Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. I - 1 I. r Though Th* 8tae la printed or iw fastest team presa in use south of Baltimore, Ita edition ts to large aa to require It to be pot to preaa at an ewly hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be ?^nt in before 11 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notic* to WA*hifeto*ia*s?Those of our feilow-ottliena leaving for the watering pU/>?? aad elaewhere should bear In mind that we do .int mall Thi ?tii except after payment In advance at the rate of cents per month. NoTiri ?District of Columbia Advertlaemonts l * * ... ue inaerttd in the Haltimobk Sun are received at and forwarded from Thb Stab GfBce. 1)i?t?ibctios or Mbdals amv Premiums to TBI Pr p;L? OF TUB FOOBTH Df?T*ICT ?CHOOLI.? Tbe annual distribution of medals srd premiums to th?- pupils of tbe Fourth District (Island) *r hoc Is. took place this afWnoon at tbe Smithsonian Institutioa This distribution was i>ost .<>n?d from Inst Tuesday in consequcece of the <l-itb ?f Mr Galrs The warm weather did not , r*rrnt a full turn out of the scholars. The varl? is schools of this district, escorted by Prosperl's ?>aud, at th?- appointed hour marched from th? -* - - * * sroooi bouse to tbe Smithaou;an Institatloa. On reaching the Smithsonian we found that portion of tbe bait assigned to tbe audience, densely fl.I-d. more ao th in on any previous occasion. A great number of the literati of tbe city were prvnt, drawn hither, we snppe*e, by tbe announcement that that distinguished ? l.oiar, Mr Jose oh S Wilson, Cemmiss'aser of the (jeneral I.inn ( Hire, was to de'.iver an addreaa The scholars bein^r eotnfurti'oiy seated the band struck up a national air, after which prayer was offered. lowed by the f boica rendering of a very pretty s >ng by all tbe pnpila. Mr Wilson was then introduced, who delivered an able and exceedinirlv Intw^in" ra j ? "ft ????*? Thoi^h altogether impromptu, it fully sustained k the reputation which this gentleman ha* acquired as an orator and scholar; one whose fund of information appears to be inexhaustible. He was frequently interrupted by applause. After the delivery of this address, the medals >n?i premiums were awarded In the following order: i'junh District Srhooi, Mule Department?John E. Thompson, preceptor. Medal?Oliver Thomas Thompson l.xemplary Conduct?H H Hazard, Chas W. Ulark, J?.nes A. Renshaw, Richard Sebastian. \v m matell, John F. Stephenaon. Attention to Study and Improvement?Robert H Rtell. John J Cook. Tbo? W Wise, Charlea H <iuff Sunuei H Wimaatt, T H Mortimer. Punctuality?O T. Tbompaon, Winfleld Scott Robev, V. R. Pearson, H. T. White, James E. Bell, H. C. La Fontaine, W. E Wlie, E. A. Putin. J E. Boyc.e. J.H. Rabhitt. Diplomas?R B Riell, U II. Hazard, W. J. R"bey, J. Bowrn, Ambrose Stepenaon. J. B. milry. F,maU Department?Miss Margaret Mvlbutn, prettptrts* Medal?Hannie M Funnell Exemplary Conduct?Kate Riell, Joaephine rt>ee, Fannie Brf'wer, Theresa Beck, Emma -Cooper, Susie fitckey Attention to Study and General Improvement? I ?ie Sheck. Fannie Given, Alice "Reed, Alice GUdden, Catharine Cuatin, Laviuia Barnbouse. Punctuality?Hannie Funnell, Fannie Brewer, Mary Turner, Harriet Majjee, Ella Tlioma*. Theresa Beck, Alice Gladden, Viola Hawes, Emma Morse, Minnie Barnhouae, Emily Barnbouae, Josephine Lee, Susan Lee, Henriet a Wilson SardL Lokey, Hannah John****. Lizzie Sheck, M. Van Nesa Brown. F*anlefii?*n Diplomas ?R^sa Bradley, Lizzie Tuomay, | Alice Read, Sarah Gunueil, Emma Sebastian, Mary McQuay Mah Primary, Ftnt Department?Awguitut Edson, precept**. Medal?Gnstavui J ones. Exemplary Conduct?W. H Boyce, S. J. Garrett, C. M Bell, J E M Bowen, F. Eckloff, A Ferguson - Attention to Study and General Improvement? * Jamea Barron, \V. Dulin, G. Miller, W. T. Barnard, S. Boyce. H Ellis Puoctaalltv?? XVright, J Wil' ami. G. Jones, C Barahouse. G. Nr'SVii, o. j. Garrett, G. Miller, C Fmer. J \Vright, S. Boyce, H Ellis, J.Wise. L:plotr>a*?T. Reese. F. Espey, J. Wise, H (irumo^lu, Winfield Scott, B. Lane. \| g.L* Prt m/irv Fitrrmfi * *r c-?1 ? , , ?- ?-r ? "? ????oumn ?. Ecktajf, precept:ess. Medal?Thomas McCook. Exemplary Conduct?J. C. Lee, E. B Hay, A. Bosweli, F. Sprlngtnan, R Young, H Wood. Attention to Study and General Improvement? J- E Angel, J O Scaeck, E J. Aaami, C. F. Rabbitt, G E. Frere, J. H. Drippe Punctuality?J. C. Lee. E. B. Hay. A Bocvrell. F. Sprlngmau, C. F. Rabbitt. Male Primary, Third. Department?Mas Geneva R'td, preceptress. Medal?Franklin T. A very. Exemplary Conduct?H. H. Hamilton, J. D. 4 . ? Xf U^\?T U J _ i r? ?? .? ?. r%.. ix , ?? . n. ^ranacii, L. DIDniXj G. Clark A bell Attention to Study and General Improvement? W. H Lacey. C. ^pringuian, F. Page, F. L?cey, A. Clark*, J Reed. Punctuality?W . H Lacey, C. A Mitchell, C. ut>ringman, G. W Burgess. A. H. Boyce, F. Lacey, Ja cues Clear. Diploma*?W. Lippbardt, F. Wood, J.Wilson, C. Frere, A. Rabbitt, i Linton. Pr/'7itry No. 1, First Department?Mist Anna M. Adams, preceptress. Medal?Sallie Petty. Exemplary Conduct?Ella Weeden, William Simmon*, Mary Honner, Hester Mc<4uay, Jamea Gallohorn, Chas Stepaenson. Attention to Study and General Improvement? (iMirfft Aliami l.niil?a Mnr?i? f!??? Tk"" -f ? ? ? ?- vi?l o. A UUIIiQI , l'riacilla .Mdijar. Mary Goodall, Allen Curlrn. Punctuality?sallle Petty, Martha Gray, Heater BaU??y, Kdward Tucker, Kate Palmer, Jane Worr-ii, Amanda Thompson, Catherine Hamarsley, Kmini Thomas, Alice Uonaldwn, Clara Magee, Henry Thompson, JefferMa Morris, Fannie Mortimer. \ Diplomas?Jobn Reilly, Marr Turner, Jane Co'jj~r. Taylor Simmons, Win. Walker, Julia Parker. Primary \o 1 nmri /? M"?- \r~... , - J i>4l #. ?VA?*ry ?. Martim, prcceptreu. Medal?Thomas McAnile Lxemplarv Conduct-Mary K Ward, Louisa H lseinan, Heler. Faunce, Helen Mcljaeen. Chaa. rvuidler ?M!v?r Hoover. Attention to Study and General Improvement? .m Simmons. Philip Faunce, .\laria Bent^e, Sarah Thomas, George Gray, Ambrose Donaldson Punctuality?John Bradley, Francii Toumay, Thomas M< Ardle, Lizzie Huseman, B Magar, Clara Worrell. Kate Weedeo, William Orrison, Laura Mitchell, Henry Bradley l)ir?!?n;-??Dallas Tucker, Henry Ra^an, Mary i. Stone, Edgar Harbaugb, Lizzie Gurner Lewis W ftdcn. Primary Mo. '2?Mi*s Mary A. Lee, preceptress. Medal?Louisa Harrison. Exemplary Conduct?Isabella Peyton. Virginia Ashdowii, Florence Brumtield, Martha Stoddard, Jos-,?bine Pratber. Martha McCutchen. Attentlou to Study an?l General Improvement? K1U Whiting, A time Miller, Mary Emory, Maria Taylor, James Certln, Eineline Hail Punctuality?Louisa Harrison, Ella Wbltlng, An ate Miller. Florence Brumtteld. William Lee, James Cnrtin, Emetine Hall, Clinton Campbell, Martha McCutchen, Maria LayLor. Mary Emory, Mary Baua, J no HarrUoii, Nathan Brumfteld Diplomas ? Helen Beachan, Bertba Waller, Uorttir Waller, Adeline Pratber, Lucy Peyton, Ann Eliza rt illlams Primary So 3?Mrs. M Agnes Skidmort, pretttHfilS Medal Samuel Fry. Exemplary Conduct?George Smithson, John Co?>ksey, Amelia Foltz, Thomas Lyles, Maggie kspuy, Gabrlella Mullln Attention to Study and General Improvement? ^ M >ry Noland Atuelia Mullln. Ida Pumphrey, Lltia Walker, Mary Stevens, John Shelton W O?l-H- Oi.1- ? * > * uiypm, J (Uiiei ruippi, Fiar?oc? Hiwci Dlplomaa-Thoma* Fry, Martha Lucaa, Lizzie Fm. Maggie Pumphrey. Rose Miller, Mary Baird. Primary No. i?3Its* Emwia L. Rttd, prtceptret*. Medal?Martha Selby, (by ballot ) Exemplary Conduct ? Su*an Ayton, Emma E klctf, Eriieat Tbotnaa, Kate Wlae, Jenute Byre, Clara JoUnaou. Attention to Study and General Improvement? Ida Weaterflrld, John Headley, Ma^git CameLron, Arabella Headley, Alice Burch, Robert llt-adlry. I* jnrtnalMv?5*d?an Avion M?rth? u. Wt-AU-rtteld. A rU-mesia Garrett, 1m bell a HmdW, Adelaide Burch, Samuel Luaby, EUle Luaty, Mary Wiae. Sunn Purdy Diplomas-Elizabeth Robinson. Elizabeth Stuart, Elizabeth Lynch, Helen Johnston, Laura tiarrett, Emma Bowen. Honorably mentioned?Martha Purdy, Sophia Cook Kate Keruar. Fannie Cornwall, George k?ed, Daniel Lynch frru.. V. < I!- ' C - > . , yi?> U /Ml II Mtiil-Bettli A. Spencer. ExempLary Conduct? Laura Anr?l, Harriet Da*is Edwrardloe Hobey, Mangle Clear, Ellen U41ry, Annie Barnard Attcutioa to Study and General Improvement? Intonate McCutrben. Alice Martin, Fannie Wll nana GeMvl^nn Mitchell, Euimn Cammnek. Dannie Barnnonee Punctuality?Laura A. Whyte, Mary Davis. Lotiiaa Strobel. Diploma*?Ella E Darby, I.aura A. Whyte, L _V M T . R AK.II I i .1 u?- ? * rw T tv " ' ntuwu, mofiiA nooe?, Sa/*U . T*? d'rtrt^tton wm lotewp?rst4 with songs by tti? differ put schools. After music by the Uo4. tte school ww dl?i?d. ThU ? the '^cTutloa of these rery happy occKE " ^ Citt cor-'. iu. July 30 ? Bomrd of Aldirwun Th? boarfl n-?t at th? usual hour, President Dofe is the Chair. pbtitioks i Of Rer. Mr. Bntlw and others, in relation to a nuisancem Eleventh street wwt, of I, C. Loom 18, to erect a wooden paling fence; of C. W. Dawes and otbera. for the opening of alleya in square 513; of 8 A. H. Marks and others, for a change of certain gutters to remove a nuisance caused by overflow; of D Dunanhan. for remtsaion of a fine; of John Van Skiver, for permission to erect a Ash houae;-'?il of which were duly referred. COMXITTZB miPOBTS Bill to prescribe regulations and limitations for the collection of taxes Imposed upon goods and chattels and personal effects In the city of Washington; passed Bill to repair the sewer at the Intersection of Ninth street west and Massac ha ttv? mtcuuc nonuj passea mil for the relief of J. A. Fletcher; pitted BUI to make a gravel foot walk in the Fifth Ward; passed. Bill granting permission to John E Van Skiver to erect a ttsh nouse on Water street, In the Seventh Ward; passed Bill to construct a sewer along 9ixth street wes% from Louisiana avenue to O street north; parsed Bill making appropriations for certain purposes connected with the distribution of Potomac water throughout the city of Washington; passed Bill to lay a water main In Nineteenth street, from * , ?. . v....?jifauia avenue lO I itrrrt north; pasard Bill to lay a water main In north M street, from Eleventh to Fourteenth street* weat; passed Bill to construct a stench trap at the mouth of the sewer on the north side of E street north, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets west; passed Mr Duunington, from the police committee, to whom was referred the Mayor* nomination of Samuel Hoffman as auperintendent of sweep* in the Seventh Ward, In place of Hook rejected, reported the tame back, recommending hia confirmation; continued. Mr. Dunnlngton also reported back the noml nan on or Andrew Carrol for commissioner of the Western market, without recommendation; laid on the table. Bill for the relief of A. Heltmiller; passed Bill for the relief of Charles Klotx; passed. Bill for the relief of J. M. Cohen; passed. Bill refunding portion of a license to George M. M&ughten; postponed till next Monday evening. Bill for the relief of Jeremiah Crowley; passed. Bill making an appropriation for deficiencies in the expenditures of the Washington Asylum for the year ending June 30th, IfcKiO; passed. Bill to re build the bridge across the canal at Its juncture with Virginia avenue and Seuth Capitol street; passed Bill, from the lower board, to lay a water main In New York avenue, from Tenth to Eleventh streets weit, with an amendment, which was agreed to. Concurrent resolution from the lower board, authorixlng a joint meeting of the two boards next Monday evening, for the purpose of electing an Assessor for the Fifth Ward to supply the place of Geo P. Barrett, reported Ineligible at the time of election; passed Bill to ^rade and pave the alley In square 77; passed Resolution authorizing the Mayor to pay tbe day laborers employed to clcan the street* and gutters; passed Bill making appropriation for tbe purchase of uniforms for the city police; paaatd Bill in addition to an act entitled an act for the prevention of nuisance*; passed Adjourned. Commtm Council.? The l>oard met at the uaual hour, the President in the Chair. Several communications were received from tbe Mayor: One trinimitting a communication from the Commissioner of the First and Second Wards, stating that in order to execute the act for curbing and paving the sidewalk on the west front of square lo3, the culvert over the branch will have to be extended to the building line and branch, and that to do thi? an " * ?* Uf/fl UfJl IdllUll CI ?lj<J Will be required XUo. one transmitting a report of the Surveyor on the condition of tbe drainage of Seventh street eaat. south of Pennsylvania avenue, stating that be tlnds from the great quantity of water that must always pass down on each side of tbe street that th? gutters are much too small, and recommends that they be extended 6 feet on both sides mm, iioui l IOL luecti south. He further italt-a that there is no other possible way to relieve the property holders from inundation except by sewers, which would involve great expense. Also, one transmitting a communication from the Surveyor, stating, in reply to an inquiry ?f the boara, that in order to conform a designated portion of Third street west to the gradation as laid down, and to meet the cost of constructing the drop at the southeast angle of square 313. an appropriation of f~UO will be required Also, one transmitting a communication from the Register, presenting a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Corporation for the year ending June 30th, 1860. All these communications were appropriately referred. a copy oi tbe City Directory of Columbua, Ohio, baring been received by the President from the Board of Common Council of that city, through the City Clerk. It was laid before tbe Boara for their action The work was received, and a vote of thank* passed BILL*. PETITIONS, &C., INTKODCCSD. Bill to take up and relay tbe gutter In the Fourth Ward; referred Bill for the relief of J. W. Blake; referred. Petition of VVm Bablngton. for work on Nineteenth street west, between M and N streets north; referred. Of B Mmmam and others, asking for the laying of a water main: referred. Of Joseph Downing, for taking up and relaying a gutter In the Third Ward; referred Mr basby presented the petition of Joseph I.. Lowry, in relation to lire-plugs Thu petition sets forth that he is the Inventor of a lour-ways stop cock and fire-plug; and that having, at the solicitation of Capt. Meigs, obtained a patent for the same, (that officer Dromisinir to ? ? M? i??? ence to secure their use by the Government and the corporation of tue city;) that he exhibited the model as patented to Capt. .\lelga, when that officer took an exact drawing of all ita aeveral Carts. Since then Capt Meiga had made what e called an improvement on the machine, but which was considered by many rather as a detriment; and bad got a patent for it as iinrwnw?i and bad it brought into use He regarded this action on the part of Capt Meigs as an infringement upon bis right; and therefore seeing the Corporation was about to make an appropriation for the purchase and erection of such machines, be desired the Board to suspend action until he bad the matter investigated before the proper tribunal. If it were there decided that this attempted improvement of Capt. Meigs was an | infringement, the Corporation, br adootinv it would render themael v~ea liable to fceavy damages by lta uae Mr Orme objected to receiving th? petition,on the ground that it waa not a proper subject for consideration by that board. By receiving this paper and referring it, a reflection would be thereby cast on the character of that efficient officer, Capt. Meigs, than whom he believed there waa bo man who had a hitrber standing in this community. Capt. Mt-iga would be the laat peraon to mfrlngt* upon anyone's patent right. Mr Kaaby thought that It was but doe to the petitiouer to receive the petition and appropriately refer it. He moved to refer it to the committee ou drainage. The question bring taken, it was so referred. bills passed. Bill for the prevention of nuisances, approved May W7, 1?5?. w thdrawk and kbfebbkd. Petition of Ju. Cantwell withdrawn from the files and referred to the committee on claim*. i f ?nv i?*iA*a Mr. Mead Introduced the following resolution; which wu paaaed : Knolvtd, That the two boards ul the City Council meet in joint convention on Monday next, for tbe purpose of electing au taaeaaor, at 5 o'clock p. in SKPOXT3 OF COXMITTXKS. Bill making an appropriation for grading and graveling E street south, from Sixth street east to Eleventh street east; passed Bill making an appropriation for trimming and graveling N street north, from Fifth to eleventh streets west. In the Third Ward; passed. Bill making an appropriation for trimming and graveling I street south, from Jteveuth to Eighth streets east; passed. Bill for grading and paving an alley in square 777: passed Bi 11 for the construction of a sewer and I a drop in Fourteenth street, between E street snd Pa av., In the Second Wara; passed. Bill making an nnrnntlilinn fnr ?i? *? ?rp?r.....V? >HU UUI|IVI>0 Wl untllllll^ an alley in aquare 561 and seventh Ward; passed Bill authorizing the curbstone to be set and footway paved on the west front of square 790; paased Bill for the relief of Win P. Webb; recommitted. Bill making an appropriation to pay the salaries of the public school teachers for tne year ending June 30, INil; passed. Joint resolution authorizing th?? vraHlnur >nH uitm ??v.n ^ ****?) V? ?UV pUUUb alley In square 218; passed Mr. Bobrer, from the committee on public schools, submitted a report, accompanied by a bill suthorlztng the Trustees of Public Schools to organize ten additional public schools, and for other purposes. Mr Borrows offered the following amendment to the fourth section of the bill: ProvuUd, That the Trustees shall, In their admissions to the public schools, give a preference to orphans, the children of widows, and persons Mr. Borrow*, tn urging the adoption of hia amendment, severely d< pre< atfd the system at present observed by the trustees In regard to the admission of scholar* Into tbess schools He ventured to aaaert that two-thlrda of the children who were at preaent attendant on our public schools, were the aoa* and daughter* of parent* who were la every way able to have their children educated at Institution* far auperlor to those which could be afforded by this Corporation 1 i a large portion of tbla community were laboring people, and their children were not found at theae I acbooU fa# two or three reaaoa* In tbe flrat place, their were not .ought after, and secondly, becauw children of more favored parent*, whose z&ss$swsr asKw&t many ?u that the Bil>le was reed In our public acboolf. which gave them something of a sectarian character, inasmuch as this book was not regarded as an orthodox work by one portion of the community?the Catholics He was perfectly satisfied to have the Bible or any other religions work read In the schools, provided tbev artrd up to its precepts; but instead of that, the disposition was just the reverse In a community which I Was composed of s>ich heterogenous materials, the children should be educated as the parent dealred. if he was a Mormon, let him be educated as a Mormon; if a Catholic, let htm receive such an education; If he did not believe in any religious instruction, then do not attempt to force him to accept of any doctrine or dogina They drove many children away by this sectarian education. He was no Catholic thAnwh hi? wh, for, unfortunately, the ml) of "no reilgion" fitted very tightly on nim. But be hoped he was ao far a Cbrlatian aato have reapect to the boneat prejudicea of the poof man Several gentlemen concurred In the vlewa expreaaed by Mr Borrows in regard to the exclusion of th? children of the poor man to the advantage of the more comfortably circumstanced, but did not think his amendment would effect the desired object. Mr. Cbapin ?If you wiah to make ita test question. you had better withdraw vonr amendment and move to exclude the Bible from tbe Public School*. | Mr Borrows ?I do not wish to have it excluded; but do not aubject the children of those parents opposed to its doctrines to the reading of it. Mr. Bohrer.?I think tbe gentleman ought to qualify his amendment so as to n nke it read "poor widows." Instead of widows simply, for he must know that there are many widows In the city who are able to buy both himself and the gentleman. The amendment was reieeted hv * wnu at 11 na\-? to f> yeas The bill waa then paued Adjourned. Thi Moonlight F.xcvkhion to Glymont of the " art preservative" fraternity and their friends, last evening, was a delightful affair, and was par tic I pa ted In by a large number. The rain of the afternoon (which waa juit sufficient to cool the air and make boating on the river exceedingly pleasant) detained the excursionists some thirty minutes at the wharf. After a fine run the Collyer reachedGlvmontaiimit* *jn ??i?* ? ..--.a j w w) uuu iuc 111011 y uaucm were soon coupled In the pavlliou and engaged In the poetry of motion to the feet-inspiring music of Withers s bow, whilst others were rambling amidst the umbrageous trees and along the pebbly j shore. There was but litiie cessation of the dancing until supper was announced, when was dlscusscd with sharpened appetites the excellent repast furnished by the proprietors, Messrs Jones A. Miller, who have an established reputation as caterers Supper cer, th? devotees of Terpsichore again returned to the pleasures of the quadrille, waltz, polka, gallopade, and schottische, enjoying themselves immensely until ten o'clock, when the boat-bell sounded the note of preparation for a return homeward Finally u all aboard" was beard, and tbe boat steamed her way cityward, the excursionists meanwhile admlrinir a most en | chanting scene?the moon beaming forth In all her effulgence upon the Potomac's placid waters, and mirroring the green-clad shore! upon cither side, whilst tbe many vessels, outward bound, with spread canvas filled by the gentle xephyrs, added to the beauty of the scene Altogether, this excursion was one of the moat successful of | the season. Consignees per steamer Montlcello, from New YorkAlexander & Cook, J. W. Angus, Amy A Shinn, Blanchard A Mohun. S. Bacon A Co., Harbour A Semmes, W. F. Bally, J P Bartholow, \V. Ballantyne, J.G.Berret, Reuben Bacon. Hon. Howell Cobb, Campbell A 8od. J C Cox. Cfirnino * u u r'-" " " ~ ' _T p, w u. i . L?rnow, U tj Hillfey, P M Dubant, Dougherty A Bprford. D. English A Son. S Frange. IV. B Franklin, Gothelf A Bebren, T D Oilman, Green A Bro , F Gather Kd ward Hall, W.H Hamilton. J L Hapbil, B Jost, H. J. Johnson. Johnson A Sutton. Jackson, Bro. A CoJ L. Kidwell, Kennedy A Pugh. G 1j., L. Lyons, Lutz & Beall, K. M Ltnthlcum, M McDermott, Miss K McCarthey, Mlddleton A Beall. J W Morsell, T. W. Miller. J P Milburnt & Co., T. Molinard. J. VV. May, B F. Morsell, Moore A Cissell, VV G Wetrenk. J B N , W. Oliver, VV . G Olcott, GAT. Parker A Co , H. C. Purdy, Parker A Spaulding, Philp A Solomon, J. C. Kivea. Smithsonian institution, H. Semken, H G S., Chas Stott, C. Snyder, J. VV Thomwon A Co * , ? ? i iv .uuuij. 1*1 rs. n Telley, Thonipaon k Hannon, Tenney & Co , C. Thomas, H Wlngate &. Co., E. E. White 4 Co , C- Wendell, C. S Whittlesey. Panssngers ? James Jones and daughter. Mr. Clark and lady, \Vm F Sennis, Sarah Adams, Ja?. H Bradley, Mrs Sherman and child, J. S. Daley, J. M Stewart and lady Criminal Cocbt.?Yesterday, Judge Crawford overruled the motion for a new trial ot the case of Ludim A Bargy, and exceptions were filed by his counsel, which will carry the points Involved in the case before the Circuit Caurt Th? Court also overruled the motion made by Mr. Miller for a new trial of Ann Clark, who was convicted of grand larceny. John O'Brien was tried on a charge of arson, and acquitted To-day.?John O'Brown was placed on trial on a charge of arson in setting fire to an unoccupied dwelling house, owned by Jackson I'umphrey, on the first day of April, 1*59. The jury had returned no verdict when our report closed. Ann Clark, convicted of stealing a large qnantitv of i^wplpv 1 -- - ,, j ..a., ii mr oar ana sentenced to two years in the penitentiary. First W?m Elictio*. To-moirow ?There will be an election in the First Ward to-morrow, to fill the vacancy in tbe new Board of Common Council occasioned by tbe disqualification of Mr. Robert Karl, Jr. Tbe places of holding the election will be?First Precinct, at G. T McGlue's wood office, north side of I street, between Nineteenth and Twentieth: Second Precinct, at the carpenter shop of Fielder Dorsett, corner of G and Eighteenth street* Polls open from 7 a m to 7 p. in. The candidates, we believe, are the same as before?Robert Earl, jr., who we understand baa since duly qualified for the office, and Mr. Thomas P. Morgan, the former incumbent?both excellent gentlemen. A Maosificert Prizk Exhibition comes off at Odd Felluws' Hall this evening, for the benefit of Mr Thiodon. the ingenious and accomplished originator and artificer of tbe Museum of Art, which has afforded our citizenssn much pleasure this summer. Tbe Hat of thirty-five gifts, to be distributed among the audience, enioracea. we notice, gold and silver watches, valuable plate, estimated in *11 tn lu? * * * , . ? ? ? nviw iwv aunarra dollars Of course those who have enjoyed so much pleasure and drawn so many valuable prizes, all on account of i\lr Tbiodon's labors, will see that he has a bumper to night For particulars see advertisement in another column. Thi Fast of Ai.?Sunday last, being the ninth day of the Hebrew montb Ab and the anniversary of the destruction of the temple of Solomon by Nebuchadnezzir, and of the destruction of the second temple by Titus Vespasian, was celebrated by the Israelites everywhere as a day of fasting. The Jewish synagogues throughout the world were draped in mourning, and, Instead of the usual religious services, mourning exercises were performed, as chanting freiu the Lamentations of Jeremtah, the recital of poems In commemoration of the scattering chosen people, and recounting their history subsequent to the dispersion. Tub Japan*** at Willards.?The Washington correspondent of the New York Herald states that \V 11 lards' hotel bill for entertaining the Japanese embassy In Washington city amounted to 20,000 for twenty-three days. In justice to the Messrs. Willards. it is but fair to state that their bill was only *0,217 for twenty-four days, or 9312 per day, and his rooms were kept vacant six or eiirht days previous to the arrival of the Japanese. T*? - ? . HH n uviv iwuncu ay iDf government daring the stay of the embassy in the United States including ?6,06H for (tore* and outfit for the voyage to Japan, was f2&2,181. A Mistake.?The members of the Board of Aldermen were very much astonished yesterday evening to discover that the fine portrait of Senator Ruuedge, of South Carolina, many years aao Chairman of the District Committee in Congress, .?u uiauy jjxim a#u una, wnicn bangs In the Aldermen'* room, was draped In mourning. It was mistaken by the costumer employed under the resolution to hang the City HaU offices with crape, for a likeness of the late Joseph Gales to whom, hpwever, It does bear a striking resemblance. A Rural Fbte.?The Fete Champetre, at Lcefler's Washington City Gardens, promises to be a fine affair. Good music, dancing, fireworks, a balloon ascension, and a laughable sack race, the j runners being tied up in sacks, form a portion of the entertainments offered. The City Garden* are pleasantly located on New York avenue, between First ana Second streets, and are easy of aceeaa, it being a pleasant and short walk from the heart of the city. Remember the grand fete on Monday evening, August 6. A Hose Hoosc at the Obsbbvatobt.?Sealed proposals for the erection of a hose bouse at tbe National Observatory, according to pUn and specifications to be seen at tbe office, will be received until ?K_ link A. 1 - ?} ? ?J auBUB, ISOU. rw proposals should be ladorsed " Proposals for tbe erection of Hose House," and will be opvued In the presence at bidders on said 10th day or August, at noon. Nbw Magistkatx* in Alxxandria.?The old Justices of tbe Peace in Alexandria county, tin lab to-day, their term of ofice, and Henceforth are functus officio. The Justices chosen In May last anil f% i1*m Am) sat *Iva laa# ???? " -*? , ^ ? ?- KIIU ut lut i.uuniy Court, commence to-morrow, the exercise of their functions. 1 ' ' P*o* Occovjua*.?We learn tLmt all continues a' it at Occoquau. On ycsterdav it soon, there been ao attempt |g replace the pole destroyed r 0 I Alckkmaktc &rl*m ?Mr Alderman Moorf, whoae aldermaalc ax-grindiag propensities have more than once been made the mhject of remark In oar colamoa, yesterday eventa* rtuyrd to let off a Httle spleen at the expense of the Evening qt-ir In - ? ' .... ( > ? uicu enori uf wil MilVd OJT bll colleague, Mr. "BiUM Ward. Mr Moore thought thr provision in the bill -imposing regulation* and restrictions for the collection of taxes on personal property In certain cases," requiring that the Collector shall advertise all sale* made under j d<*tram to satisfy taxes due on personal property, i "In the dtlly paper published In Washington having the largest bona fid* circulation among the inhabitants thereof,'1" was a provision for the especial behoof ef the Evening Star, thereby acknowledging what everybody but himself has long ago dlacovered, namely, that the Star is the paper which would come under the provision of the bill. [By the by, it is a well known fact that the Star daily circulates more than twice as many copies as all the other dallies in the city put together 1 Mr Alderman " Bill'" Ward also rises gravely 1 in his seat and regreta that a provision is inserted ! in the bill which will put money in the pockets of the Star We can readily imagine thst those two Aldermen entertain not the strongest feelings of friendship for the Star. Inasmuch as it has had I nruilnn K.f?. - ?v*' * ' I ?? wavivt iiuw wj 5uuw uiff pUUilC OI ^ fl&I material the aldermanic repreaentation from tbe Fourth Ward ia compoaed; and therefore we are content for the nonce to let them " bite the file" ! without further notice than thia. Ahothih Attempt at Kobbiky ?On laat Sunday night an attempt waa made by two men to enter tbe houae of Mr. White, next door to tbe corner of Soutb F and Tenth etreeta. and next door to tbe houae of Mr Stepbenaon, an attempt to rob which waa made a few night* previoualy The wouid-be burglara on the laat occaaion. were aurpriaed in the act of trying to force the lock of arinnr h?nr>?.? t * j " "" ? ? J wvuua v* IttiSC AC| >< out* UCU. "* W litre were the police?" Ckxtral Gvabdhousi Casks.?Befort Justin Donn ?Wm. Phillip*, colored, was drunk and disorderly, for which he was arretted and cared He wu fined S3 IS. J no. Shekells waa drunk in the atreet Committed to the workhouse. Tboa TorseVn waa charged with disorderly conduct; the cas? was made for trial. Thk Contihistal Club give a grand moonlight pic-nic, to-morrow, at Arlington Springs. For particulars, see advertisement in another column. Costeactois will find an advertisement in another column Inviting proposals for paving, Ac. See advertisement of auction sale, to-day, by A Green, of a well located and convenient bouse MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, near Clarksvilie, Ga . on Tuesday mornins, July 2<?h, brtheRev. K. C. Ketchum, Mr. BKN F. SLOCl'M B. of Mississippi, to Miss ROSA W .dauch ter of Col. John R. an<l Mrs. Cordelia St. L. Stan ford. ' On ths 10th instant, hy the Rev. Father A ikon, Mr. FERDINAND PKASNKR to Miss MARY A. SHKRRIKR, a I of Georgetown. * AMUSEMENTS. PINEY BRANCH TROTTING COURSE! PuRSK A.ND StAK 8 f Hi 8 150. <8 1 Afe: MiU Heats, btst thru in .&vt, i* Harness. \V. Nelson, enters brown horse Brown John. ivoo i s>uong, enters brown horse Toby Tramp. \Vm. 01eevf?r, enters bay horse Bav Di?k. Trot to com* off WEDNESDAY. August I. at 6 o'clock. Good sport may be expected. Admission 50 cents. jy 31-2t* Ala fete champetre' T LCEFLER'S WASHINGTON CITY GAR DENS. (Xeu> Y?rk nv? bettrxxn l*t ami id sit. ) MONDAY", Acgcst 6th. The Manager begs to announce to the public that a grand Fete, comprising many NOVEL ENTERTAINMENTS rarely, if ever, witnessed in this city, will be given as above. ll_7*Th* Gardens are pasv of access, and, head* """^VplLSUn+rkhoht And a splendid RURAL ENTKRTAlNMENT. T he entertainments will eommoncp atj4 o'clock, with a LAUGHABLE SACK RACE for a Silver Goblet. Afer which, CLIMBING THE GREASED PULE for Priews. PONCKRT BY THE BAND. The beautiful and spftcious Pftvilion will l?e thrown opou for Dancing/re? of cjiarge. At dark, a splendid Mon'golfier BJA L LOON ASCENSION, with FIKE WORKS attached. After which, a brilliant display of pYROTJ?CH-? nics. frr An efficient polioe will be on the (round. . ?i_* uAswirui music wui enliven me r,ruertani menta. Admunon 25 centii: children 10 cents. , LA FETE CHAMPETRE' )y y-tf C. J. WALTER, Manager. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! TUESDAY EVENING. Julv S' EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION"! BENEFIT OF A. THIODON, P*opii*Tfli n? the MUSKI'M OF ARTS! On which ?>?ramon a Monster Gift Entertainment will begiven to his patron*. e?n?Mting of 33 VERY COSTLY PRESENTS, VALUKD at 8200, Including Full Set of Silver-plated l ea Service, in fl pieces, all included in one gift; Two Gold Watches, Two Silver Watches, Two Silve- plated Cako Baskets, Goblets and Mugs, Beautiful Cameo and Mosaic Set, Rings, Bracelets. *o. Orchester?Violin, C.G. Bi*n; Piano, Prof. r'cHKLL Ticket* of admission, on this occasion, to a 1 parts of the hall Wets.; for sale at H. Semkens. 330 Pa. av., bet. 9th and inth sts.. where the pres thh may ; >* *een. Ticket* may aUo be had at the hall from 9 a. m. to ft p. m.. and on the evening of the performance. Dcorsopen at 7>i; commenceat 8. jy SO EKRKK CONCERTS! RNST LOKFPLKR, Neir York nrenie, bttwtn 1 st and struts, would respectfully lOfy tate to the public that A COVCr'.RT ofiJBi SKL.EOT MUSIC will t>e ci ven ever* MllN DAY and THURSDAY EVENINfJS during the e%non, at hit I'avilion, commenoing at 3 o'clock ard ending at 1" p. m. Previous to the Conoert. tne Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the maxy danoe. ICE CREAM- WATKR ICES, and every <)esoriptiou of CONFECTIONERY always re*dy at oity pnoes. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nic purposes. are requested to give a day or two notio?. je 18 Sm WANTS. WANTED?A SALES LADY. None but the liatt or?*l ?pplf. S. HKL1.KH, jy 31 No. 34 Market Spacc, hrt ?th and 8th nts. WANTED?By a rasper table worn* i.a SITUATION to do eliamberwork aud a**wmc, or take care or a baby and do tewing ; is willing to make hertelf useful. Call at 37 3 Pa. av. It* UI7 ANTED?Aeood COOK ANll chamhitb MAID. References required. Apply to GEO. POE, Jr., Bank of Columbia, Bridge at, George town. jy 31 a' WANTED?By a respectable young woman a SITUATION ai chambermaid or reamftress; can cut, fit, or a>aiat in ?a?hiui( or dining room work in a private family. Inquire at No 41*4 Eleventh atroet, between E and F street*. Can be toon for two da> *. It* WANTED-A WOMAN, to perlorm the duties J J of chambermaid. No one need apply who cannot bring a recommendation from her last p.aoe. Inquire at Eckiogtou, two railea north of the C*j> J] " WANTED?By a steady aud industrious man, a TV SITUATION as collector. Bf*t of recoin I inundations given. Address M. C., Star Office. jj 1 ?-tf t*TANTED?To have everybody know that they v v can purchase their Summer Clothing at cost at No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office, jy 12-nn PERSONAL. \| ADAM R MORKICE, ThiGkkat AstboloItI ?i?t and Doctkkss, just from Eur opt.?This highly siftrd and inUliigaat lady can be oonsulUtd on the Past, Present and Future Events. Call at No. 205 Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. js LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Yesterday evening, on the avenae, be tween 9tii ami 10th ?u.. a ladjr's I.KATHKR B \G. oontainmg a purse with small change, and a breastpin in the form of a eroaa. The finder will oonfer a favor by leaving it at 199 1 at., between 20th and batata. jy 31 ?* LOST-A BROWN BUFFALO COW. with t: fore teats rising above others: right ear split; soared across the loins. AgoodjPUr" reward will lie given for her letnm to Mr.Jbs^B JAMES HAZELL, butoher, Washington. if ?3* TMAKEN FBOM THE STORE OF WM.A. C wiO on the 77th mat.,a pocket or memorandum BOOK, with papers of no value only to the I MWaAr In it nnA nnifl Hraww f * ? - *"* M ? ? -? -- ", "v,v ? i w w u is J n i||r o \J ? lor payable to the ord?r of Johu J. Caho tor |iioa for MX mon'hi, not endorsed by him. 1 fo ewa n all person* from waiving it u the payment u topped A liberal n ward will heriven lor the rate ..f the same to the oorner of Fourteenth and I streets )J a ** WM. A. CAHO. $.*>0 GRO M A ^L^wIsT/calls' him llf jj* l.ewis Thomas; ?#ed about 33 year*; ? feet 7 iilChfill Dich : & (it k oKMamu uninr* nliAaL t?5 bT" UUV^26 WaaJungwm, may i Ml GEORGETOWN. <f*i & Gsofterrown. Jaly 31, l^. Our City Council*, which adjourned on Friday night last, were called together last evening toy Mr \V m H Tennsy. acting Mayor, in order to diapoee of the unfln'.shed business No bualnesa was transected in the Board of Aldermen for want of a quorum In the Board of Common Council ail the n.embers were present, except Meaars Pickrell, (preaident,) and Fng'.lsh Mr. Wm L l)unlop was called to the chn.r A resolution, authorizing the clerk to payor accept orders of the commissi oners of streets or a majority of tbem,came up from the Board of Aldermen with two amendments: one 1 naertin^ tbe words "without inlereat ' was agreed to. the other striking out the words "or a majority of them," was disagreed to The ''dog law7' from the Board of Aldermen passed without amendment A message from the Mayor, inclosing a communication from the Surveyor in relation to High street Improvement, was referred to streets coinI mlttee Mr Stake, by consent, presented a communication from Mr Wm H Marriot, keeper of Little Falls bridge. In relation to the unsafe condition of the floor of the bridge, aud stating that the irons want ."screwing up " Mr Tenney presented a resolution authorizing the Mayor to Lave the necessary repairs made under the direction of the Surveyor, which was passed Mr Stake, by consent, presented a communication from Rev Joseph Aschwanden, pastor of Trinity (Catholic) Chufch, making some explanations in relation to the lot atta<-h?3 to the Catholic burial ground It elicited considerable debate. Id which Messrs Stake. Tenney, and others participated, and was finally referred to the Board of Aldermen Mr Stake, by consent, presented the account of Jos F. Birch, which was referred to claims commlltM Tbe resolution in favor of \V. D Wallach was taken up, but before action *'&s bad thereon. tbe board adjourned Our coal wharves present a lively appearance, a great number of boats (more than one hundred J having arrived since Sunday morning last. They extend a considerable distance above tbe aqueduct, and the scene is a very animated and novel one In Justice to Mr John H. Darnes, the young man lormerly a dirk in the post office here. whose arrest and examination in connection with a letter miming from the Georgetown post office will h? remembered by your reeders, we will state tbat the grand jury, after Investigation, found no bill agai nst h:ir< We have been informed tbat on Saturday night last an attack waa made on an old colored man by four young men, on Seventh street near High, and tbat after treating him very roughly, tb?y took hia shoes from bim. This case deserves thr attention of the police Remember that the fair of the young ladies of Christ Church congregation commences ik?t evening. and not Fftday evening, as heretofore advertised corrected advertisement In Georgetown column. 1 We understand that the list of letters remaining in tbe Grorjjetown post office will be advertised In tbe Star to morrow, and on the first of eacb succeeding month. GEORGETOWN ADVERrMTS tor other UeornttoteHa*lrtrtistmemti tuJirst put FAIR WILL BE HELD BY THE 'J? Young lA>ti?s of Christ Cnurcli cont tion at Mr. Abbott'* So hooi house. on West street, commencing THlR<Tu?*Ml?y) EVENING, interesting article* will Iks exhibited for ?al?. ReIroshmentn provided. and amplearraugt meni* made to secure the comfoit of visitor*. _ jy S-3t I^OR RENT?A two *tory BRICK HOI t*E. No. 7 9. on Gtmp street. To a good tenarr- the reut will be mode; ale. Forterms apply to JOHN *1 11 _ rv i k ifi ?- - J * ii ic.i.jrs carpenter, nexi aoor. jy M 31 FH)R BOSTON ?The faet *aiJin* clipper schooner J. W. Searer, Captain Nickerson, hat -Qk arrived aud i? now discharging tier freiglit. For freight or pa>ug? for theabove port ( ?he^^^ will sail on Weilue#?lay, lit A uEust.i aypl? to H ^R'fLEi a BRO., jy 2ft 4t 99 and 101 Water ?t., Geoijtetown. 1^ I 8 H! F I 8 H !f r FISH!!! **>hbl?. prime round EASTERN HKFRINt*. Also, 100 bbls. No. 1 LABRAUOH HERRING. Now 'anding per sclioorar J VV Seaver. awl for sale by HARTLEY * BRO., jy 28 3t 90 and 101 Waer ?t., Georgetown. |?OR NEW YORK ? The regular packet sch'rs r Yorktown. Captain Woglom, and Sur- *,?^. prise, Captain Cole, are now ready for ear ^PP? to.and will nail as abovf with dispatch. F?>r*'^? freight apply to McCOBB 4 DODGE, ?:? Water st, Georgetown. jy 27 I^O HUMBUG! We will commence on Monday next, July 30th, to close oat our entire stock ofSUMMFR DRESS GOODS. Ac.. Ac., at PritweCoKfor Caoh-n"in re will he asked. SPILMAN A HUNT. _j> 27-?o2w 9S Bridge street. WOOD WANTED. SEALED PROPOSALS Will be receded by tke Clerk ol the Corporation of Goorgetown, *t his Office, until the 1st day of August next, to furni-h about sixty five cord* of g > d 4 'ak Wood, lor the use of the poor during the ensuing winter. Georgetown, D. C., July 17. IMP. jy 17-eotAugl A RARE CHANCE 13 NOW OFFKR ED TO any ?ne who may be desirous of entering in \ profitable busmr *s, at one of the best stands in Georgetown. I offer my entire stock of dry GOODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a charze in my business. W. R HURDLE. ft 3? 1 m Corner of High and Gay ?ta. Having determined to change my business. I'll oommanoe from this date to sell for rash my entire stock of DRY and FANCY GOOD'*. Having purohased o the most favorable terms, and being desirous < f c'osmg out as eerly %s possible, all who may be in want of bargains _,ll ?nil M W 1*1 uu WWII w K1TO IUO C% UBII. W. R. HUtDLR. jy 24 1m Corner of High and Gar Bta. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otK*r "For Salt and Rent" advertisimtnts. ih firtt pngt ] 1J*OR RENT?That neat and convenient COTTAOki Rb'MDKNCE 'formerly occupied by II. H. Vuu, Esq . I on Twelfth utreet. went Hide. be- . twoen ti and H. Thi* is a moat desirable situation in point of looality. health, &c. For pa ticulars inquire of K.W. KATKS, woojandcoaidr-&i>r, ? r- i ner of C ami Fourteenth sts.* For rent-a flrnishf.d parlor ani CHAMBER, on fcmt tloor, with or without n 4 ? - ? __ *-?? - i - * a.ho, iwu i/D?mi)frs, ironi, nrconu forr ' Inquire Tenth street, east aide, fcrnt door alwve M i street. jy y 2t* 1 li'OR RENT ? A comfortable two-Btory PRICK I DWELLlNO.SSfeetfront, N<>. 310, Vi gin.a ' avenue, between 3d and 4th ats ? a*t. A pnmp of pur? wat?r close at hand. Also, a 8"us two-ttorf KRICK DWELLING on 1st street ea?t, n*ar N street south. Rents low to rood tenants. Enquire of jy 3rv-3t? H ALLEN, No *go Va av. Ab rare chance for a man with a SMALL CAl'l I AL.-Tii? subscriber has : boutht property in Mar\ ind. therefore will sell a small GkOCKRV STORKnn Tlh stre? t at private sale. For particulars enquire at 447 ?tt> street, between G and h. jy J?-9t* FOR RENT?A arise double BRICK HOOK, I containing 11 rooms and pa-sage. with stftMe and carriage house; a!?o a pump of water in the >ard:on Eleventh et., near 1. st. For term* inquire of GEORGE T. LANG LEY, on L ?\,near Four teenth Bt. jy afi tf FMIR SALE OR RENT-A BRICK DWELL- i 1NG llOUbK, va 8nth street west, tiotween M and N noith.No. St30, ocntaininc eight rooms and a kitchen. Possession given immediately. Ap- , ply next door north. j> 25-1 w _ FOR RENT-A threo-storj BRICK DWEL , LING HOUs*E. on H ?t. between 12th and 13th U., No 404. Apply to J. KIRKNVOOD. 476 Utli atreet. jy 18-tf L'UR RENT.?A new and handaoin* FRAME r HOUSE will be for rant in a few days. It la beautifully aituated on Thirteenth afreet, t>etween (ioorgiaavenue and K at.. Navy Yard ; ha* a lar*e garden lot attached, a puiup of k<h*1 v*ur n ar. and containj 4 room*, kitchen and w<-odahed. \V.1 1 t>e rented low, with or without the lot, to a it?'od I tenant. For sale cheap, a rood, strong WORK HORSE : works well iu anything luquire of T. E. CI,ARK. Navy \ ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, 61* H at., between 4th and 5th jy 16 ( FOR RENT?Two oomfortable thre?-?Ury b'ick I HOUSED, six rooms and kitchen each, situated on Eleventh at., between B and C. Rent 913 An per month AeoK to ARO P unfttlfi v - c ? Myers* Ofltce," Eithth st. jy U lm* FUR RENT-Two beautiful new BRICK < I HOt'StS.oo Eighth st eet wNt, be*weee?M and N streets north, wnst side. Apply to MARY j C. UAlSiill*. No. j??*1 Ninth street west,or Dr. KE \"*BK Y, No. 33'J Pa. avenue, between !Hh aad 1Mb street*. ' lr ?* Sw* WO O D! WOOD!! WOO D!!! PTOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowa, i T. J. * W. M. OALT, 38S Pa. a*., between 11th and tSth sts., me, TT-tf north side. I IMPORTED MINERAL waters. JOSEPH W. NAIRN. DRUOGI8T.oorner of Pa avenue and Ninth street, keep* c< nstautlv on hand fraeh CONGRESS. HLl/E LICK,and CANADA WEST ARTESIAN WELL WATER; also, a supply of CATaWBA WINE and BRANDY. fiom the oelabrated Zimmerman cellars, notoriously unsurpassed in Cincinnati or rlsewh*ra among th? manufacturers Of the mire article from American ?" ' ]y?n PERSONS IN 8KARCH OF tflHTARH, X Violin*, Flute?. Accordeom. FiuUnn. B&rjot, Bm.?? Iii*trum?ntiud t*tricga ortto famS/-" ? ? "??? JT? W.?. HKTZMIOTT. ' ' _ ^ _ ? - - ? m -m W - m. r TEL EG K A FJB J_Cj AMItiMtl k| lk? Btkemtak. Urnr. July *? ? Tb* Rngllafc Inrif??d dutf on and I quota : to go iatorflect oi> tb? * of January, 1*1 At a ?f tbo International MatiaUeal ConcrM. Lord Brouehin. a**lng the Amrrlrta MtnVater pre??Bt. Mid be hoard Mr Dalla* would forgive him for reminding nlan that ib^rr waa a I Dfgro prwent ? t ?ah" >lk- r" gave rlae to loud laughter and cheering Mr. Dallaa made no tijjn In reaponar but tbe ncgre 1a Juration. a Dr Ikelaney, ar??e and returned tbanka >r the kind alluaion which bad bar a made to him. and aaaured all praaent tbat be too waa a tan Tbla w.ia greeted with tmm-ruae c boar lag from all parta of the bouae. A grand banquet waa gtven by tbe Mayor of Southampton to Capt Vour.g. and the oft- era of the a'eam yacht Foa, prior u> ber departure to anrvev the route of the projected North Atlantic. Telegraph Several Americana were preaeat, and a letter of apology from Mr Dallaa waa moHvrd Among Ur toaata waa one to tbe I're* d' ut of th* tutted SUle* Fiaici. The lateat accounta from tbe cro|* were reaa aurtng. and a good average yield waa expected There bad been a further r?n ?- ?? "?? ?? . .? *WT I BTI* ?V" * and wlifi! marketa The bourse waa dull and lower The Rente* (loaed at ** lrtLT. A Turin journal nvi that Garibaldi while advocating the annexation of mcily to Hardlnis, thought It .tdvissble that his Dictatorship should continue uutll the whole Island wu subjugated, and finding that Farina and hla two aaa?< latrs were detrimental to La successful operations, caused them to leave the country The two Neapolitan pienlpotent ariea to Sardinia hid reached Turin A Neapolitan minister bad alao nwrbed Parla. The latest newa from Naples report* the dismissal of the Neapolitan M nlslry Only the Commander de Martino would remain in the new Cabinet ?viu. The attack of the Druees on the Christiana at Damaat aa commeiad en the evening of Uh- 1Kb, when several men were killed, and thr women carried oil for tlte harems The French. Knaalan and Oroek Conatiia look refuse la tbe bouse of Ab-drl Kader. The attitude of the Turkiab authorities waa undecisive, and rather n>jurloua than na_/nl m^luiiwim. i ureeiLouKaiid I urk ?b soldiers irnvrd to dtjr Tb? f?tr? of tbr Cbrtstiam arc redoultlfd. ind CommiNloorn Vclbjr tbd Kurwick are expected with Impatience The detail* of the 1st of July uv it was then ascertained that ttie Druaea had burst and pillaged 151 villages since the '.>9th of May, while from 7 .SOU to f.usi Christian inhabitants of Lebanoa? m tnv of wbom wer?* wealthy men. and all tranters to anytlun^ like poverty?are new le?a tbau b^^ars, depending on cbarity fur their daily br?-.?d. Over and above the number of Christians shot in a< tual warfare, it Ik U-lieved tli?t " m? - ?" ? b??e be?-n hiiWhrrrd in coM blood The iiimmcrca at Dameacua were not known at tbia dale. The in<*l ?i? keuing detaila arr l:v?n of the bar, barltw-a prattled on all a^?-a and a? ?ca A French veaael bad beea a*nt to SiUkt and was obliged to take a position within range of the town, in order to retrain tnc fanatical portion of the inhabitants fr?m r?mnuttiug further outea^'V Great *?iUUou p.evaila at Aleppo aud at KVllia ciljr Attempt to thraw a I rata ?f tar> lr?? th? Track Bostos. July 30 ?An unsuccessful attempt was made. Saturday night, to thrown the New York Kxprt-*s tram Irom the track near Friniinj^ham, by pUcing sleeper* a< roM the rails The traiu had been running at high speed. being behind time, but the engineer had just shut off steam, as it was nearing the depot, when the engiae struck live sle?*pers on the track Three of them were thrnu'n n<f ???! w..* ? ?-? " ? - ??v aa IB, UU1 ?WO CBUJ?U1 UflQW Uif cowcatcher, and were borne along till tbe train topped Tbe train rocked fearfully, causing a pauic, but no damage wai dona The Z* naves ia Philadelphia Ph :lai>cl i hi a . July .10 ?Tbe Chicago Zouav? visited Independence Hall tbi* morning, and tbl* afternoon drilled at Kalruiount Park, iu tbe pre* ence of 15.WW spertators. a large number of whom were Indies As the drill took place on tbe hill, an excellent view \ra* tftnrded Their more menu wer?- closely scrutinised and londly ap pUuded The corns is gaining much favor here, wbere tbey were at first looked upon egotist* They will stay here in-morrow and probably leave to-morrow night by the 11 o'clock train for Baltimore. Later fren Califerala. ?t. Joseph'*, July 3u?The PonvExpreas from a? tn*L -? ?_?_ ? * ? u vii mr imo jnijr, amtfu httt u>dav The news la unimportant The iatnt dates from St Lou la received In San Francisco were via telegraph to Springfield. Mo , and thence by the Butter Held mill route. Stating tbat the Baltimore Convention bad broken up In a row. without any further deUila Consequently there waa great excitement In San Francisco, and an iutenae anxiety to know what followed ________________ Facilities fer Visiting the Great Eastera. Baltimore. July 31 ?It is now a fixed fact that the Great Kaatern will be at Annapoiia Roads on Monday next, where she will remain Ave days on exhibition The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (who have been mai< lv instrumental In brtnvin* tbis arrangement about) give information that rouud-trip tickets are beibg provided, to lu luda adm ??i on to tbe ship and trie transfer from Annapolls to tbe Great Kastern. t xhibitisn of W nter Gas Ph:Laim'm:a. July JU ? There w?? a most bril liant exhibition of the Illuminating qualities of water gat this evening at tbe Glrard House. under the auspices of ttie ' l>er*toui> lias Company," to members of the press and other rlttiens Threefourths of the hotel is now lighted by this gas. at aa expense not exceeding 50 cents per 1,U00 feet. The Ke^sklusBi > Philadelphia. Philadelphia.Julv2h ?There wa? an in mense A. t. II ? I * " ? ? ivri-uii^ui |>roc?^?ic>n 01 republican* it-re tm? ev??n!njr They serenaded Mr Cortln, the RepubllI'aii candidate for Governor. atid tlen escorted to tbe railroad depot a delegation who are about to visit >ew York to participate la tbe republican meeting there. ?hi? Politic* , Ci>(tfla!io. July*>?The Cuyahoga ronnfy iemoerats held a Convention In this city to-day, it which there was a full attendance Hon Rentvn Wood wai elected chairman, and eight Breckinridge delegates vrere choeen to tbe State Convention Fire in Jlew York ?Newspaper Establish* meat Deitr*)ed mw vou, Jul? 30.?The Irish .News and rranscrtpt, and other printing establishments In .\aaaaj street, were destroyed by Art last midnight. Loot unknown. 1 lie Frmce of M sir*. Halt!mo**, inly 30 ?Lord Lyons and Frederick Ware, hso ., of t?if British l**?piT'on. I? ft here this morniHi- for Canada, to meet the Prince of Wales Pennsylvania Politics Philadelphia, July 3? ?The Pennsylvaniaa has changed proprietors, l)r E Jtforwitx retirlnc, succeeded by John H It rm tier The Breckinridge and l?ane flag has been hoisted Sailing ef the Great tstUra let ( ape *lay. Nkw You, July 30 ?The sv-amer Great Eastern sailed for Cape May this afternoon Arrival of the Pristf of WiIm at Halifax. Halifax. Jnly 30?The Prince of Wales arrived here to-day and baa just landed Usltlasri Uarsois 13altikoxx. July 31 ? Floor closed**mi. Howard *U?ft f>5 'i'i \V h .il closed buoyant; red SI "JO a* 1.3(i; white ! 30a* 1 <K? Corn clustd oiarve and is wanted; yellow 7U?an adv?n<* of iceui*, while 76c. Provisions closed steady; mess pork NO, rump VIS; bacon sides 14c. V> hisky closed lieady at :ile. Now Tork Marktti. Niw You, July SI ?Floor is heavy; State at 1*5-10; Ohio aaiuMta*; eouttterb Wh(*t has advanced to.; Southern red ft! 30a I 32. Com has an advancing tendency; ntaaAflJgaftfc ; choice W rtU-ru yoUow <LZc Pork Is heavy, mess Pl-25atiw; prime SIS tta?l4 l^rd it- steady Whskv is steady atWjfc. PACKING ** HOSB. PIPKJ*, Ac. \i'? ko,.a r?. *< a ? IS? a _ .. , ..... in mmi-, WW nw "*>?? w ??" * ' . Cwuylu'l* Iga Uw. UMMt U*Ull*. VMIMI "Ti-m- ? ?ON. U, T*. .v. T'KWTJrvrafiww^:D* oouul For Ml*, Wholesale Ui .auui, St ?jy? ^c-m^ 11 Ft OF Li.V~OL, y-, be mmi rnbU* J ltonrwt? of H<m. Abrftk?ra Lincoln. *? % portrait nn atMl. to (a ft i i"?r?p#icV U-toh ot U.mll. tar ft W Mairofo ilia Bo. kxtora u| PUILPA Nii.OMON.SMPfc.tT. J* ? ??# !? In* ? ?rW? *UUnn?ri, ?? pVA't^Sf EV KXSSSdTOp The nderai^nuu, ?u M ??1 ?U mi inm?i.h ft itrMt, (ieOrifi tOvs, uk/wat' th? Vfca im Hoqm. hu -iii |,an<t ? d r-.r * ? ?t tit low* t?uk prio*?, ? l?rg?? ft?|. . . l. *b?.? ifruffi ?r Ulte. Cfws %t? M Ul"? ' ??t Kt ?<l *?f*' b ?*>* JUCAA*I> JON W. j

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