Newspaper of Evening Star, July 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 28, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. UJ-Tii* St** pabltobM the List* of letters remaining in tbe Washington City Post Office under the provisions of the law directing tb?fn to be pr.nted in the newspaper having tbe largest circulation within the delivery of tbe o?ce. Its total daily circulation Is more than double that of any other Daily printed in the District of Columbia IZT 1 Though Thk Stxm is prl nt>*<l od the fastest *Vnn pre* in use south of Baltimore, Its edition is so large as to require it to be put to presa at an nrly hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be ent in before I-J o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the n?**t day. notice t? w*?nn?to!?ii'(? ?thi?? nr n... ? ? - . ir V/I4I I fcllnw-eitltrai leaving for the watering place* a-i'l el?rwb<>r<> should Itecir In mind tbat we do not ma I Thk Star except after payment hi advance at the rate of S7J| cents per month. Notkk.?Dtatrlct of Columbia Advertisements to be inaerted in th* Rai.tixokr i*r* are received at and forwarded from Titit !*tak Office. The Cf.*t*al Gcarmioc*!.?The new building beginning to amtiiue a finished exterior appearance, the volunteer Inspector* are growing niore numerous; but there is no certainty of the final completion of the work H.l late in the foil, although it was stated ia a Baltimore paper that it is r.pldlv appnarhiag completion With a i'.ttle explanation, enough has be*n done to give a very good lde? <>f what it will be wh#n mm Ceted The foundation ecmmencn with what i id?r* call cribbing. a work of he?vy tlrnberi wn?f together and ?ecur?d with spikea. three feet below the anrfac. to filled In aa to keep it dry and ?oiid I'pon thla is laid the atone foundation, two feet four Inchra, and ananning the entire tibbiag The baae rourae or the building ia of rireaaeri granite. aa are also the entire outside rtmirit i^a; the in*'<U trimmings (quite a novelty '.a buildings in this locality) are of North River P? tilue atone. The walla teen inches thickness, and are of hard red bric? The celt range is perfectly Are proof, the floors ?>ein? formed by iron girders. and brick arches; ;ind 'he doors, door frame*, window frames, and -<t7urway?. all ?f iron. The lodgers' rooms, in the ?~;ond story of the range, are of the same material. and the floors throughout are of North River blue stone. The cell range is covered with slate. I.'pon entering the main door, the visitor ia inhered into > wide and spacious hall; on the east tide of which, In the front building, la a room for the m.iiiis'rate'i court, and on thew*st Is the police .ind ants room Both theae are fine room*, well adapted to tLrir respective purposes, and measure about fourteen ffet square, e?rh. In the second atorv is a lar^e room.Intended for an armory and drill purposes. This is thirtT-fllre feet aanar* The clock *nd b*U tower, now in the courae of rection, will be about forty feet high, above the ?<><?f of the frwit building, which will be covered with tin. In the cell range on the first floor there are three large cell#. 12 by 13 feet each; two -mailer cell*, and two dungeons, or dark celto. 1 a the second story are the lodgera' rooms, four In number, besides two smaller ones f?>r these A _ * * i iirraicm oi persons laooring witb manla-a-potu, or dangerous naniaf s who may be taken there 'or / -keepm#. At the south end 1* a room devot-d to the us? of the wattT surveyor, who will have his ofli' e there, convenient to the pipe vard. on the same lot. The arrangements for heating, ventilating and for cleanll ie?s. are mo?t compete Tte entire building will be warmed by one furnace: d in everw r?>n i? t J v?.a ? ? l?M.I V/VUiJC* ?nd w.iler. As to tU<> quality of tbe work, It is uflicient to s?ty that Thos. Lewi* is the contractor and bricklayer: with him he has J. W. An? 'is carpenter; M Kmory, ston^-cutter; ironwork, 1.4 A Schneider; tinner, E. Orlndie; slater, Math. W'aite; painters. Parker and Spalding. Thk Potomac. Pi?i>wo*t, asd Vallk^Aqki - . ..ivaai. .iiTiin ? i ur Aifinnana say - The executive committee of the Potomac, l*:?dmont and Valley Agricultural Society met at t ie room of the Alexandria Library, on Wednesdiy iii" tit last, tbe President, John A Washington K*q, presiding Tbe meeting was very well attendea. a large number of tbe member* from the counties l>eing present. The affairs of the company and it* prospects were thoroughly dis(.iMted by the gentlemen present. It appear* that tbe agen's of tbe company have not yet succeeded in collecting me amount which the company de ? re as a basis of operations, and thereupon, various suggeatiotis as to methods and plans of raising a sufficient revenue were made, and It was agreed to push the work forward as vigorously ax pos*:W with a view to aecure the holding of an Agri?*iiiturti Falrduring theromlng fail. It Is thought by the Board that after the eity has expended in* men so sums to open the roads to the city with a view of attracting thither, the products 02 the improved agriculture, flue stock. Ac., of the back country, it will believe it to be quite aa important to its interests, that an opportunity be afforded tor the display of those products. and the exhibition of aurh article a* make up the commerce between town and country, and minister to the prosperity o! both. Kspet iaily waa this conaid . red to be the cane when thesr annual exhibitions would bring thousands of people to the city, whose trade would reimburse the small outlay required, runny times Alexandria cosing forward In this fcplrit, it w;:8 thought that thecitles of Georgetown aud Washington will respond In a like sp frit. In tU'.s generous rivalry for the common people of the country will, It was believed, come forward with a liberal band and thus by " a pull *itogether'" the institution lie Dlaced u}x>n an ?ndariug basis In pui*ttance or this plan, committee* Were appointed to solicit the contribution* of tne citizens of Alexandria, and to enforce upon the city council the juatlce and necessity of rorj>orate*aid in a project of au<-b vital Importance ?o tbe community A public meeting will beheld to aid In tne work and no stone left unturned to open at the ground* of the society this fall?an extensive and attractive Agricultural Fair. The work is one which merits the patronage of our ?1 tueus It Is of public usefulness and we are sure that Its iust claim* to ??>? m ? .mm w I i 11^ V Ul C \'l our people will not be disregarded With a proper reapoi.?e on the part of town and country, the projee.t will I*?much to tbeir joint benefit?a thing ^ accomplished. tr'brte or Ke?pkct to th* lat* Joseph Ualu.?Near the clos? of the regular meeting of the Bell and Everett Association of the city of W aalilngUxi, held on tue evening of the Vbtb in*Unt. Mr Winalow M. Walton remarked that be deemed-it peculiarly appropriate that tome eiCressions of tbe sentiments of the meeting should e entered upon the record* of tue Aaaociatlon in retard to the character and memory of the Litr Joser.b to whom nearly every one present had look'd ss a safe counsellor and guide In all that relate to <><-vernii)ental policy, and whom ail revered and loved as a citizen and friend He therefore submitted the following resolutions. wbi?h were unanimously adopted [ue Almighty Ruier of the Universe having removed from bis eartbly abode our late dtstln"i saed and beloved fellow-citiiea, Joseph Gales? ne u r?' a ly tit membtrs of tku A*s*ocia-? TUt tiiey deeply Lament th- death of thi? ?;rrat and _ooii man, wliotf long life was marked iv the most eminent service* to the capse of civil -r?v and free government, and by private vtrt ?t \*-at :t> justly entitle him to be ranked among the benefactors of bis race. h' soit"iy That in his death the country has lost r ie of her most distinguished and prafound Hilw n.fii tbe Anitrican ( ress its chief ornament, the ty of \Va*hiiij{ton its most illustrious and influential citizen Revived, That we will never cease to cberlsb I it,. i - -?- . .. ... civu polity and ettuca, so eloqueutlv enforced upon two generations ty tbia gifted expounder of constitutional ! (and th# precepts of the Fathers of the Republic, but will e<deavw, to the extent of our ability, to enlarge the sphere of their influence until the wuui> uatlon sl.all acknowledge their wisdom aud gratefully receive toem aa the governing prim i pies of their political action #t? 'ilrtd, That the Secretary of this Association transmit a < opy of these resolutions to the ftmily <>f tb>- deceased aa an expression of its sympathy with them in their present affliction. AS Ot*T*A??03l A FlMALB IN AlXOIl F^CiU On Thursday nigbt a reap*-. Ui!>le woman, wlii takes !u aewiujj and wuIim lor the support of ber family, waa (ro*aln^ the Armory lot, on her return front work. when *be waa encountered by four men. whoaeirrd h?-r and baudled ber very ron^iiiy, teinug b? r they would kill ber if ah? rr.ade any aot? They then carried ber by force arrioatbe lot to the lower portion of It,where tbey attempted to r'clate her i*-rmn Her acreama, hMtw, htppllj drew the attention of two men v. lt? were iMwiiijj duwa Seventh and thev went ortt in thai direction; At the villain* i?d on their *f>j>roa?-b. and were not recognized. It seems tbat these ulght prowlers have ( banned the seeue of their rascalities from the Smithsonian ?'roaud* to the Armory lot, and It is to be hoped ti.e police will look to their movements. and that, like otb' r* of their kind, they may be sent to l{t>e?u?ville, to aid la the culture of the Corpora tin*) ,mmrn*! ,, Tl.?-a 11.. W#- ?w- ?* -* , gn?*viiai a I i*"?C <7CIHK ?u u u" I*aHU , firtl.rr aoutb or raat than the Smitbaonian grou nda it tbe night be at all cloudy ever* opportunity is -">>rdt*d lor the perpetration of r>oberiea and out' f?ge? nut to siealio* tbe di?' iltiea encountered by |ritiiM walking of avoiding guttarsand falling ?v?r ro?igb place* at tbe rroaamg of the streets in rum Ea?t*?ji Hra*ch ?On the ^ith :.i?Uut. Jos J Berkley, of tfc? tttxth Ward, wtuU wadUtg a>.ruas the fca?tern Branch. warn 1 * *u ?"*tb the cramps, and wa* drowned b?f< K "Msaeee eoeld reech btm Hj? body was recov?*d and bnrifd He waa In the 41st vrar of bis *K*. ?"d leav.* a family I ~ i Boat Rc* Ovu It a StiamM?Osi Man I pRowjiib ? V?terd*v morning, the (trainer St. , naviug uu uutra ids Mrtbodnt ITpls- i Copal Sabbath School of Washington. on a pleasure excursion. started from her wharf ju?t aa a row boat put out from the schooaar Industry, which laid In the stream. The boat was loaded with thirty-three bushels of wheat, intended for the Floneer Mill*, and had on board Cant Wilkinson and a band named Ja? H Olive. The boatmen up|>o*ed that they would have time ta rrons the steamer's how in safety, but she came up too fast | for them Her lar>xtard paddle wheel struck the hont. anjl stove in Its bow, at the same time tbe force of the blow aud the swell ovrturnrd It, and left the two occupanta struggling with tbe swell* under tbe stern of the steamer As soon as the boat passed. Capt. Wilkinson watt seen clinging to tbe upturned boat Olive bad disappeared He was not a good swimmer, and soon drowned 1 In the swells Tbe arcldent was witnessed by hundreds upon the wharf, and a number of boats at once put out to the relief of tbe survivor of the catastrophe, tbe ? - o * * w\mi hi ^np*. navis, or in** sonooner Mary Francis, first reaching the spot, pi< ked up Captain Wilkinson Th?t steamer stopped jwUt, but started strain as soon aa Captain \\ was safe Captain \V says that be held up his band to the pilot of the steamer, and halloed to hlrn to stop the boat, In time. Lad his request been complied with, to have prevented the accident The young man drowned is a resident of King George county, Virginia He was about <1 ye?rs of age, and unmarried His brother, a lad of some 1*2 years of age, was on board tbe schooner at the time of the accident The body was recovered in the after- 1 noon, ana a Coroner'a lnauest immediately held, k id tue jury, upon a full bearing of the evidence, returned n verdict that '-J. H Olive came to hla death by drowning, which waa the result of great neg igruceon tbe part of theolllcers of theateaiwr St. Nicholas, which rau into tbe boat of Capt. Wilkinson ' A warrant was iaaned for the arrest of the captain and pilot of tbe steamer by tbe Corcner.?Alex, (iazette. We learn from a gentleman who wu on the ate.-\mer. that the captain of the S*.. Nicholas signalized tbe men in the boat to keep away, as they I wne who a dngle oar and could not ex' pect to f?ss the steamer'* bow at the speed ?he was going. Finding that the boatmen were determined to attempt to pan around the steamer, the captain directed the backing of the wheel*: the boat passed the steamer's bow close up, and tbe draught of the wheel drew her within reach of the paddle, which struck her and overturned her. One of the boatmen saved himself by clingi ntr t> -> 1 *' ? - " " " ...s .v. uva>, iuc uiaer struggled ror a moment, ami seemed to have been struck with the wheel, ti rned over on bis back and then disappeared The passengers who witnessed the occurrence have drawn up a statement of the affair, and entirely exonerate the captain of the steamer from any blame whatever The statement will be published. CutMiSAL Cocet.?The following cases were disposed of in tbe Criminal Court yesterday and the day before: Ann Thomas, charged with stealing sundry articles of jewelry from Sydney De Camp. Acquitted. John Peifer, accused of malicious mischief. Acquitted Margaret Griffln, accused of committing an asnult and battery on Margaret Dunawin. AcM . 1? I < i^UiUCU Michael Boucher, charged with an auault and battery on Patrick Scanlin Acquitted. Win Johnson, charged with an assault and battery on W W. McNair Found guilty, and sentenced to four months in jail. \Ym. Loinax, charged with an assault and battery on Ann Dougherty. Prosecuting witness In this case testified that she kefps a little store, and that defendant owed her a little bill He came to pay it, and declared that she charged hiin too much She told him he was a liar He retorted that she was one. She replied that he was a d d liar, and If he didn't leaye the stnre ?h? ?mnM w? ?* _?.?, t. vuiu uittou u10 urau nc allowed he'd j>o out when he pleased Witness seized a knife, and retreated to the kitchen and stirred the cofl'ee with it. Defendant flammed a boy down on the counter, saying that was all he owed, and all he would pay. Witness rushed out. knife in hand, and cuased defendant, and picked up a stone, which defendant41 dared" her to throw at him. Witness wouldn't take a "dare"' from nobody; would stride her mother, if her mother should "dare"' her Witness threw the stone at defendant, and hit him. Counsel for defendant.?May it please the Court: 1 will otter no testimony on the part of the de- I r. J. ?"" ? ! ?. i am wining for the Jury to take the case on the testimony of the prosecuting witness alone. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. John Kllason, John HaV tier, and Joseph Rannev, accused of rioting. Found guilty of an aflray only. Ann Clark, charged with stealing jewelry of the value of 8^76. from Kmma C. B\ Thompson Verdict guilty as indicted, and motion entered for a new trial by defendant's counsel iiihn Pitk?. ??Ss ? - . -..r, mm nr-orfjr i#<31iiiix, accus^a or larceny ami found guilty >ent*iiccd to eighteen months esu ti in the penitentiary Caroline Adams, charged with keeplug a disorderly house. Verdict of acquittal Ti - lay ?Thomas Baltimore (colored) was put to trial on a c Uar^e of att-mptiug to set lire to a house occupied bv bitn and owned by Mrs Cratg. in the Si*tb Ward, near Blagden's wharf. Tiif jury returned a verdk-t of acquittal on the ground that the prisoner is insane. CoRlESPoNhEXct? W*?hi?oto?c. July 25, 1?00 To Hi* Honor H'r/i T Dor*. Mayor of Washington? :*ir I am Informed by Mr Ilall that you rvfnw to arant (x-rmlnloa to trt-. t a liberty pole In any public pU-e overwbicb tLe municipal auI'**** "** * * Mnn.MV* u?*c any cumroi. Am I correctly inforu.-d ' An early reply will oblige, very respectfully, 1, Clkpha^k, Secretary Republican Association. Mayo*'* orrict. July 25, 1-<Wi. Lttris Cltj hamt, Efq!*ir I have received your note of this date, inquiring whether it in true that 1 have refused permission u? ?rwt ? ? v. ? ? * i |"'*r la any public piace over wbich the municipal authorities have anv control, find state, in reply thereto. th*t no ujjicial application Lias been madcto me for the purpose indicated 1 may add. however, that I am not at all disposed to sanction obstructions of this or any other nature in any of the streets, lanes, or alleys'of this city. With regard to the Dublir qualified control which bai been delegated to this Corporation does not, in niv judgment, authorize such permission Respectfully, Wm T. Dovb, Acting Mayor. Thi KxrcRmo* to Glymo*t ? A company of members mid friends of the Methodist Knlscopal Church South made an excursion to (Jlvmont, yesterdav, ou the steamer St N icholas," where tUey spent the d?y pleasantly, and without tbe occurrence of anv thing to seriously disturb their pleasure while tlinre The excursion was for the benefit of the Sunday Sci >ol, and no doubt yielded a handsome sum it was supposed that abont eight hundred persons were on the steamer. . mv . uxcucBii were u perfect as an energetic and experienced committee could make them, and were faithfully adhered to. Tbeaports. music, (vocal and Instrumental), Ac , were highly Sratifying. The unfortunate accident at Alexanrla Wharf, an account of which will be found elsewhere, wu witueaced by. a number of the company, and served to dampen their feelings; but tbe company generally speak of the trip aa a very pleaaant excursion. During the day, four I children were christened by the paator of tbe [ church, the Rev. Dr Proctor. Th* Lat* Joseph Galea ?A Washington correspondent writes: "Mr. Gales went to his place, Rckington, near the city, to reside, about the year 1827, having previously resided at his house in the city. He had been ever sfnceadding to the house or the improvements It has always been a very delightful spot As much of refined and elegant hospitality has been dispensed at Kckington as at any private residence In the country for the last thirty years. Nearly all the chief men of the MUon have, at nriom h?m? beeu glad to eajov the friendship of Mr Galea, and to accept of bis kind hospitality 1 recollect hearing Mr Uales say that when he was engaged In the Intelligencer office, while the paper was conducted by its founder,Samuel Harrison Smith, be used to walk out and ruralize la the delightful shsdrs of this spot, and then made up his mind that. If be sh<Hiid ever be able, he would own it. He did finally purchase and improve It, and thrre lived a third <>f a century in the enjoyment of all ?v..? a?i<?- J ?- - ' - .? CHUCI9 mc umiijuic, mm mere drew bis last breath " " Mrmc or thi Usios '?The exhibition of tl.e Public Scbooiaof tbe Kirit thiacity, held yeatrrday in tbe ball of tbe Smithsonian I institution, wiu made tbe occaalon of an Incident a* novel as it waa interesting, Id tbe exerdaea commonly appropriate toaucb occasions Thirty three youug Udi?a, robed in white dreaaea. and fTV?nti ner > Sb-*- - * a*-- "? * .. ... iwe w ioc r earrii baton, sang, according to appointment, a " national ionK," under the title 01 "The Union;" the words of which A-ere composed by Mr. Francis De Ha?s Janvier, of this city, aud set to music by J M. Deems We need not add that it was received with applause. In tribute as well to the author (who was present) as to its sktllful execution Camp Mbktimg ?The Camp Meeting to come off in St. Mary's county, will commence on Friday, the 3d of August, next. It wtll h* K?ui at tbe eld place. iu Mr Harris' woods, sear Leonard Town. Persons from Baltimore and Washington ritlee, who may wiab to attend, can, by landing et Foxwell's Point, to Britten's Bay, conveyances from thrre to the Camp grvuad Tbe public are Invited to attend. Th* hoowlight ucrasiow of the printers to Glymont on Monday next Is expected to be one of tbe most pleasant excursions of tbeseaara. The rrafl barf the reputation of knowing bow to enjoy tfeemeel"-* when they get a eUsce, and thia will no doubt be maintained on this occasion fee progr imme, kc.t la aaoUiar columa. t | Police MaTTtat? B?fm* Jmstiee Chirk.?Jacob ; Ilea, George Wilkin*. George Smith, and Wm. | Douglaa*. were aeTeraliy churned with cwearin? profanely In tbe public streets, and were duly flned B F Plnnnti ww aeens-d of committing a public naisance, and was flned 93 16. Btfort Justin Thompson ?The following caaea have been disposed of at tbe Fifth District Police Office, since our last report: P. Brenner, Charles Bruce, Wm McBcth, snd Win Cbew. back dri*-rs. charged with being on the stand and street,waiting f?r fares, on Sunday, tbe 22d Irmt., were each fined VI and costs Tbe defendants were all arrested by Officer Carter. Patrick Scanion, arrested by Officer Beit/ell, and charged with tislHg prorine and indecent language in the streei. was flned 94 94 D Hicks, free colored woman, charted with u?e offence, and arrested by Officer Met t sell, was fined 91 94 The two last-named offence* were committed In the tenth district, bnt tbe defendants were tried fn the fifth district, (Justice Cooper, of the former district, being absent from the city ) Warrants have been lately issued against several other persons charged with sundry violations of tbe Corporation laws. Editok Stab: Will you not do tbe citizens fflldina on ??? ? L-? p, ... . v ft * uiuu Dvcnur. uciwmi 1 liiru i and Fourth streets, the favor to call the attention of the Board of Health to the condition of the gutter in that section of the city. And while I ain writing, allow me to inquire why it is that the lamp* nre not lighted on Pennsylvanla avenue, when the moon is but a ff w days old, and ahlnes only until early bedtime' Is there not a provision for lighting the lamps the whole year round? Allow me also, the columns of your paper, to call the attention of Mayor Berrett's police force to the fact, that someone near the United States Hotel keeps about his premises a very large number of doft, which deprive the residents of that vicinity of sleep during the entire night, by their Incessant howllag and barking. Cannot something uc minr to remeay tnis. and oblige a number of July i5. Scbsceibirs [commi'sicatip. Soldi***' Home ?In visiting this really wellappointed and philanthropic Institution a few days ago, I noticed that there i> no school for the use of the families of those connected with its management. Situated as it is, this must be a source of considerable Inconvenience to them; and there is no doubt that such an addendum would be bailed as a boon. "The powers that be" are now rusticating within its most picturesque and romantic grounds, and therefore, (without waitina fnr th?? / /v-nr? ? !?? ---? ?n ?HV wwpvi Utiuu anu ?IIC* tion of Congress, which I am cure would be promptly givrn.) an application to them would be, I have little-doubt, successful. Pi er. Private Picnic at Meridian Hill.?Yesterday afternoon the most entertaining afffcir /in the I shape of a picnic) of the season came off at Meridian Hill. About fifty couple "tripped tt on the light, Acto the inspiring music of that obliging, good-looking Withers A Co. An excellent supper was Drovin*>d hv th? ?-' i t ~ J ..v . w-??UIIU manly proprietor of the grounds, Mr NVeldon. (through the medium of the renowned Jc.mi Wormley), who made every effort to add to the enjoyment of each and every one of hU guests, for which be deserves the nnlted thanks of the company. The committee were untiring in their effort* to please, and were well rewarded by the bright glances and sweet smiles of the ladies Centre Market.?This morning, our marketplace was crowded in every department An unusual number ol country dealers appeared at the stands, and offered a very extensive and excellent ] ~0 ? - - ufi'iy ui provisions irom the farms and garden* of Maryland and Virginia. The licensed dealers, with their usual energy, exhibited choice fruits and melons, froin th? more distant source* of supply. The gangways were filled with purchasers at an early hour, and a lively demand continued till the close of the morning market The hay market was very largely supplied, but the demand was not as lively as we nave seen The price* ranged froin 60to-0c. per 100 lbs Good order prevailed during the market hours. Boy Overboard ?During the confusion incident upon the accident upon the river at Alexandria, yesterday, a little lad named Frank Pbiilips son of Mf UKim? ?>? ? * - .... luiinpB, wuu rrman on Water sirett. was accidentally knocked overboard from Fowle's Wharf. He wa? soon reacued bowever. and sustained no injury beyond a thorough ducking. Axotrkx of the popular gift exhibition* at Odd Fellows' Hall, take* place tbi? evening, with an increase la the value of gifta. and other j new attractions. In addition to the usual music, there will be introduced the celebrated -'Great | Kaatern Mareb, ' composed by W.Bartta, performed by Prof. St heel, and C. G. Bird, leader Doh't forobt the plc-nic of the Friendship I.odge and Ridgely hncampm^nt, which takes I lace on Mondav nett .it a 1?1 L' j ?, .....iwvwii i Jtuuu. r ib?? extensive and judicious preparations which hare been made, It prouiis<-a to be one of the most successful affair* of the kind ever given at that delightful retreat. La Fbtb Cbampitii ?Mr. Walter, an experienced caterer for the publlc'i amusement, an nouncea in another coluuin au entertainment under the above title, at the Washington City liard^na. on Monday, August G. S-e advertisement, In amusement column. By am advhtiskmkjt in another column ft will be seen that the tteamer Phenlx will run hourly on Sunday from the Navy Yard to Alexan dria. Thi At.rxamdkia Kifi.emkn returned home yeaterday morning, from Cmpeper Court Huuie, where, they say, they had a moat delightful time Hollowsy's Pill*. HiLior* Fkvir ? This dangerous disease t* immediately nipped in the hud !>y a timely use of these anti-febrile and corrective medicines ; tiiey purify tun si-cretion* of the iive-, renovate the stomach, and cleanse the blood Thousands who would have ?unk heai'Htli the violence <>f this fever have heen restored to health (>y the use of the lemedieM, alter a!! other meaijK had failed. fold ny all Druggist*, at 25c., 62o., and 91 per uu*. jjr 27-1 w Mobk Hvmk Tiktihoxt. Boston, April IV, 1852, No. *H I nion it. >1*. Situ \V. Fowl*? Drar Sir: Your inv&lua hlemedicine, 1 can truly my. ha* literally snatched me from tna grave l.ast July i was attacked by a ?u<lden fold, which resiilU-d tua very iievere cough, with v.oleiit pain* in tho vide and chest I liecainf* no much reduced that iny friends Irtvnkly told me that I must die. At this crisis 1 heard or Wiiiar'* Balxim of Willi Chtrry and immediately gent for & t>..ttie. The eUect produced ?ai unit ed wonderful. My physician, one of the iiK?*t renp?ct?bl? iit Boston, who had previously told me that a cure was hopeless, caine in, and I informed him what i had taken. He examined the Balsam and advised me to continue the use of it, since whicn time 1 have continued to improve daily ; and the same physician who had given me up told me, a few days since, that I might yet live many yean. Respectfully, Mart Rowi. We can cheerfully testify to the truth of th' above s'at merit, Mrs. Rowe havint been an inmate of our tairtUy. Willi** Desnstt, Mahth* Dennett. None genuine unlet* sipned 1. Bctts ou the wrapper. Prepared bjr 8. W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giitnan, 8. C. Ford, jr., #. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Sehwarxc, Nairn A Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealer* everywhere. jy A-lw,r Somethim that Nevbb Fail*.?We hear agftod deal through the pre** of "infallible" medicines, but the only reliable proof* of the real excellence of a medical preparation are its cale*. In this re lj-.*-"' c? n * ' evovh nwcater j aiOTTiarri BWCT9 UBIf 001Vtp#lltion. No ourative ever attained the ume popularity in the same time. Seven yearna*o it was not kaown outside of private practice. Now th? sales amount to over two thousand bottles a 'lay. Every agent of the proprietor makes the same report: cures marvelous?confidence of the people in the preparation stronger every day?demand continually increasing. Letters pour in by every mail announcing its wonderful effects in Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, General Debility, Diarrhcpa, Dysentery, and all oomplaints of the stomach and exoret ry rgans. It is not only efficient but palatable being he most agreeable of all the Bitters at present before the public. Eor sale by druggists and dealera generally everysre. * * Mirn's Mi&acolou* VniD Dsstsotis, the oldest and beat remedy known for exterminating Rate and Mioe. Cockroaches. Bum, Anta, Muaquitoea, Fleaa, Motha,Grain-Worms and Gardenlneecta. fT^Prinoipal Depot, 613 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all X>ruggiata everywhere. ma l>-3m Ltos'p MAeirrric I*s*ct Powdi* El terminates Bed Bote, Roaches, Ticks, Anta, Garden Insects, Ac. It eoniatii* no Poiton Ltos's Maomitic Pills Are Certain Doath to Rats and Mioa. Sold everywhere. ap9-3m Homeopathic Rbmidik* All of Dr. Humphrey! h Co.'s speoific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family UN, in boxes, at 25 and an cents each. Also, in eaiiea, containing 20 rials, from 94 to 9< each, with book of full directions. For sale By Z. 0. Oilman, 840 Fa. avenue, wholesale and retail ag<*nt; W . A. Fitzgerald, 343 north F street: also by F. B. Winter, north corner i>t K street and V?rmont avenue. Also, Pond'* Ertratt of Wittk Haxtl, for internal and external inflammations of ail kinoa. Sold as above. mai ly papit's TKicorHUova ta iae omi ana oheap^it article for Dreaaing, Bmiittfying, Claanaing, Carting, Preumni and Re* toring the Hair. Ladiea, try lL Bold bj ail Drug f i*U and P erf u mere mar 12-Sm warn* On the*th inatant, in Salem, Fauquier county, ; Va . JENNIE MASsSIETinKnt daughter of the < K er. J C. and Jennie G ranbery, agedfmont he a d 19 day a. On tbe 2Mb inatast, after a ahort bat painful illneea, of teething, the only daughter of Lewi a a d 1 Francea tfaoe. aged 5 month* and ltdaya. Dearest Doia. thou haat left, us ; We thy loaa do deeply feel; Bat 'Ua (iod that hath bereft ue? ? gt oaa ?U our sorrowt heal, f ? TO WIW.T STAR. I C7- That nluible and popular family journal* the Wikxlt 0tab, full a* ntuai of Metropolitan nrm and goal p. and choice literary reading, la J now on onr counter ready for delivery to th? public. Embraced in Its entertaining contents are the following article*: Having a Lertr?a potm. fcy Alit* Cmrty, Tkt Unfrmnen Champion?a rtry M(tr?(i?r *?wjr; Original Letter from Japanese Tommy; A Steam Wagon in Sam Fmnet*co; The Whirl of Fortune -?* "musing reminiscence of Loitu Sapoleon; Hote :he Old Mam's Monty dors?an orxgmal po*m; The Emglisk Press <m the Primce'i Vtsit; A Sickles Affair in lotea; The Patterson-Bonaparte Family; Advice to Shopkeeper*; Advent of the Mosquito?a poem; The Chicago Zouaves?their drill im Madison Square, Kew York; The London Times on the American Army in General, and Gen. Harney in Particular; Sale of W?* E. Burton's Theatrical Wardrobe; Great Re.rtrml Meeting at Belfast; A Fourth of July Balloon Trip; A Parody on ? Johm Ander ?om my Joe John: An Astronomer's View of (Ac j Universe; Iron Bridges; The Cause of a Catastrophe; Perilous Balloon Asctnsion; Rights of A"eutrals During ike Chinese War; A new Japanese Excitement; Th* Africans at Key West?their departure far Liberia; Burning of the Pennsylvania on James River?three lives lost; The Confession of Harden, The Marriage Question in Maryland: The Landing of 850 Africans on the Island of Cuba; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Operations of the Patent Ojfice; Award of Medals and Premiums to the Pupils of the Second and Third District Schools; A Putlic School Examination; Accounts of the Great Meteor of a week Ago; Proceedings of the Citv Councils. Meettnv of tkt. Jackson Democratic Association; The Cast of Ludim A. Bargy. The Policy of the Douglas Party; Paying for tknr Whistle; Death of the Venerable Joseph Halts? his funeral obit quits, (ft ; The Erection of Political Poles on tlu Public Grounds; The Speech of the Current Canvass; Simmering Dotm; Hote the Land Lays; The " to Pay; The Proposed Jotnt Ticket in A'?ir York, The World Coming to an End; Department Sews; Editorials; Washington Netes and Gossip; Local Intelligence, fe > tc ! Late Notes, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary article I, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. I bis li jnst the paper above all other* for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 91 25 per annum; pottage prepaid by stamps when so arranged FOR SALE~AyD"RENT7~ [For otktr "For Salt and Rent" mdvtrtitemtntt, see firn page ] U'OR RKNT-A two-story BRICK HOUSE. N?. r 7 9. on OrMn street. To a good tenan the ront will l>e moderate. For terms npplv to JOHN' H. McDA> I ELS, oarpeutrr, next do"f. j) 2B 3t LH'RN'ISHED HOUSE OR ROOMS FOR " RENT on very modern? terms. Apply at 4*?9 E street, between 31 and 4th sts. it 27-3t* POR R ENT?A large ROOM, in which a school r has been kept for the last seven rears, over Rightstine's Confectionery. in the Northern Lit erties Inquire on the premises. jjr 26 3t* fpOR RKNT-A lar^e doul.le BRICK HOl ^F, containing 11 rooms and passage, with stahland carriage house: also a pump of water in the \ard: on Eleventh st., near L st. For terms lntiuire of GEORGE T. LANG LEY, on L s'., near I onr ? AOr.? 1. u? * " " ' boviun 0b. JV 1^1 II LMtK SALK OR RENT-A BRICK DWKLLP INIi HOUSK, on Sixth street we?t, hetweer M ami N north. No. 'iSO, containing ei*ht rooms and a kitchen. P<>siesaioa given immediately. Apply next door north. j y 25-1 w* FVIR RKNT-A three-story BRICK HOI SK. containing 1ft rooms, on the corner ol Third and C street*, Capitol Hill, north. Term* mo-Jer ate. Ac?l* on the preini?-?, or ef JAS. COLEMAN, Watchman at the Capitol. jy 24 6t* LH?K SALK-A desirable BKICK DWKLMN(i r anil LOT, *stuat'd on the north side of I street nor'h, between 2"th and 21 nt ots For term*. Ac., apply toJAS C. McOl lRK A. CO., Auction and Commission Merchants. jy 23-6t FOR RKNT-A three story BRICK DWKI. LING HOl'SK.on H ?t between 12th and 13th sts., No 4t>4. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 47fi 12th street jy IB-tf 8TORK Ft>R RKNT, at No. 320 Seventh *t."3 doors ab<>Ye States Office. Apply to J. ROSKN THAI.. jy 16 COR RKNT--A tipw tnH unntp F HOUSE will b? for r?nt in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street. Iiotwoen Georgia aver.ue ami K at., Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attaahed, a pump of g..o<l water n ar. and contains 4 room*, kitchen and w< od?he<l. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anything Inquire of T. K. CI.AKK. Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 61$ H at., between 4th and 5th. jy 16 F< )R R F.N T?Two comfortable three-stc ry b< ick HOUSES, si* rooms and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh si., between B and C. Rent .f 12 *?> p''r montfi Apply to GEO. F. HUGUELY, at F 8. Myera* Office, Eighth at. jy U 1m* nriR RI'VT T.n ko.iiA.1 ? _ o r? i r> ir rva. > ? * m wo irvnu?llUI UC W IJ iV I V> rv HOUS^ S, on Eighth st eet west, between M and N streets no'th. we?t side. Apply to MARY C. HA1SLIP. No. 3"?1 Ninth street weit, or l)r KEASiiKV, So. 333 Pa. avenue, between 9th and Iflth ?treet?. jy 12-5w* 7TH WARD IN THE FIELD! (i HE AT REDUCTION Iff PRICES. HENNING."7th *t , Island, n selling a'l kind*of ^Sl'MMKR CLOTHING. HAI Sar<1 S^CAl'S. and exclusively SCMMKRWI HOOTS and SHOES, at about coit.f 1 tor cash Silk N?ek Ties for 25 cents, worth 50, Paper Collar, Hi for 25 cut*. Linen Collars, Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers. Hosieij. Ac., Straw Goods, very oheap, r t A- 1 1 1 L. i ? -A ? Iiiumi IIU'KH, will BIK1 IIIBCK Iirci usiicri III 91.29, " brown Gaiters, at 75 cent#, " Mornoo? Heel Boots, at #1.25 " do. do. Jl, " do. no heel do IScentt. " do. HeelSlippers, from 75 cents np. * do. Slipper* and Busks. at75 cents, Gents' Patent Leather Shoes and Gaiters, at $1.25, Youths Gaiters, #1, Boys' do , $1 25, A fiu? lot of home made Patent Leather Phoes. at Il.w price*. Many other kinds on hand, in which great bar gains may be expected. Call early. jy 24 ^t N EIGHTH ational exhibition. At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept.Utk-iuK. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition on the ground* lit>ar<i|Iv provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the beet style. There will be Halls and Tents for the display of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY,TOOLS, DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA TIVE WIN ES: with Stalls and Pens for HORSES. CATTLK, SHEEP, and SWINE; and an uneqoalfed Traok,one mile in length and forty feet in width, for the exhibition of Horses The Premiums offered?in cash,?sold, silver, and bronze medals,?diplomas and oeitificates, amount 820,000. The Exhibition will remain open from Wednes day,the 12th. to Thursday, the ?<h, ot September, thus giving time to examine and test the iiupls inenU and machinery. For premium lists or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 3*6 Pa. avenue, (up stairs ;)or to the subscriber,at Cincinnati, Ohio. I Dt V DOU I l.'tr ???? - > un.i. rr<i\!ii>i jjr 24 tf 8ec'f U. S. Agricultural Society. FFlCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Waihikotox, Juiy 18,1860 NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVES. That, agree ably to the provisions of the mdiuanoe of tae Corporation approved May t* lafln.the undersigned u now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fe? of nfur cents, to i"?pect. examln , test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of any gas meter in u*e in Uus city." Every meter, iffound incorrect, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set in i's place. If proved to be acoarate in i:s measurement of (as, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in post'ioa (or nse. Offioe No 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel low?'Hali ) Osen from 8 a. m . to 5 p. m. CHARi.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, io *r * ? ^ ? * ? j? <>> u inspector ua eeaier ot vu Meters. LIFE OF LINOOLN.-The Life and Publio S-mofs of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, with a portrait on steel, to which is added a biosraphloil sk*toh of Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, by D W. Bart lett; price 91. Just pnhlished and for sale at ibe Meuopo ttan Bookstore of PlilLP A SOLOMON. 338 Pa.a*. Jf 23 Sole asents for Lanreuce's Stationery. Aft, National soap and candle WORKS, Utiii Stbbit. Btlwttn Bruit* and Water strttlt, Orortetown, D. C. A large stockof CANDLES, Brown, Family, CMtiU and Fancy SOAPS, , . TALLOWAiSdf GREASE for Looomotirea, Htpmnboati, and a ! kinds of machinery, alwaye on hand, and for aale at pnpe* _ to suit the uad* iy JO- otf0' B JEWKU" p'0>n<"or, * GEORGETOWN. Otrrttfarndtm? / IV Sw? 6?o?#itow?, July S-. wm. The Baltimore Sun of veateiday morning InarrU as original mattrr from alr^andr.a, Id a conSilcaoua pi* ? u lb? bnd of Ha colnoana. o .t ccoquan letter of the day before, 'word for word1' and "Une for liite," even to the alight chang>-a made in the pbraarulag j of the original ?II?I IB CUU||B|. ? C UK OUJ V U> M) M> UK managers of that p iper that the plagiarism wss so palpable it was noticed and comment*! ou br manr intelligent r?ad<-rs here, and that such a course meets no favor, and vrUl gain no friends for tae s?un in this community, at least We hare this morning seen another letter from the same source in Occoquan. datnd yesterday. ! which it is stated that the community were ex- I eitedly awaiting the advent of th? Invading force Not a word 1s said of submission on the part of the Underwood party," ouljr a hope expres^d bv th*-iu that the Governor will protrct the p<4e, and that Gen liubton. as h?' dots, two ^ waiiiwH ?i uiih ?m renpoaaiouiiy umw um State government. will feel constrained to act againat his feeling*, and obey the order* of Gov L<*trher It ia ?!?<> *tated that on Thursday nijlt some sympathizing ladies marched to the pole, intending to <ut it dowi, in order to deprive the Invadert of that pleaaure, but tbev were pre vetted from doing ao by their male friend* Both boarda of our City Council was in ataslon last evening, and adjourned about a quarter paat 10 o'clock, to meet on the tir*t Monday in December next In the Board of Common Council Mr bnplish appeared, wna qual.ikd aiid took L.? ?rai. Mr ? iiuams moved a r?-< ouaideratlou of (he police bill, but the Preaideut decided the motion to be out of order, and ao the bill?never having been ?ent to the ard of Alderman? a anility (.{ulte an aoimaU-d sectarian dla< union took place on tbe resolution exempting the lot attah-d to Trinity Church burial ground from taxation, a aynopsis of which, v? ith other matter* of Interest, will be embraced iu our regular report On the passage of tbe resolution Mr 11:11 rallMl for thft at'M *uil *w it paaaed by the following vote. Ve*i ? Meaari Dodge, Dun lop, KngUab, Few*, McCobV. Pickrrll, Stake and Williams?8. Na>a?Messta Hill, King, and Tenney?3 Tbe Georgetown Gazette, due od Wednesday last, bavin# failed to make lta appearance, we naturally inf^r that it has Kon? ltje way of its predecessors. and ceased to exist. after a 1?rief career of two months In taking leave of it, allow ua to aay that tbe untiring energy, cheerful industry, bualneaa tact, aud never-failing good humor of the junior proprietor will proltaoly eusure him success in any undertaking except that of eatab liahing a newspaper in Georgetown And it la no reproach to our citixena to say ao. for. being contiguous to Waahin^ton. and within an hour or two's travel of Baltimore, we are furnshed with papers morning and evening ae< ond to none in the country in the matter of general and local intelligence, and *dverti?nrient. *:,? Vir ia to all Intents aud purposes a Georgetown paper. With th^ advanUi/f- t<? **" 1---?? _ \ i >i wi ? ui ?u' ini^rai itrrillation la our two cities and th? adjoining counties Sv to make a Georgetown paper successful it would have to be at least equal to the Star, and conduted with such ability aa to coin pete with Washington paper* in that city, as Georgetown advertisement* are generally iutended for the readers In both cities Who has any more money to throw away :u the undertukug * The two powerful and efficient machines and the steamtug us?d by Mr Kin?hirt in dredging the channel, have, since completing their work in the lower part of the channel, been at work in front of our wharves We hope this portion oi the work will tliorniiirhlir " ' depth of water mav be equal' to that Id the channel?about 15 feet at mean tide The insurance on tbe dredging machine* expires on the tith ult , aud they will then have to be rt turned to the Government authorities As every thing relating to the resumption of work 011 the Washington Aqueduct is of Interest at this time, we may mention that Capt Ben bam and Capt Mei^s vetted the line in company, one day this week, and that since tUat time arrangements seem to be in Dropreas for an exrlv r~-<nn. mencement. It kwii to be generally underatool that Capt Benb nn will reengage moat of the aaslstants who nerved under Captain Meigs on the work. Those In want of millinery, embroidery, and dry goods, cannot do better than to call at Mr K liutnnu'i. on Ur:<lge street, where such j.oids are being off- red at coat See advertisement in another column. Considerable new wheat it now coming in. and brings from *1 'JO to ?i 4?1 ;**r bushel, crordlng to quality S*oine samples of r-d Lave been sold as tow as *1 10. The little girls of Christ Church (Protestant Episcopal) congregat on, h^ve w tti a commend a I- spirit, resolved to build a Sunday school room. ami fur th?? nnrno?a? 0\9 Miaina *" 7 f ?. /. Kwa u^ Iv?au? IWI that object. will hold a Fair on Tuesday evening next, In the school-room (formerly ,\lr Abbott's) on West street We hop*1 It will be liberally patronized by the young folks, and oldontst?o, as the young ladles are making ample arrangements for the gratification of visitors, and deserve to be ericoiir?e?-d. See advertisement Rev Mr. Tvng will preach In the market-house to-morrow (Sunday) morning, at 11 o'clock About.j?Ki beef cattle were offered at Drover's K?-at yesterday, of wbicb iUU were aold to District butchers at from S3 to per mm) 11m. tfrosa 1(10 lay over, and 1u0 were driven on to Baltimore Advertisements for the tfur left at Dr. Barnard'a, or at >o 114 Bridge street. will be prouiptiy attended to. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otker (irorgt.tovn drerttsfmrnt* set Jirft pagt y-j5?A FAIR WILL BK HKLD BY THE L.? ^ ounc Ijtriies of Christ Church eorureration at \l r. AMm U's l*ch<>oihinis?. on West rommencinn on FRIDAY BVBNHVO next. \U * interesting articles will be exhibited f??r sal". Refreshment* provided, And ample arrange merits mv to secure the comfort of visitors. jy .3-31 IpOR BOSTON ?The fast sailing clipp?r?<?hoonr er J. W. Sparer, Captain Nickt-raon, !>as arrived and is now cliMohargint: freight. For freight or passage for the above portfshe*^* will sail on Wednesday, 1st August.' appi* to HARTLUVtBEH, jy 28 4t 99 and 101 Water St., Georgetown. I S H ! iTT"-T7Z" FISH!! m I" I p II'" bbli. prime round EASTERN HERRING, Alco, 100 hbla. No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING. Now 'anding per schooner J W i*?>aver.and for sale by HARTLEY ft BKO., jy 28 St 99 and 101 Wa er ?t., Georgetown. L/OR NEW YORK-Tbe regular packet sch'rn r Yurkt.>wn. Captain W of loin. and Surprise. Captain Cole, are now ready for car ?.11 " " win POM o^niK'vr *UII ni pucn. rnr^"1 Freight appiy to McCOBB k, DODGK, 63 Water st , Georgetown. j) 27 ^ O H U M B U G ! We will commerce on Monde* next. July 3Wh. to close ojt on'entire stock ofSl'MMiiR DRKSS GOOL?S, Ac.. Ate., at PrirweCo?t for Cuh -nomore will be askod. 8Pli.ll AN k. HI NT, jy 27 eo2w 9* Bridge street. ? WOOD WANTED. DBALfiD PROPOSALS Will be received by tbe ? . i - - ? -- v; ?ri 01 ine corporation ol Georgetown, at Ma Office, until the lat dajr of August next, to furni-h about aixty fiveoordsof gi?d<>ak Wood, for the uae of the poor (taring the ensuing winter. Georgetown, D. C./July 17, I860. jj 17-eot Augl IN WARM WEATHER PREPARE FOR COLD' We are now reoeina*. and will be during the moi'th of Ausuot. l.utt) <on?of COAL, of all sises, which w* will Ml) cheap ord *re^ *f??r to lot Septcn-ber. Call earU and len.e your orders at ???.. .f>~ ?ui SON. No. 41 Water street. Georgetown. J. W P. MYlll* * CO., jy 27 2w Office cor. G and22d sta., Washin^'a. "^OTICE TO WATER CONSUMERS. Mayor's Omc*, Gimtiows,LD. C ,1 juiy z?iu, iwi. S F.XTEACT F*OM ClTT ' 'KDIM ARCES. Andbr it furth'T ortlatnti, That the Water Rot <1 bait at ali tim< s have the power and it shall be th?ir duty, to r??u ate the u>e of street wwh'i, fountains, byd ams, or other attachments to the water works aooorting as their judgment snail die tate, and the; shall have the power to shut off the water from any person or persons who shal. wtlllully diar'ca-a ttieir ??bli>ked uotioe* relating to suon attachments or the at* of the water. In aocordai o? With the above, notioe is hereby given thatfroin and after the data < f this publioa ti>>n al! fountains within the corporation linsi s mil t be slut off an J housekeepers are warned tha' anv negleo* ol their b?crants or careless waste of th? wat- r wilt bf punuhed as the ordinance provides. This notiee ia rendered nrcs'ary o? the greet ?oaicity of water ia ih? M?K?h por? on of the towr.and the Water Board will leave no means nntried to rennety the evil. jy 25 HENRV ADDISON. Mator. A B ? D r* ill! s ai/^L' iLi/?nr ' - A unnci i/DA.t^r. ID i*w n urrturujU ?*. any one who may ba doairoaa of rntariaf in a pr tr.tbia buam? aa. at*na of tha b?*t atanda in Georgetown. I offar my oatire a toot of DRY GOODS on roaaoaabte Mrmi, in ordar to m&ke * chante in my buaineaa. W. R HCRDlK. jy * In Cornar of High and Gay a*a. Having determined to change my buaineaa, 1 11 o immToc thia date to rur (-mil my enur? iiook oi UHV au2 KASCY GOOD*. H?vin? purohaaed o the mo*! fnu'kbleterma. an<imibr de?lr*aa'fo oaioa o?t * early m mmM', all wh?> may be (B want ot S?nain? , will do well to five roe a est!. W *. HUKPLF. jy 24 lm Corner of High and Gar ata. WOOD! WOOD'! a WOOD!!! STOVB amJ *TNDLING the lowec poaafble prioe. ^ T. J. ft W M. GAI/T, 28ji Pa av., betweon 11th ami 12th ?U., m? 17-tr^ worts ?i?W^ ni'u n > ntrtaTrt ! m>i ?? m m tm% m ^ - 1?11 ?!?.?? TKLKOKA PB1C. Tkr?r Utfi Later lr?m I rap# ?T Johxi. Julv*7 ?Tb#*??nT t?v of Waafe Ilgton. frooi Liverpool mi the iWI III? York. (nmmI Cipr Rirr at 4 I'ttofl *tila morn Itjf and wm boarded by tb? M?* boat of th* A*u? liM Preaa. by which mean* w* b??? ammarv of b?r advl?wa. whtrh ara three day* later No market report baa beea reeved. tbe u?'r?' abstract of tbe Liverpool and Lot doa circular* ha v . nt failed to come t< uand Tberr baa bora a fearful aianaree af CbrlaUaaa uuhkh m iih unan riv? hiMrM ktd breii k.lied, tiu ud; .f Dut b TU> American Consul Lad aiao been wounded Tbe advices irom Napies gi ve an accrual of a conflict between the troops and U?e peup.r in cm sequence of certain p?u>?iar manifestations la favor of Ibe refugees who diseubarked at Nap??? Several prsoo? bad been killed Tbe Mln'stry bad Siren disnt*?sed and a new abinet font ed An apectrir of tbe funuer palln waa MaMird on tbe I2tb Inst Tbe proclamation of Garibaldi again si tbe Boiir. U>:i?. and iii favor of V:cu>r Kmn anu?1 bad b?r distributed at Naples !* u>< ri bsutalt-ameri bad passed owr to tbe aid of Gvibaldi It 1* alto <onflrtur4 tbat Y?loo? luagoatovt to Garibaldi. 2>ArLB?, Julv U ?Tb? patriots aro constancy patrol inj; the streets Tbe modfrnU psrtv are Ml at apprebewolons coneer log th- subbing of tto? poller Inspector. * Garibaldi s pret laraat. on., >u?ed aaw-v the people, says ?Victor hu*u?i u'-l wul lead us aga.ust tu Austrlaua " ST. Jomss, July <7 ?The papers furnisfc Uie following market reporla Liraarool. J?iy U> ?Saies ?f cotton for two bealthv, hot peculation *u dorma*. I n ^ t?e weatUrr tad been favorable for toafll -. a?J tue returns exercise a beneficial lDflunnca ua Un alor k exchange. Valr (allege ? rirra*al. Nbw IUvm. July W?Vole <"<allo*e nmtn (fcenreiuent <*erc-aea cloard at ? <>'< ..* k th?* evening The degree of Harbrltx of Arta w r> nferred on N* members of the gr'ilaatlng tUe degree of Mooter of Arta upon 44 that of t i?' I Engineer upon 1. oad that of BaChalar af Lama upon e Tb> loll wwl ii# honorary 6+fr**? were conferred ?Dor-tor of Law* ipnt I'rn.drnt (>lton. of Harvard InUrnltr j Barbelor of Ar-a upon Henrf I'iwm. of tue elaaa of H?57; \lut>i <n Art* upon Judge P?rk, of tfte hnpertor ouri of this Mate. Fu?phrn O llubbard M I) of it i city. ;md upon tbe following Alumni of the Cm lege? H M l.nlt-v, mw Prof?? la ifcf Mr4le*l S boo) at Piti?n Id. Macs . \V H ?t Alli.u-r. <?f Cal . Joelnki CuHta, M l? . of Boa too; Kredertrk C Ferkina. and John C Mitchell ikfdir l>u been pteoMut, eziapt a Itybt thunder iboww tii tbe ahcrnuon The church waa crowded na usual ThMi peaking la regarded an fair, bat aot equal to aonri? ottoer otcaaiona Tba number of A *>a?ii stfkiiiff th* A liimal > " * ? 4<* " * * ? ?...? ? p. m s~m VJ (HH aw |( l ?1 W . > UK a v*?r?^e age ef M TbU number la I?m tun tbe former average by about lea liaifmrattM at a Wifiraa at Tray. Teot. V V July 2f> ? I be r? |>ui;licaa wigwam inaugurated in thia city to-nl^at baa been tbe greatest aucceaa ever achieved in a de luonalrat on here Five thouaand aaaenibied at tbe wigwam and in front of tbe ourt bouae and ?>n tbe arrival of tbe Albany and l^r.aingliurg Wide Awakct. over 1 (?<> atrcng, with3<?) more in tbe pr>-c<a?;?u, there were at leaat 15 000 peo r> I "-- ? " r ?* i u ?uv ? I- 111 * ? v u'" iiiiwi wci r Auurnw^l a tlie wiguati. tiy Mf*ri Stanton and Heaie, and in the MfrfU by Mfwri Ol:o. Townaet.d and Carroll Tbe people were wild ?itb entbaalaam Mr Stanton fiirlv riddled Douglaa. and naed up Gov Huut tuuat eJtV-ctivelf, allowing prrciarlr what tbe gentleman ltd riving at in bia programme on the ata^e Hepubllr ana are In bigii jjiee, and tbeapirit la arouaed for a aucreaaful campaign | here Vermant llemti ratio State 1 aavratiai. i-i- .*? ?i? n ? navnii Bbian, # U1J 4X1 ?i nc f?W<. r-wiMP Convention, to nominate State offlcera and electors at l?r^e, was beld bere to day Paul luihiitbam. of Water bury, presided; Me?*r? E. M i*ma!lev. of Burlington, and \N ytuan. of St Albaus were appointed Secretaries Jobn 0 S??e, of Burlington, was nominated for Governor, SUpbeu 1 bomu. of West Pair ley, for Lleutenaut Governor; James S Tborston of Montpeiler, for Treasurer fciectonal large. Isaac 0 Bowditcb, ; vl H irlington. and Paul Dillingham, of W M??rbury. I Lf Convention was la ge and ?itbu? alaatic. and unanlmoua for Dougla* and JoUnaun. >'r\rark Midr.MrtKri at uaitford liAiTrotn, July 26 ?Tfee Newark (N. J) Wide Awakea arrived in Utia city at9>) to-u'L'bt, and were received by several or.nur.d V\ :drAwakea After marchingthrough atvcral ?tm:ta, mey ^riook of a collation at City Hail, where apeer tic* vrr'f made and to&ata nffVr- J Tn mnr. row Ui' rt be a * rai.U rally of W ide-Awakea irou the Uviii ai;d citin la this vicinity A ({nod ce i! of enttiutUsni is mauife*t?A New York Mate folltics. Sineca r^tt.*, July 27.?Tbe democracy of Seneca county held an inimenaa Do ig!n ratification meeting at this place la*t night Over 3,tMJ person* were preseut Gov Church, Hon. DA. Ogdtn. A.N. Luddington, Esq , George Copway. and other*, addreaard the people Band* played, bonfire* blazed, cannon n>ared, and a splendid display of firework* took plaoe. Murder ia ( cord, N M. "" Coscoau. N.H .Jul* i; .?Tlkli mora I ng, about 5 o'clock, Janm M \V .Iumbs, a merchant of Wtrfn, .N H . si?i>{w-d up to VVyatt and gtjot him through the L< art with a revolver. Ue died iusually. Williams is under arr??t Tlie cause wm Im?U? alwtitu old debt W yatt was a young u??, aud leaves a wife and one child liltaais Palittc* CHtc*oo, July t? ?The Republican Congressional Convention of the second district, held at ?^i, I v A?ti minvth ii y. 'winiiiui' u i niuuw ivi ^vii^rcM in place of J F. Faruswortb Ctrieo, July ?? ?Froncis A. Hoffman baa withdrawn h*? resignation of the candidacy of ttm Kcpublicau p-rty fur Lieutenant Governor * Canadian Indiana nnd the frUce. Tobonto. July 2#?It is reported that various Indian tribes will meet Ute Prince of Wales at CJueenstown, C. W , a beautiful and convenient location. The Pike's Peak Express. St. Lor is, July 26 ?(be Pike s Peak express, wtoich ar.ived at bt .'ostpb uu ;he 24U?, brougbt 9Jtt,UUU la dun, the large*! amount ever received. 3Ir Dii|lat Invited te Vint Lowell Boston July 47?A nieeting beld at Lowpl! last ul^bt appointeil a ummiitlrt to lavite Mi. Uougian to viut Liuweii on Weaneaaay next New V?rk AlarktU New York, July :? -Flour It heavy; State So aS5 10; OLilo %i '23&S5 50; CoutLern Si0Us?5 W be*t la quiet, and nominally unchanged. new Southern vrbite SI 40 Corn ia buovautmnd acart h. axed 61 \a92c. Pork is dull ; jueas ?16 3?> jfiy 25, prime fl< 75.f t4.*i5 Lard is firm at liV al3*c. Wtaltky is dull Bklbntn Mtrktu. U4XTIMOB.B, July 26 ?Floor closed Ann and steady, Howard street. Obio and City M ils to 25 Wkes.1 closed active, red 91 SOal .27, white Si 3S? I 70 Corn closed stosdv; ytllow t>la65c, wblte Hi73c Provlsious closed active but firm; meas park 8'A\ rump (15. Wfilaky closed dull at A % ?*>*?. THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES, LIFE PRESERVER. COUMAL. For ?!?, vholMfcie uJ rotati (> m * c* ro*ft,frri rEu,ci,s Rkmovid to No. 34? Pa. Ar? nui Ttb St. Knoou raced hj ttw eubeiaatial aad rapidly m ervaeing popularity of Wh*eier H Wifoon'a (|iit 1(4 Fft ilv Vwi?| luaehuwe. which fur la* laatuiglit >ear? have ummUi imnpiA itly roaiuiaji r i their t uoeriunty. a 1 a lanuio i&?Ututiwa. vvw all ooiup?titor? fo popular favor, (he Aaenl W taken one of tbd tn? tot ito- latelv treclei on Pa areuue, n'-ar ?th at. wh?r? a b?aat fn. Manrt<??at of all the van out atvIp? may At all tin** he eeaa. Tnere ?r<r*tt JH <rt Unm f>*viu Maohinaa Mid > la the yoa: U5t. Ladieeiy- m vitaJ to rail a*?U ??n thnn. together with ocrtifeoatee from naio uf Ui belt citiMi.1 o( WaehiacUMi an<l Ueorfetuwn. Tu re air n tr> thwr well kixrwn and thonmrhly totr l uperiorit) If an* ladtea raa??t mil, leClnatn new I I ouriiw *t i it m.n nm? rvr . fam It in th? laud wm Hupp trd with om? of thM-9 ? ifpti Ful] instructions, both prmied mJ vert*,, mi vtn fia* of ciuu* at tba h?ta? of tl* purviiMcr P. J STfeKB, AjentTNo S4*P? a* nu?*. jy 11 lm Brtwa** 6th Ud t.h ?U. U<>?TBT TE??f* "TWMAUH Ml ITIbta!*. Mm' SsaasBMatot wBaewwcrErf'*- . lL/-r dijm UM l i ?>k?v AU?,ua?fuv?J rrait \ iMslit* J? *. JLilSL J HASo??Mdftcowapt^i MYW.V*? S- v?tith afreet. b?trK? G ? ? H. ? ?* f"* rrrtl?^w5risM-w^<7v;: I lL?48Rdxa^:.xKitiEYr^s 1 prt?*?. * -f 4J* f/ n**-lw

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