Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Temmuz 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Temmuz 1860 Page 4
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' THE EVENING STAR. EARLY RHINO. IT >0*N ?. MU. "God hi*Mth* maa who Aral invented sleep !" !?ancho Ptru ttiil, and ?o ?ay I ; And blM? him also that h" didn't k?ep Hi* rreat di?eov^ry to hiir?elf; or try Tu make it?aa the lucky follow might? A cioee monopoly by " patent right ' Y"??bleaa the man who ^rst invested sleep, 11 r?al'y caat avoid the iteration: > But blast the man, with eursea !ond and deep, ^Vhate'er the 'aara't name, or a*e, or station, jyho firat iavented, and want round advising, That artificial out off? KarN Riaing! "Ria* witb tin lark. and with the lark to bad," Obaervoa tonn solemn. sentimental owl; Maxima like tbeao art) ver> ohraply aaid, But ere you make yourself a fool or fowl. Fray, just luquire about the rise? and fall. And whether larka have any bed at all. The "time for ho neat folks to be abed," I* iu the morning, if 1 reaion ri^ht; A nd he who cannot k*">p his precious he*d I pon lua pillow till 'tia fairly light, Jtnrt imi enjojr hi* forty momini winks, la op to knavery ; or ei ? ? he Jrinks. Thompson, who nmj about ttie "Seasons," said. It waa a glonona thin* to rrs? in season. But then he aaiit?lying?ia ?i? bad At ten oYlook a. in?the very reason ?? wrote so oharmmg ly. The a inple faot ia, la preaching waan't sanctioned by hia practice. Tia. doubt.efts, well t h? aomstiinea awako? Awak* to duty, and awake to truth? But when, alaa 1 a nice review we take Of our beat deeds and dais, we find, in aooth, Th? hoara that leave the slightest cause to weep Are those we pasa in childhood, or?asleep ! 'Tia beautifijd to leave the world awhile For tho soft visiona of the gentle night; And free at last from mortal care or guile. To live, as only in theangela' sight. Bleep's *weet raaim ao cosiU shut in. " u?ro, i3>' worxt, we only drtam of *10. So. let -j* si?ep, and give the Maker praise, I lilt" ?h? lart who, when hi* father thought To clip nia mo'inn* nap by hackneyed phrase Of vagr*' t wo in by early songster caught,^ "servM hun right! it's not at all surprising, Tito worm fas punished, sir, lor earl; risitg !" ? ?^.? 3 DaorTH is tui Kxtsijik Sovtd?Fatnint ? "We bare already given some acouut of the ex cesstve drouth and Scarcity of food la Texas. Intelligent from Mississippi and parti of Alabama and Arkansas is no lem distressing The Democrat, published at Columbus. Miss.. says : In tbe Immediate neighborhood of town and throughout the eastern and southern portion of the country, 'he effects of the drouth are plainly to be seen, ard if rain does not come speedily and abundantly tbe remaining hopes of our farmers will be dissipated. la Kast Mississippi, a correspondent write* as follows?I have haraly ever known snch continued drouth Tbe crop* are cut short, and even gardens have failed On last Frldav it commenced raining, and in a few minutes there was a fall of hail, wblch lasted for nvw twenty minutes. It was death to the corn and cotton Tbe lormcr win oorne K> tbe ground, and tbe Lat'?*r mmm cut all to pieces. Tne Little Rock (Ark ) Gazette of th*14th nays: The crops are suffering very much for rain In this ud ttie adjoining countira. and unlets It shall eome shortly the yield will be very much ieeaen*d and in some localities tbe corn crop entirely destroyed. 1 be aews from Texas quite as cheerless as has boen hitherto represented. Everything is being burned to a crisp by tbe scorching rays of the sun Famine is beginning to distress the poor. In several counties tbe people are holding public prayer meetings, and calling on the Lord to bless them with life preserving showers sufficient to avert the threatening famine. Toe condition of affairs are not quite so bad in Alabama.but weareutisiied from reliable sources, that the < rop. of Lastem Alabama and Wes ern ? ii ?.II '?'? ? ? * ?IU wi IW >uori ?1 w??? nftai 01 DOHia couumert. aad if the/e should not be a heavy crop in South Alabama, backed bv low price* in the Weit, there cannot bat be immense suffering for '?the staff of life." ?????? Maryland Politics?A meeting of the friend* of Breckinridge and Lane was held at the Council Chamber, in the city of Cumberland, on faturdav night w?>ek, with a view to the organization of a Breckinridge and Lane Association, for Aliega?vcounty, Maryland The friends of Mr Douglas in Elkton district, Cecil county, met at the Court House on Tutsdty evening last to form a Douglas Culb. and were addressed by John B Rowan, Esq. Nineteen persons joined the club A large number of primary meetings throughout the county have been called for *ae purpoh* of nominating delegates to the State Convent'oo, to n.ett in Baltimore, August 9th. frrioa of the Baltimore Sua says: '"The men who have taken in hand the project of a co-oDera xion 01 ail Uj? political element* hostile to ra'pnblitan ascendancy in the St-.te and itational jfovermneut. are uot party Ua< k?, and seldom meddle with party politlca, and never wove prematurely nor without signal effect They will no doubt give success to this movement, whereby Lincoln will be defeated ' 1?7~ The Chicago Zouave* are to be put to their mettle. Company D, Seventh Regiment, are to go to West Point on Thursday next to give thciu a trial drill. A large party of oilloers ?nd men of the Seventh will accompany them The affair la. as yet, kept quite still The spot chosen for the contest and tue speclatorsh p of the cadets and cificers of the aruty will call out soma tall ' offering." \['r~ Wm D. Totty, of Richmond, Va , who shot his sister-in-law. Misa Thom, because she refused to elcpe with him. has been arrested He asked to visit her grave, wept there, and remarked that he had alwaya told her he would kill her if she did not go away with htm. When the prisoner arrived at the Second station-bouse, and wax put In a cell, he begged the otters to kill him, declaring that he would never survive a trial. if iksa.* ox Exhibition?A New York letter ays Heenan is at length to appear in public He bas signed a contract, by which, in consideration of firm/ tkmtftnm rf "" ~ ^ ur a^rrd lO gl Ve parrmg exhibitions rtiringthe next thre?? months iatuiseity and elsewhere fits first exhibition will be given hari on Monday evening of next week. Th? Kx-Postma<tkk ?A letter in the Savannah News. dated Havana, July It. savs:?"Mr. Kowler, the New York Postmaster, is here, and is going to take a bonse for the summer at the pleasant town of Guanabacoa " ARRIVALS AT TUB UOTBIA NATIONAL HOTEL.?O P Aofx-rt, A!a: J VV Mi'ohei,, Mo, A Leuies. La; VV VViiiiams, I Goodrich G summers, Md. H aiien, Ga; J C Cadney, C Dah ireen. La: L Gordon, Maos; J M P/au, A K-o-i. G VV Sn? 11, C Raonler. O; 8 HanBcom, NY; A > zu >? ?; Z Wetzell and !ady, Mo; A .wiouOi !>i * , T B?r*n, Md: T>ns, l.a; T P?: J bu>r >u?h? and tam. M<*; J H Buivel1, Mrs llatea, Mm Buewe i. Ga; A Barnard, Ve; H Hi lit 1 aid lacju T<-nn; S kueass, G .-turge. C Hty*" O Modsnrj. Pa, VV VV Gaio??, 1>B; t Nobi , t*< ; A J C^l'ins and lad} , Miss, J P Rriaar, Cal; G VV Rarda'i a> <1 adv, H G hanaail, NV: J ( hiutm&n M?1 ftflT, Oft. DRO ' N8' HOTRL-B A L?nde, NY; W 8 I una. Fit: B bfttl. Va. 9 Harunell, Mil*; D Pok, N V; R IK'i It, A Ai<-xfto<lf r. Lft; K Dorftn, U"?N; i C"*?. Nc;LC CHam. Pa: Mitt F, A lubtoa, Vv Mr Btaci *, Md, 8 a Kldaick,J H Kicdick.T Mryre T P*ue<?on, V?; J Moif. Mitt M Mori* T ; J QuftrlM, Oft; ti Rftinet, A Jacktou. Vft, K D pi'rtil. Miu MolMDArt, Mi?? Perrin N Wtlton, A.ft; A Bftnkt, J W M%pi?t V?; W Gibtoo and lj, Mitt; \\ rmh ftod lj, Ala; a Grftce ?nii a mi, lh; \V C BiM, Ga; 1> Lftfl in ftr.d ly. >lrt Wi.itft, Ml. i K Htepheut, V?; W Ada-r ftna ly, SC; R R> ubi?i , Lft: J Oftvta, N>; 1 W.hitcw, O McGmffty, K Cftft*?r, A Btrbcu Vft; L tteiMia*. A ft. KIKKWOOD MOUSE.-R M*th ringhur, Lftj C roi;mton. NV; L W right. DC; 0 Vorhiet, H l. Pat'.eraon and fam, Mo. Or hocwr, l/SN; W Ken n:-4v, Vft; T P L*e. Miaa; B Hawtworth, Minn; O Wiiiiftmnom. V?. WASHINGTON HOU8K -Horn D Rilgore.lwi; J tttftuflar, Pft; W Qurk.NY. (OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Prom tbi United States StUBMTi. Leave. Par. Dan*. ftiderbiit. ?. .New York? Havre July ? Airioft ??..N?v Y'ork. Liverpool Aug. 1 Taatttftia New York... Hfuntmr*.. Aug. I Jnr? New York...Luvarpooi Aug. ? Bremao.New York.?Brerusn An. ? Cfti ada Button. ? Llveroooi auk Axmcu York . Havre Au*. 18 From Bcropk Canada Liverpool... Bo* ton ..... July 14 Illinois H-uih'fton . .JNew V.-rk July >* H tf?r?oaa Liverpool Portaud .Ju t IB C. Washington. .Liverpool... .N ew York ..July 111 Punea Albert 8?:*aj New York... July 21 j??ta .Liverpool. New Y<?rk Jut? it Auetra Mite. .. Liverpool New \ ork . July 21 f,-a?" York.. .Jul) 2uropa bt verpi ol... .Bocton Jnly a nwa . Liverpool .New York.. A u<. 7 Tup Hivtu mail ?u<ainera leave New York oo th# 24. *m, iTth, aad 27ti? of each month. and rfcar leetnr on tl>e *th aud Una. The California mail ?*??"'?r? leave New York on t*?? *i. and 2> th of moata. ????? iVRY" OOOU8 CHEAP LF FOR THE MILLION! ial **?y an-i get ba'cain#. We O"mmenoe toda* e#lUn? off all Kaoor D*aee Bi'ke, O-jaody oh??, Bfwete trench Lawn?. and Organ dy Meauae- by the yard. Figaro* ai d Plain Ha ! *??, at greatlj r^duoad ?neee, man 1 at haif prin?, to redaoe ?*ook thu mootk. * Lao, iu store a full took of fret e aia siap * ana Dom*?tio VuptAd to the general waali of Amiliae. alt uf which we are acting atth? lirwtwli pnoea. J W OOLLEY A CO., lilt Ht M3 ^vecth at..above Pa.av. \V * OAS FIXTURE*. Z\lXns Jn^atare, and ate dUu.j receiving. SAS I A!! V\ ork lath* ?!fy? TiM intruaUd to our oar* wnJ 1* pronptlj ?tto*?W to, ?*r' < ,^,u "lEk8 4 J It???UK? miscellaneous. ft F F I C I A L. Tm*ast7et Dma?tm*ht, July 1?, 1?n. P?oro?ALa will be reoeived it thia Department until the tenth day of September next, pursuant to the following act of Congress: Ax Act to facilitate communication between the Atlantic and Paoifio Stata* by eiectno telegraph. Bt tt fry tke Stnatr. and House of Rtprt.ii*lalirn of the United Statu cj Amrrita m6'mtr *s a^fmbl'd. That the Secretary of tbe Treas11. y, under the direction of the President of the Unitnd states, is hereby authorised and directed to advertise for sealed proposals, to be received fbr ?n <iAr? aft*r the passace of this act, (and the T11 hlinAnt nf vhinh a h a I 1 vna rarh *A K? ra??itn si We parties, as in th? ou? of bid* for mail con tracts,) for the use by th? Oovernmei.t of a Line or line* of mag-ieti? telegraph, to beoonstructed within tvo year* from the thirty-first day of July, eight en hnndred and sixty, from Nim> point or point* on the west line of the State of MiMoari by any route or routes whioH the said ocatractors may elect,(connecting at such poict or points by telegraph with t&e cities of Washington, N w Orleans, Nsw Vork, Charleston, Philadelphia. Boston, and other oities in the Atlantic). Southern, and Western States > to the city of rfen Francisco, in the Slate ot California, for a period of ten years, and hall award the oontract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, provided sueh proffer does not require a larger amount pir jear from the United States than fort* thousand dollars, and permission is hereby granted to the said parties to whom said oontraot may be awardei, or a majoritr of them, and their assigns, to use until the end of the said term, snoh ucoocupied pebiio lands of the United States as may be neoesear* for the right of way and for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said tine, iotexo?eding at any station one quarter section of :and,suoh stations not to cxoeed one in fifteen miles on an average of the whole distance, unlets raid la?di snail be required by the tiovernment of the United Stares for rail road or otinr purposes, and provided th\t no right pre crept sny oi said lands und-r the laws of the 'nlted States shaM inure to s*id company, their agents or servants, or to any other person or per ?vn? whatsoever: Proridtd, That no such oon traot shall ba wade until the raid line snail be in actual operation and payments thereunder shall o?*si whenever the oontiactors Tail to oomplr with the ooutraot; that the Government? hall, at all times be entitled to piioriLj in the ase of the line or tines, an1 shall have the privilege, when authorised by law, of oonneoting said line or dues by telegrapn with any military posts of the Uni?d Stater. ?.nH to uh the same for Uover m-nt purpose*: And rrovuiui alto. Thai said une or lines, exoept anou &< mat bo constructed hy the ttoverument to connect aid line or linos with the military posts of the United States, shall be open to the use of all oiti a ~ns of the United Sates during the term of said eont-aot, on payment of the regular charges for transmission of dispatches: And providedL also. That such oharges shall not exceed throe do.iars for a sing e dispatoh of ten words, with the uauai proportionate deductions upon disp&tahes of c-eater length, provided that no'hing herein o Obtained ahah confer upon the said parties anr exclusive right to construct a telegraph to the Paji fio.or deiar the Government of the Umteil States friiin granting, from time to time, similar fran chisee and privileges to other parties Sec. 2. And be it furtktr That the said contractors, or their assign*. shall have the right to oonstruft and maintain, through any of the Ter ritoneeof the United states, a branch line, so as to o >nufot their raid line or lines with Oregon; and that tney snail have the permanent right of way for said line or lines, under, cr over, any unapproPfiat-xl PUbilO lai.dl avl waters in the ?*i<l T?rri. lories by any routs or root's which the said con tractors may select with tha free nse during the said term ol such lands, m may t>e naceesarr for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said line or lines, not 6xoeedtng, at any station, one quar er section of land, sucn stations not to excced ons in fi(l<?en mi et on an average of the whole distance; but should any of said quarter seotions be de?med essential by the novemment or any company acting under its authority, for railroad purpose*, the said contractors shall relinquish the uooupanf-y ol so much as may be neoe??ar> for the railroad, receiving an equai amount ?f land for like u?* in >ta stea^ . j*ec 9 And he it further enacted, That if,"in any year during toe oontinuanoe of tne said contract, the business dona for the Government as hereinbefore mentioned by such contractors, or their aaeigns, sna.i. at tin ordinary rati of cnarges 'or private messa<es, exeeed the price contracted to be p\id as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon said aooounta being duly autheuti oated, certify the amount of suoh excess to C n great: Prwided, Tnatthe use of the line bs given a' any time, free of oost. to tne Coast Purvey, the Smithsonian institnt.on, and the National Ob?er vatorv, for scientific purposes: And prov d'd furtktr, 1 h*t messai ee received from any individual, company, or corporation, or from any telegraph lines onnneotmg with I his line at either of ita ter mini, sbail be impartial.y transmitted in the order of their reoeption, excepting that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And proviti*d furtk'r, That Congress shall at any time have tne right to a!ter or amend this act. Approved Jane 16, lft6o. The lowest offer for the use of suoh telegraph, for toe public service, will he aocrpted, provided t*>e twrroa And condition* exP'essed i n the aot shall l>e fully sci forth and stipulated in the proposals, which must tie aoeompatned by a guarantee, in oonformity with the 27th section of tne aot of July 1, l?3->, in regard to mail semoe, tm the effect that the line or lines stiall be completed within the time prescribed, and that the shall then enter into obligation to the United Stat-s (or the sertorrnmoe of the servioe for the Government, under said act. at the rates offered in the proposals, huoh guarantee may be in the following form: "The nndersigued residing at , in the State of , undertake and promise that if the Secretary of the Treasury sha!. accept the within pro posals, under the act of June 1?, I860, the line or ine? nf rnn/nAhn 'Ka.l ?. ...... ... t limmi i i r%r W 'III|?I nuu rut into operation on or before the timontatid in ne Mt, and that we will than execute with tlie parties signing the within proposal! an obligation to the l!nite<l States, in due form, aa sure ties for the performance of the aerviee, according to the t?rma and oonditiona oontained in auoh proposal*. " Dated at . The above guarantee must be aooompaaied with the oertificat* ofaLnited States dutnot attornr, or <i atriot judge. s'aling that he la acquainted with each of the persons signing the cu%rantee, and knows them to be men o 1 aufficient property to make gocd tne above guarantee. The proposals and gua>ant e most be sealed up and directed to ''the Secreta-y of the Treasury, Washington, D. C and endorsed "Proposals for l*aoific Telegraph." HOWKLL <TOBB, jy 11 2awUi.\\ AS Secretary of the Treasury. MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! McDONNKLL'S CATAWBA 61NGER WINE! MoDON NELL'S CATAWU A GINGER WINE! Tkis IMieiovs Summer Bevtragi, The Healthful and Tonio Propensities Of whioh are now well known and Uni veraaliy Admitted Throughout the Union. Is Now For Sale in Washington by Jos. w. Davis, 8th and E st*. J.V Cwburn, 13th and H sts. Jas. E. 0'Bri?o,#tb and 1 sts. Wrn. A. Brown, 13th and P aU. W. P. Jonea, Massachusetts av. and .id at. Peter Monaghan. New Jersey a v. aid 0 at. T- Cogar, Pa. av. and JOth st. Jas. Bligh, 11th at. P. M Orme, Pa. avenue. E. K. W kite ic Co., Pa. avenue. n..r. r u...a- u mvmi/ xs* * uiuy , I ? ATVCUO, B Hvm, 4th and H ?ta. George W. Oriw. Georgetown, I>. O. B. L. OITalt, Georgetown, 9. C. J At*. MoUONNEI.L, Jy 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. Proposals for repairing the ^leu TOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, Mi>. TlBUl'ir PBPAltTHHST, J Washisotoh. July IS, U?>.< PaoroaxLa will be i*?oived M this Department until the &i\een th day of September, A. JJ.. 18b\ at ljo'oloek, noon, 'or the repair* of the Customllouee autnorix?d to be repaired at Baltimore, Mary and, aooording to the plana and apeoinoano . prepvred at thia Department. Bidders will be ieq>ured to racei ve tne oid cast iron workdi-p >ne*d with in part payment of the work, at the rate <>f one dollar per hundred pound*, and will be required to furnieh all tAe material and perform all the neoeaaary labor to oomplete the repair* aooordin< to the p an* furriahed. N:n<*ty p*rennt, of the amount of work done and material* delivered according to oontraot prioe (si. * a-r.oaut to be a*o?rtained in the manner pre orib*d by tin oontraot, by the estimate or an ajent of he Department appointed for tbatpurp i**) wi'l be paid moniiilT.aa the work progre??ea. and ten per cent, retailed until the ootnpletion of the contract and aoo-rtanne of the work >>y tJ'.e agent aforesaid, and to he forfaited in the eve..t of nen f-jTltfeut of oontraot. Specifio&tiona and dravinta wi'l be real* on the 15th <>f Augaat, whea tit-y oan be had on application to the Department. The propoaa a moat be aeat to th a Department, addreeaed lo the Secretary of the T*?aaurr ard p aloli endorsed "Pr?9uta.It fn* n mo't Custom kou**,* and will be open-d at one o o otk of the Nat day aamrd tor reviving the HOWELL COBB, jy "7 2%w3w Secretary of th* Troaaury. N^w vofAi.?AftW/N'ST?"~ The Steamer MOffTT VERNON Will lea re wmik, o'clock p. aid New York for Waeh^^^ ^^ incu>n ovor? Saturday, ats o'olook p. m. p^aaeugvra mji join the ship at Alexandria at any Ume bofore the hour of the iUuMr*! dot ait are. N. B.?In the event of the ateamera inability to orooe tfa* t?ar in ooo?e^uenoeof low water, all goods will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the anderugned. " ffStttVWllUNKgA.X ooiaH.MATtT w?torn WharVfca. |\IE\V STYLBB OF RICH. JEWELRY ?H. O* i V HOol) has Jest opened a lane ato*t, which he wi i'ff^rrat very tow rates Therefore those thai are wiebin* to carry homeasyikinc in hia Too as pi ' -onto, will do wwlto oall and eiamw hia et?'k lit 3 m fa. ftvennx. ie ti |\JEW MUBIH reoeiTed aemi-weekly. and for i> f. ELL1B. TRAVELERS' DIBECTOBY. NOTIOE TO^Ojyg.l^AND POTOMAC The oommodioai and swift steamer BALTIMORE, bavins been thoronghly J| ' h overhauled and refitted with new boilers and machinery, to , will piaoed on the abort* rente MONDAY, the 9th of July, and continne daring the bathingnuoii. making semi weekly trips, leaving Washington MONDAYS and THUR^UAYS at 10 o'efook a m. R? turning will leave Norfolk on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS atSo'olookp m., making all the river landings going and returning. rare to Marbury's Pope's Creek 92 no Handy Point- 1J" Blackistone's. 8 00 Quantioo 151 Bluff Print 2JX) Liverpool Point... 1 5> Marsha l's Pavilion 2.00 Boyd's Heie 2 00 Piner Point s.00 Matthias Point.... 2.?iJ Point Look oat... 2.oo To Old Point and Norfo'k 95, ino'uding maa s. Round trip ttoketa to Norfolk and Old Point good for the season. 98 Children under ten years, and ervants.halffare. Freeooiored person* 94 Prsight at nsual rates and must be prepaid. The steamer Baltimore being the fattest boat on the Potomac, eonvey psssengeis to Point Ldk>k out iu 0 hours, making the trip dcjwn this beautiful river by daylight. For tiokets and further information apply on board to Cant. CHAM. R M ITC H RLL. or nt th? n., - pany's o(te?,oomar Penn. avenue an?l Sixth street, nnder the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTINGLY, General Tioket Agent iy 6 7t (Int.) Potomac Steamboat Com pan v. N CAPON SPRINGS. EW and improved route via the Manas saa Gap Rail Koad and the Strae- CTf ? . burg and Capon Tarnpike.ACffc U|i only 18 miles of staging a ooiufortabte and safe road. Leave Alexaadria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m.t take the Ma> a*ae? oars at the junction, arrive at Capon by 5 o'clock p. m. 1 are from Alexandria to Cap<>? From Washington to Capon ? 5W For informa'ion enquire at the Rail Road Office I oorner of Sixth at. and Pa. av.,'n Washington. *i:d at the Ticket Office on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy 12-dt2"th Aug. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. O ITASHiyGTOlf BRANCH. filgBM Changs or Hours. ON AND A.FTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1880, trama will ran as follows: Leave Waabington at 6 20 and 7 40 a. m. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 5.30 p. in. On Sunday at 3 30 p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4 JO p. rn. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take tnuna at 6Jn and 7.4" a. m and 3 an p m. For the VVest at?4" a. m and Sjn p. m. rot nnimponn si i.vj & m- ana 3-w p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the$.20 p. m. tram goe? to Philadelphia only. i? 13-?1 T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THRBB DAYS with thb CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. m ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBIRB: Virginia and Tennessee, East 'J ennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Gecrgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, ffew Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thenoe br First oiaaa Packets to New Orieana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstolaas Paoketa. Mot-iie to New Orleaoa by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SPJIDat? Jwcixdkd, Leave \Yaahin?ten at 6 a m and ? p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave- her whart foot of Seventh atreet at a. m. and p. m. and oonneota at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Traina lor the Sonthwaat. Office? Pennaylvania avenne, ooruer of Sixth at. RA0SAQK CHBCKKD TBSOUOH TO NEW 0RLKAH8. Lynchburg >8 50 Memphia .... $31 Oo jjriatol Atlanta 2B 00 Rnoiville aoc* Maoon..? 28ft) Chattanooga.. 24 00 Culuinliu) si 50 Da:ton 24uo Montgomery... ....MM Runtaville 27 0<i T via Meritphia.42 SO Grand Junotion3D or. N.O.> viaM. Juno 42 so Naahviile 25 fit'I \ via Mobile 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL &ad ia aoo MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS I a. r ra? i aa ? ? in n.nri than any other l.iae? the Lynchburg Extension being now o<imp!ct*d, a? aJao the Miaaiaaippi Central, making it the Q VICE EST A Nl) MOST PL EASA ST R O VTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It u provided with Firat ciaaa Sleeping Can! (To New (>TleaLB 7)1 Houra MeiUpiilS. mm m . mm m . .M UO? Montgomery 33 do. Naahvilie 46 do. JETThe U.S. MAIL~and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over thia New Line. Xicketa oan be obtained at tha Suuth Weatem oe, oorner of Sixth etreat and Pennayivania avenue, to the following pointa.Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntiville. Grand Jpnotion, Maoon, Naahvilie, Daltom. Coluralrua, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. \rr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VI HO IXIA SPRINUS. rZTOmni bate# and Baggage W&gone leave ti?e offiof at 6 a m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket A gent, ma 2S-tr Corner Sixth ?t. and Pa. *v. The STEAMER JAS. GUY WiU rerame tier trip* on TUESDAY, 21 et of JT** Februarj, 1380. Will leave WASH IN ?TON every fUESDAY and^"1^ " FR11) A V, at 8 o'olook a. in..and ALEXANDRIA athaTf-pute o'olook. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Lan'lini*. On her return tripe, he will leave Cl'RRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. Ll'CIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSHLA*'t. Alexandria^ fe^_ pa8sa6e, m^n&^m fc al8 and stateroom. cr.fto. The New York ana Virginia Screw Staaouhlp Gompaqr'a new and elegant ateamahip MOllNT VKRNON. C.*.ot T r will leave the Company's Depct, tern Whir vee, at 1 I'o'clock a. m every W EDN K8DAY, and the Company's Depot, at Aloxandna, at S o'oiook p. m. same dav. Passengers from Washington and georgetows oaa taka the coaches oonnebiing with Alexandria teamboat* or railroad, wbich leave the oorner of Tth street and Pa. avenae hourly, or they oan leave on the steamer from the Westers Wharves at II 'oiock a. m. State rooms oan be encaged on aaeiioation te Messrs. Morgan Sc. Rhinehm, Western Wnarvea Freight will be reoeived op to the hoars of d*?ar TCr insnraaoe will be effected on all goods by tbiclineatthe oRoe of the Company at H per oest premiam. The aooommodationa for pessnngers by this lins are in every respect hrst-o ass, asd every eflbrt wi! be made to render this oommun!option with N*W York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLB M CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO.. aat-ly M Weetet.. oorner Albany, riew York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOQMIS Has closed his offioe for the season, *n<i will be iU?ut. as jsual, Uunii* the sum rner months ; will resume practioe about the 1st of uovjimr, 01 wnion lurther nottee will be given. u Ddkntihtry. r. Hi LLS, after a praotioa! tMt of two years, feels that he oan with oonfidenoe r?oom-^M| mend the Cheoplastic Prooess for lnsertirij^MBSp artifioiil teeth It has the advantages or?^ strength, beauty, oleanliness,and cheapness. fall upper leu inserted for |K. Partial in proportion. Office 306 Pa^avenne. se7 F'l RE, FIR V.. PO TO M AC WATER. 1 am still eniared ia the PLUMBING and GAS FITTING HUSINKSS at my old stand in Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water was readtl v ob*erv*it at the fire of yesterday, as 1 am well satufi'd 1 should have be*n burned out but for the bountiful snpply upor my premises and t.h*t of my neighbors Al! orders for the introduotion of Water and Gas will be prompt'v attended to. Terms as reasona bte as any plumber in the oity. jy 3 C. 8NypER 275 ALkEN . 275 JACKSON, r L A 8 T E- R E R 8 , P?NXk. Avksuk, n?>wwn i'/m >nfl inn w?W. je 19 DURE OLD RYE WHI8* Y.-On hand mtn* MT brand* of Pare Old Rye Whit kj. Copper Distilled. made by the moel relit!> diatilleralfi P*onaylvama, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pa re. Bra^T. par# HoHaad Gin. oU Jamaica and St ?p )*-W Pa av.. Kftw <Hn and tff?E ?t?. 1AN08.-URKAT BARG AlNh-??ne Roa?nkraats Piauo. in Seel order, tor On" aix oetavH tiaele Piano for #?>. a ieo|BBH| 1 very good Prinoe Melodeon for #3H. Kor'Il 111 T " ~0-KUiiM T^yMSToir* m MMDIGOHB. WKE WHAT AYBRH 8AR8APARILLA * DKRAXGEVRST olrrHE LITER. 8ton'i Cmmuw, I Talladega Co., Ala , Aug 9, 38.i Dr. J- C. Aftr. L&ttfll, Mast.?Sir : 1 take my pen to tailyon ?W yoar >A KHA PA Rl i-LA and CATHARTIC PILLr have done for ? . 1 nad been afflicted with Liver Complaint for aix year*, during wluoh I wai wall, and much of Uie time very tick. Mt Liver waa nor* to the touch, and, the doctor* >aid. waa eongeated. I Buffered from aevere ooativeneaa ar.d rtiarrhcea alternately. My akin waa and unhealthy : mi eyea and akin often yellow. Oocaaioaally I bad a voraoiona appetite, but generally none at all A dreadfm aen action of oppreaaion on my atomaoh, with lanx nor and a gloomy aenaation of aiokneaa all over. V ept me in anguiah. Yon oan*ot know how much 1 *uffered from an indaaoribable feeling of diatreea The long oontinnasce of thia condition, without relief, had worn me out a* that i never expected to be better; but reading, in the Chriatian Advooate, of your Paraaparilla, I oommenoed taking it, with ooeaaionai amall doaea of vonr Pilia, to regulate the bowela aa yon direct. From the firat, it had more effect ap?n my diaorder than 1 auppoaed anything o *uia have. l regained inj health rapiuiT, and bow. after eleven weeks, eatoy as good heaitti and strength a* any other man May me "Disperuter of All good" shower blessings on you J oils W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER ?c CO., Lowell, Mass. it 13 ?? itr 1?/ m O^b JL La CA5 T m 1I1?[\EWELL'S UHIVEESAL COUGH ESMSDY, For alt Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Compt<tints, Prom Neuralgia through all oaaes where Opium was ever used to that of lVltnum Tremens, and the oommoa ohief oause of Disease . LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne, though containing not a partioleof Opium, produoes all the requirement* of, and may reused in al! oases wherever Opium was B?e<l without producing anything but Cure*, and leaving the patient in aperfeotly natural s ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freod from ail the common objection of ?'ough Remedies, whioh f roduce nausea or prostration.) may be considered hs common enemy to ail Throat and Lang Comd lirtii. and na*ri with r>prfpi*?t imnnr.itr a?kln? all to court from proprietor* or fneoJ* the mort severe investigation or both Remedi?a, and readme of oar pimphieU to be louud with alt deaters. aud more particularly to purchase only of those who ovn be depended upon, we ?ait in confidence the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prioea within reaoh of atl " SENER&L AOKItT*. J. W. Hdmniwill & Co., ? and 9. Commercial Wharf, Boston, G*o. Hcn.nkwxll, 143 Water at.. New York. Under the special supervision of JOHN L. H(JNNEWELL,Chemist and Pharmaoeutiet. Boston, Masswhose signature covers the oo ksofthe genuine only, and to whom address all communications. Sold by all respectable dealers every where, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. mar 26 V>.r " Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. 'HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specifio Remedv For Diseases or the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL.and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine increases the power of Digestion, and excites the AB!*OR BKNTS into healthy ao tion,by whioh the WATERY OR CALCEROU8 de|K>aUion?. and all UNNATURAL ENLARGE .flMTS are roduoed. m well as PAIN ?n?l INFLAMMATION. a"d?ia good for MEX, WuMEX, OK CH1LDM&X. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU. For Weaknesses Arising from Exoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abase, Atten'Ud wttk ik* foilowi** Symptom* Indisposition to Exertion, Loaa of Power, Loaa of Memory, Difficulty of Brtat>>ing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, ; Universal Lassttodeof the Muscular StsWhi, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. | Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe. PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, which this > medicin* mvariaM* removes. ?ooti foJInws IMPOTRyCY, FATUITY. FPILEPTIC FITS, i lj? OltK of Which thk Patikitmat Espim W ho can aay that they are not neatly followed by thoat "DIREFUL DISEASES." MNSAMTV AND CONSUMPTION.'* Many are *ware of tfte o&use oi their nrffenne. BUT yONK WILL CONFESS. ? THK RECORD8OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And thf Af<Innckoty Dtaths by Consumption Bf?ar ample witue?? to the truth of the n?a?rti<>n, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORUANie WEAKNESS Requires the aid of metlioine t<> atrencthen A nd I nvieurate the *y atom, Whick EXTRACT BUCHIJ mrart mvmua A TRIAL Wtl.L COITTWCK TH* MOST SKKPTICAL. FKM A l,E8? FE M A LKB-FEM AI. E8, OLD Ok YOUXU, SjytiLR. MARRIED, ON COyTEMPLATiyu MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, tv<e extract Bucha ia uueojM^d by any other remedy, as in ChNroeia or Ketertion l ? j ; - " mcfOiariv/, ratUIUUICBB, SUpprOBBIOIl UI tUI tomary F. valuations. l!'aerated or Scirrhous state of th* Uterus, l,euoorrh?a or Whites. !<teTi.!ity, and for a I complaints incident to the s x- vhetber arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Disei(?atii>n, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. 8xk ?t*ptom? above NO FAMILY SHOL'Li> Ufc. WITHOUT IT Takt no mort Balsam. Mercury, or templmrmut Mediant fur unp-eat'inl and Ita*ttrxrui IHf'tittt. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU SECRET Did E ASE8 In <U! their Stages. At little expense; Little or no cuange in Diet; No lnoonvenienoe; And no Exposure. It ^anees a frequent desire am lives strength to Jrinate, thereoy Reinovinc Ut<etruouon?, Prevention and ouriox Strictures of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and Inaamir.ation, sv frequent in the ojass or diseanen. and expelling all Fen son out Dineaiifd. and worn cut Matter. TUnrrv a v r?? iipnx ri/nccj vnc . ? , u v a V|> < who havx bef.wythk victim* of qcack8. and wtto tiav paid heavy feti to be cored in a *uort time, have found tiiey were deoeived. and that the * POISON" haa, bjr the dm ?f"fowu?rL uteibeen dried up in the tyctein, to break out in an aggravated form,and P RRHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hklmbold'* Extilact UrcHcfor all affections ana dueaae* of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAl.UOR FEMALE. From whatever oau<e originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Disease* of th"*e organ* r*auireth?ai<l ota IHurtXi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE bREAT DIURETIC. And is oertain to have the desired effect in all Disease* FOR WHICH iT IS RECOMMH NDED. Fridenre the mott reliable and responsible charter wtil aooompan* the mediofee CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Prom 8 to 20 years' itaadtaf. With Nam*? wow* to SCIENCE AND FAME. Prim *1 OO ? tv???l. " . - - ? ~ -w ? ? ? !">- ?" V.) WB VSA V" ' W?. Delivered to any Address, seourely packed fro observation. Discaiss Stmptoms :h all Commttnications Cares Guaraaterd Advice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, aa Alderman of theeity of Phi'adelphia.H. T. Hslm sold, whobeing duly sworn, doth say. his prepare'ions oo?tain no narootio, no m?roury, or other injurious drags, bat ere purely vegetable. H. T. HKLMBOLD. Sworn end subsoribed before me, this 33d day of November. 18M. ^ WM P. HIBKKRD, Aidsrnui*. Ninth street, above Race, Phi!a. Address letters for information in o<>:;fidenoe to H. T HELM BOLD, Chemist, Depot. 104 South , bet Chesnat. Phil*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to dispone or THaia own" and "other" articles on thx r kputation attain Helm hold's Genuine Preparations, " Extract Buchu, .. Sarseperilla. " " Improved Rose Wash. gold by S. B. Waitb, 4'i?? Seventh street, and S. C Foan. Jr, ooruer Pena. avenue and Eleventh fttreet, cutoit me aavertmement ana aeua tor it ANDAVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE, ap 4 eolT i Engineers office. ALixumu, June 26,186". M ANAPSAS GAP RAILROAD. 8<X HUNDRED M E.N WANTED on the line of this road from Mk Jackson to Hairiaoaburg. W*p* #1 a Jay; b ard S'O ppi month. For information, lo., inquire of WM. S. FEWELL, Company'* < Alexandria, ja28 dtJT2ii.lstwAuf.kl?IwSep. WASHINGTON t W (FIRE) ? INSURANCE COMPANY. Aremtu and Tenth Strut. s7c. MoGUIKB, President 6- D HANSON. ttoer??ry. maT-aotr W fl\X7 UIB IUBB/\fro?\ uruiAittaiA Hv ?t tJ u iim A v v JBIi T* niUllI^QD\iAliC?9 ' These a.:e.iffered to the pabhe M tMl moet r.mple. dnrnbie, and reliable lot nerer ?nt in 1 nee. Fir-toia** premium* i.&ve been awarded them jr.* unite Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, *0., fro. la erery oaee where OUbited they nave received ft ret olaea premiums t Eh'red9!*1 avenne, Depot of Billare ( Jelt-lT0* *** * C. PATTIffON. AmL PRIME COST.- Organdie, J My. net. Bemi, ' a Grenadine, and Bilk Robe*, from two to oiae 'TOWfrom'thTs^lar forward offer oar entire | took of tbe tnw? ynr.d at eoat; bo mora will be a?k?d (or any of them. We kave none through oar ; Dress (roods and maikeddowo most n? this kind of gooda; and we reapeotfally aolioit all in want of . rioh Dress Rood*, at very low prioe*, to an ex- i 3a"""iaVLoi? niTciiwN.1 msciLmnpous. / J? <r W050MT: V V A ( ^ Q DISPATCH! Sare the Nun! A* mccidmxt wilt 4*rrf, mn tm ?mU-rtniAttd fmmiius, it ia r?rj deairahle to bar* aome oMt; and oonrenient way for repamac Fanulare, Tort, Crockery, Jko. SPALDING'S PRKPARED GLl * meet* a.'! aneh emwrfiwiM. and no hoaeebotd wb afford to be withoat it. It ie a v*t? ready and ay t?' the auokina point. There ia no ionyer a nee? 2lkl AVI 11 III p t i< p> UIHIIIVf HlfllUK-i n? Tvavi^vt ?i ? ! out, and broken oradlea. It it iaat the article fur *one. shell. and other ornament*, work, to popular with ladie* of refinement and taete. Thia admiral).e preparatim> ia aeed oold, being ohenuaally held in aotuUon, and poaeeeain* ail the E liable % oali tiea of the beat oahinat make re tine, ma; be used in tha p %^e of ordiaary maoilace. Ing ra?tiy mora adheeive. M VSB?VL IN KfERT HODSE." Prict, 26 oenta. N. B ?A Bruih aooompaniea each bottle Wkoiirmit D*pot, No. 49 Cedar atraet, New York. Addreaa HENRY cThPALDING A COBox No. 3,600. New Vol*. Pat up for Dealers in Caeee containing Pour, Kijrht, and Twe. ve Doaen?a beautiful Lithographic Show Card aooompacyioc eaoti package. fCT 4 5>a?ie bottle of SPALDINV'S PRE PARED aLVE will tare ten umea tu aoat an cuai.y to every hon?eh<>id.^/~Tl Sold try all aioiniceut Mtatiocera. Draggiata. Hardware and Furniture Peaiera, Grooara, aad Fancy Storea. Country merohante should make a note of SPAL Dlytt'S PRE PAR EP GL VE. when makinr a* their liaC It will atand any nil main. l> iu-ly y/SSaSnSSSI r Or* *$?} ? ^ > ;<*? n^wiitJr v i 74* U n I formtb* {tA* rnd+mt T*M? :<? * ^ ' lUi'Tfr mZ'*? fVfc? *ftkr Jf~. -<?*?.,) /" ? I >7Q0 . < if,rT""^ h\ ? f/ < z V a prt~?t <mi} tmi M l? i ?*. 1 <t*a Sll*i-f^=^=2s?i 1 ! %$? * ?R?*e&&aifclf '7r%c/ .,/ ?4U i? i? r4? /*??'? r? ?. h $ rr . ' *At*0 . rjk .V L'tnaai ?L7#Mf ftp 4r #'?< rt???o?^? u: ' #p? Mr <4* fV till/. ?? ' f 91 i <%&* i ^ Sole?roj)rietor.| / kjsszz)) / 4 .3/ CAUTION. PURCHASE'S SHOULD BE CAREFUL . IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MflCVjifWU WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEWTORK. hOR SALE IX WjSHIXGTOy BY P IT HARBOUR k PEMME8. PARAFFINE OIL, THR CHKAPEST LIGHT KSOW\' We a*e now rwwmui Pa-aline Oil direct from the works in western Virrina. The quality of it i? excellent. producing a ateadv, bril.iant and beautiful light, and more pleaaant to th? eyea than/aa light. Thia Oil i? free fri'maduteratloc.and very much more eoonomioal than many of the Coal Oi.a need at Una time. IO- It ia in no way explosive. We keep a.?o a auppay of the moat approved ati 1m of LamM, to., for burning tltit Oil. KIN'/ A BVRCHELL, Agenta for it* aa'.e for the District of Columbia, Corner Hfteouth at. and Vermont av. tf reat Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 LflVK HUNDRED TRAVKLI.NG TRUNKS r arrived thia day, embracing all ?nali-Mw*?n tiea and anea of Sole Leather, LadiesMrinft Dreaa and Packing Trunka. Our tmnk *11 alea room exhibits at thia time the greatest variety of tr*v?irag requiaitea at moderate pnrea. to be found thia aide of New York, Aiao, every deeonp tion of LADIES' HAT BOXE8. VALICES, CARPETBAGS. SATCHELS, Jko. dr"0'.d Trunka repaired or taken in exohange for new one*. _ WALL, STEPHEN8 * CO? Trunk Sa ea R oom. mar31-ti Stf'i Pa. avepue. fREEMAN ? SIMPSOHJ W? offer for sale the Above standard brand of fne Copper Distil led-Malt?<r Rye W hisky, j? barrels end nalf-barreis Aa it la of oar own distill* tion.and hifhij improved by u?. we oorfrleiiCy reonnnneudit u the rcsx?T and beat Whisky tbat oan possibi y he diati!led. Wiilio offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands. from the Largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the L' mted States FREKMAN k SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on tne Scbuy.kill river, Phua. Office*-96 Wall street. New York r%od 10* South Front street. Philadelphia. mar 9-ly 279 T,:Kr.ST?l.M' ~ 206 PA. AVE., FOREIGN FRUITS, PA.. Avb., , 1-4 Beta leave to oall the attention 'of bis fnendsaa4 tne public genera.ij to his New Store, nndei WUi&rcrs Hotel, jnst opened, In connexion with kia oil establishment, where he wt.1 be ha pa/ to raeeive any orders for sapenorConfcoeoas of kis owi importation. P-ftSiteiriR J'isrt 2KER-. Mfc ? tmitabfeitTie, with tiTe ?an>e romptaea ted dIL Htwik wv M. Iinliw hithnrtn iHnvii iwl liALTlMUK E LIFE I.NblRA.NCK CU.-lN D cuifotind 1830 ?Joas L Doh&ldmk, PreeJ M. Oocltk*. Seo'y. Bvn Descriptive pamph eta nmj be ot.Uuned at the Coinp?nT'? Apenoy for the District of Ci' umb.v ofcoe of l.ewia Johnson k. Co., Bfti kan. loth street ami Pena. arena*. J. W. MAG ILL, A tent, n H MfHwirW. n H?H KirV ?fe??>ott t.l.C.UXil. (. I. HOTt. I. k 4mi. LAMA*. Hon ? Holly 8rain*, Kim,. Will practice id the Hijth Court of Lrrori and Ay JACOB REED, Miniicmn or MILITARY CLOIHIH8, Co ansa. Sscond *? Sravca 8*a., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTH* FOR 8ALK. la?M? 12,000 t to attention ?F$a nbho to o?r>*f?ar4 wiU whiou wn gnanuiUn tFSe eurajiuo*. will txi old on renactmbln terms In order to nafc* poon. for our pruu (took. Giro u * oal nt U?e Utai'T. Bottlini Depot, I Wo. H firwn ?t.. fttomtowi All Dwcnpttoiii qqp.ay^ " fnicitriso direct from the mtMn nulls bj j joy * METcilf. to H&ith'i Whnrf *?fc*n? <wiw I't*h ?t. Htitmwro. mi. DAIUS* BUTTER IN BALTIMOK^-W* D ana nt nil mmom atthrmr ?mJj yo? with ever* grnde of Butler, vet* oh< <>?v WeMntoM now m low nn ton oentn, nnU from Unt np to tie 1" Tittt&r&rissi* MAP1CLNK& |Jk. L' luriNoni Mm IMmnmtd *U mm Atimi. ?r?^? **+ #! J/wmu t^rnUy m th? *mr*. FOB. ALL Dl?HA*t:n OF lMPftl'DKMCft. let no false dYLicacy phwfmut APPLY INNLU ATKLY. A CCKK WAHKASThl. OA HO CHAM*, in PKUM OUS TO TWO DAYS. WmtoMiarui ** * 0?kt:i-J WinN>..N>, Pwh^U ^ Wfcrttt rw>i -/IJ.^ n ?Titi Ti in T - irti i D.nctM af Piffc- at*. l>iaaaaa ( IK ll>< T' f?l, n Ik , alicmriilm ltip ^?h TwriMt DimMik tfio( ?? ?!*?? Bakaaa T(U?iteM I>a.u'a, ul IHnncuM PracucM ?* <Jt (?r Ki>ni|< wpatikii. ?d wirft Mj ' < MW? TO?M Mil BapaaiaUy ka?? kacawa a? nnwi af fcrnt" V ?, Mk?: draadf* m4 daaraa.ra kaki' ?ki<) untul aaaar. a* a uwin?lf fri'i :I>?m iti af Tmj | Mar af ca? naaa. aa tita* lataa.i* l>4 MHaMMattact. aka a .f fc aiteraat kax a?iraa:ad ?< ' >m Saaataa *1111 tka .aaadara w iimmm a* ????< ? aaaaaay aka i'viuf .jm, rt? aaii ?ia h. Mat' mm. MAMBUAB auiu rwn a* ra?| mai nn>| m? ' Jl, Mn( ivanW fkHMtl ?hU?m Hf>M 4aa. .*>. Irwnw'w, lc4 a pa*' it <ar*d ?M (lUM tuna*/a?4M ita ! ? ' Pt J aaar rat.** aa.' j eaaita* la kaa har-at aa (aatlaw* ami aaaMafcMr f<f apau ha a? ' aa a pftfa<ri?n OPTICS Ha T lOfTI ritl Uli IITIItt W ka?< aid a fa"if fraa latuMN air a a a b? <aiia Hmm a tai l' ?\.i aal vaakaara* aa?? aad aaakM bauaaa ka paU aad kaataia a itaaf DB JOBBVTUB, Maakara aflka Laf al (a. if a afMarfaaa*, LaMaa |fi<?a?* fcta aa* af |ka ii aai a mai'i CMMfMia Ua la ta' lutaa i I tta f ra-'.ar p* rt a'wKaaa 1'a aai< a* aa laatai a IUM af Laaia ( ana , ft la . a } >a a?aa?Mra. kaa af hctad aatna af ifca a.aai aatat.iai.lag caraa ifcat vara avaa |aa?n, laiaif traafelad * k r' | ( la a- ' >daar> Vbaa aaaaat, (ra,; i.arraaa: aaa * > aUrraad ?| aaidaa aaaada, kia 'al. aaa a fra aaat I oat >f a iar >d awar ??aa viik danuaaaai af .. nil. *?M tata tr.>aa4iata.? nu riariccuk iwrv . tm i Han a?4 acfcata *b? maraa ?t a Mruu praauca uJi fi4n a. ana?? kafeu fra.jaaaUf *4 f? 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Ifcids a~4 T&eiri u"c<<Miuii} id iim praouoe Jur z< v?*ra r>eiore we percbaeeil of bia the aoi? i if fit to ma<i?ilMtirt and preeei.t tbeta for ?a e u> t Tip lubiio. Forth* + cu e of Iue.p ei.t Conaumptiot}, ludigeetion, Pt* pepsi a, PiIm, Nervoua l-erra.e Com plaint*, and a<i c4m '??ii'uk; atoms. IWf ??? he jond d"uM a nm?! mvaJaab.e r*r?d}. Aeioe fr??? taeir medicinal pmo?ru#? they ?re a pur?, vbv.f aom? auc d^ ifctitiii. Beverage. prodaoia* a ' vh?? pieaaan? fjhilvr.tini ?ff?cU of B'andy or W:r? without their injuriove raMilta. let a . friends of humanity and at- ad vuMtta of temperance aeaJr' ua to aur bUUiinc \auaoi? V~fetable Bitter* for the mimerml patcnf and *dw4trT*tr*t with which the oountrj la flooded, and taerHir *t f?c* ai?i In b*n vhinc LMseane ajid Dm at *m? Iron the land. CHARLES W( DDI FIELD It CO.. Proprietors .7* WiUit* atreet, New York. J. &CHWAKZK.JUeat, W Mhincttw, iTc. JIH. J HUVKS POD?7 imperial oix bitters. For Dlof the K U r.M ? B fc<uei %'.d L'niiary Organ*. and eepeeta.iy for K?Ml> Ohatraet?)o*. never fail to cure, and are nrruwd to g;va eati? *?<$ a RLF.X Wl DDI FIELD 4 CO., Kroprietora, T!? Wul>ain at., New S'ork. J. HCHWARZK. j?T ly J Agent. Waahutf ton. D. C. H16HLY IMPORTANT TO ALL ! m as. cors indiax vegetable vrcoction. It la **11 known tuat in the fprmg paopte more apt to ooiitract dia?aee ti an at aar othar ft-'."'. \u>. ii e^ua t we,.-kn< wi hat the war to wa.~l off diewwae it to keep the blood para, for "a t. i that fleah if t.eir t<>," ariea ! r<'ii) impon n in un viwo, um mud iprint o( oar nuUbm. it i*. therefore, importact t< a,. tt at the ahould be thoi'-urfc.y ?1eaiiee^ ate pu tfied. aod thi* oan be doue m ta- wort effect ua waj ! t?ini MHS M COTS INDIA> T*UKTJLBLM LF COCTIOX, the >*>at remedy diacovered lor the oera of diaeaaee of 5km, F.ryaip- ,a?. f*cro(u!a K brunt* Lira, Nervoua Deoiiity, Fever* of different k.uda. Dyapep*y, Lirer Complaint. and all other diMMn aria nig from impurity of the bio?d. It baa effected the moat rema'kat'ie et.ree, a# oan tie afeown !>y nameroaa oertifcoatea from persona ?f the b*.c mot respectabuit*, and la recommended by ali *4o have ua*<l it aa the moet invaual/.e remedial acect ol the da*. [T/"lt la aoid by ail the Druct'.ata of BaiCmor*. Mat the reeitlecoe of the arnpnOTor. ?i MRP. M. COX. T* 18* Eaat Va timore street, liat II *?/4*n a?p*Ai -? None Rename unleec her name u biowt on the bottle and her aeai on the oork. frTPr.oe 91 per bottle, aiz for R&. Wkoltsale Arm:. R. 8 T Cimkl. bracelet. Georgetown, 1). C., Who:eeaie Agent for Ue Die trict, and will aupp; the trade at my pnoea. mar 27-tr y IK ALL 8VFFICIENV VIRES TRIIIKHAR, frt'ttti by hovtu Littrrr Pnttn: nf kniimmd, mmd t>y tki St*Is of ikt Eer>U it Fkmrmmru 4a fart'. and ik* lmw*nl CoiUt$ tt rt'wa. No. 1 ta for extian^boi., "r* *? rhxa, and *11 ehyaiea; Ci?at: "jfi. No. 9 oorrpleteiv eradcatea all traaee of theee diaeaeee that have beets hitherto treated b? the dm eoaaand pernioioae oae of oopana aid ocbebe. No. 71 haa entirely rupp:aiited the injanoae aae pi mercury. th?r*by icaurinf to the *??-?>' relief, dieperair.f ail impariOee, and rooting oat the TrT^V1?TTno.i .Maud s,are p-epared In the forir. of a loaeufr, devoid of taete aM amei , asd oau be earned ;n the traiatooat pocket. Bold in Ua oaeee. and divided into eeparate rioeea, aa adaunie terec by Va.pean, ta^enmrd. Ronx, h leord, he. Prtoe $ j eaoh. or fear aaaee fer f 9 vhieh eavea fa ajil id 977 oaeee, whereby there a a atviiw of m. vholeealeyxd rrtaioi Or. B4Jt|LOw, im nimcigiiirNljIOIir Ooor* MiOV tr*et. New York. lram*d:Mo;T op rwirrni ft r? Htt&no?, Dr Bftrrow will forward tie Trmiair to m* Mrt of tha world, Moirei; jack ad* tad Mdr??MMi ftocordm* to t>? ortruction* of ti>e WTttar, b; 8. calve*t puho. C miD $ -tfcai? ^iSooSft, CordiAM, &m ftfl firt*^/friftftoaSS' "rofctb ?Uj iff*iT??r "hi ft e. foe btampin* . frtm ? a packet op papbft . | ^ and envelopes NO to matce. charge metropolitan ^ ^ pUUK8ivRK< * . _, PHI CP 4 SOLOMONS. _ AfetlU for C*c'i o<M?hrftt?4 LtMB fl>M?. J? ?****^ t*P?^'llfwf aft *?d m MB. 1 n. I " ? " 4 Uf* Lu?b HiMWttBO. 1U t, 10-4 |1 4. Mdli ?CuCIOa WhM(W>i, Ki0.\ d OB A H??' DniihAr A DwIumwi ud . bmm* FronUn* ?u<! LImm. TowiliBf in wwr. TAb.e U ? ioc kiaa, loo bibo^b Bup^nor make* 01<?eh?4 r??on?. MB iiwd i?awi.* tl ISH o*nt? 25 i ifi^i wilt* Bud C?*.or?4 yt?MH. ( B/iiBk' ajmI Miiim' \\ hits (\iUiin II na> Wlii' G?A*li~in vmri*ij. ^u?w ?i'.k aad yT?uofc LAM HUI M, B?om<I Sk rU. 9l5 MiU *?.. Ac , ri>Hw< Ml ,.fg ' w bT taylok > >'. r? ri'iHKc ^ ppmptiial

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