Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1860 Page 2
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iK THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY Jmly 26, 1*60 Spirit < the Meriting Press. Th? C*n ttf.ution, in sundry article#, distuseei the political record and position of Mr Dooglas and hi* friends The Intelligence* alludes In appropriate terms to the spontaneous and general trioute paid to the memory of Mr Joseph Gale*, on the occasion of his Late funeral obs?quies. The Int'.'ltgenrrr quotes from the Frankfort speech of Mr Breckinridge. to prove the nationality and conservatism of Hon. Edward Everett, nainat t a - * a_l? C ?V,?? 1 ?UC IlU^Ii^Uillt'IU u| ICIUil U OUUU1CIII democratic journal* supporting Messrs. Breckinridge and Lane. ? ??? ? * [IT" A a intonating report of the receptioh and address of tbe Prince o" Wales, at St. Johns, N F., will be found iu our telegraphic column Natal ?The I" S. frigate Congress, the brig Dolphin and Bainbrldge. and tbe sttamer Pulaski, were all at Montevideo Jane 10th. All well ITT Another large meteor was seen on Saturday night over Lake Ontario. Its course was from east to wtst lD"Tii? St l.outa Republican mentions tbe death of tbe Hon. Samuel Carutbers, formerly a member of Congress from tbe seventh district of Mlsaoorl. Iff la our Georgetown letter, to-day, will be fouad a very iateresting account of a threatened civil war at Occoquaa, Virginia, all about a Republican campaign pole. * " 1 fl r It U announced la a private letter to a feentlemui at Old Polot Comfort, that tbe Great hastero will certainly be there on Sunday forenoon aud tbat *be will anchor in Hampton Roads (T "/* Soaatnr t-'itxpatrick, of Alabama, in a letter to Hoa. J. L. M. Carry, published In tbe Mont gooacry Advertiser. has formally and unequivocally declared )n favor of Breckinridge and Lane IP* It aeeats that, after ?u,w.w" Mooie, Eaq., appointed on Uw Donglaa Executive Committee la still an advocate of that ticket?not having given bis adhesion to Bell and Everett, aa reported IH7"A? an additional attraction t* vtaltera to the Great Eastern, the Dlrectora have engaged Dodaworth'a Band to give a matinee concert on the d>-ek every afternoon An eiruraion party of five hundred viaitedthe vesael on Thursday. ITT After the adjournment of the Kentucky Stmt? Convention at Frankfort, (on the l-'th mat.,) in the course of which it parsed atrong resolutions in favor of Breckinridge and 1 ane for the Presidency, the delegates in the evening got up a serenade for the Hon. John C Breckinridge, who and save at length the gratification of receiving ] the assurance of Ms acceptance j E7*The telegraph announced a great mass 1 meeting of the Democracy at Rochester (N. V.,) on Thursday evening last, but did not state under which standard-bearer the masse* were rallying It now appears to have been a Douglas and Johnson demonstration, and the Union of that city says there were from sii to eight thousand Douglas men in council, and great enthusiasm There were flreworks and music to enliven the scene. Addresses we r? n.ade by Hon. David L. Seymour and other prominent men liT" It appeared In a recent case in New York, that many Germans in that city had been married by notaries public?this being, by a recent decision, an Incomplete marriage. A Oerman named Reindahl, who some time since was arrested and A to hsil Hi? a# * 41 " _____ ?... j vu? v* iuc pvutc JUSUCC^ lor &D311donln^ kit wile and children, now moves to be releai- d from supporting them, on the ground that he was marr.ed by a notary public. A great utany marriage contract* will be likely to be affected by the decision. ITTThe Utlca (X. Y.) Herald alludes to Mr Williama. secretary of legation to China, in the following terms: "We are happy to welcome S Weils Williams, Esq , back to his native c?v It la now twenty-seven \ears since he sailed for China to employ the presa in behalf of the missioaary work there While pursuing the great onjert to which his life is consecrated he has rendered invaluable service to oar iian>nn,?< ivopunura in an appropriate address. IH^A letter from Cartbagena, July .Mh says: ?'There are a?ntn In revolution all over the country Nieto (a mulatto, a leader of the negro revolutionist!, who has declared himself governor) has taken the custom-house and declared the Mtate of Bolivar independent and a republic. So now we ahali have war to the knife and no mistake." P*i?K5Tatioji bt the Pkksidkxt ?The Montreal Herald announces the presentation by the American Consul of a heavy gold chronometer watch and chain from the Presidentof the United 8tatea to Captain John Russell, of the ship Cam tula, who rescued Captain Luce and twelve survivors of the wreck of the I'nlted States mall steamer Arctic, wrecked off Newfoundland In the yei- 19M H~/-The Breckinridge Democracy in Baltimore met on Tuesday night last to make arrangements to fill certain vacancies in the City Convention, which body is to meet on the 31st inst. The object of the City Convention is to appoint eleven delegates to the State Convention, which is to meet in Baltimore on the 9th of August next. The Douglas men have been read out. but mean to ferm an electoral ticket of their own Ltxchbiba Collbgk?Rev. R B. Thomson. D D , has been elected to the presidency of this institution, connected with the Methodist Protestant Church. Dr Thomson is eminently qualified for this important position His friends and the friends of the institution have desired to see him occupy the position for several years past, and pre-eminently of late In connectlou with J span ud Chlaa El*cto*al Voti -We subjoin for the conveulencs of our reader*. In tbe.r political calculations, the Electoral Vote of each of the 8t tea: Northern States Southern States California 4 Alabama 9 Connecticut 6 Arkansas 4 lUlinoU 11 Delaware 3 Indiana 13 Florida 3 Iowa........... 4 (ieorgia 10 Maine 8 Kentucky 14 Massachusetts 13 Louisiana 6 Minnesota 4 Maryland U Michigan 8 Missljsipp! 7 New Hampshire 5;Mis?o;ri 9 New Jersey 7| North Carolina 10 Slew York 35 Seoth Carolina 8 >' Ohio *1 Tennessee 12 Oregon 3|Texas 4 n?T? i ? i i ru*'*j fvui .. -. . v irginia 15 Rhode Island 4 ? Vermont 5 Southern vote* UN \Y .*roD?ln 51 Northern vatee 1*0' >\ bole number of Electoral votea, 303; necessary to choice, I&2. Tu Om*AT Eii:ii!i ?The New York Peat vf Tuesday afternoon. ?aya: 44 In aptte of the unfavorable weather tbta afternoon the Breat hotter a steamship wna Tlalted bv a large number of peraona. about two thousand having gone onboard before eleven o'clock, rery few of whom held 'Xcurat on ticket* Dodworth's bond la to glvr a concert on board this afternoon, commencing at three o > lock. and la emraoed Iter tlw very day this week the first company of tbe 7th ratflment i Highland Guard) numbering forty men ,Ta full Highland costume, sod m band of twenty perforators, will pay a visit ?o tbe ship next Thursday ?fur noon It to rumored ibat Ibis reetmeatbas offered lu services as eacort to the Prince of Walrs on bla reception In thl* city The tickets for tbe axe onion to Cape Ma* aeit weak are arlllng rapidly The number of tickets haa beoa limited to two thousand, and the prospect Is that they will all soon be aold. Tbe staterooms, a boat one thoaaand In number, &r? to be rrat-rved exeiuaivaly for ladles, and tbe va*'ultne ear iraiomate will be provided with b?ds la the saloons The Great Eastern will anil for Cape May Monday afternoon, and la expected to W edneadav eft en lag, bat very probably may re main outald* tbe Hook until her final departure for Philadelphia. Religious services were held on board tbe Great Kaatern yesterday, by the Rev. C. VV Denniaon. for tbe benefit or the crew ? During tbe servlcea, John Grant, a fireman, who waa intoxicated, commenced a disturbance In the midat of tbe excitement a Ninth ward policoM?hnm4 arreted him. L i WASHISOTOS HIWI AMD WHIP. The Wobid Coxitis to an isb-The New York Hiruld it positively ?ure of the existence of 10 organized plot throughout the South to dlamembfr the i'nion In coae of the election ftf Lincoln Its proof laya in a very characteristic and earnest letter from the Hon Mr. Lawrence M. Keitt. of Sotth Carolina, urging that the South ahould not remain in the Union in case of the au< rt-ae of Republican partyism in fcovember; and another from the Hon Wro L. Yancey, of Alabama. congratulating a friend upon the fkrt that the South ia sr?dualiy awakening to the preaaing necessity of being prepared for any future contingency that the progress of A bolitionis(n|tn the norislaveholdi ng States may bring about. While very aure tha; the sentiments of both the letters above mentioned jre reechoed in the breaita and ! minds of many thousands in the Cotton-producing Statea. and also that each additional political victory of Abolitionism, and each succeeding evidence of lta aggressive tendency, increase* the number of sympathizers at the South in the viewa of Mr. Keitt. we are very sure that the Herald's ur^aiixeii movement. is a mare Drtt, ami nothing more. Not a tithe of the disposition to break up the L'nion now exist* in the r.laveholding States that was rife there at the time of John Brown's raid ; nor does any other public man of the South, except Mr. Keitt, openly counael the destruction of the Government if Lincoln triumphs. The position they occupy on that subject, with remarkable unanimity Indeed, la that, if elected, and his government shall initiate unconstitutional and aggressive measure* against the South, it will be her duty to resist them at all hazards and any coat. Or, In ether words, that the South should not submit to a virtual revolution of the Government of the I'nited State*, by conatruction. We have no doubt whatever that the elect'on of Lincoln would unite the South in her own defense, as she has never before been united; and further, that, aa she will then be united, she can and will compel a settlement of the slavery question upon terms consonant with ber right* and honor, In the Union. We tee in the letterscf Messrs Keitt and Yancey, aim ply a prospective settlement of the slavery questions in issue; aa the North cannot afford to have the aouth seriously essay to act upon Mr. K 's advice, the only alternative that will be If ft to her in case Lincoln should venture to administer the Government upon the principles for its future administration now being laid down in the canvass speeches of Senator Sumner and the daily appeals to Abolitionism of the New York Tribvnt. Old Point CostfuRT ?The impression seems to have gone abroad to some extent that the Hygeia Hotel, at Old Point Comfort, was so full that it was useless to go there with the expectation of. being provided for We ars informed, however, that the Hotel is not so crowded but that all ran be well accommodated The guests have thinned off some as the season has advanced, and the house was never more comfortable thai now, or the tish better. Secretaries Floyd and Thompson are to sojourn there for a time, and the Great Kastern is expected to anchor in Hampton Roads next week; so there will be no lack of distinguished company, or novelty. Ax Absent Misdud Coe?kspom>knt.?A letter was received yesterday morning at the dead letter office in this city from the Postmaster at Philadelphia inclosing a package carefully sealed and tamped, but without a wcrri of direction ou i:s face, in which condition it had been dropped into the post box in that city. Upon being opened it whs found to contain watch wheels and spring* Inclosed in a tin box, the whole package worth probably S.50. There was no writing with it or other indication as to who sent It or fur whom it was intended The Postmaster at Philadelphia has been directed to advertise it there to ascertain the owner Thk Pristixg Mess Coxti.nckd ?We understand that Messrs Larcombe and Knglish. who bare been executing the House Printing as partners of .Mr. Ford, yesterday suspended operations ind discharged their workmen. This has been rendered necessary by the alleged violation of their agreement on the part of Mr Ford. The correspondent of the Associated Press if mistaken as to the Injunction served upon the offl. :ers of the Treasury in relation to Mr. Pangborn. Kvery lawyer K aware that a notice of an injunction operate* to the full effect of an Injunction Itself, until the motion i* decided. ? absk3cb or sxcrktariks thompson and Floyd ?Hon Jacob Thompson. Secretary of the Interior, and Hon John B Floyd, Secretary of War, left the city this afternoon on a brief visit to Old Point. Tbey do not contemplate being absent from the city for a longer period than a week or ten days. Mom Kelly, K*q , and Col. Drtnkard. the efficient chief clerks in the r??*pectIve Department*, have been appointed to act In the capacity of the?c officer* n<1 in'trtm. Host Offic* Oiuku.?The Po?tma*ter General ha* oidered a weekly mail from St. Joseph to Julesburg. in order to accommodate the weekly mail between Juiesburg and Denver City, for the benefit of the Pike's Peak mine*; and al?o a weekly mall between Placervllle and the Wasbo liver mine*, on the route to Salt Lake. The service up to this time ha* been only s^nai-monthly ? ? CaiKivtui Expedition.?The I' S steam sloop Brooklyn. Capt. Farragut, has been designated to convev the Chiriqtii ?urv< yiiig party to the Isthmus She has beeu ordered for this purpose from Penaacola to Norfolk, from which latter port the party will embark early In Au^uit. Midshipmen Oedkred ?The following Passu! Midshipmen have been ordered to the U.S. steair sloop-of-war Brooklyn ?Passed, P. M Bunce, A. K. Yates John XV Kelly, and Thomas B Mills, and Midshipmen Samuel B. Paddock, and II. DeH Maulev. Chaplain Ordered ?Rev <jeo W. Dorrance has been ordered to the U. 8. receiving ship North Carolina, vice Rev. Jos Stockbridge. detached The Weather?The following report of the wtatuer for the morning la made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. JULY 26, I860. N**w York, N. Y clear, pleasant. PhilAftflohU. Pt rUir nWtanl Baltimore. Md. clear, pleasau'. Washington D. C clear, warm. Richmond, Va. clear. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 78?. Norfolk, Va wind W Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 76? Wilmington, N.C cloudy. Columbia, f* C cloudy, hot. Ckarleaton. ? C cloudy. Augusta. Oa ....cloudy, Savannah, 6a. cloudy. Macon, 6% clear. Columbus, Qa cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, very warm. raox tbb wui. Frederick, Md... foggy, pleasant. Camborland, Md f"ggv. pleasant. Gnfton, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Cairo. Ill clear, W, wind SE Ottawa, 111 elear, 78s, wind W Elgin, clear, 79", wind SW Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,); at noon, 29,971. Thermometer at 7 a m , 73*; at noon. hfl". Mailmnm during *4 hours ending 9 a. m. today 88'; minimum 1 | CENTRAL* BRU A,NI> EVFRETT Lk-^ Cl.t'B ?Th? r?|nl*r weekly meeting of the ? 1 an J Everett Club will be *?fd THIS RVKNINO,*t Thorn'* Hull, (eecond floor iat H o'clock, i d on Ever; Tha-edav Eveiunt hereator ur.Ul further notice. Several prominent speaker* ?t< xpertfwt to fcldrwi the mating. an<l all person* friendly to lh? oause ate invited to attorni. H? CHAS. I. CANF>Kl.P. Sec. v-5?l O. O. K.-MECHANICS' LODGE No I V 1ft (fi^irrptnnrr 4 TKa v* ? ? , ? <- ' ? *?l ut t'lunic*' Lodxe are rea?s?t?d to a tend an adtoain<*d meeting on PR!DAY K VENING, /Uh iiiatmt. M~ W. G. V. JftH* Thaw. auitted by P. i?. M itc4?T, wili exeiiipiiij the nc-ore t work of the order. All meiiiDor* I in good ataudioa) of aikter I,odge* arv invitrii tu attend, ll. U D1VINK, i) X A R S Pro tern. -Y"5~THF.U.:* rON^TITUTIOV GfjARANL_3 TIES FRFE SPEM'H IN TWF CAP1 TOL of THE NATION ir NOTTHKInGHTto F.REOT A LIBERTY PoLE.-The Republican A: MK'iation will hold ita reeular we?kly meeting j*? the w ik wHin,<<>ruer of lirliaua avenue and Se?' op?1 .treet on THIRSDAY, th* ?tli inAaiit. at* f in. Addreaaea may be ?xp*ot?d. All p-nnna wiahing to identify th*raaeive? with the Republican party ara invited to ba praeeat a mi enroll their nainae. ? jy ?-2t Frsm Hew Mtilct. lnDiMKntxri. Mo., July *4.?New Mcxi o dates to the 9th Instant arrived to-day. maklig schedule time. They have had eoplous Aowersof rain In Sarta Fe for tea day*, and crop* loot finely, and w 11 yield an abundant harvest. ** The Ires la the mounUins near Santa Fe dtdtn Immense amount of damage, and several llv* were loat Four dead bodies have been fouad The census takers in New Mexico had great difficulty in getting the Mexicans to answer questions, they thinking It Is de?e for the purpose of taxing them. The Governor has issued nis precis' mation proclaiming the object, 4c. The news from the Ariiona gold mines Is not | fVAr.<4 mui ?*.? , tk.l x. ....?.. I m I. _ I 1 1 , |wu, wwiu^ h? %uc ian iua? uu v% ai*-i jr> w ur ana Jas H Collins. Indian Agent. Is out In a card in tbe Santa Fe Gazette, defending bis official act* in regard to the Navajoe Indiana. Provisions are very scarce and command veri high prices. Flour i? selling at #14 per sack, and scarce; other provisions in proportion. This coach brought all tbe letter mails, waich for some time back have been sent via the Overland California mail By this route letters will get to their destination ten days soaner than by the other. No Indians were seen but a few Kaws They said that a band of Klowaa had been at Crow Creek awaiting the mail for the purpose of robbing it, but were driven oil' by a company of soldiers from Texas, who were en route for Pawnee Fork Major Sedgwick's command,some timt inJune. were in sight of a large encampment of Indians, but not being prepared for battle, before they could get ready, the Indians left. There has been no rain tbls-?ide of Fortl'nion, and the water courses are Very low Slock suffers for want of water The weatber is pleasaut here. Rkpctatios?Now and then we find those who attain, through years of toll, exemplary conduct, charity, munificence, a position of importance among men,?who are known for the positive it aw J ? M ? ? * - ? ?> kuuu uiey an. - noi wuii uey tppett u do; who are shielded from the ahafa of acandal I and prejudice by their "good deeds teen and! known of all men '' We believe that Dr. Wiatar, thedieroverer of the long tried "Wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cherry,'ha* done aa much for the relief and benefit of poor suffering humanity, and that his memory is as justly entitled to encomiums of respect and grati- , tude aa any philanthropist of our country Thia invaluable preparation still maintains an incomparable poaition among phyaiclana and druggiats, and by the people is cherished as a remedy of unsurpassable value for all diseases of the throat and longs. We confidently recommend it to our readers when afflicted with pulmonary disease .-Waterbury Amman. r?rN?U. Rev Dr Stonestreet, paator of St Alovsiut Church, on Sunday took leave of the congregation lie retires, after thirteen years of pastoral toil, tr enjoy the pleaaant ahadea of hia alma mater at ole Georgetown College THRKK BEAI TIFUL IPRIGHT OR COT TaGE PIANOS for rei t by the week <?month. JOHN F ELMS, > Pjl hnl oth inth Chickering k Son?' Piano'a at all price* jy I^OR SALE ?A LADY'S* RIDING TONY 1* I- offered for sale upon very low terms, fry in consequence of her having left the tit*, and having no further use for it. Applv I. W. PIMPHREY'S -tal.leg. rear ?f Nation*. Ho'el. jy 2fi eo2w Baltimore HI TTER HOUSE. Dai!* receiving fresh an<l sweet, in j;ogh?n packager. Also, Ohio Hotter, at l?'i and 12?i ee-its ELI.ICOTT 4 HKW ES, jv 2fi .59 Exchange Place. Baltimore. IMPORTED 1 MINERAL WATERS. JOSEPH W. NAIRN. 1>R VOO 1ST, corner of n> - * i r. r>>< uur biiu :iimn sireot, Keep* BODMnlly on hard fre?h CONGRESS. BLUE llCK.and CANADA WI ST ARTESIAN WELL WATER aino, a vupply of CATaWHA WINE and BRANDY, front the celebrated Zimmerman cellars, notoriously unsurpassed in Cincinnati or elsewhere atnunp the manufacturers of the pure article from American grape. jy 26 7t J^AWED AND SPLIT WOOD: SHERIFF* DAWSON Will furnish WOOD. Sawed and Split, and delivered promptly in any part of the city, on the following reasonable tern.a : OAK WOOD 1 oc-d. sawed in four piece#, and split $6J?t ^ U ?k 4? it 4* *4 ^ ^ I* 41 It i| hi 4% 44 | ^ PINE WOOD. ' cord, sawed in four piece*, and iplit |S01 a* 4* 4a *4 44 2 44 4* 44 44 44 *4 44 ' " ' 1 25 Best qual ty of CO* L also on hand, which will be a hi nt low rates, from the Yard, corner 4K st. an<l Canal, wn?t ?ufe. _ jy 2 -4t ITOAMKLLKD J SLATE MANTELS, DirectJ'rotn the Manufacturers. These are most beautiful styles t?f Nlante's. enarneilfd in imitation of such rare marbles as the Spanish, Egyptian,Sienna.Verde Antique, Porohyry, Brocatelle, and others equally celebrated. The nnit4tii>na are so perfect as to cyuienge the cloFcat scrutiny. In elegance of finian Urej stand unrivalled and a-e ao highly polished that they retain their beauty find freshness longer than the common marbles, while thev are aold much cheaper. They have l>een used in this country for the ]a<-t ten, and in Europe for more than fifty 5ears, and have given entire satisfaction. P'ease call and examine at W. H HARROVEK'S, Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank. jy ?w 5 doors worth of Loni?iana avenue. p U T T Y ~ I S U PT H. W. HAMILTON, No. 5 1 a SEVENTH Siieit, A'tar Ottd Ftlloir?' Hall, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, VARNISH. BRl'SHES Ac. Ac. l? * I VTiwr ._ . i 1? ' - L -* ? iii.i i i.m, III i us 111 ?ncncB,exrciU"u snort uotice And at moderate pricos. MIXED PAINTS for ?a'e, with buckets and brushes to loan frre of charge. jv 56 P U TTY IS DOWN! pROPOSALS FOR SEALING WAXPost Ospick Dxpartmest. Jul* 24.1?6<?. Sbalid proposal* will be received at tins De partment until ine 3d day of September next, at 12 o'oloo*, noon, for f?mishlnc fealwg Wax, for the use of the Post Offioes in the I'cited States, from the date that tbe contract therrf r shall be executed to the 31st day of Deoember. 18f4. The Wax to l>e delivered, fr*e of expense, at th" h'ank agencies of the Post Office Department. at Washington. D. C., New York oity ana Cincinnati, Ohjo. The estimated quantity of Wax required at each agency yearly is specified below. District No. I.-?ITa>&uigfeii, P. C. 150 pounds of Scarlet Scaling Wax, of good quality, for ordinary uee. District No 2.?At yiv Yorkrity. 6W pounds of Scarlet Sealing Wax, same as for distriot No. 1 District Ns. 3.?4t Ctscissaii, Ohio. <00 pounas of Seur;et Sealing Wax, same as for distriet No I. Th?o mtract will be awarded to the lowest and be t bidder, the best bid to be det^rmired *fU r a careful examination for the purpose of a?o?rt%inini; w loh bid wi I, in its praotical results, be most advantageous to the Department, * If the Districts should be reconstructed, or in uiosim iu iiumoor, me in* vv ax ai?all be delivered at iuch pi*ce or place* *? the Po<- tma?ter Go. eral aha:. denrn&te, at pro rata pr'oea SA.npie? of the dealing Wax ream red to be furnished can be iffn at. or procured from,either of th" above named ac*n<*iea. Kach t.jdder most furr.ish, with hia propoaala, idei oe of hi* ability to comply wit*i hi? bid. Two aaflioient aeoariti*a will be required to a contract. Fai'or*? to furni*h tbeSeallnc Wax contracted for promptly, or fumivhinc an article inferior t? that ontr acted for, will be considered uffloiei.t ?iuae for the forfeiture of the contract. Hid-, not made in accordance with th'ae propoaala will not he considered. Propon&Ia mutt be n arked, on the outaide of the envelope. "Propo?ala tor Sealinf Wax," and the letter containing them addreaaed to the Fir?t AaiKtiut Poatmaater Ue:eial, WathincUm^p. C. j* 26-law4w,Th Poatmaater General. l/OR PH1LA L)KI.PH1A -The? teamer C. C. a Aljer, rapt. Kenton, will receive .JIT"" ^ frright f r the above pot until to-^^4ng|^P morrow (Thursday I eveniux, to on Friday morniu*. For freirht apply to h v DE a Da vl df*0 v, jy 25 gt &1 and 39 Water ?t , Georgetown. FMIK SAI.E?THE TIME OF A COLORED BUY, who hu over 3 years to serve H? is a rry likely boy. and one who can niak* himself u?efal in any capacity. Apply at Mr*. Dl'VAl.'S, on 20th St., n*ar West Market. jy 2? 31*_ <7 TH WARD IN THEKiELD: / GHEAT RSnrrcrrny rN PRirKS. HENNINO 7th *t , Island, is selhtyj all kinds of CI.OTHINfe. Hvrfand^^a PCAPi*. and exclusively ^UMMERSHI BOOTS and SIIOfc.8, at about ceat.y^H for each ' ?ilk Neck Tie# for 25 eenta, worth 9f), aper Collars, 10 lor 2S cents. Lmeu Collars, Shirts, Underskirts, Drawers. Hosiery, Ao., Craw Hoods, very cheap, k ites' brown, Un and lilack heel Gaiters at f 1JS, I " brown, " Morocco Heel Boots,at fl.2S do. do 11, " do no heel do 15cents, " do. He 1 >ro 75 cents up, do. Wippers and Btuks. atWoent?f Oentu' Patent Leather Shoe* and iiaiters, at #1.25, VtHithn Gaiters, 91. Boys' do , #1 25. A fiti" lot of home made Patent Leather Hioes, at 1 w prtoes. Many other kinds on hand, m which eat bar. 1 gains may be expeoted. Call early. j) i4-6t 0 Fr? ( allfiralt, Dregs*. ke. The Pony Express, at St Joseph. bringsadvleea from San Francisco of the Ttfc of Jnly ?For the ppatrr portion of the time since tbe tilling oMBrtHt steamer, the market has been eitremojapB, and a Willing amount of goods is to bountrf. SlJ?ce the 4th osln^^Bti evinced more activity. and an io 'csi^Miaber of tnnaactloM are noticeable, but it mHT decreased prices ' TbflW' c#?i p of vrbea 11 s coonJ ng In abundant % Shipping qualities can be had at* i 50 a t?i>| Money 1? water, and th? late financial trdftir* fwe peetty much clewed off. ' Tbe Fourth of July f more generally cele| br*ted by tbe popular dySnstratioO* throughout m?* loan usual iirin rraucisco ?u?* ieaiure of most importance Uj the ceremonies was running tbr first train of cfllovr the Market street Railroad, inaugurating that kind of communication between the lipart of the city and the outskirts, a distance of two mi lee. Judge Terry was on the ?lh acquitted of the killing Senator Broderiek ia a duel, by a jury >a Marion county, under such circumstances as leaves no doubt of a collusion between the proeecution and defence to produce such a result. The witnesses establishing the guilt of Terry were oo their way from San Francisco to Marion la a small boat Tbey were delavtd so that they did not reach the Court House until about 12 o'clock. Judge Hardy opened the Conrt at a. m The District Attorney announced that his witnesses had not made their appearance The case went to the jtirv without a word of testimony, and under the charge of Judge Hardy, a verdict of acquittal was rendered before ten o'clock. A new Directory of San Francisco is just published. containing the names of 28,000 men. The ship Carrier Dove has cleared for Valparaiso, with 26 (WX? bags of barley, 20.000 H?s alfafa seed, quicksilver. talloW, and ether California products. In all valued at about $60,000. The ship Hebe takes over 15,000 sacks of wheat to Australia, valued at #28,000. The Supreme Court has decided the contract with the State Prison lessee legal, and the contractor can draw #57.000 from the State Treasury. This will more than exbauet th* general fund Over <100 Chinese emigrants have arrived within I a week Considerable anxiety Is manifested on account >f the non-arrival of the Ponv Kmress. which left 3t Louis on the 20th and 24t? of lune The latest express dates from the East are to the 10th and ltth of June, by the overland mail. The agent of tbe Pony Express here, however, thinks that no anxiety is called for, and that the express riders between Salt Lake and Carson Valley have had to depend for supplies of stock on chance, as the animals which were driven off by the Indiana have only just been replaced. As soon as tbe Pony Express, which leaves here to-day arrives at 8t Joseph, tbe horses on the route will all be replaced, in orderfor making tbe usual time eacy way, and everything is expected thereafter to be kept in a good and permanent condition. A Are at Crescent, on the 2?th nit, destroyed property valued at ?6.000, which was insured in London and Liverpool Insurance Companies for f3 (KM. The wheat and barley crop i? pretty well harvested. with au immense yield. The surplus for export is higher than ever before. Considerable quantities of ore continue to arrive at Sau Francisco from the Washoe mines About 50 tuns have arrived within ten days, worth from S2.UU0 to 93.00>> per tun. It is ground to an Impalpable powder, when its value is determined by chemical analysis It is then put up in 120 pound packages, and can be sold to the agent or th* Rothschilds for shipment to England within a fraction of its true v^lue Not less than S.000,000 worth of this ore will arrive within a month. The multitude have abandoned the idea I of hunting new mines, and capitalists are realizing handsome returns from the astonishingly rich ComMock Lead already discovered There has been no recent trouble with the Indians on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevadas The last Chinese advices are to the 7th of May. At that time the general impression among foreigners was that the Kmperor had refused to subi mitto the English and French ultimatum Oregon dates are to the 20th June. Theodirjsl election returns are not yet published, but the re cult undoubtedly is as last reported The usual annual floods in the Columbia river and tributaries had occurred, without doing much damage intelligence from Lieut. Mullin'a expedition had been received up to the 4th of June An express had reached that officer from Fort Benton with Intelligence of the movement westward from tbat point of '200 troops over the road The r<'*d will t>e completed through to Fort Benton by the laat of July. Date* from British Columbia are to the S'.'th. The miners were active, and In good spirits. Canals were constructed in many places, ana more were progressing The limited number of miners employed were doing well. The gold product was at the rate of one and a half to two lulll'ons per annum. Seven hundred to eight hundred more Chinese emigrants, direct from Hong Kong, had arrived at Victoria. AM U SEM KN Tb. At odd fellows- hall: THUHSUA Y KVJSNIiVG. July 26. Another change of views, ^d tune intnisccun trj of the Japanese Fireworks. and Chiueso Illumination, direct from Jeddo, from a design of the Japanese, showing the following elegant scenes: Payo la of Silenus, footer fa'her of Bacchus; Temple of Copid: Bower in the Garden of Ciroe; Tern Die of Venus: Triumphal Arcl. at Pans, erected by N'apoleon I; the Baths of Venus, the Uoddass of I.oveand Ui-auty; Presentation to Am*iica ?em bleniatiial?Praoe. Prosperity Mid Fraternitv of Ameura and Japan. First time of Waterloo Hnd*??aiid a part of the city of l,ondon. \*p??!eou crossing the Alp*, Storm at 'fa, Ac Thirty h autiful prost'iits distributed t.> theau-ii'nce Tickets of admission, to all parts.of the liai1, ouN25 cts. ij 1/ PKEKCONIKRT8! liRNST LOEFFLER, iVw Yerk avenue, btfuvt* 1.1/ and 2d ntrertt, would reapeotfully Bj btate to tfat> public that A CdNCKRT oflflDft SELECT MUSIC will be liven evert MON fe1 DAY and 1 HLRSDAY EVENINGS during the e&Roii, at hi* Pavilion, aommenoinjc at 3 o'clock and ending at l<< p. in Previous to the Conoert. the Saioon la open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the mazy danoe. ICE CREAM. WATK.R ICES, and every doecription of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prioes. Parties desiring the Garden* for Pio Nio pur poses. are requested to give a day or two notioa. j?* 18 3m WANTS. 1*7 ANTED?By a young girl, a PLACE as nuri>e * f or n htm l?Ar rr?? irl - * - . .< ?>< ivsk": (Uir^B A I1UI" I" Box No. 120, Star Office, and the ad.eraser will Oil. jy 26 J, WJ ANTKD? At the Drug Store No. Son Pa. ar.. ? ? noar 3<1 street,a YOLTH, 15 or 16 yearn of a?e. tVat an ooine woll reco;nmended. N ne other need apply. if 2b 3t* W ANTKD? B> a jounn man.a SlTl'ATiON as bookkeeper or "lerk in a grocert, dry soo^is or hardware ?tore. Reference <iven. Address T. R., No. 133 Pa avenuff, l?etwecn 19th and 20th sts. jy as at' OQnO -PARTNER WANTED, with this atnoun', in a highly profitable buMr>*??. Must travel. Address "JACQUES," Star Office, jy ? 3t YVANTKD?A WOMAN, to perforin the duties " of chambermaid No one n?ed apply who cannot hnne a recommendation from her la?t p ace. Inquire at Eokington, two miles north of ihe Cap itol. jy 17 WANTED?To have everybody know that they can purchase their Summer Clothing at cost at No. 4flO Seventh St.. opposite Post Office, jy 12-lm I .act i vn xrvkiTvri-v uv/ui ah is ruuini/. i>r CENTS REWARD-Lott, on the 24th in; *tanl. * rmal 1 HOOK containing aoconntg I with Mr. Hazel aud Mr. Erwin. Any one returning it to Mr. HAZEL'S Botcher Sta'l,Center Mar[ kfcj, wilJ receive the above.^ j> 36n* Cj'n REWARD.? Ha'away, July 19. ny NE(JO'* GRO MAN LEWIS, Mils himself I.ewiK Thomas; aged about 3 yeart;| feet CT 7 inches high; a da k chesnut color; ah^t TR bones high; quick when spoken to; oo mark* Jk I remembered. He i? a shrt-wd negro and hav-JEJL. in< Itnen several time* in Washington, may be thereal?outs. 925 given if taken in Ciarlea county. To lie lodged in jail so that I get him again. S. A. GARDINER. jy 26-fit* Charles oo?nty, Md. KEWA R D.-S / OP THIMF-Wt* stolen on the 23d instant, one b ight BAY cv E. BL'GGV and HARNESS. The ho ** ih aVinf 10 vfara old; bright hay; carries hi* head and tail high; gut>d trotter has been worked hard and in bad condition. The harness now, niiver mounted, lop buggy of good make, worn aliout six inontiie. lb" man who stole hm inab ut 5> )?arsofare; hight about 5 feet 5 mchei; weighs about l.V> or IB? pounds; plain looking ma : pret< nd?d to lure him U> hO in tee country. I will < i ve the above reward for the d?*tec? ion and conviction of the thief and hoi se, buggy and harness, or 925 for the horse, buggy and harness alone, jy S6-2t* JAS. SUREVE. 6t lit REWARD.-Lost,on Monday, July lttk, '9IU 4 GOLD ANCHOR LADPP JN WATCH, No. 9*73. The above reward will/5|1 be paid for it* return to thia office. J; 2S-Bt LOST?By a littie girl,a iintll white and black HPANIEL; Ion* black eara, wad a^__^o wen in one of hia ey?-* The loaer will be^^^ML grateful for it* re'urn to 17* F itreet.? ~ ^ l?etw?en ami 6th ata., Icland, and aaitabiy rewarded if r quirod jy tS-St WAS TAKF..N UP, la aa eatray. on Monday a4)e>-aot>n, July 23d, a dark brindled COW . with crumpled lioraa Tke owner wilt please eotue forward, pro ye propart), JhaJb* pay ot.arges, ai.dtake bar away. JOHN LLCKETT. jy 85 3t* Cor.*th awl H ata.- BBaOfyaPotat. CJTRAYFD PKOM HIS SCHOOL, ?ft the 24th inatAiit, a little BOY.k yeara of age, with fair eompl-xtun. light hair; with black cloth olothaa aril hutf jacket; light traw hat. Any one knowing of his wherealiouU will greatly livor hia iiiir???n! parent* by leaving information at their raaidenoa, corner ofFirat and aonth B ala., Capitol Hil . jyttft* A. WOUFE. i SPECIAL ELECTION. T NOTICE. O The roMri of the {to<-ond Precinct of llM Fir,t W* ' notice IB ? re * ? vi t ? * ?ili hojteW in ?tte bore on WTUNf DAY, tae lit of Ao?n?t n-??t. ?t th# co'pei.t' *>iop of F)?Mer rtcraott. oa the oorner n| ti tml iii ?i? . for < ne memhor of th? H.v?rdof Comn/m Counci;, to ft : the varans ooenn nod t>? trie J;?qu?iiftcotion of K^tvert E?rl, Jr. Tl? po; ? w i . .'pe at 7 oYlook ?. ir. and olo?od att o'e.ock i m A W. IKNHAM. VVM. G. HIM . \VN. J. I.KW ISv jr X CcTnrni??.>uer? !** i : h ' \\ ? rp j THE VOTERS* OF THE FIRST WARM. FrJlote CitixMH In ? florin* inreelf * * "MAdate for re election to tkt seat in the Boatl < om men Council to wmeh ?<>? e<?cte<1 me tke MondKv in June !a?t. I t?ke this occasion ofassnr iiic you that 1 nil? appreciate the honor *011 conftrr?l upon me at that linrt.i'ii aver we J grateful Tor the manifest* ion of rniir kindness "<! eonfi icnce. aud 1 bet tou to behe\*e that when I cnniwalrd to bee?me a candidate at toat e mu?h that I then va< satw.|ieo that the m?re technic*' quil.bla upon which I wan eia.ud?J from m? a. at a<i no favor, ami I am confident you would concur with me if the rr pets of the n?ajoiit? and mi ority had have been publisher! a? my friends in the B*>aid deaired. Very respectful!*. jy M X' HOBFRT KARL. Jr. X0PR8I0N8, PIC Kica,i*. THE LADl^" BENKVOLhNT tOCIKTY will give th?ir first GRAIN'UJ'IC M k NIC a? VNALOSTaN l!* .ANCuiiK^^A THURSDAY, July arthjorthf ben-*""^"? efit of the poor. Trre a<lie? have spared no pains to make this the moot pleasant party of the sea?on. I he boat* will leave the Mum n'Mrl aau the foot of Huh *t every honr. Tieketa can be obtained at J F Ellia'a. or at aay of Ute Bookatorea. and of the following Ladies: Miss Rebecca Scott, Mr*. Drury, Mrs. Parker, Mra. Huttoa. Mies Matilda Ma?i. Mra. Franoe* Joyoe. Mrs Brien, Mra. McQuillan. Mist M. Pa ker, Mra. Cooee, Mra. Joniai^. Mra. SideJl, Mis* R^sa French, Mr*. Ricks, Mi as Marion Hohan. Mra. Kant, Mra. Bcrret. Mra. Hoover. Mra. Cnrran, Mrs l.enthai, Mra. 9cott, Mrs. Redf???n, Mrs Callati, Miss Smith. Miss Horeev, MissOarrall, Mra. Stuart. Mrs. Handy. Mra. Kdw. Do?le. jv 26 I ODD FELLOES' pic-NIC. I HKCiiinmrtwuf Arf?nt?ni>iili on tb? part of Friendship i<ortceat>d Kid*? * 1>B- 11 ' ^ c\mpiii-nt. *ake pi- anuie in notify thei f lend* and the publirthat tlieir^^^?^^^* PIC N IC will tale p-ee at ANA LOST AN 181. AND ob MONDAY. July ?>. TheCouiini ter> will uae their utmost endearora to ma** the occaMor one of uiterevt a?d pleasure to all who mat favor tin m- th tli-ir eninp*n?. Ouinttl ?all? noon an a'dieaa will j.- ilea re rod by x prmuiucnt ni< mlw "I the Order. '.V.there" Uing band hat b-^n enraged f?r the oe-?* ion tioata will run fro-n Morwn i R hirehart'a wharf, \\ a>h vim. and I om Hitth?tre?t whaif. Ufo iftowj,e"*tvf'w mi u'es<4ii I a the day and up to 1fl?>l'?ck at nitht. Boat fare five rente each war; chli'Iren bait pice. I lekrts Kll> Cente, admitting a sentiemM tad la '\f*. Tirk ?ta may he prooti-ed of anr of the memhfln of tiieJr^?d^eor Earaiufmaat. jj a4-?t <UNDAY l?CHOQI. K\CI KSION A N~D PlC NIC. The elegart.conuiixlioiis and staunch atwarner St. Michola* hav n.g t>-?eu cha-tereJ irwa I OF nil'n?t?n |Ka Sum " a- WaKa<-.( IB ^ ?f th* m k 111oriit k imsV' >p CH< RCH.So?ith. accompanied hT Prraperra band of muaia, wiU Kiwi their Annual Pic Nu toGLYMOVr on FRl 0 * V, the 7 hin>t. The bout will leave Hi ey*? wharf (fo^t of f 1th wtr?.?i a' 7)4 o'. '.oct a ia.. and return by 7)i p. m Kei ?hiu"rtU will Im* ?uppli*'d l>? a competent caterer, and u<> pai ** will be a| ar*d to render this ot<-anion an a-r^-able <?ne to all wlioafcall participate. Dinner can b* oht-ai nail at the Pavilioa. The ' Loir of the church, n it* inrreane-1 at>en<tli. will ada to t e pleasure of tho atfair by a reh?ana. of nuitaMe vocal munic. ThafMiool, pree^d^ by the band, will lear* the Church,on 8th ?t . at T o clock ; and, for th?aoc?mnvdatian of ?uch tainiiiea aa ma? dr*ir* to ri<le, ornnit>u-~*a will !?av the co'ner of New York avenue and th ft. and trie co-ner of Pa. avenue and 7th at at th* >a<no hour, and will be at the wharf at th* return of the boat Ticket", for adn'ta, .V? eta ; children, 25 eta ; to tie procured from th? officer# and t aohera of the Softool. and at Mai'ir'a Drue J*to-?,7th and H ata.; J. Geo. Adama'.7tii and I. ate.; and T. J. Magruder'fc. 39** L) or ol either of tlie iff?*it/ Armniein'ntf. W.T Smithson, K B Tucker, Wftrren Choate, Rob'tl?rwl, Jos. Lyoim, 5 H. Latimer H. F. Zim?rrean, _ jy 18.21,24 J6 . j. GRAND CAVALRY TOURNA- oft MKNT ANL PICNIC. Jf Th# PRHSlDF^NT SMOUNTEDUa^ GI ARii would respectfully notify tneir friend* and the p -.Mic tnat th' j will give a GratJ'1 Ca-alr> Tournament aud Pic .Nic at OI.1> ARLINGTON. ..11 MONDAY. Aniuot filh. Full particular* in a future adverti*?<nent. j? JB COM. OF AKRANGKMK.NT8. BOARDING. BOAK DING.?At No. 433 ISinth utreet. I door oath of F. vi 11 be found vac&rt a ine front ro >iii n th" dour. imnD'ied with w*t?r * ? bath reoni convenient. *T?e house : deMrabiy located. a* well a* elevated and airy. Terms m> derate. jy S4 3t* PERSONAL. PRESIDFNTS MOUNTED GI ARD-At a regular me-ting of the Co pi, the following ramrt w*re ordered to lie stru-k 11 iwi t-ie roll: f. A. Km*. O. French, \Vm. Fletcher, James Gord> n. Wm. Haxel, and John McGarvey, It* B. CHAMBERS, Jr., Rec. Sec. \1ADAMF. MOB RICK, ThhGikat AiTJoifrl'l IJUT A.XD Di C1IK'?, ;?.'l/rwi Evrop*.? T?it highly rift- d and intelligent ;a-l* can be oonanlted on the Paet. Prneent and Future Events. Call at No. aoA Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. je Srr. * FOR SALE AND RENT. I I l tor othsr ">er Salt and Kent''' aUvtrtxxmitl], M? Jit it fag e J I^OR P ENT?A large ROOM . in which a school hat be<3n kept for the >aat eereu rearm. o\er Right'Une's Conf- tumor*. in the Northern<'? Inquire on the premimes. jy 26 3t* ft^OR RK\ I'?A la-ge d >ul>l'' BRICK, contain ing 11 r<n>in* * pa?*a:e. with ?taM~ and carnage nouse : i?i??? a pmnp of water in the yard ; on I- i-*vnt'i -t-'-^t. i - n l. -?. F- r terms inquire of it i;uRi, K T. LA\ <>LKV. on L street, near Four t M^uth *?. j) 2b-tf F~OK RE NT-A threes ,.ry BRICK DWELLING, pi asan'Iy situated on 1 street, between 21st and ?.M ?ti Exoellr t water at the door. H ent iikk 'o a goon tena it. App j to D H.I F.i'K R'?N. I*>5 | st. jy l,;OR SAI.E OR RENT A BRICK DWELL I ING HOUSE.on Sixth street west, between M an'I N no tii. N > si30, containing eight with and a k tohen. P<???emeioa g v n nnin?diatelv. ApIk 1 w Mvt Wnne *?* ? W * r. > ? ?? nvi VII. JJ FH OR R F.N'T?Th*? very desirable DW'FLUNO HOUSE, Xo. 367, sooth gut" of I'a ar*n<ie, bp'weer ?S and 6th st? lia* and ?a? fixtures comp.ete, A ? Potoiii water ?? t'i? premises. Apply to or ad<1>ess h R ANK HERBERT, No. 407 '2th street, hftw^fn I and K its. jy 25 3t^_ I^OR RENT? A thre? *tor? BRICK HOI SK. eontainnt 10 rooms. on the corner ?t Th.rd and C streets, Capitol Hiil, r. rth. Termi Me. Applv on the premises or of J AS. COLKMAN . Wrtchnan at the Capitol. jy U 6f C*OR~REN T-A FURNISHED PARI.OR and CHAMBER, on first floor, with "rwilhout Board. Axo. two Chaml?ers, front , second storv Inquire Tenth street, earn aide. first floor at? ve M street. jy S?-3f For rent-a house on l street uortli. No. 340. The house ha* tea room* and in ((odu d?r. a lot 36 by 132 fwi. stable ami ear ritic house and a pump of iond water in the yard. Possesion iivea o the 1st of Ao?u?thv appUiof on the premise# to Mr. HA* K Y or A BORLAND., a F rame Hons* on Fi tee nth street w- >t. No. 3feT. jy 24 k* FOR SALE-A desirable BRICK DWELLING and LOT, aitnat d on the north sule of I street north, between 3Dth and 21st at* For terms. Ac., apply toJAS C McKM IRE 4 CO, Aurtioa ana Commission Merchants, jj 33-St POR RENT-A three-story BRICK DWE1. r LlMt I1UI SE. ou H ?t hitw??? mk??*isA *t*? .No 404. Apply to J. KIRKWOOD. 4^7 6 lfth iwt jy ?-tf OTORE FOR No. *20 Seventh at.. 3 CTdoort above State* Ofcce. Apply to J. ROSFN THAU j) *_ (?OR RENT.?A new and hand?ome FRAME F HOIJSK will be for rent m a few daya. U it lieautilully situated on Thirteenth street, between Oeontia avenue and K at.. Navy Yard : baa a large rnrden lot attached, a pump of gnod water ar, and eontaina 4 rooms, kitchen and weodehed. Will b? rintarf lo? "iik ? ? *- - _ . ? ? * ikiiuut wi? i*H? W a ?l>OQ tenant. For tale cheap, a Rood. strong \V OR K HOR9E; works well in any thine luauire of T. H 01.ARK. Nary VaM ; or of JOHN PATCfl. 619 H at . I>e>wwn ?U and 3<h Jy It FOR RENT?Two eomfot table threa-etcry brick HOUSES, auc room* and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh eC,between B and C. Rest ?.2 5P per month Apply lo GEO. F. HUOUELY, at F. 9. My. ra' Otfoe. Kuhth at. h " 1?* OR RENT-Two beautiful aew B RIcT* HOl9?-9,on Eijhthat eat weet. between M aid N atreeta no'th, weal aide. Apply to MARY C HAI9LIP.No. toi Niath atreat weet.or Or. KEA9BEY, No. 333 Pa. aveaae, between kh a ad 10th atreeta. U-5w* For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious Fam A?B CIUM Shops. Uo to GRAYS, Northeaetear. Maaeachuaetu a*. aaJ Fouith et. XHOMPSON CF.LK?*ATKP MEDICINES, LIFE PRESERVER. coIhal, For aaie, wuoie&ale aal retail ? Jr jy?-m CknmtU 1 AUCTION 8AI.K8. JJTftf 0tkf Aurttmn &|/m, W /fr?f p+ff THIS At-TEHNVON A Ti^MOHROW By A. G*MC*. A?rtion?*r Sale op tamailk kkal mtatetit TtrtM ol U* ?rd?H ?r.d C cr? ? Otrhan*' O?rtoft)?? Dirtncf *t CoiinMi itUwn tll? 2>1 d?< ofjuu*. A D? IW', <t|if o?r,6'f?^ h* U? Cir ? I Com11 of <' Diitnot, in Oh*- orry Win*"! D.soa. Mi ilidF and Ufvrt* E. (*?'n*r. ?ka.! afw fur m.f M pu*> ic ?nd "p, U> th* hi?h*?t t nm THr*?OAV.thf of Jai? . \ Di?? ?r? tfe# pr#mi?*?. at b'oIob?, ? .. th# immu/tr itur?l, a..l tna richt, till*. a- <i nurMi of in; aaid - arc*. !, in. ?n<* to ffce Col o?i | rf?! vit: All lh\t part of l.nt kn>w? B??n th? plan of ll.? C"t? Bf VVuhlDltnii. IB a*M Dialnot. M Lot namb?r*l twnKf a?v#n, if|J IB i**uar* i?mb-rfd H\fn b?u<lr>4 and tki>t? two. iHJ.) Irnntiac t*MitT ? tV.I M m t*?eoad ?? ?!. 0<>M>aMnri:.( |l Ok !Vi?tMri .me of Lot nam I r*J twertt in. ^ mi i?nniii|S>?(k o* Mid Heoofnt UriiM W?it wvnt)? immfMt.tkoM* S?>rtn. tw ntj fr? (B.I l*rt, and tSenc* Ka?! t" th* p'.Bo'?f t>*(tame. Al?o, ft'l that r*-t <>f I ot r.oT>t??r?>d iwfi.n in aid ?aa?re. nam'?er<?d u>v*a nunrired au.i thirty tvo.iw,) cominenojac for a*i<l part of Lot, a- a point on ft public tllr f. la ?aki i?Nr? at th?Ao?<kf?<i miruoi of i aid Lot and r?nitiiif Ummi da# Wait wita the iiae of b*i<1 ?IW?? i<>i iteer i14 > f?*?-t; th?Boedu? .North, tit* f<Tt ?<*' feH aDd |?ef%> iu?-h?*. the' dnr hMt fi'iirtMi '14) Mr I* *W Weet me o: naid Lo*. IVMtf ? ? ?. i n. ti??p? duo routh. fifty fi?r 1U1 fo?t, and fir* i ekM, If tft" piaoeof ttBginii**, w ilh tkf impiw anient. til Bra on, oouai'tn j at a tvo-ttar* fr?>?e n?>u?e, <?>a tammc ?ix r< owm. wi'h *a<tfc thug atUK i,mt. aa deaoritiedin aaid order and devraB A ditttiPM.n t'm- ?:M p a<<*. U? nrtno of th* riB.-r a on <iwcrr??. i. jua . aoi. omniiiii to t'har ir* O. ti*' ?'. ft ?r tnr ?* ?, kt flblio awct or, to th? lii?he?? hid.'n , ou th? t^an b?rt?a aft?r ttfttwi.kll tJ)? rictit. tltl<>. ftlul itlfrMt of Mf Mi>1 ward of. i? th?* aU'V*-mentioned toil 4t>acnhed jrof*rt?. Thll W"P*rtf front* on ?l ?W?t F.Ml l-'tWMu South K a d f. ith f mum to. in tb" vicmt< n' th* C*ritol UnMinrti. It la W* I . .,-aIW! a?1 turn f r '?t induc^m nt? to p*r? ?n* 4?*iro?i of u.vain f. T*ri?? of't ? On?- bird i*ih;the rr,K!ue la two M**1 ln?t*l.n?rta. of | in* an-1 tchUM* *>0 th*, soured b? tti* n"t** of th?- puretia**r It rudorard. ai.^ h*?Mnt int*?*?t f' rtm th? <** of Ml*. TV* <J**d to rrtatrxNi u? tn tit# whrat* .4 tb* romlit>? ni'>n?f p\id AU ooiiv eta isiot at til* ?oat of th? *nrcha#?r. WM !" XOM. Guardian JOHN T. LYNCH, o.ardiar. A. 0ftKEN, Ami. At th* *arn? hour and *iao* and on th* nam* ttrmi mentioned la th* abo??- adver t.amnionI# W* .K?ll .al. I Ih.rf ...?r . - - - - ^ - - HWI i"i p?i" i tnv u?> v?*i in WIWI vim V ?iwi of Mary Ann 6*'n?r, wniiiw of Jnha \V. H (??r rer.i donated. >?f. m, au<l u. t*<* at ?*a deanr fe** property. CAR Rl!\GTON * LLO% U. Attorney a for Mar* Ann (tarntr. fylostawAda Al(.KKFN. Aaet. By WALL A BARNARD. Aactioi<#ra. |?UNI) AND NORTHERN LIBERTIES Bri[.Di.v? Lot* at Acrrio*?On THl RSDAY Arl KRNOON, wen ir>?* , at fi ?* ;,.w? w ?el . ->n tha pr*mia**. I.ora No. S, . 7. ud W. in>*uft<e#v ?itaat<d in th? moat i-rt proving pa I of the Mini), on south U aid H, between Stu and 7th atreeta we?t. And on FRIDAY A FT YM NOON, the 27th tna' . at tio'clook, on the prem th?- Northern I ii?er*y l/)t?. Mo.4.an4 S of Da villa- 'n'a not dir?a n t?f m u?'> *7 tituated on north N, tietw^en Sth an1 leth atreeta t?t Te naa! One-fourth oa*h; baiatice la 6. 12. and 1* montna. with intertel, aecured 0/ dead ??f Ueet on the pr^miaea. jy 19 walj. * B* RN A RD. A a at. B? J. C. MeQL'IRK A CO.. AuaUoaaera. /'OVtRNMKNT t?ALK OF H A V.?Oil * THt fc?"4y APTKIUKK/MJuIt ?th.*? * o'olook. on tiie jrva da S'<ath of ia> Preaidmt'a Hou-e, w* hi*.] ?!. i'-> atacka exoe.ieirt Nay. Te-m? oaafi. Br order of the Commiaaioner of PuMi5 BaiM jjyJ? d J O McGIIRHA Cf? Auotfc By walla Barnard,aactioneera. <TOCK AN" FIXTURE* OF A CONFEC ^ HOMSi ami IcbCeea* it Afctiox. On FRIDAY MOK.NINii, th* *7t?i inatant ?t l? o'ol<K;k. w wi'.l (?ll, tttli?ConMH%ifj ud lo* OrMMn Saloon of C. M KurlT. 51" Pa. bstwwr. 2d and V! at*., hia Stock ac>* Ktaturaa. oouiatinc of? A *ene a' a??oftin?tt of Fr*neh ao.1 Aarcriean Candi?a, Prravrved nad Braudied Prui B< n. Ito'ia, Ac , Jar?. Counter, Show Caa?a, Krait Stand*. Sca'.?>?, IceCrram Krwwa, PI*'**, Moldk, and Spoon*. >*io<?r. Tat.i*?, Curia.n% Oilciotk Ao. Aim, i if.... M -r ^ i c. tr..A. i iivi ar|MU up ftwt r|li idf f? ?kuii* m Terms : ??i. i-asb ; oeer that a <?edit of S1 and $n ;ia> , f??r approved eadorsnd notes, beat i DC inter rut. ^ jy24 WALI. k HARVARD. Auete. FUTURE DAYS Rt A. GRKF.N. AuoMooeer (^OOD TWO STORY FRANK HOlT*K A > l> * Lot oh th? Islaxd at Arcrio*.?Ob HI I DAI . th??7tli i' ftan*. I aha a??, in front of the pre'Tii??e, at ?i o'c ock p m . e<>uth haif Lot P, in ebdivieioti of Square Nv *> with the improvements. oonsnuri* of a food two ?tory Frame Hone* ?ilb 4 rooms. kitchen and wood houee TAia property r oute ?n Seventh etr*e< weet, r est to the of eouth E etn*e? and runa hack to an aJlev Termi: One-ha-f ca*h, baleuoe n IS montba.IHe eurehaaer to nive n-*tes for tke deferred pay veal, bneriac utotut from dar of aa e. A dead given and a deed of treat ttken. Title m^ieeutabe. jy ad (Con.t A. CREtN, A not. By J. C. MoGlIRK * CO., Auotioceera. TRUSTEE'S SALK OP VALUABLE PROP kkit o* Capitol Hili. ?Oa KlhPAY AFTKR.NOON. Aucuat loth, at < o'clock, on tne premise*, bv virtue of a deed <f trust, dated November 23d. 1866, and du j reo?rded anou th- lard ..f II'.-. .- ? - - * ?wiu? VI ?? Mil i up; M'U ouuniy, I IDS'. Wt. inv fMWrn p\'t of !.?t numturf^ aeventaen. in aqaare numb Tori Nvrn hundred ud t*nt? - did*, frMbi( twenty aeven feet on luMt Capitol ttrfrt. batve*u Fir?t ami Seo?nd ?treeta rati, running bu< eighty ix feet three manna, together with the improvement* th?reop. All oocve?%ncinr at the eort i f the purohaa*r. Term*: One cash, balance la ( a ad m >ntha. wi h interea', aeeared hy a deed of mv oa the eropeity. JOHN HEPBl RN, Traatee. j? 1? >o>d? J. C Mciil'IRKt CO.. Auota Br A. GKEF.N, Auctioneer. T^XECUTOR'S* PALE BY ORDER OF THF i OtPBiM' Coruor Hocbih ld amd Kirra ma FtnaiTVKK ?On MoNDA V. the Wth iuat%i.t, I ahali a*... at >?i o'c ock a ia., at the iate reetdeaoe ot John O Law. ?e<>ea?ed, on fi atreet t??-o ?S aud 6th atreet*.' the para >aai etT c'a 01 Uie dec<a*ed Tit: Man ? C'airf. >*<>fke aud Table*, Wadrohea. Hur?a.?a an 1 VV aahatartda. Beda.aada and Cane aeat Cha ra and T?>val Rar?, Hair. Ha-k and Cotton toe Mattreaeat. F a be- Hwi?. P.Ho** ana B" atere. Tn.fl-9 V. I"f ftlr. ft <1 ? U' . ? Lnokini Chin*, <? k -s and Crockery Ware l? ::iut. Tab!#* and Cut'ery. Ac Comforts . Blanket*. V>eet* a*wi Cum, !?'*" Rods. Oi! Clot* and Matt* Pari ?r. Air Ugh' ai.d C'ookiug Stovea, Ao. k uhru .> fq niniv , And manr ether ariie'ep which we deem onn?ee? nari to pi,i:m rut' Tern'.* : Aii turn* of ud under f 1' omIi. over )in a credit of S' an<1 &' da??. for satisfactorily eadoree-i K tN, bet'ini iBurMUron il'jof i?>. HENRY DL'IU,Et.Jr Ex-color, jy 25-d A. GREEN. Asst. V TNITED STATK8 CAP' TOL EXTENSION . t- V\ a. si mcroN July 17. 1*C. P?(iro?*u will be feeivjd at tnisOfto* utfci noon f rueeda;. the list ot auguit next,for Parn (thing and Putting up rfce Tr<?a Ceiling? of tvo rooms over tne connecting corridors of tbt Catit?i Extension I he proposals n>aat state the price for m?h Mil rng oompiet*, is ?lac?, painted witu Lhree good ouau of white i?ad iu oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilius. of vary deecripti'.a, lacladinc the fastenings or the omliags to tho waJU Ami in ' ? ^ ? ded in the prior tad. The propoaaia nut h( M^orwd. ' Prf>a>n for Iron Cwlir??," ar.d maM be by a guarantee. by on* or mora raapoosibie par a')ci, addy?aad to the under e g uad. They will be ope red it the time mactiored abr?*? in the preaenoe of ?ac& peraont aa may cbooee to kt'rod. The drawing* of the ootlinpe oar. boon mm at thia Offioe. W B IS.v.NKUN, Captain Topographical KaMMm. 1a oharg e of Capitol Extoneioi, Each propoaal ahould be aooowpaatad by lit following guarantee: Farm *f OnaraaCff The aoderaif nod K B and CD. of . m th* State of . aad in the ^tate of , hereby gaarantj that la oaae tr.a foracouw btd of I for iroa aillnga. aa above d?critw^. be aaaapted. be or tkay will. withiL tan day* after the raoaiat of tba oontraot at the a aoe earned exerate the aontrao t for the oaiiinga, with good and eu Anient aeoaria** aad. in caae the eatd ahall bi to eater mt<> ooairaot aa af. raaaid, we guaranty to make f?<"i the difference botwaao the offer of tae aaid anil (hat which ma* ba ao<?-; r<?: D^tC - 1 HftD Rimitiiff <* ?*** * wrr. fiS I k?r?bj Mrtify that the tboy* mkm) ?r? known lontu tU? to a*k* food (kM( ficiifetur* 9 I. ??*li ''f 1* Um United tt?u? 4iatrk?ti?<f r*. UaitM State* diatnot attorn*?. o?.ita#t<T. of ?<>m+ A r*r*on? knovn to u* War inttt. m J7 ttdtd m _ i ? A ? JUBT PL'JBL.IHH ED. ^ 1 SUt-iL',; .^Scr-riA'SsL^: I ?? |. i?k. M .,a *1 i(? A atrttniMii alitiwati ft Price tut. _ IK<?o?' r. r%inu*ra. vol ft, c 117 ?*?n? tba aelabratad work afJoba Raakiu. M. P.. CfUltt Lmf Bwatr?CUuu Baaun-!<-?* ol ha >UH Forma- and S|?iMtual,_witfe ooptoaa M mo?t beaaOringdaan Gr?n|f, a talc of th? So*tM?wna. fey Jtsx i ^r?tad flora* Doator.^wM^mi MM^M* ??? piatonai reara-cntano&a of tb? vanoaa dta?aaa U> wuich in a K*aia? race ara aa booted: taaauar vnb Uta l&taat a?oda ol trwtMal ?a4 all Ua raaaiaita praaciptifiii* written IB ptaia Kngliah, by LJward Mannar. ?JA*. 4 ?uiiraa of mi ia?il?iaaoa tha nnoaa Fnro*a Mtabaal Fwada) M o? ta For aale at l?#*'oaoiit??n Htor?. PBTi PTSOUJMON'S. Sit Pa ?. Sola A i^nt for UvraDM'i Stabonarr j? I? UArLR SUGAR. _ * A v?, uiM lot of ? ?aivod. L lf? KINS* UECHBLLn

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