Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1860 Page 2
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t ? THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY JIIT SO, 1MO pirii ! the Ntritai PrtH. m The draws a rontrut between "the party of Breckinridge and the party of Lincoln,'i arrt *fgues that the Douglaa men are trying Uj elect Lincoln Thu 7 m t *f 11 t> m { n X J . rtl ? - - ? .,,T^nr, 1*1 icf iy w m iricuaiy urine ijii ?f tbe New York World, vindicate* it* persiatenl and commenable policy of not giving daily profine editorial artidea, when there if nothing of Importance to write about, merely for the a&ke of tiling up with forred, uncalled for, and conse. queatly uninteresting editorials, apace that migbt be occupied with more acceptable selected matter. WASHINGTON IIJEWS iRD GOSSIP. 9kbtchb* or 9cxxsb Tiitil. [Editorial C*rrispon4?*e of Tkt Star ] (No. ?.] July 28, ieoo. Tib Vallbt or tbb Patap?co abd Aujacb.vt ViBwt, 4c. The Relay House does not appear to be is much resorted to this season as formerly, suffering In the mutations of popular favor perhaps, though its proximity to Baltimore and Washington must ever make it attractive to those who would breathe purer air than that of the city for a few boars. My trip of this morning up the narrow and precipitous valley of the Patapaco, was doubly pleasant; because the rail track winding through It Is In better condition just now tban I ever before knew it, and because the Company, living up to the spirit of the times, have availed themselves of all late improvements of tbe traveler's romfort and convenience in the arrangement of their passenger csrs. TV.- ?if- -* ? - - m uc uuuinuui in i isj UJH1S, WOrKSDOpS, ftrd factories Madding the river's banks, give evidence in their condition, and the life of the busy bives peopling them, In sight from the cars, of the prosperity of Maryland's manufactures; jo ay nothing of the style of building for which this particular part of my route is famous?the most substantial in America out of a large city. From the railroad itself to the most unpretending country store, everything seems constructed to last for centuries. This is not the case along the line of any other American railroad. The Railroad Como|^p, by-the-bv, is steadily progressing wnii tor nercmenn wor* ol removing, or rather Improving, all the heretofore too narrow rock cuts in tbi* portion of its greatest American enterprise. The overhanging crags, suspended perhaps ttfty feet between heaven and earth, which were wont In times past to cause the traveler ? hold his breath when being whirled along the Patapsco's banks, are thus fast passing away; giving place to space for th? extra rail track from end to end. which the increasing business of the I x>amuiore ana uaio tiailroed has rendered absolutely necessary When a youth I was employed in the original construction of an early made portion of this road, and having In my mind's eye the rugged and desolate appearance of this valley when it was but a cover for woodcock, as it were, euchainrd between a! mot .m passable barren cra^s, st dy of its altered appearance at this day tells me more forcibly of the industrial march of our country, than my pen can expreM %.* -A *-?-1 ~ nin m cunivawoie square loot or ground it unreclaimed, nor does a natural advantage now remain to be unappropriated to a useful purpose Nothing can serve better to diapel from the Northern popular mind the delusion of the de. leterioua effect of slave labor on the sound progress of? region's industry, than a trip per rail through the valley of the Patapsco He must be mentally "blind who fails to realize that its so substantially improved condition is the result of the application of the highest order of mechanical agricultural and scientitl intelligence, as well as of general industry and turift rp.;ssed anywhere In the I nion Could the half-starved shoemakers of Massachusetts look into tb? eyes rf their laboring bretnren here, tiiey would realize at a fiance the fact tLnt. iu the midit ?f Afr can tiaveholding society only, in this country, is the white laborer the true freeman and independent <~i*:z< n, knowing no political superior, and uever in fear of intrusion upon his real rights, or of in'islts offered to the dignity of hia position as an Independent member of the community. A* the train progresses further up this valley, 1 am more forcibly struck with the changes made in tbe location of this lower division of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad; costing immense sums, evidently, but of money capitally laid out, as the decreaMd wear and tear of the road and its machinery, in proportion to tbe business it tr m?cta, prove*. The ridge dividing the water* of tbe Patapaco and Potomac, traversed by this ruod, is at this season a charming country, cultivate with most commendable care, and of course ' yielding boantlful returns, a* wherever else in the I United States gre*tcare Is exercised in agricultural operations. The land is diversified gracefully with hill and valley, and field aud grove The progressing oat harvest gilds everything one sees around this ridge with its warm and genial lu?ter. The first fair view of the imposing Blue Ridge Is ou crossing the Monocacy at the Frederick Junction, from whence, until its first uoror is ? > W re<l at tLe Point of Rocka. the road gradually near* it. Tbe petit? Bull Ron range also there make* ita first appearance on tbe left hand, form ing a graceful background to the extensive view of highly cultivated plain of the Piedmont country just here, than which no other in America is more lovely. As we rapidly near the Blue Ridge the proapectof highly cultivated *pd eitensive farms, interspersed wttn groves of timber of origi-1 nal growth , becomes even more agreeable; until near the first gorge mentioned above we enter upon a somewhat mere hilly region, but not too much to for very profitable cultivation, aa well as picturesque scenery. The ridge Is gradually depressed aa It approaches the river at the Point of Rocks, wbere we for the first t;me strike the Potomac, with the Chesapeake and Ohio canal on its north bank and the imposing Blue Ridge on the other. In times past tUs construction of the canal and railroad between the Point of Rocks and Harper's Ferry waa regarded aa the model work of American engineering. How aoou has it neen so woolly eclipsed by t&e Alleghany portion of this road! I was one of tbe engineering party that made the original Joint aurvey for tbe Railroad and Canal between the Point of Rocks and Harper's Ferry, then the assistant engineer who superintended the actual construction of the Canal between those points, and subsequently tbe aaaistant engineer who super 1 uteuded the laying of the rails between the same points, bave l>?-n frost bitten in winter when claonbenug over the tben stupendous snd undisturbed frags hereabouts, aud avued and tivr-rt-A t?> ?>? ? -* ? ? ? ? ~ puim oi aeutb well nlgb, to the interspersed malarious river low grounds 1 have, more than once, navigated tb? ilvnr from Harper's Ferry to Otorgetown upon what was in old times called a Potomac long boat, a mammoth canoe-shaped concern without covering or accommodation of any sort So I of course, recognize each succeeding point in the scenery being developed In the rapid proves* cf the cars, Including the ancient burg of Berlin, somewhat .mproved since, when it was renowned, this region over, for eels, shockingly bad whisky, a cock pit, and never relating prevalence of ague and fever?a God forsaken place, Indualftally, morally, and physically , . .vvokiuh ib 11 a lamillar old fr rnd. concerning whom (or which) my mind is stored with reminiscences of the process of sowing my "Wild oats.** The whole route between the Point of Rork? a <X Harper'* Ferry has been not a little Improved. Tti'rty ;t*r? ago It wu next to a wilderness, sparsely inhabited by wild mountaineer* in IU overhanging cliffs, and by sallow-hued mud-estiog suckers upon ita low ground*, without ambitloo to do more than keep body and aoul together upoa catAah Now, NVeaverton aiu in the lap of the mountain and on the crent of the river here, dispensing profitable mechanical, mlihng, and manufefturinir In ' - . - 1?, ? - very gTCMtylB. rrt'ittd and Mtomabingly-liajDanixed population lndrfd W. D \V m. Arrt)!.iim?t it tbi Pbk?idkkt ? Jobn Dew. on to be deputy postmaster at Coiunbw, Ohio, la pi*ci at Thomas .Miller, removed. Tas NbwAlmadin Misb?The Legislature of California, at the last aeaaloa. pawed tome resolutiona in favor of dissolving the Injunction and abandoning the suit prosecuted by the United !*tate? against the peraons, chiefly foreigners? Kngiiahmen and Meiicans?is po?eaa!on of th? New Almaden quicksilver mine. Tbese raaoln1 tiona were preaented to tbe President by tbe Peaatoraand Repreaentatirea of the 8t?ta of Call for1 n!a. and by him were referred to the Attorney General, who haa repocied strongly again it th? 1 application. In hla report, Attorney General Black give* i history of the legal proceedings in dtfenae of th? title of tbe I nlted Statri to tbe quicksilver mine) of New Almaden, and tbe unsuccessful efforts ol tbe company to get rid of the Injunction He then proceeds to aasign reasons why the Preaidenl should not Interfere with judicial proceeding! in behalf of the parties In poaaesaion of the mines. He says : ' You will certainly concur with me In the opinion that, if the title of the parties In possession be s mere fabrication, fclaely set up by them for the purpose of defrauding tbe Government, the Injunction ought to standi M?d that all legal and proper means should be used to prevent them from converting any more of the public property to their own use That is a proposition which admits of no discussion. Tbe enormous sums which these parties have already got. is surely enough to satisfy all tbe demands of their title, if it be spurious and dishonest. An act of Congress was passed two years ago, which makes the prosecution of such a claim a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment in tae penitentiary. If they are guilty of this o flense, and escape its legal pvuuiy wiiq eignt millions or dollars in tbeir pockets, It can hardly be said tbat the Government Is much in their debt. 1 make this observation hypotbetlcally, and in tbe subjunctive, for the purpose simply of showing tbat the question of title, which is 'ignored by tke claimants, and waived as a thing of no consequence by the legislature, is, in truth and in fact, the very central point of the case upon which this application must turn as upon a pivot Uut while I make no accusation against them, 1 am convinced tbat you will consider yourself bound to assume, in tbe present condition of the evidence, that the title Is fraudulent. For this opinion I have tbe following reasons: 1. The claim of Castlllero. his associates and successors, ever since It was tirst Investigated by my predecessor, has always l>een regarded in tbis othce as one of tbe moat corrupt of tbe bad class to which It belongs. This Is not proof, to be sure; and perhaps, In tbe court having cognizance of the subject matter, it would be entitled to no weight at all. Bat with you. the Chief Executive ?/ .r. .i? * -1 - mm ? imhvii, iuc opinion or me proper legal department must have a strong, if not a decisive, influence. 2 The effort of the parties, their agents and friends, to sink the question of title, Is a strong moral circumstance agaiust them. If they could stand upon the high ground of right and justice, it cannot be believed for a moment that they would abandon such a position, and come down to the pretense of desiring to work the mine for the purpose of reducing the quicksilver market and giving employment to the poor laborers of Santa Clara 3 Their coming here with a resolution of the legislature In their hands, instead of going to the court having iunulii-tinn nf ?k,? ? ?* *uc ou.-jcti. wncrr their title would be fully Investigated, and the justice of It vindicated, if there be justice in it, is | mother fact tending to bring the mind to a similar conclusion If their claim is a goud one, they mi^ht have had a llnal decree in their favor, ana that would have dissolved the injunction, long ago The Government has tieen ready to dispose of the case for years, all the delay has been caused by themselves They might have been trying the cause in a proper way. and before the proper forum. even now. while they are here making this most Irregular application. I. The Circuit Court, whose ability and impartiality is not questioned by either party, or by anybody else. has twice patiently investigated the whole of this case, examined the evidence, heard the arguments of counsel, and decided against the claimants. It is true that their decree is not conclusive upon the petition of Castillero. but it is conclusive for all the purnoses of this application It may be reversed hcreaiier; but an appeal from it does no? lie to the President of the United States, and you have no just authority to set it .iside by any action of vours. dir?f-t I . s - r ? 5. liut it it not the naked opinion of tbit ottkce. nor the behavior of the partus showing their consciousness of a bad title, nor even the decision of the Circuit Court, that vou have to rely upon. These things wo id be suBb-tent. but tbcse are not <11 The evidence shows tbe Court to be ri^Lt The testimony which th? claimants have produced is not only unsatisfactory, but *>ri.e of I it. at least, (as you will see by Judge Hotlman's I opinion.) was known by themselves to be false at | th? time they attempted to u*e It Even If it I were all true, It would not prove them to have a | title valid according to the laws, usages, and | customs of Mexico, or one which this goyernI ment Is at all bound to protect. H it none of | their written papers is bellevtd to be genuine, | not one The evidence that they are fabricated is irresistible and overwhelming. The Mexican rniiirn!ui?J .. ? nmuiru ours, wn?n mr treaty wm made in 1M&, that uo record of a title like this was to be fouud in the archives of that governmcut. where it would most surely have beeu If it bad existed at that time Moreover, the correspondence of these parties with one another. dated >e*rs subsequent to the conquest, bas fallen Into the bands of our officers, and it contains revelations In their own handwriting of a coDspiracy to get this very title fraudulently made The whole plan Is developed, how Castilkro was to be sent to Mexico; how be was there to get the documents wnicb were needed, describing the lands by specified boundaries, and mentioning the false dates that were to be Inserted; how be was to have them placed in proj?er governmental custody; and bow he was to get t ham 6 9 Am ** 1 " wtiucu, as ii ioev wtrr k??-I uine At a period still later, one of them, writing to another, deplore* what be calls the "unfortunate Irregularity" of tbeir title, and expresses bia fear of a heavy loss - If It should unfortunately leak out that in fact all the documents procured by Castillero in Mexico as bis title to tbe mine and lands were all obtained long after the occupation of California by the Americans." la respect to the effort of tLe claimants to estab lisb tbeir title by tbe oaths of sundry Mexican witnesses, the Attorney General kajs: >' An attempt has l>*n made to prove that. n?>t withstanding ttiese fatal admissions of the p irtie* tbenisflves. their title papers were really madcout at Mexico, in the proper way and at th-; riubt time. For this purpose several Mexican witneasf? were brought to Sail Francisco and swo.n in tbe cage. 1 will not atop now to discuss their credibility further tban W> say that tbey have not the character, and do not belong to the clasa of men in whonu we can aafely repose confidence when they wear to a land grant. Courts of justice act upon presumptions of fact, and such presumptions must aIlV3 ut /4 r?<l /"* ? ?* ? * * " ? rAfjciieacc in I'ntliar curi It la contrary to all buinan experience that men of business should make arrangements for the fabrication of title papers to an estate which tbey already held by a genuine title precisely similar It is equally out or the common course of things for such persons to confnts tbelr title ante-datrd and false, when they are conscious that the fact is ntherwise. But It corresponds exactly with our apectal experience In such cases to tlnd Mexican officials .-rtifying and swearing false titles to be genuine." The Attorney General also thinks that if this immensely valuable property Is to be given away, it would be as well to bestow it upon our own T?nl ? ? * * - _______ ,.?v< >.uiu upuu foreigners wbo bm insulted and defied the government of the United gtates Henyt: ? if this rich mine is ? be given away, what reason can be assigned fur bestowing It on these men In particular They are foreigners. Why should American citizens be excluded from tbe bounty of their own government' If we mutt go abroad to find objects for tbe exercise of our tiberalitv, we ml^ht find many wbo are friendly In tbeir feelings and respectful in their behavior ; but these persons have insulted our laws, deflerf our authorities, sought to embroil ua l>y putting the property in dispute under British protection while we were at war with Meilco. and one of tbeir confederates avowed bis intention to " give tne Yankee* as inuch trouble as poaible." The pecuniary circumstances of parties can make no difference in a question of right; but if we have a princely tfttale like this to dispone of as a gracious gift, we m?y lawfully think of the poor, and * soake the superttux to tliem," instead of giving It to those wlio are already In the poasess'on of Urge fortunes Even If all other things were equxl?if Messrs Bolton, Barron, Castlllero, aud Parrot were on a level with *n th? ?? -? *l ??v I ?- ? VI IUC world?it should not be forgotten that thev have already receivtd many million* more than their bare. " The Attorney General neit exposes the fttllary of the reason* assigned for diawlring the injunction. ltl. Tkt price oj quirJcuJret, the employment of labor, rt, fc ' When the applicants for this favor put aside all considerations of tueir legal and eqaltable right to the property which they demanded, it was Miunt enougu IO expect that they would substitute other arguments of rery odd and unusual character Hut nothing to curious could have been anticipated aa the reasons which have be*n actually pressed. Tb y it rue that the price of quicksilver mutt riae In the market, and that laborers most be kept out of employment unless they arc tullerrd to work the miner Supposing this to be true, it does not affect the interests of Caatillero or his and their past conduct inspire* me with fslth to aW-s *1 iu?i mev win urar m? nuarortu :it-a of ' *Tric*!?lt,Zrm wlUl Kre,t '"'"lude and reaig. nau?n^ They may alio reeo!l?t that the openwotld bare been carried on without latcrruptjon, It they thrmaeivea had not "N i prevented It by opposing the appointment rf , receiver." id. Tk* Mtntng Interests. "Bui the argument aalnly relied upon l?, Um 1 the kind of opposition which the federal covert I mAni anH />??/ K??*?Mul? tn Ihi Ub> nf t Mm an< n by the claimant*, 'is the exercise of a [ower iaa gerous to the mining interests of the State;"' h< caoM the greater part of the gold, silver, and otW mine* are oa the public lands and mightfe stopped In the same way br the enforcement strict law. Whether the federal governroeat ha power to Interfere with a citizen who baa opened mine on the po*>Mc lands, acknowledging thetltl to be in the Inited States, and making no fa!a claim of property iu himaelf. ia a quettlon whicl does not now need to be diacusard It ia very cer tain that no auch experiment will ever be made The difference between their caseaand that of for eignera claiming the richest mine in the world together with eighteen square milts of land un der a fabricated title, must be very obvious an<Y plain. Tbe miners could not do a more impriil dent thing (to say nothing of its moral impropri j etv) than to unitetbeir interests with those of frau I diilent claimants under Mexico. Thev can neve | elevate spurious grants up to a respectable plac i ? ^ .. ..V.~ J a ! . v...a . a ? __ _ a. . H 111 iiiivuuuy b nutufldvu; uui vuc 10 CIO f ' might drag them down to a hideout depth. f any effort should hereafter be made to disregai the claims of the California miners, and to rt aside their own regulation*, or the local W> which protect them, they will meet the issue '1umphautly, if they rely upon their own iner* ; but let them beware how they cntansjle ttiemie>e? with auch an alliance, offensive ana defenslv? as this which is now proposed to them. Theycanot afford, and 1 am sure they do not desire, to en?imber their own cause br linking It with tb?lmpossible defense of the new Almaden Compaf.'' On the whole case the Attorney General thuicon elude against the application: 41 It is but just to sav that the California Senators and Rrpreaentatiirts in Congreu Uareuniformily, in their oral conferences with m*. ? well as in their written communications, derted with a candor which no one can doubt, all d-sire to Interfere with the execution of the fedfra'laws In their State. They have no more synpathy wiin imuauieui < laimams man we fiavt INor can It be presumed that the State leglslat*/* hive any wish to prevent a legal decision in -his or in similar cases They acted on their rea'. notions of local expediency. Their mistake consfcted in not recollecting that jusiirt, affording loitiw, i? the great interest of every people; and thatthe policy of giving to every man bis own. andto no man more than his own?suum ttttqvt irihtrrt?is so transcendent in importance and neoaslty that, wherever it applies, It displaces all ottor considerations. "I need hardlv add that, in my oplrlon, this appucniion ougmtooe refused. and te wbole case left, where the constitution and liwi have placed It, in the hands of the judiciary.' -? Thk Cass-Herka* Treaty.?Mr. P?mlo, the Grauadlan Charge d Affaires ad interior, arrived here on Saturday, and brought with hin a second copy of the Cass-Herran treaty, wiib tie ratification of his government, the first one kavitig, in May last, been lost overboard from a sailing vessel which was proceeding from Cartkagena to Asplnwall. Although Mr. Pomlo is ajthorifd to exchange the ratifications of the treaty, he declines exercising tbe power, a* this w?uld be of no present utility, because the I'nited &ates commissioner cannot be appointed until Congress shall make necessary provision Nor has ftevf Granada yet appointed a commlss'oier on brr part. It appears that she is desirous of having 1 this matter disposed of. as others of an interesting character are to be discussed with >ur government. ?? Thi Cbnscs Rktvrns?It Is expected that the return! of the eighth census will be received in large numbers during the latter part of the coming month Manv r?f a?ci?t?nta kava the enumeration, and are preparing the copies re- j quired by law to be made. The law and instruc- I tiona make it obligatory on tbe assistant to tile bia original return with tbe county clerk aa toon aa be baa made two copies Every page of the copies he ia to aubacribe with bia own band, and certify on tbe laat page of each aet that they are exact copiea of the original. These copies are to be tranamitted to the marshals, who certify the fact to tbe superintendent of census, when a tress ury draft for one-half the earnings of the assistant will tru naiTiiit?tKo a?K?? V,-?1 # **?*?? ? ! * ? ? n ?* ?? * ?v?a ?uc ?r?uri unii vv mall a J'tll ticular examination of the returns. Progrks* or Spais asd Ccba?The annua1 report on foreign commerce contain* much information of a general a* well as commercial character The accounts from Spain show, to use the words of the Consul at Malaga, that Spain has beeu advancing in prosperity and power for a number of years past The nation is now alive to the progress of the age, as is K*. tk* MAna<M.n?<An ?# -?41 ? i c? i u' ru uj ?uc vvi<?iiuu?iuii tj# laiiiuaus a uu iur Introduction throughout the kingdom of the magnetic tt-legraph. It appears fri ni these reports that Cuba Is remarkably prosperous, and that her agricultural and commercial wealth and prosptrity ?re to be Increased by the extensive introduction of the cotton culture. There are large tracta of unoccupied land in Cuba that can be employed for that purpose. Ax Army Orricii cmokr Arrest ? In recent Intelligence from the Department of Oregon, it ia stated that Capt. Jordan, an officer under arrest on charges which were, aome time si nce< forwarded to Washington, waa confined to the Military Res. ervations it the Dalles to await the decision of th? Department. ARMS FCRXIAHRDTO AM FxPRKSS AGIST ?Mr. Spencer, an agent of Russell's Ponry Kxpress, ta to be supplied by the ordnance officer at Camp Floyd with one hundred army sire revolvers, belta. 4c , with 5,W)0 cartridges, to defend the express riders against Indian attacks prrchaskor a Sitr tor a Fort ?The War Department baa purcba*^ what ! called Lime I'oiiit. near Franrlaco, for ?ite for a f it, price $200 01*0. The contract la conditioned to take effect upon the eatabllsbinent of a good title. Appointment or a Jc?tic* or th* P*ack ? \V Albert Kiny has b?*n appointed a Juatic? *f he Peace for Georgetown, I). C. Thi Wiitrii?The follow)ng report of the wettber for tbe morning la msde from the Amer l?an Conaolldated Telegraph Line to tbe fmlthaonlan Inatltutlon. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Jolt 30, I860 New York. N Y clear, hot. Philadelphia, Pa clear, hot. Richmond, Va. clear, SO*. Peteraburg, Va. clear, U0?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 76>. Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Columbia, 9. C cloudy, warm. Charleston, S. C .cloudy, :3?, wind SW Augusta, Ga clear, warm Savannan, Ga cloudy, #4?, wind SW Macon. Ga i clear, warm. nolnmlini fit Montgomery, Ala cloudy, warm. Mobile. Ala cloudy. 83\ New Orleans, La clear, 85?. VKOM TIIB WIST. Frederick, Md ...clear. Hagentowu, Md clear. Cumberland, Md.... clear. Grafton. Va clear. Wheeling, Va clear Parkeraburg, Va clear. Cincinnati, O clear. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a. m , '(corrected for temperature,) 29.706; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a m , at noon, $??Maximum during 48 hours ending it a. m. today, ; minimum '9 . TEMPER ANt'K MEETING.?The raein",*r h-Tnof the Catholic Beneficial Total A fostinace Association ar" r'-aii'Bted f? meet at tlmir h?ll?.n TI'Lvnt v L trm'iv/' - ? ......... i i/ i,.uia i r- ? r. IIW 31SI IH"* . 8 o'clock. The Rev. Father O'Toole is expected t?. adriresa the meeting. J. J. KAN E, )i i?-2l SecrftAi y. rv^3=?JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCfA'[ j TION.?The re*ular weeklv meeting of the A**o-iatiin will bo held in their hall, 39* P? avenue. MONDAY EVENING.?Hh mat. AH Demoe at* a-e invited to p eaent themaelvea lot membe rahip. CORNK'Il'H HOVER, Preaident. _WM J. DONOHOO.Secr'Ury. jy 28 2t nrT*?r?M?PWiIl W !L CEM KTERY.?JVOljs_5 ^ nder the charter !at>?i) granted hy ConjreM the proprietory aud auUcrilira to the lock or thia Company wi hold a Keneral meetini on WONDAY KfENINO, JMjOToEffiB Ge rutin Hall, 11th at., to which the attendance of all irwnibera and frienda of the eeterpiiae ia te quea'eii. By order of the Lhr-cto a. Jr *?_* THE COMMITTEE. x1k.\y 8xvl;.e? gentlemkn's trkss i -* sain 1* 01 *! Alio, a la u^aud nip.rior a?sottiaetjt L1NEX and Mlishl.V mii.iina d Unal pattern* anu warranted to St. C?il *??i tiy Jl * * 484 Pen^ a vendue. M|? J. a8^>?l for Ciiildr?n on thcftrrt Monday in September, in the hmtM foniMrlr occupied by Mn Lawraao , on 5th irnt Imitmo <i and H? ??. *?i|. Tarnu *5 par t#I* "C*1**"" w*e|t?, payable in advance. ? m i-^fci r^iiii if - ! ! Oar W?t?rlag Place CmNp?ad(K?. | Old Poiar Comfokt, Va , | | Hfffa Hotel, July 27, |f#0 { The Hon Jacob Thompson, 5*ecra?ary of the Interior, with bis family, arrived here thla morning, and will tarry aome weeks. . The Secretary of War is ex i>- t?-d In * few Aa)>. The c rowd at tbo H ygeia la considerably thi n ned off, but ttiare ia a fine company of aome three hundred and op war da remaining to take advantage I of the greater room and comfort left for thoae who tarry. Now. indeed, is the time to be at thla summer raaort. From thla time forward to the 15th of October, the weather is rarely evat too hot or too cool; the Osh. which constitute one of the chief luxuries of this region, are becoming every day liner and mure abundant; the hog tub absolutely superb, aod the sheepsbeed tn their prime, and of d'sease there la no more danger than la the month of balmy May I am informed by the sur geon of Ibe pt ft and the resideut physicians of the vicinity, that it is u healthy at Old Point Comfort In August. September, and October a* at any other season of the year. and that a cim of maUrioua disease haa never been known to originate here. Those who would have food apartments. and reap in fall degree the recreationa and luxuries of the seaboard. ahould come hither now. 1 perceive from a card of the proprietors that the term* will be reduced, after the 1st of August, to IS 50 per week, or S2 per day. Last week a sutler wa* selected for this mMttary K, in place of Dr Banks, the former Incumbent re were some forty odd candidates; but the council of administration conferred the appointment on Mr John S Moody, the popular caterer for the H ygela. who w?* not a candidate?a high compliment, but well deserved. Tkk Great Eastern?This mammoth ship will sail from New York this afternoon on an excursion to Cape May, and ia to return to New York on Wednesday It is not Improbable that # * be will convey to Cape May between two and three thousand excursionists. tor whom ahe baa abundant accommodation* ?he will sail from New York for Chesapeake Bay on the 2d August, arrive at Old Point Comfort on the next day. and be exhibited there on the 4th. She will then proceed to Annapolia Roada, and be exhibited there from the Oth to the loth of August ; after which ahe will return to New York, and will sail thence for England on the lQth. [U~ I/Ait week, intelligence reached the city postmaster here that an impocter, under the name of James M. Maaon. had awindled the poatmaater of Wilmington and others in that vicinity out of a considerable aum of money upon the pretense t Vi Ku *rH nff Ittr aiitli art ?? a# ai_? tu?? UV ** uo BVUU^ "J autuui V'l uu? . cw, * tun, of the Breckinridge National Committee here, with a view to raise fund* for the campaign. It Is also stated thit some of the higher officials at Baltimore have been victitiilied by the operations of Mason It seem" that be operated with drafts purporting to be signed by Gov Stevens |J^"The Chicago Zouave* have made a visit ti West Point, and whilst there went through taelr drill in so perfect a manner a? to win commendation from Capt Hardee and other officers of eminence. They are now in Philadelphia en route to tfeis city. [{ f The Hon James B. Clay has declared for B/eckinridge and Lane. NEW SILK MANTLES AND HOf'PKD SKIRTS*. We have received hy express a supply of rich plain ^' K MANI'Lti* KtAL i-Rfc.Ni H l.A'iK MAN LES?nt PWNTS Ale* W> dozen of the fa!!at?leof WOVEN SK IKTs of anpei .o. qu"?h ty. Ladiea in want of any of the above g<x?i* ar very lew pnoea wilt please give ua an ear y call, jy 3" TAYLOR A HUTCH I8?>. BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS !! BILLIARDS :.*! h ed' ctloy in prices : On and after the 1st infant i August) until the lat of Novemoor, our prices will be as fol,ow? : JT Sinjle Game 2n cents, f lj tl Three Games 51 oenta. " M MILLER k SIMPSON*. Bil:iar<i Saloon. 430 Pa avenue. jy D-eo8t* Bo'ween 4?? a id 6th at*. WNKW GOO OS. E Hit* inat received a arge atoob ?f B.'aohed ?n I Brown G?'TToNS < ! the h?gt make A!-o, SHEKTiNGS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS. TO WKLINGS. IRISH LINENS, 2i?" ?ams I.AVVNS, from 8 oenta to Sli . HilSlF.H V. GLOVEi*. gauntlktt?, Vvhitf.: red! ULl EandGRKY H.ANNELfi# vanty. \V? have few rich ORGaNDV ROBES on h .nd which we have ina<!t?d le?? than e~?t jf y TAYLOK k HUTCHISON^ ^apitol hill classical a engli.-h school. h t'oh tl'ohy bets leave -e?pectf?l 'y to inform his friend* and the public that hi* school will corn m^nce orr wednesday, 1st of Amctiat, :n the om Capitol. H leoouriu* ofodacati' n comp-ieee about the tame as it taught in anr institution ofthisoity. Parent* deairouM of having ?h?ir children thoroughly > strutted 1 n the principle* of a religious e lnrat' >u wil1 d" well t?nrai! them*elve? of thin opportunity. H.T , t? av ia th? imputation* of erot *m, pr?mme^ only to ?tv he hop>-? he will l v his diligence and aoMiduity afford general ?atiafacti>jii. jy 3"-2t* ctf.amkr phenix will leave broher'* wharf. Navy Yard, for alcxandria in sl'nday. Z>th. at o'clock p. in. r?turrrng, l?-avr> al--1 '' 1 " exandna at half paet 5 p. m. Round trip tickets 20 cent* Itiouw&nta Boat for exouruon*,charter the Phenix. ]f* C A D L'TD L'O n * I .. i?- n.9 ix i A nrji\t Lipmin, OTR THANKS TO THOSF. OF OCR CIS lo!!>?r? who have ?o promrtiy cali^l and their bills a* rendered let of July, an 1 we will l>e f really obliged to those who have not eettl d, if hey will do so by th? Is' Aujnr, a> we are in want of money due us at th" pc?nt tinie J. W. COLLEY k. CO., jy 28-5*. 323 Seventh ?t., above Pa. avenue. Magnolia hams : MAGNOLIA HAMS!! We have ju?t ree*ived another mnl; of our UtRVu/ It Mi via ?u.-k i l ? .. v .,. . ... >? ? mu. *? muii jiavo ti vrn lucn f?i faction for sever* 1 year* past We guarantee every one to be of the b??t q a ltj; KING A. Bl/RCHELL, _j f 23 Corner fifteenth !, and Vermont av. f~M? R 8AI.E-A very va!nal>le SERVANT WOMAM m<l CHILD. Th* woman m a!?out 24 Tear* ofa;* and perfect y healthy: she i* an excellent hous? servau: and nurse and a plain e<>ok. To any one in wan' of_an excel!* t ?erv?nt she wouKi oe inva:uat>ie. The child is ab-ut 4yo*r? old. H?ro*n#r is anxiou* to sell her in the l?^strio'. Tradera ce-d not apply. Addre s Box No. 7 Star Office. ___ J jy & G'keat bargains in , i drv goods. S-lliug off at rednoed prices the entire stock <>f Dr> Go<k1b in Store No. SO 1 Seventh >t., a few doors above the A ve?ue. Pu ciiaa>raof Dry G"Oda would <lo wel! to call early *n<l secure bargains. as Hi" wh"!" s'ock muat l>e sold in a short time The stock ooinp'isea everj article usually found in th? Dry tiooda line. Cal. eariy to get Largaina. HENRY EGAS'. Jy 28 6t SJ1 Seventh at. CAPE ISLAND, NEW JERSEV.-Viaitorito Cape Mar will find good accommoda A . ? A I tions at WHITK IIAI.L. Terms or > I per week, including the ride to the t>eachJl^jB,X I in the murain;. Dr. S. S. MARCV. jy n-?w' Proprietor. C^ARD.?As an in luoement for families to sojourn j atthe' HYtJKlA'Murin* the in nth?>. . A of August and September, the I'roprie VTafeV t'?r* hav> reduce! tn?* price of Board to per dav and 912 50 per we<>k. from August l?t. joseph skg*r. / prmrl(>tnr, C C WiLLARD, S ' r*fnetorm. Old Point, July 26th. jy ?7lm ?in nnn worth of pry goods to glh,uuu be ciold at a great sack ikick. f-oin dot until tae lat ol September, to oIom bunnMi. at BAR A BRO 'i, I street, between 7>h and 8th sU.. Narv Yard, Washington. A* this is no hanibug. you ir ay expect gre?t bar- | gains. Intending to mat" a change in our business. we are obliged to Mil out our stock by the 1st of September. Tbo*e who with to purchase largely must call soon, a* we ?re already verr busy in rm-asurmg out our stock. This will also be a rood chance for persona t?> buy to sail nnn. jy 1 w g A WED AND BP LIT WOOD! SHKRIFFT~DAW90N Will furnish WOOD, S*w?d and Split, and delive -od promptlv in any part of the oity, on the foLowing reasonable terms: OAK WOOD 1 cord, sawed in four pieces, and split... S " " 3.2S 4a 44 4? it it a* ljtt2 PINE WOOD. ' cord, nawed in four Didoes, and salit *<*> S " ' ** " '" }jin ? 4? <? l? ? 1.25 He*t quality of COS L elao on hand, which will In Id at low rat??, from the Yard, eorner 4)i at and Canal, west aide. jy 28-4t l?OR SALE-A LADY'S RIDUfS PONY ia 1. offered for aale upon vary low terms, /ry in oonaequence of her baring left the city, juLvl and having no further uae for it. A??l> at'*l/^ J W. PI MPHREV'S Stable*, rear of National Ho'el. jy ? ed?w C^EORGE R SLOAT A CO.'S SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. First primiurn atrardtd *t 19 out of ? Stat* mmd County Fairs. The cheapest and beer Sewing MtohiM* ever ibvented are universally admitted to be those inauufacfur?d l>y G< orie U Stoat * Co., P h 1 laiMphia. Elliptic and Shuttle .Machine* #?> to #60 Fancy Elliptic, Walnut or Maucgaay Ca?ed. US and jjttfToilet Ca?ed, Walnut or Mahotany, #75 and # &. '1 heae Machines are of superior workmanship and more elal-orate ftni h ami d3 per ce^t. cheaper than auv other Sowinj Machine ma ufactured IB the Raited States. Call and eee them at MAXWRM, S Fancy- tore. Pa. avenue. jj *5-eo6t J THOMAS MAX WELL. Agent. OALTIMORE .. ... t> BUTTER HOUSE. . Daily reori vine fresh and sweet, in Roshea aa^-k SPECIAL ELECTION. !* Anno??of(t br tiu friend- M a candidate *m the of < OiriofKi Cfcui'M. from the First Ward. ?a *pO THE VOTERS or THE FIRST WARD. JVtfnv- Citizens: In ntffcnnc myself as n oamli iata for re election to tMars' in the Board uf Commoo Council to vWch JW? elected m? on the fcrat Moadav in Jane last l.tak* this oeranon of aa*ur .uf you that I full)" the hoaor y. u connn?( upon lite *' thai time, and ?hall erer feel (ISte/al Tof tie i. Illffcl ion of Tour kindreai and I ooiifi enee. aod I he* you to ??aliera tha: whan I consented to a candidate at that e action that I then wa? ati?he?l that the mere techui< a' quibble upon which 1 w%? e*r ude?l from my sr>at l.s t no foroe,and I am coufident to* would concur with ina tl the reports of the majority and mt ority had have hoen published a* ni> Trieuds .n the li Mud desired. Very respectfully, )} M oT ROBERT KARL, Jr 1|j ELECTION NOTICE. N Compliance with a resolution paseeri by the H??ard orComoMi Council on nd Julr, we hereby ci?*e notice to th? voters of the First Precinct Fir?t Ward, that an election will be held at ft. T. McGloe's Wood Oftrco north sida I st., between MthaadSDth st<?on WKDNK*I)AY. tha 1st dar of August Dfil, for oh member of the Boeril of Common Council, to fill a va ancj in ?\iJ board. The polls arill be open at 7 o'clock a. in. acd closed at 7 o'elock p. m. SAM'li DC VAM.. SAM'L T. 1>RI'R Y, DAVL SKRR1N, if 27 te C >mmiH?ioeeT?. T NOTICE. O The voters of flie !*ecor.d Preoinet of the First Ward notice la lie re by given, that an el??ctioa will b?* held in the above Precinot ? n WKDN KSDA Y, the 1st of Aucu?t next, at the carpenter ?n?>p ?>f Fiel ter I)or*?tt. on tlu> earner of 0 a ! lEtn for one menilier of the Bafd of Common Council, to fill the vacant} oocasi> ned by trie lisqualifiration of Kotiert Karl, Jr. The poll# will lie open at 7 o'clock a. ni. and closed at 7 o'clock ?. in A. W. UENHAM. VYM. O. HI NT, W M. J. LfcU'lS. jv 36 Commisriohers Sec Precinct First Ward. EXCURSIONS, F10 NICS, kc. ?2RAND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC vW of The Continental Club, Will be firen at ARLINGTON ai WKDNK8DAY. August 1st. Withers's celebrated Sand is er^ated, so that ail who wi?h. mat tup on the 1?kht fan- ? s ta?ti 'toe; hut jet a cordial inula tion is extender to all who wish to t"ni' u tske their families to enjoy a pl< asant tlat <>ia usement and tne cool '?reere of the river. KveryUi>m will be <1one on the part ofthe A**"?! at ion, to render to all vrno inav favor them arraen e. V p?rfe?-t ? prot-rtion ft* if th^y >n their owe liotnrtft; the olyact being more for pletsitre then profit. jjr 30-21 LPIC NIC' OG\N TRIBE. No. IMPROVED O. R. M EN. i G r o*<i .1 own.? T!i" m*tnber? of l.ricftt Tribe 'ftke pleasure in announcing thi< th*ir Annual 1'ic jp?k >ic. ftt aNaiOSTAN l!*LAND,,^?!Ss*? on MON 1>.\V. August 6. Th^ of tti? will pur" no <?0V>rt* to make thin tb? "Jiftl* f>*T"of th- * inton. ITvery ftrrftiueme'it t*i\t will ftd<luc< t-> pi?ft?ure an I enintnmnt hfta !i en .oft 'le the Holv H:ll Gand ha? hecn eneaie*', and wll fcrnuh deinhtful Minnie to a'l who love to "trip it on the light fan'aet c toe " Boats wi.i l?*?ve ttie St >ne Hou*? Wharf and foot of High f>t. ever* five minute*. Boats free. Refreshment* furnished at low prices Tickets Fifty Cants. a-lmitune a j'ntleroa" and ladies. jr an ftt GRAND CAVA! RY TOUENA- 04 jlj&f'V MF.NT! jA GALA PIC NIC! flk At ARLIXUTOS SPRING TNI President's Mounted Guard, Or Wa?hin6tos Cjtt. Take *reat p!?a?ure in a- nnunctni; to public their intention to bold a GRAND CAVAI.RY TOl RNA.MBS T AND PIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on MONDAY. Ar?sr?t 6th. Thi* will be a strict y ili'arv arrangement, aa oracti^ed in tne cavair* pohool e*erci?e>. anil aone will contend for the prize* but me.nt>e.-s of the Companr The followi"*- named zentl'ioen favw kindly consented to in tiie portion assigned them: J CMS*. Hon. J. B. Floyd. Secretary of War: Oen. J. E. J?hn*on. Quartermaster <r?neral U. ? A ; Lieut. Col Win H. Ktnorjr, Ut Cav*lrr tT. 3. A. AiiJrrpo to the cont~?tai.t* for the or *? by the Hon. 1.1. Stevetn, of Waahmcton Territory. Hon Alexander H. Bother. of Vircim^, will P'enent the pnzei in tiehalf of tb* *ucce?aful ndtra. Substantial *'? w II be erected for the accommodation of the ia:!ie?>. and every effort will be mad* toenail re t*>e comfort and enhance the pl*a?ure of all wh<> may favor the corps by their pr??ence on th" MW i 4V\ebeg to aaiture the pub! o thatO'dn and de -' rum wil berigidlvm intaiued, as an ample polio* fore* v 111 Ka a a<1 far t ) ?n rnnan v\ liners' fuli t?nd has been onf aged lor th? oc camon. 1 i?* enciosur*' will t>? np?n for the rocept.on of vici|?ra at 9 o'clock a. m. R idn ( t<> commence at S o'clo< k p. m. Oronir>uf",? will ?t&rt hourly i oiu the corner of 7th st. and Fa. av ;also 12th at. and Pa. av. The itn?nii>r G?orge W. Kifga will iak? trips from Kta at. bridge. Tlf'KKTS HFTV CI.NTS. admitting a ga, tlemau and ladiea. MtRASIID. Maj. Jas. Y. Davis, Capt. P. H. Kin*. Capt. Jaa. B Tait, F. H ^hkff*r, I.em Tewors, P. M l>ul?ant, " J. Hollingsworth, " Roht. II. 5*tev?in. Co*M!TT?S OF A*lAN?I***TS. Capt. J<?*. Pock, Serf "t Geo. Jseits, Lieut. R. I? Tom, Private W. J Gary, st u u/ s i ? ? f ki. . .n%i Miif J urn: LiflfcUg. O'S.Wm.lf. Tr?l. Jy SO QEL1GHTFUL PIC-MC MERIDIAN HILL. The Pic Nie ?-f the ST. ALOYSIUS SUNDAY 8CHOt>L will take place at Me Mill . n TUESDAY. Auguai 7ta Everything will be. ?ione to make tt.e a-ra pe- Mr'jf 'f fe-1 an" ? lire to a! tdai'i emor tVWV*if * m-n'. A fire pa'i.;. ii t>a? 'a el? en rt-cteo. nakiiijc :I:m the pleakan'eit place of re?ort 111 the vi u.i > of the citj. Wither*' Bran and String Band hat been engneeil for the occasion. RefreeumcnU at city picet. "l*; !,, ? .ir ? . _ - - - - - i J i.i * I i CliUU'VIl i"OCniR. Omnibuse* will un from the corner of Penr**Ivama avenue and v?v?utli ?trn? bt ? ay of North cm Lii??.'tn<? Market and K i?t;eet F*fe t-n c-nta each way. j? 3P- MWFSM4T* 'I HK MTMBKRS OF THK JOt'R\EYMF.N I BAKFKfe' ASSOCIATION t?k ;>u M are in announcing to th-ir friei.d? and t!.e JS P"tj i>-t . t tli^T will five their l"ir?t Grand MB PIT NIC nt t!i * PARK II K-*I>AV . 7thMi ol Auemt 1 h. Con.'aitt e v 11! pa-'? no paiua to make thia the finest Pic N ic of the neaaon. ('sputa * l>?a?>i a- <t ?? in* m i*:c w : h?nn nan1' T ckeu i> eeula, almi'liiif a ( tieman aittl -adiea. Cn?che? will run 0\-erT t in tninu'ea to and from the Park da in* tlie da*. i> .ufs- thv rnvniiTTKC 1/ LOOK Oi T ? _ r OR TheGRANU KXOCRSION of ST PL TKR S MNDAY SCHOOL. : _|P " * WEl>N KSDA Y, A iiii ? tue 8t". 1 GLYMONT PAVILION. Partio-***-^ ulare in future *drertia*in<'i t jj *-3t* COMMITTEE. 2 RAND PIC NIC AND BALL. To lie given b? Esput&'i Citizens' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, oh TUESDAY, Accrir 1. Th? prooeedi to b? applied to the purchaee ef a NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. Th? merabfr# of tk* B?n<1 that nothing hell b? -MttLi upon their part . Mk"" PICMC well worthy th? pet niir of the t???er<.u? pul. ie The beat of Muaic will be furmahe>l. aad ?vmtthing done to promote the pleaaare of the day. THR OMNIBI'SFS will Uara th* oorner o( S*v?*ntb lUNt and Peon*, avtme. aud from c rnar Twelfth and Prnna. ?wnua;, from the Nary Yard. TICKETS FIFTY CENT**, Admitting a gi*rli??s a>p LaM** : To ha bad of an; member of tha Ba-.d, or at tha Muaio ?lore of Mr Ellia. j? TH ODD FELLOWS' PIC-NIC. HE Coimniila* t.f Ar-aa*emaaU on tha part of Knendahio l.o<W??j?ti Bnt?? ? 11 oirTtpni'nt" 'ake pl*-aaur<t in notift i.g thei- f iend? and the public that PIC NIC will take jt-oe ?t ANALOaTAN ISLAND on MONDAY. Jul; ?. The Comim tee will *?e thair utax>?t endeavor* ?? mai" theoccauon oae of lutereat and pleaauie to all who mar fkror uiw tk tn*ir com pan >. Dunns tii? aAeroown ao a 'dreaa will o- delivered by a fromnient meraUr of the Order, #;\heri* airing baad haa beeo engaged for tk? OMMOB. B<>ata will ran fron Morran A RhiMkiri'. >kui Waab'ngtoa. aad (rum High ?tra*t wha-f gatown. aver* few dhmnc Um aa* and up to 10 9'ciook at night. Boat far* five oaau ?ach way; ?*TtckeU*FCpbti, admitting a gentleman and Ticket* may ba procu?*d of any of tk? member* of the Lodge or Eaoaa^mit J y 3t-6t rpHE CAPITOL^ASJOCIATION OKA N b PIC NIC Jk ARLINGTON SPRING, fll FRIDAY. AagaatS. Particulars in future advtfrtiMmcnt ) J 16.TT>) ur? U' fcuium :,L-? touicir in??y ! rlrDtt' j y jjf 89-*o#t r COM. OF ARRAN(i> *T^. ATTHTTOW HAf.FU i v V A Xmtim 5?/M, ?y jj'rt f*f" llj J C. MoGlIRE ft CO , Aoc*ion#?r?. fXCKLLSNT F AM 11 Y ^AH?|A?.F. ?T L PnilC BALW-On TltMt>AV AFTF.*NOOV.jilj fit iMo flo k. If fr-MH of the tar Unn rooaa. rfcaii Mi a an-* tod h?t<MMw Email* Carrfa?a wit* aeata I?r f??r built to order a ah rt t m? mc. %r.d bat little a *4 Tonca- Aa*adit of?,J a?<i %?? for aaha faetorily aadora*d wt"? b#%rme tat -r??t iy r ? I. C. MfOt'liiK > CD, Hei?ti, Bt WALLA BARNARD. Auctioneers. I AR ?K (Wi'K OP M 4 NTH.LAP. MH j tim, Ltd Ht??cM Laci Shutli apu PoiRT* AT Act TtO*.?4Hl fMlfkHim .<"(> l\L,M Ai'|?f ( I* o'olocc. va will ?e ml ll?atorr room on Ninth at' i?a*t ie Parry A ?' 'a. ona door from Pa tfc* "ati'a ?.*?* of a im ortiw ? *) nAi.ufaoiarer of? t Rift/^k <i k M^nt liAa Fnicliui tt*rmuXie< MtnU'lu. pn?t* L>vo? do. L*?? Mil Pt00n!ff?mM?, Lvc Poii.t* ard ?qa%r* Pb?w ?. Hlftok *uri W hiU- H*?? l/MWn and MftctilHM. (O. N ?|ku, M??ir ? P*?l#ra. Bu'Hm*. Ah it. A? rhi? ?*j - i? f*ro?p-<?7 % ?tt r>*rt%im> < " v.?et*4 Tm ?l(rntt?B ol Ik* .M.r? I* i? >?ct'ully <?llo t?vl Jrlli WALL A BAR'S ARD. AnrU THIS^APTEKHOON i TO MORROW * Br A. GftKEN. Auction**. T^Rl *TKK*S PALK OK VAl.lABLK IM rivvxc Pm?ri*Tt.-l?lw kixi by virtue ?( ? d*?4 >! trust I'trmc <l*t* tlM Sttt till of Noriw h?r, A 1) IIIM ?n<l (lilt II; fihsr i A.C , P(o. B?. I?n?a */. Ac cm# <>| tha lara r?o<ird? of Waahinfton aounti, I) C, I anali iWI, at rat>ii KUCtK> WuNDAY. Ja!|3Mh.lW M t O rlMi i. * , in front o| tti? pr?n:ia?M>. tU ba'f < ( Lot T. to Win A. B Mdifj't ? ?< rni?n ol 1>>U 1 *. 1?? atxi II. IU ^aatrr> ui'iri !><wf>4 4.V. r**jd mt ti* ( Lm r f'ni ti ISlwtnc Mmj'wI I'ftn.Mv'M *H and *tli ?tr?*t*. anf. rnaa l>*rk with that vhM'i tua depth f aaul !?t to a a aitar Tarnia of aa.r: Oaa tbird ca*n. rnrfi* lr aqua pa? wnta at <. 9 ar.d 1. nwi:0ia fr in iiat# mt a via. vaIki at m - t a^<t aa Ik* m i4 . aM .if I > aiaf nta I k. a Willi mwirrv, arvHin J m v? * ? "i If the t^rma of &> ?"* not o??np i??t with vitlin i M)i, tkf trnit** rcttrTH lu kin>M< f the right t" rM?>; at th# fo?t *nc riak of tha fi^at puro. upon lultrfrtiaini tkr?w Umea 10 tlM Nuikm. Int* CuavejuMini at Urn of iir?hu?. C. ASHM?Id TtobM. j???W**U??? A. URKKN.AmL By J. C. NiQl'lRE k CO.. Aaatioaaart. | AKliK ?AU Of- LAl>IKt$*. Ml!<5JKf AND I J Clt1LD?K>'p ?Ol>T? * SIMK II, AT T CLAtt * Co "a, >o ! > MiIiit rr*n l*?jit, 4mri, bi Tvrttx ?tii a Sr? ?4>n noo.-not of T. C.*rt"? lMnni Ijoalin. *U'J tn o va wui oC?r [odM^mt bu A ,el u 1.Ill atur*. N I *> Market Hpace, Pann. itrruu*. I*"Kb and ?tn atr-?%a.??n "ft h>l)AV MOK N INt* next. Ja> . at ! o'clock. the entire Mock ?ii btMl, oooaiati&g of? Ladiea , Mi**e*' ai d Chi dren'a and J?hoe*. in at their varjMie* irtii?ftetar*d t>i L Peri* k. Co . Baltimore, unequal ? kuo iinr r??ed h> any mabufastu re-* 11. service and b*aot' rar? cppor'umty ia*2 'ftlrii tofurchat't artir!e*. and can be a< id t>? any dealer wit* grea" oonldenev tj <h1? ready for exam nation, with eata'.ogue. at 9 o'o "ck on the m< rr>:nt of ea!e. T?"-nie of *a ?: Ah I'll'a under |V oaah: riflMk! ing that amoiDl 4 month*, witfi aptrovao aaoarit?. T. CI.AH a ft. CO . No. Market *pace. Penn arena". b*t"%!,,: ar>d ?*th atreet* iy a-d J. C. M.-GCIKK * CO.. Aoetr. By J. C. M ?GUI RE ft CO.. Auctioneer*. CHICKKMNG IMA NO FORTE, FIRM tm a* 11 Horuami) m.n at Ptilic Acctios.-On Tt WOAY MORNING, ialyRr. it'iiu'c tae rende?-ce otf a i?nu? m*n 4c c miBK hoae k?K'(iQ(. No. J*?4 H strati, bnwni '3ti?u u*a eiretU. we thai! eel! the Farnitareand K.f'tti, ouniP"?m* ? Koirvuod Chiekrrinc Piano Fort#. Stoo, at. I Cam, HaudaoDie Walnat Bookoaae. two Whatnot*. Mabotat.) Hair^prms " ^ laann P% lo'Ckai't. Mabo(an> Center and 9id? Tahlea <>i fainun?? ttrvttcit and other t a<-pet?. On Suadiw, Cottage tt*o?t*ada, Bureaus, Wardrooaa. Wm it?mi?. Toilet t*?U. Lookicg heather Kec?. Bo ster* and Pillow*. Hair atd Hex Mattraa?a, Dicing Table. Sideboard Refrigerator, China, tiaaa ai d Crockery Ware. Loacf*. Cane and Wood Mat Cbair*. Cookfcc and other Ctovea, Kitrken Utenaiia. 4?. IVrmr: #?> and under, cash; over that auii % I oredit of ? and 6" da) a. for satisfactorily endorse notr-a twartng in'ereet Jf 27^1 J. C MoOL IRF. Jt CO . Acota. FUTURE DAY* Br A. <iR1.1.\. AioboatM. 4 GROCER I F.S LIUIOR*. STORE FIX VI TCana.Ar .at Acctiob.?On W hliVF^fiA \ tfce lat day of August, | af.A I Mil. at I" o'o.'.ok a. m , at th? Hri'Oti 1 M?-?d >re St>*nk > HI 1 at:??t. twwi l?i, !Kt:r?fU.wifi ce'lent a aortm<*M of I ami.'} Orocen?a. v.* Tms of ev?rj d??crif 'j. *>ugA- C' li-?. *tA' :>. ^picea *Vk - ** >, ? a I'M. :*?tar?, Tu.aoou, Scuff. V.oi*?.??,Oil, V io?gax. Wi . m A .d Wooden Ware, Brn?he?. B'ooraa. A , he.. Wil ft" ncf l? t of obuier Liauor*. AIwi, tn? Store t'.xtiirea, aneti a? i*at?, f-a a c? > %I r And e<>n>ir Soa?<-a. Mm* urea, C???oter. *he: vir.g A a.,4 o ,?i'h a large tot "f other Art rlea, nk a. Are raua, ? kep! n a iir?t o.a ? r?:>i tno'r^ t?>r<* t'ruia: Under |?> m?i>; ov?r |jn i credit of i ard 4 moLtha, fur uutea aalia'a't ... 5 enOraed. jr-?dta A tiKKTN, Aojt. Br A. GKFRN, Ar.c 1 a'Mr TRUSTKFSfAI.FOF OI.D VRICUIOOR*. inrowa, Hlirih axe Hi?D<n?i Bi .ldi> I tl. N . THF U' I'IIIT "f THS W??i*^ < Hoaa ro*r**r. at ArrTio* ? ??n FKID4V. r * Ja? 01 Aoiuat 1 us , n trie premia**. a' o alork b >. ..1 Tw? r . rK rA 1 M at ??ia aofth, t Nn ( IncWr rathe U>rt?rr H m pro??rt?. a t e Back, W mdcwi. D ?ri a d ri r?" amine fr..m th* fir* A ?. tie ha. 1 .. t < f croun 1 on arruch the bat dir.* aloof t toiajc aoati; % faet 7S ii>ohea of Lot Nu.i!. n ?re 7. Terma f>' l>nck *rH m\ten% . eaah; for tl*? hn <1 inc "t on* half o^*r>: the txuanoa in C. mn< inooth*. th? parohaaar to cira &"i?a for ted- ferre<i pa nun!?, inwe?t f <>n, th? da? of ?*la A .tew! citt, acd h <>f tract take-. A c- * re? a: oint at th* oo-' of h? purehaeer If the tertua tor lot ahoald not l>? oomplitd with in five 0\t? from !?? of tae.tne t u <tee reaerv< > tiia M(j t ta r?*e the properti at :h?> i?k and r of the irat rnroSa* r. bj tha aama S t.rnea sn the t*tai rew*r>%p*r J.DVVARD HAM F.V Trnafa, tij W. R \V(I(I.IWAKB ifSd A tiKKKN, A?ot. p U T T 1 S UP! * t" V*y H. W. HAMILTON, No. 214 Hithth fTiilT. A'? O-M FW/^ir DwUer la PAINT#. OILS. <t! A?.VaRM>H BRt>I'l Ac. Ac. PAINTING, ia a 1 it* l?mnche?,ex?cut?d at ?h<'rt HI,.: %! nil.-! -.f t.ri/-.">? U 1%' L' It ? - ' r ?<jiDu rAi > i > ior ??. Tin kMtet* ?' l>ru?li?.? to lofc' f^re,,( cK? t 1> X PTT T I < i) U \V N ! For H? per lor Soda Water, Witt f>?. -ion* r*r:T *??> riitix Uo to CRAY'S. cor. MavuctiusotU it arul Fourth ?t. jf Ir>NA.\U.l I M> a HI.aTK mant?.:I-I? Dtrtcl frrnmi lie urr't. TK*>w ate n.??t ttyle* of Mantel*. *n in 111mtmLiva ot ??ich rare ma'ie* m IM :r,{' 'J ^ 0*vQBMiV| MM vfllNUl^ OPlwO^Wu 1 li^ n'l iWtn-n- Iff ?u perfect *- to cha.tenje the ci.<een iTtun). In elegiac* of kn<*" tti#> ?tADd aariva.ted and a e *o taihij polished thai th** mni their beaut) arid fr*?hn**? l?nt*r thui the eomino* luar ble*. whilet'ie* are sold much cheaper Th*y have M be*n uatMl iu Oil* countrj for the last tea. an?' ia r.iirope lor more than ift; jaara. tod have giran antira ntiafacuon. P om* aal an.i fun..n* t; c ?W H HAJUIOVKR; ji*?r ."r.. WHEELK?cSi W'LgJN^^EWlNO ?* Removed ro No. 34k Pa. At., muam Tt? #t. Kntoaracod br th* snbatanti*. Mid rspedly iB tmmm**opmlmthr of Wbwltr 4 Wilifi uaa ?uail?4 Fa tit Sawiuj jLaahinoa. whia* far the laet eight year* have moattriamphMrtJy maintained their ?uneriorHy. a- a family institution ovar all iur mim m* ixor, in? R|??i m wd mm ono of the fine iip* rtora* ltW| orocted on P? w n*, n?*r 7th it . *Mrr n benutiful na*>rt .?f mil-the wiooa atTle* nwtr at nl time* fee MM There wrrt i/1 jr* of thee* V*i?f MtoklM* Bold in the mi ltA. l,*lie? ?r<> invited to enll nn<i pee tnoin. t4>t*the ?r,u. -t.fionie* from mu; of the bMt e.Us*-aa of Wnnhinrton nod 6wr|?(<>vi, in rt iti nfo ? !. kiuwu nud ihorong hlj u*t^ |UperiOrit> lf?<? U<1if* c?naot anil. Ut then, aetid for n circular b) nil menus. It is high time ?r?r? ilr in tit* ImhI true aupp i?d witk on* of theoe benlth Md life an vine i?ifl?WM<a. Fnll inatruo?.?r l~*r\n}r? tiTier? ' *" ?> in? ntunr ui in* pi rniufr. r, i. r i Kr.? . A(MK, No 111 f? ?rr?u? Jj 11- In BetrMD CU iMUfcm. WOOD coal ?bi Pi.Au b>rw.Mr? ut ttn ?n asw Qt?? PACKING W? l?v? t?r Mlt, iwMb Alt'i, it >11?-*' C A M I'BELL * SON, Ml f* ??.

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