Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. WAITING fOR A LETTER. I Km waiting?patient waiting? For a promise made to me : 'Ti? a letter?in it sta' in* When a lov'd one 1 shall see. Siuwlv pass the hours this morning. While I'm thinking anxious!; Ol this letter, and its coming To my hand so tardily. Surely he must he forgetting That I'm waiting silently For his promise, made at parting. When he kiss'd me tewforly. Never break thy word when given ,Toa fond, aevoted hea"t; Guard it as a gift from heavenLove and Faith must never part. PHYSicmis is Chi5a ?In China there 1? free trade in phytic?a K?od principle eneugh but which has not yet led to all the deairable reforms In that art A doee of Chinese medicine it quite curloalty. It ia about the size of a half a pound of moist sugar and consists of twenty, separate packets?four or five kindaof bark, a little orange peel, tome walnuts tome gentian, and half a dozen other aorta, not unlike a small cake of blacking. These are all boiled together, and a good half pint of the decoction ia to be taken quite hot aa a doee The loweat fee for a visit is about two pence, and the coolies of the sedan have also to be paid. The fee advances by two pence at a time, so that Ad., ?d . 9d., 10., etc . are the ratea, according to celebrity: very seldom, however, is a single visit charged more than sixpence. When you consult physician his mode of proceeding is this He lava your handa on a soft cushion, feels your pulse at the wrista. asks your age and the avniptoma of vour indisposition, looks you attentively in the race, sapiently strokes his moustache, and then ] write* ms prescription. perhaps>'150Chinesepills twice s day " A Large Robbery ? Recovery or the Mosey. The St Louis democrat of Monday say*, two gentlemen who had been up the river at different Cints collecting specie for the State Savings titution, came aowu on the steamer City of .Louisiana on Saturday night The boat liniled about six o'clock on Sunday mcr.iing, and the gentlemen awoke from their slumbers to look after their treasure, and behold one carpet sick in which was S15,0U) in gold, had been taken sway, and another carpet bag, well filled with dirty shirts, wss in its place Another bag w ith #18,U00 remained untouched The gentlemen were alarmed and instituted a search among the passengers, but the money could not be found Thev sent for nflmr John ??ji a _ _ v . < ..fc > UII\4 U^ICCtl vc Tunnlcllffe, who succeeded In finding all except 100, tacked away between the mattresse* in one of the state rooms. The thieve* could not be found. A Discovsat.?Mr. B F Chapman, of ClockTtlle. Madlaon county. N V ,a veteran "Hard" rDlitician, baa the credit of making the latest iscovery concerning the man who is to be the next president of the t'nlted State* At a Dougla* demonstration held at Hamilton recently, be Informed the gaping crowd that the democrat* fought the war of 1-512; that Mr. Lincoln w;ir a member of Congress at that time, and refu*e?l to vote supplies to the army. It did not seem to occur to Mr. Chapman or kis auditors that Mr. Linculii was only three year* old at the time, and thit he muat have found his way to Walking ton rather earlier than ii customary for M. C.'s m , Faox 9t Domisoo?TroubU t* Hiyti.?By the brig Helen Jane, Captain Rogers, from St Domlgo, we have dates to the 6th inst Business was dull The health of the place good. About 3 UUU emigrants had arrived from Venezuela General Santa Anna was on the line between Havt: kiia si uoiiiin^o. with 3,000 troops, .and ready'to declare wir against the Haytians. on account of Gen. Geffard trespassing on his dominions A akirmish had taken pU> e at Cercado. on June 30th The British Consul. Air. T W. Wood bad gone by the request of the Havtians to settle the difficulties arising from an attempt to raise the value of the paper money, and from other causes IT^The opinion of E Merrian. the philosopher of Brooklgn Heights, on the met-or, is this: "it came from the direction of a thunder cloud in the West It was probably a lightning-ball, possessing the properties of the load-stone, adding to its body as it moved through the atmosphere b. magnetic attraction and consuming a portion of these accumulations in Its progress The meteorite of September 30. 1%3<>, was more than a wuole hour In view from th? Harvard College observatory, Cambridge, M iss , and was examined for that long period with the largest and Lest telescopes."' Caixx and It? Prmshmsnt.?KlizabethSimpton, conv'cted in Accomac county, Va , of tbe murder of a man named Budd. was imprisoned In tbe penlt-ntiary, at Richmond. last week, for years A short time since Talley Lilieaon, her accomplice, was committed for twelve years Lilloson, who wns a man of property, and a few oars since a candidate for the House of Delegates, v as jealous of Budd, and tbe woman says that Liiksi n threatened to shoot her if she did not shoot Budd. and she did it. Klizabeth Suniwon carried a young baby to the prison with her, Lorn a; nee her arreat. A Belize letter of the New Orleans Picarune dated *29th nit., has the following concernlag Geo Walker's movements:?"Gen Walker la reported aa having arrived at the island of Ruatan in the achooner John Taylor His men (about 100) have been gathering there in squads Tor a month mat by different fruit vessels. The Dew Drop, Capt Dimon, brought out fifty A learner, supposed to be a part of his expedition haa been standing off on the island for 4- hours, but did not land On the'27th inst , they all left the isHnd on the Taylor, destination unknown." The Zouave tactics are to be adopted by a Brooklyn Military Company. At a meeting of Company B. of the thirteenth regiment, Captain ftprague, it was resolved to adopt Hardee's light infantry tactk-a and the bayonet exercise as practised by the Zouaves, a resolution was also adopted providing that members shall be prohibited, under penalty of expulsion, from entering any drinking saloon or place of dissipation, or using any intoxicating liquor as a beverage, while In fatigue uniform, before or after drilla. l>eath or a Defs5dkk of Baltimore ?Rev Charies 6 McLean died at Indianapolis, Indiana, on the 4 tit inst. The decrawd. at the time of the attack on Baltimore by the British, In 1914, was a young clergyman at Frederick, Md. and promptly volunteered bit services for the defense of Baltimore, boviu? joined a troop of horsemen ?t Frederick, with otaer brave and patriotic men who hastened there on that occasion The wife of Mr. Mr Lean survived him but three day*. Her death occurred on the Tth Inst. Emancipation bt a Viboimam.? Miss Cornelia Barbour, a daughter of the Hon. James Barbour, of Va , formerly Governor of that State, and a member of President J. Q. Adams' cabinet, has resolved to emancipate her numerous slaves and locate tbem in a free State ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?J Rust.Ga, R Wallaco and iy, Tenn; R \Viison,>li*?; J Harper, M Dinell 1 u..A ^? ? ~ u vujuhiu, niu aoopwr. <j&; W Ol*n?, Ala, Hon G W Jon?-?, la: W Annatrong and ly. J He? buru, NY; W 1> wfutin*, Tex; K T Fulgram, W | O Marrill, W Nnker. Pa; Gen L B ake. Ala; Col | W Garrett CN;N Wiliiame, Mil; H Bank*. Va; | K Weatnerby, N V; Mr* J t-ftmftw.l and lain, Miu Young, Md; Mr?Tow#r?, La; J M S-haw, O; S P Barnard anJ fain. La; Hon H Miynard.R-v I M Sartin, Teun; O Mil'er, K); J harrali, H B Todd, a; K Carter acd ly, Ky; fc Fomke. Pa: H Stover. J S Barter. H Do kon and f%m, \ \ : Maj W Huni aad U* Vfiee; U Anderson, Mo; H C Housley ana ly. >lr?C Anderson, Mis* E Ana -raon, T<-na; A B B B-'ti?. Mist M Botta, Va; M Li?w tand l?. Mm W Williams. Mia? N McNairy, Teen; K Mnrdock, A Bnrtet, La, R Allison, Tone; h Hutciurgs, Ala; M Haatings, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?R T Owen Gs; Hon E Hatw, Mo; G Brovn DC; 8 H Chapman and lady, M ii Gi<apn?n, Va; W Haaden Tex; 1' Mitch*ii, CU N W rikiiff*, I 8A; H P Warden. Ps; W L V? u te, Va; a Hatfield, Pa; Mr MoCuiloeh, La; J (urns a;. .adv. Ala; W H Belkn?p and lady, Mi>? ikuap Miss Richardaon, Ki; \\ NicMurtry- N J; H Lisa* and la>'y, N* ; J'H Jon s O; R u<>li? tx>rOO?h. W lioldibnfiin.V fc.J- ?*- n * J ? i\fuu?n, ill?; W Dlotii <>r* and lady, Mim Dm?;iior?, ViimH 'W 1, N V; J M Robinson- Ky; T H?rran,NG; U Me tia, Max, J Fitxhuch; L Morward. Dr W Fa*by *ud ady, Mr? Oaffin. Va; P Eiiiott a: d !r, ?; A Hay. Ha; J Brio?-ll. L Mil ar. J Fairbmk arid ly, Mim How* Mim; l Gouvanaur, Md. j H i arker, Teon; W Taylor and >ady, Ga; Mi?* D<>ug aaa, v C, Horace Lacfley, Mm; J MoUeriuot, UO; J b Hedneo. Pa K1KKWOOD HOUSE?T B Bucera, Va; W MatoH^r, I>e'; J "TVrlina, G F Dittem.*;), Mo; J D Truiaoeli, : i?C; J H > i n?iworth. NC: J Irviu, V?; J Smith Pa, J Rady, Va; R Fitzratriok, Mez; W M !* ?, J T solet, Md. W ASHINGTON HOUSK.-K Moora. Md; J 8 Ptrtdly, Va; E Harrnede, Va; W Uawi, Hi. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fbom the U sited States Kl.m ? ? ........ i.tart. For. Dept. Vnn-H-rbiit?.New York.. Havre. July 3" Afrio* New York ..Liverpool Aug. 1 fentoni* New York...Hamburg. ... And- 1 jura New York.. .Liverpool Aug. 2 Brrmrn. New York...Breraen _.Au?. 4 Canada. Boston Liverpool Aug. * Arvgo "-CL#W York.-.ttavrs., Aug.18 Fro* Ei'ropb Canada ...- ?- Liverpool... Boston July 14 h ]r.o(?. tM>sih'ptos ..New York Jul* * I Hobomiaa Liverpool... .Portland .July 1ft C. Wasuingtoa..Liverpool....New York July 18 Pnuee A bert... Gaiway..? New York ..July 11 >?i? Liverpool. -New York.. Jaiv 2? AasUa asian Liverpool....New \ orfc.. Job 21 ara/o Soairi(oa..k?vYork. Ju ?*.| teropa Liverpool... Boston Jo* * ffl Persia ? IjmimJ *.? .. ; * ur? . * uC. 7 Cn?fi?rt<)p on th? 4tn tnd Wth. .J ^is^resrssc *" N- v?? MISCELLANEOUS. T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fto. Whereat, At the present leuon of the yew CHOLERA MORBUS, * DIARRHEA, CHOLIC. DVSKNTERY, DYSPEPSIA. , . DEBILITY, to., A a., prevail to An alarming extent: An>l wktrtas, . ? ? a. K. 11 rrum ui inw F'RST CONSEQUENCE lo every family to know of A REMEDY at ono? Soft, Sp*'<lv, and Kfcaciomt, DR. MONTARDK, or PAKIt, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the inoat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that co imposition it intended in the sale of this Great Mediome, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all caset when the medioine fails to give entire satisfaction. Ask, then at any Drug Store for DR MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take as direoted, and if not perfectly satisfied, Return to our Agent. D. B. CLARK, ESQ., Strest and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Price? 25 and 50 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drue Stores everywhere. jas. McDonnell, General A*ent, jy 11 ftolm Baltimore. R NOTICE! BGULAR STEAM PACKF1T LINE BETWEKN BALTIMORE AND JIT? VVASH1NGTO N.-Leav* Comraerce at. wharf, Baltimore, at fol ** r uwi: Diamonb Stat*. ev?ry WEDNESDAY, at p. m. Columbia, evorj SATURDAY, at 6 p. m l,*aveKi!?y s WharLat the foot of 11th street Washington, as fol owTT Colombia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. Diamond St*t*. every FRIDAY,about 12m. For freight, Ac., apply to thos. W. RILEY, Agent, Riley'a Wharf,at Lhefoot of m 16-TATfim 11th at. Washington n a u d ! a n 'a I' t/AnnianbO. IRE Snr>scriber having inade addition* lo hi Zaotorjr, making it now one of the l&rg in the District. where his facilitios naniilnotnnceCAKK1AGE A LIGHtJ^ WAGONS of al kinds cannot be surpassed, an4 from hi? long experience in the basineM, bo hope* to give gtneral satisfaction. Ail kinds of Cei riages aa4 Llgkt Wi[om kept itnd. All REPAlRSnettly 4?&*.aa4all?r4?rapr?apt T attended to. <*o*n4 k?n4 (Vn?i?i taken in exohance for m co? ANDREW J. JOYCE. 4 1ft t# ^0kry\mtr i?f 14th anil F. eta Dry goods cheap FOR THE MILLION! Gal! early and get ba'gains. We o 'minenoe today selling off ail Fancy Dre?s St!ks, Organdy Rub's, Barege Kobes, rrench Lawn*, and Organdy Mualins. by tke yard. Figured and Plain lia regea, at greatly reduoed prioea, many at half prioe, to reduoe stook thia month. *lso, in store a full stock of firat o ass Staple and Domestic Goods, adapted to the general wants of families, all of which we are aelling at the lowest ca?h prioes. J \V COL LEY A CO., jy 10 lot 5'23 Seventh St., above Pa. av. WG A S FIXTURES. E Have in storo, and are dai y receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general ly to call and examine our stock of lias and Water Fixtures, fenlmg confident that we have the best selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our o&re will be promptly attended to. MYERS 4 MeGHAN. mar S-tf _______ 37ft D wtreei. AWM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared to execnte any ordero with which the? mur be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. f\J~ Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avt nue, where mar be fonnd a complete assortment of CH\NDKljKRS *"<i other GAS, STEAM and WATKR F1 XT4 K K.S. ta T1 ly BINo. 6G0.J Y THE PRESItiENT OF THE UNITED MTATBS. In pursmnoe of law. I, Jams* Buchasak, PresI ~ i _ i' _: . ?- . ? . ' ? j lucm ui inn u niuni 01 /vrnerioi*. uo nercoy declare and make known that pablio ?*!< ? will he hold at the under-mentioned Land Offices in the Territory of Nebraska, at the period* hereinafter designated, to wit: At the (A d Offioe at Browksvill*, oonamencing on Monday, thetkh day of August next, for the disposal of the public iaiuia within the following townahipa, viz : North of tht base line and east / tie sixth principal meridian. Township* 1, 2, 3. 4, *> and fi. of range 3. Townahipa 1,2. 3, 4, 5. and 6, of range 2. Townahipa 1,2,3 4,5. and 6, of range 1. North of the base line and te>est of the sixth principal meridian. Townahipa 1, 2, 3, and 4, of range 1. Townanipa 1,2,3, and 4. of range 2. At the hand Office at Urowksvillr, commencing on Monday, th<- J>th day nl Aucuat next, for the disposal of the pul>lig landa within ttie following townahipa, vis : North of the bast line and vest of the sixth principal meridian. Townahipa 1,9,3 and 4, of ranges. Townahipa 1, 2. 3 and 4, of range a. Town?hipa 1,2, 3 ar.d 4, of range 5. 'i'ownaiupa 1,2, 3 and 4. of range 6 To ? nshipa 1,2. 3 and 4, of range". i a a i a ~r ~ a wHNHfi it j ?i.u i, ux ranjo At the l<and Office at Nsbraska. Citt.oommwoing ou Mooday. the 8s:t;i dat of August coxt, for the disposal of the pub 10 lands within the follow lug townships, viz : North (J th* base lint and east of the iizth rrwcrpal meridian. Township 16.and fraoiioua township ^7,of ranceS Township* 7, 8,9, U?, II. 12, '3, 14,15, and 16, aud frncti inal township 17, of racg? 5 Townships 7, 8 9. In, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, and fractional township 17. of range 4. Townships 7, 8, 9, and 10, of range 3. At th " Land Office at Nkbkaska <'ity, oomtneno in* on Monday, the 27th da* of Auicn-1 next, for the disponal ol the public lands within the foilowinc townships, viz : North qf the bane line nn<1 east of the sixth prineiiKil m'Tutim. township* 11. 12, Id U, and 15, and fractional township* .6 and 17, of range 3. Townships 7, 8,9,10,11,12. 13,14, and 15,and frao tiona twnship 6, of r*nge2 Townships 7. 8. 9,10, *1,12.13,14. acd 15,and fractional towuthip 16, of range 1. At the I.acd Offneat Omaha City, oomraenoing on Monday, the 13th da; of August next, for the disposal <>f th>? publio lands within the following townships, viz: North of the base line and east of tke sixth principal meridian. Township* 22 and 23,of ranse 8 Town*'ips ii and 23. cf lange 7 Townships 22 and 23, of ranges Townships22ai>d 23, ('range 5 Townships 22 and 23. of ranee 4 Fractional township i7, ai.d townships 18,19. 30, 21. 22, and 23, cf range 3 t-'r&ctionai townst ip 16, and townships 17,18, 19, 21' 21, 22 anJ 23 of range 2 F aciior al t< wnskip 16. and townships 17,18, 19, 20, 21,22, and 23, of range 1. At the Land Office at Dacotah Citt, oommsnoin* on Mondaj. th?6th day of Adku t next, for the disposal ol the publio lands within the following townships, viz: North a/ the base line and east of the sixth ptinetwal meridian. The parts of township 24 - utsideof the Indian reservation, of ranges 6,7, a^d 8 I he parte of townships 24. 25. 26, and 27 outside of he reservation, and township* 28, 29,30, 31 and 32, of range 5 Township* 24,25, 26, 27, 2>, 29, 30, 3<, and 32, of rai> ge 4 . Townships 24,25, 26, 27 , 28,29 , 30, 31. and 82, of rani* 3 , Townships 24. 2S, 96. 27, 28 , 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of range 2 At the l.and Oftoe at DacotaR Citt. oommen otng on Monday, the iiOth dajr of August next, for the ilispo?al of the puolio lands! within the follow ing townships, viz: North of IKt bast lint and tatt of tht sixth principal meridian. Townnhin* M K ' r- ? - *1) mi 4ra, j'j ana 33* ox raoftt* I. Hortk of tk* ban line and vont of ikr iixtK prmcipa mtruiian. Townships 25,26. 27,2*, 2?, 30, 31, X!. an<l 33, of range 1 Township* ft. 26, 2', 28. 29. 30, 31,32, and 33, of rang*2 Township* 25,26 , 27 , 28 , 29, *>, 31,32, and 33, of range 3. Land appropriated by law for the dm (J schools, Indian, military, and other purpose*, will b? excluded from the sal?s. The offering of thea'.-ore land* will beoommenoed on the <la> s appointed, and will proofed in the order in which the* are advertised, until the whole shall have luii-n otT^red and tb* saii-s thus closed ; but no ale shall be kept open longer than mnA no private entry of any of the land* will be admitted untn alter > he expiration of the two weeks. tiiven under in* hand,at the oity of Washington, this twontieih day of April, Auno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sistr. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos 8. Wilsou, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Evary person entitled to the right ot pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parta of townships above enumerated, is required to establish thu same t?> the satis?a?tion of the register ad receiver of the prop?r land oflise.and make payment therefor as soon as practicable alter seeing this ( ( ?* # a?? ? jmv.w aal aMUIDUa ior IU? ooinmenceinent of the public of the lands embracing tno tract olaiined; otherwiM *uoh claim will b? forfeited. JOS 8. WILSON. CommiMiooer ( the General I<aod Office. Notk ? I'nder the reflation* of the department, ae heretofore and now exutini, no pajment oan Ha * 0 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. JVOTICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC PIsBY POINT^OINT ILOOK-OtTT, OLD POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOCTH. The commodious anil ?wift steamer BALTIUMDL1 ? * iuvnri, nttTini i?rrn imnunjinj ^11 ""1 ^ overhauled and refitted with n^AjSaKr boiler* and machinery, Ao . will piaoed on tae above it ate MONDAY, the 9th of July, and oonUnne daring the bathing *eMon, making eemi weekly trips, leaving Washington MONDAYS and THLHISDAYS at lo o'clock a m. Returning will leave Norfolk on TLESDAVS and FRIDAYS at 3 o'clock p m., making all the river landings going and returning. Fart to Marbary'e #l.<w Pope'a Creek..02 00 Handy Point 1.50 Blackiatone'e 2 00 Quantioo 15- Bluff Point 2.00 Liverpool Point... 15 Marshal's Pavilion 2.00 Royd'a He'e 2 00 Piney Point 2.00 Matthias Point SM* Point Look-oat... 2.00 To Old Point and Norfolk ?5, including meaia. Round trip Uoketa to Norfolk and Old Point good for the acason #8 Children under ten years, and ervanta,ha!ffa-e. Freeoolored peraona 94 Freight at uaual rateaasd must be prepaid. Tbe Mteainer Baltimore being the fastest boat on the Potomac, will convey paaaengeia to Point Look out in 8 houra. making the trip down this beautiful river by daylicht. For tioketa and further information apply on board toCapt. CHaS. E. MITCHELL, or at the Company's office, corner Penn. avenue an1 Sixth street, under the National Hotel GEO. E. MATTIN6LY, General Ticket Agent iy 6 7t (Int) Potomac Steamboat Company. N CAPON SPRINGS. EW and improved route via the Manaasa* Gap Rail Road and tbe Strasburg and Capon Turnpike, only 18 miles of staf ing o??r^ a oomiortabie ana wile road. Leave Alexandria in the ?Jran*e and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m., take the Manassas oars at the junction, arrive at Capon hy 5 o'clock p. m. Fare from Alexandria to Capon ? $5.00 From Washington to Capon ? 500 For information enquire at the Rail Road Ofliee oorner of Sixth at. ami Pa. av.,'n Washington, and at the Ticket (iffioe on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy 12-dt2Q?hAng Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chamqb or Hocxs. on and after wednesday, June 13th, 1860, trains will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2U and 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 21 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 and 4JO p. m. (?n bnaday at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the Fa?t will take trains at 6.J' and 7.4" a. in and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7 4? a. m. and 3.J0 p. m. For A nnapoiia at 7.40 a m- and 3.30 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening theSJO d. m. tram coea to Philadelphia only. i* 13-d T H. PARSONS. Af*n?. NEW ORLEANS X3NT TJIIl JEJJE3 DAYS WITH TH* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL RUUTH, Via Orange and Alexandria Raxlroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East lennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, ftew Orleans and JacJtson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM PH7S~ ROUTE: Memphis br Rail, thence hv First class Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILR ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile r>y First class Packets. Mobfe to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAY* ISCLUDID, Lfarf Washington at 6 a m and 6 p m The Steamor GEORGE PAGE leave* her whar! foot of Seventh utreet at 6K a. m. an<l p. m. and oonnects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?U Oflioe?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE COSCKRD THROPGH TO HIW 0RLKA58. Lynohburg .$8 50 Memphis __ 935 00 Bristol ? 150' Atlunt*. 2fi <ju Knoxville 200>> Maoon .aon Chattanooga..... 24 00 C?.|umbus 31 5fl Daiton??? ? 24 00 Montgomery JR on Huntsville _ .JCl 00 J via Memphis.42 50 Grand Junotionmi N.O.) viafi. Juno. 5fl Nashville?~_.2S 6?jI \ via Mobile. .46 oo THIH HOI1TK IR KKTIBEI.V MV Bill. and ia SOO MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae? the Ljnohburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mis?i?sippi Centra!, rnakinf it the QUICKEST AM) MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First olass Sleep ug Cars! !To New Orieajis 7JI Hoars. Memphis 4 do. Montgomery 53 do. Nashville ~ 46 do. Cj^The U.S MAILud ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can be obtained at th? South Western nffina -?-?4 -J n. i- ? V/IUUO| I MDI V I CtAkll MVI DV k OUU F OIIIIBJ IVftlilib ObV~ enue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bn*toi, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanoora. Huntsville, Urand Jonotion, Macon, Nashvile, Da'.ton, Columbus, Montgomery. Mobile,^ Memphis, and NLVV uRfiKANSi ITT" THROUGH TlFKKTS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. I[7" Omnibuses and Baggage W&gona leave the olfio* at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, TioketArent, jn?8-tr Corner Sixth nt.and Pa n.w. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will re?um? her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of -JL*"1 ^ n.i < ? *?* < ? - ? ? ? "r rri>ru?rT, U*J?. vy i; i |??V? W Al<ll INGTON every TUESDAY ?nd*,,l? ir"? KHI 1)A V, at 6 o'clock v iu.. and A LEXANDRI A at half-pus16 o'clock, for OURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return tripe, ens will ieave CLKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook n. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU3H. Ag't. Alexandria. ?e .-0 PFOR NEW YORK. ASSA6E, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM, fT.ftO. The New York anu Virginia Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship >JQte MOCNT VERNON, CaetT.C.8mith,^?? will leave the Coirpany's Depot, We# tern Wharves, at ll'o'olook a. m every W E DNKSDAY, and the Company'! Depot, at Alexandria, at S o elock p. m. same dav. Pasaengers from tYaeninxton and Georgetown oac take the ooaches oonneoting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, which ieave the ooriver ol Tth street and Pa, avenne hourly, or they can leave on the ateamer from the Western Wharves at 1J 'dock a. m. State rooms can he engaged on application U i ? iuui|L?u o> nuiuouoi ^ tt cavern it awn. Freight will bo reoeived up to the hour* of do far TIT Insnranoe will bo ofooted on fcll rood* bj th. d i no at the oftoe of the Company at H for oont MM The accommodations for passengera by thia list are in every reejpeot first o aaa, and every effort wtl be made to rondor this communication with New York an agreeable and health nil one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE A CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * CO., aet-ly 86 Weet st., oorner Albany,New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Has oJosod his office for the season. Mil will ba absent, an usual, during the sum mer months ; will r??imie practice about the 1st of Ooti.ber._of whioh further notioe will be civen. jy lo-ti ~ D DENTISTRY. R. H1LL8. after a praotioa test of two ye?raf feela that he oan with oonfidenoe reouro * jBb mead the Cbeoplaatio Prooeaa (orin?erti::dfyMjm artificial teeth It haa the advantage oT^-?rzT' atrenith, beauty, claanlineM.and cheapness, Fall upper aets inaerted for 136. Partial in p roportion. (Jfio? 306 Pa. avenoe. ae7 FM R E, FIRE. POTOMAC WATER. I am atill engaged in the PLUMBING and GAS FITTING BUstlNK#8at my oldatand in Philharmonio Hall. Th? advantage of having a plentiful aupply of water waa readily observed at the fir* of yeaterday.aa I am well aatufied 1 ahoald have been hnrn#d nut hut <nr tK? K/m*>?tf?i ? ? premise* of my neighbor* UP?' mJ AH order* for the introduction of Water and Ga? will be pronpt'T attended to. Terme a* reaaona We a* any plumbar in the oity. 8 C. 8NVDER 275 AI-len, 275 JACKSON, PLASTERER 8, PlNHA. AVIXUI, Between loth and 11th atreats. 19 iaa. uj nu? rauto aiauiiers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Hrandies, Hennessy, (Hard. Dupuy * Co., Jnles Robins, Ao. Also. Peach and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica and^C Croix Rain, and Winee of every variety, all of standard brands. A ohoioe lot of Ci|ars and Tobacco. YOIjNS A IEPHART, Asento. a> tS-lT 9** P? bMw 3th and 10th sts. PIANOS.?6 R BAT BARGAINS-On* Roienkrants Piano, m host order, for W> Od* m octave Gaele PiSjao for %9\ AIkMH 1 very *oo<i Prince Meiodeonfcr ?38. ForWTl Ri I ' -1 . # MEDICINES. ^EE WHAT AVER'S SARSAPARILLA ? DOES FOR DERANGEMENT OF THE LITER. Stott'? i Tailadfca Co., Ala , An* 9. Dr. J. C. Ayr. Lowtll, Mass.?Sir: I take my pen to teil y>u what your ^aKHAPARH-LA and CATHARTIC PILLS have done for n?e. I had been afflicted with Liver Complaint for ?ix yearn, daring which I waa never veil, and muoh of the time v?ry ?iok. My Liver waa eore to tha touch, and, th* doctor* taid. waa oonceated. I auflarad i rnm aavara nnativAnAaa m w*A i^iarrhAi RltArnftiiklv My skin vu olaaust and unhealthy : mi eyea and kin oAen yellow. Oooaaionally I bad a voracious appetite, but generally none at all A dreadful sen sation 01 oppression on nay atomaen, with languor and agloomy sensation of sickness all ore*. kept me in anguish. Yon ean"ot know how much I suffered from an indescribable feeling ot distress The lotg continuance of this oondition, without relief, had worn me out su tha' 1 never expected to he better: hat reading, in the Christian Advocate, of yonr Sartaparilla, I commenced taking it, with oooa* ainall dos^sof yonr Pills, to regulate the bowels as you direot. From the fcrat, it had more effect upon my disorder than 1 supposed anything oould have, i regained my health rapidly, ana now. after eleven weeks, enioy as good health and strength as any other man May the "Dispenser of all good" ahower blessings on you JOH* W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER ft CO., Lowell, Mass. jy 13-eolm XT. O. n. d) T. A. HrNffEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For ali^kroat and Lung Complaint*, from ^.Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all cu?i whore Opium *m ever used to that of l)?iirium Tremens, and the oommui chief cause of IMsfase 1-OttS OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a partiole of Opium, produoea all the requirements of, and mar he used in all oases wherever Opium was used without pro 'uoing anything hut Care*, and itavinc the patient in a porieetly natural ate. The L'aiversal Cough Rrmedy, (freed from all the oommon obiection of <'oueh Retritdies, whioh produce nausea or prostration,) may be considered th? ooinmon enemy to a>l Throat and Lang Comp-aints. and used with perfect impunity Asking ah to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe lnventiration or both Remedies,and readme of our pamphlets to be found with all dealers, anil more particu.ariy to purchase only of those wh<4 oan b* depended upon, we wait in oonftdenoe the decisions of Patients and Physioians. "Prices within reach of a'l" GENKRAL A0EWT8. W. W. I!0*sewkll 4. Co., 7 and 8 Commercial harf. Ronton, Gko. HrssKWBLL, 145 Water St., New York, llrder the sp?oial supervision of jOH N L. RUNNEWELL,Chemist and Pharmaoeuti?t, Boston, Mass., whose signature oovers the 00 Its of the genuine only, and to whom address all communications. S*oid by all respectable dealers ever* where, and ft ' t.h? flnivriita in Wn.ahinrtitn and ( Mirrofnvn mar a6 fx>!y? Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT RUCHU, A Positive anu t*peoifio Rem?dv For Dite&ae* of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICA L SWELLINGS. This Medio'.a* inoteases the power of Direstioni and exoit-s the AB^OB BKNT8 into health? action, by which the WATER V OR CAl.CEROL'S depositions, and all UNNATt'RAI ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAM VIATION. a"d?is rood for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RITCHIT. For WmAcwm Arising from Exoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Incisoretion or Abuse, Attended untk ik* fohoxe\n$ Symptoms:? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, eimnuBs of Vision. Pain in the Back, mversal Lassitude of the Muscuiar System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Pkin, Eruptions on the Faoe. PALI.ID COUNTENANCE. These svmptoms, if allowed to no on, which this medicin* invariable reraov'i, noon f<>?;?iw? IMPOTF.NCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In On* op Which thk Patient mat Exfihk Who oan sav that they are not frequently followed bv thosi " Dl RKKIM. lllSRASKS " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are mrsrn of the cause o? their airfTenni, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THK RKCORDSOF THE INSANEASYLUMS And the Melancholy Deathx by Consumption He^r ample witne-* to the truth of the assertion. THK CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFKCTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medicine t?> strengthen And Invigorate the *y?tom, Which Helxbold's EXTRACT BUCHU invariably do**. A T1UL WILL COHV/XCK THK MOST SKEPTICAL. FKMA I,ES-FEM A LES-FEMAIE8, old or youn1f. single, married, on contemplating marriage IN MANY AFFECTIONS t- ECU LIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu ia uuequalliod by v.jr other remedy, a* in Chlorosis or Retention Irrcgu a-ity, PainfulDess, or Suppression of Cua tomary Evacuations, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the Uterus. Leucorrhcea or Whites, Sterillity, rfhd for a I complaints incident to the s x. whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. skk symptom* above. NO FAMILY 8HOUi*i> Bfc WITHOUT IT Takf no mort Bahnrn. Mercury, or unplratant Mtdirtn* for ttnp.*nxn*t and Itangerout IHfuuts. HELMBOLD'S HX TKACT BUCHU CCIU SECRET DISEASES In all their Stage*. At little expense; LiUle or no change in Diet; No incon vemenoe; And no Erpoture. It ?auses & frequent deeire an-i give* strength to Urinate, thereoy Removing Obstructions. Preventing anl curing Strictures of theUrethra. Allaying rain and Inflammation, so frequent in tm oi\ss of disease*, anil expelling all foittmous Distas'd, and worn out blatttr. THOUSANDS UPOX THOUSANDS who have been the victims of ouaces, and who hav paui Ktavyftis to be cured in a short time, have found th -y were deceived, and that the ' POISON" has, by tho ure of "pcwKRprL ast*ir0k?t9," been dn^d up in the system, to break out in an aggravated fornj. and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hri mbold's Extract Brrarfor all affections and disease* of th* UKINARV ORGANS. Whether exiting in MAi.E OR FEMALE, From whatevercau'eongiuaiuij:_and no matter of HUW L.UIVl? STANDING ? ofth?neorjin? ri?quireth* aj ' o; * Dmrtti HfcLMB??LD> EXTRACT BUoHlT * IS THE bREAT DIURETIC. And Is oerfain to have the d?sired effect ic ail Diseases FOR ?VHICH IT 18 RECOMMh NDED. Eruienrt of tlu moat reitable and reiponnbU thattit wiil accompariv the mwlioine? CERTIFICATES !?F CURES. J"V?m 9 to 30 y?ar*' *tand*m.t. With Nam** knows to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per bottle, er atx far 8* 00 DeliTertd to an; Address, securely packed fro observation. Dxscaja* Symptoms hi all Commdmicatiohi Care* Guaranteed! Advice Gratis'.! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of theoity of Pni adolphia.H. T HKLSfBotp,who being duly sworn, doth ear. his preoars ion? ao tain no r.arootio. r.o raeroury. or o her injurious ?rui?. but are purely vgetaWe. H. T. HELM BOLD. S*orn and suiisoribed before toe. this 33d day of November, 185* WM P. HIBHERD, A'derman. Ninth etreet. above R*oe, Phila. Address letters for information iu confidence to H. T. HELM BOLD, Chemist, Depot^l 04 South Tenth st j b?t Cnesnut, Phila, Mt.W ARK UK roUIJITEK FEITS AND UNPRINCIPLCT) DEALERS. Who endeavor to diapoee * or tbbik own" and "OTHKE" A111CLM OA THK XBPCTATION ATTAIMD Helmbold'a Genuine Preparations, " ' Exfraot Buohn, " mm Saraaparilla. " ** Improved Rom Waan. Sold by S. 0. Wait*, fttfS Seventh atreet, and 8. C Ford. J k , oorner Penn. avenue aud Eleventh atreet, AXb ALL DRVUGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMliOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut o?.t tb? adrertiMmfnt and nd lor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. up 4 eolv I^NGINEER'h OFFICE. Hi ALXXA.NDBiA.JnnA 36,1880. MANASSAS GaF KAlLRoAD. 8 X HUNDRED MEN WANTED on the line of this road from ML Jaokaon to Harriaonburf. Wag** ?1 a day; b a-d ?H" p?r month. For information, 4 o., inqtiro of WM. S. FEW ELL, Cornpany'a Alexandria. j*2>? fltJ t2",latw Au< Al i twS?>p. WASHINGTON V* (FIRE) INSURANCE . COMPANY. Arenui and Ttntk Strut. ? n ? ^ ,, ? J."cT .WoGUIRE, President. G. D. HANSON, Saer?tary. ma 7-?*>tr " HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These So*it* are offered to the sublio m the molt simple, durable, and reliable softies ever oat in 1M1 First olftM premiums h?ve boon awardeo then by the UnitedStatesFair and Virginia Ag'iou.tural BooieW; V irginia KtataAgrisultural Fftir; Fiankiin Institute Fftir, Pennsy1 vftnia; New Yori State Fftir; Vermont State Fftir, Ac., Ac. In every oase where ?xhibited they nave reoeived first olass premiams Por woiitlS Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's Chilled Iron Safes. d? IH? B* C. PATTISON. Agent. PRIME COST.-Orgaodia, Jaoonet, Berege, Grenadine, and Silk Rubes, from two to nina floauoes, at first oost. We will from this day forward offer our entire took of the abo*e goods ftt roel; do more will be ft-k^d for any of them. We have goo* throngh oar ams Goods and marked down most of this kiad goods; and ve respectfully solicit all in want of rioN Dress Goods, at vary low pnoaa, to an extKS*"- foVl*. * HUTCHISON. MISCELLANEOUS. /.y \ / wV <>. /> \ / V / SOOWET! V V\ $> DISPATCH \ ^ ^ ^ save tif ncMt! -\^ it aecidsn" will kar**n, rrm m testf-rsgwiafed fmmilUs, it is rerj desirable to hare son* oheap and oonrement way for repairing Farm tare, Toys, Crookery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUK nwMi all such emergences. and no household au afford to be without it. It is a war* ready and ay to the sticking point. There it no longer a necessity for limping chairs, splintered veaeers. i.?a>i dolls, autl broken oradles. It is last the artioie for oone. shell, and other ornamental work, so popalar with ladies of refinement *.d<' taste. This admirable preparatioc is used eold, being ohemioally held 10 eolation, and sosseaaiag all the aJaable aaaiities of the best cabinet makers' lae. It may be used in the piaoe of ordinary man 1*4e, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL jy EVEM.Y HOUSE." P' t*?, 25 cents N. fi.?A Brush aooompanies each bottle WkoUsml* Depot, No. 4* Cedar street. New York. Address HENRY cT&PALDINS A CO.. Box No. 3.SM, New York. Pnt m fnr Hml ura in l^u?i Anntumiit Fnir. Eiri.t, and Twelve Do?en?a beautiful L.ithocrapfc o show Card aooompaDj mc each ptoktv*' frr- A inile bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED OLVE will ntc tm time* U ooet annually to every honeehod.-iHl Sold by all prominent Stationer*. Draggiets. Hardware and Furniture Dealer*, ?rooera, and Fancy Store*. Country merchant* should make a note of SPAL DiyG'S PREPARED GLUE, when making up their list. It will atand any climate. fe NMy ^ HiuAr if mum* ?-!%. jACfjl JU > */? ftr mt W (>4* Mmt /"tfUrr i? Vr *C-riC Vf1** / '*? Mo~mpak?la,) f~-m jjr >P Q0 . f+*? Q?>** if trl "p 0 f ' * '? V La vi<? ri? tuti/u r*i/? wiiA).? J. ^ F /I A . - J J 1 .1 I -.. ? 1_ f A \ v y Tv" nmi%. /??? ?.' , loi fan?mV.-/ 4f lit / -?? /Immu ?\ ' 9 _' ' fl; >y ti* r*i n at f "i jtcduuui < j f in ^ ^ IZ 4f <?* ? *.?. t, , ^ f < r ?^5 to BoleAoi^ior.^ ^ j*3 \sfr ,5/ r> CAUTION. niiDPUiccoo cuniu n or niDrnii onuw.u ot unncruL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MfflclivWulllElf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. All OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, SO LE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. tOR SALE IS WASHISUTOS BY y7 1r BARBOUR & 8F.MME8. PARAPFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIUHT KNOWN! \V( now weivini Pa'*.ffu.e Oil direot from the works in weeWn Virginia. The quality of it la excellent, prodnoinga steady, bnl ianf and heautifu light, and more pleasant to th? e.yek tnan /as light. , This < ?nm fr*+ from adulteration,and verv mnoh more eoonomioal than many of the Coal Oils used at this time. tnr It is in no way ejplosire. We keen a so a suppiy of the most approved styies of Lamps, Ao.Jfor burning this Oil. KING 4 B1RCHKLL, Agents for its sale for the Dist'ict of Colombia, Corner Mfteenth ?t. and Vermoiit aw. Great Kanawha Coal aud Oil Company, ma 11 IUL' UI'VftD L-n td 4 irL I i n.?n >V>D >tai va ri t rj ii i/ i/n r*u i ?\rvv rjbi.'U i arrived thin dar. eni Ratine ail qna'.i .flQB3B tiea and iz*s of Sole Leather, !^adie? MM Dress and Packin* Trunka. Our trunk * ' r<?om exhil>:t* at thu time the rr<"*tAbt variety of trave mr re^u>?it?w at moderate tyres, to hi f?.nndthi? 8id*<>fNew York. Aleo,ev<^ deacnp tion t.f LADIE8' HAT POXEB, VALICES, CARPET BAG?*, SATCHELS. Ao. ll^Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohanga for new ones. - WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sa ea Room, mar 81 -tf Pa. s venue. [REEMAN k SIMPSOH^ We oiler for sale the al-ove atandard brand of fine Copper Diatiiled MaJt?c Rye Wbieky, l? bar rels and nalf-barrela. A* it ia of our owe dietiha tion. and hijrfily improved br ar?. we oonfrieutly reuommei>d it aa the pvxzct and beet w hiek y that oan po?Bit>ly re distilled. We aleo offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, ?nd other brand*, from the lar*eet at?ck of Fine VVhitkiee in the United i-1 r.te* FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Dirtillery, on the bohuy.kiii river. Phi'* Ofhoee? 86 Wall etreet, New York ; and 109 SoJth Frout street. Philadelphia. mar ?-ly 279 TI^T^'- 2(16 PA. Avl, FORKIGN FRUITS. PA. Arin i "nsmr#? Bee* leave to oall the attention of lua friend ape the public generally to hie New Store, under wu; lartra Hotel, jnat opened, in op^nex^on with kia viu cwwiniiiiiuvDkf wuwv no w m UV uspp T W r W5Ere any orders for anperiorConfaoOon* of bit oti portation. ,i*o, all order* for Dinner*, Sappera, Ball*. and i vate Partiee, which will be aerred my la hia mltable *tyle, with the aaae aromptneaa tad Ala patch which no hu hitherto ahown ua A.LT1MORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-l* corpokatxd issn.?Jobh 1. donauwoa, Proa.; M. Oocltkb, Seo*y. TMa company INSURES LIVE? and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Jte. Descriptive pamphleta may be obtained at J" Cvmpin* a Ajeacy for the Du'nct of Cwanbia. ojtoe of Lewi* Johnaon & Co., Bankera. 1Kb atrea* i *ts fr"s.y.rv n i-jPtSP'toiArzii I. ?. C. LIMO. ?. MOTT. I. k um. I njrui I Will praoboc i'the & jb* Court o?*iirrora and Ap tppi.eiid wnl attend to the OoUeatteBof C'.auM kr??rk#?l lfc? Nn-O M'tt'u'xl mm IM< JIM ACOB REED. Mimiemn or MILITARY CLOTHING, Coaitn Sacoito and Srxvci Bra., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CI.OTHs"fOR BALE. ta?M? 12,000 W-kTrhi"c$K & 4SS ui? attention <>i me pnDiio to our iarre ud veil m atoek of Champa* nc and Crab Apple Cider, . which we guarantee to be rare inioe, end will be ( (old on reasonable term* in order to nake room for onr aprmc atook. Give b? a cail at the Union Bottling Depot, ft No IT fir#?r at.. Oanrrrtnvt AH YKLLOW PINK LUMBAR LL B?ct:ptioui of the abovelaabv. ?m ropnvfcYgtt^jith*, waw Pr%t? m*.. (Ulnanm. jf4 BA KERB' BUTTER IN BALTIMOR?.-We oan at all aeaaoDa ofth? year aural; yom with every grade of Bitter, very choioe. We tare euae bow aa low aa tea oente, aoJ front that up to the MKDICI5 EK. UtL. 49IIITOR. BAITKIORI UMI HOtPITUi ** DU"lfja?u K^Ldf llTktmm* **** I FOl AI.L DIIEA8K8 OF 1MPKI DKNCK. LET NO FALME DELICACY FREYEtTT. APPLY 1MNKD ATKLY. A CUKE WAERAirTED.Ok HO CHAMtt K, IN FROM OffE TO TWu DAYS IdtlWllltllul.lllKIIIM u< IkMti, ii'iiMiin Diar ? rf m hiMni tetuiT. RimoiM, I'nptfn .Li f*i U? ?!! I? CmmDm W la?.?. hipiun riklnn. Dintm W Stftu ? Oiddm.M !> ? ? ( ik? T?r??v, Rni ?i ail. . Af*ctWM?f tk? Lrnmgm. * hv > ? ih*a< T?rribl? D??4in iff W" a* TwtMkM rW?.?/?. u4 r>?rxMU?* Pivcvcm ??.? n? <ir W?rruj. i pM.ln. u4 dtrnw ?<-'? ui Mla4 Toriw wm B?f?tl?UT *t? ka'l htwl 1>I rieltM fc lUff ?v.. * 1*. ) iLtliul M a miumI; (ti<? itaaa-nAa af Tf M?? ?((4? raaat aaaitad u!?>m urf InllMi wMiltct, wKa ?*?t tik*r??? fca?a ,HUu:it IHUKlnf lutIM Witt ttt ? ?<! ? af a<aMa-ta aa ?>* ? w ??y ika t'ui( if?*. *? aaM watt fcti ??> MA UU?I Altllt rnlCH at Tmi Xti tMUa^iiwi Mw Wi.toai i*ir? af ak^iMl tNkim. Mfuit daMdtap, 4mniUN, At . if v car*4 a ikf rise < kiMttf a<4a? ika mn af t>? J a?? n?ftHii? could* IB hM 'a lar a* gaailrttaa aaa tM?iaVt ra'a fat bM akitl u t pkynaiaa umoKNt ?aoin r??i?**icirrm.Err, I aft tea 4 a?<1*f?a( f?aa kiumri atnti, tow ?a?n fwa Ua aaraar Fail eat aaakaarra auta aa4 aaakat Umii MM ka u4 aaauia aiiuif i>a jomtroi, Mawkara af ika Ear. Callage aftarf aaata, *>aalaa (n'taM 'rani aaa af ika icaai aai.iaai C-allafaa ia Ut t< .ta" Stairs aad ia? fraaiar part af whnaa Ufa Haa Waaa apaai ia tta kraaaiata ?f Laadaa, Ptr?, Pktia<?t?kia u4 a?*aw*>ar*. aaa afPaciad aaraa af tka a?M uiMiakia| raraa iku wara a?a? kaawr; kici uaablat with nnf >af la taa kaa4 a*< aata wkaa aaiaar, yraat n-nwata kiuf >>ua*4 at a?4C?? ?wa<?. kaahfalataa a i? ftinti fclaakmg at?anda4 anar aaa wilk 4a*aafa?aM tfand, wara carat iiMaaSlatalk uii Pttr?;tk*t none*. Taac| Man aro atiiar* wka k. a? ir.MraC tha maal'aa ar larun. praeuca wdaifad w wkaa aiaaa -a kakai fka^atailr laarnad frara aril racupaatara. ar at a<- Ivaai. ? at acta af which art nifnuj nit wwww f- ?w| , ?? w ?* ' nnilin n?imf( laaipMait-i*, ?< Mt ml ??< Mi,?*??*< ?rr'? 'o*1 rtiaw >r? *mm at tb* h! and wiluiMif ata- u m4mU by ?rlr hat>au ?f vm.Ui i * ? af ito *?ck wl f Limb*. Pum in Mail, DhhkMi af ! (>><. Laaa ' r?w?t, falpuiitu ( tbi iftar ,T)?apapaj Ntrmi lmu*i V If. Daraef m?i.i of tha t ntlxM, tHin t>???ia??, IfBMtM .(! ?. Illicit .Ac. M KffTi LLY-T. i Wai <l?tu? i*? mmt in w?fc? ki - Ln*i rf!HiMrf,Oi.(Mi?i af l<ia?a, DiJMimx af 8| ft K*il r?rr?4iii|i, , Half r>*, Unaf Tiraic I'.f, * *., ?r? nr? If III Wii? 4Mul HKIITOVB DCfiUTT -TtMrnli tui W U>? eaiia# of ;k?ir 4?c.iimrf baa lth, i?ainf thtir <ini,to Mlll| *1 I, ??ta, nar-raa ?4 KU|I>II iffMruci a ktt: tli* ? , t ??f *i ar iik [tama af twwwfm diat-asta or imprudcn<-k Vkii Uli aiiipilltl > Ji4 im{ r?4?o- *o?ary af plaaa?n M ba baa m.MM tria aaa la af tha* pmaaifsl n wa af.aa Hppinl 'DM u Ultima aat.aa ? anan.a or ortig ntucn'T daiarablir from aff ?i f ? U;< aa he. from idiMtM lal raapactabtlaiy. ran iwa Safriaud bin N< hit* iai:a banda af Ifnorai,; aad daaijinnf pra'.aadara *ha. H.capab'a af cam.*, ftcti bra patMiuf a?w?n(?, kaaf kin irafirxf antli alur mm;h,wu lo.f aa lha anuilH faa can ba *b Huaa1!, ?a( ta iaaptir laaia lis silt named taaiit la aiat a?ar bia ra,liu( ftiaappaanur.ant; *r b* tha aa* ' that laaiTa p*<a>? . .Va'caia. l.aatan lb* caa?autatiana I atMiaaa ttH arnMa diaaaaa, aacb aa ACactiauao'tta Haari Tbfaai, Ptaaa. k'.M.4e.. (rafraHi..( at*' (ri(n:hl rapiii^ul da?|ti (Maa period la h>a dxaadfal aaCaru.ra by aai di. f hare la iba? aa dtace*erad Caei. try (ran alinaa t iama na traveler raiaraa Oft. JOINauN-tRRbiEnv hiw oh^BC * tlU(M A MPIMruTKHCT t Uia gram and laatcrri-a' ran a 1? ? a' na aanti ara apeediiy carat ai.d fad I ?if?r reaterel Thaaaauda e'lae naai neractaaed dabiiiiatad, ?ba bad l eel all** *ac immaaialtiy r*ii??*a All impfdimioif I* Murritf* Pfcr*'**l a* Meat*1 OiiiMltImumi. Lwi af PratrMUti P??n, Hir>tu Ifrwti UMy Tr*nblm( ?nd Wi>l:.nt tikH'JK af ia* Mat fa*rfto km4 *p***dilj carad , EVDoucMijrr or tbb pum tl e many thousands car* d ; ihw nwunuaa vNMi Ik* laat *t'*iiuu mn u< ik* oain*ra?* laftnui SaiM a! aparation* p*H6n?*4 ky Dt. Jahaaea, vmnm< kj M rw?n*n w tk* p?p*r* ui m*uy Mk*i Miaa**, *hkm af wntcfc k*?* *pp**r*d *f*?it ud k*fat* lb a pakltt, k? Ma* ki* (unduif ** * ((uilaaaaaf Uintiai ui hkimiktluy. ia * *aflc>*at ptn- '.?a va (k* ?iad t*t * Dr. j. bovkk d??d*? IMPERIAL W1KK BITTBHS. Are now being u?-*l from Maine to the <?r?At (felt La*a. aiii ttie uniroraAi ?e**Siet of *li who uae t'.em either a* a medtcrn* or a* a bertrwt, i* thAt the; Are unaurpA*?-J id the world i?r. l)<?ia Aee^ them au ooMfallT in hit prArtioe for? ?cat* N?f.>re we purchased ofhim U* sola ncht to m?Dik?tir? and present them for Hie to tne For the ou'e of Incipient Consumption, ludigeetion. Dye l>epsia. Piles, Nervous l>isea?es. Fema.e Cvm plasuts. and all cant*s rasuirijic a tome. they are he jond doubt a most invaluable rew edy. Aside from their medicinal properties they are a pore, whole some and deuphtfai Beverage, prodaoinf ar pleasant exhilx-atmr effects of Brandy or Wins without their injurious results, l-et all fnaodn < f humanity and ail adv<>oat?s of temperance assist as in substitute these valuable Vegetable Bitter* for the mtarra/ po^oms and a/iuitrrnmd f.t>a?er* with which the oountry U flooded, and thereby ef fee's a. It aid in ban ?hib| Disease and Drunkeaesa irom the laad. CHARLKS WIDDIFIKLD * CO.. Proariatora, 7* William street. Saw York. J. SCHWARZE Ajteut, Washington, D.X. DR. J BCiVKK DODT IMPERIAL HIS BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys. B adder arc Urinary Orsan*. and essecia. ? for Frnitln ll!.airyntmi? never fai. to cure, and are warrantee to (ire satis WIDOIFIELD 4 COProprietors, 7 Is Wliliui St.. New \*ork. J. HCHWABZE, Je 7 ly,r _ Ai?nt, Uubiiiftoi.. P C. HlttHLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MHS COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It is v*tl known that in the Spring people are more apt to oontraot disease than at any other period;and it is equal.? we.i knovn ihat the war to ward off disease is to keep the blood pare, for I "all the ilia that fleah la heir to/' arise from impan H of the blood, the main spnn* of oar eaiateaoe. is, therefore, important to all that the s?stem should be thoroni.'i t cleared and sanfied. and thi? oftn be done jc tli" moat e(Teo?. v *ft? by ir* MHS M. COTS INDUS r / t? STABLE UK COCTIOIS', the W*?t remedy diroovered (< r Uieo? -e ofdiat*ae* of Skin. Krys:i>e.fts, Sorofcift. Kiienmfttiam, Nenrowa Defi.ity. Ferers of dtflerer! kind*. Dy?pep*j, Lirer Comp fcmt. ft d ft<ii>tlMrd;MU<>( anainc from impurity < f the 11 r fte efie-'t-d the muit renifckftKe curft, m occ be ahowu by numerous oeruficfttos from p?"?or.a of the Highest M?K?t?l" !ty. fcr, ' ' r?n>i:;ni?w1?l ( ? & hft\e u??d it M tLe mofct ii.vft.Hfct. r rrme<<ift ftcet.t of the dfty. iry it Is Bold by all the DrnggisU of Baltimore, ftiifl ftt the resirteroe of the proprietor. MRS. M. COX. U9 Eul Kft timore street, bttvwn E"*u street ftnd Certrft, ftresoe Npnefenmoe unic* her .inifl it biovr ol tLe bottle ftnd her sefti on the oork. irr Pnoe 91 per bottle, six bottles for #A WkUf'oi* A/ent. R . t* T Ci*e*i.. Druggist, Georgetown, D. C , v\ ho ewuf Acei t for the the tri<H. ftnd will sappy the trade ftt Hty prio?>e. inftr r tr rpHB ALL flFFICIEM THREE TElKSKMiA, 1, , * ?, Ffftfd How* l.'lltf >?:? I if imiMMU. M trnrttrtd Vy Ik* St?ll 0/ 1*4 Ff?Jl dl PUrmiJW Pmrtr. and tk* C+lUt? *f Mtdirtmt. rtMMi No. I ia ujv%l????iefor rxhaaaUct, Byamalor rkifv &ad all anTtioa! dmat.i.itiea. No. ti ouor * "a' oatea a. traoea of tkon diaoaaaa that have hooc tr^*t*d by tM naa aoona and pernio) ous aae of ooaavia and ootstoa. No. S haa e&Uraly euvp.auted the lajanoaa use at mcrourf, therebv insuring to the auffvrw ap^Mt relief. '^fpera r.t a; imparities, ai d rooting oattta ofdia#>aae. TRIBbKM A R.Noa. 1 .Xand ?are pepared id the f >rm of a .<>?< :,if, dr-. ?>d >/ ta*t* a-c an>?>.. uto oan be oamed ic the wa ?tooat pookel Soli ij> ba aaaes. and divided into teparat* d. aaa, aaadmicis terrd \>y Va p*aa. La emand R-oax, Rioord. 4a. Fnoe #3 eaeh, or foar aaaea for $9 whiob eaves (I 194 Bleeeter rtroot. f< ar d< <>ra below Mo Boa gal street. New York. Immediate1 j op raoainng a ra Uttaooe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneaemar to any aart of tha world, eeoareiv packed, asd add r???oc acoc-diag to tbe impactions of U* writer. Bold alao b, B. CALVERT FQftD. Jr., Waak ington. O. C. da MB tap all, and, if d ispoaec to profit b? my experisaa*. ** ilJFaTOITB CP m.. Witt mil MoloMd, ?<ir?. ! piiljrt *emA POR ST AM PIN# A PACKET OP PAPER . | ^ AND ENVELOPES N U TO MATCB. UuApQr . M MWl??U METROPOMTAN ?btM>K?TORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, _ AMIIIK ! ? 1 ' v ? ii ? ? ? ^ m w V*'i V|/l M W MVVW9 " M?trar?icao Mi:i?.* ? ., to., j>?-fur ?3* Pa. ?t ~W- ?tb aixi Mitt. lft-1 114 ** 11 ? Sh^BCno, IU 4, W-t. 11 4, and IS 4 Cotum SkaeUngt, Rjoh?rc ob k Soar. Dp n bar * Di?kin?oo at>4 BtvrBUp*f FroaUoi Ud Murtini Lidwm, Towauaca is r+nmtj. f?k.?U ?oi ahdlfiyki?, ino ^mom ?uparlor wkn Bl?whfd Cottoaa, W^lfSSSbau Huo^-ki Skiru. ?*uk MiU ka., * ., raoctvap aad ). lt l?W *" TATLOK * BUTCBmoPI. GWda'affiVftflwnrjnsajH' rT W ?'? irr2r. . i - - * "' *

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