Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL NRWS. I ID" Though Tu? Sta* u printed on the fastest team pns IB mi loatb ( Baltimore, Its edition f tin Ivgf aa to require it to be p?l to press at an ?*rly hour; Advertisements. therefore, abould bo ent la before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may Mt appear an til the next day. None* ro WasBUoroinass.?'Those of our ftllow-cltlxens leaving for the watering places *>?d elsewhere should bear In tnlad that we do not mall Th? Stae ?*eept after payment la advance at the rate of 37)$ merits per month. NoTtri ?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In the Baltimokk Sus are received at ?ud forwarded from The !>tai Ofice. Dktbisctio* or PaKMirji? to thi Pupils o? ink Sbcosd Distbict ?This afiernoou, at the Lour designated, the rtiildrea attendant on the school'* of the Second District nssemhled at the 1'iiblic school-house oa Fifth St., opposite Wesley \ uapri, ?iiu uHun ?ur inspiring mnnc oi ITOft|*ri * hand marched In prnrMiloii to the Sni;th > n an Institution. U? receive the awards for their industry and good scholarship. They proceeded down Fifth street to Louisiana avenue; thence i <*;ng the City Hall to Kour-atid-a-kalf street. to I'ennsylvania avenue thence to Seventh street to the Smithsonian, and presented a very Biw apparatus In their march. When they r*?rfced the Institute hall, they found the gallerv Heats all ? copied with spectators Having taken their (Hmtious In I he hall, the eierrises were comn>e*c?Hi by * stirring air from the band, after wfctch rvtyer was offered, and a song rendered >vy all *.ne scholars. Ata*ddre?s was then delivered by Sam'lT Williams, Ksq .(editor of the Washington Globe.) whose jvfUUsr fitness for the olllce might well be rtffrom the fact that, previous to entering his collegiate conme at j*t. Alarv's College, Ve had graduated at the Public High School of Baltimore. Vfter explaiuihg how the present 0 ?*a?y modes of popular instruction arose from the improvements made In the latter part of the eighteenth century by Dr Bell and Joseph Lan< aster, in the school svsteiu of England, he made ? * V- 1? wi * ? ? .Wit? ?1 1 ?* > ? il iur jrjiMi*; M UUU1 > IU*III with the system of private rducatton, and def-Mtdrd the former from the attacks of some who dictate its tendency to be vicious He gave Instances from the history of the past of the elevating elect of education, and |>ointed out the <>ecullar necessity of intelligence \n a republic, in <?.-der that the people may understand the difficult irt of self-government. He complained of the neglect of Congress to help the city of Washington in the work of educating the poor. Our city, he said, is unsurpassed by any in the Union (n devotion to popular education; but, weighed down as she (? by the unjust harden of the grat uitous education or children from States that Coo; ress ha* helped by land grants in aid of general instruction, she cannot educate properly one-half ?>f the children here who are unable to pay their tuition Our taxes are already nearly as large as tho?e of any other city. We tax property, and t v?n impose a poll-tax on voters for the support of the schools, and for the last forty years we have jflven to them the proceeds of an endowment W' hi K innnntii<1 am ?? nail ?t 4 a A III fU t/l ? >ii4 W?a ?> u uiiiv/miKu w 91'' inn/, aim ua? now increased to * Having done so much for ourselves. Congress, he thought, should lend us a helping hand The speaker concluded by jddreaaing some words of encouragement to the teachers, to persevere in their exhausting but noble work, and to the pupils, to second the work of their teachers, and to consider that, possessing the advantages of free education and living under a government where honorable distinction is free to all, they have every reason to believe that well directed Industry will secure to them high positions among the good and intelligent. After the delivery of the address, premiums were awarded es follows : St ond District School, Fir it Male D'part meat? Tkos. M. Wilson, preceptor. Medal?J as. L. Saffell Exemplary Conduct? Ed. L. Freas, W. H. Tro*ell. J S. Claytoa, C. H. Wright, R. W. Fort, E P Magruder Attention to Study and (General Improvement? R V. Harrison. J. Green, Elbert Turner, J. W. liaislup, S. H. Water, M Clark. Punctuality?K W. Harrison, C. P. Wannall. Diplomas?R T. Werden. M Potts. A. Bacon, t? H Martin, O. W. King, F. D. Whitney. Stond Mali Department?Mrs. Emily Myers, preetptreit. Medal?Winileid S Se*?ford. Exemplary Conduct?Wm McElfreab. Thomaa Wallace, Eugene Connor, Cbaa Will lama. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Duncan Cbedal, P Gallant, W B Lord, G. Davis. Punctuality?Lewis Eberly, L. Valentine, VV. AVebb. P. Griffin. G. Farqubar, F. Farqubar. Diplomas?\V . Douglas, J AIcElfresh, J . Doyle, Willie Howard. B Clarke, J. Ellis Honorably Mentioned?J. A. Clarke, Littleton Cook. J as. Baird. Geo. Birckbeid. F-.tnalt Department?Mrs. Susan P. Kandelpk, preceptress. Medal?Susan V. Fienner Exemplary Conduct?Sarah A Lusby, Caroline V Collier. Laura C Fowble. Maria Y. Davis. Mary A Conner, Mary E. Greer Attention to Study -?nd General Improvement? Aiverda S Wite, Mary Sweeney, Sarah O. C. Fowble, M. Virginia Hazard, Emma Flenner, M?ry J Campbell Punctuality?Susan V. Flenner. Sarah A Lusby, J Maria Y Davis, Caroline V. Collier. Fannie A. | Lusby. Eaura Robinson, Alice Hagerty, Fannie Mt Mahon, Elien Smith. Emma Essex. Diplomas?Fannie A Eusby, Bettie Wetson. K*te Sweeny, Susan E. Brown. Sarah McCatferty, Bettie p. Jacob. Mai' Primary?.Vr?. Rebecca M. Bit;eloie, preceptress. Medal?James B. Bee her. Exemplary Conduct?Jas. Hariaon, Robt. Potts. ?i eorge Nay [or Att-ution to Study and General Improvement? \\'m. F. Ahl, John Harmon, Allen Freas. Punctuality?James H Beeker, Eugene C. A.lains, J W Taff. G H Taff. Thomas Edmonston. Diplomas?Ge? H. Reynolds.S. Herbert, Chaa. Cowrell, J. T Walker, E Owens, O Magruder. Primary iVo. 1?.ViiJ Isabella T. Acton, preceptress. Medal?Lucy B. Butler. Exempt uy Conduct?Florence Pope.Ella Long, Annie Forbes. Annie O'Meard, Mary Long, Eliza Hyatt. Attention to Study and General Improvement? \ra?>eKa Warwick. Martha Turner. Mary J Murphv. Hmarietta Paddon, Lizzie English, Emma Hyatt Punctuality?Sophia Hopkins. Ltzzie McLean, busan Davis Diploma* ? Kate Thompson, Eiuma Wilson, l*aura Smith. Mary Choate, Sarah Allen.Josephine Forbes Honorably Mentioned?Mary Caasidy, Mary Hates, Susan K!"ln, Grace Dor.n, Mary O'Meara, B Bat-s, Lucy Randolph, Sardias Little. Primary No. 2, Firtt Department?Mtsi Luey H. R'lndoipK, frree*i>tre*?. Medal?Z. Taylor Campbell Exemplary Conduct?John Beeker, Geo. Reardon, Geo Coruptou, Henry Parker Attention to Study and General Improvement? Wm Becker. Jas Tretter, Robt. Wallace, Walker Bo wen. Punctuality?Z Taylor Esaex, Enoch Edmon* ston, Wiu. forreat. VN in Beeker. Diplomas?Wm Evans, Lawrence Gardner, Jos l.yoas. Robt Tretter, Geo. Littleton, JamrS Alien V/. ? n ? ?. ? . , 7 ?i Tlta* -*X 'IT f U i.. H'trj, prettptress. Medal -Thomas Caton Exemplary Conduct?VV Denrtiaon, Jo* (>?? l!ae, Kl.?t?a Kckloff. Jobo Cole. Azarlah Denni?9tl Attention to Study- and General Improvement? Cbai Lord, Herbert Wright, Rich a Reynolds, CLu. Columbus. Win Yeatman, Geo Eekloff Diploma*?CLarlea Boswell, H Colli ns. K Wright. W Kggl??ton, W Kvant Wm McCloa- j key Primary A'*. 3. F'rti Ihpnrlm'mt?M'St Katt j McCarthy, prrriptrm Medal?Id* f S-?ford. Kiemplnrv Conduct?Maria L. Stewart. Jane Gudgtn, Kliza Caton, Julia Morau, Jeauuette Tabler. Helen Bridget Attention to Study and General Improvement? Mary V Lemon, Kate Devlne, Kanuie Lemon. Cbas. Lush, John King, K E. Klopfer runciuamy?iaa r ^marord. Alice Wailing*fnrd. A mile Monahan Lj piuiiitU?Mary Shaw. J raunette Klopfer, Anna (>oaifne, halite Dalton. Virginia Bom. Vistula Tbom. Primary ,V?. 3, Stconsi Dr par I men:?Mtts Martha FUtcJur, yrtrtptren. Medal?Mary K WeUter Exemplary Conduct?Amanda Eaat, Margaret Goodwin, Eugenia Clack. Alice Collins, g&rah McCarthy. Fannie Veatman Attention to Study and General Improvement? Lizzie Rim, Marv V. Brown. Gertrude Dalton, Mary V. Cohen. Lizzie Casper, Lurinda Evans. Punctuality?Hose Edmonton. -V'<IIU I li,.n..>Vi Q._. I . ? V?*l* IUVH 1 VUMHHVii *' "? < ?# V" t-Dhiue Kiaher, Sarah Bacon, Mary KckloR, Mary W iUl ngaford Print my N?. 4, First Department?Mist Emtlf V. Billing, prwiflrtM. Medal?'*ophU Dtgg* J-.xrtitplary Conduct?Catherine L Wlthera, M Reynold*. Janette Laurie. Mary Polkla ?r?, KHz CbiUireaa, Fraoela A Council. Attention to *tudv and General Improvement? Mary C Lynna, Jennie L. Adama, Rebecca O.i Muore.Mu?aunah Kawllnsa. Kllea Hirertr, Klin McUna * ' " r inctoality?Mary C. Lyona, Mary A Lowry. IKotom it-Maggie L Moore, Helen L Kllla, Atuotica D;gu?, Catherine J Herbert, Rebecca i ifcarnl, Mary C. Wright. I Primary So.i, Strtmd Dtpartmtnl?M*?s AmanH* B*rr4. pr*?ptr*t> Medal?Emma Creeser Exemplary Conduct?Emma Greer. Ida France, Kate Tbomas, Clara Polkinhorn, Fannie Bellman, Annie Mcintosh. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Annie Ray, Annie McLean. Annie Rubortear, E la Brown, Alice Kfeamer. Rebecca tiiick Punctuality?Emma Creaaer Diplomas?Ida Mills. Ella Polkinhorn. Emma King. Ella Hodgson, Mary Lyden, Ella Wright. Primary A'?. Kua T. Ward, prtetptre**. Medal?Katie A. Clarke Exemplary Coaduct?Emma A Pishman. Mary E. Weyricb, Henry C. Pratber. Margaret Bergman, Jane E. Merilatt, Zachariah McEifresh. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Jeannette B Davii, Caroline V. Kraiser. Maria Soter, Susan Falconer, Jeasie Falconer, Ella J. Eckloff. Punctuality?Emma L. Well*. Rich'd McLean. Diplomas?Ruth A Rodbird, Wm. A. Stewart. Kate Stanley, Adelia Faulkner. John Douglas, Martha V Bosw-ll Primary \g 6 ?Miss Laura A Reed, preceptress. Medal?Km ma Sanford. Kxeruplary Conduct?Anna Joy, Newton Hall, Wellington Hrooke. Maggte Davis, Chts Wittaerow, Leora McClelland Attention to Study and General Improvement? Thoa King*t>ury, CUaS Ilolly, Albert Wise, Nelson Holly. John Rufnside 1'uik tutiity?Anna Joy. Jane Joy, Howard Wright. Henry Haislnn D'plrnana?Fannie Coale, Lrttleton Magnider t-aura V Deevers. Lizzie Hurley. Lizzie HiU hco< k, Mary Harvey Fifth District Polick?Before Justice Thompson ?We learn on Inquiry at tbia office tbat the following cases have been dtspoaed of since the publication of onr last notice : Sarah Ann Horner, free negresa. arrested by Ottii er Kc*>. and charged with ualng profane and indecent language in the streets, was fined S3 91 John Crawford, arrested by Officer King, and charged with huckstering without license, was ti tied and $1 -J' costs. Terrence noj le. arrested Dy Officer Rons, and charged with disorderly conduct in Temperance B " penalty. Bill and Everett in Alkxandria.? Thetiazette of this morning says:?' There was a large and very enthusiaatic meeting of the friend* of the I'nion and Conatitution at the Armory of the Lalcher Guard, laat night, for the purpoae of forming a Bell and Everett Club On motion of Stephen Shlnn, Lewis McKenzle was called to the chair, and Edgar Snowden, jr , appointed Secretary. A commKt?e appointed for the purpoae, reported a constitution for the government of the Association, and the following permanent officers: Prudent?George P. Wiae. Vice Presidents ? Wells A Harper, First Ward, J 5*. Hallow II. Second Ward; Wm F Padgett. Third W;trd; Wm D. Mnasey, Fourth Ward; John Birch, County. Recording Secretariea?Edgar Snowden, jr.. and George T. Whittington. Corresponding Secretory?T. M. McCormick. Treasurer?John Muir. The report having been adopted, Mr.Wise took the chair, and made aome appropriate and happy remarka. which were received with applause. A large number enrolled their namea aa membe ra of the Club; when, on motion, the meeting adjourned until Wednesday night next, at eight o'clock, to meet at th? sime place Three hearty cheers were then given for Bell and Everett. Criminal Court.? Yeaterday, after our report rloaed. Mr. Ratcliffe. for defense ta th? ti.e rn;ted States ajjt I-udlmA Bargy, convicted of obtaining money under false pretences from Benjamin Chambers. made a motion for an arrr-st of judgment and a n< w trial of the case. The motion was not argnfd. To-day ? Wm Lomax wa* placed on trial on a charge of assault and battery on Ann Doberty. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. John Alaison. John Hazard. Klchard Kelly, (colored.) and Joseph Penny were placed on trial on a charge of riot on the 15th of July ln?t This ca.?e was pending when our report closed. Ci*tir Makekt.?'The supply this morning In tbe principal market of tbe city, was excellent as to quantity and quality. Tb<* attendance of dealers large, and prices, though not very low, moderating. The gangways were not crowded aii-y, was nnea si ana 1H cent* costs. Joannes Shtigreen and Patrick Brian, arrested by Officer Ycaiman, and charged with using profane and Indecent language in th* streets of the s-wenth folice district, were each lined 92 M These cas?s were tried at the fifth district police office, Police Justice Donn.of the seventh district, being out of the city. Maurice biggins, arrested by Officer King, and changed with a nuisance in Baptist Alley, was fined $.'1 and 94 cents costs John Bernhardt, arrested by Officer King, and charged with profane and indecent language in the street, whs fine<fc#0 and cents costs. John 51 linar, arrested by officer King, and charged with throwing refuse and other offensive substance into the street, was acquitted \V H Markmore. arrested by officer Ross, and charged with being drunk ana disorderly In the Center Market, was fined ?2 Michael Kenney, arrested by officer King, and charged with occupying a stand In the Center Market without paying rent therefor, and was fined 80 5- cost George Carver, free negro, arrested by officer Carter, and charged with residing in the city of Washington without belns/ registered jrcnidlno to law, was fined 95 58. Elizabeth Bnrke, arrested by officer King, and charged with using profane and indecent lanfuage in the streets, was committed to the workouae for 60 days, for non-payment of fine and costs. Beside the above-named cases, warrants were issued yesterday to officer Carter against ten hark drivers, for occupying stands and "receiving far^s on Sunday last, contrary to law. Warrants have also been issued against two or three persons who were charged with putting up hog pens and lnclosures within 75 feet of an inhabited dwelling; but in these cases the nuisance complained of having been removed on notice served by th* officer. the defendants were <liachar<xMl wmi purchaser* this morning, on the contrary, thry were unusually f?-w in number, which will account for the inactivity of the dealers The s*l?s were lest than the average, evidently. The hay stands wer?* well supplied, and there, too. the demand was light, prices ranging from 60 to ;-0 cents per 100 lbs The morning passed quietly in the market place. Chukch Improvement* ?Three new Church edifices will be ready for Divine service by autumn. The New York avenue Presbyterian Church is nearly completed, and will soon be occupied The Presbyterian Church on four-and-ahalf street is rapidly approaching completion, and will be one of the largest and moat admired in this city. The t?th street church is not vet com pieted, and will not be. probably, for some time it is being entirely remodeled.and adapted more to tbe necessities of the large congregation. Axothkr of the popular prize exhibitions at Odd Fellows" Hall, comes on this evening, with a change of programme. Besides the enjoyment of the beautiful exhibition ltaelf, wbicb tbe spectator never gets tired of looking at. and the excellent music which, though plentifully Interspersed, be never gets enough of. he stands a fair and equal chanct with his fellow auditors of drawing a gold watch or other valuable present. Among the musical novelties to-night will be the 'Great Fustrrn Schottische," original with the orchestra See the advertisement In another column. Akbkxtid om Schpiciow ?On Saturday, officers Daw and Serrin, of the First Ward, arrested a boy named Kobbins, who had in his possession a quantity of lead, such as is used in the water fixtures of dwellings, and also seventeen braas keys Supposing tbe articles to be stolen, they were left at the otfioe of Justice J>rury to be identified A uumber of the keys were identified as tbe property of a lady, and stolen from her bouse. The remaining articles can He seen at Justice Drury's. Rob bin* was committed for a further hearing Kdit<t* Sta* : lu the report of the proceedings of tbe criminal court In the Barvleoa* th? signed is made to occupy a false position. I wlih it cttrrected. I wu? put on the stand to prove that ibe witnesses Chambers did not believe in the (?od of the Bible; tbat they believe in the principles ol moral justice without regard to a God of any sort 1 would believe their word as soon as any other person in the community. Washington, July 25, ledO. A. Dcvall. The "Ox*itas" Pic-nic.?-Tbis boat club, consisting principally of young men of the Second Ward, had a very pleasant merry time at Arlington yesterday. The company was targe, and the arrangements excellent; and with (he sports and music and dancing, the afternoon and night passed so pleasantly tbat it was very late before they discovered It was time 'o return to the ctty Nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of the company. The M ktkoe ?Mr Editor: As k<one who saw If' desires to know I! the meteor of last fcViay night was seen west of Tentb street west, L. Will | inform the inquirer tbat while sitting at toy front door, en a street between Fourteenth and Pifteentli, on that evening I saw the meteor directly north of me, and verv distinct; it passed In aireasterly direction, growing gradually paler aa It coursed along. Yoors, &c., A. Y. Z a _ jm n ?* * -? - *n Tnm cms oi jnr. nmillion in inomrf col. untn, about the up* and downs of putty. All per oat in any way Interested in tbc painting or srtazlng business should give It their carefui-attintioa. Tax Hiawatha Clcb announce a grand moonlight excursion on Tuesday, August 7. Keep a lookout for particulars la a future advertisement Bkak is mind the pic-nlc at Aaaloetan Island, this afternoon, under the auspice* of the Lad lee Benevolent Society, for the benefit of tb? poor. # Thi DlST*ICT Militabt ?Editor Star : Who cannot se* that the writer of the communication signed "One of Tbem.M in your issue cf yesterday, and that, too, with half an eye, is (he disquiet representative of tome one of tbe slotMtii companies of this District, who if they ever had kny position Id the military Hat above the commonest level of mediocrity, have degenerated <> far below It wain aa to make hope for r'-atoration futile? There are, aa you are aware, a class of men who dealre for themselves no improvement and who lack the energy to attain to it. and who are as much opposed to it In others as in the:r own ndvancement, and only through the existence of a petty jealousy characteristic of a narrow mind, which is as contemptible as it is usual with such ss your correspondent. The fact of the case is, that there is a young company just beginning to bloom out into the proportions of a full and well drilled and well bred organisation of men. who, by their energies and unremitting endeavors to have an exception to the "poor apology for military" in this city, have excited the envy of some of the more sensitive of (I suppose) a certain com pany 01 inianiry, who see clearly now, tbat to have any place among good soldier) they moat pay greater attention to their tactics, which seems quite sufficient cauae for the envious sl .ir intended only for the National Rities contained in his comma licati on. The writer of this, in company with an honorable member of Congress, arin-in-arm walked to the Monument Grounds to witness (unexpectedly) the finest exhibition of th* perfec tion and b?-aiity of Hardee's Manual, evolutions and skirmishing, that it was ever bis good fortune to witness. Tkla is saying a great deal for one wbo had the honor of commanding a portion of that gallant band who purchased victory at such expense of life at the frowning battlements of Vera I Crux Respectfully. A Military Mas. Washington, July 24tb, I860. A Nick Place.?Mr. Editor; Judiciary Square north of the City Hall, presents some features which are, no doubt, considered all right by the economical and tasteful official wbo operates as the Chief Magistrate of this city. Had not those features existed for a long time it might be supI po???d that the health commissioners had designated that spot as one of the depositaries for the gleanings, offkl, and garbage of the ward. As the Mayor passes through the building, and looks lrmu me winaow lacing north, no doubt be adJ mlrfi tbe beauty of those handsomely constructed wooden ornaments, that architectural pile of rubbish and cobble stones, which look* as If it were plied up for use at the second precinct of the fourth ward In election emergencies. Those handsome duck pools, and sweet-scented hog mires and | cattle licks, so conducive to health, as well as being ornamental in the position they occupy. It Is a shame that these things are allowed to remain thus The Chief of Police executes the law with regard to swine and geese going at large, it is said. This may well be disputed, when every day flocks of geese and droves of pigs are swimming and wallowing in mud and water under his nose. It is true that officers go out to the outskirts to take up this kind of property of the poor, but why not begin at the City Hall? About a year ago a bill was passed by the councils for the draining of that lot; tbe members of the boards thought it a good move) tbe then chairman of the improvement committee thoughtthe condition of the square shameful. But, although the bill passed, and was ?nnrnv?d Aiif 1.1. J r ^ , wv?. t,v mttJVl tas never thought properto have the work done. It is to he hoped that before the iron railing 1* set round the square, the pig* and geese will be driven out and the pudoles filled. They have paddled and wallowea in corporation favor long enough. Focrth Street. Answers to Scientific Inquiries. ? Editor Star : '-Why does the sun appear north of ua in the morning and evening, when it is really south of us?" The answer to the query contained in your paper li verbose and unsatisfactory. The fact is. toat the sun >.< north of us wLen it appears so. and that it is south when on the meridian?the point at whirh its position is determined astronomically The seeming contradiction arises from the fact that the axis of the earth Is inclined to the plane of the ecliptic (or sun's seeming Yesterday'! query may be answered thus : The magnetic meridian dittWg from the geographical one The variation of the compass varies the latitude, under the circumstances designated, an amount precisely equivalent to the variation of the compass If. therefore, the variation is east, north latitude will be diminished correspond | ingly; provided said latitude exceeds tbe variation; if less, the difference will be the latitude south. Should the variation be west, the order is reversed?subtracting being changed for adding. j Pkivats Improvkmknts ?We notice that in addition to those already noticed in the Star, several fine dwellings are in process of erection in the First Ward. Mr. W. T Spalding is building on G street, near the corner of Nineteenth, a very tine dwelling of the first diss, four stories. | marble heads and sills to the doors and windows. [ and to l>e furnished with all tbe improvements for water, gas, heating, ventilation. Ac. The mechanics are Messrs Langley, bricklayer; Gallant, carpenter; Itrown A tMoussa, plasterers; Bradley. stone-cutter; Dove, plumber The line dwell iii^b crecuug in jacison Place, near the Avenue, are in progress. but they are of an order that will require several mouth* for their entire completion. These dwelling* will be unsurpassed by any now in progress, and will add greatly to the appearance of that beautiful locality. These are being constructed by Cnas Kdmouston, and by Baldwin St Bro , carpenters; and Thos Lewis and Jerome Degges, bricklayers One of these is intended for the residence of Major Townsend Fights.?Last night, at an early hour, a man named James Gallaher was attacked and beaten in Fighting Alley, Seventh Ward This morning. he wi-nt to the office of Justice Johnson for the purpose of getting a warrant is-uied for a man named Wilson, wUorn he charged as the principal, and named others who were present with Wilson at the time. Gallagher was badly bruised, I and ilprliroi * ...... ivoiuit wn? wnouy unprovoked by any word or deed of bis He wan told that J ustlce Cooper wat not in the city, and so he called upon Justice Johnson. This morning, a colored woman made complaint to the same magistrate that she hud bee n beaten by her husband, residing in Bates' Alley. She did not know there was a police magistrate who Lad an office in that district until informed who and where he was. Mount Vkejio*.?John A. Washington, Kaq., the former propr etor of Mount Vernon, has formally transferred the tome and grounds to the Ladies'Mount Vernon Association Mr Washington will reside on his farm. Waverly, in Fauquier county. He still is the proprietor of a larpe portion of the Mount Vernon estate, and though he has eeaied to be a "next door" neighbor, we lll&ll alwavfi Vt?r?rw '> "* iL " * ?j - .vx . tu mo?i ui iuc ucailq <111(1 sueceas of to estimable a gentleman. Mink*al Watkr ?We will put the mineral water ?old by Jo^ph W. Nairn, at the corner of Ninth afreet and Pennsylvania avenue, against anv other manufactured in this country. We know not bis process in manufacturing It; but it it so far before all other mineral waters to be obtained in the Federal Metropolis as to warrant our comparing it with the lineat sold In Phila* delphia or New York. Mkbtino or th* Rkppblican Association.? As will be noticed by advertisement, the regular weekly meeting of the Republican Association of this city takes place this evening at tbelr wigwam, on the corner of Indiana avenue and Second street. We understand that an addresa will be delivered by George M Weston, Ksq . editor of the Republic, and others. A large and spirited meeting ia anticipated. Th* Annual Exccebion and Pic-mic of the Sunday achool of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, to come off atGlymout to-morrow (Friday), It expected to be a very pleaaant affair Plentv of ' "-f sag#ft .'"am* 3H2?**n$-+n ?; good music, vocal and Instrumental, will be In attendance, and refreshment* will be supplied by a competent caterer. For full particulars see ad vertlseinent In another column Complaist Is made of the carelets and tottering manner in which aoine of our wood dealers pile their wood near public thoroughfares, endangering the live* of passers-by. itc Will not the proper authorities look Into tbe matter. Doh't roKGVT the great pic-nir and ball given by Ksputa's new cornet band at Arlington on the 7th of Augu*t to aid in procuring their new uniform. Lot* of fun in store. Tim Capitol Association announce n grand pic-nlc at Arlington Springs. on Friday, August 3. Keep a lookout for particulars in a future advertisement. More Home Testimony. lion ion, April It, lkkSS, No. 48 Union st. Mk.Heth W. Powli?brnr Sir: Your mvaltiar la medicine, 1 can truly ?av, has literal!y matched me from the (rave Last July 1 was attacked by a sudden cold, wiiich resulted in a very severe couph, with v.eleut pain in the side-antl che?t I became so much reduoed that tfir friends frankly tola me th&t I most die. At this crisis 1 heard ot W'i.i/ar'? BaUnm <\f WiUU'-kirm and immediately sent for a tHJttle. The effect pioduoed wa? inri*d wonderful. My physician, one of the most respeotabie in bostoa, who aad previous!v told me that a cure was hopeless, came in, and I informed him what I had taken. He examined the balsam and advised me to continue the use of it. wnce which time I have continued to improve daily ; and the same pUysioi*n whe bad given me up told me, a few days since, that 1 might yet live many years. Reepootjully. We eanekeerfully testify to the trutJi of the above stat/meat, Mrs. Ro we b&vint been an i cm ate of ourlamily. Wiluam Dennett. Martha Dexrxtt. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts ou the wrap m Sn\?KT*J?e THA.T Nam Fail*.?We betr a good (toai ttiruarh the press nf "intailibte" iu*<iic.nes, but lit# only renabie eioofs ol that real excellence of ft medioftl preparation ?ra its sales. In this respect Hostettrr't Siom?c\ hiti'tr defy come- titi<i?. >lo curati ve ever attained the ftftine fopwiM<t* in the same tnne. Stv.u iwi ?;o it *?? not ' known outside of print* practice. Now th* sales anwmit to over two tK??*an>i boiiUt dJty. K vey a?ent of the proprietor makes the same report: cures marvelous?confidence of the people in the firepftration stronger everr dav ?demand continual> iner asing. letter* pour in by every mail ani>ouucm< iu wonderful effects in Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint.General Debility, Diarrhoea.Dysentery. an I fti complaints of th* stomach ami t-xcret . ry organ*. It ia not only efficient but palatable being the moat agreeable of all the Bitters at present before the public. For sale by druggists and dealers generally every karo w _>? jy s*-?o3t Holloway's Pill# akd Oistmemt. Palpration of the near' it frequent y caused by indigestion or reluct state of ti?f? n-rvoua ayatem. A course of a few weeks of these in valuable ui J icines will diminish the irregular throbbing, and, by removing the source, restore its natural juration To assist the functions, not to toroe them, is the true secret of success. Hollowai's medicines and treatment are haded on the simple laws of nature?by mbminiating the cause tne effect disapKars. fodin all Druggists, at 25c.,6io., and ?1 per z or pat. jy?-lw? Now liooD DiSKSTIo.f wait* on ArPKTtTE. amd Health on Both?But good digestion ia a rarity in thia country. l)?apepaia ia as common among ua and a? general, if not as fata, aa consump tion. And yet every man and woman in the la id have within their reach a sure and swift remedy for this disease, and all the complaints that it en genders. No case in which Hoatetter's Stomach Bitters have failed to effect a cure of this distress ing and, if neglected, dantrrnu> ailment, is within tha if * ?i*vwiouk?) ?dj nmti&nDeing, am wnyf cause no Bach ease ha? never oocurrad. The stomach strengthened, revitalned and toned b> tin* celebrated recuperant must pet form the work of digestion and thoroughly adapt the food it receives to the support of the system. 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A Fitagerald, 353 north F street: also b> F. B. Winter, north corner <>( K stre-t an I Vermont avenue. Also, Ptmi't Prtrtut of WtteH 11 ,,.i c? ?-i '? - ?* ? ' <! ??', iui luvnuai niiu OAWTIUU iIHJ?iniTHlT IOI1B OI all kind*. Sold an above. ma9-ly Min.Wmuow, an experienced nnrse and lemale fhysician, has a SoolAinr Syrvwfor Ckildm Tettk tnt, whioh greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reduoing all inflammation? will allay all pa>n, and is sore to retuiale the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it wi'l give reat to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in all oasee. See advertisement in another oolumn. oo U-ly Plumas.?Persona desiring Pennies will always find them for evnhance at the Star OAoe nounter. MARRIED. On Tueadar. 24th instsnt. at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Mr. rhew. Ll'CIF.N BEHRY. Ksq.. of Prince (ieoree's countv. Mrl. to <i third daughter of the late Washington Beriy, ot this city. DIED, On the 26th instant, HRNLY ALVIN- only son of Henry Alviu an<! Mary E. Sauter. aged U months and 12davs. The friends and relatives of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the re-i V i.t> of his grandfather. 7th street, between L and M, at 2^ o'clock Friday eveniug. * On the 25th instant, at the age of 48 J- ars, 10 months and 2S davs, LEWIS H. BROWN, fonfort of Einelia and son of Eliza and the late Sain'I Brown. iiis tuneral will take plaee on Friday, 27th inst.. At Ilia rnunlun/io r\ n ill I. ? 1 %T ' " w. iwrai ?>* Of "?I W?u ourci, liviworn MHI W at* The friends of the family are invited toatte-d, at S'? o'clock p. m. * On Wednesday evening. July 26th, ROBERT A., eldest son of Wm. \I. antl Eilen J. drown, aged 7 years a-d * months. The frif nds of the family are respectful!* invited to atterd his funoral, from his father's residence, ill* New York avenue,on Friday morning, at 10 o'clock. N EIGHTH A T I O N A L EXHIBITION. At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept. \2tk-7ntK. The UNITED STATKS AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Airicultural and I > dustriai Exhibition on the crounds liber niljr provi'teil hjr the citizens of Cincinnati, wmch are to be titted up in the best ntyle. There will li? lla'.U and Tent* for the display of 1VPI.E M K N TS. M A (' H IN KRY.TOOI.S. DOM KMT IC MAN UFACTI" KF.S FARM A, N D OAK UK N I'RODU'K, FRF ITS. FLOWERS. aod >A TIVK WINKS: with Stalls and Pen, for HORSES, CATTLK, SHEEP, and SWINK: and an nneqnalled Track,one mile in length a :d fort* feet in wid'h. for the exhibition of Horsex The Premiums offered ?in ca?h.?gold, silver, and bronze medals,?diplomas and certificates, amount to 920,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irom Wednes day,the l'^th. to Thursday, the iith. ol September, thus giving tune to examine and test the imple menU and machinery. For premium lints or information apply at the Office of the Society, No 356 Pa. avenue, (up stairs ;)or to the subscriber, at Cincinnati, Ohio. ?KN. PKRl.KY POORE, jy 24 tf Seo'y U. S. Agricultural Society. U|/ HEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MA ? ? CHINE AGENCY, Rkmovxd to No. 346 Pa. A v., mh 7th St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly incrcasinepopulaMty of Wheeier 4. Wilson'* unequalled Faipily Sowing Vachines, which for the last fight years have mo*', triumpha-.tly maintained their superiority. a* a family institution, over all competitor* for popular favor, the Agent ha* taken one of tne fine new store* lately erected en Pa. avenue, near 7th st . where a beautiful assortment of all'the various *t*le* may at all time* be seen. There were 2lrlTi6 of these Sowing Machine* sold in th" year 186J. I,adies are invited to call and aeo them, together with certificate* from many of the beat citizen* of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their welt known and thoroughly tested superiority. If any ladie* cannot oall, let them send for a circular by Ml means. It is high time every family in the lani^ras sapp'ied with one of these health and life saving instrument*. Fall instructions, both printed and verbal, given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. avenue, jy 11-lm Between 6th and 7th ata. HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. Mr? Winalow'a Soothing Sir ip, Liquid Ren net, Spaldinj'a Glue, Mustang Liniment Wl Ay re's Medicine*, Houck'a Pan?o*a. Ac ,wi!hS a freah supply of pure Medicines. at MOORK'9 West End Drugstore, 113 Pa avenue,south aide Freeh Blue Lick and Congreaa Water aa above Alto, improved Fruit and Vegetable Jara. Jr ? ** Hmm e w page AS Opened a CONFECTIONERY at No 436 Seventh atreet, between G and II. where he haa constantly on hand auperior 1CF. OREaM. FANCY CAtfES, PIES. CANDIES, NUTS, A a., *e. H? ia prepared to fur m?h Families. Parti??and Pie Nica with the beat articles in hia line at reasonable prices^ jy 21-1W LIFE OF LINCOLN.?The l.ife and Publio Servieea of Hon. Abraham Linooin, with a portrait on eteei, to whinu ia added a fetocraphieal *k?tnh of Hon. Hannibal H?.ra?in, by D W. Bart lett; price $1. Just published and for sale at the Molrupu itan Bookatore of PHILP A SOLOMON. 332 Pa. av. jj 23 Sole agenta for Laurenoe'a Stationery, A a. f\RAYS, WHEELBARROWS, WAGONS, If CARTS, CARRYALLS. Ac .FOR SALE.Tltd underaigned, at hia oid establishment. High street. li^org'town. opposite the Vitfilnnt Engine House, has on hand and for sa e at the lowest ca<h prices, a large assortment of the above named ar tides. The* are of the beat materials and workmanship and worthy the examina'u n of all ?ur 1cn??wrs. | Jjr.'4-?o3t* RICH * RD JONES. demovai., I\ McKENNEY A LAN8DALE. | INSURANCE A REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Buildtnft, comer P+. mv and itk jr., (ire prepared to Take Ricks on I LIVES. Bill.DINGS, MERCHANDISE. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Ac., at fair raU?, in sound ounipames. \\ e name in part: The Park, N. Y., eaeh oipitai ami surplus The Merchant*. Ct , do. do .... .. 2M.ftS< The Pherix, Ct., do do....... 5B2.&A Tha orthern A*?nrarc?. London 2.1M.M00 Room No. t. j<r 21eo6t PAPERHANGINttS, Ac. Fine, Medium, and Low-priced PAPERHAXGi IN OS, WINDOW SHADES. FIREBIRD PRINTS. PICTURE CORD and TASSELS, Ac. at reduced nnn??- n HI. ri? nf. nf i?- - 1 r - M waa . ?wi?*o VI IV W -pi IV, W Paper* and Window Sha.lee. at greatly reduced prioes Orders for Paperhanging and Window Shades executed with akill anddispaich, in city or country. Pleaee give me a call. Don't forget the number. J MA&KRITfcR, No. 490 Seventh st ,8 doors above jj il eo6t* Odd Felloes' Hall. WG ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE ??a Pa. At., B?tw. 11th aHB 12th Bt*., North side. Mill an* Wharf foot of Seventeenth efc, me 17 tf Bolow War TVpartiwewt. | BOSTON 1CK. <r U8T received per schooners R.Gilfillan Mary 11 Banks, New Jerser, Bealah, and (i A . H tt, I'on tsen Hundred Toa? be?t cjuantj BOSTON OK. L J. MIDDLBTQM, if ao-eoSt office corner 12th and P ate. GEOHGETOWN. (Vri^?U?wi / Tk* stmr (ilOUtTOWR, July **. 1??. Rr the subjoined letter, dnled Occnqaaa, Johr 25, (veaterdsv,) It will be fffn that there )? wild excitement at that place,and trouble ia anticipated It mir be proper to state that this letter *u not intended for publication, but waa written by a young and entrrpriaing bua-.neaa man ton relative in this city. A* tbe aubject ia an interesting one to your renders generally, and Ute statement ia evidently a fair and miparral <we. we were allowed to ose t for the columns of the Star It ta only necettarr to add that the letter, coming, m tt dues, from a highly r< and moat reliable source, ia entitled to full credit. 4>Z>tar Sir Our village haa been In a furor of excitement for the last two days, owing U? information having been received by tbe leaders of the Republican party that there was an armed force coming here on Friday next, for the purpose of destroying their pole A meeting was held in Brentavilie and Fauquier on Saturday last, wben it wna detc-tnintd tL?t aome :**> men ahould be aent here to take the pole down Cap' Thornton, one of our m?'.'i?tr*t*? >nH ? ?? - ^ ? v? ? ? ? ?? wm HI ill * ? r* . resigned for the purpose of taking comn ind of the for e. They cal>d on (ten Huttoa, our commanding officer and county attorney, to know whether they could get anna He replied that be could not loan them for such a purpose, but would ay nothing iflhey clioar to tak<* them Thia g**e them encouragement. Mid tbey notified tbe Republicans that tbey were coming, arid that tbe pole miiat conicdo? n. Tbe foikacoming In from the upper part of the county kept adding to tbe news and appeared to b? rerv anxious to kaow whether tbe Republicans would light "On Monday ntgbt tbe Repubi'.cana held a meeting, and dlapatcbed partiea to Alexandria and Washington. and it was reported on Tuesday that tbey had a<m up for ammanition, and had determined to bnlld a fort around tbe pole and protect it at all bnzarda Thia report only added to tbe excitement, a?it uaa auppoaed they could muster but Mi mm. and It uould app<-ir like waaUtik their lives to oppose so many 1 ney commenced fixing their gnna. Ac . and sent a d .apat' b to Got T?etcber tbat tbey were threat nicu >jv an vraca rorce. ana icat ibfT looked to bim for protection; but if be did not (irotect them, they would take up arms and protect Utemselv'S The Governor answered tliem l>v saying that be would immediately o'd?r lien Hutton bere with his regtm?nt, to protect them Tbli will be bad news to the General, as he baa aa'.d that the pole should come down at the risk of bis Lfe When the Republicans received the news last night there was great rejoiring They Bred a salute in honor of th? tidings, which were brought by a messenger dispatched by them. We are now waiting to bear from Gen Hutton, and suppoae be will be here this morning to see about the affair There h*s been 60 volunteers from the republlc,ana "to die by the pole " ftome of their friends ad vise 1 bem to ^ive up If Hutton does not come, but tbey swear they will not " ' There is a later note. dated yesterday evening, stating that Gen Hutton has resigned Lis position la the militia." The military spirit ia on the Increase here, as even the ioveriiies are affected bv It W> hi?e several miniature companies,composed of youngsters of all ages We were last night favored with a drill in front of our premises by tbe Young Guards. Capt. Rodier, and have to say that al1 though not quite up to the Chicago Znuavn. they acquitted themselves In a very creditable and worthy manner We see no ejection to the boys enjoying themaelvra in this way. as they might he engaged in sports more mischievous than playing solrtier. The tlrst Lima beans offered for Bale in our market-hniM* thft ??n?An '?*' ?* "- ? 4~w . ?w., w *?cic i ut* ii try a nci^U' l?or of ours on Prospect str?*et. who hui been first in the market for rmc year* GEORGETOWN ADVERT^MTS for other (reorgnown adrerl\mm' tee ftr*t f+f* ^'OTICE TO WATER CONSUMERS. Mayki'i OrFici, Geaisitowk, D. C ,/ Jul* J4tu. I860. S Ext*act From Citt ? >kdi<i> *c?s. And ht itfurth'T ordained, f hat the Water Hoa'd hall at al mom shave the power and it shall he thrir duty, to rejtu ate the uso of street n>g*t, fiunlau.i. Iiyd ants, or otner attachments to the w*t?r works according as their judgment shall dio late, and they si.a : have the power to shnt off the water from an* perton or perrons who sha < willlulljr durejard tneir published notices relating to suon attachments or the one of the water. In accoM%i.c? w th the altove. notice is hereby given trial from and aOer Ihe date of this publication ail foun'ains within the corporation limits inu-t be sriut off. and housekeepers are warned tha' any n-glrct of their bvitrants or carelees waste of th* wat*r will be punished as the ordinance provides. This nottoe is rendered neo*s?ary dv the great soarcity of water in the hivher portion of the low and the VVntor Hn?ni will !???? no untried to remedy the evil. jy*S HKNRY addison. mayor. ARuKK CHANOt IS NOW uKFfcKKDTl) eny on* who mar be itenrflii of entering in a profitable humne ss. at one of the beet stands in Georgetown. 1 oiler my entire stook of DRY GOODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a chance in my business. W.R jy 24 1m Corner of Hi(h and Gay iti. Having determined to change my business, I'll commerce from this date to sell for cash my entire stoek of DRY and FANCY GOOD*. Having purchased o the most favorable terms, and being de-i'ous rf oosiog out as early as possible, all who may be in want of bargains will do well to give me a call. NY. r. hurdle. jyJ4 I in Corner of High and Gar sts ralance of stock positively at on. I will commence thi* da* toolo*# off mT Stock of MILLINERY. EMBROIDERIES AND DRY* GOODS, suoa as Travelju? Dress Goods. l^acr Shaw ?, Manti laa, B ack and Gre* B*rete Durters. Sun Umbrella*. Fa'aaola, Hair Net*, Mitu, Lace and Hrenadm^ Vail?, Ho>pSkirt?, Ac , Ac . at and t>elow cost. ! ariies preparing to leave the oit? will find an abundanne of neoetaary artiolea at K. Gl'TMAN'S, No. 117 Bride* street, Georgetown, D. C. jy 12 3taw3w J^hiTsTKAMER FLYING CLOUD HAVING 1 undergone & thorough examica- ^.11 ,hot by the gnver- rr.ent inspector. i now ready for Excursion* to to * Great Falls <>r to any pomta on the river not over 20 miles diktat.t. She will run to Arlington from Fonr^aenth street, or any wharf in Washington at aoernts for the r<'Und ti ip, or 13 oent* for the aingle trip, or from Georgetown, b? way of the cauai, for 16oents round trip; 10 eenta single trip. Eicursions to the Insane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, starting from Georgetown at 12 o'olook m., and stopping at Stone Mi 1 Wharf and other wharves in W aahingtou. so a* to reach the Asylum by I o'olook jySeolm JOHN MOOR K. Proprietor. SWOOD WANTED. BALED PROPOSALS Will I* received by the /l! U -! *?- ~ - - v era 01 me v. orporation or tieorRetom-n, at hi* Office until the lat day of Augu?t next, to furn-h nl>otit sixty five oorda of *.> ?1 ?k Wood, for the uae of the poor during the ensuing winter. Georgetown. D. C., July 17. I860. jy 17-eotAu*l IV NOTICE. EW FAMILY GROCERY STORE, PENNSYLVANIA AV., Souiktan I'mrntr of Tenth strtft, Washington, D. C. The nnd?vsi|;n;?d respectfully announces to his frien4s ttiat he has op#ned the fin* store formerly occupied by H. H. Voaa. Km., and that he hax r?* ceived a large assortment of SI PERIOR FRESH FANILV GROC ERIES Together with every article in the Grocery lino, to which he particularly invites the attention of resident families. fie feel* assured that hi* arrangements for a constant ?ui<pi* of FRESH GROCERIES will eaaMe him l? supplv the demands ol those who inay favor him witn their PATRONAGE. In his purchase the subscriber has directed special Attention to the selection of Teas, Coffees and Sugars, Which, with all ether articles in his liM, will I* disposed of on the most reasonable terms. FOR CASH. jy 24-*otw P McDEVITT OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAH METERS, W AiHIfGTON , July It, 1S0O NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That, atre*, ably to the provmona of the ordinance of me Corporation approved May 12 13?>,the underuiced n now prepared, 'wherever required in writing, and on pre pajiner t of the fee of ifty oenti, to i ?peer. examin . teat, prove, and a*c-?'rtain the accuracy of regiatratnm of any *aa m'ler in ?*e in ttna oity " Every meter, lffonrd incorrect, will beoondemo?<1. and another, sealed and mark-d aa true, wi.l be et in !' place. If proved to be accurate in l'a measurement of gaa, it will be eealed accordingly, and atain put in posiioa for use. OIm No 410 SfivfD'h ?treet,(near Odd Fel low*'Hall ) '"peu from 8 a. rn . to 5 p. m. CHARGES W. CT NNlNfiHAM jy 18 ti Inspeotor and 8<?ier of ou Meters. NOTICEINBY POINT PAVILION, notwith-* ?. A standing all r*|H>rt? to the oontntrT, 9 h? open tu ro^re TUMtnm until ti r?t of jy21-lw * . . Proprietor. gW,LlNOOFFtTcosT! ^ la order to decrna<e raj ock 1 have d*t*rmn d to clone nut the balance of mi* 8ljMMKR CLOTHING at ooet All in want of Summer Clwihwc a v respectfully invited to oall at No. 460 Seventh , opposite Pott Office, and Me lue great reda tira n Summer Clothing i? Ht- > WOOD! WOODS WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowee ttS? Pa brtwm nth aad lfth .to . malMf nortH GUM PACKING HOSK, PIPE?, Ac. We hare for ?al?, low, the abore articlee. A 'eo. Coupling* for How. Leather Belting, vanoua "jTlW ^JtSpBELL & SON, 361 Pa^r. v THE LATEST NEWS TELEOBAPH1C. friar* ( WftlM at kl JtkM J. HN. \ F , Julr ?4 - M noon to day tbe Pr>no* of W and au U lautlrd from tbr Hto. under rova: ^Intra from tW <-itad*l. tW AiIUm and Flying Fish. nod the French wnr an ? sr Jeaatr t I itr iitivrrnor M A.' ii idrf banner man. met hia Ro\al Highness on tbe ? VN uarf and conducted bin ti?r>>ifcb utumpkal ar hca. erected in Lit honor, u? Ui? government tiouar Tlia ' I* ' noci> t-ea. m Htarv, Mid reui*-n turned out to wrfl?f the I'rini f At <me '(!? k a 1 fvrf was held at the .o*mm.rnt bousr. an nainenae < >n< onr* beinv pr-sent all ?v,n".* Ui? ^rratf?t n,tUtiaiaam The Prince dnrd with tbe Uovrnor tb * evening Tbe day h? been observed aaa holiday throughout New Foundland The people fri>m the surrounding v ting** are here In great niioibera Flaga are living from ev?-r* bo f .and the shipping IB port lagayly decorated w th bunting St Jon* a, N F , July v!4 ?Yentordny ad dreaaea were prrnri.tod to the Prince, to which he replied na foiows "I sincerely thank you for th? addr*aan per aented to mr and for the he >rty weicome received from all. on my land tig on tbe ah<>re? of this tbe irlieat colonial possession of the Brit'ah Crown I trust von will iu< think me regsrdl?s? of vour ten oua loyally, If | acknowledge ttieee addreaaea ooileciivelv It will afford me the greatest astia fac tion to report to tlie l{aeen tbe devotion to her crown and person. unmistakably eviu'-ed by tbe r?*. option of her aon. eloquently m pressed In U?e addresses from various '>>des n tt.:s town nod Harbor Grace I am charged bytbel^ueen to rnnvnv * ?? k- ? - ? m "* * ? J v.. .uir .?ur*mr or ibf flffp ctbcrfA l.r baa fVW frit In thla tiitereat u# portion of brr dom! i.ona 1 ahall carry h-<? k <i?eir re< Hon of tLia day a prorc-dn^a. and of your kind a<a? to rma?lf peraonallv, but above all. of tl??iw b^-artv dciuonatratioirt of patriot aru. wbitb f"??e your derp-rootxd attachment to Um tcraat and frro country of wbich we all glory to be called ibr a.-na " Tbe Prlnee ple?a>-a the populace lmmeaaelr. t?T hia handsome c tint-ii ?-e and m id. gentleman bearing. H> ariv. ? >.ui to-day. Tbere wiU be a dinner |?rlv at the in reraiumt Hotwc thla evening, aad a ball at to o'clock to| aiyht Tb? firework* iaat nigbt wre a poor affair. To-day la a beautiful, clear day for IM re g?*ta Li cavery of a Plot la RrTalailaaiti Teia* by the Abalitlealata?iMineaae Aiaaiat af Property Uurnrd. Bt. Lone. July li.-Aa extra from Konham Tr.??. dited the 17th, contaiua a l?tler from tbe editor of tbe Dallaa Herald, etating that the re reut tire in l>aU*? bad led to the -f * plan to drvubtf tb? wbok of nortlirrn Trm. The vrlncipai lMUga(uri wwt Re*. Mtwi Bluut and Mc e n> who were expelled U*t year f t abolition irinciplea The pUa was to lav tbe whole country la wirtt by ttre. dtatroyinf all U?e aru* namiaaKtM, eV to get ttie -ouatrv into a Mit* o belpteaaiieaa. and then. on tbe day of tbe ?lectiau In Augoat. mako a Keueml iusnrrr? tioo . aid'-d by emtnrt?? frutn tbe North, and pnrtiea friendly to tbe bolliahi cauv in Tciaa 1 he plan Wtf thl? ?Tbe State, or partirularly the northern f ortirn of It. wu d.atrtrted aud aob aikU.ctrd. Mcb diviiivo brioi; indn wi. i* nn. wbo were t" control and command tb?> S'ver?l tf these leaden, aa Weil aa negroes will be a'rested J be following tire* occurred on the same dav till t f town of Dsit<s w a destroyed A mercantile bouse in Blark Jack Grove; loan. ? uh?n> tnree b .allies* nni s s at I*enU>n. loss, (1UU IWO A li'fjjf atore htnv at Pilot Poii t !<*?, - it.mAt. A store bo im: at Ladoaia; loaa. ?-*->, 0< 0 Eiitht stores at B* knap The towuof Milfoid | totally destroyed And several otb?r smaller Are*. Tut re ia great e&citeftieut throughout thecoun | try, but proiopt and ett< lent measure* will b? taken for tbe preaervation of life and property !>f? Jersey fslitica. Telstox, July 25 ? I'be Douglas j*tats Convention, wbicta met here to-day. adopted resolutions df-rlar.n^ that no alUanre could be bad with f.oi.alists. eitber Lincoln or Breckinridge, and then adjourned <m? </?. Tbe Wreck'nridge or fualon convention adopted resolutions instruct;tig their electors to caat tke V - -- - - - t??ii wi nfem jtney 10 it 10 driest Lincoln and ecnre tt? election of tbe uointuationa of tbe democratic or L'nlon parties Tlie electoit nominated orludf three Americana The !*tate convention of tbe I'nion part* organized here to-day by the electtou of Colonel reW J Clark aa president. who, in a apt-txh. declared that the party waa growing In N^w Jersey, and that men of ail parilt-a were coming to tlie aopport of Bell and Everett. He deprecated th* apiitl ting <?f the democratic party. a? if it had been ioval to the conatttution Edward Key ton. of Ky . addressed the convention stating tLat be had reliable information that Mr Bell would carry Massachusetts Kentucky, Tennessee and -moat of the Southern J?tates Resolutions were adopted confirming the nomloationa. and opposing all aertionaliata Electors were ttien nominated. all straightout Americana, 1D1 iudlflU t h? thf A?n .mi mm-- * ? * ^ ** uici ivwia ua hit lUStOII QCKfl. A pro|iosition U? form a union ticket wltk tbo i>tber two parties wu voted down largely. and [ ihi< uuvenuoa adjourned am:d *;r*ai on. Destructive Fire in Broad Street, lew York. Niw Yen, July 25 ?To-day. Just before 18 o'clock, a Ire discovered In the cellar of i*. I). C. Van Kckkfli-n'i provision warebouae, cor ner of Broad and ?*tone atreeia, which la now (2 * o'clock) burning fiercely, and likHv to do a vast amount of damage Tbe cellar la filled with barrels of beef. pork, hania. resin, turpentine. nirpben, oils, tec . and although immense quantities of water have been poured in, It flows out again Immediately, having upon its surfkee a sheet of fl-iiue. A lar_e number of firemen and police are on the ground, but tbe prospect of saving t*-m building from destruction la very slight The fire Is believed to have originated from tbe spontaneous combustion of some of tbe articles stored in th.?ll? . - ..v v- ... mi ? an oottruil IS saia to Oe insured. He occupied the entire premiaea excepting tbr second Moor, la vtblcb the biwiH-n of K.I. Bart hold. commission merchant, M conducted. Mr Barthold is fully insured In the Firemen Insurance Company. PmaiTtvula Politics. Ph!i aHelphI*, July 25.?A Douglas Maas and Delegate Sfc?t< Convention meets at Harnsburg tomorrow aflernoou. and the prosp?<t? are of large attendance Mr. Hickman's Republican spte b contained aaevere denunciation of Mr Douglas's course on Kansas, preferring that of Mr Brelin ridge as out-apoken and evident, while tbat of Douglas wis concealed and tricky. The speech created considerable excitement among the friends of Douglas, and will probably call forth nuaner ous able replies It is understood tbat John B Haskiii will reply at Weactester. in Hickman's own district. Gfirral Lane la > rtii ( trsllM> R alkigh. July ?>?General Lane Is speeding a few days at ai d near Rale gh, vis:t:n^ the Uaie of hi? ?? ' * ~ Uoveroor, the Judaea of tbe Supreme Court and other oUciaU and c itizens generally, bosorrd him with a beartv welcome, ai a distinguished son of toe State, and more especially, a* the sUe of tbe city of Raleigh vi a* tbe old Lane estate. donaUd by the General's grandfather for the capltol. The l hica|i Zmm. Bosto*, July 94 ?Tbe Boston Tlfcatre *u filled to its utmost rapacity to-night, to witness the drill of the Chicago Zouaves They leave here to-morrow mght fur New York and Immediately on reaching Uttt cltv will leave for West Point Tbe\ will return to New York the san evening. Puiladelpbia and Baltimore will be tbe m it cities they will visit Escape ( t'eavicts St. Lonis, July 24?t pward of fifty coavlrte escaped from tbe Penitentiary st Jefferson Cltv. yesterday, by bursting op?*n the prl on gate, (n tbe niHee. lieputr W ard>-n limbic was sligbtlr lrjured. Three convicts were killed and sews seriously *uuudHl. AH t&e pr.toner* wen recaptured excepting seven Political >1rrti| In HrftBlA. Pktkrsbuhs, July :K?Ah i(uiu<nae Doeglaa meeting wj? bfld to Ibenii Hall her.-isat Blab', Kv?wy P C') of ruoin we* occupied. Cbar a< Irvn* *,'<>kf for h?urs and ?'? followed by Tim KivoKtlbm Bo Ilia?. Ksqrs. Tuere was tbe greatest enthusiasm and applause Nailing ( the Arabia. Boston. July 26 ?Tbe alra-ner Arabia aatkd from this part at ooe o'clock tbls evenlag took out ir specie, aud 86 p*aaenf ?r-, including ID foe Haltfks. New Cattaa Nrw OmLKANs, July S3 -four bale* of aaw cotton were received to-day from Mississippi Haiti o*?rs n*rk<u Mxltibok*. Jaly'? ? Kloar c.oa>d s'e dy. held at f5 tS. witk no aab-s W beat el' ?.d art. v?> ami bu )yant, r?-d ! Itial IT: wtatv- *i jna?i ?rt Oern c.l sed dull; fallow ??u6V; wntV TftiT*- His via Ana aW^ _M b... as? _____ - -.. v>.? vi^'v- u ^ o'n ' r nj m " p pfi |.V r co i i-df-i Itc , pr m-f'5, fimii f14 50 closed qoW'SUXMUc i .I.,, .ii flaw Vara IUrk?u . Nbw Vow. Jul* M -Fto?r U tmrj, ftMto 9S a?j ht; Ohio 95 45; Mattaarn K> Mi W I* Ml: Kentucky wb V ?1 ? . ?! *>. C< to ftrm, m\\rd tlaAlc. P?*k to hmvf. LH i? q le . WUiky ?i??Mtoi> New Y?*c, fll?i>in?to ChlA| ? ?n<l R'fk l?lan.1 78^ : !? lVl??r. ? *U V S5; M'cM jmu S*>'t ??rii 36\ . N ^ *-?M ,6 !? Ke*diog 44, Mil. Ml V?. I I

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