Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1860 Page 1
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I ' v:i ' ; tt* (E(rmtu$ ??tar. V5i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JULY 81. I860. N*. 2.824 THE EVENING STAR w i PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, i nr\niva . . ?? ? ? DAV/DrltaVi I AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Com4r of Pennsylvania avrnut and 11<A at., >T W D* AMiACHe . m i Papera aerved in pack urea by oarriar* kt |t k year, or ST oenu mr month. To mail aubaarih?ra tfie pnoe is $XS) ? year,?? dvutut; #2 for MX ft for tiirw month*, and for 1*M Uifto three montha ftt the rate of 12 oenta week. Siofle eopiea, onm cut; ia wrappera, two calfT*. {ETADruTitHniTa should beaant to th? offioe before 12 o'oloek at; otherviae they may not appear anti! the next dfty. ??^M^?a??a??^ GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS J?.. --f *m- - ? i sTTt^wiwrncc ?{/ OWf. Ototarrow!*, D C , July3u, 1360 At thf meeting of our City Councils on Friday evening la*t, in the Board of Aldermen, there were prraant Mmrt Matthews. Riley, Berryand Beall. in 'be absence of the Recorder, Dr. Joahua R :ie, was called to the chair. By invitation of the Board of Common Council, the rwo boards met in joint convention to witness the qualification of Mr D. English. U . * A ? At ? ? u*. in- r-iurnru to meir own cnamDer. a itip*-V?* froir the Mayor, coeering a communication from th? Surveyor In relation to Fayette and H^gh strata, was read and referred. The ordinance in relation to dogs; the resolution directing tb? Clerk to pay or accept orders of commlaftioners of streets, with amendment; the resolution in favor of J. A. Smith; a resolution in favor of J. W. Marll, and a resolution providing for expensee of poor and workhouse, were severally considered and paaaed. The resolution in relation to the sinking fund was referred to Mr Beall. The resolution repesling the ordinance estab * llshing a market-master was again laid over. The Dolice hill WM on mntinn ' Uid ov-r until tbe tint Monday in January next. And the board adjourned .???< die. In tbe Hoard of Common Council, all of tbe member? were prfaent. A mnHge in writing from tbe Mayor was received. stating tbat enclosed was an accouut of Mrssrs Taylor & Maury, of Washington, against tills Corporation for - fancy stationery'' purcnased by Mayor Crawford in 1S57. Tbe President (Mr Pickreli) asked if it was tbe pleasure of tbe board to have tbe enclosed account read. Mr Tenney desired to hear the several items Tbe account was accordingly read by the Pres iaeni. ana among toe Items enumerated was a portfolio, SI; diary for 1857, 75 cts.; penknife. 4 blades. leather pocket case, porcelain slate, SI; Draper's inkstand, paper, envelope*, sealing wax. pen*. Ac . amounting to $*23.12. Mr Tenney said the account would probably be referred to the committee of claims, but it was a most extraordinary bill to be contracted by a Mayor and charged to the Corporation of Georgetown?penknives, portfolios, pocket-books. Ac. Mr >?take aald such things were generally paid for out of the Mayor's contingent fund These items h&ppened to coiue before us We do not know what article* are purch.ised by the present Incumbent out of his contingent funa, as he is too shrewd?too sharp?to have the items examined here. Mr Crawford was incapable of duplicity. Mr. Tenney said the late Majror. Mr Crawford, bad a contingent fund, and tnese articles might have been bought in the city of Georgetown. | tt! * * * ii varc ionunawiy noi yei annexed All vouchers for expenditure* out of the mayor's contingent fund are examined by a committee I, as chairman of the ways and means committee in this board, have examined them, and have found every item given In detail. The gentleman can have the pleasure, at the end of the year, of examininu the expenditure* of the present mayor, if he will g* to the Clerk; but he is not likely to And there penknives with four blades, portfolios, portmonaies. or anything of the kind The account was referred to claims committee. A message from the mayor was received, enclosing a communication from C B Closkey, in which It is stated that the west channel of the river has now been dredged to a depth of IS feet at mean tide. 100 feet wide. Mr. C recommends . fL-lk? ? -?! -? ? * - . twi.uw p^ivpi Kuvu oi or mis uorporatlon. and an appropriation of like amount by the Corporation of Washington. In order to increase the width of the channel to 150 feet. The message and accompanying papers were referred to harbor and channel committee. While these papers were under consideration, j Mr. David English (elected a member on the 27th of February last) entered the chamber for the first time (incenis election. Messrs. Dunlop and King were appointed a committee to wait on the Board of Aldermen and request iceir inrndince In the Counrll Chamber for the purpose of entering Into Joint convention. HtT.uK performed that dutv. the Aldermen entered the chamber, and Dr. Joshua Riley, of that body, took tbe chair, and briefly atated the object of the convention. Mr. Knglish waa then aworn in by Squire Fearaon. and the Joint convention waa dissolved The Aldermen having retired? Mr. Kngliah roue, and in juatlce to himself and bla colleagues briefly excused himaelf for hla nonattendance hamny afflictions, subsequent ill health, and three weeks' absence from town,were among tbe reasons he gave for hla failure to attend until ao near tbe close of the session communication from the Clerk, In reply to Mr Hill's resolution of Inquiry as to what ends of streets are under rent, to whom, and whatamounta art due thereon, was read and referred to streets committee Accounts of Dickson k Gordon and Joseph F. Birch were referred to claims committee. Mr King, from streets committee, reported a resolution in favor of Wm. Cavanaugn. for building an arch under High street, near Mr. Adler's; which lays over under the rules Mr Dodge, from ways and means committee, reported a resolution (as a substitute for one offered by Mr .Hill) In relation to town lots, which authorizes and directs the Mayor to sell lot No. 47 on rrospect street, and lots 31, &, and 33, on Water abort, with the brick warehouae thereon, i and to collect all rents now due, A.c. Alao, a resolution In relation to a atrip of ground on Frederick atrett, ai thorlzing lte sale to Mr. Morton for 150. Both of which resolution* lay over under the rule. Mr Williams from police eommi'tee, reported a resolution in relation to ponds of sutgnant water on west side of Favette street. Also, s resolution for remission of a fine imposed on Andrew Campbell for keeping a dog; both of which layover under the 'vies. A resolution in fevor of W. D. Wallach; a resolution for paving a gutter on the west side of Congress street; and a resolution In relation to gaaund f as posts, were severally read the tlrst time and aid over: and it ?- * ? **' _ _, ...m jarwr wi JUS ? Marll was passed. Mr Williams moved a reconsideration of tbe police bill, passed July 13. Mr Tenney said it was too late to reconsider It. He bad not intended to bring up this subject at tbe clcse of tbe session, but since It has been introduced bere. be would like to ask wby has tbe bill been detained bere. Was It kept bere till just tbe kind of Board of Aldermen to suit was assembled; till sucb were present as would paab if It was tbe duty of tbe Clerk to bare taken it to tbe Board of Aldermen wben it passed bere, unless be had good reasons for not doing it; It was his duty to nave taken it down U?f Wr\A * u ni<?K? - * 1 ? * i, . . v Migu?? iniicaa UC uaa gooa reasons. Mr. Stake excused the Clerk because in the accumulation of busiueas be aad gathered up the most important papers, requiring Immediate actio*, Ac . and b? prusstd a reconsideration of the bill. The President said debate was not in order. Mr. \V illtams moved to take up the bill for reconsideration He was sick, and could not attend I lb ? vhr Last meeting, or he would then have made the motion. The President decided the motion to be carried Mr Tenney would like to have the rule read at to time. I Mr duke read the rule It is to the effect that wbeu a motion is decided in the affirmative or negative, !t is competent for a member of tbe majority to move a reconsideration the same or mi me next succeeding meeting, provided tuch decision baa not been communicated to tb? Board of Aldermen. Mr. Tenney asked when this resolution passed. Mr. Willlama Mid on Friday before last Mr. Tenney asked why action was not taken last Friday He was sorry to Interrupt tbe order of buaiaeas, but be would like tbe Clerk to answer a* to wfcy tbe bill waadetained. jsr w a King, tbe Clerk, (with the consent fc of the Board.) stated that the reaolution In reUtlon to the slaking fund, and the police bill, were retained by him, the first by request of Mr McCobb and the other by request of Mr Williams, those gentlemen wishing each to move a reconsideration. Mr. Williams not having appeared at the last meeting, tbe bill was not taken down to the Board of Aldermen . Mr. Williams not knowing that the bill was detained all this time because of his expressing U Intention to ??? ? rmfnnmiA?m j apologize to the Clerk for not sooner assuming tbe respoas'bilitjr, which be did now He absent from the liit meeting because he was tick, aod did not know whether the blil had been aent down or not, or he would at flmt have taken the responsibility Mr. Trnney cald theClerk bad been exonerated, bat he was not satlsfled with this disposition to retain the bill here until a suitable Board of Aulrrmen could be got together It was not tbe proper way to legislate The bill passed here, and the Clerk, when he found Mr Williams absent last Friday, ought to bare taken tbe bill to f tbe other Board. Mr Williams regretted placing tbe Cl?rk i? mcfc poalUon. ; <?' i ' JT-" ? ft ' Mr Ptake thought It was In order to move a reconsideration. Mr Dunlop said such a motion was plainly abut out. Mr King thought not, because the bill had not gunr w> vof Diner iioara Mr. Tenney nld the rule was a? plain aa the nose on a man a face; and after further dlscusaion by him and Mr. Stake, each in support of his own views. The President decided that the motion to reconsider was not in order, but as our object onght to be to do right, disregarding technicalities, he hoped there would be no opposition to taking the bill up. Mr. Tenney refusing to give asaent to this rnnrt? Mr William* nid he would withdraw hi* motion and let the bill go. If he had known it would have interrupted the order of budneea, he would not have urged it Mr. Htake. from the poor and workhouae committee, reported a resolution for payment of tbe last quarter's expenses of tbe poor and workhouse. He wished to state his regret that, in his judgment, the expenses of that institution were too great, it coating, on an average, 38 centa per day for the support of each inmate It would be seen by the report of the Trustees that tbe receipts from tbe establishment were very small, and would not pay to keep a horse, but would bring tbe corporation in debt. It would also be seen that a laborer is employed at 837 50 per quarter, when the work ought to be done by pauper labor. It was no doubt only necessary to araw the attention of the Trustees to the matter as tbey are men of good judgment. The expenses were certainly extravagant and hlvhur n.?u.- than in ika while now there are few inmates. The resolution was paused The resolution, (from grievances committee,) exempting Trinity ^Catholic) church from payment of taxes; for High street improvement, now due on the lot attached to the burying ground, coming up for consideration, Mr Tenney opposed it warmly, urging that the case of Mrs Clark, who petitioned here, was one of great hardship, and asking how tbe committee found out that this lot was a burial ground By an ordlnanceof this corporation,burial grounds are exempt from taxation This lot had been taxed by previous assessors, and no exemption was asked hv Rnman Pb^KaI4a aKhU r* *? ? ?, i win' u it ib a MTfJiiraie and distinct lot, and baa, previous to tbis year, been under cultivation. Tne Presbyterians bad paid for the street improvement opposite tbelr burial place. Why exempt other churches, and why had the committee reported in favor of this case ? Mr. Fearson said the committee had examined the law and found churches and burial grounds were exempted from taxation. This lot hirf h#?n bought of "Fatter Hardy some years ago for a Catholic burying ground No one la buried there yet. because not enough die thank God. The gentlemen and myself will want a place one of these days, and Mr Tenny?Will they let me In there If I die? Mr. Fearaon.?No, air; they will put you .outside. All the explanation is, that all other churches _ A. 1 11 1 ? ? ' * rauenipv wa mia aoouia not be made to pty. They are ready to take it up aa a grave yard, aa won aa people die Mr Stake aaid tbla lot waa pure baaed to extend the burial ground. They had been overwhelmed with debt, but were looking forward now to encloae the ground. Mr Tenney apoke at some length He waa willing to aCCOrd to the Catholic church ?*?/.?! ? ?> same ai granted to the Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, and other churches. bat no special favor?. This lot bad heretofore been regularly assessed and paid for. but It was now claimed to be a grave yard If it is, the assessor* have made a great mistake The corporation had been at great expense improving High and Fayette streets to get to it. It was under cultivation last year, the stubble is yet on it. The Georgetown College was now using the Aqueduct water without charge, whfle our citizens have to pay This lot was separate and distinct, and could be sold at anv time. If ivran-nrd. It la iuMvi ?< ? ? ment of a front foot tax m other burial places, and If exempted, it will be an act of injustice to other tax-payers on Iilgh street, particularly to Mrs Clark. Mr \V 111 lams aaid this lot was part and parcel of the grave-yard, the owners had paid heretofore, but tbey now protested against this gouging system If they have been paying improperly heretofore, the l?-s? said about it the better; we aiiirht have to refund >Ir Fearson spoke at some length, saying it was a grave-yard to all intent* ana purposes Yon wanted to tax the Academy. hut they stole out of the Corporation This lot should oe exempt In justice to the Catholic Cburch They educate '270 children without any expense to you. while a large amount of money is appropriated for the school in the clftircb on Snake Harbor, (the pubi; - ?.w?1 % IK "CUUV1 J Mr King was sorry to see the discussion taking a sectarian turn What is the lot now used for * Even if it is a grave-yard it is not exempt from a UUUI |UV? MA. Mr Stake said tbe pastor wished for nothing more nor 1cm than wu granted to other denominations. He wished to ask for nothing except whit he was entitled to claim as a right. This lot was purchased to extend the burial ground, and the whole was shortly to be enclosed as one lot. Mr. Dunlop said that tbe old law of 1808 ex em pis cuurcb IM burial grounds. The Presbyterian Bridge street property waa tbua exempted Under that law property purchased and held for that purpose Is exempt You must look to the object and Intent. Ir the aasessors have made a mistake, correct It In 1855, the West Georgetown Church was exempted from the front foot tax This was another case Mr Klne said the Bridge street property was exempted because of the church on It. It was never pretended before that this lot Is a graveyard. I mean no disrespect to tbe Catholics, to the officiating priest, or to Mr Fearsou, but if this is a grave yard, 1 don't see bow they claim to be exempt. After further remarks? Mr. Tenney said the Preabyterian Church on Bridge street paid a front-foot tax a f*-w yearaago. He moved to amend the title of the reaolntion, ao aa to make It " Lot *272," A.C , instead of " the burial ground,Ac. The President decided the motion to be out of order Mr. Hill called for the yeai and nays, and the resolution passed by a vote of 8 to 3, aa stated in our letter of Saturday laat. Mr. Pickrell, when bis name waa called, aald be would vote " aye" aa a matter of rlight. Mr Tenney,when bis name was called, said he would vote " no" for two 'easons. First, tbia waa not a gra ve-yard and second, If it was, it wm not exempt from the front-foot tax. The Board adjourned iim die. R ircTiTiuM ?Now and then we find those who attain, through years of toll, exemplary conduct, charity, munificence, a position of Importance among men,?who are known for the positive ' food they do," not what they appear to <4ts ivhn ekUIJ-J - _a_ ? uv, ?HV ?ic auinuru iruili \UC BUSIU 01 ICtRdtl mod prejudice by their '^ood deeds aeen and known of all men " \V e believe that Dr. W istar, the discoverer of the long tried "Wlstar's Balaam of Wild Cherry," has done as much for the relief and benefit of poor suffering humanity, and that his memory Is as justly entitled to encomiums of respect ana gratitude as anv philanthropist of our country. This lavaluable preparation still maintains an lncomparable position among physicians and drunfflsta. and by the people la cberUhed aa a reined y?of un ucpastable value for all a1 teases of the throat and lnaa. We confidently recommend it to our reader* when afflicted with pulmonary diaeaae.? Waterburp American. Naval.?Lieut H K Davenport hu been detached from the Observatory, and Lleat. Wm. Gwln from ordnance duty, Washington, and ordered to the Susquehanna. Boatswain C. U. llasker has bees detached from the receiving ship, and Salt maker Wm. M. Mahonr from the Navv Yard at Norfolk, and ordered to tbe tame vemf In addition to those already published, tbe following officer* have been ordered to tbe Susquehanna: Captain Geo. N. H oil Ins: Lleuta. J N. B.rney, Jonathan Young, and J. G Walker; Paymaster P. G Senae, surgeon W. 8. W Rutcbenberger; Captain of Marinas, J D. Siauns; second Lieutenant of Marines, Alan Ramsay; PaaKd Midshipman J. W. Alexander; Midship men Hoge, Hoole. Tayloe, Dorntn, Watson, and Harrison. (the latter for duty on the Iroquois ia the Mediterranean;) Third Assistant Engineer A. t*. Greene; Gunner Lovett and Carpenter R. M. Bain. Piksscvtion o? Cbbistuns is China.?A French paper My* that a flrrce persecution baa broken out against the Christians In Cochin China Their viilageshave been destroyed, aome of their priests are in custody awaiting death, the miasionaries are biding from the vengeance of the Government la the woods, aad the whole I vfiliiUW popUiAUOB DAI 06ID dlip^rtfd N# | C4U96 |or ibli fod4fJi ont09i|k Is uiij{Dtd Amis. WINILOW, N Kxperlen ed N arte ud Phy dolM, prevents to the attention of mothers. her SOOTHING SYRUF, For VklUrta Teething, Wkl?k ITMtl* (aeUitaMa tkm u>i>u af h- ? Inf tba'fama', radBpitf all foiamimatiau?wiU allay ALL fain aadapaamdia aeuao.aad la SURE TO REVULATE THE BOWELS. Dapaod apan it, raathara, it will fi?a raat ta yaaraalvaa, RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ba?a pat ap and aaid Uiiaaruela far a?ar lau yaara, aad can tar, in corpidbpcb and tevth ef it, what wa ba?? aavar baan abla ta aay of any OTHII Madieiaa? hstbb MRS Has it raiLBD.m a aiit?Li *tai?cb t? irricr a COB I, WII1HLU W wban Umaly an J. Havardid wa knaw niiTiAftfl *n '"?tanea af diaaatiafactian by an? ana wba naad It Oa tba eantrtrr.allar'a j 8YKJf( Idalifhtad wtlk lu OF IRATIORI, la t?rm* af bifhaai eoaimandatiae af i? mi leal tficu and medical tirtm. Wi apaak in .bii ra\tt?r " f Hit V! do mow," artar tan ynri' ii(inincili^D rLIDOl OC1 llfUTttiopt roa thi fvlfilmlut ? what vi Kill dbCL1II hi !??( iTir; inittoti whirl tlx iafui n iifirInf frara pain and ashaaatioo, raliaf will ba foand in Iftaaa ar iwanty miuaiaa afiar tba ayrap ia auminiatarad. Thia aalaaMa preparation ia tba praaenptian af ana af tba - * ilican <( a??i ? *" i? M laad, asd baa b??n aitd with (tiTBit-raiLine lUCCBil fo THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It art Ml? lh? child fram pain, bat InTifartui tki launch and bawala, eorrteu aciduj, and (I'm tan* and atrgy ta tbt vhait tyitam. It vill <lraa?t inatattly ralur# Gripims in tbi Bowili and Wind Colic, aadavareoma eaovalataat, vbieh, If irt ptbdU? ramtdiad and ia dtatb. W?i ___ I it tta BUT AROIURIITRBM-t FUK iCT III tbt WORLD > > m 11 -f n >1.1 run nuvaa _ - _ > ? - - - ? ? ? ?- vna uvnEin I ** 1 * "uu oust I* CHIL- TEETHING If*'"- whathar it anaaa from taatbiog LIAr from an* atbar cauaa. W would it j to a*ary mother wio hu child aaf Mm from any of tha foragainf eampltti.w ? do NOT lit tocI ruBJVoicu, nok thi mucoid* or othih, aiand batwaan year aaf arinf child and th? raliaf that will ba CR1?jaa, iliOLCTILT ICII?< fallow tha aaa of th madioina, if tiiraly a tad. Fall dirtctior.a ar aamg will a tampan t aach botila N^na ganwna an'.aaa tiia fac-aiiaila CURTlt * PERKINS, Naw York, it an th* aataida wrappa oid by Drarciata throughout tha world. _ * cmvifKi viutt, tmo. 19 Ofair (rill, H, ? Prtci mIt t8 Cinti ptr m ll-dlvl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N And after July 3d. l?eo, the steamer L. J. Brensle, Captain W. H. Ritter, will k. leave Georgetown EVERY TUES fr f* DAY. THURSDAY,and DAY. at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day,at 6 o'clock a m. On tie Saturday trio from Uoorgetown the boat will run through to" Shepherdgtown. __ je 21 3m For harpkr-s fkr ry.?rhaivoir of DA YS.?On and a?*r J uly 2,1860, il ? . the steamer ANTFXOFE, Capt. J. WiLLi?,c*rryingthe United State* mail, will leave Georgetown EVt1 RY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m.. and return every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. N. B.?'Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdgrown- je 5-2m* 1 CA JUST REdKIVKn I*s7cy~Fpit~fUTHBT^^^EJ^'C / nuppij oukiAuiiy on nana and lor aale at lowest latea. HAY and COAL SCALES ereoted in any part of the Distriot or adjoining oonnties. Ai! Soales are warranted durable, acourate, and to jive satisfaction BU?EY * BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural linplemer.ts, JeH-gm Bridge street 2 doors west of Huh. RAN DELL, OPTICIAN, No. las Srxdg* St., Gtormttwn, Has constant1? on hand a large assortment of Preneh Near-sighted, Periscopio. r;?i. ??v.^. ored, an<iaJ. other SrECTAfUjES, ol A^P the best ^na.ity. in sold, silver, stoel.and German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and nev t asses set in thsm to order. ?? ia-i? JOB. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jeftrton tit., Georgetown. Hiving given mi personal Attention to thia branch of my bu?ines?, 1 am prepared to.? ^ attend to all call* with pr?mptness Persons from a distance oaa be supplied at a '?* minutes' notice, as 1 have a targe assortment of COFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the dead from the old to the new banal grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap lO-Sm \ f#>* WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all parti of the city, at the loweat possible rates. T J. 4 W. M. GALT, Offioe 942 Pa. abetween 11th and 12th ata , *m I i-u north side. The subscriber having on hand an extensive stock of FUEL, is prepared to ell at a very tow fume for oash WOOD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for yourself. r. W. bates, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma If 8. E. oorner of Fourteenth and C its. JVT vnTirp IlEW FAMILY "GROCERY STORE, P^xnuylvania Av., Southeast Corner of Tenth Mtriel, Washington, D. C. Th* undersigned respectful!* *Bnnnni?? t? ku friend* that he has opened the fine atom formerly occupied by II. H. V>>ss, Esg., and that he ha* received a large assortment of SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every article in the Grocery line, to whioh he particularly invites the attention of resident families. He feels assured that his arrangements for a constant suddIv of FRKSH fi Rl If? K. B I will ?ii? bie him 16 supply the demands of those who may favor him with their PATRONAGE. In hi* purchases the subscriber has direoted speoial attention to the selection of Teas, Coffees and Sugars, Whioh, with all other articles in his line, will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms. _ for cash. iy 24?<?2w p. McDEVITT. Pr<ie??4,l8.?or repairing the olis tom house AT baltimore, aid. Tbba?crt Department, ( Waihingtok, Juiy IS, lafift.f P*opo?/1.? will b? received at this Department until thefifUenth day of September. a. eltim&i. at 12 o'clock, noon, for the repair* of the Custom Hnm authorised to be repaired at Baltimore, Mary and, aooordinc to the plana and specifications prepared at tnia Department. Bidders will be required to reoaiva the old cast iron workdi?penaed with in part payment of the work, at the rata of one dollar per hundred pound*, and will be required to furnish all the material and perforin all the naoesaary labor to complete the repaira aocordin? to the p ana furmah*d. Ninety p?r oent, of the amount of work done and materiala delivered according to oontraot pnoe i w>iu B'nwuui w uv ssoercainea in ui6 manner preeoribed by the oontr&ot, by the eatimatn or an agent of the Department appointed for that purpose) will be pain monthly,aa the work prorreevea. and ten per eent. retained until the completion of the oontraet and aooeptano* of the work by the tfMt aforesaid, and to be forfr ited in the eveot of nen fulilroent of eontraot. Saeoifioationa and drawing* will be re*dv on the 15th of Aacaft.when they oaa be had on application to the Department. The propoxate mmt be eent to th<? Department, addreeaed to the Secretary or the T'eaanrv and plainly eodoraed " Pro*o*al$ for rrjwirmt tkt Balti mort Custom imu/." ?nH Will i of U>. I? ur^ 5r SKi5? QFFiCli O^NygBCTOI^ND 8BALER notice is ably to tJM proviiiooa of the o. dinanoe ?f the Corporatioa approved May I*. 1*0, the aiiderai.nad ia mow fr*HrM,''vliM?rw raaairad in wriunc.and oilr* ?fth? m ori^l eenti, to ezAmiDr, tMt, pruve, and aaoartain the Accuracy < t r#c titration ofkny (U iMtor in ?m i. ttiu cuV'* Every mater, if found incorraot, will baooaderaned, and another, eealed and marked a* trae, will ha act 10 ita plaoa. If proved to ba aoonrate in i'l DiMiirment of Kaa, it will be ae&led acoordmjly, aaduiunt in aoaii toa for iae. * Offoe No 410 Seventh (treat.fnear OdH w?i low*'dftli ) 0?en from 8 *. m . to 5?, m. ckM, JONS' SUPERB PIANOS, AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRE fc CO. Auctioneer*. T*U8TKE*? SALE OF A BEAUTIFULLY Improved Cocstht Skat mai tub Citt or wa.8hi5gtoh.? On we0ne9dav AFTERNOO.M, Aoiuit lat.ate o'o'ook. on the ?r?mta?a by virtue of a de**J of trust dated Mareh 9th. 1*57, and duly recorded in Lib?r J.A >, No. 129, folios SM, etseq., one of the land records for Washington ooqnty, DintMot of Columbia, we shall sell all lh*t osrtaia piece or parcel of land situated in the ooanty of NVaahington. in the District of Columbia and known and described as bein? Lot numbered two (2) in George 1 ay lor's ?ubdi vision of a part of a tractnfi&nd called "Pleaaant Plains." coatam in| five acres and one sixteenth of an acre, more or leas, wth the improvement*, consisting of a eom for table two-story Square Cottage, with wide hal , pvior, aioing. Ana break mat roo,m h.e ohsmbern, aid kitchen, aitnatcd ?> an elevated point tack from the road, and currounded by a grove of handaomeahade tr-^ea; aao, garJener'a houae, atable. and other out buiidmga The ground* are taatefully laid out with walk* and dn vea, and contain a vr ung oroha'd of fruit treea, graperr, vegetable garden, ohoioe flower*, ornamental ahrabhery, fto., in ahort ever* thing 1 ffflDlllto t*J lADutr th 1 ft KM A. Af ani A n m rirta K a residence. The above-described plaoe is situated on the Pe^ street roaU, distant about one and a half rail? from the City Post UAj?, and is adjoined by tne lesidenoes of Messrs. W hite and Levis. Teims: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6,12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premi-es If the t-rmi of sale should not be oomplied with in five da; s after the sale, the t'us iocs reierve me rigni 10 resell, on one week's notioe in the [National Intelluencer, at the risk and ex penseof thed"faulting purchaser. All oooveyaneing at the oost of the purchaser. W. H. WAR I). ( Tr,?t?. W. li. PAI MKR.S Tru?tM*' jyMStawids J C. MoGUIKK 4 CO.,Anots. By J. C. McGUIRfc * CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPkhty o* Capitol Hill?On KR1DAY AFTERNOON, August loth, at 6 o'olook. on the premises, bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated November 2Srl. ISfV aril rln w t - - -I ? ... J . wwiUVW VIIivrilK ?JI' I>?I1U record* of Waahington count*, I eba 1 sell th? eaatsrn p%-tof Lot numbered aeventeen, in square numb-red eeven hundred and twenty-nine, fronting twenty seven feet on Kaat Capitol atreet, between Fir?t and Seooad streets east, running hack eighty six feet three inobea, together with the improve menta thereon. All oonveyacoinrat the ooatofthe purchaser Term*: One half cash; balanoe in 6 and 12 months, wi h intereat, aecured by a deed ot trust oa the propei ty. JOHN HEPBI RN. TrurtM. jy 18 eo&da J. C. MoUCJIRK & CO., Aueta. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Prince George's county, the subscriber*, a* administrator* f Matthias hversfield. 'ateof ' aid ooun'y. deceased, will tell, at pub lis sale, at the late residence of the decease?. in Hisc&taway uutnot.on THURSDAY,16th August. 18a0, if fair, if not, the next 'air day thereafter, all the Personal tstate of said deceased, consisting of? A number of va'uah'e Negroes, of beth sexes. Morses ana uattle, , ,. Crop* of W heat and Oat* In shook in the n?ld, Crop of Corn and a #mali crop of Tobacco now growing. Ox Carta, and other Farming Utensils, Hiusehold and Kitchen Furniture, Ac., to. Terms of rale: The property wwl b? soid for accepted drafts on Baltimore, at four months, interest added. Sa;e to oommenoe at 10 o'clock a. m. MATTHEW E. ni!VAL?s CliAKLbS E SVER8P1KLD. <n ? > ' * - - ~ jj ?-i?m Aumn oi .tiauiuas e.versti6l<l. VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE-The sub soribers will ofTer for sale, on the premises, on THURSDA Y. the i6'h of August, I8<5", that Tract of Land, oall-'fl ac.d known by the name of "Mucataway Forest," formerly owned by the late Dr Edward Everhheld.aud recently by the late Matuias Kversfield. It contains 618 aores, more or ia.. ..j r... J?*i ic?. ?uu i(iiwui-HvenHiii hih ut any lands in th%t fertile region. It lies on the Piscat*way Branoh.and is well wooled and watered, having an abundance (fine meadow and. It adjoins the lands f Messrs. Joseph B. Hill, Stanislaus Bandlord, Thomas W. Robinson and Wra. H.Uujnn, (ofThos.) This lsnd is oapable of producing in great abnn danoe tobacco, oorn, wheat and all theerop* usually grown in Pnnoe George's o*>unty. and ofleri a rare opportunity to those who wish to invest in Real Estate. 'I he buildings are ordirarr. but the abundance of fine building timber, only naif a mile from a goo t saw and grut mill, renders building comparatively e >eap It is 8 niilea from the Alexandria Ferry and l9 rt\ i las frAin W7 e>ki?>< .. ovm *r vriiiUtkUU. The lermi of Aale will bo liberal. ?3 Of*) to be paid in oash on the day of sale, the residue in 1. 2 and 3 Tears, in equal instalments, to be secured by the bonds of the puroiiMT or purchasers, with as proved security, bearing intere?t from day <>f *a;e. On the payment ot the whole purchase money and interest a good and sufficient deed of the property will be siven. _ chari.k3 e. ever9field, Matthew e. dvvali., , jjJJ wts For Rer.i H A R?HA [,'S SALE?In virtue of'wo wnuof fie:i facias, issued from the Clerk'* Oflio" of tfie Cirouit Court of the Dlstnot of Coia-nbia.for the oouuty of WeihiDKton. end to in* <1ireoted, I will expose to pabho sale for oash,in froi.t of the court house door, of said county. on M ON DAY, 6th Hey of August next, l?i. at 12 o'olook m.jsil defendant's right, title, o. aim and interest la and to the follow i ng amonoaa propertf. to wit, vis: L<ot No S. in !*quare No 7ii6, and lot No. 30, in Square No. 801, together with all and singular the i-nprovement^ thereon. seis?d and ievied upon as the property of Juuana Barry and James C. Rarr?, am will he old to satisfy judioiaia Not. 1?3 ami 194, to May term 1899, in 'avur ?f Anthony Addison. W SELDEN. U. <*. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia, jy 13 dtds MARSHALtiSALE.?Invirtaeof 2 writs of fieri facias issued from the Clerk's otfioeof the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the oounty of Wa^hin^toPj and to me directed-I will expose to pudiio wi^, Tor oaoli. id front of ihe court hou?edoor of ?aid county. 011 MONDAY. the 6?3 day of Aukout next, 186", at 1?o'clock rn , all defendant'* ruht.title.clvn. and interestn and to l*ot No. IS in Square No. 732, in the city of Wathingion, l>. C.,toc*th?r with all an 1 iiciu ar the improvement* thereon, veiled and ieri'd upon a? the property of Chas. H Van Patten and will be told to natiafr Ju dicta's No* 78 a?d 79, to October term 1859, in nvor oi John W.Thompson and Z. D Gilman W 8KLDEN. jy 13-dts U. S. Marshal for Diatriot of Columbia EDUCATIONAL. arMtlU OP/1iiVT\ A ?T%t*T a w ? ri^nrj PLti/iiy /infi^UAL Of* 1 Mr. J. H COMBS' Knglish and Classical Hieh School will commence on the first Monday n Septeinlier next. Application! should he mad"o in July,a* the number of pupils is limited. For lerins, 4c., see circulars, 4c., or call at Mr. C.'s tesidenoe, No 303 Sixth street, near New York avenge. |y M-eo8w" CO M ME R C I A L COLLK6E, No. 47fi Seventh st.i Gtntral Post OJUt, Cit?. Armorian System of Penmanship, BooKkeeping, Meroantile Forms aiid Calculations, Business Correspondence, Bill* of bxohanie, Currant Bills, Commission Sales, Gran.inar and Aritlimetio. || r A rrrparatory Class for Boys. ii/" Ladies will be instructed in fine penman hYp. Rooms open from 9 a.m. to 10 p. m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma*-3m wm.w. younq ft co. The union female academy. Nbw arei^simi^t. TMs well-known and popular Seminary, which has been so suooesaful under the entire care of Mrs. Z. Richards (or more than ten tears, will be opened en the first Monday in September next, under the united snper vision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH A RDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For partioulars. see ciroulars at all the Bookstores, mag-tf (VI MRS. McCOR..ICR'S SCHOOL. IT IRS. McCOR MICK desires to inform ke. friends and the generally that rhe will resume the duties of bar School on the 1st Monday ia September next. The ooarse of studr earsned will oomeriee all the branohaa ra*uiaita to a thorough Engfiah ?dtoiuon. In addition to hor daj aoholara. a he ia deairona of raoaiving into har family a few PBfila aa boardara aged from 10 to 14 yeara, who will aa nndar bar lm fdiata oar a and oreraight. Bar arrangement* for tha accommodation aad daa oara of pupila hava baan oonaidarallr inoraaaed and otharwiaa improrad. Thoaa in Washington deairing aartionlar information with rafaranoa to her aehool mar H^'r to WT D. Wallaoh, Editor o ft pRENCH LACK MANTLE* AND POINTS a Para?ola, San ShvW, and iSan Umbrallaa, Thread, Valeaainea.Swiaaand Cambria Fdcuga, Honiton, Ootdu b. and French worknd ColW? Lman a Carahno, Swim and Thraad 8?ti, Colored TarlU>ra,*wi?a, Cambric. J%oooett, Mall. Nanaook and Plaid Naaaonk Muaima, ; Hoiaary, Qlovaa, GfcunUatta, Hiack Mik Mitta, *.0. { Peraalatew by ? j*W TAYLOB ft HUTCHISON J BOSTON ICE. UHT reoaived per aehoonara B. GilfiUaa. Mar? H. Bank a, New Jaraaj, Benlab, and G. ?v . H?tt. jy ?-ao3t ogo* c?? 12thand F ata. j MAPL?SU0A?. ^ moe lot of MAPLE SL GAR, joat r? *7rV KING * BVRCHELL. tiki) ]A/lU fjj ?lliUr. lil. A?il CLOTHING, Ac. SELLING OFF AT COST ! In order to deor*a?e my rock I hure determined to cloee out Uiahalkno* of m< HUMMER CLOTHING at ooet All in want of Summer Clothinc are respectful * invited to call at No. 460 Seventh ?t . oppoftito Poat OSo?, and m the f r??t r?du imn ia Summer Ciothint j? U-lm The cheapest m rjng clothing, THE BEST summer CLOTHING, Can only be found at w1esenfeld 4. co/s, OtUtm Hall Clotktnt R?mi Splendid Spnnt Rai ani vithCape*. ( wrivuuivi tjyi iu| wtriou^w I ? IOW UVIWIBt At W1ESKNPELD Jt CO.'S Elegant Dreaa SmU, at loweat rate*. At WIESENKELD * CO.'S Beautiful Buumu Suit*, at triflinc o?at. At \Vlh.SENFELD A CO.'S. BiiinMi Suita for r?unj men, Buameia !?mu for middle UN Buaiuesi i?aita (or ail acea At WIESL.NFELb It CO.'S. Draaa Snita Tor weddinga, Dreaa Malta for rartiea, Dreaa Suit* lor b?at wear. At W1ESENFELD k CO.'S Coata hr the thnnund. PMU * CO '8. Bot'i clothing for the I00"?,?!?!-, Cheaper^ than the che?je?t. r mer (ran tn? hr.??t. Bettor than the beat. Are t e garments At WIESENFELD A CO.'J*. Save your money, aa A very few dollars Will five you analendid outfit for summer, if you call At WIESKNPFLD k rO.'S. ap 17-TuA.Stf Cor. Pa. av and at SI MM hK KtM ?K'1S. C ARLISLE | Thetevorite rMort for WHITK SILPHIR^ SPRINGS, Mnnn?ain Air. fnvigormCUMBERLAND CO. \V* ! Pennsylvania. Good Societj and a Good TaWo. Accommodation# FOB For Mrtieilln ?enH .*100 for Circular. OWENS'. HIENDENTERMS LOW. IN A VJ9SCBER, jo 7 low Cnrltslf Svrintf, Pa. fJREkN SPRiNG Vt PAVILION, ?ir ike Old from Foundry and only hal f a mile bp land from tkt Omnibus Stand in Georfioten. The ladie* and gentlen.en of Washington ard Georgetown ore reapectfn:lT informed A . . A that this beautiful*. on the Kouunrj y(f*k Branch, l* now hand?ome:j fitted up for^^fi-L the reception of Fio-Nio Partie* and other visitors. r KAr A r A numArniic of tt>a ?*>* and a shade throughout the day. Tnere is a large saloon for danoing. with dreasinr room attached, and shady walk* and aeats throughout the (round*. Schools, Societies. Clubs and ?ooial Parti** can obtain thia delightful place for Pio Nioe without charge for the ground* or pavilion by giving toe proprietor three dajs notice. Meal* are served at all hours, and Refreshment* furnished at city price* Offoers will atterd atall time* for the preeerva tion of good order, ai d no tains wi.l be spared to give satisfaction to all visitors. JOSEPH EHRMANNTROUT, je?3 eotf nofn?tw. SICHMIDTS SUMMER GARDEN -<'n Sixth atreet. h?twMir C and Louiaiana . A uiav Im> found at all timea one of tlie inoatVCTI^V popular. n?" lal. ur! ane, and intelligent ALiHX Restaurant Keepera.who liacks up hi* reputation witn LAGER BkEK from the City or Brothixlt I.ovk, Philadelphia ; with BRANDIES f om the choicest vlne>ards of France ; with WINES unexcelled on the hilU of the Rhine; a< d with an article of WHISK V which an a-ka strong'j of the true flavor of the Mononrafcela and Bourhon Palatable an either of tneac may be individual It. he halt lOlifht to maJre them atill mnr? ? K. erection th? rear ft round# of his fkvorite establishment of a spaciou Arbor, where his guests tty da* mav enjoy the cool breese and be free from foj's too ardent rays; and, at "the witching hour of night," quaff h<s ice-cool Lager without fear of having their enjoyment dampened he the falling dew. Such inducement* will, doubtless. c*u?? many of our readers to drop in and tike a note < if nothing eloe.i and, most likely, many of th?M who go will go again. In addition te all this, he hat enraged the Proa peri brothers and their associates to discourse their choicest pieces of music Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy 10-lm WASHINGTON p i t v a i ? v s> ER N s"t"lO E FK L ER^ Proprietor. A'rtf York ave?u4, betvetm 1st and id its. In calling the attention of the pubtie to nty jrronnda I vouid atate tiiat ever) arrangement ha? A . . a be*n made to make thia ''Retreat" morffp^f attractive ever; day. Monday a the bar 1UL1 dena are open to the public ire* of charge?a oouo ri given by a aelectband. Thoa* deal ring to enjoy the daroe and traits *i I find the n!oon in eomp ?te order to render pleaau^e to all. O" oth?r day* trie proprietor will cheerfully grant tn? u-? of the grounds for achool or other Pio Nio Pa. tiea without oharge. k<ir tliA m. avm?A?M*n* ^? ?-*-?4 ?* ??? mio iiiwccmoui v vunuicii ii?- iitt# llivruuuoou a number of litMe garnet, never before aeen in thia oitf, and caiou.ated at the aaiue Urn* to amoie the "old folk*." N. B.?Attached i? my Bottling EatabliahmTt, and tamiliea can be tup pi led with any quantity at their reaiaenoe. of that healthful drink, LAbtK BEER, upon abort notioe. je 15 3m I\1 SALTTWATKR BATHING. lflARfHALL'S PAVILION. (Moore'i Landin([l wiil be open for the reo pt:on of viei A ?. A tor* on the 13th of June. Thia <ieii?litfuJ VfjBkV reaort for thoae aeekinc health and pleaa ' ore, ia nnexoelled bv any place of tne kind on the Potomac river It ia aituated ah ut one hundred milea from Waahington immediately on the Potomao. and in lull view "f ?he Ch?eap*ake Ray, and famoaa for fine OyaWa, Soft Craba, Stieephead, and otner Fiah. and eaaiiy aoceaatble b- the ateam U?a.U nl V i nr K???Mn W aaKin.t/A Norfolk. The undersigned uw mace addui>na! improvement* in ria Btth Honae* and many other improvement* to the oomf^rt and enjoyment of hi* 8i-*ti. The Bathing oiaoot be aarpaaeed. ?p enid Angling and Plenty of Fi*hing and Sailing Boau free of oharge. He ha* pared no expense in arn idinc a food Cotil o? Band or in laying in hieatook of ohoioe Winea.LifUora.Begara, fcc..and for th<>*who wiah to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired eiaoe where they oan make themselves at home, tnere la not a more pleaaant place in the U aited State*. The proprietor pledge* himaelf fat nothing ahall be laft undone on hia part to render them so. Term* for board: |1J> p?r day, for ieea than a week; for a longer time, f 1.25 per nay; ?*> Mr month- P?riAna wiaMa* ?AA~m -- prietor will direot to Leonardtown, St. Mari'i oonnty, Md. je8&? R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor^ A I One at 25 oenta par month One ?t 50 do. do PIANO Onettfl do. one at ll 50 do. FOR One at #2 do. One at VI do. RENT. And up to #7 A St do. JOHN P. ELLIS. jy 21 P*. av., between 9th and Oth ?U P NOTICE. BRSONS D?c lr.inf fciuarke^ptng or h*vin( a urilu of hoaiehatd tfaou bm &)? oatllng at mj Furniahini Store, Tth a'troot, between G ana H atreeta, east aid?. RUDOLPH BUCHLY. |U THE NEW BOOKS. 1*1 ARY OF LORAlNB, by Jamra Grant ; pnoe 50 oenta. Cwti* Riohmnnd, by Anthony Trollope ; #V A n'.obiofraphioal RecoUertiona. by the late Chat. Robert Leaue, R A.; with a Preparatory Ea aj oa Lcaiie aa an artiat, and eeleotior.a from hia eorreepondenoe. by Tom Taylor, Ka* ; SI S&. The Three Clerka, by Anthony Trollofe; Jfcl. For nl? at PHI LP * SOLOMON*', Metropolitan B . k?tora. MS Pa. avBetweeo 9th and loth ?ta. 1 Bole aceata for Laurence'a Stationery. Ao. ly U C\m HICK "RING k SONS' WOPLD RE no wned Pi AN OS, oaly Jbr eal* by thrw^^ J uw w ?> h m ? ; D mm wi |V c?'Va? OIIIIH m*J" ?? ? * insmr?rr T?n?tj, of Pi*i?for ?1?b*h} aaay Urraa or diaoount tor cMh. t'tAuo* fci?o from otter good ackers. Pitooa for hirf. JOHN r. EI.LIS, Pi%bo m(1 Muaio Doalor, 306 Pa t? ,Mtvwn 9tu and IM iti. Maaic M?t by Mil fTM of pool M uaoal laatrnmooti ropairxi. jy 18 WASHINGTON SKWIN? ROOMS. fM M ii.. hN Jmti Pfirtii/ft. iw. Sow lathe time to (*t SPRING ud SUMMER A L * ' XX ALB AND XXX A LE!! i5* 1 * ??* m** irvii ui&i \ wio ro?? on? IMmwtf kg yygfirtlnii V ?on THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia udUnt Famity aai Neva Jtaml ?? *^am? a traatar ranaty of iatoraatiM ra*dia? 8*tsrdar morning. T?*w ?C+tk, 4m mSrmmn {Haclo oofy, pm tan fl U Kit# O mi ? m TwootP'mmC ll m Juggttfta;ijgjrag?3| &&?&?ilSSl o inmll; Iktoiikoit U* oiutrr. ftt iiie ^ 'nlerTTmni dl?5yCw lb# iMMrtf*'1' KP"- Prioo?THREE CENT? 1CT Poitiautcri who Mt m ifnti wtU bo lorn f*d A COmmUHOD of*1 Mflt*. FOR SAf.R AND RENT. l^OR RENT?Tho thro* itory (brown ftoutt ' BOUSE. No. S6T Now N oi? t*4?wn loth Ud Uth itrtftl. Borth ?i<1? ?onU>niu tfUaa room* Thu Hoew ie eoereaiMit to die Pefeet rtffioa, Treasury, ato.: h?ht?d by iM.ud la a***f vii *uitat> * for a boardiu* hot.??. K?nt mo]#n'4. A ppiy next door, or to A G FOWLER, a*oou4 flo<>r north vine of Patent Office jy 14 ti l/OR^ENT-Th* in- FR AMK HOI'SK know, r u 'Frrneh Ewa* Hdum.'' xttuat'-d fm M ?C north, b-t vara SKh and l^tli .r**t*. No. *1*0. on* of the imi?t df*i abla private re?id*ao?>* la Waahincton tm? h um i? (iirroandod by fruit tra** and cr?at aambar* of currant ba*ha? if va rious kind*, and fin* ha.I* tra**, aith l ?00 feat >f ( ound, trailed in Apply to J. C. COOK F ?hjJi St. h^twaen U and K. Jy l? it l^OK KKNT-Thra* BRICK hOVSKS?ew ?i? ? rvelftn Itr?ft. hrlTMO C ni l D. on* on ti.? oornar of Twelfth and H ata. ; ami on* on H. tt?B 12th and 19th ita. inquire of JaMKP #, B KKKKR.w H M'Mt. tiMvMt lUi kad l*h^ No. LM?R KKNT-A tkrf .u.r, FKiMt HOl^K, r 01. Ki?r? tii ftr*?t, be'wa-a 1 ud K Iraaira of M. ?n yi'kk. at th? V nabimi ?..d 6m FtVaf F*t%b!i?hin*nt vt C. Snydw, next d?or ta t*>* mm* Olo ma* tf FOR RENT-That new and we .1 arrant < : thr?? tor* KRICK HOUSE. No. I"H,onU ?tf4. between I9th and anth eta., Firat Ward, laialv ooou?,*.! hi - O-j: O A l'.wu i/j j?i i duui'n>, nuwifto mob iivru Inquire oil Mr. SOUTH EY & PARKER next door east. ?w It^oll P)R R E.NT?A una t*TOR E. orti.r of ?tn n. and Penn. ?v?nu?, uoder the Clarendon Ho'*,, suitable fur a barber'* saloon or oicar store For information inquire at the Hotel. ma' Sn t^OR RENT?Tm FIRST FLOOR of Ue band mi immediately opposite the weat w; a of the City Ifa'..r?o-:.tiy oootipied by C hae S. Wti.W. u an olftce. Alao the front room in the aaooad story and the third floor of the mr? bsudmc For verm, apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. t Louisiana avenue. Jt 13 If Senators, members of congress.Two cprndid suite* ofROOMs, elefaoUyf Brushed, will Im reuteo during the aeeeioc of Cow irMa, is the moat desirable locality in tnis eity. being within one or two squares ofBrown'i aud National Hotels. Those la parent of eaoh Rooms will do well to make eari? app.ioe.Uou at No. 3Tf Hh street between 0 street and Pa. av. de 6 tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage f*ctorYT D Street, Betw**n 9tk mmd IM Stress*. We have jest finished a mnM' of fcret eiaea CM<RIAGES, such aa Lun JRItA. Wntim*. Pork Pkeattmt, Family Car-rjg<~Xp. n at'S, and b**t its, whioa we will sell a' ?? * ver small pr<>it. Being pract oal m~>hanios in different braaofces of the burin' as, we flatter ourselves that we know the ctylM ?nd % u?:i?y of work that wi'l fir* Nti fVttiun, combining UgfetncM, o^mfort and dir?b(:i tj. P pairing prompt!? and oarefu! t attended to M the horte?t n> tiee and mini r*aa<>nab.? onarcM. WAI-TF.R, HERMANN A BOPFT roach maker*, aucoecaora to Win. T. Hook, ap W-dly T CARRIAGES. BE Snbacnbar havmc mad* ad<iiOop? to kl factory. matmi it bow om of tka ^0 the Diatriot, where u facilities I'ircRHK nanutaotnrinrCAR RIAGE A LIGHT^t^* WAGONS or all kin<lt cannot be turpaaaad. and *rom his tone eipenenoe in tba baainam, fee kopaa io tir* general aatiafaotion. All kind a of Camacec and U(kt Wacom kapt*i tar.d. Ali RKPAJUntMlr dtM.aatkUartin praapl r attended to. seo*D?-aa*? i^arnac** taker id eiehaue lor W09 n?a. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 '? tf ww ? IMk F TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW fUPply ?fGen*?' SnePweh Calfskin Uoota and Oaitrr*, Patent i.nather U'B|I Cloth ftaitera. Calf Skis. Patent leather. and Laatmc Choei A ao, ao x?-n#i*e* Mb UtokofBo 'and CInIdrer'a. '.adiet'aod Boots and Shoe*.all of which I an arliac aiui oeediun'} low pnoea. J. ROSEMHA!,. i'JO Sum h street. itia It eo 3 ''oon aWov? P trpot. If OUTS AMU 8HOKS TO SUIT TUX I* TIMES* Wear* now mansfsetiinnp art kirde <>f H* < f and 8HOK8, and o<> atautl* reeeivini * rt)? app.y ol eastern Mad# work o' svari de-B^U orinio-. made rxp-eaa? toordesaua wlllw Ml bo Kdd at a much ower er.oethaa hu been" Nk heretofore obarged la un eitj for K*oh inferior artiolM. Persona in nat of BooU and ftfcoee of wtarii or city made work, always t n<fat ix>o a*suf", in store and at Ue ioweat pnoee Give aa a oa . Stl^FI* * BRO., ayt-r >14 P?"Mylf>ru arwi*. SOUTHERN TUl'Nli M * NLFACTORY, 4t? Ttb Srtin. Owpeiitt Odd Ftllvtei' H*U. Wathtngtim. D. C. Traveiere will etady their interests b* exaaumn my THI NK*. VaUCKj* Jtc . bafors ? - , ohtrfnic eleewera A* i u?* dob* bat ba?t material tke market at? the (>*?t Tiirknrc. 1 oan onnfcdenti* reovnun^nd my work to be ?yp#nor ib Stramttik and IhtrmbUitt to Trunks that are made m other ciuea and eoui aero. 1 keep eonataat.T oa hand, and make to ortiar too one week's notioe) erary deeoriptec of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FKENrH DRESS %nd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd tker V ALICES iTHArKLING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES WHIPS, tc. Trunk*. Ac.. Repaired and f ?m?d, in a vork inauuke manner, at aiiort uotioa. Trm.ka delivered in any part of tfce oity, Gaorga tovi, or Alexandria. . A.i"?Ageut for JJowa"! oaiabratod FAMILY SEWING MACHINESUe 15 1 j JAMES S. TOPHAM. f ightms8 ' L LIGHTNING !l a lamaiariai* ? L?iun ftninv m In Tiki or Puci. Piiruii foi Wut F. LaBARRE. Soutkwfit torn*r <tf IMA mmd C _ PLATINA-TiP* EJHLTUHYNING RODS. R <-?pfctfully acnnnnoe* to ti?e pul>!ie of Waektnt ton and ncinity that be i? prepared to oxeeat* a." order* for creating Lightning C<>i rtuotor# on thu noit approved nojentifle prmoiplea. oooatraeted of the ve-y beet of material*, on rerr moderate imm* All P &tina Upp c PoinU whiehare BMUMtKM by me vlll be tamped with uay name. Weather VuMofuT deeign made to order. |y 0-lte BOHN'9 LIBRARY PKR]Kt>, INCLUDING the Standard, Cla**iaai. Antiquarian. I 'nitrated, 9oientifio. Philologioal, hoo.rnaiUoai aa<J British Clasmo Lib^ane*. Md at low prioo* >*w work* a-a win ?rrj mouth Any foiiim rvm^y ha fcad wf arately.anrl l?ok m m ? ?rsv? ? ppiiMl. Thaooaulata aeriea kept ?onatantlj on hand by PH1LP k SOLOMON, Metropolitan Bookttre, 339 Pa ?t., W- 9th Mkd let Ji sta. jo y Rolf areata for l*?rtcc?'i Huu??t>T. I\RY GOODS CHEAP Lf FOR THE MILLION! 6 Ali ?uir and gat ba-gaiaa. We 0' mnaerxve today aellmg off All Faooy D'*m Hiika. O candy Rob*i. BAretr Kobri. r roach Lawand OrcaAdy Mua'ina. Tiy the ?ard. Pigurad ai d Pint Ba rtfM, at irearH reduoad ane??a. man* at half floe, U> reduce atoek ttiia month. *lao. in atore a fall etoek of firat e Ma IMap'e Ud PtimHic Good*. MAplol to the general wn nU of bmilMa. Ail mi wmcn weare eeurn. ? jy 1ft lOt Jgl S>vT-th ?T. aWor* Pa ?T. WG A 8 FIXTURES. E Htv* in (tore, ?n<l are dai.i reoeivinx. &A 8 nXTCRKSo(entirely Mew Pattern* ami IJnetru* and Finiab. superior le etjle to ?n?thinf herMofttxe offered in tnm market. We i?Tltr MiWM |*?er?l .?to oall end exuuae our atoek of Gh end Water Fixture*, leetia# eenbdeut tkat we here the beet elected etock in V\ ubartHi All Work in the eboveTme intraated to Mr oare will be promptly etteudni > MYERS A MkKHAM. BUkr P R A N C 1 S H A ft r E ft. FAMILY Gl l$l!fVTOBVk??ieU. Comrr 4 A?? Vil* Ml tmm mat Ttm'k rtreet. ^v^a^ssxaaUtett: endeavor* hall be to pieaee, ar>e by a etrict atten tion to the want* of the public, he lop? to merit? hare of ttmr patroaaf?. Hu UKkroMutuof KWn artMh a?11; tote found in a i *t cum* PumI; Gio?r> aad Pw<1 Store. ma n? $175-^J^SLS2?S!!!5?Hfc fcufcus fc$v* ?NT. fro* h^r??oMtr to ?* W m?nU>. Ai?>, irwt bargain* in ft??ond h?i H V'*no? j# ft a?I Tfcft, W CHRbTS STANDARD RLAO? TKA U**? MM r?or|vWL Thli tM II Kto^iofi', [ >' per poind bj ek?t or oCbtrvia*. W? (Wr oar ?*?t lot *rvM ?ott * mt? i.on?r KINO ft BUKCHELL. _ ?? <mr. ??. ?w?< V?n" MMV MUU-' ratMMd mm tMl.i. ud lor "IW* r. W \ j

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