Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUtlDAY JbIT 31* 1WO ftptrit ?i the >l*raiB( Preu. The toHiiuuiion Ceela an- absolute conviction , rating upon tbe mint substantial premises" that everv Southern State will go for Breckinridge and* in November next. Tbe Jnttlligmctr haa an article on the "value of platform*,'' in which it argue* that its democratic Irienas Dave not much reverence ror tbeso conventional structures IE7" A Houston electoral ticket has been nominated iu New Jersey. New York Sun says that a party of eiPcntmist#>r Fowler's New York friends are going to visit him it> Havana. [?7~ A Democratic Convention i? to assemble in Rockville on tbe 4tb of August next, to elect delegate* to the State Convention, which ia to be held in Baltimore on the 9th of August. C7*Hon. Shelton F. Leake spoke at Madison 4'^i>** LI.*.* a** nn ThiifHair in f?tfn* r\f U?AnWin V Will ? ih'mbc, vu a uiiiuuji iu v* ulcvkiu* ridge ?but expressed "a preference for Douglas over Bell." 1X7" Account* from Maryland are not generally favorable for the cropa. The wheat baa been but an indifferent yield; and the corn it suffering from the drought. fn?" The Supreme Court of Wisconsin have refused to issue a writ of Kabtas corpus for the liberation of S M Booth, who is in jail in Mil. waakie for violation of the fugitive slave act. Cy "Fortune knocks once, at least, at every man's door." If sbe ever knocked at ours it was when we were out. So says the editor of the l?reenbrier independent. H7~On bis visit home, Buncombe county, N. C , General Lane was presented on the same day to a circle of twenty-five blood relations, whom be hsd never seen, and who bad grown up around the old family tree. " U7~ The office of the Inited States consul general In Havana has been several times victimized by small robberies, and Mr Savage has suffered in this way to the amount of some $3U0 since the consul general left. " The Union" national seng, hy our voung townRnen, Francis De H. Janvier, set to music by J M Deems, and published by Ditson, is before us. and is respectfully recommended to anti-patriots everywhere. The music is quite pretty. For sale at Metzcrott's. ITT"The census returns from Illinois already received at the Bureau here indicate tbe total popi.'ntion of that State to be l.*00,?00 in l~fi?> On th*- basis of one Congressman to every I'i0,flfl0 Inhabitants. it will now be entitled to fifteen membars of Congress instead of nine.' C7~The people in several district* of New Orleans are suffering greatly from the effects of the drought. Tbe beat of the son has so warped the c :sterns that they will not bold water. As a con sequence wnisky barrels, fee., are resorted to, and tbe flavor of the water la rendered unpalatable to very many. CI7~The Kpsllon Grand March, dedicated to the Mas >nic Chapters, composed by our talented voung fellow-citizen, Horatio C. King, and pub1 shed by Beck A Lawton, Philadelphia, has been placed on our table. It is for sale at Ellis's, Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Cjf?The Committee for the Prince of Wales 1 I - Ai _A %_* ? ? * i(wur?uuu &i raouireai, nave maae arrange menu with M. Strakosch. who Is to have associated with him Adelina Patti, Brignoli, or another tenor, a basso, and a buffo, to give a portion of the entertainment, (one hour s programme) at^tbe Ball building, the night after the ball, for which the committee pav Strakosch 5-,5(XJ. I Personal. The veteran, Coin. Charles Stewart, U. S. ., has entered upon hissed year. .... ^ r. P Hpr.t Pinrr-t. Km ?a/va( ..m . a ivi vv uuo ICi/Cl *UC lir* grer of -LL. D " from Dartmouth College, N. H Rt Rev Bishop L>avia and lady, of 8. C , lien Joseph Lane, of Oregon; Gen John W. Whitfield, of Kansas; Hod. Jno. >1. Laodrum, of L?., are at Browns'. * Madame Jenny l.nd Goldachmtdtis now at Stockholm. She lotenda to pass the summer with her husband and children In the environs of the Swedish capltol. . . . ? pi m i uc 4^cw? annnuncfl lllf lip* proaching nuptials of Mayor Wood with Miss Georgiana Cremn, (later to Mra. Jamea Gordon Bennett Jas P.Smith, Esq , of Alexandria, baa been appointed General Superintendent and Treasurer of tbe Petersburg Locomotive, Car, and Agricultural I on [.lenient Manufacturing Company, at Petersburg. Hearts WisdStoem ?A heated wind storm pissed over a portion of Kansas on the 7tb injtant, wtotcb proved nearlv as destructive to animal Hfc <i the recent tornadoes that visited witb such terrible effect portions of Iowa The wind arose about half-past ten o'clock in the afternoon. At one o'clock the mercury rose to 119 degree*, and continued so for about an hour, and tnen bettan gradually to decr^se. The effect can scarcely V* Imagined The wind blew a brisk tntle. carrying with it a salty sulphurous smell Two men m marnipiinK to crves lue country Ironi loia U> Humboldt, (distance eight mile*) were overtaken and perished. There were th(ee others at H onboldt who were caught out with trams. which perished, the men alone surviving, and are now in afair way to recover. There was scarcely a chicken left in the country. Hogs and cattle fell in their tracks and suffocated. Various reasons and conjecturis as to Its cause are given, but all unsatisfactory. Killed by a Wad.?On Tuesday night, at PorUmuutb, i N H ) Miss Ann Maria Martin, daughter of Mr. Thomas Martin, died from the effects of a singular wound received on Saturday, when a salute was fired from the yatch Ziuga. Expecting a display of fireworks from tb? Zinga. as soe was coming in. a large uuonber of people bad gathered on ttie wbarf. A salute from a twopound cannon was fired on board the yacht The vi ad was of waste cotton, and of course was very dense, and although the muzzle of the gun was judged to be depr*M4-d far below the wharf, yet r?#>i hit rui> i,tw4 ??1 - *? ITvjjir, lut wan (Truck I Miaa Martin, broke several steel Loops in Der salrt. and one of them cut a fearful gash across her body. To tome who crowded around her and aunoyml her witn questions she replied tn great agony r "You do not know bow much I am hurt Take roe home, that I may die with my mother " Natal Istklliwisck?Chaplain Charlea A. Davis ha* been detached from the receiving ship at Norfolk, and ordered to the steamer Suaquehsnn> l-imi l?H? ...., idwiy aiiacurd U> tbr simmer Mn J? into of the African aqnadron, baa rrtu ned to the loited states under orders from the .Navy Department. The steamer Brooklyn aalled from Penaacola June 'ia, for Hampton Roads .Uurine Offiitn Ordered.?Capt. A. 8. Taylor to the Barracks at New York; Capt. Josiah Watson to command the marine* at the Pensarola station; and Lit-ot P 11 Fontane, on expiration of his *av?, to the Barracka at Portamouth, N. H. Though tUe re nan*- takers in New York bivi! not r oiiii tK?i? *u- * *' r ...Ilia ui uir iiupuilllOli of the cltT Vtiry bare lubniitted tbe following a? tue probable total, M2.*237. Tbla amount on tbe present bast* of representation would give New S ork city ulae member* of Congress. Instead of tlx ?i at prrseut Brooklyn has increased rapidly For instance. the eleventh ward, which in 1sS5 contained only fci.OW, now baa a population or K.UtH). The value of the real estate and peritonei estate of the city pf New York Is set down at 70?,WM<KJU. Death or a Bot nun Staxdiso or Hkad. The Lincoln (111 ) Herald says: "On Friday last, several boys were playing In a freight car trying which could *tai:d longest on bts bead. A little sou ef Thomas Lindsay stood tbus near ttve minutes, when he was prevented from aUndlng loiiL-rr bv du? of th? - 1?? *" _ - -, ? uuti ^viier training fcis fert be immediately ru borne complaining tii .t Lit bead hurt him. and ii a few boars afterward* e*pir?d. the blood rushing to bit brain caual.iic apuflrxy. Let the little boya be careful bow tbey play " ?~TThe pr vate port office baslnes* la to be aU> Ub?d lu New "V ork after the first of Angus', and P.wiinaster Dti baa give* order* tbat all lHt~rs de,? sited la the street boxes must have stamp* ou (littii tw the ?u?< not ?.f four ('?-als.(tbe earrieis to re> fit* thr1><??el?t of turn on? . nut.) bill this, It ! in.Tivd br ogs up a conflict witb the law of 1-;?, vi bleb Lrortdea that "no additional postage tKn 11 t? 1_. ? J-l. * *" ' Mni|W iw? wc '???/'? of ucuvcry 01 any I 'trr or packet at a bratuk post office " i Washington mwi and eossip. Sketches or ?pxmbk Tbavbl [Editorial Corrttpondence of The Star ] [No. 3 J JaljrSb, HaBPIR'* FBEBY iSD ihi COOSTIT above It. Harper's Ferry, though its stupendous land and water marka visible thirty years ago, remain almost the same (though man has been hammering, blasting, and building upon them for all that time,) land marks whtch tell vrith tongueless voice, as nought else can. of the insrrutlbl# vastness of the power of nature'* God?partake# amazingly of the spirit of progress which has so changed the appearance of our whole long settled country. Nests for comfortable and well-built houses have been dug out in great numbers in nooks and crannie* of the mountains' sides that o precipitously overhang the waters of the Potomac and Shenandoah here. The town has Increased perhaps fourfold in population, and has been vastly modernized In all its attribute* Tbougb the bridge of which John Brown held possession for half a day or night, and the engine-bouse wherein he surrendered for the nonce, attracted most attention of tbe passengers, of course. To me, however, the point of Interest there was that loveliest of all views on this continent, which one may enjoy for ten minutes, out of the back windows of the hindmost car of the train going west, immediately after leaving Harper's Ferry. Or, I should rather write, that series of views, changing with the rapidity of the kaleidoscope, and each succeeding one extracting rapturous exclamations from the lover of striking scenery?of graceful and fantastic combinations of mountain, torrent, river-expanse, bright fields, frowning rorks. and the unmiatakable evidence* of the away of man's industrial skill over them all. Harper * Ferry a* tbua teen, will repay the voyager the trouble of a trip over the Atlantic, aa Thomas Jefferson once wrote, for this world to remember, though railroad* were not then dreamed of. to atiord the traveler a thousand facilities in a day for seeing new sights, as 1 am so pleasantly experiencing at this moment. Ud the Potomar In Martlnthiirrr wo tfaworso t*xw tbe most part the celebrated county of Jefferson, Va , the pride of Virginia'* valley. Beautiful in ita subdued scenery, its well rounded hilla and outstretched plains, dotted over with huge barns, high bred cattle, and crop* of corn, proving the fuilncaa of the earth here. It is the seat of mtirh wealth, great thrift, and far-famed liberality and intelligence. Dining at Marti nshurg, the county scat of Berkeiy. from thence the rail track lies wholly in Virginia for many mi lea nj?, toward Cuml?erland Gradually the immediate valley of the Potomac in which it course* narrow*, until a short distance above Sir John's Kun it becomes, on the Virginia side, hardly more than wide enough to contain the railroad; and on the Maryland side, but wide enough, with heavy rock cutting to hold the .-J AH- r%-- ? * -- " i vmou|itatc auu vsuiu v>anai. i miner slides running for perhaps a quarter of a inile up the little mountains here skirting the river in Maryland, bepin to make their appearance, and everything reclaimed from nature's entire sway begins to Indicate that it was so reclaimed only by very hard labor. On the "turn outs" of this portion of the road, we uiet a large number of descending trains, laden with coal, produce, lumber, Ac.; on on? of them trains sufficient to make quite a xiw v> ton iicicucu one aner me other. Not the most uninteresting portion of this part of our route are the palisades of the Potomac, where for mile* on miles the (here) little river teems to have cleft the Virginia spurs of the AUe. ganies. along the base of which it courses now so ijuietly. As though with the blow of a broadax. for the height of hundreds of feet, the rock appears as though split perpendicularly down, only in order to let the insignificant stream nestle cozilv at its base. How aDt an illimtratinn??>.i? gradual abrasion of a river bed hundreds of feet below the rock surface?of the eventual triumph of patient perseverance! As we approached the South Branch of the Potomac, the quality of the soil on both sides of the river, and the breadth of arable land in the valley, greatly improved and increased The population there are evidently far better off in this world's ^oods than in the rougher oortlon of w?- ~ - m the valley last described. Washington's well known encomiu mi upon the cattle fattening and cereal producing capabilities of the South Branch region of Virginia and of Maryland adjacent, are deserved to this day, as the enormous yield of oats laying around yet unstaked, and the still more enormous promise of a season's yield of corn upon the valley a fiats testify. Above the crossing of the South Branch the mountains suddenly icatc me river uania, ana itie valley spreads out Into wide plains, bordered with gentler bills and covered with the fatness which gladdeneth the heart of the husbandman. The river here is hardly wider than Rock Creek at Oeorgetown. though in rainy times it becomes a terrific torrent, as the damage It not unfrequently does to crops, herds, snd canal hereabout testify The rapid descent of the stream of this more mountainous region causes its bed to fill past the capacity of Its banks to bold the waters accumulating in them. oft?n In * n 0 , ... ? .v .mi uuuis. i rum the South Branch up to Cumberland is a lovely region Indeed. Washington was accustomed to grow rapturous over it. He flrst became familiar with it upon Braddock's expedition, It will be remembered, and afterwards more so as the engineer of the Potomac Navigation Company; pert^ps the llrst work of intended extensive Internal improvement ever eaaaycd on the North American continent Wben engaged in engineering lower down the river?tuat it between Harper a Ferry and Georgetown?I have not (infrequently hunted up and found '-beech marks,'* made by the hand of Washington himself their position being so dis tinctlv and accurately indicated iu his notes of his surveys (still preserved) as that there was no ' uiawiaiiig loeir paiernuy. in all, bundreda it may be, of civil engineera have labored over the routes of Waahington's original aurvey of the Potomac in the laat thirty-three or four years, and one and all, they will teatify that the evidences remaining of bia professional labors prove hia remarkable method In all tbinga aa unerringly as hia subsequent glorious military and civil biatory The Potomac ia crossed by the Railroad into Maryland a mile or two below the city of Cumberland, which when but old Fort Cumberland, teeming with events of nion??r -?? ? ? ? r.v~w? vmvi^iisC) uuruig attrocities and escapes, was long the jumping ott place of western civilization. Now, it is the largtst and most flourishing Inland city of Maryland, made so by the immense traffic of the Marylaod and Virginia coal mining companies, whose business, operations, head and front here A considerable portion of its buildings, however, still wear their air and mein of the times when it was first but a military frontier post sheltering adventuring travelers seeking to make the then wearisome and dangerous pilgrimage of the Alleghart ie?,t n search of the unoccupied and fertile lands o^ the Ohio valley, to be bad for nothing as it were Its commerce was toen almost entirely In peltries. Since it was tbe great starting and resting point for the heavv itivlnii ?n<t ? ?1 " j n---e> ?? -.jvuuijj uuiinraiiQl| sprung up before the era of railroads, from the settlement of the valley of the Ohio. Ita altered business la capitally illustrative of the general progress of the land. W. D. W u. Thi Hoc** Pbirtixo.?The difficulty in regard to the House Printing is at length terminated. Mr Ford yesterday reinstated MessrS, Larcombe It Euglish in their former position, and their office to-day is in full blast In getting out the public work, which has been so unneces* sarily delayed by ths suspension of paytnents. Aemt OkuBB.?Captain R. G. Clay, Aaaiataut Quartermaater, baa bean directed to proceed to tbe headquarter* of the department of Utah and relieve Lieut. Col. G H Groaamar, Deputy t^uar* termaater General Tbe latter, en being relieved, la to repair to St. Louia, Mo., and report tbence by letter to the Quartermaater General. Cocbt Maktial or am Aixt Captai* ? A general court martial la to meet at Fort Bliaa, Texaa. on Monday, Oct. 1, INK), or aa aooa thereafter aa practicable, tot tbe UUl of Capt Win. K Van Bekhelan-Wth*nnBrt?rm?at??'> ?uch other person, w may be brought be! j ' III I II II I I?? a Tbi Wuiiii.-The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amor l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. Jolt 31, IdW) New York. N. Y pleasant Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, warm. Washington. D. C clear. Petersburg, Va. clear. 79?. Norfolk, Va 8U?, wind 9 Wilmington, N.C cloudy, warm. Columbia. 8. C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear. 81?, wind 8W Augusta. 6a clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear, 83?, wind 8W Macon. Oa. clear, hot. Columbus, Oa..... clear. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. FKOJf THE WB8T Frederick, Md clear, warm Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Urafton, Va... cloudy, damp. Wheeling, Va raining. Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, cool. Cincinnati, O cloudy, cool. Cleveland, O overca*t, 6tf', wind N Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 29.77*2; at noon, *29,749. Thermometer at 7 a m., 78?; at noon, S3-1. Maximum during 24 houra endinir 9 a. m. to day, 86'; minimum 06'. ? m ? m Tn* St. Nicholas Affair at Alkiakdiu. Tbe coroner's jury in this affair, the verdict of which we gave yesterday, was composed of the following gentlemen : Isaac Kell, D. G. Meade, 8. M. Branch, E. Horseman, C. R. L. Crown, R. H. P. Robinson, J. V. Feddon, J. W Wren, J. W Smith, E. H. Field, G. Bayley, and R. Evans. The testimony in the case was as follows: Cant T S Willctrtiyi a wnrn \V itnosa 1? - ? * " ?-??I?CU from hit vessel with a small boat leaded with wheat for Fowle'a wharf; Olive waa aculllng; witness saw steamer St Nicholas approaching, and waved hi* hand, and hallowed to them not to come into him; the steamer did not atop; w ltneas then told Olive to stop sculling and back the boat, which he did, but without effect; the steamer made no attempt to shift her course, that witnea* could see; witness cannot say |>oaitively whether any officer of the boat knew what bis (witness) signal was for; the steamer was about forty yards distant when witness first waved bis hand, sufficiently far to stop the boat before the collision should occur; the officers of the steamer must have seen the boat of witness; tbeyblew the steamer'swhistle; witness's boat could be readily seen from the Dllot house of the steamer: wltnp?? m*w ?<?me nni> (n the pilot bouse, with bis band* on the wheel; the steamer was some distance front the wharf, coming down the river; she did not change her course at all; the larboard wheel of the steamer struck witness's boat; when It struck the boat, it mashed It right down, with Olive and witness In it; witness went below his boat; when he came up be looked for Olive; he had just risen at the stern of the boat; he did not go under the steamer, nor does witness think the steamer struck him; the officers must have known that witness's boat was upset, but rendered no aid whatever. William Lydtim, sworn.? Witnass is mate of the ship Conquest; was taking an account of the cargo of the Conquest, but hearing music, rose, Ann taw tho St \ irhnlaa mr /!/???? ? #Vw? ??"? ??? .. >V.U ?. ?. HIV UV'IIIO V" ??^ UU ft II VU' li'TI, with a number of persons on board; the steamer was in the middle of the river; witnt&s did not see the boat of Capt Wilkinson until it had been struck; thinks the steamer stopped for some five minutes. and headed up, but made no attempt to rescue Olive; her boats were on deck, lashid S. H. Devaugkn, sworn ?The first part of Capt. I >evauuhn's evidence was corroborative of that of Capt Wilkinson Witness thinks the steamer St Nicholas slacked oft' steam but a few moments, knows that she did not head up, or make any attempt to rescue Olive. Mbtbodist Statistics ?The New York Dally World gives the following statistics of Methodism in the t'nlted States and Europe: Total number of communicants In the United States Add travelling preachers 13 '-M9 1,9W,S4S Add total communicants in Europe 736 3(#> Trv*?1 ?* mm \ ltd Minor bodie*. whole statistics cannot be exactly ascertained?10,000 members and 200 preachers 10,200 Urand total 2,743,315 Supposing three members of th? congregation to one of the church?a very modest estimate for Methodist congregations?we have an aggregate population depending on the ministration of Methodism of hardly 1ms than eleven million*. ICThe rumor extensively circulated In American papers that the Rothschilds are the proprietors of the London Times, the corrospondent of Leeds Mercury contrartlcts. He says: "Mr. Walter is not the only great proprietor of that paper, for a Mrs Annie Brodle is nearly. If not equally, as much concerned In Its prosperity. The paper is divided into sixteen shares Among the names will be found Hoggs, Gardens, TlUs. Woods, Ac . and in fact It is a little joint stock company In which there is no Rothschild, as rumor some time since asserted " f IP TKMPKRASCE MEETING.?Th? mem ii tiers of the Catholic LSr-neficial Total A Insurance Association are rcuupstud to meet ?t their hall on TUESDAY EVKMMi. tli" 31st inst .at 8 o'clock. The Rev. Father O Toole is expected to address the meeting. J. J. RANK, jy 30-2t Secretary. FOR SALE-A HORSE and CARRIAGE. In quire at EAKLE'S Livery S able, H /TV street, between 21?t and 22d stt. Jy 31 lw^ FMjR SALE?A pair of fine rsrriat? HOKSKS, with CARKlA'iE and HARN E83; c\ work cither in singi or >1onl?le harness; to j_ ?y be seen at Mrs. liRYANT'S. N, between 14th and 15th streets, south side. . jy 31-St* r>(iR puii.iht'i diii . ? - ?q ?? . . louiti/iiui inn.? i iif meiiner JT Jerome, Captain Jerome, has ar ji k rived ami will tail for the above port^Us^QtaE^ oii Friday moruug,at 10o'clock For^ freight apply to HYDE & DAVIDSON, jy 31 -3t Georgetown. T CHAMPAGNE ON DRAIIHHT. HK, Latebt noveltv out?CM AM FA(J N E ON DRAUGHT?in fountains ol 5or 10 gallon* each, warranted pure wine. Person* wishing to see or try can he accommodated by calling at my store. No. 403 Fa. avenue j? 31-3t HENRY C. FlIRDY. THI.' r.Bi. IT 'til fjtTjpLHAST 1*.R N E\CUR8ION.4^Q2Sk This Mammoth Steamship, the wonder of the agr, will arrive at Norfolk and he open for the reception of Visitors on Saturday next, August ith. In order to enable the Waehingtoniafliand others an opportunity Of witn??*in( tins noble ve??el, the splendid Ktrnroor BALTIM 'KK will male &n excursion U> Oid Point and Norfolk on FRIDAi next. the 3d of\UKo?t leaving her berth, foot of Hixth ktraet. *.1 10 - ? ?? -* , - ? ? III., ?l I IV1U* ?' ?"u Point 4 a. m. and Norfolk a. in Alter which the Baltimore will lay alongside the Great Fa*tern, ?ud remain sufficiently long to allow the pa?senger* to board and inspect her. Retiming will leave Norlolk at 6 p. ni. Saturday ever ing aod arrive in Washington Sunday at 11 a. m. Pas?en<er?i will l>? takwn off and landed at ail the regular larding* on the Potomac Fare for the round trip, including meal*. $6 For further information apply to Captain <\ tv M ITCH K I.L, on board, or at the Company'* office, corner Sixth street and Pa avenue, under the National Hotel. GKO. K. MATTINGLY General Ticket Agent jy 31 -td Potomac Steamboat Company. PROPOSALS FOR PAVING. Orrici or Commissions* or Pcdlic Buildings,} JuljM, i(W> \ Skalkd Proposal* will be received at this of hc? up to 13 o'dKxik, in , on the 9tn day of August next, for ^radios, Curinnr, and haying the Brick and Flag Footways, and ravin* the Gutters, etc . on the i.ortta aide of B street south, between 7th and lvh strseu west. The Curbstone to be of th* best quality granite, riresred 6 iacnes thick on top, and fi inches deep on front, and S inohe* deep on the baok edge, ana no piece |??s than 5 feet long 16 inohes deep, and to be jointed and well fitted and set in a bed of coarse gravel, aud well rammed. The Brick to be of the best quality hard red ?rio?,io bo iaia en ?Md ol sharp prer and (our (O inohes deep on a bed of fir.eirave! free from oiay or loam three (SHnchee deep, with two coarse* on ed*e next to the curb and oneoourte on ed*eonthe inner line. No extra measurement for brick on edie. The Stone pavin? to be of common oobhle stones not exoeediug four inches in diameter, except the tone* on the oatmde line of the rotter, wh'ch | must be six inches tn ?! ?? " ? -..... ?vi? k?iu wn t n a 01 o?'*r?e sand and clean gravel, free from clat or loam at leait 9 inchM dwp. and to b* twic rammed, the rwond time after l>eing well wet; and covered w th fine clean (ravel or ooaree nand. The oea're of the gutter to be laid with five courees of hard red paving brick* on edpe. The Flagf<ng to be oft he beeteuality New York North river (lacking, in pieot* or not leaa than four (4) feat long by eighteen inchee wide, and not '?* than four <4)tnoh*f thick, to be laid on a bed cf fineo'ean gravel 6 inohee deep, free from clay or loam, and walljoiated. Ail Grading not exce'ding one foot to be rated ? ??.? iob oKrtn to M remoTed by the oontraetor to aaok p &>?m may be dMi>qated by superintendent The work to be dore in the beet and noit work man) ike manner and to the satisfaction ofrhe Commi aloner of Pob'io itoildinf s.aad r.n<*er theaaper* inteodesoe of tank person he may appoint, and to be oompleted on or before the irat of November n#x>,and warranted to stand twelve (12) months after completion. All repairs that maf be required within the time for which the work is warranted to stand to l* done at the expense <>f the oontraotor Far the due performance of the work, arr??ably to oontr&ot, bond and snaariiT will be required. Bidders will stale sapara'elj the rate at wh?.h the? will eieaut* the oarbiiur. ?!? ?*? # I 1 II T\JKWJSTYIjE9 ?ENTLEM BV8 _ DRESS | 1 1 ?nm OI k. VIS'S. Alio. I !?iir?uu ?uprrior assortment LINEN tiid .Ml SI,IN inp ainand fhnrv patterns and warranted to fit. Calf and try at LANK 9. jy ?>-3t 4 24 Penn. avenue. "champagne ox draught. M SELECT SCHOOL. 138 L A. PLI' MM KR will op?? a School for Children oa the first Monday iat*?ptMnt>er, in the house formerly occupied bv Mrs I.awrenc ?, on 5th atreet, between (j and H? "o. J*?2. Terms $& per tenn M eleven weeks, pajable in advance. jy an st* champagne on dratght. ari-u' an ti u ? vti ta w u wiun m A < in and hoopkd skirt?. We have received by expreea a eupply of rioh plain P?LK MANTLES and REAL FKKNCH LAOE MAN i'LKi??nd POINTS Ala?> 10 dozen of the fall attlenf WOVEN SKIKT8 of eupenor quaiity. Ladiee 111 want of an; of the above good* at very law nnoee wil! plettae give us ail early call. jy 30 TAYLOR A HtTCHia ? CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. WNEW GOODS. R Have j nat received alarge a took of Bleached anl Brown C??TTONS of the beat mak?a aurvTiMna T * u i r i ivlvq V A PVIVU onciiv i 14IUC1 w a nun * ?' TOWKLINGS. IRISH LINENS, 2 ?*> tarda I.AWNS. from ? cents to iSX, HOSIERS, GLOVES. GAUNTLKTTS. WHITE. RED, BLUE and GRKY FLANNELS in ra'icty. We ha** a few rio.1 ORGANDY ROBES on hind whinh we have marked I no* than o"?t jy y TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT f^APlTOL HILL CLASSICAL A ENGLISH SCHOOL. Ht'GH TUOHY hee* leave respectfully toinform his friends and the public that his school will com mence on WEDNESDAY, 1st of August, in the Old Capitol. His course of education comprise* about the same as i* taught in any institution of this city. Parents desirous of having their children .thoroughly in trn ofdi 1 in tka rwri n/>i nl a* nf m ralivinm A< f n s> a tmn D?l UV?VU 111 Hiv Y 1 1 "VIKID# "I Vli^lVUO vw w v???l V u will do well to avail thenisel vet of thi? opportunity. H. T.,to avid the imputations of ecotsm, presumes only to sav he hopes he will by his diligence and assiduity atford general satisfaction. jy a?-2t? CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. Ol'R THANKS TO THOSE OF OUR Customers who have so promptly called and settled their bills as rendered l*t of July, and we will be greatly obliged to those who have not settl'd.if they will do so by the 1st Aligns', as we are in want of money due us at th? pr?*sent time J. W. COLLKY A CO., jy 28-5t 58.1 Seventh st? above Pa. avenue. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. \f AGNOLIA HAM!*! if! MAGNOLIA HAMS!! We hiive ju?t re?'ive<l another ?upplj of our M SGNOLIA HAMS. wh:oh have ri rwi ?noh *at*f*ction for tevertl year* pvtt We *uArant?e everj one to he of the J<egt qca it*: KING A HCRCIIF.LL, jy ig> riOe?nth ?t. an<^ Verm"nt >v. CHAMPAGKKON DRAUGHT. L1 O R S V I.E-A very valuable SKRVANT P \VOMA^*n<j CHILD. The woman mahout ? years i>i ase ana perinci v luwitny: she is M excellent hoiino servant and nurse and a plain wok. To anjr one in want of an evellert servant *he would be invaluable. The child i? ab?ut 4>e*rs oid. Her owner is anxion* t.? sell hef in the |)ia t>int. Traders ueed not apply. Addre s Box N<?. 7 Star Office. jv 2B CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. / iKKAT BARGAINS IN DRY OOdDS. Selling off at reduced prices the entire stock of Dry Goods in Store No. .521 Seventh >-t.. a few doors above the Avenue. |'u chasers of Dry Goods would do well to call eat Iv and secure bargains, as th?* whole Kiuck mut?t be sold in a short tirno The htock comprises every article usually found in the Drv line. Call carlj to #et bargains. HENRY KG A N, jy 28 6t 3*21 Seventh at. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. ("*APE ISLAND, NEW JERSEY.?Visitor*to J Cape Via* will find good accommoda-k . A tion? at WHITE HALL. Terms only tsTivlB>" per week, including the ride to the beach IJilfiLL. in the morning. Dr. S. 8. MARC Y, JY ZJ 2w* P oprietor. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. /^ARD.?A? an inducemeritfor familieu tosniourii attheHVGKl.V'dtmiu the m"nth?y?* . A of August and September, the Propria VcTVkw torn have reduced the price of Board to Q2 JJUBLl per day aud jUSii per week, from August 1st. JOSF.PH SK(i\R. < Priinrl' torn C C WILLARD. \ 1 roprl Ur"* Old Point. July 26th. )* ?7-lm CHAMPAGNE ON D RATGHT. Win iUU\ WORTH OF DRY GOODS TO i.rkat sa?R I KICK, from now until the 1st of September, to close business, at BAR A nRO '3, 1 street, betw<'ii 7>h and 3th sts., Navy Yard, Washington. A* this is no humbug, you nay expect grea' largains. I ntending U> make a change in our huMueav, we are obliged tn sell out our stock by the 1st of Sept?niliei. Those who wi?h to purchase largely must call soon, as w? are already verr busy in measuring out our stock. This will also f>e a good chance for persons to buy to sell again, jy 28-lw CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. A TTENTION, a first ward: The subscriber has on hand a large stock of seasonable ROOTS and SHOKS, which he^_^^ is selling at a ereat acrihco for cash. HIM Children's BOOTS ANKLE TIES, and GAI TKRS, from 25 to jo cents. Misses' GAITERS, MOROCCO BOOTS, and SLII'PERS from 25 c*nt< to *1. J.adi?s' G A ITER BOOTS ani S LI PPERS,from 37>i cents to #1. Men'sCALFSKIN OX FORD TIES and MONROES, 75 cents to #1.25. Men's PATFNT LEATH ER and CALF skin CONGRESS BOOTS, from 91 to #2.50. And all other kinds, equally Iovr. J XV. DYER, No. 131 jy 28-?o3t? Pa. avnue, b"t. 19th and 2"tfr ?t?. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. 4G4 SEVENTH 8TREET7 4f)?| AT THE O77D PTANT). Th? subscriber, grateful for the liberal patrona-e a heretofore extended to him. has the^gflH pleasure to announce to his formerj?T* cus'oineis and the public gencially thstl ^ J he has again opened .tore at his old stand. nnrn?r of Hwi miiH. awH f ???? * ? f-11 - ?..?. w>> ? ?'? ofri vr?o, mm a mil and complete aa?'>rtiuent of fine GROCERIES, TEAS, LiqUORSand CIGARS He aolicita a ca'l from all in want ot' good* in his line, intending to >pare no eiforta to *ive entire aatmfac'ion. Fieah BUTTKR and ESGS* constantly on Laud daily. jj ? t>o*w WM. H. BRKKETON. CHAMPAGNE ON DP AUGHT. AET1MORE UI'TTtD U/ilOl' ? u ?j i a m~j rv ih/l r r-. Daily receiving freah and awoet. in Goahen package*. Also, Ohio Butter, at 10S and 12>? oe; ts. ELLICOTr k HKWM. jj 23 39 Exchange Plac?, Baltimore. CHAMPAGNE OX DRAUGHT. N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept. \2tk-20tk. Tho UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL anni L'Tv ?.ii u..iJ .k- n: -v.*,! ? 1 ? '* | n^mi t win nuiu iv? r,IKNHI AitnDBi AK nCUIUl ral and Iiduitrtai Exhibition on the frond* liberally provided by th?oitiz?n# of Cincinnati, wiii?-h are to tie fitted "up in the beat style. There will foe Hall* and Tent* tor the disniav of IMPt.EM E N IS, MACHINERY, TOOLft. U( )M F.ST IC >1A\UFACTI RES, FARM AND GARDEN PRODU' E. FRUITS, FMiWLRS, and NA TIVF. W1 N F. S; with Stall# aud P?n* for HORSLS, CATTI,1 , SHEEP, and SWINE; and an unoqual od Tragic,one mile in length and forty feet lu width, for the exhibition ofHorses'I lie Premium* off?red-in ca*h. ?j^??ld. *ilver, and foionze medal*,?difloina* and certificate*, amount to ?20,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irom Wednesday, the 18th, to Thursday, the iith. ol September, thu* giving time to examine aiul teat the lmole merit* and machinery. For premium lints or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 346 Pa. avenue, (up lairs ;)or to the uhaoriber, at Cincinnati. Ohio. BEN. PERLEY POORK, jy at tf Sec'y U. 8. Agricultural Society. CHAMPAGNE ON DRAUGHT. JTNITEDSTATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, Washikotoh. July 17, I860. Paopohals will be rroeired at this Olo> urfjl noon of Tuesday, the 21 at of Ancuat next,for FurnlaVii an,1 ?U. I _ n^ili J ??**-* a ukfciiiK up iiitj linu V/OllWi|il UI IVO rooms ovw the connecting oorridors of the Capitol Extension . The proposal! " list state the price for each oeillog complete, in ?Iaoe, painted with three good eoata of white lead in oil. AH .of the Iron work of tha Ceilings, of erar? description, inoiuding the fastenings or the callings to the walls ami to the roof fianies, mast be included in the pnoe bid. The proposals mast be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceilings," and must be aooompaniM by a nu?r?nuw, mgueq nj one or more responsible per sous, *ddr?aaed to the onderaigned. They will at the time mentioned above, I in the preaenoe of suon person* aa may ohooae to attend. The drawings of the oeilinM oan been seen at Uua Office. W. B. FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical H u/ineers, 1b oharge ol Capitol Extension. Each proposal shoald be aooompaaied by tke folio wins ( uaran tee: Form Hf (iuaranl't. . Tlie anderaigned, K B and C D. of , in the State of and in the State of , Hereby i uaianty that in oaae the forecmnc bid of Tor iron oeillncr. aa above d?aorfbed,T?e accepts), he or they will, within ten <ta%? after the reeeipt of tbeonntraotatthea'aoe named exeontetkeoontraot for the oMlinMi with good and sufficient aeearitiee; and, in caae tlie Mid shall fell to enter into cnn'raet u aforesaid. we guaranty to make good the difference between the offe-- of the laid and that which mav he accepted. Date?, I860, Hitnaturei of iiiaraatora, A H. Witneaa, E F. i noreny oertry mat theaboro umd arc known to me m able to make good their g uarantic SUWtture. OH. To be ugned by the United 9tat?? district jul?e )j w ?w SPECIAL ELECTION. I * THOMAS P MORUAN 1?A nnounet <Tby hi fr;end? m a candidate '?r it* I Boa d of Common CoumiI from the Firat Ward. jy??? 'po THE VOTEmS OF THE FIRST WARD. Prllmr Cut z mi: In offferiae mtaelf u a candidate for r? electjoa to the seat in the Board of Com B>r. Council to whiah *ou aiactad ine on the first "iicJaj in June laat, I lake thia occa?ion of aaeur mc ioa that I fall* appr?-ciat<- the honor y?u conferred aaon me at that time, and ehall ever feel trataful for the manifeataion of jrour kindneaa and confileac*. aud I hay yon to heiieve that when I consented to baoome a candidate at that election that I then wa? ratiafied that the mere techm< a' quibble upon which I waa exc'uded from in; at had no force, and I am confident you wonid concur with me if the report! of the majority and mi ontj kaan nuKl.ahA.1 . a m v IriflnHl IV) t!if> H Aid desired. Very r??pectfullr. jy *_sr _ kOBF.RT KARL. Jr. I ELECTION NOTICE. N Compliance with a resolution pas? d try the Hoard of Common Council on 2*1 Jul*. *? hereby rive nolle* to the \ otrrs of the K:r?t i*r*cii.?t first Ward, that an election will be held at G. T. MeGlue's Wood Offioe, north wide I st.. between lvth and 2mh ?t?.,on WKl)> KSltAV. th- l?t .l*? of August next, for one member ol the Board of Common Counoil, to ill a vaoanet in Mid Board. T'ie pvls wi.i be open at 7 o'cio<-k in. and cioseO at7o'clock p.m. sam'!. ui vai,>.. SAM'L T.DRURY, 1MVL. SKRKIA, jy 27 te Cownnissiowra. T NOTICE. O The voters of the tvvond Precinct of th? First Ward notice i* hereb) given. that an election wili be held tn the above Pracinct on \VKL)\ Kr* DAY, th? 1st of August n^xt. at th? carpe?it?r shop of FioMer Dorseft. on 'he corner of G and 18tn s?s., for 'me intMnber of trie Common Council, to fill the vaoanry oc<*a?i< n*d f * t:.e <111x411*1. bcation of Kohert Karl, Jr. The polls will h* open at 7 o'clock a. hi. and closed at 7 o'clock p. in. A. W. DENHAM, WM. O. HUNT. WM. J. LKWlji. jt Jb tommi?fioij?rs rrecinei r irm\ mru. EXCURSIONS, 1PIC NIC^&cT CAPITOL ASSOCIATION PIC NIC. The Committee of AmnwmorUon the part of the above Association i t?mJ to ^ make this "the Pic Niof th- sea ARLINGTON SP* I NO, FRIDAY. August 3d. Withers' c-l^hrsttd hand in engaged, s * that all who wish nay trip on th* light lantasMo toe; but yet. a cordial invitation is extended to all who with to take their families to enjoy a i!ra?ant da* of armmenacnt and the nool bre*** or the river Everything will be d<>n? on the part of the A?sociation to ren.lor to all who may favor them with their presence a? perfeot a protection as if in their own homes, th" object being more for pleamire tha . profit The 'Washington Har moneons win tavor me cmpanr wun *"v?rai Quartettes and Song* The?teamerG*o. %V. Rioc* ha? been charter^, and will leave 14th *t. bridge everr hour from 8 o'clock a m till 10 o'c|t??k p m.; fare 10 ct*., children half price. Wliilxf'i omnibuses will a'so leave the corner of 7th ?t and Pa av hourlt. and run by the 14th at. budge actoe* the Long Bridge; fare IS ct*. I'ickeU Kilty Cent*, admitting a gentleman and la'tie*. (imrrnl Com. 4lf jlrrnm.rfKnli/f Afinrta'ton. R. Mallard, A"drew Ham, J. I.. Br*an. II G IHvine. W.H.IVa. H.II.CIak. J O Weaver, A. H. Aloott, F. Barrett. W. J. Harrm, jt 31 5t IHoTfmK r.|,YMONT! *OOK Out for the GRAND AFTERNOON F.XiTRSllJNofthe HIAWATHA CLIJH,to he given at Gljnit.nt, on 1 L . AUEUS-7 Tf"' Committee wi!l u?e t^ir utmost >ndNvo'i to make the oc< a-ion on<* of i terest nwl pleasure to all who rrav ta vor them with their company. The Hull Hill Haud ha* hcen fn. aged and will fu niah dehshtfiil music t > all who l<>v to"tnp it on the light fantastic toe." The *team r Phi* * will leave the foot of High st. at I o'clock; S*tone House at I a f pa?t l.?tii utroet wharf at 2 ( oach?* will leave 7th and L ?t?. and 17th ?t. at half past 1 o'clock. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and ia*1 ' UICB, Ql. Cnmm'tiet of Arr-ntemfrntt. D Perluni, Win 6<xl<hrd, Win. Goldsborough, F. Moor*. Wm. Moore. JtSI K* /1RAND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC vJ or The Continental Club, Will be given at ARLINGTON on WEDNESDAY. Au(iut lat. Withers'* celobiatcd Sainl is TgaseMl. ao that all who wish, may ti ip ?n the h?ht fantasti' tot-; bui y?-t a cordial mvila tion i? extended to ail who wish mw take ?heir families to enjoy a pUa*ai,t rU> ota - uaement and the cool krffj" of the river. Kveryth ng will be ilnne ou the pan of the A?sooiation, to render to all who ma* lavo'them with th??ir preaen e. a* perfei-t a protection as if they were in their own hoin!??; the object being uiore for pleasure than profit. jy 3T?-2t PIC NIC' OGAN TRIBE, No. IMPROVED O. R. MEN, iGtoistTOwn.) The members of Li ^an lake pleasure in announcing this th<*ir Annnal Pio it ? Nic. at ANAI.OSTaN T g,r T M f on MONDAY. August . The memhera of Jh* Order will spare no efforts to iu?k? inn" me " ??ai? i'*' "i i * mmoi. Kvery arrangement that will adduce to pleasure and enjojment has b'-ei; inane The Holy Hill Band has he<*n en*ated. and will furnish <le!untful imi'ic t?> a'! who love to "trip it on the tight fantast c toe " Boats will leave the JHone House Wharf aad foot of Higri ?t. every hve nunut*?. Boats free. Refreshments furnished at low prices Tickets Fifty Cent*, admittiug a g ntJemai and ladies. jy 30 6t GRAND CAVALRY TOURNA- Qft MENT! as ^=^1 GALA PIC NIC! UA Af ARLTNQTON SP?/V?' the President's Mounted Guard, Or VViiuiiiGTO.i Citt. Take *rrat pleasure in a?n"nncin* to the pt;hi 10 their intention to hold % (iRAND CAVALRY TOI RNAMKNT ANli PIC NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on MONDAY, Arsrir 6th. Thi? will he a strict y ir.ilitary arrangement, a* practiced in the cavalry school exerei?e>, an<l none will contend for the prises but meoil>ers of the Company. The following-named r^ntlemen have kindly con- I sen ted to act in the position antigned them : J i-DOE*. Hoa. J. B. Floyd, Secretary of War: Gen. J. E. Johnson, Quartermaster General L\ > A ; Lieut. n-,1 1U fl P ? />- * ' vwi ?? hi ii. r-mory, in mv?irT li, >. A. Addrcns to the ?ont-wtant? for thepri?*? by the Hon. 1.1. !>teven?.of Waxhington Territory. Hon Alexander R. Boteier. of Virginia, will p"PnAiit the prize* in lieSalf of the aucceMful i id?>r?. SiikKtantisI neat* w'll be erected for the accommodation of the ladies. and every effort will be made to ensure tha commit and enhance the plea?ure of All who may favor th? corpt by th?nr presence on tb?< occasion k\\ o ii.-n to Mtkur>- iht- publ c that order and de jorum w ii be rigidl* in mlamed, an an ample police force ? ,11 k. JSl.iUJ {.? .1 i n i\?i mc ympusn, Witlim' full liand has been engaged lor the occasion. The enclosure wtil be open for the reception of visitor* at !>o'clock a. m. Kidi r c to ooimrience at 3 o'clock p. m. Oinijiou&eti will start IkhuI* from the comer of 7th st. and Pa. av ;also 12th st. and Pa. av. The steamer George W Hig^s will make tups from Uth st. bridge. TICKETS FIFTY CENTH, ndinittinc a pen tleman and ladies. Nliimut Maj. Jm. Y. Davis, C*pt. P. }} KiW. Capt. Ja?. B Ta.t. " P. B Hcha-tf 'r. " |,6m Towers, P. M Dubaiit, " J. Holiing?worth, " Rot*. H. Stevf ns. COMM1TTSX or AREA!*?****!*. Capt. J(H. Peck, Serg't Geo. *??tz, Lieut. R. L Teel, Private W. J. Gary, 44 H.W.Martin, *4 John Lang. O- 8. Wm. 8. T^?l. iy ?? fr* LOOK OUT , _ ' OR The grand EXCURSION of STPL TER'S SUNDAY ^ W EDN KSDa Y, Auea>ttkeU?, GLYMONT PAVIOON. PajUo-*,rt ITFrl ulart in future advertisement. jy?-St? COMM ITT EE._ C^RAND- F 1 C NIC AND BALL. I To b* given by Eipnta'a Citizens' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, on TUESDAY, A????T T. The proo?ed? to be tppiied to th? piiroh?M *f & NEW UNIFORM FOR THE BAND. mi ? ? - - ? i n* mfmwn oi the Band promise that nothing hall be wanti&g upon their part to , make this pic nic htr/"^ well worthy the patronage of the ceneroua public. Tha beet of Mutie will be fbrni?hed. ami everything done to promote the pleaaure of the day. TUE OMNIBWK8 will 1??ve the corner of Seventh street and Penua. avenue, and from o> rner Twelfth and Penua ava uuv f 0iov, num vnv ilSvy T rQ? TICKETS FIFTY CENT?. Admitting a Gehtlbma* asd Lambs : ?? he had of auv member of the Band, or at the uue More of Mr Ellis. j j ?-W THO! FOR OLYMONT! HE Member. of the HIAWATHA CLUB hava the pleatu:. to antounce to their man* friends and the pabiie lu feneral that th?j intend tivint a arand^^""^ MuON LIGHT EXCURSION oa TUESDAY, the 7th of Auc uaU Particular, la future advertise n?l U. ?-J ' Ty"g-euh''UCflfcl. OF ARRAXGF.MK.NTS. I IN WARM WEATHKR PREPARE FOR COLD' We are now receiving, and will bednnnt the month of August. i.wu -ooeof COAL, of aii which we wilT nell cheap if on! ered prior 10 let September. Cell earlv Md kavo jour ordere at our Oflicee, if joa wien to ?ave monej C. MYERS A PON, No. 41 Water etreet. <Vt or^etowe. J. W P. MYER* * CO.. jy 27 2w Oftoe per, (j anil 22U ?U., \Vhiu* ? A I t UAL' * *" P?1 N??a B?con 4 C? 1 i AftUg hujartiMa r*?eivcd MUMta.rJIvMI #?ncj, oorner of raTfcr. ?.,d 1W W ? W7?. MtTZtttOTT. | AUCTION XA-LEa. iy F?f otk** AvrtipH St/f.t. ? * |ri( pnf By A. tiRKKN, Aiitiuotn. f^lNE SAFE. COVNTKIO 9HM.VING. Gum .v***" *! *T *rcrn'?.-0? HI KJ*l>A^ . th? J>1 d?T i f I ?l*? ? %t ibe or??i led b? M~?? T <*?* . oornw of 8?tmUi awl K aU. at ?? n'?;<>efc a. ?.? Uue Im ?r(? patent Iron mimI* hy H< rrinc. On# in* large b mi Snow raee, 1 Witfc m.' (k? r/t?ir*?n . ? /-?? P. - * *- ?-- . * u t ri, A o , in Uf e?t?h!tabm*nt. JUL* A.ttRF.KN, Ami By J- C. Mebl'IMK * CO^AhHomm AT AfCTION.-O* F??OAV AF * TFRNOOX, Auiuai St, at S ? lb* Aucti< a Room*. Vf ?h?li Mil, IB lunn to aait? Corporation of Waafcinrton Q??rt*r!y f f?r Mot. Stock, _ 1 ??' V orp Itlnig OI Wukinitnll Hillll* ? P y i^t^ck M ShtrM H*' k of \V?*hinirt?in S'ook. I rin? Mill ib earrtnt fan4? jT 31 d J . C MctClBK * CO.. AmI?. THIS AFTERNOON * TO MORROW U . | n M - n i * u K.* * ?-w k * a?j # V. ffltMH |l\r< K V U , A UCUORMI I. EJXCKI.LKNT I- A M11 \ CAHIAGK ?T j Prauc 5*ai.* ?On n>S"AV AFTER >OON. Jul; 3>at. at * o'oi<?< k. m frnal of the aa< tiun rwiinn. ?h\ ae a auia. and h?nd Kubi.j ?' i*?e Wit:. aee.ta |..r ! ur pe'?n?. fcu i to order a all >rt time MO %rd hat litLe a?#d. Tarma A c edit of ?'.?<? and fti d?ja. lor a*tia fapt?>'i!t fad< ?e?1 , t-? *?%m t r.t >reat If ? t J. C. Mc<?n* K k Q(l , A acta. B> . GRF.KX, Aue'inaMr. ON Tl'EJ-DAY, the i at ii ?t . we *?>a aei., in front ol the ^rmiiFi. at 6 o'clock p m . in e mp wi?h the t-rma a dMk >.t ( ua! t . aa |ro?n Thoa A. H nw-> a- I wife. d*'#1 Mm !"eft?mt?er, 1IM and r?co'd <1 in I itr-r J a H.. V WS. pace 13k. A c.. "na ..f Ihe a - d reoorda ?t V\ a*l>.n* too count?. parta of lot* 11 and It ta aquare No ?*. t?|inin( f?r the ??im l.'iti foe' lure- mrhaa ff< the aoathwaat corner of aaid i*^rann.i.c thance Kait on a line with I) a?reet S -alt ; ant en, I** ineno* mortli: aeventr then?* W**t; six tMn fret thru"* ? >uTI . fVrt to th* f aoe <>1 h?C 1 ? <(. tu|(Hn?f ? M, U i inp'..v*?Ti?'iitr ?.>. t-nr r>r* ??n lory Kwr,? Hoti?? with ia??*orj Dart Bmidin*. It- ???: vu foarth aaah; t*'.anc? la f. IX, Mtd i month", mft-r J?> <f t\ . witli "l<?? * d**ri <-f trnat <?l) th? pr'ti ia?*. lfl** u-fin? i'f ??'? ftrfi -ot eornf'i'?1 w.t ii w m fi >1*? n't** - ?? of Mil* th* fl U?Ux> rf?rvm tt>* r?k fit t . '*?< 1 Wi* pr.'pfrti at *hf piie," ?wf( riak and c : afkar .1* !ll( < DP ' "I !? < GEO. C. HKNMIWd. < -rrm.t0mm CK,U. K THOMr^'iN 1 ' Jf 12 3t*wA da A. bKKKN. A not. Br A. ORKKM. Ao?fioMr. f ^ROCKRIK>. I.K^I OR?4. *T<?Rt MX ll atAi.- n (h W f |i\KM)A* , thr i?t .(%y ..f \ukii?'. I a' a i ?# .at i1 "> -oh a. m , a? th" Gr??o#r? M"r? I !"?? ' r* w \o. 1 ? | . ? ?. ? I J " - ?... ^ . v ?lu . - w^r i *?}.'' f\ <?u rri f mn r a c*; ant a ortnionl <?f Km i!? G-'?o?>ri ?. v a r?> r ? ? in- ?> *? < " < t -^tftrrh. sp)r.'?. ?|ii,%? *? p. <"a>I iiff. M? itvt (>i \ ?!*** *' * aid w Hxl^n V\ ai r. KiC'Iim, hriunit, h r , lr., and *" t ''f oln?lo? l.l?n<>r?, A I 1 III' S'lif# I Ii|i'?,niii, Hi M*nl ' ??k . B?n?. T"* ??, a go ?' at .iiii a .il *>>n u Sr.a ? M^a* ii ?? . ? A'.*o ? u a larte lot ? ( niit^r arfrv?. ??-h a* ar* ??al * k?*pt in a timt < a - r. *i tf. -rj ?t. Terms: |>> cash; over #.< a (radilol it a-d 4 ' "i thf. fur i-'ten sa'.i c'm I i ? ?-n?'i.ra^i: jy .8 dli A GIKRN, A not, FUTURE DAYS. B? WALL* BARNARD. AaoUoMera. I ARGb t*T?M'K OK MAX III.I.AX. IM I* I i tka?, Lace Mprnvmo* Lacs Shawl* ?m> Pi)1>t? ?I Ai'i iii?> t?n l'H( K^DA\ MORN INU.2J A? go* .at 10 u'cloo*. w# willael'.a* tiia ktni PAAin Afi \ i ,.l ? --* 11 * ** * . ..... ?. ........ W , rai U> ' wrrj a B.i . , ?nedoorlr>m P% av-o??-. th? *nlir? 'took of & Northern im i 't? a id ?.* uf?c'?r?nfLv1i?a' Bla^k !?ilfc Mantilla*. French m G?rmau Lao* Monti iu, Du*te- L%oe do. Lv>e Pu n <u* and Pioooomini*, Lw Poi:,t? a?d ^<4uare irhaw . Black and White b-^te Onvter* and Mastuift*. A *o, Ka| ani.?biv * Duster*. Bonner*, Ac A 0. A? ?hi* *al- i* p?*remf '?< * ? eat i*ri% n* aat h* ei|i?oU<l The spnoial attention of tlia IMu* i* respectfully solic ted jy 3> d W A A MARN \ k d. By '. C. MoGHRE A CO- ~ TftVBTKKY SAI.E OF LOT* EAST OP Tin CtP ToL PmiiT ?OB Tl KSDAY AF TERNOON. Aiitutt 2; it, at . v.. ok.?? tn- A op Rooini i>f J. 1' Mo1' mri> A <* >.. t j v.rt"* of a of tra?t from T?> rji%? h MfW . J?'n! M*f 27th, 'M9, and <Jn y rac??r<?*d in>?r J. A. t*.. No. PA. f. ,<I? 4?M, ?* , >tii? of tfi? land rfoorda for Wasni' (ton county, P. t'? I ?h\ll i?n, LoU nun b?-e<1 IS ;f 17. ;g and .9. :t; ?qni" No. I > 1. Tertni: One t <ird cuh; tb? raairiu* in 3, an<i k month*, with irtrreit, imu'mI * j t J?d ofliu't on ?h? pr#mi>w?. Ail oonveyanmri at Ih? oust of th* po'ctiaaw. H. El>MUNU CLARK TrMtw. jf 17AS1 Aau?2l J C. MeGl'IR E * CO A aft* Rt A. GREEN. Auotion??r d 1(iOD TW <> SldnV FRAME HOUSE A>'D VI Lot oj? thi at An t: ou FK i DA\, the rrt.i ' a'art. I aha ?e 10 front of trio pdmiiof, tt r u'e n?k p iu Boat! haif Lot F, >n autdi viai?>u of ^u*r?N? 43b. with the improvem?rU, contiattof ofasood tvu ttory Frame Houm with ? room*. Kitchen an> wood imyN Thie property font* on Seventh afeet weat, i ezt to the o??rr er of couth k street. ar U rnn? l?ek to mi, a. ey. Termc One-half o?? h. b?:?no? n U month* tho purohaanr to n?e i t?? for ?tie deferred pftrwcat, hearing ictereet f" in 4a? of aa'e. A deed given and a of tru?t t .ker.. T:'le u. .iDoUb f jy 23 d A- (1 H ! K-^1 * I^TTHK ABOVF. SAI.K is POSTPONED ntn FRIDAY, Auf.Sd. rtnc h ?r and ao*. j;28eod4td< A. GREKN. A not B? A. GREEN, Auo'loa'Mr Trustee ssa?.eofold brick,doors, wmrow*. hlimw *;id H&nd*<>x* Bcildiko lOT.ITBEINS THK KBOPBBTY OF Tit Wuill* Ho?< oMPi.ti.AT ArrTios???n* SJ oa? ot A nuit. 1 ?h* m: , b tti? premiiw, at o clock p m., t.n Twe it? third. t>etw?eo L Bud M noith, it b?n c fc'H *c * th* \\>?t?rn H<>m proBWtf. ii tf* Brick, Windows, D -or* a<>4 Hlin<1?, r?rt BininK from the fire. Alao. t*i? hani?nin?> lot ?f crouBrf on which the bnilding sUmki. it btint south 2fi feet "f. iboiim of l^?t m i? ?t No. St. Terms fur brink and mitartal. ouh; for the bnildin( lot one half oa*h; tj>e balance in 6. IS, ami It months, the purchaser to five note* for tbe deferred pa m'liu, foariD* intern t from the day of sale. A deed civen and a deed of trust taken. AH eonve?ai:cinj at thf <>?> ? of ihe purohaaer If the terms for lot should not be complied with in five days from ?ia? of ?a e. the tru ?tee reserve. | the njht to re?e.l the propt-rt? at the risk and ao?t of the (irat ru'e^as^r. b? advertising the same t times in the Star newspaper KDWAKD Hani BV.Trantr?. Mj w. k vvoonwAin jy II d A OHF.BN, Auot. pUTTY 18 UP! H. W. HAMILTON. No. iltl SlVISTH STIEIT, | A'wr on4 Frlletci Hmll, I)enl*r in PAINT*. Ol l.js. GLASS*. VARMSn.BRrSHLH A o. Ac. PAINTING, in ? I it* hr*nch*?,exfc?UsJ ?t short notion Mid st ni<?l*r%t? prims. %l I V 1 ' v ?? . - ? - - * uiahu r*nrs I t *a ?, with l>i?rk??t? ant brushes vo loaj fr?-e of cha^f i? a> m:tty i* down; For Superior So4a Water, | With D*lici??ti8 F?fit hid Cream f'ufw, On to g r a y*8, North***; cor. M&im&oliusetU av. and Fourth at. jy * Tm Enamelled SLATE MANTELS, Dxrttt from tkt Mammfactmrrrt. TliM??rf moat lieauttlul atvlaa of Mattel*. *m- H amellrd iu imitation < ( ?m h i ?r? marlilna aa th? knar. >. 1. l' " ' ~~ ..f? ji i?n. .->icnua. \ ertic \hti?tu*, Porruj ry, B'ocatelle, and othw? eqiialij o^lebcalad. Tfca 1 imitation* are to perfrct a* to cl?l!*n(( th? crutiny. In ^lafauc* nffinia th?> rtand ManvallM \ and a e no hinhlv poli?l??d thai t*?? r?*ain th^ir J lx>aut> and f i<>n*ar than tWooimwn inar- /r bl??, wniie th?*) are ao!d inu< h chaaper. They t*??i. u?od in thi? oountr) U r tU? >a>t t?n and Europe for njore "than nft> >ear?. and hatr* fiv?a entire satisfaction P ta c call aud examine at * \V. H HAftllOVKR*. ??t?veand Tu. Stor?, <>p|K. I'?trv<jr Bank. jy % iw 5 door* north of Louisiana annna. _ Wa^HHKKl.KR A Wll><>\> *l WING HA U . HINE a?.ENCV. ~ j Ktaovrt) to No. *4? Pa. Av . n?a* Tm St. i Er.oouracnd U ti<a #uh?'antiaJ and rap?dlf I oraaaio^ jkopuia'iU of Wh*i<* * V* *? quajeo Fa W) swwtiif A.actn?e?. which for the la?leight >?*.r? h*re m<?tlnaiNf>ha Uj maiMaiMd their unprno'it*. ft famih iu.L.lution, over all cum?"i itor* f??r toi'ilt' favor, * ha Aitnt hft* takfta aae of th? fiun nrw *U>rw? tct*h eTrtmt on Pa a* ewite. near 7th at . wtiere a ?>-a-ii fnl ?i?ft ?*at of all the variolic ?t?la# n? ftia uma? ha ?*aa. There w^rc 21,? .4 > inc Maetiim* mU in th- * oar U?. 1 -a*l?->? ar mvurd to oall aa4 ?ea them, t'lpetbfr with c-itihc atr? f om w>?n> of th* txwt cittj*r>? of Waohmgtor. and Georgetown. la rcrtati n ta th-ir a el k own and thoroughly te?t*0 fcupefmntv If a-v l*h?? .acnoi oell, l?a thoia ft*n4 for a circular l?y a 1 iihbm. It ? hith t tmm way lam it i . the i%nd ?*??upp i?t wtm aaa of fchoM health ami lil?- unn ?a*tMuaa?U. tall ? - r ix*ji pinini ?hj vr-, uw, iivvai j_wm 11 csMlt t the hoine of the Bin-chAMi F.J $*TELR, A*wit, No S4? Pa. ?vnM. if II-lie Between 9th ud 7rh M W O O U *?NLS* COAL *\ O^UCK, J P*. Ar.. Brrw Mm akb ttm 8t*_

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