Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1860 Page 1
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? d(r mtng Star. Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JULY 2-3. 1*60 N?. 2.317. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOOy, iSUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDISGS. Cv u+s oj Pennsylvania avtnut anS \Itk it, T H. D. WALLACH. Papers served in by carriers at $4 & year, or 97 c?nU per month. To mail subscribers the prioe is 5> a year, ? adrmct; 92 for six mnntfts; 91 for three months; and for leas than three months at the rate of 12 oents a week. Single oopies, oifi cixt; in wrappers, two cists. should be sent to the oflo6 helore 12o'aiook m :ui i?i*iuthai ma* nni until the next dir. The Chinese War. [From (be I .on don Timet ] Of course we roust pay The expedition is gone, and the cost has been incurred under the y ublic eye. and without Parliamentary protest There seem3, however, to he some probability of this vast amount being utterly thrown away. There is at Pekin a stupid, obstinate, frithles* population of old Mandarins who direct the affairs of the Chinese Empire. They have never yet Ween reached, and they do not believe that "they ever can be reached. They hear of cities sacked by rebels, and of cities taken by foreigners, but they do not believe in Pekin being reached by either. They have no notion that there is any arm long enough to reach their haunts At the worst they trust always to srop a r>arbsnnn mi Toy at lien-tain, or to buy a rebel leader before he gets conveniently near. If we destroy thin superstition?if we go straight up to Pekin. as we might as easily as we might march from Salisbury to Devizep. this wretched clique might run or might stay, q but we should never have occasion to go there again The Mandarins would have had their lesson. If. however, all these plenipotentiaries, staffofficers and soldiers and sailors.with their Armstrong gum and their tremendous stores, arc only going to rectify some wordy diplomatic subtlety, and to make something plain upon paper, our money is cast uselessly away. There may be some use in giving the Chinese a lesson at Pekin. but we have positive proof that there is no use in milking them sign any quantity of paper. We have got all that paper can give us we have the Yangtze opened and the North opened, according to paper right All that wo can cosMbly n>>w usefully do is to sh^w what happen* when these paper rights! are violated. As to pressing, under such circumstance*, for more paper right.-*, it would be like prosecuting a man who had given you a forgea note, and compromising the matter upon hi? giving you inore forged *ote? In the first instance the acknowledgment of the right to free transit in China was imalu ahle, but. this having been obtained, any more diplomatic recognition of that right is. instead of being worth three millions and a o-penny income tax. not worth the peacock's feather of the Mandarin who. with his tongue in his cheek, may sign it. A Chinese war. properly ?onducted and with a just and practical object, would be a payable and decisive thing, justifiable upon every ground of morality ana expediency, but a war for a certain number of ?eratche? of India ink upon a certain quantity 01 bamboo paper?and that is what we fear his is likely to be ? is something so absurd that we think it will be well for the English public to say of Chinese, as they have said of Arctic expeditions, that the last has gone forth, and that, let who will get into a difficulty in those latitudes, we will spend no more lives ..J . L. uu uivucjr lucrc Chicago Zocavks ?The Courrier des Ktat> I nis, in a criticism upon the Zouaves, says: Thc*e Zouaves are, however, three quarter? contraband. Their uniform has nothing, or rather very little, of the uniform of the French oorps whose name they have adopted We made a pretty close inspection of them, while they were drilling in front of the City Hall, arid we looked in vain for the leggings of the Z mare; his puffy trowsers that rest upon the calf of his leg; his girdle; his vest; bis fez or turban; his heavy, imposing moustache. The sixty-tive militia-men who arrived on Saturday can take whatever name it pleases them to assume bat a Zn'i-zoie of France will be unable tA rAA, ..rni in an v of (nam 'lm af \r lii.tK wvv^mi^v wuj vi (uvui iuv wj'j "? " ii iv>u he (the Zoti-zon) is the gloriou0 und brilliant original. They wore, on Saturday, a sort cf scarlet red kepi with a black border, a blue waistcoat mixed with orange color and moire nntiriue fa? ings, a v?t of dark blue hollowed out like thiit of the Zouaves, with red and orange eminent* and *. and scarlet pantaloons, which fell down to the ankle, not puffed at all. but wrinkled a little at the bottom. witn small puffs like those of the French Chas?enrs?a pair of ordinary gaiters completes this uniform, which in itself is hauusoiae enough, but which is not that <;f the Zouaves. We have said that the men of this company have no moustaches <>r beard. True, this is a trifle; but who can picture to himself a Zouave without this martial ornament to his face? You might as well paint a beardless sapper, or a tar without whiskers. If these young gentlemen?they are all very young?wore a proud moustache, their aspect would no doubt have some of that ' touch of ferocity'" of which the Herald spoke yesterday, but which we, less fortunate, could not discover in those placid figures. The Chicago Zouave belongs to the temperance society?it is a i//e </na nott tor M^miuinn intn thu pnmikBiiv Tliia is m v?rv t?~"s " *" / good rule. especially if he is afraid to abuse the bottle whenever he touches it. but the consequence of it ii that he looks like a waterdrinker. which is not exactly the case with the heroes of Algiers, Alma. Turbigo, and Solferino. What Becomes or the Newspapers ?? The Xewburyport Herald has the following inquiry and calculation, which is quite as interesting to the general public as the inquiry. ' What becmes of all the pins?'' It says: There are published in this country and Canada nearly three thousand newspapers More than one-half are weekly; the remainder are divided into semi-weeklies, tri-weeklies. and dailies. These papers would more than reach around the globe We have sometimes heard it asked how high would all these journals reach, if piled on the top of each other, just the thickness of one sheet. Some have answered. a thousand feet; others, two thousand; others, a mile But all are wide of the mark. I>r Ayer, of Lowell, is probably the only man in the United States who takes all the journals of our country, Canada, New Brunswick, and IU**U D. * * ?u?a iwua actual UiCHiUrOUlVIll QC QUI ascertained that in one year his exchanges amount in hight neither to a thousand feet, nor five thousand, nor two miles, nor five miles, nor ten, nor twelve, but to more than fourteen miles' In short, the newspapers published north of the southern line of the United States are nearly five times higher than Mount Blanc in Europe?a mountain which overlooks a circle whose diameter is four hundred miles Paper printed upon cannot be ground over and made anew. Printer's ink spoils paper for remanufacture, and lh? great amount of paper which enters into public journals, after Deirig perused, is not bound up and laid aside. as it should be. for future reference, but goes to waste A portion is used for wrapping paper, but, sad as is the reflection. newspaf>ers containing so much that has cost mind-labor, sleepless nights and weary days, goes to waste ?"nurries on to indistinat decay." Let each one, after reading these figures, do his own moralizing I tr The Richmond Dispatch giver a tabular estimate of the militia of the several States, which makes the aggregate 1,V59.7R2. It add* " Two millions of men. at least, are now muttered in the militia. Upon paper this has a formidable look. In the field, upon muster days, its aspect is more ludicrous than ferocious Never tne less, an American has more reunn to be proud of the militia than France bu of the Imperial Guard, or England hat of her choicast troops, the Life Guard included, or HuMia. Austria, and other despotism* of their colossal and well disciplined armies The very weakness and absurdity of the militia, in a military point of view, 10 a subject of genuine congratulation. As thej pass before us, in jovial mockery of the p?tnp. place, and circumstance of war. ea.-h uian shouMering hit umbrella, his cane, or cornstalk, each man as brave individually as Julius Caesar, but individually and collectively a* ignorant of the *rt of war as the American Indians, ne cannot l?u* glory in a country which require* no other bulwark than such a body of men. whose lot is oast tur Providence in such secure and pleaaant j/lsces, that an army, euuipped with eanes and OOfMUikrf, if sufficient tor her protection.'' I Archbishop Hughe* Among the Ladies?A Pr actical Speech. Bishop Hughes distributed the premiums at the Mount St. Vincent Acadcmy of the Visitation, near New York, on Tuesday last, and at th?; oonclusion of the exercises addressed the young ladies as follows " My dear children and young ladie? :?I have witnessed many anniversaries in which you received the testironrialsof merit to which you were entitled, but 1 <io not remember any occasion which .excelled the exercises of today But I will not enlarge upon this; there are probably a great many in this audience better able to appreciate the merits of your performances than I am. We have the honor of having many distinguished persons present with us to-day ?not strangers, but friends. Only one thing has troubled us during the exercise*? your speeches had made us sad?but tnis was to dc expected from the nature of the occasion, when friends and schoolmates were nbont to take leave of each other. But the chief thing that has trouble ! tue is the dilemma in whi<h one of the speakers placed the Sisters of Charity by quoting a remark from me. True it is that they have 1 none to overlook them upon this hallowed ground but angel?,' unles-. indeed, our Jersey friends on the other side of the river may look down upon them. | Laughter) Hut the dilemma in which they are placed ij this : if the term angel can bo applied to those good spirits that look down on the Sisters from above, why cannot the same term be applied to the young ladies I si.e before me ' llere, then, are the Sistors. between two sets of angels: the one overlooking them from above, and the other looking up to them for guidance and instruction. (Laughter ] Isu't that a dangerous position to place the Sisters in 7 May not this double compliment from earth and heaven make ?hcm vain ? I Re ncw<-4 mummer. in whioti the sisters heartily joined | Hut to return although it is of the utmost importance, young ladies, that you should have a good education, should be accomplished. cultivated, graceful aud refined, yet there ar*1 other things that cannot bo lost sight of Before another year rolls around I propose to arrange with the Sisters for a new branch of study in the Academy That branch of study is what the French call the science of It is the science of keeping house, and that we all know commences with tho kitchen. Every young lady. I don't care if she be a oueen s daughter. ous?ht to understand that department of life. Even though she may not have to practice it. though she may be able to hire her cook, yet she should understand it herself, for it may happen some day that the cook will dismiss her MJreat lauirh. 1 llr n * -1_ - 11 t ter j n uut a fin-UK anient pue wouia oe in then Well, what I was gr>ing to say was that the Sisters should arrange it go that all the girl? ov? r thirteen of ago should bo enable I to spend a portion of tho time in th? kitchen.and become acquainted with cooking and h-xuokeepiug. Here will be a new bureau of edaeation. [Laughter. | We shall then havo the theory and some practice t?o. 'Another point and I will cl< so. At tho eDd of another year, if living, and my purs is locg enough, I am going to give a gold modal of not less than $j0 in value, to the y >ung lady who will write tho best essay, not exceeding tire pages in length upon thi> gretu new science I have spoken of. | Laughter and applause) .. The Champions i\- Ireland?Riot at Di hLt> ?Siyera and HetUI appeared at the K - tunda Gardens. Dublin, on the 2jrh ult. in the cvcniDg it was with considerable trouble tho '-champions" could disengage themselves from the motlcj crow I by whom they were surrounded. The Benicia Boy aud Tom fcayers promenaded ?s far as tbey would bo permitted air.'>ng the masses that jostled sr.d twisted to try and get near the two heroes." After some time, persons began amusing themselves by bl?? king the hatg of their fellow spectators The standard of rebellion against pugilistic authority was raised, and in a very short time indeed the platform was broken to pieces, and the carpct with which it was covered torn into shreds This system of agitation had the effect of bringing in vast reinforcements from outfide. and thy railings were scaled by hundreds from every quarter The two pugilists presented themselves amide? a storm of noise and confu.-im. Sayers tried to make himself heard, and was understood to say that if a space was cleared, the science of himself and Lis friend would be displayed. The appeal was in vain, and the Beuieia Boy having tried his persuasive powers with a. little success as his companion, both immediately threw down the gloves, and then ensued a scene of tumult and disorder perhaps never equalled in Dublin, hats were blocked, coat tails were torn off, and Johnson's refreshment marquee was coll?p?ed in the twinkling of an eye. The wine, whisky, and drink of all kinds which it contained, as well as all the money wbieh had been received in it during the dav - ry ? for drink, were made away with by the rioters Ihe police arrived in largo numbers, and succeeded, after much trouble. In clearing the gardens and restoring order. The 'heroes' returned to their hotel, and all was quiet bofore eleven o'clock At the time of toe row in the gardens not less than 10 000 persons were present. Heeiian and Sayern left next morning for Belfast. The visit of Sayers and Iloenan to Belfai-t was "a groat success," each exhibition having been attended by about 2,000 persons, and double that number wre unable to obtain admission The Northern Whig says the "champions'' started off by the Leopard, for Glasgow, amid the cheers of the greatest monster meeting that has been seen on the quays of Belfast sine* the Queen's visit eleven years ago. 8olid Oil in the Suai-b or Coal.?We have been favored with a small specimen of ooal from the neighborhood of Cairo station, Ritchie county Va , on the Northwestern Virginia railroad, which is of a peculiar quality It has been tested by various chemists, and has been found to be as it were crystaliied mineral oil? being without stratification, and free from any foreign substance. The tests have shown that it will yield one hundred and sixty-five gallons of pure oil to the ton. By taking a portion of the eoal and laying it on a hot stove or shovel, its extraordinary quality is obvious It melts and runalike wax?Putihure po*t, JUA. We fear our Pennsylvania and Virginia friends are getting too much exoited, in natural oil bed*, as we Downeasters once were respecting pine trees. And this story of solid oil reminds us of an occurrence in our State during the days of the land fever. After most of the lands had been sold over several times, other projects were started, and among them that of finding coal alone the primitive formation of our sea coast in Maine. The existence of red sandstone upon the river St. Croix led some to believe that coal might be found beneath it. and ben^e a roinnanv vna ftrined " Down Eut," and the work of boring for < otl commenced. The stock whs taken up b v the bulls of that day to fire dollars per Kkare. when, one Monday, in drawing up the boring apparatus, pieces of black scale were found, similar in character to those which overly the coal formation in Pennsylvania. This indication of coal carried up the stock to ten dollars per share, and all the neighborhood was in great ferment respecting shares in the new coal mine. The week's work went on. but without any further indications of ooal. Next Monday, however, upon drawing up the auger after boring for a short time, it came up filled with white bread and butter. This was a little richer than the solid oil of Virginia, above named?and, although upon discovery of coal the stock went up ten dollars per share, the 44 bread and butter strata," carried it down to nothing, and actually killed the company outrigh'. Soaae wag on Sunday had first dropped into the bole the pieces of shale; and next sunday followed It up by a loaf of bread well buttered, which threw so much ridicule upon the whole project that it was abandoned.?Portland Advtrtistr A Great Will Cask i* North Carolina? One Hundred Negroes set Free.?We learn from the Iredell Express that the case of Solomon Hall's will occupied the Superior Court of that county eight days, and was finally compromised after the jury had retired. Mr Hall had made a will leaving 10ft negroes and other property to his only child, a daughter, who afterwards married Mr. Neely against hi* wish, whereupon he made another will leaving his negroes free and leaving most of his property to them. The suit was to set aside the last will. An hour after the case had gone to the jury Mrs. Neely's counsel proposed to r^ ceivefl3.000 and $2 000 which the will pave her; the estate to pay the court costs, $800. she to pay her own lawver $5,000. The proposition was aocepted. The negroes will be sent to Liberia. The jury stood nine again*' and three for the will; but it is said the judge would have sot aside the verdict if it had been against the will. TH* GHK4T PC BMC LlBRARIK? OF I'.CHOPB ? The British Museum Library !s said to be In a flourishing condition. The annual appropriation of #50.000 for pure has. s of books is continued. and it is difficult to find room for the studeni* who daily as?emble in the library A distinct reading room has be?n appropriate for usual visitors and general renders apart from toe one devoted to students and men of science. In the fine art department there are slid to be '2 500.0(10 separate engravings. The French imperial Library is in tradnsl process of reorganization The Russian Imperial Library consists of UUMMx) volumes of printed books and manuscripts, a larger number than the British Museum, and second onlv to the Par s Library. The Library is open unil 9 o'clock at night Last vear the readers amounted to 40,ist". Denver city letter says: ' Captain Jim Bfckworth. ex-chief of the Crow Indians, and one of the greatest I>ragg-irt3 that ever lived, resides in Denver, and follows the unwarlike trade of store-keeDintr \Vhll<? *?nAn?r #k? n ?*** ?? i , ? ?? ^l? " w^s happy possessor of ei?ht wives with a separate lodge for each Last week the gallant hero took to his bosom his ninth wife; this time a 'pal?* fire.' " \!*IKS. WI.ISLUff, N ExpeTienatKi Nuree ?n<l Female i'tirsioitii presents to the attention of mothers. her SOOTHING S V Rll F, For Children Teething, Wb'.ct fraauy foctlilataa tha pn'.<" ef taathing, aaftaa I if tha rum*, radactn( all inlimnntmi-will allay ALL f Alf ?:id apaamodic action, and ia Sl'Mi to keovlate the bowels n#p?r. d ?p?r It, matbara, it will gif r 11: to yaaraalraa, and kelief and health to yovk infants Wa ha?a fat ap ar.d ao!d tijia articla for o?ar tan yaara, aod CA* sat, I ! COIfFlDIKCI A*D TBL'TH of It, what *1 huTa c???r taan akia to awt of any OTNII MadlClr.a?RBVSR Y1KS ,H>) IT FlILID.IH 4 * 11< ? L X INSTAWCB TO ir net a Cl'tl, WlilsliOW S whan tiroaly aaad. Na?ardid ?? : ?? SOOTli I *" !n,tAnea ?' aafiafaetton by ipj _ * on* who naad it Oa iha cor trary, allara SYRlTt <lalifhtad wi:h ita of rn ATlons, and iff I in tarrr.a of h:< <i: rw.miaa- ti?n of ita r.n:r?| aOacta and madica', T'rtuaa W a apank in .hia n.attar ? what <?b do a -?oxr," <ft?r .an yaara' aiparianea, A WD PLID61 OUR RBrt'TATIO .< FOR THF Fl'LFtLM B*T OP WHAT WB Nthl n BCLARI In ilir.oa* a?ary inatanet arhara tha infn. l ia aeffartnf from pain and aa**Bati>n, raliaf will I a f. und in Ef t an ar vaula I ..inurta nf'ir ths ayrop ia adrnmiatarad. Ttia 'iluahla praparatifn i? ii>a praa-notion of ana of tha ratal lirlRI|iC(D mid liari l. THlfi In Ni* Enflasd.aodbaa taan caad with i BV BR-Fai Ll*e IVCCIII fa thousands of cases. It nat aniy ralia?aa tha child from pain, tot invifor'taa rta tarnnch and Uowaia, ccrrarta acidity, and (iraa tana and | , * u * I g / (V Uif wub;? j?v?ru. ii will 9|HIMt tnateiilly r?i?V? | <ji*:rine in thr Rowrls akd Wind Colic, and artrcorit ewwhich, if not apaad^j ramcdtad ?dJ in da?!h. W a wm u " , baliait tha III? a^nicm'tkim-i rOH invm ihi wori.d in aii cni?i ?r r??| fit i ldp. ?.\ utir* ?ud dur f*MCA in H^L'|TCftCTHlNG.Ir>ltK(f* wh?tb?r ii ri*i? fran taaihinyj ^|or fr*m anj OlhtT CiCii w? wooM aa? to avary rnothar wSo hna % child ?uf far'7 frfl J ' fortgfiM comfisu.'i -uo NOT LIT rout PA BJI DICK0, POI TM ? PRIJl'DH Is Of OTHIhl, t&r> '? bitVND jca?*affarin? child and the ClUtf that w 11! ba tfJR 1?y mt AISOLT'TBLT STRl?to follow tho naa of th nicjtelni, if urralj utad. Foil diracuora or namg will % Cf?i i-anj aach bottia Nona ircnai. anlaat lha fnc-airr.ila CU&Tii A PERKINS. Naw York, ta on iba ovtaida wr&ppa Ic d bf Uru#^ia s throurhont tha world. Principal Oftca. No 13 Cad?.r 8;raat, M. T. Pre a 25 Cants par Battia. oa I 1 <14 wl r PROPOSALS FOR RKPAIKINti THE CUSTOM HOUSE A I BALTIMORE, Md. TRBASOKT rBPAHTMKNT, 1 WlfHIROTOX J uly 1.1, 186". i I'ropo5/vl? w !i be received at this Department nntil the filteen'h d*y of September, A. D.. 186', at Uo'oiock, noon, < the repairs of the Custom Hon*** a-'thoiiz-vl to be repaired at Ha timore, Ma> y iuk1 . aooordint, to the p ans and tio.'.r prep.*ri*d ;it thu Department. Hidden wiii he ieqiiirpr* to receive ttie o d cast iron work di?p-nsed With in }.art payment of the work, at the rate .>f one dollar po- hundred pourd and will he required to idri.Uh al< tuo m aterial and perform all tne i;ece>sary labor to complete the repairs according to the p ana fur; uhe<i. N' t.fct> p?i oent, ?>f the amount of work done and materia s delivered according to oontraet prioe (said amount to be ascertained in the mariner p e serihed t>y th? contract, by the estimate of an a<<*nt of ihe Oepartment appointed for that purp *< ) wi I be paia rr"iithly,a? the work progresses, anil ten p-r oeut. retained until the completion of ine oimiiari ?ua acorpianne ?i toe work by the at "tit a'ore?aid, and to tie lorf'ited in the evert of ran fu filment of c ntraot. Specifications and dra*in*s wnl be read* on the 15th of August, when thej can b<? had :>n application to the ttepArtmrnt. The propoaa'a must be rent to th s D partment, addressed to th? Secretary <>f the T'eamir* art! p air.iy endorsed " Proposals for repairing tkf Baltt m<rt Custom kou", and will be openrd at one o o otk ol tiia is?t day named lor receiving the MMne. HOWELL COBH, jy '7 2*w3w Secretary of the Treasury. pROl'OSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Office Secretary or the Senate U. S.f July It, 1460. S Sealed Proposals will bereoeived ti'l 12 o'clock in .on Monday, the3>Mi in tant, for famishing for th? use of the Senate five hundred tuna best W hite A*h Furnace Cua an ! fifty cords beat straight Pine Wood. The whole to Iks paoknl away in tTie vaults of the Capitol, in p ace* whioh will ce shown on application to the Kngineer in the rvioe of tha Sei.ate and to be delivered by the 15th September text bond? for the faithful us cutfon of the oontract will be ten nired. Bids for the Coal and *he Wood will be con sidered separately, and aatiafactory arrangements most be made for the eorreot measurement of both. ASBURY DICK INS, Jy 12-dtaoth Secretary of the ^nat9. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. I) Street, betietcn 9tk and 10M Stteet*. We have mit finfshed a number ol first olass CARRIAGES, saoh as Light Fanry. #PTBiB Wagons, Park Phtatons. Famtlv Car VSguijpg^ rxmges, and Buggies, whioh we will sell at a ver? small profit. Heine practical mechanics* in different branches of the Business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that will give satisfaction, oom tuning lightness, oomfort and durahiliRepairing promptly and carefully attended to at the shortest n< tioe and most reasonable oharres. WALTER, KARMANN A BWPP, Coaohmakers, successors to Win. T. Hook, ap ?7-dly NEW YU1K AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will lea** Alexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at s^TrTT* o'clock p. m., and New York for Wash ? 11 inxton every Saturday, at 3 o'olook p. m. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the hour of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamer* inability to oross the bar in ooneequenoeof low water, all goods will be promptly lightered to and from the steamei by the undersigned. For freight or easeage apply to MORGAN A. RHINEHART, oott-S.M&Ttr Western WharVea. r< n a ^ i 0 n a n r ft K, H4YI.NO OPIKKD A family grocery and feed store, Cor tut oj York ac??M4 ami Tenth tirett. Respectfully solicits the patronage of th?*p who mar be in want of any artiste in the attove Tine. hi* endeavors shall be to please, and by a sti ict attention to the wants of the pubho, he hopes toinenta share of their patronage. His took oonsnts of every artiole usually to !> found in a first class Family Grocery and Feed Store. ma !7-tf N|> WILLIAM BRADLEY BEliJS TO I)> inform the public and his frieudy that he ha* on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels, quite a new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Table T?P>, Ar., which he has to dispose of at pric* to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constant It kept on hand. Plurabera' work promptly attended to. in* Hi 3meo Pa. av., t>et. 18th and I9tli stx. P notice; FRSONS Declining housekeeping or having a of housenold effeots can find ready sale by i calling at my Furmsaing Store, 48S 7th street, beI tweea g and H streets, east side. 1 i|Mn RUDOLPH BUCHLY. AUCTION 8ALES. B A. UREKN, Auotioneer. TRUSTEE'SALK OF A PART or A TRACT OK LAND called "Peter'a Mill S<*at." situated in the counts of \N .\?hit*ton, on the Pine? Hranch Koad, an I abou* thr-*e miles f-om tne city of Washington, f>einir apart of the rmperty known as the Pinoy Branch Trottinr Course." Br virtue ?f two deed* of truat, oce bearing date oa or ab ut th^ath da? of Au;ust, 18?, and recorded in Liber J. A. S , No. 1 if, folios 34 ?tet se<|., one oi the 'an ? r- cords of the oounty of \\ ashing ton, in the District of Columtiia, and the other benrin* dat- on or al>out the 14th da? of May i85?, *"<1 recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 177. flo'ioa 4M, et ae?|.. also one ol the land records of >-a d o<'U'it j, I will prooe?nJ to sell at public auction to the hir h ?t biddv. on TIJK>D* Y . th? 7th da* of Au?u?t, lKho at ' aif past 6 o'clock p. in., on th* premises, "ail th-. part of a tract of land called '?'ete?'s Mil* Seat, situate, lyin*, and b?mg in the oMintv of Washington, in the District of ('o'umbia. a> d < n the west mde of tlie Piney Branch road, cor.ttin'd w th ii the following met-*s and bou- d?, to wit: H-Siria inn b.r the nam ? at a stone, No 4, p anted in tim west iine of taid road. f?r the northeaHt corner of a lot of said land laid ofl'to Hays Sp ak inv'.aixt running from tneaoe north sixty one and I a ita.i u-greea, wen miy mi aid forty-f<>ur hui1 dredthaj>archcs, with J?paikmar.'a north !in**. t.. * Htnne, Vo. 3. at the northwest corner ofSpenicman's Inner lot and the the b?ginmn< of hi* smaller lot. then ? running north thi ty and a halfdegraeg east twenty eight and a half perches t> a "take in th" aouth line of a road twenty-five feet wide, and with Mi>> pant lire of Sp?akraan'a sma! ?r lot, whefi is p antf<l a atone No. 5;! hence raanmr south snt?i'ii < and a rta f d*gre?-s. east fifty nine perches and f'liir and one hundredth of ap'rch t?a Ktak* in tt e west line of the finey H aoh road;thenc* with aaul w.<nt line of sail Finey ({ranch row in a atraidit line to the p'ace of beginning, "or.tai!:ing t?n acres aud thirty six pvohes of land,' more or leea; together wi'h the improvements thereon, whwli ?oaaiatofanew, spacious, ar.d woil-bui t t?o-st?>ry Frame Dwelling house, stabling, sht-d*. and out houses. i erins of aale: One third cash; the ba'arce in 8 and 12 monthr. for which tho purchaser wi'l he required to give his notes bearine inteieat from the day of ral?. and scoured by a deod of truat u rot the p-e ? lsea. Should the purchaser faii to comply with *le terms of sale within five days after the lia* of ra . the trnstee reserves the rijht to rese'l said rroP~ orty, at *h.-> risk and c>st of the defaulting purcn ser, upon giving five days previous p?iI> ic no ice tiy advertisement, in some newspaper published in the city of Washington, of the time, plac*. and terms of such rcaie. Ail ooavejancea at the cost of the purchaser. R. H. LASKKY, Trustee. jy1.V9oA.ds A GHKKN. AuiL Hy J C. McGt'lRK A CO.. Auctioneers rprl>tkks sale of valuable im 1 PROVE!) PRnPERTT MAR THR NAVY \ ARD ? On TUK^DAV AFTERNOON, August the2ist. at ti o'c'ock, on the premises, by virtu?-?l a'ieed ilatej October 2!>th. 1<iV7, and du y recorded iii Liber j. a 8..n?. 14v,Mio*nt. 177,m,m.u4 ian . of the land record* for Washington, I ?] * ! Hell the wc? paitof Lot No 1. iq square No. 32*. fronting 26 f**t on aouth K st'?et, betw<??n strh afid >'h Ftreet*, and running hack with that width W ldet, together wi h the iniprov ea.ects, consisting of a c .mfortaMe and well-buit thre?*-?tory brick dwelling, with necessary outbuildings. Te'ins: One fourth cash; the residue in 6. 12. and lfi mmi'hi, with interest, mum by a deed of tru?t upon the premises. |i the tTms of s&'e ar<* not oompied with in five days thereafter, the t'uste* reserves the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Ail oouveyanciug at the cost if the pu-ohaser. EDWARD O. CA>i ELL, Trustee. jy 18 2aw&its J. C. Mc?l IKK A 1*0., Aucts if ARBHAL'd !*A LE ?lu virtue of two writs of vl fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of t c Circuit Court of the Distriot of Columbia, for the couuty of Waohington, and to me directed. 1 wi:I expose to public sale for oasb,in fro- t < f t*ie court h? use door, of said on ?' ON DA V. 16th <1 * y of A it sunt next, 1HS'. at 12 o'clock m.,ail defendant's right, title, o sun and interest m and to the following describe; prop?rt?. to wit, viz: l,?t No 3. ic Square N<> 7 *, and lot No. 9>, in uare No. 8f?l, together wi .n all and singular the i nprovenients thereon, seized and levied up-m a? the propert? of Ju iana Harry arid James C. Harrv, ana wil< l>e noiu V'/ * !? 1-*IJ juuiciftis 1^1 inu I if#, lo i* lay term B?, in * a vor of Anthony Addison. W. SKI.DKN. U. **. Marsha) for the District ol Columbia. JT 13 dtfli _ A I A RSH AI/8SALE.?In virtue. 1 2 writs (?( fieri . ? I faoias it-sued from the Clerk' office of :iii? Circuit iji-urt of ?he District of Columbia, for ?;<e county of Wanhingtor, an t-> me directed I vil expose to put?!io sale, for on*li. i i front of ?h?' c* i:rt liou-e door of t-aid c iurty. oi. MONDAY, tn* ?<tr> da- ofAu* ust u?-xt, 180 , at 12 o'clock m , alM? f?nd*ut'? f u :t,tiM-,ci uh. and interest n and to Lot No. IS in Square No. 732, in th? ojty of W&ptung'or:, D. C.,toietner with all an silcu ar the unpromoment* tl.ereon, s?ized nnd levi'd upon a* the pror*rty of Phas. H Van Pauen ar.d tti'I be soi l to ?a?isf? Ju dicials No* 7H a d 7S, to October term :&?, in fcvor ol John W. Thompson and Z. D Oilman W SKLDKN. jjr 13-dts U. S. Marsha! for District of ColumbiaMAR H A I. 8SA LF..?In virtue of a wit of fieri fa i las. mnued from tha Clerk's office of the Crouit Court of tne District of Co umbia, for tlie oour ty of \Va?hincton, and to me directed 1 will expo -e to public sa e. lor oanh, ii. front of the couit house d>>or of ?ai<1 county, on SA'II'HDAY, the .<9tth day of J u'y next. 186 . at U o'clock m , the !ol1 wing property, to wit: Al defendant's right, title, cam, and interest in ar.d to a oertain dwelling house erected on Loteight<3)&cdthe outh ni'.et-en (!< feet four i i) inches on l.ot nine, i9) in Square numbered thr?e hundred and seventy-seven. J71t in the cir? of \Vashington. D. C , seized and le- led upon as the proj>< rt? of Juius Viedt, and will be iu ' t" s&'isly JuUloialH. No 38?' to October term 1337, ic favor of Jonathan T. Waiker J. D. HOOVKR, I.ate U. S Marshal for Distriot Columbia. je28-dts MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of ben iaciai. iss?ed from the Cierk's office of the Cinuit Cnnrt of the Distriot of Coi u mbia, for the ooenty of Washington, and t<> me dire-ited. I will expose to pub 10 salo, for cash, in front of the oourt house do ir of said oounty, i>n SATUR OA Y, t:ie 28t <la? of J u > npxt. 1W> i. at 12 o'clock in., the following: property, to wit All defendant's right, tit. e, claim, and interest, in and to a car?ain build ing erected on Lot No. six <6 > in Sq iare No nine hundred md forty nine <<M?)as laid down in the p'atof the citr of Washington, seized and levied opon as the property of Abel Griggs, and will be a.i!d to satisfy judioiali No. 286, to October terin 18.% in favor of Job* I'urdy. J. D HOOVER. Late U.S Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia. je 28 (Its |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE * CO.'S BELiECT SFIOB8. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spices, selected and cleaned h* 111 PinrAfllt fop thfl n n rn/,so wi?K/m>? - ? r .? J .W. *?>v f * t j"'Ov w ivuvut ICIOIOHUW to cost. They are beautifully packed in tin/oil, (lined with paper,> to prevent injur* by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary ground Spices are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and riohness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. DURKEE A. CO., f*15 1*1 Pear! at.. Ntw York. NATIONAL l> SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, uiiis Strkkt, Between Brittle ami Water streets, Georgetown, D. C. A large atock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fancy SOAPS. Alao, TALLOW and GREASE for Locomotives, Steainl>oats, and a 1 kinds of machiner), always on hand, and for sale at prices to suit the trade C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. iy to eotf AWM. T. DOVK & CO. RG Now prepare! to execute any orders witH whioh the* maj be favored mthe PLUMBING, GA8 OR 8TBAM FITTING BUSINESS. rnr store oil 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a ootnpln* assortment of CH ANDEIJERS and other GAS,STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. ia*71y Fm RENCH LACE MANTLES AND POINTS Paraaols, Sun 8h*des, and |Sun Umbrellas. Thread, Valenoinee, Swiss and Cambric Kdcmga, M(in;t?n. Guipure, and French worked Coilaia, Linen. Camrrto, Swiss and Thread S-ts, Colored Tarltona,Swiss,Cambrie, Jaoonett, Mull, Nanaook and Piaid Nansook Muslins, U'>i??rT, Glov-s, Gauntletts, BlaekSilk Mitts, Ao. Foreale low by je27 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, " f04 9tk St., W? doctt North ef Pa. 4m. .filow II the time to ret SPRING and SUMMER 8BIHTS made ? to order. The eubaoriber ia prepared to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Ac., at Lb? STOW TftlSmV. 'WiSZ&fSFSf&t BANDS awl ? HUM. war < W m n ?inri-? 417C-A PERFECT, NEW. ROSEWOODwl / ' caae, iron-frame, beautiful tone PIANO offered for ?'75, for a f*W aay?, at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. 306 Pa. av Pi ANOb FOR RFNT, from half a dollar to $6 per month. Alao, icreat l>arcai..? in Seoood iiacd Pianos i?? "n CHE A f MUSIC. LARGE l<ot of Mutto, Foreign and Amenoas, foraale at half anoe for on* week only, at the kl uuo St? re of 1 ma* W. METZEROTT. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE | Th# fkvorit* r*?ort for WH1TK SULPHUR *?* SPRIKHS. Mountain Air. (nv.gora r>i-uok-B< ??!?. Un| La'M Aid CI MBERl.AND CO. \V#,; Vent'ttMl Roomt. Good and a Good iTaM*. Acr0MM0?*T10*? fob j Vor (fad .too or 1,1'cu ?r. OWl \ ri EN PEN TEKMS LOW. IN A VISSCHER, je 7 low Cwlislt SvriHt!. Pn. A RELAY HOC9F.. T THE WASHINGTON Jl NOTION B. A O. R. R. Paiisencers for the Weal hav4 plenty of time to Rr<akfaat at tbii place. Three o? l u A. . i rontn* jet unoccupied, w hirh will l>e let 'ow^llk W aumroer hoarder* on fair te'm* ThifJ^J3h-L place m iin Ira e?l for comfort ar.d co?vt>?ii- i. jy 14-71* J M I.OW K, Pioprutor. tCHMIUTSSlMMF.R GAR DEN.?< 'c Sisth ^ street. Ivtwcn O and Louisiana av .A . . A mav be found at a'l tinv?s one of the nn"'TC*? EH>pnlar. co- ial, urt?ne, and intelligent^^KX ehtao ant Kee?era, wtto l>ack? ip h a rrputato with I.A'iUK U? KR from th? City or raothki. i-t IjOVk , Philadelphia ; with hk\nl>iks f-otn the choicat vmeyaida ol Franc*; with wines uiiexctfU**d on the hilla of the Riiine; a <1 witii an article of WHISK Y whioh an a<*k? (trOM * of the true flavor of the Monoi>*?ke:a and Bourbon Pa a'ablnas ithei ol tUi #? ma; t*e indivnlualiy. he ha* Fought to make them atil! more ao In the erection th- rear (rounds of hi* tavorite e*tal>li?li mont ol a spaciou< Arbor. where his nun't !>j tla? maj eiyoj the coo! br?i * ' ?n l l?e free from "o|'? too anient ra?a; and. at "the witohim; hour ol nul.t," ?juaff" h>a ice-cool l3a*er wit'iout tear ol hsvin< their eniovment dampened M- the la' iu?: d'*. ^uch iaiwiMll will, douht !e-a. cat:-li anT ol our r aders to dm> in and I ik.. not* of nothing elac.l and, inoat lih- i> , many of tiioto wlto gn will rnngain. In addition te nil thi*. he t:*n the Pro* peri brothers and their aeMH-mtvi to di?Pon rac their choinrrt piec* of music K\ery W o<ir e?da* ar.d Saturda> evening. if |n-lm WASHINGTON CITV GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFL.ER, Proprietor. A*e?r Ycrk nvtnue, htticim 1st nn<i id rts. In calling the attention of th? pa Mir to n;y ground* 1 would ntate that ev.-ry arrannen.ont ha> A . . A bo?n Ihi* "Retreat*" inoreyfWky attiantive every <lay. Monday* the ?>a' aIUmLL d^n* are open to the puhiic lre? of charge?a on;.c ?i vrti by a aelrct hand. Tho*ed??mng to ei joy tn* dance and va'ts wi I fcnd the aaloou in C"mp'ete order to render p eat lira to a,.. O" oth- r day* tn* proprietor will cheerfully c*ant th* ure of th? ground* (or *ohoo| or other Pic \ic Pa tiea with out charge. Kor the amusement of children he Va? i: troduoed a number of lit'le came*, never l>?fr?re aeen ir thin oit?, and Chlou.atod at the Mine time to amuse the "old folk*." (M. K.?Attached ia my Bottling Kstahliahnrnt, and iairnliee caii be supplied ?ritn any quantity at their'enaenoe, of timt he&.thful drinfc, LA<?l-K BKKR, upon ahort notice. je 15 "j<n VN A LOS TAN RKTREAT. On Ami.o?t?!? lnltyp, OrPoM* (ieorgetmrn an,i Tka 1-- : u t -r i iit- ou?i iit-i b unvi k. iriwra I'T I Tf*riTl "I y"!lrB thia t.eautifu ar.u romantic tpot. opepea A . . L it for the aoc iiiimxlatioQ <>( the puwic oiiV. y the3t*tda? of M%v. iwi. for beauty scenery, delightful promenades, fishing. 4c . te aupenor la uuaurpaaaed in the Union. The Hmiae is iargeand onni-wndiaos. havinf been entirely renovated It has * large Daneu.r >n..>oti attached to the h-??e, b^-. dca Dining Mi ' Iireaaiuc Rooms for both a?Mes and gentlemen In Addition splendid A rliorn iletai' itii I orti the bulid1 or s. Parties, Families and Individua'a will liH la raoat deattable p aoe to paas th? sultry day* of an >n tner. aa every attention wu l>e c uarautu-d t?* the proprietora. The *t ictrat" arrangements *i T 1-e enforced, and politi al discissions will l>? prohibited Tne Larder will be found to contain all the de icaei?? of the aeaaon at a' time*. The "ar will be furtash**d with the choioeat Liquors and W men and the fin 'st !*e*ar?. S">cietifR, Monday !*ch<?ois. Clubs and Military Companies will find thia the moat deairat ie rca rt nea' the metropolis for aponding a peasant and or deriy day. flT"Children unaccompanied by their parenta or guardians, wi'l ite exciode.i from the groun la. ?>?; and dogs prohibited t\~J* tfoata will leave the loot of High street, lieorgetowu. and i> street, Washington, hour.y, from i< n rt.onlt a m ti I 19 ? *?? .. ?... ? w w< ? m a* y alt ? ' ' lij Peaons prefersine a pieaaai;t ti k can reach the Island via the Aqueduct. Wski icit tne public to juJ*" for themaei ves. at.d fee! itsaured of giving aa*i?'actioT> ie'9 eotf JurpB W. POWKR" ? CO. \1 J*ALT WATKR BATHING. ^MARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Moore'a i^nd it g ) wi.l l?e <>p?n for the reception of viai A . . A to'* ?n the 13th of June. This delightful Ytjft reao-t f>>r thoae aeeking health and p'eas AAlHLL ure, la unexoelled by an> plaoe of the kiud on the Potomac river It la aituated ah ut one hundred miles from Waslington immediately on the Potomio, and in lu'l view <>f 'he Ch*eai -a*" Wa?. and famous f<?' CneOyatTa.SoftCraba.Srieephead, and other Fiah. and easily anoeaaihle l> the ateaui t>oat* plying between Washington, KaUim re am: NrSfolk. The undersigned ha* ma:e addi i-<ria improvements 10 la Hat'' House- ai?d n>any other improvements to the oomf >rt a::d enjovint^it of ma 511-ata. The Bathine oannot be aurpMtaed. Sp enid Angling and P entv of Fishing ai:d Sai ing Boats free of charge. He haa apared no expena* in pro viding a go<td CotnW HanJ or in aying in ilia at<>ck of choice Winea,Liquora.t*egar?, Ac.,andfo' ih a<* who w;an to avoid extreme fa- hioi and to ??ek a retired p ace where tney can make th"?ms.-w-e? at home, there i* not a more pleasant p'ac- in the I'ait^d states. The proprietor pia>'g*a hima-lf t' a' nothing ahail be ieft undone on hi* part t reml r t'">ni ao. Terma for board: $ I ?> p-r <lav, f ' than a week; for a longer time. $1.25 pe>- ay; 85n per month. Persons wis?m? to atiurcaa the prt prietor wi 1 direct to LeontrttoVB, St Mar/* county, Md. j?8-2m R. J. MARSH ALL. Proanetor EDUCATIONAL. /COMMERCIAL C~0 LLKGb, \y *>'o. 47? Skvkxth *t., Opponte th' Gtn'ral Po*t Oj!< ?, Wntkint'.on City. Armorian ?f?Mm of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Me'oantile Forms ai.d Calculations. BusinetsCorrespondence, Hills of Kxoharue, Current Hills, Commission Sales, Grau.mar and Arithmetic. 11^ A Preparatory Class for Boys. JJy" La<l;es wiii t?e instructed in fine penman ship. Room?open from9a m. to 10 p.m. For term* arpit at the Rooms. ma ?4-3m WM. W YOl'N'G k CO. T"HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. i Niw Arsanoemikt. This well known and popular Seminary. which ha? lx??'n so sueoes-ful under the entire care of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten tears, will be upened en the firct Monday in September n?*xt, under the unitvd supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICHARDS, in the well arranged and delighta 1 t _ i '_/ - ? - iuiij i rBini ? aiun Acnifmt is milling. For particulars. see circular* at all the Bookstores. ma23 tf MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOI.. RS. McCORMlCK desire* to inform hefriends and the pubiio genera., j that rho wid raaoitit the duties or ber School 01 the 1st Monday in September next. The coarse of study pursued will oomprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Lcglisii eduoa tlon. In addition to her day scholars, ahe is desiroas of reoei vir.g into her family a few pupils & hoarders aged from 10 to 14rears, who wfl! Be seder her i?medive oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooomau>da&oo aid due oare of papiis have been consideraliy increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with referenoe to her school may apply to W. I). Waliaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner parties iar? apply at her reai*ler.o?? No. 3ft Cameron street. Alexandria, Va. j?r-tf f IGHTNIN6! L LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Time or PsArs, Puriii 101 Was! F. LaBARKE. SoHtkitrst eomtr if 10<A and C ?!#., MAjnrFAcrr*** or PLATINA-TIPPED LIGHTNING ROD?, RNyMtfal!; udouimn to U* public of ton &nd Tioiaitj th?t he is prepared to exeoute iQ] orders for erecting Luhtninc Conductor* on the most approved acjeatlfco pncoipiea, cnitru oted of the very l*?t of materials, on v#ry moderate urmi. All Placing tipped Points which are manufactured by m? will be stamped with my nam*. *W? *.? tr r f - v> rsiiivr >?DN <n a&y aeaign nadt to order. )y? 1m I DL'PO >T'S gunpowder, For cale at manufacturer* eno**, by JOHN J. BOG UK, Giomitowi.D. C? Sole Asenty for the Di*trtci Columbia. A larre supply. ambraeinf every WKlf, a *?? on hand. nd delivered free to *11 pate of the Di?t lot, Ordait oac aieo be left at tba-foae *A Adams' Co mparv. WtMtlifv n. DC. fe^ lawtv NEW STYLES OF RICH J K W KLR Y -Ho? HOOD hM Jo?t opened a lar*e Bt "* ^ tu?h he will i (!>r at very ,o? rUM Therefore th > e that are wishing U> carry home any'tunc in He Una a* pre?ent?, wiT] do w?ll t*> oal! and examine Mi took at Pe.avenue |? J/ /iRKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS?*U?r (or VI tale of reel?new and wo?aJ j a ?1. ? ..1 the reliable maker* of the oon; t/r JOHN I. KLLIS, iy 11 30b P?. ?T., twtw,9lh tiAl 1 ui Its, THE WEEKLY STAR B ^ m r Th Ffc*ni f tad V??? Jwu-a*. ?oo??irui a .renter variety of luterwUEf re*4i?? i than oar. he foMTMl is aur other? is ^r-'utied i? f**turi-*? moruuf. Tuai-Oiti, i mrmrfblt. w f in*l<? per ts rur* Wfiea * " Ten oopi? ? Tweut* eopie*.. 1* ?B r?? ?U"'?oriM i,? in r US? raiaad tT<>m nc.ihfu r* without the inter\enti<'c ot a i?>a a* *nt. a* will b- peroe:v*i & per ??nt of 7V Wttkly Sf W? 1 aaved. It ir.TJ. :?h i .tan.? *h- At iii.iii'i Newt" tha' ^Aa n>Ad# TV KrMiai 5Mr cirot M? ?) (Mfil ? th'ODfbout lii? 04*. ? e Oopi?? i in wrapper. o*a be procured at the oount?r. imni dlAtoif a/>t tbf isaae of paper. CKMK 127" P >?tma?t?r? who aet aa ??enta wi.i t?e lowxil a roium uiuc of >i cents. FOR BALE AND RENT. f^OR SALK?A imi.i FAR M ofy Acrwa. aitna 1*4 at the l.ittle Fa la. hAvinc a oonifortA'-.ed wr>,inc-houe*. oorn house. tAtlea. Ao; wen fenced And wai.-red ; wiUuc l?>ar nii.M of W aahinfton , It Acre* in raitivation. the hA.AQOe in hAndaome w???dland. It i? piw-ui.Arly deeirAble A* A oomitry roe denee. heme perfect!* healthy Ami nnxt romantiaA l? aitiiAted , exee eut fiihii.c And haatinc. lnauirw ?>f M r. M A K K IOTT, r>Md?e peeper. Cham H i '? , l.itt'e IVU lie 7 iawtf F^l'K RKNT?Tie t re* atory thrown fro 11 Hot >E, No. *t>7 N*w ^ ork Avi-nue. between loth And I Ith sire -la, north aide. oontAininc tft-en rtHtm> rr.m houae i? c*?r.vrno nt to tli Patent Of. Trea?ury. etc ; is lutited hy ca<. and in every way ?uitah e fcir a (loanlm* houae. Krat rno1e-A*e. App:? n- jtilnar,* to A ft. FOWLKR, a-oond ti<> north wintoi Patent Office. )y 14-tt L, < 'K KKM-T* hi.e I K SMfc. HOl'!*K known i a? *'Ff??Ah tiua' HoMte," ? <1 M at. nr?r*h. I?*twe?-n rh And |dth ?t"?eta, No. 2*0, >>ne of the mo*t d??rab)e priv?t- reaidenn?e m \\ a?* i iston Tina h uae ta urrouM<te>' l>y fruit treat number* of currAnt I>u?l>ea of rA rtoua hiti*t?. And hue i tia/la treea. ? ilti n. iaa. I??i .?f I owi<l,?t(!>ili? *pplj ui J. b. 000)( Kifhth t. h- tw-n Dkixt E. jf 17 tf 170R RKN'T-Thrf* URICK HOI^PS-on* <>a ? Twollh ?tro?l, W?*fo C tnd D; on# oa th? oorn#r of I'w.lH an* H at*. ; an.I vjf or H. !> tw?vn l.t i itn I IS*ri ?>T? In^uir* of J A M Kt* \V. K^RtvKR.nnH rt'HH, 111 h ari-1 13th, \o. 4**. m*?'tl L, OR KKN I"?A thr?* et..ry KHAMK Hot ftP on Kl*v?:itli i kiid K li auir* jfM. "*N V l>KK. at tlif i .umt> iu aid Oat KitjLi.j r-t%l?.itohin-?nt > t C. Si.yd?r, n^xt door to th? Wxr _ ma?? tf t/t'K RK'VT-Thr. c firnt cia?s and P hinit Hoi'SK?. f?>w ?t<>rit ? h'fh wh. hand aomeiy finished.and i.av.iu a., the modern improvement*. mi<*h a* vat . . in on* of th?* vp ? l<vn?n,n? in t t* ?on th<> corner of Third ?tr?et and M iBfOun ftvrnae, a >1 ofpo?it? the ? ap; t??l grounds An* '-n'* ? -hin* to r?-nt a fuiedw?-:!tnc will hud tin* a fa; < nh e opportunity, a* I de irrtn r"' ttwm imrinl;?'?,iH will rent them low. Inquire oi P. \V RKOW\IV?. je 1 tf F*oR RK\T?Tl it > ?w ? ' w. nrran*-d t hree ton HKIl'H llOl>h, No. I*.<.oii li rtrsH, irtwn n i'?t i and nk at*., Firnt Ward, ia'ei* occupied h\ Mr. KodiTo. Rii*?iian |,r(?tinn (*?<n -mn eivii |nqinr?ol Mr. MI'TMEY S. I'\KKKK neitdoor efttt. mt U>nni| |V"K RKNT-A MMliMi'Kt ' HUi at. r and Penn. Nrdw the Ciarend^n Hotel, uitab!? fur a t*rlx>r'* ?a oop or cisar store Tor >n i' in r?art tie Hot*' L'(IR RENT?TiM FIRST FLOOR of v a Im 4 I inc .uiirnl!*? y i>pp<>?:U> the west win* of tr? Cit' Ht. , r?cer>t.T corupied l?y Cbas. f \T a ach as an Also the front room id the saoond tor* and the thiH floor of the mid* hvtMiaa. For t?rmi apply Ui KICHARL) AAL!.ACH,\o. < l^oattiaria *r?nn*. ia IS tf SENATORS, MEMBER* OF OONGRF*pTwo Kji endif1 suites of ROOMP, aioinuitiy luruished, wiU retted during the ("turn of C?nrress, m the most desirable !ooa:it? in this eitf. beiri|c within ?r two sqaaret otBrowii's and Nattona. Uot?>, Those in pursuit of suoh Roon.s sri'i do we'! to make aarly appl.oation at No. ST? fn street '>etwrei. II ?tr?rt and Pa ?t. de * tf L'OR !*ALK?A nice thr??e story Brink HOlTt*K, I on 2(1 strent, between D a:<d h atreAts. in Kilt hey's Subdivision. The aS?>ve property wil ha old or ?*w>? t*"?r>?. 1'rice made known t>y m??ir ing. f H.W HAMM.TON k CO., No. ??J ?U street. opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. Ia7 tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVK Jt>T BKCfclVEH A NEW PI P 1 ply of fi'i? K'?i eh Calf "*ii in Boots m .1 Gaiter*. IWii* i atiier ?D"Pli Cloth Uailera. Ca*f r-kin. I.^^KJ an! La*?ir>* ?hoe? A ao, an rxt?<i?tve* Kto<'k <>f M<> i'?nd CliildrMiV lAdiM'tnd Mia*'*' arid Siioea, aii of wnicii I a-n l ine ti ri< ooediiigly low prictfa. J. ItOSKM'HAL. S\'0 Bevonth atro?t. mils ?> S oora tkim 1) iitrMt, Hoots and bhoeb- to slit- i mk TI M KB. We are now mar.nfactii in* nil kind* of BOOTS m<1 SHOK.K, and eo: utantH receiving Kupp'y of eauu-rn iii*?J-* uorfc of evf-rj ?i?- B^BB ac-ipti , maJe ?-xpie*? y t orde , ai.d w. 'J^Bw be a-;d at a much K'Wr crio^'haii ha* been" wVL heretofore charged tu thia oily tor mt>oh ujerior artio.ea. Pe-Mina in want of Koota and Sh<?ea of wifrn or oit? mad* work, w ill a.wMi find a food aaaor'.aionl il aioreaud a: tiie lowest pr. Gi*e u? a nail. tiimFiN A BRO., ap t-r 3114 P?Tin?ylvaria SOUTHERN TRUNK MA NUFACTOR V, O 4?? 7TH 8tk?bt, (Jrpoittt Odd F'llows' Hail, H'l'Umi.m. I). C. Travel*"-* wi i ktudt their itkreau t>- m* TRt N K*, VALlCli!* Ae , before pur u ch?*ing ' ?fw?rf Aa I u*? none out l<e?t Miater ta.1 the irffrket aflorda and ?ma o?*,""?J the b*?t workmen, I can cnnfitlmtl; rffomnifsd my work to t?e superior in S?t. ?tik ai.d [htrmbihti to Trunk* thai t e trade in other olhe* and sold here. I kc?p constant!; on han<). ai.'J make to order <o? ^ne w?*?k'a noti?*i evory diwoription of SOLE LKATHRK. IKOjt FKAME Fh.E>CH DH E>8 tU Wool) BOX TRCS'KS; ASHLAND an t otkr- VaLICES ; THA f EL TSG BAGS. HAK flESS' SADDLES. WHIPS, f . t'. Trunkt. &o.. Repaired and Covered, is a workmanlike manner, at short notice Trunk* d?nver?a in any part of U>? city, George town, or Alexandria. Arent lor Ho*e'i celebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES*. do 16-1 r JAMES ff. TOPHAM. 1 11-11 WOODLAND COAL. WOOD ** AND COAL uenv??re.i 10 an pan- <m iim on*, at tne mt'>n possible ratea. T J ft W. .M GM.T. Office '?*U J'a. av., (wtweoii lit* and 12th at? . ma 17 tf north aid* T?HL St BSCRIBKR HAVING ON HAND 1 ai *xte:.?ive *t.>ck of FL'F.L, i? prepared to '! at ft vorr k>w 6<ure for ea?h WOOD f?w<l and Split auj uia Cftil and see for lourult R. w BATFS, Wood and 0>ai Dm.m, ma IS 8. F. corner of Fourteenth ftcd C MB. VVHEF.LF.R * WII.?*OVS *EWlNO MACHINK AGENCY, Removed to No. 346 Pa. Av., >ea? Ttk St. Kneouraee I by the ?uh*tantia! and rapid It inoreamn* p->p !a> ity of Wheeler A Wi.aon'a u-fqiiftjed l*a ilv Sfwinic Varhinen, wtuch for the n?t?'irlit \'*r* have mo*? ti mmpl.a .tl? maintained their unpen.> it*. * a family institution, over all competitor* for popular favor, the A rent haa Mk?n one of the fine n>-w store* lat'ly e?*ct'-d en Pa avenue. near 7th at . where a l< <aut-fal a??*?rt n.??nt of There were 2I.3J6 of th-'ne S^winc Mae.binM ?<-,d in the year 1WV I,a4i*a ar? ir.rttw<l to oal! ftrwi them. t"*eUier witti ?.-iti hcaton from m?tn of the heat citizen* of \Va?i>tncUin and Georfetnwn. in re,ati<n to their veil k -own and thoroughly t??ted miperiority If an* laJien cam <>t call. I?*f them eend for a circular by ati meant. It m hifh time every lam ly in the land waa ?i:pp led with one of tfc**e health and lil'e nann* tn?tninie?it*. Full i?*tr?iotionn, kioth printed awl verhai rurn free of cUarte at the iioimoI tiie purciuMcr. P. J. >TKLR Ag' Qt. No 34ft Pa avuut. jjr 11 -1 in Bitirtfii 6th and 7'h it? Bonn's I IRHAKY SERIFS, INCLUMNG the 8(>n<lardL<,l?Nkal. Antiqiariau. Innatrated. Seiertifio. Philological. ^.oe.eaiaaUoai and Unt.'h *':a??ic Lil>rari? ? A a*rie* of Standard Work* aooaraUIr ftrmtad and at low price* >?w work* a* added to the aenea ever* Any volume may be had *eparately, anil hack vo'ni*i?* oati be a'van mm ie<l. The complete aerie* k?pt <v>nata??tly on hand fcy r PHILP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan BookaCora. 83a Pa. ?v- Wt. 9th aad U?t . ata jean Hole atenta for tagrenoe'a ^t*tio?TT HACON A RAVEN** AND STEIN WAY A SO**- unrival ed PIANO K"RTt-??_. m of ail atrle* and ai?ea. Ale", aevera. < )BMi rther tnakea, for *al* at factory ?rm?*. Hi"" a" ? the aole ateney, METZKROTT** Muaie 8t->r* Several aecond-hand Piano* la beat order, oheap. jeg 4L K! XX ALE AND XXX ALBS he pnreat and moat who ee<.me A.e it. thla city ia to he obtained at the WASHINGTON HfcEW ERV. Tkia AI*iiRiade from mail ard Ihmm t, and oacaot fail to air* entire aanafaatioa to oon _ C OOlJNRAU, Propntk r uf the t 4-W WmWV R^avae. ?oi K % *<* ?? ? # r A WT A M r\A B n D1 a r?V WL a ail CHF.Sts ?TANDA rD B I.ACB TK. a H.v. Tlua tM u ?rto??>o?,rU popnd br ah?t or oth?rwi?a. W? fe*r our Mxt lot wiR ?oat ii ii.ow ICING * BCR^HKLL. W* S *?f. ?t *r\A Varm M Hf HO. HOOD hu bow on hkoil % r?r? i?r<? . Mock of fti* afndv-rf sn.VKK W.ltK, Hi of hia own mm**, tsat ha wil! ?>4I m t?w *? ? t of tM Northern Wa???a?r? ?o!d tor ?iA itf tita mm tim- will warrant ???M(limi U> ? alAl-tarl *3# P* ?nr?n >? I - * NECTAR Cf KAM MBi'f. 1TH Othwr *!*tPH. w,'h fum ?ool and rptrkiing **ODA WaTI- " ** h ^ h>8' 9W ??*.. '' -* 1\! W MCfl ?> ?? *!?. ? < l?f V, u" "** "f 'Twin F. ELU*.

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