Newspaper of Evening Star, July 24, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 24, 1860 Page 4
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THE RVEMN<? STAR. BRILLIANTS. _ ion. lie who hath loved nut. here would learn to love. Knd ir.ti" hi* I??art a "pint, he who knows That tender mystery, will love the more. For this is lore's recess. where vain men's wa?s Aii'l the world's waste, hath driven him lar from those. For 'tis his tistur* to advance or die ; He stan-is not *till. but ur decv?. or grows Into a boundless Me ?irn, winch may vie With th* immortal luhts. in its eternity ' I fi#roii. ? i. patriotic in lis ione, on* (ifiicaie in lis allusions U> the mother country. The room w<<s tastefully- decorated with the national flags of Kngl 'iid and Amnrica. ami onf 'if the most conspicuous >'?jects was a full-length portrait of her from Buckingham palace A mom; the Mrimr toasts were ' The 1'resident of the U aitnl f*t ttes ' and The t-fueen," which were received \rith ir? ?iithiisias:ri Sympathy was nianif???-d for the struggle now going on in Italy, and roiiUdeiitp w? expressed by Mr Layard that, if the princij le of lion-intervention was carried out, the Italian people would soon be ranked among tbe free ami independent nations of the world. Mo*t Bs at tits or tiift Law.?In New York, a case *s mentioned of great hardship, arising from a strange system of legal proceedings A poor man with a family was swindled by two reualar ticket swindlers The perpetrator* were baiind. a;id tbe viatoiii held in prison U> be furth? oininr as a witness at a trial Axed for September The Times truly ?sks f it is any wonder that iWtidW* flourish under iiirh atate of tL(ni;? as this "No p<><>r man d^re leek the protection of the lav th?-se villain!*, for hp U sure to thrown into prison, while the wen who have robbed him are Mt free on hail * It is easy nou^b to excuse this *tv!e of dointr things. by saying tb it there are difficulties in the way of any remedy that may be suggested But there rert*!nly '-an In* no system open to stronger ohJ-'tloiis than one which imprisons a mui for eing rol>bed and seta free the man who has robbed hint.'" C"7"The Bangor Whig states that the company engaged in taking out goods f om the wrecked at^amer Hnnjgarlan obtain f.-o*n live to six hundred dollars worth p?-r day The wre'k i* full ?f bodies. aomeof which can be seen at low water, sii.d the si^ht is represented as extren;ely distressisf. Ujr The New York canals. which, for several years have been a burthen upon the revenues of the State, on account of the enlargement, s?*em now to give some promise of a return. The increase of toll* for the season of navigation thus far. over last year, has been AKHIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.-? W Crit.n, Md; J O H'lis ?; K .M Brock, Tea: J L) Green O H Mo Curdy, \V T .Nieriian, Pa; A W L.ittle, NJ; U Uiii 8 M ^ : N \ : Mi; Bi.vce ?n<i isnl.v, W h M Iiclie.!. W RoHinson. \V 4 ami??w?ll_ Mm < ** npSe!l, M us IJuarie*, K y; J A Sew-.:, L Ci. S; t* Uuns^H &:iJ ladv, Md; K Mail, D R^ff, O; T N Or**n, Ya: J W Hitej and lady . 'I' S L?<\ U Htem, \V <i<?,<lrica. J Gainbel. H Alexander,JudciBraver. NJ; K ? >lar ha I add la ir, I.a; .Miss S Abel!, Mrs YVa lingford. Miss Wa UQgford,C Top pvn and ady, >V: J M MoJlmtoek, Jr., Joshua tlofter, Md; J R Hi>ss,N*'; B Sim>ns, SO; G C irarherr? aad ;a.iy. 2 Mi??i boanbarry. Miss Ba ley, J Gran:?erry, Miss. BROWNS' HOTEL ?E VVa'ton and fam T Hcdiaa. Md; H Kill*. SC" A Ga !ur. KI; K Miro. J Towlo* \\ ; C W Davis. B tiei^any. Fia J Bojd NY; 3 Cruss aii^ 4au?h'er, A!a; Dr Baxley . Md; Mrs Dr Brown Mi*s E Pendleton, Va; c Carroi , Md; J Martin. I i.awence, l'v, S P Rioe and fam, Aia; J* B AniMvr ?i;<) !y, Va; VV K nelow. N J; M J C a'-:r Gham -er a:n. Ark; M S McDay, R R, Md; L Morrison, do. KIRK WOOD H"U8E.-Wm Brodie. BL; SS B'?i.op, 1 t; A H "-iblwy. M cn; J Daris, J Su iivan a *. t. in't; A B Condir a-id ,y. Man; L "chmidt, V?, 1 SH: .vs. Mi-t; R Matraw. Md; J Uiark, Pa; B Ho ward and fam, N Y; \V Bud*?*, >la*s. OCEA N S TEAMERS' SAI LING DA YS From the United States. V*aderbiX^..>iav York.. Havre July is A!r?32 ... ... .New York.. .Liverpool... Aug. 1 "TVutoii-a ?.New York...Hamburg..'..,Aug. 1 Jura..... . New Vork .Liverpool Aug. 2 Bremen... New York i Breni??n_?. A?ig. 4 JJai aUi. H<??ton.Liverpool ao<. ;< Ara.o _.N'ew York Havre Aug. 13 From Eirope ai.a-1* Liverpool...-Boaton July 14 Iiiioii... 3ou JTfl<>n. ..New York Juit i* Huh'Miiian .... Liverpool .. Port and . Ju y lx C. Washii.gtoo Liverpool.. New York Jmyl Prince Ai^rt li?lw&v..?.Mew York Juijr 21 Ana ..Liverpool... .New York Juiv2> A ustra as:ac_ .. Liverpool. ...New York.. July 21 A'a^o .. ? South'ptou....New York.. Juij2? Luropa ...... Liverpool... Boston .....July M Perma Liverpool New York .Aug. 7 r; e Havana mail iteamer* leave New York on the 2d, '2tii. I7t(i, and 27tb of each mouth, and Chariest >o on the 4th and 19th. T h?' i * l for i ia mftd V""L' "" t ith and ?ith of mouth. I No. 639 1 |>Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE I'MTKD l> STATES In purnufti>oenf aw. I, J axi? UncH axa*. I'resi de..t { tae L'nitfd Stat^f- <?i America, do hereby de.*,ar? Mil make known that rubi'o tales will t>? hi-IJut tii? under-inecUoaed I-i'id inlioes in tht? Territory i f na:,sa^ &l tf.e periods ljert li.&tter designate*. to wit: Attne l.and <><hce at Jr^rTio* City rtorniancing on Mo- day, the ?>th da* ol S ugiiRt im*t, f>? the dMpo'Mi of th* public lands within the following townships, vis; S'lutxu/ Ik* 61st line and "i:t of the sixth principal mer it tan. The parts of township 1 outdde of th<? Indian re ervaton. and cowi:?tnpw 3, 4. and A,o(range ft The yarts of townt'rp 1 outcide of the Indian r?ser\ a'.iof. aN>i town*nipi 2. 3. 4. anil S of The part* <>i' -washis 1 outside of tiie Indian ress'vaton. and t wr st.ipn J. 3 4. and 5. ol ranee fc Tn? part- ot ? .wnsh'p I outride of the Indian re servatioq. and to*ush;ps 2,3 4 and of rang* 5 The pa'to of town?hip 1 outside of tne ltd an reservation. and townships 2,3, 4. and s. of range 4 Township* i. j. 3. ?. arri 5. ? ! range 3. Township* 1,2.11, and 5, of range 2 Township* 1. 4.3 4 ami =>. f>I range 1. A* the l.and <?H)ce at JftcTiow Citt, oommen c u,r .?n Monday, the .Tth o?) of A ngust next, for toe i?po.-alol ?he public ,\nd? aithin the following tr>wi.?>hip?. viz. S kf/? / in* 'j'xst line and of tk' sixth principal meridian. Townships 6, lft. 16. and i7. of range 4 Towi >ki?M c t is. .c --h 1* ? Tnwnsh.po 6. 7. 8. 9, 10, 11,12,13, 14. 15, 16, and 17 of ranice 2 rownsmpt 5, 7, 8 3,11*. 11.12,13.14,15 18, and 17, of 1. At the I,and Offi"** at JrscTioji City, commencing on Mooda* < the l'th of September nexr.for disp>'?a! f the public lands withio the follow l'.K U>wt.hipa, VIS: Soutkof ike bmte htu andia*t t\f tke tirtk prmetp n meridian. The parts of township 18 outside <>f the Indian a-jd townships 9, A>, 21 and 22, of ringe 8. Township* 18. 19, 2"1, 21 and 22, of ran?* 7. lowcsuips <*, '9, 2?, 2! and 2v. of ranee 6. Towusmp# 18, 19. 2f>, 21 and 22. of 'ange 5. wrshipa 1?. 19, 2>, * and 22. of rau^e 4. Townships '9aiii! 2". of range 3 . Townships 18.19 ai d 2i'. of ran<e 2. Townships 18, 19 and 20, of ranee 1. At the l.aod Offi j? at Fokt Scott. oommeneinic oq Monday, the 13 n ua* vf Aiuuat next, for tae <ii?p ?*! of the pui/.io lands within the following townships, vis: Snulk >\f Ik' 6ai? hn* and east q/ tke 'ink prinripal rn'ti ?/i? T ie parts of township 2"! outside of the Indian reservation, i'f rauges ?, 10. II. 2, 3,14,15,16.17,18,1 1?,W?,2; and i2. rn- parts - f townships '23.24 and 25 outside of ths I rxl'Mi reaorvatior, of ranges. Townships 21,24 and 25. of tange 7. Townah pa 23 24 and 2*1, of range 6. Townships ^3,14 ai.d 25, of rang* 5 Land* appropriated bv 'aw for the use of schools, iui itar*, Indian, and other purposes, will bo ex olud*?l from the Tne offering ofthe abovelands will heoomrnenced on th? days appoint-*!, and will proofed iii the order ii. which thev ar>-ad vertiaetl ur.til the whole shall have been oif-?re?l and the ?ales thus eioaed: but no n> shall !> ' kept open lon/er than two wei-ka, and no private entry of any of the lands will l?e *>er nutted until alter the expiration of the two week*. Given under mi haml, at the city of Washington, this tw?nti?th .la* of April. Anno Domini one tnousfind eight hundred and sixty. JA.MKS BLCHANAN. By the President: Jus S. V\ 11 ?os, (JwmiMsiioner of the Genera! Land Office. NOTICE TO I'R K EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kverj person entitled to the right of pre eniption to any of the lands within the townships or parts of townships above enumerated is r-"<iuired to establish the *ani? t > the aat sfaction of tne register and receiver of the proper Lard Office, and "aki< pa> meut the aa noon as praotioab'e after seeing tl'is notice, an<l b?fore the day apposed f>r the roa ni'i (vnifnt ?f the pubiic sa'eof the lands em braoiNg 'he tract o auued , nthe wise, su h claim VI.: be forfeited. Il.SON, Con missionsr of the Uenera! Land Olfico. ?.. a t a - ? .1HTI.-I mt ine r?>Kulatior? of th? department, ? h*';tofore ?i,?l low existing. n<? payment can t>? BUdcrnrurertKiiK proclamation* excnpt to *'joh rabiittiPrs %?ar* ii?riaU*autn-ntzt.i to put. ..!, ?,* Lk t'onnii??Hil<Pr of the lim.nrft. i.aU'1 (((fine. npi^dwljw I >1 A N< ?S?fur SclfK i ! jthibition* Pio N ioa St I or funilj u?.? FOR RE -T f>r day, vx-k or moiitif, vp >n r> k<umIh? t-riug j+J* IOHN F El,MS. 3Q6 |>? v Avery nice chickering piano" alrnoat now,at fUS. Por?i? at tn* Muate fU'?of 'mailt W. 0. MKTZEROTT. I. - * I it. HA''T OT T*Lt*T. Whoe>- amidst th? son' Of Reason. Valor, I.iKertr an ! Virtue, L?.<{ ?> ? diatincuiah'ri merit. in a ot>le Of Natnre*?own cr-atiriic. Su^n have rii'n. Sprung from t ledust; or wh?re iia<1 be?i, our h?>n o.*?I Thorn son. EVIL. "hi - it the curse of every evil deed. That, pr. pagating utiil. it brings forth evii. I CoUridgr. ' |i/*The London Tirret contains a brief ac ountofthecdrbrationof American Independence on tLe ttb In London, mainly by tbe members of the American Association, which our Minister. Mr Dallas, pr??:d'd and made an appropriate GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARVKR'S FERRY. N And after July 3d, ! ??. th? steamer L. J. Hr?-ne!e, Tuptain \V. H. Ritfr. wifl -,(1 ^ if?Tc Ciwir^Piuwn EVERY TI DAY. THrRSl?A Y, and SATrR "1 HAY. ar 7 o'clock a m.. an?l return every alternate liar, at 6 o'clock a. m. On tie Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdntowp. je 21 Sin F?OR HARPFR'S FeRRY.-CHANliK OP DA Y'S.?On and after July 2.186". tn^m . the ?t?am'>r ANTELOPE. Capt. B 4. Wbli.?,carrying the United States^^^^^^^^* wui ?a e Georgetown EV^ RY MONDAY, WKDNKSDAY and FRIDAY. at 7 a. m., sod return every Tueadav. Thursday and Saturday. S B ?Every \% adnesday the Antelope will run throu^h to Shepherds'ofu. jo 5-2m* I'ft J VST RECEI V ED, IJU BBLS. Whisky, ta.Morted.1 1*< do. HERRING a> d ALEW1VES, 25 do. KEFINED SUGARS, inhhds. PORTO KICO SUGARS, 6 hi.Is.(Bayfield) WHITE FI* n, 25 box** prune Eastern CHEESE. For sale low Vy JOHN J. BOGI E, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. ' VGKNCY FOR FAIRBANK S SCALES IN GEORGETOWN; The underlined have been appointed Agents for th* ?a e of the alxive eel?hrated and wr? i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.! supply oonatat.ti; on hand and for sale at lowe*t i area. HAY and COAL SCALES erected tn any part of the District nr adj'iiu:.* oounties A i Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to rive aati9f*o#"n BUSEY ft BARNARD. Dealers in Airrioaltural Implement*, je 8 2m Bridge street 2 doors *??t of Hi*h. (^randell, otticiax, > No. 1J* BrUit ft., (itorfttown. Has constantly co hand * :are? assortment of French Near-sight*-!, Periscooic, Co. ored, and a I. other SrECTACLES, < t.s.e t>?st ^ua itj. in gold, silver, steol. and German silver frames. N. I>. Old F'anies Repaired and new t asses set in them to order. no 19?It JOS. F. BIRCH. vrtuervaker, ("or. Frvlgt and Jrfftrso* its., (ieorneloion. Having liven hit personal attention 10 this branch nf my MMNMM, liiin prepared to/ _ attend to all ca:ls with promptness j '.m h~TT Persons from a distance can no supplied at a rew minutes' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CllFFlNS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the remova* of tha d-ad from the old to t*e new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. *p in \ | assky, collins a co.'s ph1ladeli'l phia draught ale.?We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful l>evArt*o ?rn* lrtirita a i ) ?- ^ '? ? ? ? ? ? ? .??*- imnwBn j?vi pumo ?i uu wnkufc a purr ou" j adulterated Ale. to live it a trial. ARN V A SIIINN, Agents, f? I ST RrMn St.. fieoreefnwn. ^NTHRACITK COAL FOR THE NAVY. Navt Ofpartmsnt. j Bureau of Comtrurtion, hqi'ipm'nt. a*rl J Repairs. July 3. I8?\S Sealkh pk0p0*ali? for furnishing Anthr?cit? 0o\l lor the Navy, to ho de'ivered during tn? fiscal 5ear ^udnu i'>tii June, i:t5 , will he recsivod at this llii-f-au until 3 o'clock trie 3'at day of Ju'y, 1<*V' Thf>8> proposal must he endorsed ' Prnpo'ih t' >r AntkrarW I'onl." ?h *t they may he dlslin guiMit-d Iroin other business lefiers The oiler must he (or tne delivery oflA^O tons, of lb?.; and if an additional quantity >! '5.'?0 toes is demanded it i.? to h_> fur 1:1.4lied on :ike terms and conditions. The Coal inusthe ofthe best Huck Mountain or Hl&okheatn, to lie designated 111 the oH" r:ofsizs (i\r nftvn! as to be free from impurities; uimixed. of whi"h the contractor will he required t'< furnish such evidenoeas may bo satisfactory, and to be subject to such inspection as to quality and quantity a? the Department ma? direct. Thecoa is to bo delivered on board vesee'sat such p ace in the port of Philadelphia as mar be deal nated by the Department, and inauon quantities and at suoh times as, in the opinion of ihn I)e partment. the exi?enciea of the service ina? require; oummencinit when the vessel is reported leady to receive cargo, furnixhice wnen reqmred n?Jt less th*u 380 tons per day, to no distributed to each vessel a* may be directed until the load.n* is completed. lu the ctse of tv'ure to deliver the Coal of the proper qna ity and at the proper time and place, the Department will reserve in tne oontraot the riehtto purchase forthwith, at the contractor's ruk ai.d f xp-iise, that wind may be neceasan to Bjt p!y the deficiency. A..v demurrage or other charge to which tho Nav? Department ma* be subjected from de ay in the prompt delivery of the Coal bv the aontraatnr w111 In deducted from their bill*. Tho pri-:e must be for t lis Cm delivered on board vessels on the terms :ir.d conditions above stated, af the contractor's ri>k at.d expense, and without extra ohar<e of any kind. fho "ff t. *? required liv 'iw. mtwt be a^compa nied by a written t uarant<?>, signed by one or more re?po <ili!e porso .s, to the effect that they ui de tan?- tn&t the hit-der or bidders wil , if his < r their bid be anoepted. enter int> obiieatio" in such tine as n'ajr prescnb ?d by the Secretary of the Navy, with kood and sutTioiont sureties tofu'nish the sup plies proposed. No proposition wiil considered unless acoom panird by such sua antra. Two or mure sureties, in a sum equal to the amount specified to be paid, will be required to sign tnec.-iitraot. a-d theli responsibiM* will be oertified b? a United Stites District Judge, L'n'tcJ Stmt's District Attorney, Collector, or .Vary At'nt. Ah additional and oollaterai ?ourtly. twenty per cent, will be withheld hum the amount of ail paviu"nts. not to be paid, except by authority of trie *ecretar? of the Navy.unt I th?contraot sha'l have oeen in al! resp*o's complied with; an<i the reinaiu;ii* eighty p^r osn* . or other anonnt that may be due on eaoh bil>, will, wh'n a proper certificate 1* urmshed by the inspector, and the bill aDDroveil by the Navy Department, be paid by ?ucli navy lO'nl as the oont actor may name within thirty day* af'er its pr?seiitatr-n to bun. It will b? stipulated in the eontra"t thit if defau t f>e made in delivering 'he Coal of tlie quality and at the p!ao? a-id time directed I.y tne Drpaitment, then, and in that rase, the contractor ami his-xuro ties will forfait and pay to the United Stat?s, a* .quidatnl d*. marfs. a ?u>n of money n<>t *?ic?ed11.k twice the oontract srne, which mar ne ruoovered from tim? ti> tune, aocordl nc to the act or acts of Congress in that case provided. li}<* ??-- whn?i proposals ahal be aooepted. and none other, will be notified,and a* ear'y as p aoti cable a oontract will be transmitted to them, which they will be required to execute within Ktays af ter its receipt at ttie Post Office or Navy Agency !.arned by ttinm. Thw form of 0<r.?p rntrti.taa '"I c ? * - - ' . VMV, , n uw> > <! < r?uy wvi i H Jftlf IR herewith given. Form of Offer. I (or we) of , State of , hereby agree to furnish and ile iver ft keen th>>u?ri .d tons Anthracite Coal for steamo ' uce ai ti.e rate of p r ton. of IjMI pounia.Msnlint to doilara, a ill the additional quantity if <le!nandcd; the whole in conformity with th> provisions and teims of the advertisement ol trie 3d July, from the Navy I>e ps'tineut an i h?ret<> a? ponded. flkNM my (or our i "ff-r or hid he accepted, I (or ?t i request to be inform*! at , ar.d that the oontract may r>e forwarded to f r Mg'.aiures an certificate. ( Plac* ) (Signed ) A. B. < l>ai-. I Pom of (rn*rani*e. We,the undeiai<i.rtl, reridruiii of , in the S ate of . and of . in the Stat- of ?. hereby jointly and severally covenant with tru United States and gua'anty ttiat in the foregoing hid of bs accepted, wiii within t^n da> ? alt*r the receipt oi the contract at ex'x-ute he same with g'x>d and bulTk-i nt sur*tie* for the deliver* of the anthracite <* >*! propore<i n compliance with the terms of the ad easement of the 31 J ul r, ISIjU, heret i appe,,d'-d ai d und?r which it was made; and in case the said shall fail to Uuv?i mr ovvwi moresaiu wa *n*rautv to i-alte good the diif-renoe between tne < fT<r <>f ?he said And that which may be acoepUxl. Witness: (Signed ) C O. (Place.) E.F* (Date.) i rieref)* certify that to the beet of my knowl'd<e and belief the above-named guarantors ai<d ?re good and sufficient. (Signature > O H. To he bu 'hi I'nit'rt Stilts Di*trtrf J wig'. Unit"I Stale* L>t*trtei Attorney, Collator, or fiary AK'nt. jy 3 law4w v [No.?>03| ^OTIOF OF IHK RKMOVAI. OF THK I.AM) OFFIt'F. FK<?M HUDSON To FA I.I .8 OF > r - KOlX.lN THK Si'AlK OF WIS CF>!*i.N. In acc irdaiee with the Droruionn <>f the ma* <> i;oD(rNi?BtitlMl "an a"t authorising changemn th* location of land offioea," approved March 3d, 1^91, it is hereby d? e a rd and made known that th? olh se to' trie sale of puh!io and* a' Hrr? x, in the !*tate of Wisconsin, will be removed t?> Fall* of ?T '"HOI x, 111 said Stat", at o> tarly a ynoj as prartiriblt. Further notion as to th* pr^cse time of c'usini the office at Hudson preparatory t<> removal a> ! "I u? opening lor Liisiqessat Fa'ls of St. ? 'ko *. will he Riven by the Re-i t?r mil '* * , ? ??vw i vi i?t ?un laul dutrict. Uiv>-n under mr h*nd, at the City i.f Washington, this thirtieth day of J une. A 1)., llj onU r of the Provident: JUS. S. WI' SON, r.?:nmiihioner of the General Lar.J (irti e. y 1 lawtjw _ I n_ t 114 *'' <! 12 4 super Linen Sh**tiuM? I " ~t ? l'i ? 11 4, ai.d 13 4 Cotton She.'tiiiRS, Kioi>ani mi <V Son*' Dunt-ar A Dioktunon and Barklie's sup^r P.ontiiig and Shirtm? Linens, Toweling* in variety. Tali,e Ll fun ami Napkin*, 1<?> pieci m *upenof iiinkttn Uleachcd Cotton*, V?i pieces lawn* at cents 2") piece* While and Coiored Flannels, l.tvd'Os" and White Cotton Hone, Win *- (jo'od? iu variety. Cambno and Swm Fd inirs and inserting*, Hmuoii.Tiiiiptir? and French Worked Collars, Sun I'mhrcla*. Para*' I* and 'ua Shades, Sup?r Silk and French Lao? Mantles, Hooped Sk rts. Si k Mits Ac.. Slo , received and for tale low by ]- ia TAVI.OR A HUTCHISON. WH A S FIX TURKS. F. I!av? in stor*. and are da:l* receiving, OAS PIXTCK KSof entirely \ew Pa'tern?and Des'cns IM PlNlskj mipiTlor ll, style ti> anrtiiinc heretofore onereu in mis market. We invite citizen* eeneral It to oall ami examine our atork of f?aa ami W?t?r pixturH*, f?*"iuiK conhdent that we have the best elect*-'1 stock in Waahincton. All Work in the at?ove Tine intrusted to our oare will be promptly attended to. Y MYKRS ft MeOHAN. mar 5-tf :<7 ft l> street. '|'HK SAND HILLS OK JUTLAND, By Hans I rhristiau Andejron; price 75 oente. a .itoln. grnpiuoa! KfOoaicHom by the late n.*r..? W ;.bert Leslie, K A , edited wi?h a prefa i >'j mi Lea i? a* an artist, and lections from I ts oorrtvpondence, by loin i ay lor, he<|., with portrait: price ?1. 6. J ust published ail i for ?a e at PHILP ft SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookstore, 33'J Pennav., jt 6 between Mb and l<Xh ?U. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. JV'OTICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC 1^ TRAVELERS! PiyEY POIXT, POINT ILOOK-OVT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTS MOCTH. The oommodioua ani swift steamer BALTIMORE, ha?ir<g been thoroughly |? ^ overhauled and lelitted with ? i boilers and machinery,&o . will be^ 5*5, ?:a, a 5'aoeuonthe above ri ute MONDAY,the 9th of nly, and oontinne during the t-athing tnason, matin* wmi weekly trips. leaving Washington MONDAYS and THURSDAYS* at lo o'clock a m. Re turning will leave Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAY'S at 3 o'olook p m., making ail the river landings going and returning. Fare to Marbury's . Pope's Creek $2 ?? s'andv Point 1.5 1 Blaokiatone's _ 2 00 Quantico 15- Bluff Point. Sj*i Liverpool Point.... 15* Marsha l Pavilion 2.00 Boyd a Hee 2 (?< Pmey Point jf.ifl Matthia* Point 2.0" ! Point Look oat To Old Point and Norfolk $5, inc udinj mea t. Round trip ticket* t > Norfolk and OM Point. good for the ?ea?on. .f8 <*hiidren under ten Tear*, and ?rvants,halffa-e. Freeoo ?red person* Freight at usuat t ates ard must be prepaid. The steam or Ha timore being the fastest boat on tlie Potomac, will oonvey paf*engeis to Point Look < ut in S hours, making the trip down this beautiful river by day licit'. For ticket* and further information apply on board to Capt. CHAS. E. MITCHELL, or at the Company's office,corner Penn. avenue an I ?ixth streft, auder the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTINGLY, general Ticket Agent ty fi 7t (Int.) Potomac Steam boat Com panr. j\) CAPON SPRINGS. EW and improved route via tin Maniusaa Gap Kail Road and the Straeburg and Capon Turnpike, AjM lW\ JL only 1R milesofntatinn ovc"1-*- t**- = a oomfortable and safe road. l/?ve Alexandria in the orange and Alexandria Tram at 7.15 a. in., take the Ma assas cars at the junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon $5.<X) From Washington to ?;ap'>n 5or? For inforina'ion enquire at the Rail Road Office nn r rinr nf >li t f K at a ?wf l'a ?t? l n VV ? ? ?l ww> "V. c- ( V.-IAVU ov( UWU CB. 0*1, 11 *? ' ? U I UK, If ? II , l?nu &t the Ticket Office on Union ?t, Alexauuna, Va. jy 12-dtS<>thAue BALT1MOKK A\n OHIO RAILROAD. WASHIXUTON BRANCH. CiSMh mt Change of Hoik*. ON AND AFTER VVKDNfcSDAY, June ISth, 1860, will run as follow*: Leave Washington at 6 ?' and 7 40 a. m. Leave Washington at 3-2U and 6.9) p. m. On Sunday at 3 2J p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4-23 and 8 40 a. in. Leave Ualtunpre at 3 15 and 4.30 p. in. 4 ?r Sunday at 4 2"> a. m. Passengers for the Fa?t will take train* at 6.20 and 7.4" a. m and 3 2" p m. For the West at 7 4'> a. m. and 5^20 p. m. r or n nnnp'UiB ai 7.4" a m ana 3.?,l p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4<? a. m. On Saturday ev(*nini? the5.20 p. m. train goet to Philadelphia only. i? 13-.1 T H. PARSONS, A<en>. NEW ORLEANS IJXT TSIlSiB DAYS WITH TBR CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and J a eJc son, TO NKW ORLEANS! MEM PHTsTROUTE: Memphis by Ra'l, thence t?y First oiass Paokets to N#w Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile oy First c.ass Packets. Mo' i e to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SCMHAY* Included, Leave Washington at 6 a in and 6pm The Steamer GEORGE PAGE l>*av?? her whart fririt <if Spvunth itrrAt t * m ?n/l ?W n m ?./! connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t. Office? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED TBRCTLOH TO HEW ORLEAHA. Lynohburg . S.Vi .Memphis ?11 no Bristol :.5i> Atlanta .. 2? on KnoxviMe .. iOO" Macon 28 <* Chattanooga 24'*? Columbus 31 50 Dalton ?.24t*> Monteomerjr 31 <* Hnntsville i<7im ) via Memj>his.42 50 Grand J u notion ..9>nn N. O.J via H. Juno 42 5" Nachville ? 25 5<>| \ via Mobile H5 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is #00 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LES<* IN TIME than any other t ine?the l.ynehburs Extension being now completed, as also the Miamssippi Centra', makinc it the QUICKEST AXl> MOST PLF.ASAWT ROUTE i.v i l> c/? /tt u c- u -vr Tt? i ir r r r o e ? i v/ n ij iy "> i g i n ivii I .1 r J' i-< iv i v ? It is provided with First c &?? Car*! ( To New Orleans 7'i Houra. .ri>u- ) Memphis ? 54 do. I l.lli Montgomery 63 do. I Nashville . .46 do. ITT The U.S MAI I-and ADAMS' EXPRESS are ta*en over this New Line. Tickets onn be obtained at the South Western Offi co, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av enue, to the following points: | Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxvtlle, Atlanta. Chattanooga. Huntaville. Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville. DaltoQ. Co.umbus, Montgomery. Mobile, M-rapine, and NEW ORLEANS. Ip~ THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS V1KUIMA. SPRIXUS IL/~ Omnibuses and Baggage Wanuns leave the office at 6 a m. and r. p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Atent, ina 23-tr Corner Sixth it. and ra. sr. Tut XT i.' i VI ^ U I AC CI'V UIill ha. . R mm M 0 1411. f ai^| V. I *? III IVOUIM" "VI 1 trips oa TUESDAY, 21*t of _/T"*e!' w February. IMP. Will >ave WAS1! p INttTON "vert TUESDAY a: 1 II IDA V, at r. o'clock a. in., a- d Al.KXANDR! A &t half-pact 6 o'clock, lor Cl'ItRlOMAV and tlie intermediate Landings. On her return trip*, she will leave C1'R RIOMA.N every WKDNr^DAV aid SATl'RhAV.dt j o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAG! :, Proprietor. NATH'L H<>( SH. Az't, Alexandria. ie.-> PFOR NEW YORK. ASSA6E, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. *T.40. Th? New Yori and Virgiuia fccrsw Steauiihif Company's new and elegant steamship ? "j#* MOC.NT VER NO.N, T.C.8mith will leave the Company s Depot, Wei tern Wharves, at ll'o'clock a. m every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m.caraada>. Passengers rom Washington and Georgetown oan take tne coaches connecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, whioh leave the oornar ol Tth jtr'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or tney can lOtv# on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'clock a. m. State rooms oan be encaged on application U Mesvrs. Morran A Rhmehart, Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the noara oi lepar Insurance will be effeoted on all goods by this ine at the oftoe of the Company at K per oent p.'Sin ism. The accommodations for paisengers by this line are in every respect first-c ass. and everv effort wil be made to render thm oommnniuation with New York an ag reeab'e and healthful one. For freight or paasage apply to FOVVLK A CO., Agent*, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * CO., el ly 90 West ?t-.oorner Albany, Now York. DENTISTRY. r_ DDKNTAL NOTICK. H. LOOM Irt Has rioawl Ini office fortlie ??'a on, and will bo absent, ax u?ual, (luring the sum iner mouthi; will r?KUine practiofl the lat of Oct' li -r, of wm<*h further notice will be given. H 10-tf I) DENTIST? Y. I'R. H1LL8, aftor a praotica'te?t of two yearf, feels that he oan wit 1 oo&fid<Mioe reoom mend the Ctieop'aftio I'rooeae lor iiisertingftflBM artificial teeth It ha* the advantages or* ' 1' -3 trength, beauty,c'eatilinuMjBnd olieapnen. Fall upper sets irmerted for f 36. Partial in proportion. 306 l'a. avenue. ae 7 1/ 1 K K, P I R F. I P OTO M AC W ATE R. 1 *01 still ungated in the 'L.U \l HIiN<j and tiA!* FI fTINO BlJilN K#S? at my old stand in Fhilhar uiouiu nn.ii. i ne aavantape < l having a plentiful aupply of wat?r w*? readily observed at the fireo* y Saturday. a? I am weil ?ati-fijd I should have be>-n iiurued out hut for the boaiitiful xupply upor my premi?e?and th'tofmy n?i({ht?or? All order" for the introduction of Water and Gas will he prrmpt t attended to. Terma as reasons, hie an any plumber in the oity. _Jy3 _ C. SNVDF.R 275 "t" 275 JACKSON, PLASTER E R S , Penxa. Aviwpi, Between 10th and ll'h atreetH. je 19 niJKK OLD RYK WHISKY.?On hand aevera J. brand* of Pure Old Rye Whi ky, Copper Diatilled. ikvie by the most rehab e distillers in Penna?lvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Brandies, Henueaay. Otard, Dupuy ? Co., jales Rooms, Ao AUo, Peaoh and App!? ? . ... .. J, pure iiuuanu tiin, oi< Jamaica am) Oroix Ruin, aud Wine# of ev*ry variety, all o< standard bran<1? A ohoioe lot of t*i?ara and Tot*ooo YOUNG A KF.PH* UT, Arent#, <*p II 't Pa aw . hw?fw Mth and WTh *t? PlANOS.-??REAT BARGAINS?One Koacnkranti Piauo, in beat order, fur One atx octavn tiaele Piano for $Gf>. AlnfeSQ i 1 very good Prinoe Melodeon for f3*. Por?n*f" ale on acoommodatinc terma at 'he Maaio Store of Ijalj) W. G. METZEROTT j MEDICINES. <KE~ WHAT AYKR'!* 8ARSAPARILLA H DOK9FOR DE R A SO EM EXT OF THE LITER. Ston't Cii>m!TO. ( Tal'ad'ca Co., Ala . Ant 9. *39. \ I>r. J. C. Aver. Lovtll, : 1 take iny pen ta lellyou what jour S?A KS*APA R11 L.A and CATHARTIC PILL? hare don* for n?e. I had been at&iotrd with Liver Complaint lor kix veara, dunnc which 1 wai never well, and mceh of the time v?ry sick. M* Lirer vu aore to th? touch, and, th- doctors aid. was contacted. I tuf^rtd from aerere cottivenana a*d rtia- rh<*a a-taroately. M? akin VIU olummt and nnh'H thi mt ?TM and kin often yellow. Occasionally I had a roraiioua appetite, but generally none at all A dreadful sen nation of oppression on ray stomach, with languor an l a gloomy sensation of sioknees all uv?', kept me in ancuieh. Yon cannot know how ir.? ch 1 suf f-?red from an inde?cr;babl" feeling of diatress The jong oontinuacc" of this o<>t.ditior, without relief, hart worn n;e out co tha' 1 never txpeofed to be better ; but reading, in the Chrutian Advocate, of your ^arsapariila, I oomufnoeti taking it. with ooca?iona! imall doses of your Pills, to regulate the bowels as you direot. From the first, it bad more etfV-ct upon mr disorder than I supp<c<*J anything culd have. 1 regained, rny \<a th rapidly, ar u now after ei?>v~n weks, fcnioy a? good faith ami strength i? mot other nnn. May trie "Dispet.ser of alt got d" shower blessings on you John W. Stott Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mas*. jv 13-eolm XJ. O. n. db T. ik . HnVMEWELfS UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cough* to Actual Contumptton. HUNNEWKLL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOIjU ANOCrXB, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all IS'ervou? Complaints, From Neuralgia through ail cae?i where Opium was ever used to that <?f l)Blmuin rremena, and the common chief oauae of luseaae LOSS OF SLKEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though contain ' not a par tioieof Opium, produces a.l the rep ementa of, and may ! ? uaed in all caaea wherevt. Opium waa uaml without producing anything but Cure*, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. f'.e Universal Cough Rfmody, <freed from al the ownmon otneotion of * uugh Reinrdiea, wtiioh fr >diioe nauaea or proatration,) may he oonaidered he oominon euemy to a.l Throat and Lung Complainta. and used with perfrct impunity Aaking all to oourt from proprietor or frienda the most aevere investigation ol both Remedies,and readme of our pamphlets to h? lound with all dea.era. and more pai tiouiar.y to purchase only of those who can be depended upon, we wait in oonfi'leuoe the dooiMona of Patients ar.d Physioiana. "Prioei within reach of a I " ormkkal agents. J. W. Hcsjikwell 4. Co., 7 and ? Commercial Wharf. Boston, Gko. Humnkwell, 145 Water at.. New York, Order the special supervision of JOH N [,. HI NNEWELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist. Boston, Mass , whoso signature covers the oo ksofthe genuine only, and to whom address all communioations. Soid i?y all respectable dealers ever*where, and all the D/ugnists in Washington and Georeetown. mar 26-Vo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" J-OMPOl'ND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases of th? HI.ADDER. KIDNEYS, GKA VKL. and DROPSICAL 8WEI.LINGS. This Medicine inerstct the power of Digestion, and excit-s the ABSOR ISK.\T> into hea thy ao which the WATF.RY OR CALCKKOl'S depositions, and all LNNATl'RAi KNLARGEMKNT9 are reduced, as well as PAIN and INF LAM M A TION, a^dus g??o<l for Mjrv Wib\tir\ rtK HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT KIT HU, For WeakiiNtN Arising from Fxcesees, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Atttni'd with ike follow in* Symptom.? r? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss ?.f Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves. Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Hack, Universal Lassitude of the Muscu ar System, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dryness <>f the Skin, Eruptions on the Face. PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on. whieh this rre.licin- i:n anaM* removes, soon follows impotkycy. fatuity, epileptic fits, I* OjIK op W HICH THE PaTIKNT MAY ExriRB. v> ho can sav thatrhev are n<>t fr' quent!y followed hv "III R KPI I 111<4> ' " i \ S X N i T V A N i) C <i N S i" M P TI ON Many are aware r?f the cause <?' tneir sirfTonnic, B L'T FOX F Wll.l CONFESS. THK KKCORDSOF THK I N bA N K A J* V LI' MS And rk' Mrlanrholy Lleatkt fcy Con^vmpttcn Hear am pi witiie.? to the irirth of the a*?ertion. THK CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to ?tr?-ustheii Arid Invigorate ttif "'yitorn. ITttcA Helmjold'H KXTRAtT HUCHI' i?'?nably do**. A TRIAL WTLL COIVWK THK MO?T ?KRrTICAL. FF.MAI.F.H-FFMAI,FS-FFMAI ES. OLD OU YO UNO. StStiLF. MAHKlED, ON CO STUM PL A Tl Vtt MAKKIACt R IN MANY AFFECTIONS i KCULUR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu 1* anMu^ltd by any other remedy, as in Chi >ro?ia or Retention irregularity, rsin[u.n?Ri. or Suppression ulCus tuit &ri Kvaouations, l ofrnted or Soirrtiou<> ?tate of the Uterus, Leuoorrh<p.a or Whites, Sterilluy, and for a ! complaints incident to the h z w ii^trier ' arisluc from Indiscretion, Habit* of Dissipation, or id the DECLjyK OR CHAyUE OF LIFE. 9rk symptom* abovr. NO F*MILV SHOUuD HK WITHOUT IT Tak' no mort Balsam. M'retrry, or unpleasant Mtdicinefor unp'tasant mi I>a'*erous iHstdMt. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHL' rem?* SECRET DISEASES Iw a!' their SJacf ?. At little expense; Little o? no change In Diet; No inoonvcnienoe; i And no Exposure. It 'iiuBfM a fr?t'i**nt desire an i sives strength to Urinate, tlierei.y Removing iihstriiutninn. Preventing an 1 curin* Strictur-? of the Urethra. Allaying Tain and IlSmiiii ati<>n. s.i frequent >n tn? ciass of diseases and expelling all toiionour Ihseat'd. ant1 worn out Marrer. THOUSANDS VP OS THOUSASDS who havk bkkn thr victims <>f ^cacks, aim wn<> nav- pai'i n<ctvy rt's lo "<> ' cured in a short tiiii". have f.-v.' d th^y w*re deceived. and that the POISON" i:a?. t>y the use of "powerful aktrirgesth," been dried up in the system, to hr -ak out in an .%<cravate-1 form, Mid PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAOE. I'h? Hki.mboi.d's Kitract BccHcf-ir &'i affection* and disease- r.f th"URINAKY ORGANS. Whether existing in .MA' r. I>K thMALK. From what?v?r onu e ongtuating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Dltsapee of tlie?enf*aii? r* <iiureth"ai-l ol a Ihvritt IIKLMUMLD'S KXTKACT BUCHl' 18 THK * > R K A T DH'KKTIC. And isoertmnto have the desired Rff-ctip*!! Diseases KOK WHICH iT IS BKOOMMi NUKD. Evident* of ik* mnsi rtliabl* and retmstbU char- ! ter will aooompanv the ra?<1|M"ei CERTIFICATES OF CURES. l>Vom 3 fo2f* y?ir* ftandmt. With Namk*- known to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per bottle, or lix for S5 00 Delivered to any Address, aeoureiy packed fro observation. Dk?cuibr Symptom* in all Communications (arcs Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of the city of Fin adelplua.H. T H *LMBoi.d,who hern* duly sworn, doth say. his preparations co.tam no i naroot'o, no mercury, or <> iier injurious artist, ' I hut ar, onre.v h X Hl'l MRIII n Sworn and'subscribed before iin\ tiua 23?1 day of November. 1354 WM P. HIBHFRD, Alderman. Ninth utreet, above Race, FK1I&. Address ietier* for information in oonfidenoe to H T H HUM BOLD. Chemiat. Depot, 104 South Tenth ?t . bet Cheanut. Phua. P llfcWARK OF COUSTERFfilTfe AND UN PR I NCI PI. FT) DKALKR8. Who endeavor to diipoae of their ows and "OTHKK" AE1ICL1M OS THE REPUTATION ATTAINED *Y Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation*, " " Extract Buohu, " " " Sa'?apanllaf " " Improved Rose Wash. S<>1d hy S. D. Wiin.J'J* Seventh street, and 8. C Fork, Ja, ooruor Penn. avenue and Eleventh street. A.V/> ALL HRVtHilSTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut nit the advertisement and send tor it. ANDAVOI1) IMPOSITION ANDEXPOSURE. ap4 J ENGINEER'S OFFICE. a Ai.sxamiKIa, June 2fi, laftt. MANASSAS G \P K AI I.KOA D. m\ KliNnRi n \l IVASTKII i.n thali... of this road from Alt. Jackson to Harnsoahurf. Wag.** ft I a day; b ard 4'" P^r month. For information, Sro., inquire of VVM. S. FEWELL, Company'* Offioe, Alexandria. jetfi dtJ?2o,iitwAuicA lstwS*p. UfASHlNUTON (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Art nut and Tenth Street. J. C MoGUIRE, Presided. O. D. HANSON. t*eoretary. ma7 Mr HOWE'SIMPROVED WEIGHING8CALE8 These Scales areoflered to the eoblie as the moat simple. durable, and reliable scales ever pat m use. Firstolass premium* have been awarded than by the United States Fair and Virginia AfioulturaJ 8ooiety; Virginia State A * nwu tura! Fair: Frankim Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York state Fair; Vermont ?tate Fair, Ac., Ao. In every case where exhibited tuej nave received first oiass premiums For sa e at b* Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller'* Chilled I roii Safes. <. ia ?- l>. n u * nohia/kki a "o r. r a i i nrrfii. PRIME COST.?Organdie, ^aooner, H?re;e, Grenadine, and 9iik Robea.Irom two to nine flnonoea. at first coat. We will from thia dar forward offer our entire atock of the abo*e (rood* at roat; no more wi:i be a-k-d Ur any of them. We ha\e t>>a? through our Dreaenoode and mat ked down moat of thia kind of cooda; and we reapeotfulir aolioit all in want of no* Dreaa ftooda, at very low prioea, to an examination of our a took. je^f ?o6t TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. MISCEL1.ANEOP& I / s o \ / ^ ^ Rnnwnirv? ' y \ t/jr &' > w dispatch: \ ? \ \^/*TSare the Pieffi! At *etuUati will k*rrm, mm t* w*il rfmJattd famthts, it is rery desirable to have ?.<me oneap aod convenient way for repa;nng Furniture. Toys, Crockery, 4c. SPALDING* PKLPARED HLIE mMti ali ?uoh *m*?r**nc.???. and no household ?an afford to to without it. It n a!w*ur?a<l? am) up t<- ti.e sticking point. Th<*re is on|*r a bwi*itv for limping ch* r?, splintered vwwm, headlees dolls, a?"l broken o.a<1 ? ?. It is ju?t tn* artio> f?r oon?. she!!. and othrr urnam^rta: work, ao fopalar with ladi?p >f refit:enier! a*?t taste. This admirable preparation In used e<>id. be;n* ch?mioa)iy held in >> ution. and possessing all the va.uabie qualities of the beet cabinet makere' |lae. It may Mused in the p.aoeof ordinary muci.age. being vast y more adhesive. " VSEPVL l? EVERY HO US Br Pri't, 2ft o?nti N. B.?A Brush acoompatuee each bottle WHolmU D*re*, No. 4* Cedar street. New Yort. Address HKNRV cTsrALDIN6 k CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pet op for Dealers in Case* oontaioing Foar, Fight,and Twelve D"ren?a t<eauuf?l Lithograph <e Show Card aeeompastmi each package. fr?" A aincle bottle of SPALDISU'S PHII PAhEDGLVE will save tec t ines its oost annually to every household.-/"Ti S<?ld by ail prominent Stationer*. Druggists. Rardware and Furniture D<*a.era, Grocers, and Kanoy Stores. Conotr* merchants should make a note of SPAL DiyO'S PKEPaHEU GLL'E. when making up their list. It will stand an? aliiitat*. fe 10-ly ( ^AROHAXJtC^I 14 1 /taU^'skfttl *s??g i^SsJs1 $ ET*?MMt, C* * <J ^ 3/tWir f or IBM J?. (U< Jd**1 /'.*U.?r %% \T \'jS^:fg l)P '** / ik* H'*nm4P*Ae^) / 'ow Si 57 00 _ ^ Af*vMMrWftf JF r*#fy l? ?? l? ???l. - ^ I f ITr |fl J#r?* 4+/+n/i w fftme m *+** *,"fT#'lC ^ iX r4? rif A?*. rA? r? fl'4j?l??. ? Jy. ^ ^ Ci?l ? o/rf 4* fU /Wf V ?*? ?r. ft * r+ Jr ! ^ | W comr mrf'ti h , tk* fir* J \ ?/**?*? m\ C if I <*? ('*> * aa f. ?i? Jfc i # ?5^ % jr< tL S ol f Proprietor. , |S!! <5 /el? / (' %a&)) / * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS HHUEYlllKEIf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN fMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. hOR SALE J.\ WASHISUTOS EY T 7 ly UARBOl H A HEMMK8, PARAFFIN*: OIL. THE < HKA PEST LUiHT KSOWX \Ve ii.jw reofivini: 1'* .fliuo Oil dircot from tl.c worth in w**t-rii Vircu.ia. The <us !itr >( it is -nr. pr.-liic:i:e a steady, l>ril ian* and I eautifu light, and more pleasant to th? eyes than t\? iight. This Oil in fr?*? from adu'terat on,and very much more eoonomioa! than mauy of the C"ai Oils used at this time. 1T7" It is in no wrj explosive. we ko-'D ai-o a sup^r .if the n><>rt approved atyies of uamps, Ac., for hu-nine this till. KING A pVttCHBLL, Agents fonts ?s * for the Di-trielof Columbia, Corner t ifteenth ?t. *iwl Vermont ar. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma II nn CAIRIAHKS. 1 HE J*nt>eor?ber having made srtdiQoneto bi factory, maki^t >t oot one of trie :&.-je?t iu the Diftriot. where h1* fa^uitee forWB^nM^ nianjfaoturin/ CAK R1 AG R A LIGHT^k^BS WAGONS of til kinda c&ncot he aurpieaed. *n4 from hu ionr exp *r:?nc? in the bmaiseaa, he hopea to five ?atJ-faction. All kic<la of Oariiatea ?o* Lttht Wacona kept ? ktwl. vA.'l REPAIRS centydaaa.iiUali e.-dari prenyl ly attended Jo. S?oeni!-kai!< CvrUc?> ?*Jret ic nx^ !cr ar? aea ANDREW J. JOYCE, ?l 11 t* I4tw ?r>4 ? ?tf |7"1VK HINDRED TRAVELING TRTNK3 I arrived thi* da?. etnt-'iwitu a.i ^mil ium se ties ar.d ai'e* of }>.( e Leather, Ladier (His*. ,* tJ'psn 40:1 Packing T unkc. Our trank^ *?"" rooiii exhibit* at tliia time the gr*at**t variety of travelirg requialtea at moderate BL.<e?.to be ( mid this <??d-? ??f \?w Y<>rk A!rm, every deecrip t.ion ... i.A l>l ES' HAT BoXKB, VALICKS. CARPET HA??-. SATCHKEP. Ac. jrrOld Trunk* repairod or tnkcn in exchange for r.ew ones. _ WA1.U bTKI'K! N* * Trunk ??* c? Room, mm H-rf ?veii?. i [REEMAN ? SIMPSON IMAGNOLiiMACKOLIJl j|vm i SK i; u^vmsK E^p We offer for aaie the above atandard brand oi fine Covper Distil tec Malted R*e Wbiaky, m barrelit ana haif-l*arrei a. Aa it la of oor own diatilia tton. and highly improved bv ace. we oonfrieatiy it aa the puii?t and beat Whiakr that oan possibly hediatilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other branda, from the largest atook of Fins Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuylkill nver, Plula. Offioes?9fi Wall street. New York ; and 109 SoJth Front street. Philadelphia. mar S9-ly Baltimork life insurance co.-i* roRPoEATKD IR3U ?John 1. Do>ali>son, Pres.: M. CotJLiKE, Seo y. This ooinpany INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, *o. Descriptive pamphlets ina? tx? obtained at the Company's Agency for the Distriot of Coiambia. office of Lewis Johnson A Co.. Hankers. 10th street and Pecu. avraua. J. VY. MAGILL, Agent. Il M. M. 11. U?l RtT. 'few ?ntf if. V. L&MAK. V* II MUTT. lift. AVIlIi I AM A.*, MOT* * At TRY, L< ATTORNMYB AT LAW Holly 3rki5?, Miss.. Will practioe in the Hifh Court of Errors and Appeals at Jackson, the Federal Court at Pontoto*, the Courts of the Eleventh Judioiai Distriot of Mi*aiMi,an<1 win attend to the Collection of ClauM Nortl MiarMitti MlMf JACOB REEl). Ma^pfa< TriiK or niLITART CLOTHINtt, OoVTEMAfT cobnke hbc05d and srftucb sts., PHILADELPHIA. MI LIT A RY CLOTHS FOR S\LK I* ?>-4m 19 l\iU\ GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND I?,UUU CRAB APPLK CIDKR.-W# invnu ttie> attention of the pnblic to oar iarceaod vail lected stock of Champagne and CraD Appte Cider, whioh we guarantee to be jure jmoe, and will be old on reasonable terms in order to make room for our spriug stock. Gi*e us a oall at the Union Bottling Depot, f* * No. tT firwn at.. fi*nrfMnwi Ai E.LL<un ri if. LvmobR. LL De?oription? of the above Lumber, for ?iMPir^KwrbisrA3S,iiVt', ^ s| boards.and flooring tdreeeed or undrew ad) (u: rushed direct from the uoutnerr mills b? JOY k METOaLF, 7w Smith'* wbarf j?Mir w?? ??r%t? ? Kt tlmnr*. V d BAIEI8' BUTTEK !.N BAl,TtMoRE.-\Ve oanatall s?ai?>ns nf th ymr supply you with evert grade of Butter, vert obuioe. \\ * i eve some bow as low m ten oents, an J from that up to the best, for sound oake. ELL1COTT * HE WES. ma 1 *9 Ejohacfe Piaoe. BaJcmpre MKniCINS*. D? '"BUT! horb LIKI HOSPITAL. N+t D%*0?'?4 <A? awn r?rMM Srfff, mmd tmty Kf?er+tu Rrm*di m tk* World TOE ALL DI?EAPKJ* OF IMPBl'PKNCK. LET PK> FALSE oTilCirr fKKTKKT APPLY IMMKD ATELY. A CVhH WARRASTKU.OK HO CRAKhB, IN FJiOM OitK TO TWO OA >5 VNhMifiti l??l ImdttM ud Iu.'4?f, ui'i iriirt [>wrh?rfii. Iirtiilt.ty. Dakil't* Ntroinm, Utfrlr In at-ini*. flin W Uo>, PilpuciM likff?u,Ti?i4n?p . r#nt> DimalM ? 6tddu [>. MI if H?. a. TifMt. Rmi ?f AficmM?fU? kn f?. liM>rli w Ikait Timtli Llnwtiri irm* | fm ?.> iff M- rt ?| T t?tti? l>ri?<1f?! ia4 nil racim Pr* eiwm ?* ?* di? Nitnifi 'nfwiln '?< mii * <? i*? Mac YOCN<< MILII BipiilU* ? fcl h* * itl ?!- >? if Ka u?r* Vila, Ik> i 4ih?Aii ind MMM.I ? ?' IK ? >.?? ? i*i?f< i? ti: ii uim j (r>'i UMit nji >f Vmi | Hurfiu i'?. ?t. Iilld Hin>IM and In. im inililici, ill mifV ?M a > li*| HiinncU :ntiiiin( Iiikiii ittk |hnM< '<in iih vakid ta IHttil linuf Tf?. ?T ? VII* 'il ml (Mil. Mitl.AII Hill II Ptu M \ aa> ( M.. M?l?afMU>| Mai flafl, llinf ivarf tlilkHI fltjt* dlk H?r. Iiihkivh, tr . citii l< *M piactt Sinai T X 111 ill Mill! "l I ? ? Mltf uit twill mi lis ha? at > a |'?u?iai MulJiUf ? my* hw skill ?a urrtc* h* t ritPMMinin nftiiti ^ urn pn| hi? Baluiaara mm ' ? Im III cwni. rill iittMix ! ? ?. liiBlii Utun i ? ftil aat wuli iuaf M. /oansToB, Minim af tka * ?? Caliaf ?'p>r>. la??aa ??. ' a? 1a fna HI (f lk? ISMt I C*U<(' M. ?*> t. .ll !*?, and tki griatar part a' a ifa * vaaa tjiui m in ka? lUii ?( Lwlx , Pirn. Ptnl?lii|in ?i d 9 in - ?Pleiad mu i ( ill mi i??imIii<| f?r?i ?m loivn, imlilil aiik r\ ( i g ir ilia Itil ad ??n ?Ul u>tip rratl niifmi<Mi ! " < iI*.im4 : laddia Mali, k?ahfBUaM ? t? fri,a?> . , <?? kali viU dim (iibii . af mii d. ?in can <m iltiti a. take riarickkar w ?tk:bTibi i Mar uit athir* art.* tin m'arad irm li a riiui pracuci inda f 1 a aai> il?? llilw fraqf ?tfy lairnad fraia t?tl cMip>? *>-i, af .fcaai, >? ill a' vllih ira nifLi.y fiit i?in fcan (aaiaap. %m4 ' aa?? raaJin karriafa inifaaailia, ul tiaauaaa lail awl aa4 bad!, ibav.d if) i mmadiaial* TVc. in lami jf ;hi Hi m Mlin'Ulf fiadiaal If a.r T af raatfc ?ia : Ki-lmi af tla l>d aid Uiafci. Piii.i ia ifca Hill Dinmaaa of Sift l.oaa af Mma.x Peaar, Pi.|uiua> af ifca Miirt,l>vapa|?>. Ninaai Irrilafcl illy. I>ar? f ii'.im af tha di|hihi fai ub..i, > ItaliMf, aytfu*:' -a **i va' aa- ? MKNTtLLT ?T?a fa-i'a ilifuv tk? nal tn *aah ta k? traadad- Lmi ??( Mtroara IW??m ?(M??. Htpin m afPpir?a KtU F?rMin|i, A' ' f?a* ?-?ai, Ua>a af <-ua4a, T nu4up. aid . UI ?< ik? Kik <u*4. NERTOGI PN>klTT - rt>?wi>il(W> ata l?"f* Itlbtumtftfinr d?ciii.n.( faaltb, Itiinf lhair <( ? * Iwrnnj ?aak, pa la, oa raaaa n.d aicw!?<. M !>( i^niLtl a baa* tha ?**. CM(h m i?n p .an aaf rMamyuM [Hit-AN KM or IMPtl'DKNi.C Vkia Ji? 1*4 and itn|-r?4?ti[ j af p bad* k< hti lir.Mktl Ux aaa.ta af thia pamfal liaaaaa. w 'a? aflaa b>^|taiii thai aa ill-limai aanaa af ihaua ?r lira' 4 af 4wa>(if 4aiata hm frtia ap; a to ibiaa v*<a. fran aoacaiiar. a.d raapaclabtUip, car afona bafnard hm. Hi r>ili mta lha bar At of \gn- an; and <:*aifitinf rratandar*. t?a. li.e f ? ?>a af rannf. tick *iia pacam.ry ati aiuci kaap bta ifif- g man' ?'?r month, or ?a ?-r.f ?a lha an aUaa fa* car ba laio*4. ?o4 la Ikaatf Imm n*aa atlh rye ad ba?ltbiaa^% a?ar h:? fa.ling dia-ppaan'maitt; ar f tha waa af : at 4a? a poiatH.. Mar- -? haatan lha MMlin ' jxaaiaa af ttm limhli diaaaaa. aacb aa Af)(ua.i Hiar. Thra? H?aa, Ik -,4i fl?fiaaaii.| *|U fci|t'hi ttpa4l',p. i I 4a- > (a.a a aana4 '.a bib draalfai aafannfa ty aandn f hiai ta I at aadiacaaarad caat :rf from aboaa Loar a na traaaiar rat -Tit (ML 'NIIKVtm r >R on, A HI,; ?k tA ID KM AR? mrOTENCY. r tkla jraal *t.d iir.paaiaiil f an a a-k aaa af lha aitaai art apaadiip carad and '*1 ?ifar raaiarad Thoaaanda af tba aaa: raraoaa ?r,4 dabiittaiad, aka ka4 .aa. ail bapa, aa a baac m.madi ;a.? raiia?a4 AII iiapadimania la Marnaf a f'aa.aa ar Kaaul PbjUH Itaitora. Laaa af Pracraatia* Fawai, Naraaaa Irrv. alMip Tran t i'cf - id Waaki.aaaar Kabaaauao af lb* ?aa, faa i<kr kind apaaaduj cirif tRDJMIM MtY Or T? K rttM Til MANY TH< 'li# A N.' cara4 aiihaa ina.ia'.laa aiib.a lib i a aaaaa.laan aitn > aa A K? i mirMt in r ( Plbk I SsMl - Ml tfiriunu parfarioad hf Pt ?:traa**d *? u a* ( tha papar* ><M (bany Mliir MrHM, t*niM at wbiefc h<>< >p|?ui4 Mt*' **tl >4>? kiwt tl?* tattle, aa i ci Kit aiai ..1 I.f ft af chiiuiu nl ri?M.n M i idcitir.pi ttnui w iki tl'iul ! ?? * ?R. J. BOVEE DOD'K IMPERIAL WlfiE BTTTBRS, Art now besnj used from Max^eto the ttreet *4 I Ui", ani tne untveraai vcjfliot <>f tU; who uae tr ein either a? a mrtlirtn* or Iki a brrtrma*. la that they are unaurpaaed in the world Pr. Ikwia uaeil them awoeaafmly in hit rrV--yi t"r H> year* before we pur< haaed of him the a< .e "(111 t?> manufacture *r<l preeeiit them for aa e t? the For the cii'e of Incipient Conrumption. lnd>?e#t;on. D>a pepata, Pilea, Nervosa liiaea ea. F<-ma>e Com plaint*, and ai! om?? refuiruit a tonic, the* are t* ) und dout't a moat *- retredy. A aide from their mxdictual propartlea they ar? a pure, wh<>l? ome and de iglitfui Beverage. producing a, the p>a*aut exhile-atine effect* ??f Braitdy or Wine without their injurious run ti. I ft a.I Mrixti of humanity and at. aivooat** <>f t^mperan^e aaaiat ua in auhatitutuc * line ' va uai>'e VrgetaMe Bittera for the wiiiftai p?i>na< and a/fmiirrmtrd L vdc With which the country la flooded, and thereby el fec' aid in t>au ?h:ii( L?i?ea*e fciid Drunkenee* from the .and. CHARLK* WIDIMFIKLD k CO. Proprietor*. 7** IVii ia<n atreet, >iew York. J. PCHVYAKZE. Arent, WaeiitncU'D, D. C. 1)R J B< ?Vk. K lMiOt*' IMPERIAL fijy BITTERS. For Diafft-ea of the K.'Ine* ?. H adder ar J I'r.nar? ?'r*an?, and e?peo a j f.-r Female c 1 :,alruotM-ii?. never fai. to cure, ai d ar? warranted to jive aa'ia ?. .*i I*cvii?n. CHaRLKO wiodi field a c<>.. f ropuetora, 7" W i ham ?t.. N>w York. J. SCHWARZK, j?7 If.r Actnl. \Vuhin|ti>o. D. C. Highly important to all' u 1 r /v. f c IXDIAy teuet'abluufcoctiox. It ta v*l. known t'i&t in the I*prir.|t people *'* more apt to o?t>?ra<U <1i??a??e ttar. at ai.y <>th*r perirxl; ac<J it i? e?ua!'? weii krs?'Wn that the war Co *ard off s? t? keep th? blood pur*, for "all the ii!? that f.eah u b#tr to," r.uae from imparl t? of the l>lo< J, the main epnnc of out eaieteroe. Hit, tfcerrfore. important *11*11 tliat the avctrn. ah->uM he Uiorou*h!v (litr rj ?uj>i purified, and thi? can t-e in the m<>?t f tfectv*. ?n i>r aaira mrs m cox's 1xdla> r metable dk c(lct1(t\ th?? itmt r*aa?>a.!? - . , ... ? v .. . T - > "" ur vu " ofui?eates cfSkm, Krr?ipp v>. J-<;ro|n a. RbftiM tiem. Nervous Deni tty. rcvrn of diSerent kiMla, Dy "pfp'y Livar Complant, and a other <? ? ??"? e arisins from impii-itr of th? Mood. It > a* <fle?t~J tne ntort remakah.e c rta, as oar. t<e shown t ? numerous certificates from pereons of the hi#h??st ro*p^etn?iiiitf, and is recommer.lea by a!' who have us?d it at t:;e costi;:vaaua)M? rerr.euia a, tt of the day. irritli sold by ail the Druggists of Ua bnora, a ltd at the residence of the proprietor. MR!*. M. COX. lfl* Kast Kaitimore str??t. between E iet. street an<i Centra. a\etiOe None genuine unless her name is blown on the bot'i?*aiid her sea or. theco'g I'riee fl prr i?>tt.e, kit fwttles for fS. Wfco/'*s.'? At mt. K. fl. T. CiaaKL. Druggis*. Goor*ei..wn. D C., VV ho *?a e Aceut for the l>?s triet. and will suppy trade at 11.3 prices. mar Tttr ^HE ALL SUFFICIENT VIKER TRIESCnAK, 1, ?, fc S, by hf^nl Lit** Farms of Fmtiamd, M4 tttwtd by tkt Ssa. 1 ?r tkt Eroi* dt Pk<irm*f it it Pat u, and (as lmrr***i < 'oiitt af Mtdutut fuirn* No. 1 is invainab e for ex^auMioo, Pperrrator rbrra. and a physical diaatulitiea. No. il oompiete y erad tates all traoes of thoae diseases that have t>eec h therto treated tr the nan aaousand pernicious use of oopavia and cubeba. No. 3 has entirely surp.anted the injurious nse pf mercury, thereby inscrmg to the sufferer speed* relief. dispersing au impurities. aud rooting oat the venom ofdiseaae. TK I W*KM \ H ,Nn?. l.Vand 3 .are f'OHrtd in th? form of a ioaenje, deveid of ta*te ana im?, and oar be oarned id the wairtooa' ^ otrt. t*oid in tin oaaea. and divided into eep&i a'e doeee, a? admini* tered it Va,pfau. Lallemand. Koux. Kioord, Ao. Price #b each, or foiir oaae* for $* wliiofa mvn ?s *id ic 9" oaeea, whereby there is a uvini of Mt. o ba had. wbolenaie and retai!, of Or. BAR ROW, 194 Blaeokar street, foor dmn below McDonfal treat. New York. Immediately on reoeiviac a re niittanoe. Dr. Barrow will forwarc tiie Tneeemar to any ?ar? of the world. eeourei* packed, and ad draaaM accordin? to the ioetruotmn? of the writer. Bold alio br 8. CALVERT FORD. Jr- Waahiacton. D. C. da Ma CSWIMDL1NS WUACRt*. ACTION Quack* Wie.r Booka. Cordia-e, Buohu, Hoapita a. it ejrumeiita or Rin?a?aliaa mmm hi, ho, ii anpomu w proai d? my write for m? ?rir?t? Circular on SPERMATORRHOEA ;-ITS CURE. With atama eooluaad, ftddreca. in pcrfaot oocl dance. Tourrrieod. * h rtn?r mflere:. tnaiai j a?p?r ortbint Box 17?, ChariMtowu, Mui )<t uTktWl? HJftX FOR STAMPING , ?_ A PACRET OF PAPRR a | * AND ENVELOPES I * NU TO MATCH. jpUADftr K/linr\V?L/ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. . PHILP A SOLOMONS. __ A|?dU for LMrMM'i celebrated Ljdm I'm***. ** Metropolitan Mill*," * -. * -. . )? S3* P?. ?*.. bei. *i and ?th au. 279 'IgSSKC: 206 P&. ATB., POREI'iN^^.ITS, P^ATB;. ?... i iu "V B?ca lMva to oall th??tt*nu?n of kia fnmdi u< "Jflalo.*j"oVd*?ra for Diaaera, tMippera. P: irate 1'artiM. wbieh win >M> M i?mutable tiia, with the same roniptn?M lad tflaHlnti whtrn '<? ht> hifhMn ?r>nwr <w> g~*0 TO SMlTH'l* to f*t jour 8PR1NS and 1* 91 M M F,R CLOTH IN??No. 4 AO H*r?titfe #t. 6o ti> 9MJTH,9. S???oUi at., to c*t your BOY 9* ri OTHIN'O Ul?r

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