Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1860 Page 1
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# 1 -i fll lli '? * I* j .tlUtNl ?r# ftNir 'IT: ^IKM/W (Efmung Star. v r V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JULY 26. 1860. N9. 2.320. THE EVENING STAR 19 PUBLISHED BVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Conur oj PeMHitflwaniaavenue and 11/A St., IT W. D. WALLACH. Papers aerred in Hcki|?* by earners U |( i *?r, or SToonta par month. To mail anbaoribera pnoo ia f3_? % rear, in aJeame*; $2 for aiz month*. 91 for three montha, and for leaa than thrao muntna it the rate of Uoentaa week. 9in*ie oopiea, onicent; in wrappera, two cants. IETA: vKEiiHWiNTsanou.d bo sent to the oSoo before 12 o'eiook m ; otherwise they may not appear until tte next day. uriiAiiv.19 ur tii r*T?^T urnci?i ne ioi- | lowing I* a liat of patents isaued from U. S Patent 0>c? for the week ending July 17, 1-yJO?each bearing that date: John N Arvln and S. H Perkins, of Valparaiso, Ind ? For improvement in letting axletree* Ha m l Barnett, of Washington, Ga.?For improved plotting instrument O T Pennett. of Mt. Olive, N. C.?For Improvement In seed planter* Charles A. Boynton. of Hyde Park, Vt.?For improved butter-worker Kphratm Briggs. of Medina, O.?For improvement In cultivators Wn A Brown, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Improvement in couches for railroad cars. Geo Churchill, of Hartford, Ct.?For Improvement In spool-pins for sewing machines. Kltjah B Clark, of Tallahassee, Fla.?For Improvement in ploughs Davis J Cocnran, of Centreville, Ind?For imprsvoaricui iu ? wmpuu nils All taiiUiUtf. Kleazar Coffin, of Indianapolis, lad.?For improved mortising machine Geo. Collyer and A H Patterson, of Phlladel wwi. n- c? i ? ?* * +- - ? * i a ?rut luipiuinurill ID CUUpiill^ IOr Cliy railroad cart. James Connell. of Port Huron. Mich ?For improvement in preparation of tanning extracts Joseph Cordnan. of Hrooklyn.'N. V.?For mode ?f coating type metal with brass. Haro J Coster, of Chicago. Ill ?For improvement ia flower stands Lucius Oimock. of Hebron, Ct.?For Improvement in machines for stretching silk in the hank. Thos H. Dodge, of Washington, D. C.?For improvement in cotton cultivators J ?m?-s Dctv. jr , of \>'est Falls, N. Y.?For im- j proved mop head. J W. Durham, of Durhamville, Tenn.?For improved engine for employing steam or any other triform or gaseous body under pressure to obtain motive power j Adam Ernst and C Shepard, of Mllwaukle, Wia ?For improvement in not air furnace* < has. J Ferguson, of New York, N. Y.?For improved clothes frame. August Kriedrich and Conrad Walter, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement in tobacco boxes. John I . FiesW. of Winchester, O.?For Improvement In shovels c j nsber. of waukou. Iowa.?For Improvement in bo?se collar*. Joseph H Fisher, of PiacerviUe, Cal ?For improvement in istening ?he handle of picks and other tools Henry C. Foote, of McGaheysville, Va ? For improved pocket calendar Mablon J Galiager. of Savannah, Ga ? For improvement iu breach-loading Are-arm Benj Garvey. of Nrw York, N Y?For improvement in manufacture of bread John Gehr. of Clear Spring, Md ?For improve, ment in hominy machines Wm. Guwen, of Wauaau, Wis ?For improved washing machine John C. Gregg. of Hillsboro', O.?For improvement in grain separators Lour* Gr?-er., of Great Bend, Fa ?For improvement in plows Asa Greenwood, of Toulon, 111.?For improved elo'hes frame Wm D. Hall, of Hamden, Conn.?For im' provement in tish oils Aiuo* B. Barlan, of Ercllnonn, Fa.?For improved washing machine Jacob A Hartsfleld, of Kingston. N. C.?For improvement in cotton cultivators. I- p?nri? P Hp!l?r stir) V*amb? r\f - ?? - ? ? >?* -?? w* ViMUl w nati, O ?For Improvement in warm air furnace* ? Daniel Hemingway, of Covington, Ky.?For improved fire-jpiaoe and chimney Thomas A. Hepinstall. of Mendota, 111.?For improvement in gang plows. / 8 Hickey, of Pike, 111.?For improvement In era:n binders Jam^s Hotchkiss. of Yellow Spring!, O.?For improvement in brick machines James Y Humphrey, of Philadelphia, Pa ? Forlmprcv d mica chimney for lam, *. UittunC. Ives, of Hartford, Conn?For 1mjmovement in thread polishing machines Charles Jones, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in stoves Herman Kaller. of Perry, 111.?For improvement in seeding machines. Henry Kav, of Brooklyn, and Thomas Avery, jr , of Morrisania, N. Y.?For improvement in planishing copper vessels Lorenzo D Lane, of Freeport, 111?For improved governor attachment to grain separators Thomas Langdon and Christian Weitman, of Hazleton, la.?For improved broom. John Semwan,of Cincinnati, O.?For improvement in hoisting apparatus John H Lyon, of New York, X. Y.?For improved M*ai lock for railway cars. (jilbertS. Manning, of Springfield, 111?For improvement in excavating machine P T Mayne, of Keosauqua, la ?For improveii ant in v/'siMtlnn nriJinrr r.. inKi n in v*'.? in* ii i '?? IXK mo^ui yr b Mattbew C. Culler?, of Hernaon, Gd.?For Improvement in plows Thos. Mclntire, of Franklin Furnace, O.?For Improvement in cotton bale fastenings. John K McNalrand John C. Elliott, of Augusta county, Va ?For improvement In railroad gate*. l.emsnC Miner, of Hartford, Conn?For improvement in attaching: tnills to vehicles L T J . Newland, of Wolcott, Vt.?For improveinent in <-orn shellers. John Paff. of Eden. N. Y.?For improved iburn. Leonard Parker,of Wintersett la?For rat trap. Worden P Penn, of Belleville, 111?For improvement in seeding machines Ancel \V. Porter, of St. Johnsville, N. Y.?For improved metai cap for axe helves Ignaz Ramminger, of New York, N. Y?For improvement in detachable wbilfletree for vehicles Silas G. Randall, of New Britain, Conn.?For Improvement in hay presses. Charles L. Rlce,t?f Milwaukle. Wis?For improvement in piutiiw for locomotive engines. Mark RigeU and \V. D Ivey. of Ltowson, Ga. l or improvement in cotton cultivators George A Rollins, of Nasbna, N. H?For improved machine for crushing stone. Kdward L Seymour, of New York. N.Y.?For improvement in ore separator. Wm. M Sloane, of Baftlt, N. Y.?For imprnvpmAnt in ittvp mxrhin^t ' Fred'kISSickles. of New York. N Y ?For ? tnprovem?nt In the mod* of steering vessels C W. tttiflord. of Hurltngton, Iowa.?For improvement in mole ploughs. Win A Suttoa. of.New York, N Y.?For improvement in tewing machines. Isaiah \V Tabrr, of New Bedford. Mm.?For Improvement In lamps. KpLralm i; Thompson, of Bristol, Me ?Far improvement in setting up sbip't rigging. L Thorp and \Vm. D Shurtleff. of Turner, Me For improvement in railroad-car :ouplinga Henry D Vandercook, of Marshall, Mich ?For improved clap-board goage Jonathan Warner and Thomaa C. 8i lit man. of Theater, Conn ?For improvement in fastening pi us of ox-yokes I C WhiUuii, of Marlon, N. C ?For improvement in railroad twitches Turner \VIIllama, of Providence, R I.?For improved window-atop and fastening i OH W ood worth of Coffeevllle. Miss.?For improvement in watches G \V. N Yost, of Yellow Springs, O ? For Improvement in cotton cultivators Abram Acker, of Raiuapo, N.Y . assignor to J. * > Wan maker k Co , of same place?For Improvement in spring hinges. Charit-s K Alton, of Middietown, Conn., assignor to Jos W Alsop, of New York, N Y.?For iinprovement in revolving tlre-arma l?ester Butler of Kenosha, Wis., assignor to himself and C H Ford, of same place ?For improvement tu railroad gates Samuel Favlnger. of Philadelphia, Pa.. aiaiganr to hlmae!f and Absalom Barned, of same place w For improvmeot In smut machines Benj (iai?ey, of .New York, N. Y-, assignor to Liuisdf and Joa B Da vol of Brooklyn, $. Y ? For improved arrangement for lubricating pistons. Ben; Garrey, of New York, If. Y , assignor to h lusclf and J B Davol, of Brooklyn, N Y?For improved steam generator Benj. Gsrvey. of New York. N. Y , assignor to Is:tnself and J. B Davol, of Brooklyn. N Y.?For Improvement In distillation of coal oil. Mis Hood, it , of Turner, Me., assignor to n^tif and H G l.e Baron, of Portland, .Me _ Tor improved coupling for railway cars. i T Van Kirk, of Philadelphia, Pa . assignor to C. A. Van Kirk A Co., of saute place ?Far Improved :cej>i?-k J T Van Kirk, of Philadelphia, Pa , assignor to C A Van Kirk A Co , of same place?F'ot Improvement In Umpe. J J MeCoradck and J fc J err old. of I'ater N J , assignors to J E. Jerroid and Kugen? of same place ?For Improvement in car springs T f ?? ^ yf J?of New Haven. Conn , assignor to r t Kimball of same pia?e.-For improved felloe machine. Louis Planer and John N.IJiegl, of New York, u \l M,1Kuor to Louif Planer, of same place ? <* UbfroveiaeMtaMbutticsfor sewing machines, John C. Plumer. of Portland, Me . aulgnor to hlmielf and David Robinaon, jr , of aame place. For Improve^ shoemaker's last Robert W m Sevier, of Upper Holloway, England assignor to Wm Lllley, of tbe State of Ohio, U S A ?For Improved apparatua for exhausting atmospheric air or gases. Albert Wild, of New York, N. Y., assignor to Dinkeraplel A Oppenbeiiner, of aame place.?For lmprovemeat In watchmaker'a lathes Rt'.sfuet ? Lphraim Ball, of Canton, Ohio.? For Improvements in mowing machines. Philander Shaw, of Boston, Mas* ?For Improvement in air engines Design*. ? Elnattian Peck, of New Britain, Conn?For design for a gridiron. G. Smith and H Brown, of Philadelphia Pa , assignor to Samuel Smith, of aame place.?For design for the plates of a cook'a stove. Additional Improvements?Joseph Tlberi, of St Louis, Mo?For improvement in grates. Frederick Yeieer, of Indianapolla, Ind?For improved instrument for taking altitude* of the aun. Thk Mother akd Sister or Mr. Douglas reside near Clifton Springs in Ontario county, New York. Mr. Douglas s mother is now Mrs. Granger. Her husband's son. Julius X. Granger, married Miss Douglas, sitter to the Sen* tor. A letter to the Troy Whig contains some inter Ml i nil itkUmnnla in onlatinn ?? f 0 ?.WU.VU ?U iU IViMilUU (A/ kiiC 1 a LL1 11 y and to Mr. Douglas We make a few extracts: The first of the household to meet us was the younger Mrs. Granger/ She is a lady of some forty years of age. accomplished, and of intelligent and agreeable discourse. It was apparent that she had a just pride and interest in the name and fume of her distinguished brother. In the course of the conversation she remarked that the family had of late received many letters inquiring whether this or that fact stated of Mr. Douglas's early history was true, if. indeed, his mother was so very poor; and if young D had been obliged to work at cabinet making for his board. Ac.. and she said many anecdotes were related of her brother's youthful days, which she knew could not be true. The cabinet maker story had this for its foundation. and no more Mrs Douglas, the mother, bad both the means and the inclination to give Stephen a thorough education, and to that end kept him at school. The boy tired of this, and I importuned her to allow him to learn a trade, pleading a partiality for oabinet making. To 'work in wood" was at that time the only 1 * . * ? - amouion mat no knew or felt. Mrs. D refused repeatedly, and consented at last, with the thought that the way to core the boy's liking for a trade?for which he wa? physically unfit, being weak and puny?was to put him at it. And the woman'* foresight was not at fault. Three months' apprenticeship in the shop sufficed. At the end of that time he returned to his mother, saying that the work was too hard for him, and that, with hor consent, he would resume the school and remain there as long as she desired. This he did; and when the widow Douglas became Mrs. Granger, and removed to Ontario county, Stephen was sent to the Canandaigua Academy?an excellent institution?as a boarding student, and remained there until fitted to enter a law office. He remained "reading law'' at Canandaigua as long as he could restrain his impatience to strike out and '* set up for himself .Ambition, far more than necessity, led him to push on to Illinois. Ill-health, brought on, as he thought, by toomuoh study and a constitution which at that time appeared feeble, also had much to do with his venture. That Mr. Douglas when young was self-reliant. and quite disposed to do for himself rather than to have others do for him, would seem to be true. That his self-reliance was from choice rather than from necessity, is all the more creditable to him- But the story of his having been an extremely poor boy, deprived of all advantages in youth, Ac . are simple exaggerations?the coinage of electioneering biographers and other humbugs. Mrs Granger, the mother of Mr. Douglas, is a v?ry active, sprightly and intelligent lady. She told me she was over seventy; had I euess ed her age from appearance and conversation, I should have ?aid at lea?t fifteen jears younger. In height she is not over five feet, and probably weighs Jess than one hundred pounds .She said she expected Stephen almost every traiu. but it was altogether uncertain when he would come " Two years ago.:' said she, *' when we did not look for him, he dropped in on us and made a long visit. He never writes when we may expect him." It was quite evident the old lady fully understood the circumstances under which her son was running for the Presidency, and she seemed to assent to a remark of her husband that with the democratic party divided he stood do chance. " lie has always told me," said she, " that he did not want to run for the Presidency. but that his friends were pressing him to do so." This " dii not want," I fenr was a boy's tale to his mother. ' If he could be elected." she continued, "one good would come of it: he would stop making speeches and save his health." bhe expressed considerable fexr of the Senator's throat-dUeane.and mother-like, appeared more conoerned about that than his political prospects. Of one thing sne felt entirely sure: that to be beaten would not hurt ber son at all; and, speaking of attacks upon him. she good-naturedly remarked she thought the newspapers had already said all the harsh things tney could say of him, so his running for the Presidency now could make no difference about that. Arrest or a Negro Stealhr at Charleston, S. C?The Charleston Mercury of the lyth inst. says : ' Last Thursday, a man named Franklin Lester, alias John K. Lester, arrived in Charleston, by the Waynesboro' and South Carolina Railroad, bringing with him a likely negro. On the following day be took the negro to Messrs. Wilbur A Sou and offered to sell him to Mr. H L Jeffers. The demeanor of Lester was such as to excit* the suspicions of Mr. Jeffers, and the negro, on being closely quhiiod?a, sanuma idh ne naa dmd stolen. Hereupon Mr. Jeffera secured the services of the police, and Lester was arrested. Daring the examination before Captain Bass, he protested stoutly that the negro was his own, and came from Rabun county, Georgia, while the negro, on the other hand, declared that he belonged to Colonel Willis Young, of Station No. b, Central Railroad- What gave color to the slave's narrative was, that he appeared quite familiar with the latter locality, while with the former he was utterly unaoquainted. Letter produced a bill of sale for the negro, dated HjS, but on investigation it appeared conclusively, from the freshness of the ink, Ac , that it was a forgery. CaptAin Baas then telegraphed to the Chief of the police at Savannah, and while awaiting an answer, Mr. Hamilton, a son-in-law of Col Young, arrived in Charleston and immediately identified the negro. Lester was oommitted to jail to await a requisition from the Governor of Georgia He has since confessed that there is a regularly organI ited band of these negro thieves encamped in the Ogecheo river swamp. Whenever they kidnap a slave, thev send some member of I their band out to sell him, as in the present instance. Among others in the band he named Griggs, (who he says came to Charleston with hiuT) Wynn; two brothtrs, Jim and Tom Price. i larAr UitKinann Anil ntkaM TWasa *?V V? MUV u 1 ?ux? VIUVI * A UVOV mkV ail young men, and, according to Lester's statement, have now a large body of negroes in the itwamp waiting for shipment." African Nrgkois Openly Imported irto Mubu.e?The Mobile Register, a Douglas organ, fn it< issue of the 14tn instant, gives the following astonishing intelligence: The New Orleans papers contained a dispatch, three days since, from our city, to the effect that 103 negroes had been safely delivered,par schooner, to peraoM in this vicinity It's a true bill, we bear. The sons of Afrioa were brought here, delivered to a steamboat, and are now, we take it for granted, safe, and not likely to undergo what the imported darkies so detest? deportation. Whoever conducted this affair, ha* our congratulations on his or their sucoeas, m the caw may be, whether the Africans came from tbe Gold Coast via Key West, or whether thej made a straight-out trip by tbe shortest route from their native land. We take it that the trade is, to all intents and purposes opened ; why not ? Why should not those who ar? in want of negro labor import it at a low coat when they are civilizing and ohristianixing a set of barbarians by the same course whioh redounds to their interest ' The true philanthropist desires to import the negro into this oountry not only for his own, but for the negro's benefit, while the pretended philanthropists. hypocritical chaps as they are, wish to deport them by contract, for the purpose of putting money in their pockets, and against the wish of the poor darkey, who, ignorant though he be, is human, and soon comes to discover the side upon which his bread is buttered. MRS. WINSLOW, N Kxperien ed Nurse and Female Phyilotan. Iy resents to the attention of mothers, her g n n t ii i u n s v u ii u wvviuiilW U I 11 U 1 | F#r Children Teething, Wklak fraally faei.itawi tba pracaaa af laaibinf, k* aaftaa lof tb* farm, rtdqpi'f ?1! lalinnutMo-will allay ALL FAIH and apaamadifc aeuan,and it SURE TO R EMULATE THE BOWELS. Dapand ufo it, matharfc it will f" rax t* yaarativaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH T9 YOUR INFANTS W haaa pat ap and a aid tbia arucla tor a?ar tao yaara, a>d CAN SAT IN COffFlDBNCB AKD TILTH of it, what ta ha?a M?ir baao akla ta My af a ny oth 1ft Madicina? !?BT BR MRS. has it fa ilbd,i A IIH?LI IS- ITAlfCB TO bf-. fsct a cum, wnsLuwj wh#n ata(j. Navar did wa knaw anilTlKM) *" ioatanea ?f dia atiifaction by any 4 " et a who aaad iL Oa tba contrary.allara SifH Jl*, dalirhtad witb ita OPBRATloiat, and ' laraak in lirma af bighaat commandation af t? iai ical alicu and madieal Tinaaa. Wa apaak in Lhia mm? what WB no aftartan yaara' aipananea, Af?D PLIDdl OCK R BFCTAtiok roa THB FL'LFILMBItT OF WHAT WB HBRB OBCLAIIB. In almoa; a?arj inatanca tt ara tfia infant la aofarInf from pain and axhaaatioo, ralial aril ba foand In Iftaau r taranly minataa a/tar tha ayrap ia aumlniatarad. Thu Talutbla praparation ia tha praacription af n* af tb* moat BIPBRIBRCBD and (Bilful rrVBiBa in Naw Borland, aadbai kaan naad with nBTBB-FAILlKS nccBll la THOUSANDS OF CASES. It Bat aniy ralia?aa tka child fraro pain, bat ln*ifarataa tka a tarn a eta and bowala, eorracu acidity, and ft?a? tana and >u?i|j i? ui? viivi* yai?iu. u wiu - i inot i invtAQllJ rilltTI GilFING IN THE BOWKL8 AND WlND COLIC, and ovarcoma con'uiaiana, which, if 10I irtiitKi ramadiad Bit in daub. W i it tha HIT AND flUE BIT RIM- FOR DDT in tha WORLD to all cuia of DTI- CHILDRE.1 rTIRTind Mil ,l-" TEETHING. 5"?". Wh?th?r it anaaa from loathing- ? from on? othar caaao. Wa wouM to o?ory mothar who haa a Child airffarinf from any of tha forageing con.plai..? ? DO .loT LIT TOUR PREJUDICES, r?OR THI PREJt DI' S( OP OTHERS, land batwaan jour aufaring child and tha r?!itf that will ba URI?*aa, ihiili'tilt ?CRE?to follow tha aaa of lb madieina, if nrraly uoad full dirtctior.a ti i?in{?illi Mmaanr aacii bottla Nona (inaiii anlaaa tha fac-amilo CtJRTli k PERKINS, Kaw Tork, ia on tha oataida wnfpi cid by Drasjriara throajhoat tha world. Principal Offica, No. It Cadar B'.raat, N. T. Fnca onlr tS Canto rar Bottia. oa ll dlwlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARPKR S FKKEY. N And aH>*r Jul* 3d, 1W, t'io steamer I.. J. Breii^le, Captain \V. H. Rittor, will ^ leave G^or^ctown KV'KRV TI' I'.S DAY. THf'RSUA Y. and SATUR DAY, at 7 I'olock a mM and ret urn every alternate | u?jr, ai o o ciock a. m. on tie Saturday trip from Gooruetown the boat will ruu through to ShephenUiown. je 21 'Ini FMm HARPER'S Ft- RRY.-CHAN(rE OP DAYS.?On and after July 2.IW0. jp? the steamer ANTKLOl'K. Capt. J. W ELLP.civrryirig the United States^^*^^?* mail, will l^a- e Georgetown EV KR V Mfc)NDAV, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return evert Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. N. B ?Every Wednesday the Antelope wul run through to Shepherda'own. je 5-2m? icft just received, lOU BBLS. WHISKY. (assorted.) 1?> do. HERRING ard AI.EWIVB8. 25 do. HEF1NED SUGARS, n>hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbU.< Bayfield* WHITE F|-H, 25 b?>*es prune Eastern CHEESE. For sale Uw Wy JOHN J. BOGUE, je8 Georgetown. D. C. Agency for fair ban ks scales in GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the sale of the aliove celebrated and we i known ui A Tnr?n vf > n * - - r l>a & r uaia iuu V/Ut ^ i r^ti A lull supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest rates. HAY and CO A I. SCALES ereoted in any part of the District or adjoining counties. All Soal?s are warranted durable, acourate, and to give satisfaction BUSEYA BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je 8 ?rn Bridge street 2 doors west of H i?h. CRANDKLL. OPTICIAN. So. 1??* Bruit* St., triorfttfwn. Has constantly on band a large assortment ol Frenoh Near-sighted, Periscoeio, r^i. ?? ? ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, ol tne best ^ua.ity, in gold, silver, steel .and Genua:, liver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repair*' and pew i asses set in them to order. no tf -1y JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDKRTAKER, Cor. Bndgf and Jeftrton its., (iforKetywn. Having given my personal attention to this bianoh of rny business, I am prepared to ,? ? attend to all calls with promptness Persons from a distance oan r>esupplied at a '?w minutes' I have a large assortment of CuFFINS a,wars on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d< ad from the old to the new burial grounds. * Hearses and Horses for htr?. >? \1AS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'8 PH1LADELI?l PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oorntantiy receiving fresh supplios of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pare an adulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY & SHINN, Agents, fe 4T firwn ??.. finnriHti.wn. EDUCATIONAL. The second annual session of Mr. J. H COMBS' English and Classical Huh School will commence on the first Mondar in September next. Applications should bo mad4 in July, as the number of pupils is limited. For terms, Ac., see circulars, Ac., or call at Mr. C.'s esidenoe, No 303 Sixth street, near New York avenue. iy B-eo3w? Commercial COLLEGE," No. 4T6 Skvknth st., OrP??it*tlu &meral Pott Office, Watktngton City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Boockeepmg, Mercantile Forma and Calculations, Business Correspondence, Bills of Exohanje, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Grain mar and Arithmetic IHTA PrepM-atory Class for Boys. ITV Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. ^ I Rooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma 24-Sm WM. W. YOUNG A CO. The union female academy. n*w arkaxoemint. This well-known and popular Seminary, whioh has (Men bo suocessnil under the entire care of Mm. Z. Richards lor more than ten rears, will be opened en the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. aud Mrs. S RICHARDS, in the well arranewi ami delijrhtlly tooated Union Academy Building. For particulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23-tf fVI MRS. McCOR ..ICR'S SCHOOL. If IRS. McCORMICR desires to inform h? friends and tha publio generally that rhe will renin* tbe duties of bar So boot on the lit Monday in September next. The ooaraa of study pursued will oompnseall tha bran oh ee requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to her day scholars, the is deairoaa of raoaiTiac into her family a few ansils as boarders axed from 10 to 14 years, who will oa under her ire I mediate oaraand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodation and due oare of pupils have been oonsider&llj increased and otherwise unproved. Those in Washington ' desiring particular information with referenoe to her school may apply to W. D. Wallach, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner particulars apply at hei ! rMill?nn*-Nn ^* r<- ?l?!- j -- , ~ ...... vaaoiouniiniawuuurw, ?li UtT-tf pROPOSALd FOR COAL AND WOOD Otficb siciitih or thk Bxnatk U. * July II, 1M0. S Sxalid Proposals will bareoeived at this ottiee ti l li o'eiook m . on Monday, the 3 ?h iu tanf. for furnishing for the use of th? Senate fire handred tons bast Whita A?h Furnace Coal aa1 fiftv oorris bast straight Pine Wood. Tha whole to ba paoVed war in Ui? vaults of the Capitol, in p aoaa which will ba shown on applioation to tha Engineer in the serviae of tha Berate, and to be delivered by tha 16th ??pteml>?r next Bonds for the laithfu! t-xe outionof the oontraat will be required. MMs for the Coal and tha Wood wilt ba oop atdered separately, aad satisfactory arrangement* mat ha mads for the eorreot measurement of both. ASBURY DICKINH, Jy H-dtaoth Saotetary of the t*enat ? PUKE 8 0 D A WATER. CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY; at J. R. Major's Drug Store, )rmo?r CoKNUt Tili ? 8ts, AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNixrmorED J:.. PlOPK*TT OS Till lsL#>B AT ACCTI05.?On THL IcDA V. the 2d day of August next. I ?h*ll ssil, >1 front of the premiaea. at 0 o'clock p. m.. that vvliable property known m the residence of tie late Petf r Caxauove, dt-oeaard. >t being all of Square No. 233, containing about 65 0"0 square fa*t aground, with the improvementa. which consist a a handsome firat class fame Cottage Dwell inr onat*. containing euht oonveoientiy arranged noma, dairy, smoke house, (table, carnage <<her necessary oat houses, a pump 01 e*oellent water in the yard. This property ia handsomely tuat*d, and bounded by Fourteenth street west, a>uth U and Water street*, aud considered one of Bft most healthy and pleasant private residences in a otty. aise, 6 handsome Building Lots, being lets No. 1.7,8,8, in, and 15, in Square No ?& These beaat fui and eiev&ted building lots arson Thirteen goo a-half and Fourteenth streets went, and C and D streets siutb, and present many inducements to r?fsons wishing to puroltase a handsome building fite or make a good investment. The Bale Will Ootnmenne on the knililiii* l?\f? I? square 365. Term*: One fourth cash; balance in 6,1?, 18 ud 24 months, the purohaaera to give note* for the deferred payment*, bearing lctereat from the dar of tie A d<>ed given and a d?d of true! taken. Title indisputable. All oonveyauoin* at the coat of the purchaser M. E. DANtiERFlELD. , Reaiduarj Deviate. jy 24 eod&ds A GHERX, TBt J. C. MoOWIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. I RUSTF.E'S BALK OF VALUABLE 1M I'ROVKD >JROPKKTV NEAR THE NAVV U?Bin TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Auau.t the 21st. it 6 o'olodk, on the prermsea, by vlrtue-ofa deed 4ated October 29th, 1857, and duly recorded in Liber ..A 8.. No. 145, fohoe 176, 117,178,179, and 180, one (f the land recorda for Waeiungton ooauty. 1 ahall mil the west part of Lot No 1. in aquare No. 928. f-onting 26 feet on south K street, between 8th and 9"h at'eet*, and running back with that width 6^ f?et, together wi:h the innproven.enta. onnaiatinr of a c >mfortaMe ami weil-huilt three-atory brick dwelling, with neoeaaary out buildings. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in 6,12. and i 1i mon'hs, with interest, secured by & deed of trust < upon the premises. If the terma ef tale ar* not i oamp i*d *ith in five days thereafter, the trustee < r-serves the right to rrsell at the nak and expenae < of the defaulting purchaser. All oonv?yanoin< at the oust if the ptrchaser. i EDWAKD U. CAST ELL, Trustee. jyl?2%w*<1s J.T McGI'IRE A CO.. Aucts Ky A. GREEN, Auciiouee-. ON TUESDAY, the Slat lust, we shall sell, in i front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., in oompiarce with the terms of a deed of truat to ua from Thoa A. Brown and wife.dated 2?th September, 1R58. and reoorded in Liber J. A S., No. 152, race 22b, Ac., one of the laid records of Waehmcton count*, parts of lots 11 and 12 in square No ,97, | teginiug fer the same forty feet three inches froin the southwest oorner of said ^q'iarr?. running thenoe East on a line with D street South; aixt en reet tiienoe North; seventy feet thence Weat; six teen fcet then?e South; seventy feet to the p aee of ( :>egiiiii g, together with the improvements oensistrig of a two story Frame House witii one story Back Building. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in 4,12, aad 18 months, aft?r day of sale, with notes secured bv a deed of trust on the premises. If the terms of ?a e are not complied with within five daysafter the day f sale the trustee reserve* the risht to resell the property at the puohasera nsk and cost, after giving one week's rotme GEO. C. IIKNNING. i GEu. R.THOMPSON \ Trustee#. jj; 12 a1*** d* A. KRt-KV. Anet.. Ma ESHA I.'!* SALE ?In virtue of ??o wrusof fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's Office o* tie Circuit Court of the District of Colunt.ia. for the county of Washington, and to m* directed, I wifl exp<>se to public sale for cash, in fro. t of the court house door, of said oounty. on VON DAY,6th day of Auxust next, T?6". at 12 o'c'.ook m.,%il defendant'a right. title c,aim and interest la and to the following described propert*. to wit, viz: Lot No 3, in Square No 7'J6, and lot No. 30, in Square No. 801, together wi'ti all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as thu property of Juiiaua Barry and C. Rarr?, and will he sold to patUfy judioials Nos. 143 and 194, to May term 1838. in avor of Anthony Addison. W.8KLDKM, U. ?*. Marshal for the District of Columbia. jy 13 dtds MA R!? HAL'S SALE.?In virtue, f 2 writs o! fisn facias issued from the Clerk'a oQice of tne Circuit Court of the Dittriot of Columbia, for the -f rtr v : ? - - . . uoiauij I>1 n sniunilDn. HI HI m? airMlM. I WI'I expose to puhLio sa.e, for cash, in front of the court home door of said county, on MONDAY, the tith day of August next, 1*&>,at l?o'clook m , all defendant'* right,Utie,ola?m and interest ir and to L* t No. 1% in Square No. "32, in the city of Washingtor, U. C., together with aii an t sinrnlar the improvement* thereon, seixed and |evi*d upon ai the property of Chan. H Van Patten.and will be sold to ?atisfy Judioials Nos. 7? a?d 7ft, to October term )&?, ic favor oi John W. Thompson and Z. D Oilman W 8ELOEN. jy 13-dtg U. 8. Marsha! for District of Colombia MAR* HAI/S SACK.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issned from Clerk's <>flioe of the Cnouit Court of the Disinoi of Columbia, for tiw ooui'ty of Washington, and tu me directed. 1 will expose to puhlio s&le, tor oash, in front of the ooart houKedoorof said oouoty, on SATURDAY, the fflth day of July next, 1W. at 18 o'olook m . tho ioIl"wiiih property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, ca in, and interest in and to a certain dweliir g house erected on Loteigiit(Biar.d the south ni- et?n i i? iiwi iouriiMiren>n on wii niiif, (si in rsjuare uumberHd three hnndred and aeventy-aeven. <377? | intheoitr of \Va?hin*ton. I). C . Mixed and levied upon a? the pro#* rt? of Ju iqi Viedt, and will be rold t<? paMsf> Judioiala. >o 3R0 to October term 1<&7, in favor of JonaUtan T. Walker. J. D, HOOVKR, I .ate U. 8 Marihal for Distrust Columbia. je28-dU i TKOYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. HK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the 8ttani?h Government, under the anperviaion of the Captain General of Caba, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, AtoriT 4. I860. SORTEO PiUUERO 640 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZU ?100.000. 1 pnxe of ?loo.noo fio pnxee of. ?#1,W l do so,nw eo do soo 1 do SMM iss do loo 1 do - ar'.w ao appro*. 8 jno 1 do ?.? 10,n00 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tioketa, 9 40?Halves, 410?Qoarteri, fa. PriiM oa?bed at sight at * per oonL disoount. Bills on all solvent Bant* taken at par. A draw inn will We forwarded aa eoon aa the recall become* known. All orders for aohemea or tioketa to be ad ir??sed to DON RODRIGUEZ, jjr 19 tr Car*of Cftv Poet. Charleston. 8. O. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ?T D Strut, Between 9 tk and 10 th Strut*. We have just finished a number of first aiasa CARRIAGES, suoh as Light rancv.jgv^a. Wagons, Park Pheatont. Family Omr rtatfit anit Butmet, whioh we will ael! at?r"Ra ver- small profit. Beinjr practical mechanics ia different branches of the Easiness, we flutter ourselves that we know the styles ?n<1 qualify of work that will give satisfaction, ooinbinin? iightueas, ooinfort and darabiii- i If. i Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the shortest ni tioe and most reasonable oharres. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Ooaohir.akers, suooesaors to Wm. T. Rook. ap zi-dij FRANCIS HARPER, HAVISGOPKNKDA FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED8TORR, fomsT o/ Xeic York avenue and Tenth street. tte?pecuuuy soiioits t&e Datrouane o] thwse who mi> be in want of any artiole in theabove line. His endeavors shall be to please, and by a strict attention to th? wants of the public, be hop?* to merit a share of their patronage. His took oouaista of every artiole usually to be found ui a hrst-olass Family Grooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf The sand hills of Jutland, By Hani Christian Anderson; price 75 cents. Autobiographical Recollections, by the late Charles Robert Leslie, R. A , edited with a prefatory essay on Les'ie as an artist, and selections from his oorrespondenoe, by Tom Taylor, Esq., with portrait: pnoe $1.?5. i J ust published ar.o for sale at PHI LP k. SOt.OMON'S | Metropolitan Bookstore, 333 Penn av , jy 6 between 9th ajvd 10th sts IV |> WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO 1^ 1J inform the public and his friends that he ] has on hand a large wtock of Marble Mantels ,*iiit? anewotyle. Also Monument Head Stones. Table Tops Ac'., which he has to dispose of at prices to suit the times. Also. Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ina '22 Smeo Pa. av.. bet. Iftth and T*h ?t?. DUPONT S GUNPOWDER, F??r sale at manufacturers enoe*. bv JOHN J. HOGCE, 0*oiid*TbwR, D'C.. Sole Agency for the District of Columbia. A large supply, embracing evnrj Tinttr, always on hand, ?nu delivered free to ail parts of the Bit Hot! Order* can also be left at the office of Adams' V.X>r?? Cnmiinn. Washington- D-fi- f?? UtI> WASHINGTON BtSWlNfr ttOUMb, M ilk itn (wt doers North of fa ih Nov is the time to geC SPRING and 3UMME* sJHiKTd mad* up to order. Tnewbsoriber ia propared to make 8HIKTS, DRA WEH?, 4c., at the ?|7t-A PKRFKCT, NEW. Rot$K\V?Hil>'4P 1 # ' ease, irou-frarae, beautiful tone PlAjfO offered for (iTS.foi ale* days,at JOHN F. ELLIS'i*v306 Fa. tr PIANOa FOR NT, from half a dollar to #6 jer month. Also, great bargains in ttooond band SUMMER RESORTS. ( ARLISLK - I The favorite r?sort for WHIT* SULPHUR':^ SPRINftft, Mountain Air. InriicoraCUMBERI AND OO , Vvfl! Pennsylvania. Good S^aiet j and a Good Table. Accom?o?atioh? ?om For partiealan send 300 'OT Circular. J OWKNs. CI ENDtN TERMS LOW. IN A VISSCHER, )# ? low Cmrli?u Spring*, r*. SCHMIDT'S SUMMER UaRDEN.-Ob Sixth street. between O and Louisiana A may be found at a!l time* ?u? of tue iuostyr?Ay i popular, genial, nrbane. aad intelligent JJaflU 1 K"*taurant Keepers, who liacks up his reputation i with LAUER BhKK from t?e Citt o> UaoTHtk lt Lovb. Philadelphia; with BRANDIES f-om the choicest Ttn?*arris of Franoe: with WINES ufcaxaeiisd oette h.Usof I6e Kmu?; a>^ with aa I article of WHISKY winch smacks strong'; of the trne flavor ox the Monon^ahela and Houston Palatable as either of tneec may be individually, he has sought to make them still more so bj the erection th-j rear grounds of his farorite establish- i rnent of a spaciou* Artior, where his gueete by day mat ?nJOT the oooi br?. x? and be froe frcrn ~ol'? too ardent ran; and, at "the witching hoar of I night." quaff bit iee-oool imager without fear of having their enioymeut dampened hi the flailing dew. Such inducement* will, nonf'tle**. eau*'' many of our r^ailnri to drop m and take a not* if nothing dM.iaud, must likely, luacj of tbuae wLo i wu. goa*ain. In addition t? all ttii*. he hat en raced the Pro* i peri brother* and their anaociatet U> <li*eoer?e their < choioe*t piece* of musio Every \\\diie?rta<r and i Saturday evening. j? l*-lwi W-AfHINtiTON I CITY GARDKN. ERN8T LOEFFLER. Proprietor. .V'tf York atmvc, bfitrtm lti mmJ Id Ut. In calling the attertion of the pnhlietomygroord* I won id state that every arrangement ha? A . X he*n made to mace thi* ' Retreat" moreyf^^Y attractive every day. Monday* the bar-^LKL Jen* are open to the publio tree of charge?a oouoert given by a *el??ctband. Tho*edesiring toerjvy the dance and waltz wvl find the *ai(on in complete order to render piea?are to all. Or> oth*r day* the proprietor will cheerftilly grant the one of the ground* for sofiooi or other Pie Nio Pa. tie* with out charge. For the amu*ement of children he ha* introduced I number of little came*, never hiinw aaen in this oitr. and oaioo ated at the tame time to aoioae the i "old folk.." N. B.?Attached i? m? Bottling Eatabliahtn'nt, and taouiiea oaa be auppiied witti any quantity at ttieir reaioano*. of that hea thfel dnck, !,Am? R BEER, upon ahor* notice. i" 16 <s,n / ^ REEN ?PRIN<i UT PAVILION, Near tk* Old Iron Foundry and only kttlf It mtU b 1 land from th* Omnibut Stand in Otorgetoicn, The iadiea ai.d gentlemen of Waabington aid Ge'ir?eu>vn are renpectfnily iaf?-rnted A . ? A that thia heaatifol on the . oon'rj Braucb. ia now nandaoine<y fitted up fkir XUJEa-L the reception of t'ic Nic Partie* and otheri> ?. There are nnmeroan uprinxa of the pore*t water and a oonatant ahad* throughout the day. Tfaete ia a large salooi. tor dancinc, with dreaMng room a'tiehed. and shady walka and aeata throughout tne grounda. 5kilioo!et8*oci?>tu?a. Club* and F<?cia! Partien can obtairi thia delightful p!a^? for Pie Nioa without obarce for the groanda t.r pavilion by giving tne j/ivviiCvvl kill UH)B HUH are aervod at ?!1 hours, ana Refreshments furnished at oitj pries (iSio*n wii' at a!l times Tor tho preserva tion of ^ood order, acd no pa:us ?i:l b? spared to cive aatiafaction to all v,?iU>r?. JOSEPH EHRMANNTROUT. j?* 3 ootf __ Proprietor. MM SALT WATER BATHING. AKSHaLL'S PAVILION. (Mwore'1 Land ing I wi lb? open for the recr ption of rtsi A - . A tora on the 43th of Jane. Tbia delifhtfu/YmH|T re?ort for thoae seeking health and p eaa i-''? ' ure, is unexcelled 1>t any plao* of the kind on the Potomao river Itia attuated ah at one hand red mum from Washington immediately ou tha Pntumto, and in twtl timt of ?h? Cb?MP ??*e Ba? . and famous for fine Ovatera. Soft Crabs. BhaepiieAd. and other Kiah. and eaaiiy accessible b the steam hoata pljiujr l>etveen Washington. Maltim re anc Norfolk. The undersicnad has mn? adciii i.v improvements i? i.ia Bath Hous- * and iuauf tiier improvements to the oomf <rt and etjo??nenrof h;S 5n--Bte. The Bathing oaanot be aarpaaaed. Spierid Angiinc and p entv vf Pishing and Sai ir.g BoVs ire-oi on*rr. Hehu spared do expene'lc pro vidm* a good Cot;i on Band or in laTing in hi* stock of ohoioe W ices, Liquors.Seeer*. Ac..hkJ for thuee who wisu to avoid extreme fkahion %nd t<> e??ek a retired p aoe where thev oan mak? themaelve* at home, there is not a inor* pieaearjt pe<-?in the United rtlate*. The proprietor pledges nima-if t'a: nothing shall be left undone on his part to render tnem ?o. Terms for board: #1 flr* p >r da?, f?r'ee? than a week; f->r a longer time, 91.26 per ray; #*> per month. Persona wishing to add re as the ero prietor will direot to Leonardtown, St. Mar?'i oounty, Md. je8-2 R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parte of the eity, at the loweet 1 possible ratea. T J ft W. M. OALT, Ofline 2**^ Pa. av.t between 11th aod )2Th sts ma 17-tf north SKle. I^HE St) BSCRI BkK HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of KI EL, la prepared to --11 . . . ... 1 c r L ' r ?' ?v o? ?oi ? ruw uKuroK'r email WOOD Paired and Split a:.j size. Call aud see for yoiuaeif. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dm'it, ma 1* 8. K. oorner of FoartMiith and C eta. LIGHTNING! ~ 1 LIGHTNING!! ( LIGHTNING!!! j In Tiki op Pzaci. pom Warn! P. LaBARRK, ( Soutkitrtt tomir of IMA mm4 C *!?., I Maxupactcku op PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING ROM. ReapootfuUj ann<>nneea to the public of Waahing , ton and viciiutj that he is prepare to exeoute a.l , orders for erecting Lightning Conductors on the i moat approved scientific principle*, cnstruotea of | the very beat of matenata, on very moderate terms. All Pla?ina-tipp<d Pointa whiohare ma&ufaotared bj mo will be stamped with my name. W?ather Vanea of any deaigc mad* to ordar. iv 9 Im |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. J E. &. DURKEE * CO.'S BliBOT 0PIOB0. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bnt eround from freah Spinet, aelected and oleaned | by ua expreaaly for th?* purpoee without raforenoa l?> coat. Ther are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, [lined with paper.) to prevent injurr bp keepin*. and are fall weight, while the ordinary croaud Spioea are ai?oat invariably short. We warraui tiieiu, in point of atteucth and nrhneaa of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON. u a uncle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured oniy "by i E. R. DURKEE * CO i> i> t?l Paari t. WIT York. \ R NOTICE! KOULAR STEAM PACKET LINK BETWEKN B A LTlMORE AND W A 8 H I N G f O fT-Leare Comroeroe it. wharf, Baltimore, u owi: . Diamond8tat?. it WEDNESDAY,a? p. , m. CuLiMtu, every !*ATl RDAY, at 6 e. m. Leave Kiley'm Wnarrat the foot or mh street Wftthincton, m fol owe: Columbia, evary W EDNESDAY MORNING, 1 it 6. Diamond St it*, every FRIDAY, about 13 m. For freight, 4o., apply to 1 THO& W. R1I.EY. Aieat, Riley'c Wharf,at icefoot of ra 16-TATBip llth ?t . Washington T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeerlber hariuj made sddltionele hi ' WAttOMBof Hi K|U0I Mnnp* CM l?r|MMiu4 from nil iQ^^ycrtwt^ip tb> buiBW,h>tof *A^REPAIE8 neatly 4?ae,i*dsU#rtersrremH WM.T. DO VB fc CO. RB Nov prepare to umt* any ordan witk ion thoy m?y b? fa?or*d in th? 'LUMB1N6, ?AS OB 8TEAM FITTllt? r BUSINESS. inr Store on 9th aVfrt, * few doora north of Pa avonue, whore mar ho found aoompleto aacortmeot alRs1wjsftSr "war P NOTICE. KRSONS Daohmnc kuaaaK *fii f or having % nralua of houMh-Ud ed-eu aaa find rw!r aal? by cauin* at mj Farautuax Mora. 4db Tth afreet, batwaoa O aw B atra?U. aa?t hw at? ? PltQfU.PB BITfl.V. Ill ANOS?for Sehool Kjhibitiont, Pin Nioe. H*renadee, or family aa^?For RE"?T fur day. week or mouth, naoarraMwable tTtri i?ar r?Hmr v.t.i >n so* p? ?r A VKKY NICE CHICK EKING PI A * >, &Kr<:?r $m9,rs.ti&&w t THE WEEKLY STAR Thit oxaoil?et FumJy mi N??? JowmI?eoetaiticj ? f rotter r&rioty of intorootiBc roadiat than o%b bo fo?B? m any otbor?in pobltafcoi ? Hotnnlo? morning. T?E*??Oa>k. inrmrflh. w ?l'?f Sinn* o*fy, jm unio 01 ? m Ton oopion m Twooty o?<piM. \$ m By Ftrt)oenhinf in olaba roiood knn?| ooifhbnro wittotl Ui? wlrwitlor of t mi mmi. m ?W bo porooivod V por omI. of Tk* W?Ut torn* vtU bo ?r*?d. It lDTOrtahly oontoina tho *>* %nfeia*toa New* thot hM mod* TV Erimtmi A?r oirootMo oo (Morally thr<>?t h?>m tfea ooautry. Er&ll|>tWMNlll vniMTI MlbUMNNd at me ooontor. imra Wter Us ihm of paper. Pnoe?THRK ECF.NT3 f!~r PoHmMl#r? who aot M t|*cU will t* ;<iwed a oofnmia?ioa of 9* aoaia. FOR SALE AND RENT. VALl *BI.E FARM. STOCK. CROPS, IM PLKMRNTt. *r *c. FOR PAI R OR EXCHANQK FOR i M**ROV KI> CIT V PltOr' KKTV.?The aabaon t?w ID ai? IB atHlity to kit* that ?t*. i a atlei ion to hi* Fa m wh an it re*air?a. offer* it, together with Ills stock ol hna brood Mart* Coiu Cow*. H?fi, f rowiif or?>p?. imficmwiU, kt . bow co the prrmim. either tor aa * <>r tirliui* lor i??ror*d <*ttr profwlj. The Fami ocatain* ono bunded Ut ?'*ty BIX Kr?, ( Mica led in MonUom*ry CoBatT. Mary and. distant ton mi n f ot WMinirtN. oa th* B'o. kril e T?f?fik?, 'li? Iteet road l#?diii| oat of W aatumtun It it 4immI tiin*?'uaf to ?|a intoaauavMiltMriptisn of the Far* aa ilia a e timed no one won d purchase without ft ret *i? I. ? tVa promise* Any information wi , h?wev?r. sheefui'y h# ?iv> n tpon app oat am to \V I ULlAM y snUH*. $99 K street, between lStr. and 1l?H. - . tt . if. Men r.irnnf omm mar. ftft**a Ut P>ra wit aa* will nnf? faU itfcrrMlin M? o?raiiu it to aaa imirr. i? ootf 1,'I'H KKMT-A thr?* a tort BRICK HulBK. I on H street, hetwoen ?tii and 9th Alao. a twoitory BRICK <JOTTAl?E, with cardan. ooraar of Tenne?*?e imiup and aortti t streot, Mrroanri?d br a larae foimur pastor*, mm) won In I* a d**lrahl? u?cAtini, toi a dairy maa. ln?uu* of C BIRO B. ?4?> 12 h ?t. jj CHOI NTK Y REVIDENCE FOR HALK.-ThrTa and a half a ret of Land situated at Ba?l?r> X r ?da at tha intersection of th* Oa awtt-aa aao i.ea?burg tun.p:k"*, aix if i>a from *aahiB|t?n und $ | of?) Al?xandria. To* i?pror*??nt* onaeiat i>fa bouae. oontatuibc It rtxiuii. bare oora houa*. ih*'a, *o. The yard ia we!! traded with t'??*s ana tiasm it ??ll of watar. 'or furth r particulars app ? oi: the >r?miM* lo W M fil> N K, i?r t? J KO.DUWU.Mi. A. t?. SA liK. ai Marshal '? unction roon-a, Waahluftoj, f? C. The ai.MV* described pioparty will he aoJd low for aaab. W A h,?'K RK\T-Vtt turw rtorj (brown fro~t> HOI'SE. No. *67 New York arena*, botween IWh and Uta ?tre?ta. north ml*. ooutaioin* hit ? n roorri* Thia houae is convenient to the Patent OfBe*. Tr??a*tirv . ete ; is |iehte?1 b* ?%.. as<1 la war suitah e lor a boarding house. ft ent nmlttt. Applr nrxt door, or to A O. FOWLER, a?oon? Ho r north wmi of Patent OfRo*. it 14-tf LM >K KKN I -Th/> tin. I rXmK Hol'Sfc ki3VT. r aa''Fri-noh Evana'Houae.'* situation M at. n.,r** *? h a> ' l/Wk *t - i?.t a Mn i.JA >ue of tii* m->-t df-nab private r*>i<l<>n?M in Wa?hin?ton. Thi? h' uae i? mirrounded by fruit tree* and freat r>imber?of enrrant huoliM of rar?oa? kinds. and hn? ?hade tr?M, witn Aaet of g ound, wai.ed in *pply 10 J. C. COOk F ?hth it. between D and E. jj Jt tf F'OR RF.NT?Three BRICK HoV*E*-one on Twelfth street. b?tween C *?d D; one oa the norror of Twelfth and H ?t?.; and oee on H, boiween Uln awl 13th ate. Inquire of JaMF.S W, B \ RKER, on H street, between 11th aaJ 12th No. 423 mad tf l^OR HEMT-A three atory FK AMI. HOI UK. oa Kl???'itli ?t'?M, b?twn I ?nu K Ireofna A M. !?NV l?KR. at the Plumbing and baa Flit i>g F?-ub:i*lin?-ut of C. Suyder, next di>or to ti>e !<lar LMfioe ma 14 q 1/'?R RKNT?Threo brat-eta and rreentiy F built HOrSfc!*. uto-ie* high each. hand omelv hni-hed.and having ai. tbe modern improremeiils. each a* wat-r, ?.*? Ac., la ?o? of the ve-? bneat location* m the??t* ? on the oorner of Third street a>id Missouri avenue. and opposite the Catv t??i (rouml* Any < ne winhina to rent a fine dwelling wtll fin<! thic a fa voral>'e opportunity, a* I de ire to rent them immedintel*. and will rout them low. InquireofP. \V. HROWMNG. je Kl FOR RENT?That n*w an<l we: arranged throe tor? BRICK HOUSE. \<>. ti atrvet, between l'Hh andanh ats., First Ward, lateljr oooti pie 1 by Mr. Bndl?oo. R ussian location. Poae>a ?mn Kireo imni?diat?>iv. 1 nun ire of Mr !*H*TH EY S. JVA RKF.B. am it door Wrt. ma W eotl L\?K KKNT-A ?Mi> STORE., comar of 0th st. I and Prnc.treniKi, under the Clarendon Hotel, ult&ble for a barber's n'con or ou&r tor* For information mauire at Ui* Hotel mar > riJH RENT?Tii* FIRST FLOOR of ibe bpiMr ins . inmeUiSUej uituitR liie vest w.n* of Ut City Hat . rooently ocropied by Chaa. S. Wa :ach u ari oltioe. *.h? trout room id the aaoood story and the tiurd floor ofUie same For H'm? app'y to RICHARD WALLACHTno. 1 Louisiana avenue. _ __ ja 18 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS OF OONfilfili? Two sp.enaid suit** of ROOMS, elac*nt.y imr nsheu, will he rented dyrmi tfce session of Com ereas. in the moat dosiralu* uoa ity la Una city. F>*icj{ witoin on* or two squares oiBrowifa and NMiona) Hotels. Th^se in pnraaitof surf K ?imt aril, do wall to make ear y appnoati'D at No. IT# 'th street betwron 0 street and Pa- m. de ft-tl L'OR 8ALK-A nioa tnr?a atory Brio* HOl'&E* r on 2d street, r>*twt?*n D and E streets, in KTbbey'a Subdivision. Th* aboT* property will b? sold or ea?y t*rms Prtee mad* known by ira airing af H. W. HAMILTON ft. CO- No. *6* Ttt ?t'e*t. opposite Centra Market. Tifca perfect, f-1 ?f TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOE8. IHAVK JIBT K KCEIVKO A NKW f>UPP j o( Gerts' fine Fr?i en Cdlf Skin DraM^flfeB Boot* ar?! Patent u?tW u>MI t'lotn Ka.'.p'e. C*.f !*kin Patent I^?thor f ll Mid LMtinc !*tioaa A to, an ittnH**' Nk stock of Bo I'snd ChiMrfi.'i. IjxIim' and Mum' Bo >ti and Bhoea, all of whieh I am airing M nc??ding.y low prioea. J. K UfKM Ha I.. 520 S#v?d h etraet. ma 15 ?o 8 ' oori aWo ve D ?tra?t. |?OOT8 A>D TO SUIT THK Wa |r? now iBaoafaoturiu all kind* of BOOTS ind SHOKS, aud o?. ?l*nt ? receinni pupp > of aa'ern rtiad- work 8f oripuo", mad* 'ipmi* to ordar. and viilfH i.r ii'iQ at a n.ucn lower arioe isu ui i?n heretofore charged in (his oitr for mach lnwnor UtlOiM. Persons in w&ct of Roots ?iju 8r. .ft of e*aterc or sity made work, will a ?ra?i find a rood mci'.ui1 in atore and at the lowest prioee Giveaeao* . ?RI?Ti> * BRO., >| t-r 314 Pennayly%ni% avwua. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 4?9 Tra 8ra**r, Oppofit' Odd Ftllowt' Hall, Warkinftm, jD < Traveler* will stady their latereata b< eiMsiainc in* TRUNKS, VALICE!* Ac . before par shading elaewere As 1 nae none bat tii'HM t>est material the m*rtetafford? acd the h*et workaaea, I ou confident;? reoomewpd ay Wurk to be superior in Strrw*.k ?r d Ihtrahxlu? U> Trunks that are made in other otties ard sold bar*. I keep constant j on hand, and make to oroar <an m4 WOOD BOX TioHK8: ASHlAfD MJur VALICES, TKAfSLISG BAGS; HaT NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS. #e-, ft, Trunks. Ac , Repaired and Covared. la a wort manlike manner, at ehort notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the tit;, 0 sorgotown, or Alexandria. Also? Agent for Howe's wl strata* FAMILY ?KWING MACHINES. de 15-Li JAMES B. TOPMAM. (JOHN'S T IBRARY SERIFS, INCLUDING r> the Standard, r^Mtcal. Antiq na^ian. Daitra ted, Scientifio. Philological, Looses, astioal aad Bi it'?h Claeeie Lih?anee. A series of Standard Work* aoo urate It ?mlp< tod at low price*. Now works a-e aldea to lae series every month Any volume taay be had Mtratelr, anr haok vo'ubm can be aTwa*s snapUs*. The complete series k?pt wonstawtW m >?*i by PHILP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan H?*k?tore. S38 Pa av., W. ftfc aad Maje V Bole a*ente for I-aureuoe's Stationary CRENCH LACE MANTLES AND POINT! r Para?o.a. Ann Bhvl?a, and i?aa Umt>r?i*i. rhrwmd, Valaoeiiiea.tSwiatand Cwbna Edrtaea, Honitop. Guypo e, and Ff?noh workad Collar^ Lisrn.i Cm no, tww and Thraad B'ta. Colored T*rlt<>? a. Q*Ji.brip Jioeastt. Mill, Nanaork and f *K< Nananok M a'ina, HoImtt, <i ot-?. (iaa .tiaua, Biaak !?ilk Mita,fca. Foraala low t* i?*T TAVMIR k HFTVITIBON BMSJS- agimw it all at* Iaa and MM. Alao, aetrwral nHM >tker makrta, for aal? at factory art?, ?rni ?i i Lba aolaa?anay, MKT'/KRolTB Mi?c Mora, fcavaral aeoood-haxd Piaaua > baa* Muar, mw. ja? AL B! XI ALB AND XXX ALB!! "sn. 50 cgfftyilM*?atat been r*?eiv?a. Tti? L?* ta *o*ll??fc pfio* V omte p#r pound by ekwtt or otfcorviao. Wt huov ant lot *nr ooot ui a.ore ... H. SJP3WU3JT Mtoi%XV Mi of kit own mik*. U?> k? Win tHIwlmru %u j of tb* NorUw>r* WrwMV* ooM tar, m4 at Um ttrtttSgssr-^ * "

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