Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Lath no* Calitoesia ?Tbt Poajr Exprea, with date* from San Fmnclaco to Um 11th last , ha* arrived at St. Joseph Th# tte&mer Sonora aailod on tbo 11th. with SI.U7U.0uu In e?ld, mortlr for New Yorh. No mailt were taken bv tfce steamer, but letter* and pa pen wire forwarded by the express messenger ?u-f ompnriving the steas&er. tbe only mean* of transmitting them to Mexico. Ontral America, South America, and tbe V\ est Indies All the newspaper* for the Atlantic State* had alao to be expressed by the steamer, as the overland mail onlv snrri-s letter*. Tbe snip Vistula bad cleared for New York, with a cargo of 2.000 bales of wool, 3,000 sacks of wheat and 9.000 hides. tf,Jj00 bbls Swatow sugar, bbls. pork. 350 bbls bams, and other articles, valued at S400 000 The ship Notre Dame, for Australia, takes 13,000 sacks of wheat and 2.300 bbls. of flour Several other ships are loading for Liverpool and Australia, most of which will load with wheat A ship will sail in a few weeks, with a cargo of silver ore from the Ophir mine No Pony Express had arrived since Jane 30, and that brought dat?* to the 17th The 9t Louis dates were to tb? lath Jnne, by the Butterflfld route Carton Valley advices state that the agent of th* Pony Lxpreas accompanied the last messenger eastward with stock to relit the route as far o? Salt Lake He is expected on his return to bring in Uir-e or four expresses, after which the routs it expected to be thoroughly organized,so that thi re will h? no more interruption* A great ri mbtr of emigrants were arriving at Cars -a Valley from Salt Lake Advices from Fort Townsend uv that the 4th of Ju.y woa celebrated by a grand regatta Lid Aitworki The P .<et Sound Indiana were waging a murderous war against the coast Indians. TU? advices from Honolulu are to inns 4th The Japanese steamer Condinmarrah sailed from theuce May 26th, on her return to Japan. One hundred and sixtv-nine whalers had gone north for the spring season. Sis Francisco, Julv 11 ?Business has been un< h inged during the fast few days There is a heavy supply of produce here, which Is daily d'terio atiui; In quality, and cannot be sold, unless through the auction rooms. hvvvvb tv>n??> rutr j-*? MWM ?.? . an vi I l A'VU * V*1 V> i fc J UU KX IV the 'Jith of Jnne have been received at St Loui* From Mountain Citv we learo that Kock Island is in operation, and everything working finely In a run of two days they took out 9'J-OTO The mill la located at Gregory's Point. Other mill* nremak'n/ im^ovomeuts. which will eventually vet them in satceiiafnl operation at come time wit pa* ence Will be ne*-e?ry to obtain the requisite app*rata* to save the gold In almost ail rases I he great consolidated ditch is at l?it fln'shed. and probably over one hundred sluices are now it operation, obtaining water therefrom The (i'trhWill not he thlr to >11 th? ? < ? requisite f<^r those mln^s. Another Company bu b??en organized called tbe "Oew^fo Company." comprising men of enterprise, who will hasten their work to early cornpiertim. The urery his b*-en mad * And a more practicable grade. leas e*p*nslre. and oyer one m: shorter than Unconsolidated dltoh. M'nlng ou the Blue it now in fail tide of opera 1.<hi Some claims are said to pay from S30 to It*) to the man per day. 1 he California t(uu h mines are generally proving exceedingly net; howerer ?>me new claims do not tarn out as w^il as expected C.ark (iruber 4. C\ hare commenced coining Pike s Peak gold in trcis city The design ia neat ai.d .ippropr.,iU*. b?arV>g on one aide a representation of P k?s * Peak, with the inscription '-Pike's P?uijs?/ ' On tLie arversf ia an eagle and the iuscript.on ' Clark. Gruber & Co.," and date There are still iua:iy returning to the States 1 n au nods oi way*. a lar^e nimbcr ar^ daily starting down the Platte in boats. Liu*. is ^rudutiLy improving. Large_trains f goods are arriving daily- Five quartz Until prisrd through this week for thr mo ;i.tains Boi few emigrants are coming from the states I The weather i* tuite warm and showery. Therl monaster 93 in the shade. Ailmu Mirdirbe Akriitiu. ? At Baltimore. on Thursday. Captain Boyd and officer* Hausn and Cran^le arrested James Logan, wbo is chared with having killed Adam Barklie Kyle, jr , <m tUe 2d of November last, near the Futraflth Wild noil* Aft?? 1 ?? ? conveyed to the middle district alation-houto, Mrs D ) bUrrriaa, the wonufi to whose house Mr Kyle ran for protection wLeu pursued by the mob. and where he was cowardly murdered, was brought to the station-house for the purpoee of identify the prisoner Logan, with live or a!x other prisoners, were brought out and placed before ber. and being requested to say if sbe recognized auiong them toe man who put tbe p stoi to tbe head of Mr Kyle and suot him, she almost without hesitation pointed tir Logan an the man Lo^an was aiao fulU- id-ntfled hv another witness He was then committed to jail to wait the action of tbe grand jury He is a member of the Tiger Club, and is said to have taken a prominent part In tbe disgraceful proceedings at the Fifteenth Ward polls oa tbe 2(1 of November last. C~r~ The New York Correapondent of the Charleston Mercury aaya:' Tbere are rumor* of a great wedding to com- off 1 hardly know whether the report is u.eaut ia etrpeit. or ia intended as a political joke on one aide, and a practical Joke on the other A * very body here aeema to kc>ow who ia muat there may Im bo im|>roprlety in atatlng Mayor Wood ia one of the parties, and a lady who ia connected with the household of th??dit?r of the New York H< raid. la another 1 give the goaat ( merely aa it circulates around me, but without endorsing it." la stated that the British (iorernm^iii propoaaa to Indemnify the families of then laa <>p- j arlea la India who wer* among the victims o. tbe Hiutiuy f??r the Isaacs of property auflVrad at the time, li-qulriea with a view to th I a object have been made of the famtilea of tha America* mlaaioaariea In this country. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL.?H T Hayi. M.ia Lew , La, Miaa C >g?, J J Ljoe aad ly, Mua Austin. C u KedfUl4t Miaa W Hi (, Dr Chambera, Pa: Mia H Christy, W Preston, 8 J R'???rsf K_y: C Moore. R Poiabo, NY; K Love and, O; W Mo Far land, J M S .Mo Far an F MePariin, S McFar in. Sri..;1"" w Uo.\7 "i; J Pope. A lalbot T John?ton ana on, J Mellvaiu, f.m; J \Vacean<l & V*A M,"? J v **>?". J "it w AkL A^Pv? Krfnfcer, Va; ? 3 Knor, F fc; W Rotnarfurd. V\ but, L J nei. H R Gi?t HO* J WS ?ow,'$- w Eu and.NY, J Tay or, F!a; A Cowuey, Va; W N i'VfifL* *^?? P J Abnhtio, i>Dn: J \v>eii< Mwimt, L Drerfa?, E Biam. Md; .\MVaol-r lJ S A , ?r?V'jj1*' J and iy. Mr* Ny>ll?.Uvla e? J Wiiiob. B ? Brios ana ly, A'a Y Fuller, Ht(6l ftad If. G&: J Amirh T.. y Uu Cwie DC; D Walkar and fam, Ala. ' NATIONAL HOTEL.-J E Somm-ra, Md; J M eaakadai. KT- \\ \V.,rihinitou, Ma; O Bm?r O; Fo'cj.Ki; W lad Um -Mrs Croas. Mrs l.err *'? and aon, J Bladcette, Tex; f Soutli worth. W tii.laon. Ala: C Foular Miaa; Cm McOia. J R Anderaoo, A Kirabaugn aad lad*. Va; G GrMiitud lam. Kt; !* F?rabau?h, Va; N doyca and lady. M'l Wright, Mo; A lX>u<herty, Pa; N Stone?ira*i.*d; I K Dunbar Miu; J Moilvaina, La; P P H-njamii , Mat<; J *with. V\; T Rainey.S Williama.P Byrca, NY; A J h tact, La; A Lin*ay. NO: *> P rtildraib, O; J Vanawun, l>0; J DoonalI?, K Jonas. Pa; J Ht-man Ga; G Taylor and iadj, Miaa Taylor, .him Smith. Mrt Baldwin, Pa; B i Goldaboroitfh. Md KIK K W OOD BOUSE.?J Bardalay.R Watkiraoa, NY; W Wa?t. Pa: C W?.?d RI: i P Garuabl N V ; J L mkiaa; Va; J D Haw.aj, my; J J l.rttif, B">ai<; R bran*. Miaa; H Bor?n and ly, Miaa V Millar. Va, II Kamas>, SC. K Featharaion, Maa? G B Luokwt/ud, La; \V O Coiiinaon and )y, Ma; 9 Kuaacll. Va; C Monitor. Ala; W W Mont<o??rr. Ark: H Snyaer.Mtf. 1 ^.VV ASHLNGTON HOU8K-*foa L Evan., n rex; r Brroi, U; W Joha?on, 8 L?f?j, b noiob. ny. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS JTbom tbi Ubitbd States Staanwri. Lrm r?. >W. Dam. Air tea _?..New York ..Liverpool.Ao(. 1 T-etoai* New York...Hamburg,...Aug, 1 Jura Nt? Vork. ?Liverpool Aoc. 2 irtnn'u New York...Bremen Auc 4 Boatog Liverpool ...auk. < ini? New York.. Havre A??. is Fkob Kl'bopb Pnnoe Albert .. <ialwsjr.?? New York.. July J1 A eta Liverpool New York ialf 2' A Ultra MIBB i.JW?ren?l m*? \ *- - ? r ? - . .?? ? w I u? . J 91J *1 Amm ._8obUi'?U>b-.^*w York. Juj2 K?rop? Liverp ol....Boston Julj 28 Persia .....Liverpool ?N?* York..An?. 1 Tii<* ma MeMi?ri Imv* New York on the , ! 2th, :7th, ?nd 27th of etch month, and Ch?rl?Hit'>n <m th<? ?n and lJth. r. 0?Jif >rai? mail s*~? '"?r? |?v? New York, oa t?>? Mil aiatf > 'h of ma* month. NVw TM ?to*ra*r MOUNT \EENON will U?*e o'oloc* p. (*.. ?nd Now York for ln?t..??r?r? atso'aiook ?.m. , f'? ma *oi? U>? ikifM Ai*n?ln> MM] tine ( oOm'w theao?r oftbe iMsitr'i departure. V H. lu U? event <>f tbo ft*MM?rB inability to rtHtlwMi in eoaa?^EMM*oi Lowtrstor.ftllfooda Wi . vj* promptly nrhl#'#d to ud from Ua lUNBM bj the uiiderai* u<*!. fur frMfhtu# mmmOiIt to .. ^ iT.?rs?gA Vi S"Sf I TNOINKEBIS OFPIO? C '"B riiNW V ? ? " ' ' I MISCELLANEOUS. MtVT BEEF A.NO POKE FOR 1M1. M * Tf AVT PWTA.HTMXXT. 1 Burton 4f frmristent and ClHkimt.} JUM 25 JK?. \ SkjlLSO Pbototam. ndorawl "PropoatU lot and "rropoaftla for Purk," nm the eaw may oa, WU1M receivaa ai uui omee umu ? o oioox a m , on Wadnaadar. the lit; day of Aagaat Mxt, for farnteinnc and dehverlag, fra* of ?. i ?n?t ud risk td the United States, at tne lo'lowmg Navy Yard*: Barrth lie*/. Burr tit Perk. At Charlartowa. Mas* 4,000 3,000 At BrookUa.N. Y 1,0*0 *,0u0 At Goafort, >A 1 500 1,000 S V? 50M One-balfof Mid Beef and Pork muat be delivered at eaeh of til* above aimed yards, reepeoti vely, by the I at day of April, lKi;aod the renaming half by toe 1st day of June, l&l, uiueaa aariiar deliveries abou d b? repaired by th? chief of tan bureau. Payment to be made within thirty daya after delivery. Biddera must speotfy their price# separately aiid distinctly ip a e par ate offers for the ?eef and far the Pork, and for each of Ute places of delivery, coveriniati expense* and ak charges. ^The Beef muat b<? from well-fattened cattle, araughtered between the latdayof October, I860, and the 1st day *f January 18>U, and weighing not leea than aix hundred pounds, net weight,eaeh The lege and leg ran (la ottfee hind quarters, and the atin:a and anouider eioda, uie ahoaldera ot melton and ends of atiokiag pieces. and at laaat twelve pounds from the neck end of each fore quarter, or 'he parta marked Nob. 1. S, 3, , and 5. on the drawing or delineation of the fore and kind quarters ofan oi, whion will be attaoh-d to and form a part of the contrast, mmt be wholly excluded from *aoh bet* rei; all the other pieoea are to be packed, and ?*tttad of bttnt cut with a clearer, must bt cut Ikrtruth with <* saw and knife, to give Ih* meat a squmrr, neat, and smooth appearance, in pue/s of not Uss than right pounds, nor more than twtivt pounds, each. The Pork muit be paoked from corn fed. well fattened hog*, alaugutered between the ftret day of December, i860, aud the first day of January. fafil, weighing not leg* than two hundred pound* each, excluding the head*, jole*, neck*. shoulders, hams, lags, ftet, butts, rumps, lard, and all refuae pieoea; and mu*t be outflow* a saw and knift, in piece* weighing not lea* than aix pounds, nor more than twelve ?<Mindi,M?h. Both the Beef and Pork mu*t be salted with at least one statute bushel of Turk's Uland, Isle of .May. Kev West solar, Onondaga solar, or St. I'be's alt; and the Be*f moat hare five ounoea of fine pulverized saltpetre to each barrel, exeiasiveof piokle, to be made from f*e*h water aa strong a* alt will make it, and must be perfectly bright and clear Each barrel must oontain fnll 200 tnnndi net weight ot beef ot pvirk, and no ezoMi of weight in either article will be paid for. The baTtl* muat be entireli new, and be made of the beat seasoned heart of white oak staves and headings; the atavea to be sot !e?a than five-eichtha of an inch thick, anJ tne headinga not l<>sa than three-lourtha of an inoh thick; they muat be threefourtha hooped over, ino'udinc the iron hoopa, with the beat w hite oak or hickory hoopa, and ea >h barrel muat have on it four iron hooea. via: one of one and a half inch in w.dtn on each bilge, and one ofone and an eif hth inoh id width on each chime, and each to be of an inoh thick >ach barrel muat he of the internal capacity of thirtytwo gallons.and the iron hoopa muat be well painted with r?d lead. Kach barrel must be branded by burmur on its head ''i^avv Beef." or"Nav? Fork." u th? nu? nifty bs, with the contractor'* name and the year when packed, and wen ht, ami shall also be branded oa the oan( tLave with lie letter B. or P., as the oaae may be. The Beet and Pork wiil, nnleu otherwise directed by the Chief of this Bureau, be inspected by the m*p ot n( i ffioera at the respective Nary V anis aforesaid, and uy aome ''sworn inspector of salted provisions," who wilt be selected by the respsotiv* commanding officers; bat their charges for such in* spection must be paid oy the respective oon'raators. who must likewu* have the barrels put in good bippinc order, to the satisfaction of the oommandant? of the respective Navy Yards aforesaid, alter inspection and at their own expense Two or more approved sureties in a turn equal to one half the estimated amount of the oontraot will be required, and twent? p?r centum in addition wi I h* Withh#?'rl from lh? am/mnt nf <??h .. w - ??- v?><* *-?* uwii paj uivub iw he mad*, at oollater*! security for the due and faith* fai performance of the rctp? ctive contract*. wmch will on no account bd paid unMi th* o >utraoU are o<iiplir?l with in all reepects; and is to be forfeit d to the United States la the event of failnre to com falete the deiveriea within the prescribed period. I n ease of failure on th* part of the contractor to deliver alt or any of tne ?>e*l and pork above men tionrd, of the quality and at the time and places altove provided, the contractor will forfeit and par to the United States as iiquida'ed damaees,a sum of money equal to twioe the amonnt of the contract pnoe to be paid in eaae of the aotua) delivery thereof ; whioh liquidated damages mar be reoovrred from time to time at ther accrue. Payment wil] binaoe by the t nited States at the periods above -o lied, (excepting tne twenty per centum to be withheld unnl the completion of the oontraot as hejor? stated,) after the Mud beef and pork shall hav > been inspected and received, and bills fo the same sha 1 ha*e heen presented to the Navr Amenta, respectively, duly approved by tne eommmaouanta ui tuo riiptmuvs r*ary iara?, according to the term* of the contract. Tk* parts 4f beef to b* excluded tr? I be particularly desimatd in tke ?*gracmg to b* attached to the contract Persons int.ruled, can obtain them on a/>p'.itaticn to this ofice. Hidden wno?e prop?aa.? ehall be aooepted (and none otharsl will be forthwith notified, and a* early %a practicable a contract will be transmitted to them for execution, which contract rauat b? returned to tne rmte&u within ten daya, exo.uaive of the time repaired for the regular tr?n?mn?ion of the mail. A reoord or duplicate of the latter informing a tad'or of the acceptance of h>a proposal, will b* detmed a notification thereof. within the tneanirg of th* act of lfeti, and hia hid will be made ?ua aooepted in ccmlorir-ity with thia underatand'nc. tver* offer made must be accompanied <aa directed in the aixth aection of the act of Congreaa Tiakina appropnationa for the na< al oervice for 1846-'47. approved loth of Aucu?t, 1846) by a written guarantee, aianed by one or moie responsible per flOQl. tA th? Kan? ?ka. , ? >HW> I * w VI HI*"/ U UUOJ UtftO LJIkV tne t idder or bidders will, it his or their bid be M I c ptsi, ent >r into sg obligation witlun ten dars, with >u k1 and sufficient sureties, to furnish the artic e propose*. This guarantee ranst be accompanied by the certificate of th* L'Mied >tat*? District Judge. United States Ui?tr.ot Attorney, or Nav? Aj-uf, that the goarantors are able to make good their ruaranteo. No proposal viil be considered unless aooompaui->0 b? suoh guarantee. The bidder's name and residenoe, and the name of ?aoh inembar of the firm, where a compasy offers, wi'h the Chistian names written in fall, in a * t be di*tinotly stated. I'nder th* joint resolution of Congress, approved ana n?rcn, ia?>, - a;< niaa lor aupp 1"? ol ?r?viiti'iis. clotting, and am*11 ?tnrea for the uaeoftke >avjr,ma? bereject-d At the option of the deaartrnent, if made by one not knovn aa a manufacturer <>f <>r regoiar dealer in, the artio e pmpo.ed to be furrnahed. whi h fwt, or the reverae. muat he diattnotlr atated in the bida < IT-*r?d." ie JR Iaw4w 'P PROCLAMATION! 1 O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. ITWmi, At the preaent aeaaon of the year CHOLERA MORBU< DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, II CJf I LIT* , to., 4 0.. prevni I to an alerminn ex tent: And vHereat, It mmt be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to inn* ?f A RKMEPY ?t onoe Sa/?, Spudy, atui R&earious, DR. MONTARDE, or Paeis, offers hie MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the mart CERTAIN AND FFPECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to eatmfy THE PUBLIC no imposition u intended in the sale of thie Greet Medicine, _ _ THE MONEY WILL RK kEPUNDED Mt mil C*t i vhen the medicine telle to give entire satisfaction. Ask,then at tnr Drn* fltm fnr < D? %foNTAR0E'9 MIRACUMH'S pain KII.LER. > t*ke ? directed, ?ud if not perfectly aatiafied, Return to our Ag?nt, D< B. CLARK, LSQi, Street and Pennsylvania iwaw, who will refHbd your money. Prioe?Q5 ud SO CenU y?r Bottle. Por *ale at all Drug Store* everywhere. J AS. MoDONNELL. General Arct, \y H -eola Baltnoore. Three beautiful upright or cottage pianos for rent by the week cr oatk. john p. elli9. *** P?. bet. Wth and etc. Pkixkviw > " * ~ m ! TTTT a M fttl pr XQ9I J J 9 A JUST PUBLISHED. N FS8AY <> tha Figure and Surface ijyIr i>>b* of the K?rih, iUG*otogioal and Me'eroloffio%!; Ph'oomeoa and >U A?tronnmio?l element*. b? ProfMMtr Samuel E. Cone*, Washington, D C. Price M'Hiern Painter*, vol 6, completing the oele breted work of John Ru*kia,M. U.. contaiuioc | mmf W?. nt._PI < D" ' k " n"II T Vi Y*vMr ?i"ei oi ne Mion? ?? ' " t'on* of th? vanoaa <li?M?? M wbion tb? hquine raca ?rn aubjected: tocethsr njoda oc trcttmant &pd dltK rjl StoVfeSiC? "ft*"? ,D PlM Eaf",h' b,r nf^ "^"r,,e on nrion ForoM Staarwaj-iss?* ?> ' ? For MJe at Moi nio ttiiQ Book Store. PHt7.P k SOLOMON'S, Si# Pa ?t. Sol* A tent for Lawrence'* Stationer*. jy 19 275 iLkEN 275 JACKSON, rLASTERU&S, Pixxa. Armi, Between 1Mb and 11th itrtdi. J* 18 A WM. T. 1H>VK ft CO. AtK Nov prejiryd to nNit* aay orders vMk FITTING TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. THE STEAMER FLYING CLOUD HA VIN6 * aadargoee a tkoroucfa axaau* JT"*^ tint, by thefow meatleepeetor. ii?|^hP ?>w read* for Exoaraiont to reat Fall* or to anv aoinU oa tk* rirar not erer ? mile. distant. . ? She will ran to Arlington from Fourteenth street, or any wharf in Washington at J?> e?nts fur the round trip, or IS oents for the ?injTs trip, or from Georgetown, by w?? of tbe oual, lor 15 oents roud trie; 10 oents single trip. Excursions to tbe Insane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. starting from Georietown at IS o'clock m., and stoppinc at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharves in W ashiugton, eo as to reaoh the Asylam by 1 o'cu-ok. _ jy 3 eolm JOHN MOQWE. Proprietor. NCAPON SPRINGS. B W and improved route via the Manassas Bap Rail Road and the Strae- <W burg ar.d Capon Tsrnpike.MM only 18 miles of staging a comfortable and safe road. Leave Alevandria in the oranxe and Alexandria Train at 7.15a. m.t take the Manassas oars at the janotion, arnve at Capo a hy 5 o'clock p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon. From Washincton to Caeon For information etquire at the Rai! Road Offioe ,eorner of Sixth at. and Pa. ar.,'n Wanhinjion. *nd at the Ticket O&oe on Umuu et, Alexandria, Va. )y 12-dgnthAu? , Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. filHHIHI Cut.tsK or Hovbs. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June Uth, I860, train* will ran a? follow!: Leave Washington at 6 2n and 7.4" a. in. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 5.90 p. ul On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. te e Baltimore at 4.25 and > 40 a. in. ve Baltimore at 3.15 and p. m. /kn W?iu4e? # A SC a. mb ' u uauuiaj 9* V W Mi Pu??D|?ri for the Kut will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4" a. m and 3 *) p m. Por the Weit at 7 4# a. m. and S.JP p. m. or Anaayoii* at7.?o a in and 3.2" p. m. For Norfolk at 7 4? a. m. Oi Saturday evening taeSJO p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. )? 13-d T H. PARSONS. Arwt. NEW ORLEANS XX TBRBXI DATS WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR9: Virginia and Tennessee, East 't'ennesse? and Virginia, Host Tennessee and Lreorgta, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, N'tp Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: Memphis by R&-1, thenoe by First olus Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, tlienoe to Mobile by Firstclass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SC^BATS Included, Leave Washington at 6 a. ns. and 6 p sn. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at a. m. snd p in. and oonnects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe?t Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. AOSASK CIKCKSD THROCOH TO IIV 0BLIAI8. Lynohburg Memphia $31 00 Bristol 16ft' Atlanta & no Kaoxviile , SOOo Macon 28 00 Chattanooga 24 no Colombo* 31 SO Dalton...~ 24 00 Montgomery .3* ?*> Huntsvillo 27 uo ) va Men>phi?.42 SO Grand Junotion 9) on N. O.J via 6. Juno .42 30 Nashville ?..85 ?> \ via Mobiie.. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL ftOO MI*LE8 SHORTER ,'and 24 HOURS LESS IN 1TME than any other I.iae? the l.ynahburg Extension being now oomsleted, as also the Mississippi Contra), making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS'. It is provided with First class Sleeping Car?! !To New Orleans 7 si Hoars. Memphis.._ .......64 do. Montgomery ?? 53 do. NashviLe .48 do. irT*The U.S. MAILwTd ADAMS' EXPRESS arelaken ovsr this New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the South Western Offioe. oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points. Lynohburc, Bristol, Knoxville, At'anta, Chattauooca. Huntsville, Urand Jnnotioc, Macon, Nashville, Dal to u, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and Nfcw ORLEANS. !p* THROUGH TJFKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA. SPRINGS. IH^Omnibuies and Baccate Wacom leave the omoe at 6 a. m. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket A cent, mag-tr Corner Sixth st.acd Pa. *v. THE STEAMER J AS. BUY Will resume tier trips on TUESDAY, 21 it of Febrnarj. 1880. Will loavs WASH INBTON sverr TUESDAY FRIDAY, atBo'olock a, m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past A o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Ladingi. On her return tripe, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'olock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't. Alexandria. f*?0 1 VOH Nvnr vniir rA88A6E, * CL'OdYNVltEALB ARB STATEROOM. f7.#0. The New York and Virginia Sorew Steamship ftmsrft ssmts tttri&sttm. willleare tne Company Depot, tarn Whar?ea, at llv> o.ooka. m.every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'oioofc p. m. iam? day. Passenger a from Washington and Georgetowa oar. take the ooachee oocnacting with Alexandria ateamboata or railroad, whioh leave the oorner of Tth atr'eet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leava on th? steamer from the Western Wharvea at 11 'olook a. m. State rooms oan b? engaged on application u Meaara. Morgan k. Rhine hart. Western wharvea Freight will be reoeived up to the hoara of depar IC> inaaranoe will be effected oa all goods by thisline at the oftoe of the Company at M Mr oant premium. w The a/vsommodations for passengers by this lime are in every respect firat-o aaa. and every effort wil be made to render this oommumoation with New York an agreeable and healthful one. _ _ For freight or paetace a?l> to TOWLK A CO., Agents, Alexandria^ H. B. CROMWELL A CO., Mt-ly S? West st.. onrcer Albany,New York. DENTISTRY. D_ . . DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOQMIrt Has closed his offioe forth* season, and will be thMot, as usual, during the sum mer months ; will riiums praotioe about th* 1st of Ootober, of wtiioh further notice wul be given. Jr io-tf L_ H- - DENTISTRY. JLrR. HILLS, after a praotica! test ef tiro rNri, feels that he can with oonfider.oe reoom mead the Cbeoplastio Proooss for insertin iflaflta# irtifiei&l tinth ft Kri tK? t.4?sJHann ltrength, beauty, oleanlineaa, and clieapneae. Fall op??r ?eU inaerted for 99ft. Partial la proportion. UflM 300 Pa. amia m T ROYAL HAVAJMA LOTTKRY. HE N?xt Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tary, conducted by the Spanieh Government, under tike ?upervi?ion of the Captain General of Cuba, will Use plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Auocst 4.1N0. MORTSO NVMRRO 640 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK 9100,000. l prise of #100,000 SO pnaee ot f l^** I do 50,000 ao do fi?i 1 do 30,800 U8 do 4U? 1 do *1.000 ii approx. IJ? t do 10,000 IN ALL OSS PRIZRS. vy DO10 I iona, ?yo? Halves, f ! ?QovMri, Pupes cashed at sicht at 5 per o?nC di sonant. BiTl? on all apt Tent t\&nk? taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded u book u the retail b*oomei known. All order* for sohsrnes or tiokets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. jy19tr Care of f!ftv Port. Chaii eston. S. CF~fl R E, F II K. POTOMAC WATS*. 1 am still engaeed in the PLTUMBING and GAS FITTING BL'SIN K*8 at my old stand id Philharmonic Ball. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water was readily observed at the ftroof yesterday, as I an wall satufied I should hare been burned oat but lor the bountifal supply aper ?y premises and th?t of my neighbors AH orders for tit* introduction of Water and Gaa will be prompt 'v attended to. Terms as reasonable as any plumber in the oity. Jy 3 C. SNYDER UOWK'8IMPROVED WE1GB1NG SCALES Vtrmoatltote ftMrTlfllJ'Jkft.' bsctsk 31?a ?- ** ^ " ? ? - -w .?-n r?TTiwm, Ar?ri. iV^^mVort^'u ndi??y HenDMiT^^d^ Duply * Co.. JbIm Robtai, to. Also, Ptaek ud Afpj* RraadV, par* Holland ?ln, oii Jibum wdBt Croix Rain, and Winoo of mrr tnotp.tll M T ~ # / V / ioomomt : V V \ /' DISPATCH! \) the_ Pieces! *\s^ At metidmtt wiU tiffin, ?m w wil-rtrnUtml fmmilw, it ia very deeirable to bmr* iodm ooeap and convenient war for rapairiac Fanutara, Toys, Crockery, A o. PALDIIVO I PREPARED GLUE ia?U all tvoh emeri^naiea. and no boneefcoM aan afford tn be without it. It i* always ready and ay to Ike Bt.ok ur point. There ia no longer a neoeaaity for limping ohaira,?p;intered reneera, headleaa duiln, aud broken oradtee. Jt ia juat the arficia for <x>ue, alieil, and other ornamental work, ao popular With ladi?? of refinement and ta?te. Thia admirable preparation la uaed ?old. being ohataloally held in eolation, and poeaewmc all the valaaM* ana' i tiea of the beat aabinet maker*' flan. It may be naad in the plaoe of ordinary muoilata, h* 1 n< VRfttlw m urn haai x?m USEFUL IX EVERY HOUSE." Price, 25 coctiN. B.?A Brush &oooinpani?e eaoh bottle Wkoloilt Dtrot, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Address HENRY ^SPALDING A CO., Bos No. S,6??, New V?t< Put op for Dealers in Cases oontaining Foar, Eirht.aud Twelve Dosen?a t**uUfo! Litiiugraffc<o Show Card *ocompanytn? each paekac*K A s!ncl? bottls of SPALD1 Ntf'S FREED GLUE will save fa tiroes its oost annually to every household?TT1 Sold by all ggonunent Stationers, Dreggists, n&ruwuro &ou r armtnr* iwti?ri, wroocra, ana Fanoy Store#. Country merchants shoaid mak? a note of SPAL DjyG'S PREPARED GLUE, when makin* ay their !i?C It will ttand any oliinata. fe 10-It {s' MC\Jk 3f"T*hrfor mi Jdt* Put'llf i?VI ^trCtr W'*? rU*f ?f '*? MimmmU*,) /" ? S >7 00 . k, JF 5 ifl ^ #U HIM affnu a rdrf'KJ ?*U liniwlh Wi, klaSel <5f 3>)ll n *nW t? fi? Mf ?b. /iMtf-J' A/10 f ?wn^ t> li? ^ n|w<4>< 5 _' 0 **? iju rw? ?i: ?/? JVMVuui jm -tor. pi ; ^S?&y & '.* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S lDnuinpuiiirv uitiieiftv ftnuimuiu iallli ftnioiu.1 WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM ST NEW YORK. f OR S4L.S IN WASHINGTON BY J 7 ly BARBOUR A. BEMME8. PARAFFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN' We a?e now receiving Pa'uffiae Oil direct from the works in we*tTU Virginia. The quality of it ie exo?llent, produoinga steady, bnlaant and beautiful light, and more pleaaaat to th" eyea than gas light. This Oil ia Ire* fromarin'teratlon,and very mueh more winomioal than many ol the Coal (Jita need At this time. \rr It i? in bo way explosive. We keejp also a euppty of the moat approved stylea of L&mpa, 4o., for burning this Oil. _ KINO Jt B! HCHELL, Agents for ita salefor the Diatriotof Columbia, Corner fifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal ar.d Oil Company, ma 11 Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thi* dar. embracme all <uali-flRnt tie* an<l iiie*of Sol* Leather, I.idie?'MKwW Dreta and Paokinj T-onk*. Oar trunk "W tal*a room exhibit* at thi* time the r r?-aU*t variety of travelfnc requisite* at moderate jnce*. to be foundthu *tde of New York. Alto.eym deecnpDon of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS, Ac. (IT-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchanje for new one*. WALL, STEPHENS St CO* Trunk Sale* Room, mar 31-tf _ a Pa avenue. [HEEMAN | SpOH'J iMAGNOLlil MAGNOLIAJI ^^HLSKEp^VrHISKE^fj We offer for Ml* the above ataodard brand of fin* Copper-Diatilieu Malted Ri? Wliiakj, in barrels ana half-barreia. it la of ovr ova diaUlla tion.and huhly improved b* Ut, we confidently recommend it u the rniiT and beat Whiaky tint oan poaaibly b* dutill*d. W* alao offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largeet atock of Fine Whiaki** in the United Statee FREEMAN k. SIMPSON, Phmnix Distiller?, on the Sohaylkii) river, Phi ? OAoee?96 Wail atreet. New York ; and 109 Sooth Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar ?-ly 279 206 PaAva., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. Avb., rnNTOKi W.te4 'cOtA.MKNTs"* ' Beta leave to oall theattentian or ais menda ana the pubuo generally to hia New Store, ander Wi>lard a Hotel, juat opened, in oonaexioa with tui oIJ eiUbluhnMt, where he wLl be happy to rtoeive any orders for ?aperior Confeobens oflu arra mutable etjia, wni. tne aame prooiptneea and dia atoh wh-.oh be baa bitbarto enoya. no a OALTIMORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.-I* O coepoearyd 1890.?John 1. Uomjiliwon, Preaj M. Coult**, Sao'jr. This oompany INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ac. Deecnptive pamphlets may be obta.ned at Um Cuinpanr'a Acenoy for the Diatriet of Coianbia, office orLowia JobnaM k Co,, Bankers. loth a treat "K n ^Ay.Aa'LLj.Vr> i.?.?. uau. i. a. aon. i. v imi. I AMAR.MOTT* AUTRY, L< ATTORNMTB-AT LAW Will pr?oU?? in th?fe?rhE(?ourt of ilrrori uiAyggllMsmmg JACOB REED, Mimicnm or MILITARY CLOTHIRe. kltuut Coknxs Sscoiw and SriVCM Bt?., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTH* FOR SALE. 12.000 iaS Sis ine hmouoo ni u? poono to onr IVf e IM wrWl M iecW *Uvck of Chutmst lid Cr?b Apple Cider, which v? iHrwtM to be pure /uiee, and will be a?M on reunanMe torma la order to Hk? room for oar sprite stoek. SiriMith? Wft IT Rrttmm ?t.. ft+arjiSnWl A I. . ..YELLOW PIN* LUMBER. ^ mnuked Street from the southern imlia br -*Zpy * OAKER8' BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?We D ona at nil Benson* oftki jenr enselj joe with every trnde of Butter. very ohoioe. W?HW some km vaser* ? ?-<*? ??>? ? ^ j U" " sunaiu LOCK HOSPITAL, Bm DUtmtnd tk$ mm Cmtmm.. 3mW>. ??4 ? % fn |^| w+f id FOB ALL M8KA8KS OP IMPftUDKNOft L*r *0 DKLTCACT FKKTKXT. APPLY 1MME0 ATfcLY. 1 CWI WARRAJfTED. OH HO CHAM9M, fHUMdfiS TO TWO DAYS Dvtalny, MtniMaiiTDyi^r'tintJr^'&Hili.C^ fWee etUeas, Mpiuiw, eiUf S?eri7T,rnidit]^TijaM^Bfe >m w Ikiii.AtitMMifik* Lup. >!? ? > ? imii Um*? TtrnM* Ditardan UHMf nw MMMy B?Mm 4 Tnik-it?i DrttiW i>4 DtMWIti PrwWM tkiU raa d?r Mittitfi lafawklt. mad < ?/ ; Mu B+iy u< Mb4 rona mu wfc* kin hiu.i t?? *iciln* af hWuy TtM, llti trulhl ?t.d iMiKu'i Mm >it> utkiit a?M|i a an ?uutr>?iv jtt'i t*?? a<? rf Tnaf Maa af da mm raajtad talaaid tad t rillaci idtallaci. v*a Miaki aitirtw ba * aauwatad tHuaiafliMtM vitfc ?fc? Uatdin af dlaaaanat at ilidu IWU?I ik? Urtaf IfM.May Mil ?'.?* fmV aaa^ MAUUU HMOW, a* TM>| Maa tatuafliditMar Htfa.^N| avaraaf ad rat*t. viUiaat, Mfula lillllg, 4dfamiu?a, Ac., aatdil* tarad. wl? p it c *t blatailf aadai Ika aara af D*. I. May rahfl ra??T eaaMt m fctt baoat ?a |iMlian tad aaaMdhtl/raJ? ?pau ku atOl aa a ftyiai. QrriCE?aLTjK??lT?KnMIIC?WmM>. tall tu4 mM|m( fMa hiim?< wmi, > ?aw u ik? emu. Ail Mt la ikMrti mm u4 iMkn. kMttn MM to ptM Httoia numr N-joamroi, uUan af ika EayaJ Callafa tftarpau, I (X (MM tmm a* a af tfca imm maul Cillayaa m tk? ItMl Muni, Mltlw fraaiar ptnaf (Mm lift kx k*w ipuiia IM fcaaKtlt af L?4?. hm, Fhliitlikk >< Ui nciW nm af tk* MM umiAhi htm llu van a?a? Imvi; au; iraabiad ?itt flafiif ta UM kaa< aa4 Mlf abia aalaap; (rati narvaaaaaaa, ka?f iltraad at nMaa aa?k4^ kaafcMaaaa vitfe fra^aaal aitaa4t4 aa^aa M^aa viU <?ttkfanaai at im. vara aarad MaAMlT. TAKE PAITlClkAl II OTIC*. TMu Maa aad athara aba b??? ia|an( Uamaalvaa ky I Wtuupxiki mdiif ?4 ta what alana?a kakit fraqaaaUy laarnad fr%n aril caapaaiaaa, ar at ackaat, *a afaoi a< rtcditi tnarriaya Uapaai'k!i, u< <MU*f) kalk ?i?4 ka4 Mf, OnM tppl; lu?4uHlt. TUi ara msi rftki u< uii MluiM; afaeta iradaiid k? ??rtT babiu tfiHti till Wiakam aftfca lxk u4 Haka, ("urn id tbi af IfUlAw ' HimiIii Powar PilfiKUM af Ui Narvaaa IrnUVtUtf. Daranf (mini aftba Dtf aao * rutlmt, aeara. DikilKy, ofUwwi^liii. Ac. MITTaLLY.-Tm faarfa. iliiliMlkl aiad u? ki driailad ?Loaa of Military. Caafaaiaa af Idaaa. Darraaa.ia af Sf.inU, I>il Porbadtnfi, A*araiaa af lacittv, Salf-Datr**, U'i af aluad*. Tinudny, ate., an Hal af Ik a ante pa*ilCld. RKRTOSI DMlkJTT -Ttmiifalu *ku U iki eaaai af thatr diclimuf haaltk, laainj ikiir ?ifa?. kaMrataf vaak, pal*, airraw and amaeiatad. ha ?itf aiofvlai tppa&ruci tkntlka ? *. caafb at if aptMi af taaaufUti DISEASES or IMPRCOKHCC Whan thi m|?i4i< ui mpradam vatxr* af plauwi Ml hi haa kSbM Uii audi of tkia pa:ofai diaaua.ilta* lfl>l happiai Ukai uU1udh<mui af thania ar Irnd af diacaaary da'.tra bin from appriaj ta tboai wba, ha adactuao u) raapaeubtlity. car .Ion a tafniad bun fa Hi at* iki bar,da af ifnarwil and iimfmimf prnandira, vka. in?ap*kl? af CBrittf, lick bit fatanui; aabataaci. kaap kin trilicf mnAfk kFar mant^. at > a Im? ia tfca fa I cah ba ak Uiotd, and u> daapair laa?a > ~ witfc rataad taah> la t:rt a*ar hia fa'tmf rfmppawlraant; ar kr tfca im af Umi 4aai!l paiane, Marcary. luxai tka cauMMiMil ayMtona af Ihta tamt i diaaaaa, aack u A f acuaca a* ?ba Haart. Tbraat, Sm, mm.Me.. prof raaait.a with frif htfai rapidity, till dotb Nta panad ta kia araadfal aafannra by aaadinf him ta 'JJV; aadiacararad eaantry fraco vfceaa eaarna >a Uaralar nam Dt JOBNtON1 REMCDT P<>* OKflAinC VIAUM AWDtMPOTKMCT. >y Uu mat aad amui raaaady vaakaaaa af aka arraaa ara apaaduy carad aad Ml npi raaiarad Tkaaaaada atlkl maa; aaraaaa tad daki uatad, tta kad iaat ail kapa, ka?? kaaa taiaadMtaly ralaa?ad All imptdinaou la Pfcyataal ?r Maatai OtaMaO* aatiaaa. Laaa af Praaraau?a Pavar, Harvaaa ImtaaMtfW TraiakliDf aad Waakcaaaar Eikaaauat af kka Matbufi kiad apaaadtlp carad. EfDOIUMKIT OF TBB PUH TMK MANY THJUaNI* carad aitftia toautaOaa vltkta tta laat at'aotaaa yaara, and tka uawanai impactaat fciriaal aparauana pirwtaw by Dr. Jahaaaa. ail?aaaad ky tta rapartara af tka pa para aad aaay atkir paraaaa, aauaaa af vaKk hara appaarad aftla aad aVaia bafara tka aabllc, aaaldaa ku ai' ( aa a akaratur aad raaaai aMIKy, a ia?-iar.i ft- rutaa ta tka afliatad. |ac m-ly avD I nnvt'r fuiiva U IMPERIAL WINE blTTB&S, Are now being naed from Mate* to the Croat Salt Lake, aci th? aniveraa. ?orCiot of alt who um t^em ei'her aa a mtdtcmt ??r a? a 6?rrra#e. ia Uat they are unaa'paaed in tha world Dr. Duda uaed tham au ceaafuily in hi?pracLoe fcr 25 yeara before we purchaaed of him tbraoia ncht to manafaotare and preeent then for a*Ie to the pub ic. For the <*M'e of Incipient Oonaumptioe, Indiceatioa, Dye- I pepgia, Pile*, Nerrooa I)ie?aea. FVmaia Con pia:nta. and all oaaaa raaam&c atoaie, Uiey are t>a- I yond donbt a moat invaluable ren edy. Aaida frost their medicinal pr< j.ertiea thay are a pore, who la ] aome and de.igbtlul Beverage, producing an the pleasant exhilarating effWti of Brandy or Wine without their injurioaa r*?u!ta. l et ail frianda of j humanity and ail aivooatea of tempera noe aaaiat ua in aa neutain* theee vaiaante Vegetable Bitter a for the mimrral poitmts and adulterated Liquet i with which the ouunUj la flooded, and thereby affeo' aid in ban thine Diaaaae and Drunkeneaa (rn?*> t? a at CHARLKS WIDDIFIRLD * CO;, Prvirietnri. 7? William atreet. Ntv \ ork. J. ?i HW'ARZK AiNt, W*?hin*U'L, D. C. DR. J BOVK? DOD8* IMPERIAL QlJi BITTERS. For Dimun of the Kidney , B kdd*rti.d I'rtMrr Organ*, Mid eepwiUly for Fn>4 < Obatraotaua, ever fail to our*. aud yt warrantetf^o giT* aatie I^^aRLES WIDDIFIELD 4 CO., Proprietors, 78 William ARZf j?7 1 j? Agent. Wulmntoi.y'c. Highly important to all: mas. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE VKCOCTIOIf. It ia known thM in the 8pnnc people ara tore apt to oontract diaeaee titan at any other period; and it u e*ua y vel'-kuowa mat the war to ward off diiwu* i* to keep the blood pare, for "all the ilia that fleafa it heir to, arise from impurity of the blood, the main ?nnc of oar aciatenea. It i. tkaeafAr* , ?* ? uupnwui W ?U V Uftl WIC IJ mho* Id thorosfhlT cmni(-d *od punned, tod this o*n be doc* in th? matt effecta* vet bt ohij MRS Ak COTS IHDIAX Th.OETAbLX T>F COCTlOX. the beat remedy diaooTSred for tb?osr? ofdiaewea of Sfctn, Ery?;pejn. Sorofu &. Rheuinttitm. NerToua Debinty. Ferera oi different kind#, Dvase??y, Larer Compifciut, ?nd t.l other diaotaes fcriaing from impurity of the blood? It bM efleot-d the moat rem%--k?lile cures, aa eu be ahown by nsmeroaa oerufic*te? from persona of the Highest reapect&bilitv. and la reoomm?nde?l h? a.11 w??o have need it as the mo*t invalaable reinedia. a< ent of the (ib. [T^ltlaeold by all the Drac^iiU of UkUmure, aid at the rMdnot of tbe proprie?or. wis. !f. cox. 144 Kut Bvumor* atreet. between Kokt atreet and Centra! ?r?na?. None (tannine nnleea her nun* is blown on the bottle and her aea! on the oork. rzr Prioe #1 per bottle, aix for fft. WktlftaU ir?i. R. S T. Cimkl. Drifiiit, Georgetown, D. C., Who'tiut Agent for the District, a no wul anppj the trade at my pr.oea. mar 77 tr JIB ALL SVFFIC1ENW Tift BE TK1K3E31AK, 1,8,**, fr?fcttd btr Rov+l Ltttrrr +mi$at if Englmmd, amd itcmrtd by tk? St*U tkt BcoU <L* PkmnamcU 4a Part*, mmd tk* JnmtmJ CeOw? ?f MidUimi, No. 1 la invaluable for exhaaatlon, 8peimator'iKrrtiyscta^auL.?... tkal kan kaaakilkwtA traat*^ V? ?ka i * aeoasaod pernioioaa in of eoaaviaaSI eabeb?. No. 3 liu entirely the injuries* ih oi meroarr, theroby inaarinf to Um afferer ?pe?vf? relief, dialer tie* til mpLfitiee, u4 rooting oat the .iu4 s Are r reaped i&Ue form of a loaenf*, devoid of taate ?? ameil, ud oac be car re*! in UM Wftiatooat pocket. Bold in Ua imm, aai dirwed into separate doiN.Ukiun.i.a tared W ViiMM, L*lie?ftnd, Roax. ticrc. 4a. Pnoe #3 each. or foai Mini for ft wt..ob aavaa fa vm FJt 194 Blaeoker atreet. foar c^ora below McDooraJ atreet. New York. Immediately op reoeiTint ft re I mittanoe. Dr. Barrowiil forward it>* TriMMaii inctoa. D. C. da Mn n IWIHPUIW QWACKB. ^JlS PGR OTAMflN* fMlT\ A PACKET OP PAPKS LI A AND ENVELOPES ! NO TO MATCH. CHARGE) BOOKSTOKE, PHILP 4 SOLOMONS, Mi3s!?y^ftaS-!!rr in-A Ji*4* *?? u <,?W.L|MtJhMtiui. IV -* lO-t. 11 I.UOU 4 cotton mMtlftgti K.oi %-d-on k Sonr, Dnnhar Jt Okokinnon and Barklio'* ?uj?r Frontinf ad Sn -i ? 1. i^H, Tovaiinca in anaty. TW?ij? U&auud Napkioa, piec^a HfMKr mm B.oftotiftd Cottons, W^~?t?Ka Uditrud^iMM' v. tut* Cotton Hom, Whi^GtAjdiin variety, Can brio and Swim Ko? ifi and lnaartinca, ^ZiZISZKSLifcSi ft for low by J. 13 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. m/s&Kxisag HMHWMBI : UBDIGUtBK JHnrft Ciwiw. t Tilto^f? !' > i iii ?.? t*M fcVioUd witk C'?npU>r.t to* ?n ' ?a 4ana? whin* I w?a M*n w?l u4 eee* ~i ttm ti? *?rr ?i?fc NtUwvm kmi* im i<wk, art. U?4ooCors ?%<?!. wm ?. attain | *<?a alMra***:j ajaa2tS^T?itgw?er* ? BOM Ma.1 W'aMfa^M* mttom of oa ?y ?toa?eii. vnUi iMrar* ana tiLoMr hmooi ' tfkmmm a *?r. k?M mm in kMawk. i #? ? ka?? k?* ai?k I uT t*r?d fw ? fdaa txibahfr t?.ia? * dj.a?oaa T*f >oi c eoetiDoaito* of tblf *oi^ Uoa, vitk ul rao*f. had ??r? iw Ml m I *xp*rtad w> ha bettar; bat raadinc. la lfc? Cfcri?baa a4?oom*. uf yoar f ar?ap*-11!a. 1 waaraiK taking it. vtk ? omiowi (wl!4o?Hof Totr Tit:*. Isr?|iialf th* bowata aa ?? diraat Froaa tkf fcrat. it ltd <?* faot ifvi ; diMrdw Uu 1 aap#o?*4 aa|Uia? Mt*. i miiM" ; mww nnHtan ??. ift?- e>rra VMkt, *t?or m ni?<i %r?t u ur uU*r mi. Ma* ft* "Pn>??wf ?f fei food" Ikcvw bioMIMf* o* r<?? imf.liin. Pr?Hnd by Dr. J. C. AYkit * CO.. Uw?< M?? h XT* O* Jt"t.. db "x*. iirmEWELLi U FIVERS A L COUGH REMEDY, For mil Tkroat and Lnng Comp>atnU, /'? Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEN\'ELL'8 JCITLV CKLIIIATBI Tkf Natural and Surt Romodf for all No*mm Complaint4, From NMraict* turovc h *1) m*m wh*r? Opt?Tu ?l> fv?r a?*d to IMl W iV.iriM fr? ? tW WBBOI Chief WiM 01 HlMAM LOW OP !>LF.Er. JV To;I AiuxItm, th<>uf fa oontai*!** M( par tio ? of Opium. pr?dir?? ail Um r^uuMimU of. aaJ may h* uh4 in a oaom wlwriwi Otis* *?' M*d viUioat iro'iUM Mftkait kal Car**, \ Injuk ttt fUlMt III p?MIt Win: ii? A Tb* I'mveraa. Ouch traM), fromt (n? a tlw ?oitaoa obiwtwi uf ' oafh Im>4iw, Srortno* gmm or pro*tr*Uo*?? ma* to* If ooRimon *u*nt) 1* a>l Throat mad L?u C>4?flwuu. aod n*d with perfaat lapuDit* Ait.u ail to oomrt (rom pr*?rifU>rtvr Inwdi tut wo*t nrrrt istMbiMM tlboU RMMdit,Md r*adir.? of our pftDipr.ifU lo t* lour,J WTtt all <?lw. a?d tor* p*rU<-U.*r t tc pnreha** owl* mf Ih> mt Jll h* d**T)rt?d U*OI. W' *?!( < U * of Patient* uii "Prio*a wiUua r?a<:h of (wi umu A*nrrt. _ J. W. HrKSiWEU A Co? 7 aaC 9 CaoMWrrit Waarf. b ?ioc. 6f?. HrsiiwiiL, 143 W*t*r York, Ccdm-th# *p?*tal mpr-TifiM of JOB N L. Bl>M NKWKI/LcWmI ami PtorM?MU?t. B.?U*. Mao* . who sicna'iir* o<iv*r? Ut* *u kt oftfc* ( nuiM cmry, audio whoBi addr*M all oomaiani oatkxa*. So.d bj *11 r?p*ctabl* d?a>rt mrrwlw*, and all the Druff iau Is waahir.ftot and G*ori*towi, mar 86-ao.r Helm bold' Genuine Preparation. " HIQHLV' COMPOUND ri.UID EXTRACT Bl'CHI'. fctf-sB'" vfs/ -ss < W^*^SS2k i*^ CHILD* Bit. BBUiBOUW k*T?AST?,c?? ?rt^i,if Iroll?_.!?:""VT'.. Habtu <7S5Sp3*?. lS?r!? ledi?oration or Abnao, Attended wuk iA4.f?U0wmt Srmpfmt >] do p -i'iUon to Eji*rUo?. UiMo(fo**r. jfZt'yZZr- mm""'#35513: Horror of DlMM*. WMUmk, PtOHMM of Vision. Put ii tlw lisk. UBivwml LaMUnde of tM Hueiiit &vatMB, H< ; HMidt, FiMhiBf ofth' b >df. Dryc?m of the Skin. Ertitiimiut tbeFM*. PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theae raiptoir.*. if Gloved to r? <? . vlueh Ui > B*di n . vfcrlabjv rnioT??. ohk f>? ?w? v1 af>or*}rry. fatc?ty, epilmftjc fit> I* On or WmcH m PtruTiii Kirin r Wbo ou MM lL?t tt.c/ar? II tTr'^HonUy fui.cvwl i by thoa- "DIREFUL 1U9EA9E*r "INSANITY AND COlSSuiirTIOtl." 1 Mu; are iw?r? of tno gwi? of th?nr *vf*ru*. ~muf nome will confess. THE RECORDS OF TO I- I t*AN E A8VLUMB And tAc MtU?r*o<, Lhntkt by f-oxiwifhwi wiwir?? v" i?io irnii *>i ui?" THE CONSTITUTION QNCB APFECTItf) WITH ORUAfOc ^EAK.VKM R?<uirM the tid of M?dir :,e U> utrrntUM And I nricorfttr the *yrto?. Which BKua?oLb'f EXTRACT BtCBr teMrttLAly 4#* A. a mu will covrmcs mm moit mrtica.l. IN MANY AFKr.CTlON? r ECU LIAR TO females, tiw extmot Rj'm I? ??u4i?d by ?ht other remedy, m in Chi?ro ia or Retention Irn^uinntf, PUDfu.MM. or Suppression of Cm ternary E r*ou*iion?, IVerrsUd or beirr ko?a cute of Uw Lfrua, LoaoorrlMEk or White*. Sten.'.uy, nn<1 for t : coropinitu .neide't to the * vkntlwr artcinc from IndiccMton, Hat 1U of Ptrintini, i "* "* DECLINE OR C/fAHUE OF LIFE n irinobp abots no family bhouli/b*. without it Trnkr n* m or* B+ltam. Wrm- ?. er huimim sbcret'diseaVkp 1b All their f*tic**. At iittie Little or do cr.uifotn Diet; No iMoimmM, And *c Exfrwrt It him b fr*euent d<?eire on firee troartli ? IniBU, there uy Reaonnt ubetrooUoae Preventing. Bnd eerir j !*tneturee of the l/retlir*. Allaying PBinond lnfltminatiori. bo fro*BOnt >b the ciMi ol dtaeaee* bed eB^llinc mU /'wiibwii Dueled. W trm Ml M*itrr. TffOCSANDS cFoN THOTZdNDS who XAV1 BKBI* THB TKTIMB or OC1CU. Md who ktT' HIO kr+Tf/tft to I* oared IB B *hC'< 1 timA Kair* fnarul ?h. ? *?? POISON hs*. j>ytk? im ofrowiiru ir T11*#I?TI,H h?ec drxsi up m tke ayatoai, to hrwU oat ib ?r. kit runt*1 form, mm* PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. *1 Vm HBLMBoi r'* Err*act Brntr foT *j: afff tiooa aad oiimim oftfc* ? URINARY ORGANS. WlMtker ex nunc tn _ m ai.fc. or female. From whmtewr om<i SQCIMtifl *nc no matt*' <*f _ how lonoVTaVdino 25.73?* iisavrirR mm f- - imc *4 tkt mtrt rt,%+SU and rtspmuUU ci? ~ "" OTfiftgfSfSFW,* from ? ? V VMTI fMbtaw, r.xc Pri? ll.lo per Wilt*, n ilx for |f .06 Dekvmd to %mj Addr?M, Metre.; p*ck*d fro 0\HfrT 1 "d??c*ibi Symptom* i* axl Cowi?r *icAnoi?? Cirw OuruttrH ! A4vtc* OratU !t AFFIDAVIT. PirtoM.j More m?. m Aidanatc tbeo?tyofrt?i?de Phi?.H T HiLHiou.vbeMu duly tworn, doth m*j. Iiia pr^Mri'ioii ?o .tMI BO Dftrooti?. do nrrwirT. or o h?r iojurtona 0ru>, UUHM^I R. T. HfcLM BOLD 8?crt ?nc AabMribMC '*>/ -? ma. tr..? .^v iW? .J NoTMnbar. 1?M. WM P. HIBRKKD. JUstm*. Ninth atrMt. ?U?vs I Phil a. "ot*kb" aimji on rit Bvmnoi tmiim ?r?~ rggi?^" SniMlili. ** " lBprovM Rutc WMi Md by 9. B. Wi!Ti,M> ?mU iliMtMd ft. C Fo*n, Jm , aomr P?i. tTMit ud KUwath Slasher fjmzmh. i Ml ?O1T THE BAND HILL* OP Jl'TLAND. By Mm* I Christian Anderson; ?rio*75 o*nts. AuU>blo*ra?hioa! MkmiM* ? *? >- - Chariot Rotwrt Laah*, R. a , aditad with a prmh tory MM Ml Lm'W m m fcrtin. tad froyji bis oorrM^xxJMMM. b; loa Jay With portrait: pnoe H56 J sat pabl.aitM ar. for t*.r at tlPHlCF * SOLOMON'S Motropolitaa Bookator*. SM Ptcn av Jj* hMVM *h and loth 0*0 \iy ASHING TON ft ~ (PIKE) irmw and TWA St ran 4. C MM I'IKK Pmtlirt, 9 D. HANSON. amrtmsy. wa1-a?>to i>lA>0?.-C*KAT I?A*GAIN8-O^ r kraata rtaap. U bnt order f?r y - ?rsr- *wv!V.iSr#afcRr lUKW 8TYLK&OP RICH JKW KLKY - . ? I" ROOD baa just opntd a Uri* Moat, vIm m vUi<f*tat wi iQvrUM Tborwlwa tMw Uaiara viwum toMMTj h*t? ar y a,n ta bu U*? m rmnb, wiu ao v*l to aaR aad ?xaa?a* ua iliMkatS>l fi.MWM i*?

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