Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. WOUAFI. May slighted woman tnm, A ml, ft* a vin" th- o*k hath *hak<?n off, K#n<1 l < MI y to hert*THl"nc? ?'? a am r lino! b\ al h??r lnv*lin*?*. by ail That lift* j><?etr> ami Vauty. no ! .Make ben s.we; Mteal from her rosy check, ii\ i pm! I(HllnilliAii lot ! <-? J - ? " 7 ?V ? ?U" i <? "? I "I f?I 1.' i\-? her * vateher by your couoh of pain; Wro g *>y p-?tu!eiice, ?u>oic on. all That her cup a bitterness? yet give T ?ne ?vitlen?*e of love. ai?l earth has nut An emblem ot devotedness ik? iiers. H'it,oh! entrance h ron'-e, it hoofs not how. Bv wrong or sitanoe, fcnytning that tells \ has <-onie upo . vonr tenderness,? And tiiere is not a high thing out of heaven Hor pride o'crnuvstereth not. | y. P. Willis. M*svr?rTC??or Boot? a:ipShoi? bt Stkam The Boston Travel!' r sayt the present rnctbod of sho* manufacturing Is rapidly beootningold-fsshionrd There is a steam shoe factory in Saxton's fiver. Vt . ownnl bv L> F Murphv. k.*<} , of thts ity. where all the baud labor t:?ed about a shoe 1* in lasting on the uppers. The soies aie rut. rolled, lrvell-d. and then shaped by machinery. They are blacked, polished aud pegged hy mirhlnerv TL?*y are also bound. stlV*hed. punched and sand-pflpernd by marbinery The establishment contain* room for ltw> hands, none of whnn reqr. re inv ?>f the old fan:illar tools or the shoe bench The goods at present cost full as much n* those made by band labor, but the sfvle and i.ulkh s far superior to hand work This advantage. besides the rapidity with Which the ^<'< <11 ran be manufactured. has made th?* ?xpcrlinent ?f an '-ntire departure from hand labor already successful. SnooTiiioor a Sr. a vr is Virginia.?The Clark" Journal snvs?"On Saturday night at a late hour Nathaniel Bnrwell, jr , wrts returning down the Winchester and Millwood turnpike, ard m?-t near the 1 itter place a negro carrying a bag. He commanded Iiitn to halt, which. upon his refusing t? do. he tired with a pistol. After firing a second time, the uegro turned upon him; he continued to tire till at length a ball took effect in the thigh of the negro It proved to be a negro of Nathaniel Burwt II. kaq . with a bag of wool which his master had given hi ill leave to pick from a dead ahtrp. The negro is dangerously hurt " 117" Wilkes.\? Spirit, an enterprising ap-irting twfier, very gravely intimites that the reason Heetian was denied the Knglish belt, was b??cause the British government bcc?me thoroughly alive to the great polttiml injury it might work to Kngilsh prestige, should the people of the Contliient. over whmc races-she had always domin?-ered in physical comparison, behold some staiWart f.?- \._i l " 11*riii iicuumi nir sras Dear oa HIP embirjn of her su|>ertority in prowess l?.jT The bread excitement at Savannah, Ga , ba? subsided The bakers Lav?j come out in a card, revoking all they have said and resolving to go to work and behave themselves in the future The importation of a thousand ioaves of "bread from Charleston brought them to their fits** and led them to become obedient to the laws li_/~ Tfce Raleigh (N.C ) S'andard ha* come out for Mr Breckinridge. with a condition nnM?x*-d that th^* electors shall throw their vote for Mr Breckinridge or Mr Douglas as may be neccuarv to proc ure the election of either lLr Garibaldi recently made a brief speech to his soldiers at Palermo He said he intended to raise an irmv of 21I0.00M m?*n, to march upon Mipis*, and to ceotnmuiate the independence of the Two Sicilies. D*r> cation ? The Presbyterian cliurch In Washington. Rappahannock conntv. Va., will be dedicated on th? flfth Sabbath in July, by the Rev Dr. Gurley, assisted by the Rev Mr Pollock. 'jT Mr Hall, who was so badly Injured at Pungeteague. Accornar, Va , on the Ith of July, "bv the premature explosion of a cannon, is still living, and may recover. Both arms have been amputated 1X7"The Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Turk- y u.. ornu mai.iii; a luur CI IU? MirXlStl provinces, *iid for a novelty in Oriental customs, iti-ikin; to tLe \cop'e at all the principal places. IT7~<?"'- Comonfort, former President of Mexico. is now living with his family in New Vork, having lasen a house on Fifth Avenue. A KHIVA US AT THE HOTELS VVTDNAL HOTEL ?*5 W Je?t*r. NC; M D ffrn ?i ai.-t f*m. Mui Ka*?. J B<>>c?, W Un>c>. 80; N ti Kuksi.;, fen*; i J Gardner, Md; J Hutch lst/i-. Tex; j Arent ar.d ia-:y, La; .f L 1. n<. Aid; .1 M <5r3s* rex; J Cr<?s-?. Mas-; W T <i anoreand la.l*, Hi**; >? S Wiiitams aixt la<tv, K K ijB'ouri , 11 ti ri <Ues, M'J; C its ih. .Mrs ili*yr:*ril, Va; ? C j'ar>o<?rr* aatifam, P K Mis ; C Fu ler aid , V?spFui?r, Miss Hlanoharil. ??a; C Wii1 airs. * !*n?. L t eatii?rsoii. >ic; T ra , J Jtul'r, H 'Us ? NY"; J C;.a'iw:ck ami ITir. Miss 1)U'1I^' !*C; J l> atfe >>.'; > '^rt-KK Ttx:fiW -hs'.er&n i son. Miss; Miss C-iiMw. -K. S?J; II Mason bLii 1>,N > . |)KO ' \S' HOTFL-D A [hv:i Va; J Vi'le. 1)' ; K E MafoiuiS', Va I) (in ?< u ami .?rn, Mrs a Mow-. ?iich; A Hawk.ns. i) Cia. k. D Moo ?. E C-wv' 'ia; Vita Vuaiii. \V a'r, La; H W.Ijoj, J* Clar*. K*' F Sirupst n r XV Fi?ner. N S , ? H 1) atstii 7, Ai*;K *ni-* , N>; u Rftvenel. > In ll.JH'-, ? Fr*. M(k i. Co?p?r, J f'rije, v ; W Ciiinar.. NC; Mm F E Holmes. Ms -> MiXjiinia, U S liijiu l)n;C J ftfWtr:, Va; I'H A e :t. Md; W li Moore. Aia; Mrs C Lu.-k J 0 L'oir tj, la KIHKWOOT) HOUSE.?T Lae's and davghter, PM r i.El uwusard, J J M letrot, L '; W Hai ks Mi-t: l? Arte*. I a: ** A *inith, T?ni; J * a r? i r. c VT * . lt-.-L T. r*a *? j. n 9 li ?.?i inmii. i"*; i ri^fcp, ?i A Kemp*. & ? Mim; v r Oerrett. Kit; R Qoulaing, \V; Mr?S .MoKugiit, M cb, J S Lvltr, NY; Si B"td. \V C George, J dewell, Tenn; Capt P Henry, DC. OCEAN S TEAM EES1 SAI LING DA YS From thic I'hited States. St*am"t. Lmrt. for. Days. VaiMierbt ' New Vork ..Havre ? Jul? ifi AfriM New York ..Liverpool... Aug. 1 T-'Utouia .New York...Hamburg.....Aug. 1 Jura New Vork... Liverpool Aug. 2 Bremen... New Y'ork ...Bremen?^. Aug. 4 Canada... Boston . Liverpoo. Aug. 8 Amo _N?*w York.. Havre.. Aug. l:s From Elropk Vigo Liverpool..,.\?'w York ..Jul* II North Briton Liverpool ueh*>o....... J u y II ?'ana<ta ..... Liverpool... .boston Jn'yll I) molt IVmrh'pton... V-w Y-'rk Ja1. i* Hobaunian Liverpool . Port and Jay 1H C. VVasningtou. .Liv-rpool New York July In Prinoe Aitmru .. ba. way N-*w York.. Jul> 21 Asia ?.Livcrpoo New Yitrk Juiy2' Auatia %*ian Liv:-r?<-<?|... New York.. Julr Ji A'tro South'pton .. N*?w York. J '} t Iuropa I.i vt>rp'.,o!... BoKtoii J n j /< Perma.......... Liverpool. New York..4ag. 7 Tin- Havana mail ?ta**nier* leave New York on tn* 2d. *2th, 17th. and 27th of eacn month, and Charles'<>n <>n tuettn and llth. Tne Ca :f'iriua inai'i ,ee.?e New York on t Se Mil and >fth of itt'- f month. T PROCLAMATION! 1 O THF. citizens of WASHINGTON. UKORUKTO WN. Ac. in. ? - WW *?C I V ? I At present season of the yrar CHOLPRA MOKIIU9, DIARRHEA. OHO LIC. DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSI*. DEBILITY. &o.,&o.. prevail t" Bit va'Hii: * exteist: And irkerr-i*, 11 mu?t S? of tb? FH?T CONSEQUENCE to ever* family tofcnovr ->f A KKMKDY at once SuJ*, Sp'uly, ami Fjfiraciouf, DK. MoN I'AKDK, or Pasi*, offers his .MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLKR & the mn?t rKRTAIN AND FFFECTL'A L KKMEUV FOR THE A HOV K COM PLAINTS la order to *\ti?fy THK PUBLIC that do imposition ii> inter,ded in the sale <>f this Great Medicine, THK MONKY WILL HI. REFUNDED ta all rn>rtt w;?en the medicine tails to Rive entire satisfaction. U I d 4 i<ir i . .?*>j ? - - -- m i n n I * ?U I. ^ l"AI K I [i K R i take aa di rected. aid if not porlrctl; aatiafcod, Return to our Ager.t, 1>. B. CI.ABK, Eng . 4 Street and Pennaylvaui* Avenue, who will refold your motet. Friee?24 and 50 Cer.ta per Bottle. For Mia at at! L>ru* Stores everywhere. JAK MslMJNiNKl.l*. Geuaral A cent, j) II eolw Baltimore. I. >! SMtiER Bl CO. (iHKAT RKDUCTION ll PltlCga Of SEWING MACHINES! Tli'1 Machines are acknowledge*! the beat in uae, for l? ).? 'winji manufacturing purpnuea. Family Machine..... . if*) A if..r I?I-' ' - ? -- - ? ? ?/i up iiij*nuiacturin* fnrpoae?> ?,yi finger .No. I _ ?9B Mu?er N ?. a $ 100 Twut, Needlaa, Cotton, Oil, Ao. WM. U. OLOTER, No. 3^? Fbnn?ylva?ii* Av., j*2Min I.'nJrr National Hotel. 1i?F. SAND HILLS OK JUTLAND, By Ham i h'laiian Andwaon; prio# 75 oetita. /I utiVjtof ra^Rinai K^coilfotioiw. by th? lata Ciiarwa Hobrrt i*aUa, R. A , ad.led with a pr*U t<>r* -*> on Lea t?* aa A'i artnt. ai.d m l?ctoi.* , 'l* cut at pou.'cbv**, bj a t??n i?|lw, Kl?|H w ti \r . 'iir p ic - 91. 5. . i?pt fnt an fnr?a'?at FHILP A SHM OMW"* Metropolitan Bookatora, 33a Pann av . J J 6 leiwteu 9ih &uU iota tU. , i a GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Ofor harper's ferry. N And after July 3d,li^n, the steamer L. J. Bren^le, Captain W . HTRtttfr will 11 " ^ leave Georgetown EVERY tC'E?? ^ DA V. TH( KStlAY. and XATl'R DA Y. ?t 7 o'clock a in., and rtturn every alternate day,at6o'clock a m. On t.e Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will ran through to SheptieriNtown. je 21 3m f[M>K HARl'KR'S Ft RRY.-CBANOE OF DA \ On and aitor July 2,I860. jrw . the ateam*r ANTELOPE. Capt. K J. W Ki.L*,ovryinirtne l nit<*l Sti mail, will it?a>e Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, mhii \ i-iii ? v ?n,< t n iru v .11. ? i ?? IIL'< < ? i ">?" I i\ I I' -1 I . ?? I r?. III., (?H'| icturn every Tuesday. Thursday Saturday. M. B -Kvcrj \V od iieada) the Antelope will run through to Sht?phenls'?>wn. je 3-gin* | r#k JUST RECEIVED. BBLS. WHISKY, i assorted.) lai do. HERRING a d ALEWIVKS, REFINEI) SUGARS, Whhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, ? I.bla.( Bayfield) WHITK Fl-H, 25 IjoX'in p inie Eatterii CH F,KSK. F?r sale low by JOHN J. BOGUF., je8 Georgetown, D. C. VGENCY FOR FA l~RBANK S SCALES IN GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have b**en appointed Agents for the aale of t;;? ah <v? fit-lehrated and wen known PLATFORM and CO UN TKR SCALES. A fu ! aupp.y constantly on hand ami for sale at lowest 'a?<?*. HAY and COAij SCALED erected in any part of lite Distfict or &dj >ining o'>uutics. All Saales are warranted durable, ae on rate, and to give satisfaction BU9EY k BARNARD. Dealers in \grioultural Implements, jpf jm uruige street jdoum wnnini Huh. C_KANDKLL. OPTICIAN, No. 13* Uridfti St.. (i*or*tt*wn. Has constantly ou hand a large ansortment of i French Near sighti*!, Periseopic. <:ol at_r,_TTL ored, and ar. SPECTA< !LHS. o!~v_A the best *uauty. iu gold, suver. sleel.iiid German a Ivor frames. S J3. O.J Fr&iuon Repaired aud now i asses senn them to order. no 19-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDKHTAKBR, Cor. UtiJk' and Js?tr.ton sts., (If or get own. Having (iveu my persona! attention to this branch >{ hit hu?inea?, I am prepared to . jr ?. _ attend to a ' ca''? with pr mptness Per?oii8 from adistanie ca* nesupplied at a Vw minutes' notice, a* I have a large assortment of COFFINS a. way* on hand. i'articuiar attention paid to the removal of the d< ad from the old to tne new buria! grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m (VIASSKY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADKLaTI FHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?Wa are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite a!i persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to rive it a trial. AH IN Y A SHINN, Agenta. fe 4* ?re<?B at.. Georgetown, f^TAVTBKEF ANIT FO R K FOR I? (.!. A M. - - r>?. . Bureau of Provisions n.*/ Clothing J. June 25 1.J60. \ Dialed Peotosals.,endorsed "Proposals for B*l.'' Mid "Proposals for Pork,"'** the case may be, will he received at tins otfioe until P o'clock a. in., on Wednesday, tiia I*t '.'ay of AutuU next, for liiriiishins and oe ivarm*, free ol a i cut and risk to the L niteu States, at t e!o'!o?mg Navy Yard-. Barr?!s H" f. E'irm'i Pork. At Charl*?town, Ma s... 2,imo At tfrooki?n. N. Y 2,nnn 2.ft,h At tiosport, Va ? 1 ShO 1,0<i S 500 b <**> One-half of said Beef and Pork must be delivered at ea.'h of the above named yards, respectively. l<\ the 1st day of A pril, in*'; and the remaining ha!f tiy th-?l?tday otJune, 1H61, un e*s earii?r deliveries ei."ii d be required y th-chief of this bureau. Pay iu?*nt to be made within thirt* days aft>?r delivery. bidders muse th-ir prices sejarat.-l? a 1 disti hctij in ti'p\i at" rt jrs fi>r the 'ter>l and for tiie Pi rW. and for earrh "f the places of delivery, covering a.! esp?n?es and all charge*. Ih? H". t mu^t be from well-fattened oaltle, slaughtered between th-t 1st day of October. 1KH?, and th* 1st day m( Jauua"' IHKl.and weighing not tniii ?;a ;.a;r. I p"ii ads, net weight,each Tiie :*/.s and .t rai '* < i tt hind q'tartar*,and the slims a-id sh u'oer clods, the shoulders ol mutton and *n - - M i pi t> m. an l at l^ast twelve Donmls from tu? i.?Hitl ofea'-h fort- quirt?r,or ?h* parrs marked N<>s. 1,2 3. 4, and 5. on tne drawing or d- linetuiii i>f tue fore autl hind quarters of an ox, whiou will ! ?< &t:a?li d to si'it lorn, a part of ti.e contract, must t>? wh illj exo.udt?d fr ni each harre;althe other pieces are to he packed. and u, stead of be?nt at irtth a rleaver. rn**t he. rut throuth irith a sue an I knife, to tf' th' m'al a . quire, *"if. ani smrtrtH appearance, tn pieces of nvc l-st than eight pounds, nor more than twelve pounds, each. I he Pork mu*t bo packcd from corn f-?<l wolfatt-i.ed hiif." ( ! .'i?nt6red .iPtwoen til * lirs'il-tr ..f ano t he first <!ar of January. i <?), and w igning not !?*<<* than two hundred pounds each, exe.udii.g tn* n al v |oien, n cka, shouid rn, ham*, leg", fo t, t utts, rumps, Jard, and ail refuse pi?o<*? , ? !? in 1st i?? uui'iruA a saw and knife. in pieo n w L'h '..g . ?t ii'B th vn six pound*. nor mure Wvi twelve i?oanJ?.ea<'h. (! ti tn- ti?<ef at ' Co k 'in s' l>e salted with at 1st > - i-Vl'ute liuill . J ..'k< IrlS'id. Isle of May . Key \\ es'. adv , Onon :a_a solar.or ^t. !"''s aalr; ai d the Heel mn?t have Jj v? ou- o'n of line pjiveriZ'd *v;p-!ie to e?*cn barrel, excumvfol pi 'k to !> tn vJi* from f'esh w iter au ?tr< ii< as -alt wi.I lu&ko it, and mast l<e perfectly bright Mid clear, ;n barrel must contain full 2m sounds net wei*.it nS Oeo? hi p?>rk, at.d no e*cej>? of weight 10 either article will be paid for. The > ar.-i'< um*t entirely now, and i?o ma-'e of the h"?t Mamnrd heirt of w i?e oak t tavr : and h?-?%-lir<?: The ttwm to Im? not |e?.? than live-eighth* o! ai. lticii 'hick. ant tun headings nut !*h* tha;i ttir. o-ixui tin ol au inch thick; thtj must he thrrI'<U' tiib a?)u,/J<1 ov;.. inc udiuit the ir?n hoops, witii the bent whit" o?k o h:ckorj Loops, ai.d ^a -h re] inuft have on it lour iron hoops. viz : oi:e? f one and a half i>:'ih n: widtn on each r>il<e, and one ol one ami an eighth ineti in width on ea<-h ehime, and each to be oiie-? of an inch thick hach barrel must be of the internal capacity of thirtytwo callous.and tha iron hoops mu?t be w>;ii painted with r*d lead. Kai'h barre' must hs branded bv burnin* on its head "^avy B?ef," or ".Navy Pork," a? the case may bj. with the c i,tractor'* name and the >-ar whrn paoked. and weuht.and sha.l all" be branded on the pan* itavo with the .etter U. or P., a* :ne ca?e ma* be. 1 ne Be-l and Pork wi I, nnle?s otherwise directed by tne Chief of this ttiireau, b? inspected by the imp ot n< ffi>jern at the respective Navy Yards afor?'.aid. and i.y some "aworn inspector of salted provision*," who wil. be selected by tue respective oominand: <ig officers; but their charges for Biioh laspectiou r-'iist b ? paid d> tr.e respective contractors, who must likewia- have the firrel* put in r?*od atupptnc order, to the satisfaction of the commandant of trie retp- tive Navr ^ arda atn.-???i<i ?ftar mspectiou and at their own ?ip?iu? Two i'f nio'tt approved aurrti> it hi k atim "<tua t"> otim ha.f the edt tiiatei' a.nount of tlm o< ntr*ot W:1 i -r. quir.-tl, ai.d twenty per o?ntuin in addition * I 1 w. in held froTt th- wi ?unt < ! ^ncn payment to I* ina*!-*. fit ?olla'er-! ??cuf ity f"r th" due an<l fmtft fu. p?rl'i>riii?: > of th^ reap otivi- ? > .traoti. wiuo' ?!,] nil no?' ooui.t In pui'l uiiM, tn* o M.traol* are co-npii-U with in a : rcpm U; and is to be forfeit d to the l'nit*Mt States lu the event of fai.ure to coin p t?n the d?'iverie? within the prescribed p?r.<>d. lnraaeof fai.ure on th-> part of the > oiitractor to >te!.ver all or any o| the i?e*l and pork above men I oned, of th? quality ami at the I tue ar.d plac ?. .<ive provided, the o^ntra-j'or wilt forfait ami pay in the L mteJ Stat * as lujuida'ed da.:ia?ce?.a mm of money e<|iia! to iwi tie amount of the coi.taot pric ; t" be paM in case of the actual delivery the r?o.; whi h liquidated tiamaca tnay b-? recovt r??i Irotn tun* to itiiio aj utey ace uc. t'avtnent will be ma !e by the L mted S'at.-a at the period* above ap o lie-J.te*?-ptin< tue twen'y p?r oi-ntum to bo withheld tiu'il the cotr.potion of trio contract a" helor?t ktatful.i after tiie raid beet and pork alia') hav<> l?e"ii lnt.p?cl*d and received, and fo the sain-' ab\ I hai e ^?en pr-aeut>>d to the Navy Agenta, r ? nanf i vaU <1 ?! ? r? ^ , j ? umj i>t 1111? u'uii'umrni'.a'ils ot tii? n-np^-otivH !\wy Yard*, according to tha t^rm* ol the contract Thf /><iri? of b> / to h< rstlu<i'ti ici I '?< pirttcularlu di?n*<t! 'I in Ik* ' /i?ri?i?(r ?o {? nltarhtd to the cmtratt. Ptisan* inttrisl"t cm o' lnm them on t;pit ration 10 thin njkrr. Kldde>? wh<> >-prnp"S*l? ha.M b* acoepfd (and n<>ne otli*m > will i?*iortiiwith notified. * u>1 a< ??r! y it? pr*ol.oa'il a nntrvt will be uanemitted to tli< in fo. ex-i'-uti >n, which contract mnst bp retti-ncd to tne r uieiu within ten d tya. exnlusive of th? time required for the tr?nsmia?ion of the ir.ail. A record or duplicate >>f the letter informing a bid enif the aooeptanco of n>? proposal, win b? d'" in ?d a notification < hereof, within the ruranr g ol th act of IS>6, and hia bid will be trade and aocept d in ronloriMty with 'hi* understand ng. nveryotfer made moat b# accompanied (* dir-ctnd in the sixth amotion of th*act ol Congreaa ni?kiite appropilat'ODs tor the na?al service for H'fi '17, approved Inth of Aucukt, 1846) by a written guar*'tee, aigntd by oue or mo'e reapon-lbl* pers->p/,toth? ell at t?at he or they undertake that I iddur or bidder* wiH. it hia or their bid b? ao cp?e', eet >r into a-i obligation withiri t?" da* a, wirti (o<Ml and sulfide:,i sureties, to furm*!! the ar tioM propoaeo. 'I"i?ta guarantee must !? >aoouinpaniml by the oerlilcMei Ik* Unit d ?tat-?* Diatr:ot Jiiitis. t.'"it"! rva es Hntriot Attornay. or N ivy Ag?*tiF. that the guarautim are able to mak* *<>od their t uarant???>. "So (.ropoMil will b? oon?i?1#ied unless aoooinpaninc hv sucli guarantee. I'he bid ter'* Lame and reiidenoe. and the name wt .ach m?iitber of the firm, where a company >IT r? ?rli tbe Chistiao uameg wrilfe-n m full,* iiiu t he distinctly sfat"d. I iider tli joint rsdi uUod of Congress, approved 27t? March, 1H5*, ' ail bids for supp i?s 01 nr?visioi.s. cloili iig.nnd ?ina' 'tore* for the use of the >av?,may reject d at the option of the department. it inad? by one wot known aa a mauufariu'cr of or regular dealer in, th? arlie e propn>ed to h? fumi?h?d. w?ii h fact, or the reverse. mu*t be distu>eih ?tat<"? in the bnls off ?r?d." ?e 2* taw?w^ 114 and 12 4 super Linen Sheetings, ~-|, 10 4 It 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetings, Kio' aril on A Sons'. Dr.nbar A Dickinson and Itarklie's super Fronting and Shirting Linens. Towelii^s I'l variety. Table Ll: ens ami Napklus, l?i pieoos superior makes iileachad Cottons, H?> pieces I.awns at I2X oente. 2i pKHjfs White and Co:o'ed Flann*l?. Ladea'anl Muxes' White Cotton Hose, Vvhi'e Go'oda in variety, Cainbrioand Swiss Kd ings anil Inserting^, H jniton, Guipure and French Worked Collars, Sun Umbrellas Paras* Is and *un Shades, Sup->rSilk and French Lace Mantles, Hooped Sk'rta. Silk MiU. Ac., ft o , received and for tale low by 12 TAYLOR k HUTCHISON. VV 0A9 FIXTURES. v v K Have in storo. nnJ >r* ,l? > I? - ? ? /1 1" FIXTORSSof;,tiriy New Pattern* and &.Tt u. and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore ofl?red in this market. We inviteoitizens .teiiaral U toca'l and examinei our stook of <Ja? and Water r ixtures, fee ing confident that we liave the best seleetrd *u>ok in Washington A.? Work in thenhove Tine intru?ted to our aare w.J b* promptly attended to. MYERS A. MeUHAN. WMf , aTM>?tre?U_ A ) ERY NICE CHICKEH1NG PIANO, to"NSIV ,U5W.P?: HETZtROTT. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. JWOTICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC PTyFY P0I\T**0?HT ILOOK-OVT, OLD POIST, ft OH rO L K Aft'D PORTSM o CTH. The oommodmui sua swift steamer BALTIMORE. having been thorough.* 11 ^ overhauled and ie(itted with newJ^AKto|^? boilers and maohiuery, to. will p aced on the above rrute MONI>AY, the 9th of July, aid continue daring the bathing ftMon. making seini we-?kl* trip*, leaving Washington MONDAYStand TH('RS*I)A^ S at 1" o ciook a m. R? turning will leave Norfolk on Tl'Ei<l)AVU and FRIDAYS tt 3 o'clock p m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fit?to Marbnrv'? fl.nO) Pipe's Creek *aady Point- 1.5M Bla^kistone'a 2 <*' Quautico 1 5 : Bluff P< int. 2.00 Liverpool Point.... 1.5 , Varsha 1 ? Pavilion 2.(0 Royd ? Ho e 2'?> Pinev Point 2H> Matthia? Point.. Point Ix>ok ont .. 2.00 'l"o Old Point and Norfolk JA. ino!udu,g m?? f>. Round trip tiokete to Norfolk and Old Point, good for the ?ea?nn, #<J Children under ten Tears, and servants,haifla-S, Freeoolored persons $4 Freight at usual rates and must be p'e^-aid. Th? ito&mer Baltimore being the fastest b<iat on the Potomac, will oonvey passenceis to Point Look out in 8 hours, making the trip down this beautiful river by daylight. For tickets and further information apply on hoard to Capt. CH AS. F.. MITCHELL, or at the Coin pany's ?flioe, corner F'enn. avenue ant Sixth streH, under the National Hotel _ GKO. E. MATTINGLY, General Tick?t Agent iy 6 7t (Int.) Potomac, St?amN>at CompauT. |\] CAPON 8PEING8. i F.XV and improved route viathe Manassas Gap Ran Koad and the Stras- FTTT >. ,v r-^. bntg and.Capon Tiirnp>ki\ AfiJA HII ?.n!y 1 ; milosofstaging over^** a comfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the orange and A.exaudria Train at 7.15 a. in., take the Ma ast>*3 oars at the junction, arrive at Capon I y 'i o'clock p. in Fare from Alexandria to Capon From Washington to Capon ? 5 >*> For information enquire at the Kail Koad Office comer of Sixth ?t. and Ps. av.,'i. Washington, and at the Ticket Office on L'nion st, Alexandria, Va. ; _ l o a - j j umiwi ii r\ 11c , JALT1MOKK AMD OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASmXHTOX BKAXCH. fini. m,mmhdmrn Change of Hours. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, June 13th, I960, trains will run an follows : I ,?ave Washington at 6 2ft And 7 40 a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2U and 6.3ft p. m. On Sundaj at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. in. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 and 4.J0 p. m. On Mitida; at 4 25 a. in. Pa?oeii*erH for the fact will take train* at fl.2? an"t 7.4" a. m and 3 2r> p m. for tlx? West, at 7 4" a. ni and 3.2* p. rn. For A nuapoll? nt 7.4rt a in and S20 p. in. For Norfolk at 7 4" a. in. On SRiu!\i?? evening th?S.2fl o. m. train goes to Philadelphia >>n'.y. if 13-<t T H. PARSON'S. Ai-n*. NEW ORLEANS IJNT THREE DAYS *ITH TUB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Smmmmsmmm ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East i entiessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and (itorsta, Nashvil/e and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, lyric (.Orleans and JaeJison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Rv.l,thence by First ol&ss I'&cketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: I Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile t>r First ciass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays I^CLUKKD, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 pm. The Steamer G KOKG K PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at a. m. ai.d 63* p. m. and connects at Aiexanrtria witn the O.ange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonth west. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth St. BAGGAGE CHKCKKH TUROIOH TO NKW 0RLKAN8. LynohtitirR ?.-9? V Memphis (JS1 (X, Bristol I5<> Atlanta .26 ?> Kuosville ifl Oc- Mfjon.... jn on Chattanooga .24*** Columhna 31 50 l>ait*>n ?. 5(4 oft Montgomery 33 n> Huntsville ) v?a Memphis,*? 5ft Grand Junction N.O.J via??.Ji>no <42 .vo Natiiville \ via Mobue. . 46 mi THIS ROUTK IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is *00 MILES SHORTER, 24 HOIRSLESP IN TIME than any other f.iae-the Ljnehhnrr Extension being now ooinp'?"t<-d, a* a!?n the Miaaiaeippi Central, makine it the QUICKEST ANlt MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It la provided with Firat oiaaa Steep.u* Cars! i To New Or'eans ? Ti Houra. .riuL' ) Memphis?? 54 <lo. llffl ) MontRomerr 33 do. I Nashvill? . ,46 do. fCTTh? U.S MAIL and ADAMS' EX PR ESP are taken overthia New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the **ottth Weatern Office, oorner of ^i*th atre-t *nd Pennajivania av, to the following point* Ljnchburg, Bristol, Knoxvillft, At anta. Chattanooga. Huntsville. Orand Junction, Maoon, Nashville, Dslton. C<> uinbua, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IPT THROUGH TWKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. in?! Baggage Wajons leav# the office at C a in. aud 6 p. m. JAMBS A EVANS, Ticket A font, ma2S-tr Corner Sixtn st.and Fa. * . 'I1 H K STEAMER J AS. GUY Will resume har I trips on TUESDAY, 21st of k February. 1380. Wifl leave WASH INGTON ever? TUESDAY FRIDAY. atCo'clook a. ^..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past C n'olook. f->r CIJRKIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return tru>?. she will leave CURRIOMAN ovry WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. in. LIJCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. A?'t. Alexandria. f 8? PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAQE INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. *7.?0. The New Yorfc and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant st^.mship fTifr MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smnh.^?El? will lw.v? th<> Oon?pany s Dept.t, Wes^^^ ^^ tern Wharves, at ll'o'olook a. m-every WEDNESDAY, and the Comparty's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. Tit. same day. Passengers from Washington and Georgetowr, can take the coaches oonnectiri? with Alexandria steaml>oats or railroad, which leave the ooroer of 7th si *oet and Pa avenue h<>urlt, or they can leava on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 "clock a. in. State room* can be engaged on application U Messrs. Morgan 4. Rhmehart, Western Wharvea Freight will bfl reoeivod up to the hours of depar lure. Jf/" Insarance vill be effected on all gooda h? thlsline at tlie ojftoe of the Company at K per cent premium. l'iie accommodations for paasengera by this lip* are m every respect firat-o ass, and every effort wit t* mad* to render this communication with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For frairht or passage apply to FOWLE * CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL ft CO., >et-1y 8? West at..corner Albany,New York. "dentistry. ~~ D DENTAL NOTICE. R. I.OOMIt* llaa cloned hi* office for the season, atul will be absent, as u<<uai, during the mini mer months ; will r?*uin<* practice about the 1st of < ift. bor, of whioh further notice will be givenjy 10-tr D dentistry. R. HILLS, after a sraotioa! teat of two jeara, foeia that he can with confidanoe reoom-^^k inenU rhe Cheop rpUc Prooeas forinaertincflUHM artsPcial teeth It baa tho advantages uP*T? & strength, beauty, oloanlineaa. and cneapueaa. Fail upper seta inaerted for 93*. Partial id proportion. Ofloe 306 Pa. avenue. Ml 171 R e, FIR e. ! P n T O M I r IT l?r r 1 am (still enga ed" in tile PlX >1B1NG ami GAS FITTING BUMNKtfBat my old stand in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful mpply <>f wat?r was rtadiy oUservtd at the fir" of yesterday. as I am wall sati-fiwl I should have b?>n burned out but for the bountiful supply upor my premises and th?tofmy neighbors Ail orders for the introduction of Water and Ga? will t?e prompt attended to. Terms aa reason* h e aa any piuml>?r in the city. jy 3 C. 9NYDKR 275 A ' k K N 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pin ha. Avknui, Between 10th and llrh streets. je 19 P~URK OI.D RVK WHISKV.-On hand aavera hi and- of Pnr? Old Rya Whi ky, Copper Diatilled. mad* k> tk* mr,?r iiXni" ?- ?? ?J ? v?M?iuviitn r nil U" vlvama, Maryland *m<1 Virtiuia, warranted purr. Alio, Imported Kr*ndie?, Hfrnwij, Otard, I)upuy * Co., Jui?? K"hiL?, 4.0 Alao. Praoh and AppJ? Brand), pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and St. Croix kiuii, and Wiom of ?v*ry variety, all ol ?tan;1ard bran ' A Hioioe '?>? of f'i*ar? and Tobacco Yiil NO 4 KEPH * RT, Arenu, ?p l? 't QMQ Pi* ?v . >w*w <* 11 * id |0tJ? tin J>I \N?'S. <JKK AT tfAMUAlNS Koe*nkrantc Piano, in b*>?t ordar.for A7 Oa? ?i* ocrav? UmI? Pian > f.;r ft*'. a i* ?|Bna 1 v?ry food pnnow MeUtdaoa for #& . F?t?I1 Bale vu aooommodatini t*rin? at'heMDno of W. U. M.LTZE&0T1 # MEDICINES. SEE WHAT AYER'S BAR SAP AII ILL A DOES FOR deranqenevt of the liver. {*TOTT*? C*0??lf??, I Taila<Wa Co., Ala . Aux 9, '6P.S dr j. c. a9*t.lovi1i, mifs.?Sir: I like ray pen to tell yru what your **AKSAPABII LA aad CATH*RTI*' PI LL> have done for me. I bad b*en afflicted with Ln er Complaint for mx jears, daring which I waa never well, and rouoh of the time v?ry aick. My Lirer waa ?ore to the touch, ? r\. .nt.ira > i/l 1 ? * - a -* (?I'U , VII U 'V n-1 r rniu, ?*< * VVII|l?v*w. ? ?? ? ?? from severe oostivenesa a?:d dia'rtura a.ternat*! j. Mj (km was clammj ard ?nh*a thj : mi eyes n J kin often yellow, fleoaronall* I had a voraoioua appetite. (>ut generally none at s Adreadfu. sen sation of opfeMion on my stomach. with languor anil a gloomy sensation of siekueas ail ovr, kept m?? in anguish. You cau< ot know how much I ?uf fered fr< m an indescr t?abi? fee ing of distress Tn? 101 g continiiarr* of this condition, with ut relief, had worn me out eo 'ha* 1 never expected to be better ; but reading, in the Ohni>ti%n Advocate, .if your Sa'aapaTtUa, 1 commenced taking it. with <>ooasional sinai: riosoaof your Piila. to rogatate the boweia as you direct. had more etfeot upon my disorder than 1 supposed fnithrg O 'uld have. | regained ni) health rapidly, ana nuw. after eleven wwks, enioy as goi*l nea th and Strength as any other mar. Ma? the "Dispenser of all goi cl" shower blessings on yon Jons W.STOTT. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR & CO., Lowell, Mass. jy 13-eolm U. O. H. ?*J T. JSL. m HI7RXEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, 1 ? m ^ A ? " ror ail xtiroat ana Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption HUNNKAVKLL'S JUSTLY ITLCBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for ail Nervous Comjtlaints, From Neuralgia through ail casss wh?r? Opium *?? f?v?r used to that of l)?iiriuni Tremens, au<l the common chief cause of luscase I.OSS OF ^LFFP. Tlie Tola Anodyne, thouph oontairinr not a par tioifl of Opium, produoen Ml the requirements of, and mar umxl in all canes wherever Opium wa? us-><i wiinotn pro uomit anytning r>ui tar*>,&an leaving the patient n a perfeotly natural s'ate. The Universal Cough Hfmedy, (fr<?mal, the c?minon obieotion of ''ough Rein-dies, which produce nausaaor prostration,) may t>e oonsid*red nteoaaoa ifj to >1 Thruat and Lun< O mp'aints. and used with perfect impunity Asking all to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe inTNti|ation of both Rpmedi?s,and readme of our pMiiplil<*tft to t>e found with ali dealers, ai.?l in ?re particuiai.y to purchase only of those who o%-i f?* depended upon. w<> wait in confidence the d^ciMorm of Patients and l*h< weiaiis. "Prioes within reach of a 1 " c. knerai. aijfmk. J. W. Hus.nkwkll & Co., 7 and 8 Commercial Wharf. Host'.;.. ge". hfnjiewell, 14A Water st.,New York, I'nder the Kjv-oial *np"r vision of JOH N L. HUNNK\TEI{li,Cheniiiit and Pha-maceutiPt. Boston, Ma**, whose sicna'ure o'vers the oo ks of the genuine only, and to whom address all eon.mum oations. !?oid t>y ali respectable dealers ever* where, and all tl.e UiuggiaUin Washington ar.d Georgetown. mar K w>.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation.. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FI.UII) EXTRACT BL'CHV. A Positive and Specific Remedy For O't -at-s of the BLADDER, KIDNEY 9, GRAVF.L.aod DROPSICAL SWELLING?. This Medicine mc wes the do wet of Digestion, and exott-s the AB"?0?KI-NT> into hea thy ao whirt. the WATF F \ OR CALCKHtlUS depoKitmna.andall I'NNA'ITK \l KNLARGK MKNTS are leduced.ap well it* FAIN aud INF LAM MAT ON. n?i^ f?u MEN, WOMEN. OR CH1LDKMS. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT RI'CIIU, For WmfcnMMa Amine from Kicmm*, H*tuU of Dmnpation, FarlT Inmpcretion or Ahuse, Attended u-tlK the following Symptoms ? Indisposition to Lxertion, L"?* of P< 'W*r, Loss of Memory, Diffiou'tyof Breathing* Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of P>A?a?e, Wakefulness, Dimness < { Vision# Pain ti> the Back, Larsituae of the Mu*eu ar System. Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Face, PA1.MD COUNTENANCE. Tiese Bfnipt^ms. if allowed to go on. which this meHicin* i-ivariaM* removes, <"?n f J.'-w* IM POTENCY, FATUITY FPU FPTfC UTS. I V" < 1 V? HP 1X7 11 !f- ? irlTT> 1> t ?!??? -r W ? L' ?! VV'ho oar, an* that they ?r? n?.t fpq uentij iouowed by ?ho?? 'DlIli.rlL HISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION " .Maty ar> a*ar? of the cause ol ?iie-r suffering, BUT HONK WILl CONFESS. THK RKCORDSOF THK l\SANK A8VI.I M8 in4 th' M* lanchi'ly l>fith< fcy Comsumjttom Ke>w amp - witnen* to the truth of th>- tskorti 'ti. THK CoNsriTI l'lo> ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires tli? aid of meflicin" to streneUien And InvijTMrat? *he ^ystnm. Which HkLXBOLD's EXTRACT BUCBU mrort*biy 'ic?. A THIAI. WILL CO.IVffilk THK MOST fcKKPTICAL. FEM A ES-FEM AI .ES?FEM AI E8, OLD OK YOU yd. SIMU.F. MARRIED, OH CO VTFMFL A Tiyu MARRIAHF IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES,the extract Burhu i? unt-qu#ltd by any other remedy, a* in ChNMi* or Retention Irregularity, Painfuhi?s?. or Suppression ofCus tomary Kvacuations, I o??rated or Scirrhous Mate of th? Uterus. Leuoorrhoea or Whites, Steriility, and for a 1 complaints incident to the s x whether arisinc from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE. _ SBK ?TMPTOMS ABOVE. >u rttnibi 8NUUUU ur. WITHOUT IT TrJr.- no more Balsam. Mercury, or unpleasant Medirtn*. fur ttnp an I [ta-grrous't, I1ELMHOLD'S EXTRACT Bt'CHU craws SECRET DISEASES In al!their ? "Jut"*. At little expense; Little or no ch&uge in Di<:t: No looonveuienoe; Am! no Rzposurr It a fr??oent dusire ani gives strength to Urinate, theroty Removing Obstructions. Preventing and curiig Stnotures of the Urethra. Allaying Paiuand Inflammation. so freqnent !n tiih c.abs of dlfteaaes.(vnl ojpeiung all foisonov.' l)i*iasr4. and irnrn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS w1io kavk bkfn thk victims of quacks. arid ho hav* paid hftvy fees to be ottrecl in a short time. |>av? found th^y were deceived, and that the ' POISON" hiw, by the use of"rawsircr. astringents," been dried up in the system, to break out in an gravatod form, and P Eli HAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uee Hrtmb^td's Kxtract Bucitw for ali affections and di*? ofth" URINARY' ORGANS. Whetiier extMing in MA > K OR FEMALE. From whatever oau'? oruina'iup nud no matter of HOW LONG SI'A>DIMi DiBeauea oftii^ae ore*.;.* r?>uuiretheai 1 ot a ftiurm HELM HELP'S EXTRACT BUCHt 18 THE bREAT DIURETIC. And i? oertain tr. have tlie.demred etTwt, in all Di?***?? FOR WHICH IT IS RKCOMMI- NDF.O. F.rth nr. of thrwa>' t'liabU and r> sponsible chatter wu! a^c irBpai v the in??<tici- ?s CERTIFICATE* OF CURES. brnm 8 to an years' utanritnt. With Names *i; >wn to SCI KNOX AND FAME. Price 91 00 per I ottlr, or six (or 9'? 00. Delivered to an) Adt!r??>. jeoureiy packed fro olmervatton. DksCRIBB STMPTOV* IH ALL CoMMTTNH-ATlONf! l ure* (Guaranteed ! Ad vice Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. Personal!? appeared before rue. an Alderman of the city of Fin ade phia.H.T H Ri,M?oLt>.who?.eio* iluW sworn, doth *ajr. hia pr?para'iou* oo. tain no naroofe, no mfroui*. or other iniurinua dru*?, bu? are p?re|, v??*taV?. H. T. HELM BOLD. Sworn and subscribed before me, this J3d day of November. laM WM P. HIBMERD, Aldttmnrn.. -? ~ n i^iuiu ai/wvc niKO, rnjn? Address letter* for information in confidence to H. T HEI.M HOLD, Chemist. Depot, 104 Smith Tenth st. bet. CJiesnut, Plii'a, fjKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNFR1NCIPI>T) DEALERS. Who endeavor to <<i*pose or thkir own" and "OTHE*" ABlltLK* on THK IKPOTATIOM ATTAINED Ilelinbuld'a Genuine Preparations, " " KiCVac t Buohn, " Sareaparilla. " M Improved Rose Wash. Sold by H. U. Waits, AH? Seventh street.and 8. C Fobh Jk , ooru?*r Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, _ AND ALL DRVUIilSTS EVER YWHERE. At*K FOR HELM BOLD J8. TASK NO OTHER. Cut olt the ad verti*e?r.eiit and send lor it AND A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eolT vr* I V L' L' U AL'PirT o v/r r i*>r<, ii Alkx*M)Ria, Jane a>, i860, MANASSAS (i \P KAU.RUAD. 8iX HUNDRED MF-N WANTED on the line of tbi? road from ML Jackaou to H?rruonburg. Waf?? *1 a day; b ard $i0 p??r month. For lnformatim, Ao.,inquire of \VM. S. FEWELL, Company's Alexandria. j<*28 <itJ*2n.l*twAiiir A lstwS?p. . ? WASHINGTON (FIRE) INSURANCE 10 COMPANY. Avenue and Tenth Street. ' _ ?? J. C. MMlttE, President. 0. D HANSON. Seorotary. rna7-e<>tr HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Tbeae Soalea are otl? *d to the pubho M the mott simple, durable, aod reliable scales ever eat 11 use. Firstolasa premiums have been awarded 11 tea It the United State* Fair and Virfinia Amon tu-a< Society; Virginia State Acriaulturai Fair; Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ac., Ao. In every oaae where exhibited they nave roeetved first olaaa p rem in ma For Miattt Louisiana avenue, Depot of 8iU?r'a Chimed Iron Safe*. de 13-1? K? C PATTISON. A?ent. 1 PRIME COST.-Organdie, Jaoonet, Berege, Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from two to nine < fluuooea. at firat ooat. We will from this day farward offer onr entire took uf tin* abo>? rood* at cost; no more wi^l b* a*kd for any oftht'in. We have *oi.e thToosh our Ureas <?oods and inmkeddown moal o< this kind of foa4s; and ws respeotAtuv aolioit all iu want of rioH Dress floods, at vary low prioea, to an examination of our atock. . _ ... jtar-wet TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. 1 MI8CBLLANB0P8. / V / KOONOVY! * 'S \ L^i $ A > \ ^ ^ <t> DISPATCH! ? *> ^ ^/cT Save the Pifffi! At i t wtll ktirrm. T*n w wJI r*rwi?W fnmit is very desirable to bar* some cheap anJ oonventer.t way for repairmf Furnitara. Toye, Crockery, Ac. SPAJLDINU'S PKKPARED GLIB meet* *1! such emergencies, and no household ?n afford to be without it. It is tlvtti ready a?d ay to the sucking point There is no :on?er a neoe? itr for limping ohaus.sp intered veneers, headtess dolls, an<l broken cradle*. It is iust the arttale fur oone, shell, and other ornaments, work, so popular with ladies of refinement and taste. This adtniraMe preparation is used cold, beirt chemically held in eolation, and possessing a. the valuable ^us itief af toe t>e?t oat>instmaier>' It ir.a* iw used in the p toe of ordinary mac.age, being vastly more adhesive. USEFUL IN KrEKY HOUSE." JVt?, 2b cents N. B.?A Brush accorrpanie* each botce IWtoi*'*!* Dtroi. No. 4* Cedar street, New Yorfc. Address HLNRY cTsPALD1N6 A CO.. Box No. 3,600. New York. Pot up for Dealer* in Case* oontaimnc Pour, Kight.and Twelve IK??en?a heantifu' Lithocraph '0 S'iow Card accompat.v ing each package. ICT" A sincle bottie of SPALD1NWS PRE PAKEDULTF will save ten limes its ooet an nually to every household.-/"! ooiu lit an p/iuiii urui riAui'uriij i>iu(|i>i>| Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grocers, and Kancy Store*. Country merchants should make a note of SPAL DING'S PKFPaHKD tiLVF.. when maklne up their 1 int. It will stand an? oil mate. feloiy \c\ 4 lP A tfl ft | Tk ? M kt*hcy m mamutsctm r?4 ,sei* Jj ^ <* V ^ Ji0. /. I., . tk. J.4.-* f \V &7'00 jfc'4?/nrrf ^Wi?r *' *?-.f J, y O f c r* ???? ?*?? ifi ^i^ndtfrniid ??" wr?f ? - T ? 4 ' ^ i(W "*" :*-? *v '*? I'?.'Vy H'4 ?* /, jl, f" 5 . ^ -J^Wf " f BnttU rml*. ft f# ^w'cf-m'"%r'Jt *h* t r ?f Mj<tn <i inly ^ ' 'p? 7 ii? r*? ?<f ?f? jVt iriMi <li V V I Wz&hfr J J Solo Propnetor.i Ps 5 /</ - Ay* A i~ix I-* / h j^F)} / | ^1000^ r5/ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS I IMmVimYWMFY IIIIVIINIIIV IIIMB I IV Bliwiwa WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. I hOR SALE IS WASHISUTOS BY I y 7 ly BARBOUR A gEMMES. PARAFFINE OIL, THh CHEAPEST I.IGHT KNOWS W?*Krnir'?i*!vini I'* affiae Oil direct from i the works in west-rn virritna. Tli* ? jail!? oi it s ex<j?-:ienf. rrodueu c steady. ! bril lani ard '-tmu'ifn li<ht, and more p'.easaut to tn" f^ee tiian/a* lifht. This Oil u rre? Tr' main terat!on,and very mooh more eoor.onuca: ttian mar.v of the Coal Oils uM at this time. ITT" It is in n<> wav explosive. We keep *.?<> a 'upm? of the most approved of Lamps, Ac.. f<>r t>urnioe this Oil. KING A pi RCHKLL, Agents for its sale for the Dist'lct of ColumtMa, Corner |-:fteenth st. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company mall Hj CARRIAGES. 1 HF. Sfnt-scnier havia* male ad&ioo&s U? fii Jactory, mr.kins;t tow one oftbe artesi^^^jB ! id the District, whrre l:is facilities f?r*?D^R irarwfactrrinsCARUIAGK A LJSIIT-?s3?^ WAGONS of all kinds cannot be surpassed, ax>4 from his Ions easerier.oe in ihe i'ssujees. be oc?e? la 51 (?u?ni *at!?laetion. A!', kind* orC4rnt(Mu4 LifM Wiiuukept** kind. A!! REPAISSneat ydo:.?.STiiai. prany* ; tj attend tc. iy^?s? kk-J Carrlaca# i?V'5 :n exnfcacr? to: mv cm. ANUilKW J. JOYCE, 4 1* ft f |<* Vt? 1^1 VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TR' NKS Arrive) this da*, erni-.racim *1! *uah itie* and ei*"* of !<<? ? Leather, Ladie*'Hiarfn IVen* and r'arkinc Trunks. Our t-unk^?-1" u cal'** room exhibit* at thir time the cr?-aWt vaneU of traveifn^ rnquniUs at rno<1erat? cnca*. to be loiniri th;t stile of New York. A Ki, e?i"> deecri* tioii ..r LAWK8* HAT BOXES, VALICE&, CARPET R &< <*. HATCIIEL*, Ac. JtTOId Trunk* retired or taken in exchange for new one*. WALL, KTEPHENS ft CO., I Trunk Kioto, mftr 31 -tf Fa., avrnw. | FREjMAN c- SiMPSOIj'J Wa offer for sale the al>ove standard brand of fine Copper-DisUilod Maiteo Kje Whisky, in laurels aiuf ha:f-barre!a. As it la of our own distil la tum, ind highly unproved by a*?, we oonfkleutly reonn>.ni"t:d it as the rmser ard beet Whisky that cac poMibly he dietilled. We al?? offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brand*, from the larfect stock of Fine Whiskies in the United Htates I FREEMAN A BIMP8QN, PtHBBLZ Distillery, on the ftahayikill river. Phila. OfBoee?96 Wall street. New York ; and Bojth Front street, Philadelphia. mar S ly B| m A [TIM OR E LIFE ~TNSIRANCE CO.coaromatko i??>John 1, Dokaldspn, Pres.: MLCoclti*. seo'/^. L.IVEP and BUYB and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. Descriptive* ina? he obtained at $e *' uipn.:iT'a AiceooT for tHe Diatnot of Colaabia. < moe of Lewis Johnaou & Co., Hai.kera. lOtL street infl Penn. avenue. J. W, MAGILL. Arent. I*. R. Hi?ui. M. n. Mwl fi'r. ?# Mttf I. ?. 6. LiHlK. ?. . MOTT. I. k a*TBT. LAMA*.?0?? A AU^. ?AT I_AW Holly Spvim.Nihu Will praottee in the Hirh Court of Krrora ao4 Ar Gala at Jackson, the Federal Court at Pontotoa, e Court* of the Seventh J ndioiai Dutriot of Mia lppi.ard will anpcd to the Coll action of ClaoM * Mi11-fr J~ ACOB RKKD, manrv&ctrau ar MILITARY CLOTHIHO, sortbsast Coins* Smond amd Srncci #ra? PHILADELPHIA. MIL.ITARV C?^?THtTFOR 9ALE. H>-? a AAA nil.l.ONK nHAUPtRMi- A %< n 1X,UUU CRAB APPL*" <5I5f K.-We in^ta the attention of the piblic to oar .tree tad wei. m leot?sl stock of CunipMnc aad Crab AmIi Cider, whioh we guarantee to be pure iutoe. and wtll be ee d on reasonable terms in ordnr to make rooai for onr spring stoofc. Give as a o*-i at the Union BottTin Depot, lie # No. #T fir*?n it. fr*orr*&nwD AYEMAJW FINK LUMtfKR. .LL Descriptions of the above La tuber, foi BOARDS .udKLOuKINS J ' ' uMi iiiiTl fnir-ished Jiraet from the aouthern nulls bj JOY * METCAlJ\ 70 Smith's Wharf 4?k ?tt .?nw>l>r?H t lUHnwom. M4 AliKR!4' BUTTER 'N HA LT1M* >R K.?We canatall kaas<~>us ^>fth < j?&r tups1* job wth every trade of Butter. y%r? Weiaveeome now %? low as ten oents, aci fiom up to the for pound eake. _ M siAissi&rvae* B??I J MEDICLNto. D* I#BTuti^O?i LOCI BOtriTAL, Ww PwwitW i*? nm r?rMM S?>Ky ?Uv ?/K<m< M i4? Wml4. ^ PUR ALL DlM.A?fc.? OK IMTKlDKttrS. L#r JVO FALSK DELICACY FhkfEST APPLY 1MMKL) ATtL\ . A CVR E WARRANTED. OR HO CHARM K, It/ FROM ONK TO TWO DA YS liri irH Af Hum ?f tt? u<l Bl?d4?r PMch?r(M. iBfxwMf. tmul Daktinr. fwt.U* ? m?1.1 ? Haw W !< <, hl|>ni(m MuiVur Tutilnj Tumtinit, Dinrnm ?f f ftx mr IKmim ?f ib? 4 T\rMt, mi M UI?, tlinMMWita kx<a (iriMUn > ? ? ihw* Ttmbii tr?m( Tram iMiurt kit* at Ttxn-iiWN IHmimiki Pmcikm > *. <w Htrriifi ?pw k.?. (Ml Mum tail iMf IM Ha< TOVKO Mil >?p??l?LJt VMM** Mtm M iC'WMaf U't <tr?a<M?l m*4 .<'? h?fett i? i? tw?*p< i? U ?..(."> .? (r, ?t ?W>>dl rfl'H I ?Ul. ?r^? n? ! iiu4 iai*i j ?i>4 fcr<l%?t nitl xi, ??> ? >o^rtm ka>? Mlrv.cil iMtMti.f ItMiM ?>t* tfc? ( aMtiMii ? Ttt?4 u iMttif .? N*i-if ij??, ?? *M nliwat(Mk uu Hilt ID PUIOn at THf.J Mm miMrwUf Marrtui. k?in| ivinat ??? ? vmImw. Mf?M Itkliw, ianrniHH At . a|-a*4lit -Brad It ?M fliCM hin.**u?r4*r lk* MM " Pi I ?*Ufli* *.? em if la hM a* * f*iu>*wa* a*4 * '? f ra ? pa< h? till at |>t**rti*B omcK m? trui ii iiriin, l?ft hat 4 ?.4? fMitf 'tM liKuMn '* 4*ar* Ik* t?rew rax eat KtNu'i Mat aa J ua??> bti'tn at ?a pud 1*4 attiaia aiaiap i>a joBntroa, Htattri af ik* Itfi. i 'a. .af af Parg aaaM, kaalaa tnJdM fran an* af (k* ma*t t*>ir.*ir, (Mtfii iti lk* Or rial Iiims ar4 tk* fr**'*r part af w' aa? lifa t>a* kaar tpar m. 1M ka* aiu tof Lnilt*. Put*. riiili4al>' a tti aavkara ntt tffacia4 *amt af tk* naaai itt*i<iWiii| araa tkal Van I'll ki.a?a, many iraal .*4 wilk ( II. tk* U*a4 -a<* a?r* ?k*B >*l**p. rritt I irtamaai tan.f alarnai tt aa4*aa aaan4a, kaahfkTria** <*n?- fra ;aani ? ! *> Ii.f *ti*> 4*4 aaaa kaH wiik <*nn(*a*ai af irii.4. war* 'ar*.: tam*4tat*ia TAKE tA*TI BLAH MOTtCK. Tat | Man au4 athar* *rka haa* mwr*d tharasita* if a rum fratUf* lt.4*.(*4lr a?. aiat.* -- k* it fr* ,a*i.U| t*arna4 fran: an! ra. pani*?a, ar at t'haa.. fa * facia I kklitr* rofkllf NK *1*1 ?k*i |aa **f, *?4 if **i tar*4, *aa4ar* inarriaf* in poaaikia, a?4 4aair**a kaik mm4 . kadr. ake?l< *pfl? ii?m*4i*t?l? Ttiaaa ar* aanx'oftk* *a4 iti i?*laa?fc*ty *C*tu ?r*4?a*'1 A k* aanr kal * af **atk ? i Wa-a. aaa af 'ra P- k aad ^ i H?i4, Pin. in " i ? ' Ww^ Pfvir. P.ptt?l?a rf lh? II r t, Pfir pay . Nar?aa* Imwkil ly. Ilarangiinam af thi lli{MU>a ?*?!.? fcai ir* I. fmrtnthi of Coi eei^HW., Ac. MCNTtLLT -tiit fanrfal ifca mi?4 ?ri iimI m k? <lr?id? 1 -Lnma of Maiuat j, Cmi'mimi (!< ?, Miimm (flfirN t'li AxniMirffcridi l?H U?i ( Timiduy, lit . ata *?iu? af tki ill pwAve M[KTDia PHiurr Tkmoiiiit tm Mill ciMtiflkm darumiif hiillh, Imiij Utli ?ij?? ? |Mui| *ttl, p.U. ntrvaa* tn< iiiku'.iH .I "> irnpiii appaarua* the mi caaf* Kiimpu 'jtiirfut* IHHIIIU or IIMPRt llCfti Vim lit BHfti^tl ?ad im|>r?4?m ?? ? af f iimi ta?a It Hot lirNtw' mi nt4irf(liw|*ia(il O.n n.i laa aftaa htppci'i iiat ai ii. iiniad rf ahi- a ar <lr? af 1 ya*iif llltrt him frw ahi, fr?? idatirat Mtrt:?Nli'?, tin f'w? hafnand H?ia H? falia una ban4? a# if i.?rtin %ti4 daaifmiif prataniJari, wh- . it?'#p?aia af rmn'ig lich bn firatnaiy aar<atanc?, kaap hiia ihIm | vault inir miw.'h, ot ai i?- a < at> vilaa- fit ? li > Uwi4, mi ir Oitpur la?? Tim ?i'l i?im< hi- k 1a 11 t?r bafilliiif <ia?ppaia jati.t, rr bi i>i aaaa't at Am "j pain . Vir:er? hi* l< tfca (at rilt in'! aamptan* af tall iiml'l* d:*ani> .in * Alaciiaaanf ?f?a Hair. Tfcraa i. Maaa. Ski- .Ac |r?nw | ? i I. u .?h'fv , uli 4??-r- r?'? Mrxi'l It hw lr(\4fv I t Minting k'w |? Uhi mdnc?*trid :?vn(f? fr-m ?Ihm > pwm ? DK JOHN# N ((KMCnV nm SiAIWtM A IIP IMPOTtW/T Br IkH jr#?i ?u4 inpMLin'. ramad? w?*ki??M ?' IM rata* ua tpctdilf i ?r?4 \o4 ',g?i murid T'Miodi ' l? HM[ iitfiKU'ti dcbuixud, ?? k?4 ihi til k?*n >ran>*d< ittlf r?lia*?4 *11 ianf?-1-tr?i,-.j ? M?rf Pt>*? ? Mtnu PlaaM rt L??? !* ?. llir'Mi limiMM T Tr?mfclm( ?nd VtitimM ?fik? 'tarfka ktai ipMidilf cut' tNI>OMk.MKJtT ?r TB? PSKM, miL MANY THOL8/.M:>k - ( <! ?.if.n tti* uiUa> viU lb* lui altar* nai, mj4 tht i mr trrat iriptrttr- Itrr Ml MMkM p?rftrti*?ii ?T Dr litnM. vi" ??Hd ?f J? Hf?nn r' <h?J f?r? ? nw; ?U?r ptWf ?. UK1HI at vCkii ti??? >[f<vn< ('.? ai.4 ' ftln i-ilafl ;b? NblH, k? ?* ha? ui.'Juif ? (?uI.?bui ** c>?ri(iiiiJ r>iM,< tittt* la t .lkrlaaa ?at?t t? l> f k Clad lar tt ta DR.S. BOVKK DOI)t? I MP EH IAL 1TJSE BITTPKS, Are now twine u?-*<5 from Maine to the brwit l Lake, ?cl the universal verdict of ail who u?e t'.em either a* a mmlirw ur ?? * />?rr?eir?. i* that the; are iui?iirpn?>?i in the worll I'r. Dod? mi*-) them *U"ee?fit?lty in tut praotioe for 2S war* we pur< naaeo of him trie ?.>.? i?i,t to maueCactu * and preeeut them for sale to tlie public. For th? c?re of Incipient Coiiruination, ]ndiceetiOD, Dye ? pepeia, Pile*, Nervous flise* e?. herniate Com plau.ti, aou all oaeea r^i'nr.i a tome, th?? are be vond doubt a Bioat i?r-a.u%t>ie re??erl*. An tie frcnt their netliciuai p-'ipertie? they are a fare, whole ome aud d?* i*Mfu Beveia*e. producing a the p.naoant (jkile'ktiiif effect* of Brands r>r Wlue without their mjurioi<< re?u *. I et a.' friei.da of and ail a1v<?cate? of temperate ?? *t ur ic cu.'iatituir.c 'lie?" \a uairfe V cetal<ie HiTLera for the tntu-ra! and a lvJ'-rn'',J l iw witn wh::h tin- c t J/) is fl<xnr..: Mi- -i ) e' fee'ua !? M'1 in >?an ?i. .a..i! L? uuro^i Irom the .and. CHaRIK" W | DDI I lll.D * CO., Proprietors, 7- WW urn street, N?w York. j. SCHWaRZK A cent, Waaiiibcton, l>. C. DR. I BOVKK D??DH* 1MPEKIAI. UIX FITTkfiS, For Dieea^c* cf the K'line* H v;<Jer ftt.H l'rtmr? Orjarm. Mid e?ppci?.it for Fei *,? OoatrMtion* never lu. to cure. *i?U are war-&i ted to fiv* Mtii fa<-U<?n. CHaRLE* widdikiklo A CO.. hroineturf, 7"9 l\ uliur^ i?t., .New York. J !?OH\VAR7.E, )?1 If .r Arect. Washington. P. <1. HlttHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL: M A- p . r't INDIA* rEGETA*BLkCvECOCTIOI*. It is wall known tnat in the ^p'log peop.e are. more apt to contract disease that, at any oCbar a?riod; and it ia equa. y we'.. knows mat the way to wari cff d. *. is t<'keep tha blood pure, for "a . the i: ? that fl<?eh is heir t"," arise frota itr.pnn n of the b.ood, tbe ram of oar eaiatenoe. is, therelo-e, important to al! that the system should be thorouciiiv o:eai:e?tl and punned, and this can be dona in the most effectna ??j >>t mnj MRS r.f. COX'S INDIAN rkHET/LBLM PK COITION, the best remedy diaoover-d for the oare of diseases of Jli r., EryeiiKvas. <orofn a. F her ma (ism. Nerrons |>eo!ilty. Fevers of ditferert kinds. Dy^pep?j, Liver Comp.air.t. and all otber diseases arising from impn'ity of tha blood. It has eff?ot?d the most retnarkal*ie cures, as can t?e <<h<>wn ly nuinor.js oertiboetea Jrom per?.ius <<f the highest respectability. a~-4 is 'ecctr. mended by a who have uard it aa the moat ;nva.uable remedial agent of the <1a?. irr It ia aold by all the Prnggiet# of Baltimore, and at tha reaidecoe of the ?ropria?or. . Mftj*. M. COX, * 14? Fa*' Baltimore street. between E'en etreet and Central avenue. None frame onles* her uame ia blown on tha bottle and her sea! oi. *hecork. H^Prioefl per bottle, six bottlea for $$. WTkolfsaJt At rut. R. t? T C:??KL. I>rugg;?t, 6fcrt?t?wn. I>. C., Who e*a!e Agent for the Pis tnet. ami will sappy the trade at n? pnoea. mar 71 tr rpHB ALL SDK K I C I EN V THREK TRIKftKHI VR 1, likli trltud H Hoy** I'ttm' Pm:tnt cf Bmlmmd mU by tk' &**>/ ?f Iks FcoU d* Fkmrm**%* 4* fmrtt, and lA* Impwrt+i < ?u<|i ftf NtiiftM, IfMHA. No. 1 ib mvalnahlefor exhaait.on, ?p?rmator rhfP*. and aii ?h*! dieai'ihtiee. No. a o?mpiet'Hy erad catfn all traoM of tfcoaa diaeaaei that have been hitherto t ?Med br tbf dm euutand pemi?to?? um - f ooi>?v:a ar.d eiMx. So. 3 hac ratpiaoted tae injuri?ne pf merour*, thereby lcsurtnf to tiie sufferer ifmT relief, di?per?in* a. impurtUee, and roobnc oat the ennrt ofdi** TR IH^KM AK.Noa. l.ttand >4treprepared la t*e form of a ioaenc. deveid of taete and me4l, aod oan l*e earned in the waistooat pocket tjo d m no wii. and din<fed into aeparaie d???ee, a# adnusi* Jered Valpean. JLaiiemand, Roil, Kioora. Ae. Pr 10* ss eooh. or four oun for which htm #S and LB v<9 MM, wUr^l ? there i? a aavinc of M%. To bo kxM, whoie?olean<1 retail,of Dr. BAR ROW. 194 B'.oockor vtroet, loar door* below MoDoacal otroot. New York. Immediate** on reoe.nng a ro mittar.e*. Dr Barr-w wi f< rwv: tuo Tneoomar to any jart ofthe world, noonre'* packM, and acdrooooo aooord ne to the initrnor at of the V-t*r. Sold a.?o b* B. CALVERT FORD. Jr.. W?ofclac toe. D. C. do < SWINDLINR UWAC**, ARTION ! -Qwaokttheir Books, Cortifeo, Buebm. HoopttaT*. lr.'Tnmer ta or Rin|i otiai tnorri ail. and. if dis^oooo to profit b? ny oa?oiImi, wrtto for nr on v?w> Cirouiar on SPERMATORR H?KA ITB Cl'RK. With alaai* ei.c.i>?od, adureo?, in porfoot oonft de:.oe. yo?r Tntv'. . a former ufforor, motoly loot cril ncBo> IT#, Chair lootown. Mm. JO * ^^^k I r FOR STAMPING ^A PACKET OF PAPER U ^ ANL> ENVELOPES I II V I TO MATCH. CHARGE) HKT:~ur>n BOOKBTOBB. . PH1LP k. BOLOMONB. __ A<?lU for Liurei.ct-'a Migrated L?ij?r *' Metropn itoc MiK?, Ac-. 4o? I* ^33* P?. mr\7bt>Cifk udMM 279 T,iJ'<,IriT?;N1' 206 iftasgs&gvitt '?? ssr#f mtmit ordtri for iiyfnorCoiikotiooi of ku ova J^3;?3tfW& Ms ?. ImiUt^e etj f. wiu the ra.m?^roin?ts?M tail dia

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