Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1860 Page 1
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0 J I i * I ' V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. 1). C.. WEDNESDAY. Jl'I.Y *25. (8<?0. N". '2.310. ? * I THE EVENING STAIt ! 19 r runs he n e ver y a fternoon, OIKDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl ILDIMA, C 'M'r of Pennsylvania avtnue uud 11 'h .</ , BT w. D. W4LLACII. T**per? served in paok&ces by earners at 94 % *ear. i?r 37 cent* per month. Toin&i. subscribers the pno? is ti<ir*nc'; *2 for six month*; ?1 for three months; and for leas than ti?r?*e months at th? rale of licei.ts a week. Sinnle e~pie?, omk rg>f; in wrappers, two rssT?. I IT" A i)ViiT)<t emimt*ihoni<l be iiant to the office I rmtore UoV'ock rn ; otherwise they may not appear | until Uf (fitday. Th e \ isit of th? Prince of Wair* t* Amrrica [from the Loudon Times, July 9 ] To-day *11 event is to take jila.-e which will *? -fr'>iigly move the feeling* of multitude? thai not even the coldest and most cynical will he able to regard it with unconcern. The Prince of Wales will leave tke shore* of England to visit, as her Majesty's representative, one of the mo?t important colonies of the Brit?sh Cpiwn. and. in a more private capacity, to rective the hospitality of the Chief Magistrate ind more thtn one of the great corporations of the I'nited States. The first thoughts that strike us on learning hat an F.nglish Prince i* to cross the oceau to receive the respe?ts of his future subjects in internes ot another hemisphere are the mighty destiny of the Empire which has founded these communities. and the fitness of the monarchist r vsii'iu for giving a political unity to so many various and widely sundered States It need hardly be *aid that till the present ago the old r 'uutries of Europe did not appreciate this |mmtr. ana taai tr.-uimon and etiquette even more than the difficulties of locomotion, kept king* a lid the sons and brothers of kings from * making acquaintance with some of the most nttachcd 01 their subjects. The I'rinre at" Wales goos to North America *t the request of the Canadian Legislature, and hi? visit will illustrate not only the loyalty of these prosperous provinces, but the immense extent of British dominion and the deep-laid foundations of British power After a voyage of 3.000 miles, on which he will daily see the h on ion studded with the sails of his native c untrv. and with the ocean steamers which are perpetually sweeping along this greatest track of the world's commerce, the Prince may cast anchor in the noblest harbor of North \merica. and see the Union Jack flying over barrack and custom-house, and red-coated ^entries saluting, just as he saw them ten days before at an English port <?r he may enter from the at once on th*? COtirs A <it thi* St I.itrrunrto * U ? - ^ w . w v. . UV > U"nivuvv? aim pus IUC 'anus and settlements of * people strange to us in r?ec. religion and language. but now living contentedly and loyally unler the sceptre of Vueen Victoria. Further on he will come on the pure stock of the English raee. the immigrants of the last forty years, increased and multiplied in a manner which even the I nited Sta*es have not rivalled. For hundreds of mil*- he will see the works of their industry, and in their new and flourishing towns, he will not be misunderstood if they give vent to th?*ir good feeling with something of their u-ual vehemence, and. secondly, that ?he character and personal d?'tnflpnor of Fnglish Royalty at the present day, is such as to insure the rc?pect even of th--se who have discontinued it ?s a political form. Those who read the Prince ? progress may retlect that fir more than 2.<H)0 miles westward t<> rheshoresof the Pacific and the gold rivers of Columbia, the dominions of the .British crown extend ; that primeval forests, vast lakes and rivers, the sources of which :ire 1 .st m in eternal mj"w. 1" rm part of this bouinlless territory: and that, tit as it is to be the home ?>f nearly the whole present population of Kurope, it i- but a province t f that empire which the Fngliah race has built up all over the world. Such a coun'ry as Briti-h North America, with ^ueh a people, might content lite most ambitious ruler who ever fouuded a louy. \\ hat may. then, be the legitimate i.pi,)a < . * a ? ?&?.?? ?_ a - H" 1 ' ? f . I^v "I ? ? >< u WH" ir failed IIJMIII III J^'tveril a whole sy-tein "f colonies. more then one of which may become a rival of <'i?nada. with itie- that vie with Montreal or Toronto' Hut if on the north of the border the I'rince of Wales appears in the high capacity of heir and representative of the Briti-h Crown. ?r.< 'her task. as grateful though as respou-iblc. will devolve upon him when he enter? the territory of the American Republic We may predict, without much arrogance. that this visit will b? an historical event What can be stranger anl more worthy the curiosity of tho-e to come, than the reception by a Kepubli an President of a Royal Prince whose ancestor was deposed and resisted during years <d war by the nation which now shows hospitality to his descendant' We might make the obvious reflections which occur to e\eiy one ?>n this gr?? *t revulsion of feeling. It is. however, sufficient to s?y that the detnonstration indicates two thing.-?first, that the Americans are convinced that the British Mate nourishes no insidious design- against them or their institutions, and that they will reserve a population essentially like that of the Id country, iiut in some degree chanred in Mppearan e by the climate *i.d in customs by the neighborhood of the American republic. In the I kited States the Prince will be received with that cordiality which no people can show better than Americans, and he will, no doubt, respond by a hearing equally cour* tevu - and honorable. Were the Prince older in years, and were bis stay longer, he might bring back many a new idea to be of eervice to his country and its dependencies. Such an examination ?f the New World is hardly to be hoped f >r. l'ut th?-re is one thing which his Tloyal Highness, and all of us, may leurr from th;s vi?it. and that is that neither civil war, r->r revolution, nor commcrcial rivalry, nor political bickerings, nor acrimonious social <-riti>-isms. can totally sunder nations which, having a common origin and language, develop themselves by the practice of the dame Iree a iw llilfl ivuc. M \mmo> v e k > r s H\mks - The tireenfield, Ma^s . ??*zette has the following : ' A curious circuuutanee <?ccnrre<i on Wednesday. A young man in this village procured a clergyman to marry hiui and after the guests bad nil assembled nnd the knot was ab<>ut to bo tied, the wculi-be bridegroom was called out of the h 'use. *rj 1 soon, informing the clergyman and guests that he would be back in a moment, mysteriously ditappeared. and after waiting hu hour, the elcrgytnan left for the Sunday .^hool celebration, leaving the intended bride and her friends in doubt as to the misterious disappearance nf the bridegr??om. It subsequently appeared that a person to whom ffte r.rj iegr>.?oin had loaned twenty-six dollars was about departing in the cars for New York, and that a friend had informed him of the fact ju*t a - the clergyman was about tying the knot, and thinking that his intended wife was safer than his money. left for th? depot to collect bis borrowed money b?fore the train should depart He got there just a.- the train was starting, got f>n board the cars to find his doctor friend and wa< carried ofl to Northampton, lie. however, collected bis money, went to the telegraph of' ti'-e to inform his intended bride where he was k.i*r i*nnl?i n..t - 1 * 1 ..... "^vjauij RFIU x;urieil for ?ireenfield afoot on the track At Whatelj the train overtook him; he got into the car* and reached Greenfield at half-pa^t throb . 'clock, to the great relief of his intended and Ler friend- lie immediatelj t<*>k the lad; to the clergyman # residence and had the ?.'ereIUODJ completed " Ri nsiam ii-atio.s ?Th? St Petersburg correspondent of Le Xord say- : * The i|Uealionof emancipation is near a .solution. In ? .-'.ine w?t or other it seems to be definitely settled that the serf* shall be emancipated during the coming autumn, thnt is. after the clos? <.f narvest. The Imperial ukas? decreeing this measure will appear about the last of October, r durina the ui"nth of November The Cen iral Emancipation Cotutnifiuo. which hud been awaiting the conclusion of tne labors of the cudhoMwda on *be elaboration of the plan >f ?uascip*tioii, ha? already commenced its Mrincji The place of its ?e?*ions is about to > ? "-hanged from tL? building of the First C?ilet C >rj!?. whtre they were held during the j r?-.?iJetic) of the late lienernl Reatovzur. tp 'he Palace of the .Ministry of Justice, Count l'<inn the preacnt president It i* said that Count I'noin has promised the Emperor to finish rh.- labors of the committee during the ? 'jr<? ..f the present month of June." ! /" Anions tbt arrivals m New Orleans on thar u, waa Gen. K H Wheat, direct from Mexico. i As Ingenious Piece or Work ?Mr. Nicholson. a journeyman carpenter of Philadelphia, ha? just completed a jac simile, in miniature, ?>f the National Washington Monument. The miniature contains 6.4*0 pieces of wood of American trees. It is built on a scale of one eighth of an inch to a foot, and completed it stands ."> feet Sj inches high The base is composed of 3,6-1 pieces, arranged as a trcsselated pavement. Thi* wood, in this portion of the structure, includes white oak. walnut, oak from the frigate Alliance, red cedar, and ash The paLtbecu u composed of pieces, consisting of live oak. walnut, cherry, red cedar, boxwook. (from the Paterson farm in New Jersey.) maple, mulberry, liuttonwood. Pennsylvania iron wood, white oak, cherry, plum, and wood from the frigate Alliancc. There are 2N articolumrs of cherry. So on with the other portions of the edilice. the woods used including apple, beech, chestnut, cherry, ash, boxwook. buttonwood. elm, (treaty elm.) gum. walnut, backinkack. locust, spruce, plain maple, birdKkH maiilit 1 1 h T1?? r n.ilhorpf _ j f?> f? f?? ?u'4?ww? i j , i vu v/vum . pjjimr, white pine, yellow, white oak. live oak. mulberry, and wood from the charter oak. the treaty elm. wood from the frigate Alliance, the ."hip Constitution, wood from Fort du (Juesne The star at the top of the obelisk is made of a piece of the old independence bell. The whole is most neatly jointed, over three years having been occupied with the work. As the model now stands, it carries out the same design in wood as is proposed to be carried out in marble by the erection of the National Washington Monument If the Scientific American's definition of ingenuity i? right, viz.. that it is "a very complicated combination of devices to produce a result that is not very useful," Jlr Nicholson's piece of work is verv ingenious ? I'hi/adf!phia Let/grr, Jtr'y 1'' Louis Philippe am> Prini e Jerome ?The Paris correspondent of the London Times says: ' Every one has remarked that in the biographical sketches furnished on authority for the provincial papers, or indeed in any of them which nave appeared in the Pari-ian press, there is no allusion to Prince Jerome's request to fix his residence in Paris, in 1717, having been granted by the government <if Louis Philippe. It was even said that orders were given to avoid all mention of the fact, and it is no doubt believed that his arrival in Paris was subsequent to the elevation of hi-' nephew to the Presidency of the Republic. N w thi< is unfair both to Prince Jerome and to the King of the French. The Prince was not only permitted to reside in Paris with his son Prince Napoleon, but he sought and obtained an interview with Louis Philippe, who was then at St Cloud The folding doors of the saloon were thrown open to receive him. though, according to etiquette, the compliment was only paid to a crowned head; and the Prince expressed himself touched by the attention of the King, wlio received hitn lost graciously The Prince, moreover, obtained from the government of Louis Hhilifpe the grant of a peiurioD of 150,000f . . ubjret to the approval >f the Chamber of I?eputi?>; and this approval would assuredly hare hecn grsnted but fur the overthrow of the government by the revolution of February. I believe he solicited the vote of certain deputies when the bill should be brought before the Chamber There was hIm. something said of the l'rin<-e's desire to be named peer of France and tJovernor of the Invalides. and had Louis Philippe remained on the throne it is probable that this very natural wi?h would alsy have been gratified ' . BlO.NDINI AN \ ? Hlondin, tho rope <l?n?cr encouragad by impunity. ventures upon th?* mo.-t foolish feats. It *a< a stretch of acrobatic daring wlii'-h mad'? the heart jump, when he lirst ran upon his rope over the abyss of Niagara Then pausing at midway over the giddy height he drank a bottle of wine. This done, he took a Move ami table on his shoulders and cooked pancakes ami ate them on hi." passage. At last?crowning folly ?he carries a man on hi* shoulders, adding to the peril of his narrow footing the risk of a separate will, whose slightest movement, beyond Li> own control, might have dashed them both down. down, into the torrent below This year he goes farther still. He trundles a wheelbarrow over, from which fireworks are spouting, his own person also, the while, the centre of many-colored fires, whiizing anil detonating, ile now proposes?or has already done it?to imitate on the trembling rope, the idiotic tack-lunfen, or sack race The innumerable mischances to which the adventurer exposes himself are obvious enough llow easily the eye. glared by firework-*, might miss the foot-place; how many chances there are that a fold in the sack might trip the step, which must not mistake a hair's breadth; how little surprising, if the man on his back should take a sudden distrust, as his eye caught tho foain below, or turn giddy, or that the gymnast himself might for the first time tremble or lo?c his self control; all this will suggest itself to every reader or beholder. nn r-ngiiMi pieasure-seeiter loiiowed a liontatner, and was present at every exhibition, because be said that a time would come when the animal would bite ofl his master's head, and be wished to be there to see it. If we remember right he had his expectation. It will be so with Illondin: for an end must conic; he must try the ?eerningly iiiip-ssible, until at last the actually impossible.? World. Pi ok a Cim bl Fathkr?IIe is Takes is IIam> bv a Vi?ii.a.n< e Committee. The Lafayette (Ind t Journal, July 17, says:? ' It will be remembered that sotue time since we published a notice that a citizen of the Fourth Ward was in the habit of maltreating his family, and beating one of his children, to whom he appeared to have an especial dislike, so that the screams of the little sufferer could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood, leaving the marks of the horsewhip he used upon tne body, so that they were visible for several days afterwards. lie was waited upon a number of times by those living near, and remonstrated with for his cruelty. He promised everything, but when in an ill humor would abuse his family, knock the child down and beat it until senseless Forbearance having ceased to be a virtue, a committee waited upon him in the evening about ten o'clock, alter he had retired, and requested him to .1 v.: _?r 1 - - urcss ujuiocu nua siep ouiciuo, as ?<iuie important business was to be transacted. Suspecting nothing he cauie out, was immediately seized, gagged, thrown upon the ground, his clothes stripped from his person, and a stout man with a leather strap give him a taste of th? punishment tie had been s<> ready to inflict upon his child A physician was in the party, who felt the pulse of the brute, and allowed the executioner to lay on as long as he thought it could be borne without endangering the life of the prisoner After he had received a just reward for his cruelty he was liberated, and informed that if he did not wish to have a repetition of the punishment the sooner he left the city the better for him. Acting upon the suggestion he left tbo next morning, and has not since been heard from."' TidOPi Itnrvn \V wcr ?Th? I.?fav#tu Itwl Journal of the -.iittb inst . says : Considerable excitement was created at the depot of the Toledo and Wabash Railroad. on the arrival of the train from the Kas? last evening, having oil board about four hundred United States soldiers from Governor's Island New York. The train was detained in consequence mine two hours, and did Bit arrive mi ll about 0 o'clock. These troop# art destined for New Mexico and Northern Texas ai.d will lie employed In protecting the Pony Express against Indian outrages, which have b?coine * > dilution of late as to almost destroy It Since lit New Vork about forty men have deserted. p-rf?rrlng soiiir easier life than tb?y are likely to lead among the Caiiianc hes of the desert The rasca's who are content to serve Uncle Sam at Governor s Island, where the soldiers life i6 one of cc.rnparati ve ease and enjoyment, yet who deseit on the slightest intimation of hard work or danger, deserve the severe punishment prescribed by the regulation of the army. Few of them, we fear, however, are likely to receive it." V >?KS. WI.1SLOW, N Experien fd Nur*e and Female PhT?icl?n, presents to tlie attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer ? hildren Teething, Wkltfc jrtatly facl.u : M a tha pracaaa ' taaihirf, fcy tafias inf tba rtd^jrf all irflaramattan? will allay ALL p a i ft ana apiaaicdic d ta sun ETO RE<? VLATE THE BOWELS. Dapand spoit it, mathart* it will giaa raat ta yaaraaltaa, and RELIEF AN D HEALTH T* YOUR INFANTS Wi hnra f at a p or.d a o - - thii articla for o*tr ;an yaara, and fifl SAT. !!* AID TRUTH o( it, whit h??? MTir t aan ablt *o. ;aay of any OTHIH Madicina? ?> it if >1KV has it failbd, in a 8 I If 6 L i I* I tB S t a !* C X TO 1fFICT a Ct'R t,!" 5 when tirraly aaad Na?ard*.d wa knawj *n ma'anca of diaaatitfactiott by auy| ' ^ on* who uaad it. On tha contrary, all ara J SYR dalirhtad with its or?RATlo!tj, and' iaraa* in tirmi cf highaat command^tion of .Vi rn? l-al atfacta and madic\l irtaaa Wi ajaak in Jna mattar -4 what wi DO isow," aftor tan yaara' axparianca, a*D n.inii! oir riputaTlOlf FOR THI HLFILM?1T OF what WI h IR r> ? clar 1 In ilmA: a*ar? inatanca wbara tna infant ia arffar in j from pain and aihaaation, raiiar wall ba found in fifiaac ar twanty mn utaa aftar tha ayrap ia ainnniatarad. -rni> ?!?Mi praparatiro 1a in* ; rxcription of Mi* f tba maat mir?m*Wt:?D and SBiLrcL NUB'ta in *?w En* land, a&<1baa tun ???'1 wi-h mivh-kiilms S VCCB'J ib THOUSA .V/>S Of CASES. It n?t aniy raii??a? th# chi d froii. pun, tat !n?if*rat?? lb a itamach and bowala, Corraeta acidity, ind fi?aa itna ai.d rurjr 10 ih? Tfton m'lir.. It will linoat inatanlly raliara Gripin? is thk I!owkl? and Wind Colic, and avarcoma cm 'Bla'ana, which, if nt ifaadijj rainadiad and in daath. War __ 4;a>a it tba ?IST ai?D si'k 1st a *M FOK ti v in tha world in all eitaaa of DV s- C HILDKE* M* T IttV hlid Dl a.t RH<Ea it CHIL T Ki1.T f 11 >ft [rii**, whe;htr il from tttthing I V from any othtr causa Wi wonHt<ty to t?*r? moihtr ?no hat * cr.ild tuf firing front an? of tht fnfgomg ccrriplmnw ? DO wot kit TOl'R Fit BJUDICBS, NOR THI PHIJIDI IS "F OTHIR', '.and btiwttn jour tufftrin^ chilJ and r^i? r? ;tf (hat will bt S17RB? vm, aBSOLUTILV SL'R e? to follow tit ust of th mtdicint, if tirrtly nttd. Puil dtrtctioi t cr utm* will a company ?ach b<vtit. Nout gtnuint unitts tht fic timilt CURTIS 9l PERKINS, Ntw V?rk, it oil tht ovtn It vnppt Soid by l)rje?'t:i throujhoot tht world. Principal Of^rt. No 13 Codar fttrtt*., M. Y. Prict on I 25 Ctntt ptr Bottio. ?? M-dftwlr GEORGETC)WN ADVERT MfS i\ FOR M A It PKR 'S PKBBV ' 'N Anil aft"r July :id. tho tsteamor I? J. Ur*,i?iEl'*, Captain \V. II Hitter. will rl' ? leave (i?o'i?'t..wn F.VKRY Ti lls DAY. THFRSOA Y.aiui SATl'R I)A V. at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day , at ?i o'clock a m. On t.e Saturday trip from lioorcetown tlio l*>at will run to Shepherilstown. je 21 3m FfOR IIARPKKS FrRRY.-CHANGE OF DA Y.S.?< >n anil a!T->r J si I y 2.IW". , fl "'ll ^ tlie steamer A NTKl.( )PF., t apt. -J* J. ki.l*.carry ins t ho I'nit< I Sra'.e mail, will fve i?fi?r*ctowii KV i RY MONDAY, \Y KDN F.SDA Y anil FRI D AN", at " a. m.. and return ever? Tn 'Kit?,Thnraday an1 Saturday. N. IJ ? r \\Vdf .--dn v the Antelope will rim through to Shepherds'ow*. Jtl Cn JU81 R F.Chi VKD, I #' I BM.S. \VHISKY, lH-i do. H FH R I N<? a d AI.F.Wl VKS, do. KKFINKD SI'OARS, r hhds. PORTO RICO sii.ARS, fi hbU.<Ba? field) WHITF Fl fl, 2"> l>"i*cS p, in,.. hast<jrn I'llKF.SK. Porsale low bv nmv i Bnni'P jo s Georgetow. 1). C. AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN fi ?Kf)H?iKT?? WN The ur.dersiRned have >een appointed Averts for the ?a e of tli? *lm?? o ?*t>aii'l w* , knovn PLATFORM and CO I NTKR SCALFS. A fu ! puppy constantly 0:1 ha id and forsake at lowest ra''-?. KAY ari'l COAL SCALK'* erected in any part <T tin' District or adj lining < <> intse*. A Sea ?? are warranted durab'e, accurate, and to give satisfaction BI'SKY A HARN AK !>, Dealers in A g riculturai Implements, jflS 2m Kridge ptrept 2 doors west d Hleh. C^RANDKLL, OPTIC i A ft, J No. 188 Rrxdti $t., Gtortttmm, Has oorstant!* on hai;d a larse annort in out ol French Near-?iinit? d, PermcoPiC, Co. > -v ^ -??? ore<i. arid a!. other 8PKCTA1 -LKS. o!1*" w'""t-A trie l>?st q i:a, ity, in gold si! v?r, ?t??! *n.l Gurmu silver frame*. N. !!, Old Fr*m?^ Repaired and n aw i as**** ?At in th?m l? nr4*p. no 19-1T JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cur. liritire and .Trfffrmn *!>., <i'ortrtoren. Havin* xi ven my persona^ attention to this branch of my business, lam prepared to . attend tn ail c\ !s with pr> mptr.*** Person* from a distance oai be sup piled .it i 'fw in'"?te*' notice, as I t.ave a larje assortment ol Cnl FINS a ways or, hand. Particular attention paid to th?< removal of the d?ad froin the oid to tie new liuria. grounds. - . ...I u r - -- - i/'-fi - nnn nil iimib"!) I'"T llirt*. ap Hi-tim MAr?SKV, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are cnnstti tij receiving fresh supples of la* a bora dot I? h tfu. !^'Verage, aiid invite ail portions who wai.t a pute unadulterated Ale, to give it * trial. AK.NV A SHINN, Agents. fe 57 <?r?*n *t.. #?A??re#?t'*vn. DROI'OSALd FOR COAL AM) WOOD Office C4^itaiy < f tiik Sknatk s/ Jul* i;. IMS. \ SEALED PR0P0-aI.s will reo>-l vwl a: thi* others ti I 12 ">'< .nek i!: . on Monday, thi*3!'h in tan*, for furnishing fur tlie useofth** S-nate five i unored tons bent White Ash Kurnaoa Cos an>' fifty cords best straight Pine \\ ood. The whole to he packed away in the vaults of the Cftpitol. in p sc?? which will tie shown on application to the Engineer in the servioe df th* Senate arid to he delivered by the Iftth S*ptemb~r text Bonds for the laitiifui exe oution of the contract will l>e reauired. Hub for the Coal arid the Wood will he con mdered separ%fe;?, and satisfactorT arrangements must be madefor the correct mja*urement of both. ASHURY DICK INS, jy 12-df}f?th Secelary oi the Senate. ROVAL HAVANA LOTTKRV. 1 HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government. under the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, wili take place at Havana on SATURDAY, Acnun 4^360. SQKTEO XUMERO 640 URDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 3100,000. lpmeof ...81<m,noo j 5^ prize* of. 81 .Of* I do _ SO/Wf; | 60 do 1 ?! OUfUUU too UO ........ VII 1 do ai.000 20 appro*. ?.?* 1 do 10,(?n ALL PRIZES. Whole Tickets, 8^0?Halves, $10?Charters, 53, Frizes cashed at si<htat > par cent, discount. Hills on ail solvent Hanks taken at par. A drawms will teforwarae-1 as soon as the resuil bec inea known. Ali orders for schemes or tickets to he addressed to DON KODKIGI'KZ, jy 19-tr Careof Ci'ty PoKt.Chr.rl?ston. >S. C. 11 CAtIIA?K& HE Sa&scnber bavint mads adqitiom tr i factory, lr.akinj it cow one of the larfte.-t-^gnkJBf in the District, where inn facilities foru(K2^K manufacturing CAR R1 AGE ft I.IGHT? WAGONSofall kinds oancot he surpassed, an 4 from his lone experience iu the basincsa, he hose* to tive general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriaces an4 Lit it W agons kef t hand. All R KPAI Ri? neatly dono.cuaal: srdsrs pro_n?t ly attended to. tteoendkao* Carn?t?? taken in for saw oss. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 1ft tf MrDir of 14th IC mtm ?-i n ? m i J *? ? ?"? ? ?-.?? 1^' n. a n V/ i n a a r ii n, E HATING OPKNKD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Corntr of ,\Vw York avitue and Tmth <tr"l. Respectfully solioits the patronage of th^se who may be in want of an> article in the aoove line, iii* endeavors shall be to please, ami bj a strict attention to the wants of the public, he hopes to merit a share of their patronage. His tock consists of ?very article usually t? be found in a first-class Family Grocery ana Feed Store. ma 17-tf W.M, T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute ai:y orders with whmh thej may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR 8TRAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a complete assortment of OH \NDEI JERS and other GAS, STE \ M acd WATER FIXTURES. ia*7 tT |> WILLIAM BKAD1.EV IIElir* I <? 1^ !> inform the public and his fri uds that he has on hand a large stock of Marble Manteis tiune a new style. A1 si Monument Head Stones, J al-io Tops, Ac.. whiclAe ha* to dispose of at pncvs to suit t hA t i tnn< A"1 vn Rrnivn U?<tna ? * .W. I U.uitu ?'kUHO UVIIfllrtllllJ Rl'pi on hand. I*luu?l>ers' work promptly attended to. ma22-Smeo Pa. av.. hot, iwth an-l TQ'h -t? DUPONT'8 UUNfUWUhK, " For sa'e at manufacturers price*, by JOHN J. BOGUE, Giossktowi, D. C., Sole Atmcy for the District nf Columbia. A lar*e supp!*, ?unbraein? every variety, a'ways on hand, ?nd delivered ftee to all parts of the Di?t iot. Orders can also beleft at the<>ffioeof Adams' Kxpreen Company. Washington. f). C. fasinwir NOTICE. ARSONS Dechmne housekeeping o>-havme a surplus of household effects can find ready *a e by oalfing at mjr Famishing !?tore, 7th street, be t?reen G and II streets, east suie ap 2 Sin RHIXUPH BITCHl,V. iV bW BTYUHOF RICH JBWKLBT -H " i 1 HOOD has just opened a l?rra etoriut which he will < ffor at very iuw rates Therefore tho-,e that are wishine to o&rry home any ?hir.K in ^>e line as preeenU, will do well to o&ll and cx&uune hie tock at 338 P?. avenue. je 22 AUCTION SALES. Hy A.liKKKN. Auotiorwr. TRI'STKK'S S*AIjK OF VAI.l ABI.J' IM 1 Pkovid property?I n J?*r and hy virtue of a d>-ed <<i trust.' marine tint- the 3th day of vvmber, A. D . ISM aid Ju.? rwa d d in f.iSer J A. . No. 8?. lolioti x.. Ao , <>ne ?>f the and racordi ?>f w?*bimton county. d c , i a : f i, j?t iu'iiiauction, ou MON OA Y. July 3f>th, at ?"> o" ,,clt p. m , in front ot thp preini???. the ?int?rn ha f f Lot T. in Wni A. Bradlfy'? kuNI.viri< r of P, 10 and 11. in Square numbered 49i. Said i*aft l.n f Lor T froi ti 15 feet on Miry .u' d avfuu*. hftwrn and fith trf<>t<). and runs hack wiU? tual widtn tu<* deoth f ?*.id lot tn ?.n a >?? Terms of sale: One third cash: residue ic equal p?ym?r>U at 6 9 ar.d 12 month* fr >wi date of sale, with interest, secured by a d-"ed of trust on the premises. If the terms of sale *'e not comp ied with w thin 5 da>a. (he trustee reserves to himtelf the right to res*|l at the cost and risk of thi fi'st puro ias-r, upon advertising thr<?6 times in the National Inte. Iitencer. Convevancine at the expense of pnrcba?er C. ASH FORD Trustee. JaSB W&StJt y A. GHK.F.N. Anct By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. I^Rr^TEE* SALE OF A I'AKTof A TRACT >F I.A N Dcalled "Peter's M ill S? at," M'uated In trie ?ount> of Waahiagtoa, ca tlM Piaoy Branch Rottf inJ |kwt three ini'es from tii* c ty of Waohsi^ton, being apart of the rroperty known as the I'piey Branch Trotting Course." Ht vir'ta . f two de-ds of trust, oue bearinr da'e ' o:i or aiMist thcHth da* of Au,u>i, 1RSR. and (? cord'd in tjber J. A. S , No. 15?, fo io? }*". et * 4., ' one oi the a?i 1 records of the county of Washing t<>n, in the District of Columbia, and the other ! hearing dat-? un 01 about the Mthdar of \|ay '85', a '1 recorded n Liber J. A. 5.. No. 177. r?!ioa < i, t * '<? . also or e of the land records of sad ? u ' * , I will proceed t? s*l! at public auction tothe huh ?t ' bidder, on Tl" l*>D ^ Y. the 7th dav of Au*u r. iviy> a? ha f-past 6 o'clock p. m., on the premises, "n 1 that part of a t'act of land cail'd 'i'ere '* Mi!1 S^at," situate, lyme. and h'ti e in the c u?:t> of Washington, in the District of Co.umbia. ar.d on the west side of ti e I'mey Biar. h road, coi.tvn- d w thin the fo'lowmg inet?s and Ik>u'd*, to wit: Beginning tor the sam 1 a* a ?ton . \n ?. c anted 111 tii? *f?t line of f?ii1 road. for the northeast corner of a lot ?>f said land laid rffto Hay* 8p ik r.iin. an*' running from thence uoi tn ?ixty oji<- at d n hxif d we?t fifty rix ird l>rty four hurdre*lths perch'1*, witn >p> kmai'* north 1 i? ?*. t a ton". 3, at the northwoatcoruerofSpeakmu larger lot and the the h?tinnine of hi* ?ma!!er l? t, : then e running north trmty and a halfdegret s. en- ( tw -ntr eight and a ha;f perchr* t > a ?take in th-? oath line of a ro*d twenty-6 ve f?et wide, and w th Um rant '.i e of Sp"akiiiatf r kii a: er lot. whef is p anted a stone No. >; : hence running *outl. *ixt?on?an'1 a ha f degret *. e**t fifly nine pe'che* and four find one hundredth <>f ap> roll t<> a s'ak"> in tie went !in? of th" I'lttey H ach road; thenc-> with gaid vwtliaaof aai'l Pia?y Branch r'>u inft?tni kt line to the p ace of beginning, < <> ;tailing t^n *o*ex atd thirty nix p ioheg of land, ' more or I"**; tnC'tner with the improvement* thereo", wrucn conmt'ifa n?T. rpanimig, and w<\l-hui t t?o M'.T> K-aino Dwellinj house, stalling. *h*di, a:.d out houses. i erm* "f *a>: One third ra*h: the l.nar.eeinfi a - 1 12 mouth*, for which th- HttlNHC wl I lie required to give hi* not>M hearing interest I-oin the d'ly of rale, and secured t y a deed of truat upon the pre^is^H. Sh<>u!d th? pur^haper fa;l to comply with He terms of paie vrithiu five da?s after th- da* <?f *a . me trustee r'-frv.-! the nth: t<> re?e ' >a><! propfit*,(it th'riKk in4 cat of tkc iahaltiH ftra** aer, upon givine live days previous pit I. ic no ice lij advertisement. m lume newspaper put- ihti?*<t in t city of Washi :.Kt "ti, "f the time, ylu*, tt-rms of Bucti re- ale. All oonveyarces at the cost of the purct.anor. R H. LASKKV, Trust*''*, jy H-e?Aili A (iRKKN. Ami MARSHAL'S SALE?In v!-tu? of?wo wr'ta of i* I fie/ i facias, imoi'-J from the <" <?rk'? < ?t? c o( t ie Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for t e county of Witshinaton, snj to inei'irectrf, I w. I expose to public sale for cash, in fro t f the jo"i t h<-use door, of 301m'v on >i()N|)AV. Iiihd <y of August next, lafii. at 12 o'clock in. A i d'-f'-ndant's right, title,c aun and 'iiterest in and to t.'ic fo!. rising detcntr-d propert*. ti wi'.. via: L"t No 3, il Square No. 7"6, and iot No. S'i, in Square No. RiM, together with all and aincular the i ?rprnvemer.ts tLereon. seix?d and evied upon as the property of Ju'iana Harry an 1 James C. Harr?. anj wi be sold to f atitfy judioials N<>?. |' 3 and 194, to May term l8j?, in 'nvor of Anthony Addison. W. ?KU)EN, I". !*. .Yfarahal frtr tt?e District of CoTuintiia. Irta dm A ? * RSHAI/SSALR.? Inrirtas< Itvrttoofim ." I lacian issued from the Olerk'a nttioe of ilie CIr fuit lioart of the Itiat irt of Co uin'iia, for 'tie county of Washington, an ! to me directed. I wi>l expose to public s*i?, for cash, in front of the c< urt home door of ?aid county, on MONDAV. the fetn d\) of Auzust next, 1801,at lioVlock m . allil fer:dant's ruht,tt'.i> ,ci vn arid interest i? and to l.ot \o. IS in Sunar" No. 732, in the city of WaUiins'or, it. C., together ? :ti? ?:i a:: ar th?* improvements thereon, seis_>d and ievi-d upon a* toe property of H V?'i fatten Aid Wi I be aold to ?atisf* Ju dicials Nob 73 ? ?! 79 x to October term I8?, iti favor ot John W.Tho '.psoc and I) Gi'rnan \V SKLORN. jjr 13- lts 0. s. Marshal lor Piatrictot Calaalm M'AR*~H A L"8 SALB.?In virtue of a ?i it of fie-i . faoias, ismied from the Clerk's > Sice of th* Circuit fi.ort ot W~. ? District of Co oml ia. f>r the conr ty ofWas'a'neton, tod to me directe.: I will expo ? t > 0" 1 r KS?-. lor R?n. fru tiiftm.niii !iou.?? <1" r i>f -ivi ! coi/tity. ?>ii i*A 11'itllA V, ' ntk .lay < ! Jaly next, ft? . *t 12 o'clock hi , th ? folI win* property,t' wit: All defendant's right. titie, cam. uni interest i'i aid to a c?rta;-i d w?"!;ii k house**re<ted on I .ot e'glit (Hland the xoulh mr et rn (iH lee: I 'iir (4) uich> o# l.ot tun", :9? n *r iiuiiilxsred t^fe huud and aeventy a^ver.. i .^771 in tlie cit? of i). C . neiz-^d and ie led upo:i a* the proo* rt? of Juiua Viedt, and wii he m!<i to saiufy JudioiaU, >o 330 to < i< utl>er terni 1?57, in favor of Jouaiiiaji T. Walker. J. D. HOOVKK, f .ate U. S- Marshal f>r ltistrict Columbia. jo2R-<:t* A I ^ R^H A l,*S J*Al,r.?In virtue of % wit of i* 1 lien f.vcla*, i fciied frpjn the C erk's < ffioe if tne Circuit Court of the JJi*tri?t of C>luK)bia, f r the ooi.nty o| Washington, and tome directed, I will expmo to public sate, for cash, in front of the com t hmue do ir of said county, on SATU K f>A V, the ifflt da? of J u'y ne^t, !ftt>?, at 12 o'clock rn., the following proport , to wit: All defendant's ruht, title, o'ami, and interest, in ai.d to a cr am i-?iiidin? erected on 1/Ot No ?ix (6mu Square No. nme ha.idre-1 ind forty nine ili'l) as laid <iowG in the p at of the city of Washington. seized at d levied upon as the property of A >e! Griggs. and w:il he *-l fi til kdtlKU- i ilrfir.ijll * \.i OQC t.? < ? _ a/ ? i wi) ?v vvwiroi I\.I ill 1856 in favor of John Purdy. J. n HOOVER. Lat?U.S Marshal for the District of Columbia, je 28-dts T PROCLAMATION! I O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. Whereas, At the present season of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. Ac., Ac., prevai: t<> an a arming extent: And whereas. It must tie of the F Ksr CONSEQUENCE to every family to Know >f A REMEDY at onoe Safe, Spfdy, and Effirnrtous, DK. MONTAKDE, OP PABIS, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER a? the m<>-t CERTAIN AM) EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that 110 imposition i* intended in the sale of this Great Medicine, I UK NUNtY \V 11,1. UK KKFl NDKD in all rafts witen the inedioine tails to Rive entire aatufaction. Ask, the n at aaiT Drug Stare for DR MONTAR OE'9 miraon.ors pain tnke a* directed, arid if not perlectly satisfied, Return to our Agent. D. B CI.ARK, ESli-, 4S Street ard Pennsylvania Avenue, who will rtfui.d your money. Prioe?'25 and 50 Cents per Bottle. For eal<? at all Drug Store* everywhere. JAS. McDONNF.LL, Iuwuerai Agent, jy 11-eolm Baltimore. R NOTICE' tOUI.AR STEAM PACKET LINK BETWEEN BM.TMORK AND JP" ^ WASHINGTON.?! .eave rue roe ?t. wha~f, Baltimore, a? foi o?i: Diamond ?tatb. every WEONF.PDAY. &t 6 p. ra. Columbia, every SATU R DAY, at 6 p. rn Lmvi Kil<?y'? Wharf, at the foot of 11th street VYaahingtcu, a* foi o*?: OolXMan, every WFDNF.SDAY MORNING, atG. Diamond Statu, every FRIDAY, ahoutl2m. For freight, &c.. apply to THO*. W. Rlf.EY, Agent, Riley's Wharf, at the foot of in HMTATViiii lltti *t . Washington %%/ ASHiN'iTON SEWING ROOMS, ' ? N?4 9tA if., iwo don*i Worth ct Pa. 4?i. ,\ j* is the time to gat SPRING and SUMMER SHIRTS made up to order. The subscriber it arepared to raalte SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Ao., at ta* iiortest notice. A'l desowptious of Sew:eg corp. SriiRT BOSOMS, COLLARS, and WRIST AN D8 r ar !j-tf I, O. MOTES m SI MMER RKSORTS. I AHLI^LK | unto r??.irt "<>r \\ 111 If SI I pill It 'h"*# wrii> RpprcCHIf Millie. ?lLriUH ,irau<i So?nf v. I'ur? Si'RIXflS, >1 ui.'a.r. Air. Ii.ric<>'a CIMBKRI.ASI. C jPc**?y.'rani<i. li ?1 C fit t? fct:J a jTaM?. AccoxxopatioM F"H I p,,r partiau!&ra nend 300 "??r Cirou ar. UWKN.', ri F.N OKN TEKMS LOW. IN A VIS^CHKK. j# 7 l"w ('nriisU Sfrimi. rt. j (2CHMIDTO 91 MMEK ?jaKI?K\ -??ii Sistt 1 tt A - ? A I " TFbt I f iiuBi R- -tamarit w h> !-h k* .p hi* rt put* on I with I.Alii-'K 15 KR from t*>?*C';TT or Rkothek LV l.o vk, I'iii %d)*lpliift : with HRANOII > f ??ni I ?!ie ?h<>i;v'?t \iiie\aid* of France; with \V|\KS iinex<> j!I.?d on the'it N of the K'in?:a d wit', a-: article ot WHISK N w i -h en a<-k? ^tront % of the tru* flavor of tue -Vlononxake.a and U<>uriM>n l*a:a able a< st!i?-r of tV-ae may t-e individual!?, he liaa Mxigtit to inak<* t tern ?tiil inoro eo ! ? the tret-lion th r--ar grounds of hi* lavorite e- tali i?i lit* - t of a .-r vioi: Arlior, w!. re hi? Kti<v?t? ! ? <!a> nav enjoy the coo! Iir?. f?&n t he from * ?!'> too ardent m., .ant. at "the witching lioar of Ri^lit." q art i,i- lee-coo Laser vitm .it le^r having th'-ir enjoy:r?ent rta'upened f'? the I* line d -W. St:i'h III ll!C> Ilt? Will. d'Mll'tieea. can--i? a'y of our p ?<l Tfc to drop in .ni'l t iko ? note if not: e <r.' an.!, most lkely . in^ny of t' w: ? so u ii! . . Ira!; 'ion t ?i! tht?. 'i? 1 a? encaged t' e Tro* P' r' brother* am t then tWKiltff to diMHirMtMif < i ! pi-of muitlc li?ery \\'<di;e* *' '! >atn 'a> pvi'i inc. iv 1'' In; IVA^HINGTON * * CITY GARDEN. KHNSr l.OKFI l.KK. Proprietor. A'-w I'ork G'-'nite, b'ttr/fn l*t ard 24 ft*. 'noa inc the attention of tiiepu' icton ? grounds I wou d fto'o t. at cv ry a'-"ant?'ii. ;.f 1 4 . . A t.??n I'.ade to n.a?? thif ''Hatred*/* n o.? yvjjh y att.anti.e eyer j dar. Mondays 'h? - '' ' *- ' ion* are open t.i thepublic ,re< "f enarg>??<? ? ,.r ii given Ht a Be: ret ha id. Th< *e deairing to er yj the (!*'C" ? ill ?* ti ?i i bed tr.e ia.i ou in c- tup ord?'t-i reivie-- pieaeu e to all. O oth rd&yathOfi D'li'l/ir ? I * he?*rf?i p.*' * it - a of ll.i. ?rout <i# for tahool or other I'io ?Nio Pa ties wiin <>ut ch"'?;?. hor tt:r< airusomert nfchildren he *,a? introduce) a nuin!i ?r of lit'l* raiii'1*, never t>?fnre *e??n in Inn oit?, *m.i ch en ated at the lame Uir.? to au.use the "i.'.-f f.i'kn. ' N. I!.?Attached i? my botthni EntaMishm rt. and families can t,e nipp iwith auy quanti ? at tho'.rof tnat iiea ttifu! drtBK, UKKK, upon fh"r? notice. j?* U "5'ti i N ALCW TAN R KTR K *T, .? V <)x AN?kwt?* lnL*M', Oppnfitt UeeTK'toien ami Wa*ntnti n Th?ul>scnher? havi t .-sk iI f >r a 'crni "f tl in iieausifu. and romantic cot. <>i?*ne<: A . . k - r f i -'it T'-TB1' T I: r I IIPI> til f?n\ . - t < [ ILJttJ itcei.erjf, d-uhrfcl pi h.p-a-it-H, h-ai?c. Ao . . < *i ies t.? superior water, it is ui;?ur|ta?ied .d the Union. Mi? Ho&ae is <ar;eaod ooman<wliou?, having wtirf!j r*nov>M It hats a Itm IIbbpipi rtinoa a'taohed to tlie ii>iuH?, (>e? d.'* Omiiiik an ' Il-esos.c H <nii? for I'otj * Uta aivi gvnt m^n In addition Bp ei-Uld Arhorf-detiie ?<i f om th W..i <t nr* I'arti-s. haniili * and Ind vidua ? *; I ti'^ it a iiniBt deai'atne p v *< pam trie mi try i<a>s of nun: ra?r, an every attention win ?;>-a>ai.ti> d ny ttie proprietors. 'I 'he tt: Ktnl r" i"*? arrangement? hi . I>e enforced,and p<>t.11 at ui?<. u*mo .# will t>e prohibited The |.ard<?r w ! ?>e f.-jind to eorta-n a 1 the de 1cac;"ii >; t:ia %., tun**. The '*ar ?il t>e fu i;i?h-d wit'i fie o In e st Liquors a-id '% ? <?. at.d the fin'st Sej>ars. > < i?-ti ?. >ut i'iv Schi"':*. <" ni>* a* d Mi itar* Couuatntii si find tin* the Hioat det>.raMe i< *> rl i.ra? tt;" mittrupo : for npe:iuiuc a p.osnti t & .d ur ' > ^'a*. ICT* ?."hi dren unacuoinpai ied t>> tfirir parentior I guari! H'ik, wi i > ex.-;M*I fr.>ti. tii * groun !*. iiiniui:^ and Jogs prohibited }.7* Koau wilt .'live the toot of High street. Georgetown, and G *tre.-t,'.r;. I.oury. front 3 o c ock a. in. ti I p. r> . ilai y. I'eraons Differ, in* a. nleana-nt k n*n ro^h I* ant * 1 a't Itf A4l;tlu*'* We Kdlirit tha i? ? ? ?* f*?r . and a^nurNin cmnc NitmrAcUon |t? '.* ><>tf J\CQB W. I'OWKR" ? CO. \1 SAt.T WATKK BATHING. 1" a RSHaI.I.'S l*A VI ( Moore'a I.andnn i wi I tic open f i t'..? ree*ptnn t>f vipi A lorn "ii fix I -'. i I" Jur.e. Tm? <le nn'fu. y|^- ?9 reset for :tioH.? ??vkinK heaUh an?l p.e*? IJUhU ur*. i? iiripTwiiw) Iit an? pla*-*1 "f th?> kind onihPotomac rive. It ii aK ut one hundred rRi'es from \Van!iiuKt>*n linriediately ou the P<iliiiii?c. R'i?l in tni view of lb<>(,'lirnv4tliK lint, and fa:'' ' I?2eO*?t ? .? ft Crat ?, yheephf ad, and other Ki?h. and ea?:iy aocmible b? tn<* i'-am * plyint Washington, Kaltim<T* and V?t' !*. T1:" in<W?i*ned ha< ma.ti tddiiifcni y -m-i t? .< H i' lloua-ian' ml: ? tner mprovemeii'.B ! the comfort and enjoyment of n i> KM TIm Btthiu WMt b* fSp fi: t!;?! Anr ' !>: and p 'lit* of h ikhinc a:.d Sai it'c Boats Ir<" uf iih?r<?. He i:s< ppired r.o expeim-* pro a * ) Cnti.'o- liat:<l or in a?i:n in tun ?t->ek of cii-'icf W" ii' - e. I . q ut>r?.S??t:ar?. A a..and for lit ? trim wi?ti to a- <>: ! extreme fa-iiuou and t<? a~ek a r:-tir<vl p&c.' wh roth?* eai i^nke r.t holm-, tn?"'0 ! * not i ir.--r* i> * . art p ?< " in tlif- I'mttMi State*. The prop-ietor p <? * hi'na if t'*a: nothing *ha i 1>? uii'.toiiaon i m part t reirl r t mi *o. i>r;n? lor ImViI: ? I 5<? p-r da?, for ra than a w->ek; f >r a lour*"- tir.<*. p-r ^y; Jjii per mouth. Pe'cve wishing to uiMr-s-the r.. prietor *i ! Uifct to i.eonardtowu. St. Mart's count?, Md. j?S-2m R. J. MAR?HA 1.1., I'ropretor. EDUCATIONAL" f ^ t) M M t KI'IA I. O < LLIC I'.. V' >o. 476 Seventh *t.. Opposite tkf UtH'ral Post OJUt, Watkuiiton Cuy. Arinorian Syfcts n of I'enniarBlnp, floo*kf>epini:. Mercantile Fcrmk anil Ca'. ulatione. Kuune^g * rerpondenoe, Kills of Kxchtn;*. Current Ki!;*. C"""n;???ion S& ?**. liran.mar and Arithmetic. li_7" A f'rr^a at-Tjr O.&oi< for Hoys. Ladies will l?* niktruoUvi in fiife penmanship. Room* "per. from 3 a. m. to to p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. _in\ ,?-3m \VM \V YOI NG ft H). 'I-HK UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J \iw ARRtNiiKHINT. T!:ie well known ami popular Seminary, which ha.-. no vueoes fill underthe entirecare of Mn K luhards for more than ten vears. will he wpened on t(ie first Monday in September n>'xt. under the mined >>ipervi?ion and instructionot Mr. and Mr*. /.. ft 11 II aRL)S, in the well arranged and delightfully 1 eated I'non Academy Kuiliiing. for la-ticuIhik. *ef circu ar.- ?t all th^ llookstorc*. mail tf \1 MRS McOuK M K'S * I RS. M< COP. MICK dtsire* to inform tie friends and th? puV;o i^nrra.iy t'natrl.e will resnr the ?iu?ie? of h?r Snh?ol on Ui? !st Monday in Se>- I ioniser next. 1'io <v.nrsi of tn'lj parsned will oompriara!: th# <>r%nchM re<u'a.te tutiriorough Kui nu eduoatic. . ? s. Mitvir t*> hrr dar scholar she ia d?a'.rou? "f r?y>!. in< u t<? hor f\rrily \ Jew pupils as bonniera c.f.t ; .'-oiii 1<< to 14 r 'in, who will oe under hdr inirc:<divio car&and ore'f>:cht. H*r arrvmii lor me aeoummodatioii ai d due Cilo t;f pi p.;s have i^n cjiAiileraii* iMioan'd aL'1 ctherw te improved. Thoee iti Wa?!unprcn d?Etri'.( pa-ticular information wir^ ref?reno? to tier b^nuo: aiay a?>ly lo W. 1). Wa'lach, Editor o tl?e Mir. l or t *rm* and fr.nnw particular apply at her real ?o /v-Nu. i* Cameron rtroet, Aleaaudn*, Va i, j;-lf I IGHTNING! li LIGHTNING !! lightning::: Is Time or Pkacb. 1'kspakk roa Wa! f. lAUAKKK, Soutkwst eornir of IIUk a*d C US., MANDF&CTt'RIH OF PLATINA TIPPhD LIGHTNING ROl>tt. Kerpect'u ty KiiuoUKoea to the puv>!ic of Washington m:ii viciuity that iie i? prepared to execute ail orders f<?r ereotirj l.ichtniiig Conductor* on the m?>?t approved ncnentihc prisciflN, ?nutnetM of the very beat ol materials, on very moderate term*. Ail P;atiaa Upp?d Points which a * manufactured by m? will be camped with my aama. \\ r-ath?r Vat>PB of any desif u mad* to order. IT I I TT< |MPOKTANT TO HOUSEkEEPEKS. E. R. DURKEE * CO.'S BUJUEOT SriOFS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from freih Spic^a, a* ?3T?d and o'earied by di -?:p'Of?iy for tne ptr?. no without rtfr.-ene* to cost. They are Seaut.fU:ly pac?.*i .u tinfoil, i (Un?d with piper, I to prevent tciurt by keep'.uic. | ar.d are foil weight, while the ordinary rroui.d i Spioes are almoat invariably nhnrt We warrant ; them, in point of strength ai-?i rich hb? of Dan<r, BEYOVD ACL COMPARISON, a* a sintl? trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured <>uly I ? E. R DURKKK A CO., fe l*?l Peari ?t.. Ni w \ ork. ?\ PKRPKPT. NEW. ROSE WOOD%??? ' iro-;-f'afn?, btautiful ton?- PIANO ! offered f,; Sll*1; fit' - ' I J . II V U" Ll - ? - - - - ?1 - W UBJ?1 ??? "?? ? ? | I. 1 I* I IS'?. 3f>C- Pfc. a.v PIANOS FOR RFNT, from hair a J !ar to *' p?r nmulrt. A Inn, g r?at bargains in Second Pi* no* jay? CHKAf Ml SIC. LAROK l.ot of Muno. For^ien ar d Amfrenn, for??ue at half prioe for one * ? onlf. at the M ?aio Store of ma? W. ?. METjTF.ROTy ;THE WEEKLY STAR Tbn !<?*,l*fit Tumi i and Jotrit -?o? ' '4imtii % crotUn varirt? ?.f lutofMtiNc 'H<1 n| t'.ar. r*a lx> foviHl in any oth??1? r?t. tattwl i'B Stturdav rooming. Tcrh*?Oa?4, fmmrtmhln. in mdrttmrt Hint> p?r *nuoin.? ?? ' P> fu??o p:? ...... - .. 5 ? T*n copi->? .. ? ..... "" T*?Dl? CofiM. . I* *' K? u*i?or;tvn* in c nt>? ?*n<>n( Wilt;"'.! tf>? 10t?*rv?r;?| I) t.f a n ? ?> *t. M will b- p "MUftl 3> o?ul of Tk %-*;? .? < vi'l li* onvrf1. It iriTiir;*'i ? !.? h n|Mn >' ?" tii?: i>?s 74' lii * ?? s"r?? cifoii ?;# J ?.< !?-'* ? Ihr "in "ott 11.? c< u li f . II r*nc ? <M>pi*? I in wrtpp?n -?l; t* f ..^nr?4 a' i > ii *?r, urn. ill*'* > afifr III* lout i f paa<?r. I'riOf-THRK.K CF.NTt* ITJi" I*who aot a? wi'I I' ? J n>minw?Ma FOR SALE AND KKNT. L^itRi'ALK-A im? KARM .-f^aorfia, ii'uCM I at tri?? uitt> Fa ?. ha\ i t a o? t-;f< :iat> *d??* I':* h<>u?<?. enrn home. A o ; fotir-d * -I ngtiTc.!, within f">r nil * <'f Wa*lii: atoi, . I* acr*au;cu tiration, tl>?* i?a.aiicf in h?ndaoa?# w?h-^ land. It ip p?<>u lar j ilr?iral>.ra> a cunt-j r*a< d?nc<?. l>*int p*rf?ct'y h*^'th* and m^at >iiia. i.??ai .? , *c> rut tikhirc ard hui tim Irvauir* of \! r. MAKKK'Ti. Iiridc<* k^p^r. l! na r lt'iil??, I i?t'? i'? - Ho" 9**t< I/iK It t A I -1 i* t ' '*(.><? ihwtn lr?< ti ll?M >K \u. 3;-7 \ .irk acrnt*. N**w?'?-n Hth and 11th nnr'h aid*. ,*??n'aitn 'ijc lift ''n ri?oiii? Tin* houai* in rouvrn, -at to th? Patent Olti ??, IV'-h- Mr* . ci . i? .u i>? fit. nit m rvni ta? ^uita ?* I T a l?'?' !uu tion??>. K>t >ii<? 1^ra'.<t. tppi? n> at door, or t<? A li l'(>\\ [,l K. rond f*o.-r w.' t*i wine vi I'alrct OIH' r it M tt LHlR ?KN r-TVia* FR AMI Hl?l >F kn.^ni I as I'r > Fvan?' 11 <*:tuat *1 -?n \1 ?. nor'h. !?l?r- n "*ih an.I I'Hh #tr?rt?. \<v i 20, a* <>f th?* nu4 dnutMt p-.vat" "??iJ*iio?a ia Waahmcton Thta h um> in .ir'-onndeil hy fruit a' d <rr??at nuint?>'? <?f cue *ilt lm?l>e? of \~aril II - i> ir?|?. ami bti* t>* 1* ?r ? ???. ?it h tft.imn ..f K o<in<l. wall -<1 in *Pt ? to J. C. Ort>K F jl'th ?!. \ t? i'*n I) AttM I > ,4? ' ? - _ - ... J J l? ? iikick o.t*..i? Th ?t"' -t. h t* <nkm (* mm 1). i?ne on th# <>f I'*- ft an* || st> i i.! o ? ot? || ?? i. U' i Ins ir?* .! JAMKii \V. H \R tvKR ? i II s?tr?- t. l<rtw-"-n 11tii and littt!, No. Ajii. * jM?R kKM-A ii i'"i> I KAMK M<m fti a I' -a ? tli ?t ??"t, t?*t we-r. I an.l K I' aul' yf \|. <NVI>KK.tlth* I umli rt a-H t-a* Kin nf '' t :*fiment <f C. ? *Uer, o< it <1oor to t'e **ixr t ?tfi "< ma J? U LMIH R KM T?Three ti'?t r.? ? ami r<e*n?r * ! Il< ?L5*Kf?. four ato I** hich -a<-h. hai <t i> 11 i?!ic!. an 1 hai tog a., ike mode*n impepv*iwvt-. : -h s - a at?. ia? Ai-.-ii one nfthe v* I fin?t locution* "n th'*arty? oa the oo'n<?' ol Third -trvf'a .1 Mifouriav 'iiti*, t' ct offwit"* th? '"aji lol S' l* Any ii?" ti-lniiftr r<n' a line t1we 1in* m ill find thi* a fa vo-ab-e epportnp"v, a? I <1enr* to r??'t them itiitneriiMel* . and m- 11 rent t e?n low. Instil I* \V HKOW \IN?*. je . tf SJM?R RKNT-T ?tB?*sni?"v arr*u??.! thras t> ii R I * k lit ?lt >K. No l ? ?, on <? rt-oef , t %X *>?1 '? . l > ? ? ? - . % * . -? ? ? ii.,* - ~ r " '? a , i v c - I ? f Mr. H Rti?Mwn p"? ?;on uiv iIni| uf Mr. SOUTH I. 'V PAW KKB ?p|i ! "r <*?t. ma IS fo' f h^OK K K.M I'?A ?ma S I'*?K. enriiw of 6th ?t. tiid P?nr u-fW tlir C areiidon imiitl1!* furt IwImt'* <?r cigar atora For lnf-Titilt. >r inquire ?t the HatH. ml' SO LViR RJ M The FIRST FLOOK rfHw kpU1 ine im j opp.irito ti.r #?? t w,i.? >( th? Oil* Ha .reoer.T ><>cn?:?d tiv 0>aa. S \Tt ten a* K" A K" (!?> fro:,t room il UmhimM atort v i3 p>t? i ;r?l fl< .>r ii uip rana ! u, dine. For t?n;.a ap;> t t i KICIIARD %V A!.LACH, rio. i l?otl!."in' * a venue. <a 13 tf SENATORS, VK . :.! IIS Of CONttRf.W.Twoapleodul auitt * f ROOMS, e.*cai.tiy furinh > r-Pt-**I (tur.:,* la* ?? * !?.n of Ct?n cr?*P8, in the ?ri st iesirat' r !.>ca ity <n thia oitj. r>eir.r -r t*n uareii of Br?<wn"t and \at .t.v H< * ?. T.ioae :u pttrsuit of tnefi Kfx mi *i , >in wo to r.alr* *v ? app.i?\!i-i?! at >?>. 379 t street. m?"?i |? tf~*t an<t !'a. av. iVft-lf iron SM.K? A i.:rf ti"-? stair* Brick HOT SB? or'. i *t'?a . tie* w.>er, |? a..,| F. atree??. in Kit>?j'h '-j, iiiii\in. T'.e al>o.-e pn-pft* will p.' ii term*. Pr.oe n?ai!e kjiown m*air ;it of K. W H '.Mil.TON f, CO.. No. ShU TU? ,tree? oppoaite Oentr* Market. T?t:e perfect. t*l tf i ftlWKS. Ii()OTS ANI> SHOKS. Ill A V K JIST RKiHVKii A NEW MP. pi>ofG?i:* b.vF'e- I Dfc I ** ! Dri'! ??* .mil ?>.'iiter?, |'at-n? L'-ath-r ! loth Cftitera. t'aif SLin. Patent t.? a fi?*r.B HI %n.1 l.a*tir-r A * , nr. t*t-r.Mve* VQfe. st? ok of B" ?'ana Ci-.t irei.'*. i.a <i*k* awl Mta<e?* I) i t>. au<1 S'<i" a, a ?.f * Moh 1 an ? 1 iif a1 ax* , . ..r i u . l v < u ? u" j j1. iv"?. o ? r~ r. ? i n ^ I n S?\en h ?tr??t. m*15 *<i 3 uvri alt've L? rtreat. i?Ot>T3 AND PUOF.S TO SLIT THB IV 11M If We *' now in?anf\M>Mrr*?? <Ut ktxA? "f BW.MT aid i*HOE8, and oo-etantr r*??etvin? ? m *upp.? of ***tTii rnatie work of ev' ry Jn In i scr.prl ? . m* 1c f x j to ?ril*r, an J w..'T W| he so .1 nt a mu^h w<-r prtoe th^n -'a* lx>en ner*'?i>fore cliar<?xl in tuia c:tj lor inuob inferior artio>?. Parium* .n ww.t of l*<x?ta arid :*io?ni ..f ?a?t*rn or citr* work, will ? war*find n gi?"d MeorHMnt id at'ii* and at th* lowett or'm liivr u? a call. SKf-KIM K BKO., ap s_r_ l|etirii?* r*' '* arwiae. OOCTIBBII TRUNK M A N l' K A? 'Tok V, c 4**9 tth Stubst* o>reMfr DM F' Ws' Hnll. Wa h-nt'im, D. C. Tia/^imt w. i rti.ii* their irtt^'^ntn i?* examining nj ri< NK". VALICE^to.befow pur ?! \c c(;"5?>iik ? ?"'W(re As I up- doim bet (( "t mat-' .a1 th?mtrkiltirtnl( and nipif it ?mrn,i c%!i ru.? i?"-i>mni?na my v?->r* to Ujicrtor ir. S'fnc.H ? ?l iwtitinny t<? Tru:.k? Inst a^e it.Mlo ir, otiier a'i'1 #<.,.1 h?re. I k< ?'p constantly on :.and and mike to ?*rd*r (? n one * -?< *'? Dirtied' pverr d?noripri<?n of SOLE LEATH Eh, i lit tS FtlAME Fh F.\CH IW ESS in,t W )OI) FOX TKCVES. ASHLAND n?d other VALl'ES; TKiVF.LlS't PAUS; H A fi.VESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, t . t . I' .? . A(... K'-pa.'Wi at.:' i-J, in a work mar: ifc? manner. * short Trunks <! : ver?Ml it- an* part of Ihf city, G?orf?lown.or Alexandria. A <<?Aicent ior Hown'i celebrated FAMILV SK\% :\?i MACHINKS. dp 15 It JAM Kg TOPH AM. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD " AND COAL Delivered t<> all part* M ti.e city. a' the lovMt poKHiHe rale*. T J A W. M. GALT. Offi'-n t?44!? Pa. sr., between 11th and 12th ?t? . jiia 17 tf ^ north axle. rm l if i; c I' i??j< ? u i ur u u i \ri\;r * t ? u a v f t ii l . - v n-\ i\ i n i, rA n i i m * '.* ii n ^ i' I an uUttiTf Ktook of Ft EL, i> prepared ae.i M a vi-ri k?w bcuref>>r ca??n WOOD and Sp'it a:.y aize. Ca. and aee for youraelt R. W. BATES, Wood a::d C? a Dea er, ma 1# f*. F. corner of Fourteenth and C ate. WA*H1MJT??N CAR RIA?F. FACTOR Y, 0 Strart, fi-'win 9tk amd lOtA Si'Ht*. We have jii?- 6ni*hM a numirr ?>t fi at oia?a CaRRlAfif-"*, #>U' h &k l.itht ^inry. jniiiU K'a*n*, P^rk thfltrms. tarntiv Car gKJWBj Ti4Ltrt,an4 Butn<j, vL:?k w?- ?i:i aell*' ~ "? a r? omatl pr. til. Betas pr*. ? <*ai m^fihanica in difl ??-ent hrat?eh*a >f the bio-ia > ?, flr.uer tnat we know tf.e stT'.ee *n<: qua :') of w<>rk that *i I ?ive sat fvtioa, ooiulininK sritt:e*?. e?'?nfurt and duraU.itj. Repairing prompl..* an^ oa'-efu t atten led to at the enortee' n tn* a ?d i:i >*t r--a?n: ah o"arrea. W ALTER. KARMANN A BOPP, Coauhinak'r*, kuc^c*a ira tJ VVoi. f. Hook, ap 27 diy HO UN'S I IHKAK V f?KK^ P, INCLUDING t S'?-r, 'ai?l fa An*iq *ariaii. I u?tra t?vt, Pluolotioal. I oe ea.aatioal and ii U'*li ('ia*>lo ariea. \ s , <** V?r.l W.tfk-. RMIitAtft aid at !?.w price* N?w vnrki a * the aer o# ever* in-" th Any vomme mw be h*" TarattMv. an<i li* k vn'nm ? rav l?r n ? a?? mp?h*tl. The oomplete M-rire k"r>t ot? !.a?d by PHI LP A t*OL??UON, M?tr> P" 't?r. l'o?k?iiirf. 332 Pa av . Wt. hh and i<*h e?a. Je a.' Sole agenta for I ai;rei ce'? Matiofcer?. L^FFNCH fetch. MANTI,K!? AND POINTS ? Pi\ra-u *, tuii *li??l-?, tn lt"*un Cmhreiiaa. Threa t, Valcncibe?,>? is - and Can-bric I- d*:nfi, BorrV?n. 'ii:ypu e. an . F?vn?*h worked Co .art. Lin*n a Oain^ rte, u and Tt.reM ta. Colored 'i srlt -r a, i?a, Can.nne Jaoonett, >iu . \?r >' k a"<1 f ?i?i Nanetok M .ia'>na, H ot -s, <?au ltleHa, HlukMik Mitta.Ao. Fore?'al?>w t;? jafl T tYI.CR * HITCHIMtN HkCON A RAVRP!! ANPSTFINWAV Sols*' unnv?Ued PIANO Fr'HTer*^^ of all rlyi?a and him. a ?r>. a>-vral < J09E3 luer tnak- a, for ?alj ?? 'a^or* nrpM, ?? ' *" th'* aoJ? atoncy. H KT/> Kol T'S Mv*ie 8t >*e. Stveral fcwv,u?l-liard P:ai<oa in l?e-t t.roer. oli<ap. i>r? AL E: XX ALE AND XXX tl If!! 1 he pureat and m??i ?h< .ea<>ni? A.?r 111 ibla ?tt? i? to !?. r.htauied at the W A???II N'GTOM HKLW ERY Tint Aie i? rnad"froiTi malt and h<>pt oti ?. aid .-atinot fa:! tnfire entire ??t'?faeti.?r to ?o? at. !ii*ra. O. COLINF* U, Proprietor o' the A. A ; 9 W < i , * r* R rAW m r . *..r. li a ? ^ Mft W r;n !?TA>!)aru B ACK TKA. .JW CHK>T? ?TAMIARn IUACRTKA Kk<? t^oi. r*e*iv?a. Tint t*% if xix?!!*"'; pno?? * c-nt? f" p-Biui by ?h?"? or i ? . W* f**' our i cat lot Wih 0'>?t ui a,or* rii?>n?* K:Xt) ? Bl R' H Kl.l.. n?2S (Kir I'lf ? n t ??1 v*.ii ? ? ?? HO. HOOtt h%t i ? ?>c .awl *Vh k of ?t*ii *"* *1' VkiM ** K, &>: ?f h-? ow? m?k4. t'n wi ? It ? 'J *'t the NortLern mv 1 *' ?" " j MDI?Qm< v'll Vf r M?t ?*)fUliK u. auiaoai'i I1* ?? i* * ' iZRR4T BARGAIN# IN PIANOtt-**tl*r **>' "I or rent?new tiid t^ousd i?a <1. if *m ??- M?bl. ?U~. of th- ?Jf .?N , ? IT it 306 P*. ?T , hrtW.JHh Md !?? "t?

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