Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1860 Page 2
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LI S THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: "U'EDUSPAY laly ?ft, 1*60. Spirit of the >l?rnln< Prem. Tbe ron"ityimm d'ariigsen tbe democratic platform.nnd notes Mr l>W2l]|'iIn^bilitjrto nchew jol.tics lr. b's aj>ee? b** in resf*>nse to complinientarv demonstrations." as be distinctly an- 1 nosiiired be intended to do, in the commcnctjnent of bis "progress '' Tb? Jmtiiig- m;rt u ai '.uuut of tlie funeral of .Mr lihles. its aenier editor, yesterday, vii no* Ja?'ird tuis morning. iI7" Tb? f.:iL? r of tbe iiturdtrer Harden baa aold kia ion less urn for PvI,lRiu. lH7"The celebrated speech of Daniel Webater lit reply tj Robert V. Hayno wa? reported ia hort h;uid bv the late Mr Joseph Oalss U V-a grand horticultural park,containing 1 .(.! acres, ts being laid out on the uplands back of SM Louia. ff?r the culture of grapes and fruit. D-^Gen. Wool ha-? reviewed the Chi^a^o Xouavea, and pronounced them to l>e the b?.*st drilled sddiers he ever saw. \^J~ A N>at cajniied iu carrying out a load of the Key West captives to the ship South Shore, several of the negroes were drowued L/~ The artesian well at Columbus, Ohio, Las reached a depth of 2,51"^ feet. The auger 1s now through a hard, grayish sai.dstone. H_/"Gerrit Smith has written a manifesto on the presidency None of the candidates suit him? not even Lincoln C_^The exodus from Ireland continues thus far at as great a ratio as in I-o'J. The population ?f the country is now 333,t>ou persons less th.iu It was iu l-ol. when tue last ctusus was taken Letters from Rome state that Cardinal W lseinen Is scrhmaiv ai.ii alarmini'li- ill ?n<i that his physician has been summoned by telegraph from London. JO* A letter from Hayti says the immigrant* from New Orleans are doing well Iti the culture cf cott'-a on tbe plains of the Artlbonlte. Twentyfirir cotton-gins Mere in operation in that quarter. Uj* Tbe Hon Brenton Halliburton, whose death has been anuouiictd witbin a few days, was not Judge Halliburton, the author of Sam Slick's stories. During th* storm on Friday, the Hth, a meteor of unusual size appeared In the heavens in Iberville parish. 1.a , and burst with the report of a 24 pounder. CI7~General Milton, democratic nominee for Governor of Florida, In h:s letter of acceptance, endorses tbe nomination of Breckinridge and L>au? 07" The Japanese donation to the Philadelphia police has been distributed to that body by Chief Ruggles Each officer received the sum of flvo dollars and thirty-two cents d/"A shooting affair betweeu \V. J. Clear and S E Perkins, at Hazle Green. Ky., took place on the ljth. Neither of the parties is expected to live. IET The New York Tribune, without any pe< ial effort to inake the list complete, ascertains that In little more than three years fifty-Jitt murd'n have been committed In that city, the perpetrators of which have never be?-n detected. ITT" A man named John Brown, from Baltttimore. was recently killed by s'abbing, near Chicago, by Stephen McEnroe, all at>out a dollar. which the latter accu?ed the former of havlug, belonging to him. UT* General elections will take place on the first Mocdav in August in the following States Alabama. Arkansas. Kentucky, Missouri. Texas; In Tenn?-ss?e on the first Thursday, and in North Carolina on the second Thursday. 41 #" The Memphis Apreal of the l?lb miu.uutM (Kit PaI l \t V ...... ?k. ... 1,1?-t _ . u?. wvt. m t . ! I r?cci , nuu ?? u.' MKlwuru III n difficulty with i.'ol C. M fiallaway, of the Avaianche, is quite convalescent, and will be suflT ?'ently recovered in a day or two to attend to hit regular business From thb British Peotisces ?We have Ilaiifax papers of the 17th Instant The approji h ing visit of the Prince of Wales is the engrossing topic throughout the Provinces of Nova9<otla and .New Brunswick. Public meetings are held in every direction, and arrangement* are n:aking both by the people and the authorities to give a hearty reception to the heir of the Kn^iish throne POLITIC* Philadelphia?A gentleman w Loarrivtd In ILis city from Philadelphia thik niuriil.'ig, cays that the friends of Lincoln and iia:iillu fcvl a grand torchlight procession in that city last nifcLt, and a ii.iss meeting at the comer f? ociruiu aaa UMNM streets. They hav?- alto lntr-'b?d on tl?!r bamier* the name of Curtin. for Uovcrror of the ?iate They are now organizing their campaign clubs l:t that city. H7~The .Montgomery Advertiser aaya : 4,\Ve could fill our p:per every day with responses from every portion of Alabama to the nominations of Breckinridge and Line. The Democracy m no county ban hesitated in ratifying that tick* t ur will f-til to work arduously for its support till INoveinber. Every week we hear of accession to our ranks from the opposition and from those who have been put down for the bogus nominee* Doug lis and Johnson " Asrest of CocjiTERFKiTixs.?A gang of counterfeiters have been arrested at Parkersburg. V , viz: Ira Johnston, Adam Valentine and Hiram Sutton, the latter a hotel keeper In the posses ? i nf ? ivw wm .-? ?-"> luuuu maiiy implements nertss.ry iu the manufacture of tbe bills in the reliar they found the plates for State Bank of Ohio twenties Bank of Kentucky tens?a new two dollar plate on tbe Southern Bank of Ken* tucky which bad never been used. This plate is thought to be one of the be^t ever made The arrest* were made by officer Keaney, of Pittsburg Tat* Mi ?a Washington corn', pondent says ?The editorial abilities and la bor* of Mr Gales are familiar to tbe country, but it is not generally known that for some half a dozen years past he has not been able to contribute to tbe columns of the Intelligencer even by tbe aid of an amanuensis, the la v of composition or I dictation bringing on that severe neuralgic pain, which flnallv cauaert ? . ? ^ r?. ?im |'U| UtjOit 171 111C I right side He died on Saturday evening at seven I o'clock without a struggle, having remarked a I few niluute? previously that he ' must be very I near death ' Col Beaton and lady and Dr Miller, I who M* been summoned to hit bedside, arrived. I too late to see hint more In life. His estate near 1 th.s city Is called ' Eckington,' w^ich is the name I of the town In England where he was born. His I father published a newspaper there, which upon I coming to America he sold to the poet Montgom I ery. whom he reared In hia family.'' R?fCT*TH>M ?Now and then we find th??se who I attain, through years of toil, exemplary conduct, I charity, munificence, a position of importance I among men,?who are known for the p?itive I '* (ood they do.*' not what they ipjirir to I do: who are ahield?*d from the shirt* of * u.dal I and prejudice by their "good deeds seen and | known of all men We believe that Dr Wistar, the discoverer of the | long tried "Wistar s Hals-tm of Wild Cherry," I has done as much for the relief and benefit of poor I suffering humanity, and that his memory is its 1 justly entitled to encomiums of reapeet and gratl- I tude as anr philanthropist of our country Thi? I Invaluable preparation still maintains an fnrom J parable position among phvticians and druggists. I and by the people is cherished aa a remedy of un- I urpnaaable value for all diseases of the throat and I luac*We confidently recommend it to our readers when afflicted with pulmonary disease ?Wattr- I bury Amtncan ' JX^-A \Veat?-rn paper. rkNalrU?|| th? lament or. nmacf ot * st iglny .HttahfU tr. a church blown down, very feelingly ?ay?: ' We are hbppv to state tbat over tweuty petson were brought suddenly to the ^rouud safe, at d one Mr Wllkms, got bis ne< k broke Mr. W. wm an eatlmable yo'ing man, and the fat) er of a < h< id re 11 beside* a large farm well stocked. He * ? fatally injured." WASHINGTON JEWS ANVOOIS1P. Thi Divil to Pat ?It li underttood that Mr Ford, the House Printer. bat virtually iDld bit contract with the House to Mr Pangborn, after previously selling It to Mrssrs Larcomb A Knglt?h, who have executed the work for Mr Ford up to this time The public know that Larcomb A F.nglish d?ny Ford's riulit to make the second ale, and have enjoined Mr. Heart, Superintendent of lb* Public Printing, not to pay over a dollar to Kor<i or his second assignee Mr. H. will respect the writ of injunction. So, if Pangt>orn essays to execute the work remaining to b?* done, he must have backer* In the aperillation, for while it will require a heavy capital, the chances are ten to one that the Circuit Court will decide in favor of Larccinb & English's claims to the sub-cobtract; covering of course the right to execute whatever portion of the work Pangl'orn may do. In the meanwhile Larcomb A Kngllsh have possession of a large quantity of executed House printing, embracing 30,000 copies of the voluminous report of the Covode committee, ordered by the House to be printed especially as a Republican party electioneering document for the current Presidential campaign That large batch of documents, cs i well as others, are now ready for delivery to the House binders; but not a sheet will Larcomb A F.uglish permit to go out of their possession until the Court decides whether their sub-contract or that of I'angborn is the valid one. The legal question will be in abeyance quite long enough, we apprehend, to entirely defeat the parttzan purpoae of the Republican majority of the House in ordering the printing of the Immense edition of that expensive work, the cost of which thev *a<t. died upon the National Treasury. We apprehend that there are not a few others in the District of Columbia beside* I.arcomb A Knglish, and Defre?s, who having claims growing out of the House printing cf this Congress, are not a little nervous over the condition In which it now stands. So much for the public printing stench which the last House raised; the odor of their own printing rascalities being likely to smell most offensively In the noktrils of an honest public. rtthk.* of Travel ?The F.dltor of the Star proposes, ere the close of the current week, to start out upon a tour similar to that which he per. formed at this season <<f last year; his purpose b-lng to write and publish (In 'he ;S/nr'.?columns) a detailed account of all he see* ar.d hears likely to interest the newspaper reading public. The fart that his similar letters previously published hive never failed to be extensively republished in the l'( lumns rf rnnlfmnntjio!. _ - - . . | \-l <?l Jl j\/UI illiio, (I MM m cause a very large extra demand for the Star?to be mailed by purchasers to d'stant friends?induces him to believe that be will be able on this occasion to add. thus, greatly to the Star's interest in these j iping times of dullness in the Federal Metropolis. He gives this notice to the public in advance of starting out upon his tour, in order that those who may desire to obtain extra copies of the paper containing his letters, one arid all. may send in their orders at once to the Stnr office specifying the number of copies they wish referred for them Advertisers, by the by, will perceive that the publication in the Star of another such series of sketches of travel will be a great card for them ; for the papers containing them have always been more sought after in this region of country than ever a newspaper wns, except during the publication of the Star's report of the Sickles' trial. The l'rnroskd Joint Ticket in Nf.w York The tone of the ."New York Tribune upon the current disposition of the friends of Bell and Kverett to support a joint electoral ticket with the Democr.t y, satisfies us that, so far as tbat wing of the opposition to the Republican party is concerned, there is to be no difficulty what* ver in the consummation of the proposed and very sensible union. The Tribvnr calls Messrs Brooks. Duer, and Hunt every conceivable name it can lay its pen to The meaning of its abuse is simply a confession that it see* a prosj>ect of the defeat of the Lincoln ticket in New York, ahead In the meanwhile Mr Douglas himself is doing his best to fjravrnt any such union In New York us that proposed ; thus adding continuation to tne now so general impression, that his purpose is simply to make fair weather with the Republican party for the race in 1^64. To be able to claim that he secured the triumph of Lincoln In by keeping the Democracy divided, and there fore ia entitled to a debt of gratitude from that organization. s Another Alleged Defalcation ?A special dispatch to the Baltimore Sun of this morning ays: Maj D J Sutherland, quartermaster of the marine corps. Is so much in default to the tiovernrnent that the President has been constrained to strike his name from the roll of the corps He was suspended from command by Secretary Tnucey some three months since to enable him to adjust MsaccounU The amount of default Is understood to be somewhat over and above the liability to the Government of his sureties " We have heard nothing of the matter here Mr Breceinridoe and Union Electoral Tickkts?The Breckinridge National Committee here do not credit the report that Mr Breckinridge has witten a letterin favor ofal'nion KlectOMl T'. ket in \e\r York tli?? 41-4i- - - - - ? ?v j ou ? kuai i ii a initt* r of so much importance they would br ap prised of what had been done. Ac I his romm.ttee Las ?-\pressed no opinion against Ciiiou electoral ti< kets as was at on?* time reported, but r serva Its opinion should it be asked, tor a spe c tic ease, when it may arise Ocr Kmrkioji Relations ?Theadministration has recently addressed another note to the British government on the San Juan affair The President. it is said. has, during the absence of Secretary Cass, repeatedly been atthe State Department personally attending the weightier matters pertaining to foreign a&'airs Naval Intelligence.?Master T McKean Buchanan has been promoted to a second lieutenant in the Navy. Lieutenant W m C West has been ordered to the Naval Observatory at Washington. ? Thi Report or the Covode Committee ? Thirty thousand copies of the report of theCovode Committee have been printed, but the House printer will not deliver them until the diiticulty w,th Mr. Ford's assignee is settled. TRA?ssrKR or OrKiCKRs ?The officers which were detailed for the steam frigate Richmond, have been transferred to the Susquehanna, which vtts '1 is aoon to leave for the Mediterranean. The Wkathkb?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Unn Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. July 25, 1MW New York. N Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear. Richmond, Va cloudy Petersburg, Va. cloudy, pleasant. Norfolk, Va cloudy. Ralei g h, N. C.cloudy. Wilmington. N.C clear hot Columbia, S C cloudy, cool. Charleston, S. C clear. Augusta, Ga clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear, Ni". Macon, Ga cloudy, pleasant. Columbus, Ga cloudy, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. r koM THK Will Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hagerstowu, Md clear, warm. CiimtM-rland, Md clear, warm. Uraflon, Va clear, warm. Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Parkeraburg, Va clear, warm Cincinnati. O clear, warm. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,007; at noon, 30,071 Thermometer at 7 a m , 71*; at noon. 80". Maximum durlug 44 hours ending V a. m. today, 81*; minimum 65*. ET"rhe spaces of ?olar ay stem, or some of them at leaat, appear to be thickly peopled with small planets or asteroids, Invisible to tbe naked eye or by the ordinary telescope No lean than fortyD-vea of these voung planets are now exist between Mnrs and Jupiter, and every few months we hear of a new discovery. The largnst of them is said to be only forty mile* In diameter, and the smallest only four. P#rHHi< Hon Charles R*ady and family, of Tenn . are at Browm'. Lord Lyon*, wc understand atarta to-day for Canada, to m?t the Prince of Walea Capt Ben ham, U. 8 Engineers, recently appoint**! Superintendent of Washington Aqueduct, ia at the Kirk wood Houae General Shield* ha* l^ft San Antoalo for California, by the overland stage, via El Paao Hia health ia much improved The decree of " Master ef Arts" haa been < onferred on Sir Caleb S Hallowell, Principal of toe Alexandria High Scliool, "in cons'deration of distinguished att.iinmenta in science Thr Richmond Examinersays '-Hon Edward Bate*,who is a native of Goochland, in this State, is at present on a visit to his relatives He wa* yesterday in this city, stopping at the Colum bjan Hot?*l. and during tbe dav was eniiay?-d i.i renewing the acquaintance and friendships of lanz syne .... We understand that Attorney General Hlark leaves the rity to day, for Pennsylvania Sene- i tariesFlovd and Thompson contemplate pr.weed- I ing to Old Point on Thursday, intending to stay several weeks, Secretary Cass also being absent, there will only be three Cabinet officers remaining here?Secretaries Toucey and Cobb, and Postmaster General Holt An Kartmquakk is cxrcascs?The Caucasus, a Russian journal, gives a strange account of an earthquake in the district of Kouba. near a village called Zargovo. situated at the f. ot of a mountain range, about twenty miles from the Caspian Sea. The r? suit has been the complete destruction of nearly &">0 acres of productive land This event is said, by the journal named above, to have bten witnessed by only one individual, a herdsman named Kadyr Rahhn. employed in fending oxen on the spot. The man states that, he was sitting under a tree on the side of a hill, watching his cattle on the plain below, and was suddenly alarmed by a most extraordinary movement of theground under his feet In his terror he ran down the bill, and when he looked back he saw the tre?-8 hurled into the air and the surface nf tVi? ground heaving tnto hillocks, tilling the air with a cloud of dust. He further declares t&at there was no wind, nor any subterranean noise. The convulsions of the earth must hive been corfl.ied to a very limited space, f??r the inhabitant? of th? village, only four miles distant, knew nothing of what had occurred till informed bv the hrfdsnrian, and could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the devastation effected in so short a tine Sea Voyage* vs Crowded Watkr.n^ Piacrs ' To everybody," says the i.ondon l.ancet, "except some nervous and delicate females. and a few malfs with very susceptible and untamable stomachs, a moderate sea voyage is one of the Uue?t tonics known. The rapid movement through the atmosphere, thechange froin latitude to latitude, the constant breathing of a pure, unde tiled air, th? complete relaxation of mind and mt.S' le. the novelties < f a sea lift*, and of nautical maneuvering. soon begin to work wonders upon bodv and mind The complexion becomes ciear. the eye bright. muscular movement easy, <]<>i k and vigorous, and tue appetite keenly sharpened The nervous, worn out. exhausted, irritable person dually becomes fat, lazy and infourrant For the victim of commerce, the votary of fashion, and the devotee of literature and science, we say tiere is nothing like a sea voyage to bring about that necessary and perfect moulting process." as Scbultz calls it, which eventuat?s in an almost rejuvenescene." Tan a tithe of this be s?;d of Saratoga, or any of the fisbionable places of resort in whi''h our wealthy citizens crowd themselves and their families during the hot months of summer ' -t. I.?.cis, July "it.?The Missouri and Western Telegraph Line was exte >ded to Port Sm th. <>n the ext-enie weitern bord' r of Arkansas. l?Wi miles fouihwi-st of st Louis, oa the Butterleld ()m< 1 md route, to-day. and is now open for bus n?s> This line is a section of the < ont:-mplated tele, graph to I'al'fornla, by t' c Southern route, and 1 n conjunction with the lin?- now nearly finished from San Francisco and Los Angelus. a distance of .".(X) miles, and the overland mail, will furnish s.eedyand reliable communication between tie Atlantic and Pacific. The line by the Northern route is lieing rapidly pushed forward. and will be completed to Ooi iia, in Nebraska, about the middle of A'lguft; tbcnce it will be built directly West, towards the gold fields of Kansis. and will reach Fort Kearnev. nearly 200 miles from the States, on th-route of the Pony Kxpressand California mail, by tl.e 1st of November [fS?WA8UINOTONCOMMAN DF.R V.N<>. 1. L ? K.T ?A aUMMMMbly ol this ('omnuinder> will he held at the A?.jiiini. corncr of Ninth and 1) ?t ? t <. TH IS i WimIiIcmIsi i L V I ;N ING, at a o'clock. Full ami p^nctun ai'endance it, arne?tlv rei|in\st>-d. Moil]l>er? wln? intend visiting New Vork will repott themselves with their arms and equipments at the depot of the Maitunore Kailroa I ?' io'clooka in., to morrow ( Thurtday ) 15v order. It J. F I. MeCLERV. Recorder. v-y Til P. H.ri CUMU'C1TLTIU> I I1 A K A N I ? TIKS FRKK om en IN THE fAPITO I. ..r THK N ATU>\ ir N < ?T THK RDill T to ?:KKCT A I.IHKRTY FOLK.?The R-publican A"ociation will hold its regular weekly meeting at the \y igwam,corner of Indiana aveiue ami Sec ontl iitreet, on THI K->DA V . the 26th instant, at * p in. Add'emtes may bo expected. All p?*r?onn wiHhing to identify th?m?eIveHWith the Republican party are invited to he present aad enroll t. eir name*. jy 25-2t |?OK PHILADELPHIA'"-The -t amer c. C. I Alger, Capt. Fenton, will ivceive ^ freight for the above port until to morrow Thurmlay I evening to on Friday morning. Fot freight applv to HVUK * DAVIDSON, jy ih 2t ft 7 and .?0 Water nt , Georgetown. 'IMIO.MPSON'S I CELEBRATED MEDICINES, LIFE I'R fcSKRVE fat atfci cor1)|al. For gale, wholesale an t rata 1 bv S. C. FORD. Jr., jy 25-12t Cheinist. i 1 KOlUiK ? SM>AT A Cn.S * SUPERIOR SOWING MACHINES. First premium awariltd at 1H cut of 2" State anJ County Fairs. The cheapest and Iwwt Sewnc Machines ever invented are univerMilijr adiritt <1 to be tho?e manuja--t?ir???t b* l?rorg?- R Sloat Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic and Shuttle Machines to Fanc\ Elliptic, Walnut or Mahogany Cased, a i d .?u>. Toilet Cased, Walnut <*r Mahogany,.S75 and $R.S. I licwe MactiioeK are of superior workmanship and more elaborate fini h an.I J3 per ceit. cheaper than any other Sewing Macnuie ma ufactured in the United Mates. Call and s-e hem at MAXWELL S Pue^tor*] J'a. avonu*. jy ii pmi J 1 IIUM \S MAX WKLL. Afceiit. i;i)K -AI.K THK TIMK OF A COLOHKD I HOY. who has over 3 years to serve He is a very likHv boy. aud ore who can niak" himself in any capacity Apply at .Mrs. DI'VAI/S, oii2"'h st., near West Market. j> 25 3t* For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious FRUIT AM> Cmk?M SiHtr*'. Go to G R A Y S . Northeas* cor. Massachusetts av. an4 Fourth st. jy 24 2w n ril WARD IN T H K F1 KLD ' i UHEAT HEUVCrioX IN PRICES. H F. \ \ I \ G, 7th st ,1 sland, is selling n k mds of SI MMKH C l.( ITH I \ 'i. H \ I > a crMtii.'D?"S - . i? ;u .ur<iv ** ROOTS mid about cost.j f>>r oa*n 1 k Neck Ties for 25 cents, worth 5fl, Paper i'olla s, 10 for J5 cut.i, !, ,<>!, Collar*, Shirt*, L'ndemhirtB, Drawers. Homer*, A e., fetraw Goods, very cheap," Lane.s' hrown. tan ami Mack heel Gaiters at $1.25, " brown (iaiters. at 75 oent?, " Morocco Heel Boots, at !5'1.25 * do. do ?1, do no heel do 75 rents. " do. Heel Slippers, from 75 cents up, ili*. Sli pptTH ami Miifkn. at 75 c 'nt (ients' Patent Leather Shoe* and Gaiturb. at *1 25, Youth* (iaiti-rs, $1, Boys' do , i 1 Z3, A tin" lot of home n.ade Patent Leather Shoes, at 1 w price*. Man* i tlier kind* o i hand, in which &reat ! *-| gain* may he expert? 1. CaHeft'Jy. j? it i\] KIGI1TII National K x II I B I T ION. At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Stpt.l2tk-mk. The I N ITKD STATES AfiRICUhTI'R\L SOOIKTV will hold its Huhth Ai.uual A ricultural and ImliiHtria Exhibition on the grounds literally provided l?y the citiz ?us of Ciuciu'ati, ?hicti aie to he fitted uu in the liett strle. There will he Hull* ami Tent* for the display of I \s I*I?EM KNTS, M ACH1N KR V. TOO!.??. DOM KST1C MANUFACTLRE8. FARM AND oabbRN I-KOLH K. FRl'ITS. FLOWERS. ami NA TIVK WINKS; with Stall* ami I'rvn 1"r HORSES. CATTI. . SHEEP, an.l SWINE; ami an unequal <! Track,one mile in length a .u li>rt\ f-et in wiilth. f??r tlie exhibition ol 1 The Premium* offereil-in canli,?sold, mlvr. anil hrouz" medals,?diphmwn antl Mitihcaies, amount to .* 20.000. The Exhibition will remain open Iroin W?!n?? day,the 12th, to Thumday, the 2"th, ol Scp'einb'T, thus mivin?; time to examine and t?tt the imple merits and machinery. For premuwn listx or information applv at the | Office of the Society, No 35t> Pa. aventi", (up I stairs ;) or to the *ub*erir> C:nemc&ti, Ohio. hen. perley poore, jy 24 tf Sec'y f. S. Agricultural Society. He w page ^ ~ u-w ? v/1 lJ Vv A IV/ I~< I\ 1 AC ^\'' 4 * ^ I Seventh "treat, between (} a*d H. wheie he has I constant! \ on ha ii *u p-nor ICR ORK ? M, FAN CY CAK'KS. PIRH. OfcNDlKS. MI TS, *<!.. ? c. H-* is prepared to JurniwJi F-milie?, P.-trties a-.d J'ic Nics with the best articles in his linn at rea^i'ablt* prices. __ j> 21 - ' w ' I IFE OF LINCOLN- the l.if.* aud Public Ii S*r?io.s of Hon. Abraham Linool ?ith a portrait on st?el, to whioii isaddtvla bins r%pm?i\l sketch of Him. Hannibal il ni'in by L> YV. Bart lett; price $1. Just published and for rale at the Motropo itan Bo"kstore of PHILP A SOLOMON. 332 Fa.a*. [ jy 33 Sole agents for Laurer.oe's Stationsry, Ac. # GEORGETOWN. Cntttpandmtt of Tk? Star Gioisitown. July*-*. 1NHV. VMtndir was the anniversary of our spirited corp, the Potomac Light Infantry, whicn wa? organized on the ilth dav of July. The company has slowly but steadily in rensed in numbers and ? tti iencv. and we will surely not be a ( used of exaggeration wben we state thats.mie of the older n^esnben would do credit to nny milItirv organization In our country At a business meeting last ni*ht. Mr Wm H. Dougal was elected Quarter lit aster. and Mr H D T Myers. Kngineer The company sustains h loss in the retirement of Third I,lent John H Davidson, wuo lias resigned hi* position. but Intend*. when h's business engagements permit. to mom the company I'he members lost night serenaded their officers. I ncreding with Ks;>jt*s line hand to the m dence* respectively of Capt Holllngsworth. First Lieut McKenny, Second l.ieut Cruikshank. exl/eat. Davidson, and Surgeon Marks II. They afterwards serenaded the Mayof, and 'hBn proceeds to the residence of Mr Bogue. Iiy invitation, where they were handsomely entertained A meeting or young men to form a new mllitiry company, was held last evening at the hall corner of High and ??ay streets, but we have not heard what action was taken. About ;*) names are 011 the roll. An inquest was held yesterday on the bodv of William Day. a colored man. and the verdict of the jury wan that "deceased while working oil board a sloop belonging to Rich?rd Kllis. lying at the fish wharf in Georgetown, fell overboard into the river Potomac. 111 a tit. and was accidentally drowned; that every effort was made to sive him, he b?-ing subject to flts; that he was very poor, and destitute of means to bury him. ^ ? GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS A R ksolctios for the purposes therein contai ne d Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Counril of the Corporation of Gecrgrt own, That for the purpose of having the expenditure of the Corporation on account of the I ulted states for the High-service Reservoir refunded, the Clerk be, and he is hereby directed to hand over to Capt. M. C. Meigs, Engineer of the Water Works, all the vouchers for the payments out of the appropriation of approved 17th of September. ISVJ, amounting In the aggregate to SI U*i IS. Krsoltfii further. That he is also directed to hand over to the said Capt Meigs the pay rolli and voucher! for Sl.(r.!9.56. for expenses of proving pipes. Ac ,011 the part of the Corporation. as they embrace the Vouchers for SXti .Vt of the above II'gh-serviee expenditure, and cannot be separated from them. [Approved July 21. 1*60. A R KsoLCTJOS to repair an Afch and a Gutter Rfsol rfd by tf' Hoaril of Aldtrmm nn<1 Honni of Common Counril of the Corporation of (iforgetotm, That the sum of twenty dollars, or so much thereof as may be neceaaary lie. and the sam*- is h? ret y appropriated to defray the expense of repairing the arc It and the well-holes connected therewith on Serond street near High. and also the gutter adjoining the flag way on the north side of West street at its intersection with Congress street; said work to i>e don* under the direction of the Surveyor. whose orders, accompanied by the proper vouchers, the Clerk is hereby authorized to pay. Approved July'.'I, IHJO. A Resoi.otiox hi relation to the distribution of How Carriage* Rtsolrtd by ihf Boardof Aldermen and Board of Com men Council of thr Corporation oj litorgetovrn. That tieorge Shoemaker and Hwtiry King be, and they are hereby authorized to select two suitable places, viz: One west of High street and nortb of Second street, and one east of High street and nortb of Dumbarton street, for the safe keeping of two s?-t* of Corporation Lo?f. to be under the control of the keeper of Are engines Approved July'JI, l-tilt A R ksoi.utiox for tbe relief of Jos. F. Birch. Hesolved by the lizard of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporal ion oj GeotR'tairn. That tbe Llerk of tbe Corporation be. and he is hereby authorized to pay to tUe order of Jus F Birch eight dollars in full for furnishing one colli ri for pauper, and charge the same to tbe general fund [Approved July 21, l*fiO. AMUSEMKNT&. \T ODD FKLLOWS' IIAI.L! THVhSOA V KVKSIXd, JulV X. Another charge of viewa. 3d time in tins conn try of tiiv Fireworka. and Cluneal 11Juruination, direct from Jeddo, from a design of the Japanese, ftiowiiic tiie following elegant sccn^n : l'a,M'1\ ?>t >i!<-nu*. footer father <>f Raoctiua; Temple of Cupid: Bower in the Garden of t'troe; I em pie >if Venus; Triumphal Arch at Pari*, erected by Napoleon 1; the Hntus of Veniia. the Gotld'sn of l.ovt and U'-.-iut>; l*re?ei.tatu?n to Ame. ica?emblemalioal?IVace. I'ro^perit) and Frateriut* of Ameri' a aii'l Japan. I irnt time o| Waisrioo Bridzeand a part <>f the citv of London, Napoleon erospin^ tlie Alp*. Storm at !-ea, ftr Thirt? It autilill presents nij.tr11'iited t.? t> ? an u?nce Ticket* of nouiinsiou, lv all p&il>ui ll>e Imi'. onl>25 eta. 1/ PRKK CONCERTS! IjK.NST LOKFFLKR, jVfir York a-<n*r, bf-\ rt/-.?n l.vj awl ftretlx, wouid retpectfuily >*? KtAtrt t.l thn> th?? A 1 O ' . r ...... w - ..1?V X* \y V/, I. r\ I UlUW| SELECT MUSIC will Ite gi ven evort MON Tji"* DAY ai.d 1'MUKSDAY KVENINGS during tne season. at hi? Pavilion. commencing at 3 o'clock and ending at I? p. rn Previous to the Concert, the Saloon la open to those desiring to while tvt; a few hours in the mazr uance. ICE ORK^M. WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTION KRV always read; at citj prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pic Nic pur pos> a. are requested to {i*e a da; or two notice. je 18 3m WANTS. ?PARTNKR WANT ED, with this O <?" M t. n mount, in a lug hi r r " #' aid* t>u*|.ecs. .Murt travol. Address''JACQUES," Star Office. j> 25 3t _ ANTED?A WHITE GIRL to do bouMwok iii n \ r\ small midi.v. Amenran prH-'rred. Inquire of M and C. II. MOR^K. eerier<fTenth at. Md Pa twMHi over I,i*vii John-on. It* U/ANTED A WOMAN,to d< . se'' w nrk in a swa 1 fiiiuil); mat ba a good w.i-h< r and iroMr.aai understand plain riniiif Good nfcfMKWr<|?irwl. Appl> at tins office. iv 23 3t 1A7ANTED-A NT( AT!ONtbj a ta f? \k miian. as rook aid to a >si*t in vi nirn; and irening, in ci't or country. ijood reference given' Applv U3 L> -t , between 14th and 15th sts. j-Sf _ 1VANTKU-A WOMAN, to perform the duties ?? of chain be rin&id No one n?ed applt whocan , not. bring a recommendation from her last p acc. I Iriqui eat Kek'nalun. two milei north of iheC*p i it^l ? . i? 17 %\f A N TKD?To have evryhodv know tliat thev ?? cuMrtkM*UwirSnmnwrClntkiaiilooit(t No. 4<>0 Seveuthst., opposite Post Office, jjr 12- m \\J ANTEI)? llv a steadv and iiidnsfrious inan. a *? SITUATION a>< collec'or. 11 M of recoin m ndations ^iven. Address M. C., Star Office. J) U tf W * N rK??? tOOKS, ?? D DOn? MINIS. PAPKRS, COINS, AI T(M;KAPHS -f5for an autograph lefter of Gen. Taflor. 3', 6th 2?th, 31st, 34th, 36th Volumeaof Nile's Ke< inter wauted ALFRKI) BUNTKR.' je29eolm* Un^er Willa?d?*. LOST AND FOUND. Q ||k R K W AR I).? I,"?i."n July 16th, Jill a HOLD ANCHOR LADY'S i WATCH, No. 9.273 The above reward will |M ' be paid lor it* return t" thi?? office. j\ 25-3t ONm! I (ViO TICK.? Lout or mislaid, a CHKCK, diawn by C H Churcli in my favor, for $19, pavable at th? Patriotic Bank on or about the I2tu mat. I t ire? ?rn all peniona from cashing said check, aa payment has been stopped at th<- Hank, it* LOGAN O. SMITH. I OST? IJy a littie girl, a small white and black ^ f*PANIKLj long black ars, and a???. _ > wen in one of his eyes The loner will b*s^yaMC grateful for its return to 179 F ?tre*t. " bet wen 4S and titn st? , liland, and suitably rewarded if required jy 2o-3l \M7AS TAKKN I'P, a* an estray, on Monday ?? afternoon, Jult .'3d, a dark brindled COW . with crumpled bonis. The ??iier will pl< a*n com" foi waul, prove property, pay c ia. nes, ai d take her away. JOHN LL'CKKTT, jy^5 3*.* Cor. 6th a nil sta.. Muzzard's Point. STRAYED FKOM HIS SCHOOL, on the ath instant, a iittlc HO\ .b v<<ars ol a<f. w!th r?,r con pi' xi<>n. light hair; with black cloth clothes and buff jacket; Iieht traw hat. Any one knowing of In* whereabout* will greatly favor hia distressed Parent* by leaving information at their residence, corners f Fli stand south B sts., Capitol Hil\ jy 25 3t* A. WOLFE. "boXrdinoT E?OAKDI\G.-AtNo:45S Mnth street. 1 door f south of K. will l?e ffund vacar.t a fine front room 0 1 tfc? 2d fliM.r. *upp!ie?l with water, gas, Ito.; bitli r- oni convenient. Tne ltfB*e is dtrirahly located. at weil as elevated andWry. Terms moder? )f U St' BOAR DING.-Three or four single gentlemen can be accommodated with U a*l in a private farm > o.i the l*lan 1. It is the pleasantesi location on ihe Island, and nearest point to the oit*. Address H . H H., City Post Office. jy 13-1 w* PKRSOV A T. ? ?? w A 1 ^ A AJ VIADAMK MOK KICK, I'm* GREAT AstboloiiAi-'!V2D juxtfrom Kurors.-Tun .i i> . n mt?llitent ia.fjr cur be con*u!ti?d Vn -ITn^r .e,entau^ Event*. Cail at uiJ.t Twenty aeoocd street, between H and I, V\ ashingtiiii. jei9 3m* J i, * BOSTON lOE. ? Lr .**"r -choonerB K. Olifillan. Mar* Kou teen Hundred roni be?t quality BOSTON i'r* ? middleton, jy 20-?o3t office corner 12thand F ?U. EXCURSIONS, PIC NI08, Ac. 1VOTICE. -The EXCl R?*l<?\ of the HAHH H FtL CLUB h?? t^n Po?*T fc. PONBP until further notice. B? order of If THK CU B. THE CAPITOL Af*OCIATION Will hold % M G RANI) PI i* NIC if At /n A K L I NO TON S P H I N G. M FRIDAY. Aiipuats Ptrticilltri in future ftdv?-rtiaem^nt. j? 2"THO: FOR (iLVM(l\T r UK MomtwB ofthe HIAtt ATM A CUB !>?? the plf-Anu e to ftnnounce t'? th<*ir il i; fi iei(js mifi thepnhli? in \1? OM.IIill I K \ ? I KMI 'N II I.kimi, thoTthof Aurart. I'krin<uikri m fulura >4r?rti?? ment. H? o <Nr <>f jf &-*<&' CUM. <?? " A R R A \ <? I. M KN Tl*. THK I.ADIFS HKNKVOI.KNT WHTIKTY I wi I *iv* thru fir*t t?R A\l? PIT _A *' k nit?? an is. 1 - r fc >p r THI RsPAY.J i J>i' fit Ol th<? p'*<?r TH? ??*r?s| uo pain* t?> make thi* thf >? ?' j.ra?a;.t part* of the *? * ou. Th? w.t, |e?v? tii?? AVharf anj th* fiK>t of llicli *t *v??r* hotir. Tickets <-*r, otitain<*l at J F Rliu'i.orittnr of tn<< K<?o?*tor??. ami of t!ir following i *lie* : Mi>< R a Scott. Mr*. |)rur\. Mri. P?rk?r. Mr*. Mutton. Mi?? Matilda M??i, Mr*. Franc* Mr* Bri*n, .Mri. MHjnillk*. Miss M. Purk'r, Mr*. Cow**, Mr*. Jordan. Mr*. Sii<1*ll, Mi** R.>?a French. Mm. Hi|(*, Mi<? Marion Mohan. Mr*. I'ant, Mr*. Il-rret. Mrs.Huunr, Mr*. 4'urran, Mr* l.^nthai. Mr*. ?*,-.?tt. Mr* Ri>lf-rn. Mr* Calian, M is* Smith. Mir* Mi** Carroll. Mr*. Stiurt. Mr*. II LVI ? r?... |_ - * mm ,?i i n'ii? . ipm ir, J? * ' oTNTTI Kir ri Ki: i >T7To>TTniK\ \> ilrm st |},((wd fro at t'ito the 27th. r elusive. will l>e n tr? . sued t? mil.tar) companies an **" others who iuit wiah to art-mi the ce.ehration at Cii'peix^r Court h <>u?e on th ^i'h jnut J M IlKOA^Ii, j? M .t Gene-a! Ti^V-?r \c?n? O ft a.R.R rf? 1111 PRLLowr ric n ic. I HK i i Ar aiiceitirnt* on th* part ol Kriei i: -. 11 i? I.. R |. i. .11 1 _ campm-nt*. ?ake r tici f iand? uml the pulilic that tlioi ** -1 PIC N !< ?i l take r "t ANAI.O&TAN INLAND"". M(?NOAV Jui> S> TheCoiumi te* will u*e their utmost endeirori to ????thf <>T??i?ti <mf of int*r???t and plcaau t to all who mat f*vnr i:a w th Tut ir con, pan*. l)u'in< th? a It n-noon an a .1 ?ii will o. <fj.ive r?d |iy a prominent 111 nil'"' "f the Ordei, iticrs' ?trfti?: hand ha* h^n ontia^el f?r the it a -1? m Koats ? ii! run f'n n M?rcati A K litneha't'a wuarf, Wanii ngton. ami I <>m lllgliatre t <* ('."V f. ? ? ? Ketown. evon f?*?r mi n en dti i j the i a\ anil ''|> t<? jno'clock at nlclit. H'-a* faie fii? cent* **cti ?r?t; i hiidreu halt pi Iick?t? Fft* (.'-alf, at'iultmc a *. an<1 la'i *. Tii k.'t* ma* I"' procured of any of the m*ml>ert of the l/H<?iir KnoampiWM.t. j* .4 i>t Ol ??<) F. \ TW wiumbi ol lit* man j it rat ion an* i>peninc "1 the Oil I I"--Ii,,* (,i(> ar? . < r?>ecnlii rstali!i>li>"l 'r ! fur it* IxMiftit, t .1 - . .. *i ' - i i. -i ^ \ .1 i 11 I * .VT*."" will have a I'h' Mr on ANA .osr\N ISI.ANI). >n WFDNK;*DA\ . Aiicu-I Klh. !? > A'lilrxtw will Im? leliv"er??t *'i<1 every pain* tak<*n In ni?ki> Hi# iiri ??i?n "in* nf mi I pi *-ur?. Further p?rit<-iilari> ifi fnlur? notice*. t> tt* \l<H?M.i<tHT KXtl xnii I.J MONT iTI MONUAV. JtLT-W. An Kx<?ur?i??n l*atv ! ? n Coinniittw ol riuter?i will ] ? e W'a fiiiifton for GI*iront on th?- 3 tli iu?tant. in tn?' st?*?iti?<r thom*?''dlittk : i*-* 1 " 1 to Irave ii-?* wl.atf at l?'ol<efc 'II pr?cl?el*; tiriM(< lorr Qlynwatit I* stock. "I ti'-k?-t> I itnf il. \\ |lti*r?" mu?i? wi I in att"n?1ano??. < inn will lea ve corner 7tii at sunt Pa. a v.. * n<l cor ?*r I. an?l 7t i ?t*.. at uVkn-li. T; 'k"t? ON F. IX il.l.AK : to l> ra?l ?n!? <>( Win. R. M :l.? ?b?VViii. M f>> i. .1 'Iin Ik <*nnningt'Mi, ll%n?< n l>'i nar<l. .1 ?'<> J it Ije. \o \*l Km*. <"i n?. \\ . N- li.Mil Si Cuive'weU. j> lljl rf* ANNOFNCKMFNT I hi: \I *mli- raoftli** I'KRSKVKRA \CK FIRE COMPANY N 4. the w ? I lire to Mi rum i"-" to t li*-tr mi* I I i r I ami tin- null.i.- ; ??n?*r*i t'ia* tti??i t*/ W > "*ir A N N I \ I. Pit" N 11 ? 'ik plru-e at ARi.I \<i TON r*l'KIN*i on XI'KSPAV. Aiikii?t U. Particu ar* i" h future a<l vc'tn?*iiieut Hj order of JT -UctU iOVI.OF ARKANGKM'TS. FOR SALK AM) RENT. of?<r "tor Salt and Hrni" a4rertli>mr*tl, <*r - jtrn p?cr j F~?or KBMT?4ttw-r?1 BRICK DWKI.I. I \f >, |': tMtif fltMMi na I l>*tw???n ..'1st anl 22<1 st* Ciwllni.t vatnr it tlMduor. R??nt mo? eiaT>'. to h coot App.\toD H.I Ki'K R"N. H.3 I ? . > tt> if KM >K >AI i: Mil RF.N T-A IIKH'K DWELL 1 i ING H(iL'Si;,on Suth rtrert w???t. tx?twee!i \T tii'' N in. tii, NM '230. .-.viil* i ns 11. nt r?> .>ns mil tkt :i<,n. I*"-*.vn Imiu * pi> ni*xt in'fl it. J* iV I W L'tlR R KNT?Tint v-'M d<**irnMe l)\V Kl.LING v IIOI'SK, No. 3tiJ, south of >'a ?v nnf, h- mo? 1. ?' , ami *>th *f Ga? &'id ja? future* eom|i'fte. A b > l*ot??!ii?c '>11 t . ok Applr to .-rw.I.I mv i-RANK IIKRBKRT. No 4??7 12th tre?>i, Inrtwom I ami K st*. jy 8S at* I/OR R K NT?A t'rw st r* BRICK HO'SK. containing |o ro<*ins. <>n th? <-orn??r ol Third and C fctrc t?. t apitni IIill. north. T*rnis 1110 ! ' at?. App^ un th* pr?iiu??i <>r ?f J AS COI.K MAN, Watchman at the Capitol. jy 6t* F'OR RKNT-A Kl RNISHKll I'AKI.OR an 1 CHAMBKR, 011 flrit floor, with or without Hoard. A -"o. t*-o Chamber*. front. i^cond ator* Inquiro Tenth i>tr<v-t, ea^t Mile, tint door hImhc M *tr?-et. j* 24-31' Rf.M-A HOU9K (?\ I. STKKKT i north. No. 3.10. 'I'ne lin jie ha* tea royim and in u< od ? ?l -r a lot Si by l'U f?*??t. *tal?le ami car riAi* houae ami a pump <>f i o<><) rit^ in the ?ard. Pokttt.kiuu civcn o th>'l"t of A'nutt In applting on the premise* to Mr IIAHnVor A BORLAND. A !mi a Frainu Ilouae on Fi UfuUitirtel w^t. No. 3tor_ jv 24 3t* HIOlSF.HOLD <iOOI>S FOR SALE-A fain il>, rl?-?-'ininie hous-keepine, offer at p ivate ?*1". n til the aist instant, the FI RM'i'l RK, CARI'KTS, HE DDI NO. Ac, Ac. -a 1 cl?anl) and in goo I orde^-?of a ooiiifortahi* ?1we 1 inn.i No 3*?| H i>tre-t. Iietw???n 15th and 14th ?t?.> Th' HOI'SK I* FOR RKN'T, and anyon?de?ir uig t<> beuin housekeeping will find thif" a most favorable opportunity to buy. Call befo re 8 a. in or aPie< 4 p. in..daily.' ?-?* _ _____________________ * / _ |.V)Ri<AI.R-A(if?ir?Ne BRICK DWKLLI*G I and LOT, situat d on the north side of I street or*b,betwwea2ntH an1 ?* >'pt* for terms. Ac.. apply to J AS C MHil'IRK 4 CO, Aocti- n and Citin:iilMli>ii Merchants. jt fl^t I/OR RKST-On v?r\ res?onah!e term*. a charming COT TA<.K RKSIDKNCK. turni*h-d. having a lar^e >ard containing f nit of va rtom kmd?;can l>e rented to a mail of g own per-ons. Possession given t.t of August, AppH at 4 1* Sixtn street. j< ajr r()R RK\T? A three-story BRICK DW'Kt, P I.ING IIUl'SK.nn H rt Set ween !Jth aid !3th st?.. No 404. Apply to J. KIKK WOOD. 476 12'h T?et. jy It-tf STORK K??R RKNT at No. ?20 Seventh at.. 3 doors ai<i>\e State* <ttfice. Applv to J. ROSEN THAL. jt16 L'OR i>' "\T \ *? ksd Iwliamt FRAME I lit tl' jh * ill he for rent in a few da*s. It is )>eautiliill\ situated on Thirteenth street. I?etween Georcis a* e. ue ai d K *t., Nav> Vard : lias a large garden lot attached, a pump of g od vt>i n ar, and oon'ain* 4 rooms, kitchen and odshad. Will lie rented low. with or without the lot, to a good tenant. Por isale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works wel in anything Inquire of T. K. CLARK. Navy \ ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, 61& H st , between 4th and 5th jy 16 |^( )R RKNT?Two comfortable tKr? ?*' v.. ._w .H VW ??V * J */' ll? *' HOl'J*E5*. *1* room* and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh at., tietween B and C. Rent per month Apply to GKO. F. ttl'GUELY, at F. 8. M vers' Ofliee, Euhth et. jy 11 lm* JfOR RENT?Two~~b?autiful new BRICK IIOL'Si S, on Kuhth st >-et west, between M and \ streets north, west aide. Apply to MARV C- HAISl.IP. No. J?l Ninth street went,or Dr. KEASBEY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, twtweeu 9th and 10th atreeta. jy I2-Sw* WHEELER A WSEWING >1ACH1NE AGENCY, Rkxovid to No. 346 Pa. Av.. mar 7th St. Encouraged bj the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of Wheeler & Wilson's unequa.led Van ily Sewinf Yarhines. which for the last eight years have mosttnamphaitly maintained their superiority. a? a faintly institution, over all competitors for popular favor, the Agent has taken one of the fine new stores lately erected en Pa avenue, near 7th st. where a beautiful assortment of ail the various strles mav at all times be ?een. thero w.r-"m "?' "" ?, ,. .^>v wi mow pt'Wini .viaonine* no id I in the year IKS*. Ladi*a are inviUsl to call an<1 ?ee thein. together with certihcatea from many of thr tieet citnena of Waahinuton and Georgetown, in relati-u to their well known and thorough!) tented *iiperiorit* If anv ladie* cannot call, let them vend for a circular h> all mrana. It la high tune ever) fam li in the land wu aupp ted with one of thene healtn and life aaving lnntrunieut*. Full inttraotion*. lM>th printed and vert*!. given free r?f charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER , A?:eut, No 346 Pa. avenue, j j 11-lm Between 6th and 7th at? J^OOK OUT FOE PAINT No. #18 SEVENTH STREET, Pour Doort Soutk oj Odd Ftllowi\ H*Il. H. W. HAMILTON haa opened a PAINT SHOPand PAINT STORE on the New York plan, where can al w at? be found PAINTS, (MLS GLASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac., at wholeaale aad rut * 11 MJXED PAINTS FOB *AI v A!CD HUlHTS WITH BKr?HES ToT.UA* ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House. 9i*n. Ornamental Paintinc ar.?l Giauung. Maiitud and Enamelled Glass of all kinds aiw av* un hand, or furnished at short notice. He warrants >at?sl? -' i<?n in all work entrusted to hi* cure, a: i! is o?>uh !> ni that he can do work as ch-ap, if not cheaper. than anv other establishment in this citj. Gr.-e him a oafl. Don't forget the number?it is Al'i Seventk street. ma 10 tf PUTTY 18 DOWN. AUCTION 8ALK8. QTft' otkrr Aurtimn ?. ?et fir ft J"Lg* H? A, (>RKK>. Aua?ion?K?r. r?XK?MTOR HAI.K HV OR OK II OK THK a Oirn*>*' Coi tTur h.>r*Ki< 11 ? mK t n I* Ft" KM mi ?On VOX IM V. tkr IWH liMUnt, I n*. ?. il, ?t i" o'o <?rfc ? m , at th?? aw o! John ? O ilr??l itmlk. U lw*n ?S atr**t*. Ukand.ali th? p*r?.M,a. ? (! ? ? ? ! ttic ?i?c a??tl *i? Mali ?? y C Hf?. !??>fa? a <J T WadlofxM. Itur*?u**nt Wuii?lui)?. fSrdau?a.l? and l'*nf ???at Cliairaand Tow?l Ra*k. Hufj Ha>l %iwl t'otU n t.ip Mar.r?*ao* > atli?r H?"?1a. PllloWa a Dm B<?l?t?r?, Tnr?? p j, |>,( an. a ?J M*f Car?#t. Wit u* ? 9b vl?*a. T? <??t Vt? aud I.< <>! :i.g 6 Iuim . Chin*. <? a -a a> <1 Oof fry \V are llitilni lih:Nat; Co'nf"rta . Kiaukrta. ami Chm. ? air K<kU Oi C iath and M#tt?. Pa?l?r, Air tl?ht ard Cook int !*tori?t A?. K 'ehen Kfqu ?.: ? Ami mar.* i t>i*r aiiie * whion ????? ibii?<?? hi) h> _ . Ttbh : A . mi hi* of tml and#* fl1* 0?ah. f 1? a cedit <>f 3 >an<i ?" da*?. for attalaciori y Md(ir??d ui>t-a. heftMr* in"rw from ?iry of ? HK.\K\ IH ??*-?-. > Jr K?*out??r. )j .5 d A. GK t KN Auot. FUTURE DAl'8 B) WALl. * HAKNARO Awumw*. PKRKMPn RV AI.K OF I.IGHTKB MAR n is Tui'vm at ?r?Ti<>> ?On THI RSIHV >1 < r. \ I N <1 . ihTh in?t. UII<-'el?<lk.W* ?lit ?*i . *' MoK'f* A IU% lnw'i vhnrf. fo-?t of atro-t (> I tho L?.-c* Li*h fr Harmon Th?>in??. T *rma oa?h. . .4 d WALL A HAR\ARD.Ai?u H WAI.I. AtHAKS \ Kt>. A#c!. 'n-*r?. ctocc ANn FixrutiMor * ixiNrn Tiusiif >xp Ira ('Kit* 4?i MHitAi 'tiDJ UuPRlUAV MOK Nl tJia ?TtJi instant, at l? o'olook. w* will awll, at ttaw ? onf-rt">?u*ry and low Cr?a?MMao( C. M K?>?i*r. I"* Pa avna?. betw*?<B .'5 and 3d ?t?., hta "** >?k ar.>1 I- ataraa. c.<n*iati..c ofA fi?ner?l a*ao t?n>nt <>f Pr-neh and Am^'ican 1"aa<li?, PrcaorvHl and X artdieti Print*. B-i. Bona. Ac , <;! *? Jar*, i'oqntar. Show f ruit Standa. !*ca ??. Ic -Cr tm Pl***?, Mo ds, and ?w>oiii, SMIuon I ac'M.t'iiiM b . Ollclmta. a*. Ai*?>, 1 Hor??-,Mi.l Ton an J f*j>nn? Wa.on. . ^ .. . . _ . _ a . _* i vnm a *?n . <??? i -i*i an a r?re?i? ?M "J> tad An day*, for approval odor>? I ootea, h?*r l n* < tercat. ij <x WALL ft HARVARD. Auetr By J. C. McOI'IKK k CO.. Auctioneer#. i "OVKRNMKM SA L K OF H A V.-On I HI K*'"A\ AFTKHMKINJhIi iith ?i( o'clock, no til# froU*(1? M- Uth of th?- P'Mli1*Lr? Hou?e. w? ahv !; *S >uct< esc* ?ot Hit. I>rm? oMh. B? order of the Comir.iaaioner <>f Pubiie Bniui jVi^d l.O MH.I IKHk C? A-io?. R) A. UREEN) AucMoneer. / MHID TWO MTf?" V FRANK HOCK AND - - i>? i '' ? m m i - i ? -> -i ? > ?, r n I) \ ? . thp ?"7tn i' taut. I nl.a *: .mi Irwr.t <( n# prMlM*,ttii?i'e i>ci f m ut' h*if Lot P. in autximaion ??f Sqo*r? >< the imp'ore menta. eor awting >'f a rrw><J two ?to?-y Frame H??uee with * room* Kitchen aiii ? <><> hnui* I hi* propeit* f;?>:ita on ! <v?iith at"'*"* wiwt, 'fit to the oorr.or <>f aouth K ?tr?e?. ft' ii runa t<nr* to ftn ft. < ?. Term - : < >ne lift 1 tift ano* n If iu >ntha. the purchaxT to eive r?t ? f >r the deferred pft?weof. B arm* intTMt f ' m . a? >! aft*. A U?*' (iv^u %n<t t of trtiat t ikra. Ti*'e iw'iaput*i> e if Si <i (Cob.i A. UHKbN.AM*. Mr J. C. Mctft'lRh * CO . Aortioct^ra 'f Rl STKK S?\I.H OF VALt ABI.K PROP i rr. \ >>< ?' toi. h i.i ?on t-kiuay ac TKKMIHl^. Aii(u>t Mil. ftt * n'al'ipk. on the preniiae-1. ! ? virtue of a <iee<] < f trnat. ilftted No vpniiifi I iES %m1 recoriird iuh'M the Ifti <i reooril* i f \\ ??r inntoii count?. I ah* I aell th* %?t?>m f>\ t of |,->t amno-rnl a?veii!?on. in aquftr* numb re?l acvn huadrwi bm?1 t wecty iilne, fronttuc t? lit* leirni f^ct "n Ka 1 t uri'oi itrwt, MWd-n Kir-t *i .1 Sfcmiil ?tr vt* ?n?t. riirimna liable mull aix leettlfee n.efcea, tiijrtkrr wit* the improve ilie:<la 111 reon. A ii o*ibve?anrinf at the CKt < ( the p?jrcM*aer Ttiii-: One ha'f cft?h: lift'ftnc? in and tj m >ntha. wi h interea', ?>ecared hj a oeetf 01 irul oa the prop? t? JOHN HEI'Bt RN. T'N?te? _? ?.? ,<? J >1 .-i? I I W I. Sk CO., A uc:? ii tar aii a > * ? ?? - uj ? ai.i< c d/in ^ah >. aaciiiii era. ISLAND ANl? NORTHERN L1HKR 1*1 KS 1 HriLDTNu L?t? at Act no*?On 'IHl'KS DAN .W# iii>> ?tfi?'eln?t * wn! , on the pr 'Din -a. Lota X ?. 5. 6. 7. and 1"?, in f K pituit ii tc the inoat improving pa I o' he leland. oi >utti t? a .d H, t> <t w ?en Wti anl 1th a'reeta we*t. a - i "fi FltiOAY aFTKR "t NOON, the J7th init at <s o'clock. on th" erew Norther^ I itoertf Lot*. ><> 4. and >, of Davirtton't aa'di i? n of ?quar<* aKT ?i:uat<-d ok north N . >?etw en 9 I an 1 1 h atreet* weet. Te ma: * ?n?> t?urtn uaah; halanoe int.<1 IH mot th?, vilh I Lt arret, Bectied bf d?ed of truat un tli" rr-ini?oa. l? 1*> W \U. k BARNARD A?ot GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For o:kf Georicelotrn mdrorttu memt' set first f ag yotice to watkr consumer^. Mat"?'? OrrM k, Glouimn, D. c ,t July *ih. ih?). < Fjtium Fn * CITV I'tDixtKn. A ht t? 't Jit'th- or'Inin'i, | hat the WaUi H'?M hail at all tini-a have the power and it aha! N? th-ir dut;, to r?4u ale the u?e of street vath"! f initain*. r.jtl anta. or other attaeliatenu ?r> the w iter ? a< r<ji t a* tlieir j- dgmcrt ana!' die tat*, and the* ahail have tli* power to ahut vO tha water from ai.v person or uer ona who aha! will 4a. i ^ .4,-. < _ l A . > j turn piiii i?(, r-?l nolicei Ifitlll | til jon attainments or t>.p as* <f th?* water In accorilaic* w th the above, notice is heraby Civet. t. at from and after the date of this publics ti'>n all foucams within the corporation .imi-a mu tliesuutoff anl housekeepers are warned tha' air n*Klr?* of their h?frants or careless waste of th - wat?r will h? punished at the ordinance pro Tides. This notice is rendered nee *?-ery t>? the preal MWCitf of water in 'h* I rhe* parttoa rf the (ow .and the Watrr B srd wil 'eave do meat.* untried to remedy the evil. jy ? HKSKV A dpiWN. Mayor. Arakk CHAMOK It* NOW (?fffckkl)t(? any one wh<i may be desirous of entering in a buain* an, at one of the t?e?t s lands irj Gc-orcetown. I oif>r my entire stook of DR\ G< IODS on leasonali e frina. in order to make a chance in my buaineaa. W . K H I H OLK. jy J4 1 in Corner of Hi(h and Gay eta. H a vino dktkr mimed to changk m v t>uai(i?eK, rr Ronmeroe Irorn thia date to ee I for cash mj entire stock of DRV and KANCY GOOD4. Hnvinc purchased o the moat favorable trrmi. and hetn* desirous < f c'osinp out aa ear y a* possible, all who may be ir. want of bargains % will do weil to five me a call. w. r. hi rdi.e, jy 24 1 m Corner of Hi?h an<1 Oa? sta >M ItnsKiN The a I packet schooaar J. P. Wethenl! hs* arri ve?J from the above .. n, rt unH a r,. w i- c - * . ? . ... - e- ? T .\r r ? to H AHTI.HV A ItRO., jf 21 (t M9 arid lot \V?t?r street. I'M TED STATICS CAPITOL KXTK^HION, J Wt>llR6TOR. Jut 17, 1M0. P*orn?<n.s will l>e reoM?e<1 at this Offioe ni*.| noon . f Tu<*lst ??f Aucust next.for Furn ishing and Puttiuc up the Iron Ceiiuns of two roonia over the eonneo'inj oorridoraof Uis Capiu>l Extension The propoaa!* ' usi state the prioe for each ?eilin* eiinp'ete. in pi<M>*, painted witu three good O'lata of white i?a 1 1.1 oil. A'l of the Iron worlt ofthe Ceilings, of crwr rf-scnpti n. is- u l'i k the fastenings ofthe eetlinfa to th? wa'.s and to Mie roof fome*. mutt be inc.u ded in the price hid. The proposals must he endorsed. ' ProfoM.i for Iron Ceiling*.." and niu?t he accompanied l>? a guarantee. h^iiM fct one or more responaible per aous. dc'r-a'-ed to U?e under kilned. They will beop^ne i at ike time mentioned ?bore, in the preaenoe of sucn person* as ma; ehooae to attend. The ilrawn c* ': r ?aer a< - Office. W H. FRANKLIN. C*pta.m Topogr^j hieal t n^iDMr*. In abargeot Capito! bitenaion. Kaeh prnpoaa! should l.e ?oc >i*p\ni*d by tfc? following guarantee : Form nf Gmnrrimt-t The under* igtiM . A K ant ?' ,i"tha State of??, and in the !?>ate nf - hereby guaranty (bat in oa?e the l.recoing hid i f for iron oeillug*. a* above <j<*?criha', be aoraptad, be or they i!|. within ten daj? after the r?-oeipt of rheonnt'JMji at the p %o* : MM r*?nuie the contract for the oei i ng?. with t"<-6 am' uih~ien? ?eear.tie?, and. in oaae tru said steai; fat to enter into <*oniraet as aforeaaid. we guara:tTt.> make r"<>d the aifl-reone between the ofl??- i f tfte said and tliat which rna? be HoOfpt-d. Dat?* , 1j#j. r*uuatures of guarantor*. A B. , CD. ' Witneaa. F. F. I hereby oertify tl at fh^aboye unwed ir* known t<> me %? able to mate c?mm| their gua'ant a. !">i<nature. G H. To be signed by the United S'a'e* dut. lot ja^ g?. I'nited State* district attorney . o<?lieot-ir, or noma peraons known to the War IVpartment. jf 18 dUi \jr*T PFBLMCP. N FPS.W on th? I'nurr aid sm'(?* di?t ai >na of tli? Kaitti, ita (inokocioal and Me*eroo>fi?alil'li flouiTi* n:id it* * *ro?n'?, bj Proleaaor Stinurl K. Co??*s, Wukiuilvii i> 0. Print* 9 M-?J?rn Pamtera. vol S, ? unpletinf th? % hraied work of John Mu?t?n. M L??I ll~aut??Cloud lleaui)?! e? ! Kaaiio*? Form*! t"d ?*pr u u n' . vim oo^iom an J wio.t lieu tifal il!?atrati<>n?. #!SS". Oni K<leao 1> a c , ? t*" "f**>+ by Wnliam Harrtao* Aiaavort'. 9 * ? TllCb lllt'll'fd Mora# |?ort.?T. brllif til arei'tl* and clai -d scflounf. V'OI I* ' ? t?? than "*? piCtorifti reere Nl>t ona o| lb? d<MM^ to wiiioh K^uin? :kc??-- ?ul?- cted; toy*'Iter With the iateat mod* ? t" atm?<i? s id al th< reau aite arcto-iptoii* written 1 pain hnfliah if e.dwaH #?"* . _ \ ooiirae of ?ix .xfarca on th? vm"??? Foraa* of matt r and tnw i%ti??na *o ?a?ti <>um Wioh??l hhwbU FiiimIc*! Mo op iti*n H>??k to'*. PHIt P ? S(IUt?(lNH. 33*2 P* a*. ?*ol? Agent tm !.* (?!.?'''? Sutionwt if ! A iin*?is?fnti p*r ? One at 5" <J?>. do PI AMU * I do. < ? ?! ft I i*i do. FUI One*? |S ? ?. On*tt|2&> do. RKNT. AMI Mtor?ft ttdo JOHN P. ELLIS, jj 21 Pv ftv., hetw*M 9U tnd ,?U

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