Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. t; V- n.oii ;h Tiik Star ia printed on the fastest ? in press In use south of Baltimore, its ed lion ? *o large as to require it to be put to press at an arly hour; Advert sements. therefore, should be ? ' i be fire t\! o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until tbe next day. Norir* to WasHinoto!Uajss.?Those of our ( w-citizens leaving; fpr the watering places elsewhere should bear in inlnd that we do not mail Tmk Star except after payment in advance at the rate of 37^ cents per month Notice?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted in the Baltimore Scsare received at and forwarded from Tue Star Office n ? niLTiiioiri.? \ esieraay the services at the churches were very well attended, and the day p -Med quietly and pleasantly In the afternoon th<? ?kv became ci tided and a few showers tended t-?rool the atmosphere. but did not interfere with tt,e service* of the evening, or the Sabbath rambles of those who wished to enjoy a walk in the public ground* and suburbs of the city. Trinity Church ? In the morning, the Rev Dr I' tier, rector, discoursed from 1st Corinthians, , Charity never ftileth, but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be to-i^nes. tbev shall cease, whether there be knowlit shall vanish away." A man's character v o> indicated li) the bent of his affection* \\ hen t..e> knew what a man loved, they knew what he was If he loved that which wan evil, bose and low. thev knew that he was bad; and so the reverse A man's happiness also depended upon the state of his affections, and not upon hia Intellect. genius, place, fame, or wealth, as many luight at first tliought be led to suppose. If he be 11 * ? - n?sT.iu?e cl affections, or if. having those which are at the nine time warm and low, he Sixes them upon insufficient and impure objects he cannot hr happy iMdo'i moral character depended upon his conscience and h:s will, but his happiness upon the nature of his atfections Happiness. In% de?d was but the outgrowth and flowering of right affection; they could not conceive of affection as springing only from love From genius beauty might be bom: from success pride and complacency might arise; from the conscience remorse or peace might come; but only from love could happiness proceed. In fact, happiness was but another name for love?love which was right in itself, the objects 011 which, and measure and ma iner in wblch It was displayed Where there wii such love there must oe happiness Love, then, was the soul's glory, and happiness the tiuoaniggiK*. * ne real eievar.on and happiness of a aoul depended upon the purity, intensity, di*int?T>-*tedne*s and instinctivenesa'of i's love Th's Wdi Indeed a precious truth for bumble aoula, and they ?-hou!d feel srrateful that It waaso. Love waa the end. of which faith and hope were only the m^ans. and therefore the greatest of the three A* it was the end, and they but the means. It \\ juld remain while tuey passed away But it !v ist t?e observed that it was the Divine ard holy lev alone to whi? h the words of the te*t referred. In examining the characteristica of this deacript.on of love?th'.s holy heaven-born love?thev found that it Lad its flrst and fullest joy in God !i inself, who was alike ils author and i!a great object It was complacency established; it was gratitude for his goodness Purely this part of *h* r nature, which waa to aurvive after death this vvuich contained many of the other graces which were given to it 011 eaith as that alone which was permanent and imperishable, well deaerved to be :ltiviled and to l>?* vigorous and pure It was the very l?egtnnin<* of Heiven Itwas es*enti;illy the same, for in Heaven it must have the same objects, and be the same in character as it was on earth Hence the' ommon expression. "Grace is but glory begu:i " Thia charity never faileth, K t t- " uv. .? (. ou a tuvr on nrio wuicn must rail? and that *iu the affection of human hearts for each other which depended on merely human relations, the growth of theii1 sensitive nature, which could be exercised only in connection with tUe present constitution of things, and which, therefore, from ita very nature must fail, because the nature through which it sprung would lie broken up and changed, and the objects upon which it had been exercised removed, and the entire system of things on which it now depend* destroyed He then proceeded to exhort his hearers to strive to display this holy love, which would lead them to a heavenly rest, where they would And worthy objects on which theycouia forever bestow it, and from whom they could receive the same Fjundry chnptl.?At 11 a. m., Dr. Kdwards address-d an attentive audience, from Genesis. 1.17??1 am the Almighty <iod; walk before me. and be thou perfect '' The speaker began by stating that the great duty or motive to obev God il hfft* rfrliarn tmti Hi* ? * 1 1 1 A ? - ? ...... .,W4a ui? HIBKH VCI o? an Aimigniy being. He then pri>ceeded to make a practical us of the truth recorded in the t?-xt, from the following considerations: First It should deter <is from sin; from sin aa considered in opposition to <>cd No ain should be considered as a trifle, since it is in opposition to an Almighty God; arid since every sin, whether of thought or deed, is in opposition to God. therefore It incurs his displeasure, and should be constantly shunned The omnipotence of God is a great reason why we should Dot oSVnd Him, and creation is one of the greatest motives why we sho.ild serve him. In the second place, the truth recorded in the text should assure us that the duties assigned by God are all prart'cible, or such us can be performed hveu tnough seas of aifliction and persecution lie In our way. God will cause their waves to separate, and afford us a safe passage through them; enemies shall be made to flee before us. and mssiive walls of bindranre shall be made to tumble at our appearing. In short, if we trust in .1.-11 ? ? -LI- - 1 u?a naiiun ire suic m> ci>inju?r an aimrullles The trouble with us generally is this, that we too create in our minds difficulties that do not In really exist Kor instance, we imagine that we nf sou.e lmp^-tible mountain In our roid. and In this imaginary view give up in despair; whereas if we wi*iid keep on our journey, relying on God according to, the rough places would be made smooth, and we would be enabled to go on ojr way rejn'.i ::uj. Finally, the truth contained here should ratify our faith, so as to give it ali the force of :< motive to obedience. Dr E , after dwelling f ?r some time upon this point, spoke of the path of duty as being the only path of safety, ami exhorted his hearers, for this reason, to follow it always, although It may sometimes lead over ro>;gh pkc-s and up steep'and rugged oills, and though we may sometimes have to battle with fierce enemies. ever the less, if we take for our ir.ntto, "onward and upward,and do not turn otT to the pleasaut (looking) paths of sin and folly, wv shall come otf more than conquerors, and make sure our road to heaven. jokn s i.ul\'rnn Church. (German,) Four*nd a-h !f *treet. Island?Th<- R> v Mr BChlBglI pre cfc?-d mterday bii first anulvers- rv frir.or, m which he deflned the duties of ministers ana people, read) hi; from the Prophecies of Isaiah and F.zeklel, a* alio from the last of Hebrews In connection with tLis voting congregat'on are some forty or flftv families; there is also a ?uiidav t* tiool, conducted in th- morning in German and in the afternoon m the Knglisb language. During the vear there have been added about eighteen families to the chnreb. The debt of the church has been reduced between seven and eight huudn d dollars. besides improvements upon the i.biucb to the amount of several hundred dollars I pun the whole, the pastor feels encouraged In this interesting Held of labor. The German population of our city being large, there yet remains much to be done. ill P. l'h*r:k. <V?ry V*rd.?Rey. Mr Dumni, pastor, prcached from the text "Brethren, have the in! nd in vou that was in i?? - ? -?? .? vvia I ati^n^e. long suffering, meekness, humility, and gentleness. these were the characteristics of our blessed Savior, and it becomes us, his professed followers, to entourage the same virtues, that the love of <i"d may abide in us, and that we may walk in th* way of holiness As Christians are made coworkers with the Father and Sou in the conversion of the world, we should at all tin* s and under all circumstances pray ardently and earnestly, with faith, that the mind that was in Jesus may be In us The L'niom Praytr Mating at Waugh Chapel. (Capitol Mill,) owing to the threatening state of the weather yesterday afternoon, was but sllmly attended; notwithstanding the meeting was very Interesting This is the tifth union prayer meeting the Young Men's Christian Association have bald at this quarter, all of which have been well attended except Ihr- last two; circumstances then preventing a large attendance These meetings are growing in interest, and promise to be productive of good. U'lWol Protestant Ckttr<h. Smth stmt ?In the absence of the pastor, the pulpit was supplied in the morning by Kev Mr Ferguson, wi;o preached from Hebrews li It?" Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and *tedfist and which entereth Into that Within the veil " At night Rev. P. H Sweet preached from John 14 16?" And I will prsvtbe Father, and he shall give you another comforter that be may abide with you forever." M E Church South ?The pas'or. R?v Mr Proctor, preached in the morning from Mathew 11 5?- l he poor hare the gos(?-l preached to tbem " After the Kimon ? number of percent werr recaived into chttrth membership At night tbe te*t was from lit Peter 315?- But sanctify t j- Lord liod in your hearts, and be readvaiwavs t< give an answer to every man that asketh von a rras>>n of the hope that is in you, with me&iuess and fear " St Aloystus^-kX ?*-ven o'clock, a rn , Rev Fattier >t.Mi-? prra< bed his farewell <wriuon t.. , is congregation Having been transferred to flenrgeto ?n Collie, he Is to be replaced at tLe rum. cj by Father Clark, of Baltimore Tbe sub? t ?f bis valedictory was the parable of the unj ist steward from tbe l?'?th chapter of St I.tike's lios {' r iy> Chunk? The pastor, Rev. A G t '?'?bers. prea? tied morning and night. Tbe :> s:ng seruion of tn?- Sabbath services was from the text In Acts 114?" Three all continued with one accord In prayer aad supplication, with the wiwtm, ft ltd Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren."' Wefley Chuptl?In themoro) iut. the pastor. Rev Mr McCanlev. preached, on the subject of rightMuineM, to a large and attentive congregation. At night a visiting minister from one otthe western conferences, preached from the text of Genesis 1 3?" And God said: Let there b? light, and there waa light " St Paul's Lutheran CKvreh.?The pastor. Rev. Mr Butler, having returned from a brief visit to the country, preached in the morning from Psalms "27.1. and in the evening from -2d Corrinthians | 5.14?' For the love of God constraiueth us " H"a.<AiHcfo* Asylum.?Rev. Dr Gurley preached from First Timothy, 2, 1?8. A committee of the Young Men's Christian Association distributed | tracts as usual. Morr about the Meteor ?Mr Editor I witnessed an Friday night. at 9^ o'clock, a nimt remarkable electrical phenomenon. A brilliant meteor suddenly appeared at a small altitude above the horizon, moving slowly from West to Kast parallel with the surface of the earth, giving a brilliant and steady illumination not unlike that of a sky rocket After pursuing a direct course for about 30 seconds, the nucleus divided equally, one portion shooting In advance, the second following in its train, advancing thus for 15 seconds, when the rear portion split with an apparent explosion, radiating coruscations of a most vivid description, thus forming three separate and distinct bodi?s pursuing the same course at an equal dlstan.-e from each other. After remaining visible for perhaps one minute, thev passed In rotation from view behind a cloud. Will lonte of our Washington savans give us au explanation of the phenomenon? Spectator. Th>t Mkteor ?Editor Star: On Friday evening a gentleman was sitting on bis porch on Tenth street, near <J, when a bright light appeared, apparently behind'the Academy of Visitation. He thought It was a tire. In an fnstant that splendid mex<*or appeared, and gliding eastward was toon lost to his view by the Patent?>thce One of the clerks at the Post Office saw It, and he lost sight of It behind the buildings east of the Patent Office. A number of persons (the writer among thereat) were sitting on their porches on Fifth street, below E, when suddenly this meteor appeared. as though from F street, and gliding rapid y along was lost for a moment behind the Intirmary. and again appeared e*st of It. when it seemed to go under a cloud; but it was seen still farther enst by some persons on L> and near Second street, where it burst. To each of those who saw it it had the appearance of a double stir, as if linked together It was very low. as the Infirmary you know Is by no means a high building, and it hid it from our view. Did any one see it w?st of Tenth street? if so. will they not communicate it' None of those who saw it ever witnessed anything like it before. Osk Who Saw It. * <?ur >ortnern exchanges abound in account* of and correspondence concerning this meteor. It waa a?-?-n throughout the country as far north an New York at any rate, and the descriptions given of it accord very nearly with those given by our own correspondents Public School Examination?The examination of the male and female departments of the Third district School took place on Thursday and Friday, the 13th and 14th insts In the male department, the number on the roll is 13; present at examination, 40. The studies are selling, reading,writing from dictation with punctuation, mentafand written arithmetic, grammar, geography. and history. There were present on the part of the trustees, Mensrs Randolph, Ironsides. Fort, W'lllett, Walsh, Miller, and McKnew; also a number of teachers of the public schools, parents of the pupils, and friends of education. The examination was conducted by the visiting trustees, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Sampson, President of Columbia College, and gave entire satisfaction to the examiners and visiters At the close of the exercises. iUnri Millar ?ml I...... J uwu i ? ? 'iioilir O audressed the school in a manner appropriate to tt<e ' occasion, and encouraging to the pupils The examination of the female department of this *".hooi (Mis* Boggs. tearlier) was very interesting. In addition to the gentlemen present at the exami nation of the male department on the diy previous. we noticed an increase of two lady teachers, Mr. Hyde, of Georgetown, and a number of parents of the young ladies and friends of the school equal to two or three times the capacity of ttie room Such was the press of visiters that the trustee* were obliged to examine the clasv-s in their seats, and In many instance* to do them Injustice. In addition to the studies in the male detriment. Miss Boggs has a class in algebra, and one in physiology; these classes acquitted themselves in a manner highly laudable to tescher and pupil. The classes in reading, writing from dictation, with punctuation and spelling, were excellent. The examination as a whole was probably unsurpassed l>y any in the city. An I >plka*axt Ixcidixt.?Yesterday, two young ladies came from Virginia in a buggy to visit t-ieir friends in this cltv The buggy wa* an old-fashioned one, with the top extending far over the front, cutting oil' the view of what was passing, except In front While driving slowly by the corner of Second street and Massachusetts *1 ? ? avriiue, lury were suddenly surrounded by an e*cited crowd of persons. some crying '-take them out." and other* interfering In their behalf. The matter t?ein^j explained, it appeared that their wheel had pasted over a child which was f'laying in the street, and bruised its arm slighty In obedience to the suggestion of some of the less e*cl:>*d. they drove to the office of Justice Johnson, followed by a host of persons Justice Johnson heard the statements, and decided to dismiss the case, so far as the I nited States was concerned Captain Goddard was called, and he also decided that no case could be main- | ta'.ned by the Corporation The young ladies were very respectable, and the accident occurred from no indiscretion cf theirs One of the witnesses who testified in their favor, a female, was threatened when on her return Lome She happened to be a spirited woman, and her reply being ominous wr ill to her assailants, they returned to get a warrant, but did not succeed In having her arrested. Thb Japanexk Prk*k*t rot thk Policr ? EVftl r Star: I send you a calculation of what each pol iceman and each city gets of the Japanese gift in your paper of the Hth instant there is a statement copied from the New York Herald, but it contains several errors. By comparing the statements, yon will see that Baltimore, by the Herald's calculation, gets over more than entitled to. You can make what use of this you like. J Fill. Professor of Mathematics Washington, July 16. 1*60. Tbe police get 6-5 391-911 cfnts each per dav. Tbe Washington police get $2,666.71 766 911? 816 6o 116-911 to a man. Baltimore gets S36S 67 453-911?66 394-941 cents to a man. Philadelphia gets53,3<io 65535-911?*4 61576 941 to a iuan. New York gets ?I3,771 91 769-911?63 117 941 to a man. Total, S20,000. The fractions amount to 3 cents. Abusing His Wikk ?John Row was arrested th s morning, by Policeman Yeatman, on charge of assault and battery on his wife. He was taken before Justice Johnson It appears they are but a year or two married, but this is not the first time she has made tbe charge. On a former occaMon the Justice )>ersuaded her to try him again. She now declares that it is Impossible for them to live together He did not deny the charge, but refused to give security, and was sent to jail by tbe magistrate. Subsequently a friend became hi* security in # .'66, and be was released The Mayor's Polick ?Saturday morning a guardsman went into th?> nf and inquired if there wji "any magistrate's office about." He waa told by the persons present that he was tben in Squire Dorm's office. This intellli?ent officer, it seemed, had never beard of Squire D?nn or his office, although he was connected with the city police. The company laughed, and j the question paaaed around, ' Where did Berret get that fellow from?" Ckixisal Court.?To-day the Court met at the us ual honr, and the trial of Ludin A Bargy, | for obtaining money from Mr B Chambers under false pretence*. waa continued. A number of witnesses were examined for the defense, whose teatlmoney elicited nothing calculated to change the aspect of the prosecution. The case was pending when our report closed. (loo Catching ?This morning the Second and Third Ward* were visited by the butchers1 dogs at d boys who. under ibe protection of the police, go about the city to take up hogs at large contrary to law, The squealing attracUd much attention, and as the squads passed along, they were subject to no very complimentary remarks by persona on the sidewalks A Special Mbeting of the Columbia Typographical Society, it will be seen by a notice in another column, will lie held at 8 o'clock this evening, in the Council Chamber at the City Hall, to take snch action as may be deemed proper In relation to the deceaae of the late venerable Joseph Galea. rn!i nnu>.? 1 ciuTui)-, inuny or me friends dnd arqii*intance? of Major Jamt-s V Davis were surprised by a ruraor of tbe sudden demise of that geutieman What touid h<tve given rise to the r imor is not known. Tbe Mrjor this morning was attending to bis usual btisi ik-m, and deciarea tbat bis health is as good as usual Larckxt.?On Saturday Daniel Biggs was ar> re?t? d by policeman \Y heland on a charge of * raling a whip from H A Hammer, of Va He uraa f:<lrun I I Ahntiin u?hn Kal^l *? < - to aecurlty for court. Abbivks at Carter c wharf, (foot of Thirteenid a-half atriet,)aobooner Mary K!!za. lieacbem, from Pb'.ladfipbia, with 100 t?n? of coal for Mr A U Waller. J ...? , The REcairta of the Waahington Monument box ai the Alexandria poat office have of late b-en 1?m tbu a cent a week. -V ' ' *?? . 4/ w.' I V V Th? Co*po*atios Appropriation* pom tri Cokiem Fisc al Y?ar ?The following is substantially the act making appropriations to defray the general expeiws of the Corporation for the year ending June W, 1*61: Be it matted. fc , That for defrsyitm the general expense* of the Corporation for the year ending tbe 30th of Joue, 1861. the following turns be. and tbe same are hereby, appropr'.abd. payable out of the general fund, viz: For compensation to the M?yor, 8*2.100, as per act of March 20. 1856. Register. Si.750, as per act of February 11, 1*60 Tax Clerk, S1.400, as per act of June 3, 1853. Bookkeeper, SI,400, as per act of August 28, 1958. Commissioner of Henlth ill .Wfi a* n?r ?/-t of January 17, 185* MemWn of the Board of Aldermen, 91,400. or so much thereof a* may be necessary. as per act of June 3,1863 Members of the Board of Common Council, * 2,100. or so much thereof as may be necessary, aa per act or June 3, 1*53 Corporation Attorney, 81,000, as per actof April 6, 1*60. Clt? Surveyor, S2,400, as per act of May 27,1857. Sealer of Weights and Measures, S2o<), as per act of April '21. lt>55. Inspector of Fire Apparatus, $1(<0, as per act of June 3, 1853. Inspector of Flour, S100, as per act of June 3, 1853 Inspector of Salted Provisions, $'25. as per act of July-26, 1823. Secretary of the Board of Aldermen, #500, as per act of January 8. 1857. Secretary of the Board of Common Council, $500. as per act of January 8. 18f>7. "Messenger of the Board of Aldermen. S175 Messenger and Page of the Board of Common Council. ?175 Messenger of the Ma/or and Register's otUces. 5100. as per act of December Iti, 1652. Commissioner of the First atid Second Wards, ?800, as per act of May 24, 1853 Commissioner of the Third and Fourth Wards, $-00, as per act of May 24, 1853 Commissioner of tiie Fifth and Sixth Wards. Tpwu. us per aci 01 May M. 1-53 Commissioner of the Seventh Ward, #70U, as per act of August 10, 1859. Intendant of the Asylum. #900. as per act of April 14, 1*53 Physician of the Asvlurn and Smallpox Hospital, #<>00. as per act of April 14, 1S.?1. Commissioners of the Asylum, #150 each, $150. as per act of April 5, 1M7. Secretary of the Hoard of Commissioners of the Asylum, fffiS, as per act of October 12, 1848. Chief of Police. #1.000, as per act of June 30, 1833 One Lieutenant of Police, 31,000, as per act of June 30, 1m58. Twenty-six Police Constables, #630each,#16,;>0, as per of J line 30, 185*. Police Constable at the railroad depot. #360, as per act of J une 30, 1*58. Twenty additional policemen, at #600 each, & 12,000, as per act of Jiuie30. 185^. Police Magistrates of the First. Third, Fifth. Seventh. Kighth, Ninth, and Tenth LMstri'-ts, each. #3,500, .is per act of October 14, 185* Police Magistrates of the Second, Fourth, and Sixth Districts, united, #500, as per act of June 30, 1,-5*. Police Magistrate selected to attend at the Cen'tral Guardhouse dally, #150, in addition to his other pay. as per act of June .'Ml, I85-. Clerk of the Centre Market. #6WI, as per act of February 8, 1855. Assistant Clerk of the Centre Market, I9W, as per act of February ?? 1855 Clerks of the Eastern, Western, and Northern Markets, 91,200, being five hundred for the Clerk of the .Northern Market, and 9-ToO each for the Clerks of the Kastern and Western Markets, as [>er act approved August 10, 1859. Assessors, one In ea<li \\ ard, ?1?xi each, STtiO, as i>er act of May :J0, 1849 Commissioner of the western section of the canal, f?00. as per act of October *26, 1854. t'oirjtnlssloner of tire eastern section of the canal, S3f0, as per act of October "2*. 1S54 Inspector and dealer of Gas Meters. *150, as per act of May 12, 1 ? >?> Water Registrar, ?'-M (*?. as per act of November 4, 1859. payable out of th?- water fund Water Purveyor. $1,500, as per act of November 1. 1859, payable out of the wnt?-r fund Messenger in the ottk-e of the Water Registrar, S12u, as per act of October '28. 1859, payable out of the water fund. For defraying the expenses of the Asylum and W orkhouse, to be exj?ended under the direction of the Commissioners of the Asylum, provided no part thereof shall beapplied to the payment of any s bfy or extra compensation to any ottic^r of the Asylum, except sifh as is provided by law, 910 0(H). For the bursal of the out-door poor and tor no other purpose-, 9500. For cl* anlng Center Market and grounds $1 200. For contingent expenses of the Centre Markethouse, including white-washing, Ac.. $300 For white-washini/ ?n<J * 1 "- *?,ln" v*?-?? ? n ? ? ? ?? II^ iuc . ?ui lunu Market-house and grounds, ?*??0. For white-washing and cleaning the Kastern and WMtirn Market-houses and grounds, each, # '<(*? For publishing the laws and advertisements of the Corporation, and for two copies of the daily paper In which they are published. Sl'20. For defraying the current contingent expenses of this Corporation, including books, stationery, ftiel, ic.. for the Mayor's. Register's. Collector's <>tBceS, : Provided. No expenditure on account of this appropriation shall be made except under the direction and approval of the Mayor For defraying the expenses of printing ai.d bind!tin, Including such as inay be ordered by either U >ari of the City Conn 11, 9S2,UU) For defraying the current contingent expenses of the Board of Aldermen, ?175. For defraying tne currcnt contingent ex[?en*es | of the Board of Common Council, *!75, which sums shall be disbursed by each Hoard respectively. j For the contingent expenses of the City Hall. S123 For lighting the City Ilall and the lam|?s in front of the City Hall with gas; for lighting the lamps on certain canal bridges and on Seventh ?..?? ncai v-cuhc mariri, ana diso , for repairing the wme, $700. For judicial expends, attorney'! feet, transcripts of deeds. tc , J6U0 For compensation to seven Ward Physicians. ?-J?) wach, >1,41*1, as per act of October 48, 1854 To pay the Ward Apothecaries fur medicine furnished to paupers on the written orders of the Ward PhvsicianR, ?"-10, as per act of April 1, 1p03: t'rond'.U, That each ward shall not exceed 91*20: And provided, further, That it shall be coinp tent for the Mavor to transfer any balance of appropriations which rimy be standing to the credit of award on this account at the close of the fiscal year to any other ward in which a dellclency may exist To pay the contingent expenses of the Col urn bla. Uaton, Ansc?.stia. Frukllkand Pefeeveranee Fire Companies; MetrojKjIitan Hook and Ladder Comj>any, and Western Hose Company. *700, as per act of June 3, 1853: Provtdrdf, That 110 company shall receive any portion of thl* appropriation unless It be in active service For contingent expenses of Auxiliary Guard, S'230 : Providtd. A detailed statement of 'expend! tures be presented to the two boards quarterly. For compensation to forty-two commissioners, at &> each, for the next general election, S'JIO. For the hire of rooms to be used by the commissioners at the next general election. ft?0. The Qcb*y About ihi Sua A**wskkd ? Editor of the Star: Your querist in this day's Star, about "the sun north of us and south of us," labors under the mistaken idea that an east and west line is a straight one. whilst, in fact, it forms cirei>. uei uuii imagine mmself at one of the earth's poles, and be will tlud to have no easting or westing at all; simply because those lines, (p.trallels) fortn circles around bis position, and ttitgun, If appearing, will be coursing around him without other change of elevation than that which is due to the change of the earth ill its orbit, in connection with its inclination of diurnal rotation axis If be departs from the pole, #<> will the sun, In it* twenty-foar-hour course, make a dip towards the position be has left, increasing with th** greater distance, until tbe sun set* actually beneath the horizon near the pole, to rise again presently; which phenomenon would prove, according to your correspondent s reasoning, that tbe suu was at tbe pole ! It is at the equator only that tbe *un appears to move lu a due line (straight) ea*t and west, all beyond are curves If vo?> inquirer will take a common terrestrial globe, and on that follow tbe east and west lines or parallels, he will soon be convinced of tbe truths above mentioned. Yours truly, W W. Capitol llill, July '21, 1800. Mr Editor : Several article*, very complimentary a/iparmtly. to the District volunteers have appeared in various paper* ; but to one who knows the character of our troops, those articles have something of a sarcastic appearance. If it were only said that our volunteers ur- imnm?in? In the regular drill, and bad beside learned several fancy moves, which they perfcrin very Well, it would be as much as the cotripaiiir* would expect; and an expression of gratification nt the manifest improvement would be pleasant Hut the*e article*, so extravagantly complimentary, ] serve to make us look ridiculous Correspondent* talking about our young commutes entering the lists with old and regularly drilled companies, or against the ''Zouave*,'' are certainly trying to burlesque onr military. Onr compai.Ws do two or three things right well, and If tbey are not spoiled by letter writers, they will continue to Improve, and may be well-drilled companies lu the course of a year or two. But If such a result Is desirable, letter writers should stop burlesquei ig thein On* of thxm . Attehpt at Buiolamy.?About 1o'clock on Saturday morning last.some parties.; s vet unknown, attempted to break into the house of n r Stephenson, on the comer of Tenth and F streets, (Island,) by first trying to force opeu the ouUide shutters, and then by attempting to cut away tu? slats of the shutter. The noise awoke Mrs S, v.? ? ? ??*- ** - IvTiiuiaiiru WU? W muuw wi.o WaS Ujerf, when the parties fled, leaving tbe marks of a pair of greasy bands on tbe window sill. PI . , 1 o '.<? th JiJHi J007I? ?c% * \ 0 Mi Edito* : Can yon tell me, *a well m? a great atariv mora of yaur r??d?i, wbr the streets may not as'well b* waterrd between al* and seven In the evening, aa well ; s after sundown' Those who ride out, usually go between th? fcotirs of six and h >lf paj>t seven, so that th.-se who d? not ride moat enjoy all the benefit of the dust wl^rh they stir up. as they sit at their doors Again, ntauv wish to walk out late in theevening.who perhaps <*-tnnot go out any other time; these must get tbeir f-iet wet, their skirts drabbled, and likely enough t tkecold.from the pavement being wet after sun u w?i 11 aeems to me mat it la a very arbitrary ruie Can It not be altered' A ^vrrtiKt. The place to get the best Ice-cream and other confectionery, we should judge from liberal and delicious specimens sent ua tbia morning, ia at E VV". Page a. No 43t> Seventh atreet. between G and H The bova all mv (and they are connoiaeurs in euch matters) that Page's ice-cream and things can't be beat We advise our readers to give h:oi a call if they want something extra nice. The Jace?o!? Democratic Associate*, it will be aeen by an announcement In another column. will meet th!e evening at 8 o'clock, in the ball over Brickie's store, south aide of Pennsylvania avenu*, between Four-and-a-Lalf and ^ixth streets Thk Exccrstoh of the East Washington Mission of the Methodist Protestant Church to Glymont comes off to-morrow. (Tuesday,) and Is expected to be a very enjoyable affair. For pirticulara see advertisement in another column A Teottthg Match, it will be aeen by advertisement in anotber column, comes off on Piney Branch Course, over the river, to-morrow, at 3% o'clock. The pir*oi who took the package from * win dow kill of AVillards' Hotel had better return it. It* SoMKTHlJiiiTHAT X *vk* F AIL*.?We hear A good deal through the pre?? of "niiallible" medicine*, Diit the only reliable proof* ot the real exce.lence o| a medical preparation are its ?ale?. In this re speot Hoxtntrr'ii Stomach Bitters deft competition. Nu curative ever attained the name popular tv ill the same time. Sev>-n year* ago it was nut known outside of private practice. Now the sales amount to over tiro thiusnmt bottl?.? a diy. Every agent of the proprietor makea the Mine report : cures marvelous?confidence of the people in the preparation stronger every day -den.and continual ly increasing. Letter* p<iur in by every mail announcing it* wonderful affect* in Py sp"|>?ia. I.iver Comj) auit. General Debility, Diarrho-a. Dysentery, and ail complaint* of the stomach an<t ?:*cret r> ?r<an<. It is not only efficient I>ut palatable brink, he most agreeable of all the Hitters at present before the public. For sale by diugguts&nd dealers generally everywhere. jj ?J-eo3t IIot.loww'* Pill* axd Oiktmrnt. Pal.. - .T I r ? ? dpi auvii Mi HID lir?] IS M I|I|' 11! t CBUPPa nj indigestion or relaxed Mat" of ttif* n *rvou? f?v?t?*n \ course of a f<?w vrf%k-i of tnese invaluable in <1 icinet will tliiniiiinil the irregular throbbing. tad, hj removing the source. restore its natural pulsa fion To asvst the function*, not to lore* tlicin, is the trtie secret of auccens. Holloway's medicine? and treatment are liased on tr.o ainiDle laws <>f is tum?sv annihilating the cause tfi- ctr-cf di~ip peart. Sold l>y all Druggists, atiV5.,t?2o., and $1 p r box or pot. j> 20 I w Dyspepsia CrRBD. From Joteph Hoxie. I'.sq., of New York Citjr. New Yobs* Jul> V. (ientl'm'n: Having suffered many years from repeated attacks of the Dyspepsia in it* wn ?t for'n. and almost exhausted in/ i.opes of limine able > "I'tain anv p-rmanent relief, I was indm e t t > ;a\" recourse to tho Orytftintrd Bit'er*. pr -part- I >y Dr. (jeorge B. Green, for which you are ai'~nt% It gives me jtreat pleasure to say that itseffectnpon me lias been highly beneficial, eradicating the dt* ease. and re tori lit me to good health : and I nn cerol* hope that all who tnay be suffering from t!:at dreadful disease will be induced to give the medicine h trial, fully believing they will not be dirap pointed in tlia result. Joseph Hoxie, No 76 \Ynll street. Such tettimony as the above i* entitled to the con? _i / *:? * u?nc?wi iififofuei, naiiuiciu*cbow)]I ?i inn Orkig'nMtd Bttter*. Mr lioxie is well knowu as a highly respectable c tizen. Prepared hy ?*. \V. Kowle & Co., Boston, and for ?a->- ' ? '/. I>. <;11man. 8.C. rord, jr.. s-. i> Waite, G. Stott. 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KK AK I) 1'. in the H7th yu&r of h**r a.'b. a native of Werteniburz, Germany, but for the last $> years a resident of the District of Columbia Her friends are requested to attend her funeral, to-morrow nltereoon, at 4 o'clock, from the re?-i d?nce of her son iu-law, Piancis La Bane, corner < of luih and C its. * I On Sundar. the 221 instant. JOHN" JOSEPH, ( only son o( Miles and Ellen Kelly, a^eil about 2S months. The funeral takes place this afternoon, New Jersey av , near Rabroad l>epot. On the nmht of the 2lst instant, Col. SHELDON McK.NIGllT, of Detroit, Mich.. a<ed M. * FOR SALE ANDREXT. 1 [F?r other "Far Sale nmd Rent" adrerttfements, tee Jirtt page ] < PfOR SALE-A desirable BRICK DWELLING ami LOT, sitnat d on the north side of I street north, between 20th and 2'st sts For tern s, he., apply to .IAS C. MoGL'IRE k. CO, Aucti nana Coinrnism"ii Morrahnts. jy 24 I'.t 1 h[H)R RKNT-()n vry rem-onable term*, a 1 charming COTTAGE RESIDENCE. l\irni?h?d. having a largo jard containing f uit of va rioiu kinds; can he rented to a mail family of If own persons. PovHe??ion given lot of August. Appl) at 4 It* Sixth wlv?t? jy 13 3t* Household goods for sale.-a family, declining housekeeping, offer at p-ivat* ! sale, u til the 31st instant, the FURMTl'RK. CARPKTS, BEDDING, Ac. Ac.-a i ' cleanly and in eool order?of a comfortalil* dwe'l- i iug. (No. SH4 H utreet, between 13th and 14th sts.) The HOUSE IS FOR RENT,and amonedeMr , ing t<> begin housekeeping will find this a most favorable opportunity to buy. Call before 8 a. in or ji.frAr 4 n. in.. (IaiIy. if* i/OR RKNT.?A new three story I! KICK r llOl'SKon 4th *tre? t. l>?tween N ? d O ?-orth. with nix room* and l?aek Minding, a v?ry desirable lix-ation for summer residence. par' icular lor tlmia who preter pure country air to the suffocating h<'at and <iui>t of th" city, Terms only 'l?h per month, apply lyxt door. jy 21 3t* MRS. BATES, desiring to return to her native homo, wmhes to transfer her well established Boarding House, containing ii rooms, ami accommodating at the present tune upwards of 4<> hoardem, into the hands of noiiiu person wishing to go into the husliiesa, on the most reasonable t -rms This house, long and well known to the ritizei ? of Washington, is pl?asant!y sitrated at the souibw>'*t corner of Ninth st and Pa avenue, iu the t iih>?' mm iu< pari m ine city ann in convenient to , churches, schools, the public buildings, fcc. For further particular# pleats call and inquire at No. >13 Pa. i?im?, jj n ,i l?OU RENT?A three story ({RICK DWKIr LING HOl'SR.on H st tietween 12thand lJth ' sts., No 404. Apply to J. KIRKWOOD. 476 Wh ireet. jjr 18-tf ' l^OR R K N T?A neatly furnixhed B K I (' S I HOI SK. C'intAuiir.e l<> rooms. sitiiKtfd on H. betw< en 17tti find 18'h sts , supplied with pa* and water. ?nd all requisite appendages. Apply to L 1 I.. LOVING, 4th Auditor's OJ&oe, near t?i? \Var i and Navy l>epe> tmmits, jy 17-1 w* , FOR RENT?A tine three story and attic Brick J Dwelli e house, pvacantly located. No. 4 ?<>. Kleventh street. near E. convenient to Pennsylva- i n aav. Room* large and conveniently arranged; , with eas and wator, stable and carriage House in 1 the rea*. Rent moderate te a good tei ant. *pply at J. C. McGuire A Co ' auction room*. iy 17-1 w STORK FOR RENT, at No. ?? Serenth at.. 3 door* above States (mice. Apply to J. ROSEN THAL. jy 16 fTUlU PWT_A imw uml I' U A \l I." i w HOl'SE will be for rent in a few day*. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street. l>etw?rn (ioorijia avei.ue and K #U, Navy Vard: has a large ca den lot attached, a pump of g. otl water n ar, and con'ain* 4 rooms, kitchen and w o<l..lied. Will he rented low, with or without the lot, to a *ood tenant. For tala cheap, a good, strong WORK i HORSE; works wel in anvthmg Inquire 01 T. E.CLARK, Navr Sard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61** H st . between 4th and 5th jy 16 FOR RENT?Tw?> comfortable three-stt ry b lok HOUSF.S, six rooms aud kitchen each, situated on Eleventh ?t., between H and C. Rent ?125" p-r month Apply to GEO. F. taUGUELY, at F. 8. Myers' Office, Eighth *t. jy U lin* L'OR RENT-Two beautiful new ii R I C k I HOI'S S,on Eich list cet west, betwten M and N strivts no'th, wtst side. Appjy to MARY C. HAlSl.ll'. No. Nintu street west, or Dr. KEASKKV, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*. Jy U-5W THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. 0? Wffk - r lr*?i t?r?pf-Tk? >orth MriUa at ?t Jsbns St Ioh<?, July 23?Tbe stt-amsblp North Briton, from Galwnv on the 13th, arrived here la?t ni^bt. ;*he bring* one wrr k? later commercui and political ne?s THI Lirnrooi.. July 13?Cotton rules tt?aly at last quotations, sales of tbr week TS.OUlt bales Tbe market closed witli a more keallby tote Br>*a<tsiutls are quiet, but steadv. .lull w>*W - - ? - ? ?- ?* * - * ? ? air uuu, winj ummpnryini K\ifi Previous triotnttons are ?>arely maintained Consols Additional fr*na Europe New York. July 23.?The st-amshlp Jura, frrni Liverpool on the llrth. arrived here this forenoon Her markets are uiiimportant. having been sr.jer aed?d by the North Briton a advices from St Johns, which ateamer bring* three day*' later Intelligence Pal> rmo advices of the 3d atate that Ga Ibald: had reviewed !?.WJU liberating troopa there An Inspector of police had been murdered near Palermo. Garibaldi bad laaued a decree, threatening banishment and even death to anv one rlt'ng a^ the former police, and stating that special commissioners bm bee? appointed to d.srovrr sack of those funct'onaries ;is had trade use of Uieir power to oppress the people of Sicily The Neapolitan eiiUs at Turin w?-re returning to Naples, which was construed into a Itelief that an arm'stiee would shortly be consummated between the contending partus In Sicily, through tue Intervention of Sardinia and France It Wits rumored that Garibaldi was ntlll deter__ i i- 1 -i - - iiiuru w i?v iip^p to >iftuna Alio lbat th? Neapolitan Government Lad r?*flv?-d to oiler to the Sicilians the constitution of 1-12. Two French and two Knglish war veaaels bad been ordered to Hcvrout, In Syria, to enforce the demand of France for the protection of the Christians there Latest, ria (Jweenstotew Lojsdo*. July II-?Money is abundant Napoleon it Mid to Lav? auttiurired a junct on (|>erhapsa consolidation of ibe National KiH* Association) nnder the direction of Jules Gerard 1'aris. July 11 ? Theconiimndersof the French vek&(-ls on thr Sv rlan co.<st have l?eeii ordered to abstain from all intervention, confining tl.cai selves to ofl'er* of refuse to all the Christian* who might apply for protection 1 he North Briton arrtv>d here at 3 p m . and stlied for (.Quebec one hour later SfWi from Hike i'eak. Si Joiuph. Mo, Jalvtl-Tha I'tke'i Peak Fxpress Company 's coach reached h?-re i?*t ev? u;ng with the following summary of news : I?k\vkr City, July IS.?This city w?i visited ye*U rdav by a severe thunder storm For one h* ur the rain fell in a perfe< t sheet. accompanied witi. ball; the streets were fl<x-ded with water, and quite a large amount of "nods stored in cellars was damaged by the cellar* being Hooded 5*0 dense was the falling rain that p-r<nn* rould not s?*e across the streets The Metropolitan billiard saloon was struck by lightning, shattering one corner of the building and stunning several persons. but seriously injuring none \\ e have enjoyed line siiowe/a every aftt moon for a week, much to the joy of the gardeners A large building, with a brick front, in process of erection on Ulake street, fell in during the storm, owing to the walls being undermined by the flood. A shooting affray occurred in West Denver, at Cibola Hall, yesterday afternoon A man by the name of Harrison shot a mula'.t> named Mark for applying to him insult ng epithets Marks wounds are not fatal. Harrison s course la shoo-ing !*tark is generally j?s'ifl*d Tne advaiire division of the F rilted States troops from Camp Floyd, on their way to Arizona, under command of Col Morrison, passed throuuh here ttr.s morni?)(- Tbe rear division is expected to-morrow. All are 'n excellent he*llb Tbw are reported gold dtrovrrift of marvellous richness from the went iIdj* of the Rooge, one hundred miles from tli- California gulch Lumps arr ?:i'd to have been found of the i>ie of a hen eg.: Toe report ne> d* confirmation . There is considerabln excitement existing bere in re/ard to the I'nitKl States mail for this pla>*e. Tbe letting; it considered to be tbe same *s a failure, ana a meeting if railed to adopt in- a? ,r> s for relief Tbe letting to Brace A Co. it tonsidered a dod^e of tbe Express Company to retain tbe mall in their bauds, but whether tbe conjecture Is true remains to be ??>en At an auction sale yesterday of Denver City lots and lots In Parkinson's addition, prices -ringed from three to iifty dollars per lot. All out lots sold high. Business Is dull Money is tighter, if possible, tb in ever before There is no news of interest from the Arkansas. Blue, Torryall or Gregory mines I*ew Jersey Politics Newark, July <1.?The democrnti<* primary meetings for the appointment of deleft s to ttie Electoral Convention, to be held on Wednesday next, wai held list evening. Great enthusiasm was manifested in both wings In two wtrdi the friend* of Douglas l>olted. and will send rival delegates Th?s?* friendly to union are believed to be largely in the majority. The State Convention is expected to be one of the most exciting ever held in New Jersey The election resulted in forty-nine delegates on the I'nion electoral ticket being chosen, to eleven strtii(ht?iit Douglas delegates The Douglas men are d'i!>stt;i>tl>-d with the mult, and w ill choose a full set of contesting delegates Arrival of the Zouaves at Bo-tan Bostos. July til ?The Zouaves arrivfd at about seven o'clock, and were received by the First company of the Second battalion. Owing to the ra n this afternoon, the drill of the Zouaves w.i* po*!poned ui.t'1 .Monday morning, when it will take place on tLe Common. They are tee gu sts of the Second battalion, and occupy tii?- armory of lue battalion as their headi,uarters Inv Utloiis are pcunnu iu for the Z>u?v?-s to visit r?ai-iii. Portland, an 1 other pUces furtner Kast, but it is understood tkfjr will take their dejiarture from here on Mond'ty, and m:ike Philadelphia tuelr next stopping place. Legal Decision igainut the American Tfie grapii ivoipan;. SiwHavk. Ct., July 21 ?In th?-late case of 1 the American Tel-grapb Com pan y against John Buckingham, t'f Fairiirld. whlcn was an appliration fur an injunction restraining the defendant from cutting dow n ttie poles of the Telegraph Company infroi.tof bis prem.? s, the Superior Court of this State has dismissed the petition with cost*, on the ground that the company never ' ubtained the defeudaut's permission to locate ' their |h>1?s in tbat part of the highway belonging to him. and were consequently trespassers 1'slitical .Mass Meeting*. St. Lous. July 21 ?The democracy are hold- i ingan immense mass meeting at their headc^uar- < ters to-night, to ratify their nominations for Con- ' Kress, the Legislature and county officers. Mr. Harfsaroiick, of Cincinnati, and Judge Trumbull, of 111 , are addressing a republican meeting at Lucas market to-uigbt Mr. Blair lias spoken to bit constituents every < vening this week lie seems to Lave ener^eti- I sally opened the ran vaw. Douglas Ratification Meeting Fcltox, M. V.. July til ?The people rallied * niaift iii this pUce last night to ratify the u<>mnations of Douglas and Johnson Three laui.'euse meetings were held at the same time, which were iddressed by Hon. Kdward Marshall, of Keu:urkv. Hon Francis 11 Spinola, and fion. Sanord K. Church. The greatest euthuslasui prevailed Alter the meeting the Douglas clubs bad * torc hlight procession. At least 5.1*1u persons ittended the meeting. Accident to the Overland Mall t'sark. Vax Hikkn. Ark . July21.?Intelligence has tat bed nere this evening that the overland mail ;oach, coming east from California, met with a lerloi s accident at the mountain pass of the Chocaw nation. The ham ran away, killing one person, seriously Injuring several others, and com i>irWly wrecking the coacl. The mail, Id constlueace of tbe accident, will be delayed tomt thirty hours bevond its anal time. - Bell and Everett .Meeting. Cincinnati, J ul v '^l ?Notwithstanding a heavy ? >ain storm, the Bell and Kverett meeting last night wai large and very enthusiastic Speeches were ( nade by Hon. Lewis D Campbell. Hon. J Scott ( Harrison, Hon J H Tbonipton, Oscar .Moore, ( lobu XV. Fiunell, and others A resolution waa < id opted for holding a (State Convention at Cbilli:othe on tbe 16th of August, for tbe purpose of ; nominating a State ticket , -????? , Democratic ( ounty leaveatiea. I Sch*5*ctadt, N Y , julv 21'The National < Demociatic County Conventlou met to day at tbe Kagle Hotel. It was largely attended Tbe < nomination of Breckinridge waa ratified with 1 great enthusiasm Jus S Woodruff v^as elected | delegate, rnd E F Loveridge, editor of tbe Daily Newt, alternate, to the Syracuse State Con- 1 veution, to be held August 7. The Douglas men < tried in vain to get in under bogus ward certifl- 1 Dates. Rrpablicaa Ratification rrrtiij. Vinci Bass, Ind ., July 21? From six to ten thouuna people assembled bere to day to b? ir lieu Caaalua M CIay, oa Kentucky, speak The meeting waa the 1 irgeat political gathering ever he.d in tbla section < f the State Extra trains were run over tbe railroads, and the greatest aam waa manifested. One delegation waa headed ty tig lit yoke of oxen, drawing a platform, upou which were a number of men splitting rails. Speeches were made by Judge Kite bell ?b4 Nathanitl Later. ? ? Hilli m P4 $ ff t* 1 '.? .? I fr?? Cthlvrilt ht? > ?>, Jul) a?Tit* at?n?er Ariel U r. *"d h?r? tbi? ?-ee?in* with Ur CnllfomJn oik It of U* XD<i ft Jan* Mnuli*" rrprt UMi the I nlird State* frt/atr l??nriu'er w to ea?e July -Jd ft* Outran.*-, to return n twenty <S v? and tnen leave tut Ac-ptilc?, P-nama. ?tr The St XUr\ wai to Imve tiir a?ate day tot tue Minn d??t i nation Tbe linop of w?r ("vane waa eipected frow Kan Franrtaco to ?iake ber headcuartera at Matatlan I & A>> rfl.-iin vnirii which were rwcentl* a-lr-d at M h >ve been given up The Hriuab troop* have mi> uated San B1m * irea la the Pl?? Ptrrtu ( *ew Jfrtrj Phii ami ph:a. J u!y <1 ?For ten dava paat rrioiM fir?a bare been racing 1* the pine f<>?*ata of New Jeraev. on the line of the Camdea and Atlantic ro#d. between Wet mouth and Kk| Har bor M anv a^nare m In of tliritier are burned, with aeveral dwelling* Four Urn are now barn lng The moat aerioua one la ten mllea aotithweat of Wevmouth It originated from the aparka of a locomotive. Rereptlau af lie* *.aae In >arth Ctrallai R album. Jul) 42 ? tien Lane waa received at Sho. co Spring* on Friday by a large coac><ur?? i< citiaena aitd the military of Warren and the aurroundlng count ?a After reviewing the troo>? he rt-aponded to an addrtaa from the Attorney General of the State A aalut* followed, and then a grand entertainment H:a presence in hia native State create* ^reat enthua'.iam He visited th.a city and K .taell* Spring* veatcrday The >lete?r Ve. m Danville, !* OawiLLi. I'a . J u 1 v -JI ?Th? meteor pe**><1 last eveaiag at ten o'clock, giving aa much 11*;feat a* a full ntoon It apiwared on tlie horlaon wMt of northweat. and p*aned due eaat It waa abo>t ft;t IM in rwaeitt.* Vf l.??. -1 a I _ a _ *a ... ^ .- ..' n wiinuf id IU4 nortli ml it brukc, forcing two jiarta o>o fallow ;iik tbe other Some uilutites afUr it dia*p|fired aaound r^nibliait tlitinder waa diat.ncliy beard. Noclouda in algbt The Wreck of the IVaaifl'inla NokfoLb Julv 1*2 ?Tbe wr>fk of the ateamer Pennsylvania. which waa burnt on the Jainea River a few dav? aince. baa sunk 1b four* water. and is a total loa* Sbe waa valued at Ih-r en^ltiea may poaa.bly be rived l-'our boin <>f goods only have been recovered from U>cr wreck MtTriu'nti of Mr. I>?ag.aa. Saratoga. July <1 ?Hon S A Douglas arrived here at two o'clock tbia afternoon He waa received at the depot by a lar^e number of hi* friends. wbo. with a btnd of mvMlr.accompanied b m to tb?- ( ulted Sutr? Hotel, wbere be made a few remark* One hundred guti* were tired Dirl at Bloody I aland St Loci*, July SI.?A duel was fought on D . ., .v4 * lata ?<! ?*" ? ' ^ W?a -?-? w*v"-u? is auu. i iif . i" uav *rt n huMiHt >! Oouaid and fSylvan Carton Af>t iwoiho'iwiiu rit i at a alataure <>f IMi fwl. >n? ?otnproml*' was ettecled. NeiUxr party wa? injured. Krception at Itvme. Borrow, July -/l ? \ |)?blicNeeptoiwu (|?n to H<>n Anton huri: n^amr. bv bit roualitiienta in Cambridge. laat evening. at which upwbit were niide by Mr Burlinuaiiie, iiov Bankt and Hon John Sur^e-nt IVre wat a large utirudinrr Deat% of it hunrtiid A|rut Toum, July 21 ?A M Biker, general law agent for tt.e Mtrb'san Southern and Northern Indiana rail wad. dud at Adrian this morning fioni 2ii attack of hemorrhage of tbe iun^t 1 he &ew C?ttoa l r?f in Geargia Mirux, Ga . July 21 ?Tbe flrtt Kale of new cotton In tint >ta*e wat received here* to-day It carae froiu lloutlou county, and cltttet at fair Effectt af the Heat s?t i.ox >. j my zi.?TDem were tL.rt^en fatal ca e? of ?un sirok?* Lere yesterday, tucldd.n^ Peter Ualla^uer, a m.tortoua |?r re fl^htrr liroHurd. Hkkm.v*. Mo, July -'1 ? John Hmalng w?* drowned wLlle here Uit erraiiiK I - kurape. St. Joiis's. Julv Tli? *te*n?ahlp Parana aailfd hfiii r for tfalway. at I p m U> day Altiaadrla Markru. AlixaxMIU. July 23?Flour?Family *?.30a %' 75; eitra 75iO I'J; ?u|*-r ?5 1 4aS vi5 WLmt ?white, new. f itrt i??od. *1 :toi?l :15; rod SI 25? f 1 .< - Corn ?wti'tr 75a7*?<-vllnw 7im7-4 ; mtrd k?*?i7c. Kve 75*HttC Oats a*^Wc. Corn Meal 75a**?e p?*r htiahel. S-ed??TlilioUiy P'2 J??a*3 .* ; Clov* * <> 75a? Haiv?d *1 3nal 45 Pro*,a iiiaa-i)ini>r, rou. i-aa?K- ; i>j-on II ^al'JC , fork ?7a7 50 , Lard I3al4c. Whisky ttalK. litltiaort MtrktU BiLfimii. Jnlytt ?flaiir dosed steady and quiet; Howard ?treet and Ohio "25 Vv teat i lostd st -adv. sal. s of ?(**! bushels. red *1 ;S?a 1 *27; white 3??al 55 Com < losed dull Hid heavy; mixed (W ; yellow 63a(>4c ; artite 6,>a<0 Provisions closed firm; baron tide* 12c.; m?-a? pork W; prime fVi, rump 111 V\ hisk v used active at i!lc for Ohio UEOKUhwrOWS.~ C*rr?rp<mdi*tt / 7\* Sim* Giotsirowx. July 2a 1860. Those citizen* who 1 unent the present dormant atite of our ancient and respectable burgh, anticipating nothing bright or promising In its future, ifin to overlook the existence of many successful manufacturing establishments In our midst, tnd to ignore facilities which, If properly Improved and taken advantage of. would make our city a ?xr* vuu i\u* ?r?wr or nuwn v% oy noi ' >Vf IT6 not f*r removed from regions teaming with mtut-ral an 1 vegetable wealth; wt have ample watrr pi'Wf-r: a healthy location; a noble river, nav'.. gable bv vessels drawing 15 feet of water; and a canal wiitch. under bad management. or no management at all. "with all its imperfections on 1U bead." la the next beat th ug to a railroad, and, If properly managed, might be made a source of unbounded power and prosperity to our community Besides, w e believe that the time to soon to com?- when we will have one or more railroad eonne< tions. and if we fail to secure a fair share of the resulting benefits, none but ourselves will be to blame If asked wtiere are the successful establishments refe-red to ?l>ove. we can proudly point to some half dozen capaciout gr st mills, tltted up with til the mi deru improvements, some with mi rhlmry manufactured in our city, and all caps ble of turning ont large quantities of flour, to Duval's iron founderv and machine shop. wber~ some of the most delicate and flnelv-L , abe4 ;aatingi requi r?-d in the Treasury extension are made, and where mtcLmrt and engines are conitructed and sent U< the moat rrtnotr action of our country; to tbe Pioneer Cotton Mills, giving constant employment to a large number of male and female oj.erati v?-s; to tLe tanneries of Mr Kliason and Mr. Coxe. where nearly 2 0W? cords of tan-bark are annually required, to toe planinc and aawing mills of the Mtssrs Semmes. and other unpretending establishments We purpose U> notice some of th?-?e at length when we have the requisite leisure, ao as to wake up theRip Van Winkles to what is going on around them Th?-se remarks were kuggestod by a visit last ? . . ? - * - - - ~ - wee* u> id*- ^at onai -oap iii(1 UtiMllf \N orlu on Ureen tt Mr Jewell, tbe accommodating proprietor, kindly took us in charge. initiated us into the myste:i?? of grease and tallow, and pointed nut all of interest about bis capacious building We first saw two enormous s!*eet-iron kettles rarb capable of bulling 1-.MJ0 lbs of soap, and with tbe improved furnaces and double flu** in use bere. it only require* three-quarters of a ton of coal for each boiling There can thus be made In i week. 30 WW lbs of soap We saw In tbe rases i imall boiling of 15.IKIU lbs of light brow;:, wbich was very firm aud consistent, although >alv out of tbe boilers a day or two. Itwoi.ld make this letter too long to notice the candle manufacture, but, as a proof of tbe Ine qoalltv. ire will mention tLat the thermometer at n tbe shade, we picked up a specimen, so Arm bat no mor*- grease adhered to our finders than f had handled aslick Tbepropritt>r, although >nly iu business here a short time, is complain! Ng ?f want of rootn. and finds it necessary to enlarge lis premises At a meeting of the Young Catholic's Friend *o< .ft) tue foilowing resolutions were passed Whereas it has pleased Almighty God in his liviue providence to take from us James O'Doaurhni* in tK# nr n?i. nf lifj? * -m m 1 ? .. .? ?? titv uint iii u?\ vi librihmim, mditiaonr grateful duty to offer sotue tribute >f affection to hla memory : Therefore? Bt ?f rtsolrtd fry tke \ aung ('atkolu't frun l Sorfety ?f UtiTgttote*, V. C . That la the death >' our <-ate?-med brother we hare loat one endu wed A'lth every amiable qaal ty. aud endeared to ua oy hla unaffected kindness. Lia practical charity, did hii warm-hearted and affectionate apirtt Ketolvtd, That we condola with hlatatiillv and friends tn their aad bereavement, and that we ?ill treasure In our memoriea the legacy of Ll? generous character. Httoired furtkrr, That we will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty d>n, that these reaolutTona be mrorded with the aliutra of our p'oreedlnga. publiahed in the Keening (Mar and Boston Pilot, and a copy of tbeia be delivered to the family of the d?c?aaed *Ve hope the heavy ahoweis of vesterdsv aad last night extended to the westward, aa navigation cannot be resumed on the upper of the canal until there la a rise is tne river TUat w i* a uiru uk'i vi r ?aw mnt * k< aince that a rumor prevailed heee that tbr U:a break near Dam No * ?? cauaad by tu ftefclert ot mm of the oM> en. im allowi the Irrrl t-> be flooded We no* autr. by request that tuBoard of Director* have lareatijjau-d tb? luatte-, andjtiat they acquit the ottoer awBiloMd of aU

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