Newspaper of Evening Star, July 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 24, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. m m WASHINGTON CITY: Tl'KSDAY Jaly 24, 1*?0 Spirit ( tkr M?rBtn< Pr??. The fnuiiin in pays \ fitting tribute to the ttiemory of the late venerable Joseph Gales The whip paper corrects the false construction placed by a. portion of the opposition upon the late ratittration speech of the President, wherein he says that sverv democrat is at perfect liberty to wote as he think* proper, without running counter to any regular nomination of the party The Confinutmn w\? : Th?? fr.eiuls of Mr Douglas, and their allies, the friends of \Ir Lincoln. nrvtrmi that th^ I'ren Ident intended to convey by the foregoing that, a* there wji no ? ?*?/<ir nomination by the democratic party, every democrat is at perfect liberty to vote a* he thinks proper?that is. for Douglas. Lincoln or Hell A more disingenuous, fallacious, and we will nr. nUsurd iliterpri-tation than this was never uttered It is cl^ar to every honest mind after reading the President's remark*, that vrhat he meint was. that, according to the old stages of the deni jcratic party, neither Mr Dougla* nor Mr Breckinridge nad been regularly nominated. that democrats who might vote for* cither candidate would not violate that rule of pa'ty discipline which enjoin* obedience to regular nominations: and that such being the case, it was their duty to vote for the candidates who hold. In their opinion, the true faith of the party. Most emphatically did the President declare that, in bis opinion. Breckinridge and Lane were the only candidates who held and Would maintain that fi:th, ar.d that in the discharge of his duty, he would give them his earnest support." The Im'tli'umrfr, With a view to effectively lin;re?s on the public mind some patriotic lessons inculcated by toe late Mr. Galea, very jp. pre. pr lately and opportunely reproduces a series of articles indited by him in 1851, while as yet bis eye was not dim ncr bis natural force abated Tti? articles alluded to are entitled, respectively, * The fast and the Future." " The Authority of u( supreme court,' and The Natural Ligaments of the I'nlon The JnUiligtmrei nyi "As every p?r?on connected with this establishment will leengaged to d.i) :n psj'.flg the last offices to the remain* of their l -.te venerated friend, no paper will be issued fTr>m this office tomorrow " ?~r" Maj Jacot> Lynch has been elected Presi dent of the Exchange Bank at Abingdon. Va l' j" We have received from Messrs Taylor 4 Ala'iry, Blackwood's .Magazine for July varied atd interesting a- usual. ID^The Meteor, on Friday night last, was seen at least as far south as Norfolk, and as far north as Canada fJjj""Hoi?. Archioald Dixon, a Whig Senator fruu. Knittn ky in 1-jl, Las announced his n.ten. tion to support Bre< kinridgeand Lane C5"Ui. Thursday ; ?st tLf l*e;uo- racy of Mercer Muvty. Va . held a meeting and unanimously de CJarea for lireckiuridge and Lane. It Is said to be the intention of the directory uf the Virginia and Tenness#^ Ra iroad Compaiy to place on their road in a f?*w days eight handtoai* and luxurious sleeping cars. IZ3~ Alex. Tompkins. for over fifty years Cashier of the farmers' Hank in Lyncliburg. has resigned that position on account of impaired beaith. y~y TheConstltution Informs the Floridian and Journa! th?t4W. W.Moore. Ksq., who was appointed on the Douglas executive committee from the State of Flor.da, has given In his adhesion to Bell aad hverett. fET" A lot of tobacco v in sold at Martin's warehouse. in Lynchburg, on Saturday, at the unprecedented pri?.e of tire hun lmt dollars ptr rtrl < ?f Course, this Was :i fanrv article [J T Burk?. K?q.. formerly of >hepb*rd?tovva, Ya . was noimriaud for the ottii e of Secretary of Mate for the State of Illinois, by the Breckinridge State Convention, a few days since The election takes place next < ??tober YZr~ The Philadelphia Ledger of Saturday says "There is d:-aiand for vens+ii at tbis j>ort at tbia present time, in cor sequent - of large shipnientaof wheat and Hour to Li verj?ool and London Several large ships are now loading at oi.r wharves with flour and grain for these ports " l^7~"<?arll?aJ<ti, according ton correspondent of ? ? ' a i : - - - ? i> r.;o u iwnii, wrming rrom Milan. June ,'TtL. contemplates a feat which will throw all his previous exploit* i it the bad* TLis is no more than a Sudden invasion of the States of the Church by ea, and a march upon Rome. fy~7" Tbe Key West correspondent of the Journal of Commerce, writing on board of the slav?; transport Castillian, at Key West, says rumors were afloat that an armed force from Cuba wou.d overhaul her when she got outside, and sell the negroes to some Southern pl4ii'? rs who are In want of bends Oiidom ?The Jacksonville Sentinel of the 18th of June states that Logan is elected, but the Statesman of the lyth gives a list of majorities, ?o far as then received, of 1.059 for Shiel and 1.079 for Logan, or "JO in favor of the latter H it the counties t,f Oo<.s and Curry were not iDeluded In th?-?- returns In regard to them tbe Statesman says riuifnoi I mpqtia. arrived Lire, reports Coos and Curry counties at majority for Shiel This report, if correct, will give Shiel l?) majority In tlie State." Tur Pkrr\ St*ti k?Mock N aval Battle? The Inauguration of a statue of Commodrre Perry at Cleaveland will douhtltsa be one of the most imposing ceremonW t. ever witnessed at tbe West. Tbe n;ost complete arrangements have been made to ti ake ,t a brilliant affair Among tbe uiu >im< ed is a navai mock battle |t w 11 tie a novelty never before witnessed in tbe \\ est, ai.d will be one of the most attractive featur-s < f the dav \ppiic atlon has been made to Secretary Toucey, of tbe Navy, for permission for the Government vessels on the l*ake? tn iWii M ; nd take part in tbe battle, and the request will doubtltss be granted Tbe afl^ir will be a repress l.ta'ion of the Battle of Lake Rne and will take place at a point in full view from tbe banks. The Civil W *r in Si.j ?Tbe oppressors of tbe Christians In J*yria Lave triumphed at last Zhbieb has fallen It was bup-d tUat a successful res.stance might be made at last stronghold of the but the Druses attai ked it with an impetuosity that defied all t Aorta, and tbe doomed people that survived the massacre were forced to fly froin their homes 1 be missionaries b*ve been called to Beirut, and have left their flelda of labor in the mountains to seek shelter in the only place that now otfer* them a protection. Beyond this place, and wherever a Christian set 41. A *_ M ? - iMibtai ia louna, mere la sure to to a maaaacre of all whom the Moslemacau frm h. The destrucof don ta retried, but not con tinned. The late :irwi from *yrU. brought b> lue Jura, confirm* the account* of the fall of Zahlt-h ?7" The New York correspondent of the Kxhmond Knqulrer writea "One of the uiany gratifying reauita growing out of the vi?;t of ILe Japanese Embassy to the United States i* the spirit of etitT^ r ?<- which it haa aroused amongst the you 11 _ men <f our eountrv, many of whom ar~ already making their arrangements to take passage for Japan tn the clipper ship aoon to nail from the port . f New York aa the pioneer of a regular line atout to be eatabllahed by one of our fellow * ii' xer.a, Robert H (iallaher. in connection with another Ylrgiriian. John Allinand. ir .of\nff..iw Mr Gallaber's enterprise la meeting with great favor, and froiu present indii atlona Lis vessel will carry out a cargo of more than a thousand tons of ni?-ri handiae. logrtbrr with front twenty to thirty pttaaen^ers Suipmenta of goods and paasengera are offering from every direction, from Virginia to Maine " 1^7"Thr New "> ork Herald gets off the follow; n>A roi? the DivodiCt -Tbt growing popularity of the Hrecklnridge and Lane ticket in the Norti The metropolis has set the ba 1 in motion, and the excitement is tpreading over the whole North The only way to save the d> inocratir party xnd whip Lincoln la to unite on Hreckinridge and Lane !_,* The eiod' ? from Ireland continue* thus 1?t .1 a? gr? at n ratio as in l~"iy The population <f the country la now SX1.500 persona leas than It was la I&51. wbeu the laat census waa taktm WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Obsiqimis or th* late Ma. Galks ? The funeral of the late Joseph Gale* will take place at Eckington this afternoon, at I o'clock. Carriage* for the conveyance of the pall-bearers to Eckington will be In waiting at the door of Mr Beaton, In this city, at 3 o'clock. The friends of the deceased are generally invited to attend the funeral. The cortege will proceed from Eckington along New York avenue to Seventh street, down Seventh street, passing the old Intrlltgencrr ofllce. to Pennsylvania avenue, and thence along Pennsylvania avenue to the Congressional Burying Ground, wumc iur iriuouiB ui iuc ana aisungiusbed deceased will be consigned to their final resting place. HMWHHHHIi How the LaxdI.ati.? By this time there must be frw indeed who watch the signs political, who fail to comprehend that the contest for the Presidency has narrowed down to a choice l?etween Breckinridge and Lincoln, if an election is to be made cither by the people or the Ho'ise of Representatives? Lincoln receiving, as he doubtless will, the mass of the electoral votes of the nonslaveholdlng States; and. Breckinridge, in all probability, all the electoral votes of all the slaveholding States So those who vote for electors favorable to any other candidates will simply tkrow their votes away. The ett'ort to generate a Douglas party at the South has everywhere fallen still born to the ground notwithstanding the ' blowing" of the Douglas newspapers over It. In Virginia, for Instance. tbeDoiiglfU party prove# to be composed of two or three disappointed and nVfP.* mhi ti *> ? on.?. 11 1 A ? ? t ? * ,1' - v. ? vus oiiiou irauris ill a COUIliy 1XLI hardly more than a single follower toeacb. From all the signs it is fair to estimate that a Douglas electoral ticket In the Old Dominion will not poll more than an average of ten votes to a county .Not that there are not more than that number of persons in the State who under ordinary circumstances would prefer Don las to Brecki nridge But not more than that number of Virginia Democrats will prove bent on doing their best to give the State's vote to Bell and Kverett. and thus help to tbrow the State's atlairs into the bands of the opposition. 'J'he belief is now Increasing everywhere that Douglas, in persisting in running, without being able to calculate with any reasonable deg re? of certainty upon receiving a single electoral vote, 1* simply aiming to strengthen his pretensions to the Republican party nomination in ISM upon the plea that in continuing in the present ( ontestue is materially aiding the iirosneet C? I ( of Lincoln i election. Fo?t Officb Ixstiitiioss.?It is watd that the Postmaster General is about to issue an important circular to l'ostmaste s requiring, amoug other tlungs, that in all cases postage stamps and not money shall he used in the prepayment of postages. and prohibiting the use of the rating stamps In canceling postage stamps. A neglect to cancel postage stamps effectually, or to postmark letters plainly, will be regarded as rause for serious censure, if not removal, and all Postmasters are re quired to report every instance of such neglect to the appointment office. Instructions are also to be issued in execution of the recent provision of Congress for the return of letters to the writer! thereof, when tbey are not taken out of the office l>y those to whom they are addressed. A .\1i*ta?b ?A Washington correspondent of the New York HtralJ mikes a mistake in his account of the very proper declension of the Commissioner of Public Buildings to permit the erection of party flags or poles in either of the public squares, streets, or reservations of the Federal Metropolis, lie states the Coininissioi r'? declen. sion as though it embraced a refusal to permit them to be erected anywhere In this city. They can of course be erected here upon private property, as elsewhere, with the consent of tbe owners We presume no one douhta the propriety of preventing all parties from using public property for such purposes Army 1>t*lliob!?ck.?Major Irvin McDowell, Assistant Adjutant General, Las been assigned temporarily toduty as Assistant Inspector General Mijor Albert J Myer. signal officer, lias been directed to proceed, as soon as he can make it convenient, to the headquarters of the Department of New Mexico, and report for duty. S cond J.ieut W. W. Sanders, siith Infantry, has been ordered to procffd to Columbus, N. Y., and report to the commanding ottlrer for temporary duty. _ ? Tbk N O Post Office Dbkalcation.?No appointment has yet been made in the place of the defaulting postmaster of New Orleans The duties of the ctllce continue to be performed by Mr II It J-1 ? .? ?. . m - ^ . it uiuii. oj>* < iai o^riii Ul iUCt I J'BlUUi1 C JL/C JWITItueiit The amount of defalcation upon the books is some f5<>.0<>0, but no large an amount In postage skimps wai found In the office a* to materially redure the sum in default. The securities are ample. Army Ixtklmorncb.?The order releasing Lt. Drake, of the Second Infantry, from arrest has been annulled, and he is to remain at Fort Laramie until further orders Major Brail, of the 1'ay Department, has been ordered to pay off the troops at Forts Ripley, Ridgely.and Abercromble. Niw Fuksch Seckktary of Lkoatiox?Mr. t?eofl'rov, now in Bogota, has been appointed Secretary of the French Legation here, rire Mr. Trtllliard, transferred to Munich P*rMUl< Mr McLane, I". J* Minister to Mexico, left New York on Saturday for Columbus, Livingston county. Hon G. W Jon***. Minister to Bogota; H A Center, Esq., of Cal ; Hon H T Foote, of Tenn.; Jud^e Church, of Fa., Col H Fotter and W K Baker, Esq . and a party of Texans. are at the Fifth-avenue Hotel, N V The diplomatic corps is well represented at Newport. Baron Wettented, Belgium Minister; M Bodisco, Esq , secretary of the Russian Legation Count Treiihard of the French Legation, and W Brodie. of the British Legation, are all at the Ocean House Columbian College, D C , has conferred the degree cf Doctor or Divinity on R;-v Win McI.afn. Secretary of the American Colonization Society; and Dickinson College. Fa , on Rev Henry Sllcer, formerly Chaplain to the I'nlted States Senate. Ex-Fi'esident Van Bitren; Governor Morgan's family; Judge Ellsworth. of Conn ; Judge Boswortb, of N V ; Mr Meredith, of Baltimore, and family; Mr St George Campbell, of Fhlladelphia; M'S .% D Gilpin, Ex Governor Bradish, wire and daughter; Mrs Daniel Webster; Judge and Mrs Kent; Governor Seymour, of Conn ; Chanrellor Farnsworth. of Detroit, are among the attri tions at Stiaron Snrinu* v v r* -ft-1 * " * Among the prominent visitor* at Saratoga just now are tiov. Coles, of III., who h.ts been a constant habitue for forty-nine years; Dr. Duncan and family, of .Miss.; Judge Betts, of N. Y ; Mr. Milburn, the blind preacher; Col. Magruder, I . S A ; the Parishes. Delatlelds, McGregors, II ilses. Cuttings, and a few other New York fashionable families. Mrs Dan'l Webster and Mrs. Kdward Curtis are at the new hotel. the Clarendon. | The Great Eastern to Return with a CaISO <>r Cotton ?The New York Herald understands that arrangements are 011 the tapis with the directors of the Great Eastern to take her to Norfolk. V? , previous to her return to England, and there load her with thirty thousand bales of I cotton for the British market. It is not stated where this cotton Is to coine from The freight on cotton being a farthing. Brit sh money, per pound, or about half a cent, this cargo would amount to little more than fcOtUWU freight money Charged with Murder ?It will be remembered that Prof Crowley, an accomplished gentleman lately connccted with a nromiuent llw?ru y Institution in Cincinnati, was brutally stabbed In the struts of that city while defending some ladies who wt-rr in his charge, at night Patrick Miles was arrested on suspicion, but rel-ased for want of evidence There is now proof that the dagger found that night belonged to Miles. and other circumstantial evidence ia strong against him He U a^ain in confinement Volcasic Kbcptios ih Icklano?Capt Nells<>n,of the Kron Princess Caroline,from Cienfiigos. arrived In LiverfKK>i, reported a* follows A volnnir eruption of the mountain Myrdis Uokel, in Iceland, took place on the 1 lib of May last, continuing with uninterrupted violence for nearly iiK'iitb. and could be s^en at a dUtance of one hundred and twi-nty miles at night; and, what it most remarkable, an eruption occurred lO.i years go on precisely the same date, destroying every thing for miles round " Th? Cosrisuo* or Hakdks.?The Newark Daily, of the J 1st inst , saysThis document hu been for sale in this city' this afternoon. It is a very unsatisfactory production, adding scarcely anything to our knowledge of the criminal and his career, beyond the Bets developed on the trial, and subsequently made public. The only new matter is some correspondence lietwren Harden and his family, after his conviction. The confession contains none of those disgusting revelations which were anticipated, and is a mere record of Harden's external life Concerning his connection with Miss Dorland?his wife afterwards?the impression sought to be <re?U*d is that the engagement and marriage were thrust on him by his mother-in-law The po soiling of his wife is openly conf?*sed, but ocrupies only a little over a page, and merely confirms what has before i>een Dubinhed IU administered :ir*enir to he^ on an apple. saying it was a powder to prevent pregnancy. Several time* afterwards be gave It to her l.lttle is said concerning Harden'! feeling, except that after the murder he was haunted by,fear and remorse. The Ph'llifwbur^ Standard relate* that to his othf-r crimes. Harden added that of forgery. He endeavored to get checked at the Kaston bank, a < heck for SI.UN), with the name of John I Blair, President of the Belvidere bank, forged npon it The bank officers, through caution, would not c:ish the check. and Harden then presented it at the Phillipsburg bank, where the forgery was detected, but no mensures were taken to arrest Harden, who was unknown to the officers of the bank. The atl'air took place on the very day on which Harden purchased the poison to kill his wife. His identity with the person ottering the check would not have been discovered had he not confessed it to the sheriff >1rxica5 News ?The New Orleans Picayune of the 1-th has the following : i ue mans pi me sccoonor r?uiu>iK, uaplain J?mith. from Vera Crus the 7tti inst.. came to haud in full last evening. An extra of the Progress repeats the rumors mentioned by our correspondent, that Zuloa?a had escaped to Degallado's camp, and pronounced in favor of the constitutional course; also, that Charles Mlramon, brother of the President, commanding the fifth battalion of the reactionary army, had gone over to the same side. The same paper alto recods a rumor that Mlramon has escaped from the Sayula marshes, though with the loss of all his artillery, and a great part of bis men. But this, like the other rumors, would seem to lack confirmation. All accounts however, agr^e tbnt his late reveries have seriously all'ected the fortune of the President, that his late well-disciplined armv is dispersed, and that if he makes good his escape to the capital it will be comparatively alonp. and with the prestige of bis nam^ v* y much ess *ned As to the liberals, it is said that they now nu Tiber some 12,000 to 15,000 men, with upwards i>f fifty pieces of artillery, and that they were pre paring, so soon as a union could be cflected. to tiian u uuccuy on me capital. " I dp l.iture ot the liberal party.'' adds a letter, "i? moat hopeful and witl^ut one of those fatal and unforseen misfortunes of war its speedy triumph is sure " Yw?iiOOD SAMARITAN DIVISION. No. 5 I x Sons and ijaiighterH <>| are requested o attend a stated meeting |'H1> KVr NING, at 8 o clock, to make arrangements to go with the R'-chabites on their excursion to morrow. IJ> order ol tliO Worthy l'/?triarcii. ltr W. G. V F.RNON. i| y I. o. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMPMENT.? A regular hi-iiii annual session of the it t a >td Rii. aiiipni -nt ol tae Diit' ict of Columbia will he held on TUESDAY EVENING, tno ?'4 fi lrutant, at Odd Follows' Hall, at 8 o'clock jjr i23-2t WM. COOPER, G. Scribe. LM>R SALE?THE TIME OF A COLORED 1 BO\ , who has over 3 years to serve He is a very likely boy, and who ran inak nimsell useliil in any capa ;it) Applv at Mrs. 1)1." VAI/S, oil joth ?t.. ii.-ar VV ??t Maiket. jy .'4 3t*_ For Superior Soda H ater, With Delicious Frdt and Crk?m Smvps, (jo to GRAY'S. Northeast cor. Massachusetts av. an'] Fourth ft. jy ?4 Jw _ 7TH WARD IN THE FIKLD! (' heat reduction in prices. HEN N1 \'i, 7th st , Island, is sellins all kimls of jy.. M M.MER CI.OTH I N??, HA ISan:^, j ACS anil ex iiisiv?-lv Si M M KK li|l 1^" I)? ./ ?'IV - ?' ?>' ' nv</ i r- T?im ^injr.7*. ai anoul lor cash Silk Neck Ti<*g for 25 cent*, worth Si, I'aper Collar*, lo f.>r cents. I.inen Collars, Jihiri.->, I lidershirts. Drawer*. II<> niorj. Ac., Straw fioo'ls, vry cheap,' Lanes' hrown, tan and Muck h???-1 (iaiteis at $1 ?>. " hrown tiHiter>, a' 7.5 centK, " Morocco Heel %1.2.r> do. do %i. do. no heel do 75 cents, do. Heel Slipper*. from 7> rents up. do. Slipper* and lliiaks.atT5c ii.t-, 'lenti" I'a'.ent Leather Shoe* and (taitwr*, at .?1 S, Youths' <t.liters. SI. Bo\s' do , ."jl ?5, A tine lot nl home male l'&t'i.t leather Slioen. at 1 w prices. Manv < t er kinds (? ! band, in which (treat tarKaiim niav he expected. Califarly. J> ^4 M r%i riI' 111 I'M iX A T I O N A I- K X H I BITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, S<pt.\itk-Wtk. The 1MTEI) STATKS AliRIOlLTI HAL SIXHKTV will hold it* Ki<hth Annual Ai. ricult iral and Industrie Exhibition on the ground* himr a v provided ht the citizens of < incim ati, which ar? to he htted up ni the heat ?tv,c. There will ho llallr and Tents h>r the lisi>!ay ol IMI'I.E MKVIS. MAi HINKRN . T??OI.S. DOM F.STIO MAM I'ACTI RES. FARM AM) <. A K I > K \ I'RODL'i E. FKI'ITs*. FI.OW'ERS, aid NA T1VE \V I N E S; with Staii* and I'1* i I ?r HORSES. I'ATTI.K. SHEEP, a . I SWINE: and an unequal ed Tr?<-k,ou? mile iu length a-ul fortt l"Ot m width. lor the exhibition of Horse* 1 ho Premiums orf'ore 1 ?in ca?h,?gold, silver, and bronz<? ined&la,?diploma* and oe.tiheaies, amount to $40,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irom Wednes day, the 12th. to Thu: *la> . the ? th. ol S? pteinh'-r, tliu.s Kivur< time to examine and t.-?t tfie imple iiientn and machinery. For premi'im list* or information apply at the (llfi'-o of the Society, No. U.?f? Pa. avnu?. uip ;/ or to the iwhscrit it, at Ciucin&ati. Ohio, if I'. \ . I'KK I.KV I'OoRK, jy 24 tf I'. S. Agriculture; Society. v notici: i>KW FAMILY UROCKRV STORK, Pennsylvania Av.. Soulhent ( ornrr of Truth Washington, D. C. The un'WKun<?<1 respectful!? inn"1111 "? ? ti hi? frienUi t?t li? I11.4 upend the fine Btore formerly " ijpi?-d l>v H. II. V..*-, K>9' ar.d that he I as reoeiv?*<i a large assortment of SI PKRIOR FRE&II rA.MlU GROCERIES Together with evory article in the firooer* line to which he particular.v in v itea the attention _ 1 I ? A.'-- ? > i mi'ii-ni imiiiii'-H H* fael* assured that hn arrang^m-iits for acon?t%nt -nppl* ot FR KSM <jR = ?CKRlhJ* will enn He him to atinplv the d>'ninds o| those who may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In hi* purchase! the suh?<*rib?-r has directed special attention t<> the sanction of Tea*, follees and Suears, Which, with aU wth^r articles in hn line, will he disponed of ou the most reasonable terms, FOR CASH. jy 24- o2w P McPEX I f I*. I IFK OF LIN COL V?The l.ife a-id Public I j Si*r?io i of Hon. Abraham Linoolu. with a p.irtrwit on steel. t-> whl'ih is added a hioeraphioal ?k?toh of Hon. Hannibal H-m'in, by D W. B*rt. lett; price .*1. Just pur-ii>-iieaf and for taV at .he Metr.>po itan Bo^fcutore of PHI1.P \ SOLOMON. 33a Pa.av. iy 23 Role a** nts for !.anr?iin?'? >4i??i?>n?ri A n HOSTKTTKK'S KTOMACH B1TTKRS, Mrs Winflow's Soothing t*ir p. I.iamd K*n net. >p<iliiinj'? Glut*. Mu>tvn^ l.innneut. Av re's Medioities, Hi'Uck's Paunc ?,4c ,?i h (S a frohh supp't of pure Medicines. at MOORK'S Wn> Knd Drugstore. 113 Pa avenue. ixiuth side |?7" Fresh Bine Liok and Congress Water as ab:>v?? Alto, improved Fruit aid Vegetal)!* Jan. jr 23 >'w Aspkciai, cari. TTKNTION Is respectful > cfti:ed U> tlietius tk uilenf a ieiiirahlf t vc i ?lw\ b ml attic Fr*"'? L)W' Hum House ;i it hot situated ou I crwt north, b' tween 4th and 5th streets w>?t,to take place on TI'KSDAV AFTKRN'OON July * f. o'cl'k. o tli preinnes. Terms: One-third caiih; the residue in baud 12 mouths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust VII MI'- WlDIIHBfB THOS. J. FISIIKK. Trusts, jv 23 2t J. C. Mc<?J IKK A_?'0.. A wets. HK W I'AGK AS < >penei| a * '< >N I'Ki'TK >x F.K V at No 4.16 Seventh street, between <i a"d II where he has constant! v on h? "<1 superior 1 <'F. CR K\ M, FANCY i AKF.S. IM KS, CAN 1)1 F.S, N ITS, 4c. A c. 11'- in prepared to iiimish F? inilie*, Parties and Pis Niox with the best articles in his line at reasonable prices. jy2<-^w* QDKON HAL1. C1UAK STORK. To th* 1 A)vers of Heal (ienuine llaiti/ia Clears and Extra Vine Cheiriug Tobacco. The subscriber most respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that he has opened the almve store with an entire new stock, consisting of the very choicest brands of HAVANA CI<> AKS that could be procured in the market. X I so. a fine assortment of CH KWI N <> TOBACCO. of al! the favorite hmnrf* Mi- ?w-1?1? __ ? >? ?r ju'ivnanj stock will be found complete, con Muting of ever* uiiali'y suitable for thi* market. Fine TURKISH ami ail other kind* of SMOKING TOBACCO. I Kliall twin re??*pt, per next steamer. of a splendid n**ortm?nt <f genuine MEEftSCHAUM PIPES ami CIGAR SMOKKRS , , My ion expc leiice in the business ami my facilities iu the no thern markets will enable m* to sell as low. if uot lower than any other home in the city. HENRY SE1TZ. Jr., jy 21 3t* \o. 44S Pa. av., near 4)? at. Cl' * PAtK,N<J HOSE. PIPES, *c. We have for sal", low, the above artioler. Al?o, < ouplmgs for Hose. Leather Belting, various sizes, ahtl Lace Leather. jy li-W CAMPBELL & SON, 351 P?. ftv. 0 Sbociisg Fate or a Lost Child ?Several notice* hare recently been published concerning a child named Thomas Henry Finley. aged four rears and a half who disappeared on Julv 5th, having followed from home the band of the Turners, who held a ptc-nic that day His dead bodv was found on Saturday, near the Kossuth Woods, on the "Neck," by Mr \Vm fterens.who was gunning The barking of his dog in a marsh baring attracted his attention, he went t<> the spot and round the body almost imbeddrd in mud. The child had evidently followed the procession to the vicinity, and haring started to return to his home on the hill, over the meadows, had berome fastened in the mire, and perished from exposure and hunger During the night of the .~>tti his crirs were beard, but nothing uuusual was susih- ted, l v. 5 r* i ' j mm in? a*-mi u was uuurruxsrii i ur ryn ?uu no**1 of the unfortunate lad bud been eaten away, probably by inuskrats. and the body was otherwise mutilated One thumb was found In his mouth, showing that In the agony "f starvation the lad had attempted to relieve himself ?.Vrir.iri Advertiser The<; or Kight Humored *sh Fiftt Africans o* thk Island ok Ci b* ?Tbe New Orleans Delta of the lt?th says Bv th*- arrival of the steamship .Magnolia, Capt Crowd!. from Havana, t-ia tlie Florida porta, we are informed of tbe following fart* The purser of tbe Magnolia reports that on the 11th Inst , the day the steamship Magnolia left Key West, a tlshing smack brought into that port twelve or fifteen men, taken off from a Spanish schooner These- men report that their own vessel was burned at sea. but by reports received at Key West, it was tbe general Impression that they were j>art of the crew of an American bark, supposed to be the Sultana, of N?w York, that had been engaged in a L _i A a i * s ? i ? lur Biavr iraue. nnu naa j.isi lanaea Lier cargo, consisting of ?3<> Afri ans. at Matanzas. on the Island of Cuba, and i mined lately burned their vessel to the water'* edge and tben effected tbelr ' escape It was also reported at Key West tnat tbe I'nited states steamer Crtisnder had received the information and hid st-irted on a cruise on the !*th or loth inst , to overhaul this Identical bark Movements of Royal Personal**.?Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, tbe German papers say, are going on a visit to Germany, and will passa week or twoatthe Palace Rbelnhartshrunn, the summer residence of the Duke of Saxe-CoburgGoth. a place celebraUd for the beauty of its architecture. and tbe peculiarity of iu gardens Here Prince Aii>ert passed his earlier youth The Court Journal officially denies the report, that the Princess Alice is to marry the Prince of Hesse Darmstadt, as announced in the Kn^lish and copied in the American papers The Emperor and Empress of France, were to leave Paris on the 16th inst , for a tour of twenty-five davs through Nice, Savoy, Corsica, and Alt^vria. and on their return would proceed to their favorite watering place. Biarritz, to spend the autumn month* The royal individuals assembled at the C 'iiji'-M of Baden, bad not all It ft that place at lrut ^.counta, and the (irand Duke of Baden. the Cr??*.n Prince of Saxony, the 1'rince Recent of ".'rusgia. the Kiny of Bavaria, and a score of ^^ttv German |>otent itet>, are at that popul i place of resort AMUSEMENTS. 4 T ODD I KM.dWS' IIAM.' A tijesua y e vksiwi. .i*h - ?. Another change of views. First time in this conn try ??f the J?pnne?e Fireworks. an<l Chinese I iu NMtioa, direct Mom jMMo, from *il?Mcn of tii? lapa>;ese, showing the following elei;ai;t scene*: of^itoiM,foiXr latner of B*ccIiiik; TernnU1 III I'linlH Hnipnr in tlia ..| I III " waiurjl V?| t If cc, I fill Die <>f Venue: Triumphal Arch at Paris. erected l<> NtyolMW I: tka Haths of Ven 11?. th? <?odd.'?s of l.ovc and iii'aity; Presentation to Amei ica?einIdematiosl?Peace, Prosperity and Fraternity of America and Japan. First tiM <-t WMKIN Bridge and a part of the ntv of London. \ apoleon cno.-inK the Alps, Storm at >ea. &c Thirtv ! autijui di'trlliuted to theaudience Ticket* of ai'iniitbion. to all parts of the iiai',onl*ii cts. jyjy r EE CONCERTS! liRVST LOEFFLER, Meir York arrntte. bitter'n 1.(1 and hi t'rt't.-, *iiu d respeotfu':? Cfrf state t" the puMic that A CONt'ER T ollflPi SELECT Ml -^lC will tie tivon every M?>N DAY and 1 HLRSDAV EVENING"* lu ini the ?o??'io, ar iim Pavilion, commeneinc at 3 u'ciooK and ending at 10 p.m. Previous to the Concert, tfe Saloon is open to those desiring t'> winte away a few hours in the mazy danoe. ICK CRFHM. WATFR ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY a ways ready at oity prices. Parties desmnj: the Gardens for Pio Nio pur post b. are reqnested to give a day or two notioe. je 13 3m WANTS. \%'ANTKI>?A SITI ATloN as cook. by a re'' ?{i"cta''l?? WOIM1, ?I'h jiontl ref?Tr-nce. Ab- I pl? Ht tne Columbia House, C street. r,ear the b?|'ut. It* W A VI a re?p< rat,..- mnldie a<e1 ? > ? . tan. with good r?fer*uoea, i? SlTLATlOX | a* nuisf or rlia:iiherinaid. No otijer tion to take n*r? of an invalid. I * will lug to go into the counI try. Addrex* Km I A. ?t this ofcs. It* V* ANTED?Ity a respectable whit* woman, a ?? SITUATION as wmJmi Md No <>li jection to do (MMtl kowmtkf in a respectable j family. Goon references given if required, t.'ail a' No. F street, between llth aud 15th. for two | ila\?. it* W ANTED- A <. 1R I>. to do (OMral koamro k ~ i>aMra'I bouly; most to pind wdMtiw I ironer.and undcrsta'd p.ant rook in*. tiood reference required. Appl\ at this office. jy 23 3t Vl/ANTED?A SITUATION, by a r.--;, n wonts, as oook and to assist ii n hiw(Md ironing, m ci'y or country. tiood reference given' Applv . 43 D at., t?etwo?n 14th and 15th ills, j J) t* W' A NTKI) 1 M M K 1)1 A T K I. V?A \V K T '? Nl RSE. Appu at Dr. MILLKRS. | jt 21 St* A SMALL FARM U'ANTKD.-I wish to rent. , Washington, a Small Place, from 51<? 3? *<"rfi of 'at d, mutable for a dairy and market zarden, Sixoof t?e twiiM is not important. a? the a Ivertiaer's fainilv i< very sina I. Car* wi 1 he tak<?u l<> improve the la'd. and rent wit h* paid in a !\a .c" if desired. Address "K. Y. si." GeorgetOWii. J). I'. \ U. Please *tate terms, location. dutarce and I oilier particulars. if >1-31* WANTRD-FOUR COPIR8 OP THR I'.VKM\t? pTAR oi June J'tli, 'tWi. for which a I liberal price will he paid. Appli at this OtTiee. J> 19 tf _ _ VV'ANTKIJ- A WOMAN, to perform t!i?* duties " of I'tiamliwrmaid No oiie n *ed app!\ who cannot irno: ? rer-'ininendatlon from St %-t p ace. Inquire at Kckui?ton, two mile* north of ih-<'?p Itjl i? 17 %%' \\ThD-To have fv?nh(ulj know that thev * ''Sii purcha** their Summer Clot ninK at co*t at No. 100 Seventh st.. opposite Post Offii-e. iy 12- in lyAN'l'I'.l) Hi .% steadv and industrious man. % ?? >ITL'ATloN as coi.edor. B"*t of recom in 'ndations von. Address M . C.. Star Office, jt 12 tf BOARDING." BOAHDING.-At No. 450 Ninth street. 1 door sjuthofK w ill he found vacaf a fino f -nt room o th- 2d llmr. t>upplii-i) with water, *as, Ac.; bith room convenient. Tne house ic d<viral>ly located , as well as eie\ ated and airy. Tarms modera'e: jy ?4 3t* noARniNn .tiims ..r t. -i- ? - . . BVUI RIKfilV KCIUlHIIieD If '-ail be accommodated witli B ar.| in a pruate (anil y on the Iflan.l. It m the |?1?n>nn'e?' location on (he l?ianl. and nearest point to the city. Address H . H. A II., Citv Post Office. jv l?.-lw* PERSONAL. \|ADA.ME MORR1CE, ThiUiiat Astkoi.oi?l oi?T AND Ductbksh, just from Europt.? T?i? huh y *tfl-d and inteliicent lady can be oonaulted on the I'aet, Preaent aid Future Eventa. Call at No. U0.1 Twenty-aeoond street, between H and I, Washington. Removal. M.KENNEY A I.ANSOALE. I \SI'R ANCK A RK.M. KSTATK Af.KNTS, | Wa.yhiHXtoH Huihhnt <, rornft anil Ttk it., are prepared to Take Ri*k? on LIVl>. Rl Il.lUMiS. MERCHANDISE, HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNITI RE. 4c., at fair rat *, in houml companies. We name in part. The Park, N. V., ea?h capita: ami anrplua 82*5.000 rw* * - - ? - [ i ne Aivrinanu, ui , <l<>. do .. 2a0,000 i The I'he is.Ct., do do as,?*! The f\orthtru Assurance. London 2,l' Room No. 1. jy ?l-eo6t PAPERHANHINGS, Ac. Fine. Medium. and Low priced PAPERHANG1NC.S. WINDOW SHADES. FIREHOAKD PRINTS. PICTURE C?.RD and TASSKLS. Ac, at reduced pi ice*. Remnant* of low-priced Papem and Window Shale*, at greatly reduced pncPH Order* for Paperhangtng aiid Window Sliad-'H executed with skill and di-patrh, in city or oountry. Plea?e xive me a call. !)<>n't forget the nu in tier. J MARKRITER. No. 4c6 Seventh *t . 8 door* above jy 21 eofit* Odd Fellow' Hall. A 1 One at 25 oenta per month One at 50 do. do PIANO .Oneatfl do. tnneatalSn do. FOR One tt }2 do. One at #2 50 do. RENT. And up to ?7& #8 do. JOHN F. ELLIS, jy 21 Pa. ?v., between 9th and otb ata. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GA? METERS. W abhltgtox. Jul* 18, 186(1 NOTirs IS HEREBY GIVES. That, agree ably to the pr<>vi*iona of tbe <> dioanoe of the Corporation approved May 12 the underaigned la now preparou. wnenever reauirea in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty cenra. to inspect, examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of any gaa rnrter in use in thia oity." Kvery meter, if found inoorreot. will be oondemned . and another , sealed and mark'd aa true, will be aet in i?a place. If proved to 1-e accurate in t'a measurement of gai1. it will be sealed accordingly, and a?ain put in posi iou for ua*. Offioe No 510 Seventh atreet.(near Odd Fellows'Mall > < ?pen from 8 a. m . to 5 p in. CHAKL.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM. )J 13 tf lnapeotor arid Soaier of 6m Meters. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. ROt ND TRIP TU'KKT> FROM \l.h\AN dri* *t $3. cood from ths 2Mn f ' to ."? w - . to TO. L?'* fi" l r*n *- Si "* 'm ~mm oti?ri? 'onnir Wiati to i th* <-*>bi?tto? at Cn pep jf Court Hoiup , th? ?? i ?t J M BROADI S, Pen* al TichM At*nt P. ft a. R R SAHBATH ITJHMtl. PIC-VIC. 1 BE j?aM>atn School of the lsia d Bap ist Church will spent the Hay O ^ . MORROW (Wed?*d?T) the t<* mM0C??T?t inft at COLUMBIA spt<i\r;>. (ImnihusM wili If?** tin Church ? uV 11*i ia ?rrnu?. S tvxri lli a.d *th streets, at 8 o'clock a. b. aad2s m. Tti?" uniithiiwi will ? ?<> l-a% e Pa. avenue a d Seventh si r ft at f m Farr. round trip for alu'ts. 25 cent* : fo- children. 2' cent*. Admission the g ounds I 1 ce???; child en ha.f price. It* 'V ODD FELLOWS' PIC-NIC. I IIL Conimi ;tce Ar'aineni',nt?on thf part ol Friendship l.od^eand Ridgel* Fn JT"* h csmpm -nt. >ak? fi?a?ure in i.otif) tbei f lends and the public that I IC NIC w 1 take p'-e- at ANALObTAN 181.AND "n M(>NL>A\ Ju!t The Connm.tee will use their utmost endeavora to mak* the oeoasion one of intereat and pleasure to all who ma? favor us w th tnnr company. Du inc th* afternoon an a 'dress wil. ftp delivered by a prominent member ??f thf Order. W ?.'ror*' ttring l?and ha* b<*en engaged for the ou">iiss Boat* will run fmm Morgan k R luneiiart's wharf. Wash ngton. and f-orn High ?tre-t wlia f Wfo gf town, ev*ry few mti me* onrp * the t'ay and up to |oo>K?ck at night. Hoat fare live cen?s each w??; children hall p-ice. Tickets Fftr Cent*, admitting a gentleman and i ja. Tickets may be procured of an* of the memb*ra of the l?odge or Km-arapmect. jy 24 *t Ol. O. <> F. N The occasion of the inauguration and opening of the < Mil Ffllown* l.iti-arv, (re- ? centl) established,) and for its benofit.j tli? l.ihrarv Association, I. O. O. F., will have a PIC NIC on ANAI.OS*TAN ISLAND, on \V EDNESftAY. August flth, If**' Addresses will l>e delivered ami every pains laker to make tli? occasion one of lutomt anil pi asure. Further particulara hi future notices. jy 21 it* THK LADIK8' BKNKYOLhNT SOCltTY 1 will fire lh?ir first OR AN 1>PIC NIC ?* AN A I.OSTAN IS A\Donft|^^ THURSDAY. Jul* aith.forth?Un-^?^^^* I efit of tii? poor. The a lie* have spared no pains to make this the moat pleasant pa;tj of tlie season. The boats will leave the Stoue\Yharf ana the foot of IIlicit ?t ever* hour. Ticket* can lie obtained at J . F. K.Iis's, or at any of the Boo*-stores. jy *< T GRAND I'll' NIC 1 hk o n k i t a ? yacht ci.i b !> * leave to inform their Iriend- and ti e public that-hef will ?iv?* a "iranl Pic N!c *.' All I.INt.ToN S|'KIN?i. on WKDN KSDaY.?"*? Ju!> Tim Cluli pl?d|! tlmiisrlvM to spire pai . or exp tmea Co iiiako tjis one of the moat aereeahlrt pir tiic* < f the ? ason. Mr. John Kspn ta'a li>asn and ?trirg t?ai.d iia* i.e? n en.aged for the ccaMon. foai-ln-s wiii le&vc tl?e turasr of 12th at. 8-id Pa. lv. at 1 o* lock, a i>1 "very hour during tne ev'Lius. Tli >t(-a'it?r<i. W K iijcs will leav e tha ..f 1?? > * mi ! .a' v ? liour d-;rin? tha ajt"'i I'll" ?!cam packet Ki\in? r,.>ii?1 vi i le?v<? O^-rgetown ?? UkUfci Til* **t <v>ar|i?? and f?>at will ,\ liriztou lit 12 o eliH-k p. m Ticket* M rfs . a-lnittinp * contl?"ii a:. m.?J a-hoa; to (> ha<l of an> infinite. <if th? C'lul* Mnntgn rm pa > t of otk*r Ynrh ? J Burdii .<( tli<* Kmrna F. Ru"<1in*. I)r (' .<?f ih" Al-'xandr a Sw?rii. C, H<>?> Miian.<?' tli" \sivt K.(i th? Arc l. I. Fowi-r, of Mi* Fillniorr, H E. Moos?*,of liia K1 a. .! Davis, of tiic 1.%'U Harriet, Mr. Il*rr>,of tli? Kenicia Ho?. 'f in *'f - <K JWTrl <f tk' Y-fk' OnrifII. R. K. Do*l?. \\ . L. W H l\ I i!??. I? " n.p ? J. W.Cwr, H F. Knilwy. C. I.aiu!>. J II. P. M Krnll*jr, ?V ^ Von. jjrV ?'* Ho: K(;R Gl.Y.MONT GRAND OAI.A DAY ? HKCHABfTFS r\ THK FIFI n \VEI)X ESDAY.Jclt**. MOI'N r VFRNOX I K.NT. No. 20* In.lepen d to it 1 H h a < p , .1-. -i. iiltr. 11 ? "W 'r:K.? j a-;iM' t .1 . < ? 1 . a - n : 1 tie p1.1.. 1 iiat t ri?>? will givi- l"* 1 r Ft - Vm . ?1 I'te N *'i.i Faournin < <!*. t \\ I l!?\ .1,1!\ 2M Billy Withers* Br??- *':il S ling }{* nl ha? t>*en Mit-it: : i"r Km a t 11. M? :<;? an>l reff^iimeuta. A . f 1 P ' ? P ' ' ' si>lv?to ii^pt. i> Kt ?t?i| fur tn<* f>vti * >!n? am! I - -i ,?! i't * w ? t ' |....? ( t.T ?t ??. ? ' '! ' : , '.I H U 1.'- w -i t \.i V*r at 6 .1 Alexandria at k I tf: > ..-ave ??!t *'-"?*t at?. Navy N ^ 1 ^ * A.* XV. a *t 3 oV'oek. reti r- :?'???- h i - thiir I'line* wi. av? tti'-N'or \1h k 'tri u?- t r < ;ner ol I' *:i<17 -it :? 7\ a iri ?t| i\ p. m. 'I"n-k * ? I a t i i u, g?Vt' t:,(tii and iadi**; to !>? tul < ( I, Oiumutiee <jr at Uie !? at on the day of rtcuuiuc. Committer. W ?> Vernon, WmTFrench, F M Bradi?r, T C Sun tti. J L Kidwa'l j> m-$t* SUNDAY SCHOOL KXCl'EStON AND ~ IMC NIC. The elegant, commodious an<1 staunch simmer Si. \ lm.ii * i ..f ?^- -- ? V llOtl VOI T"*? 1 ^ fl>' T : ? p i ' i * *. " Sun'nv n| th M K rilOl)|<T cm R' H *?> 'if . a riiDR' :<? ( ' T Protpen'* l>and of mimic, wi . their Ar.nua. Pic.Nlj toULYMO\T on f KI1)*N . ' ?"'h .n-t. Th? !hi?I w!i leave Ri ey'- wharf foot of 11th st ?et i ft' 7>% "V'i?>c* a. ni . firvl return hy 7S p. m Kef p?hn,''i.ts wi.i t>? "upplied I t a competent ??t<?r*r, ?!<tl n?> .I! ! ** npar?*d to rentier thu 0 - aaionan agreeable on* t?. al. whonha!! pa-ticipftte. Dinner fan e obtain*! at the Paviiior. T.'io iioir i.f ti .i chinch n it* increare i atrength wi i a?M t t' i? pieamin* of t.ic arfair li> a reri'-ar?a of .in'at'.e vim's! nio*i<'. The ho p-ec ;ed I \ fie<l. w- -eav# tiie 1 inirch,o-. ": -1 . at 7 o clock ; and, for theacceruiii tatiuu of ?;ich lainilie* a* ina* il-*ire to rid*, ot'im! use* i? :il leave the c?>rner of Pa avenue an<1 7th at at the am* howr, and will l?e at the wliarf at in reiurn o| IM twiat Tickets, for idulU..W <-t? ; children, 25cU ; to l?? Pr "VIrH 1 "fi th* :1. -r- irnl t a-":?r* y| th* S - ?i i'.. and at Major"* U u "to ?*. Tt'i and H ?t? ; J. <ieo. Adams', 7t:i and I. Ht*.; and T. J. M&gruder'*, 39"* i > or ??l ei" ier of th? fo: lowing Cgmmiitt* of Arrantetnrmtt. W T Smii -on, K B Tucker, Warren Cnoato, Koh't l?ra !, Jog. L>iiiik, S II. l.atmi?'r II. K. / m- r nan, jf 24.A (ie6r(Yet<)wn anvertmts tvr olk'T (wtnrettorrn adrtrlt!'mrnt* set first pagt Aic.rk c,h\m:k is now offkredto am '>m *ho irav be desirous of enterinr in \ profitab e buaic< *s. at one of ?hi heit stands in G 'ortitown. I nlfar my entir? ?tock of LiRV ?f>ODSol ieasouali e terms. in ord?r to make a euariee in .n* buainesv W K Hl'RDLK. j? ?? l'n ?V>rn?r of Hifh and Ga? R A VS. WHKKI.K ARROWS. \VA(il?vS. CARTS, t'ARRVAi.l,*. k.c . FOR SALE.? The undorMtnfd. at tils od ?*?t*t I'hmeut Hi?h Htre^t G'orit-'town. op o*it*t!i? Vigilant Kr.jine House. ha- on tian ! ai.d for na e at tii* lowest oa-h nrii AJ a J* .i i - - j-- ? ?. .. i?-o m niirm "i ?ri*" anuvf net?it^o w t'-oles. Tbevareof th? best mat-rials and work iu*n? ip iri i wortiiT tn# exainma i< n of all purchasers. jW*-e.?3t* RICHARD JONES. Having determinedtochange my business, 1*15 Ritinm-i"cs from this date to a*ll for nij entire ?took o( DRV and FANCY GOOD"4. H*\jn* purchased o the mo?t favor* b'e terms and beint den nui f c nsinc out as ??r j a* possible, a who ir.a; br in ?ut of I* (kini will do well to five me & c % 11 \V. R. HURDLE. jy24 im Co:n*r ot High and i>a ate ffROM BOSTON.?The A I packet schooner J. I*. V\frh??:il] lias arrived from tne above port and is now dibits ruin* tier fr?-i|C lit A d jZJPP* p:v to HARTLEY ft BRO., J* 2l-4t 99 and l*l Water 6treet. I Noticc. N Retiring from business I take tnis occasion to return mv sincere thanks to friends and customers forthe oberal pttrouaice extended to me. and hope tr,e> will ooiitinup i<> Mit tti??ir Grooeiics at the old stai i!. corner ol Bridge and t'ongress street. from my successor, Mr. Alkx Bkhll. who has purchased my entire to<-< and is a courteous and ac eoimnodatin* geutMuau Perxons iiiii-htfil to me a-e l'?reb? notified that th?ir accounts will be ready on or l>efore the let of A. ? - au?UM urn. rnmipi rumfnl is expected, other- I wi?f I will h?olili(M to place the Mils in an c'-r * e finds for collection. jy 21 St JOHN M. BELT. tfOB HM.K ?Ti at ,leMr?!,ie" RESIDENCE on < the Heights of Geo'getown known as Rock picsent o<-i up,~>l ti> K. P. Mi,lor. i*>?l dis ant one mile from th? omnibus and. There are about iS acres of lai ,! rittaehe.l to tne place. tlis grea'er part under cultiwio- Tlie improvements consist of a ^omfortab'e dwelling h 'use. l?a'ii.corn hou?e. stables, and spring house, Ac. Ttiere are several ?pritigsof pure cool wa er on it. Alao.a lot adjoining, known as B >>Ie'? Hill, containing 41, ajres. For te mw. which will be accommodating, apply to DrKidwell.or to MoCobb A Dodge, 6 i Water street. jy 18-6t. Balance of stock positively at cost. 1 will jommenoe this day to olose <>tf my Stock of MILLINERY. KM BROIDKRIES ASD DRY GOODS, auoh aa Travelint Ureas Goods. Kareges, Laoe Shaws, Manti la*. Black and Grev Barege Dusters. Sun I'mbreiias. Pa-aaola, Hair Nets, Mitts, Lace and brenadme Vail*, Ho Skirts, Ao.Ao.atand below oost. adies sreoarin* tn cave me oitf will find an abundance of n'eoe?aary article* at E. GIT tm an'P. No. II* Bridge street, Georgetown, P. C. JT 12 Sliwjw The steamer flying cloud having undergone a thorough examtna- Jf k tin. by the (over ment icspector, i*K?4^^f? now ready for Excursion* to the^^^^^^^Great Fa.: or to any point* on the river not ever 30 mile* diatant. She wil. run to A'lington froai Fourteenth street, or any wharf la Washington at aooent* for the round trip, or 13 oenU for the single trip, or from Georgetown, by way of the oanal, for IS oent* round trip; 10 oent* tingle trip. Excursion* to the Insane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, starting from Gacrgetnwn at 13 o'elock m , and stocpmc at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharves in Washington, *o a* to reach the Asylum by 1 o'clock jy 3 eolm JOHN MOOB E, Proprietor. Swood wanted. EALED PROPOSALS Will be received by the ' C'erk of the Corporation of Georgetown, at hi* Office, until the 1st dav of Atigu?t next, to furni?h i about sixty fiveoords of go<i Oak Wnod, for the use of the poor during the ensuing winter. 1 I Georgetown, D. C,, July 17,1W0. Jy 17-?otAugl ???? AUCTIQ5 SALES. |y otkrr Amrttem lVw. ?r? *rn Br WALL A BAKNARn Aucitior.** PERF.M??r?'RV *AI.? OK l. GH l>R HAR *?,>? |H'? ? *t r>no* ?On THlH^P^Y MOm NINO . it rfc . w* ?i.l . ?t MolCr?v ft wltr.rf, fo t of ^r*tuh tr?t h in?, th* ltock Li(H<er H?im?i TiiomM. T rmt OHk )$ 14 4 WALL* BARNARD. A n?t* B? WALL ft BARNARD, Auotion?*r ^TOCK AN" ?i\fl'RKs OF A C?'\FRC ^ TI4HKBT lipid '"in* "**l ??!? tT Al< flo* OnFKli'AV MOl? Nl M??, the .7t? ,n?t?nt. *? ! ? o'? <wk w wi.; *!!. ?t III" onf^t-onm* and lo* CrMm r<?lo?o of C. M K?*l*r. il*? btlvwn ?J *ihI Sil rttin St ok ?liI I- .il?rM, n?!?tinc of? A iW*'*1 of FrUflh ko4 Antonotn I'MtiiM. I'rnoivrd and H a idiisl Fruit*. B n n _ m. _ !???" . ? r G'??? Jar*, Con nt*r. Show Cmm, J mit 9Undi J*o?!aa. Ic cr ?ni FrtNWt. Pla a?, *o d?, anc ftpoona. Saloon 1 tblN, I'urta n OiV oth, k o. Also, I llorar,aud Top an<l ?prmc W ?;on. l orm : })i, < t*l< ; ?> ti)H ? * not ar "f .* and fin tar*, for approved ?u oral notw. ! ?' i nc i jp 24 WALL * BARNARD. Awatr. K? A GRKKN. Auctions. VrALl'AftLK IMPROVKP AM) I vnriorrt PBOPBBTt ?* THE aT All rH>S.-On THf'R*DAY tn? id da* cf Au?u?t n#it. I ?ha i a I, in front of th? puiaiw. at I o'e.oo* p. in., that va uabia piopert* knoau * tb? rwid?iio? of th? ?t? Fet'r Cazam>v?, it haing a ?>f Sauaia No. ?J3. cootainirc about *mh> tauar# la*-t of (round, w\th tno in?pr?>v?m*nta. whi?n oonaiat oi a hainitomr bM r at> f aw t'ntt*f? l???llini Houae. oontiainlng itht otinr?i>iriit.| arianfM room*, dairy, aaiukf hua*. tlabi*. carnafrii a a I other i.M'-hi. i out h?>u?f?a. a pump o water in the jrarr*. This pr>peity tiandi itxatvd. a:.d toanilad by rotrtMatK ?tre?t >utn Utid Water ?t'?rt*. at?1 ??oneider?<l on e?f tn* ff"?ai Health* and p;?aMM private reaidenoee in tha off Aiao, 6 ha&da< me Uuilding Lota. ben.g iota No. 1 9, l?'. and 15, la p^uare Nn *iV Thw btm ill il ana ??vmn untitling on ?'? en i nini?n am a half and Fourteenth atrwta ?Ht. aid C a?<l D atra^ta aouth.and pr?a?nt man? mdao*m#cta t?? pc toco wimine to purohim? aJia(i^a<>Ki? binding it?>r mas# a ko<kJ in?e?tni?nt. The ?a.<" wul C4>iiin.?-u<-?> on the banding lota in aavara 266 ftrmi On* fourth rMh; Sa.?nc<- in 6 IT II M<< J 34 m?ntha th* fti'rhMw" to (tire notaa f.?r tt>* d* 1 fe.rad pa?ffl?iiu, hMrini inlftMt fioni th? da> of ' a A dr?d gi'-cn and a datd of truet tacot) T i? locnautable. Ail oonvejaoeing at the ooatcftb* purcnaaer M K. i)ANO EKF1FLD. H-aiouarj D?v,k? jy24eo4*da A <#KKK\, A not. I THIS AFTKKTfOOi\ b TO-KOMJLOW Ht A. GRKKN, Aaotionaer. Household and kit^hkm firm TtUK at Atrrio.v ?On WEDNESDAY, tha 2V h inatAat. I atiai! a 1 , at til* r<?aiJ ?i? >? ?< a can tlainan d*?Un;tig hojaelteeamr, No 442 F ifa-t, bntw*?d ill. and eih. iirmediateij oai*-aiU Weaiej Ch?p? . at 10 o'o <>?k a in., ac exftailem aaawtncut of Furniture. v.i l"i w.' n. . ..l u..u. a.> r me ?? a im i/s r?T ? ? * ?? r* i wt r-r\ . Caalir. Arm. aad Gat h e Chairs, Mmi^hihij Hur ??at end Nvtli Reception Chajre. Whatnot. M?-h?t"p Centre u4 Ef tenure 'lablea. Oak Hal' !*?t. hr, (Silt l:am? French P at* Mirror, Gaa Cnade i ra. fine Refrigerator, Jenny Lind and oth?-r Racatvada. 'hina. G'a?a. ai??l Crockery \Var?, Wind w Si.a ea hriaae c Caipeta il oth and Matting Feath-r Bed a, rt?dlircand Mat reaaea, C<><> in* and ?>ther Stovoa. K tc fieri K*?uia tea, Ac. Term : At! auiu* urnl^r $2i c^eti. orer $2*, c-edit ofian'M wontne, for do tea ion ? endorsed. b ar.n* it.tarect. jf 19 enAila A. GREEN, A net. FUTURE^ DA YS By J. C. McGCIRE k. CO.. Aactiuneara. i GOVERNMENT SALE OK H A V.-On *1 THL K*<?A V AFTERNOON. Ju ? 3Kth at a o'olook <m the grou'da a> ulh of the Praeident'a H?u-e. we ahail aell 25 atarka exoe ent Hay. Tarraa caah. Bj order of the Commiaaioner of Public Baiel I DC a. _JV S3 d J .C MoGl'I R H k C^V Aucta Ry A. GREEN. Auctioneer. y t/k/tn T II'J ? ?JT<? . ? a n . a a , - - mri/ ?t w r* i i?r t r n n nui " F~ A > if " Lot on thi at Aoctiok.?<On I) \ ? , the k"7th i'istAnt. I ana. at-i . in front of th* pr?>ni*ea, M( o'c < cfc p m. <.utn Uaif Lot K. in aubdiviaion of Suiif V> *.. with the improve ^ ments. oonaiatlLF ofa food two ttorj F'lMitHuuM with 4 rooma kitchen and wood houae l'i<'? propeit) frunt* en Seventh at'ee* WMt, i e*t to th? of aoutli K ?tw. ai d runa intca to an a! ?? Tartm: ()r.?-ht i oMh. !* tno* u *1 nixn'ka.t^t purofiaaer to ?iv? i:? t a for the ''elerrari paywan'. r??>arint i?.t?*r*#t f ' ? .! a* of ?a r. A i't-?r (ifti. and a d-e<! of truat t ken. Title iii'*i*putal> e. <j ?'l d (Coa.1 _ A. (?, Aac>. My WALL * BARNARD. Auction-Ma. 1SLANU AMI NOKIUKRN IJrihRriKi Bcildixg i,ct? at Accuoji??? IHI'KS OA V AKII.RNO >>. iij?* . at 6 o'clock. w* will ae! .on the pr nut. Lo*a >.56, ?. aol 1Q. tn ;*<ii a Mtuat r. in the n.< at tnrrovn c p% i of-ha laliiid. on i?iu'.h li a d H . !.<'w<fn *1. an I 7th ptrrela weat. .Vnl on KN !IH V AFiKR N'OS'N. tne 27tn ii at . at o'c ock. on th" erem l?ea. tne Nortn-rn < Lola, No 4. and *>, of l>avi<ia>iu*a tdivia .a of nww SB7. tr.uated on north N . l?etw en *(i an ' l"th rt eet? w???r. Ta ir.a I |n*_fniirl ? k. f ,a ? ?? . w ..... .. Hi < u?rn, T .-I .miv ir f * * TP mucfn, with u.tdr. , arcured ? d*ed of trust .>? tne pr-'mmee. jy 19 WALL * BARNARD. Aoot. I * v i rsDiTATn C4nroL px rsNDioN. t. Ju y 17. IfWO P?opo?ai.? will U- ree-ived at thirOfto* urfci noon i/f Tir>-diiy, thejlat <?f Au<u?t next, for Furn mt.ine an?l rutting up *?i?- Ir?n Cei inca of tvo 'tximi over the oonneotioc corridors of tija Capitol titfiiuoa Tli- prxposa ? vit state the prioe for earn oet . in* ojirp'et*. in il%o\ p%:titad will three good 0'>at? cl whit* iea^ l: oil. Ail of the Iron work of the Ceilinpa. of every description. mr.iod n< the f*?t"ninca of tiie * to the ?:.0 to the ro< f foiues, must t>e inolu ded it the pnoe hid Tne prop<-&*!e rnuet t>e endoraed. "Prnpoaa.a fjr Iron Oiling* *' and mt't he aeeumpained t>y a guarantee. signed f-y one or more reafonaible persona, addressed to the un4er*>gued. They will t?eop-->nd at rfcr tin e mentioned aho?*. in the preseiioe ?>f sucti persons a* m?y thooae tn at'?n<( The drawinga of the oet icgs can been ??*r ?t t .is Oftoe. W B. KHANKLIN. Capta n Topogrnphica. Kngineera. in charge ol Capitol Extension. Each proposal should bJ af 2 >mpauiod by the . % following guarantee: Form of The nndfrficDMl. A B au<l CD. of . m the Stat* of . and id the ^ at* of . hereby guaranty that in caae the foregoing bid of . for iron celling*. ax above described. t>* accepted, he or they wiX. within ten days after the receipt of t he oont' not at the p ace named execute the oontrac t for the oei inga, with food and sufficient aeenrities; and. in caae the aa|d a hall fail to enter into contract at aforeaaid. we guaranty to make good the difference between the offer of the aaid and that which ma? be accepted. Date . 1 #y. Signatures of g uarantors. A B. C D. Witness. E F. I hereby oerti'y that theal>oye named are known to me aa able to make good their guarantre. s-unature O H. To be signed by the United States diatnet ja*1 ge. United States district attorney. collector, or some perar>na known to the War Department. jjy 18 dtd DRY GOODS CHEAP FOR THE MILLION'' Gail early and get t?rgaina. We o?rntnenoe |? day aelling off all Fancy Drees Si'ka. 0-gand? Robes, Barege Kobes. F rench Lawn*, and Orgar dy Muslins. T>y the yard. Figured acd Pitio Ka reges. at greatly reduoed erioee. many at half pnee, to redaoe stock this month. Also, in store a fall stock of first o-aes Sfap e and Domeetio Goods. ulintx! ?.? ?? - ' " No. *18 SEVENTH STREET. JW D?ri South mf Odd FtUtmt'.HmlL H W. HAMILTON"haa opened a PAINT SHOPud HAIN'T STORKoa the New York flan, wn>>r? om alwaja be IouikI PAINTS. OILS. GI.AS9. BRl HHE*, he., whoieaale and MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. AHD Bl'ctlti with blciiii to Loa.ii ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to Houae. ?i?n. iiriHunental Paintuu and Graining. htaiaad and %iiamellad Glaas of ail kind* a mi on hand or urnikbed at ahort uotioa. Ha war ranU aatiifirtmi in a 1 wo k ntru?U-.t to hi* r-are. and la confident that he can lo work aa oh-aa.if n<>t cheaper. tnnr. Hi* otherc ta''li?hrii-?rit in thin ritv. Give mm a ca.fl. Don't forget the number?it la i\j Seventy ? "mVK Pl'TTV IS DOWN. r . W ?iiv icun w ?ui? <J! I?mi iW. *:T %* which we are eelling at th*L>?wt o**h pnoee. J W. CO I,LEY 4 CO., 1110 lot i'iJ Herei.tta at.. MwnPi. tr. A JUST PUBLISHED. N ESSAY on the Figure and *u'fa?e din aionanfthe E?rth, its Geolog ioaJ ud Meterolugioal: Ph*nom?u ai>4 iU Aetronf?mio?l element*, by Profeeeor Samue; E. Cuum. WuLnitoo, D C. Price #2Jo. Modern Paintera. vol ft. oom/ieting the oaie brated work of John RuikiB.ll. !>.. containing Leaf Beautj ? Cloud Beautj?foe* of Ke iuotFurmv and Spiritual, with oopioua and moat beau tiful illuatrationa, #13 8". Oringdean Orange, a taie of the Southdowna. to* William Harrtaon Aiaawortfa. 8I.2S. k Tha iliuatrated Hot* Doctor, mui an aoowata J and detailed account Moompamed t>? more tha 4<? pictorial reare'entatTona of the x arioue die?aea to wbioh the Equine raoe are aubjeoted: together with the lateet mode ot treatment and all the re- , auiaite prescription* written IB plain Eng.iah, by Edward Ma hew. S.?o. A oourae of aix ir-cture* on the ranon* Foreee V. ...??>- ?nc tnmr rr aiiuDI to each other, f'T Michae: F?r?'1nj W oodU. PoreaJeet >Ut op.?'?ti?n Bcx>k Store, PHlLP k?(ILOM()N1?. 3SS Pa a*. Sol? Agent for Lawrence's Stationer? ;? I# PURE SODA WATER. CALL AND TRY * THE BEST IN THE CITT, AT J. R. >lajor * Drufc 8Urt, jfl Mtt* Cmnw Tf H St?. I OOI OUT POR PAINT

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