Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. : ' ==. H7" Though Tnt St as Is printed on the (utnt trim yrtm in use south of Baltimore, tu edition It so larxe u to require it to he put to press at an ear<y hoir; Advertisements, therefore, should be unnr* uo cinri m ; otherwise th?y may not appear until the next day. >otic* to Wasbhotosta!**.?Tbeee of em feI>w-c!Uxens leaving for the watering place*, and eiaewbere ahould bear in mind that we do ?i t mall The Sua except after payment In ad-' ?an< e at the rate of 3?x cents per month. ?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In tbe Halt: von x So* are received mi ana rorwarded from Thk ??TAt Ofllce. Ri>j?i?ni. ? Yeaterday, there were several rvises . perating to prevent very large eongrega V.ons Jit seT^ra) <>f the clmrrhef. nevertheless tlie :*>iidance at 0io?t of thwn vu numerous The ?kv wi? .owded about the hour of morning service. "vnd gave reason to antlnpate ahowera and throaghout. the day was aultrv. notwithstanding the prevalence of a strong brevie from the soithwrst Fovnrtry Ck-fl ?At 11a m . l>r Rdwarda nmrhMi from Hnnun. 1 " " " * ? , ? ii, wvr i am 1101 9shamed of the Gospel nt OVrljt/' Jtc He introijgxl hit discussion with tb? inquiry whether this i? a mere negative ezpreMioa of the apostle's appreciation of the gospel He thought not, for this fail* far abort of hia real estimation of it aa ettt-wbere eipressed, where he often riaea in rapture ill bta declarations on the anbject?e. g? wlier* he says. "God forbid that 1 should glory save In ths ersss of our Lord Jesus Christ " In fact, Joy in suffering for the gcspel's cake waa the key note ot tha apostle's life; and rave him the courage which enabled him to defy the Roman authorities which upheld a faith in direct opposition to his own,aa well aato plant and maintain the standard of Christ there, amid Its fiercest enemies. Paul waa not ashamed of the gospel because It fulfilled its promises In all cases and under all circumstances. It not only otters asls. atlon, but it actually saves. It changes the heart, and it waa changed hearts which formed an argumeat to defend Christ aod a commendation of It, wmcn cnfu mr [xiwcti ui Runic, "ror 11 iiuw power of God onto salvation." What do we understand of power, except by iU effects? What hy power of mind, except by what It has pro* duced ? We see the power of men In the monu* menu of their K*nlas- Likewise, what do we know of the power of God except by the vast physical systems spread out for our contemplation * And when we remember that all things were made by the simple flat, "Let them be,"' we are amazed and lost In admiration. And will the infldel. In the face of the power of God as dl?played in the working of the gospel for nearly nineteen centuries, stlu say that Christianity Is a runtilngly devised raoie? way, tben, we ask is ?t that such a great distinction is visible between Heathendom and Christendom? Why la it that society is improved just In proportion as Christianity extends * It is the Bible that refines or :etjr, snd renders man happy?and thanks be to God that the Bible was in the old Mayflower of the Puritans The speaker here read an extract from a secular Daoer relative to the effect* or th? gospel in the Smdwich Ulands, demonstrating the influence of missionary effbrta in those regions is beiag amtxing, and Inquired whether any pow?*r short of Christianity could have produced so great and beneficial changes. Look at Paul also before and after embracing Christianity, and see if th-re was no power exerted in his rase to produce such a change. Dr E. then stated that we mteht take another course and prove the falaeness of infidelity by the external evidences of Christianity, but, said he, this theory of the power of God which w* have considered, exhibiting its effects, of itself breaks down every so called fort which the infidel has ever constructed. Af. E Church South ?The service of the day was conducted by the Rev Joseph A. Proctor, assisted by the Rev J. C. Granbery. The pastor jfai ta* d to a large cnng relation from 1st Corinthians. lo1#,Sl>?If in this life only we have hope In Christ, we are of all men most miserable. But now Is Christ risen from .the dead, and berime the first fruits of them that slept.'* The subject treated of was the resurrection of the dead, the main proposition being that the resurrection of Christ is a pledge of the resurrection of every ("hrittUn The choir of this church has much improved of late, the flee singing being a great addition t?> the services of the sabbath. M P Church. N>*th .?fr*rl ? Rev P L Wilson, pastor, having returned from a brief visit to his family, resumed his service in the pulpit, and di?cour*ed In the morning from 1st Peter, 4 7? ? But the end of all things is at hand; be ye therefore sober, and wat^h unto prayer At night, irorii joon. ;j.pi?" tie must incca*, out j mini dwMw " The service at night was very brief, rv-cupying leu than half an hoar. Sr. Puni's Lmtkrran Church.?The pastor. Rev. J. <J Hutler. preached in the morning from isalab, S3 1, tlrst ctaow--' Who hath believed our re port??1 At night, from Jereralah, 13 21?44 What wilt thoo aay when be shall punish thee V* St Don. mirk's?Father Young preached an eloquent discourse from the Gospel of the day? nineteenth chapter of Luke. The choir sank; Peter's mass in (J. Si Patrick's ? At high mass. Father Boyle discoursed upon Jerusalem, basing his remarks upon the Gospel of the day Th* OccoqiTA* A*?aib.?In addition to wha* ve have already published on this subject, we collect the following : On the 4th of July last, the Black Republicans, of whom some sixty reside In the vicinity of Occoquan, instituted an ampliation and agreed . <> ./. r Ia Ititsr ilrtft * f! Bit with Ko n u r? i kj net* a ' i r ? -?? wv?i u tvi *? i?u ?at mu ui of Lincoln and Hamlin. The pole was accordingly erected, the following persons partic;j>at:ng In the pole-raising: John Underwood, W. C. Attaey, Robert Gurtis, Ollyer Underwood, H. W. Rives. J. W. Miller, Wm Davis (1>oy) Stephen Hammill. John Taylor, Andrew Underwood. Marion Grlgg, T. O. Coulter. James Gould, Thomas Rive*, jr., H. F. Duty, W. H. Johnaton, T. L. Selecman, John Wright, Wm. Western, A. A Selecman, Edw. Roberta. (Englishman) Tasco Harris,(free negro) Jim J*nyder, (free negro) Albert Harria, (free negro ) Upon raising the pole, the pol?-raisera were armed with muskets and made quite a military demonstration. A meeting was held at whicb Ul.irk H raihli^n ai\Mr h?? \i*> rm m.v^p hv \V P A they acd J Wright, the latter of whom, a new coiner, la said to be quite an orator. Many persons in the neighborhood opposed the erect.on of the pole, believing it to be a standing menace to the peace of the country, but at Ant there wu no Indication of an attempt to disturb it. The Republicans when spoken to on the subject, anawred that " there was no one in the county who dared to touch the pole." 11 There were men enough to defend It," ic. On one occasion an old resident of the neighborhood was assaulted because be had declared that the pole was a nuisance, and on another, threats were made to ride upon a rail, a gentleman living nr?r-by. because be bad spoken Southern sentiments freely in Occoquan. Letters were published In the Wheeling Intelligencer declaring that "the people in the county wanted the pole removed, but had not the heart ts do it " This raised much feeling In the neighborhood, inu at a iuTwn|( ?i orcuitviitc, souir nine auoij\ lot court, U wm agreed that the flag waa an insult to the people of Virginia, and Incendiary in the object it was ralaea to promote, and ahouid be ton down on Friday, the 27th day of July. Intelligence of this determination toon reached Occoquan, and on Monday night a Republican meeting waa neld there to deviae measures for the defence of the flag pole. On the following morning Mr. J. G Atuey visited Washington, and sent to Governon I-etcher a telegraphic diapetrh. which, and the sequel of which, we have already K,Tea ________ Tits Zovavis Kxpictrd here xixt ThemIts W rim I * V kWoB V TUB PD * 1 T>* ((? s 9U* . ua i ?am mm in* i ? i * A| in* wvn biiui' Hons ?It Is expected that the Chicago Zouave Cadeta will reach the city of Baltimore about half-past 1 o'clock to-morrow from Philadelphia They will remain three days la that ? city, and will be quartered at the New Assembly Rooms: they will take their meals st the GUmor House On the evening of the day of their arrival. they will give an exhibition of their peculiar drill at the Maryland Institute for the especial gratification of the ladies. On W ednesday, the visitors, accompanied by their hosts (Independent (ireys.) will proceed on an excursion down the bay. and on their return will partake at Spring Gardens of a supper, the prominent features of which will be those epicurean delicacies which are rurn;tn?*a Dy tbr waters or tbe rstapsco ana the Chesapeake On Thursday the Zouaves will give a complete drill upon the ground* of the K xrelaior Haae Ball Club On Thursday, probably, the Cadets will depart for Waihlnrteo, where they Intend giving an exr.:t>it!oa of their drill proll iency before the President, and the veterans of the Soldiers' Home, where Mr Bochanm is sojourning. The Z >oaves will return to Chicago, via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, passing through Columbus. Ohio, Cincinnati. aod St Louis. Rbtckrkd Official* ? Mayor Bmrt and Ju?f lire Do tin mad family, who have be*a enjoying a vl?:i to New York,' and drUcUve offlcrr A. K A Lien. who was engaged in the attempt to recover the supposed fu^itlvr slave Benjamin Harrod, in Philadelphia, returned in the can from Baltimore testerdav. and rr*um?rd their respective eflclal functions to-day Swoci Illizs* of as Old regret to learn that Mr. A H \ ouBg, aa old and h.<hW esteemed citizen of Washington, is lylaf 1U at bis residence, on F street near Seventh, and at t>.i* trt t:nir Is raoidlrlinking (Saturday week Mr Voting partook af aome green com at hla dln. a t, *rl?i h < aiiMNi the illneM w?tb which ho baa been suffering aluce and now thr-uteu* dnath B?ab is mud the plc-nlc of the Odd FeUowt' tbia a/Vrnoon. at Aaaloctao Island. tbi phtlabvlpiria r??ITtV? sla7b Ca?* ? Last Monday. Mr Joshua Bateman called upon Offl.t A R Allen and employed bt? to go to Philadelphia to aid hlra in tne recovery of a fugitive slave belonging to him, and woo ran i*ar about three years ago. They went to Pbil_ J.i_v . * * inripina, ana mere Identified the slave. who was employed u a drayman, under the name of Valentine His right name la Benjamin Harrod, alias Herd Ben, of course, was not aware that his master had seen htm and was after htm Ottcer Allen suggested that to avoid trouble, (for If they arrested oTm on Bstemaa's own testimony he was afraid the abolitionists would bring witnessed to swear that Ben was born there, sad hsd never lived anywhere else,) they should return to Washington and get the necessary papers and other witnesses to identify him. They did so, aad returned Friday last with three witnesses fr??u Georgetown, one of them the son of the former owner of Ben. As they were sitting in the hotel where they stopped, Ben passed with I hit drav. tni) thdfcv at *-i? ?-4 _ j j - j ?? VIIVC iucunum uiin . rMiVurday morning, Officer Allen, with Deputy Marshal* Jenklna and Sbarky. of Philadelphia, arretted Ben abou; o'clock. He made a fartwn i reaictance, and in a few momenta tte officers were surrounded by an etrit^d < rowd of abolitionts'.s, of all colon But tbe officers persevered, ! and bv putting "nippers" on Ben'a wrists, ?uc| reeded in getting him to the Marshal's office Tbe officer brought hla witnesses to the office through the excited crowd of abolitionlata and negroes, who were shouting and threatening all | the time To tbe question "la thia the man you ?? ? ... imitmiiiii ssnre'" me witnm riaroined r.nswered. "It ia the man I thought was him " Altrn axkrd If be did not say he would swear to him, and the witness said "Ses, but he could not do so now, though he never saw two men more alike in bis life than Ben and the pris oner." Velther of tbe other witnesses would swear to him, and the man was released Soon after, the sippoeed fugitive returned withseveral abolitionists, and demanded the names of the partes from Georgetown, but the Deputy Marshal replied that they would take the responsibility of the arrest themselves, and refused to give them any Information. The witnesses believing themselves in danger, left suddenly. A negro at the office window sbonted to the officers, "Ise a fugitive' take me! Never mind, you s-ns oi o 1: we'll close this office after the 4th of March!" Officer Allan returned to this city yesterday. Tit* rkctst Stumioat Accii>K5t at Ai.kxa*d?:a?Otfickrs of tr* Stkambr St. Nicholas hiIdto Bail. &c.?The Alexandria Gazette of this morning. says : " Upon the recovery of the body of James H Olive, drowned on Friday last, by a coll si on between the steamer 3t Nlcnolas, and a small boat, Dr C W. Chancellor held an inquest upon the body, at the store of Fowle A Co. ' The jury hiving heard the evidence, and taken it into consideration, returned the following Jl-i YITQICI : :i The jury worn to enquire when, how, and bv what means the said James Olive came to his death, upon their oaths do say, that the said James H. Olive came to his death oy drowning, which was the mult of great negligence on the part of the officers of the steamer St Nicholas, which ran Into the boat of Captain Wilkinson.' As we mentioned on Saturday. Coroner Chancellor at once issued a warrant for the arreat of the Captain and Pilot of the boat. When the St Nicholas.on her way from Washington to Balttmore, came alongside her wharf at this port, on Saturday morning, the officers went on board and arrested Capt Samuel Guy. Jarws Burroughs, mate and pilot, and the engineer of the boat. A hearing was had before Mayor Prfce immediately, and evidence, similar In purport to that given at the coroner's inquest, was heard It appearing that the engineer obeyed the bell of tue pilot, and was In no way responsible for the accident, be was at once discharged. Cant Guy and pilot Burroughs were held to bail in the sum 1 of &1 (1(11) tn anivnr at th? n?** * "? f* ??.**?<? w - j ? ? ? "fP^* ?- mm- *? ?V(*ii V* *UV VllVUi* Court and answer the charge. The passengers who witnessed the occurrence have drawn up a statement of the affair, and entirely exonerate the captain of the steamer from any olame whatever. Al*xasd?ia First Ward Unio* Club. ?A meeting of the Union men of the First Ward was held at the Hall of the Relief engine house on Friday night, for the purpose of forming a Union Club. I?ewis McKenzie in the chair, and 9. R. Shtnn secretary A constitution was reported and adopted, and the following permanent officers were elected President, J. A. English; Vice I President, J R ?hinn; Secretary. G T Warfleld: Treasurer, John A. Field The following were chosen as the Executive Committee: C. L. Neale, R. H. Warder, 8 H. Devaughn, E. H Delahay, Samuel Coleman. George K. Shinn, and Thoma* Chauncey. W H Carlin. E H. Delahay and R H. Warder were appointed to procure a permanent place of meeting. Spirited speeches were made by F W Asbbv and A.J. Arnold, which were received with applause A number of names were enrolled on the Club list; and the meeting, wolcb was one of the largest ward meetings ever held in the city. and very enthnsiastic, adjourned with three cheers for Bell and Everett, and three rr A ?. Tunnel Clerical Chihok ?The Kev. C W Stonestreet. 8. J., wbo ban bffii pastor of St. Aloystus Church In this city, ever since Its dedication, and President of Goniaga College for some years, has i*een transferred to Georgetown College This ciange Is the rabject ?f ifreat regret to bis congregation. and tbls feellngwas manifested In a handsome manner by the members of the choir The members of the choir assembled a few evenings ago at th? residence of Mrs. Cecilia Young, their accomplished leader, to give utterance to their feelings on the subject and to express tbeir high appre latlon of the merits and labors of their late p-Mtor One of them addressed him in feellnu and affectionate terms, to wblch he made a suitable r-sponse. express *e of hit gratitude and affection. Kev William M Clark, formerly of St Ignatius's Church. Baltimore, a? we have before stated. It assigned to the pastorate of St Aloysfus Criminal Cocrt?SaturdayIn the case of the United States agt. Ann Clark, charged with stealing jewelry, In wblch the Jury found a v-rdict of guilty, a motion was entered for an arrest of judgairut and a new trial Ttie counsel In behalf of Ludtm A. Rargy, convicted of obtaining money undtr false pretenses, argned a motion for a new trial, at some ? * v, u..? -J ( A ? ? *1.. J - v?+ ? i icu^tu, uui uiu uuv tuu' juuc wiurc mt couri adjourned On Friday, on motion by Daniel Ratclitt'e. Eaq., M. C. Farrelly, K*q , waa admitted aa an attorney of thia Court. To-day?Mr. Norria concluded the arguments on the motion for a new trial of I.udim A. Bargy. He waa addrea?lng the Court when our report cloaed. Tni lat* M?t*o*.?Mr Caleb S. Hallowell, principal of the Alexandria High School, who haa been digeating data on thia aubject, aava: j ' Upon approximating to the place of the late meteor, 1 Hud i?a nearest approach to Alexandria waa afcont two hundred ana twenty milea It pa**rd over the western uart of Lontr laland at an el^va. tlon of about thirty-live miles above the earth's surface, tad, of conse-quence, it mutt have given out to the inhabitants of that region fully fortv times as much light as to us It is, therefore, not at all surprising that the New York city papers were filled with accounts of its splendor. As regards the actual velocity of this interesting body, we have at present hardly sufficient data for computation, but it may, I think, be safely set down at fifteen or twenty miles per second." Skkious Ckarob Dismissed ?On Saturday afternoon, James Spalding, alias Swan,was arrested on the oath of Mary Butier.who charged him with stealing a carpet bag and clothing valued at 88. The accused keeps a tavern near tne railroad depot. and complainant stayed there four days and :>a:d for her board; wishing to leave, she asked for Iter baggage,when an old valise containing nothing, and not her property, was offered. She, of ? a .?? *. 4ci. ? ^ ' wvuric, ucv iiuru. auu KWI mil COUrK TO gfl DCf jirop-rtj. Spalding Mid the baggage must bsve been taken by some one else, In mistake. The larceny ess#* was dismissed, and a civil warrant was issned for the value of tbo gooda. riio?DiaLT Conduct ?On Saturday night a young gentleman on passing the public grounds sooth of the canal, was attacked by a gang at rowdies, and stonea It was at an early hour, and no doubt the idea of the assailants was to rob him if they could. He, however, managed to escape without serious injury. It is strange, indeed, that with our very " vigilant and efficient police," a st >p i a mot be put to this ruffianism We are told ttiat policemen have laid about in those grounds to catch three ruffians It is strange tbey are never taken, though the outrages continue. There it no use of having police unless our citizens can be protected where tnev need it. Stxiit Improvements ?On Saturday, at 13 o'clock, the bids for certain street Improvements were opened at tbe Mayor's ottice. Toe contractor for trimming and gravelling Sixth street west, between 1 and K streets north, was awarded to Hanson Brown at S&O. There were three bids, one of which was throws out on account of informality. A number of bids for paving tbe carriage-way on Fourteenth street west, between Penniy.inala avenue and F street north, were openeu. The award Is not yet made. Vkey Accommodatiss.?We understand that Mr Fahev, proprietor of Columbia Spring, has concluded arrangements by which music will be in daily attendance at the, for the aecommixlatinn of nrlnt* nartlM whn m>v fawn* Kim with their company. * Auivic at Ciiiik't Whaif. foot of Thirteen-aud-a-half street, schooner John Sill! man, Clum. from New York, with 150 tons of stooe for N Acker a ad George Neltxy Also, schoon<r Despoils, Letberbury, froni Baltimore, with 5?i UUO feet of white pine for Samuel Norment Tn* Disraiwnoji ov Pkbhicms to the pupils of th? Fourth District Public Schools, tt will be borwla mind, takes place at the Smithsonian tomorrow (Tueedsy), it having been postponed to that day from last Tuesday on acooaat of the Mineral of Mr. 0ak>. ?r "T "?1 A Vtctova Do?.?Yesterday. colored woman, with bar child, went to visit a neighbor. near the Park. A vlctoua ball dog ru*Led out of a gate near the bonae to which ther Are going, and aelzed and lacerated the chlM la a dreadful manner, and 1t waa with greatjdifficnlty the child waa reieaaea irom bts Jaws The physician* df< that tbe child was dangerously lnjtirtd. The mother applied to J usilce Jr.Lnson f>r a warrant to secure the destruction of tbe dog, and tbe i?y raent of the coatt of tl e attend, nee. The p?rty will be arretted to day, probably. Th* rir-mc given by the l.ady's Benevolent Society, at Analoatan Ialand. on Thursday last, waa a very pleasant one and gave general satufartlon. The accommodations of tbe place are probably unaurpaMed by any place of resort near tbe city, the proi retors being untiring In their efforts to please. The bar attached to the pavllllon w*s closed the entire day Kaputa band was in it tendance and acquitted themselves in their usu?l happy manner The supper furnished, by the proprietors, whs all that coyld be desired Csxtkal Gcardhocsk C ask? ?J uitice Donn ! returned from New York yesterday and resumed the trljil nf th* t,? ' ? ?mv i;uamuuuK UMcS. AIUBilUl DPp* kin*, colored, behaved in a disorderly manner, and waa found In the atre?ta at a later nour than the law allowa She waa fined K 15 S B. Plnmaill waa charged with fighting, disorderly conduct, threats, fee He waa flnra *3 15, ana held to aecarity for peace. La Fits Champitri.?See advertisement in another columu of a grand entertainment to be Siven ou Mondav evening next, at the City Garena, on New York avenue, between Firat and Second stret la Magic?Everybody in Washington will be de? lighted to hear that wyman, the popular wizard, ia aoon to vialt ua. Mb*. Wimslow, an experienced nurse and lemaie physician, haa & Soothmt Syrup for CKildcn Ttttking, which greatly facilitate* the prooe*a of teething .1- - > : " j .viwjiiui ws |umi, iouuciur til mukmniKIOll? will allay all pain, and ia cure to regulate the bowel*. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give reat to yonraelrea. and relief and health to your infanta. Perfeotly safe in all cases. See advertisement in aaother ooiuran. oo 11-lr Houowir's Pills. BrLtoos F*vb* ?This dange<ous disease is immediately nipped in the bud by a timely use of these anti-febrile and corrective medicines ; tney purify the secretions of the liver, renovate the stomach, and cleanse the blood Thoui-auds who would have sunk beneath the violence of this fever have been restored to health by the use of the remedies, after all other means had failed. i*old by all Druggiata, at 25c., 62o., and ft per box, jy 27-lw Moss Hiimk Testimony. Bosion, April 18,1852, No. 48 Union at. Me. S*tu W. Fowls? Dear Sir: Your invalua (>io luouiciaa, i can truly say. has literally snatched me from the grave Last July I was attacked by a sudden cold, which resulted in a very severe cough, with v.oleut pain ? in the aide and chest. 1 h.'canm so much reduced that my friends (ranklv told m? that I inustdie. At thia crisis i heard of Wwtar'.t Balaam of Wild Chtrry and immediately sent for a bottle. The effect produced was indeed wonderful. My physician, one of the most respectable in Boston, who had previously told me that aenre wan hopeless, came in, and I informed him what i ha.I taken. He examined the Balsam and advised mo to continue the use of it. since which time I have continued to improve daily ; and the same physi cian who had given me up told mo, a few davs since, that I might yet live many years. Respectfully. ftl A K Y HOWS. We can cheerfully testify to the truth of the above statement, Mrs. Row# havins been an inmate of our family. William Dknmstt. Maktha Dkn.nbtt. None genuine unless signed 1. BcTrsouthe wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle ? Co., Boston, and for ale bv Z. D. Giiman. t*. C. Ford, jr., S*. B. W-vite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn & Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. jy 25-lw,r Simkthinw that Nivbk Fai l*.?We hear a good deal through the press of "infallible" medicines, but the only reliable proofs of the real excellence of a medical preparation are its sales. In this -respeot Hottetter's Stomarh Bitters defy competition. No curative ever attained the same popularity in the same time. Seven years ago it was not >nu*n ouisiae oi private practice. .Now tli* sales amount to over two thousand bottles a day. F.verjr agent of the proprietor make* the same report: cures marvelous?confidence of the people in the r reparation stronger ever) day ?demand continualy increaNing. Letters pour in by every mail announcing it* wonderful elects iu Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint. General Debility, T)iarrhfi'a,l)t sentery, and all complaints of the stomach and excret ry rgans. It is not only eflv-ient hut palatable being 'he most agreeable of alt the Uitters at present before the public. For sale by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. j) 2J-eo3t Meyer's Mi*acuia>ps Vermis Dkstrotkk, tiia nl'laut ? n.l Kx? a * ?oi I- --- ? r * vnw wiwwife IM?U in'Sk |?IUDU) ftliUWIl IUI ** A Willi I H HI ine Rat* &n<] Mice, Cockroaches, Bug*. Ants, Muaquitoea, Flea*, Moth*,Giaiu-Worms and Garden I nsects. IT^ Principal Depot, 612 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggist* everywhere. ma 18-3m Lyon'* M wkhtic In?ect Powder Exterminate* Bed Burn, Roaches, Tick*, Ants, Garden Insect*, Ao. It contains no Poison Lvov's Maojietic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap9-3m Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphrey* ? Co.'* specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxen, at 25 and So cents each. Also, in cases, containing 20 vials, from $4 to U ;.'w i u -1-v.ii J; . ' ' oiwii, wiiu uuui wi mil directions, ror Mie r>y Z. 1). Oilman, 350 Fa. afenue, wholesai" and retail agent: W . A. Fitzgerald, 333 north F utreet: also by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street and Vermont avenue. AI no. Pond'' Extract of Witrh Hnt'ly for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. nia9 ly Piwwus,?Persons desiring Pennies will always Snd thern tor exnhange at the StAr Office nounter. MARE LED. On the 29th of July, by the Rev. Father Boyle. R?>BKRT AUAMStoJANE .MADDOX, >11 nf this city. * DIED, (in the evening of the 2"Hh inst., after a short and \ _C ! ; j | if _ _ ? * t i ^ ? * * pftuiui iiiucii, mri .nAtii a AIM MJrtLfcK, in the 70th >ear of hor age. Her friend* and acquaintance* are respoot fully invited to attend her fun*rai from her late residence on Virginia avenue, between 7th ami 8th etie<-H (Navy-V ard) on to-morrow ( TueaJay) morning at 10 o'clock. On the :29th in*t., FREDRIl-'K HOUGH. ae<?d 1 year, 6 montta and 19 days, the only ?oa of Fredrick and Harriet Ann Winckelman. * I Baltimore Sun please copy.] WANTS. W ANTED?A CHAMBERMAID, who can do plain aowing and tnake herself generally useful,atNo 364 F at., near 13th. It* WANTKD-Two young IRISH BOYS, al>out 18 or 19 years oi age who ar willing to do the (1itr?r?nt kinds of work about a h<>t?l. Nona need apply unless they ^re willing to do all kinds of work necesnanr in a hotel. Apply immediately at Marshall House, Alexandria, Va. It WANTED?A WOMAN, to perform the duties of chambermaid. No one n?ed apply who can- i not bring a recommendation from ner last pace. Inquire at Eckington, two miles north of the C*p itoi. jy 17 WANTED?By a steady aud industrious man. a SITUATION as oollec'or. Be*t of recoiu m**ndations riven. Address M. C., Star Office. Jy a-tf WANTEH??OOKB, Ol.D DOCUMENTS, PAPERS, COINS, AUTOGRAPHS?#5 for an an tog rap h letter of Gen. Tailor. s-'i, 5th. ath, Slst. IWth. Sfith Volume? of Nile's " ' ~~ ALFRED MUNTEK g-eolwn* Under Willa'ds'. \R7ANTED?To have everybody know that ther v v can purchase their Summer Clothing at cost at No. 460 seventh at., opposite Post Olfioe. jy 12-1 m 7MTH WARD IN THE FIELD! GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. HENNINQ. 7th st , Island, is selling all kind*of ^^SUMMEfc CLOTHIN6, HATSawl^?. S?caps, and exclusively SI'MMERbHI ^ BOOtSud SHOES, at about coit.rMl lor eaah ' Silk Neok Tim for 25 cents, worth30, Paper Collars, 10 for 25 oonts, I : _..l l- " u ?t ?a?r% ww _ ifinori vuiism, omrMf LUucrBniru, l/rnwon, tlO- i ierj, to., 4 Straw Goods, very cheap. Ladies' brown, ton and black heel Gaiters,at f 1.25, ' brown Gaiters, at 75 cents, M Morocco Heel Boots, at #1.36 do. do. , >1. " do. no heel do. 15 cents, " . do. Heel Slippers, from 75oenU if, * do. Slippers and Busksx at75 cents. Gents' Patent Leather Shoes and Gaiters, at $1.25, Youths' Gaiters, #1. Bojrs' do , fl 25. A fine lotoT home made Patent Leather Shoes, at low nriiiM ""Many "other kinds on hand, in which great bargain* may be expected. Call early. j> 84 6t Nation aeil h i b i t i o n , At CINCINNATI. OHIO, B*rt. 1 ttk-Xtk. Th? united states agricultural SOCIETY Will hold it* Eighth Annual Agrieultu- ^ rat and Industrial Exhibition on the <rounds liberally provided by theeitiiens of Cincinnati, which are to be fitted up in the best sty:o. There will ho Halls and Tents for the display of i%if'lkMCVT4 MtrniNKDV Tnrtl i luiULuTirt Vnviv* *n,! P?"? for HORSES, CATTLR, SHEEP, and SWINE: fJ?H.alr-,nfqU-!u[1^?U5!!.one 'P'L* ln ?& forty fret in width, for the exhibition of Hor-ea. The Premiums otT?red-in c??h,?cold. silver and bronxe m?UU,-<ii,lo,nM andwf.&aV&ount 90,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irom Wodnea day,the 12th. to Thursday ,.th? ?Kh, of S?ptemt*r, thaa sivitiK tin* to examine and teat tba n.iple inenta and machinery. For premium liata or information apply at th? Office of the Sociaty, No. Sit P*. avenue, (up Uua tfo*ta|fce.u^ ri t-er^t C.DcinDatj Ohio. jftt'tf **e> V'. 8. A*ricu!tura! Soci^fjr, # AMUSEMENTS. ATom>r P*?rtirro? ,i,ft K?tert*?nnietit 1 Ou w hi ?l|> coas."**'-"* of V*.LVWDi IliCi. -n /* nify*M, 1 T*o Gold W?tch?*. >j>w0 Silrer WattkM. Two Stlw Cak? Bwkets, I orch~?.-vi"iii. a. n. " Tickets of admission, on tlm ooouMB, ? al parts of the hall 5" cts., for sal e at H. Semken's, <?0 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th its., where the present* may be seen. Ticket* may also be had at the hall from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m., and on the evening of the performance. Door* open at 7commence at8. jy 30 AH FETK CHAMPKTHE! ? ? ? T UEFL.ERS WASHINGTON CITY (JARDENS, (iV?v York ?e? btUftm l*t mm J 2d ill.,) monday, acocst ?th. The Manager begs to announce fo the public that a grand Frti, comprising man* NOVkL tNT KR T AIN MKNS rarelv, if ever, witnessed in this city, will be given as above, 1 lie l>eantifuland spacious city garden will be thrown open at 3 o'clock p. m , and the entertainment will continue until such time as to allow visitors to witness a display of fireworks*, and return home at a seasonable hour. lL/~The hardens are t?asy ofaeoem, and, IUD< or FAMILIK* will find. A PLEASANT RESORT And a splendid RURAL * NTKRTAIN.MK.NT __ _ For Children. il7~ For Programme of the Entertainment ?? future advertisement. Admisuon 26 cents ; children 15 cents. LA FETE CHAMPKTHS! jy 28-tf C. J. W ALTER. Manager. EFRKE CONCERTS! RN8T LOKFKLKR, Hew York *rmm% btHrftn ijr nnd 2d streets, wou'd r*speotfu1!y _ )H(w tat* to the publie that A CONVERT oflHS SELECT MUt?lC will be gi/en ever* MON-JS* DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his Pavilion, eommenoing at S o'clock and ending at to p. m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon ia open to those desiring to while &W&Y & fflV hnnrm in ?ha ?** L> *liv J UUllUOi M / l i CR&Aftf. WATKR ICES. and ever; description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city prises. Parties desiring the Gutters for Pio Nio par p ji-t. are requested to (i?e a day 01 two uotioe. je 18 3ni personal" |VI A DA ME MORR1CE, TiikOeiat Astkolol?l oi*t and Doctri?#, just from Europt.? 'l'*i* highly gifted and intelligent lady can be coneulud on th* Past, Presentanu Future Events. Call al Nr>. a05 Twenty-second street, between H and 1, ??jiBninrxnn. Information wantkd of sig'r g. PKKSICO, which will be tha>>kfa ly received by G PICCIOLI,< Vice Consul of the Two 8iei)i<??,> No. 41 Front ?t., Baltimore, Md. jy 27-eo3t Information wantkd, of john j. CLKIIV. of Philadelphia. It. He win laf-t heard from in the aummer of 1851, in Washington, O. O ,i? a hatter by trade; ?erv?d on board the bng Perry, during the Mexican War. under the name of John J. SVileon; alio on the Brandy wine un^er am* name. Any information will b* thankfully rtc-lv^d by addressing his brother, E. D. (Jl.EKV. 328 Waif a: St. Philadelphia, Pa. jy U lew iw LOST AND_FOUND1 STRAY DOG.?A Bull Terrier Slut 1?en at the artver.iser's resilience. No. *i99 F ^ _) ?t., unco Saturday. The owner is r. quoted to call for her and pay for this ai " vertisement. It* I OST-A BROWN Bl'FFALO COW, with Li t e tore teats ruing at>ove others: richt ear split; seaTerl across the loins. A good sup reward will lx? tiven for her return to Mr.JUfes JAMF.S HAZELL. butcher, Washington. jf33-?t? Cr?AYKI> FROM THE SUBSCRIBER. Corner of Sevi nth and K*mt Punitn! ??? ???? o i Fritlar, t27th inst..a medium sjt>*i R KD CO vV. with horns; one ear slit; hi U>? partly whilo. A liberal reward will be nven for her return. I'KTKR LYNCH, jy 3i? 2t^ at the South Capitol Extenkuu. STRAYKD?A brown COW; white face; part undern'-ath white; dark around rn >nth ; brown rin^a around the e>ea I will give a Mutable reward for lier recov-Jbadha err. DA VI, MAJOR. 1st at., bet G and H. ft* Printing Office Square. Taken from the store of w.m. a. C * HO on the 27th mat., a pocket or memoraidum HOOK, with papers of no value only to the owner. In it wm one note drawn by JameaG. Navlor payable to the order of John J. Caho for 956'i .2, for aix months, not endorsed by him. I fo>ewa n all persona from receivinu it as the psvm nt la Mtnpped A lil>eral reward will lie (:ivon tor the return <ft!.e same to the comer of Fourteenth and I atreeta. jf2H3t* wm. A. caho. oca reward.?banawair. j sljw in* vp i C"' GRO MAN !-K\VIS,'ca!l?i' himsol'f jjm l,ewia Thomas; ated about 23 yrarr; 5 fcet fiff 7 inches high; a an k chesnut color; cheek jjn, hone* high; quick when spoken to; no mark* Jk remembered. He it a shrewd n?*r?. and hav-JQL in* b?*en several times in Washington. mar Bttherea'iout*. fZ5 jriven it'taken in Charles county. To be lodged in jail so that I e?-t him ***tn 9. A. GARDINER, jjr 36-61* Charles oounty, Md, ~ FOR SALE TND RENTT" [For other u For Sale and Rent" advtrtisetnents, tee Jirtt page J OR RENT-A Fl'RMMIED PARF.OR and CHAMBER, on first floor, with or without Board. Also, two Chambers, front second rtorv. Inquire Tenth street, east side, first door above M street. jy ?' 2t' iri'K he..* r ? a eomiortahle two-atorv hRICK F DW ELLING.25feet front. No. 510, Vi finis avenue, between 3d and 4th afs. east, A pump of por < wat*r clone at hand. Also, a anug two-atorv BRICK DWELLING on lat atro?t ret, n?ir N atre-t oouth. Kenta low to (cood ti'daot*. Enquire of jy 3? 3t* 11 ALLEN. No *'20 V? ?vA^m RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A SMALL CAPI 1'AL.- The subscriber haa bought propertyin Marvland, therefore will aril a small GROCERY STOREon 7th atre- tat private *ale. For particnlara enquire at 447 7th street, between G and H. J? iy>-3t* Fm L'RNISHED HOUSE OR ROOMS FOR RKNTon very moderate terms. Apply at 4%9 E atreet, Inst ween 3d and 4th ata. jy 27-St* FjM)R RKNT-A larse double BRICK HOlT?K, containing 11 rooma and paa^a^e, with atabl> cfriiu cftrnn^v nuuBO ; aiso & pump??I water in tt!6 van!: on Kl?mtb st., near I# *t. For terms inquire of GEORGE T. LANGLEY, on L nefc hour teenth st. jj> 86 tl OR SALETOR"RENT-A BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, on Sixth street west, between M and N north. No. 230. containing euht rooms and a kitchen. Pinneskion given immediately. Apply next door north. j) 25-1* * F^OR RENT-A three-story BRICK HO'SE, containing 10 rooms, on th* corner ol Third and C street*. Capitol Hill, north. Terms ate. Apply on the premises, or ?f JAS. COLEMAN, watchman at the Capitol. jy 24 6t* OR RENT-A three sU?ry BRICK ~D\VEL LING HOUSE, on H ?t between 12th and 13th ts., No 404. Apply to J. KIRKWOOD, 476 12 h ?'r?et. jy tf-tf STORE FOR No. *20 Seventh *t.. 3 doors above States Office. Apply to J. ROSEN THAU iy 16 tK>OK RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It la beautifully situated on Thirteenth atreet, between Georgia avenue and K ?t., Navy Yard ; hae a large garden lot attached, a pump of good waier n^ar. and contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will he rented low, with or without the lot. to a *<"><! fnant. For aale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CI.AflK. Navy Vard; or of JOHN PATCH, 619 H st.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 I/OR RENT?Two comfortable three-stc ry b'ick r HOUSES, six rooms and kitchen eswh, situated on Eleventh st., between B and C. Rent *)5S0n?r month Apply to GEO. F. MUGUELY,~?t F.'S. Myers' Office, Eighth st. jy 11 In* i l^OR RENT-Two 'beautiful new BRICK I " HOUSrS.on Eighth steel west, between M and N streets no'th, west side. Apply to MARY C- HAlSHP.No. 3?1 Ninth street weat, or Dr. KEASBEY, No. 333 Pa. avenue, betweeu 9th and 10th streets. jy 12 5w* t^OR SALE OR RENT?A ploasantly situated r COITAGE hOL'SE, containing 9 rooina. There is a square of ground attached under oulti va1 tion; a large stable on one end <>f the t-quare. The plwse will he sold upon very reasonable terms, or renteil to a prompt tenant. Possesion given oo the 1st of Augu?t For partioulars inquire of BARBOUR fcSEMM Eft'Grocer*. jy H-roft I VKRY VALUABLE FARM ON THE WASH v 1RVRW BRANCH RAILROAD, NEAR BEL.T3V1LL.E, AT PRIVATE 8* LE.?The RbacriWa are authorised to sell that B^autifu *a. "H?n; Horn?." containing one hundred and twanti-elght acres, three root*, aad eight . p^rchea. utuatrd between and binding on the Washington Branch Railroad and the Baltimore and Washington Turnpike, one mile fr< m Be tavitle Poat Ofliee, aod fuar mtlea from Ua Agneul; taral College. The location ia anaa/paied for health, aocittv axce i?r.t, ehurchts of nearly aM denominations within a abort distance, convenient to exoellent schools, and a gnat null within one mile. The lard ia m a high atate of a&ltivation, no pains or expense having been ?pared lu improving and fertilizing. bv uae of the m*_ Hrick Dwelling, with ?i*ht rooM, thS*oiru*y a r dn ??rcbarJ?o/*olu>if 1 * GEORGETOWN. ; _ ?~-Trnfati mf rw Smt (Mumvi July *?. !?*? Tbe TnmW* of U?c I*. t". Mi?ion ? ? ? * ? ? * - - ? - - vum^i nor i?iim a rircular. mwnitD mey taw that the Chair J hai been. for tbe Mat y?%r, la tbf cbargr of Tliraltvlral StudenH ft"ir ttf Virginia P. E. Seminary. The .malta of the yew*! -tforta are moat encourag.^.g. Kwr^irrtliiivt belrf vaeklv. via: Sunday evening. Divine 8erTlHind AndrH??; Monday veiling. Adult Blhl? ( l*a?; Wednesday evening. Pmye*1 Meeting; ?ui>dav afternoon, Sabbath School Tbe number of f:iiilll?a in connection with, and 1h ronrt?nt attendance upon, the Chapel, it 40; number of cLildren on the roll ?f the Sunday acb*<tt, Itlu; number of teacher?. 2.1 I'he aver ?re attmdanre upoa each of theireet n^a it at f. ii?w?. vi Sunday evening aervice, 100; Monday evening KlbleClaa. 2<i; Wednesday evening prayer niftl; . *.>. S in day acbool, teacher* included, 12&. " A daily pariah arhooi. meeting in tb* rear room of tbe Chapel atten<l"?i by > * boiars. under tte Instruction of one competent lsdy teacber. A weekly sewing scliool is sustained by U?e ladles of tbe Kpiscopal cburcbrs Constant rt'oiti are utade by tbe gt utlrawi of IU congregations anoac the sailors aod boatuitu Tbe m?tn employed are preaching in tbe . pen air, distribution of tracts and cards of invitation to the cbapel. aod personal conversation Tbe attendance upon tbe services Is constantly increasing. giving evidence of growing interest among the people. The prospects of usefulness are most promising, tbourh the efflclency of tbe work is much trammel ltd There is need of an ordinary missionary. The present system of sup ply can be only temporary Laymen ar~ nf'icb wanted as Sunday school teachers, tract distributors. assistants in prayer sad open air meetings, and visitors among th- poor and sick "The trustees. In laying tb<s statement before th? fr\s>nAm r*f th- eh-. rwT ? ?J bring out. aa plainly m (vomiblr. lh<* poiaU of encouragement and duty Tbey cordially inviW all to viait the ctapel. at any of the aervlcea, and at tfy tbfinaelve* both of the lerewltv and partial success of the effort Tbey hope that no further step* will be neceaaary to arcure tbla mlsalonary work lo our midst a large place in tbe affection* of the member* of the Kpiacupel Church. The rector* of the Epteropal Churches bare called a meeting of those friendly to the chapel, j to be held on Monday evening. July 90, at f o'c o k, in Chriit'a Church The truste a hope that all who feel an interest in the work will Or nri*Pn! *nrl inf-irm Jiomaolwoa ?">"? 1?1 j ?u\ wl*T tv^n IIIVIC | ?*l I % 1' . ? I I?* T I \ of the uirrtu of. the chapel Rev Dr Butl?r. of Washington, II., C., Re* Mr. Dnhlell, of Rtcbuiond, Va., and gentlemen from Georgetown, together with the rectorsof the Episcopal Churchw, will take part in the exercises '> GEORGETOWN ADVERITMT^ For other GitrgetotrMattreriuemrMtt it* Artt ff A FAIR WILL BK HELD BY THE Young l,adies of Christ C'huroh eong'ega tion St Mr, Anhott's flchooiiwmse. <>? West stroet, commencing on FRIIUY EVENING next. >l?ry interacting articles will he exhibited for sal". Refreshment* provided. and ampiearrangtmenU made to secur? the comfort of visitors. j> Z8-3t L^OR RENT-A two-story BRICK HOI 9E.No. , r ?9. on Green street. To a good t> nan the rent will be ino terate. For terms apply to JOHN H. McDA> I KL"1. carpenter, next door, jy 28 3t FOR BOSTON ?The fast jailing clipper schooner J. vv . bearer. Captain NickcTSvn, las arrived and I* now discharging fieight.*/^^ For freight <>r p*>s%g? for theanove portiahe*^* will san on Wednesday, l*t A ukufI. i appi* lo HARTLEY* BKO.. jy os ? yy ami l?M water st., Georgetown. 1/ i s h : fish:; F FISH!!! 250 bbl?. prime round EASTERN HF.R RING, Also. i'JObt'U No. 1 LABRADOK HERRING. Now'andiug per schooner J W Seaver. and for ale by HARTLEY & BKO., jy 28 St 99 and 101 Wa er at., Georgetown. I/OR NEW VORK ?The regular packet teh'ri r York town. Ca pi/mi Wogiom, and Surprise, Captain Cole, are now ready for car no. and will aail a* alwve with di- patch. For*** freight apply to MoCOHB ic DODGE, b3 Water st, Georgetown. jy ?? IN WARM WEATHER^ PREPARE FOR COLD' We are-now receiving, a*d will l>e during the month of A uguat, 1,im? lOua oi COAL, of all which we will sell cheap if ordered prior to 1st September. Call earl* and leave your order* at our Offices, if jou wisn to *ave mor.-ey. C. MYERS A SON. No. 4 1 Water street, Georgetown. J. W. P. MYERS * CO.. iv 27-2w Office cor. G and 22d at*., Waahins'n. (Jg BRIDGE STREET. qg SELLING OFP' SELLING OFF". Larte stock of DRV GOODS, LACE MANTLES. SHAWLS, A c . Ac., to be closed out, as we intend making an alteration in our store. Come ?ooo for l>ar?:aius, as we wiU be compelled to vacate the premises in a few days. sriLMAN It HUNT, jy 27-feo2w Bridge street. _ MAYOR'S OFFICE, Onoi?r;itT<>w!i, D. C., July Al! perrons whs are annoyed by nuisance* which endanger th* health of thetowi aie requested t?> report the fame, in writinr. to this office. jy l*-w4w HK.NRV ADDISON Mayor. fVOTICE TO WATER CONSUMERS. mator* uffici, ommstowt, d. c .( July 24tfi, 1*j0. S Fxtract From Citt rnijcaiciira An<ib< it furtkfT nrtfnm'*. That the w?f?r fl<a-d *hal at all time a have the power *.r>d it ?ha!l be their duty, to re?n ate the u?e of atreet wvh-i, fountain*, hyd-aci*. or other attaohmetiu to the wver worlt* arcnniin* a* their j?>d*m?"-t khvi ] 10 ttte.and they *ha:l lave the power to shut off" .he water from ariy perron ?>r pernor.* who at.*: will fully di?r*ra d t >etr pubiuhed notice* relat.rik to *uch attaormenu or the o?e of the water. In asco'-dairca with the above, notice 1* hereby riven that from and after the date < f ima publ'ca tion alt fount*in? withia ? c>-j?oration i>im inu t be ahut off ana iionsefceep?!* are warned tia' ativ neglect of their h?riranta or caraleaa waate of the water will lm punuhed aa the rdiraneepro vide*. Thin notice i* rendered neca.ary uv the freat aca<city of water m the i.uher portion of tae bwr.and the Water Board wil leave no meaaa untried to remedy the evil, jy 25 henry addison, Mayor. balance of stock positivklv at U COST. I will oomin?nc?> this day ?o olo?? off my Stock of M1M.INERY, KMBROIDERIES AND DRY GOODi>, neh as Tr%veiin? L)r'S? <is. Laos Snaw :s. Manti la*. Black and fifn Bares* Duftere, Sun Umbrellas. Pft'a?"l?, Hair Neta. Mitts, Lace ard Grenadine Vai , HosSkirU, Ac, Ao, at and Mow o?*t. i arfiea prepann* to i?ave the citr wiil find aM a!>ur<: v.c* <>f n^oe-eary articles at E. <iOf MAN'S, N->. 117 Bridge ?!re?t, 6*orietuwn. D. C. jy 12-StawSw ARARFTCHANOE IS NOW OFFER ED TO any one who mar r>? ?1e?irnus <>f entering ta a profitable busin< sr. at one of tiis best stands in Georgetown. I offer my entire atook ol DRY tJOUliSon rfMOBilil* termi. 10 ord?" U> make a chance in my busineaa. \V. R H('R|)l,K.. , jy 21 lm Corner of High and Gay ata. Having determined to changk my business, I'll comrnorce from th.s date to sell for naah in* entire atook ol DRV ajid UNflv GOOD4*. Having purchased o the mort favora b!e term*, and hem* defci'ou* f o onnr out unrlr a* rossifcl*. all wh? maj be ie want of bargain* will do well to give me a call. W. R. HURDLE. jj 24 lm Corner of High and Gai eta. tTNITKD 8TATF<* CA P1TOL EXTENSION, WaSHUOTO!*. July 17, 1WB. Proposals will be rroeiveri at thia Offio* u?i noon of rueeday, the Slat of Aagust next.for Furnishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two rooms over the oonneoting oorhdora of the Capitol Extension The propoeala wuet state the price for each oeilinu complete, in I'm** panted with three good vi w ttttv ioau i a uiii All of th? Iron work of the Ceilings. of erlrj description, inn:ud?n< the faatemuga of the oeiiinga to the walls and to the roof frame*, mutt be included in the pnoe bid. The proposals mutt he erdorsed, "Propoaala for Iron Ceiliuga," and matt be accompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more reaponeible per aona, ddrwead to the undersigned. Thej will be opened at the time mentioned above, I in tke preeeuoe of auott persons aa nay ohoose to ftUtnd. She drawmca of the oeiiinga oan been mm at this oe. W B. FRANKLIN. Captain Topographical h ncineers. In oharge of Capitol Extension. Each proposal should be accompanied by the followtnc guarantee: Form of GuaroHift. The underatgned, A B and CD, of , in the StAtA of and? i*? tK* by guaranty that in oaae the foregoing bid of for iron oeiUnci, aa above deeoribed, i>e accepted, he or tb?r will, within ton daj ? after the reoeipt ?>f theoontraot at the j> aoe cam?d ex?oute tbe cur:t rac t for th* oeiUnca, with got.o ai.J ?ufficien? Mear.tiee; and, iu ease the Mid shall nil U< ent?r lata con'raot aa afore?id. we guaranty to make good thedifference iiiKween the offer of the and?? and that whioh ma* be accepted. i)Ua , 1880. Signatures of guarantors, a h TLSCr&fc ^ .?? known to me m able to make jood their Ksarantea. Hig?tar?, g H. To ha signed by the Ua:tad States district lad ce United States d-strtot attorns,. 3&STorVSi persons k uown to taa War Department. IT U dtd ** m nl' WOOD! ~ WOOD!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at lbs ?>wes possible prioa. ?? T. J. A W. M. GALT, #??a Pa. ar.. between 11th aad 12th sU.. "**n,f . artlTSk. IMPORTED MINERAL WATERS. JOSEPH W. NA1KN. DR VftOlST, eornar of Pa areniM Aaii N imh strMt, kMM onrtjw.t.y oa alm>, a supply ?MJAT? WBA WINE and BK AN DY, from Qm NltknM Zimiaarinaa cellar*. noloAmerican crape. jy I THE LATEST iNEW is TEL BG it_A PHIO. _ ArHftJ ml U* Uaaftnu <frntr. j?iv X) ?Th* ?U?it^h.p HiuffWlM, froaa Llwepeol om tba ixth. tot arlo^ta* Qeeeeet*wn terrains of tfee HKfe, imfMl hem at It ?. a. to-day Cennrtu Cotton mled ?t-?dr witt. aatea of H?f? rrarh ng 4A 080 biln Br?a<Utuffa triu i'rcvialona qatrt. 1'roitin Itenera Iv unrbaaged Tb* vcMSmt had h**t? favorable for the rropa Conaola rleaed at to ^ ?<J3 ^ . Tt* ttannbip Alii bad urlwd at Liverpool from \ew York [ coup diapatcn 1 The Hungarian paaed Farther Point yea'ceda? Thf ?t Ijwrraf* telegraph line was Inoperative la the House of Lards ?.n the Itib, Karl Granville >\ pressed the belief that the trouble la \?* Zoal&ud had been exact, era I'd In the debate npon the s >v gu-a'on ai d the policy <>f Kngland, a parti <: potion In the |.r<>poned coafr-r etire and th?- annexation of 8avo\ to France wore deoauneed III ll.f Haute of Common* Mr Rwhark ?t tarkt-d tbe O "Yproment for proa*^ utji g unjust war wit' China, and ?. oarag'ng tne opium Mr (ii^dit nr d i dTui tbewi'WM mjo*t. ft?v* m that tL- treaty Tlen-sln was hind Ing and th t t ratification was m<?l inport??i' H> atatrd ;u >t tue H.nn ial position of tb" country require attention, and ,(wo posed a doty of l.< lid }t-1 : 1 on on ardeo'. a hits The proposal wa? agreed to Snn^tilrar \ - -,fl c? are reported fo h?ir? taken place near Mmina. b tvkorn tt.e Neapolitans and the adviii' r ^uard i f the ? < ll:ans The Prtisto Adn> ral (,^'tted P*'? rm. lor NaptfS rt? w r? scarcci) any but t-ard r.lan vessels !n t:.e r< ads Uarihaldl bad expellrd Farlni and two other* from S' ly tor a cons; ,'acy Farn! is*ildii? ba?e b>d full power fr m Sardinia to annmt thr t tie 1 f Ravil Ci> miril?? " Soon aa th> an?> > ation was declared The mamrrrt of the Cbrlst'ana in Hyrta had reached 7 5?K> to * (*<t The\1 lagts d?*troyed are . '51 The details of tbe barl?ar!tis nlllrtrd on all and seies are ckenuig The ship s^uantain. of Boat >n, had been wrecked near Bombay Farther by the City of W ashiagtsn Paris. July IT,? It Is stated that private order* have been given to tbe French pre* t? say a* little ss possible about Oaribaldi. The anpearance of the crowing cropa Is f?v?rable Every hind promise# well, .minding fruits siCKDing deujis of tbr idmnck of ObriiUu* in Syria h*?i ben re? flv?il Tue^enen.l opinion wu tbal tbr fnrkitb authorities verr irl!ig m connivance with fie OruMtind tknttbr (i?mment at Constantinople, wbicb might have stopiied the bloodshed on all oor.laloun, left the Christian* to their ftite. Reception of the tkwa?? iliutN. Philadbi phis. July 28 ?Tbe Zousv* arrived here this aftero<1011 and were received by tbe Washington Greys. wlio eororUid them through the principal street* of the citv and then to Jonaa' Hot#! Immense crowds gathered on tbe side walks to witness tbe perfection of their drt>l and marching. and the universal se>.imentwas that of admiration President Bridb'-od. of tbe Can den *nd Atlantic Railroad. tendered them aa lit vitation to visit the ?<ni?ttore e*rlv n?-*t week Allf|f4 ruiinu llait ( Mr IB Vhtladelphln Phil?dxlphia, July ^ -June* Valentine, a n-gro dm man, wu arrreted tbia morning bv Deputy Marabal Jeuk na on tbe auppoa:tlnn tb t he waa Benjamin Hurd. a fugitive alave On tfce hearing It waa proved that Valentine waat natv? of New Jeraev. and baa been rodent brr<* for thirty rear*, ai d tbe r?a?- wai d:*Rtiaaed Vnlei tine wa* roughly bandied waan be waa arr-a^ed, and baa In conaeouenre commenrfd legal pro cet-dinga againat the olBcera There la great Indignation smnnj bla friend* Prmrlnala FnliUet \Ve?tchestkr, July -if ?An Immenae and enthusiastic maaa convention of Republlcana wa* held here vestr-rday, and waa iddreaaed by Meaar* Curtain, Hirkoian'and Campbell. In the evening there waa a brilliant torchlight proreanion. with tlreworka. by tbe Wide-Awakca of WmtchMt?r Philadelphia and neighboring towns 8f?ee-b?e wcrf mad? by Meaar* Caaey. Macreagh, Richie, Caffey and Cbeeaeman, of California It was the , flrat demon?tration ever witursawd tu this county. Ilfiiaa. 9t. Uni, Jalr -27 ?A pa^y of seventy late*n <t I anal excursionists. onupoa'-d of members of Parliament, various publi" ?? ~e m< tribe s <rf tu? Pr*as promi'Bt Agricu ti>r'?t? nl others, from the fcanadas. arrivpd this afteruoon. ard v sited ?o?ne of the principal o? jeets of interest Toe excursion wt?? p-oje -t-d bv b A <iatla, of tl e Illinois Central Railrod. In ron< ertloa with the Mibhigan Crn'ral and nrber xev e n r -ads The part.- leaves for Iowa ot a special train this eve} uiag. Usujlas Hatiflraliaa ne< tiag Ter?* H*rr? lud Julr 9- ?Thr Donfl?i ra'ili -ttion c). ?t -\i here to-dnv w? the 1 ir*. at poiit'eal Catherine aioee 183? Tim anrnMioa *u two mlU? loa*. and tt Is ratimale<( that #*?f people w>-rf 'attrndsnr r Sj-erbre * ?? madx bv Lieut Go*. Hammond Hon W B H?it h. and rh? utn. *t rntbualaam pr* ?:lrd 1 o-nl^bt a trand torchlight procession is moving through the streets Sh?fkiB| Marder T*ot. N V . July */??Harrison Sherman. a trustee of thr viPa/~ of Walr fo-d. Saratoga co , \ V., and track maater of tbr KmMalaer and 8arat?ea railroad waa abut dead .n one of the atrrrta <>f that place tliia afternoon, by a man namrd Wn? Vnadrrwrrkrn The latter, vrbo waa Intoileatod, ordrr?*d Mr. 8. to dealt from certain atdewalk improvements near bis prem;s>s Mr 8 continued to do bis dutr.when Vandwwerken abot bin In tLe brt*aat TV- nmniffM ' i? - ^ Fire PrrMii Drtwird. Watkitow*. N V , July A* ?A boat containi ig tivr Mr* J B I'rtinan and ehi Id, Mr? J J M Priuian, Mrs J?ik>M. a?4 Mlaa Unli B bud-* over tbf Black Rim Fails at t;.is pla. e th s .ifu-ri.ot'ii Ail of tbe party were drowned, and tb? body of ooc of Itf ladle* can he ?eoi baii-:u# upon a rock below the Falto l.dorU are being made to reaeb ft. The 4 htcaf* Herald and Time*. Ciictto. July U8 ?Oa the 'tilt ,Mt . Mwn r*hrahan ft IVce sold ibeCbKago Time* u> Mr. C H M< Cortnlck. proprietor of tUe Chicago Herald The two p; prn lure com^lidiVd, and will appear an Monuay owdrr the title of tbo Tlm?* and Herald Tteentlia editorial force of the Tim?i is lo retire fr -m U?e paper, wL'.cb Is to be edited by the force on the Herald The af W?l? mm - ? _ ? e^ ' Halifax, July '.">-Tbm ire more vial tor* in town than rxpt-ctrd The ?-|ty It ilmdr ovtrflowiny. No important lnctdrat occurred, eicept tbe notlkcaUon tl at tbe Priaoe will Una at eleven o'rioc k mi Monday. The (itrrmiof hat proclaimed Monday and Tuesday holldaya. but ibe tele<r?pb otti'-e will be kept op*-n for tbr pur ma* of forwarding m aa&gt-a to the AaaocUt'd | PrTM Far Kb rape New Yoie. Jaly M - Tb- ateamer Vandart. It. which Mtld vttrrdav for LlTerp^oi, icokoot 223 paateng?*ra and ?l.ura fa tpaclc. Niw Yo?t. Joly 2H ?The ateamer City of Baltimore allied h?nce to-day for Li y.rpo.1 ttb* took out S52u.uuo li< tpec e. Iltlaaia Palltlca Cikam. JolyTbe Rtpabhetn Convent on of the lirat diatrlct to-day nomlaated Hon. E. B. \\ athburne for ie?l?ctlMi to Coogreaa Baltimore. Jaly 30.?Aw rloeed oulat and atoady; Howard atraet. S5 SS U h*?i claaad active and buoptat, rod fl Wal <7; white SI 35a 9100 C?n cloaed Arm; mixed flat; yellow MaC4 ; white ?2a?*e. Provi?lo?a cloaed active but unrh?i<r?H K'hlik. J 4..11 ?? *. k. .?tn l - How York larktu. New You. July 30 ?Floor U qniet, 8M |l 10; Oblo S6 2&&S& is, 8outber& A'hMttilrm; WflMero red ft 25 i m wlra>. mixed 01 6JJbC , Southern yeliow Mjfe. Pork > be ivy mrm #1- btelW li Lm4 Ik lm WklUT 1* steady Niw You, Jaly 30 ?Wetski ?rt ocMvo ud retbef better; Chicago and Rock l?lu?4 77, UilBdiC?U' i?b*r?''il(;4" boodklMk; MicfcWu MkmitK; N. Y Ceatrml 83k: A..Jin. * TB?MP3ON^ ^i(iti>ioir(^ CORIMAL. For Mlo, vholaaai* *ai .?.aii, by | ft. C. FORD, Jr.. JyMt ? ?> ?. UEMOVAL. IN 81' R AN JK * Vt A* fes?!ttLife E NTS, Hr?ikiWtM . romp r .x* indl kit , at fair rata*, in m>u*4 oom^auie#. wa n?ia* 10 ** ' : I k* Pwk h V ?-fc %

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