Newspaper of Evening Star, July 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 28, 1860 Page 1
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9 !565995559585!S99995l9^99955599!SS9ll5!S99l51555S855555SBII^5S555IHS5i5SS55!5558599SS5599555555558S55SSSS855!9995555 (Btoittg ?te, V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JULY 28. 1860. N?. 2.322. | _ I THE EVENING STAR u FURT.rnwpn Kirwr -- ? ?' r j nricnifWiT| i SUN DAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cnrnaf P?u?#?)??' ? ?- ? ~j m w? >t?i>u i?vrnM ami 11l/l <f., BY w. D. W4LLACH. Cap* Mrrvd in oarrler* at |4 a >nr, or 37 oenta p?r month. To mail aabaenb*ra ' ' FW? u |Si9 year, t? mivmuet- |2 for m month*; 91 for three month*; and for leee than three months at the rate of 13 cents a week. Single copies, OMcasT; in wrappers, two cbsts. LL7" A dvkk t - ixiiTt should he sent to the o?oe hetore 12 o'clook m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. A AiC.liliC. 3 9 1 HA1 AliL.n. (COHCLUDSD.] "Miss Kate.'' ?aid Mr. Bruce, after a few minutes silence, "it is needles* for me to tell T<>u I am n? horseman. The delight I experienced in the prosp?ct of being jour com pan I'tu uii mis naa overcame my remeniDranoe of iuy awkwardness. When a little child I was throw* from a horse, dragged a long distance in the stirrup, and horribly wounded by the animal1* hoot. I never recovered from the Qorrur ol that hour, and must frankly confesa t<> jou that I am afraid of a horse, and, as jou must see. no rider. I was telling Dr. Bell of this the other day, and At this moment a horse s heels in swift career came aown tbe ro?<l bebtad them, and the next moment Dr. Bell, flushed, merry and malicious, joined them. " I could not resist the temptation to be of your party," he said to Kate, as he doffed his Itiat and shook back his hair. . i .1 . ?m ? "Ana iae Temptation, tnougni fiooert Bruce bitterly, "to display bis superior horse} tnanship where mine must appear to such disadvantage.1' 44 Here is a fine lane." said the Doctor. 44 Where does it terminate7" 44 At a rail fence, which encloses a clover field The lane used to lead to farmer Bloom's bou<e; but another has been made, and this is no longer used." 44 Let us have a race." cried the Doctor; and a* he spoke he struck his own horse, and then the one Kate rode being its mate, they started 4'ff at a mad pace, her efforts to hold her horse Vifiincr *11 friiifU-U SllPO Prima * a Knraa ? "5 ? * " * * * ? *"-* *-*' MVV ? UV,DV would follow suit. Kite looked ba;k, and sure enough, there came the poor student at a John (iiipin rate, stirrups flying, his hat off, both hands clutched in the animal'* mane, and looking, the very image of mortification and chagrin. The Doctor and Kate cleared the fence at a bound: the horse of their companion broke as he neared it, stopped short, and sent its rider a.:.. ... t.j - _? :- ?* ujiu^ u*ci, IU uuu a icpi i iig piacc iu lUC iuug oluver. "Are you hurt7'' cried Kate, leaping unaided to the ground. * Believe me, Mr uruee, ' sbe a<l4ed, as the young man rose to his feet, "could I possibly have held my horse this should not have happened." lie glanced into her soft eyes, and took the proffered hand. "You are forgiven," he said; and, folding his arms across his chest, he stepped aside, permitting them once more to leap the fence. " Mr Bruce," said Kate, turning her head, v ? - - - --1 lnvuea you to accompany me on tins ride; surely you will not desert me ? Dr. Bell/' she added, "you hare proven that our horses will not travel quietly together; I must beg you to t ride on." Bell bit nis lip. but obeyed; and Mr Bruce remounting his quiet steed, rode slowly back, by Miss Howard s Ma. What pooled upon that return none knew, but the j voung lawyer and bonny Kate; their ride was long and slow, but words flowed fast, and were followed by that deep silence which says more than language. A* they sat down to tea that evening, Dr. Bell, a little late, came hurrying in, and with laughing look toward Mr. Howard, said : 1 suppose hare you beard of our race this afternoon ?" Mr. Howard had not. The Doctor at once burst forth in the most ludicrous description of it, winding up by saying "After we had cleared the fence. I looked back and there comes our friend Bruce, flying orer. free from the saddle, and bringing the top rail in his lap!" a ; l_ i % ? rv _ ? ? ? . * a signi wnicn jjt ueu mignt nave lost naa he not hare taken so much pains to bring it about. I, for one. fully appreciate the motive which led him to thrust himself where he wag not expected.'' said Mr Bruee coldly Dr Bell's eyes flashed, but he did not at once reply. Rising soon from ibe meal, which was finished in awkward silence by the whole party, he said, 441 will have a moment of yonr time. Mr Bruce, if yon please,'' and the two witkid hurriedly not into th? varrf With pale face Mr Howard ro?e to follow them " Do not leave me," cried his wife, clinging timidly to hi? arm. l'I am frightened?nervous?stay by ine, I beg of you." Mr Howard reseated himself. " Kate," he said, "do you go. and in mj name forbid any serious difficulty between those hot-headed young men. I bear high wordi in the garden; go at once, child." Kate sprung up, and hurrying forth, found the gentlemen beneath her farorite cherry trees in hot diapute. 44 My friends," ?he said, "let this quarrel end here Do not, I implore you, make a matter of life and death nut of ? in*r? iaba " "Dr. Bell's jokes are insults. ' said Mr L Bruce, utriving to apeak calmly. " I have ^ borne them long enough I had rather be a target for his ballet than for bis tongue.'' " He expects to evade fighting me by refus ing to end this on the spot," hissed L?r Bell through hi4 clenched teetb ; "he pretends to feel delicate about making your father's grounds the scene of a duel, and to bide his cowardice, proposes that we wait a more fitting opportu nitj. He refusea to apologue for insulting me at y>?ur father'* table, ana darea not fight ine in your father's ground " Yoa shall hare my apology at a fitting place and time, in the way you hare demanded it?from the muzzle of a revolver?but not here." ''No doubt you desire time to practice," sneered the Doctor. "If you were as skillful with the revolver as with your rifle, probably the respect due y?ur host would not to far out fc.~ ? * Jk ?# ?> nriKu iui ? oojiiv i uuc jvursoil Mr. Bruce stepped up to the rustic bench, where lay bis rival's case of pistols, and fixiog a five cent piece against one of the cherry trees, walked back fifteen paces, and cut a piece from the edge of the coin with his bullet. "Any time and any place but this,'' he said, laying down the weapon and folding his arms across his chest Dr Bell bit his lip, whila his hot cheek grew pale with intense anger. " Gentlemen," said Kate, steooin* forward. a O " ? I'-1 ask a personal favor that you let thia matter r?at here. Be aa?ured, should either of J>jU l>ersiat in making it the subject of a duel, I a lould deapise you both. Aa you value mj esteem, let hostilities of ao deadly a nature oeaae ntonce The*e I will take into my poaaession," l she added, clocing and taking up the caae of g pistols, "and I beg you both, aa my father a | guests not to make his home the aeene of aa " angry diapute." bhe placed her hand on Dr Bell a arm and Iiwi Him ftartv Vw Rm..a ?a #.>11 -a . ? ? ?- ? ? ?j , . w? . . ug ? ? I ?Vt ?V IU1IVW HI | / his lei.?ur?* " Mun Howard,'' Mid the Doctor, as they turned down the winding walk, "may I hope that it was any feeiiog of alarm on my acooant that caused you to interpose just now ? May I I believe that you care enough for my life to wish to preTent my risking it?" " I would seek to prevent the risk of anj human life," replied Kate, distantly. "Asa woman, I am strongly opposed to the duello. Were I a man, it woald, perhaps, be different There is a moral ooarnge which excites admiration more than this sort of bravery which finds its acme in standing up to be killed and daring to kill. To a horror of bloodshed, not t> personal feeling, attribute mjinterference." "And may I not hope that the affection I. have lon^ cherished for j?u. long trembled to <(i.h;iom. du inoi a response irom JOB : " I cannot aocwer jou now," Kate said; "tomorrow??> other um? ." " Bat I cannot remain under this roof longer with Mr Bruce." " Yob can, if you really dee ire the reply jou bare aaked for '' They entered the houae, and the evening WIS- iM&t in AD ?nnKar?tmmmA am 11 Indw. Mr Howard baring retired early, oon- ] pia.nii.g of a flight indiapo?ition, and the two yourig nen each lingering, unwilling to leave ihe field clear to kia rival, while Mr* Howard, more than tuuallj Ueitam, aided Kate not at ail in her efort* to keep p a conversation I The next morning Kate hurriedly entered 1 the drawing room, and was followed by Mr. brnco, who had been waiting her presenceTherti Dr Bell atood looking oat of the window; but he turned to give Miss Howard a gracious good morning, while Mr. Bruee, in no position seemed to come within his line of vision. Kate's face expressed alarm and agitation. ' Doctor," she said, anxiously, "my father, you know, has not been in usual health for a few days past, and thi* morning he ha? symptoms of a serious nature. May I, in the absence of our family physician, ask for your services ?" t\ ? n_i? - ur. nen grew very red. " l am grieved," he sail, "to know of your father's illness, but, I "upi>osed you knew?the fact is, Miss Howard, I could give no medical aid, being " Doctor" only by courtesy?a mere college title." t; Indeed! you bore it with a good $raoe which certainly led us all to believe you justly entitled to it. " I have spent much time among the siok, but am no practitioner. Anything else I can do for yon, rest assured 1 shall only be too happy to perform." " Then may I ask yon to remain with or near my father, until I can secure for him other attendants ?" "0, most assuredly?your requests, Miss I I I? I - - Howard, are witn me commands." " What is the nature of your father's malady' lias it yet assumed any decided form ?" asked Mr Bruce, who had remained a silent listener to the conversation. "We are fearful," said Kate, "that it is small pox!" "Snail pox," groaned the Doctor, "small pox, that vile disfigurer of the human face divine?that loathsome leprosy which leaves its impress forever on its victims! Small pox. in this house' in our midst?horror of horrors ! I : a I *1-- J * - - ~ it uuren iac arena 01 my lite?unci now 1 breathe it* very breath!" Recovering himself a little, he suddenly turned to Kate, and said : ' Fly. Miis Howard, fly! You exposed to this frightful scourge?this fearful pestilence Let me entreat you to leave this house at once!" 44 Alas '."' said Kate, "the disease isao dreaded. and creates such a panic wherever it breaks out, I fear I could obtain no efficient aid if I uft ??nii ;? ?:n '?* * - ???? */wwi j 11 nin uo o cuuiiun UJ Know that I can depend upon you?that you will not desert us in this trying hour I thank you for your ready promise to remain." ' Miss Kate, you cannot be serious. You would not ask me to face this awful disease?to run the risk of taking it, of suffering from it Pardon me. I cannot encounter it." 41 I'nl ooj .1 1 ?1 r ? ? vuibM ucvuitu uuwunoj ui bo sscrea & charge, I would uk of you, Miaa Howard, the position you have offered to another'' said Mr. Bruce, blushing and embarrassed. " I would deem it a favor. Only seek safety for yourself." "Mr Bruce will stay," eagerly replied the p*eudo I>octor, forgetting for a moment his foe in his fright. " You can trust your father with him; he is not afraid of the disease. As for myself, really I oould not breath this atmosphere another mom?nt T wahM fr ?1 ? - ?. ? ? - - ?. nwuiu <?V1 ? UUL a. VUUJLUIllQIl BUI* cide to do so. I will order iny horse at once.'' " Hare you had the disease asked Kate, turning to Mr. Bruce. " I have not; but I will guard your father's life as I would my own. Only seek someplace of safety for yourself." | " Do dy, Miss Howard," urged the Doctor, " let me bear you from this fearful place." " I cannot go." said Kate, eoldly "lam surprised that the life which last night you Offered aa a tar??t tn ?n *L: ? D - - wuwu?j a umici 13 lU ia morning too valuable to be risked in the service of a friend." u Keally, Mi?s Howard'' " Not a word, sir! Mr Bruce, you will find my father in the library: not well, certainly, but aa free from ?mall-pox as ever in his life, and ready to answer the questions you yesterday desired me to authorize your asking.1' " Miss Kate?Miss Howard?am I to believe myself the victim of a vile hoax ?" cried the Doctor, angrily. >1 D ? ' * * " - - - itj uu uuoaus?odij me suojecioi A teat, bJ which I desired to prove if jour moral oourage equalled your animal spirit of bravado." " And are your father's symptoms of a serious nature ? "Only such as a parent would naturally exhibit when told by his own child that in a few minutes she would send into bis presence a suitor to gain his approval of the choice she had made of a husband. But you said you wished to order your horse, Doctor; I will not detain you?good morning." Three months after this I received the card of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bruce; and as the young lawyer lives to enjoy the eminent position he desired in his profession. I r>rp?um? th? Doctor's duel is indefinitely postponed. The Massacrf.s ix Svbu.?The recent massacres in Syria hare aroused the attention of Christendom The Turk has gone too far. Presuming upon the inactivity of France and England, ne has paid no regard to the promises mad* at the close of the Crimean war. The London Times of the 10th instant eontained an article in whieh was the following. It echoes the sentiments of the people of England : Bat now comes the worst part of this history. It seems impossible to doubt that the Turkish military authorities, to whose guardianship tbe keeping of the peace in these regions is intrusted, nave permitted, and. perhapa encouraged, the slaughter of the Christians. It may be thought a heavy charge to bring against tbe officer of a Sovereign who haa signed treaties with the great Powers, exchanged present* and autograph letters with Christian Princes, who wears the star of St. George and the cross of tbe Legion of Honor; bat we can easily believe that tbe accusation is well founded. The civilization of a Turkish official varies inversely as hia distance from Constantinople; and in a province where there is no close supervision he is ready to indulge every impulse of bigotry, avarice, and sloth. We can believe that the officers at the head nf have purposely abstained from interference with the murderers, that they have not refused presents from them, and that they have consulted their own ease by keeping oat of the fray, and letting the Christians shift for themselves. Borne accounts *o even further than this, and indieate a treachery on the part of the Turkish oommandsrs which makes them worse than the Druses themselves. Christians are said to have been prevailed on to surrender their arms on the assurance that they would be escorted to a place of safety, and to have been then deliberately given up to the knives < .1 oi ineir enemies 44 And this," an Englishman will exclaim, 41 is the goTernment we hare saved; this ia the empire tne integrity of which we are bound to support!" It ia indeed so. We have for fortj years been placed in a dilemma. We have been obliged to rapport the most wretched, ia urder to save ourselree from the must formidable, of despotisms. The Bultan rules in the North through our jealouay of Kueaia, and ia the South through our jealousy of Franc*. Had we abandoned him in 1840 both Druses and Maronites might now be kept in order by an Egyptian ruler who would be really a Vicegerent of France, llad we accepted the offers of the Csar Nicholas to Sir H. Seymour there might not now be a Sultan at all, and the Druses might be kept in order by ourselves. England hae remained true to her policy; whether right or wrong ske secured Syria to It a r? ?* ? ? * ADuui Jdedjiu. out no political objecU can make ua forget the claims of hamanity. If the Porte cannot repress these outrage* the Christiin Powers meat do it. When the Suite* called a poo us to guarantee his authority, be gave ua the right to see that it did not become a curse to his people, and particularly to those of oar own faith An intervention there most be, and we trust that England and France will eoncnrt measures for saving the Christians of Syria fre* 4?tmotten. llcath Warrant ?f Oar Lard. "Chance," says the Courier des Etats Unit, " has just pat into oar hands the most imposing and interesting judicial document to all Christians that has ever been recorded in human annals;" that is, the identical death warrant of our Lord Jesus Christ. The document was faithfully transcribed by our editor in these words : Sentence rendered hy Pontius Pilate, acting governor of hover Gallic*, stating that Jesns of Nazareth shall suffer death on cross : In the year seventeen of the Kmperor Tiberius Cwsar. and the 27th day of March, the city of the holy Jerusalem?Anna and Caiphas being priests. sar%.r?fiM?ntnr? nf w , / ? ? ????? ? *UV ^VV^I U VI Ood?Pontius Pilite. governer of Lower Galilee, sitting in the presidential ohair of tho Prnctory, condemns Jesus of Nazareth to die on the cross between two thieves?the great and notorious evidence of the people saying : 1. Jesus is a seducer. 2. He is seditious. 3 He is the enemy of the law t ti_ -?i * - ? ? - - ? 4. ne cans nun self, falsely, the Son of God. 5. He calls himself, falsely, the King of Israel. 6 He entered into the temple, followed by a multitude bearing palm branches in their hands. Orders the first Centurion, Quilius Cornelius, to lead him to the place of execution. Forbids any person whomsoever, either poor or rich, to oppose the death of Jesus Christ. The witness who signed the condemnation of Jesus are : 1. Daniel Robini, a Pharisee. 2. Joaunus Robani 3. Raphael Robani. 4. Cap?t, a citizen. Jesus shall go oat of the city of Jerusalem by the gate of Struenus. The above sentence is engraved on a copper plate; on one side are written these words : " A similar plate is sent to each tribe." It was found in an antique vase of white marble, while excavating in f tie ancient city of Aquilla, in the kingdom of Naples, in the year 1810. I and was discovers! -f - ?- ? ?? j ?mw vvuiuiiOCluuClR U1 arts of the French armies At the expedition of Naples it was enolosed in a box of ebony, a* the sacristy of the Chartem. The French translation was made by the commissaries of arts. The original is in the Hebrew language. AnftS. WIR9LUW, I N Experien rd Nurae aod Female Phyaleinn. preaenta to the attention of mothers, her SOUTHING SYRUP, For Children Teething, Whtak frailly faei.u?H? th? praettt af utUbinf, k? lof lb* (irna, ali inSaaimauan?will allay ALL falN and (ptamadia aeuau.and i* SURE TO RK<i VLATR TUK Rnirri c Dap.ud ip#n it, mat*?r?, it will f t?? raat l* yaaraalraa, a?d HELIEFAND HEALTH TO YOVK INFANTS W h*?? pa: ap and told thia srticla for a??r tan yaara, and cm sat, in confioin anD TRUTH of it, what wa ha?a aa?ar baan abla to< ?ay of any OTMIR Madiaina? It bv BR >IKS Hit it a until ll1- vivmi iivti ,T"CI T0 *r" rirT a CURB, "WW" ? vbau timily aaad. Nmrlid *a kuv SOOTiJVt*G 110 'natu<a of & ? aatiafacusn by aoj col woo aaad it. Us tha contrary,ailara SYR if, dalifhiad with i'.i or Bit aTIONI, and I.j.A tn tarma of taifbaat eon-mandation of 1* <0' leal acaeta and rnadieai virtaaa. Wi apaak in .bia m'lir ' what Wl DO ISOW," aftartan yaara'alparianea, AND rucul OL'B Rirt'TAT!0* FOB THB FULFILMB*T OF WHIT WB H Bit I OBclafi In almaat a?ary inalaaca whara tna infant 1a lafar ioj iroio pain inn ainiaatioti, ralial wrtl ba fonrd In lf;aaa r iwamy miuu-.aa aftar tha ayrsp la aoroiniatarad. Tbn talaaMa preparation ia im praacriftN of mi af tha nti: lirimiKtlDind iliLri'L nunii in Naw England, and baa baan laid with l?BTtaniLi!?a ivcciil ia THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It art aniy raliavaa lha child fr?m pain, bat * t*'" ' I atamnch and bowala, carracta acidity, and (i?aa tai.a and anargj '.a lha whota ayatam. It will -Irr.oa! iriataotly raliara Gbipins in tub Bowils and Wind Colic, and ararcoma con?niaiana, which, if iat tiaadUy rarnadiad and is daaih. Wa'1 | LWiaTa it tha BUT tKDiumitmii' rOR iMmtbi VOILD id ail caaaa of DT<- CHILDREN W?T BBY and Dial! IM?t IK CHIL- XEETHIHG PBBW, wha'har 11 anaaa frarn taathinf 1 ? from an* othai caoaa Wa wnald %*j ta arary moihar who haa a child aaffarinj from any of tba forajaiog complaint*?Do -10T LIT TOUH PRBJL'OICBa, !f OB THB t R B J L'f>l" BS OF OTHBX, atand baiwaan joar aaffaring child and tha nliaf that will ba IUBB?raa, iBtOLUTBLT it'BB?to follsw lha Baa af th madicina, if tiiraly aaad. Tall d tree tiara or nam* will a tampan? aach botiit. Nona rename anlaaa tha fac-eimila L'CKTII a FCRKINfl K.m ? ? ?.- ?..J. oid by Drarfiiu throughout tho world Frincif ai Offio. No II CfUr Strait, M. T. Pne1 onW 15 Cant* P?r Boltit. ? ll-(t*wl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARPKR'8 FERRY. N And after July 3(1. 1*60, tho steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain \V. H. RitW, will k Iwve Georretown KVKRY TuES fagWr DAY, THURSDA Y, and SATL'R-"?"* ** DA Y, at 7 o'olock a m., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a in. On tke Saturday trip from Georgetown the l>oat will run through to Shepherdstown. je21 3m FOR HARPER'S Ffr RRY.-CHAXGE OP DAYS.?On and alter Jul) 2,18fti. the steamer ANTELOPK. Capt. J. Wiu?wriingtn?United mail, will !<**ve Georgetown EVKRY MGNDAV, VVEDNE8DAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. in.. and return every Tuesday, Thursday and tviturday. N. B ?Every \\ ednesday the Antolope will run through to Shepherds'own. je S-2tn* 1 cn JU?T~ RECEIVED, IDU BBLS. WHISKY, (assorted,* 1? do. HERRING and ALE WIVES* 25 do. K EFIN ED SUGAR Ji, TO hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls.< Bayfield (WHITE Fl-H, 25 boxes prime EasternCHEKSE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, ; jo 8 Georgetown fV fV I AGENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN A. GEORGETOWN. The underaigned have been appointed Agenta f?r the aaie of the above oelehrated and we i-known PLATFORM aud COUNTER SCALES. A fu '. aupply oonatantly on hand and for sale at loweet *f?AY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the Diatnot or adjoining oountiet. All Soalea are warranted durable, aconrate, and ia> give uuiiaouun BU8EY * BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, jel-ia Bride* street 2doora weet of Huh. fRANDBLl* OPTICIAN, No. 18*" Hr\dtt St., Gsarrsietm, Hh oonaWQUi on hand a large assortment of Prenoh Near-sighted, Periscopie, Col ~ ?ored, and af. other SPECTACLES, oi-*?^ tbe beat tua.ity, in gold. silver. steel .and German stiver frames. N. H. Old Frames Repaired and ew gaeaea set in them to order. no lMj JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridf* and Jtftrion in., Omitints. Having given my personal attention to this branch of my bnaines*, 1 am prepared to .? attend to all oalls with promptness Parsons from ndistanoe can be sap '" o at a sax ?f ? mm mncD WWrfBlOWlL N NOTICE. EW FAMILY GROCERY STORK, pennsylvania a v.. Southeast Corner of Tenth strut, Washington, D. C. The undersigned respectfully announces to his friends that he has opened the fine store formerly occupied by H. H. Vuss, Esq., and that he has received a large aasortment or SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES | Together with every article in the Grocery line, to whieh he j>articularly invites the attention of reeidaot families. He f?els assured that his arrangements for a constant supplT of FRKJ*H GRoCKRII&M will enable him to supply the demands ol those who may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In his purchases tba subscriber has diracted special attention to the se!aotion of Teu, Coffees aad Sugars, Whioh, with all ather articles in his line, will be disposed of on themost reasonable terms, FOR CASH. jy X-*o8w P. McDEVITT. t I oTrwl"" "H ? *T i | KINS k BURCBELL. AUCTION SALES. I Br J. C. MetiUIRE & CO. Auctioneers. TKUSTEE'S SALE OF A BEAUTIFULLY Improved Coetitey Skat ma* tm? CiTior WASHi.iQToif.-On WEDNESDAY AFTER MOOM, Anjait 1*1, at? o'clock, on the premises, by virtue or a dMd of trail dated Msroh 9th. IMV, tmd dui? reoorded in Liber J. A S , No. 129, folios 964, et ?eq , one of the land records for Wanhington owui.ty. District of Columbia, we shVI eel 1 all th\t o?rtain piece or parcel of land situated in the county oi Washington, in the District of Columbia and known and described as bem^ Lot numbered two (J) in Oeorge '1 aylor's subdivision of a part of a tract of land called "Pleasint Plains." contain lug five acres and one tixteenth of an acre mors or less, witti the improvement*, consisting of a eoin foitable two-story Square Cottage, with wide hal , parlor, dining, and breakfast rooms, fi ire chambers, an-] kitchen, situated on an elevated point t ack from the rosid, and surrounded by a trove of handsome shade trees; also, gardener's hoese, st&b.e. suu uunr oui-ouitoing*. The grounda are tantefui'.y laid out vith walk* and drives, and contain a tour* orchard of fruit traes, graperv. vegetable garden, choice flowers, ornam-nta' shrubbery, tto., in short every ?hing recutita to render this an elegant and oomfertable roiteaa The above-described place is situated on the Seventh atrset road, distant about one and a half mile front the City Post Oflne. and is adjoined by the residences ofMrssrs. \V hite and Lew is. Terms: One-f iurth cash; the residue In fi. 12 and 18 months, witn interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Ifthe t*rmi of sale should not be complied with in five dan after the sale, the trus tees reaerve the right to resell, on one week's notioe in the National Intelligencer, at the risk and ?x penseof tiied-fauitmg ourch%ser. A 11 nnnvman/tiB# * ,-?f ? wvw.w/ < ? *? 1/ WWOfc vi mc puiuu?aoit W. H. WARD, I Tr?.frin. w. ii- PA' MFR,( rrusteea. j j 14 2ta w Adw J. C. MoOt'lK K A CO., Aucts. MA RSHA L'S SALE ?In virtue of 'wo writs of fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Cirouit Court of the Distriot of Columbia. for the county of Washington, and to rne directed, I will expose to public sale for o&sh, in front of the ooart house door, of said oounty. on V ON DA V. 6rh day of A ucunt next, 1W?>. at U o'clock m.,\ 1 defendant's right, title,o'aiin and interest in ana to the following described propertr. to wit, viz: Lot No 3, in Square No. 706, and lot No. ?>, in Square No. 801, together with all and singular the 1 npro*em<,nt? thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Juliana Barry and lames C. Rarrv, and will !> sold to ratisfr iudimals No?. l<*a *nH icu 1.. ?? term 1859, in 'avor of Anthony Addison. W. SKI,DEN. U. 41. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia. jr 13 dtda MARSHAL'S 5SALE.?Inrirtuocf 2 writs o' b?n facias issued from the Clerk's othce of tne Circuit uourt of 'he District of Columbia, for the county of Waxhintton, and to me directed. I will expose to publicaaie, for oash. in front of the court house door of *aid county, on MONDAY. the fitn day of August next, 18ti?, at 1 io'clock ni .all d> fondant's ruht,title,clam, and interest in and to Lot No. 15, in Square No. 732, in the City of Washington, l?. (J., together with all an-< sins alar the improvements thwreon, seized and levied upon a? tne property of Chas. H Van Patten and will he sold to *atisf? Ju dioials Nos 78 and 79, to October term law, in flavor ot John W.Thompson and Z. D Gilm&n W.8BL0BN. jy 18-dta U. 8. Marsha! for Diatriot of Columbia. EDUCATIONAL. Thk second annual sk-sion of Mr. J. H COM IW' English and Classical Hieh School will commence on the first Monday in September next. Applications should l>e made n July, a* the numU'r of pupil* ia limited. For lerms, Ac., see circulars, 4c., or call at Mr. C.'s ebidence, No 303 Sixth strest, ncai New York avenue, iy 111 -eo3w*__ (COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, J No. 476 Skvksth st., OpposUe tki Utniral Post Ojfice, Washington City. Armorian System of Fenmanahip, Boockeeping, Mercantile Forma and Calculations, Buainesa C?rreepondenee, Hilts of Exchange, Current Billa, Cummiaaion Sales, Gran mar and Antlimetio. ITT" A Preparatory Class for Boya. |iJ* Ladies will be instructed in fine penmaninjLP nooms open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For ttrma apply at the Room*. ma 24 3m WM. W. YOUNG ft CO. The union female academy. New Arraxgkmknt. This w$U-known and popular Seminary, which has been no successful under the entire care of Mri. 7a. Richards for more than ten \ ears, will ho opened on the first Monday in plumber n-x', under the united supervision and instruction ct Mr. aid Mr*. RICH * R DS, in the well arraneed and delightfully located I'nion Academy Bunding. For rarticulars. see ctroular* at all the Bookstores. inaj3-tf \f MRS. McCOR .1CK S SCHOOL. I ITIRS. McCORMICK desires to inform het friends and the public ?euerally that rbe will resuma the duties of her School on the Ut Monday id September next. The oourse of study pursued will oomprise all the ! branches requisite toathoronch Enciish eduoa boo. In addition to her daj soholara. aha ia desirous of reoeiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged front 10 to 14 years, who will be under her lmmadiate care and oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodatioc and due oare of pupils have been increased and otherwise improved. Those m Washington desiring partioalar information with reference to her school may apply to W. D. Waliaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner particulars apply at her reaiiiance? No. 3* Cameton street. Alexandria, Va. wr-tf LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! In Timb or Price, Prepare for War! F. LaBARRE, Soutkwst eomir of 10(4 and C sti., Manufacturer of PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS. Respectfully annonuoe* to th* public of VS ashinjrI ton and vicinity that he la prepared to ext cute all order* for erecting Lightning Conductors on the moat approved sojentific principles, constructed of the vary beat of material*, on very moderate terms. All Platina tipprd Points which are manufactured by me will be stamped with inj name. Weather-Vanea of any 0 eat en made to order. jy ?-lw? PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Orrics S*c?*ta*t or th* Sehatk U. S.> July 11, i860. \ Sealkd Proposals will be received at thia office till 12 o'clock in . on Monday, the 3 wh in tant. for furnishing for the use of the Senate five hundred tons best White A?h Furnace Coai an1 fifty cords beat straight Pine Wood. The whole to be packed away in tne vaults of the Capitol. in p acea which will t>e shown on application to the Engineer in the servio* of the Senate, and to be delivered by the 15th September next. Bonds for the faithful eze outionofthe contract will be reemred. Bios for the Coal and the Wood will be oon aidered separately, and satisfactory arrangements must be made for the correct m-asurement of both. ASBURY DICKINS, j j k^"?i nw?i t im uir cwnw^f A |Om at 25o?nti per month S One at &i do. do PIANO OneatSl do. One at SI 50 do. FOR 10ne at f 2 do. I One at 92 50 do. RENT. I And up to f7 ft 9" do. john f. ellis, jj 21 Pa. av., between 9th and 0th ?U._ French lack mantles and points Parabola, Hun Sh%d*?, and (Sun Umbrella#, Thread, ValeneinM,Swi**and Cambric Kdrinc*, I Honiton, Onypme, and French worked Collar*, | Linen.* Cambrio, Swiaa and Thread 8eu. Colored Tarltor*, Vviai, Cambrio, Jaeunett, Mull, Nanaook and Plaid Nansook Muilwi, HuinerT, Qlov**, GauaUett*, BLaek Silk Mitts, Ao. For sale low bj j#S7 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON Fkanci s h a r p b r, H4TING OPIMKD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEEDSTORE, Comer of Xew York mv-nut and Tenth tlrttl. Respectfully solicits the patronage of tli??? who mar be in want of any article in the ar>ove line. Hi* endeavors shall be to pieasetand by a strict attention to the wants of the publio, he nope* to merit a hare of their patronage. Hi* tock con lists of every article usually to be fouad in a first-oias* Family Grooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf Dry goods cheap FOR THE MILLION! Gall early and get bargain*. Weocminenee today celling off all Fancy Dres* Suk*, O'gaody D ?Kae D>^?. - a* ?I ? *- 9 --? * mvifr-m, r rmoii uwn?,ana Uri%Ddy Maalina. by the yard. Figured ard Piam Ha refer, at greatly reduoed arioea, many at half prioe, to reduoeatook thia month. Alao. in ?tore a full atpokof ftrat t au Stap'e and DomeiUt Good a. adapted to the general wanta of families, all of which we are a4>flmg at the lowe?t oa*h arioea. , . Jjw. COLLEY Jt CO., jf IB 10t Seventh at. above Pv *v, L K! XX ALB AND XXX ALK!! I he par eat and moat wholaaome Ale in Utis oity is to be obtained at the WASH INS TON HRklv. aiuSjxa1aBet-tr I r? ,^MagfeM3rasar CLOTHING, kc. UCLLTNG OFFo AT COST! In order to dMrn^mi ?,o?,k I have determined t<> cioae out theb?l*no? of ro? SUMMER CLOTHING at cost Ail in want of Summ?r Clothm* are re?pectftiry inrjfed to c*!l at No. 4?0 Seventh at . oppooiis r?i?i UlBce. ud ? ? Ml? ?r??t r?du< ?i< * j&nroer Clothing J* TBE Can oat; l? found &t WIE9KNFKLD A CO.'S. (Meom Hmii CltktmM Re tut Splendid Spnn? ImImi tilfc Sp>ndid Spun, Elecnt * CO.'8 Ba&uUfu! Bn.i.e.. fffcjg* W?? \ B"5" F^'.b * CO "M * co'* \ \ OoWpM^hS^?^.-^,El,D * CO.*\ , ? * \ \ c0.,\ 1 Save your money, aa A very few dollar* Will give yon a apiendid outfit for miner. If youcaU At WIE3KNFKLD ft ap tT-T#4Stf Cor. Pa. av and ?H ?t SUMMER RESORTS. I'ARLI&LK | The favorite rnaort for .... i thnaA wKn ???*?' *? Gran*! Sceneiy, Pure S PRIMUS, Mountain Air. fnvigora _ _ ling Hatha, Urcu and CI MBt.RL.ANn CO , Well Veati atad Rncrai. Pennsylvania. Good Society and a Good TaMe. Accojimo?atio58 Fok por particular* send ^00 forCircu'ar. J OWKNJ*. OI-ENDEN. TERMS LOW. IN A VISftCHER, je ? low Carlitlt Smntf, Pa. P NOTICE. INEY POINT PA V 11,ION. notwith- k A standing ail r?*port? to the contrarv. willWrf^gky l?e open to receive visitors until hrstof^Vj^^ (WiiIkt. The table will a!*ray? (? ?>ippl it <1 miti, all the delicacies of the seanon. W. \N . Dl\. iv21-lW Prn?r..?... -- - - * i 1 RKt.N SPKiNCi pavilion, Ntar tkt Old 'ran foundry and only half a m?/? hy land from the Ommbut Stand in Georgetown. The 'adies and gentlemen of Washington and Georgetown *re respectfully inlorined A A that thi? beautiful>, on the ? . un 'rj Y(vj^ y Branch, is now handsome y fitted op the reception of Hio Nic Partie* and other ?leir.irs. There are numerous springs of the purest water and a constant shade throughout the day. There is a iarge saloon (or dancinr, with dressing room a'tiched,and sha>lj wa.ks and ? ats tiirougnout the grounds. Hchoola, Societies. Clubs and Social Parties can obtai t. is deiigntfui p,a<e tor Pic Nioa without charge for the grounds <>r pavi.ioa by giving toe Dropritftnr thru* ;1a* a nnfirtfl M?vs are served at alt Honrs, and Refreshments famished at city prices O?oerswi! attend at ai< times for the preeerva tion of good order, a'd no pains will be spared to cive satisfaction to a'I visitors. JOSEPHEHRMANNTROUT, _jei3 eotf _ Proprietor. CHMIDT S SUMMER OARI>EN.-On Sixth street, between <'and Louisiana av.. A . . A may be found at a 1 times one uf the most popular, cert*!, ur! ane, and intelligent Rp?taurai:t Ketjiern^who backs up ' is reputation witrt LAGER h".KR from the Citt of Hkothk* lt l,ov*. Philadelphia.: with BRANDIES from the choicest vineyards of France ; with WINES uuexcell-'d on the hills of the Rhine; and with aa article of WllISKV which smacks utroni'y of the true flavor of thi* Monougiahela and Bourbon Pa'a'abl" at ?ither of tn<*se mar be individually, W. L*-s.- ? nm mxikiii 10 max" inrm sun more to b* the erection tlia rear eround* of hi* favorite establishment of a spaciou? Art nr. where hi' guests by ''?> nay enjoy the cool breese and be fre* from ?ol'ii too ardent ray*; and, at "the witching hoar of night." quaff" his ice-coo! Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened by the falling dew. Such inducements will, doubtless. caiis* rnany of our readers to drop in and take a note if notion; else.) and, most Ukely. many of those who go will goagain. In addition te> all this, he ha* engaged the Proa peri brothers and their associates to discourse their choicest pieces of music Every Wednesday and uoj cvriiwi g. jy m im WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. Arte York aremmt, betwen 1st tmd 2d it*. In rallin* the attention ofthe pubhe to my grounds I would state that every arrangement ha? A . . A l>e-u made to make this "Retreat" moreYlT^T attraotive e\ ery day. Mondays the tiarXLdLL dens are opeu to the publio tree of oltarge?a cuuu rt given h? a select band. Those desuing toeijoy the dince and waltz ?m I find the salion in oomplete order to render p!eacu>e to all. O" oth*r days the proprietor will cheerfully grant tn? u?' of tha grounds for (ohool or other Vic Nio Pa. ties with* out charge. h or the amusement of children he ha? ifctroduoed a number of little games, never before seen in this oity, a ad calculated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." >. B.?Attached is my Bottling Establishm'nt, and lamilies can be supplied with an; quantity at their resiaenoe. of that hea:thfal drink, LA<*fR BEER, upon short notioe. je 15 3m Mmjjm SALT WATKR BATHING. ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Moure*! Landing) will be open for the reo?ption of viei AA Kir* on the 13th of June. This delightfulTpgBl reBOrt for those seeking health and p'.ees XbdaU ure, is unexcelled by any plaoe of tae kind on the Potomac river It is situated about one hundred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomso.and in till view of the Cheeaptake Bay, and famous for fine Oysters, Soft Oralis, Sheephead, and other Pish, and easily aoeeeaibieb* the steamboats ply in-between Washington. Haiti** re end noriniE. i tie npderaigned bu ma-vie addni" &. improvement* in rig Bath Honaea and man* other improvemenU to the comfort and enjoyment of hia gu-ata. The Bathinc cannot be luryuud. ee(iid Anflinc and p"entT of Fiihing and Sailing Boeta free of oharge. He haa apared no expenae in pro Tiding a good Cotillon Band or in laying in hia Mock of ehoioe Wmea, Liquora.SeKara, ?c.,and for thoae I who wiah to avoid extreme faahion and to seek a retired p'ace where they oan make theme*! ve* at home, tnere ia not a more pleaaant plaoem the Caited State*. The proprietor pledgee himaeif t??t nothing ahall be left undone on hia pert to render them eo. Terms for board: 91-50 per dayf for lew than a week; far a longer time, 91JS per nay; fso per month. Peraona wiahinc to addreaa the pro prietor will diraot to Leonardtown, St. Man'a county, Md. |-ta D t UlDODlf " 1 -? ? n< 4 mAnenAbbf rru^n0tt)r. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND goal Delivered to all porta of the oity, at the loweat poaaible ratea. T J. k W. M. GALT, Office '2*2 Pa. ?v., between 11th and I2ti. ota , m> 17-tf north aide. TrfE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extenaive a took of FUBL, ia prepared U ael! at a very tow ficnrefor caah. WOOD Pawed and Split any aise. Call and aee for yonraalf. IV. W . DAJ ee, Wood and Coal Dmlar, ma 15 8. K. corner of Fonrtaanth and C an. _____ - _ FRSON8 D*olinin? kouaekeeping or having A a rains of houMtioki rffaau eu find r*ady aala by oalftnK at rnr KuLiihia* Stora, 438 7th street, batwaen O and H streets, a*?t side. a?? Sm RtTlHH.PH BITCHLY. 1VI THE NEW BOOKS. Wary OF James Grant ; ftim i 3ii cents. Cast I Richmond, by Anthony Trollope ; A ntobiofraphiea) Recollections. by the late Chas. Eobert Laalie, R A.; with a Preparatory Ea-ay on fill* as an artist, and ?el?o'i?ni from hie oorreaponden^e, by Tom Taylor, Km ; (1 JS Th* Thr-a < larks, by ALthony Trailope; Al. For aai? at _ PHILP * 80L0MQN*'. HttmMlitKn Bnnk.tiw? a? ?? jiWiwIiu'wi Sol* M*nt? for LiortMf'i A n. iy U fHICK?-RLNG t RON*' WORUtt RK~ V' no<m?d Pi aNO*. only Tor Ml* by at* -nb?r, ?t whoM fiUiuwwuro oom JIBBH y.u wiil tad *!??? * in| svory Yariaty, ?tyl?. pno*> of I'j&iafo hlI^npod 'M? Mrmi or diaeoaot tor MMk. m ?? *tao Tr?m otfcer (OoH ,i akera. Pttnoa for Kira. JOHN* THE WEEKLY STAR Tkis UM(l*itFwil!Ud N>w? Jo?r?I m . taininc a cr*at?f v*n*ty of tBtm-sBtiBf rafrdiBg tiuui oan b* *>|?4 ib Bay otBw?1? pvbtuM tm NunHla* nx-romf. T*m??C?jA, incmruUlr, u adrmmr*. copy, p?r annum ... f 1 * FiTaanyi ? , i m T>n BOft?* ____ BP Tveat? 14 <* UJ UMilMac 1 n elab* mua< itm nukkori Ui* iatar of a m*i t. u wlH ba parMivad ? pmr of a I ?f 7V W?klt Star Wtli b* It tawiabtv contain* U* * A a*bi ngion New*" that h?i mad* Tk? Ity*?*i Sim* wraxtl* o iiowmIt tkroifkoil th* sob*try. ftT"S*m?' opt** i WT%Ff#r* > ou be pmwiM at tk?oo?B(#r, (rnia-ciataiT after tk* imm of Mr*r Prie*?THRKECENT1* CT P?*tma*t?n who act at af?nta wiM ba l??Jd ?<?>ifimtwinii oft" amli FOR SALE AND RENT. f^OR RFNT-Tha thrae itc-rr (brow* front) HOI No *?T Now York avaooa. hatwee* 10U aud I It H atraeta. aorth aid*. aoataiaiat roorua Thia houae : conreaiatt to th* P*U>t Of hoa. Treasury. i? lighted b* |u. a?d in otott vt) Mitkb ? for a board in* nvuil. Rant raolerala. Apply ?fXtd<>or.or to A fi. fooler, aeoond fl?vr north wim ?t Patent Oiw. 1114-tf t^OR RFN l-Thafci.eFRA*EIIOl*?SlMowa r a* "Kreaoh Kvui' Homo." mtuM>^ oa M at. north, between 9th and l<*h atreata, No. ?# , one of the mort ?l-?irah!e pmat* reaidaaca fa Waahiaaton This h uae la anrronndad by frait tree* and (real numbara of currant t-aabaa ft *%rious kinrfa, and line lia-le treea. with IfJWO feet o! ( auad. walled in Apply to J. C. COOK r.ichth at. brtwaan D and E. it U af FH?)R RFNT-Thr*? BRICK HOVFRH-ew ? Tveillii stroet. hvmdCiij d, um om u? corner of Twelfth ?nd H st?.; and on* on H, h? IJth nud 1STh ?ts. Inquire rf JAMF.F W, HAKKKR.on H strsot. Miwmi I1U ud ItU. N?. 4*V ra??-tf lmir ktm-a urf story fkamfc mut?fc, on f.levs^th stro?t, b?tw**ii iim k- Ir.suir* of M. Iho PImSix ?mI (>m Pitt hi k?t*b.tshn?nt of c. Snydsr. next door to tfco ckr oaoo *? 'r LT'OR RENT?Thraa &r?t clftti and raaantiv F hnill HOuBKS.foaritofin hifh each. hand loiMiy finishad. ant! havinc all the modern imjmnm?nU. tuch fti *M*(. ?U. ke. il one of the rarT . finest locations in th* eity?oa the corner of Third traet and Missouri avniu?. ami r-ppdnta tha f aaltol ground* Any ?aa wishing to rant a fine dwaUinc will find this a favorab>e opportunity, as I dasi re to rent them immediate!*. and will rant than iow. Inquire of P. W. HIOWMXQ. ja \-*T FHOP RENT-That new and wall arran?ad thra? tor* BKICk HOl?E,No.l?l,i.rO straet. brtw<*n l??th andxnh ?t?.. First V ard, Intel* ocoaK. if. iV . O - A rwy .?i. Dinn>a?, n uFwmn i??cmnn. I'Qtytmon jrt vrn immediate Ijr. Inquire of Mr. J*Ol'TH BY J*. PAKKKR next <loor ea?t. ma M *otl tjM>R R ENT-A smai I BTOR E ,*orMf afMrt. and Pern.. avenue, ander the Clarendon Hotel. suitabls for t harber's saloon or nif ar store For information in?eire at the Hotel. mar si |/OR RKNT^The FIRST FLOOR oTue baiM i mg immediate*? the ?m vine of the Cut H*l., recently oooufied by Chaa. H. Walias* as an office. Also the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same baildins. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No * Lobibimis avenne. ja IS tf CEMATttRS, MEMBERS OF CONGR&flp.Two sfieodjd suites of ROOM P. elegaatij furnished. will t>e rented daring the session of Congress, in the moet desirable locality in this oity. being within one or two sqnares of Brown's and Nafcona! Hole's. Those m ursnit of ssoh Rooms w:ll do wll U> m*kf eariy application at No. St# ttu street between I) street and Fa. av. da t tl ~carria<;e factories. WASH1 NGTON CAR RI AGE PACTOR Y. D Strtrt, Br*w*rm 91k and l?rt Street*. We have ju?t finished a Dunbar of fret o.aee 0 A R RI A G F.S. such m Light fnn' Vocvui, Part Pt'alMi, rami/v r?t ''jMH*: riWfi, <* </ whieb we ?v*f sn*i.?n>fit. Beicc prabt.cai mechanics in different branches of the numn?s?, we flatter oareelvee that we know the styles and quan'y of work that wi'l give sabs faotion, oonibiuio* UffatDMs, oomfort and darabi.ity. Repairing promptly and earefnllv attended to at tne shortest m u- eai'J nioet reasonable c'a'see. WALTEB, K ARM ANN A BOPP. Coaehmakers, successors to Wm. T. Hook, ap 27-dly T carriages. a I? n- I L J- - J ' * - a-* m. ua DButonnor mice jcaipom IP factory, makir.t it now on* of the arc er Wtbe District, where hn fee tie# fr lKHK uanuiactur nc CARRIAGE k WAGON? or all k>n<!i oann?t be lu'puiw: u4 from tua lone eiperveooe in Ute baaineee, be bo pea iociT* jaoerai eaUafaotion. All kmda of Carrtac** u? Lifkt Wagoaa kept # AKR KPAI RBneaUj er4?ra prempt attended to. 9eo?a4 baa4 Oarrlacee teket inexohani* arv re. ANDREW j77o\ CK, la H Mmar ?f IMfc a?4 V mtm. TRUNKS, BOOTSAXD SHOES, 1HAVK JUST RECEIVED A NtW PUP p'y of6?n?? tne F*?r>eh Calf"*km Dree*^J^? Boot* ami (Jut* , Patent l.eather uiMI Cloth Waiter*. Calf Skin, Patent l^atiifr.fHl and I^Mting Shoe* \'ao, an zt^ntire* Mb took of Bo 'and Clwidran'a, ladiea'and Mimm' Boot* and Shoe*, all of which I a? eeluat at 0 >edin*;y low price*. J, H < >SEN'TH A I.. ft'iO S^ven'k itrwt ma 15 eo ? ^oor* abo** L> ?ueet. |?OOTO AND IH(^ TO Ut'IT THK W- at* now manafcotunnK all kind* of BOOTS and 8HOK8. and oo; aiantlv i?ow?io| uppy ol tuttrn mad* work or ?*wi il? MI eriptio*, made expreaa'y to order. and wi!l^?J he sold at a muoh lower prioe ttiw hu (>een* Hb heretofore c oar ted in thi? city for maok inferior article*. IV'tiina in a^i ^ mm -Am ? city maid* work, will t w?v fend a fond assortment in store and at the lowest p r i oes Give a oa. .. GRI*FI N * BEO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania aveaaa. SB OLTllKRN TRi"*iK M NUFACTOR Y, 499 TTB BTUit. OvrerxU Odd FtUtwt' HaU. Wathmittm. D. C. Travelers will study their interests bj eiawsia my TRl'NKS. VAi.lCK? Ac .before par mrw^m charing eleewere As I ue? none bat th<HM best material the market affords aad the b*?r workmen. I ciac confident! j reoorw?d mj work to be superior in Sr?>*#iA ai?J l>v*at*ttty to Trunks that are ma?le id other oiuee aod soid here. 1 k?H*p constantly on haud, am make to order (oa one week's nottoe' every d. scriptien of SOLE LEATHER, 1ROX FRAME FKEXCB DRESS and WOOD BOl TR CSKS. ASM J Vfl ?d Other VALICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HaR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #t., *r. Trunk*. Ac... R>aairt<fl and Covered, in ft VMftmanlike manner, at short notice Trunk* (WitwwI in a?r M*t of U? oity. S?ori? town, or Alexandria. Bia^vassSar' rAmLr d? 15 1? JAMES ft. TOP HAM. ITNITED STATF-f* CAPITOL EXTENSION. w*?hiji?toh. jaly 17. 1w0. PaoposALs will be rroeired at tiua Otto' nr^ii noon of Tu??<U? the 11 ?t of Aagnat n*xt.for Farn iiuing ?nu ruvuui up inc iron \jei .ngt oi two roomi over the oonneoiing oorridort of the Capitol Eitennon The proposal t n>u?t state the snoe for etch tm in* oomplete, id p *c?>. painteu with three food ooatt of white lead in oil. All of ths Iron work of Um CMlinn.afmrr description. including the fastenings <>1 the oei iof * to the walla and to tM roof fknw?. matt boiaoiaaed in the prios bid. _ The proposal* mast be endorsed. ' PropossJs for Iron Ceilingt." and muit he soeovpaated by s livutw. signed by one or mors re* possible par sons, *ddr*ssed to the undersigned. Thsy will be opened at the time mentioned above. ib th* presenoe of saoh person* at may ofcoos* to attend. The drawing! of the Mi'isii oar. t>e*n mm at Uua C?|>?iii Top. r ray hie*; Kmhiiw. In oharge ot Cm""! Exteaaton. Each yroyoea! ahoaid bo aocmpanied by the folio Win* (urtntw : * form of CiMrwU't. The andereigned. A B and C D. of???. I* the gait of . and in the stiate <f Hereby guaranty that in oaee tl e foreaoin* bid of for iron <yr ngi.aaabore deecrlbed. t>e aoreffteri, tie or they will, within ton day a after tha raoataf of tbeoontraotat the a aoe named ei?o?te tbe eon tract for tha oei'inra, with r < <! and aafloian* eeeantiee; twj in the Ditto' pkall fv to Mlnf >bl oon'raotaa aforiaaid. wa gaaranty to make good the difference between tha offer of tha aaid and litat which ma* ba aooepted. Data , l?o. Signature* of guarantors, A B. W itneaa E P. L I hereby oertify that tha above ? aped are Known u> me m kt> to nue n?nl their %uruU*. 8iin?t?t?. G H. To toucnod ky tk*0iiM9(?tM diatrioC jo* *e. United 8t*ie? di?triot UUiriti. ooii+otor.oi *oom> p?r?ona known to th? Wu OeMrtMt. iy w R"* MBRAtY MrF*, INTLtWHO D tho Hfibil.Ct?MH. ka**>y*jmm. i'tookr* Sciei ttic. Pkj OM>?MJft., iwiMiMUOtl and Bnt'?h ClaMie T.ib'irieo. A (MM of 9tord*f. Work* HNnt?i> mmi tod ?t low pnc*?. Mow works a % itfwl to tb? one* krerr month Any volume m?< h*> h*: art yUofr.oolk-*~Wi?oo * ? J If oobdIMc mum kMl aouiuti. ? - " phTlp 4 Solomon, ^ l?n mmi meat*?c. >TkM t??? ? ? !inri*??c-i.u r.r mkMt V W? riuoii Mxt lot wfll eoafaa n on mnnM KIIW * m tOKKM.. "* ? \ ^ ?4 Vfm nUi #11 C-A PKaVfcXT. NKW. lOtiKWOUD *

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