Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1860 Page 1
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# 4j?V If' <' ^ ^V 'S I ^Ur 9 I fl El ' fl XH I M^r 1 9 Vg*. XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. ttONDAY. JULY 30. 1860. N?. 2.823. THE EVENING STAR i* I PUBLTSffF-rt KVK-w , tit* I - ? nr a uuiv, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BI ILD(!10S, C*rn*r of Pennsylvania av*? U4 andWth St., t w. D. WALLACH. v?*er? aeryad ia package by camera it 94 I year, or S7 oenta pmr month. To Mi] aubaortbera the pnoe is ?3J) a year, ? *dra*te; $2 for aix month*. 91 for three montha; ud for leaa than three month* at tha rata of 1J oenta a week. 8in<le oopiea, oncUTiii wrappera, two cum. I] J~ ADvuTussnri should be aent to the oflioe Ka> Irm DA'AIAAIT ?? . .Ula?aH?a ? ? -* . . ... v:wa IV WWIWI mtmm Ml?J lumj out tpfW irnti! tie next day. Affair* ia Unicf. Our New Orleans exchange* publish a rambe r of letter* from Vera Crui and the ci'.j of Mexico, from which we glean aome additional item* of interest. Under date of Vera Crux, Julj 6, the Picayune's correspondent waites as follows: To leave oat of consideration the quarrel between Miramon and Zuloara a* tn whn ia president of their faotion, it now appears that the military prestige of the former is at an end ?his army having ignominiously retired before the Constitutional forces under Ogaion, and taken ap a defensive position in Ouadalajara. though it is even asserted that he is in full retreat apon Mexico. Upon his arriving at the Capital, he will find matters materially changed during his brief absence. His friends are at their wit's ends for money?the two great bankers npon whom he has chiefly relied -Jecker and De la Torre?having lately exploded Meanwhile, Pacheeo, the Spanish minister, has not been idle, bat with consum mate diplomatic tact has been seeking to convince all persons of respectability on aide of the army and the priesthood, what a wicked, ruining thing civil war if. Thus appealing to pocket*. if not to hearts, it is understood he has succeeded to induce a great number of influential persons to petition President Juarez to entertain proposals for peace, or at least for an armiitice. Whether Juarei will aooept anytHng short of an unconditional submission remains to be seen Certainly his experiwce of the treachery of the myrmidons of the Church should teach him caution. But the present representation cannot be said to be on the part of either the Church or the army, but I * ? ? " ? rmanmiDg raioer irom toe people. It may, therefore, be taken as indicative of the wishes of the -People's party," and if Mexico only had a sufficient number of such people, the unhappy country would soon cease to know the horrors of war. and would enter at once upon her path of prosperity and peace. Propositions instigated by a Spanish envoy to this country are, doubtless, to be taken cum grano. It may be only another ruse to gain time and lull the liberals into a fancied security, while id? oioer pmrij are making preparations to capture this devoted place by a coup de mtm in the autumn. At least the past would justify a suspicion that such may be the tactics of the party whose watchword is "religion." <?en Traga remains a Guadalajara,wounded and a prisoner. He is treated with great hardship and allowed only the rations of a common ouldier. Indeed Miratnon would have shot him. bat for the protectiou extended him by Woil, who, with a spirit that is refreshing in these days, claimed him as his prisoner, ?Dd threatened to pronounce if a hair of hi* head should be touched. Woll and I'raga campaigned together in Texas a qurter of a century ago; and it is pleasant to see that the brutaliiing practices of civil war do not alwav* ex tinguish every spark of ancient friendship Miramon was offered Gen. La Vega and twenty five other officer* in exchange for I'raga. but he refused: whereupon La Vega and the others were unconditionally set at liberty, and supplied with money to depart! Such acts should "plead as trumpet-tongued"' before the world. Wbv Do Chi lobes Di*>?The reason why children die, says Hall's Journal of Health. i.? becaa-e they are not taken care of. From the day of their birth they are stupefied with food. choked with physic, sloshed with water, suffocated in hot rooms, steamed in bed clot he* 80 mnch for indoor. When permitted to breathe a breath of pare air, once a week in rammer, and once or twice daring the colder months, only the nose is allowed to peer in day light A little later they are sent out with no clothes at all on the parts of the body which tnost need protection Bare legs, bare arms, hare neck, girted middles, with an inverted umbrella to collect the air and chill the other part of the body. A stout, strong man goes out m a cold day with gloves and overcoat, woolen fttockings. and thick double-soled boots, with cork between aDd rubbers over. The samo rliV. a rhild of thre* tmm i>1H ?n ..f flash and blood, and 'bone and constitution, goes out with shoes m thin at paper, cotton ?ocks, legs uncovered to the knee*, neck bare; an exposure which wuald disable the nurac. kill the mother outright, and wake tbe fither an invalid for weeks. And why ? To harden theui to a mode of dresn which they are never eipe~tcd to praetioe To aoeaatoin them to exposure which a doien years later would be considered downright foolery. To raise obildreu thus for tbe slaughter pen, and lay it tj the Lord is too bad. We don't think the Almighty had any hand in it And to draw comfort from the preemption that He had any agency iu the death of the child, U a pre^ ramption and profanation. A S. e!** tJi th* Hoes* or Lords ?What a pageant of splendor and of grandeur was here presented! The floor of the Hou?e was packed with wives, daughter* and sisters of the peers in fall drees tearing only a narrow space in the centar, which was occupied by peers and bishops in their scarlet robes. The entire gal lory wmcn surrounds tUe House was filltd with a row of elegaatly-dressed ladies, only broken by a line of reporters: the benches, one rising above tbe other,were filled with ladies Presently the trumpets sound, the signal that the <^ueen is approaching. She leaves the palace in her magnificent state carriage, drawn by eight cream-colored horses, attended by her Minister and household officers in carriages liKle leas sumptuous than her own, escorted l>y tbe Life Guards, all mounted ou noble black horses?tbe whole cortege forming a magnificent spectacle. In alighting from the carriage her Majesty's foot presses an electric wire, which fires a cannon in the park. The usher of the golden rod gives a signal, and suddenlv every lady in the house rises and throws off her m^Atle, and a more beautiful revelation can haraly be imagined, aurely not described. Visa Growers Cosvmmoa.?The Charleston Mercury reminds all who take an interest in hortioalture that the Convention of Vine Growers of the Uoitad States will meet in Aiken, Soath Carolina, on the 2d day of Augu?t, to disease several very important points concerning the grapes ot America, and the making of Amanean win*. All who cultivate the fruit, whether for this purpose or for table in, have been invited to attend or to forward , fruit for exhibition, accompanied with email branch and leave* of the vine, and ita name, qualities, place of rrowth. Ao All nurserysen are particularly invited to be preaent. Apart from the interest of the business which will be transacted by the Convention, there will be free exhibition of fruit of all kinds from all who will be pleased to contribute. It is suggested to persons whoee grapes are now j suaturing. and who would wish to save them lor the 21 sK U> enclose the bunches in small muslin bag*, which will keep off birds and in ^ aecta and preeorre mem in good order. Hbbcildiho or tbi Thilebiks.?The present Emperor of tho French haj so rullj improved the vicinity of the Louvre. at Pari*, that the old Palace of the Tuileriee, near by, *, lonf the reaideoe* of French nonarchs, has of late years worn the aspect of shabby-genteel poor relation among bis kinsmen of wealth and magnificence. Bnt the old Palace ii to be rejurenaud. M Waillardet. in b letter to the C<>urrier des Etats Unis, writes"The Court will no* retnrn to th? Tnileries this winter, owiag to the nee?*ity of partially rebuildiag that edifice to nmke the old Palan* mnro in harmony with the new Louvre. Daring this lime the Emperor and Empreu will re*iae at ?he E!ys?e, which bw been isolated and enterged. Ib oonaeqtenoe of the expense of this work exceeding the resources of the civil lilt, f Pr')joct hM been presented to the Corps f Lejiaietff for a lew to plaee the Imperial residence wider die ?herje of the State, and not onder that of the Crown " * *'1 ./ - i, J T Ramoiors Istiluokhce.?The Minute* of the General Aaeembly of the Presbyterian Church (New School) have just been published, and oontain the following statistical resume : Synods 1 22 Presbyteries 104 Ministers 1.523 Licentiates Candidates 300 Churches 1.428 Added on examination 5,171 Added on certificate 4.414 Communicants 134.933 Adult baptisms 1.690 Infant baptisms 3.506 Contributions to General Assembly . .$5,244 47 " Domestic Missions. .28 029 95 " Foreign Missions... .80,338 29 " Education 72,226 19 " Publication 50,994 94 The following Uble given the rates of increase of three leading communions in this country from 1800 to 1850 : Members. Members 1800. 1850. Increase Prof. Episcopal 254 1,526 6 to 1 Presb. 0 and N. 8.. 300 4.196 14 to 1 Meth. Epis. N and S. 287 5,656 IV* to 1 inemueri. Members. Increase Prot_ Episcopal 11,978 " 72,000 6 to 1 Preab. 0. and N S..40,000 337,839 8i to 1 Meth Epis. N. and S.64,894 1,160,380 171 to 1 The Second Adventists claim to bare 600 preachers, of whom 365 are classified as believers in literal life and death, and the utter and final destruction of the wieked Among these 600, 86 are pastors; most of the number are said to be constantly itinerating. Three hun dred and forty-two of them are ordained. Thej estimate their membership at 54.000. and the total of their congregations at 150,000. Post Orricx Reform in New York?The Journal of Commerce aaya : " Although Gen Dix haa been at the head of the New York post office only about aiz weeks, he haa effected some very desirable reforms in the transaction of postal business, and haa inaugurated a system of economy which will save many thousands of dollars to the Government annually ?: i uiiuivivui niuo una not ciapsed since tie assumed the office to furnish a comparison between the average monthly receipts under his administration and that of Mr Fowler, hat it is certain that they will be largely increased The gain from those sources will be over and above that made by the reduction of office expenses. without, in any degree, stinting the necessary supplies. The items for printing blanks, bills. ?c.,have been cut down about three-fourths, for stationery nearlv one-half. and for mail-bags over one-third. There ia also a Urge class of expenditures under no specific heads, where the introduction of a judicious economy is saving large sums. Thirty*ix weekly newspapers have been deprived of the advertisements of steamship departures. which are now given only to the daily press. The public, however, will remain just as well informed of those departures now as ever, for, in most cues, the advertisement* did not appear in the weeklies until after the steamships I had sailed; and it was for that reason that the postmaster concluded to cut them off from the patronage of the Department. General Dix is devoting himself assiduously and energetically to the duties of his office, and finds that tbey are neither simple n?r light. The improvement* which he has thus far introduced are probably but the precursors of others which win oe msae as occasion requires." A Volcano at Work.?A correspondent of the Alt* Californian gives the following incident of a visit to the volcano Kilauea?not the celebrated Mauna Loa?in the Sandwich Islands, thirty-six miles from Ililo : The most wonderful, and (to us) mysterious phenomenon we witnessed, was on the second day of our visit tq the orater. It was noon, 1 ? ?... I *Da we were suiing on a bigb bank at lunch. I had turned my iace in the direction of the I wind, to avoid the intense heat of the lake. I was startled by a noise like the rushing together of vast bodies of water. The natives jumped up instantly, and raising an unearthly shout, scampered ?ff in an opposite direction. Turning toward the lake, I beheld a scene r r t ? nuivu & ounn UC? Ol X, lUO, Q J*d It) TUD off some distance to escape the great heat. The whole surface of the lake was in a state of the wildest commotion. Wave clashed on ware, and all was oonfusion. Tremendous billows of fire rolled from every side of the lake, and meeting in fierce conflict around the island in the centre, broke with fury over its black sides Then, after receding again, they rushed to the onset once more, with increased force, and, meeting together, shot up inU? air perhaps one hundred feet, one vast spiral body of red liquid lava, which finally combed over and fell in graceful spray back into the lake I 1171 *l: i 1 L. * * 1 K?u. >i ueu imugi usu ix?en resioroa 10 tbeir usual order, the surface of the lake seemed to have fallen at least ten feet. Abi'rk of Human Rights.?Whilst every mail from England brings complaints of the bad prospect ol the crops and the high and increasing prices of provisions, it is strange that some sharp-witted statesman does not discover a ready road to popularity by insisting upon restoring the vast hunting grounds and forests to their proper agricultural purpose* It seems almost incredible that in a small island like England more than 50,000 acres of good land in tneaew rorest tire appropriated to the keeping of a few thousand deer, and a farm of four hundred acres employed to raise hay for the support of these deer in the winter months. The expense of keeping these deer amount* to about $260,000 per annum. This traot of land has existed in its present unprofitable state since the reign of William the Conqueror, when the district waa depopulated that he and hia suoceaaors might hare a royal hunting gr< ?n 1 The demoralisation of the population aroand these foreeta by the practices of poarching and deer-stealing is not the least deplorable effect of their present usee. Besides, in consequence of the depredation of the deer, whioh committed every variety of treapaaa, destroying the landing corn in til* summer and eating all the turnip# in the winter, agricultural improvement in the forest districts is greatlj cheeked. When food is wanted for the use of man, such a system of abuse of human rights cannot be relinquished too soon.?Baltimore American. Movbmbhts or Gik'l Wauii?The "Grayeyed' man. It appears, will aoon be on the tapis again. We lately gave an account of his arrival at, and departure from, the island of Ruatan, and It Is now slated, by a person In the confidence of Gen. Walker, that the 11111 buster chief is going back to Nicaragua and baa a proclamation a 1 prepared to be lasued the moment be enters the country, in which a peaceful policy will be announced, ana an amnesty will be granted for all past offeucea against tbe deposed President and his government The Daat Is to be whollv fori/ottrn anH tbe returning Cblef is to inaugurate a career of unexampled prosperity and progress for his favorite Nicaragua. To elude tbe vigilance of tbe menof-war stationed upon tbe Atlantic and Pacific roast, it expected that his expedition will attempt tbe Coteraao branch of tbe Sao Juan River. Fatal Mistaks ? On tbe night of the 12th. at the residence of Col. John Pope, near Memphis, a melanc baly accident occurred which resulted iu the death of one of bis sons, Leroy. aged about seventeen years. Apprehending a visit from negro burglars, Leroyand his elder brother, Andrew, r-d, late at night, to the garden with guns The* tenanted ahortlv ifbrwnl I towards tila room T^e dogs to a few moments commenced making a nolie, aud supposing that t bey Were pursuing a burglar, Andre* flrtd la ttjr direction of the noise Leroy, It seems, had at that Instant stepped Out of hit room, sod, being In range of the gun, received Its eentents,f<om the effect of which he expired some time afterward The General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church recently decided that la Inconsistent with their principles to extend commun Ion to persons connected with churchea rejecting their dUtloctlv* principles. 2 A A r> ' flMMB d -*H The Patm or thi Mktkor?The following rou^h approximate path of the meteor has been deduced oy Praf. Bond, of the Observatory of Harvard Collet;*, which may, of course, be considerably varied by other or more accurate observation* : The meteor passed over the northern part of Pennsylvania in a nearly easterly course, over or near the part of New Jersey, the south east corner of New York, and the Long Island Sound, and fell Into the ocean south east of Nantucket. It was distant about 100 roilea from Boston, when bearing south of us. it altitude was about 20 miles above the sea to the south of New Bedford Its velocity was '20 or .'10miles a second. It was 70 or HO miles from the Baltimore steamer wuusr uiasis "ii just grazed." and yet further from the observer who 'dodged It" In Waltham? fT~7" Letters recently published in Le Nord of Brussels give details of the persecutions which the Christians in Bosnia and Bulgaria have suffered at the hands of the Mohammedans. So absorbed has the Christian world been in the civil war wagi ug In Syria that this portion of the Turkish Empire has been partially overlooked, and vet the statistics given by these correspondents show that Mussulman ferocity has raged unchecked during the last spring In the district mentioned. Priest and rajahs have been imprisoned and then poisoned by order of the Turks. In the northern and northwestern parts of Bosnia there have been Imprisoned more than three thousand persona An Irishman, fishing in the rain, was ob J ^ it? t civru carnuuy Keeping Dig line under the arch of the bridge. Upon being asked the reason, he replied u follows"Sure. an' won't the tisti be crowding here to keep out of the wet. ye spalpeen?" Anns. WINSLOW, N Kxperlan ed Nora# and FemaJe Phrslotan. presents to the attention of mother*, her SOUTHING SYRUP, Far ChildrtB Tsethiu. Whtah frialiy I(Cuu;mi tba pracaaa of loathing, k* aoftaa |Q( tha (otna, ril*>: f ali m#*rooiauon? will allay ALL fain and apaarnadle uwan, and i( SFRE TO REG VLATB THE BOWELS. Dopo?a apon it, irothara, it will fiTt raat to Ta?raa>aa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wo ha t a pat ?p and a old thia arucla for ??ar tan yaara, and C4l? ?*T, in co!?riDll?r? al?D Tll'TH of it, what wa h??a navar baao able la aay of any OTHM Madieina?(tttbr mrs. Has it ?ailbd,in a nntLl vi?tinwii ,T'"CI T0 ,r" rlct a CURB, 8 whan tinialy and Navar did va know siiilTitft.U 411 inatanca of diaantiafaction by any oca wno natd it. On tba contrary,all ara IYH Jf, dol'rhtod with ita sputTlom, and a p a a ? in torma of birhaat eommandation of i? it,' I'al akaeta and madica' airtoaa. tta a;??k in .hia mi't? ' WHaT VI DO HO?," I aftartan yaara' axparianea, ar?D n.inin oil RKPL'Ta TlOfl FOR THE Fl'LriLMIRT OF WHAT WB H BR IB CLiltl In aliroat t'try inttanct whtrt tK infant it toStr | Inf Irom pain and aihaaauoo, raliaf will ba fnand to IfittB r lartnty miuattt attar tha ?jmp it a?.mioiatarad. Thia aalaabla praparation la ma praacrif tioo af ana af tha BHI BIPIRtlKCBD and tBII.FUL ll'RIII in Nlv Erf. ud, and baa baan aaad with IHriR-rniina fCCCItt IB THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It b*t miy rtht?aa tha child fr?m pain, bit iDTiyorattt tilt llamach and bowalt, eorracta acidity, and jint tana and anargy to tha whola ayattia. it will I moat inatantlv raliaaa GSIPINO III TUB BOWKLS AlfS WlND COLIC, and rrarcoma canTalaiana, which, l( iM aiaadWv ramadiad 1 and la daath. Wi| p?i?Ttittbt but ANDIL'ftBSTBBM-i FOK Bf>Yln tbt WORLD in all cuai of DTI- CHILDREN UTIRT and oiaR rh<xa lta chil- TEKTIlflfQ P***. whathar It I ariaaa fram tatthingl 1 * from anr othar I canaa Wa woaMa*r to a?ary mothar who bat a child taffinnf from any of tbt fortjou f complaint*? do hot LBT I tour prijvdicii, kob th i fr?jud|r*s ot other*, taud bttwtth yomt tnftring child and tht m >tf t^at will ba ii'RB?ym, aiiolvtilt luhb-io follow tha cat of tb | mtdicint, if tiirtly u**d. Pull dirtctioca ot aaing will r company Mtn ooui* Nun* gtnmut anlau Ui? rtc-timiU CORTll ft PERKINS. N?? frurk, u on ih. (aliid* ?r?Fp? oid by Drar jt?u throuf tioot th? world. Principal OlTiet, No. UCtdnr lirm, N. T. Friei oi?l? M Cam* por Botno. o<ll-<l*?lr GEORGETOWN ADYERTTMTS OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d,186n, th" steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain \V. H. Ritt-r will ^a "" ^ leave Georgetown EVERY TIJES & * tni r DAY. THURSDAY,and SATIR-**^* DAY, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a . m. On tie Saturday trio from Goorgetowu the boat will run through to' Shepherd utown. je 81 8m FOR HARPER'S F?- RRY.?chanue OP DA VS.?On and Mt?r July 2.1860, the steamer ANTELOPE, Capt. H. J. WRi.L?,cvrjii;? tjie United State mail. will l?*ve Georgetown EVERY MONDAY", W EDN KSL)A Y and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m.and return every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. N. B?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepheriis'.own. jn 5-2m* _ Kft JUST RECEIVED, lQU BBUS. WHISKY, (assorted,! l?n do. HERRIVia'd AI.KWIVES, 25 do. REFINED SUGARS, Whhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, e KU1. /D?..?~u> lit UITI-' HI t* n ifin?i \ u?) ut5iu / y ni i n r ph, 26 Imxxms prime Eastern CHEESE. For sale low ky JOHN J. BOOUE, je8 G-H)rK?tnwn. D, C. AGENCY FOR FAIR BANK'S SCALES IN GEORGETOWN. The nndrr?isn?l have been appointed Acnts f>.r th* sale of the alwve oHwl-rated and wk-i known PLATFORM and COINTER SCALES. A fu 1 supply oonstantly on hand and for sale at lowest &l?AV and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjoining oounties. All Scale* are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction RUSF.V * RARVARn Dealers in Agricultural Implements. je?-2m Bridge atreet 2 doors west of Hith. CM RAN DELL. OPTICIAN, So. 12* Bridf* it., tfitrnlMM, Has oonatantiv on hai:d a targe aaaortment of Frenoh Near-aighted, Periacooio, r?l- ? ?? ored, and al. other SPECTACLES*, oi^J^ the best;, in gold, ailver, ateel.and German a'tver frame*. N. It. Old F'amei Repaired and new i a?iM ?et in them to order. no W-ly JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruif. and JfJferson *<?., Oeorgtlown. Having given 1117 personal attention to thia branch of mr bu?inea?, lam prepared to , attend to all oalla with promptneaa Peraona from a diatanoe can be aupplied at a >w minute*' notioe. aa 1 have a large assortment of CuFFl NS ai ways on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d( ad from the old to the now banal gronnda. Hearse* and Horaea for hire. &p MASBKY, COLLINS k. CO.'S PHILADKL 1*1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonatantly rMAivinc frMh rvdbIim nf th?t-hnM rice, and invite all persona who want a pare unadulterated Ale. to rive it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, fnt IT flrwn ?t.. Georgetown. 486 PAPKRHANQ1NQ9. Ac. Fine, Medium, and Low-priced PAPERH ANfiINGS. WINDOW SHADFS, FIRKBOtRD PRINTS, PICTURE CtiRD and TASSKLS. Ao , at reduoed prices. Remnants of low-priced Paper* and Window Shades, at greatly reduced prices Order* for Paperhanging and Window Shades executed with skill and dispatch, in city or ooantry. Please give me a call. Don't forest the number. J MARKRITKR. No. 486 Seventh st . 8 doors above jy 31 eo6t* Odd Fello?s' Hall. A u B!XX ALE AND XXX ALK!! The yvrest and moat wholeaome Ala in this city is fbe obtained at the WASHINGTON DREWRY. This Ale is made from malt and hoaa only Md oannot ail to cira entire satisfaction to oon ramara. C. COLINEAO, Proprietor of tha it Mt WuIi'd nnmmr K *n<t TTth ?ta. PRIME COST.?Organdie, Jaoonet, Barege, Grenadine, and Silk Robes, from tvo to nine flounoes, at first ooat. We will from this day forward offer our entire took of the above good at cost; no more will be a?krd for any oftham. We have gone through our Dress Goods and marked down most of this kind of coods; and wa reepeolfuliT solicit all in want of rion Dress Roods, at vary low prioee, to an examination of our atoak. ^ tri ? .... i ? t ? muTHiWIW. NM U WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO D? inform the public and hi* friends that he bu on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels quite a sew style. Also Monument Head Stones, Table Tops, fco., which he has to dispose of at prioes to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ins 22-Smeo Pa. av.. bet, nth and ltth su. tTRKNCH LACK MANTLES AND POINTS r Para'ols, San 8hvl??, and (San Umbrellas, Thread, Vnienoines, Swiss and Cambric Edgings, Honiton, Guypnre, and French worked Collate, Linen.s Camt.ric, Swiss and Thread S*ts, Coiored Tarltnns,Swiss, Cambnc J<ux?nett, ?1. Nansook and pi*nf Nansook Muslins, ery, GIoy-s, Gauntlstts, Black Silk Mitts, Sta. Forsalelow bj > 17 TAYLOR k, HUTCHISON mci!Tj.*>i? Utif*ton!? U.*no u??/io *??>.''''wd*"'" JUH'< rPlANOs FOR RENT, from half a dollar to $6 Mr month. Alto, great bargains in Second hand P'?a i#yr J~~~ . H08TOM ICE. I ST received p?r aohoonwt R.Gilfiiian Marr H Bank*. N?v Jsra?r. H?ulm.h ft7?u..J7 4MMI 40MMMi ft i AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. T'RJ "TEH* SALE OF A PAKTor X TptACT 1 OF LANDo^led'Feter'a Mill S^at." aituated n the count* of Wa?hiBgton. on the Piney Branch io?ii Mil about three mile* from the oitj of Vaaainjton, being apart of tii? property known toa Pine; Branch Trotting Coor??. Bt virtue of two deedaoftrnat, one bearinr date Q or aboat thr 9th daj <>f Auoit, lgSR. and reordfld in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 159, folios 34", et seq., o? ot the'ani reocrds of the oonnty of Washing ta, in the District of Colombia, and the other baring dat* on or about the Mth da? of Mar >&5"t ai reoorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 177. folios 4M, et eq., also one of the land records of *aid county, I wll proceed to sell at pnblic Motion to the hif h at bider.on TUESDAY, the7th day of Auutt, I860, at ifcif pMt 6 o'clock p. m., on the premises, "a l tha part of a tract of land called 'Petei's Mill 8?t/ situate, lying, and beioc in the oouotv of V*shin?ton, ia the District or Columbia, and on t>? vest side of the Pmey Branch roau. coots., ned wthm the following inet*s and bounds, to wit: Bftcinring for the sam* at a "tone, No 4, planted m west line of said road, f?r,the northeast oomvof a lot of said land laid off to Hays Pp ak man.jort rnnninfl-from thenoe north sixty-one aud a half iefreas, we?t fifty six and forty-four hundredths jerehes, witli ^pe?kmaL S n rth line. t?? a j XI. Q .? *1 * C _ A ? * ?vu^( imo iiuiiaw?Biouraoroi5peMrain i larger lo'anri the the beginning of hi* *mallerlot. then* e nnning north thirty and a halfdegreei. ea?t twenty-SRht and a half perches to a ?take in the outh lin? of a ro*d twefttf-hvefret wide, and theea't i'e of t*p<*akman's sniat ?r tot, wher? i? plants aatone No. 5; thence ruining south ixtvone and t ha f degrees, east fifty nine perchesand four and ?ne hundredth of ap*roh to a ?tak" in ths . west lineof th? Piney B<aoh road; thenon with said welt lll'Adf HA id pin?f Urmiftll rnin in ? line to th? p ace ofliecinninc, "on butting t?n aorea and th rtj six p<*rohes of land,' mora or leaa; together rith the improvements thereon, which consist oft new, rpaoiona, and well-bui't t?o-etory K < am' Dwelling house, stabling, sheds, aud oat houvea I ems of sale: On* third oash; the in 6 at.<J 12 nonths, for whioh tho purchasf-r wi'i be reSuiredto give his notes bearing interest f'om the Air r? f la a nH aa/tnrc/l K? m A a.\,l ?>>. ? .. . tmwmj VI IMIV? ?liu QWHI VU UJ WB UCCTI VI VI UBl U ^ UU bllU pre-" ism. i*houU the purchaser fa.!I Xo comply with the frrrrs a sale withiu five dats after the da? of sa *, the t'aitee rmerv-i the rifiht to re*? 1 tatd property, at tJv risk and oost ot the defaulting pureed ser, up?n givin* five days previous put) io no ire by advcTtiseinout, in some newspaper published in tneci'j of Washinnt-n. of the tune, plao", and terms <f such re'ale. All oonveyanoes at the eost of the purchaser. _ R. H. LASKKY Trusts jy i3-?o&ds A GRKfcN. Amt By A. GREEN Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND It*IMI?*OVM> | I'ROrXHTT ON Till ISLASI) AT A CCTIoJf.?On THURSDAY the 2d day of August next. 1 shsll foII. in Pon' of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m.. that valuable propert* known as the residence of the iate Fet-r Cazanov?, d??ceas-d it bein* all of !*qu&'e N->.233, containing about fb 0?-?? square fe t of ground with the improvements, which consist of a handtome fir?t class f anis Cottage Dwelling Hifitee, ontaioing euht eonvenientijr arranged rooms, da ry, smoke house, stable, carriage ard a'l other nee*ssa y out houses, a puinp o e*oellcnt water in :he yard. This propeity is handsomely ltuattd, *nd bounded by Fourteenth street west, s >utn 1) and Water street-, and considered one of t'ie most healthy ana pleasant private residences in the oity l... a k.U...M... I k.i? ?t u unuuouiuo UllUIIIK KUlBt WI "K 'WO i^O. 1.7,8,9,10, anil 15, in Square No 3&5. These beautiful and elevated building lota are on Thirteenauti a-half and Fourteenth atreeta vert, and C and P atreeta aouth, and preaent many induoeinenta t<> fe-aona wiahinc to purehaae a hanuaome building iteor make a Rood investment. The aaie wuloommenoe on the building lota in square 265 Terma: One fourth eaah; balance in 6.1?. 18 and 24 moutha, the purchaaera to give no to* for the deferred paymenta, bearing int*rea?. fiom the day of a\le A deed given ai d a de*d of truet taken. Title inoiaputable. Ail oonvejanoing a'the on at of trie purchaaer M. K. DANGER FIELD, Residuary Deviaee. jy 24 eodAda A- QREKN, Aant. \| * Ri?HAL'S SALE ?tn virtue of 'wo wriUof I V I ft Ar 1 fo/iiac i k * ? " I ... n*i ( iavH?r-f inou' U V VICIft _ UmV VI tie Circuit Court of th* District ofColunhil.for the county of Washington, and to me directed, I will expose to puldio pale for oaah, in froi.t f the court house door, of said oounty. on M ON DAY, 6th day of A Uf ust next, 1?6 >. at 12 o'clock m ,a I defendant^ right, titie. claim and interest m and to tue loljowing de?criu?*d propel t?. to Wit, via: L,<>t No 3, in Square No. 7f*j, and lot No. a**, in S*qaare No. W>l, together with all and singular the i mprovements thereon. sei*?d and levied upyn as th?- property of Juliana Harry and James C. Rarr*. and wiH be sold to patiify jadioials Not. 1-^ and 19?, to May term I8j9, in avor of Anthony Ad?lison. \V SKI.DKN. U. u. Marshal for the District of Coluoi\ua. jy13 dtd* MARSHA l/8SA.LK.-ln Virtue..I 3 vnti oi fl?n facias isvuad from the Clerk* ofhaeof the Circuit t;unrt of rhe District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, anJ to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, in front of the court house door of ?aid oc.nnty, on MONDAY. th? 6th day of August n'xt, IWi,at lio'olook m .all d-fend*nt's rieht.ti?l?,cl ?>nr< and interest ii' and to Lot .No. li, in J?q nare No. 732, in the ei'y of Wa?hinn'on. It. C.. totethnr with alt an 1 singular the improvement* ...I . ?i ' VIIOICVU, u'-is-u aii'i io*iru op'>u &? Tproperty oi Chia. H Van Patt?>n,?r.d will be sold to catisfr .Indicia'* No* 78 and 79, to Ootob?rtarm IMS, in fkvor ol John. VV. Thompson aud Z. D tiilmao W 8KLOEN. jy lS-dfi U. 8. Marnhal lor Diatriot of ColumbiaEDUCATIONAL. Thk second annual sk-sion of %_i _ f it nrvn ? i: _? 1 - mr. tS n v- kj ?i o ^ fMigUsn arm tJlBMCM Hifh School will oommenoe on th? first Momlar in September next. Applications should be mad a nJulj.a* the number of pupils is limited. For lfrins, Ac. s?e circulars, Ac., or call *t Mr. C.'a tesnlenoe, No 303 Sixth street, near New York avenu< - iy M-eo3w^ COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, No. 4 7 6 asvB>'TU IT., Orposiie tke General Post Ofut, Washington Citjr. Armorian Systann of Penmanship, Booakeepinc, Mmcantile Forma and Ca! nlatioua. Basineta 1,'nrreapondeno*, Billa of Exehanie, Current Kills, Commission Salea, Gran mar and Arithmetic. fTTA Prroarator* Claaa for Boss. ii^ Lftdiea will bw instructed in fins penman?hJLP Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms applv at the Rooms. ma24-3m WM. W YOUNG A CO. The union female academy. Niw Arbasgbment. This well-known and popular xeminarr, whioh has t>een so suoces?ful under the entire rare of Mrs. 7. Richards for more than ten years. will be apennd on the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICHARDS, in the well arranged and delightfully boated Union Academy Building. For partto ulars. we** mrcuari ai mi me hook mores. m*a tl MRS. McCOR .ICR'S SCHOOL. R8. McCORMICK deairea to inform h?i friend* and the pubiie generally that rbe will reaama the duties of her Sohooi on the lat Monday in September next. The oourae of atndy pursued will oompnaeall the branohea reaunite to a thorough English education. In addition to her a&j aoholars. she ia desirous of reoemng into her nmily a few joaila aa boarders axed from 10 to 14 years. who will do under her iatmediate oareand oversight. tier arrangements for the aooommodatioc ai.d doe oare of pupils have been oousideraJly increa?-d and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring aartioalar information with reference to her aohool may apply toW.D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner particular* apply at hn rtaidenoe?No. St Cameron street, Alexandria, Va t.r-tf __ W<? A 8 FIXTURES. e Have in (tore, and are dai.jr receiving, BAS FIXTUR SS of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in "trie to anything heretofore offered in this market. We inviteoititens general It tooall and examine our stock of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS A McGHAN. mar 5-tf 37* D street. Francis harper, HAVING orKNXD K family grocery and feed store, Ctrser nf Xmlr York icmu nmA T*m tk Respectfully solicit* the patronage ?f th?se who mar b? in want of any article in the above line. His eraleavcrs shall be to pieaset and by a strict attention to the wants of the pubho, he hopes to merit a share of their patronage. Hit took consists of every article usually to be found in a first-class Family Grooery end Feed Store. re* 17-tf Dm RY GOODS CHEAP FOR THE MILLION! Gall early and get bargains. We o^inmenee today telling off all Fancy D*e*s Si'ks, O ft and y Rob**, Barege Kobes. trenoh Lawn*,and Organdy Musha*. Tij the tard. Figured at.a P ain Ha rages, at greatly reduoed prices, many at half priee. to redaoe stock this mouth. Also, in store a full stock of first e>ase S!&p e and Domestic Goods, adapted to the general wants of familiee, all of wi. ion we are wiling ?t the loweat o??h ?nc?a. J W COLLEY k CO., iT 10 MK 593 Serabth at.. tbove P*. ? . 4A/A(iaiNttTON 8EWINO ROOMS*. 9tA nH nw do*r* Ntrth tfr*. 4m. How la the time to gat SPRING ud SUMMER SHIRTS m&de aj? to onler. The aobaor.ber ia prepared to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Ao.,M tha P*lHf " ?.#* f. a IOTU CLOTHING, fee. S~ EL LING OFF AT COST! In ord?r to decrease rat stock I have det?rinin*<1 to clone out thebalaace of m* SL'MMKW CLOTHING at cost All in want of dimmer ('lothinc ar? respectful'? mnted to oail at No. 460 r*#r^nth at , opposite Post Oic<\ and see tne (treat re<Ju -trn ia Summer T.i>thinr it 12-', m SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE | The favorit* r?*ort for WHITK SILPHIR ??? SPRINGS, Mountain Air. iDTiKoraCUMBERLAND CO , wSl.1\!%t Pennsylvania. Good Society and a Good Table. Accommokatiors rom pt,r particular* aend 300 for Circular. OWENi*. CI-RNDKNTEH MS LOW. IN A VIS*?CHER, je 7 lltw CmvlitU Swrim**, Pa. ANALOHfAN KhTKhAT, J.M. UK ASAlOtTAtt IM-ASP, Orpositt lietrfttown and Wa*ku?rfn The anbscnbera having ieaaed for a erra of yeara thia beautiful and romantic iwt.i)??nxlA . . A it for tee aoooinmoriatinn of the euNie on the Slit day of May, l?6fi. For beauty aeenery, delightful prou,enables, fkahiug. &o , i?anlea ua superior vater, it la uuaurpaeeed in the Union. Th* Houae ta largeand eommodioua, having b**a entirely renovated It baa a large Dancing Palnoa attac.ied to the house, bea dee Dining an ' Dreeamg Kiwnn for both la-U-a ano gentlemen la addition aplendid Arbora detao ed from the Wulid n*a Partiea, Families and lnd.vtduaia will find it a moat deal able p ace t<> paaa the sultry da?? of summer. aa every attention ariH be guarantied t?? the proprietor*. The stMCte?t police arrangements wi r t*? enforced, and poi ti al discussions will be prohibited The Larder will he found to oontain all the de loaoies ol the mmul at al< time*. The ?*ar will be fu-n;sh?d with the ohoioest Liquor* and * in"* and the fin'st ftegars. Societies, Snndar >*oboo!?. Club* and Mibtar* CoiRranx will find thin the most deslr&hie res rt near the metropolis for spending a p.eassnt and or dcHrda*. C7"Children unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, will be excluded from the grouoJs. ftnnmng and dogs prohibited. JX7" Ho*ts will leave the 'oot of Hi?h street, Georgetown- and G street, Washington, hoar!?, from ? o c ock a. m. ti ! 12 p. m , daily. Pe'sors p'eferrinca peasant wa k can reaoh the Island via the Aqueduct. We solicit the public to ludge for themselves, and ie*i assuror ol giving le >9eotfJACOB W.POWF.R-* k CO. SCHMIDT'S SUMMER OARDKN.-?'u Sixth I sfroet, between O and av.,4 . . i may be found at a'l times on* of the most yr^Ay popular, gei lal, urbane, and intelligent Restaurant Keepers, who backs up his reputation witli LAUER B - ER from the Citt of Bkothiri v Love. Piu'adelphia ; with BRAND1K.8 7 om the choicest vine)ardu of France ; with WI N KS unexcelled on the hill* of the Rhiue; a'd with an article of WHISKY which macb strongly of the true tiavor of th?- Mononeahela and Bourw?n Fa.arable a* either of theee may be individually, he has sought to make them still more eo hi the erection the rear grounds <?f his favorite establishment of a spaciou A/hor, where his guests by day may enioT the cool breexe and be free from "or* too anient rays; and, at "the witciun* h<>or <>( night," quaff h?? ic#-cool Lager without lear of naving their eniovment dampened bv the falling dew. Such inducement* will, doubtless. cauin* many 01" our readera to drop in and take a note if nothing else.' and, most like.y, many of t ioae who go Will goagam. In addition te all thia, he ha? injured the Pros peri brothers and*heir associate*to discourse their choicest pieces <>f music Every \Ved;.es<is* and Saturday evening. j? lo-lm WASHINGTON V? CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER, Proprietor. A'ftp York axenut, btttrun Ut and 2d sts. In o&llina the attention of the public to my r rounds 1 would state that every arrantcm-nt ha? A . . A be?n made to make this '"Retreat" niurcVirmV attractive every day. Mondays the . dena *r? opet. to the public tree of charge?h coiic rt given by a select band. Th"se desiring ton joy tke danoe and walt? wi I find the saloon in complete order to render pleasure to all. Or ?th? r days tke proprietor will cheerfully grant th? us- ?< the ground* lor fonool or older no mo fk. Uei viUi oat oharge. I-or the amnaement of children he hu introduced a number of little garr .*e, never before been in thia oitv, and o*!ou!ated at the same time to amuae the "old foika." N. B.?Attached i* my Bottling Eatabhahm* nt, and familtea oan ?e auppiied with any quanta/ at their'eaiaenoe. of that hea.thfui Urink. LAOt R BK12R. upon ahort notioa. j* 15 3m Msalt watkr bathing. ARSHALL'8 PA Vfl.loN. iMuurt'a Land itg) will be open for the rec-ption of vibi 1 . . A tor? on the 13th of June. Thia ?lelightfn! fTSBk reao t for thoe? aeeking hea'th and plea>- IfiSl ore, i? unexoeiied li* any f!aoe of th? kind mi th* Potomac river It m situated ab ut one hand red miles from Washington immediately on the Potomac, and in lull view of ttie Ch^sap^ake Ba*. and famous for fin* Oysters, Fofl Grab*, Bheephead. and other Fieh. and ea ily accessible b' the stenm >oati pljir.t between Washington, Haiti-" re aii<i Norfolk. The undersigned lias maoe additional improvements in nia Bath Houses and many other improvements to the oomf.rrtand ei.joyment of kis ku-bU. The Bathinc cannot be surpassed. Sa *u aid Antlinc and p entv of Fishing and Sailing Boat* free of charge. Vie has spared no exo#n?? it. nr., Tiding % food Cotillon Band or in laying in hi* alock of ohoice Widm, Li^uora.Seeare. ?c.,*ni for tho*> who wish to avoid exrrorne fk*luon tuO to aeek a rrtired p voe whore they can make the-nfivw at homo, tnere la not a mor? pleasant piac in th? United !*t?taa. The proprietor pledge* hiniaelf t"al notking thai! be left undone on hi* part t render them ao. Terma for board: ftl 50 p-r day, for'era than a w*ek; for a longer time, J1.2S per < ay; $10 per month. Peraona wishing to addrcaa the i>r?< prietor will direot to Leouardtown, St. Mari'? oounty, Md. je?-3?" R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor WOOD AND COAL. O O D AND COAL Delivered to *11 parts of the oity, at the lowett possible rates. T J.Jfc W. M. GALT, Office 393 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts , ma 17-tf north sule. THE 9UB8CRIBF.R HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of Ft EL, is prepared to Mil at a very Vow Score for oash WOOD Sawed and Split any sise. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES. Wood and C?>ai Dealar, ma It B. F. corner of Foartaanth and C sta. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Office SiciiTiitT or thk Si*atx U. July 11, I860. \ Sialic Pkofosals will be received at thia ofcoe till 12 n'olock m . on Monday, the sxh m taut, for furnishing for th* u?? of the Bfnau ktro hundred ton* beet white A?h Furnace Coa' w< fiftv oorda beat atraitht Pine Wood. The whole to be paoked t*?T >n the fault* of the Capitol, in p aoea which will i*e ahown on application to the Engineer in the aervine of the Senate, and to he delivered by the 15th S?pteia???r rext Bond* for jhe laithful exe cution of the ooatraot wi>l be reeaired. Bios for the Coai and the Wood will he son idered eeparately, and aatiafaotory arr*.n*ementa muat be made for the eorreotm*aaaremeiit of both. ASBL'RY DICKINS, fj H-dt3f>th of tb? ?>ewat?. A OneatKoenU per month One at W do. do. PIANO One at At do. "neatllM do. FOR One at f2 do. One at #3 SO do. RENT. And np to # do. JOHN P. ELLIS, if SI Pa. av? between ?th and Oth at*. P NOTICE. KB SONS Deolinmr fcjusekeepiag or having a surplss of household rfnuH oao find r?sJj Ml* by wi* at my Furnishing Store, 4J?(? Tth street, be"*Wfcll mlCELY. \f THK NEW KOO&8. ? 1?1 ARY OF LORAlNE. by James Grant; prios 50 OSDtS. Castl* Richmond, by Anthony Trollop* ; $1. A ntobiographioal Recollection, by the lateChas. Eobert Leslie. R A.; with a Preparatory F.s ay oa fslie aa an artist, and seleodons from his oorreapondenee, by Tom Taylor, K?q ; f 1 25. The Thr?e C.lerks, by Anthony TroUope; 41. For sal* at PHIT.P a Rnt nwnvai Metropolitan Book-tore. 33'i Pa- a*.. Betwaoe 9th ana 10th at*. Solaarent* for Laarene*'* Stationery, to. ? II HICK?-RING 4 HON*' WORLD REsovned PiANOS, only fnr aale by su*> riber, at wh?M extenove w a re-oo in > ?<.n will find a! way* a largest ?)k. em hrao ?" * tng rrrrr ran?ty, ?tyle,pr??* of Pia' afo *al* u#on i?il term* or diaooaut lor oaah. Piauo* also from otaar |o?H i^aker*. Piano* (or hira. JOHN F. F.I.LIS. Piano ami Muaio IWi?f, 306 Pa. a* , between 9tn ar a 10th eta. m* ?. ? - - -? * - ~ - -* - -- raaaio aw oj mu irw? tu puu. HMMI lo?tra?7yV HN? * BUECBELL. *?'. M ? I ???????I?????? I THE WEEKLY STAR - T T Tli miu?t Fmu; Ntwi JotrM<-*<? t&iBinc ? imtw r?nit? talMMtiM ?*b ou h*f???4ia UT oUfi? ? Mb'mh#* Batarter Monii*?. TK*W??TW?4, Bmi???n<rwunaa. ?- ? ? . ?in??|Mi * ] Tw+rX, c'tptm.. 13 Z Bt MtMonbint In olaha rtind tmon d?i(htvor* Without Ut istrrvMitl"D ol ft Mi will b? peroeiTw! t" p*r <x>?t of TV Wtkh 5l?? wiM h? MV?d. It imr?k>t wirtiim ?k? * w %?tiinfln* N?w?" tl>%l ku Tkt grtmtmt Stmt* o ( aarallj throughout tb? rvutry. JLT9in?;* oopi*? t to wr*pf?r? oca b* pr?x>?r*d at th? counter. imrti <nat*.? ?ft?r the ih?? ?>f Prio??THRKfc CKNTt* |fT Po?tm?itri w v> irt m h*bU will b? iu wrsl a eomnioiul of 21 owu. FOR SALE AND RENT. nni A A I.K A lull FiBM afltMTM ilutNl r at til* Little Fa. ?. binni a oomfi?rtahie d wei ing-hoaee. oo n hoaea. MfthM, ?e ; waii-fei.i d and watered; within foar atilee of Washinaton . J# aoret in ealti ration, the baianoe it handsome waod land. It is peculiarly dovirable a* a eoantry r*( dance. being perfectly healthy and mmt romantically sitnated iexoelleut fettling and hunting. Inquire of >ifr.M*hlloTT, artit*fcaayr,Caatn IRdi*. Little Falls dev>awtf VALl'* lit.fc KAhM, MoCii CK'tep. IM PLKMF.NTS kc Ac, FOR 5ALt OR KXCHAN'.K FOR i.MPRoVKlt CITY rROr? F.R T V.?The in tonw^uow* uf at ta ability to *ive that poreonal an*" ion to hi* Pa n wh ah it reqairee. offers it. together with hit at?ck of hre hriMKl M?r>-t. ("olts Cows, Hun, |r?wit| crept, impltmenU, Ac. aow e? tht premise*, either lor lit or exchange for imsrored City proyrtT. The Farm <vntiii?? on* hundred and ixijr six acre*, it looated la Montgomery Coanty. Mair'aad. distant ten mites f om Washington. on th? Rro< levihe TB"-?'pike. 'he beet road leading out of Washington It is deemed unnecessary to etOi r into a minute description of the Farm, as it is r e timed no one won d pnrehaee wittoet iret vteiti??g ? "? T . ^ mmnj WI I . nl?wr v-< , olMarfailT h#fiv?n upon app!;cat <mW< WILLIAM K ST! BBS. 32H K atrwt. batwtwn ISk and Htti. WMhiBflfln Cltf. VV. It Wa! ach Editor of th? S?ar. kn vi U?? Farm *?l! an* will Monrd foil luformati * eon c?rr.iui iltoftnr m?nr?r. I* a ?ot( . . l/< >R RENT -A throe .to-r BRICK H ?l*V. r on H otrwt. 4th and ,ith Also. ? t?m It.try BKICK COl'TAGfc. w>U> tarden. eornm of Tennei???? avenn* and north F ?tre+t. surrounded h* a larff* oowimnn pasture. and vottld ( # a d??im hie location for a dauiuiM. luqui of C UIRHK.. 446 12 h st. j) 1^-eolm' i^OUNTR . KKtM DKNCK KOK HALK.?Thr? v and a half a rea of Land aitua;*d at Bailejr'? X r. ads at thn int>.rm?oti<>n nf turn i"n unit. ?.?i and ueatbart tumpm**, six milea fr-im MotkiuV'n and 5 from Ah iiD^rit. The iwprmreaiecta oonai?t of* ho tin*. onntaimnK 141 r<>'>uM. MMa oorn boua?. rim , to. The >ard la wen ?i s' dinih tr*#e end n%? 11 it an xo?il?nt well of w*t*r. Kor furtii r particular* i?i on tt>? pr'Tiiiaea u. \\ M 'AY *Kf or t?JNO. DUWLIN0. t ?*..?* A. ti. S.? (i K. ?{ Marahal '? unction ruomt, WMhinito*. l> C. The described poperty fill b* Bold low for ca?h. Iv < *n4w' F^OK RK\T-TIi? tlr?c *tory |!ifom front" \o. St>7 New York venue. h?t*wn 10th and 11th ?tre?ta. nor'h aide, rontaimnc fcft-en room* Thia horn* ia conveni'-nt to th* Patent Of fice. Trm?ary. etc : ia iichtad by ?ai. and in ever? ?a? auitab e for a tioardiQx hou*e. Rent rno era'e. a ? a ... a r/\ it r* n _ . npi'iT li' .M i:""-, nr A 1* r Un Lniv, W n*i' ,J tier north win* of Patent Offioa iy 14-tf ffOR RFM-TI* fine FR*MK HOISK known WF'iich Kvmi' Houw,'' ntuatVon M st. north, nn and I'th strweU, No. Atfrt. >ne of the mc?t desirable private resideno^e in Washington This h n*e is surrounded by fruit trees and great numbers of currant bashes of \a rious kinds, an<1 fiiie >h?de trees, ?ith ls.nuo feet of c onnd. wailed in A pplr 10 J. C. COOK Kicfctri tl betweea D and E. j? 12 tl F'OR RK\T-Three BRICK HOI ^KS-om * Twelfth ?lr?rt. between C and D; one oa the corner <>f Tflftl and H ?ts. ; and one on H, be twe?r> 15th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMKS W. H A RKKK. on H betweea 11th aad l*h No. iUi. m*?tr L'UR Kk.M-AUrer ?lurj FKAXb MOI^fc, r on Eleventh st'eet. I>etwe**n I aud K Ii autre of.M. $N VI?KR. at the t*tamt> nc a?>d Gas Fitt n* F-i\t> lsiiaent of C. harder, next door to the t*t*' office ma 34 tf h^oR RENT- riiat r.ewan<1 we: &rrtii|?d UirM tor* BRICK IJOl'SE. No. l*.t,on O ftrort, between Ith and2f?th sts., First Ward, late It occupied by Mr. BoriiKoo, KuMitn Legation. ("oh s fionrivea immediately. Inquire ol Mr. SOUTH EY S. PARKKR.nMtdnor wit. mi lt-?MI hl^UR R KM-A sma. ?l'(iKK,i rifWvfWiit, and P?nn. avenue. umW the Clarendon Mot*!, suitable for a barber's saloon or cigar store F?r information inquire at the Hotel. ma' 90 FOR RKNT?The FIRST FLOOR immediately cpposite tbe ?mt wiqgof tbe City Hat.,reoently occupied by Chaa. S v*al!aeh as an office. Also the front room id the moo?4 story and the third floor of the nine baiirfin*. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACHTn'o. S Louisiana arenae. ja IS tf SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGRE9B.n Two splendid suites ol ROOMS, elegantly furnished, will l>? rented durmj: the session ol Cobcieea, in the moat desirable ittoalih in this city, being within one or two squares of Brown'i and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of s?ch Roonis nil do well to make ear y app ication at No. 37 ? nh street, betweer. D street and Pa. a*. defi tl r A RRTITTK VATTiiRIPN Washington carriage hctory, D Strtft, bftwtrnitk nmi l?l* Street f. We have I Hit iiutked s nt?b?r o( fcrat olwi CARRIAGES, auoli u Lmkt n<K?rJE|? IVi*"*.*, Pork Pkmtrmt, Fnmt'.v IfJtL-'Sli nac and Huettts, whtoh we will a?l t'? " ?vef milli profit. Being pract cal mechantee in different br?nch*a of the huain'ee, we flatter o?reelv?e that we know the atyiae and qua.i'y of work that i i give aa:<a fvMion. combining lightneaa, oomfort and durabiity. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the ahorteat u ti e aid nioet reasonable oha'ree. WALTER, K ARM ANN k BOPP, PnAilhrnRirikra uanaaa/^ra Ia VV m T Q M T CARRIAGES. HE Sttbaenber harinc made aridmona to hi laotory, makinc it now ont of the tithe Diatnot, wuare hit tacu?ti?a ; nai nlactUHn/<*AR RIAGK It l.I'J WAttOSSnf all kind* nannot he ei.rpuM4.u4 from hit lonx experience ia to* oaaijea*, be Lopaa to five reuera! atitfanuou. All kiDda or Carriacea and Lif ht Wmodi kept IU(t. A PEPAIR8neatT<ena,aada:.erd?r?pre?p? r attended to. .sr ?* "^^MKaE'wsrtw&? * M M ?~>mr ' Utfc ul V ate TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Boots and rhoks to suit this TIMga. We w? DOW maiiBffcciurini all kinds of BOOTS and SHOW, and oonstantlv reoei vinx supply of auit'ru mad? work of ?v?rt d* Hj teriptto", made 'iprtu'T to order, *ud he sold at % much lover prioethaa >,% bean' heretofore c(i?rged in this citj for jisok infant r fcrtiol ot< Person* in v?ot ?f HooU and Hafllfc of ?Mt*rv or sit? made work, will alwav> f ?da r??nd uK>fn er.t la store and at the loweet pri?i fiire a oa. . GRIFFIN JL BRO . >14 raanaylrama >??we. S'JLTHERN TRl'?WK manufactory. ? ? Tra Orwont* Odd t'elim**' Halt. UT*'kirn turn. D. C. Travelers will stvdv tfceir interests 0> maim my TRUNK*. VAlIlCfc> to .before pa/ mmnm e ifwerf As I as* none but thiHnVI best Mtertai Um Market affbnls aid emptor^"** Wt? vurkaao, 1 ou oaMeatty moMMd bit work to b? superior in Strtmg.k ar.d Lhirubtlit* to Trvnks that are mad* in other oitiea and cold her*. 1 twp constant!j on baud, anu m*kf u. ardor ion one week's noUoe) rrery deeoriptien of SOLE LEATHER, IKON VRAM F FtCENrfi DRESS mmd WOOD BOl Th USES; ASHLAND mmd 0tUr TALICES; TRAYKL1NQ BAGS, HaE NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *c? #e. Trjuu, *c.. R*f?M aad Cwtn4, in a vork man Tike maimer. at short notion Trunk* delivered m an; part of tfco oity, OeorgeSSniii&abter'* FAMlLY rim lfc-l? XUEII THMiM lie?tnin?; lightnin6 ! In tims or pkack, purai roi wul P. La BAR* K. SmUihii drair o< IM4?U C?U? PLATINA-mffiSBTSuffr?MNG ROM. K??p*>?tfVlj uin<i?D?fi to U? M>'iM *?f " uhioi ton and vieinity that bo n prepared to xoealo all orders for ersetJn* Lightning CvadMUirao? tk? mutt approved Mpaatile principles, o- diUiMmI of MM rsry bast ofnin?'ia!i,o? ?ary M<x.eraW torai. All Platina tipped Points vhiohars gaoi&eUr?3 ? ???. fr ?< ? BONN'S LIBRARY BKRIFB, INCLUDING twMvh'C niMl'a' Ann^HriaaTiiitra t^A ?ktl ?1~- I L'L> i T - _ * Bnt'?h Claa?c Librarisa. A a?riea of Standard Worka aooaratalT mtad and at low pnoM Now work* a-t aMM to ?M wriM nan north Air*oliia?mar bakailMt antely, an^ haek vo'bbi ?? cat d? a'waya mumMm!. .?. ^aarreteac61 SN Pa at.Vt. Nk Mil ra )0? ftot# acaota f-t 1 a?tat>o??rT, CA standard black TKA. du chfcbts standard black tka Hav* bM>a r?o<> m Tfcia taa n a*?*'' ?!?; ?>' na ?' c-nU *?r r> "d ^ akait or atkarvi?. WtfcaroarMit lot wiH o->at aa a.or? ?oa#i KIN? * BUKCHELL. Fift?ti>ii at wi4 V?n?nl ** NKWMUSC* Kwhr* Mw-VMfc.,, m* for ?ac4?d b? Mil tr? of p??t*?? f U .> *>*N P. SLL18

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