Newspaper of Evening Star, July 31, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 31, 1860 Page 4
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rruc DVVMllur! CTlD I I Hu ti T O A Ail. BRILLIANTS. MM. ICom??let me dive into thine eye* ! So dim. so deep, ?o filled with love T?.i?hed with soft uar?, like the skies, TV - i 1 I >L ! 1 1 i ? _ * ? n?n evening veus u" ngni ioore. Ome?let me faxe npon thy hand ! No (ins .'? ire fair and virgin whit*! Tiit heart? I would 1 eouM tommuil Thy heart to open on my sight. I'll trust those stare of blue. And ask them now my doom divine! N v n*?d : thy lies give aaewer true | They move? tt?e> murmur?''I am thine ! [ Barm Corn vtiM. TH? RO?B AMD LILT. la it indeed a ro?e That yonder ia the d^epeninjj aunaet clow* M?tftfnk< th? or<-hia o| toe lountain'J wold Hath, in ita wil known beauty aometbin* new. Do I not know the loft; diac of (old, Tftou that till woo'at the tun with paction true? No, apiendt t atrsnger! Haply I bare aeen l?n? not unlike t>ul wnn numnrer mien, Watching h?r lord O lily, fair u aught Beneath the ?kj ! th? pallid p??al glow In evening's bimh ; out evening borrotri naught Of thee, thou rival of the ?t?inie?? snow? For thou art soeutiems. [? Elliot. THSTRCLT RLSST. I nejr mo n?v? ineir lympsiniei ?w?n, Ami ?< atter'd joy for m?r? than custom'* sake? ?tradfa?t and tender in the hour of need. Gentle in thought, benevolent in deed; Whose lo,As have power to make distention oeaie \Vhos? smiles are plea ant, and whose words are poaoe; They who have lived as harmless as the dove, Teavhera of truth and ministers of love [/. C. Prxnt*. cocba6k. K real spirit Rnou.d neither court neglect, nor dread to b**r it. Bmon ArrEtKASCB or the Pbiucb or Walbs.?Tke following 14 b description of the appearance of tte Prince of Wales, taken from a London (Canada) paper : The Princ?, although youthful looking. It a well-proportioned and certainly a pleasant looking young man He is about medium height and of fiir complexion, with brown hair and particularly brilliant hazel eyes He has much about i up iormaiioa ana cnaracier 01 nis I ace, ana particularly In lta prevailing expression. which remind* one of Lia auguat mother Hla manner waa eaay and aelf-poMeaaed. even under the somewhat trying clrcumatancea, to a peraon of hla ag*, standing in front of some thirty or forty strange men to hear an addreaa read by one of them dressed In a black gown and a gray wig. In the proceaa of thla reading a stray and evidently irrepressible amlle paased like a flash of sunshine over hla face, but hla emotions were so well under control that thla could only be dlacovered by the close observer On concluding the address the Prince received it from the hands of the recorder and handed it to the Duke of Newcastle. who handed to the Prince a copy of tbe reply, which bis Royal Highness reed with marked distinctness and graceful emphasis, in a ligfct baritone voice. Tbxatv with J a par ?The New York Commercial says: "After a careful perusal of the treaty we cannot refrain from repeating the admiration previously expressed of tbe abilty dts played by Mr Towniend Harris In the negotiations which led to it, and in the framing of the treaty itaelf The matter was necessarily beset with great difficulties The provision that constitutes the President of the United States the referee on the part of Japan in any difficulty she may have with foreign Powers we regard as one cftne mostslgnal triumpus yet achieved iu diplo macy. The moral weight which it gives to'this country In the Orient can scaroely be over estimated." Btampbsb riox thb Hocse ob Rifcgb? Ovbk okb Hobdbbd Boll at Lakss?The Rochester Union of the 25th Inst., save: 1 There was a stampede of the boys from the House of Refuge this afternoon, and over 100 escaped Just after dinner, when the boys were in the yard they pried open the rear gate, and about 100 rushed out, ana took to the ttelds In all directions The boys left in the Refuge were secured and all the employees of the concern who could be spared staiied In pursuit of the fugitives A messenger came to the city and called upon the police to go out la search of the boys A later account states that meat of tba boys bad been recaptured. Cuba Scoae Plantations ?The Cuban Messenger *aya the production of the beat cultivated pUutation* average 23 boxes per tfe^re. or 10,U(JU puunda, but, in the greater part of thoae estates, where the modern machinery haa not been introduced, only 11 boxea, or 4,750 pound* of sugar, can be reekoned per negro. There are above 2.(JU> sugar estates in the whole iiland, and the number increase* almost daily. In 1775, there were, lu ail t&f IsUnda, 473 sugar estates. !J3^The Central Park Mania baa infected the B-ilUmorvtcs, whom Park Coroniisateners have Selected the property of Lloyd N Rogers, Km . and the Mount Vernon Cemetery, containing 300 acre* for the future Park. Price paid 91.U0O an acre. (fT It was stated in the recent debate* In the French Corps l.egtslatlf that, out of the 36.WI0.U0C souls In France, 20.U00.UU0 never saw woollen goods of any sort It hss also been aMerted that &.UU0.UU0 of people there never eat meat ofteoer than once a week. |; f The irraiidiiinth? of J rv>n i.?i. ?vn dr?n by hia first wife, died a ffw dav? aince in North Carolina, leevlng to said children a plantation, etc Tfy A Houaton electoral ticket haa been nomlDlttd in New J?n?v ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL.?H W Thomaa, Md; J M Hackaday, Ark: W Wilton. ' ex; Hon J Lac*, Ob; (jeu J W Whuheld, Kf;K M Ca't*r, A H C?rt?r, Mim; C Wor . fa; C Ppiia'l. Va; Oapt Kiutsbar* aud mm*, L9A; F Clark, Oa; J McQuillan, Pa: D U UiAlrm?? 1 VI D?k.. 1 * - * - " mm .?iwu.u?yu?fl U I J, Willi tL, UQ 16D. Mo; Mr and Mra Marwell, !>?'; J f)oweil, V*: J ^ Worinim, Tena: D Vandoralie. Ky; Miss E kowrjan, Md;P B AkbotjNY: W W Ailint, 111; VV H ffl?*Q0 ard f%m. Mo; bra D llingham, C P Pitah, G marker, V tmur.and J Kleys. Pa; W Milter aad [ara. Ten-; G Wilkinson aad ly, M Cbeathara and If, Miaa Perkina, Mies; S Landerson, La; C Oratory aod ly, Tea. * NATIONAL HOTEL.?J M Wileon,-; P Mat S*?*!# A Bchelj, NY; J Gatewood aad son,Mo; H L Emory awl fam. C Stevens, NY: M PIuminer I)r OsOoru*. Md: Rev J P Onnnu mit n.. <V k ssr a; 9?1 L,,)rin|f'' M<i'; F, few* Htsutt*- w-J Kr^SA* J Wl^t?n' V* H B^Mui;' GH' a JM WISE* WTRsliW*Jno 8 OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fmom rma Vwjtbb Statu. 8te*me*i. Leave. Per. Dayt. Amn N?v York...Liverpool... An*. 1 Teuioiu*?. .New York^.Hftrrt ar*, .. Au(t. I J arm. Now V ork... Liverpool.... A ac. t ... tor* _ Bremen.A i K. 4 Onula. Boston Liverpool Aug. 8 Ar*ft? New Vork Havre Aug. 18 From Ei&opk Prince Albert . .G?.wst ??New York. .July 21 /us Liverpool New York..Julv2i Amtii Mi?n... ..Livereoo!, ...New York.. July 21 Ar&co _-_8outh,?t^n...New York. .Jnij 2. ferop* Liverpool Boston Juij 28 erai? Liverpool New Y"'k_*tti. 7 The Hsnua m&il efcew v?*- ? .wv i?w? * vii on tlx M. !Ith, 17th, Mkd mil of Mob month, tod CU*rlMt.*ii M^ttkud 19th. The Ofcliforiu* Mil 1mt? New York on ? ? *h Mid Vtti month IVATIONAL 1> SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, OlIIII STIIIT, JetwiM Brutt? and Wattr iItnii, OirtMMM, D. C. A larjs atook of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Castile and Fanoy SOAPS, Also, TALLOW and GREASE for LooomotivM, Steamboats, aod a.l kinds of , . maoninsry. always on ha art, and for saia at p rioas to suit U>* trad* C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. ty 10 eotf JMPOK.TANT TO MOLSEKEEPKR8. ek *co/? OitnntMd aot only ABSOLUTELY AND PEEPECTLV PURL, h?'.AT?fi{t*fw *' MlaeUd &Dd gleuK &sSa?3?? sarrtss a oinauoj pror*. Moo?frotwed or. r br ? ?-if.PA war ^ebeimb* N*w *0toiM&MU9Q* TH Mtimw MOUNT VKANON trill l?f? o'clock p. au, u>? N??r York for iliUti evorr Botnrdaf. MS o'oiook ?. m. Pmmueraaaiiiota tk* A&x?rwiri* uui T tz^ssvsrssixSft, <c *sSSs5/asKa&BSM VoV Vjr tg I ?A2lOl Cl*Ai4 J\A *?tc MISCELLANEOUS. H/lo DON NELL'S 1"1 CATAWBA /i r at n p p it r v p ? LT 1 IT U A U rw I if . Mo DONNELLY CATAWBA SINGER WINE! MoDANNRI.I.'R CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tki* Mwimi Summ?r Mtrermgt, ' The HM.lUi/ml Tooio Propensity Of vtuoh arc mow well known ud UnirerasJiy Admitted Throufhout tbe Union. la Now For Sale ia Washington by Jos. W. Davia, 8th and R sts. J. V. Cobnrn, L3th and H ata. Jas. E. O'Brien, 9th and I sts. Wm. A. Brown, 13th and F sts. W. 8. Jones, Massachusetts ar. and 3d si Peter Monachan, New Jersey av. and G sC T. Cocar, Pa. av. and 90th at. t- - r>i._u ii?w ? lltU F. M Or me. Pa. avenuo. E. B. White & Co., Pa. avenue. Henry c. Purdy, Pi. avensa. B. Hayes, 4thand H sta. George W. Orme. Georgetown, D. C. h. l. Offutt, Georgetown, d. C. J AS. MoOONNELL, ly 5 eolm General Agent, Baltimore. ^nthragite coal for the navy" NaYT D^PilTXIHT, J Burtau tf ConMrudttm, Eiutrmtnt, and > Rtpairs, inly 3. 1860.\ Sialip Proposal* for furniahiaK Anthr*oit? uoti lor uie .uvj, 10 oe aeuverea aurinf im hsoai Star "dJic* 30tft judo, 186i, wul be received at this ureau until S o'o!ook theS'st day of July. IMo. Tbes* propose'? moat be endorsed "froposaU for Antkracttt Coal," th*t they may be distinguished from other business latter*. The oifer must be lor the delivery of 15,0f"0 tons, ofi,2?0 lbs.; and if an additional euantitr of 15,000 tons is dema >ded it is to ba furnished on like ternu and oonditions. The Coat must be of the bost Buck Mountain or Blaokheath, to be designated in the off r; of siie suitable for naral sf-amers; elran; seleoted so as to be free from impurities; unmixed, of whi*n the oontraetor will be required to furnish suoh aeirfanaa as ma* K a ->???? - - a ? U- 1 ' * MMftJ UW MIU?(WWI f , iUU wu uo mtjeot to auoh inepection & to quality and qaantit; aa th? Department mtr direot. Theooa1 it to b? delivered on hoard reesel* at auoh piaoe m the port of Philadelphia aa mar be deai inated by th? Department, and in aaoh auantitiee and at auoh timea aa, in the opinion of ine De partment. the exigenciea of the aernos mar require; oommenoin* when the veaael ia reported leady to r*oeive cargo, fumUhinc when required n?t leaa thMi ?> tona per da?, to be distributed to eaoh veaael aa may be directed until the loading ia oompleted. In r.hi o-ae of t&ilnra to H?hnr th* P.n?l n' " ? proper quality and at the proper Urn* and ptaoe, the Departmeut will reserve in tne oontraot the right to puroh\se forthwith, at th* oootraotor's risk and md?h?*, that whioti mar be necessary to supp'y the deficiency. Any demurrage or other oharge to which the Nar? Department may b? aubjooted from de ay in the prompt delivery of the Coal by the oontraotor will be dedaoted from their bill*. The prioe must be for the Coal delivered onboard vessels on the term* and condition* above stated, at the oontraotor'* ruk and expense, and without extra charge of any kind. The off*r, m required by law, mutt be aooompa nied by a written guarantee, signed by one or more responsible porsois, to the effect that they uinle tage thst tbe bidder or bidders will, if his cr their bid be aooepted, enter into obligation In suoh time as may kepre?orib?d by the tfeore'ary of the Navv. who good and sufficient sureties to fu'nish the supplies proposed. No proposition will be oonsidered unless accompanied by inch guarantee. T?o or more auretiea, in a inm equal to the amount specified to be paid, will be required to sign the oontraot. a"d their responsibility will be oertified h? a United Statu District Judge, United States District Attorney, Colltttor, or Navy Attnt. Ae additional and oo! lateral security, twenty per oent. will be withheld from the amount of all payment*. not to be eaid. exceet b? anthori?* nf ik? Sporfcjary of the N?vy,unt f tli? contract ahs'l nave been in ail respeou oomplied with; and the remaining eighty per oen* . or other amount that may be doe on each bill, will, vh-n a proper certificate la mrmshed by the inspector, and the bill approved by the Navy t>epartinr>nt, be paid by auch navy agent aa the ooot-actor mar name within thirty after ita pr< neiit\ti ->n to nim. It will be stipulated in the oontfa^t th%t if defan t be made In delivering the Coal of the quality and at the p'aoe and time directed by the Department, then, and in that caae. the oontraotor and hia sureties will forfeit and pay to the United States, aa liqaidaUd damages, a inn of tn^ney not exoeed11.k twioe the cwtraot arioe, which may be recovered from time to time, according to the act oraota of Congress in that case provided. Bidders whoa* proposal* ahali be acoepteri. and ? iii ?? ijuu v utiioi | will l/w i1uhu'hi | mill m r. t p ' aoll" o%bie a cv.Btraot will be tr?u?in?tt??d to tnera. wtuoh they will be required to execute within 10 aaye after its reo*i?t at tne Puat Otfioa or Navy Agency named by them. Th? form of oiTer, guarantee and oertifiwite ? herewith given. ? Farm of Offtr. I (<>r we) of . ?*taie of , herebv agree to fnrnieh and deliver fifteen thon?aiid tone AnthraoiteCoal for n*e at the rate of p^r ton, of 2,140 po?n n, amounting to dollare, and the additional quantity if demanded; the whole in oomorinuy who me provisions and t*rmi of rh -v advertisement of tha3d inly, from the Navy Department aa<i hereto apponded. Should my (or ouOoJfer or bid be aooepted, I (or we; request to be informed at , and that the oontraot may be forwarded to for signatures an oertifioata. (Plaos.) (Signed.) A. B. (Date.) Porm of Guaranty. We, the undereicned, reeidenta of in the Slate of .and of .in the State ot . hereby jointly and severally covenant with the United States and guaranty that in oaae the foregoing hid of be aooepted, will withi<j ten dajre after the reoeipt o> the oontraot at execute DA uma with ?n?l _ n ? ? ?? w mwmswcvu* ammo* for the deliver? of the anthracite ooal proposed in oompUanoe with the terra* of the advertisement of the SJ July, I960, hereto appended and under which it ?u made; and in oaae the said shall fail to enter into the oortraot aforesaid we guaranty to u.ake good the difference between the offar of the aid and that whioh mar be aooepted. Witneaa: (Signed ) C O. (Place.) E. F* (Date.i 1 xerebv certify that to the beet of my knowledge and belief the above- named guarantors and are good and soflioient. (Signature) O H. To be Jtgaerf by >k* United States District Jurtt*. United States District Attorney, Coil.trt?r, or /vary Aitnt. ji 3 law4w %T INo eel Hotice op tWk removal of the land office from huljson to falls of st croix. in the state of WI8cfnsin. _ , Inaooord&nce with the proviaiona of the aot o| Cootreaa entitled "an a*t autnorixing ohannen in the location of land of?i"?a," approved Maroh 3d, ItM, it ia hereby dfo'ared and mad* known that the office for the aaJe of publio landa at HcDenN, in the State of Wiaoonatn, will be removod to F*ll? or St Croix, ib aaid SUt?, at <u *arln a period a* praetieablt. Further noUoe aa to the preolee time of o'limi the oAoe at Hudaon. preparatory to removal and of it* opening tor buaineaaat Fa! I? of St. C*o x. will b* iiven by the Register and Reoelrer for the land district tii von under my hnnd, at the City of Washington, thia thirtieth day of June. A. D., 1W. By ordar of thj Preaident: JOS. s. WII SON, Ceramiaaioner of the 6eneral Land Offioe. jy a law?w Regular steam^packet link beTWEKN BALTIMORE AND JC** * W A SH I N G T O N .-Leave Com mere* at. whirr, Haitunora, m l0Tki 8r Nichol ? wrr WEDNE8DAY,?tl|. m. Columbia, every 8A rl'RDA Y, et 6 p. m. I ,< *v? RiUj'i WkJurT&t th? foot or llto atreet. Washington, m follows: Colombia.-very WEDNESDAY MORN1N6, lit. Sr. Nicholii, mr; 8AT(JRDAY,?t6t. a For freight, ao., apply to THOs. W. RILEY, A Kant, Riley'a Wh*rf,?t the foot of tr K-TtTfci 11 th at . Wuhi n^ti > o thrkk beautiful upright or cot1 TAuE PIANOS for rent by the week cr month. JOHSfF. ELLIS. XAA Pv bet. 9th and loth ats. Chlokering A Sona* pi*t.o> at *11 ?ue?a Jy 36 4k ?JUST .PUJILI8HE1). *M..% riooA 1 on in* Kicure and Xu'faoe diririoaa of the Karth, it* Geological nod Meterologio?l; Phenomena and ita Astronnmiaal elemi-uta, bj Profeaanr Samuei E. Cauea, Washington, O C. Price #2.50. Modern Paintera. vol 6. oombletina the o*if brnted work of John Rnakin, M. D..containing l.eaf B< nut*?Cloud Beauty?l"ea of Raiauon? PornMl aud Seintaal, with oopioaa and mott beau tilul ifinatrations, $IJJii. Oringdean Grange, a tale of the ftoutbdowas, by William Harrison Ainawortb. The iilnst'ated Horae Doctor, Vmg an aoeurate and detailed aoooant, aMoaifAoied by more than 4<iO pictorial rt?pre?entationa of the * anoua dieaaee to whioh the fcqutoe rape ara aub,foUHl; tuaettier wiOi the la teat mode ot treatment ami all Ui? ra^uiaite^prj^oriptioo^writteu ta plain English, by fc\ ooarae of sixleetnrea on the varioaa Faroes of matter &nd thur r?ia?i/?-- ? u ?V raou V?nVT| OJ MiohMl F?r?d?jr noMU. F" "" ffiWS'Ste p.?. Sol* AcMit lor Lavrene?'*8tetion?fT- j? ! 275 rriTS 275 J A C I 1 0 N, pLAHTMiiM ft i i PINNA. Avshvi, BitTMB loth nad Uth tr?to. ) It A"" WM. T. DO Tit * CO. RE Nov prewred to sindM has ord?ra witk wruob thej maj b* f*vi.r?(i in Uf PLUMBING. GA8 Ojl BTfcAM FITTING tT fttocn on Kk atrMC wSr door* aortte #f Fn. ^ %: r*.1 .nuiV4^i i 5v? . TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. HTME STEAMER FLYIN6 CLOUD HAYING not by ?r m?t low read? for Exoaraionc to Great Fail* or to uy point* on the rirer not otot SO ml** distant. She will ran to Arlington from Fourteenth (treat, or any wharf in >Va*hin(rton at J*1 wnU for the wand trip, or IS oent* for Use iinjre trip, or from Georgetown, by way of the canal, for 15oenU round trie: lfl oanta und* trio. Exoursions to the lnaaoe Aaylam every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, atartinj from Goorj*tovn at 1? o'olook ro , and atoepinx at Stone Mill Wharf and other wharve in w aahington, so aa to reaoh the Aaylxra by 1 o'olock. jy 3 eolm JOHN MOORK. Proprietor. N CAPON SPRINGS. EW and improved route viathe Mar.aaaaa Gap Rail Road and the Strae- igp r-? bare and Capon Turnpike,M|JK?niHD! only 18 nuleeofstaiing a oomfortabie ana ?afs road. Leave Alexandra iu iu? unuiB sua Aicunarn i r?m m 7.15 a. iu., take the Milmui c&ra at the junction, arrive at Capon hp 5 o'clock p. m. Fare from Aloxandria to Capon From Washington to Capon ? 5m For information enquire at the Kail Road Offioe corner of Sixth at. ana Pa. av., n Washington, and at the Tioket Offioe on Union at, Alexaucria, Va. jj U-dtamhAng ___ BALT.MO?hHAj;?rOH.O?^LROAl,. C H 4 N't K 0? HOU*?. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June l*h, I860, tra.un will rnn aafollova: Leave Wftshinnton ftt 6 20 ftud 7 40 ft. m. Left ve Wftalungion ftt 3Jo ftud 6JO p. m. On Snndfty ftt 310 p. m. ^ve Bftir' nore ftt 4.25 ftnd 40 ft. m. ve Baltimore ftt 3.15 and 130 p. m. On Sumiaj ftt 4 25 ft. m. Pftoaengera for the Ea?t will toke trftina at WO ftnd 7.40 ft. m and 3 30 p m. For the Weit ftt 7.4m a. m. ftnd 310 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a in- and S20 p. m. For Norfolk ftt 7 40 a. m. On Saturday ev-mni the 3.30 p. m. train kom to Philadelphia only. )e 13-d T H. PARWOrca. Agent. N1C\A/ OOI B Aiua IN TaRBB DiLYB WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ^S3?sSP3F,Ss^PR ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East J ennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Missitsijyri Central, 5 /Vi?u> Orleans and JaeJtson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: Memphis by Ra I, thence by First olass Packets to New Orleans. VMM. V MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery hy Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstofass Packets. MoHie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?susdats Iwcludkd, Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6pm ^ The Steamer GEO ROEPAGE leave* her wharf loot 01 ><<venin street at fi* a. m. and n.V p m. and oonn?ct* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Train* for the SonthweaL Offioe? Pennirlvania avenue, oorner of Sixth at. BAO0A0B CIICI1I) THROTSH TO RIW OKLKASS. Lynohbnrg 501 M?mphi? <31 no Bristol 15 Of I Atlanta 8* no Knoxvilie __ __.S0 0u Macon 28 Oft Snaii?mx>K?.........*4W i;oiumr>u? 31 511 alton.. 24 oo Montgomery .33 (<> unuville 27U0 1 \naMemphi?.42 So Grand JunoUon... soon N.O.> viaG. Juno. .42 S*> N&shvilJe 25 Wl \ via Mobile . 46 ?0 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 800 MILES SHORTER,* and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME tnan any other l.ine? the Lynnhbnrc Extension nltlnr nnw rtnmnUtA^ ?Ka Ifiianiinx Cenfralc maitin* it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It it provided with Firatoaea Sleeping Care! ( To New Orleans ~ TJ Hours. / \T wm phi a , , , , do, 11ME< Montnomerr 63 do. V Naahvi.e . .46 do. ITT'Tho U.S. MAILMd ADAMS' EX PR EMS are taken over this New Line. Xioketa can be obtained at the Houth Western oe, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following j>oints: LiTnonDDrK, m 1*101, Hnoxvm?, Atlanta, Chattaaoota. HunUvjlle, Grand Junction, Macon, Naahvilie, Da! ton. Coiumbua, Montgomery. Mobile, M*mphi?, and NlW URLkiANS* \nr THROUGH tIFkETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. JC^Omnibueee and Ha.* jage Wagona leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Arent, ma C-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. ? . THE STEAMER MS, SUY Will reanroe her trio* on TIIR.SnA v *!? February. 1M0. Wilt leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and" "^^" KR I DAY, at 6 o'oiook a, m., ?n<l ALEXANDRIA at halfpivat 6 o'oiook. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her return trip*, sbe will leave C( KRIOMAN every WEDNBDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'oiook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE. Proprietor. NATH'L BOUBH. Ac't. Alexandria. fe20 Passage, ^hlcnstfi0kmkals and BTATKROOM. ?7.40 The New York and Virginia r<or?w Steam?hi| Company'* new and elegant ateamship ffji MUCN TVERNON, Capt. T. cTSmith.^jBfi will leave the Coirpany'* Depot, tern Wharvea,atll'o'olocka. ra every WEDNESDAY, and the Company'* Depot, at Alexandria, at s o'oiook p. m. same day. Paesencera from Wuhiiutnn uui s<nm(A?> out take the ooaohee oonneotinc with Alexandria team^aU or railroad, which leave Uie oorner of Vthetreetand Pa, avenae hourly, or they oan leave en the iteamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'eloek a. m. State rooms oan ba encased on appucation te Messra. Morgan k. Rhineharr, Wectern Wharvea Freif ht will be received np to the hoars of deparUT' Inssranee will be effected on all foods by thiahne at the oftoe of the Company at X per oont accommodations for pasaenfora by this lins are in every roaeeot fir it o asa, and every effort wil be tuade to reudsr this ooir.munioation with New York an acreeable and healthful one. For freirht or paaeace apply to FOWLE A CO., Agonu, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL fc CO., ee 1-ly S6 West et.. oorner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. K. LOOM IS Ha< cImM hia offioe for the aot on, and will he at?a?nt, aa mual, during the lum m?r montha ; will r*auine practice about the lat of Ootcber, of whioh further iiotioe will b? Kiven. *7 1<Mf B DENTISTRY. . _ ft. HILLS, after ? praetioa! teat of two ;?n, thfttj&e oanwiyi oonfcdccoe r?oom-^^h uiouu ui? uowfwio rrooeeelor lournntgHH artificial teeth It ha* the advantages strength, beauty, cleanliness, and ofieapness. fail npper "U inserted for 99ft. Partial in proportion. OMoe SO? Pa. avenue. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing or the Royal Havana Lottery, ootid noted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Oiba, will take plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. August 4. 1180. BORTEO NUMSRO 840 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. 1 prise of 100,000 60 pnsss oL LOW 1 do fojx? eo do sne 1 do ?,ooo IM do .. 400 1 do 30,000 aoapprox. .. SJOO 1 do 10,000 in 4LL *r"9 rtllZKB. Whole Tioketa, ?-iO-Halvaa, ?10?<4 oar ten, ft. Prj?M OMhad at sight at 5 Mr omL dieooant. Bine on all aolvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will he forwaraed aa eoon aa the recall beeonee known. Ail ordere for eohemee or tioketa to be adilreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, )j 19 tr Oare of Cftv Prwrt. f'harlwton. 8. C. F1 R E, FUR. ? POTOMAC WATER. 1 aei atill engared in the PLUMBING and GAB ft my old stand .a Philharmoiuo Ha!I. The advantage of having a, plentiful iff'L0''*at?r *? reader observed at tM fire of ,as 1 am veil sati'fi-d I should hav? boon bamad out but for the bouutiful ?uppU upor nir Fresnisasand th?t of my neighbors ^ 7 All order* for th? introduction of Water and Oaa b?aa^?ry?XUV!nWoitr. Tnm' " J1* C. 9NTDBR sssss w; s wru, *? A^assss K?^irffi^=?? K^.rrrs? Pt5.f.?i-iPr?..1jii!fg!??hii'r KEiris; JL oruv oi rar? Uiu *f? nll ty, Copper ui? Oiled. mad? by tM moat rsiiftb di?till?r* n> Pw?? iIvmis, Maryland ?nd Virrima. nnMUllli*! Alto, Importod ttrandtM, H?un??iy, Ol?rd. D?W * Co., J?1m Robins, it*. Aim, P?m)i and Afp e / 0 0 MI80KLLANB0U8. / \ J? IOOXOKT! "V r Q DISPATCH! % ? \ Sa?e the Pieeei! it mecidaUt will happen, tvtn ta wtO-rtflattd families, it is rery deair&ble to hAra some cheap and ooDTecient w%j for rtpairiag Furnj tore, Toy*, Crookerr.fco. meets all eaoh emergencies. and no household oar afford to be without It. It i> always ready and up to the sticking point. There is bo longer a necessity for limping chairs, splintered veneers, headlees dolls, and broken cradles. It is iust the article for onna, shell, aod other ornamental work, so popuiar with ladies of refinement and taete. This admirable preparation is used eold, being chemically held in solution, and joseessicg all the valuable qualities of the beat cabinetmakers* sIm. It may be used in the plaoe of ordinary mucilage, bflinf VAJitlv mnrfl lulhMivfl USEFUL IN EVER Y HOUSE." Prict, 26 oents N. B.?A Brash kooomptniM (Mb bottl* WKeUtal* D*vot, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Address HENRY (^SPALDING k CO., Box No. S.ftOO, New York. Pat ay for Dealers in Cases containing Four, Kight, and Twelve Dosen?a beautiful Lithograph>c Show Card aeoompanyinc each pankace. K'A smile bottle of SPALDING'S PRMED GLVE will save ten rimes its eost annual ly to every household. J21 Sold by all prominent Stationery Druggists, Hardware and Furniture Dealers, ttrooers, and Fancy Stores. Countr- merchants should make a note of SPAL DING'S PREPARED GL UK, when making op their hat. It will stand any cHmate. felO-ly ligfliSlSi f* * lU-rrl* fjrmtk* (I A* <Nfdra< Ihtb'Urr m> VT '^ftv HI'*' Ik, Jrvm \i >7 CO : &>ai*r tt]W Yt/] ^ I /I drr+nd v?x? atfttuf < ? < V j M> *1* 'in hi* 111 l'*llff ? Y| jf" u ixdb* tkt BouU eidj. (I n ? .y ^ V . fT| ,? tommnvirtl hf tit Jlrlt /lunruiu UW C_" P ft" W ?U C?icn?,to if Mtd?x?*l Sri J &"$"*& t $5^ W? Bole Proprietor. 4. CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S MtOMAIIC VJUtEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. Tirur tt ti * TTr Yf jfi.najiuui9 sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 IT HARBOUR k. P EMM El*. PARAFKINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN' W? now rnowvint Pa-nffine Oil direct from the works in western Virginia. The quality of it is excellent, producing a steady, bnl iaat and beautifa1 light, aoa more pleaaaut to th" eyea than * as light. This Oil is fr*A from adulteration, and very much more economical than many of the Coal Oila used at thia time. I?7" It is in no way explosive. We keea also a supply of the most approved styles of Lamps, 4,0., for burning this Oil. KINO fc BLRCHELL, t _an?a> >!> In. < U. ..f t ?? ivi mv iwi mr i/ion iti VI VUiUUIUll, Corner Fifteenth *t. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mall Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thm day, embraoinj all *ua . ties ana *ise? of Sole Leather, Ladiee'nfMR Dreaa and Paokfng Trunka. Our trunk^0*" aaiea room exhibita at thia time the cr?at*?t variety of traveling requiaitea at moderate pneae. to be found thia aide of New Vork. Ale?, evi*r deacriaBon of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VA.L1CES, ARPJKT BAG*, SATCHELS, *0. Old Trur.ka repaired or taken in ezohange for urw ones. WALL, STEPHENS * CO? Trunk Sale* Room, mar Sl-tf sag Pa. a venae. WOBUUKMUU? W? offer for tale the above standard brand ot I fine Co?p?rDiati!l?d-Malti* Rre Whiaky, in barrfllM &n'l nil f-n&rrAifl Aa if II nf nnr nwn nialilla tion, and highly improved br u?, ?? ooofrie^tly reoommendit u th* prm?r and beet Whiaky that oan poaaihly foe diatilled. We alao offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largeat atook of Fine Whiakiea in the United Ststea _ . _ FREEMAN k. 8IMP8ON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Senayikill river, Phila Ofllcee?96 Wall atreet, New York ; and 1<M? Booth Front atreet. Philadelphia. mar 29-It 07Q T. POTENTINI, OfU? ft i iJ 1hp01tm or ftud Pa. v i., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. a liegs leave to 0*11 theatt?ntian of his friends an* the s?biio c*nerally to kis New Store, under WDlard* Hotel, just opened, in connexion with hla old establishment, where he wl! be h*?sr to raoei ve any orders for sn perior Confeotions of his own imporl&L.on. Also, ail orders for Dinners, Suppers, Balls, and Evate Prime*, wi:,o(i will be served sp in lis tatat>!e strle, with the tame promptness and dlasatrh whteh be has hitherto shown net B~ ALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.?In couroaATsn 183" ? Johs I. Donaldson, Pres.; _? imi ouuno; insuitikd utiid maa duis and GRANTS ANN U1TIES, Jko. Descriptive paiuphieta may be ot>t&ic?d at the C'.xiip&nf'a Agency for the District or Colwnbia, <>?oe of Lewi* Johnaon A Co., Rankers. 10th atreof an?l Penn. avenue. J. W. MAGILL. Agent. It R. Hiawn. *1. IV Md fel* null mntt ?| i (.?. e. umi. ?. h. von. i. k irai. L^,-OT, ? LYMktMT* ^. Holly 8p*ik?, Miss., Will practice in the High Court of Errori and Autha Miaaia?<?a< atlt-tf JACOB REED. MA.nrTA.cnrsm or MILITARY n. IITHIRfl. Southeast Sscoho ahd Sravcn 8*?? PHILADELPHIA. MlLtTARV CLOTH* FOR SALE. I1M1 19 linn GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND 1?,UUU CRAB APPLE CIDER.?We invite the attention of the public to oar l&rce mad well m leotsd stock of Champagne and Crab Apple Cider, Whioh we gnarantee to be pare juice, and will be 8>ld on reasonable terms in order to make room r onr epna< stook. Give ns a oall at the ?. WZ.'S&iSXi* * YBLMIW P1NB LUMBBB. X&.LL DeaoripUona of taa abore Lumber, for tmildipi (irpuwi. embracingSUlARE. HLWN fti/aiahed direct ,'rora the souther l uMa bjr M JOY k MF;fCALF7ro 8n|it^'?Wh*rf ?>m-r Pratt ?t . HjtlmorA. Wd. D AKKRA* BL'TTKR IN BALTIMORE.?We U ou at all eeaeoua of tin year aupsly 701 vitfc every trade of Buttar, vary choice. W haveaome g^yj?-T*Lto.i:1.c?nU' tw at to Ue ? ISdfiSMffSSk MEDICINES. UA. IMIIWII. IUTIMU FOE ALL DISEASES'OF IMPENDENCE LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY I MM ED ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CMAR9M, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATE. VMlim mt ui hU luHtUM lfn?wi *>?? llfclfi u4 lUUw, iitilaaij Pmiiipi. Ibcmim;, MrW D?fct!ny, RirrMKtM, DtiMMrUnmikn feinu.CafMMrfUttt, hlpttUM P??m W SifM w MtoM, Phnii ?f lk? Iwd, TWaal. mm lU.AlKiiwW'i* bM,lua*clM >? ?!? ttoi TimMi IWr4?n u?M( fr?m Satmry Itbw *1 TwUi-^m Dr?*4fal u< l>tKmu>i Pt*?ocm vkict r?a 4if Mirntfi nfwM*. u4 (mm k*ta M; ? < MM TOIMMU Eapcrtalty *U kt<i Muni U? '<cum W iMttuy Tim T* * mskaku kirk kDBKallt Kim ^ u Muail; |r>? tkaaa?i?d? rf T??| Mao afd>? Mat' | aitad laiania uU krtllaal uuilitl, ?ka en*hi Mktrvat ka*? ulrmnc *d Uiniui|(<utu vitk ttllkMMn alllMMtM at wakad la iimmt ik* U<wf ly?a, at; kail fit Mi ?aal latia. UUUII. MAIJklBD rUian.h Tm>|Mh .Miaapiiua* au*. rlui, kaisf tvaraaf *k*aiaal vaakaaaa. atfaaM dakittty, 'awwui. Ac., apaadti* c?r*d lit who piacca k.maaif atdir ik* MM af Dt J. may ratlft aaaJy could* ia kM h attar aa a faaliaaaa u< MaMdMlf ralj apac bit (kill aa a ftywi ? urrtcK Ha. t lom ruowcimtir, left kaiid a<daIfaukf fraa* Baiuiaar* it/aat. a lav daafa trmm lk? earner rail nat taakaarvt ua< aad aaakat Uwmi uai ka paid aad ?aal?i? a ataap ml jobhbtob, Mtakin af ika Eayal Cailaga af iaigMi^, Liadw, rredaaM frata aaa af tka mi aauaaai u?Lapa it tfea lilul , wia tm (T?Ri?r pri ?i w ? ui? nw *?*D ?y??t w ^ ?? aiula of Laadac, Pana, rtjadalafcii u< > kar?. ' u t*MCW<! Mai af th? (MM iMMMn| cirM tMt ?m I'M knfVD; taaay UnM?4 *ilk ih|?| la lb* Im4 u< MM tbia ulup; rraat uttHWHt. ! ?( >luai< at iiMm Miadi, ?ith frcjaant blaakiag. auaadad na> Kan vltk ittufiBMi af aund, vara carat laa?<Uwlt. TAKE PARTICBkAR HOTICt. Ta?| Maa and atbara aba ktti m|atio MaHltN k; I Mrtaia praeuaa tadalfad la ?kaa alaaa?? ktkli ftaqaaaily laaraad Iras aril ca?paaiaa?. at at atkMl, *( afacta af vklck ara ai|kt)f (ah I'U wkaa |aalaap, aad If aw earad. raadara atrrun lapmikli. aad daautfi fcalk Mad aad bad*, afcoald apply unaaadiatal*. **?? aaa ? Ka mm A a nJ ?Miin | A k; *ari? htbttt tf/Ntk fill W*aki.*aa of U>* link*, Puna m lb? Mt>4, Dibi.m* of Stfk- Laa* ' Mmilu Pe?*r, PaipitaLot. flht Mrt,DT*p?p*r, Nar?*a? IrnUMMur, Dirtof ?m*at aftba Pi|?iu>< Faocuao*. (trirtl Dckilliy, rawtiia of Cm.?bikv.i?i. Ac MENTALLY ? T?i faarfal iIh jm Ik a *r? mmlkM k? drttdid-LM of M?m*r?, Cm/uim of ldaaa, Btrnn/it *f Spirrt*. I?il If Dlatraat, MM), Ti-nidity, ai?.,*t* Mai ?r U* *?i:* pwdacad NEHTOII DN1UTT -Tteaiudi au vkai I* th* ??? afthair ditlialaf kiiJtk, Imu| U?i> ?ijar, kaIHiuf (Hi. pala, oar?aaa aud ateltul.litiua ttrngmku ipporuti MM th* *y at, cm ft atafapuanaf laHUpWa [lilt AlU O f IMPKUOBHCK. Wkaa ik* miafaidad aad mpradaat ?? ?ry of plaaaara fa** ka ha* innikad ih* a**d* af tbia palatal 4ia*a*?, it taa *#laa happaat that an ill-Ufaad **d*? af ahaia* ar draad af lacf'an daiarahim from iwiriottaiJwti wo*. froai alMibM tad ' raapac utility, c?? afooa bafnaad kim. H? hi la lata I baud* af ifnorut and dattfnirtf prtuxltn, vka, lauiaM af cinnf, tick hit pacaniary aaVataaca, kaap klia intisg mooth after maoth, ar 11 lane 11 thi miIImi hi caa ka ak- ' laioad, *nd id daapair laa?a h\m ?itk rataad kaaltk ta (tat a?ar hi* falling diaappatauaant; ar ky tka aaa af ikat daaay paiaat.. Marcary, kaaian tha canatitatiasal ay?nr(?M af tkM tamkla diaa?aa, aack a* Afaetianaa'tli* Naart. Taraai, Haaa, kin ,4c.. frorraaainj with frifh'.fal rapi lity.till da?tl> pa la a , aariad ta hia draadfcl aafariaft ky caadinf kia ta titt aadtaca>arad eaantry from vbaaa kaaroa aa travalar mam. DR. jOHMBOBS 1EMEDT m* ORQ A MIC W liUW AMD IMrOTKMCT. y Ik la rratt aatf impaatani rtmtdy aaakaaaa af tka arrui arc apaadUy earad and frill ?.(? raatarad. Tfcaaaaada artfea aai oarroaa and dakilitnted, vka kad last il< kapa, k**t kaao imraaduttlT f?H??ad All iiapadina&ia w Mitnip Pkyataal ar Mmui Plttlil aliont. Um of PncrMtiM Ptwir Norvoa* IrrtUMIU; Trait, blmf :nd WltkiiNtN tlkiHUM >l|tl ?I liufcl klad apaaadilr eared. EN DO U?M Uft Or TU UM. THE MANY THOUSAND* carad itMu mautaOaa vMhta III lut aaratitaan T?ir?. ?r.d (bt nimirtH I a partial tailMl ?|>(rmUM? parfaroad ky Dr mmw, *iumm4 fey mm raj)?rt*r? af tba papara u( may ?ktr iinwt, utilm * wfcacts b??? MNM tgt.u and ?f?iL ktwa Ut likiit, k?- j ltd*! hii tt?r.aLD( t* a (imJiatii ?f tbinctirut r?Mability, it a aalciaot [utti'.ia u tka ilutii |ti W-ly R. J. BOVKE DOM ( IMPERIAL WINE BITTBRS, Are now being u vl from Mud* to the Great Salt Lake, ani the universal ?e?Iiot of all vbo uee them either *? a nuAicmm or as a bertragi. is that they are unsurpased id the world. i>r. need them su ""oesafuily in his practioe for 85 years before we purchased of him thcsoie Tight to manufacture and present them for sale to the public. For the onre of iDoipient Consumption, Indigestion. Dye pepsia. Piles, Nervous Uiseaies. Female Cob 1 plaiLts. and all oases re* airing a tonic, they are beyond doubt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their m?dioinal properties they are a pare, wholesome and deiightfai Beverage, producing at) the pieasant exhilerating eff-cts of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. ail friends of humanity and ail alvooates of temperanoe assist us iu substituing these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mintral potions and adfitrratml Liqumt with whioh the oountry is flooded, and thereby effeo' aid in ban shing LMseaee and Drankeneea from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD A CO., Proprietors^? * Wil^itwi, New York. Washington, D. DR. J BOVKE DODS' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys, B adder acd Urinary Oriui, and etpecia.iy for Female OMtrneUona, never fail to our*, aad are warranted to givs a*tie taotion. CHARLE* WIDDIFIELD * CO.. proprietors, 78 St.. New York. J !*CBnARZK, je 7-ly,r Agent. Washington, D. C. Highly important to all: MRS COJTS INDIAN VEGETABLE UEC9CTI0N. It is veil known that in the Spring people are more M* to oontraot disease than at an? other period; and it is etaallr wall-known that ike way Co ward of disease is to keep the blood pure, for "all the ills that fifth is heir to," ansa from unpnnn of the blood, the mam spring of oar aaistecoe. is, therefore, important to a.I that the system should be thorouc hlv oleacned and pmnied, aad this oan be done in the nost ?feotaal way by ssing MRS M. COTS INDIAN T AG ETA. BLM DT COITION, the best remedy disoorert*! for ths oare oldiseaeesof Skin, Kry?ipe.a?, Sor?>fu,a. Rheumatism. Nervous Debility, Fevers of different kinds, Dyopepay, Liver Complaint, and all other disaases arising from imparity of the blood. It has effected a t.r. * ? uic row* icma't?uio VUrov, H WQ DC IQOWD DJ numeroji,i from per*0!)* of the highest r^pp^olability, and la reo immtoCed by all who have iiwd itaaths moat in valuable remedial agent of the day. Ifyit la aold by all the Dmggiata of Bait:mora, and at the reaidenoe of the proprietor. lt? K?f L*more*treet, between Bden atraet and Central a venae. Nona genuine anlaaa her nana la blown m the bottle and her a?al on the cork. |T7" Prioa fl par bottle, aiz bottlea for 9&. Wkol'taU Attnt. R. S T. C'mkl. Drug fiat, Georgetown. D. C., W ho ena.e A gent for tha Diatnot, and will auppj the trade at mj prioea. mar 8T-tr ^HK ALL 8UFP1C1ENV TMKEK TRIKAKMAA, 1,8,**, ft0ttcttd b% Re-g*i L'tur* Pmttnt *f Snglmmd, mm4 ttcmrtd iy tJU S*mli of tk* Ecol* d* PkmmmcU da fartj, cmd ik* Imptrtsl CoUtt* M*dUmm, uxm. .... 1 No. 1 la UTKB?hl? for axfaaaticn, Spericatorrhara, : a.1 ?hje!o?, Gicabilitiea. No. ii completer orad c\tsa all trtoM of tboM diaeaae* that have been hitherto tr?*te?' br the dm Mm and pert 10100a im of copavia and onl>eba. No. 3 haa entirely anaplastic! the lcjunou* uae of mereurr, thereby icasring to the a?-Jerer iwafi relief, aiap*raio* all impuribea, asd rootcc oat toe venom ofliaeaae. TRIKSF M ?. R N'oa. 1.9and 3 .are prepared in th* form of a loaenre, devoid of tante and an.**-1, aoc Mil v? WI'IN in me VftilWVtl SOiQ ID T: E o&?e?. and divided into tepirit^ dose*, a* sdmuustared bv VaiMM.Lailen.tod. R?u, Rioord, 4 a. Pnoe #S a?oh, or loar ofm for f9 whioa u?n As treet, New York, ueeedisleiy on reoainax tri mittAnoe, Dr. Barrow wili for ware the Tneeeraaj to aay a?rt of the world, accural* packed. a.n?: ad 1 uiuiiit w. u. MMB <*?? * tfuehu. Ho?^t?i, lnr|rmn.?nti or Kin<*?mm thMB kl\, ind, if diapoaed to profit br ?ayxfWtM>?, wnu s*?vk"rft ator'rhck avitb cuek. With Itui? addrMa, ia pwfMt ?m1 FOR STAMPING ^ . IA AND ENVELOPES no TO HATCH, charge) BOOK8TOEB, PHI LP A SOLOMONS, lh-i. ? ? y? *>*?<"?. toJK jrt'uirsiisxSffi^? t&'.S'rfrjtfwSSJsrft-. c ^ iM??geh for itli low b? ]9 n TAYLOK k HUTCHISON. V* 8UMMKR CLOT Hi R?-So 4M ^^UibMITB'8. FereBtt ?U to c? yo^r^OTy MEDICINES. MKE WHAT AY>R*!* HAR8APAR1LUA JSofV ? OR BMMAMVWWMirr or THK I. TV Km. im'iCiewnn, ( T1..U nC?,*li,AH { Dr. J C. liw. Lirtll, 1 tak* ? >M MM). r<>? Vku fi.?r ?>AMOAf?ri I.A %?4 lUTB* * TIC hLU? fc Tl 2 b?Nili?M vitk Livttr CowpiaiBt for MX ??n, dunnj which 1 wm ?*T?r vtll.ka^ agtel u* bn* r*n tiok. MTUwni Mvoto tk* I?nIi, tS" 4ottori raid, vii tcoiHUd I NftfW froai a*T*r? oo?tiv*ii?M *c4 <li?'r*t<r? M? akin m p ?mm! a?4 k c!??-?'thr NI ?r?a MM kla ?fW? r?tow. QtmwHt I l?<>?iiiMim bat ??nfr?|.F mm ?Jl ? *rm*tm mm KIN of offrwiioi on my n<"n?ra. mi waiinr M4 ?|iOMir Mialx* M all s?r. |?M m? la ftitcnich. Yob tum know horn murk I aaT I ?r?d froa ?d ?ri <Si?tr?wa T?? ob| ooatiaaaoc* of tkn ao?4itiot, with >at rift, M worn w* o?t n th*< | n?r?f to W batMr: b?t raadiag. ta Um ChrtakM ?<??at>i. of yomr faratpan!!*. I ooptm*i>o*c lai in* it, wttfc o?oaaionaJ a mail oiim of yo?r Pii.B. to rata .*u> lb* b?val( m poa dircei Pion Um fcrai. it Imd niff? *fl?cl tpoi. my diaordftr than I aapoa**! aaiUrnc on e h%t#. t regain*.! my be* u. rapidif, at>4 mov. aft*- w*?ka. an>op aa $m>4 h?*.u and airroitli ai an* othor mu May tba "Piapaaaan?f 11 good" ahwwar blMainca oa yoa johh w.vivii. Pr?H^ by Tr. J. C. AVKK * ttO., Mw. jy XT. O. II. db T. A.. HlMNEWELL'd UMIVKBSAL COUGH REMEDY, / '?r Throat and Ijmng CmmjlmtHt*. fr?m Comwutn Cougkj (? Actual Con?mmpt\?n HUNNfcW KL.L.H JIITLV CILKIIATID Tks Nmturmi mnei Sure Rmmadj fur mil NfMKi From Near&lg la th-oach ail ca??? ir'iwr* Of mm na ?Ttr a??d to that >f iV.iriam Tr?a<M kwt the oaiaoi ohtef eaae# <?t I'linaw LOSS OF SLEfcP. The Tola Aaodtn*. thui>?a oonta, ruaj not a partJ0.? of Opium prodi c"t ail the r<*oireu.etiU ? <, acd may be aaod la a' oa?? ?hw??. r Oetam wee M eed without pro 'ecu.c arrthin* t.e? Cvre*. aad letnni th? paurat in* pnleotl? wtiira sate The I'nirera&i Cough Ketn*4j, <(rend fi m ajl the eomroon obieetiot. of 1 oagh Rem aiea. whfK roduoe naaaea or prtxtraUon,i mj he eouMd- re4 ill nomiuun inumi to a ' 1 rnatii i* I.nit plaiijU. and bmxi with prr f+rt a?fcic? thu> aoart from po priato s or fnrudk lh? mv( Mrer* invMtifaUoc cl both Rr?e4i?i,and rMini of our pavtf>hi?U to U? Ionnd with a: m] more parUcalarlj Io pnrcha** onl* of Uhmw wi-. oan b* dep*n<i?d ifok, w? wsit m coLfldai.o* tit* d*oitioti< of PtUnU and Pbtaician*. "Prioea within roach of a 1 " kksral J. W Brmwin * Co., f and 9 CowmiwH Wharf. Ho* ton, Qmo. HmxiwiLL, 144 WiUr it.Niw York, rndar tb? mmmI caprrviaion of JOHT Ll HL^f NEXT ELL. Chomiat and Pha'maneati?t. Bortrn, m. w ui'ir is nm\ u - *> vvrwi mi" o*i up ni * nt? fennine only, and to who* addraee an aoMMni Hold t>r all reep??et?ble deal ere rw? wh?f? . ?nd 11 the D'i((jti in Waahinctoa aud OwrjMoWB. mar M an.r Helm bold' Genuine Preparation. ** HIGH I.Y rONOENTRATt COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT tfUCHU, Positive and Keni'dj For Dimmi of the RuADDF.R. KIDNEY*. GRAVE!..and DR<'pftCAL ELLlNttl. Tilt* Modioine mcreaeee the e^wer of DunUoi, and eioit the A B><>* HK.N7> Inte hoa tht ar tion. by which the WATERY OR CALCEROC8 depot ti. ne. atj>" * I N N ATI R A 1 KM.ARtV (IkNTH are reduced, aa well a> PAIN aad IN LAM M ATION '..r MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDEKN. HK.l.H ROl.DK HTltr*T HI'DUll " "For Wohii'm Anting from Kxssmm, HtbiU of Karl? iMiMrotinh or Ab?M, Attmd?4 wuk tkt/ iiowxm Srmpi?m> ? lDdia?<>aition to Exortioa, Lom of Po??, TB,rr.5t3: Horror of piiw?, WUnUmm, Oimr.?*i of Viiiob. Pui ii Ik* B?H. I'niwat! Laaaitndeof the Mbkd itr Hot Haadf, fnaibiiw of the F df. I>ry n?*? of the Skin, Kr?uons on in* F?o* PALLID COUNTKNANCE. v> Tb?*? ymptoicn, tf a, lnw*d to go on. whiofc tkU >?'l<eiRc ipT?ri?blT r*mov??, *000 M.?w IMPOTXHCY. FIT CITY. KPJLEFTJC FITS. 1* O111 or W Him tbb Patiewt mat Eirui Who o*r ui ti.?t th?r ?r? not fr'-taontly fol-owod b7 tho?--mRgflL digram-:* " I "INSANITY AND CONSU MPTION." Many are aware of t*e oaaae ot tW?lr ofarinc. BUTSQHB WILL COFFKSS. THE RECOR |*OF TRKINSANR Aft Yl.l'MB An-d tki Mtlanetot* It?thi bf I'\mm Bmt am?le witr:??a U> the tri?ti> of the aeeerLoc, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTEn WITH ORGANIC WEARNESS Re? oire? the aid of medioina U trenxums And the *y?tr m, Wktck Hblhbold'* EXTRACT MUCfeU wnrv |( A TE1A.L WILL COHVfBCB TIB MO?T MlmCiL. 0LZ)r?K^0^tfrES^N^LE7yjV?iK), Oft COSTKHPLATIWI MARHUtiK IN MANY AFFECTIONS rECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Bucha i? anequd.Ml hj ry oinar rwiMj.u in Uhi tuiii or KttruLoo refu ?;ity, Pamfan-aa. or Pnppraaaioa ofCui to mar y Lvacuatior *. lacerated or Kcirr hoa* atata ofth? I'trma, Leuorrhaa or Whiiaa. Steu.iiiT, hkI for a 1 compl&ima moidart to the a. s vhrtbar ariainf from lDdiaor?tlont Hatiu of IhaaiaaUoa. or la the DECLINE OR CHAN9E OF LIFE. _ ?zx aiMPTOM* *.aovi NO FAMILY ?MOUi*i> BK WITHOUT IT Iw? mar* Ba-lyawi. Merrurf, ?r aaWiaiMi /f aar'Hisai a*J Da*grrtm* hjaani HELMVOLIV& EXTRACT BWCBC SECRET KBEASRS In ?{1 thairStace*. At littia ufnMi Little or no oha&xetn Diet. N#iiio< uvuiwr. Ani *? ?zm>?" It ''MMa a fr^aaent deaire an " iirem (treatU. *o VriuAle, thareuy Removing uWuboUob*. PrtiWtUfUij Stricture* of the 1'rethr*. A lis; in | Pain and lnfl*mmatio?. ao frequent <a We OIM? cf dlNMf* ritual *U I'winwi LHsia*'/i. fl#id trom mut Vfauer. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS wao HtVI aSBX THI VICTIM* or yrACtti and who hav- paid Ksmrtftu to be cared ia * *U>n time, have found th-y * ere deoeived, and that the -POISON" haa. by tha im of "powufti ta TftimxNTa," t*en dried up in tha aralem, to hraat a oat in an %?jrr?v%te<1 form, and PERHAPS APTEK MARRIAGE. I'm Kxtract Pre mi for allafffca tXOBS 111(2 Of lb* ? . URINAEV OE6ANft. Whether MiaUr* \i __ MALE Oft FEMALE. *? '^sw^sflS'ifxsfD'Mr """ ? 18 THE bREAT DIUKKTIC. A nd ia oertain to fa a ve tno tWirrd affect in all Dim MmFOl WHICH IT 18 RKCOMMK NURD! Evutemc* ( tkt most rt.tabU and vifMnili ckmr Ur will aoooTnp?nr the m^ioi CKET4P1CATE* OF CURE8. rro?i ihv ifM'f ttmmdmt. With Name* inowh to ftClENCfc AND FAME. Price SI 00 ptr Witip, tr Hi t*r If M Deli wed to ?nj Addr*??. iNorr;* avIa, fro observation. DB*CBIBB ?TKPTOM? m ALL OMHCmCATIOM Cmre? Gaaraateed ! Adrlce Orati* 'J AFFIDAVIT. Personal!* appeared before na?. an Aidanaaa UMOlt) of Phi ad?,|l n,*.JI. T HKLMBOLB.WboUHBC daly worn, doth *ay. hta ^Nrrivti ?o.Uin r?o tarootio. no mrrourj, or other mjarioaa crum but ar? purely vejetaW*. H. T. HKLMBOLD. NoTObtr. It* r HIBKKRD. Ninth bum*. ?bcv? h *o*k Phi A. AddrMS ietter? for ikform*tio? in toa&M&M to H T HF.l.MBOLD, CkMiM. "iimmmBSt. \ Who ondMTor to dupoM * or twbib own" H "orm" U1ICLM OH til IVVTiTIOI ATTHIIT KtaMT.Egsttu. " * 8wMVjliAi - u Improved Rom Wuk Bold hj S. B. Wait*. **? s*r*Bth BtrMCtad B. C Fokb, Jb , ooriMr P?ma- Md KIbtmU ^ AWSKKf f/? KSSHfk f AND AVOID llK?0#lT^l&^NI^!fWraL'ltt< m? *o!t The band hills of Jutland, bi h*w CkriMiM Andaton; rne*1terau. Autobiofr?phio&. Rrooli?otiuna by U* CWiM Robert l*?lie. k.a.nliM with a pr?A f?r' T*"*T ?* krtiat. and wIm^ioo HVM v?iiwuiiutiuur, UJ 1 um nyroii ),< " *" '"** "HaaSIaSrar^. fc Pi HAWWOW. B?r**n. ? T-?ntr ??&?V-'%ri!,r?l'..%"? A.' W* ]S?oSllL*!?^JE,'!?l.-AS M Will' ??r M vary ,ow rtt? Tm?W? ttfit r^s^ygftsacagyy rkUPONT*8 0UNPOWDCR, . I

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