Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1860 Page 1
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# (?kiitu0 ^twc, . . V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JULY 27. 1860. N?. 2.321. * THE EVENING STAR IB PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 1 If A St., t W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in packa??e by oarriere it f< a year, or SToenU p?r month. To mail subscribers the ^io? ia #3.5> a year, t? odeamc*; #2 Tor aiz month*; 91 for three month?; and for leee than three months at the rate of 12 cent* a week. Smile oopiee, omcbxt; in wrappers, two ckmts. Adti*thim?5t? shoild be sent to the oSoe before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear til tie neat day. THK BELLE'S I need to think sometimes that Kate was made of sunshine. She had the moat unclouded brow I ever saw, and her eyes shone with a light that proved they had alwajs been accustomed to look on the bright side of things. Her father was a man of great wealth, stern in his bearing, and proud of his position in the world. Her mother was a small, timid, fairy-like creature; and I do not believe these two people, ao totally unlike each other, could have ever lived happily together had not Kate been sent as an equalizer between the two extremes. Their love for her was the only sentiment they had ever felt in common. The home of the Howards was a grand old place, long since past that newness so suggestiveof carpenter, of ohipa. of mortar, of lumber, plaster and paint. One could lie down under one of the grand old trees in front of the bouae and fancy a thousand romances connected with the stately manor, rearing its white walla near. At the back of the house lay the garden; and as the pruning paaaion was } never admitted there, it wm a man ot clambering vinea, trailing roses, ivy-cloaked oaks and beds of myrtle, instead of the pri^ tree* trimmed till they looked like hopeless old tnaids with huge green sun-bonnets on their heads: ruses snatched from nativ* ?mr?i made to grow over wooden hoops, or nondescript devices made of string and shingle; with myrtltf clipped to resemble a milk-pan fall of greens, and ivies torn down and cast oat as intruders?which is the style of the modern garden This was Kate's favorite haunt, and in the shade of the old cherry trees, under the branches of which were placed a rustic seat, did she spend the few hours she devoted to meditation or day dreaming. An only child, with great personal attractions. and the heiress of a large fortune, suitors were, of course, plenty. But Kate seemed proof against all of Cupid's shafts, however It ? - * '?? - weu directed mere certainly was about the young lady the most chilling air of indifference. when she did not care to make a friend even of a lover, that ever woman wrapped herself in. An iceberg were twenty times a# approachable; and whoever the unlucky wight who dared to venture near after she had assumed this manner, was sure to go away feeling as if the mercury had suddenly fallen from fever heat to zero. Hospitable in the extreme. Col. Howard frequently invited guests to sp<?nd several weeks at a time at his house ; and himself enjoyed leading the fishing and bunting parties gotten up at such times, and delighted to display his own unbroken progress in the manly sports and games the young men diverted themselves with in the long summer twilights. One evening as he sat upon his front piazza, chatting with a young Dr. Bell and Mr. Ross, both guests at his house, the evening stage drew up at the foot of the la"Wn, and a young i man alighted Kate, who was standing in the front door, watohed him as he came up the Walk, and as k* mnnntwl ?K? >' >??? turned the distant bow he made her with one quite as formal, and with a slight gesture said my father is yonder, sir."' The colonel rose as the new-comer approached, and glancing over the letter of introduction the latter handed him, said with a cordial smile as he finished its perusal, ' I am glad to welcome yon here. Gentlemen, this is the son of an old friend of mine?Dr. Bell, Mr. Ross, this is George Bruee ; and here. Mr. Bruce, is my daughter," he added, as Kate demurely advanced, bringing a chair to the new guest. Mr Bruce was a tall, slender, pale young man. not at all handaome, but exceedingly graceful. lie seemed like one not much accustomed to mixinr with the world fr.r !??? introduction had embarrassed him and he had blushed twice. Blushes are not used in the grand toilrttf du monde. They are oosmetica prepared by nature, and the world replace* them with the works of chemists it deems superior. Mr. Brace's blush was the ?ign in the heavens which led Dr. Bell and Mr. Ross to suppose that be was a very verdant specimen of humanity, against whom they could display their own superior attractions and accomplishments. Whatever Kate thought, did not show in her face, but she listened without seeming to, to all Mr. Brace's conventions with her father, and more than once, as her eyes wandered toward the young man's face.they caught an exchanged glance passing between Dr Bell and Mr. K oss, plainly indicating that their I opinion of the stranger was no exalted one. Yet Mr. Bruce could talk well; it was only that culture of brain which excludes ornate culture of bodj, that gave him the air of a man of little taste. Self-taught, he had been an earnest student. and the bookworm is not of that species which spends its life weaving silken cocoons in which to encase its form. He was poor; but the future to him looked doubly bright, viewed from the shadows of the past, and to rise high in his profession as a lawyer was a determination which only the most untoward ?veDU or the sudden close of life could thwart. As his business with Mr. Howard was ended, he rose to go; but his host would not listen to such a thing, assuring him he would be both grieved and mortified to see the son of an old friend stopping at a hetel when his house was at his service. Mr. Bruce hesitated a moment, glanced into Kate's face, thanked Mr. Howard, and remained. Some time paused, during which Mr. Rom and Dr Bell allowed no opportunity to slip in which thej could possibly make Mr. Bruce appear in a ridiculous light in the presence of Kate. At the same time they were anzioua not to appear as the real agents of his discomfiture. Any sport in whioh they thought him not proficient they were sure to propose; and any pauinc subject of conversation?such as questions of dress, manner of fashion?that they imagined it would embarrass the young student to be called upon to join in, and which they, as young men of the world, could talk upon fluently, was often advanced. Kate was blind to none ef these things, and Dr. Bell >nd Mr. Hose, neither of them ever great favorites with the young lady they were addressing, grew leu and leu such every day. Hn* T\? BaII J * vu? tiwtuwii A/1 WII piujr/ocu guiog aowu on the data target-shooting. He wti a capital phot himself. and promised himself much sport at witnessing Mr. Brace's efforts to hit the mark. The flats consisted of several low, marshy field*.which, for the purpose of draining had been ditched at regular distanoea? each ditch being aboat two feet deep and one wide; these were generally half full of muddy water, and a person unacquainted with the ground ran great riak of tripping into one of them Whether this had anything to do with Dr. Bell's selection of the flats he only knew. Mr Bruce, when aeked to join them, con ented readily, and made his appearance a few minutes after with a fine double-barreled rifle upon his ahoulder, and other shooting accoutrements worn with the air of one accustomed to them. Kate looked at him as she went out to mount her horae. and wondered how she had ever thought him homely. A* the servant led up her horse, Dr. Bell flew into the house to get a chair for her to mount from, and Mr. Hoes took the bridle from the oetler to hold the animal for the rounc ladv. Mr Bme? bent a little and extended hia hand, in which Kate placed her dainty foot, and sprang thence into the aaddle; thanking Dr. Bell with a bit of malice in her amile, aa he aat down the uaeleM chair Her father joined her, and they rode alowly along to the groundc to witneaa (he apcrt. Arrived at the apot, the target waa placed, and Mr Rosa gave the Irat fire. He raiaed hia rifle with the air of a man aure of hh mark ?took alow and delitarate aim?fired, and mimed the target?hia ball plunging into the *>d a rood to the right of it. DrBell next tried hia akill, une.i with eare, and the ball truck au inch above the mark That', good for each a diatance," said Mr. M lhe Doctor ran acroea the flat and / * pointed oat his shot?"two hundred and fifty yard* it long rifle distance." " S'ow, Mr. Brace," oried the Doctor, "it is your turn " Mr. Brace stepped forward, raised his rifle withcat taking any apparent aim, and sent the ballet straight into tne target's oentre. 41 Bravo, cried Mr. Howard. " Really that is the best shot I ever witnessed " Dr. Bell looked oonfounded; then, as mach to conceal his astonishment as to prove by closer inspection his rival's success, he started on a brisk walk for the target. A little excited. and still more vexed at having himself outdone in the presence of the woman tie loved by the man he had intended to embarrass. Dr. Bell forgot to pick his way, and suddenly found himself in the bottom of a ditch, the thick and slimy water of which penetrating his thin clothes and causing them to adhere to him, rendered him, as he regained dry land, an object of mirth as well as pity Overwhelmed with confusion, he neither heard the expreftions of sympathy lavished upon him, nor saw the polite effort to restrain the smiles his appearance excited. Catching his hat from the grass, he beat a precipitate retreat; cursing inwardly the nature of the ground which offered no friendly mound or kindly hollow to conceal his ridiculous plight. The accident put an end to the target-shooting, and the party strolled homeward. Dr. Bell, in fresh attire, was the first to meet them, and with assumed good humor, led the laugh at hit* first experience in ditching. Underneath his li^ht railery lay the bitterest resent ujcui uiwkra me innocent cause of bis mishap, and h*> determined, bj a series of petty annoyances, to have revenge. Mr. Ross, meanwhile, determined to have his fate decided at once. He felt sanguine; for he was rich, dressed always in the height of fashion, and could lisp soft nonsense in a lady's ear by the hour. These were enough, he imagined, to win any woman's heart. The evening was warm and rainy. The showers oame down in that soft, hushing way, which, in dreamy summer evenings seem like a lullaby sung by the clouds to hush the earth to repose. The shrubbery was dripping, the lawn was soaked, and Kate sat by the sittingroom window looking out into the darkness aud listening to the rain She was roused from her reverie oy the entrance of Mr Ross, who, after a few preliminary remarks, informed Miss Howard he was about going away. If he expected to see the young lady give the most approved start, and anxiously demand when and why, he was sorely disappointed; for with the most indifferent expression of countenance, she turned her face from the window and asked quietly, 44 In this rain ?" For a moment Mr. Ross was confused, but oniy ior a moment. With the readiness of shallow minds, his at once regained its composure. and he formally proposed for her hand. "You honor me too much, Mr. Ross," was the cool reply. " I have looked upon you as my father's guest?as my lover, never!" u I am astonished to hear you say so," cried the excited young gentleman. "What, then, am I to understand by all those acts of kindness with which you have encouraged my suit, Miss!" " Simply that you are one of those young men, air, who contrive to turn the slightest act of courtesy or hospitality, on the part of a woman, into a decided acknowledgment of love. I never g&ve you the moat distant encouragement ; for, let me assure you, you are one of those friends a young lady could not feel pleased ever to remember as a rejected lover." * U. D J J * - - > mi itvw cuuaiuercu iur a inomeni on mis rather equivocal remark, then exclaimed: " Vour manner baa changed. Miss Howard, since the arrival of this young jackanapes of a lawyer. I see how it if. For my part. I shall remain no longer to be played off against suoh a foot. I feel hurt?insulted. I would like to warn my friend. Dr. Bell, of his danger ; but let him look out for himself. I bid you adieu, Miss. Maybe you will regret this hour yet? maybe." Mr. Ross seemed at a loss how to expross himself further. In spite of Kate's request for him to remain until the rain was OTer, he seised his hat, declaring he would never exist five minutes under the roof with a woman who bad jilted him; and bowing himself out backwards, with an ironical air of politeness, he suddenly found himself on the edge of the piazza?too late to heed Kate's hurried warning, too late to recover himself, and over he went, backwards, falling a distance of seven feet, plump I.... ?11 a I? J- ?--? u-' ?uv iuvsu b-HI Wl kuo U'jnoi UOU9 UOIUW. Kate rushed to the steps aniiously demanding if he was hart. A strange vision of a man of mad rose one instant to her view, answering never a word, and the next moment was lost to sight. A dilapidated beaver, and the impress of a man'* figure in the soft soil, showed in the morning, where he had been; but he was seen no more, and to Mr. Howard alone was his suddm disappearance satisfactorily explained through Kate. The next afternoon Kate's horse was brought around for her usual ride, and turning to Mr. Bruce, she remarked, that if he would like to accompany her. her father's horse was at his servic*. Mr. Bruce stammered, hesitated? then catching a malicious glance from Dr. Bell's eye, expressed bis pleasure, and at once went out with her, and mounting, they rode slowly away. [TO BB CONTINUED.J That the Queen hit the bull's eye In the opening of the great rifle shooting contest by the volunteers In England has been mentioned How she did It is explained, to quote from the authoriied report:?"Her Majesty then proceeded to the tents facing the butta One of Mr. Whitworth'a rifles waa fixed in a sliding rest at four hundred yard's range. The Queen pulled the trigger by mnDi of i silk cord Landed to her by Mr. Wbltworth. The ahot truck the centra of the bull's eye, amidst great cheering. Her Majesty expressed much gratification with the result " But It seems she did not $igkt the rifle, nor touch It. nor do anything but pull a string, which pulled the trigger. The rifle had been tried a few score times, from the allding rest until there was a dead certainty that the ball mu$t strike the bull's eye, and, In fact, the shot, like that in Der Frelscb-itz, could not fall. Yet there ia a chance that Queen Victoria may hereafter be chronicled as having an aim as certain as that of William Tell, seeing that at a distance of 400 yards she 11 red a rifle and hit the center of th? mark ! The Coming Geai* Cbofs ?The London Times, of the 22d ult . forebodes a famine in Knjfiand. owing to bad weather and consequent abort crops The prosoect of the grain crops In France is also said to oe uiiDroiniitnv On th* other band, tbe cereal crop* In the United State* and Canada, never promised better. A larger crop of vrbeat than we ever bad before, by, perhaps, one-fourth, ia now aecured. or In the progress of harvesting The crops of hay and oats are also large, and the promise of the king of our cereal*?Indian corn?was never better Nothing abort of a large export demand can keep the price of this abundant cereal from falling below remuneration to tbe grower. Of tbe last year'* crop it Is said that the large fkrm cribs of Illinois are still nearly full of laat year's corn, yet tbe receipt* at Chicago have averaged over 100,000 bushel* a day, from the Illinois canals and rail- I road*, through the season. Fike asd Five Live* Lost.?At 2 o'clock on Saturday morning a lire broke out in a dwellinghous* on tbe extensive farm of Hon A B Conger, in Clarkstown, Rockland county, New York, and before the flames could be subdued it waa totally destroyed, together with several outhouses. Of tbe fifteen persons in tbe building at the time of mr ore* King out me nre, uui ten wiped Among them thai were burnt to death are John Blackiiiint, Thomas Long, and three other farm ha. da, whole name* ware not ascertained The total lota oil the butldlng and outhouses la about S1H,UUU. Ukmocbact in Pbrxstlvania?There are 64 Democratic newspapers In Pennsylvania sdvocattng harmony upon one electoral ticket, Including two dally papers In Philadelphia. Til: the Democrat and PennsyIranian Or these papers, so Sir as we have been able to classify them, fourteen support Douglas, fourteen support Breckinridge, and the remainder have as yet expressed ao pref A MRS. WINILOW, N Kxperlen ed Norse and Female Phrtioian. presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING S ? R U T, Far thildrea Teething, WhloB greatly faeuittwe the prrceee of teethicf, by eoftea id( the fame, rodasief ali miamcmuea?will allay all PAIN and epaemedlc tono.tnd la SURE TO REOVLATE THE BOWELS. Depend apoa it, mother it vill |i?? reet w vearaeWee, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOOR INFANTS W he*e pat ap ?nd eold thi* article for c?er tan yeare, aod Car iir, ivconridlrclind ticih of it, what ? have neeer boon abla te< toy of any OTNIt Medicine? MRS wa? it pailbb,in a iw lb 'tabc! to arpict a cru I, Wl-lSliUll I whan timely aaad. Never did ve knew inilTMRfl u inotanee ef dieeatiefaeuoD by any one wbo setd it. On the contrary,>11 are SVRUl', delifhted with iu OPBBATIORI, anil lopeak in terme of bifkeot eofr.mendntior of i* mi teal electa and medical Tirtaee. We epoak in Jiie mt:ta " VHat VI 00 now," after ten yeare' experience, and PLIDtl OCI bbpctat10n pob thb pl'lpilmbht op what vb h br b ciclakb In almoet every inetance where the infer* la aofer Inf from pain and eihaaetiofi, relief will be found in Ifteen BP IVlBta BiihBlee aftee <ke e???? "* __ . 7 ?iw. if RuRiiniHfrlfl Thx ?alaab!a praparaCM la tha praacriftion of ana of til* malt BtrBRlBHCBD ind ILTDL ItCRlBs in Naw Err Iu4,uikukiir uaad with If ITlt rtlLins ICCClil li THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It o#t aniy raliaaaa tfca child from pain, kit lii*iy*rataa tk? atainacb and bowala, eorracta acidity, and fi?aa tana and anarf y ta tha whala ayatam. It will almoat inatantly rahara GhIPINS IN TH1 BoWIll AND WlIlD COLIC, and *T*rcoma conrolaiana, wbieh, if >at araadUt rataadiad and id daath. War ??? I'tiara it tha HIT AWD IURBIT RRM- FOR II I in tht WORLD la all caaaa af Dll- CHILUHK^ 4f>TBIT and Diaft RMCEa IR CHIL- TEETHI5MI "hathar It anaaa fr*m taathinf * <W from an? othai caaaa. Wa woull a*y to a?ary mothar win baa a child aaffannf from any of iba forapoinjf complainta?DO nor LIT YOUR PBBJUDICBS, HOB THB PRBJL'DI: B* OP OTHBII, land baiwaan your aafarihr child and tha avliaf that will ba ICRB?yaa, illOLl'TBLT it'R B?-.a follow tha oaa of th adicina, if tirraly naad. Poll dirtctioaa et nainj will a ampany aach bnttia. Nona ranwna anliaa tha fac-aimila CORTli A KINS. Nt w York, la on tha aataida w ray pa o d hy Draggnu throoghoat tha world. Principal O/fcca. No. II Cadar Biraat, N. T. Priea anlr 45 Cania par Battla. aall-dftwlv GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OPOR HARPKR'S FKRRV. N And aft?r Jul* 3d. lsso. th* steamer L. J. Brenule, Captain \\. II. Rittor, will * leave Georgetown F.VKRV TUES far f DAY. THURSDAY.and SATUR DAY. at 7 o'clock a m., and return overy alternate day, at 6 o'clock a in. On tWe Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Sh?pherdstown. je 21 3tn EPOR HARPKR'S Ff RRY.-f'HJA(rE OF DA VS.?On ami alf?r Jul\ 2.l8ft>, k the str-anidr ANTELOPE, Capt. H J. W Bi.L?,ca?'fyin([the num. win ! ??' e lieoreetown KVr.RY MONDAY, WEDN BSD AY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return evfrr Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. IN. B?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shapherda'own. je 5-2in* 1 r: n J UST R EC El V E D, lOU BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted.) l*i do. HERRING and ALEWIVES, 25 do. KEFINED SUGARS, Mhhds. PORTO RICO Sl'?;.\K$, 6 bbls.i Bayfield) WHITE FI-II, 25 b<*xes prime Eastern CHEESE. For sale l?w ky JOHN J. BOGI E, je 8 Georgetown, D. C. A GKNCY FOR FAIR BANK'S SCALES IN ft. GEORGETOWN The underaigned have been appointed Agents for the sale of the above oel?*brated and we;i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! | supply oonatautly on hand and for sale at lowest ratea. H\Y and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the Distriot or adj-uninc counties. All Scales are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je 8 2m Bridge str???t 2 doors w*st of Hirh. r'K.ANDHLL, OPTICUS, I ^ j v- i aa r??j- - ^ ? ( 5?., (rear* em#*, Hh constantly on hand & large assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periscnpio, Ool r~-> /m r*i ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, ol ^-? the best ^uaaty. in gold, silver, steel, and German silver frames. N. B. Old K<ames Repaired and new ? asses set in therr ta order. no 19-ly Jos. f. birch, USDhRTAKEK, Cor. Bridge and Jefferson its., <itorgtt(n?n. Having given my personal attention lo thia branoh of mv business, 1 ain prepared to .??jw?.? attend to all cai!s with promptness Persons from adistanoe can be supplied at a '?* minutes' notice, as I have a large assortment of COFFINS a. wan on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d> ad from the oid to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap lO-fim MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'STHILADELPH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-\Ve are constantly 1 receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invito all persons who want a pare unadulterated Aie, to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN,'Agents, fe ST firman it., Oeorcetown. EDUCATIONAL. The second annual session of Mr. J. H COMBS' English and Classical High School will coninrionce on the first Monday in September next. Applications should be mado in July, as the number of pupils is limited. For terms. Ao., see circulars, Ac., or call at Mr. C.'s esidense, No 303 Sixth street, near New York averue. i? H-eo3w* Commercial c o l l e g e7 No. 47? Skvbnth st., Opposite the General Post OAre. iriiium Armnrian 5*y?t?mof Penmanship, BooKkeeping,. Mercantile Forms and CaV illations. Business Cor- , re?p<>rdejicp, Bills of Exchange, Current Bills, , Commission Sales, Gran mar and Arithmetic. [D" A Preparatory Class for Boys. Ladiee will bo instructed in fine penman- , sh.p. i Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. For terms apply at the Rooma. i ma 24-8m WM. W YOUNG A CO. I^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 K IW A K R A Si KM E NT. This well-known and popular Seminary, whieh has been so suoces*fu! under the entire care of Mrs. Z. Richards for more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, under the united si?pervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For partioulars. see ciroulars at all the Bookstores. ma23 tf VI MRS. McCOR .ICR'S SCHOOL. 1*1 RS. McCORMICK desires to inform he? frienda and the publio generally that rhe will resume the dutiea of her School ua the lat Monday in September next. The ooarae of itudy pursued will oompriee all the branbhes requisite toatnoroifh English education. In addition to her day, scholars. she ie desirous o! receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from 10 to 14 years, who will be under her immediate oareand oversight. nn wnatfiiicDU ior me accommodation ud dm oars of pupils have bf>pn considerably incrpa*i d and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with reference te her schoo. may apply to W. 0. Waltaoh, Editor o tne Star. For terms and former partioalar* apply at her rwidence?No. 31 Cameron street, Alexandria, Va. wr-tf PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Owes Secretary or thb Senate U. S.( July U.iwn. \ Sealed Proposals will be received at thiaottioe till 12o'clock m .on Monday, the3>?h in taut, for furnishing for the use of the Senate five hundred tons best White A*h Furnace Coa an-i fifty cords best straight Pine Wood. The whole to be packed away in tne vaults of the Capitol, in p aoes whi<-h will be shown on application to the Hi gir eer in the service of the Senate, and to be delivered by the 15th September next. Bonds for the laithful exs cutlon of the oontraot will be rea uired. Bids for the Coal and the Wood will be oon sidered separately, and satisfactory arrangements wast be made for the oorrect measurement of both. ASBURY DICK INS, jy U-dtaoth SeoretarT ot the >enat?. PTJEE SODA WATERr CALL AND TRY THE BEST IN THE CITY, at J. R. Major's Drug Stare, )t 5 ?o4t* Comm* 7th * H 8t?. ? i i A One at 25 oenti per month One at 50 do. dp PIANO One at SI do. <>ne at SI 50 do. FOR One at #2 da. One at 92 50 do. | RENT. And up to f 7 4 $8 do. JOHN F. ELLIS, JjTl Pa._av? between 9th and otn ate ITRENCH LACK MANTLES AND POINTS r Par&'oli, Sun h vl??, ana tSun (Jmiirnl la?, Thread, Valencinee.Swiai and Cambric bd*u>?', Honiton. Gujpn.e, ana French worked Collate, Linea-e Cam><no, Swiee and Thread 3 ta. Colored Tarltnne, Cambric, Jaoonett, Mali. Naneook and Plaid Nanenok Mualm*. Uoi?erT, Gloyee, GauatletU, Hlaek J*ilk Mitt?,&e. ^^Foraale.ow tlfAYLOR A HUTCHISON P NOTICE. RRSONS Deolininr k?aeekeeping or having a "ISiS* "iuKStra nvcBLY. AUCTION SALES. By A. UREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE' SALE OF A PART or A TRACT OF LAN Doalled "Peter'a Mill !*eat,'' tituated In to* oointT of Washington. on trie Piney Branoh K<>ad, &nl about thrne milea from the oity of VNMhinfon, being apart of the ?r<>perty known a* the Pii?y Branoh Trotting Course." Br Yirtie of two deed* of trust, one hearing date On or atxnt thr 9th day of Aufuat, 1858, and recorded inLiber J. A. 3 , No. 15R, folio* 34<\et *eq? one ol thi an t reoorda of the eounty of \N a?hmg ton, in tie Diatriet of Columbia, and the other bearing <&t* on or about the 14th day of May I85\ a^d recoded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 1T7. folio* 4?4, et ?eq., flm one of the land reoorda of vaid count*, i will proceed to ?*ll at public auction to the high at bidder,<n TUESDAY. the7th day of Auomt, 1860. at h?'f ja?t 6 o'olock p. in., on the premise*, "all that pat of a tract of land called 'Fetei'* Mill S*eat,' atuate, lying, and being in the oountv of Waahii^ton. in the Distaiot of Columbia, and on the weitude of the Piney Branoh road, oontain'd within tie following met"* and bound*, to wit: Beginiiiig tor the same at a ton*, No 4, planted in the veat line of said road. f?r the uo'thenut oerner of a lot of aa<d land laid off to Haya Ppak m> 1 ini rnnninr fmm *Kaan* ? ?.?? *? ?? *-^ a half degrees, west fifty nix and forty /iur hundredras aerobes, with fpetkmati's n^rth line. t<> a No. 3, at the northwest oornerofSpeakm%n's la'ger lot and the the h-ginnmc of hi* smaller !<>t, theue running north thirty and a half degrees, east twenty-eight and a hatf perch** to a ?take in thu south line uf a ro'd twent?-five feet wide, and with theeast lire of Hpeakman's atnal ei* lot, where la plaited a atone No, 5; ihence rusning aruth aixtyon'anl a ha f degrees, east fifty nine perohea and foir and one hundredth of a p-roh to a stale* in the w?at line of the Piney B ach road; thenc* with said wsat line of aaid Finey Branch mw in a atraukt line to the place of beginning, <*oi.taifiiin ten aerea aud thirty six perohea of land, * more or leaa; together with the improrementa thereon, which cod 11st of a new, epaoious, and well-bai t two-story Frame Dwelling house, stabling, shed*, ai.d out houeea. I erms of sale: One third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 month*, for which the purchaser will be required to give hia notes bearing inte'e?t from the day of tale, and aecured by a deed of truat upon the P'e->"is?e. Should the purchaser fail to comply with tt.e terms of sale withiu five days after the day of aa e, the trustee reserves the right to re?e 1 Kaid property, at the rnk and est of the defaulting pure* aer, upon giving five days previous pub ic no ice b? Advertisement, in nnnnA n?w?ntnor nnKi..i>^ J .... Wv nuf'wvwi |TUIMIOIIOU I U the ci*y of Washington, of the lime, plac?, and termi of *nch resale. All conveyances at the oust of the purchaser. R. H. LASKEY. Trustee. jy 13-eoAilg A GRKKN. Auit By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND Uximproved Propkrtt ox the Island at Accriox.?On THL'K!?DAY-th*2<l day of August next. 1 *h\il Oil. in front of the prejnises. at 6 o'clock p. m.. that valuable propert* known as the residence of the iate Peter Clinnoro, drca* d it l*>ing all of ^gua-e No. 233, containing about 65 "O square fat t ofground, with the improveiri'ntn. which co- nit of a h-nd<orne hr-t class f ante Cottage UwHl'ng House, containing euht convenirntijr arranged rooms, dairy, smoke house, stable, carriage sida 1 other necessary out houses, a pump o e*o*l|rnt water in the yard. This property it handsomely situated, and bounded by Fourteenth ?treet west, s >btn U and Water street*, a'id considered one > f the most healthy and pleasant private residences in the city. Also,6 handsome Building Lota, being lots No. 1,7,8, 9,10, and 15, in ^uare No 265. These beautiful and elevated building lots are on Thirteen anu a half and Fourteenth streets we?>t, and C and D streets south, and present many inducement* to persons wishing to purohase a haousoihe hui.ding site or make a good investment. The sale will commence on the building lots in square 265. Terms: One fourth cash; balance in fi. 1?. 18 and 24 months. the purchasers to give note* f..r tr>e uoferred payments, bearing it.West foin tne dev of s\le A dr-ed given at d a deed of trusi rafn. T t e indisputable. All conveyancing at the costoftte puicnaser M. E. DANGERFlELD. Residuary Devisee. ir Od > ? ? n. unnt/.ii Allot. Hy A. OREEN, Aao ione?r. ON TUESDAY, th<? Slat mat, we ?r,a!l aell, in front of the preimaea, at 6 o'clock p. in . in compliance with the t*rmi of a de*d ol iruat to ua from Thoa A. Il'own and wife.dated 24th September, 1858. and reoorded in Liber J. A S., No. 162. page **?. Ac., "ne of the !a>:d reoorda o< Wasturutou count*. parta of lot* 11 and IJ in square No 497, begimng tor the aame forty feet three inohea from the nouthweat corner of said fq-iare, running thence Fast on a line with 0 afreet South; aixt en feet th'ino* North; seventy feet thence Weat; six teen feet thenoe South; seventy feet to the p ace of be*inu j, together with the improvementa. oenaiat;rig of a two story Frame House with onr-*ii>ry Back Building. ? Terms: One-fourth caah; balance ir. 6 17, and 18 inontha, alt?r day of a%le, with iiotea secured by a deed of trust on the premiaea. if the terma of sa.e are not coinpli?d with within five day* after Mi* clay of sale the trustee reaervea the risht to rexeil the property at the puohaaers riak and coat, after giving one week'a notice GEO. C. HKNNINfi. lT C.EO. K. THOMPSON < 1 jy12 3taw A da A. (iHEEN. A net. M* RSHAL'S SALE ?In virtue of 'wo wriUof fieri faciaa, issued from the Clerk'a Offio" ol t'ie Circuit Court of the Diatnctof Colu'nt.ia.for the county of Washington, anil to me directed, 1 will expose to publio sale for caah, in front_<f the oonrt Iinuanuour.ui smu oou lit*. on >1 1JA Y , 6tI) dajr of August next, lflft1. at 12 o'clock m.,i 1 defendant's ri(ht. title.c aim and int?re?t la and to the followin( denorilvd property, to wit, vix: Lot No 3. in Square No. 7?5, and lot No. 30, in !*q uare No. 801, together with all and sincular the i"prov<iii?nts thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Junana Harry and James C. Rarrr, and will he sold to satisfy judioials No*. 1^3 and 194, to May term 1858, in avor of Anthony Addiaon. W jiKLDEN. U. u. Marshal for the Distriot of Colombia, jy 13 dtds MARSHAI-'SSALE.?In virtueol 2 writ* of fien facia* issued from the Clerk * office of the Circuit. Court of th? District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, au 1 to me directed. I wi'l expos' to public sale, for cash, iu front of che court noute door of *aid county, on MONDAY, the 6tti dav of AuKint next, 186", at 12o'ol<>ck m , all d- fondant's ruht,title,clain, and interest ir aud to Lot No. IS in Square No. ?3t, in the oity of Washington, D. U., together with all an'' si ocular the improvements thnreon, seised and levied upon as the property of Ptits H V?.T1 P? t te? rt an/I will *a1<I -- * ? ? ..W. .. . ? - ??*?<. I?MU will 1'? OUIU V?? "ftllBlY J U dici&I* Nm 73 and 79, to Ootober term I?tS. id fkvor oi Johu VV. Thompson and Z. D Gilman . W SELDEN. jy lS-rfts D. S. Marshal (or District of Columbia. MA R* H A L'S 8 A L.E.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, laaued from the Clerk'* office of the Cnouit Court of the Diatriot of Columbia, for the oourty of Wa*hin?ton, and to me dir*cr?<1. 1 will expo ie to publie sale, tor oa?h, in front of the cout house door of said oounty, on SATURDAY, the ath day of July next, 186 . at 12 o'olook m .the foll iwinj property, to wit: All defendant'* right. title, earn, and interest in arid to a certain dwelling house erected on Lote>ght(S)and the south ai'etccD (19 feet four (4> inoh's >>n Lot nin?, (9? in ar* numbered three hundred and aerenty-seven. (S77) in theeit* of Washington, D. C . seized and lev ied upon as the pro#' rt? of Ju ius Viedt, a\d will be tola to satisfy Judioiala. >o 330 to October term 1*57, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D, HOOVER, I .at* U. 8 Marshal for Distriot Columbia, jea-dts T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oo ad noted by the Spanish Government, undet the supervision of the Captain General of Cub*, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY. Acgust 4. I860. SORTEO NDUEKO MO ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100.000. prise of #100, oo? so prices oL l.nw do fin^joo en do ? do 30,000 158 do ?? do ? ? ?,ooo auapprox. . Sjoc do 10,000 IN ALL a*9 PR TIES. Whole Tiokets, #40?Halves, $10?Quarters, $i. Prises oashed at tight at 5 per cent, disoount. Bills on ail solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded as soon as the reen.t becomes known. 11 orders for scheme* or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, jy 19 tr Care of Cftv Post. Charleston. H. C. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Street, Between 9tk and 10th Struts. We have just finished a number o! first olata CARRIAGES, such as Lutkt fanrvr jnw-g Wagons, Park Pheatons. Family Carria*f J, and Buggtet, which we will sell at ?r B? a ver> small profit. Being praot'cal mechanics in different branches of the butinrss, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that ?i'l give satisfaction, combining lightness, comfort and durabi 1ty. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the shortest n ti?e a?d luoit reasonable charges. WALTER. KARMANN * ?OP> Coachmakera, anooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap27-dlT 1? R A N C 18 H A R P E R, I . BATIKS OPINED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FKED STORE, I'Tnrr of jViw York arnut nnd Tenth ttrett. Respectfully aolieita the eaironafeof th*an who ma* be in want of any article in the above line. Hit endeavor* shall be to pieaaeta?d by a atrict attention to the vanta of the public, he bo pea to merit a hare of their patronage. Hia tock oonaiata of every artiole uiualW to be found in a brat-claae Family Uiooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf ?17^-A PERFECT, NEW, ROSEWOoDvl l ' oaee, iror.-fram?, beautiful ton* PIANO offered for 175, foi af-v cay a, at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. 306 Pa.av PIANOS POR RENT, from half a dollar to f? |??r montk. Also, great bar tain a in Second hand SI MMER REPORTS. < AKLISLE | The favorite reeort for WHII? .ttPHom SPRINGS, M<>nntam Air, iDTigora Cl'MBKRUNn CO, W&l Pennfvirania. Good Society and a Good . _ TaNa. Accommodation* fob j.-or firtieiltrs vend 300 ft* Circular. UWESf, CI.EN DEN TERMS LOW. IN * VI9j?CHER, je ? lOw Cathil' Swrtmi, Pa. ANAL08TAN RETREAT, On Ana?.o?ta?* Island, Opposite Gtirtelotm and Wa.-kintion The auhacnber* havinr leaaed for a ?enr of yeara thia beautiful and romantio spot. opened A . . A it for the aooommo 1ati>>u of the public onfn|V the 3t?t day of May, WW. For beauty aoenery, delightful promenade*, fiahing. (7 idea i.a auperior water, it la unanrpaaaed in the -u. . x V<V.| . ?v M f "|? iff l? IM ? 1*" l? I1HMJ ? I I nothing else.i and, mutt likely . loan) of tnose who g<> will ioAK&in. In addition te all thia, he ha* engaged the Pro* peri brothers and their associate* t. diNoamtMr choioe*t pieces of music Evfcry Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy 10-lm WASHINGTON CITY G A R D K N . ERNST LOEFFLF.R. Proprietor. iVrir York acenttt, bnveten Ul and id stt. In calling the attention of the public to mr grout da I woaid state that every arrangem-nt ha* A . ? A t?e??u made to mace this '"Retreat" morey'^i*y attractive every tfay. Mondays the Gar-XllJEai. dens are op?n to thepublio tree of charge?a cvau rt civcn bv a soiect band. Those desiring to e.-joy the danoe and wa!tx wi I find the saoon in comp'ete order to renuer pleasure to all. On other days the proprietor will cheerfully grant th?* u?e of the trounds tor (chool or other Pic Nio Fa. ties without charge. For the amusement orchildren he has ii trod u fed a number of I?t?ie games, never before sesu 11. this oitv, and cnleu.ated at the same time to amuse the "ola folks." N. B.?Attached i? my Bottling EstaMishm-nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their 'esiueuoe. of that hea thfal drink. L A(?I K BKhR.^'pon short notioe. j* 15 Sfn Mmm SALT WATFR BATHING. AR.SHALI/S PAVILION. (Moore'a Landing 1 wi I l>? op mi for the rec pticn of vis A . . A tor* oc the Uth of June. This delightfulW tesort for those seeking hea'th and p'*eas t1''fl 1 ure, ta unexcelled by any place of the kind on th? Potomac river It it situated ah ut one hundred miles from Wa?hington immediate'y on the potomxc.and in lull view of ?h* Ch?nap??lie Bav, and famouifor fine Oysters. Soft Crabs, Sheephead. and other Fish, and easily aocess'ble b the steam tniats plying between Washington, Baltimore aru Norfolk. The undersigned has maje additional improvements m r is Bath House* and many other improvements to the eomf trt and enjoyment of his kU sU. The Bathing caunot be surpassed. Sp en did Ang'ing and p entv of Fishing and Sai ing Boats free of charge. He has spared no expense in pro vidmg a good Cotilio" Band or in laying in his atock of ohoioe W ines. uors.Seears, Ac..and for th< >a? who wish to avoid extreme fkahion knd to seek a retired p ace where thev can niakarthems<*i*e* at home, tn?re is not a more pleasant plaoe in the United States. The proprietor piadges himself t"at nothing shall be lei undone on his part ti> render t'lom so. Terms lor board: $1.50 p*r da?# for ?< than a week: f>r a longer time, JI-2S per ray; $ per month. I'ersons wishing to address the pro prietor will direot to Leonardtowa, St. 'Mary's oounty, Md. j#8-2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. WOOD AND^COAL." WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rates. T J. & W. M. GALT. Office 2S2 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts . nta 17 tf north side. THE SUBSORIBF.R HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of FUEL, is prepared to sell at a very low figure for oash WOOD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS B. F. corner of Fourteenth and C sts. | IGHTNING Li LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! l.i Tim or Pkack. *o* Wat! F LaBARRE, Southwest rom$r a1 1<WA and C itt., M A!turACTraxx or PLATINA-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Respectfully announoes to the public of Washington and vioiuity that he is prepared to execute all orders for erecting Lightning Conductors on the most approved scientific principle*, cnttructcd of the very best of inatei las, on very moderate terms. All Piatina tipp.-d Points whioh are manufactured by me will be stamped with bit name. Weather Vanes of any design made to order. iy ? ? ? JOHN'S I.I BRAKY SERIFS, INCLUDING II ?L. O. 1 -* --*1 : - ?_? n.r m?nui'al> ?>piw. Antiquarian. 1 aitra tad, Soiantifio. Philological. Koclaaiaatioal and British Claasio Libraries. A series of Standard Work* womt?lT printed and at iow prioes. New works a e added to the aeries every month- Any volume may he had separately. ana baok volume* ota be alvara aup>.led. The oomplete aerie* kept oonatantly on hand b* PH1LP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Book atom. 3S2 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth !?. JeaD Sola agents for l-aureno^a Ptatiosry. en STANDARD BI.ACK TEA. OH CHKKre STANDARD BLACK TEA Hava been recrivea. This tea is exoc.lert: pnoe an wnti per pound by ehast or otherwise. We fear our next lot viH coat ua mora money. KING k BIRCHELL, ma 2S oor. Fl(W>nth ?t. and Vermont it. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO IJ inform the public and hi* frcnda that ha has on hand a larre atock of Marble .Mantels,quit* a new style. Also Monument Head Stonea. TaUe Tops Ac., which he haa to di*pose of at prio<* to suit the timet. Also, Brown Stone constant I* kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ina 23 Smeo Pa. av.. bet. IBth and lWh ?ts. D_UPO-?Tt? GUNPOWDER, F;>rsale_at manulaotsrars prioea, by JUMr* J. HiiUt'b, liBOMBTOWS, D. C., Sole A tine* tor tke Dittrtci if roimmUm. A larie ?uppl?, ambrafinc w*! Tanrtj, t*Mi on hand, no delivered fr?e to all part? of the Die tint. Orders can aieo l>e ief\ at tbaoflo? of Adam?* Kxpree* Cnnmun. VVaehimton. P.O. feS-lawlT VI THK NBW BOoRH. l?l ARY OF LOKAiNC, by Jmm Grant ; prio* S? cents. Ca?tl- Richmond, by Anthony Tro\'op*; ' a ntobiographioai Reoollectiona. by the 'ateChaa. Robert Leeiie, R A.; with a Preparatory Ke ay ?? L<*elie a* an artirt, and eeleodona from kia oorrw ondenoe, by Tom Taylor, Kb* ; f 1 25. The Thn*e t lerki, by ALtbony Trollope; 41. For sals at PH11.P ? Sni/)MONI' Metropolitan Book-lore 334 Pi- ? .. Uetwoeo 9th fttid loth ?U. Bote xente for L*ar?pe?'e ft'^tionerr. ho. Sj U WASHINGTON 8KW1NG ROOMS. ' * 104 MA itn Nm door i Smrtk of r+. 4h s|io*rhewfiin^rV* E1 *. 0. MOTS* union. The Houae is large and oommodioas, having Vven entirely renovated llhwa la'ie Uauoiiii *?.i<on attached to the boose, bee dee Lhwag an * Dressing Room* for botfc !a lies and gentlemen In addition splendid Arbors detac >ed from the bsild'nva. Parties, Families and^ua * wiil find it a most desi able p ace to pas? the sultry days of cum mer. as every attention will be guarantied by the proprietors. The strictest polio* arrangements wi f he enforced, and politi al discussions will be prohibited The Larder will be found to oontain all the de ioaoi*s of the searon at an times. The War wil! be fn^nish"d with the choicest Liq uors and ^ ines and the fin'st Segars. Societies, Sunday {Schools. Clubs a:.d Militarv C< mranies will find this the moet deelrabie res rt near the metropolis for spending a pheasant and or derly <la*. ID" Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded from the grounls. Gunning and dogs prohibited. 11^ Boats will leave the loot of High street, Georgetown, and G street, Washington, hourly, from 8 o olook a. m. ti I 12 p. m . daily. Persons preferring a p easant wa k oan reach thu Island \ia the Aqueduct. II. ? ? *? ?- - ?t o0v>mu %?? ? vui'ut n? juur iur inrmiri Wli ftQQ feel assured of giving satisra~t>o" ie '9 eotf JACOB W. POWER* * CO. SCHMIDT'S SUMMER GARDEN.?*>? Sixth street, between l) and Louisiana ?v.,l . . A may he found at all tunes one of the mo?iyc!^ W popular, ge-ial, urlan?. and intelligent Restaurant Keepers, who barks op his reputation with LAGER li' ER from the City <>p Hkotiifr- I lt Lovi, Philadelphia; with II RAN l?i KS f on the choicest vineyards of France: with WINES unexcelled on the hill* of the Rhm?; a d with an article of WHISK Y which in arks strong'*- of the true flavor of the Monongahe'.a and Bourr>on Pa atable as ith-r of tlp'sc may he individually, he ha* sought to make t'iem still more so by the erection th- rear grounds of bis favorite establishment of a spaciou Arbor, where hi* ku 's's by day may cnioy the oool brerze and be frm* from >ol's too ardent ravs ; and. at "the witching honr of night," qualT his ice-cool Lager without tear of having their enjoyment dampened by ttie falling d?w. Such inducements will, doubtless. caus>irlLnv nf nnr fn Hmn > ? ' THE WEEKLY STAR Tbn a*celjar t FjiiBi ? ftad N?w? Javraftl?aoatMBing a iraater v?rirt? of iBtwMtaBi raadiag t:*n oai. b? fooad ib Mir otfear?ib gubiahad <? Saturday morning. TIim-Oik, Mr?rMtfy,u adr?r? ?ingle o< p?, per in r n?i. f: 8 l*BO< plea ... ft (W Ten copiea t ? Twant> ooptM U < By atl*>a?rihing is e!aha rtuaad immi smghhora Without tt>? intervention > < a ir*i a?ent. aa Will be kwitmI Jo per oent. of T\* r?k'i Simr will !? *VKi. It IBTart*l>!f <<ntAi n? the * A^hii(t. g New* ' that I ti mad* Ti? Sr?nm Kiar sirWiM ao (M?rkllr throughout the ointr;. ICT"!?inf i# oopiea i ta wrapper* > Mb b* pm*?r?4 at Iha Counter .linn?i>-r tha laauaof paper. Prioe?TH R Kfc CfeNTS C^PoitmMl?ri who met u agetita wili be 1?? ~<J a pommtoion ofl^eenta. FOB SALE AND RENT. VALl ?B(.E FARM, STOCK. CROPS, IM PLKMBNTS. Ac *c\ FOR SALE OR. F.XCHANGK FOR IMPROVED CITY rROfKRTY.?Tne aubaoriber in oiiir^aNM of 11111 ability to (ir? tha? persona attention to hia F?m wh an it require*. <>ffe-? it, together with kia ato?k of feu* brood M*rea.OoU Ciivt, Hoga, grvwinc o-opa. implement*, ko . now en the prera aea, ther lor en a or e*< iiauge for improved < ity p-op^rty. The Farm contain* ona hutded and ?i? m aorea, la x-ated in Montgomery Coanty. Mar* and . d atant ten mi ea f ont W a*< incton, on the ? kvn a Turrp.ta. 'he beat road , a>i>ng nut of Washington. It la deemed anneoeeaary to enter ir to a minute deeeriptioa of the Farm, aa it la preiumed no one w<>u d purchase without ferat viaitmg ? b rr?-in.?*-?. ?ny iniormauon wi how#?M, eheerfaity h*fiT?n ikon irp o*l nt to WILLI A M K. ^rt'BBS. m K lUMi, bM*M! 1Kb uo 14th. Wwhlllfton City. W. It WailaeV Editor of th* Star. know* the K?rm weii an<i will aooord hill luformatma oomoormnt it to ?n? menirer. j* M eotl |^M>R RF.NT-A three-eli?y BRICK H'?| SK. r on li pfori. ?8fn ?lh anil Mh. Also, a t wo etnry BKICtC COTTAGE, with ikrdtii. oorwr of T?nn*>i?r irrnu* and North F street. igrmu >d?<1 br a largo oommon paature. and woul<l Lm a <i??irmMe location for a dairy man. Inqmrft of C. BIR6K, 416 l: hit. jy it i o<ia* (X>UNTR 7rEVIDENCE FOR PALIL?Tar?i y and a half a r?? of Land eitoated at Bailey ? \ r ad* at the mieraectiun nf the Co unt) an and U*e*barg lu'Dpia**, an uiilee from WaahiB?'<>n ard 5 from Alexandria. The impro*ementa cor?iat of a house, o-vitaininc IC room*, barn, oora houa?, abe>:*, Ac. The yard i* well ar.adcd with treee acd has in it an rxo*i!ent well of water, for further pait:eaiaf* apply on th* premiaee to W M PA V > F, or t > JNO. DO W LING. h*?., or A. Marsha;'a auction rooira. YVaahinfto", D C. The at>"ve deeeribed property Will be aold low for eaab. ir ^Kl4W' l/HK R K N T ?The'three ?tor% brown I Hol'sK No. 3t>7 New York ?v?no?. 10th and llth ntre?*ta. Horth aide, oontainmc fifteen i room* This house ia convenient to th- Patent OfI Treasury. etc ; la liented by |ai. and in everr *a> *uitab e for a l<o*rftin? hon?e. Rent molerate, *|ipl? ntxtdoor.or to A 'i. FOWLER. c#nd flu r north winrof PlUMtOtlM. I* W tf L'OK KFN < - hne FRA t? E HOl>E kr>.r*n u "Frciwh K?mi' Huum." on M *t_ north, b~twe?-n 9th anil l*Hh atreeta, No. HO, one of the moi-t deairab'e private re?idenoea ' Washington. This h uw is surrounded by fruit t-m a iii ?rftt number# of currant buabea of ve rious kir.rfv arvl fin* ?hade tree#, with l?.noi) f^e' of g oiinrt. *ra i-d in Apply to J. C. COOK Euhtli at. l>"twecB 1) and E. jy It tf L'OR RENT?Three BRICK Hoi SRH-o* o? r Twellth atreet. b-tween C aad li;one on th* corner of Tw;fth and H ata. ; and one on H. between 12t;t and lS?n eta. Inquire of J A M ES W. BARKER, on U ?tr?et. hM??fn llth and 12th, No. 42S. ma tf tf l^'OR HKi\T-AUr?r atory KKXMr. hOLcfc, F oii Eleventh ite?l, between I and K lr autre of M. 8NVOER. at tha rlumb nc ar.d Gv Fiitt d| F;Ubiikha?Dt vf C. Si<;d?r, otit door to tK? CUr Uffioe maKtf I/OR RENT?Three brat-ela-a and reeentlf a but t H< >1 >h.v i ur -tu tea hieh each, baad ?omel) finished, and having all the modern iroprov*niBrtu, ?ucn *i w?! r, ta?. Ao.. ia one of the re ? finest locationa in the aity?oa the corner of Thira street and Miitoouri avenue, a d oppoaite the rapttol grounds Au> ne wishing to rent a fine dwe.linc will find this a favorab e opportunity, aa I desi peto rei?t them immediMel*, a?d will rent them oM Inquire of 1'. W BROWNING. je 1-tf COR RENT?That new and well arranged three a alorj 1IKICK HOl'St. No. l?J.on (i atreet. between l"Hh and a?th sta., Firat Wa'd, ocoupied by Mr. Ktnliwco, Russian L*t.ati"n. Pom i si<>n eiyen inuti'-diau-ly Inquire of Mr. SOUTH* EY S. PARKER . nea'tdoor ea?t n>a 16 eotl I^OR R KNT-A ma. ?TOR k, of 6th st. and P^u . avsr.u<\ under ths C.arendon Hot*., suitaht* for a t?art?ar'? ?? i.on <-r cigar store For information inquire at Ui? Hotel. mar 3P I^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of tH? baild1 iiit immediate^ oppu*ite the w-st wine of the City Hi'., recently oocupied by Chas. J*. Wa ach as an office. A tso 'lie front room id trie second story and the third floor of the same tmildinc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTpIo. L?"uu:\na avenue. ja IS tf SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.? ^ Two splendid fjites of ROOMS. e.egacUy furnished, will be ratted daring the session of Cob* f?ss, m the most rienrable locality in this eity. beicf within oi.? ur two squares oTBrown'i and Natoor,a' Hot<?'?. Those in pursuit of such Rooms will do well to make early application at No. 17 9 'th street, i.etween D street and Pa. a*. da ft-tf trunks! kootsa \ n suovs I HAVE JUST KKCEIVKD A NEW PL'Pp J of Gei.'*'finr Prenoti Caif Skin Dr?M^^n Hoota and Gaitrra, Paten' l.i*th?r uUfVI Cloth ^altera, CaJf Sktu. Patent leather. and 1 Shoe* A >, an ?xt*n*iv?" Wk toe k of Bo *'&n<l <"hl Idreti'a, ( .adiea' and Mia*"*' Bo 'ta awl Shoea, all of whioh I a?i acliing uet< (seeding! j low prioea. J. K DSFATH A I.. i'iO Sevan"h atraet. ma 15 eo 8 ^oora above D atrwl. Boots and shoe? to suit tbk times. Wo are now manufaotaring *11 kinda of BOOTS and SHOES, and oopatantfV receiving a| eupp y ot eaatorn made work of evert de-Mi aoriptio", made expreaaly to order, and wiilw Kv be a<>ld at a much ower arioe than haa bean* heretofore charged in flue city for nooh inferior artioiea. Peraona in want of Hoota and Shoea of eaaterc or city made work, will al war a ini a?<xx3 aaaorMneat in store and at the loweat price* Gi ve na a call. GRIFFIN A BRO., >yt-r 314 Pen nay I van ta avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, i9 499 Ttb Strut Owponte Odd Ftliottr' Hall. HuiuuiM, D. C, Traveiera Wii atodv their interests b? eiajniam m? TRUNKS, VALICESAo . before par chasing eisewere A* I use tone hat UmBbHI beat material the market affords aad eir.pioi^HH) the b*>?t workmen, 1 can oonidentiy r>*c >r mend my work to be superior in Strmtik and Dmmbility to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to ordar on one week's notice) pvery description of 80LM LEATHER. IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRPNKSj ASHI.AND and oi*?r VALICES: TKATELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES, WHIPS, #e., #e. ' Trunk*, Ac., Repaired and Corarad, la a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of the oily, Georgetown, or Alexandria. 8E WVN^MAC?H1 NES*'* daia-it james p. topham. IJNITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION. Washington. Jaly 17, l**U Proposals will be rroaived at tma Oftc until 1 noon of Tne?dsy,the2lst of August n?*?,for Furn ishinc and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two rAnma Avar t Ka a ' > % m ?Arr>/1 .. f ika C* e b i i wm? ?nv vvbuwiih| wi i i?vt vi mw vyiv?/l KHiMtoi The propoaela "mt atate the artoe for ??h Milin* oon>plew, in aiaee, pel a Lad wit* three go^xl eoeta of white leed ia oil. Ail of the Iron work of the Ceiha*e, of every deeoriptun. ln~!ad>n* the faetemncs oftM oei tugs to the wiilie and to the roof (Wine*, naaat bo mole ded in the price bid. The propoeeie meet be eodoreed, "Propoeae for I roe Omcca," eud meat be aeoompeaied by a guarantee. aigeed t?* one or more reepoea.bie per aona, ?<Sdr-aeed to the underai*n?d. The, will be opened at the time mentioned Above, in the preaenoe of auob persona at met ohooae to The drawlnf a of the oetlinta oar boor eaec at this Oftee. W* B. FRANKLIW, Captain Toporraphica, Kniieeer*. In charge ot Gapito, titaaelus. f'arh proposal ahould be aoeompenied by the lowing guarantee: Form q/ Oa?r*a('<. The nnderaignod, A B end C D. of??, te the Btate of?.and la the ^itta of hereby ftua anty that ia oaae the foregoing bid < f? ? for iron online*, m abore deaorth* i, b? ao<-e( i , he or they will, wr.Mc ton day* &A?r the rMM>i?t of rbnoont aatat the p ace named unmii Humwiiil for th* om inr?, with k.?m1 and eocnrtie*; anrf.incaee the Hid *hal f?il to e?**r mto oon'raota* af?>r*eaid, we g nanus tv to mak* the diff?renoe Utwrni the offer oftae mi4 and that which ma* be too. r iro. Date , I860. SiioatarM of luncton, A B. Witneaa, E F. I hereby oerti'y that the a boy* named ? are known to aie aa ab i to Make food their gaaraatea. 0 n T? be tuned by the Unitad States di.tnot )a-l ? , Uaitod Htatee 4i?rt?t attorney, oolieeW. or eoae n?p>nra knnwn tr\ trta Wat ? > a Jy U dtd * RON* WORLD ~HTnownad PiANOS oaiy for aal* by thr__^^ iT* riber, at vko?t ?Umit? war* oAintfBBBBA y<? ?ill ft ad a! way k a lari?at ok.ainh'iw * in( m-y rar<*ty. >tyl? pnnr of Fia afo trim or diaooant lor oa*h. Pia m aiao oUm good a*ak?ra. Piaao* for air*. JOHN F. RI-LI*. Piano and Music Daater, ? 306 Pa a* , hetro'i. Ma and 10th ?u Mai 10 aaat by mail tri? of f??t. Maaiovl ii??t?-aiwnU rapatrt.d. i?l? KBY. TKTlawa^?fro? mjJtaafl hop ?? y c C^UWIAD. >a *-ly W^lifwn, wn* 1 aaiPtt

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