Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS._ Though The Stab ia printed on the faate* team preos in i*e aonth of Baltimore, Ita edition la ao large u to require it to be put to preaa at aa early hour; Advertsementa, therefore, abould be ml in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Noticb to Wasbisotosiaxs-?Those of our fellow-citliens leaving for the watering placet and elaewfcere ahould bear In mind that we do not mail Tm Stab except after payment In advance at the rate of 37\ cent* per month. Notice ? Diatrict of Columbia Advertiaement* to be invrteil in the Baltimobb Sn are received at and forwarded from Thi Stab Office. T):?r*iBrTio?i ov Mbdai.? a'sd Pkhmu m* to tiii Pupil* ?>" tub Fm#r Distbict Schools.? N >tw '.thatanding the teachers and other* more i rr mednMv Interested In th?*anccewof the schools of the l rd and Second Districta have ample ca jh' to <<>i?irr itulatr theniaelves on thecreditaule aone*rane?? of thn?? ? '? " ? ?_? ?uvum vii ?iin: mvdliun OT ID6 distribution of medal* and premiums to the deIrving on? of their mimber. and on the felicitous manner in which everything passed off, rendering r.f satne both pleasant and nighty gratifying to at.i. still it was reserved for the schools of the First ltistrirt to exhibit to the citizens and strangers tte tr e quality and character of those attendant on <?ir public educational institutions We doubt if there is any private day or boarding school, in this or any other city, that could present a class of children and youth, of either sex, that would reflect greater cretlit upon the particular institution. than did those in the process on this afternoon on the city of Washington All were neatly and S iine elegantly attired, and they conducted themsflves in a most becoming manner. About 2 o'clock the schools in the First Ward, accompanied by Proaperi's band, marched In procession to the State Department, where those of the Second Ward awaited them. They were h<*re jalned by these schools, and then this large body of scholars marched to Pennsylvania avenue, and thence to Seventh street, to tne Smithsonian Institution. They attracted a great deal of attention a* thev passea along Long before the arrival of the procession p-rsons began to repair to the Smithsonian building, so that when the schools arrived they found almost every available seat assigned for the audience. In the hall, occupied After music bvthe band, the female department of the D'strict School rose and chanted in a most pleasing manner Prayer was then offered; when all the pupils joined in the song and chorus entitled the Mar-spangled Banner An appropriate and pleasing address was then delivered by Mr. Anthony Hyde, of Georgetown This was followed by the award of premiums, through the acting Mayor. (Win. T. Dove, Esq :) I AWARD OF PKIMirxs, KTC. First District 5rAo?/, MaU Department?S. John Thornton, preceptor Medal?James McKendree Davis. Exemplary Conduct?Patrick McAuley, John Ourand. Frank Finckel. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Wm. M Collom. Jos France, John A Bieherton Punctuality?P. McAuley, I,. Denham, J. France, A Stnart, W Hark new. R. Mason Thomson. Diploma*?Harvey Br*tor, \Vm. Stuart, John f .spev, John Klopfer. R Mason Thomson, Samuel Griffin. Ftrnmlt Department?Miss .Vary P. Middleton, preceptress. Medal?Lydia B darkness. Exemplary Conduct?Fannie A. Middleton, Martha Brown. Georgle T King, Maria L. Allen, Susie Carrlco, Williams Attention to Study and General Improvement? Eetitia B Allen Janet Daniel, Oceana A Walker, Sarah K. Goddard,? Hannah J. Fee, Eliz. V. Croggin. Punctuality?Fannie A. Middleton, Ellen Brown Martha Brown. Jessie F. Middleton. Emma Roche, Virginia Voss, Olivia T. French, Catherine V. Higgles. Adelle Tait. Oceana A w.iw.. i-? ?i ? iiaura .-v ninx, .tiamaa w. Kberbacb, MaryS Quantrill, Gallic J Hisaett, Hannah J Free. Emma Williams, Mary A. Shield*, Lydia B Harkness Diplomas? I-aura A Harkness. Virginia Von. Catherine V Higgle*. S*srah A Wright, America M?ddox, Margaret A. Bridget. Male Primary, First Department?.If. E. Rodier. preceptor. Medal?John W Magee. Exemplary Condurt?W D Blarklston, A W Siuussa. B^nj F Penn, Jas W. Graham. J. H Marsh. C McE Lewis. Attention to Study and General Improvement? J K Faroum. Rich K. Crump, R. H Harkncss. L C. Leake. D M Perkins. W. Maatin. Punctuality?E Boyle, S E. Shields, R E Crtimp, A. W . Sioussa, A. W. Finnacorn. Edwin 8 Mo ran. Diplomai?R XV. Morgan. W Espey, J F Bradl-v. Lytel C Raub, Latimer B Ely, Thos Anderson. Mile Primary. SeronJ Department?Miss Emily Robinson, preceptress. Medal? Charles C. Hurdle. Exemplary Conduct?E. R. Wait*. A. Gibbs, W Serrin, 3 S Peun, C. A. Harkness, F. Thomas Attention to Studv and fienenl"."' ? VWmvib< iui|fiufi;iUCII? A. K>-lley, J XV Newton, tieo. F. Fink, C. P. Orton. M L $lo;i?a. Punctuality?Chas E. R Lenman. Dip. >mas? Wm F Bann!sW, C A Gould, O. H Orton. J o? C_. Higges. T E Kirshaw. Pittnttry Xo 1 ? Miss M J. Ritchie. preceptress. Medal?Louisa Seheibler. Kxeiu^lary Conduct?Fannie Tucker, Annie Clark. Martha Hoell, Kate Mheafler. Marian Beards ley, Emma Hodges Attention to Study and General Improvement? faraii Strong. Aim Reals Aainl?- Lowe. Meliasa t?blpley, Rom Coomlii, Julia Seheibler. Punctuality?Ufttie Coyle, Seheibler, ?arah strong Diploma*?Jennie Drew, Charlotte Fridley, Alice Foster, Maggie Well*, Rosalie IJat?*s, Clara Eaton. I'r unary Xo. 2, First Department?Miss A K Lifwe, preceptress. Medal?Mary M. Turton F.xemplarv Conduct?Sirah C French, Jeannet'.e 1 jyd. Sallle Roche, Mida M Higgles, Louisa Oralam, Uun Wethereil Attention to Study and General Improvement? Salile Kelly, Jennie Herbert, Maye Roche, Julia Dewdney. Caroline Kaiser, Anna K?*adon. Punctuality?MaryK Brown, Christina Hager, Maria March. Mary Lenman, Sarah Anderson. Mary M Sturton, Louisa Deuhain, Sallie Mann, Kate Kane, Sarah Sothoron, Margaret McGee. Diplomas?Laura Shaw. \\ ilhelmina Herbert, Christina Hager, Caroline Henry, Rebecca Jones, Maria Marsh rrunary S'o. 2, Second Department?Miff Artemeita Hall, prt.eptrest. Medal?Mary Ann Gibb. Lxetnplary Conduct?Alfaretta Parker, Kmma Linkins, Ida Shaw, Hannah Riggiea, Fannie Sot ft or on, Jane Turton. Maria Vernon. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Marv Gould. Mary Sothoron. Emmi Heisse, Kate Bauley, Ella Marsh, Maria Vernon. Punctuality?Anna Mann. Diplomas?Lizzie French, Margaret Payne. Margaret Williams, Marian Wetherell, Mary Lenkins, Mary Davis. Primary .Vo 3?M**$ H. H Slater, prueptress. Medal?A M McGonegal ExemplaryConduct?Alice Fowler, Kate Baker, Mary Hutches. Percy McKniuht. M*r?h*ii t i. larner Attention to Study and General Improvement? Cbaa E Kluuk, Laura Cecil, Jacob Doyle. Robert M Uuck.AUi Lamer Punctuality?A. M McGonegal, J. E Burch, T H Siouaea Diplomas?John E. Siouaaa. Henry Wieaentbal, Laura Gr~gi(, Suaie Harmon, Durbin Ourand, M. E Seaaford Primary JVo 4?Mist Mary J Mills, pteeeptrtsr. Medal?John R Lang. Exemplary Conduct?Geo. R Ball, Annie A Wall, Fred T Dillow, Philip McDermott, Alice Llnklitf Attention to Study and General Improvement? VVm F. Streets. Heater A Rester, Lambert Cook, Mary F Anderson. Louisa Linkins Punctuality?Wm F Streets, Wm. T Fowler. Emma O'Brien. Mary Bigga, John R. Lang Diplomas?John H Bridget, Jeaar F Mann, gate Henry Katie Big^s, Eddie Ball Primary iVo 5?Mi?s Fan hi* E " ** ' _ , I '"I'trtss. Medal?Jjiw W. K ictiardaou Ktenij l rv I'onduct?Marina K Hudson. Alice <irea?ou, F.dwnrd ?? tiillchrest, Belle Creggin, Mary Brown, Rachel .Vtorrltnd Attention to S'. idv and General Improvement? J H C Rifles. Llzxie A Humphrey, Margaret Miller. Geo W. Greason, Kmma Collins, Mary Tavlor. Fu.11 tualitjr?Wm F. Brown, Jane W . Richardson, Marv Brown, Charles Chambers, Richard BckerU>o Diplomas?Jennie Rabbltt. hdward Newman, Katr Rawllnjfa. Annie Woltz, Annie Harmon, M?rtha Greaaoa. Tbe d ?ulbutton was Interspersed wttb the following songs, by the respective schools: The I'nlon, (words bv F D- H. Janvier.) by female department of District School; Yankee D"<?dle, (words by T 8 Donobo,) by male and | 1-r.naie aepartmenta of District School; Hong, by Primary No I; Hong by Primary No 2; Song, by Priiinry No 3, Hong, by Primary No 4; Song, by Primary No 5, !*ong and cht.r.ia, Columbia tbe (.em of tbe (K tta, by all the pupils; Music, by (be band Alter innate by tbe band, tbe schools were disBlllisd Aw.irio.uL Mbdals Awiidkd.?In tbe female department of tbe Klrst Dutrict School, Ellen Bf?*n and Jeasle F. Mtddieton were found to ?><j equally deserving of the uicilal, but tbe Subboard de*;red to award the school medal to tbe recipient, aud th?maelvt? presented the two aboTS named with medals, appropriately inscribed, of the late Jci Gale*, which were ordered to be published Mr. J. J*. Gallaher alluded to Mr. Keitt'a recent letter, and characterised the movements of the Breckinridge intn at the South aa tending to the establishment of a Southern Confederacy, on the ruins of the Constitution. Mr. Miller, who had recently returned from a tour of 4,000 miles in the Southwest, gave a glowing account of the proap?cta of Bell and Kvcrett In that region. The Club received an accession of about twenty members during the evening, and the proceedings were of the mast spirited order. The meeting then adjourned. Thi Potomac Water Works ?Capt. H. W. Benbam, chief engineer of the Potomac aqueduct, arrived here this week, and measures are to be immediately taken for the vigorous prosecution of the work to completion. Some or the newsi papers at the .North hold out ? >? m?. ?? * ? .HV iUUk kUC j order of the Secretary of War, dated 17th, giving direction! for the completion of the work wil* lead to "an official war." On the contrary, says ' Ion.-' of the Baltimore Sun, the direction! seem to be intended to prevent "an official war''?to prevent war between executive offi< ers and between Congress and the Executive, and will certainly have thate ll'cct The superintendent. Capt Meigs. will be enabled, unaer these order*, to accomplish his laudable desire to finish the work according to his own plan and estimates, and every facility Is given him for this purpose Any embarrassment which may have heretofore arisen from disagreement between the superintendent and the Secretary of War is removea 4 Between Capt. Aleigs and Capt Benfaam the most friendly relations exist, and there can be no '-official war between them Individually, or between them jointly and the War Department. It may be apprehtnded, as has been stited in Northern paper*, that the I'otomac aqueduct cannot be completed urilKUt A * *" Bill asd Evhitt Cttm ?The Central Bell and F.verett Club met last evening In Thorn's Building. Seventh atreet. \otwitbut-.ndinji the heat of the weather, a large number of members were present. and several accessions were made to the roll of the club The president. Mr Tayloe, being absent by reason of ill heath. Dr. Clayton took the chair It being announced that the Hon Mr. Maynard. M C . of Tennessee. was in town, a committee waa appointed to wait upon that gentleman, and invite him to address the club In a few ininutea thereafter, Mr Maynard entered the hall, and waa greeted with three enthusiastic cheers He then addrrased the club in a forcible and impressive manner, assuring them I a w ? a i? ?* -- * mmm iu i rnnwe ana V irginia all was right, and that hla Information from the whole South was of the most cheering character He commented at aome length 01 the probable eflect of the electlr n of Lincoln, which he regarded aa liable to subject our Constitution to a strain to which it had never yet been submitted. Alluding to the republican party, be quoted from a speech of Hon. Henry Winter Davis, of Md., made three years ago, In which that gentleman, in allusion to the same party, asked with (great significance, "Why cumbers It the ground?" What earthly use was there fur such a party? Whatever necessity there may have been in lti56 for such a party, in the opinion of a portion of the Northern people. th?re certa nlv was noue now. Mr Maynard was warmly applauded throughout his speech, which was throughout interesting and impressive, and delivered with his usual propriety and clearness Mr W ins low M Watson then offered a series of resolutions, embodying a tribute of respect to th? eminent public services snA n..u.u mr mimaie?nair a million. But that is of much Irss consequence than tlie prompt and proper execution of the work. But the water from the Potomac will he"obtained and brought through the city for an amount within that sum? though it it said that titere will not be enough left to complete the great reservoir. The Cabin Jobn Creek bridge, over which the water is to be brought from the Potomac, is now to be completed. and will be one of the greatest triumphs of architecture and engineering skill anywhere found in the world This magnificent work will be quite bidden from public view by the difficulty of access to it. An appropriation will, therefore, it is hoped, be made for the construction of a good carriage road to the bridge, and. when this shall be done, Washington mav boast of a drive equal, in reapect to beautiful and romantic scenery, to any in the country. ritprblica* Meeting Last Nioht.?In accordan< e wil public notice the Republican Association met at their * Wigwam'" last evening, and among other preliminary business transacted, was th<? nattanrf -? ?* - * * *! ? , v. a>ci vi revolutions MTrrely censuring the Commissioner of Public Buildings for refusing |>ermission to the Republican# to e-ect a Liberty Pole. The resolutions were ordered to be published. Mr. (i. \V Weston then addressed the association at i>ome length. The burden of whose remarks was, the brilliant prospects of the success of the party. I'nion. disuriioi , ?nd dituilonitU; contending that the only way t? perpetual* the I'nion. and to hush up this cry of disunion, was by putting down the disunionists. which he contended was the Breckinridge party The Association dete mined to publish his remarks for general circulation. *ome thirty applications for membership were kanded in. The Association adjourned to meet on Saturday evening next for the purj>ose of org^izing a glee club and listening to a speech from Mr J J. Coombs, who is about to leave the city to stump the west during the campaign. We understand that a person from Occoqnan, Prince William county, Va , was present at this meeting. and made a brief statement relative to the di ttteulty consequent on the erection of the Lincoln pole at that nlare n? ?????? j ..v vuiu uia |>viuntai ff lends tLere bad at first detertn i ned to protect the pole at all hazards; but inasmuch aa military bad been ordered to Orcoquan, under the command of Gen Hunion, (who though he had declared his purpose to protect life and property, had said he did not regard the pole as such,) they stw any attempt at defence would be uselew. and therefore intended to submit to this O'ltnire, es he styled it, though much against his will. \Vashi*gtos Mkthodists asd thk Niw Chaptrk?The Baltimore Christian Advocate publishes the proceedings of a meeting of the laity | of MtKendree Chapel, In this city, held on tte '?th inst , In reference to the action of the late General Conference upon the slavery question. At this meeting a preamble and resolutions were adopted and ordered to be published in the Church paper. The resolutions are couched in veru nite language, and u repudiate and condemn the entire action of the General Conference " They regard the newchapUr "null and void:" condemn the installation ?.f ' ultra-abolitionists'' as editor* of all the Church periodical* for general I circulation; determine not to follow tbeir crusade against the old discipline, and approve the courae of Dr. Bond, editor of the Baltimore Christian Advocate. We have been informed by members of the other Chapels' societies that the opinions of most of them, not expressed as vet by general meetings, will be expressed by written protests, signed ov the members of the societies The new chapter does not affect all the Methodist churches ?only those who are attached to the Methodist Episcopal churches adhering to the old General Conference after the former division. The Southern Methodist Episcopal Church was the result of the former agitation of the slavery question The Methodist Protestant Church has nothing to do with this controversy. Their discipline does not admit or a baili for a sUvery controversy An attempt wm made to Introduce the subject in a late General Conference, but tbe Dositlve determination of the Conference not to t>e disturbed by it gave the friend* of the idea an opportunity to withdraw, which they did, and stand by themselves In the western SUtes. Uaios Chapil.?The Rev. Henry Clay West* wood, pastor, after delivering the morning discourse fast Habbath. stated tbat a member or tbat Church, lately deceased, had left, among her dying requests, directions tbat a silver goblet, Inlaid withhold, should b? prepared and presented to tbat Church, when she was gone, to be used on sacramental occasions; and to be regarded as a token of ber respect and esteem for the membership with which she bad so long lived In goodly fellowship Tbe pastor said that this, ber last wisb, had been prepared and placed In bis hands, and tbat It now only rental nod for htm to present It to the officers of tbe Church, to be kept in trust for the purposes iutertded. Whereupon Thomas S Morgan, Ksq . one of the oldest Stewards of tb? Church, came forward, and, after appropriate remarks by tbe pastor, received It, on bebalf of tbe Church Mr. M then gave an affecting account of tbe life and death of the deceased, s'atiiiflr. amour other thinua n?*t d 1? - 0 .. i-, ??1>?| ? * -. ? uvua O'Neal for many years had oern a iueml>er of the Methodist Church; that shf was one of tbe Orit member* of the Foundry Chapel; that, after the I nion Chapel wai erect* d, sht- removed her relation to tbe latter station, which added not only to tbei r number, but gave them strength and courage Sue has gone (be said) to be a member of that brnn< h of the Church now in Heaven, and has left this little sacred memento to be used only when we come together to commemorate a Saviour's death, and to profess our fellowship for tbe members of his body on earth. Tbe lnscriptinn nn tK* /*>??> #?!??* ? - '' n" v? v,uu was am iuiiuwb ; " t tuii1 iidoub O'Neal to the Colon Chapel Church, I860 " Thi District Militakt ? Editor Star: I waa unexpectedly and agreeably entertained one morning while taking a morning stroll through the Monument Grounds, by witnessing a thorough drill of the Natloual Rifles, who are justly the pride of your city Scarcely one week since 1 witnessed the evolutions and drill of that farfiun^d corps. tb? Chicago Zouaves.and having in my younger d. ,? had some ex[>*rience In the military rolt. 1 do not hesitate to pronounce In the prriirsrs that your beautiful company compare favorably with the Zouaves, and i desire, sir, through tli" columns of your valuable paper, or rather to ask you to Invite that spirited company to make a public parade in this city, and thereby enable your denizens to know what a real military perfection you possess in the corps of the Natioual Rifles. \ our humble servant, A Niw Youu, or 4 Visit. Washington, July 23, lttfO. ?T*IIT I*?*ov*M**TS.?Forthe benefit of the thousands of our readers in the city who never see any of the excellent political papers of necessarily limited city circulation in which the municipal powers that be see fit, in their patriotic wisdom, to do the Corporation advertising, we copy the following advertisement gratis: Proposals will be received by the undersigned at the Mayor's office until Saturday, the 28th Inst , at 12 o'clerk, m , for grading and paving the carriage w*v on Fo-irteeiitb stn-et west, between Pa. av and F street north, the same to be paved agreeably to tbe graduation furnished by tne City Surveyor. with suitable paving stones, not exceeding four iuchcs in diameter, upon a bed of coarse sand and gravel at least nine inches in depth, ths interstices between the stones to be well filled with materials of the same kind as tbe bed. and tbe whole to be twice well rammed after being thoroughly wet. and to be completed to the attraction of the Commliaioner and Assistant Commissioner appointed by the Mayor to superintend the work. Proposals will state the price per cubic yard for grading, and per square yard for paving. The bids will be endorsed " Proposals for grading and paving Fourteenth street west " Jns. e Rawling*. July 24. Com'r First and Second NVards. [cosmcsicatud Th* Hack Law.?The officers have suddenly taken notice of the violations of the law relating to backs running on Sunday. It is very well if carried out in all cases?the' hackmen proper are not the only persons amenable to the law for the preservation of order and decency on the Sal>bath day. They have a perfect right to protest against Wing made the scapegoats for thoa* who are even more guilty than themselves, and who do more serious Injury If the police were at their poata on the Sabbath, and doing tfJeir whole duty, without respe> t to persons, the hackmen would have no reason to bring out their coaches and take the stand on the Sabbath, for thev could not obtain an emraaeinent m ?' ' ??r . " = v The National Intei.ligkncrr?An Incident ? Tbe death of Mr. Gale* revive* a reminiscence of tbe only time his paper, tbe National Intelligencer, ever suspended publication. It was a warm and able advocate of tbe Madison war policy, seconding tbe efforts of Clay and bis compeers; and so powerful was its influence that when General Ross, in command of the British trodps. entered tbe capital after the unfortunate affair at B'.adensburg. nls first inquiry was not for the Capitol, the President's House, or the Departments, but for the National Intelligencer office, and it was the first establishment demolished, causing a short cessation in its regular publication. With thts exception the Intelligencer has been published regularly for sixty years. Can a Justice or the Peac* Try Corporation Cases'?This question has been considerably discussed during the past week, having been raised by the difficulty of getting a police magistrate to try cases under the municipal law Some of our city magistrates are absent from the citv, and the consequence is that the Corporation business of one district Is obliged to be sent to another district, to the great inconvenience of parties Quite a number of pers?'iis. and among them several lawyers, have declared that any justice of the peace may try a case under the Corporatf on law, if he choose to do so, when it is laid before him What the opinion of the Circuit Court would be in such a case remains to be seen. Burial or Fitzgerald ?Yesterday afternoon, the ordnance men stationed at the U S Arsenal, paraded, to attend tbe funeral of Michael Fitsire raid whn wm /irAwno/i r*_* . j .. < uo \i?wn uru in iur i oiumac i<\fl Wedmaday morning The funeral took place from the residence of bit relative*, near NewYork avenue and Sixth street. The ordnance men were commanded by a Sergeant. and were In full uniform, with tide arms only, except the firing party, who were armed as usual, consisting of eight men. The corps marched from the Arsenal to tbe house, and thence to the cemetery, accompanied by a section of the Marine Band, led by Prof Scala. Knights Tkmplar Visitinc. thk Great Eastkrn.?Washington Cotnmanderv No 1, B B. French, G Commander, left this city yesterday for New York, to sp?-nd a few dsys with the fraternity there, and to visit the mammoth sU amer Great Eastern, amonj/ the numerous J' ?? interest to be s?en in that city. The members of thia Commandery are numerous, but a great manv are non-residents, and *t the present time are scattered in various parts of the country. The visiting delegation is comparatively small. It is probable tbat they will be received upou tbeir arrival by the Knights of New York. Criminal Court?Yesterday, after our report closed, tne Court took up the case of the United States agt Ann Clark, charged with stealing sundry articles of jewelry from >lrs Thompson The jury rendered a verdict of guilty. Mr Miller made a motion for a new trial. Miller and Carusi for defendant. Tn-tay?The Court took up the case of the I*nib-d States agt. George I.omax and J \V Fischer, charged with stealing a money draw and its contents from one Mr. Miller. This case was pending when our report closed Inspection of Vksaks at Alexandria.?The Gazette says: ''During the quarter ending June3n. thp urhnlo niin.Ku. * A 1 * .v. ..uu.uci ui vr?ns inspected Dytbe State Inspector, at this port, was 307. From the quarterly repost of Win H. Parker, Esq., the chief ins|>e< tor of vessels, for the quarter, it appears that tuere were inspected in Hampton Roads, York river, Rappahannock and Alexandria, during the quarter. 1.200 vessels In April there were 159, Slay 4<Q. June 33* The forgoes consisted of timber, shingles, coal, wood, oysters, corn, flour, cotton, fruit, Ac. In Hampton Roads there were Inspected 096,York river 1U0. Rappahannock tti." Still Anothkr Mktkor.?Editor Sta^ Last night at quarter to eleven another meteor appeared in the west southwest at an elevation of (Ml . It darted down with a slight curve in its path like a f illing rocktt, and disappeared when within 40? of the horizon. It was as bright as th? one seen on Friday last, but left a track of flame so?r>e 10 long behind It It only lasted a few seconds, when the meteor and its tail disappeared together. TLie undersigned has seen four or Ave within the past week. G. Alexandria P???t Ol-H/.. u - - v^cciva 1 D<i returns of the Alexandria pott office for the quarter ending Jane 21, have been forwarded to the pott Office Department. They ihow an increase of f'idiil on the rsvenue of the I*ntted States derived from this post office over the same period of last year This continuing increase 111 tie revenue of the post office, shows a constant increase in the business and population of Alexandria, and is another proof of the continued prosperity of that city. Thk pic-nic given on the 25th inst at Glymont, by the Rechabites, was a delightful affair. The commodious steamer Phenix, with an accommodating captain, (Rytber,) left the citv in?H?rt with beauty and gallantry, and after a pleas, n*. trip arrived at the Pavilion at 5 o'clock,where all soon became mingled In the mazy dance, in accordance with Withers"! muaic. The lupper (which wai furnished by the proprletora) wa? a most excellet one, and wasdiscussed with a relish. A Man Dkownid ?E<litor Star:?At lOo'clock thia morning, as the steamer St. Nicholas was passing down the river on an excursion to Glymont, *rhen opposite Alexandria ran close to a small boat loaded with grain. The bout swamped, and one of two men that were in it was drowned The boat was going from a sc hooner to the dock with grain. A C0KK1SP05DKNT. in a communication too long for us to publlsu on such a subject, objects to the introduction of the new word '-filibuster," of doubtful derivation, Into our language, and especially into our dlctionarlvs, when the old term "freebooter," does just as well Lasd \Vak*a?ts?The rates of purchase and sales by the dealers In Washington hTr aa follows: 40-arre warrants, buying rates f 1, and selling do. HI 05; 80 s, 65 and ttOc12U's, 78 and s5c ; I60"s. the aaaa*. Stationkes will tind in another column an Invitation from the Postmaster General for pro- | nn.,1. ? ' * , K?.ut-wu vu uc iiirnnu^a to the Depart men t Baltimoxk, July 14.1?60. Editor Star: My attention baa only just now been called to the enclosed piece,which appeared In your very widely-circulated paper some time back, but which I hope It la not too late for the complainant to throw some light on. The valuable family of negroes mentioned in theae proceeding! consisted of one negro tcoman, seventy years of age (by the record) and perfectly toothless, ; and one negro man aged *trty years?both ?f whom were alavea to and faithfully served my | grandfather, and afterwards hia children, and , whom, on the vround of humanity aloue, 1 and other be ira deal red to prevent being sold out of the State and Into the far South, (where they have aince been sold by the defendant;) but, i owing to circumstance! which prevented mv I giving the cue the personal attention which tt required. was decided in favor of the defendant; and while the complainant! rejoice in having done what duty and humanity required them to do, the defendants pocket the few dollar* realized from the sale of thia valuable family, and imagine that all the property, real and peraonal, of the old Gaither family, neceaaarlly belong* to them; but which, I doubt not, a Maryland court of equity will do juatice in the distribution. To your numerous readers in Howard and Montgomery counties this explanation is altogether unneresairy, as the facts are so well known to each and every one of them, (and many would rejoice if he proceeds of this great sale would be appropriated to the liquidation of many large ana ol d Judgments,) but for the benefit of others who have seen this piece, which was imposed on your reporter, I drein it just to myself and others to show what an Immense pecuniary loss we have sustained in this valuable family of negroes Yours, respectfully, Thos. B. Gaithir. It* No. 198 E Monument st. # R AII.ROAD FROM MilLBPIO' TO AlIXHHPi:*. It it now proposed. In Prince George'a county, to fun a branch of tU? projectt-d Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, Trooi .Marlboro' to aome point opposite Aleiandr'a Mr. <>d*n Bowie publiah** a card In the Marlboro' Advocate, atrongly advocating the conitruction of the branch. Holiowh'i PII.L*. Bilio^? Fivbk ?Tnta'lanxe out dia^ane 1a immediately nipped in the bud by a timely uae of theaa aau it Oiile and e<?rreetn-c uali?inM; ti;ey purify the accretion* of th? live', renovate the stomach, ami cleanse the blood Thouaautls who would have aunk beneath the violence of this frver have been restored to health by the use of the remcHliea, afU-r all other means had failed f-ohl t?y all Druggia'a, at 25c , 62o., and #1 per box. jy 27-lw Mori Horn Tistimoxy. Boa to*. April 18, 1&53. No. 48 I'nion it. Mr. Srth W. Fowli?2??ar Sir : Your invalua rle medicine. I can truly nay. haa literally anatched me from th#% rrtv? l &it liil? i ? ?. l" sudden cold, which resulted ina very severe coueii, with v uiect pain* in the side and chekt 1 became ao much reduced that my friends Irankly told me that I must die. At this crisis 1 heard of Wtttar'i Baham of Wild Cherry and immediately sent for a bottle. The effect produoed was indeed w<?nderfill. My physician, one of the most respectable in Boston, who had previously told me that a cure was hopeless, came in, and I informed him what I had taken. He examined the HaUam and advised me to oontinue the use of it. since which time 1 have continued to improve daily ; and the same physician who had given me up told ine, a few days since, that 1 might yet live many years. Respectfully, Mary Rowi. We ran cheerfully testify to the truth ofthealxjve s'at uient, Mrs. Rowe havinc been an iuinate of our lainily. Wiuu* Dissiti, Martha Dkhjiett. None genuine unless signed 1. Bctts ou the wrapper. Prepared by 9. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Oilman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Sohwarze, Nairn A. Palmer, Wash ingtan; and by dealers everywhere. jy 25 I w,r Somkthiso that N kvik Fail*.?We hear a good deal through the press of "infallible" medicines. Kilt .-Kl r- ?r ? i? 1 -- --- ??v v???ij iciim/io ciuuia ui m? i t'Ai pxccitence of a medical preparation are its sales. In this re* spect Hoitftter's Siomarh Btttm defy eompetition. No curative ever attained the same popularity in the same time. Seven yearn ago it ?an not known of private practice. Now th* sales amount to over two thousand hottlrs a dtf. Kve> y agent or the proprietor makes the same report : cure? marvelous?confidence of the people in the rreparation stronger ever; day?demand coutinualy increasing. Letters pour in by every mail announcing its wonderful efteets in Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint.General Debility, Diarrhcra, Dysentery, and all complaints of the stomach and excret ry wrgans. It is not only efficient lm* palatable being the most agreeable of all the Bitters at present before the public. For sale by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. jy 2S-eo3t Mktir's Miracclots V***ix Dl?t*OYKa, the oldest and best remedy known for exterminating Rats and Mice. Cockroaches. Bugs, Ants, Musquitoes, Floas, Moths,Grain-\V ornis and Garden Insects. r??n_; ;?.i r\ .4 r ? .* ? ? ii y rriiiuipn iwpni,Dix ?roaaway,r*. 1. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18 3m Ltos'h Magsktic Im?*ct Pownic* Exterminates tied tings. Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, ic. It contains no Poison Lyo*'s Magnetic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9-Sm Homeopathic Remeimk* All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 5? cents each. Also, in case*, containing i? vials, from .?4 to ,?=> each, with book of full directions. For ssle by Z. I). Gilman, 350 Pa. av?nue. wholesale ami rntail ag*>nt: \V . A Fitageraid. 353 north F street: also by F. ti. Winter, north corner ol K street ami Vermont avenue. Also, Pond's Ertrntt of U'iteh H<*zrl, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9 ly Mas. Winslow, an experienced nnrseandlemale physician. has a SeotAins Syrup for Ckild'.n Ttttk???, which greatly facilitates the process of toething hy softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will allay ail pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and hea'th to your i"fant*. Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement in UUUtOI UU.UUUIi. oc 11-it Barry's Tricophekocs is the best and cheapest article for Dressing. Beau tifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ati Drug tuts and Perfumers tr.arl2-*m Now Good Uibestion watts o* Appetite, Ann Health on Both?But good iigwtios is a rarity in this country. Dyspepsia is as common among u* and as general, lifnot as fatal as consutiiption. And yet every man and woman in the iai d have within their reach a i>ur- and *wilt remedy for this disHitH?. and all the complaints that it en genders. No case in which Hostotter's Stomach Bitters have failed to effect a cure of this distressing and, if neglected, dinnrouj ailimnt. is within tho knowledge of any human beiag. Andwh): Because no such ease has never occurred The stomach strengthened, revitalized and toied by this celehiated recupemnt must pe-form the work of duestiou and thoroughly adapt tho food it receives to the support of the system. Hence it relieve* all pain ana uneasiness in the digestive organs, consolidates the ti??h, gives elasticity and vijor to the muscle, and reinforces, as with new life, all the animal powers. jy 19-eo3t Panir**.?Persons desiring Pennies wiUa'ways find them for eichnnre at the StAr Office eonnter. * MARRIED. On the 2fltii inttant, by the Rev. J. G. Butler, JOHN W. KROVVN.of Fairfax. Va., and AN NIK E. O'NEAL. of Washington city. On Thursdar, the 2Sth instant, by the R'v. Mr Pnrnm. THOS J. RR ASH EARS to Miss EMMA PREl SS, both of this city. Oa Thursday evening, the 26th instant. br the Rev. Henry C. West wood, K I) W A R I) P. \VVANT,of Baltimore, Md., to Miss AMANDA C. SMITH.of thiscit*. * On th<? 24th instant, br the Rev. Dr. Holmead, | Mr. F. M SSIN A NELSON.of New Mus MARY A. UEROLD. of Washington city. The marriage took place at the residence of the bride's father. * DIED, On the 2fith insta-it, HKNR V A LVIN only son ofHenry Alvmaiid Mary E. Sauter. aged 14 months and U day s. *1 TH WARD IN THE FIELD! / d HE AT REDUCTION /.V PR irE*. HEN NING, 7th st , Island, is selling ail kinds of ^SUMMKR CLOTHING, H Vl'Sand \3>CAFS, and exclusive|> jtlMMERinl BOOTS and SHOES, at about cost.rMl lor cash W^m Silk Nrck Ties for 2.5 cents, worth 50, Paper Collas. lo for 25 cents. Linen Collars, Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers. Hosiery, Ac., Straw Goods, very cheap, Ls Hes' brown, tan and black heel Gaiters at SI.25. " brown Gaiters, at 75 cents, ' Morocco Heel Boots, at $1.25 " do. do $1, ?' nA me. w\>. iiu nrr>i viu /J Cl'lilf, " do. Ho?"l Slippers, from 75c?nts up, ' do. Slippers and Rusk*. at75 oent?, Gent*' Patent Leather Shoes and Gaitars, at $1.25, Youths Gaiters, $1. Bos' do , ?1 25. A fine lot or home u.ade Patei.t Leather ?hoes, at Ijw prices. Man; t titer kinds on hand, in which great barKaini may be expected. Call early. J> C4-6t NKIGHTH A T I O N A L EXniBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept. I2th-7ntk. The UNITED 8TATR8 AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY wil^hold its Kighth Annual Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition on the grounds liberally provided by the citizens of Ctncin; ati, hieh are to l*? fitted up in the liest style. There will be Halls and Tents for the display of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY,T()01.8.UOMESTIC MANUFACTlT It ES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODU'E. FRl'ITS, FLOWERS, and NA T1VE WINES: with Stalls ami P-i? for HORSES, CATTLS, SHEEP, and SWINE: and an unequalled Track,one mile in length a:.d forty feet in width, for the exhibition of Horses The Premiums offered?in cash,?fold, silver, and bronze ineUals,?diplomas and oe;tificates, amount to 920,000. The Rxhihition will rAmun nrmn lr#*?ri day, the 12th. to Thursday, the ?)th, o! September, thus giving time to exauuue and tost the inipla m?nts and machinery. * For premium lists or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 3ftt? Pa. avenue, (up stairs ;> or to the sub?cnber, at Cincinnati. Ohio. BhN. PER LEV POORS, jy 24 tf Sec'y U. 8. Agricultural Society. W7 HRELER & WILSON'S SEWING MATT CHINE AGENCY, Rkxovbd to No. 346 Pa. Av., mas 7th St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of Whaler Sl Wilson's unequalled Family Sewing Vaciiines, which for the lar.teight yearn have mosttnainphaiitly maintained their superiority, a* a family institution, orer all competitor* for popular favor, the Agent ha* taken one of the fine new store* lately erected en Pa avenue, near 7th ?t. where a beautiful assortment of ail the various styles nav at all timex be fx?en. There were 213* of tlieae Sewing Machines sold in the year 1859. 1 duties are invited to call and see them, together with certificates from many of the best citizens of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority If an* Kdies cannot oall, let them send for a circular by a!l moans. It is high Ume every fkml> in the land was supp ied with one of these health and life saving instruments. Foil instructions, both printed and verbal, given free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. 8TKER, Agent, No 346 Pa. avenue, jy 11-lm Between 6th and 7th sta. HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, Mra Winalow'a Soothing Sirup, Liquid Ren net, Spalding'a Glue, MuiUn< Liniment.^V Atre'a Medicinea, Houuk'a f anao -a, Jto , wi h V a frech aupply of pare Medioinea. at MOORE'S Weat End Drug Store. 113 Pa- avenue. ?outh aide C7"Freeh Blue Lick and Cong<-eaa Water aa above Alao, improved Fruit and Vegetable Jara. jy ? 2w HE \V PAGE AS Opened a CONFECTIO > ER V at No 436 Seventh atreet, between G and H, where he haa eonatantlr on hand aupenor ICE CREa M, FAN CY CAKES, PIES. CANDIES, NUTS, Jte..* e. I He m prepared to larnfjli Familiea. Partiee and Pio : Nioa with the beat artiolee la hia line at reaeonable pneee. )y n-lw GEORGETOWN ADTERTMTS For other G<r|?lMni rirliwuwati tee fir it pmgi FOB NEW YORK-The recular packet n-h'rt Yorkt<>wn. Captain Woglom. and furpi i?e. Captain Cote. ar? now ready for car Ak ?o. an>i wilt ?au at at*?v? with di-patoh. Kor^^^* f-firKt annl* t.. O > 1111 L l\< liVi i *: ??' r ' ? i?n.v^v n0 <x i/v'i/1' r?i " * v% ax r at, Gwgrtowi. j* ?T !\ O II u M B U 0 ! We will commence on Manda* next. Jul* , t<? oloi' ont on' entire a*ock of SM' M M KR 1)RK?S GO< >L>S. *c..4c , at Pi n*eCo?t for Ca*h - no nrta will beanked. S?riLMAN A HI-NT. j\ .*7 coiw ? ? Bridge atreei. UKll?OK STREET. SELLiyti OFF' SKLLINO OFF ' I Lar?e atock of 1?RY GOODS. LACK MANTLES, SH A W LS. Ac . A o.. to l>e clo.ed o>it. a* we intend making an alteration in our autre. Come m>on lor bargains, ae we will be eompei.e.1 to \acate the prern tea in a few tiara. 8PILMAN A Ht'NT. jf 27-POgw 9*? Bridge atreet. IN WARM weathkr PRKPARK FOB COLD' We are now receiving, and will be during tiie month of Aiiguat. 1,000 tonaof COAI..of a!! a'z -?, whioh we will II cheap if ord er?-d prior to l*t September. Cull earl* and leave your ordera at our Office*, if tou wi?h to ?ave owlnf C. MYERS A PON. No. 41 Water atreet. Georgetown. J. W P. MYK1* ft i <> J) 27-2W Office oor. 0 and ZAl ?ts., Washlng'n. AYOHST IT'TII'K. GiotainiVi, D. C.. Jul* H, lw. All perron* who Mr annoyed by niiiHaiicm whi^h rnilincr th? health of the town a'e '?*qiiett-d t>> report the *ame, in writing. to this o?cr. IR-w4w HKNKV ADUISOX. Mayor. ^OTICE TO WATKR CONAl'MKR^. Matok'S OFFICE, CI?R?TKW*, D C ,f Jutv/tHi i?wi. \ Fxthact FBOM CTTT "BDIXAIUCBB And bt it furthtr or<lain'i, I I,at the Water Poa d hall at aii tim< have the power. *nd it *ha!l be their duty, to ri<*n ale the u?? of rtreet wa*h*?. fountain*, hyd a"t?. or ? ther at'&ehmeata to the water works a< cor lint a* their jad^tit et una)! die tate, and they shall have the power t" shut ot! Me water fioni any perkon or per?on* who shal wi! lull* di?r?ga d their puhtirhe<l notices (elating to *uon attachment* or tbe use of the water. In aocordv ce with the above, notice is hereby liven that from and after Uie date i f this puM'ca tion all founiain* within the corporation nmi mailt be shut off' an1 housck?-epr-r? ?'e warned ?ha? anv neglect of their hvirauts or care>?? waste of th* water will b* puni*h*d as the ordinate* pro vide*. Thi* notice is rendered nec??-ary t.v the treat scarcity of water lath* kith f" ' I f tf,e tow. and the Water Board will leave no means uritri?l to renedy the evil. jy? HKNKV ADDISON. Mayor. Arark chanck is now offkrf.l?TO any one who may be desirous of entering in a e busin* *?. at one of the beet stand* :n Georgetown. I <ff-r my entire stock ??f DRY cn/iiui ? 1 ' - ir%suiifti> c icrnii. in orawr tn fn&K6 ft ch?o'? in m; buiinni. VV. K Hl'K IILK. jy 24 1m Corner of Hich and Gay *t?. Having dktkrminkdtochangk my liainfi. I'll oomniMroe from this date to a?!l for ouch my entire ?t<>ok of DRY an't KlNCY GOOD"*. Hm inn purchased o the most favor* ble Uuni* and i'?unt deei'oua f c ?>ainc out a* oar y a* potaihie. ail who inay he in want of bargain* will do well to give me a call. W. R. HURPI.F. jy24 1m Corner of High and Ga> ata FOR 8Al7E AND HEST. [For otktr "J-'or Salt and Kent" tu/veritsementf, tee firH rage ] F'tRM^HED HolSK or ROOMS l<R R KNT on vety mo-.! la'" t"rms K|p> e? 4??9 F. atr^wt. I?twm 3 1 a:i<1 4th i?t?. jv ?7-St* f^OR ^AI.K OR RI-'.\T?A pleasantly hit. at-d COTTA'iK l Ol'SK, containing 9 rooms. Th??r<? ik a square of ertmud attnchp.l uixier enltiva tn>n ; a lar?e ?tal>|e on one end f Hi* -qiare. T;ie place will be pold upon verT rea*otiahI? t?rm?. or vn ?. . - *? - rcnu-u i?f f? piouipi vcnsiiu ro*s?*p*lon giVPfl (n t'i? 1st of August For particulars inquire of BAR HOUR k SEMMES. Grocer*. j* 17-wW POKHKM'-A arge ROOM in w. !i a c-Joo! I has li?-Ti k-pt for the ast ?fvi>n > nm,?u: Kight*tine's Coiifn-tionerv. in the Northern l.if erti'.s Inqmre on the premises. jjrifiat* UM)K RKNT-Alarge double BRICK HOUSE, i containing 11 rooms and pa-sate. with *tat>l anl carriage rouse; ai?? a pump ?.f water in ?He j*1 il: ">n ! "leventli *t.. rear L st. K.?r term* inquire of GEORGE T. LANG LEV, on L a . near f our teenth at. ^ j? J6-tf FC?IJ RENT-A three'-s or* HRICK DWELL l.Vi, p'1> situated on Ihtif-et, l>etwefii 21st an:l i!d sts. Excel! .t water at t R**i.t mo. erate. to 8 good tenant. App \ to It H. I K' K RuN. 16.1 I ?t. jj 2.S-3I _ L'OR SALE OR RENT?A BRICK DWEI.I.r 1 Mi HOUSE, on Sixth street m-fst. et?et.*'i M and N north. No 230, coiitainint eijtht rooms and a k<tchen. P><,es?ion given immodiatnlr. Ap p'y "-it'i oor north. j) iS -lw* I fP"OK RENT-Thstrery desirable DWEI.I ING HOUSE. No. a?7, aouth side of Pa av< n e, between 4l? and 6th *t? and ga? fixture* complete. A s? Potomac water on t'i * premises. AppU to or address t RANK HER BERT. No. 407 l*h street, betaeen I and K sts. j> 25 3t* I,"< 'K RKNT-A tfiree-st..rT BRICK Hnt SK, I containing in rooms, on the corner ol Third and C street#, Capitol Hill, north. Terms irole* ate. AnDlvonthx nreriii?.*? nr ?f l?? '"I L' MAN. Watchman at the Capitol. jy .4 tit* FM)R SALE-A detirahle BRICK DWEI.I.lMi and LOT. aituat d on the north *id.< of I atroet north, betw*?n 2nth and 11 ? ?t? For t?*rn'?. Ae., apply toJAS C. McGLIRE A CI), Auctcn and Comnuaaion Merehanta. jy 23-t.t F?OR RF.NT-A three atory BRICK DWKI. LINO HOUSE, on II at lietween l^thand 13th at*.. No 404. Apply to J. KIRK WOOL) 47* i^*h a r?t. _ jy l>-tf ST( >R E FOR R KNT7at vT.^O Seventh at.. s doora above Statea Office. Apply to J. ROSEN THAI.. jy 16 F'OR RFAT.-A r.ow ami hand torn* FRAME HOUSE will I* for r-nt in a fvw daya. It la l..*a jtil'iliy situated on Tin t?-eritii *tr?>t i>- tw < i: G<-< rcia a.e ne and K at.. Nan N a d : I as a la-*:'' ta den lot attf.r-hed, a pump of e <?d wa er n ar. a 'id con ain? 4 rooms. Uitc!i?i. and w i*l ned. Will l?? rented low, with or without tiie lot, to a ? ??! t"nant. For Kale aheap, a trood. atronr WORK HORSE ; works wel in ail)thine Inumre of T. K.CLARK. Navy \ ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, fti* H at . between 4th and .5th jy 16 FfOU R EST?Two comfortable throe-aU ry b ick JIOL'SF.S, aix rooms and kitchen each, aitnated on K!?vont(i Kt., between B ami C. K-nl fcli V'p- r month Apply t? GKO. F. tol'Ut'KLY. ai F. J1. Myers* Office, Eighth at. jy 11 In* \fERY VALUABLE FARM ON THE WASHINGTON BKANCH KMI.KtMU, NEAR BFLTSV1LLE, AT PRIVATE SM.K.-Thsubscribers are authorized to eel: that I] autifu , Ffvrn, "Happy Home." containing oae hun.rrd and twenty-eight acres, three roocn aud eirlit p*?rch>*s. situated between and hiudiiir on the Washington Biaroh Railroal and the Ba tinnore and Washington Turnpike, one mile fr- m Bets vi.le Post Office,and f<*ur miles from the Agricultural Co!lege. The location i* urin*pa??<t (or health, society excellent, churches of nr*rly a'l denominations within a short distance, oonveniMit to excellent schools, and a grist aii.l within one miie. The l*'d is in a huh state of cu'tivation, no pains or expense having been spared in improving and fertilizing, by ase of the most permanent manures. There is an abundant supply of wat?r, a never failing itr-am ruuning through each field. The improvements oocsist of a comfortable Brick Dweiaug, with eight imm, in excellent repair, barn, stable, ice house, a well f water in the t?arn yard, an orchard of choice fruit tree#?, peaches, plums, Jtc. Terms liberal Apply to J. C. MoGl'IRE k CO., Auo'.iou and Commission Merohants, Washington, I). C. jy 12-eod2w LM)R RENT-Two beautiful nt w ~BR 1 C K r HOL'S*-- !*, on Eighth st eet west, between M and N streets moth, wst side. Apply to MARY C- UAISLIP, No. i*l Ninth street west, or Dr. ire a UUI. V V -- > ?.* ?- * mm ukuii n J.14 i ft. ftTVBHO, DMVWn Hth ?r.d l?h streets. Jjr i2-6w* OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAJ? METER!*, WtlHIilGTOX, Julv II, 18*) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIfEtt, Th*t,a?ra?? ably to the provisions of the nidinano" of the Cnrpoiatu.u approved May 12. isfii\ the undersigned la dov prepared, "?h?..aver required in wilting. and on pre pay inn. t of the fee of fifty eeutt, to i' spocf. exainin , tear, pr. ve, and sacmtain the accuracy of registiation of an) fcia meter in ua< in Uii*otty." Every meter, lffound incorrect, wi 1 be ooudrm i*d. and another, sealed and rivjird as true, w, I be eft in l'o pa??e. If proved to h? accural* iu i's measurement of g^s, :t will be scaled according j, and a?ain put in poarioa for uae. Olfiw No 510 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal low?' Mali 1 (Jen fromB%. m . t?ip m. CHAKi.EA \V. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf ' Inspeotorand (*euOer of ?*aa Meiers. P NOTICE. INEY POINT PAVILION', notwith-* A. A standing all reports to the contrary, *? il Tkl^T be open to raceive visitors until first of October. The table will always b* supplied ? jth all the delicacies of the season. \V. H . UIX. IV 91. I w " ? ,, - i'T' "wr. SELLING OFF , AT COST! In ord?r to doorcase my asock 1 hare determined to close out the balance of m* SL'M.M EH CLOTHING at oust All in want of Summer Clothing ar* reapeetful'jr invited to call at No. 4*0 Seventh ?t., opposite Pi>et Office, and IM the grait rodu ti< n in Summer Clothing jy 12-1 Hi WOOD! WOOD!! ? W O O D R! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD.atUs low* pottibie pnoe. _ . _ ^ T.J.4W M. GALT, il*? Pa. aT.. beirxM Uth and 12th sta ID* 17-tf worth PACKING 1* HOSE. PIPE?*, Ac. \V.' have for aale, tow. tiia above aiticiea. Alao, Coupliur* lor Hok>. Leather Belling, vanoua aiscs, aiul Lao* Leather. if i? 9f CAMPBELLA SON.JJl Pa. Life of LlNCOLN.-Iha Life and PuWie rv?r?ioe? of Hoa. Abraham Liuoola, with a portrait oi: ?t?t!,'o whion .? ad-led a Motrap uv. k*tcb of Hon. Baniuhai Him in, b* D W Bart latt; pnoa #1. Jaat pabliohad and for aa>? a< ha Metro po itan Bookaor* ol PHILP A SOLOMON. ?sa Pa.a?. jj 23 Sole acenta for Laurvnoe'a Stationary, Ao. TlltJ LATEST NKWH TELEGRAPHIC. Krtaur Dmglai at Tray. T*oy, N Y . July?> ?Senator Douglas arrived from Saratoga tb'.a rraniag Hr ?m re e-irrd tt thr d^jnl b)r in 1 mm fair conciurtr ?.f Citizen*. ore or two military conpaalr*, imI a rompaar of "Little Gliata" from Albany Tbf proreaaion formed and mirr bed to tbe Troy Houae. wbere Mr Douvlai wia welcomed by tl>? Way or In reply. Mr Douglm made a polftea! a?>e*? h. defending non-: nt? rventioo u the tm? i.?(nrmu and appealing for Its support by all who aw op p?*fd to abolltloniam and d uaioniam Urapokt altout .Kt minute About l?r thousand f*opl? 1 atenrd to tbe apeech The reception la row dered to have been a great auccrsa Ctmmrarrairai it Dartavatk < liege. Htxovit, X H . July 45?Tbe commence ment esen iaes at Dartmouth C?ll*-*r ww n>iii men< ed teaterdar and continued to-dav Rr* T L Ctivler drll*.rpa an el;?q ent addrcaa l*^ fore tbe Tbeologicsl lety tiw Perlev. Kaq , rononn. ?d a fimabrd eulogy upon K jfua CLoa*1-Prrtdfnt n?r*. Pin dfct Lord. Ke? Mr Cuvlrr a: d other d'ati n^uiilied p-raona wereaer> naded laat nt^bt bv tbe Ueruania Band TL<* nfUTDoon. K ? Parker, Kaq , delivered an ora t:on before tbe Pai-I ;?,lon S ?ci?tv. wtlch w?? followed by a poom on "Plurk." by Mortimer Thcmpaon ( Do*-atl> ki ) Uerirtarr ( the Priace of Wain from It JahM. t?r Johns. July W ?Tbe ball given In honor of the Priuce of Walea waa a brilliant afitr Aoout one tbouaand peraona were prraeut Tbe Prince danced nearly all tbe evening, and oaly left at a quarter to three o'clor k He embarked thta morning, after a ride about town, and at It o'clock the fleet aailrd for HaJfaa. calling at t*t Prtera The town preaented a gala appearan<?> to-day. Tbe s*n.e ceremony waa observed aa at tbe landing. Tbe aU amrr City of ?w York with tbe Amer ll??n uf rnnntotoal ?-- ?? ? a A ?? - ? 41 * - * ?' *" I .. . "iiuhik mi r*j-ni i mm * a laeir mum iroin ^aivadore to the I utud t*t*Un. bu Arrived beer The P?cif r Kaitraad. K?n?a? Citt, July J5.?The ceremony of break. lnj? ground on 11>i end of tbe great Pu ilf Railroad. the flrat Itnk in our national highway U*k rtlace to-day The ocraal-M was relebrnU-d by aautea, honhrta. bartM-r iwa. fn>ti vitlr* and apeerbea from the iu<?t prour.nent railroad aien of the Wat including .Vnyor \N augha. Col. Doniphan, Col. Gilpin. Mr Tavlor. prea d*nt of the road. Governor Roberta of K a nana Territory. and many othera It it eat i ma ted that ten thouaand penpl" were on the ground and amiated in tbe cere monlra. >lai?e Politics. CilDtl. Me , July'^6 ?The ratification of H?n K.. K. MTiart'a MMbnatlou for Governor, wbhh . anir <>u 11SI nitfUl, WM one Ol 11?^ *.re?te?t poll' !cal demonstrations ever held in ?-?aWn Milnr It wji est minted that from in to right tbouaand democrat* were present K. K t*a?art, A G Jewett, N. C Fletcher and otbera addreaaed tlie meeting 5*aco, Me., July 55.?The republican* of the first district have nominated John M Goodwin for Congress. and cbukn Uvrti O. Cowan for presidential elector. % * Massachusetts Politics Bosto*, July sM.?The I>emocratlc Plate Central Committee at Worcester. \ eater dm voted to call the i^tate Convention at Aprln^lleld. on the fib of September A resalutlon endorsing BrerkIiir'dire and l,ane wu defeated by a t-e vot? Koktow, July "J*i ?The friends of Bell and Kverett be Id a rati tl cation meeting at Kozburf 1 !?t ni^bt It was an imposing and enthusiastic demonstration The principal speaker* were Gee. | T. Curtis and George Hilliard DoucIhi >leeti?r. Srmsr.riELD, IIIJuly 25 ?1 he Douglas rati flration meeting tn this place to-day wai largely attended It is estimated ttiat 40.UMU people were in attendance. The meeting *u held la Edward*' <ir<>ve n?-ar the city. and *u addressed by \V A KK'hardson, John A. I.o^an. Jtw?iC. Allen and other* The K?rtk America* ftaea|erbia4. Biffalo, July 25 ?To-day wa? aet apart for the prize concert The pnie, a tuaasive silver goblet, was competed for by twelve so.: let lea. and won bv the Aram, of New York rlty It will ?? presented at the grand banquet to-night Columbus. (t . was selected as the place for holding the next faen^erf' st Douglas Mate i an vent tea In Pennsylvaala* H ak RisHt H<>, Pa . July 'J* ?The Douglas State Convention meets this afternoon A grtat crowd of politicians are here The opinions ara divided about the policy of nominating straight-out Douglas electors, and alao as to the policy of the Plate I r.nnv?<nfini. Arrival of the ( allftrali fcspreaa St. Josh h'?. Juiy ?Tbe pony riprwi w lb San Franciaco d it?i to the I lib. baa arri vod The ?Wam?r Souora aaiit-d on tbe lltb wttb 91 OM.OM in iprrlf, mostly for .New York No maila wer? taken The letters and n?-wap*pera were aent by the express accompanying tbe steamer A Bather Fire la Poofhkeepale. PoCGiicEarniB, N Y , July H ?Tbe barna and stablea of Baldwin'* Hotel, a Lao tbe barua of Win \ Davis and Dr Cooper, adjoining.wore bnrned this morning about 5 o'clo? k together with eijjLt bi>r*?4 in Baldwin'a barn. Total loaa about $12,UMi?partially inaured. Arrival of the North Britoa. FaKTHEB PoiJIT. Jult '28 ?The ateamahln North Briton, from Liverpool, via Galway and St John*. N. t* , pMMd tbla point at half paat nine o'clock laat evening, on her way to (Quebec Newa anticipakd t'lrea ia Ttiai New Ontaa, Juiv 25 ?Three abolitiomata have tK-en caught In \Vaahlngton county, Teaaa, and ordered to leave the 5?ate The loaa bv tbe recent Urea In 'he nortbesatern coontiea of Trxaa exceed* f?(K).00<>. An A Iirgrd Marderer Arreated. Baltimore. Julv'Jti ?Jamea Lognn waa arreal ed to d?v charged with lieinjj tbe mu'derer of (George Kvle on tbe laat election day Tbe wil. ut-aacs* fully identifltd him ur ? m rmmr?r nrtrjllltl ? iprniri New Yobk, July 26?Application baa be?n made by Levi > Cbatfteld for an Injunction against the |<aymeut of Ixlla for the Japanese reception . on the ground of fraud Ultasia I'aliilea. Car ago, July 25 ?Hon W m A Rlcbardaon wai nominated for Cougresa by tbe flftn district democratic convention 1 Eo-day Baltla?r? .Utrktu BiiTiioii, July 27 ?Flour cloa-d quirt but steady; Howard street and Ohio KiS Wt?tl closed qoi?-t; wblte SI 35aSl.S0 ; red SI .27. Corn closed quiet; yellow 66r; wbite 7#a78e prime. I'r -eiMous cloaed active; mpork , Bime SI jaf ;5.54t. Whisky closed dull at 2li? \c. >ew Ysrk Market*. . Niw Von, July 27 ?Floor la heavy, Slate 96 af? U>, Ohio S5 25a*5 50, Cou there ftj lus?5 flu Wne*tiaquM C tb Inn. mixed 61 affile Fork la beavy; 8h i'liHH i*i; prime 12.50sll .25. Lard It steady. Whisky la dull atSn^aJlu^e. Financial Nf\v Yobk. July 27 ?Stocks are active and blkber; Chicago and Kock Island 75k: 111 C*>n tral aharea 74; Michigan Southern 3e\, N Y Central KJ l'l Coal Co. W.\; Heading 40\; Va. 6'? Mo. 6'a 81 %. Nnotick. E\V FAMILY (iR?)CKRY STORK. PlXmTLTlIU A v., Seuiktatt Corner of Truth strut, Waaluattna, I>.C. The unWaicned re?p?rii'iilly aonoonooa to In* f.ientls tut he hit op?n?l the fcue ?tor?? fornMrlf acu^in) hj H. il. V.??. Km., an<l tbat ho Lu rooetveti a large assort iueut of K| * PL II || |R FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES To;eth<?r with every article ia the Grocer? lino. to winch h? particular* in vilea the attautioa of roaident laiuili?t?. Ho f*?ls aeaured that hi* ar ran ft omenta foe a con?tiut 'uppU of FRtSSH GRi'CfcRIW will en* bio him to ?a?pl? the d?sa?fciida ol Uiom who m?) favor him with tneir PATRONAGE. la his porchaeae the eubarriber hM diracted ipacta, attontiou to tho a* eotion of Teas, C'ofleea and tairart, Which, with all ?thor atialaa ia hieliaa, wit ha dtapoe^d of oa the most raaaonable t?rma, FOR caRH. jt a*--o?w P MoDF.viTT. demoval. it M KFNNEY A UANSriALK. VLZ. RKil* |,>VrK AOKNTS. " iiKtUMii, (?nK> f .. nmd lii >|. fLI Th pl^!r*<Ll"vOU,"1^0",'Cn"*- " 'HI* I" P*r' : IJ* C, \ V?*"'1 r*pil* aad ?urpiu* #ffc.?W Th! P?lri^A!'Ct *? KOjon# The Pb^ do do &v.? ? Th? northern Augr% <*, London 2.l <? noo Room So. t. jy a-*xB (Vf APUK 1*1 NAPU t/?A?. wtwT* VM MAPLB 8HiA*. jwt r? JT? KLN? *

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