Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Temmuz 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Temmuz 1860 Page 2
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Ludxm A Bargy, The Poliry of the Douglas Party; Paying for their Whittle; Death of the Venerable Joseph Gales? At* funeral obtrquies. 4"f ,* The Erttiion of Political Poles on th* Public Ground}; The Speech of the Current Canvass; Simmering Down; Hoxc the Land Lays; The Devil'' to Pay. J he Proposed Joint Ticket'in Xtw York; The World Corning to an End, Department yews; Editorials; Washington News and Uossip; Loal Intelligence, ft., fe.; Late yews, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This i* just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their fntuds at a distance Price only three ten is per copy, or SI 25 per aunum, postage dreuaid ijv whpn ??? ? through tbe entrance gangway. The Cape May excursion promise* to be all that has been advertised. The tickets thus far sold amount to about live hundred, and the purchasers are Urst-clas* people. All sorts of stories are current about the hip H*r future movements would seem to be wrapped in mystery. None of the directors, when sounded on the subject, will condescend to en* lighten the questioner's Ignorance, it is only certain th t the public exhibition of the vessel will do** on Saturday ni^ht, that she will tLen be thoroughly scrubbed and sent on her pleasure trip to Cape May fr-mm j. Hon Ilorfe Maynard. of Tenn , and Hoi. Geo W. Jones, of Iowa, are at Browns'. Hon Kdward Bate*, of Missouri, (on his way home from Virginia.) arrived in this city yesterday. Rev. Courtlandt Van Rensselaer, pastor of the Presbvt< r au Church at Burlinjiton. . J ?. J - wuuw uraio aas oteu announced, whs a son of tLe old Patroon of Vbany. and besides bt-in^ mucb beloved aa a pastor, held a high position in the councils ol the Oid School Presbyterian organizat.ou As edit, r of the Presbyterian Magazine a?d secretary of one of the of that cburcb, tke deceased was exceedingly active and efficient, and b s loss will be a great one to tbe councils of the denomination. He was also a valuable officer of the Presbyterian Historical Society. Effects or ttik Hkat ? Since Friday afternoon, says the St. Louis Republican, tbe Coroner has been < alitd to bold Inquests on no less tban thirty-five persons who died from tbe effects of tbe beat B'sdes tbese fatal instances, we have | beard of numberless attacks, more or less severe. 1 generally confined to laboring men and women. Thk Late Mitioe?A gentleman In Pike county Pennsylvania, found tbe ''bole it made in hia ground," but all tbe energy be lent to the digging for it failed to realize any fragments thereof Another confident gentleman, in Bridgeport, Conn . saw a '*oiece of it" puss through the window of a bouse; but on examination the win dow was lntapt, and there was not a trace of tbe fiery visitant. At present we find that it was seen over a space of four degrees of latitude, and about five of longitude. Cbsscs or Psnhsylvajua Towns ? As far as beard from, the census reports of leading Pennsylvania towns stand thus: Lancaster, "_'0 iXKt; Harrisburg, 14.562, Scran ton. 12.0UJ, York, IO.OOO, 1'ialnn I" Ittut- ? >?? ~ - ? or oAtunowa.?On Tuesday evening, 17tii Inst.. Mr. Victor Thomson, one of the most reapec table cltlxens of Hagerstown, Maryland, died at bis residence, after an Illness of a few weeks, a*ed about 50 years Mr. Thomson was the proprietor of an old and well known drug and chemical bouse In Hagerstown. At bis d?ath be left^n rattte of nearlv sixty thousand dollars, a Urge proportion of which he bequeathed to benevolent obj eta After making liberal provision for bis two sisters, be devises the sum of S20.000 to four Bosrds of the Old School Presbyterian Church, viz ?*9 <**> (o tb* Board of Education; *5,000 to the Iloard of Publication; S5.0UU to the Hoard of Foreivu and 15.UUU to the Board of Domestic M'ssions He slsodevls?s $5 U0ti to the Presbyt. Congregation of Hsgerstown, for the en lar^einent and improvement of its cburcb edlttn : *1 UHJ to the Charity School of the town: *2,000 Ij, the Mayor and City Council of Hagerstown for the purchase of fuel for tbs poor: tl,000 to Ms colored servant womau, which at her death Is to revert to the town, and be appropriated as the preceding legacy I _ I I ll__ WASHINGTON IIIWI A.1D 60MIP. | THI APPBKHI^DBD TBOCBL? AT OCCOQCAS ? ' We are glad to learn that no effbrta are likely to be made to realst the determination of the maas of ; the people of Prince William county, Va , to take I down the Lincoln and Hamlin flag which ha? been erected at Oceoquan In all. there are no1 more than twenty men there sympathising In the cauae in wbtch the flag was erected, not ao much the cauae of Lincoln an# Hamlin, aa the peraonal cauae of the man?Underwood?whoae career of late years in Prince William baa proved him to be an unadulterated abolitionist of most dangeroua type in the mldat of a slave-holding community. The fact that he possesses some personal qualitlea?of courage, earnestness, truthfulness. and energy?which naturally make warm personal frienda for men, has alone operated to induce the people of Virginia to put up with hit pretence among them and his flagrantly incendiary course up t> tbis time. While we shall ever raise our voice agaii'St violence, we are nevertheless well aware that there may arise nul?an< es and danger to the peace of society, which, under our government, no law will leach; but which, nevertheless, must be abated if the community at large would preserve their lives or their property. Finite wisdom cannot lay down laws or rules proper to be ol>served on such occasions, each one suggesting the proper remedy against the dangprs to society Inherent in Itself. Regarding this Prince William case as an occasion of the sort, we cannot refrain from sympathizing with that community, so long abused by Underwood and his handful of adherents; while we sincerely trust that tkeir necessary measures of self-protection may not result in bloodshed Sbkds asd Cuttings riox Stria.?The Agricultural Bureau has just received nicety-four toxe* and two barrels, containing a fine assortment of seeds and cuttings, from Belrot, Syria. Thes? articles bad been collected by desire of tbe late Commtskioner of Patents, Mr. Holt, through tbe agency of bis friend. Rev Dr Barclay, who, by his ]>ositton and knowledge of tbe Holy Land, was well qualified for tbe task Tbe assortment is composed of varieties of wheat, barley, grape cuttings, olives, scions of fruits, and vegetable products The cuttings, scions, Ac , will be sent to the new propagating houses for eiperiment and increase, and no distribution will hw made of the remainder until fall. Among the Interesting plants may be mentioned the Lesoaban. It is believed by many that the crown of thorns was plaited of the branchea of this tree It makes an excellent artirle for hedges, and thus has a positive value, Independent of any such tradition As a tree, it Is very ornamental There are also seeds of melon. *j'lashes. Ac ; camel's food, dates, walnuts, equal to the Knglish.and probably well adapted to the Middle and Southern States The ma is tree la esteemed as medicinal, or rather prophylactic. The seeds sent were procured from the tree growing within the enclosure of the ancient temple of Solomon. It waa not to be expected that all these articles would arrive In good condition. The length ef the voyage at this s-aaon, with other circumstances, have caused the loaa or death of a large proportion of them. I Hut Miniloh ?r? l?ft > moderate turn (SI,QUO) Invested in their purchase. Aa the cause of the failure of the germination of seeds sent from the Patent Office Is a want of knowledge of persons as to the manner of sowing them, the next Patent Office Report will contain some several directions on the subject. The Alleged News from Texas?We regret to have to state that it is the general impression of all here well informed In Texan affairs, that the news per telegraph from that quarter, published lu yesterday's Star, is likely to prove true. Thetwo so-called followers of The Man of Peace, charged with the Instigation of the horrid crimes mentioned in the dispatch, are most deI termined and desperate characters in the estimation of the people of the State. Their whole career In Texas proves them to have been bent on trying the patience and forbearance of their fellow citizens at large to their utmost capacity of endurance. Under the pretense of serving the cause of Christ, thev have labored without a* to the means they employed, to build up an abolition political party In the heart of a slaveholding cominun'.ty, availing themselves of association with the only sympathizing materials at hand?outlaws and next to outlaws for their personal crimes?and secret confederation with the worst portion of the slaves within reach of their tampering Their movement is but another step forward of the march of Abolition'sm, towards the '-Irrepressible Conflict " That it tends to weaken the bonds of the L'nlon all must realiz* who appreciate the fact that no community of freemen can be expected to submit to persistent machinations In their midtt tending to the general insecurity of their property and the lives of their wives and children, evrn though the name of religion aud that of civil liberty may be used as t he cloaks under which to persevere in them. The Execctiv* Committee* ?Hon. Mile' Taylor, of Louisiana, having returned to Washington, the Douglas Executive Committer have ftirly commenced their document distributing labors. As an item of political literature, It may be stated they are preparing an edition of one hundred thousand copies of a tract entitled "Lincoln and his Record." The Breckinridge Ex e^utive Committee are preparing for extensive circulation an addre<? on the territorial question and iu opposition to the views of Judge Douglas. The Republicans are not idle as to the printing and distribution of campaign documents, while the Bell and Everett Committee are Industriously employed in the dissemination of their own pollucai n^fit Patkst Or?ici bscisioa.?The Commltsion?r of Patentt baa decided that it la not a compliant e with the tlatute on the part of the ofiiee to refute a patent bee a'.ik the thing claimed a* pitent?He bad been Ken by an examiner of the office tome twenty years before. Where tuch knowledge eiitted tolelv in the examiner, the party applj lng fur a patent would have no meana of forming a judgment except by an examination of the device referred to lie la, therefore, entitled to be furnished with auch Information In regard to ita whereabouta aa will enable him to begin hit March for It with a reasonable proapectof tucceaa. ? . Thb Tkiatt with Jataji.?The treaty of amity and commerce with Japaa. the ratlflcatlona of which were exchanged when the F.mbaaav were in Waabington, it officially publlth^d. One of the articles provides that the Preaident, at tha request of the Japanese Government, will act aa friendly mediator in such matters of difference al Hill' MPiui * , japan ai d any European power. ArroiitTMtNTor Dkfotv Po?txa*tib?.? Geo. Mod, to be Deputy Poatmaaler at Battle Creek, Mich., vice Wm M Campbell removed. Dwtgbt A Fuller, to be Deputy Poatmaater at Corning, N. Y , vice Charlea C. B Walker removed. Thi Wiathee ?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer '. an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the ?mlthaonlan lnatitution. The time of obaervatlon la about 7 o'clock. JULY 87, ia?o New York, N. Y cloudy. Baltimore. Md clear. Richmond, V*. cloudy, 70?. Petersburg. Va. cloudy, 81F. Norfolk, va cloudy. Ralolxh, N. C clear. 74?. Wilmington. N.C cloudy, warm. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear, 78?. Augusta. Oa clear, pleaaant. Savannah, Ga. clear. Mil-tin (im * ... , ?- ciouaf, wiftn, Columbu?, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Mobile, Ala clear, raoii TBI viit. Ottawfc, 111 clear, 73*, wind E Rock Island clear, 70?, wind K Cairo, 111 cloudy, 80?, wind NE Elgin, 111 cloudy, 05?, wind NE PIttaburg, Pa clear, <to?. Cleveland, O clear, 88?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,903; at noon, 39,870. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 73*; at noon, 83^. Maxlmom during 04 hour* ending 0 I, m. today, 01"; minimum 70*. Th* Court or Claims.? Tbe t'.ted State* Court of Claims has adjourned, to ieet on the 15th of October next. But little businss bu been transacted during tbe present yearpounsel in many cases preferring to awnlt d^flnit action on the Congressional bill, proposing to ?o change the law establishing thit tribunal as.o make Its awards final, and giving the right of ppt-al ? ? General Crmine a so ihr Supre* Cocrt ? It is stated the rumor that Gen. Cushii; aspire* to the Supreme Court is founded on noting excepting the fact that bis talents and lear.lng-would amlnantli' fl > Kim f. >r anrh a nlsro 14 ?m atare Viuiiicii *i j u> ui 111 H'l an^u ? j'lwvv ?i> ?ic*** a id wishes have a different direction Thi Distbict MiLiT*av ?We ar< reqwstcd by Capt Schaetter, of the National Riles, to state that neither he nor any of hia coinpaiy haa anything whatever to do with the currentdiscussion in our local column* about the Distrir Military. ThiGovirkmi.m Finahcis.?The pceipt* into the Treasury the past week hare beer SI.537,UK), draft* paid $1,389,(XX>. Amount sulicct to draft nearly S4.000.<m0. Gknkr/ll Cass ?The Constitution ays " We ee a paragraph goinji the rounds of he papers ? which doubtless originated In either the Providence I'ost, Cincinnati Enquirer, orSelma Se ntinel?stating that Gen Cass has expressed himself strongly In favor of Mr Douglas 6r the presidency, and in distinct approval or Mi Douglas's position on the question of slavery in he Territories We know of our own knowledg* that there li not a scintilla of truth In this statement. "Whatever may have been Gen. Cass's opiaont on the Territorial question in the |?it, anl whatever accord may bave excited between hisviews and those of i\Ir Douglas.we know that time the rendering of the decision of the Suprene Court .of the United States In the Dred Scott cise, Le hat declared repeatedly that he accept* tint decision as final and binding on him a? on all ?ther good citizens, and that his future action will be controlled by it absolutely." Another Horror ix Iowa.? Iowa Is gaining a very unenviable notoriety The rerentOttimwa and Kephart murders are fresh in the nubile mind. Here is another piece of brutality; The Oskaloosa Herald says a worthhss scoindrel aimed Hall, living lear lalhraud. Kokuk cuunty, treated bis wife with fiendish crutlty a few days since. She h:id been teaching school to maintain the family. Without her knowledge he drew her wa^es.'then beat her. took from her rvni amne ui i loiu.i j ana Willi a cora llfHl litr band* and feet, and left btr in tbat condition. He then burned every particle of her wearing appirel, and left her naked and tied, to escape ?? beat (be might. Her cries soon brrought assistance and relief, but the fiend bad fled. Y"5=*PROSPECT HI I l? CEMKTERY.-tfOL? 71i b. ? ("nder the charter lately granted t>r Conjrret.*, the proprietor* and suhi'Criix'rs to the stock ot this Company will hold a general meeting on MONDAY EVENING, July 30,at So'clock, in Gerin&n Mall. 11th st.. to which the attendance of all members and friends of the enterprise is re quested. By order of the Di recto ? j y THE COM Ml TTF.F.. Y3=?l O. O. F.?MECHANICS' LODGE. No 1 L x (Geor*etowr. > - The members of Meei:anios' Lod^e are reacsted to a'tend an adjourned meeting on KR I DAY EVENING, ^Tth instant. M. \V. G. M. John Thaw, assisted by P. ?. M. SicART Will f-TPmnlifv cArtrnJ wnrle r\f !.? ^ "*? M-., vn-.viv* W VI A "I iJ|D UMIOI All members <hi good standing) of mfter Lodges are invited to attend. H. G. DIVINE, jy 26 2t R. S Pro teui. CiAPE ISLAND, NKW JERSEV.-Vmtors to / Cape .May will find goo'l accommoda- A ? ? A ti'innat WHITE HALL. Term* only i per week, including the ri'l<* to the !?>?.-ii^i^ELL in the morning. Dr. S. S. M A KV , _ jjr 27-2 Proprietor. CARD.?As an inducement for families to sojourn at the "IIYGHI A"during the month* A . ? A of Auguitt and Septeml>er, the Propriat >rs have redue-'d the price of Board to $2jaU91UL per day and S1250 per week, from August 1st. JOSEPH SEGAR, J Prnnr?tnr? C C NVILLARD, \ 1 ropn.tors. Old Point, July 26th. jy 27-lm < 11\ ntWk WORTH OF DRV GOODS TO O nMMnl be sold at a great sac Kit- H'K, Iroin now until the l*t ot September, to close business. at HAR ft BRO '5?, 1 street, botween 7th and Xth sts., Navy Yartl, Washington. A* this 1.1 no humbug, you u ay expect gr-rat I argain*. Intending to mako a chango in our business, wo are obliged t? sell out our stock by the Ut of J*ept?mt>er. Those who wish to purchase largely must call soon, as w? am already vorr l.uny in m< a?uring out our stock. This w ill also be a good chance for persona to buy to seli again, jj 28-lw g E D A RD IP LIT WOOD! SHF.R1FF A DAWSON Will furnish WOOD. Sawed and Split, and delivered promptly in any part of the city, on the fol. owing reasonable terms : OAK WOOD 1 cord. saW'id in four piecos. a .d split 1 ?l * ?* ?4 ? ?* K Q )I , I r? - m n U 4-7 j/ u it II 41 i* i* u t l.tti PINK WOOD. 1 nnrH sawwl in four ?*...? ..... ... iv.ui J.. - 'an, mm i>VIIk Q J W S ? ? ? ? * ?4 14 . f qm 1^' ? 44 44 4* 4k t( M ^ 1^15 Bent quality of COM, also on hand, which will be lit at low rat"*, from the Yard, comer 41- st and Canal, went sine. jy 2a-4t I;NAMKLLKD III SI.ATK MANTF.L8, Direct Jrom the ManHfacturrrs. These are mnrt beautiful ?tyles of Mantel*, enamelled in imitation o| such rare marhles a* t>io Spanish, Krvp'ian,Vienna, Verdo Antique, Porphyry, BrocatelIe, and others equally oelebrated. Pft" imitations are no perfect an to ohallen** th? scrutiny. Inelwfmeeoffinia'ith** stand unrivaled and a*t< no hik 111 y poli>?h?*<] th?t* they retain tii? ir beauty and frenhnesn lonicer than the common marbles, whilethey are sold much cheaper. They have l>een usod in this country for the 1a?t ten, and ill Europe for more than fifty year*, and have *iven entire satisfaction. P ea?e call and examine at W. il HARROVKR'S, Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank, jy 2fi <.'vr 5 doors north of Louisiana avenue. THRKE BEAUTIFUL I PRIOIIT OR COT I TaGE PIANOS for rent by the week cr month. JOHN F El.I IS, sor Pa. avenne, bet. 3th and lfth ?is. Puckering A Sons' Piano* at a:l p'io?? jy 2fi I\RAVS WIIl'KI Hi nnriim - - , - - - + > ? v tv ^ ? ?? C? '* ** V* V I ^ ""? t I J CARtS, CARKVAt.l,-. 4 . FOR SAI.K The undersigned, at hi* od e?t?mi hmont. Hiieh utreot. G^orgi town, opposite the Vigilant Engine Houm, hat on hand ai;d f<?r sa o at the lowest ea?h prices. a larg? assortment of ?h-? al*>ve naned ar tides. The> are of the hest material* ami work inanship %nn worthy the exaimna i< n of all puroha*ers. jy ?4-e^3t* RjCH A RP JONES. BALTIMORE BUTTER HOUSE. Daily receiving fresh and ?weet, in Goshen package*. Also, Ohio Butter, at and 12S o?"t< ELL1COTT k. HKWE8. jy % 59 Exchange Place. Baltimore. IMPORTED" 1 MINERAL WATERS. JOSEPH W. NAIRN. DRUGGIST, corner of Pa avenue and Ninth *treot, keep* constantly on hard fresh CO.NGRK8S.BLUE I ICK.and CANADA WEST AKTESiAN WELL WATER; also, a supply of CATaWBA WINE and BRAN DY, from th* celebrated Zimmerman oeliar*. nolo riouvlj unsurpassed in Cincinnati or elsewhere amnn; the manufacturer* of tne pure article from American grape. jy 26 7t 486 PAPERBANGLNGS, Ac. 4R(} Fine, Medium, and Low priced PAPERHANGINGS. WINDOW SHADFS. FIRF.BOvRD PRINTS, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS. Ac , at reduced prices. Remnants of low-priced Papers and Window Shal*?, at greatly reduccd prices Orders for Paperhanging arid Window Shades executed with skill and dispatch, in city or country. Please give me a call. Don't forget the number. J M A RKR1TK R, No. 4S6 Seventh st . 8 doors above j> 21 eofit* Odd Felloes' Hall. (^EORGE B Sl.OAT & CO.'S -I SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. First premium awarded at 19 out of 20 Statt and County Fairs. The cheapest and best Sewing Machines ever invented are universally admitted to be tlioie manufactured by G?orge B Sloat * Co., Philadelphia. Elliptic and Shuttle Machines $50 to ??). Fancy Elliptic, Walnut or Mahogany Cased, $63 and $65. Toilet Cased, Walnut or Mahogany, $75 and 9*5. Thrse Machines are of superior workmanship and more elaliorato finish ami 33 per cert, cheaper than any other Sowing Machine ma u fact u red in the United states. Call and ??-e rhein at MAXWELL S Fancy''tore. Pa. avenue. jy X, ootit J THOMAS MAXWELL, Agent. Balance of stock positively at cost. i will jominnnoe thi? day to oloae off my ?took of MILLINERY. KM BROIDERIES AND DRV GOOD*, auch aa Tiftv?litw l)r--M Goodi, Hare*ea, Luo Sliawla, Manti la?, Black end Grey B*ro?o l>ivt?ra, Sun Urabrellaa. Panwol*, Hair Neta, MitU, Lace and ttrenadine Vail?, Ho >? Skirl*, Ac , Ao , at and be low eoat. i a<liM preparin< to leave the eitv will find an abundance of neoe*aarv artiolea at E. GUTMAN'S, No. 11T Brwice atretf, Georgetown, D. C. jy 12 3t*w3w Wgalts' OOD AND COAL OPFICR S?3 Pa. At., Bktw. 11th ahd 11th St?., North Mde. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth ?t., ma 17 tr R?low Wy Pepartment. J BOSTON ICE. UST received per aohoonrra H.Gilfillan. Mary U. Bauka, New Jeraey, Seulah, an<l G. W. H tt, Fou teen Hundred Tona beat auality BOSTON ice. L. J. MIDDLE ION, jy 2n-eo3t oftce corner lath a Dd JF ?ta. Thompson's CELEBRATED MEDICINES, LIFE PRKSERVER, and CORDIAL, For aale, wholesale and retail by 8. C. FORD, Jr., jj *-13| Chemiit. ? 0 I i Thi Toixado is Olio ?Tb* tornado of Saturday last in th* vicinity ? f Cleveland, O.. la d?? criucu os vrr v uevuuiwn^ iu jw *. viik^khi ! Tbe trark of tbe itorm wa* about quarter of a I mile wide.and its known extent about two miles. . The following fa< ts in relation to the tornado are | ; gathered froin the statements of passenger* on tbe Cleveland and Mahoning train, which arrived In Cleveland Saturday night: Tbe first serious danger done wai to tbe dwel- i ling of a Mr Mason, about a mile from the sta> tion Th.i house was blown down and Mrs i Mason so badly Injured that abe cannot live Hef Umb? were shockingly broken; and ber bod? mangled The storm thea passed In < southeast direction, taking in its course a body of wood* Ion both sides of the railroad track. Here thetre** were torn up by tbe roots and twisted off. a* if by lightning. Tbe railroad tra< k was covered with tret* and trunk* Tbe tornado rushed Into the s-itletneiitab >ut the depr>t Here were tbe station house, a strong built frame bouse, two groceries, one adjoining the depot, and the acr??s? tbe trsck and near by, and a house where Jeremiah lialvin, an employee of the road, lived bis family. A child of his had been out berrying and as tbe rain clouds csme up, Mr*, lialvin took an umbrella and went out to meet it and bring it home. They had almost reacted tbe house on their return when tbe tornado cau.e tin aiist * mil or n ):?ru#> llmh hnrn#> fn riously along bv the gale, struck Mrs. Oalvin on the right aide of the head, crushing out one of her eyes, and instantly killing her The house was now struck and blown to pieces: as was the grocery near by Then the station house was attacked, and in the twinkling of an eye it was razed to the ground, with not a timber or a stone left upon one another to show where a moment before it had stood. Its destruction wis most complete and perfect. The timbers were scattered far and wide, and the foundation sti n?s were torn one from another and thrown about like toys Another Mitioi Sirs.?A correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer, of the'2.5th, says: "At fmcteelv twenty-seven minutes past ten o'clock ast nignt. I called the attention of several friends, sitting with me outdoors, where the whole heavens were visible t<\the only cluster of small dark, sharp edged, streaky clouds on the "Milk Maid's Path," due south and Immediately to the right and on a line with Mercury (the evening star), saying, look at that little bunch of clouds, how very dark they are, bow sharp the edges, and at that irmtnnt a meteor shot out from hehwul Dirm at flrat resembling a shooting star of the highlit order, and took a northwesterly direction; increasing in size and brilliancy, its fiery tail growing wider and longer as It advanced on its direct course, comparatively towards tbe spot where tbe meteor of tbe 'JUtb inst. first made its appearance, till about one-third tbe distance, when, with a separated into many bright parta. reaenibling the bursting of a huge rocket, high in the air. and was seen no more I have mentioned this fart to several, and they seem to think it mi^ht have been a meteor of the same kind as that of the 2Uth. 0I/~ A most praiseworthy and remarkable presence of mind was exhibited on Monday, tbe Ibtb inst . by a daughter of Mr Mo Lane, our MlnisU-r to Mexico. It appears that near Mellonsville, on the Boston and Hudson railroad, the horses of a carriage driven by Mr Havard Mllligan, of New Orl-ans, and containing Decides biirs'-lf, three ladies (Mrs Mllligan and the Missis MiLane, of Hudson ) took fright, and in trying to rfs'r In them that "entleman was thrown out with great ..Ifir? ?ia ii - ? viuimvc up nuiauon wui prrnoui onf ; nui rare presence of mind, one of the Miss McLane seized the rein* and sueceeded in brinjilnz the Lorn-g to a stand at a distance of about a mile from the spot where the arcident occurred. Mr. Mllligin was found to have l>een severely injured, receiving a compound fracture of the le^ and a punctured wound from a spike, which penetraud the thigh to th* depth of several incites, wounding some of the larjje arteries. He wns removed without delay to the country seat of his uncle, Mr. McLane, where he was visited in a few hours by Dr. j M Carnochan,of New York, who was summoned by a telegraphic despatch AMUSEMENTS. t ODD FKU.ows- iiai.i,! SA ' UK HAY E V h MSG, July 28. kxtra attraction: IXCRKASK IN V A I.IK OF tilFTs! THIRTY BEAUTIFUL FRKSEXTS Will l>e distributed among the patrons of THIODON'8 Ml'SKI'.M OF ARTS! ?'onitifcting of 6 old anil Silver Watches, Set of Si ver-plated v> are. Silver-plat*'. Gohlets. Solid Silver Spoons, Gold Brooches, Ac., Ac. Ticket* of admission to a I part* of the hali ouljr 25 cts.; for sale at Semken'a, *30 Fa. a v., bet. 9th and lmh at a . wh?re th?- pre*?-nt* may lie *>>en Tick ets may aim !>e had at tne hail from D a m. to 5 p in., ami on the evening of the performance. D?or? open at 7^; commence at 8. jy 27 FtKK CONCERTS! J RNST LOEFFLKK, ??e York a? /???, bttwrtn I <f and 2d streets, wnuM reapectfuily IB. atat*) to tne public that A CONVKRT "i'tfV ELECT MUSIC will be riven ever? MON 53* DAY aLd THURSDAY EVENINGS dunne ti e aeason. at his Favilioo, commencing at 3 o'olock at'! ending at Hi p. m. Previous to the Concert, the Saloon is open to those destriug to while away a few hours in the mazy dance. ICE CREAM. VVATKR ICES, ami every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity prioea. Farties desiring the Garden for Fic Nic pur pos'-g. are requested to give a day or two notice. je 13 3m WANTS. WANTED-A good Second hand HERRING S S\FE Any person havi ,g one to a?*ll inav hear o!.a purchaser by addressing I. T, Sta- Of fic?. j y XT Jt Information wanted of sig r g. PERS1CO. which will bn tliai.kfu !y received by <> FICCI? >1,1, ( Vice Consul r>f the Two Sijili**,) No, 4 1 Front st., Baltimore. Md. jy ?7-e..3t WANTED?By a young girl, a FLACK as nurse or chambermaid. i'lease address a not? to Roz No. 90,8tor Office, and the advertiser will calL jy 26 3t V17 ANTKD? At the Drue Store No. 500 Fa. av.. " near 3d street, a VOl TH. 15 or 16 year* of axe, tfcat can come well recommended. N? neother need apply. Jj * 3t*_ WANTF.D-B) a >oung man,a SITUATION a* * ? bookkeeper or e!??rk in a grocer?. dry goods or hardware store. Reference giver. Address T. R., No. 133 Fa avenue, between l?th and iOth ?u. jy !?6 3t* Oaiu, ?FARTNLR WANTED, with this 'j4UU? amount, in a highly profitable busies*. Must travel. Addiess "J ACQUfcS," Star Office. jy 25 at WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform the duties ^of ehaiubermaid. No one n?-ed apply who can inc. unoa a recommendation from her :a?t p ve. Inquire at Kck.ruton, two miles north of the Cap itol. jy 17 WANTED? By aste&riv and industrious man. a SITUATION a? collector. Beat of reeom inundations given. Address M. C., Star Office. JT Htf Wanten_rook8, ??i i) documents, PAPERS, r>oiNS, AI'TOGRA PHS?$5 for an aut??rapti letter of Gen. Tavlor. 3', 5th. 2*th, 31st, 3Uh, 36tli Volume* of .Nile's Reenter wa .ted ALFRED HUNTER. _jea0j?o1m* Under Willa-d*'. WANTED?To have everybody- know that the* can purchaw* their Summer Clothing at cost at No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office, jy 12- m pROPOSAI.S FOR SEALING WAX. Post Office Departs****, July 24. I860. Sxalei) pkofosals via he received at thi* De partment uctrjine 3d daj ? f September,next, at 12 u Ultra< , nu'iit, ior mrnisninc (M!1C( . Wtl, lor the use of the Pott Offices in the United States, from the date tfeat the oontraci tneref<>r ?t.ali be exeouted to the Slstday of Deoemher. 1864. The Wax to be delivered, f'ee ofexpense, at thr h aok agencies of the Post Offio* Drpa. tinen', at Washington, D. C.f New York ottj and Cincinnati, Ohio. The estimated quantity of Wax required at aaoh agenoy yearly is epeAfied b??low. District No. 1.? Washington, D. C. 150 pounds of Sjoarlot Seaang Wax.ol good quality, for ordinary use. District No 2.?At Ktxn York city. 60i pounds of Scarlet Sealing Wax, same aa for distnot No. 1 DiSTBiCT No S.? At Ctneinnati, Ohio. 4<m pounos of Pea'.ing Wax, same as for distriot No 1. The contract will be awarded to the lowest and b? t hlddar. thm hftit hi.i tn K? A" 4-1 ? iuiuvu '?i h i m wiipiui examination for the purpose of ascertaining Wuioh bid wi 1. in lU practical results, be uioit advantageous to the Department. II the Districts should be reconstrrcfcd, or increas'd in number, the Sealing Wax snail be delivered at such p'&ce or planes a* the Poatmaater Gaeera! shall designate, at pro rata price# Samples ot the waling Wax reauired to be furnisheT can be aeen at. or procured from, either of the above named agencies. Kach bidder must furr.iah, with hi* proposal*, ev ideroe of hta abi'ity to comply with hia bid. Two sufficient securities will be required to a oontraot. Failures to furniah the Sealinc Wax contracted for promptly, or furnishing an artiele inferior to that contracted for, will be o?n?idered auffioient cause for the forfeiture of the oontraot. |)ids not made in accordance with theae proposals will not be < onsidered Proposals must be n arked. on tha outside of Uia envelope, "Proposals lor Staling Wax," and tha letter containing them addressed to tha First Aasiatsnt Postmaster tie eial, Washington,!). C. J. HOLT, jy 36-law4w,Th Postmaster General. THE 8TKAMRB ri.viNnri nnnmuiMo u x/UW V W undergone a thorough examine- JT** tior by the gover meat iiiHpeotor, now read* for Exonrsions to th?^' Great Fulls or to nay points oa the river not uver 20 miles distant She will run to Arlington from Fourteenth street, or nay wharf is Washington at JOoents for the round trip, or '3 cents for the single trip, or from Georgetown, by way of theoanal, for lfteents round , trie; 10 oenta si ogle trj p. Ejoursions to the Iniane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, starting from Geortetown at 12 o'olook m.,and stopping at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharves in Washington, eo as to reach the Asylum by 1 o'olock. jy 9 eolm JOHN MOOftE, Proprietor. ? SPECIAL ELECTION I ELECTION NOTICE IN ri'mpliMof With a resolution pa??ed by tnc Boftrd of Common Council on ad Jul*, w* h*r??'f fir# l.otice t?i the \ otcrc of the Kirat Prwnol li^t Ward. tnat an e. t>cn wil! ho 'i?*..i at < T. Metiluo a Wood Office, north *id? I ?t., betw IKh and ?th at?..on \VED>t>DAY. the In .lay i>f August next, for one ntMnbcr of (M H?>*rd of Common Council, to fill a va anc* m ??i?l Hncrd. The poll* will Scopen ?t 7 o'clock a m. ard ciotcd at7o'clock p m. SAM'I. D1 VAI.I.. HAM'L 1. rRl'RV. DAN'I. SERRIN. Jy U ti Commmsionera. TP NOTICE. I O The rolera of th? S*cc?iid Prociact of the First Ward notice is hereby given,that an el-ction wili be iieid in the ai>ovt* I'ieciuet on W'EDNES DA Y '.tli* lit of Auguat n-xt. atthe cC-pewtT ih<-f J of Fielder LKirsMt, <>u th? corner of O e '.d latn for enf member of th* Hoard of Common Council, to h 1 the vacancy occmu a?ii f>? tit# rtmqua ftccto>:i of KuWi t Karl, Jr. THe P'?!la will l? cpen M 7 o'clock a. ni. a:id ci ">ed at 7 <> clock p. in A W. i KNHAM. WM. G. HI NT, WN. J. LKWji j* * Connnioioi.iri Vc I'rtcinoi M u ara. yo THK VOTKRM OF THE FIRST WARD. fmlloyr r?rii'?i In offerinc mtaelf a* * eandi date for re el??ction to the *ea' in the Board ? f t om moil ?.ouncil to which ?oii wj*cted ii.e on the ti at Morula* in Jim? a?t. I lak* this occasion of a*?ur ing you that I fully appr<-oi%t?> tb* honor ) ? c?nfe<-r?"d up 'ii me lit that time, and ?l.all ?vfr l?ei cratefu! for the manif??ta ion of tour kind lie a->d eo;ih .t-nce.aud I h?c you to baiieva that when I fiin%cntiM to l-eomnr a i-anJi 'At*- at tnate e<.-uou that I then wa? *ati?fierf that the mare techno a' quibble upon which I wa? exc nded from in* ? at ha I no f >rce, and I am confident you would concur with ni^ifthe reports of the majority at..J ini o it) had have l?ern published a* my Ineudw in the li.iaid d-sired. Very reapectfull*. jy X St' ROBKRT KARL, jr. EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, icT THE CAPITOl. AS^or I ATI ON Will hold a M GRAND PICNIC Jjj ARLINGTON SPRING. SSL FRIDAY. A limit 3 Particular* in future ad vortisemeat. it 15,57,* HO! FOR GI.YMONT'1 IIE Memliori oftne HIA'VVaTHA CLUB hava the pica?ure to announce to their ?. n.anj friend* and the puMn la erai mat in?r inie?<: stvinc a era n , .MOONLIGHT KXCI "RSION 01 TFKSDAY, the "tli <>f Au*ii?t. Particular! in futur* a<lv?rti?e m?nt. Bt oidt'i of jTaS-o.^t? COM. OF ARRAXOF.MKNTS. \1 OONLIGHT KXCLR-MON toOLTMOVT 1*1 MONDAY. Jcly 3?. An Excursion Party t managed by a Committee of Printer*) will !? * "w \\"\ hington II for GI'dohI on t?e iu*t*nl. the m earner Tho* ? olltii ; boat to leave her wii*'f at 3 o>|. ck p m prreiarlv ; returning, leare Gil snout j?1 10 o clock. \ umtmr of ticket* 1 nut d. V\ illi-'i' mu?ic wi I he in attendance. Omnihu?c? will l^av* corner 7th nt and Pa. av.. end e?>r' er L and 7t"> et*.. a' 2\ o'clock. Ticket* 11\K DOLL A R : to be had onljr of \V m. R. Mcl^u, Wm M Belt, Jr>Iin II. Ounninn'iam, Hanson Ma nar<| Jew? laic>.N?'Wl IIM,CImm. \V. 1 ^? 11. an t SaT'l P lve-w?ll. jv 13,21 A.MNOl'N('KMK>I 1 Hi: Memh*raofthc PERSEVERANCE FIRE COM PAN Y, No. i, havx the r uretoannonncetotii 'ir n.ant f i n ' wfr jr*" ,* T? and the pubV in g>-nt>ral that t'u>i^ ^BKE23C5 A \ \ I"A L PIC i> M" m .II take r> a^e at A K LI NG TON SPRING or. N'ESDAY. August 14. ParUcu rir# in a future aJvertineinent B) of jy 23 i'Qm OK ? R R AVUFM'T". rp ODD FM.I.O'VS*' FIC-NIC. 1 HK Comrm toe I A' t. on the part of Friend-hip l.o?l.:ean?l F .<!>:'* Kn cam pur nt.akn 11 a*ii'e i n i:i<if?im fcf r tip i f ien-1? avl tii?> i? ; . v * PIC N M" will ?aV* pANAI.OftTAN ISI.AN l> on ,MoNl> W Jul* ?' TnaCommi t*<- will um> their utmost eudearor* ?o in* . the occasion o?- of interim vul to all who Fiiav favor u? w th th?i' companT. I)n in: th? arte n<?in an ? ite??willn delivered by * p "oininent i?r*iiil>e' of the Oritur, W then' rinof !>and :ia? b^ea ei.(tag?d for the oc a ion Boat* will run from Morgan * R Sineha-t'i wharf, Wa?h nc-on. and f oin Hick ?tfe?t wha f w*o *etuwi . ev?-r? fow mi u n ilu i t th* <ay and up to ino'eit?ck at ui.:ht. Boat fare five cent* each way; ohi.dren half price. Ticket* Fll> Conta, admittir* a *??ntleman and la-'i-a. Ticket* may l>e pnMMi'ed of an* of the tnemSera of tli^ Lod<e or Encampment. j y 24-?t BOARDING. BOARDl.N'J.-Three or four untie nont.emen can t?? accommodated with R ard in a private fan.i r on the Inland. It I* the pleasan'eal location oo the Inland,and uearoet poir.t to th* cit>. Address 11 . il. A H., City l'o?t Office. j? IJ-lw' BOA K DING-At No. *i% Ninth ?tr?-et. I di>or aouth of F. will Im f.?i nd v%oait a hue front ro nn o i th 2d Iw-r, -uppli 41 with water, ?at, Ac.; bath r< om convenient. Tne house i* de: iraMy located, tt we I a? elevated and airy. Term* noderate A Dmin^-ro^m Servant Wanted jyM S>* PERSONAL. MADAMF. MORKICK. TnOuiir Astboloe:?t *SD D?>ctb?i?s. just from Evropu?T?i? highly mfl-d and intelUceni laJy can t>e consulted 011 tne f*a?f. Present acii Future Kr?:.t?. Cail at No. -JOS Twenty-second atreet, between H and I, w..L; *? -- - t* ?aniuKU>n. J P IH 3(11 ~ LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?On the Z5th in?t.. at the Pine* Branch R"treat, (sign of the l> a-.? ou' *ILV?R TOBACCO BOX. plated with (old. The owner can have it by pa* int for thin alver i*etnent. J AM Kit FLEICHKK. Arert. It* fwytwiw. IOST?On the 26th in*t . a email MKMORAX-A DIM B'MiK. (ooritainint account* lietween J. II. Gate* and others.> omewhern in the Fir?t ?>r J*oc -nd Watd A suitable r^wa'd will be paid if left at J. BOUI.AMiKR'B Restaurant, in Kirit Ward; or at IJATKSS' Feed Store, on K st., between 5lh and 6th at* )y i}Z CENTS RKWARD-Lost, on the 24tii inxtaiit. n Kitiali HOOK containing accounts with Mr. HazH aiid Mr. K'?in * n? one returnii.e it to Mr. H AZKI.'S Butcher Stall,Center Market, will receive the atiove. j> < yfk , , it I * %t? ?* i* ? - - ? v uii nr." nni>.? n? ????, jni? 13. rny fc<?RO MAN I.KWI8. cali? hi.naHf ^ I .own 1 hoiuaa; ac*d attout 23 rent; 5 feet 7 inehe* hijjh; a d? k ohe?r<ut color; che?k V\ lionet hiicH; qui<*k when ftp<>k"n to; no mark* Jm remmnlwred. H<? t* a ?hr< wd n*gro and hav- JJLm mz h'en several time* in Wa Inng on, may m tlicr? a'?>ut?. jj^Sjiven il tak<?n in Cba-1?? oouaty. To be lodeed in jail ao I ?r< t him ?;im. S. A. GARDINKR. jv 2H-6'* Cliarlw county, Md. ^!T|\ HKWARU.-S t?rf/*F.-W??tol? ?iMF on tn?23t inala-it. one h itht Ba\ rv iToRSK. UlUGV and HARNESS. thelijp mi ? - ib oimiiii m T'-a; o n: uriKnr i>a jr; car- ' *?* ? no?hi? h-a<lanii tail hitn; good tiotter; has been wmked l a d and in bail oorditioe. The harness new, nlv??r mounted. i op bugg* of good make, vtorn *t>out mx mouths. *1 li? man wh<> stole n m isab ut 5> yc\r* of a??; highl a!/Oiit 5 feet .5 Ache ; w?-igli? about 1S<> -ir Ifri pound*; plain looking na : pret-nded to hire him to (o in the country. I will . i ve the aU>re rew*rd for ti-e d*t?c' ion and ronvicti??n of the thief and ho.s<*. Mi*g? and harness, or a 25 for the home. bu<cr and har' em alone. jj * J AS SHRKVE iik REWARD.?Lo*t,on Mondar, Jnl* 16th, V I" ? GOLD ANCHOR LADY'^ ^ WATCH. No. 9.273 Tlif ?N>ve rawanl will ffTg} I* paid for lU return t<> thia office, jv 25-3t LOST? B> a littie girl, a amaH whit* and biaok SPAN1EL; long black art, and *?w-0 wen in one of his ejrea The loaer will be^X^*^ grateful for ita return to 179 F atreet. " !?twf*n 4>* andfl'h ata , Ialand, and auitabW rewarded if muired jyZ5-3t^ WAS TAKEN UP, aa an estrm;, on Monday afternoon. July 23d, a dark brindled COW. with crumpled horns The owner jPl?^ will please oome forward, prove pro pert* pa; eoargee, and take her a war. JOHN LUCKETT. j j 36 3t* Cor.6th and 5a ata.. Buitard'a Point. STRAYED F MOM HI A SCHOOL, on the Mth int-iant, a little BOY,8 ywti* ot i(i>. with fair complexion, light hair ; with Mack cloth alothM and fiuff jacket; lijht >traw hat. Any one knowing of hi* whereabout* will greatly favor hi* distreaa*d parents by loavmc information at their reaidener, oorner of Kiiat and aouth B aU.t Capitol Hil'. jy 25 St* _ A. WOLFE. OUTTY 18 UP! H H . M I : N. No. 5 12 Sbvshtii Stiiit, Ntat Odd FtUne*' H*U, Dealer in PAINTS. OILS.GLASS, VARNISH. BRVSHKS Ao. Ac. PAINTING, in a'l iu branches,?xrouted at short nolle* ?nd it moderate prices. MIXED PAINT* for sal e, with buckets aad brushes to loan free of eharr?> jy S P IT TV IS DOWN! For Superior Soda Water, With Dthcioas r*nr A.HD CftBAM STtCP*. Go to GRAY'S, Nortbaaet oor. MuuohuMtU a*. aal Foaitb ?t. Sof hi* own make. that ha will sell the Northern 4ares are eoM *w,an? at the sane time wi^warrant eTOT7thta? ? he stav^rd AUCTION SALKS. |y for otk*' Anrfori S.iJt*, *'#( 1*?^* By J. C. Mo(il IHK ? l(> . A??tioi*?ri CH CKB'INu PIANO roiTB. H UMicti i^Hotoiwir t rr* t? at I'ouc Arrno*. 0?Tl**D\V MOK Nl \*. Ju ? S u m oV o?>, ?t in* r- r* v: * r"1" ? o oidk hoi* > H *?n ljti n. 4Ui ?c at.*. mr Kuii.itureai.u I-tf" < t?. ooirp-'?ir.? ? Kuaow.-od ckiekrrioc Piano Forte. Stoo. ?r<1 t'owr, H*n<l*o?tt WftlNt iwn WlnUnot*. Bfthofktiy B?ir ioi ?" !*? I* i?o IVm'Curi. fctmgma Centrr and Pt<l* rat Im Oil I'antiru*. ttru?<Mr<a and o? ?'P?tv Oil ?.?otl . t olUc H?*lfU5?.U. Uu'?a??. M a?<l Ww Toilet ?* U, L' <>ki'>g (ihmh, t KMf, BolaUraind ril!< *. Iltiratd H??l ?UtrM*?i, _ _ _ D.niag |tln?i,Mdrlii*r4. R*(rl|?r?Uir, ( tiir?.(i ?> ?m! 'riHikfit tVar#, I.OUUK*. < a..<1 Wood K>*t( i a ra. CookU f mi'1 tuvh, KiU,Ii?-ii I t'??< ?. *? IVriMi #V ar.d ml*', culi; ?*T?r that ? c'?dit of * au.l # Jm? for ?aUrfa?torily *t.dn:a*d kolri. h*?riii< ia wf?t jj.Td _ J. C MoOlUK * CO . Am*t?. PUIiLlC vit?? of an < rtlri of t1? 1 drpbu>' Court of Prioo* l!? r4" 0'?mi tj. In* uh?f>'iSor?. a? admitu*trat<ra f Vattiuaa K?aia fi?id. ?'.fn( Me mii'i ? Iim it >?* lla mk*. At t'i# i*t? ii??id?iioe i.f ihr ?w??W in nut tct.< n TH( KSU* \ . l?tk AugU't. 1*0. if fai . Ifint.tK* Nil 'tirdtT ihwwftfi.* the t'et??>Ln: Ki'tt* of mH d-v^senl, eouuMni A iianib*r of nluh * N^jr? *?. of ImU kj?, Homo* an') Cut tie. Crop* of v\ h?at and Oata la al.nok in tha Crop oi Cora and a final, atop of fob** o?o? gruwiag. Ox t'art*, and oth?r Fa m 01 I'las 1 a. H iaa?h'> ?l and Kiti>h?n Kar nlta ?, Tar?< of i? ?: Tb< aropartT viil h? ?oid fur ac cop'i >1 draf.a on a'altnuofr ai |.?*i mohtiia, intar aat ad J?d 9a r t? ouwm?Tii*? at 10 o'clock a. m. MATTHKW K. pyVALI . CHARl.KK K. KVKMSFIfct.D jf 77-lawta Adm'ra of MatiluM Kva'afcaid. \*ALl!AKLK FARM T*?? *. MI.K-fN awh ? aoribaa will ff-r for *?.?, ?.i th?p'?ima a. >>o Till K>U A V. tli?> 6 h of Ai.Ri.rt. **>. ti.a- T a t of LAnd, oall?d a d known l>> t*??? 1 a i;eo! " a?a) Foraat." loriMr ? nfMd In ih?> .at' [>r fed w*ru Kvan field, aad r??ant ? b? th? tau> Mat*ma i Kveiati?d. it ooiiiaiua <>11 aoraa. mora <r laaa. and for pr'-diif-tn it?m i> hu> to an; landa in th*t larti ?? rejio . It liaa on 'h? hwilXlk; Brauoh.and la wli woo t*i a'.>l a at wad. i.axitc ?TI IIIiuannp I nuv IT: ??W ?r i *i ? T lui lan^a fM'iiri. JomfIi K Hill, ?tan'? aua B audlorH, Thomaa R obi neon a- <1 ?Vir. H Gayno. (of i ho? ) Thi? land ta capable ofp'odaom? in great aber danee tobacco. corn. wli"at and % theeroeaaaua y frown 10 Prmoe Geo'jr'a o< aru . and i ff'ri a ra-? OPportt* t,l?y to t WliO wnf i v p?t r. K?*i but*. Th? buildinc* ara orrtn arr bat th? ahendance of fine bui.dir* timber. OjIi iitif a niile from a f oo i atv and griat iri reader* b?ii?i or rompa'at i ??iy cheap It ia t m,i" fiow tne A riar. .ria Kerry ard 12 nn e* from VV %> h11<r t< The lorrr.? of ?aie will b? literal p\M id eaah on the day of ea.e, th? reaidne ia >. t and 3 ??-ar?, in *14, a niert* to b? ?r~ iired ?jy the oonda ol t I' pure a?T or f irrhaaere. with aa rroT->d ?e<-urity c i-t-rr.i fr..m dar <f * * ) < the payment ??f ?h? ?h ,< eu>rhaa< rt.oncy and mt*r?at a 1 o-l a- d ufficifQt deed ol the property wni b* (i ve.i. CHiRi ! '! F>. EVF.R4FIELD. M %TfHKW F . lit'VA l.l . jfTTwti For Hem H h vrr?(eM. THIS At'ThRNiHJ.V ,V 1 f>- MOtiROW By A. OKKKN. An icwei ("?OD TWdMO' \ I RAVK HOCKAM) W Lot 0^1 rut l<LA>n at AtrTio*.-O-i fill D V l . th~ tf?th 1 ?lant. 1 ahal ?, . in front of the prenri??*a, ai S ?.'r ock p m he f l.ot K. in aubdiriaion of ^.u%r*\-' W, with the imrruie m*m? oobm 111 <.fa * .."d two ?to'j h rain- H >n?? with 4 ro' m* kitchen >m w? ?M h??i^ I hia property f <> t? ?i- *?vnth ?'-???! w*tt. ext to Ch* 00 r fcr < f aou'ia K rrr*. a* d run* t>ac? to aa*l I r* 1 t 1 . ?riie * i %?n. inimic n ni"T.'n? t ? ?uroh%??f l?> u*'t"? f'?r th* <l? furred patter . b-?rilii i> tT**! from "*j of >a *. A iW (irr* and a <W?1 <>f t-u?t t\k*n. Tr ? n .npuur> *. jfZJd ll'ot.l %. JiKKKN. A act. futttrk day* Hi J. C. Mo'il'IK K * CO., TRISTF.K'SSAI.K OK VAI.I ABLK PROFUtT CiriTOL HlM.-4>U mil)A\ A f TKR.MOON. A mutt li-in r.t ..'c .fc.on th* pi-emm**, hv Ttrfu# nf a d?*d oftru <1au?d N< T*ml>ar 2*1. 1SS6. ?nd du jr r?*>"rU^ ?in<>nt th* I* ! rncord* of VN a*:.?r ct"'i <v Jntjr, I a#>l th-? ?*?t?rn p* t of I. -t : c >er?i; Nvtnlwi, i> *?? i* Bomb-r^ a*v*r l ur'Ired #. -* twei < ntur, fr i t twenty a*v?Mi t**t !%- ? *>;? ' 'w Fl'"t %nd Sfci * - ?>t. runiiinr ba<>k * citj aix leet three i.'ichea. t a tt. ttir improve manU ?h"r?nr>. All ?t?nve*areiti? *t the o<.?' of the purcla?er Tertne: One h* f c*au. ba'a.ce iu b a.i.l mouths. ?i h iit**r m , 'f ur J hj |M ui truai Oa tn* |>K?pe t", JO?X IIF.I'HI R N. Tra?U*. j j i* rucui j. i; >icO I ik I. 4 CO., A lie; a. Br A. GKKK.N, Aootmneer. F-'VI CITORx J*A I .? ' FY t'Klim OF THK j Onrrt? n?'Cot *t or H<t?em li> ?xe Kirrn !1 I . O rl On .WO ? : ' A \ . U.? *?tli . Il?tai I nk, ii.Uluu'cock l m.,?t tli? ?'.f rn in o? o John <? l aw r ? rtr?rt acmth t * tw*?n ?S *" ' ?*h l?!?n<l,al the f?rm: a. ff<?0'a "i in* d *V ??l li VIX Mah'ga?-y C a.i* > la? a IT?t'?i, Wad ol. ?, Bur- aut an t \\ ?ilnt*ni'i. ?nd C?n? iHt Cbf li. ! Tnwc Rt k. Hair, Hi)?k and C<<ttvn t*>r M att-e?ae?. JKl>?r ? <<?. |* . ii?f Rt,(1 Th r? f y, Is a a- . <"* ?>'t. Wii o .w Sh vi>'?, T"u??. f? 6 Iwi, China, If a i- a d Or. ofc?ry Wa? L)imn< Tai' ? and Ci i ery. Ac Coinf' rta tf.a\k>1? ( aeev p'a?<-Rc?<l?. Oi i *?> ?:>d Matt'. Pari >r. Air tuht and Cooking Ac. K chen Kfog Mt And matiT cttier artic ea wj.ioh we doem msaPM aary to *u urn rate Teru-? : All autna of and under f P raah; nw . |? a ?*-edn of V and 6" day*. lor aali*rae:ori y N4or?e4 lit t?a, bea 1 t inu re- (roir. ii?y <f a*>e. Hr.NRV Dl'I'LKi . Jr . Fxe?ator. jy 25 d A. UKEKN. Aact. By J. C. Mc<il'lRE ft CO. Aaotioaaera. rT' h USTKK'J* >*AI.K OF A BKAI TiH LI.V 1 Improved CorsTav P*at xiu th* Citt or Wi>H j. tok ?On * Kl>\K51>A\ AIU R MUl.N. A .fiiat l?i,at6 n'oovk, on <he preml???, by nrtae o a'le*d ?f irunt dated Marofa r?th. RS7. and du y recorded 111 Liber J. A t? , No. IS, foiio* 964. et ?'j , on* of the laud reoorda for Waahinf ? 11 n mi it. i"ti let "i coiumiiw, w+ afca'l Mil ail thst t'rttm Fi'o? or ptiMi <>f land inta'M m tna p\ oounc? ol WuiiiB(l<>n in the Diatnot <>f Co uith la ard known ai d rtesnr..-ed a* t>ein$ Lot B??t>?r^ two (I'm Ge^nt" 'I a?We ?ut?1ivi?ion a a*rt < I a tract >fiand ca lei "Pl-aaxnt P tint " oontain ing fur* ?ord? and out n*t*-i,th <>f an acre more of lea? w. tilth* unprovementa. oot>aiatin? of a eom fort?M* two-atory P^iiar* t'??naf:*. with wide ha; , parlor, dining, mid hrrakfaat r<K>tna. ivtehtoilwr*. and kitchen. titu?t d o? m. fcvuw point u'k from the i??ad. a d i urroiin-led hv a grove of hand Kim* iliiul* tr*p?; a an, ftr^Mr'i k?u??, itat> e. ai.d other vut-buiidiaca. I h? gronnda arc tuatelaly laid oat with wa ka and d'i>*r.acd oor.tain a r<<ui( orota'd of fruit tree*. rrap?-r?. r<*g*tac ta den. ohoioe <l'??rer?. ornam nta ahrabferf, k.c., in abort aver* 'hinc requisite to reader tuia au a etant and com f>?r?a He re?id?-nce. Tre atw* deaenbed p'ae* la B!?oat?d on the !*' * th a reet r at. diatAit ahoat one and a half nulef <>-n :he Ci y Po?t oftie. and la adjoined hy the reaide- om <>f Nmira. W hite and la. Term*: Or e f u'th oa*h; the rendu* tn 6.12 and 1? moctha. with i-t."?et. a^nred h* a ' eed of traat on tr?e pr?mi I (tha W?i of aaie ahoald not ha complied ?rli n6v -a-a after the aa a, the t'uat?ea reaerve tha right to reae . on one week'a aotioe in the >??!< * Intei.teanoer, at tha riak and u penaaof 'bed fau ting n?rch?ner. All fiitn v?? at ai t>? a ? ?t? ? ?? j ?w?n 'wv |I> V" ">l VI HTC f? I U > W. H. WAR l?, I T W ti PAI MKR.t jy 4 iuwidi J c. MoGI'IHE * co . Amu National SOAP AND CANDLE works, Gum Stiiit, BtlifMti Brxdt* mmJ Vaiir iItiKi. D. C, A larr* toe*?? CANDLES. Brown, Family, Castil* and Fuer SOAPS. Also, TALLOW and (iRKASE for LooomotivM. St?aint?oau, and a . kinds c4 Binary, always on hand, . and for sale at prions 1 to suit thn trad* A C. B. JEWEl.L, Pronator. f tjr^notf |MPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPEBS. E. B. DUEKRE h CP 'S 6narar>teed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, Nt rround from frwh 9fiMi, wlwM u4 ?* ** "*'!??*'* pWfOf* With.'Ot r?hrfno? J? Th,>* ?Mt0k?d IB tanfoi,, (lined with paper.) to prevent n jurt by keeping. *M are fail weight, while U>e ordinary r?u>>c frptoaa are ?jn<?i invariably abort. We warraat " * ',^vW'burfffNwwris<?f^*',,> * *"m '".K"' abandantJy prova. ???r sia jkskm^ AJUI>T PTBUflnB. N FMAY ? U? Plflire and *?rfoM divi !< & of (He K*'tii, 1U ?eotog ioal Mid M*?aro.o?j ?ah J'h-nom-u* and it* AatrouufiiiMl tlewmti. by Profeeeor Saw a el E. Coae*. \vaahmcton. D C. " W?dera Painter*, vol I, inPleUBf Uie oria hrftt^d work OI Joiitl Kiukin. M i? contRimn* ^urmft. fc .d HpirUaal, with onp?<M Mr. moM bfutifbl llastrktMHia. . . .. k Ort?cd??a U * ? , ? ??> of the *<>?iK?lown? by " Wi'lnuu Hviift* ?ia**urt?. ' ** Tbr 1 ut k"?4 H#r?t IWti.r. i?*j .? in "?t*H d account. ?oco.i.| *.u*i h> more than rf> p.rt < ik' r?pr? ?utkt">ut ol lk? * iri?t? In WMsk tk? K?mn? rkoearo mh>?nb?d; together vii k ife* Ikl?t tr*ttAMui and all th* r? it* pre*e ipt.ok- writ!** in pitta kailuk, ly Mvtril Mah*w. fS?? * ?.? - ? ? f ?ix ii*nw? i? Um nriMi Fst*1* of man r Mid ttour rotktiona ?ok oU*i, by " 1 VllOIMfi Fk'a-?k> ItMtl ~ ra ... Sol?fAf*atforL*vr*Be4>'i9?fttioMry. jy M . , r IfT A post ofli e baa been established at Point Look Out, (t&e new watering place,) St Mary's county. Md., Lo<ran O. Smith. postmaster. Cj-On Tuesday a large number of children left tbe rooms of tbe Children's Aid Society, Clinton Hall, V V , for bomti in tbe West, under tbe supervision of Mr A. P. Johnson Every two weeks, for a long p?riod, tbe society bas sent forth a company of children to our Western cities, where not one in a hundred fails to do well. fT^Heenan. in company with his tr*t?w M< Donald, will glvea sparring exhibition in New York, oa Monday next ?eat* to be reserved for ladies (!) The Bov will then aet out on a tour to New Orleana. via Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Charleston It may be as well to mention that a well known citizen of Atlanta, Georgia, has forwarded a challenge to Heenan, to light a negro " boy" down there, for any sum bstweeu S2.UOO and $11).000. in twelve months from date Heenau Las the proposition und**r consideration. but he will probably decline, on the ground that his antagonist is a colored person* fl~r On Tuesday over 1?,(>00 people visited the Great Eastern. At 4 o'clock the rush was so great to leave the ship that hundreds w?*r* nsm.-.t ?> ? 7.cuares ?their drill in Madison Squar*, ,\tw Yorki TM' Lon<1on Timet on Ike American Army in General, and Gen Harney in Particular, Sale of E. Burton's Theatrical Wardrobe; Great Revival .Meeting at Bel/aft; A Four-h *f July Balloon Trip; A Parody on " John Anderson my Jo* John. An Astronomer's View of the Cntrerse; Iron Bridges; The Cause of a Catastrophe; Ptrxlon.i Balloon Ascinston; Rights of Neutrals During the Chines* War; A neir J a name it Ft. tUtment; The Africans at Key West?their departure for Liberia. Burning of the Pennsylvania on James hirer?throe lives lost; The Confession of Harden, The Marriage Question tn Maryland; The Landing of &50 Africans on tke Island of Cuba; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Operations of the Patent Office; Award of Medals and Premiums to the Pupils of the Se-ond and Third District Schools; A Public School Examination; Accounts of the Great Meteor of a ireek Ago; Proceedings of tke City Councils; Meeting of tke Jackson Demoeratic Association; Tke Cast of ^ _ THE" EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Jnly 2T, 1*60. d7~ T?>at valuable and popular family journal, the W iklt Stab, full aa usual of Metropolitan wwi and goaaip. and choice literary reading, is Dow on our counter ready for delivery to the public Embraced In ita entertaining content* are the following articlrs: Having a Lavtr?a poem. hy Alice Carry, The I "hiii-ii Champion?a very interesting story; Original Letter fr>m Japanese Tommy; A Steam Wagun in San tranrticp. The Wheel of Fortune ?an amusing reminiscence of Louis Napoleon; How the Old Man's Mimty Goes?an original poem; The English Press on the Prince's Visit; A Sickles Affair in loira. The Patterson-Bonaparte Family; Advice to Shopkeepers; Jk-ivent of the Jlfoiumfn?a tioem: Thr Chi-n an _ rtiicjiiowti, p,m7; wiik^ab-irre, I. Pituburgh. Reading, Erie. Will iaui* port, Potlav.l.e, and Norrialown have not yet bern | heard from The population of Wilkeabare borough la 4,200, the townabip, making together 7 ,??P RmrcTATio.i?Now and then we tind th ?e who attain, thromrh ix "11 " , r- ,?..v. mi, ricmpiBrr conduct. 1 charity, munificence, a position of importance among men,?who are iuown for tbe positive ' good they do." not what they appear to do, who are shielded from the shafts of sc mdai and prejudice by their "good deeda seen and known of all men " We believe that Dr WiiUr, the discoverer oftbe long tried "Wistar's Balaam of V\ iid Cherry." h;t? done as much fur the relief and benefit of poor Buffering humanity, and that bis memory is as justly entitled to encomiums of respect and gratitude aa any philanthropist of our country This invaluable preparation still maintains ait incomparable position among physicians and druggists, and by the people is cherished as a remedy of unsurpassable value for all disease* of tbe throat and lungs VSe confidently recommend It to our reeders when sfflicU-d with pulmonary disease ? Watertsry imeruas. Death asd Bbqcbst or a Wealthy Citim* "

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