in this market. We invitecitizens general U to call and examine our stock of Gas ami \Vat?r Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best s?*i"Ct'Vi stock in Washington All Work in the altove Tine intruBted to our o*re will Le promptly attended to. MYERS 4 MeGHAN. mar Stf 37*? 1) street. P NOTICE. KRSONS l>eo!inmr housekeeping or having ? surplus of houB*h >ld <'9*0Ots oan find ready salt? by oamtg at my Furnishing Store. 4'J** 7th street, between G ar.J H streets, east side ar ? Sin WIUXII PH M11CHI.V. A VERY NICE CHICKERINtt PIANO I ?Sr\5W 'VPSI TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. NOTICE TO NORFOLK AND I'OTOMAC 1 ^ TK A Vfc'l k'RH' PINEY POINT, POINT XLOOK-OVT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOCTH. The oommodtoui anl swift stramer BALTIMORE, having bwn thorooghlr -II ^ overhauled and lefitted with new^^^l^K^ boilert and machinery, Ac , will t?iMl 1 ? piaoed on the above ri ute MONDAY,the 9th of Juir.arid ooDtinae dnriog the b*thm< aeon, n.ak ine ?emi we-klr trips, ieaving Waehioiton .MONDAYSsand THURSDAYS at ltto oloof a m. Re tnrmne will leave Norfolk on TIK8IJAVS ?ul FRIDAYS atSo'o'ookp m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fnr?to Marbury's. fl.ooi Pope'* Creek $2 cm >acdy Point. 1A t Blaekutone's 2 00 Quantioo 1 5 | Bluff P' int. 2.1O Liverpool Point 1 5'Marsha'I a Pavilion tjW Bote's Ho e 2 OOl Pin??y Point 2.ifl Mattlna? Point? 2.M>i Point Look o;it... 8.W To Old Point and Norfolk 95. including mea a. Round trip ticket* to N< rf- 'k and Old Point, good for the ifuon. $n Children und??r ton 'ears, and servants,haiffae. Froeooiored persons 44 Freight at usual rates at,d must be prepaid. The steamer Baltimore being the fastest boat on the Potomac, will convey passengeis to Point Look nut in 8 hours, making the trip down this Iveautiful river by daylicht. For tioket* and furtn?r information apply on board to Capt. CHaS. E. MITCHELL. or at the Company's of!i?e, corner Penn. avenue and Siith street, under the National Hotel _ GEO. B. MATTIN6LY, General Ticket Agent _iy 6 7t (Int.) Potomao Steamboat Company. N CAPON SPRINGS. E\V and improved route viath* Ma'.&fui Gap Rail Road and the Strap- fTTT - - burg and Capon TnrnpiitP.AjM -_as8WBBc! only 18 inileeofntasing nv(>T?*^a-3*__3WT a comfortable ana wife road. Leave Alexandria in the uruta and Alexandria. Train at 7.15 a. m.? take the Mai aiana care at the junction, arrive at Capon ly 5 o'clock p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon. . $.V?? From Washington to Capon 5 no For information enquire at the Kat! Ruad Oflice oomer of Sixth st. aiu. Pa.av.,'n Washington. *nd at the Ticket Office on Union st, Alexandria, Va. jy 12-dt2">thAurL> ALTI WORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. r> WASHINGTON BRANCH. mm Chaxgk of Hocks. i/ii AiiuArrtK w e.iiM v, June iatti, 1800, train" will run as fallows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at anil 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at3 3> p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. in. Leave Unlttmpre at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On hundaj at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for ihe Fast will take trains at 6.20 and 7.4*' a. ui and3 20p m. For the West at 7 a. m and 8.2^ p. m. For Annapolis nfMO a rn and S2o p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4?i a. rn. On Saturday evaniug the3^10 p. m. train goes t?/ Philadelphia only. je lS-d T H. PAKSON9, Agent. NEW ORLEANS XDT TJOtnEiH DAYS WITH TBI CHOICE Of THREE ROUTES. A 1.1/ RAIL KuLTK, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East 'Jennesitee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, NashviUeand Chattanooga,, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jarkson, TO NKW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS* ROUTE: Memphis l>r Ra>l, th*nce by First c ass Packets to Now Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: <\i t tr r\ wi .ir v Ki 12 A 1 tkarinb t<-* ? - ?? 1-* itAuuw^vnr J ? / ni"iiuo i/<' iU"i'iio i/T I1IOI cia?b Packets. Mo'iie to New Orleans by Lake Steamert TWO DAILY TRAINS?SrsnATs IscLraEb. LeaTO Washington at 6 a m and 5pm The Steamer UKORGK HA'iK lenv*' her whart fr>ot of Seventh street at 6K a m and fc?i p m. and connect > at Alexandria witti the Oraiige find Alex aDdnii Trains for tht< Southwe?t. Office?Penns?ivai:i& avenue, comer of Sixth st. BAOOAOK CBKCKED TBROCOH TO NEW ORLEANS Lrnohburc? $3 a">| Memphis .. . $31 00 Bristol 15ft' Atlanta 2? ** II _ A - !* - ivvino .....<"1*1 .nacon . a !' Chattanooga Coluni'm ;il 5o D&itiiD 24 i"0 MiiiiUoinTT . ^ mi Huntsviiie .<7<*> ) va Mt>mphi?.<U *> > iirami Junction ?"*> N. O.? via Jpne 42 Vi .Na?hville_ ?.25 5? l Sna Mobile .#> no THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY UY RAIL and i? aoo MILES 8HORTK.R, and 124 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any t>th?r l.u:e--tfce l.ynohhnr* Extension being now connpiet^d, a? n.w the Mississippi Central, niakinc i^the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELER*! It la provided with First ctcms Sleep ng Cars! I To N(*w Orleans 7*2 Hoars. Memphis.?.??? 54 do. M outgamorv ...53 do. Nfcatmlie?_ 4t> do. fCTTle U.S MAI L arid ADAMS'EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the South Western Omen, oorner of Sirth street and Pecusj.var.ia av enue, to the follow-ii;* points: L> nc.iiiurg, Rri*tol. KnoZ'*i!I?, At'anta, Chattauooea, Huntsville. ijrand Junction, Macon. Nashviie, Dal ton, Co.uinbus, Montgomery, M"l>iic, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. in- THROUGH TTcKFTS TO THE VARIOUS VI KG iy 1A SPK1XUS Omnibuses and Bac*??e Wapons leave the oiSaeatH, a m. and 6 p.m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket \rent, it.a 23tr Corner Sixth st.and Pa. Mr. 1M1E STEAMER J AS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of h. Knbruary. lufin. Will leave WASH INGTON ever* TUESDAY an.1*"1*"* FRIDAY,at6o'clock a. m .and ALEXANDRIA atha!f-past6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she wi leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. Lt'ClAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L HOr.>H. Ac't. Alexandria. te PFUR NEW YOP-K. ASS ASK. INHI.l niN'A MKAI.S a n n ST A T t ROUM* ? 7 60* The New York a\a Virsiai* }*cr?w Ste&msMp Company's low &ud elegai.t moanship r+Z** MOUNT VfcKNON, Oa.pi.TC. Smith,^Le?? wiil leave tbe C'>rr'pa,r<y,? Depot. tern Whwven, a> llvj'olocir a. ui. every WKDNKSDAY, and tf^ Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. ttnt? <!a?. Passengers from Wasfun*t/>n and Georgetowr can take the ooach':i?#Gon'.*otiiiic with Alexandria steani'xvits or railroad, which leave the ooroer of Tth stfeet and Pa. avenue hourly. or tney can leave on the steamer fron tbe Western Wnarve# at 11 'dock a. m. Htate room* can t-e engaged on apy'ic&tion k Messrs. Morgan A Khinehart, Western Wharvea Freight will be rnoeived up to the honra of depar |E^ Insurance will be effected on all gooda by th!7!ine at the cAoe cf the Company at H per cent pre mi am. The vjcomraodation*. fur pMerngers by thia lint are in every respect fiiei-c asa, and every effort wil be rniuie to rentier tins oorc?ir.uiuo\tioii with Ne? York an agreoab'e aid healthful oe?. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agent*, Alexandria. n o nnnuiitm * n n. j?. v iiu.u TV CLLi S UU.i et-ly 9? West at..oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY] Ddkntai, notickR. I.OOMIS lias cloaed his office for the seasou. and will b-a!>s?nt, a* usual, during tin* sum iner mon'hii; will rmum practice *li>ut the 1st of October, of wiuol) furtner notice will be riven. jy io-tf dentistry. R. HILLS, after apractiaa! teat of two years, fee.a he can witn oonfcdesoa recoro-^'aaJBua mead the Cheoplastio Prooe?s for lnaertincflMBtotf artificial teeth It haa the a<l%anta^ea of^ T'i J strength, beauty, cie&nli :.<*?> .and cneapr.eaa. Fall upper aeta inserted for fiS. Partial in proportion. Otnoe 306 Pa. avenue. Ml |v i R e,~ F 1 r e7~ I , POTOMAC WATER. I am atlll enja-ed in tne PLlJ V! B1 NG and GAS FITTING BUr?INF.#S at my olda'aud in Philhar u >nio HaM. Tlr> advaritaze of having a pl?ntiful ausply of water was readily obaerved at the fire o' yesterday, as I am woll fati fi d I ahould have been burned out but lor the bountiful supply upor my premises and th*t of my neighbors 411 ordera for the introduction of Water and Gaa will be prompt'* attended to. Terina aa reasona bie ax any pluuiber in the city. Jy 3 c. bnvdkr 275 ALIEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PKJiJi*. Avencs, Between Kith and 11* h streets. je 19 PURK OLD RVK \VHI?K Y.-On hand aevera brand' of Pure Old Rye Whi- ky. Copper Distilled, made by the most ruliab e distillers in penn??lvama, Maryland au<! Virginia, warranted pure. Alto, Imported Hrandiea, Heunea?y, Orard. Dupuy Jule* Ri'bins, ko Also, Peach aid Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and St. Croix Rum, and Winwa of every variety, ail ot ataudard brands A ohoice lot of Clear* and Tobaooo YOUNG k KI1PHA KT, Aaentf, ap U 'i*W Pa av . U'tu- 9th and HHh ?ta. PIANUH.?GRKAT ?AK?iAlNS-One Rosen krantz Piano, in beat order, for One aix octave Gaele Piano few 960. AI? |BR3 1 very good Prince Melodeonfor 3?. For'II *? r sale on aocommodaUnf terms at the Mauo Stor# of (je 13) W. G. MKTZEROTT MEDICINES. <KE WHAT AVKR'H SA RSAPARILLA 55 DOR;- FOR DERAXGSMKXT OF THE LITER. Stott's CBoaai*?. I Tal!ad-ra Co., Am . Aug 9, '?.< Dr. J. C. Aytr. Loicrll, Masf.? Sir : I take my pen to t-;i y n what your f*AK!?APA.KI LA and CATHARTIC Pf LL?s? have done for rrv. I had been afllteWd with Liver Complaint for aix years, JuriQc whioii I waa never weii.aixl much of the time very aiek. My Liver waa ho re to th* t'>ich, auc, th-doctor* taid, waa CJC?i?st?-<}. I sutf'ied from aeTere costivenesa ar.d rtiarriura a turnatdy. M? ?k n was clammy and nnh?-.'' r : m? eve* and I skitj en yellow. Ooeasiona: : I a ? a -loua appetite, but (tenerally bum at all A dreadful sen aation of oppreaaion on ray atomach. with lancu ?r aiuatU>?MH) sensation of mokcss all ov?r. kept me in ancuish. You cannot know how muoh 1 suffered from an indescribable feeing o? diatresa Thy ionj continoane* of thia ooi.dition, with -ut relief, ha?1 worn me out so ?haf I never expeoted lob* better} but reading, in the Christian Advocate, of jour rarsapariiia, i roinmpnoiM taking it. wun oooa*ional sni&r. desetof four Pills, to regulate the bowels as you direct bad tn>re effeot npon my disorder than I ?upp<?eil anything o^uld have. 1 retained rrj health rapidly, and now. after eleven weeks, en?oy as good t-,-?a!th and strength as any other nun May the "Dispenser of ali good" shower blessings on you J oh* W. Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowed, Mass. jy lS-eolm XT CZ' JTL m *JL" a ? IirjriEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNN E WELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOL.U ANODTNB, The Natural and Su'te Revudy for all Nervous ComplaitU*, From Neuralgia through ail case* where Opinm was ever a*pd to that of l)?Uriuia Tremens,and the commoa chief cause ol I'isease 1-OS8 OF SLF-F.P. The To!u Anodtne, th'>n*b containing not a partioieof Opium, prodnoes ail the reqifirwMtiU o(, and rr at \,t u?>m1 in ali caens wherever Opium was need without pro<!uoinic auythini but Cures, and leaving the patient in aparfectiy natural f ate. I ne universal v,oug:i i\ t mwi j, i irctxj irom ?i the common obiection of <'oui?h Remrdies, which fMdues r.ausea or prostration,? may be considered h<? common enemy to ail Throat and I.une Comp aints. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to court from proprietors or friend* the inoai severe investigation of both Rt iuf die*.and reading of onr pamphlets to be found with all dt>a,'ers. and nsore particularly to purchase only of those who o\n be depended upon. we wait in confidence the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prices within reach of a i " GKNKRAI. A8KNTS. J. W. Htssewkll A. Co., 7 and 8- Commercial Wharf. Ho*ton, lie". HmKwgLL, I IS Water st., New York, l.ider tn? sp'.?Cia: supervision of JOH N L. HtlN NEW ELL, Chemist "u:ii Pharmaceutist. H<>?t"n, M%sh., wh?ie signature Cvivcru tiie <>o ksoft;>? reuui.e only, and to whom a/ldreteail commiicications. ?*"id hr a!! re*p*ofaW* dealers fvmwhcrc.acd a'lttie UrueiciBU, in Wafchiiuton and G^or^etown. mar eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATKD" "UMPOI Ml FLUID EXTRACT BUCI1U. A Positive nnd Specific Remedy F>>r Disease* of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVK.i,. and DF^PMHaL S'A KUJNG?. This M edieine inc-easea th'-. power of Digfttion, and exoit? the ABS()?ltK\1> into htyv thr action, by whicf the WATERY OR CALCEKOtB depositions. at.U all L'NNaTI'RA* ENLARGEMENTS . .re reduced, ae well as PAIN acd INF LAM " A TION a- tins *o<*l f .r MEN, WOMEy, OK CIIILDRRy. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BlfCHU, For Weaknesses Arising from Exoess*s, Habits of Dissipation, Ear!y Indiscretion or A'use, Attewifi miIk tkt foi.owiMt Symptoms :? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, (.ore of Memory, Difficulty of Urf-atMnc, on.* iiorvMt i rpn>niinjc? Horror of Disease, Wakeful n???, [)imn?m of Vision, Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Muiou ar System, Hot Hand*, Flashing of the Body. Dryness of the i*kin. Eruptions <n the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoiiia. if allowed to rn on, which thu medicine invariably removs. ?<-ori f<*i'.nwn 1MPOTF.NCY. FATUTTY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In One of \Y tyrn thf Patiknt may Kifiii. Who car t?av that they an- not fr* quentiy followed by ?hi>8 "DIRKI t 1. DISK \SK* " -INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." MaiiT Art* awv? "f tnn mum u< th*'r r ifferiri*, b ut yoy f will coyPKss. THKRKCOR ibllF THh INSANh AHVLl MS And tht M'inntholy lUatks 6y Consumption Bear ainple witn<*ts to the truth of the insertion. THK CONSTITI TION ONCE A FFKCTED Ti: rril / * n ? i V ? , I ^ - > ir n o JO ?? i i n in'jft.m >? r.nn^ K-^uire* the aid of molicineto ?tr*nztlien A nd I uvir^.rat? the (?um, wmck Hxlmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU inrari blydo*!. A. TRIAI. will CONVriCK TUB MOST SKEPTICAL. FEMAT.KS-FEMA LBS?FF.MAT.EB. OLD ok \o US(t. SIVULF, makhifd.OX COST KM PI. a Tl V U mar HI age IN MANY A K FACTIONS tECL'MARTO FEMALES, the cxtract Ha> hu i? unrqu!*>d hj ?iiy other remedy, kh in Chi <rotis or Retention Irrecu'aritj, Painfuir- . or Suppression ofCua tomary Kvaouaiioni, U cerateU ?n Scirrhous i-'a:? ?fth? ' 'eras, I."uoorrhnr\ or Whites. Steriiii'jr, and for a i oo:np!aiu:s .n^idert to th? a x whetn r ariaiLK from lnUiaoretlon, il&t,its of jlmairauou, or la the decli v? or erras<* ?? of ;fe. 9tji uriuMf * B NO F* MILY SH'?U..D HK WITHOUT IT TyJ1 no more Mrrrury, or unpl'<i*ant Mtdtttru for ttnpitisant and I)a-frrrm.i ! HE1.MBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU CCEKi. 8ECKKT 1M3F.AHE8 In a.! 1 tSoir Sta.?o?. At iittle expense; Little or noohan*ein Diet; No moon vol leuce; An* no Esrotur*. It 'R.iiPs a fluent doeir? ant given strength to I Urinate, tiiere j Reniov.iig ulifctrucw.ui. Preventing an>1 curiu* Stricture# i.f the Urethra., Allayirg Pain ami IufWmn/atioa, xj frequent n ttl p.hsm <if rim -??n . I orn, lli?? ?M - - . ? - ? rwM.?5 >?* ? ?"?WtWM Disturb, and reorn out Ma'ttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who have bken the victims of ocacks. and who hav ps'.'i k'?ryftes t<i (to cured it * short time. h?.vo found th-jr wore deceived. and that t.;? ' POISON" has. t>y use of"powK*FUL a.*thinsk^ts," t>oen diied up in the ?yfteni. to Ireak out in an aggravated form, ar.d FSkHAPS AFTER MARRIAUB. Uee Het.mboi.d's F.it2act BrcBrfor fc!!ftff?ottons aau du?*aie* .if th? URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAi K OR FKMALK. From whatever oau'e originating and no ra&tter of HOW LONG STANDING DiBeas?softheseorgansrp?juir'>th*ai'1ota IhHrttt HKLMB'il.D'l* EXTRACT ill'OHU IS THE oREAT DII'RETIC. And is certain to have the d-sired etfV- t in Diseases FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. I' V 1 ,4 ^ Mr J A f tk* ?ti n < t ~ m I r* i. 1 r - - 1 ' - - 1 vr u??ri rr.'/runju/tc C/Wr? ler wi.i ncnnmpinv the m?"Uoi' es CLRTIFIC A TE? OF CURES. trom ft toy* wart' standing. With Namr* i.mws to SCIKNCK AND FAME. Price 91 00 per liottlf, or six I or ftA.00. Delivered to mij Address, securely packed fto j observation. Dkhcbtbr Symptoms in all commrjncations Cure* Guaranteed! Advice Gratiot! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appe*ri*i Iwfore me. an Alderman of theoitT of Phi adolplua.H. T H Ki.MBoLn.trho hein? I duly sworn, doth nay. hia prepara'ions 00.Lain no 1 narootio, t?? mercury. or other injurious drugs, but are pnrely venrtaule. H. T. HELM BOLD. t*wom and nnbaorit>ed before mo, this 23d day of November. 1864 _ W.M- P. HiHBKKD, Aldtrman. Ninth strict. above Raoe. Hhila Addre?s letters for information in confidenoe to' H f U ELM BOLD, Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth *t, b?t Ch??nut. Phila. BEWARE OP OOUMTERFKIT8 AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS*. Who endeavor to tlupote or thkik own" and > "othkr" abuclk8 os thx befctation attained flelmhokPs Genuine Preparation*, " " Extract Bnohn, " " " SaraaparillAr M " Improved Rose Wash, Sold by ?. B. Wait*. S'2** Sqy*ntli street, and 8. C Four, Ja , oorner Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, AMD AI.L DHUUMSTS EVERYWHERE. ASK F<?R HELM HOLD'S. TAKENOOTHER. Cut out the advertisement and send tor it AND AV?JlD IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eol* I ENGINEER'S OFFICE, j Alrxandbia, Jane 26,1860. MANASSAS GAP RAILROAD. SIX ftU.?DRED MEN WANTED on th? line of 'his road from Mt. Jackson to Harrisonburg. Wag's &1 a cay; b ard Sio per month. For information, A o., inquire of \V M. 8. FEWELL, Company's Office. Alexandria. je 2R dtj >20,1 st w AugA 1st wSep. WASHINGTON (FIRF.) INSURANTS COMPANY. Avenue ami Tenth Street. J. O. MfcGL'IRE, President. G. D. HANSON. Secr?t*.rf. tna 7-<vitr rv ? ktir Litu nn /?if ?' * ? * * * - ? - ? Hun b ffiinrftuvriu wnutiiixttSUA 1.fc.S I Those So&iea are offered to the public as tne ! most simple,durable. and reliable scales ever ant m 1 use. First class premiums tiave been a warden ,en. by the United States Fair and Virginia Aj'ioultural Sooiety; Virginia State Agricultural Fair: FranUlm Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont Vale Fair, to ., Ac. In ever? case where exhibited they nave received first olass premiums t'o> sa e at AS Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller'a Chilled Iron Safes. de IS l? K? C PATTtSON. Agent. PRIMK COST.-Orgaiidie, Jaoone', Bereje, Orenadioe, and Silk Robes, from two to nine flour.oeg. &t first oost. We will from this da? forward offer our entire stook of the abo e goods at cost; no more will he a?k.d for any of them. We have cone through oar l)ress Woods and marked down most or this kind of *oods; and we respectfully solioit all in want of rion Dress Goods, at very low prioea, to an examination of our stook. i je27-eo6t TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. MISCELLANEOUS. / <riniP x v ^ f ^ ? DISPATCH! \ f ^ Safe Ihe^Piecei! At unl'Mi wiil karpm, teen M wll-e*gml?t*4 ii very deal rabie to bar* iua??t.Mf and oonvenient war for repairing Fanulara, Toy a. Crockery. Ao. SPUDIXO'S PREPARED GUI mMU all *uch rm?rjf<noi? . ai.d ao h>>a?*fcoid oat Wford to be without it. It ia alvaya ready and ay t? the itickinc point. There . no longer a naoaaaitj for limping ohara, aplmtered reneera. keadleaa doila, atul broken cradlea. It ia iaat the artloia for oona, ahati. ard other ornamental work, ae popu.aj wita ladiea of refinement an<l taata. Thia admira*>i? preparation ia need ?oid. being cn?mioa :y he ! in to uu- , and ^?taeaai:if a.. tie valuable * ualitiea of the beat cabinet makera' i.ue. it may bejiaed in the plaoe of ordinary mucilage, being raat.r more adheaive. " usisrui, in A'lnl tlUVOB. Prut, 25 oenta N. B.?A Brush aoootrpanes aach bottJa Dtp oi, No. Cedar street, .New York. Ad<ir?? HKNRV C~SPALDtN6 * COBo* No. 3,600, N?* > ork. Pat ap for Dncn in Cases oontouniac Foar, Rirht, and Twelve I>o?et- aheautifal LiUio<rapb o Show Card aooonipw^ic* each package. fT~T A ainrle bottie of SPALDING'S PRB PAJiED GLVK will Mr* ten timet its oost an tiaa'ly to ever* household. ./7I Sold by a!l prominent Matiocer*. Dnumsta. Hardware and Tnrnitora I*?a,ers, Grooers, and Kan or Stores. Country merchants shoald make a note of SPAL DIJfG'S PREPARED GLUE. whan mafcin? up thetr list. It will stard ar.y climate. fa 10-If ^^"4i? M At?4ry it m*mm'mf4*'*d I u' <fifvl v- w'?/*r ? ? *('*< J*#?? r**?u? ? VE i ^riv 5 7 {! 0 Vt4*'*?' < ? ?'*??/ *? . rTrT*'** b<? zQst* uVw it prrfCftt rm/y Jw? * t - kam, ^7 I iH0fjOHS&3jLij ^ TJ # n YJemn ^7-^^ upon MHimf ? Mtft ? J* 2 4 # Ufa vifM #4^tr A?% tk* V+it*% ft &M*3r?. a* ILAil * tiu fitt'* cm*. /l lift' " J/f 6/ (i# /f?< /l|r|in??4 u; ' ^_ (vp? yy fW P%immti* ># Mmtrimmt J* > w* Bolc?Rp^etor.^ ^ ' 5 /e/ / <(&???)} / ^ tr&jfMj//'' J/ * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mMeywhw WITH THE SIGNATURE OF X // /9 y ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. tOR SALE IX WASHINVTOX BY j 7 ly HARBOIR ft 8EMME8. PARAFFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT EXOWS' We ?? tow rfo?viD/[ I'Msflioe Oil direct from the work* in western Virgin:*. The ??f it exc?r?nt, producing a steady, l>rii i?n? Hiid t-e&utifu i^ht,&nd more pleasaf.t to tb" ptps tr.?3 ight. This Oil i<> free fromadoluratlon.and Terr much more eoonotnioal than many of the Coai Chf? used at this time. it is in no way explosive. rtekecc a.i?o a *utp?y of the moot approved of Lamp*. Ao., f-" hurnfus this Oil. KIN'- A MrRCdELL. A i*>nt? ??-rit" rv r t!i?> I-*i??t-iot of Colarnbia, l.orii?r f- ft. M.rf V*rmort Gr?xi.t Kar? w!i? C?>?! driJ Oil Company. ocft 11 fir ~ carriages.1 HK fcnt>?cntrr h*Tinc ir&Ce sddibonatn ti t*?U)rj, r.iU.nj .t '.<>w on# cftr* ,irc#*t in tn? District, *h?r? h e f&oiiiti?| fo.bEHR mar.utor'urine CA R R1 AG K A I.IGHT-^^^^*? WAu'iNHnf v ir.i.<ls oiuinot b? ?uj^a?Md. ?r.? from his i^ne *r. rori^ne* in tt? t>Ki:&?aa, b? hope* to cit? (*cenil mi.ilacticn. Ail kiuds oi vnrr-.?j:e? Lifkt ir>t ? kird. A!. R hPA!KS*aft*tx r?#r? pr?mpt It itt?r '?d to. OiT.u'iUtfL .nt;?Un?|trMt a*t. ANDREW J. JOYtt, ^ H If - rnvr mr T4tfc V HMVE HUNDRED TRAVLL1NG TRUNKS t:i; 'lu.^ii' n ,:.i n:,iut obvm. ti-ta.iv1 S? leather, l.*<) ec'KfVX hr >8? ?d'l Pjic' in* Trunks. Our trunk^"**4> v? > at ?Vs time the ir-?t<--t va-iet? of ; req 'i!^It^* at bj^?>??. to f-.und t.v.i ?<ie ..f New Y rk A'ao, evWj <i?ni boo Of I-Al>!Fh HAT B<>\k9. VAL1CKK CARPKT HAG"*. SATCHKLP, Ac. JtjTOUl Trui.?* r< p?ired or t&Jten in ?xeh?nt? for tew on??. \VAi>L, hTEPHKNS tz CO., Trunk e? Boom. him 31 -tf aaa Pa.. Rvomm. [KHUN 4 SIMPSON MfI) L D\&F<) L I)\ fMAGNOLiipAGNOLM lUSKLT/i We offer for aale the above atacdard brand of fine Copper Distilled Malted Rye Whisky, ic barrels ana half barreia. At it ia of our owu diati!if tion.and hichly improved bv ace, ve oobfkieut.y reoommenait aa the pciest and beat Whiak y that ean poaaibly be distilled. We alao offer onr OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Fine whiskies in the United Statea freeman a simpsqn, P hernia DiatiUery, on tne Sohuy.kill nver, Phila. Ofie?a?96 Wall atreet, New York ; and 109 BoJth Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar SMy BaltTmore life insurance co.?Ia coipoiaitd 1830.?ioua 1. donalnaom, Prea.i M. CtiBLTK*. Seo'y. Thie company INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. Deeoriptive pamphiete m&y be obtained at tba Company's Agency for the District of Colarcbia. offioe of Lewis Johnson A Co., Bankers. 10th atreat and Penn. avenue. J. W. MAGILL, Agent. D. R. Niann. M. D. Mwl F*'r. <ie B antf i.?. c. lam*.a. a. a. nor*. i. k uni. a* ? A^TTojkjfMTB AT-LAW Hollt Sr&iim. Mim.. Will yrmettM in the Hijth Court or Error* tad A.ppoaliat Jaokeon,the Federal Comrt at Pontotoa, the CourU of tiie Sereuth Jadieial I>i?triot of Mia ippi.acd attend to the Collection of Clain* thmrnod mlft tf JACOB REED. MiNificTiiii or MILITARY CLOTHING, Southeast Co&mkk Sbconp and Spbvcb 8ti., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHi*~FOR 8ALR. ta?-?m lO (UU1 GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND l?,UUU CRAB APPLE CIDER.?We innt* the attention of the pqblio to oar large and we ! ?e fltiwilr f\( nkammjpaa a?i< ^ ^ a u j ? ~r r ?vmunp^ictiuer, which w? fnarant**. to bo pure inio?, and will be old on reasonable t?rma In order to make room lor oar apnn< (took. Give u* a oail at the . . ? Union Botuii DnoL it. ftawxtCwt. A. . YKLLOW PINt LUMBER. LL DMOnpUOD* of the a bo TO Lnmlrftr. tt\m BAKKRS BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?We oanatal! hhou ofthiyear .upp:, ,ou w.U? every grade of Batter, very oboioe. \\Vtave some P.? V low "Ju,n oenU, anj from that up to Ue beat, for pound oak*. ? ksskmbbl i M-fci'itiiN&o. D" ' "SXfin.a. LOCI HOVflT&l, Hmi Di?mmt4 th4 ?m?i (Vim*, > if ?M mUf Fftrt+n. Krm.*4* m (*? * urU. rOR ALL DIUKASK* OF IMI'll'DEX IL LET 1VO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT, APPLY IMM KP ATELY. A CURE WARRAXThl*. Oh .VO CHARGE, IX FROM OhK TO TWO DA\S VnhMlflkl iHl .llWUMi AlMIMHtritalMMfl u< Bitter. iXMHUrr D?.n>>(.? T>??f ;?? L- ( ? ?* j ? tan*, ml I fi ? ' 1 T-wt-.p, Pw??n W?n>; w ( TVo^ *r Urn, AtMMMlf l?? f?. ? ? t? M * ! ? ? ! T*mM? Pmr<iw ?nw?| Km ?i?ut ?>m ( I TmU?UWM* ?4 D*J*CU'? riKWM tkiU r?a? ? Mirruft ifllfcU. 'V * < * ? ! *-?? TOIW MEM kfttUI'f Vtokt'l NtMMW ? , Ui'. dratifai u.4 k*a?i :? a< la i- unity p'l "-oaa i o? ' T?m< / M? af t?-a a a llu< tt.ian u4 knll?M ?l? B fti atkarviaa U wiru. ?- v .1 .1 < ra ' ^ (tlliw Itwif ill li*w I tyra, mty ?>ll VMS ^ nitwit, muiiw MAU II rUMI,Mliii| M? .MK?M >f >? rlui k?ir| i*iri?T itlmN. wfu W ?- ? it, <i(rt.. u 4<. , af-a?4i.? tmr?4 ft* ?ha ckin ' .??nlf aadit * MM ' t?? . f aaaly twMi w kta kkn iii |i(iliaii w* mHi'mIi my pan hi* ikiii aa palatini urricBiu Tii'irirurii iitiirt lift hind a>d(i? f man a raa a fa? laaaa fr?a Ifti carvir hi. tai aa?a?r?a alalia! i ia hat kaniM aa< ka pu4 iaC Haiila way ok jommavom, wkMaa(|kt Uu ??fa ar.a >?u1aa p '* t? kaiMaallkiMiiitii,N|i>^H tfci C u4 tbi frn^r panafvbaai lifa hu fcaan apaat ia w>a baa aiuu of LmIm, ran*. r immIpom aa? i kw ithod eaire af tba aaaal un>?ri'| car*? iftat ??n e?r? liMTi, nun) a,lb ni<4it>( n u>e ? d ?4 *n freei u*r??a? e*a t>?" f ? .mi d *t *add*a mai*. vitli (rtgwat I t?vi?f iiiu4<4 kBU wilb derar.faweri; a# nfnd. were car* 1 TAKE PAKTU.6bAft IIOTIOI. Taai.f M*' Uid *'.(> r* ?b? k*** lugarea iweai'e* a* Mttur> [nctid it<lil(td ui ?ii?r ?.?' -? '"i:'. freqa* .? ( mad frau. e?ll (w>ruMM. w <i ec !?? !. (fce *ree<* *f vbick ir? r.ifh:!* f*l: *?eo ( a.eep. *a? .f ar reader* MariMf* impoeeifcle, u< <i*?irtjt k?U tad Ml, ikNid tpp;? HMWdliNlf. T)mm *r? wr.i of tie d ?od n?ia<ck?tf <I?'U ?rtd???4 ky earl? baMte af aeaik * : Ihm af tb* ??fk ?a4 UmM. I^um la tb* >!, Oinim of *?(' . Um ' Mwi ii Fewer, Ptiptiu* . ef tk* tfearw, llaapepe* Nerrea* Irrn.HIICy. f>er? .( 'tutit n<tb* I>if**t<?* ranct:?i>*. *?at *r*i [> ? !*?. yrpt><>r>> ?f . MCNTALLf.-Tti forld ilcuwi Ut rl?< ere ?i?l ve ki ilriuiiil-Li>Mi>rMlic*r|.C?*'iMi ef !! , j fSf.rri luTii r?rt?d--.f?. A ?*retoe ef *c .-le'reev, bere ef ftoiita<1*. T.rudr.y, ate ?r* *au* a' ika aril* pr? toe *4 VtftTOII DMlbTV -TkMHiiitu aew )?4f a vttl ia tba c*a*? of their daeliu?( be > lib. leer f thair ft, ael*rrf wok, pal*, warroaa -?4 ??iti?ia4,?* "nt? wn^a ir appearance * beat the ? *. ceafi or eyn>itaa>e ef cit tiiTft m PIILaSMi or imprudence Wkan tk* imef aided t*4 in pradent ?ot?r? ef p aaaara >*4a k* ha* imMted the <) af t? .a p?u.fa d i*e***. Ii ? * W?e kappea* toai an ill-timed aaoaa e' *Un i ? draad cf .1?eee?*rf 4*t*-ebtir frerr pP'T'rf to ?k *ee wba. fra?r ta-ti* ! ><( raepectatnlu*, can alone katr end him. M* fait* laae ka ber Ja of i|nwiM *rd tfeeift- >.j pretender*, wb*. it c*f*k'a af WW ( > p*tn? y ashetuce. keep bin tnlMf maaui after iDorib.araa .?< ? ta ik* ama'.aei fee etc be aa uirtCd, ibu la doopair ! *? rim ?ttk ruicod kwiit u nn Mf Mif In f 41? ppil?inif w (ikn 4? "i ^ lom, Morr?ry, twin Ih* c?MtitB0n?.al i-J'wi ?< |?M 4in>h, inch u Al?cu? i"'r? Hun Tkr?ai, Vm, km .* . prcf roooit | wi'h frif h(f?. rapidity, uli 4?atk | ? J*ri*d to hi* drtodfkl ultriMi t>y ndir.g b? u iti. iKt'trid e'nnir; from wtwilMnn t.o tn'tUr iiium OK. loHNrK iirrrtv rn* <>?'*ahic W K>iiw AMD 1MPOTKMCT By (M* froai **d II ???l*im romody woafcoooo ?f lk? otfaoo ui 0(.00d"y carod ar f fafll * fa ^ roa.orod Tho?a?rd? ?> 1*0 mi oor???o *nd dokttttaiad, *ko kid l?M all koy ka' k**r lanidnKl; r*li*?*d. All impodimoBto to Mtrnt|?. Pkyoioa. ? MmuI Dtoaaafv Imuki. Lm< of Pr?eroau?o Po*u. Hi'-ou Irnvakimy Tr* moling and VoUulNW ClUltMO of Ita notfttrfM Mod *yooo>1i.? cmrod BMIX>RACMIUIT )f TIE ritM tut MANY THUUIANIX aiod anhta .i.ou.atMa vukt tko lao< ooMouoq yoiri. and tko novnoraoa ImftniM lomW> opanuoM porforioa ky Do Johnoon. viuooood ky V* n(*nor> cf tko paporo and many othor porosoo na.i?oi of wh?eh h??o appoarod ipu tud apm ktloro tko Mtltc. > Old01 hu ota?c?.f ao o gor.llomai. of characlor lafl roiaii a.ktluy, ? o cioot puir to* to tko iStkiad (or, tl r D^mWi. J. BOVKK IMPERIAL WISE BITTMiS. Are now being te vd from Maine to U># Great Ha i Lake, an 1 the nver?\ vrrd,?; ..f a. who u?e t em either a* a or a? a i* t *.r th?-v are uii?ii'pa*t"! . t ? w. ' I. i? :? u*-' them eu^oeaafu. ? in I practiee 1 * 2S ;r#*er? t-f re we purohaned of i .m tne ?o e 1IU1 iiiaoufaotc* and prevent them f<>r aa.e to pub.ic. Fi.rtlie cu?e of Ireipient Conanm.ntion, lii'lireation. U) ipepaia. Pile*, N??rvou? I'liea ?. Female Cotn piair.ta. an 1 a Han't ?a i. cat r, c. t r>- ' < + " fond doubt a moat :nva.?ia lereired). Anoefr><n. their medicinal pr<o?tt;ee th?-y are a pure, wn.>.e a<?me and de p?v-ne, pr.Kiur,hf a the pieaeai.t ulii.- al ? efaU ! Bramlj or W ;.< wittinut tii -1 - ir j . ri> r.? ' , u ' > I.?t a. ' homar ity an.l a. .-ater t> r-p^rar. e a>.? us m autotituin* *heee v% uaine V- c*ta'' Hittera for the i- <*.? and itv?' with whicti t: <> f ui t> !i >. . *rd u,?rc'j il f^e'oa j ai'* in '-ai n I.J fc, P?uk*u*?-. lr?':r. the ;anU. CHAR LF<* WIRDIMRLD* C<> . Proprietor*. 7- VViilam street. New Vork. J. 8CHWARZE A*est, \\ M,1ir?t<'t, D. C. DR J ROVKB POOH' IMPERIAL U1N SITTELS, For Diseaaet jf the K.dn??* B a<;dei ai.<! I'rinar* Orjana. ar.d eapec a j l..r Fetr.a ? Ot>ati action*. never fai to cure, a 1 an ? t anie U> give set.* faction. CIIARLF? W.DplMFI.D & l O., rropnetora, 7? wiuwkt. New York. j !*chwar7f.. je 7 ly.r Agent WulnKfUm. 1). C. Highly impoktant to all; MUS. COX'S IS MAX TKOFTABLK itFCOCTIOK. It ia weii known luat in the Sp-mr r*opt# ar" m<re apt to cnirao: diMa*<< rai a: ai.y 'h?' period; and it u e*ea ? we. km vc that lu* wa? to ward off i' -'iff :? to keep trie h.< <>d pure ; i "a!' the til* tiiat fie*L t? be?r lr?," ar:?e from impart tj"ft.k>e b inrd, tiie ir.a i ?p- -r u It if. tcercf'Te, iBijo -taut t > a! r at tj.enyeterr ahou'.d t?* U.'i rour t>.* o.<*a ?-o r !: ; pur.f.eo, a< ' Ur.? car. he d> u? ; , r n.a ?a?l<y..n:.i n?.s m ro.ri jyniA* vh,etaPi t. />k mnyin v t .? - j - i ' -r 1 .mv .r? a% inuvuj viipmrai i? r nn ol dia*??** of t*k<n. Krysi?eiM. St u.* Kii'tmi ftim, N*TT">J? I>- . ?. r<*v< ?. i . C-rr: U.i >. II L.:rrr rrpa I & *??*' arising (:> !? tn.pu' it* { Hi- . : i.a? d?*< '"0 T| tiie n;. r-ma-k* <? r *.re?t a* ? ?Ut: ? nutroroua certificate* from :h? > ;*'>eet reepeetai': ''i, *?<2 !? r?o< n. i..*n<l?d (>t a. *" < have o?'d it aa ta? ruoat inva ..a' i? r- mkmI.v m?i i of the day. [nrit it aotd by all the Drucct'U of Baltimore, aitf at the reaulenoe of t:i^e ^nip^^etor^ ia? Ka*' Baltimore atraet, between EJen atreet and Centra arena*. None jenu ne an eaa her nun* i? blown on tk? bott 'e and her ?ea outheoork. It^Prioe (1 p jt bottie, aix bottiea for #*. Wkol'talt Ajent. R.ST Pra*?i??, Georgetown, D. O., W bo m!? A(?nt for Ui( 1>ih triot, *no will ?uppr the trail e at my pnoea. mar T> tr J HE ALL eVFPIClKNV IBREE TRIESCnAR. 1, ?, * S, Pr*\?ti*d by t'oymi l.ntf of hnitsnd m*4 ltcv*td y Ikr Stilt of hrni 4t t 4a*wt?r?? 4* Pa,. . __ -J I? ' " ? ? * V?... -~ iwirv,,,, . WHI! v murmi. MMA. No. I la inv&iuablefor ?xh&ogtion, PjorruM? 'hap*, and all ph?no?, disabilities. No. ii conipletoly arad.catM *J! truer* of thn?? diaouo* that h?vf boon hiliiorto trottod b* tbo urn MODtaod porricn n? use ?*f o>>r?v ,4 *rd on bob* No. 3 hu entirely ?upp M.ted the luinriou* uif ol mercury, tn?-:et>y iiiBCit j to th? anfferer ape<vf? relief, tfiaaeraiM a!< in purine*. a*<J rooting out live coin ofdi?e*pe. TRIB?EMA R.Noa. t .Sncd -1 *re prepared m thf form of ? lotenje. devoid of t??te bjiJ mdmU, mc I* o?rn?4 iu the wai*t??at pockrt. rtoid it ba ?omm. bud divided it to separate doaec, a* ntlnuri* tared b? Vtimt, Laicmand. R->ux. R.c.-rd, 4?. Price #3 or roar c*#? ? for $9 which NtN S3 id m #77 caeea, whereby there i? a ea>1 c* of ?. o b* had. who>eeve and retail, of Dr. Ha R row. 194 Hlaecker street, four doors below McDotih street. New York. Immediately op reoWTiac a re mittanoe. Dr. Barrow wiil forward toe Tniwiir to \mj part of ttie world. ??oure y packed, and ad dre?en aeoordine to the infractions of the Writer. Sold alio by 8. CALVEET FORD. Jr.. Walk UitoB. D. C. de Mm C8wjn0l.1n0 WLACR*. ABTION !?<?aach?;??6eir Book*. Corflias. Baaha. HospitaV lBr*rtw>LU ur Ria?e?ahaa them all, and, if disposed laprohtb* air experiaaa*. S?r4mr,klR?H'<T'AOB-1T* 01 Kh With t?rn? raoloMd, *idr???, in f*rf?ot oot.1d?t.c?. to?t rn?nd. ft former ?ner?j pat ortt ir.c Box 176, ChftJ-Wtovr, Mm OIlTtfWh KOK ?TAMPIN? j ?_ A PACKET OF PArEft II A AND ENVELOPES NU TO MATCH. CHARGE] MKTEOPOL.ITAN bookj?to*e. PHI LP ft 80L0M0NP, Agent* for Lmkmn1! oel*hr?t?d Unci J*Mi 279 ,^SSSSr>' 206 Pa. Atb., KOKKIG.N F?lr!T*, Pa. Arm., XH>NrilMENT*ffc?., B*fi l?n to o?I< ol bit fn?ad?_|f4 Uk* vmblio ???rnly lo hiai New rHor#, nnfler WDlardS Hotel, ju?t PHMd, m oocnexion with kia old ?at?hliab?OBt, whftTP h* wUbe htm to r? I pm r? u> ordora for npthor Confaotiona of ku on i in/uio.%i? ordora lor Jtonncra, hMA B*ii?,aai I Prir?t# Pirt N, wfcioh will t? aorvod up id ktm ift- I Uiilftb.e wittt thf ?m # ?r. n,aad dia I lkUiK*li:oh h? ntw hith?rt?. at>f>v at a I T<> u. a?t fu?r ttPftINO Add | ll Sl MMKIt cfioTHlN?j-No.4?>?8.vonlh?ii foto*M ITH w. t.. to cat yoar B(?l i?thin;o *?-?? , &??!>%

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